Black and White



Part Two: Immigrant's First White Boy



As he had done so often during the seven months after he had arrived in France from Nigeria, Atiku Gbagbo was lamenting ever leaving his home country. France was killing him as far as he was concerned. Oh it wasn't the French culture, food or way of life that was killing him, it was the French boys. He had never in his life seen so many beautiful boys in his life, especially the blondes, a particular favourite of his. He wanted to fuck them all, but was afraid. But suffice it to say that his cock was in a constant state of arousal and blue balls was a chronic condition for him. He complained to a boylover friend he had met online and the guy told him to just choose a likely boy and go for it. Atiku thought that was decent advice. His only problem is he had too many candidates to choose from. But there was one boy he wanted more than any others: his neighbors' nine-year-old son, Louis. Atiku thought Louis was the most beautiful boy he had ever seen and longed to bury his thick eleven inch cock deep into the boy's ass, but thought there was no way the boy would ever want him.


Atiku would have been greatly shocked if he had been able to see inside the mind of little Louis at the same moment. Louis was gay, but not for boys his own age, well not for boys at all. Louis was into men, big muscular men, now there was another qualifier that had entered his fantasies seven months before: so the phrase was now, big, muscular, Black men, one Black man in particular. Louis wanted that Mr. Gbagbo, his next door neighbour. Louis had just about fainted the first time he had seen the man fully dressed. Louis had no clue if he would be able to handle seeing the man naked. Louis bet himself that the man was hung. Like Atiku, he too consulted a friend, a boy from his class who was no stranger to man cock. The friend told him to choose a man and go for it. Louis was faced with the same dilemma as his neighbour, he knew who he wanted, but feared that that person wouldn't be interested.


Both of them, put all thoughts of ever hooking up with the other out of their minds, or they thought they had. But the fact is that there was a sexual tension between them that everyone who had any sense at all was able to see. In that small village, while it wasn't officially condoned, it was known that men and boys sometimes developed relationships with each other where sex was involved. And in cases like this, where both man and boy seemed unable to move things along on their own, there was often someone who would do something to help them move things to where they needed to be. In this case, the people who decided to take that on was Louis' own parents, surprisingly enough. They knew their son was to pretty and too gay to remain chaste for long. They also knew what his primary attraction was. They knew the looks he gave men and they also knew which man he looked at the most: Atiku Gbagbo and they approved of his choice. The man was a mountain: six feet seven and two hundred seventy-five pounds of solid muscle. They saw how he looked at Louis as well. They knew the man was one of the most gentle they had ever met and knew he would never hurt their son. So they had no qualms with helping things along.


Atiku was surprised when he received the invitation to his neighbors' home for a cookout. He almost refused as it also said he was to bring a bathing suit to swim. But then he considered that Louis would also be swimming and he so he accepted, not wanting to miss seeing the beautiful boy in his Speedo. Now, that didn't end the matter in his mind and he vacillated back and forth until Louis' mother came over to get his answer and he said that he accepted.

So, on the Friday afternoon, Atiku got dressed up in his Speedo. It was black with a red flame pattern on the ass and over his cock area. Atiku was embarrassed at first by how clearly the skimpy suit showed off his massive cock. But then a voice in his head said that since he has it, he should flaunt it. And the voice also said that at least he'll likely find out if Louis has any interest in cock. Atiku shook that thought out of his brain lest he start to get hard, which would be a disaster in his skimpy suit. He walked next door carrying only his towel and knocked on the door.

He was granted entrance by Monsieur Jean and as he walked through the house, he spotted the Madame busy in the kitchen. He politely asked if there was anything he could do to help her. She thanked him for the kind offer but politely refused, saying that she and her husband had things under control and he should just go and join Louis by the pool. Atiku thanked her and said that sounded nice and he would do that. As he approached the door to the backyard and pool, he could hear the sounds of the boy frolicking in the pool. He walked out of the door just as the boy exited the pool after the toy he had been playing with. He almost gasped when he spotted Louis. The boy was wearing the exact same Speedo that he was. Well, a smaller sized version that was. But it was the same suit: black with the red flame design. The man had known that Louis was beautiful, but in that suit, he was a young God. So Atiku merely watched then, admiring how the tight and skimpy suit displayed the boy's very sexy little ass and Atiku seriously considered taking the boy right then and there. He shook that thought out of his head but it was too late. His penis thickened and lengthened, tenting out the lycra of the Speedo.

For the boy's part, he already knew of the man's presence. He had heard the man's deep and heavily accented voice as he had arrived and he was ecstatic. All his mom and dad had told him was that there was going to be a surprise guest at his typical birthday barbecue and that guest was one of their gifts to him for his birthday since he was achieving the mature age of ten. They had refused to tell him the identity of this guest, and he had hoped against hope that it would be Mr. Gbagbo. For the past week, he had convinced himself that if it was the man of his dreams, he would be brave and attempt to seduce the man. He still had no idea if the black man would even accept, but even if he didn't, at least he would know. As the man had started coming outside Louis had tossed the toy he had been playing with out of the pool so he had an excuse to get out of the pool and let the man see his assets. He knew the man had stopped to watch him so as he walked around allowing the man to get a good look at his ass, his best attribute Louis knew. He looked around discreetly and was shocked to see that the man was wearing a larger version of the suit he himself was wearing.

He was also happy to see that the man was VERY well hung and that the large penis was obviously awake and looking for some action. Was that because of me? Louis thought. Only one way to find out, he decided. He was glad now that he had taken the time to lubricate his anus with some baby oil gel. He had chosen it as it wouldn't be washed away by the water in the pool. So now that he knew that the guest was Mr. Gbagbo and that the man was, he assumed, erect from watching his little ass and Louis decided that Operation Lose-my-cherry was a definite go and should take place in the pool. He paused for a split second to think about what his parents would think, but he suddenly realized that they had set this up. He knew other boys whose parents had done similar things for them as well. So it was with no hesitation that the boy dropped his Speedo to the ground and stepped out of it. He dove back into the pool and headed for the very shallow end, where the water just barely touched the bottom of his ass cheeks. He looked back over his shoulder, he made sure he had the man's full attention, he bent at the waist, thrusting his buttocks backward. He rested his forehead against the poolside, reached behind himself with both hands and spread his butt cheeks, revealing his virgin anus. His actions were unmistakeable, the offer made.


Atiku was shocked when the boy doffed his Speedo and dove back in the pool naked. He was even more surprised when the boy suddenly bent over and pulled his bum cheeks apart. The water was just touching the bottom of the luscious pillows. There was no mistaking the boy's actions. He was offering the opportunity of taking his innocence. Would Atiku accept? He almost didn't, he asked himself what the parents would think if they looked out the windows and saw him sodomizing their son. But then a little voice in his mind said, Don't you get it yet? They meant for this to happen. He started to reject the idea but stopped. He had noticed that while the concept of man/boy love wasn't talked about, it was tolerated and he had heard of parents doing this: setting their son up with a man. So he quickly slid his own Speedo down his muscular legs and he had no illusions as to what he was doing, literally and figuratively: He was unleashing The Beast to have its way with the ass of a ten-year-old white boy. He strode resolutely toward the pool and the place where his boy waited. Offer accepted.

He stepped down into the shallow water and walked up behind the grinning boy. H walked right up until their naked skin was touching, his monster cock nestling in the little white buttcrack. He felt the boy shudder with lust. Bent over himself so he could kiss and nibble the back of the boy's neck, no mean feat considering the difference in their heights. Louis shuddered again.

"You feel that, little one?" Atiku growled softly in the boy's ear and made one humping motion in the boy's crack. "You feel my cock?"

"YES!" the boy exclaimed. "It's so big!"

"It is indeed, my beautiful boy," Atiku continued. "It is called The Beast and it is awake and ready for action. Do you wish to know what is its favourite thing in the world to do?"

"Yes sir," Louis gasped.

"Call me Atiku," Atiku said. "All my friends do and I think you and I are going to be great friends. But back to the point, The Beast loves to fuck little boys' asses. You must understand that it has only ever fucked little black boys, never a little white boy like you. So it wants your ass to be the first little white boy ass it fucks. Is that what YOU want, Louis? This is your last chance to back out, to get out of the pool and put your Speedo back on. If you pass that up, you need to understand that I am going to fuck you with The Beast for a very long time. Make no mistake about it, Louis, you are going to scream, you are going to cry, but by the time I breed you and make you my boy forever, you will never want me to stop and you will crave feeling The Beast inside you for the rest of your life. Decision time for you Louis: I am going to step back for half a minute, you have that long to leave the pool to put your Speedo back on, to remain the boy you are now. If you don't, you will be a much different boy when The Beast is finished with you." Atiku moved backward and watched for the boy's reaction.

The man had no idea that there was never a chance that Louis would have gotten out of that pool. He was resolute for a number of reasons. He loved the man and he knew that if you loved someone that way, you would give yourself to them and allow them to fuck you. He was afraid. The Beast, the man had called his penis and it was an apt name for it. Louis had suspected that the man was hung and he had known the size the moment the man had removed his Speedo. But it wasn't until he had felt it nestling into his ten-year-old buttcrack that he had ever contemplated its size relative to where he wanted the man to put it and he was afraid, any boy would be. The fact was that he knew everything the man said was true. He WAS going to scream, he WAS going to cry, but he also knew that by the time he felt the man squirt in him, he would be begging for more. All his friends had, even little Jean-Pierre, who was two years younger than him. So many boylovers have no idea how much the competitive nature of boys is our best friend. Louis was going to accept his destiny because he was tired of being the last of his friends to give himself to a man. He had always said that he was waiting for the right man. Now he had found the right man and the waiting was about to end.

Atiku actually gave the boy a full minute to make a move, just to be sure. But the boy didn't even twitch like he was making a move out of the pool. Atiku smiled. He moved back behind the boy once more, his cock in the crack of his ass. "I love you, my brave boy," he said.

Louis felt a rush of heat through his body at the words of the muscular Black man. Before he knew what he was about to say, he blurted out, "I love you too, Atiku. Now take me with The Beast, my Warrior-God."

"What will we use for lube, little one?" Atiku asked.

"I'm already lubed," Louis said. "I was hoping that you would be the mystery guest today. I decided to seduce you if you were and so I put some baby oil gel on my anus just in case. The water won't dissolve it."

Atiku moved his finger down between their bodies and confirmed the boy's words as truth. His digit slid easily into the boy's warmth. That killed any lingering doubts in Atiku's mind about what he was about to do. He grasped the boy's hips and lifted him upward until the boy could barely stand on his tippy toes. He aimed his cock straight at it's target. Only one thing remained to be said.

"Spread your cheeks again, my little love," Atiku whispered. "I've got you so you won't fall."

Louis obeyed. Atiku thanked the boylover God and used his weight and strength to tug the little body backwards just enough to allow his bulbous glans and an inch of his shaft to punch through his virgin sphincters into his rectum.


The piercing shriek from the backyard caused Madame Jean to go running to the window, where she saw the muscular Black man standing behind her baby boy and she knew that the man had just taken his virginity. She heard her husband approach and she turned to him, worry on her face.

"Are we doing the right thing?" she asked.

"You know we are, baby" Louis the first said. "You know it is good for boys to be taken by a man they love. Look at how much little Jean-Pierre has blossomed in the time we have been together. Look, I checked this guy out thoroughly and he's a wonderful man. Louis is also not his first boy, just his first white boy. I talked to some of his boys in Nigeria and they all say he was the most amazingly gentle lover imaginable."

"Doesn't sound like he's being gentle at all," she grumped. "Why else would my baby scream that way? Was it that way when you took little J.P. the first time?" She hoped that he would say that, no it hadn't.

She had never really been for this from the start. It was one thing to know that her husband was routinely fucking an eight-year-old boy in theory. But she had never seen that. Now she was looking at her own ten-year-old son with a well hung Black man behind him, having just entered the boy. She was hoping that her husband would say that he hadn't made his boy scream like that so she could run out into the backyard and put an end to this nonsense.

"Yes it was," the man told his wife.

He knew what she wanted to hear. He knew it the minute she asked. And he also knew what she wanted to do: rush out and rescue her son without asking herself if Louis would WANT to be rescued. She had never liked this idea. He had pushed for it, pushed hard for it. Women just didn't understand, they would NEVER understand. Never understand the powerful force that drew men and boys together. Never understand the desire and need for men and boys to join together in the powerful union on manly penis and boyish rectum. She would never understand why the adult Louis and J.P. needed each other, nor would she ever understand the need that young Louis shared with Mr Gbagbo. So when he spoke again, he thought he should atleast explain what she was seeing.

"J.P. screamed so loud that I had to stick his underwear in his mouth to muffle it," he said. "I know you never liked this, but I KNOW our son and I KNOW our neighbour. This was going to happen at some point, whether we wanted it to or not. I've been watching them since they met, my sweet. They were looking at each other the way I'm sure J.P. and I looked at each other before his mom approached you and me." He paused. "Babe, virgin boys know it is going to hurt, they know that they are going to scream and cry for most of the first time."

"How do they know that?" she asked.

"Because we men tell them it is," he said. "We feel that they need to know exactly what they are getting into by allowing us to fuck them. And most of us tell them and then give them an opportunity to say no. I did with J.P. There are some boys that do get cold feet and back out, but boys like J.P. and Louis never do. And the reason is that they NEED this, need to feel a man's cock inside them." He paused. "Look baby, see, Louis is already settling down, not squirming so much. It means that he is slowly accepting the inevitable. Oh it still hurts and he is most certainly still crying, but that will pass soon. And if Atiku has the kind of staying power his race is known for, I would hazard a guess that our boy will crave his cock, the way my boy craves mine."

"That's the part I can't understand," she said. "I don't see how a boy could POSSIBLY enjoy having a man's cock in their bums."

"Well then, let me see if I can explain it," Mr Jean said. "You know how it is claimed that women have this magical g-spot that drives them wild when the man finds it?"

"Oh yes," the wife said. "You do very well at finding mine."

"Well males have one too," he said.

"Really?" she said. "I had no idea."

"Most women don't," he said. "But we do. It's our prostate gland. With the right amount of stimulation to it, we can cum without touching ourselves. And it just so happens that other males have the perfect thing to stimulate it to that extent: a penis. Remember how you refer to your g-spot orgasms as le petit mord?" She nods. "Well we have those as well when our prostates are stimulated. And they are just as powerful and addicting for us. In the case of our son and Mr Gbagbo, Louis may be crying now, but I estimate that they will be at it for another forty minutes or so. But I would say that our boy is already starting to feel the tingles as every stroke of that massive cock rubs his little prostate. If you listen and watch closely, in a few minutes, you will hear Louis scream again and see him bucking and twitching all over. That will be his first ever anal orgasm. I can assure you that once that happens, the next thing you hear will be his pleading with his man to give him another and another and another. For Louis, it is also le petits mord. And he will crave them as much as you do yours. THAT is how and why boys enjoy being fucked."

"I still don't like it," his wife grumped again.

"But that's what I am trying to tell you babe," he said. "You may not like it, but you would never be able to stop it. You need to accept that. There was NEVER a chance that Atiku Gbagbo wasn't going to fuck our son. Never a chance in hell that wasn't going to happen. But it would have happened in secret. Our son and Mr Gbagbo would have snuck and around and we would have had no control over it. This way we do. We are going to let them complete this act. We are then going to have supper and then we are going to set some ground rules. We just have to decide what they are going to be."

With that said, they then discussed what those rules would be while still watching the moving tableau in the backyard.


Out in the backyard, Atiku Gbagbo is in heaven. He arrived as soon as Louis' anus had closed around his shaft after the initial penetration. He stayed there as he slowly slid the rest of his eleven inches into the boy's depths. He was saddened that the boy had screamed, but not enough to stop. He had known it was going to happen, so had the boy. He waited until the crying had been reduced to sniffling before he began to move. He slowly withdrew and then slid back in. God, the boy was tight, he thought. He couldn't remember any of his black boys ever being this tight. But then he quickly realized that chances were good none of them had been untouched as this boy had been. Like always, he could feel the moment that his cock first found the boy's prostate.


If the man was in heaven at the beginning, the boy was in its opposite realm. Louis had known it was going to hurt. His friends had all told him that it would, especially little Jean-Pierre. But none of that had truly prepared Louis for the white hot, tearing pain from his ass as the man's huge knob punched through his rings into his rectum and the scream was ripped from his throat. It was only his boyish bravado and stubbornness that kept him from pleading with the man to take it out. But he endured there, impaled on the end of the massive black spike, his toes now not even touching the bottom of the pool. He did not scream again but he cried as the man slowly fed the rest of that massive cock until...

OH MY GOD! What the fuck was THAT? the boy thought when he could regain thought after that feeling of being run over by a train dissipated.

It was the first flash of pleasure he'd felt since the man had entered him and it was a doozy. It was like he had touched some kind of electric current through his body and he noticed that when it faded, the pain in his ass had faded a great amount, so his tears lessened. Then he felt the man's cockhead stretch and pop through another opening inside him. Louis looked down and he could see the bulge of the man's cockhead in his abdomen. Jesus, he's in my colon! Louis thought.


Atiku too felt the moment that his cock slipped into the boy's colon but for him, it was not a new feeling. He had never fucked a boy where his cockhead didn't end up there. Considering that he was packing fifteen inches, it would have been unusual if he had not ended up in the colon of every boy he fucked. He loved it especially when he came. He liked the feeling of actually hosing down a boy's intestines. For the first time he looked downward and considered the scene. He loved the sight of the base of his ebony cock parting the pale, creamy buttocks while feeling the boy's innards around his cock. He pushed forward that last little bit to impale the boy fully, savouring the sight of his dense pubic hair flush against the smooth white skin. At that point he could resist no longer, the boy was going to get fucked whether he was accustomed to it or not. But he resisted the urge to thrust fast and cum too soon. He decided that, like a fine wine, Louis' ass was something that needed to be savoured slowly. So he set up a very slow rhythm of retreats and advances, savouring the gasps and whimpers as he began to pound the boy's prostate.


Louis almost screamed again as the man withdrew his cock, but this time in frustration as it seemed like the man was going to withdraw completely. But as always, he really had nothing to worry about. With a grunt, the man pushed his cock back in. And Louis discovered that the man's mighty cockhead was giving him those full body shocks both going in and going out. The pain was fading quickly as the man found the rhythm he wanted and was steadily fucking the boy. Louis was starting to feel nothing but pleasure and he supposed the man was hitting that prostate thing that his friends had told him about.


Louis hadn't even known he was going to say that but it was as if a switch had been thrown in him somewhere. Even though he couldn't get any purchase due to not being able to put any weight on his feet, he somehow managed to begin rocking back and forth against his man and he continued pleading to be fucked harder.


The boy's words and submission turned Atiku to become what the boy had called him: a Warrior God. His mind told him he was just like his ancesters who had taken so many young boys as he was. He felt powerful and mighty. He felt the boy beginning to hump back against him and he was spurred on. He reached down, grasped the boy's right ankle and rotated him until he was face up. Atiku grasped the boy's hips and held him tight against his groin. He then headed for the ladder and climbed out of the pool. He looked around for some place to put the boy down. He spotted a place on the grass and walked over to it. He knelt down and laid the boy on his back. He transferred the boy's legs from around his waist to his shoulders so that when he leaned forward, Louis was rolled into a little ball, helpless to do anything but accept every thrust of the man's mighty phallus.

Man and boy had both descended to the place where the only thing that mattered was cock and ass. They both had becoming rutting beasts, howling with lust as the man pounded the boy into oblivion. It was after about ten minutes that Louis felt the pleasure explode through him. His friends had tried to tell him what an anal orgasm felt like, but he realized now that there were no words to really describe it. All he knew was that he wanted more. And he got his wish six more times before he heard the man roar and felt the powerful jets of the man's sperm spurting into him.

I'm his boy now, Louis thought. I belong to him and he owns me. The thought made him feel contented for the first time in his life. Then he spoke the words allowed. "I'm your boy now, my mighty Warrior. You own me now. I love you."

"I know you are now my boy," Atiku said. "It is as it was always meant to be. And I love you too, my brave, beautiful little boy."

He kissed the boys lips and they lingered there until they heard a throat being cleared behind them. Atiku pulled his penis out of the boy and turned his head to find Mr Jean standing there. Louis immediately sat up and took his man's spermy cock into his mouth, lovingly cleaning it off.

Mr Jean smiled. "My wife says supper is almost ready but there is time for you to clean up before then."

Atiku and Louis walked hand in hand into the house. They got into the shower together and washed each other. About twenty minutes later, they were all seated around the dinner table. The four people ate in silence until Mr Jean decided to take the bull by the horn.

"My wife and I were talking earlier as we were watching you two in the backyard," he paused slightly as the two lovers blushed. "We've decided that we will allow you to continue in this relationship. I must confess that my wife was somewhat reluctant but I persuaded her. I explained the special magic that can happen between a man and a boy. You see, I have a little boy lover of my own."

Louis was shocked. "You do?" he asked. "Do I know him?"

Mr Jean smiled. "Of course you know him, he's one of your best friends."

Louis started to ask who it was once more but then stopped to think. He thought about all his friends that had adult lovers. It had always struck him as odd that only one of his friends had failed to introduce Louis to his adult lover. Then it hit him. There was only one person among his friends that could possibly be involved with his daddy. "Jean-Pierre is your boy." He said finally.

"He is indeed, my son," Mr Jean said softly. "But now back to the matter at hand. The rules for this relationship are as follows. Both here and at Mr. Gbagbo's house, you are free to express your love as openly and as loudly as you wish. Please try though to keep your backyard trysts to a minimum." He winked at them to show he was teasing them a bit. "During any school holidays, Louis is free to live at Atiku's house and share his bed every night if he so wishes. But during school, Louis MUST sleep here in his own bed every Sunday through Thursday nights. This will hopefully allow him to keep his focus on his studies. On Friday and Saturday nights, he may live at your house Atiku. Are these rules acceptable?"

Atiku looked at Louis who nodded. "I think we can live with that," he said. "Am I to assume that I will have a chance after school to make love with my boy when school is back?"

"You are correct," Mr Jean said. "You will have from the time Louis arrives home until suppertime to make love as you please."

Atiku turned and studied his new, and quite unanticipated young lover. "Well then, will you please excuse us? I'm sure you won't object if Louis and I have our first sleepover tonight. We have some catching up to do."

The Jeans nodded their heads and the two lovers stood form the table and made their goodbyes. As they walked next door, the Jeans walked to the open window on the side of their house and waited. They looked at each other and smiled as they heard the exact moment that man and boy joined together once more.