Black's Beach


The only boy I have in mind for this one is a boy I saw on a porn site, so if anything, this story is about him, except that it states that he is over eighteen, but he looks younger.

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Black's Beach

Damn! I liked his looks, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and no body hair except for a smattering of dark hair on his lower legs and a little dark pubic hair rimming his cock which, although circumcised, was respectable when flaccid, thick and a good four-and-a-half to five inches. I wondered how much it would grow when he got a hard-on. I hoped to find out.

We were down at Black's Beach, a swimsuit-optional beach by San Diego, and he was sitting on a towel at the gay end of the beach where queers like me hang out. I always refered to myself as queer. 'Gay' seemed so - well - gay, not masculine, and queer or not, I was a man. I just preferred having sex with boys. I for my boys to have just started puberty but didn't yet have pubic hair. However, beggars can't be choosers, and usually the boys I fucked were anywhere from thirteen to fifteen.

I was surprised no one had hit on him already. Perhaps someone had but had been rejected. I wondered if he would reject me. Perhaps his youth had scared others off. He looked about fourteen.

Maybe, I should have been scared away, but he was fucking beautiful.

I put my towel and cooler down not far from him, conspicuously close considering that few people was there that day. It was cloudy and a little cool. It was February, after all.

Willing my dick soft, I took off my clothes, got a couple of beers out of my cooler, and with him watching, poured them into plastic cups before walking over to him and offering him one of them. "Want a beer?" I said.

"I'm not twenty-one," he said.

"I figured that. Want it or not?"

"Sure," he said, taking one of the cups from me.

"Can I sit down?"

"Yeah, sure," he said.

"I'm Zach," I said, offering him my hand.

He took it, and shaking it, said, "I'm Ted."

Sitting down, I watched as his dick got about half-hard which I felt was a good sign.

"Do you come down here often?"

"Now and then."

"To enjoy the sun?" As I said before, it was a cloudy day.

He grinned and said, "Uh...yeah."

"And other things?"

"And other things, but you got to know I'm not eighteen."

"I didn't figure you were," I said, "but you aren't twenty-one, and you took the beer."

"I just wanted you to know. Me not being legal scares some men off, and I wanted to be up-front with you in case you're interested."

"Interested? Let's say I'm interested, what then?"

"We maybe could go to your house if you don't live too far away."

"Not too far," I said. "I live in La Jolla."

"That's cool," he said, "I live in Pacific Beach," which was the next town south of La Jolla. "I can't stay too long. I have to be home by six. Maybe, you could give me a ride part-ways afterward."

I liked what 'afterward' implied. I was sure I was going to fuck the kid. It was only 2 PM, so that would give us plenty of time.

His dick had become fully hard, and it looked a good seven-inches. He glanced down at it and grinned and looked at mine which had also become fully erect. He had a bigger dick than I did. Mine was a little shy of six-inches hard. After looking around and seeing no one near us, he leaned over and took my dick in his mouth. Reluctantly, I pushed him away.

Frowning, he said, "What's wrong?"

"This is a little too public for that?"

"No one is around?"

"Yeah, but as far as we know, someone up on the cliffs might have their binoculars trained on us, and you did say you weren't eighteen. Just how old are you anyway?"

Hesitating, seemingly reluctant to say, he finally blurted out, "Fourteen."

"That's about what I figured."

"That doesn't freak you out?"

"Not really. I just happen to love fucking fourteen-year-old boys," letting him know what I had in mind for him.

"I love being fucked by older guys," he said.

"Not by younger guys like yourself?"

"Nah, guys my own age don't turn me on."

I wondered if it was some kind of father fetish, but I wasn't complaining. I've often found that boy's his age do prefer older men, not that I was all that old at twenty-nine.

"I like hairy men," he said, "Hairy men turn me on."

I didn't think I was so hairy, no hair on my back and places like that, but I did have a good crop of chest hair."

"And I like hairless boys. Shave off those pubes and shave your pits, and you'd be perfect. Otherwise, you have very little body hair. Do you shave?"

"My upper lip maybe a couple times a week. What hair grows on my chin, I pull out. I shaved my pubes once, but it was too much of a hassle to keep doing it."

"When we get to my place, I'll wax them for you."

"You mean like pull them out?"

"Yeah, I said."

"Won't that hurt?

"Usually," I said, "but I've got some Lidocaine cream I can put on you first. It'll take away most of the pain. You'll hardly feel it."

"Cool," he said. "Are we going now?"

"If we don't soon, I'll let you blow me here on the beach in front of God and the guy on the cliff with the binoculars."

"Is there really a guy on the cliff with binoculars?"

"I don't know, but there could be. I've seen guys up there with them scoping out the naked people on the beach. Get your stuff, and we'll go. How much is this going to cost me?"

"I'm no whore," he said. "I don't charge for sex...but if you want to give me something, you can. That's up to you, though."

"Do you expect anything from me, sex-wise?" I asked. "I'm no bottom, but I will suck cock. Mainly, I like to fuck."

"I like to get fucked. Anything else is up to you."

"When was the first time you got fucked?" I asked as we were walking up the trail to the top of the cliffs.

"When I was ten," he said."

"Who by?"

"An older kid who lived across the alley from me."

"How old was he?"


"Did he force you?'

"Nah, I'd been watching him jack off for a year, and I'd already blown him. We were at his house and no one else was home. We'd been watching some gay porn and in it, the guys were fucking. It just happened. I don't know whose idea it was, but the next thing I knew, he had his dick up my ass and was humping me."

"Didn't it hurt?"

"A little, but he had kind of a small dick, so it didn't hurt too much, and I liked it after he was inside of me. He liked it, too. After that first time, we fucked all the time."

"When did you get fucked the first time by a man?"

"When I was thirteen?"

"Who was the man?"

"A teacher, my math teacher in the seventh grade. I knew he was gay, and I did my best to seduce him. One day, after class, I told him I wanted to go over to his house, and so, he took me home with him after school."

It was turning me on to hear him talk about his sexual experiences, so I said, "What happened once you got to his house?"

"We pretty much just went into his bedroom, got naked, and he fucked me. He had a big dick, bigger than any I'd had, and he was even hairy-er than you are. It hurt some the first time, but I really got to like it, and I liked the feel of his hairy chest on my bare skin. Once I saw your hairy chest, I knew I wanted you to fuck me."

"Was his dick bigger than yours?"

"Yeah, it had to be a good eight inches. Mine's a little over seven, and his was a good inch, inch-and-a-half, longer than mine."

"You must be disappointed with mine then."

"Yours ain't so bad," he said, "about average. I've had bigger and I've had smaller."

"God! Kid, how many men have fucked you? Do you use protection?"

"I kind of lost count," he said, "and I do use protection if I don't know the guy."

"Good thing I got some rubbers in the car I guess."

"I've got some in my wallet," he said.

By that time, we were at my car; we got in and drove to my house which was only fifteen minutes away at that time of day. When we walked into my house, I asked, "Want something to drink?"

"Alcoholic or non-alcoholic?"

"Whichever you want? I could get into more trouble for fucking you than for giving you booze."

"I'll take a beer," he said, so I got him one out of the cooler I'd taken to the beach. Packed in ice, they were probably colder than the ones in the fridge.

Taking it from me, he said, "Do you want to do it now?'

"No hurry. If you got to be home by six, we still have three-and-a-half hours, and while you might be able to go for that long, I can't. I'm twice your age. I'm good for two -- three squirts on my best day."

"That sucks."

"Yeah, getting old sucks. I'm almost thirty. It's downhill from here on. I was good for ten times once but no longer."

We sat down on the couch with our beers. "How old were you your first time?" he asked.

"My first time to fuck, get fucked, or as a man, to fuck a kid."

"What happened first, and how old were you?"

"Other than jacking off with a kid, something I did with a fourteen year old neighbor kid when I was twelve, the thing I did first was to give him a blowjob a couple weeks later."

"His idea or yours?"

"He asked me to do it, but it didn't take much convincing for me to do it."

"Did he cum in your mouth."

"Yeah, he was supposed to warn me so he wouldn't, so I could pull my mouth off his dick, but he didn't, and his hot spunk landed toward the back of my mouth."

"What did you do?"

"Swallowed it. By that time I was so turned on, I wanted him to squirt into my mouth."

"Yeah, I like for guys to squirt into mine," he said. "So how old were you when, as a man, you fucked a kid?"

"Eighteen, if you want to call an eighteen-year-old a man."

"Who was he, and how old was he?"

"My folks' paperboy, and he was twelve."

"What happened?"

He lived in the neighborhood and was always over at my house playing videogames in my room, sitting on my bed. I often sat next to him, liking the feel of his hot, young, body next to mine. I started out casually resting my hand on his leg, and it was as if he didn't realize it was there. He never acknowledged it, so each time he came over, I moved it a little higher, until one day, I touched his dick and discovered it was hard. He bit his lower lip and moaned, `Oh...oh,' and I knew he was having an orgasm. That was all the encouragement I needed, I pulled down his pants and blew him."

"Is that when you fucked him?"

"No, it wasn't until several weeks later. If anything, after I blew him, he came over more often, and before long, we were trading blowjobs with my parents in the living room. I had a lock on my door, but he was blowing me when my mom knocked on my door."

"Shit! What did you do?"

"She caught me in mid-squirt, but after I caught my breath, I yelled, `Just a minute, we're in the middle of a game, so she hollered through the door, `Dinner's ready. Ask Jaime if he wants to stay.' Taking his mouth off my dick, after having swallowed my cum, Jaime said, `I've already eaten,' and almost died laughing after she had gone. We both did. It was funny then. It wasn't so funny when she knocked."

Ted laughed at that: "So, when did you fuck him?"

"About a month later. We were watching gay porn on the computer in my room, jacking each other off while we watched it and when two young guys started fucking. We turned to look at each other, and without either of us saying anything, I ended up on top of him with my dick up his ass."

"Did he like it?"

"If he didn't, he must have been some kind of a masochist, because he kept coming over and my dick was always up his ass. Luckily, at eighteen, I seemed to have an unlimited supply of spunk, because he always left with it running down his leg. One day, when my parents weren't at home, I must have fucked him ten times."

"Did he ever fuck you?"

"A couple of times, but he would rather get fucked than fuck, and I was happy to oblige him. I liked that arrangement better, too."

"This talk is getting me turned on," he said. "Would you blow me? You don't have to, but it would be cool if you did."

"Yeah, I'll blow you, Kid." While I didn't particularly like being fucked, I loved giving kids blowjobs, and he did have a nice cock. I pulled down his jeans and his tighty-whiteys. God! I love jockey shorts on a kid. They outline his dick so well.

Seeing his pubic hair reminded me of our conversation about waxing him, and I said, "Let's wax you first."

"And it's not going to hurt?"

"I didn't say that; I said it wouldn't hurt too much. Aren't you man enough?"

That was unfair, but I didn't like getting pubic hair in my teeth, Well, that was my excuse anyway, It was just that I loved smooth, hairless, boys. Jaime, even though he had started puberty, hadn't started growing pubic hair yet, and I wanted all the boys I fucked to look like him. I kept my pubic hair because Jaime was envious of it, wanting to grow some himself, and I've found that most boys like for a man to have hair. Might be the father fixation; their fathers had hair. I'm no phychiatrist and don't know if there is a term for boys who want to get fucked by their fathers, but I'm convinced that many boys do. Why else would they want to get fucked by older men?

I'm glad that having smooth pubes is in now. Many of the boys I've fucked are already bare. I keep the wax kit just in case they aren't. Ted didn't have a lot, but any was too much.

Both of us naked, we went into the bathroom and took a piss together standing side-by-side at the toilet. Afterward, I rubbed Lidocaine into his pubes and waited awhile before applying the wax. He yelled when I pulled it off, stripping out most of his pubic hair, but I don't think it hurt as much as he let on. I went to work on him with the tweezers pulling what the wax had missed and soon he was bare. He rubbed his then bare pubic area, saying, "I like it."

I loved it. I waxed his pits, and he was damn near perfect. He was a little red where I had waxed him, but that would soon go away.

"Is your father hairy?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "I'd go into the bathroom when he was in it and sneak looks at his dick and stuff. He has hair everywhere, even on his back. He is a real bear."

"Did you want him to fuck you?"

"His face turned red, and looking down at the floor, avoiding my gaze, he said, "Yeah." Then, looking at me, he said, "Do you think I'm weird because I did - do?"

"You still want him to fuck you?"

"Yeah, he would never do it of course. Hell, he would be pissed if he knew I was gay, and he would kick me out of the house if he knew I was letting men fuck me. Do you think I'm weird because I want my own father to fuck me? I'd let him do it in a hot second. Fuck! I've never told anyone that before.

"Ted, I fuck kids. Who am I to say what's weird? We are what we are, and we do what do. Most everyone is weird in one way or the other. I'm no fucking phychiatrist. I don't know why you want your father to fuck you or why I like fucking kids so much. Guys my age don't turn me on at all."

"Yeah, guys my age don't turn me on either." the kid said, "Maybe, if my dad would pay me some attention if he was fucking me. Most of the time, it's like I don't exist. My little sister is his favorite. Sometimes, I wish I was a girl."

"If you were a girl, we wouldn't be having this conversation, and I wouldn't be turned on by you. I like boys because boys have dicks. Girls are sorely lacking in that department.

We walked into the bedroom, crawled into bed, and I blew him twice. He came so quickly the first time, I thought I owed him another one.

His cum was sweet -- probably didn't taste any different for any other boy's cum - but I was getting to like him so his tasted particularly sweet.

Pushing him back on the bed, I raised his legs, moistened his hole with some spit, and fucked him. His sphincter didn't offer me much resistance. He'd obviously been fucked by dicks bigger than mine. Still, he was tight, hot, and wet, and he was the first boy I'd fucked for quite a while. I was turned on enough to fuck him again, and I did, two more times before I'd had enough, but since I knew he wanted more, I blew him three more times. Even then, I think he wanted more, but my mouth was tired, and I didn't think I'd ever before -- Jaime being the exception -- given a boy five blowjobs.

We took a shower together - I scrubbed his back, and he scrubbed mine -- got dressed and I took him home. Fuck! I thought. We didn't use a rubber. I'd been too turned on to think about it, and I guess, so had he. Oh well, I've had the clap before and didn't die from it, and I wouldn't die if I got it from him, not that I thought I would. He seemed to be a clean kid. I fucking liked him; I liked him a lot.

When we were in the car, I asked, "Where do you live?" and he gave me an address in Pacific Beach.

"Oh shit!" he said. "I never give guys my address. I have them drop me off at a nearby 7-11. I wonder why I did that?"

"Maybe you like me and want to see me again."

"Maybe I do," he said. "Will I?"

"If I have anything to say about it, you will."

Despite knowing his address, I dropped him at the 7-11. It wouldn't do to be seen dropping him off at his house. Before he got out, I counted off $50 and gave it to him.

"You don't have to," he said.

"I want to," I said.

"Thanks," he said, stuffing it in his pocket and getting out of the car. "Call me some time," he said, leaning through the open window."

"I don't have your cell."

He gave the number, and I entered him in my contacts. "I'll text you mine," I said.

"Cool," he said, before walking into the store, probably intending to spend some of the money I had just given him..

I texted him which automatically gave him my number and the next day, he texted me, "Can I come over?"

I texted back. "Meet you at the 7-11 in half and hour."

"Cool," he texted back.

That was over a year ago, and I haven't fucked anyone else but him since. Often, I even let him fuck me, and I found myself liking it. He does have a nice dick. Since I waxed him that first time, we've kept his pubes and pits bare. I even waxed his legs which was easy. He never had much hair on them anyway.