WARNING: This story involves Man/Boy sexual encounters. If you like that kind of stuff, read on. Otherwise, move on! In other words, go the fuck away.

This tale is entirely fictional. Nothing in this story ever happened. The characters are all imagined as well. They live only in the land of make believe. In fact, the author of this story doesn't exist either. It is all just an erotic illusion summoned up from the far-reaching land of fantasy for our reading pleasure.



I had just arrived home after another long-haul trip that covered nearly every state west of the Mississippi. Two weeks on the road, one week off, it was a pretty good arrangement, all things considered -- not that I had a lot of other options anyway. After parking my Peterbilt Semi in the back of the cheap (and seedy) apartment building I lived in when I wasn't driving truck, I dragged my tired ass out of my rig and up the stairs to my second story palace. Not!

I reached the second floor landing and had just turned the corner when blam, I was hit right in the balls by the handlebars of a Razor. I must have been really tired not to see the scooter -- and more importantly the cute boy that was riding it -- flying towards me. But then again, there weren't many kids in my apartment complex. And besides, who would expect the need to watch out for a cute skater-boy racing around the second story walk? Whatever! I was on my back in an instant with my knees raised in the air as I held myself hoping that the pain I felt wasn't going to be permanent.

"You all right, dude?" I heard calling out from above a few moments later.

Not really I was thinking but was in too much pain to speak right then. When I recovered somewhat, I looked up and into the cutest pair of bright blue eyes I'd ever seen. Actually, everything about the boy before me was the cutest I'd ever seen.

Blond hair topped the roughly four and a half foot tall mischievous looking little imp that had just knocked me on my ass. Pretty wouldn't be quite the right word to describe him, though he definitely had a lot of whatever it is that makes a boy deserve of a second or even a third look. Handsome wouldn't work either for the little rascal standing there grinning at me. How can you call the devil in miniature handsome?

No, I guess I'll have to go with seriously fucking delicious -- note the emphasis on fucking. Perhaps it was just the blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin that did it for him -- and me? Whatever, as tasty as he was looked standing there before me, the boy was far too young for me -- or anyone else -- to eat. Or so I thought at the time anyway.

Then he spoke again with his squeaky boy voice, "Sorry, dude... uhm... I didn't see you coming."

Dude? I might have yelled at another, less adorable, boy. But my anger (annoyance) was quickly tempered by his devilish grin that seemed to be saying, "Get over it dude, I'm too cute to yell at!" Yeah, he seemed well aware of his charms and how to use them to his advantage.

"It's cool DUDE. I didn't need my balls anyway." I said sarcastically as I slowly pulled myself to my feet. "Not much lately anyway," I added with my best pouty look. That was the truth too. Except for hooking up with the occasional `Twinkie' at the trucks stops, I hadn't had a regular boy in far too long.

His reply was immediate and kind of silly, though there seemed to be a wee bit more precociousness in him than one would think could be coming out if an eleven-year old, if I'd guessed his age correctly. "All boys need balls! Even if you're not tryin' to make babies," he stated wryly.

His unabashed grin and the specifics of his vocabulary made it quite clear that he was in the know; a part of the man club as it were.

"Yeah, I guess you're right dude. I'll have to go check `em out and see if they still work." I replied with a bit of feigned shock.

"There's only one way to know for sure. Want me to go get my mom to come over and check for you?" he answered just as swiftly and somewhat cockily. The gleam in his made me wonder just how serious he was being.

Well, I believed I'd met my match. He'd shocked me more than I usually can with other adults. And I'm a master at innuendo and being subtly (or blatantly) suggestive.

"No, that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Are there any other choices?" I answered with my own devilish grin. Maybe you could check them I didn't say. At least not out loud. It was probably written all over my face though. And I think the cute boy standing before me had pretty good reading skills too.

Well Holy Shit and a half! The look the boy shot me while we stood there in utter silence staring into each others eyes left me wondering what was going on inside that pretty little head of his. Was the kid just being silly or had he read my thoughts and figured out my most secret desires?

Before we had a chance to take it any further his match -- quite literally -- walked up and started scolding him with obvious embarrassment and exasperation.

"Trevor, what did you do this time?" he barked with unconcealed annoyance.

Clearly new boy number two was the young devil child's older - and just as cute - brother. No, I guess when you're roughly thirteen years old... well, I'd have to say he was a hottie. He wore the same blond hair, blue eyes and fair -- though slightly deeper tanned -- skin as the younger one giving me clues as to what young Trevor was going to look like in just a few short years. He was pretty much just a larger version of the young imp-child that had just knocked me on my ass.

Before young Trevor had a chance to answer, the older one turned to me and apologized for the little thrasher that had nearly castrated me. "Sorry dude, he's always causing some kind of trouble."

I knew right then he thought his little brother was the world's biggest pest. I guess that's typical between brothers though. He likely had to keep watch over him all the time as well. Again typical.

"It's cool -- DUDE, hopefully no permanent damage was done," I replied as I examined them both. Yep, they were brothers for sure and most definitely on their way to breaking hearts wherever life's travels took them.

"I do not!" I heard spouting out of the little one. "It was just an accident... I didn't see him come up the stairs!" he added as he scowled coldly at his older brother.

Then the little devils face cracked into a grin as shouted out, "Besides, I was gonna go get mom to check his balls for him and make sure that everything still worked... unless... uhm..."

Trevor started backing away as he looked over his shoulder. As soon as he got close to the stairs he dropped his Razor and shouted out, "But I know you'd rather do it instead of mom." And with that he shot down the stairs like a landslide. I could hear his patter of his shoes as he ran giggling through the courtyard and out toward the back parking lot.

When I looked back at the older boy he was standing there stunned with embarrassment. I didn't think white boys could get that red. Especially ones with a killer sun tan. It occurred to me that there might just be some truth to the little tease' statement... one could hope so anyway.

"Who are you boys?" I asked him hoping that the distraction might relieve his discomfort. "I've never seen you two here before."

"Actually, there's three of us and we just moved in down at the end," he answered as he pointed to the last apartment at the back of the building.

"There are three of you?" I asked in surprise. Could it be yet another adorable brother he was talking about or did he have a sister? Yikes.

"Yeah, the youngest of us kids is Aaron. He's seven," he replied with a look of dread before continuing. "You just met Trevor... he's eleven... and more trouble than you can possibly imagine," he added as he rolled his eyes in disdain. "And I'm Michael and I'm fourteen... well almost," he said as he looked down at his feet again. The slightly embarrassed look began to creep into his face again while he stood there trying to think of something else to say.

"Oh and my mom lives with us too," he added a moment later as if he wanted to make sure I knew about everyone that was occupying the two bedroom one bath apartment his family was now occupying. I wondered about where their dad might be but thought it best not to ask. In all probability Dad wasn't around very often -- if at all -- and it's best not to bring it up unless they do first.

With one woman and three boys crammed into that tiny two-bedroom apartment, I couldn't see how they were going to cope for very long. But it was probably better than some of the alternatives I suppose.

Just as I was about to ask him when they'd moved in I was interrupted by the sound of Trevor's squeaky voice calling out from below. "Dude! Is that your big-rig out back?"

Michael and I both looked over the railing at the same time as I hollered out to the boy wonder below. "Yes, DUDE, it is."

It didn't seem to faze the kid that I was mocking him for calling me dude. Either he was oblivious or he didn't care. As it turned out his wasn't oblivious to anything.

"That is so sic!" he shouted as a brushed a handful of blond bangs out of his bright blue eyes.

Before Trevor or I had a chance to say anything else Michael spoke up. "Trevor, you stay away from his rig or I'm gonna kick your butt all over the place.

Trevor didn't even hesitate before he replied. "You mean lick it," he shouted while his devilish grin came on again.

Wow! It seemed young Trevor was overflowing with lewd comments. I wondered where that came from. My first impression of Michael didn't lead me to believe it would have come from him. But hey, what did I know?

I could already tell even though I'd just met -- and had barely spoken to him -- that Trevor was a true wild child. And he wore it on his sleeve. Yeah, you could plainly see the wheels turning inside that cute little head of his trying to conjure up some kind of mischief to relieve his relentless boredom. Oh what devilish deeds might spring forth from that boy? And the fire in his eyes, well a battalion of fire fighters couldn't extinguish that blazing inferno. Not that I would want that to happen anyway. Personally, I kind of like that trait in a boy. But I was most definitely glad I didn't have to deal with him on a full time basis. I could use a part time job though I thought.

Michael spoke up again in his sternest voice yet, "Now you're in for it twerp! I'm gonna make you scream like a little girl when I catch you," as he made like he was going to run down the stairs and chase his little brother. Yep, he was surely the one winning the obvious sibling power struggle I was witnessing. Not!

Trevor just yelped out some smart ass remark I couldn't understand as he turned and ran out of the courtyard cackling for the second time in as many minutes.

Michael turned to me and apologized again. "Sorry about everything dude, he can be such a pain in the ass sometimes." His expression indicated to me that he was quite overwhelmed with his younger brothers' antics and really needed a break from whatever chaos young Trevor injected into his daily life.

Don't you just love little brothers? I know I do. Just usually not quite as young as the devil child that was surely putting fingerprints on my truck windows right then. But then again they're not usually as cute and precocious as Trevor either.

"It's all right," I replied.

"And I'm not Dude, my name is Jack." I added as I reached out to shake his hand.

He had a nice grip for a kid and he even looked me right in the eyes as he told me "sorry" again. All in all I was fairly impressed with the boy. Both his manners and his looks made him a quite likeable young -- dare I say it -- man. I also felt a little sorry for him. The poor kid wasn't likely to have many chances of privacy from his two younger brothers in the cramped apartment he shared with them.

"He's just being a boy; let him have some fun while he still can." I continued as I held his hand just a bit longer than the usual. "You look like you need some fun too. You seem kind of stressed," I concluded.

Still looking deeply into my eyes he answered without pause, "You have no idea!"

The emphasis in his words and the look he gave me made it clear that he was being pestered to no end by at least one - if not both - of his siblings. I wondered what the other brother was like. Would he be another wild child like Trevor or somewhat more tame, as Michael appeared to be.

Just then we heard a voice yell out from his apartment, "Michael, Trevor get your butts in here and clean up this mess right now!"

Obviously it was their mother calling out lovingly to her boys. Yikes! If she looked like she sounded I was pretty sure she wouldn't be getting anywhere near my balls. Not that there was ever a chance of that happening anyway.

Michael looked over his shoulder for a moment and then back at me almost pleadingly, "Uhm, I gotta go clean up after my brothers, again. It was nice to meet you Jack."

With that he turned and walked towards their apartment with sagging shoulders.

"See ya around," I called out as I turned and headed towards my place.

What a turn of events. Two weeks ago there was only the little girl in one of the apartments downstairs. Today there were three boys' just three doors down and at least two of them were both super cute and friendly.

After a long hot shower and a shave, I headed out to the living room couch to chill. I cracked a beer and turned on the tube to find a game to watch to help me wind down after another long stint on the road. I must have nodded out for at least a little while because when I opened my eyes again the game was over. What woke me was the sound of slight rustle at the front door I'd left open to help air out the place.

The way I had the living room set up you couldn't see into the TV area from the front door or windows. With a pair of big cabinets blocking the view, I was safe from the prying eyes of my neighbors or the not very often door-to-door salesman that came knocking unexpectedly. I did set-up a mirror that allowed me to see what was going on outside without them being able to see me. It was often quite convenient that I didn't have to get up or give myself away if I didn't feel like seeing anyone.

As my eyes came back into focus I could see through the screen a little blond mop of hair bobbing around. Young Trevor had both hands held up to his face trying to block out the daylight so he could see inside better. What a nosy little twerp! Lucky for him the cute thing goes a long way with me.

I lay there hesitantly wondering what I should do when the brazen boy let it be known he was lurking outside. "Jack, are you in there?" the young boy called out in a squeaky song. Yeah, he definitely had another year or so before he hit puberty.

It didn't take more than a millisecond for me to make the decision if I wanted to let the boy know I was home. "Yeah, what's up Trevor?" I answered.

"Uhmmmm... nothing. I was just wanted to see if you were OK and everything," he replied.

"Michael told me to apologize for hurting you earlier. So I came over and well, uhm... I'm sorry for running into you," he added with a seemingly sincere apology.

"It's cool Trevor... I mean, I think I'm OK, I have really bothered to look yet," I told him as I wondered once again if Michael really did want to help me make sure everything was OK down there. One can always have hope.

"Where are you?" he asked curiously.

I could see him looking around for a few seconds as he was trying to figure out where my voice was coming from. He must be one to give up pretty quickly because he decided to come inside and see for himself.

"Can I come in?" he asked as he opened the screen door and stepped inside.

I guessed he didn't have much in the way of shyness or inhibitions either. Whatever's clever seemed to be his style. The little devil was certainly going to be a handful for his mother and brother in the coming years - if not already.

"Uhm sure, I guess." I answered hesitantly. While I didn't mind myself, I was a little worried about what his mother or maybe even Michael might think about him being inside my apartment.

"What will your mom say about you coming in here?" I asked. "I don't want any trouble with her if she is going to freak out on me or anything," I added with seriousness.

"She won't," he said in a quick and sure reply as he stuck his cute little face around the corner of the cabinet and smiled at me.

"Besides, she's asleep right now and won't wake up for at least a couple of hours," he added as he lifted his hand to his mouth and pretended to be drinking out of a bottle. "Glug, glug, glug," he added for emphasis.

Oh great, another drunk in the complex. Strike two.

"So, whatcha doing?" the boy asked as he walked in and plopped himself down in the chair next to the couch while he looked around.

"This place is so cool," he added a moment later not even bothering to wait for me to answer his question. "I like how you can't be seen from the door or any of the windows when you sit in here. That'll come in handy," he added with a cunning smirk.

I wondered what he meant by that statement as I lay on my couch watching the boy wiggle around making himself comfy in my favorite chair.

God he was so f'n cute! And he appeared far more desirable than he'd seemed to me just a few hours ago. The boy had ditched the t-shirt he'd been wearing earlier revealing an incredibly well defined chest for a boy his age. Well, maybe defined isn't right word to use because he wasn't big or anything. No, he was just plain tight in all the right places. He must be part action figure or something to have that kind of sculpted body.

Nice & puffed, the dime size nipples hovering to each side of his pecs seemed to be calling out to me, beckoning me to come over and attack them with my teeth and tongue. Maybe I could get away with too. After all, he'd already hurt me in the most delicate of places. Didn't I deserve some form of payback?

His stomach, though still having just the slightest bulge protruding outward, was well on its way to having a six-pack. It also appeared just a little sweaty from where I was sitting. Perhaps I'll need to work my way downward and attack his miniature innie belly button after I get finished above.

Since we've been working our way downward Trevor's delicious eleven-year-old little body we might as well stay the course and move down a bit further. As low on his hips as was possible and hanging down nearly to his scarred up bony knees, he wore a pair of black basketball shorts that clung to his tight little butt as if they'd been tailor made for him by a boy ass lover. The white pin stripes wrapping the left leg at the hem with the number `69' embroidered just above only added to the fuck me now look the boy must have been going for when he dressed that morning.

Just beneath the silky smooth b-ball shorts and peeking out above the slim waist a good two inches he wore one of the hottest pair of boy boxers I'd ever seen -- quite literally. They had a flame print on them that made it appear as though young Trevor's entire crotch and ass had just spontaneously combusted.

Even his calves and the Vans shoes he wore were somehow cuter than normal. Near hairless except for a random smattering of golden blond flecks dotting his wiry legs, the sinewy muscles flexed repeatedly as the seemingly hyperactive boy wiggled his sock-less skater shooed feet back and forth while he sat there grinning at me.

His no holds barred straightforward attitude was quite appealing as well. It seemed everything about the kid was either erotic or just plain wild. What else might I find out about this cutie before he returned back to his apartment I couldn't help wondering. Yep, he was as cute as they come and I got the feeling that he knew it too.

"Just lying here dying slowly," I answered his earlier question. "After reevaluating my injury, I really think I must be near death after what you did to me," I said to him as I put my hands over my package and moaned a little bit.


He wasn't biting at all. After looking me in the eyes for a long moment he gave a squeaky laugh before spouting out, "You're such a faker! I bet you just want me to rub `em for you until you pop-a-boner," he said with a knowing gleam in his eye.

Little did he know I was already well on my way to "popping-a-boner". Well, he probably did know on second thought. 

I just raised my eyebrows a couple of times before I groaned once more. "Ohhhhhh...."

I really wasn't expecting him to make the desired response. Hoping yes, but I was only teasing the cute devil child. Well kind of anyway. Whatever! It didn't seem to matter what I thought as the young troublemaker appeared to have plans of his own. And I suspect that he had them before he'd even stepped foot inside my apartment.

He slid off if the chair and onto the carpeted floor with a thud before he started crawling over next to me wearing the look of a boy with an serious agenda. He reached out without hesitation as he slid up next to me and put his hand on my stomach while telling me matter-of-factly, "You're hairy."

He caressed his hand around my stomach for a moment before he ran his hand up to my chest. The boy's elbow somehow ended up grazing my semi-hard cock slightly as if he was sneaking a feel of what was up down there. 

Boing! That was all it took to make me as hard as a steel pipe.

And that was all it took for him to know he was going to get what he came for too. With his devilish gleam near blinding me he leaned in close to my face and whispered, "I'll rub it for you and make it feel better if you let me hang out in your truck later." His face went serious as he looked into my eyes without even blinking.

Well I gotta say that the silence in the room was deafening as I lay there and contemplated the highly charged and highly dangerous situation for a few moments. I searched the depths off the boy's soul wondering if what I was hearing was the real deal. While I was aware that a lot of young boys openly displayed the kind of precociousness I'd been witnessing, and had just felt. I found it hard to believe that a boy as young as the the cock-teasing little sprite that was kneeling before me would be willing to go through with his offer.

"What do I get if I take you for a ride," I whispered back to him. Again, I was only being a smart ass and I didn't really think I'd get anything other than another lewd comment back from the little devil. I also had to wonder if he grasped the innuendo I'd just made as well.

I think he did, but he didn't acknowledge it. He just smiled at me knowingly for a brief second before he stood up and headed towards the front door. Oh shit! For a few seconds I thought the kid was going to run home crying -- or maybe even worse.

It was only after I heard the front door close and he reappeared saying, "Just lay back and see," that I realized that he was both very serious and very smart. He was just making sure no one was going to see or hear whatever it was he was going to do to me to earn a ride in my rig.

"Can I drive it too?" he asked as he once again kneeled down at my side. He slid his hand onto my stomach again and rubbed around in circles as we both sat there contemplating the situation.

"No," I replied at once. "But you can sit in my lap and help as I drive you around. I don't think that could hurt much," I added with a wink. Once again I'd made an innuendo. I lay on the couch wondering how he would respond, if at all, to another of my suggestive statements.

He took the bait that time. "I bet you'd like it if I sat on this," he said as he slid his hand down onto my sweats and grabbed a hold of my raging hard-on. "I'll bet it would hurt like hell too!" he added a moment later with the look of first hand experience. He didn't seem afraid or anything. It was just that he was so matter of fact with his words that it really made me wonder just how far he'd already gone at his tender age. A lot further than I would have guessed I came to find out.

"What about your mom and your brother?" I asked him coldly. I had to be sure he knew that it was a serious question, with serious consequences if either of us were wrong.

"You don't have to worry about Michael," he said knowingly. "Besides, he's stuck inside babysitting our little brother. And I already told you, my mom is asleep, she won't be waking up for a few hours at least." He added as he started stroking my cock through the cloth of my sweats.

I wondered what he meant about Michael as I lay there for a few seconds watching the devil boy stroking my hard dick with an eagerness I'd only imagined up until then. As I mentioned, I'd had plenty of teens over the years. And most of them were very eager participants, or so I'd thought anyway. But this little imp was putting them all to shame. He seemed about as excited as most boys his age would be on Christmas morning. Nope, Trevor definitely wasn't like most boys his age. Or am I wrong and I've been missing something all these years?

I placed a hand on his bare shoulder and caressed the soft skin that only a boy could still have. Just tight enough to know that he was beyond the puppy fat phase but still smooth enough to let one know that he was still very much a preteen boy.

"Are you going to tell anyone?" I asked softly. A delicate question for sure. But another one that had to be asked.

He didn't seem at all surprised by the question. Again he just grinned knowingly as he answered, "No, I don't kiss and tell. Besides, I never told on the last guy I traded favors with and I never will," he replied with the most serious look I'd yet seen on his sweet mug.

"Good boy," I replied as I stroked the side of his cheek with the back of my hand wondering what exactly he meant by "the last guy". Did that mean there was more than one guy he'd "traded favors" with? And what exactly was traded I didn't dare ask. If I didn't want him talking about me and whatever it was he was going to do so he could get a ride in my rig, I thought it would be wise not start questioning him about the other(s).

"Does that mean I get a kiss too?" I asked as I put on my best come-hither smile.

Pause. That was the first time I'd surprised him -- big time. I could in his beautiful blue eyes that I'd asked a completely unexpected and perhaps quite unappealing question.

"K, but you have to close your eyes," he answered hesitantly as if it might actually hurt or something to kiss me. Well, I guess I could see his point of view, kind of. But it wasn't like I was asking to fuck him or anything. At least not yet anyway.

My eyes were closed in a split-second. Maybe even a little quicker.

I could hear him rustle around for a second before I felt the boy gently leaning onto me. The swoosh of his sweet boy breath blasting my face as he briefly hovered just inches away from my mouth before he came in for a landing - smack dab on my lips -- was nearly as hot as when he'd accidentally elbowed my cock.

The touch of his soft lips to mine must have put me in a daze. It seemed as soon as it started I faintly heard his soft voice whispering, "You can open your eyes now."

I did and his sweet face was still just a few inches away looking down at me. We stared into each other's eyes for a long moment before I took another swing. I puckered my lips and sent air kisses over to him hoping he would get my message.

He got it. And he rolled his eyes for me too. But then he relented and leaned in and once again locked lips with me. This time he held it for a few seconds all the while keeping his eyes locked to mine with the look of a deer caught in the headlights. I thought of sticking out my tongue and seeing if I could make his eyes pop out of his sockets, but decided not to press my luck.

He finally ended our second kiss and without another word -- and sporting his devious grin again -- his hand made its way right down my sweats, shot past my steel hard cock and found my balls. Even though he was gentle about the way he grabbed them, his lightning fast move and the contact of his small fingers on my jewels made me shudder from head to toe.

He ignored my obvious momentary fear as he asked in a very sexy voice, "Do these guys need some kisses too?"

That was when my cock started leaking, pretty much non-stop until... well, you'll see soon enough.

I just nodded my head in response as my hand slowly worked its way up and down his tightly muscled back.

"And what about this?" he asked as he slid his hand up to my cock and grasped as much of it as he could manage. "I bet this wants lots of kisses too, huh?" he added as he seductively stroked me.

My head was nodding before my brain had a chance to even think about it. My other head... well, it was nodding as well thanks to the sensual efforts young Trevor was putting forth.

"It feels big," he said next as he gave my cock a firm squeeze.

He rolled of off me and said, "Push your sweats down so I can see it," almost as if it were a command instead of a request.

I obeyed promptly. With one quick move my sweats were down at my knees as the boy leaned back on his feet so he could witness the unveiling. I watched his sweet face as I revealed my 9-inch cut cock to those pretty ocean blue eyes of his. The look I saw was the most sinister I'd ever seen. Those brilliant orbs went wide with amazement and seemingly wild with excitement while his small boy paw gripped my throbber a wee bit harder as if he expected it to start bucking in his hand like some wild stallion.

"It's huge!" he muttered softly as he turned his pretty face towards me and locked astonished eyes to mine. Without pause he added, "There's no way that thing is going to drive me around." While he was still grinning at me it was very clear that he wasn't going to be taking my cock up his ass anytime soon - if ever.

I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say, "Whatever," as I lay there wondering if he'd ever taken a man cock, or any cock for that matter, up his tight little boy hole. The way he said it made it seem as though he might have been considering riding around on my wild pony. But he clearly had second thoughts once he saw how big it really is. I guess size really does matter. Just not in a good way.

I swear I saw fire in his eyes and little horns coming out if his head for a millisecond as he spouted out, "Michael might let you though." The look he gave me as he said it made me wonder which team his older brother played for.

"He told me that he thought you were cool," he continued as his eyes went serious again. He held my gaze for a moment longer before he added, "So do I."

With that he turned his petite head towards my cock, aimed it towards his mouth and then leaned down for a taste. Without hesitation he licked the precum off of my head for a few seconds before taking -- more like stuffing -- the entire head right into his tight little boy mouth.

Oh my fucking god! When his tight young mouth engulfed my cock I swear I must have squirted a few tablespoons of juice across the young devils hungry tongue. If he felt or tasted it he didn't let on. Hell, maybe he liked it because he tried even harder to shove more of my knob towards the back of his throat as I watched with wonder. I could feel his baby teeth rubbing on either side of my head as head managed to inhale about three inches of my manhood inside his warm wet hole. By the way, that was the first time ever I wasn't afraid of teeth touching my cock. Maybe I should have been.

Once the boy figured out how much he could take, he let my cock slip out of his mouth for a brief moment before he  reversed direction and took it back inside. So began a steady rhythm of in and out as the boys tiny little hand jacked me off in time with his bobbing head.

I'll say it again. Oh my fucking god! He was giving me the best blow job of my life and he could barely fit a third of my raging hard on into his hot little mouth. In truth, I think most of what got to me was his tender age. Add in the wildness, the eagerness, the suddenness, the cuteness and... well, the whole thing was un-fucking-believable. Except it was happening and I was witnessing it -- and feeling it -- first hand.

He slid my cock in and out of his hot entrance repeatedly pausing only briefly at each cycle to lick and slurp at my saliva and precum coated head before continuing with his self-assigned task.

After roughly two minutes of sucking on my big dick he let it loose from the confines of his cherry lips and turned his head towards me squeaking out, "I think I better go down and check on your boys for a little while."

Without waiting for a response he turned back to my better half and began licking and slurping all the way down my shaft as he leaned in for a closer look. The hand that had been holding my cock slipped off my waist, brushed across my ass before reemerging in between my legs. Once again he grasped my balls with his tiny paws without the delicacy one usually affords something as fragile as a pair of testicles. Good thing he didn't have claws or he might have really damaged me that time. Whatever, it was still pretty scary no matter how soft his petite hands were. And it was a good thing for him that he didn't still have my cock in his mouth or I'd have shoved it down his tiny throat when I'd flinched for the third time that afternoon.

"Relax," I heard him squeak out. "I won't hurt you." He used his free hand to drag the one I was still caressing his bare back with down towards his shorts and right in between his legs.

"You can squeeze mine if I hurt you OK," he hummed out as put my hand onto his own very hard boy cock. He felt big too, at least from what I could feel through two layers of cloth.

"Pull your shorts down," I said softly. If I got to hold it, I wanted nothing to get in the way.

He kept his tongue moving all over the place as he released his grasp on me, reached down and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his silky shorts slipping them down to his knees. He seemed to do it with an air of experience about him.

And there before me was the hottest little ass I've ever seen. As my eyes traveled the length of his near naked body my hand was drawn to the tight ass cheek nearest me. I let my hand cup the golden globe as my fingers naturally came to rest just at the entrance to his nether region. Once again he didn't pause or even flinch as I began copping a feel of the tightest butt I'd ever come across -- or at least hoped to one day

When his tiny fingers once again returned to my balls I felt it was only fair if I returned the favor. I let my fingers slip into his crack briefly before I changed course and stuck my hand between his lithe thighs. Without delay he spread his legs as far as he could and allowed me the same unfettered access to his crown jewels as I had afforded him. I thought of making him flinch as he had done to me for a brief moment before I quickly let the idea go. His teeth after all were mere millimeters away from my balls right then.

His boy balls felt a lot bigger than the fabled marbles I've so often heard boys his age usually carry between their legs. They seemed hang down pretty far as well from where I was sitting. But they were completely hairless and nowhere near being able to produce any boy nectar, that was for sure. Oh well, maybe someday I'll be the first one to do a taste test. It didn't seem to be an unrealistic hope considering the circumstances.

Trevor lifted my balls up and inspected them for a few moments before turning to me and declaring that everything seemed, "A-OK," from the outside. He cracked himself up as he giggled uncontrollably for a brief moment before he got back to business. The eagerness returned to his face as he began licking his way up my shaft again with a passion I've never seen in anyone ever before.

Just as he reached the tip he whispered to me, "Tell me when you are going to cum OK. I don't like the taste that much." His eyes were kind of pleading with me that time instead of commanding. I got the feeling that he wasn't sure if I would go along with his request. It seemed to me that if I'd pressed the issue he would have relented and taken my load right down his tiny throat. I just nodded my head as I released his balls and let my hand slip into his tight crevice again. Hey, I was already getting far more than I'd bargained for. I wasn't going to ask for any more than he was willing to give.

With that settled he leaned in and took my raging hard cock back into his mouth with zeal. The boy seemed to be on a mission, one that involved great pleasure for me. I think for him as well for that matter. He began sucking and slurping as much of my cock as he could fit into his puny mouth as if he liked giving head more than I liked receiving it. Not likely, but whatever. There was still a good two-thirds of my shaft for him stroke and caress and he used every available inch of it. Not to leave the other hand unoccupied, he rested it on my stomach and rubbed around in ever widening circles as he curled the hairs with the tips of his fingers.

While he was busy giving me the best blow job ever I let my hand creep around to his front side and grab a hold of his not so tiny boy prick. While my hand covered his entire cock when I grasped it tightly, it was pretty much a big handful. In fact, his little circumcised helmet shaped head was protruding ever so slightly beyond my palm allowing me to tap and otherwise tease it with my thumb as I attempted to give him as much pleasure as he was giving me.

"Yeah, jack me" he mumbled in between mouthfuls of hard dick before redoubled his efforts to get me off.

Once again I did as he commanded without delay. I grasped his steely hard boy cock even harder and began to jack him off with a passion of my own.

He seemed to like how I was handling the situation as much -- or more -- than I did. The moans and groans emanating from deep in his throat gave proof that I was stroking him just the way he liked it. It turned out it was good for me as well. I could feel the vibrations coming out of his mouth all the way down to the tips of my toes and it was pushing me towards the edge much quicker than usual.

The faster I pumped his little rod with my hand, the faster his blond mop of hair bobbed up and down as he sucked my cock as deeply as he could manage into his warm wet mouth. It almost seemed as if we were in a race to see who would get off first.

Normally I would close my eyes and allow myself to drift of into la-la land while I was being blown. This time however both my eyes and my body were going into sensory overload giving me no reason at all to shut out the erotic scene going on down below. The feeling of his silky tongue and puffy lips was more than enough all by themselves. But when you added his cute little blond topped head dancing around in my crotch with the view of his tight boy ass along with the rock soft feeling of his little boy cock... well, I had to call out to him and let him know I was getting close.

"I'm almost there," I murmured as I reached up with my free hand and ran my fingers through his silky blond tresses.

He mumbled something that could only be interpreted as, "uhmm hummm," through the mouthful of man cock he was still working with vigor as he guided the fingers that had been continuously meandering around my torso straight to one of my nipples. All it took was a slight pinch between his tiny nubs to send me over the top.

"Now," I nearly shouted as I felt my seed start pumping. I gave a gentle pull on his long blond locks to help guide him out of harms way.

I thought he was going to back off completely and let my cum land wherever its trajectory took it -- most likely on me. Instead the young cocksucker held his ground, for the most part anyway. While he definitely let my cock slip out of his mouth at the first sign of trouble, he still kept his pretty little face directly in the path of the coming tempest.

What a trooper. Not only did he take one in the face for the team. He kept his lips in contact with my squirting giant as I shot volley after volley of cum missiles at the pretty boy while he hummed some childish nonsense in order to heighten the pleasure for me. It seemed young Trevor's bag was chock full of tricks.

While his face was turned away from mine making it impossible to watch as my sperm splashed against the soft skin of his adorable mug, I could see it dripping off of his chin and puddling at the base of my rock hard shaft in torrents. Just beyond I could see his tiny paw still working my hot rod making sure he didn't stop until I was done.

After I was completely spent and the post orgasmic pain became unbearable I pulled on his hair softly to let him know it was over. He pulled off quickly making it clear that he understood how painful it can become down there afterwards. Who ever taught this boy deserves an award I thought as I lay there panting heavily.

When the boy turned his head towards me I was very hard pressed not to laugh out loud. He was wearing the biggest cum-eating grin I'd ever seen. He was also wearing about a gallon of my seed all over his cute little face. OK, so maybe not a gallon. But it sure looked like a lot from my point of view. It was all over his chin, lips and cheeks that clung to his supple slightly reddened skin in thick gooey clumps. There was even a wee bit up inside one of the cuties tiny nostrils. What a delicious looking mess he had become.

"Dude!" I panted out mockingly before becomingly more serious. "That was the best ever, thank you."

I don't think he wanted to open his mouth to answer so he just nodded his head and gave a soft, "Hmm-hmmm-hmmm". Yeah, I kind of figured that meant "You're welcome".

"Mmmm! Mmmm m m mmm," he hummed out next. No, I couldn't figure that one out so I let the hand that was still caressing his silky hair slip across his face from cheek to cheek in an attempt to wipe the cum that still clung there away. While I got most if it on the first pass, he still had a little bit up his nose and some around the fringes of his now puffy lips.

As I wiped my sperm coated hand clean on my belly I asked the youngster to say it again. "What did you just say?" I asked curiously.

His grin grew even bigger as he repeated himself. "DUDE," he mocked me in return, "That was a lot. I've never seen that much come out before. I'd a drowned if I'd kept that beast in my mouth much longer."

I just kind of shrugged my shoulders while I watched with wonder as little strings of cum stretched across his still swollen red lips while he spoke to me. If he hadn't completely drained my balls just a few moments before I do believe that the site of my sperm trying to sneak its way onto his tongue would have gotten me rock hard in an instant. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when you have to wait a few hours before you can get it up again. Getting old sucks!

It was really cute to watch when the boy realized there was still some of it on his face. He released his grasp on my withering giant while scrunching up his nose as if a fly had suddenly flown right up and inside of him. The boy wiped his hand across his snout several times while blowing out and he came up with a prize, a mixture of my cum and his snot. Yummy!

He must have thought so as well because he reached out with his tiny paw and asked, "Wanna taste?" Though he was giggling his cute little butt off as he said it, I kind of thought he was a little serious as well.

"I will if you will," I answered with cocked eyebrows. I would have too. What's a little cum-snot cocktail amongst friends? A good time me thinks,

Even though he was still giggling and his smirk had grown enormous, the slight twinkle I saw in his eyes gave me the idea he was considering the proposition. I for one thought that the boys' actions and attitude so far made it seem as though he was only a few slurps away from going all the way and taking a load right down that sweet little gullet of his. I got the feeling it was more the thought than the actual taste that was holding him back. And it's not like he didn't already get at least some sperm in his mouth while he was blowing me... just due to leakage. Add in the precum that was flowing non-stop since he'd accidentally bumped his elbow into me and, well, I'll just say that I was pretty sure I'd be able to talk him into it eventually.

After careful consideration the boy declined my offer. "No way dude," he nearly shouted. I wanted to believe that the twinkle in his eyes said differently though.

As he sat there still grinning like the Cheshire cat, I kept stroking his hard little boy cock while I wondered if he wanted me to finish him off, or if his little tool even worked that way yet for that matter.

"Can you get off?" I asked softly hoping he didn't take offense to the question.

He didn't. He nodded his head enthusiastically as he replied, "I can't shoot yet, but I can get the feeling."

I found it interesting that the young boy made a clear connection between cumming and having a dry orgasm. I didn't know anything about anything at his age while he seems to know just about everything. What a little slut boy.

"Do you want me to finish you off?" I asked next as I squeezed his boy cock just a little harder than I had been.

I really did want to return the favor too, if he wanted -- in whatever way he wanted. But I was kind of drained, so to speak, so I was a little relieved when he shook his head and replied, "No, we can do it again later. I just want to get you cleaned up so we can go for a ride in your rig."

Later? I'd guessed right that this wasn't going to be a one time thing.

With that Trevor hopped up while asking, "Where can I find a towel or something so I can wipe us off?" I managed to keep his boy cock in my hand whilst he stood there waiting for a reply.

I thought it quite considerate of him that he was offering to both cook and clean. He must really want to ride my big-rig. Oop's, I meant to say in my big-rig. ;-)

"You have a nice one," I told him as I gave it a few more strokes before reluctantly letting it go. It really was too. I can't recall the last cock that had mesmerized me as much as his little boy toy.

He looked down at his pocket rocket for second before returning his prideful eyes to mine. Yeah, I think he liked it too.

"Do you think it will get as big as yours someday?" he asked hopefully as he took hold of his still hard boy dick and gave it a few strokes.

I shrugged my shoulders as if to say, "I have no idea," but then thought the better of it.

"Maybe if I suck on it a whole lot we can help it along some," I told him with a touch of mock assurance thrown in.

He seemed to like that suggestion a lot as he rapidly nodded his head in agreement with my growth plan.

He stopped nodding the instant I finished my next statement. "I've heard that if you swallow lots of cum it helps it grow twice as fast as normal." I let my face stay neutral to see what his natural reaction might be.

I got a scrunched up nose and middle finger for that remark. Apparently someone else had already tried that approach on him. I began to wonder if I was wrong in my assessment of how soon the young urchin was going to become a cum guzzler... my cum guzzler. Oh well, whenever he's ready. Until then, whatever he had planned for "later" was good enough for me.

"In the bathroom on the counter you'll find a towel," I answered his earlier question.

"K," he replied as he pulled his boxers and shorts up in one swift move while bounding away in search of my bathroom.

A few seconds later I could hear the water running in the sink while the boy exclaimed, "This place is way bigger than ours, I'm gonna make Michael move in here with you so we have more room at home."

"What is up with this kid?" I wondered as I lay on the couch still basking in the afterglow of the best orgasm I'd had in years. Why does he keep making comments about his older brother and me? Was he trying to set us up or something? I came to the conclusion then that Michael was probably a player as well. It made sense after all. Little Trevor was already
so very experienced at his young age; and the knowledge and skills he'd acquired had to come from somewhere. What better teacher could there be than an older brother?

He broke my train of thought when he returned a minute later with a warm wet wash cloth to bath me with. Apparently he'd already cleaned the last remnants of my cum off his cute little face while he was in the bathroom. I liked him better with it still on him.

Once again he unexpectedly reached out with his lightning fast hands and grabbed my cock without any warning. And once again I flinched and pushed my cock into the air in an involuntary knee jerk reaction to his movements. If he isn't careful, someone is going to get an eye poked out.

"Relax, I know what I'm doing," he chided me as he went to work cleaning my half hard tool. He wiped the shaft first before moving up to the head and gently wiping all around my glans while giving me a couple of strokes just to be sure he'd gotten it all out. It seemed he really did know what he was doing after all. Just stop scaring me with your quick-draw paws I wanted to say, but didn't.

When he was done washing my dick he moved on to my stomach using the same careful attention to detail. Once again I was surprised at his thoroughness and skill. It's not everyone who can clean up a cum-matted hairy belly and not leave any trace of the sticky liquid behind. Then again, there shouldn't be any mess on my belly in the first place. We'll have to find a compromise until he's ready I thought.

"Thanks," I said to him when he was done. "I think I'm all better now," I added with a wink as I softly patted my balls.

"You're welcome," he answered as he grinned knowingly.

"What should I do with this?" he asked as he held up the cum rag with an outstretched arm as if it might unexpectedly explode at any moment.

"Throw it in the sink and I'll wash it out later," I answered with a laugh while I pulled my sweats back up.

When the boy returned a moment later he let it be known that his transgressions went far beyond the sins of the flesh. He plopped himself down on the coffee table right in front of me with sly smirk as he looked deeply into my eyes while contemplating his next move. When he decided that I wasn't going to object to whatever he was planning he plucked a cigarette out of the pack that was sitting next to him and stuck it in between his lips. He then picked up my Zippo and with expert skill, flipped open the top and turned the wheel in one smooth motion making the flame appear as if by magic. Damn the boy had some skills, I can barely do that.

He lit the cig while keeping his eyes locked to mine with a confidence about him that made it seem as though he'd already been smoking for years. I almost made the comment that he shouldn't smoke but decided not to. After all, who was I to say anything about what he should or shouldn't be putting in his mouth considering the events of the preceding half-hour?

I watched as he inhaled and wondered if he would choke or cough on the smoke. He didn't. Apparently he was experienced in all manner of sins.

He took another drag then reached out and handed me the smoke while attempting to blow smoke rings. His tiny red lips shaped in a perfect `O' got me thinking about" later" again. The slight stir I felt in my crotch made me wonder if perhaps this boy was the cure for my delayed restarts down there.

"Do you smoke a lot?" I asked hesitantly hoping he wouldn't assume I was giving him shit about it.

"Not really," he replied. "I just like to light `em and take a puff or two," he continued with what appeared to be complete honesty.

Before I had a chance to say anything he added, "I know, I know -- they're bad for me," as he rolled his eyes. Yeah, it was obvious he'd had that conversation before.

"More important is the fact that they are highly addictive and once you start it's pretty hard to stop," I told him with a shrug of my shoulders indicating that was all I had to say on the subject.

"When you're done with that can we go for a ride?" he asked hopefully. Apparently that conversation was over and done with in his young mind.

"Yes," I answered quickly relieved that the he hadn't gotten irritated with my comments. "But I really think I should meet your mom before I take you anywhere," I added hoping I wouldn't have to explain why that would be important.

Yes, the thought did occur to me that maybe I should have met Mom before I let her little boy suck my dick too, but I must confess. Only one head works at a time with me.

Luckily he did understand the situation. "Yeah, I guess you're right. She might get mad if I took off in a big truck without telling her first. She might think I was trying to run away or something," he stated sarcastically.

"She won't get mad if I just sit in it out back though," he added after a brief pause. "Can we do that until she wakes up?" he added hoping for the next best thing.

I nodded my head in agreement as I reached out and stroked his lithe thigh. As I caressed the supple skin from his bony knee to just inside his silky shorts I complimented him on his intelligence.

"You're a pretty smart kid," I told him with all seriousness.

His eyes lit up with pride at that statement.

His devilish grin came back when I added, "And kind of cute too," as I snuck my hand up inside his shorts and grasped a not-quite handful of boy balls.

He allowed me a moment of touch and feel before he slapped my hand away playfully as he once again reminded me that there would be time for more games later. "We can do that later after we get back from riding around," he stated as if he knew he had complete control of me.

He did too. In a matter of a few short hours since I'd met the boy, I'd fallen under his evil spell, completely.

"Can I have another kiss before we head out to the truck?" I asked hopefully.

Without a word he took the cigarette out of my hand and took a drag before snubbing it out in the ashtray. He then slid onto his knees and put his face close up to mine while he attempted to blow smoke rings at me. While his rings weren't all that good, it was kind of hot to have him both making the `O' with his lips again while blowing smoke in my face in an obvious invitation to fuck him. OK, so maybe I was only imagining that was what he was after. But I always like to keep hope in my heart and mind.

Once the smoke had cleared he whispered, "I've never really kissed anyone before today... at least not that way." There wasn't much in the way of emotion in his eyes as he said it. Rather it was just a statement of fact.

"Does it bother you?" I asked softly hoping that his response would be no.

He thought about it for a second before he shook his head and replied, "No, it'll just take some getting used to I guess."

If you can get used to a big leaking man cock in your mouth you can get used to kissing I didn't say.

With that he closed his eyes as he leaned in and put his luscious boy lips to mine.

This time I led the way to enlightenment. At first I just softly pecked him a few times before taking a little nibble of his lower lip while I let my hand glide across his lightly muscled back and down to his tight little boy butt. After a few pecks, nibbles and caresses I went for the broke and let my tongue slip out of my mouth and gently knock on the door to his.

His response was more receptive than I'd hoped for. While his eyes shot wide open and looked deeply into mine revealing a bit of shock at first, he seemed to relax into the moment after an extended probing. He allowed his lips to part ever so slightly after a few seconds and let my tongue slip inside.

I slid my tongue across his top row of teeth as I watched the boy's eyes for any sign of resistance. When none was met I continued my explorations along the bottom row before I took the plunge beyond his toothy barrier and found his hot pink tongue hiding within.

Once again his eyes went wide for a brief moment as our tongues met for the first time. A courtship dance began as our tongues sparred and briefly intertwined before I pulled back out. I gave him another soft peck then backed away giving him a moment to collect his thoughts.

His mouth hung open for a few seconds as I watched him recover from his first ever French kiss. An unforgettable and everlasting experience as I recall. I found it surprising that as good a cock sucker as he was he'd never been kissed before. He was so damn kissable too. It seemed almost criminal not to swap spit with the young lustling. Though I guess it's a crime either way you look at it. Whatever!

"You OK?" I asked softly as I caressed his cute boy butt through the satiny shorts that cupped him tightly.

A nod of the head was all I got in response, but it was just about as sensuous as any I'd ever seen before. He seemed in a daze as I watched the boy with envy. Do you remember how it felt when you discovered why people kiss? It's the grossest prospect ever one day -- with the exception of swallowing cum -- and the next day it's one of the most exhilarating experiences a boy could ever have. Yeah, he was like that for Trevor.

I leaned into him and gave him another quick swipe with my tongue just to see if I could get away with it more than once.

He was hooked, almost literally. As I pulled away it seemed as though he was stuck to me somehow. His sweet little mouth hurriedly chased after mine as he leaned even further onto me in an attempt to keep the kiss going for at least a little while longer. Yes, I once again obliged him without delay.

The third French kiss of young Trevor's life lasted well over a minute, maybe even two, before we pulled apart and he collapsed onto me. I could feel his tiny heart pounding in his chest as well as puffs of boy breath splashing against the skin of my neck while he cuddled into me in a seemingly euphoric state.

"I'm glad we moved here," he panted out softly.

"Me too," I answered as I once again gave his tight butt cheeks another squeeze.

"I think we're gonna have a lot of fun together," I added before I lightly kissed his blond mane. As I buried my nose in his bliss and inhaled his sweet boyish perfume I could feel my cock begin perk up and my balls coming back to life as the rejuvenation process started much sooner than I'm usually capable of. Maybe I just need to have young & hot lustlings around more often at this stage of life.

Though he seemed cool and I wasn't really all that worried about him fucking things up for us -- or me more precisely, I felt the need to remind the boy not to talk about what we'd (he'd) just done and what we were likely (hopefully) going to do again in the very near future.

"We'll regret living near each other if anyone finds out...," I told the boy gently, but firmly.

He lifted his head off of my chest and looked me in the eyes as he said, "I won't tell anyone... ever," while he crossed an X over his heart.

"Not even your brother," I added making sure I covered all the bases.

"He looked at me quizzically for a second before he replied, "K, I promise, not even Michael. But he wouldn't really care about it though."

"Except maybe..." he began to add but didn't finish.

That was when I knew for sure that the hints Trevor had been dropping about his older brother had a definitive meaning behind them and that they weren't just some off the cuff slanderous remarks synonymous with being brothers.

There would only be one reason why Michael wouldn't care if I was allowing his younger brother to suck my dick -- or only one that I really wanted to believe anyway. That would be if Michael was currently, or had in the past, received the same treatment I'd just gotten from Trevor. It would make sense after all; practice makes perfect. And the middle brother of the clan was well on his way to perfection.

"What do you mean except?" I asked cautiously. He'd only have a couple of reasons to care about it if my previous assumptions were correct. And only one of them could be good for me. Everything else could be disastrous.

Trevor thought about his response for a second or two before he answered. "He told me he thought you were cool after we first met you. And I kind of got the feeling that he "liked you," liked you," he added while he raised his eyebrows for emphasis as he giggled softly.

Yep, that would be the reason I was hoping for as to why Michael would care. My first thought was that could be a very cool thing, but I'm always thinking with the wrong head so I can't always trust my first instincts. It also occurred to me that the brothers had already shown a lot of rivalry and if I got in between them it could end up... we'll, I think you know the possible consequences. Yikes!

"How do you feel about that?" I asked him softly hoping that the subject wouldn't make him jealous, or something even worse. This type of thing can go so bad sometimes. Or it could the best situation ever if I played my cards right. Yes, I was crossing my fingers as I spoke.

Once again he thought for a moment before he responded with more maturity than I'd seen in him so far. "He needs someone like you... me and Aaron drive him crazy most of the time."

"YES!" I nearly shouted but caught myself just in time. My face on the other hand gave me away completely. I could see in his beautiful blue eyes that he knew I thought that Michael was hot. The giggle the escaped from his ruby lips let me know he was OK with it.

He words confirmed it. "You think he's pretty cute, huh?" he spouted out through giggle fits.

I just nodded my head in agreement.

"And you said you thought I was cute too," he added.

Again, I just nodded. What could I say?

"So you like boys, right?" he asked next. The twerp certainly was full of hard-hitting questions all of a sudden. If he hadn't been giggling so playfully I might have been a little worried.

"Only super cute ones," I answered swiftly as I squeezed his tight butt gently.

His next words were so surprising I might have fallen down if I hadn't already been lying down -- with him still on top of me.

With a knowing look in his eyes he said softly, "If you play your cards right you could have both of us."


I once again just nodded my head in stunned reply. It's funny, I'm usually the one full of lewd, crude or otherwise suggestive comments. But this young pup had my tongue tied up in knots. To be honest, while I liked the idea immensely, I was silent because I was a little of concerned about how fast and far this had all gone. That and the proximity to home was a little close for comfort. Can you say "Don't shit in your backyard?"

He must have seen the worried look in my eyes because he responded with assurances that I truly needed to hear.

"You don't have to worry about us... we're both cool, I swear!" he told me quite seriously.

This time I responded with words. "We just need to be really careful... your mom, the neighbors, your friends, your teachers... if anyone even thinks something like this is happening we could be in a lot of trouble," I told him even more sternly. The fact that he wouldn't get in any trouble didn't escape me, but I left the interpretation up to him.

He was nodding his head in agreement as I continued. "Just let whatever happens between Michael and me happen all by itself. Don't say anything to him about us or try to play matchmaker, OK?" I asked him pleadingly.

Trevor only nodded his head that time but he crossed his heart again as he did it making me feel a whole lot better about the situation I'd put myself in.

"Wanna go play in my truck now," I asked changing the subject.

Again he nodded his cute blond topped head but this time an excited, "Yeah," came flying out of pretty mouth too.

"Then go home and check in or whatever and I'll meet you downstairs in a few minutes," I softly commanded him.

I was curious to see how my first order would go over with him. I was half expecting him to balk and make some excuse as to why he didn't need to go home and make an appearance. He surprised me yet again though.

"K," he blurted out as he rolled off of me and onto the floor with a thud.

"I'll be right back," he huffed out as he stood up and headed towards the door.

As fast as lightning I heard the door fly open and the screen door slam shut. Man that kid was quick in just about everything he did, including making his moves on the old man that lived just a few doors away. I hoped he wasn't trying it out with some of the other neighbors; it wouldn't work out for him, or me, at all.

I climbed up off the couch, grabbed my shirt and shoes and followed the young rascal outside while my mind raced with the events of the past few hours as well as the probable later escapades to come.

By the time I got to the stairs young Trevor was already headed back towards me wearing his devilish grin. He didn't say anything as he ran up to me, he didn't need to. A slap on my ass as he shouted out "Blam!" before he flew down the stairs giggling his cute little butt off said it all.

I'll continue the story `Later' if you write and give your opinions.


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