Its finally Friday, and we are all heading to our cabin out in the mountains for some relaxation. We have a place outside of Denver that is secluded, serene, and like a mini resort just for ourselves. There was a cabin we turned into a pretty large home, that has a huge living room with windows that look out at the mountains and the river that runs by our property. There are two fireplaces that each have large 4k HD TV's that sit at either end of the custom U shaped couch that can sit 20. We love getting our blankets, starting a fire in the fireplaces, and throwing in a movie. Which leads to my story.

My kids love coming to “camp” as we call it, or “the farm”. We rarely allow them to bring friends because its our time as a family to all hang out and be together. The “camp” is far enough away from cell phone signal that phones do not work, neither does data, and we kept a no internet policy on the entire property. This way it forces us all to talk to each other and be together, not off in our own little word staring at the palms of our hands.

This trip is a rarity because we allowed our oldest son Trent to bring a friend along. Mars, is an extremely good looking lad. I'm not sure if he is Greek, Italian, or Spanish, but he has the sexiest smile. He shows very little emotion on his stoic face, that one rarely gets to see his perfect smile. He has beautiful plump lips and a perfect ass. He is young but is well defined for a early teen boy. His parents are going through a rather nasty divorce so we brought him along to get him away from the shouting and screaming at his house.

After a day of skiing, making a fire out in the fire pit, cooking dinner, It was now time for our favourite family activity. We all grab blankets and pillows and start fires in the massive fire places and put on a movie. Normally by the end of the movie we are all fast asleep and we all sleep in the room as a family. The kids put the DVD in the player and well got our favourite places. I like the right side of the U shaped couch, it is extra wide, 2 or 3 people could lie next to each other on it and sleep comfortably. My wife likes the left side which is centred directly in front of the left tv. Its not as wide, but the back of the couch slants so that you can lie without sitting up and be comfy. The kids love to make a nest on the floor, down towards where my wife likes to sit, and there is about 10 to 15 feet in between my wife and myself. WE put the movie on and started out show.

About 45 minutes into the movie, Mars jumps up in a slow part of the movie and asks if any of us would like some of his special hot chocolate. Well, since he is hotter than fish grease, I was down for some of his special blend. We all accepted happily and he disappeared off into the guest room, got some stuff out of his bag, and made his way into the kitchen to make our treat. I as well as my wife offered to help, but he said stay, he can figure out where to get boiling water, and he came back about 15 minutes later with 5 steaming coffee mugs. He handed the first cup to our daughter, Mary Jane, who took a sip immediately and said, “OMG this is awesome!”, and inhaled the entire glass in one gulp. The next glass went to my son Sebastian who is Mars' age. He sucked it down the straw so quick he slammed the mug back on to the tray. My wife apologized for the kids behaviour, and winked over at me, whom was now warmed up in my little nest playing with my cock through my work out shorts under the blanket. She looked up with an excited face as she smelled her mug, and then all of a sudden Mars awkwardly grabbed the mug back from her, apologising profusely stating that that was Mr. Alders cup, and he clumsy handed her the other mug on the tray. She smelled the steam and took a sip, and said, “Mars, this is by far the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted, what on earth is that minty flavour?”

Mars responded with a cute smile and just shrugged his shoulders, so as he grabbed her mug she inhaled as well, I was pretty excited about my eye candy and drink coming towards me. He said here is yours Mr. Alder, and kind of just set down on the large part of the sofa next to where I was laying. I grabbed the mug, a little skiddishly since he yanked it out of my wife's hand, making me wonder if I was going to be poisoned, took a smell, then a sip, and honestly it was amazing. I drank mine down just as quickly as the rest, and kind of patted his thigh telling the young god, good job. He thanked me and laid the tray down next to him, between himself and my wife and we all went back to the movie.
About thirty minutes later, I look over at my wife who is snoring. Mars catches me looking at him, and raises his brow and I motion over to my wife. He giggles a little bit and just kind of nodded. I yelled, “Cathy” and threw a pillow at her and nothing. She was out cold. Then I noticed the kids were fast asleep as well. I guess it was just Mars and I, because for some reason, I felt wide awake.

I sat there playing with my cock through my shorts by lifting up the leg of my shorts and slowly massaging my dick while the movie played. I looked over at Mars and I see him with his legs in his t shirt sitting on the couch. I said, “Mars are you cold?” He responded, “OMG, Mr. Alder I am freezing. Do you mind if I get under your blanket and warm up some?”

Interesting I thought, and I responded with sure, and I pulled my hand out of my under ware, lifted the blanket up like a big cape and growled like a grizzly bear welcoming him into the warm man cave I created. Mars jumped up in is cotton work out shorts with tight white t shirt on and jumped into my arms as I wrapped him up in the blanket. He scouted on to his side with his ass towards my dick and backed up in to me and pressed his ass into my dick and curling up in my arms with his neck right under my chin and wrapped his arms around my well defined biceps and pulled the cape closed and snuggled in. He would squirm ever so often and wiggle his tush on my dick causing it to become half staff.

The movie finally ended and surprisingly, I am wide awake and to my surprise so is Mars. I throw a big pillow over at my family and none of them even budge. I say to mars, “what did you do? Drug them?” as I laughed kiddingly and pressed my half hard cock into his ass crack as he clinched his ass muscles a little giggling as if to mount my cock as we flirted a little it seemed like. I jumped out of our nest and ran to the bathroom, and let the lizard drain.. I came back, still a little hard, and saw Mars lying in my little nest and asked him if he wanted to watch another movie. He said sure, SO I grabbed the remote to see what was on TV. We ended up choosing Brokeback Mountain, which I had forgotten was about homosexual cowboys. The movie was starting, I slid back in my spot and put my hand around his chest and pulled him into me to help him stay warm. I put a small barricade of blanket between his ass and my cock, and left my leg out so I could still slowly massage my cock, and leave him clueless that I was playing with my self.

The movie gets going, and I feel him move a little, and the little barricade of blanket was no more. I had gotten bold and pulled my dick out of my shorts leg and had it just out in open air playing with it. As he pushed his ass towards me, and looking back smiling, I feel a warm hand grab my dick and slowly start jacking it off. He looked back at me and smiled, and continued watching the movie while stroking me off not saying a word and acting like nothing was happening. SO I played along as well. Holy shit did it feel good. After a while of this, he repositioned himself a little and his shorts got stuck, and they slipped down over his perfect ass giving me perfect view of his ass and hole. He kept stroking me, when all of a sudden he let go of my dick, spit into his hand, and rubbed his spit up and down his ass crack and on the tip of my dick, all with the blanket over us, like nothing was happening. He then grabbed my cock, and slowly stroked it while running the tip up and down his ass crack and moaning lightly.

Holy shit this was awesome I thought, I started rubbing his stomach through his shirt then got bolder and put my hands down his pants. I figured he is playing with mine, why not play with his. He slowly pulled the pillow out from behind us and moved it to block the view between us and my family all in one motion while looking up into my eyes and slowly coming up to kiss me. I kind of didn't expect that and before I knew it my tongue was down this kids throat.

He climbed on top of me kissing me mildly as we rubbed our cocks together on my stomach. His tongue reaching deeper down in my mouth massaging my tongue like he just could not get enough. My hands explored his back then worked their way down to his perfect hard bubble ass. I teased his hole with my finger running it up and down slowly pushing in on the pink eye. He moaned low and quietly every time I touched it dry humping my leg. I reached down and pulled his underwear and pants off completely and pulled my under ware down, he grabbed my cock firmly and started stroking me as I played with his asshole.

All of a sudden I heard a loud cough, and I froze and panicked. I got so caught up in the moment I forgot my family was there. We stopped I quickly looked up and it looked like everyone was still asleep. He went back to lightly moaning and touching me like nothing happened and I grabbed his hands to stop.

I said, “ I shouldn't be doing this with you, your are way to young, I am married, and I could go to jail. Not to mention I almost fucked you right in plain view of my entire family. He just kept pulling my cock and said lightly, “they aren't going to wake up”. He came up and kissed me furiously. I pushed him back and he looked at me like it hurt his feelings a little bit and I asked him, “How do you know?” . He grinned at me wickedly and stated, “Don't worry about it, I just know they will, for sure, not wake up until late morning.”

Well that answer was not good enough for me, I thought about asking him to come into one of the bedrooms and finish this escapade, but I thought I better cut my losses and get out before I am labelled a paedophile sex offender in prison. I started pulling my pants up and he stopped stroking my cock and then made a gasp saying, “what the hell? They wont wake up, I promise”. I said, “How do you know?”. He smiled at me with a sexy evil grin and said, “because I put sleeping pills in all of their hot chocolate. I put 5 hour energy drink in your hot coco, but I almost mixed up yours with your wife's.”

I sat their stunned and looked at my family laid out amongst the living room in comas. I jumped up off the couch, ran over to my wife, shook her, and sure enough she was dead asleep. I did the same with my two kids and both were out cold. I threw a log on the fire and jumped back onto our nest in the couch and covered up. He snug up to me lightly massaging my dick. He kissed me lightly and said, “see, they wont wake up”. I said, “You planned this?”. He slyly said, “well maybe”. I couldn't believe this. He dosed my family.

I laid there stunned for a minute wondering if they would all be ok, when all of a sudden he grabbed the blanket threw it off of me, yelled, “now I am going to sit on that nice big cock of yours right after suck your cock”, and jumped on top of me and his mouth went straight to my cock. He sucked it so well. Kissing the head, running his tongue down the slit while playing with my balls. After a few minutes I turned us into a 69 position and I ate his ass out with all my slobber getting his tight ass hole nice and wet for him to slide up and down on my dick. I yelled out, “oh, you little slut suck that cock, ride daddy's dick”.

He looked up and in one movement mounted me and slid my cock up and down his ass crack. He reached down and started massaging my balls then came in to me with the sexiest kiss I ever kissed. He slid my cock in him and sat there lightly moving his hips around in a circle slowly to adjust to it. I asked him, “That slid in pretty easily, have you done this before?”

He said that his Dad's friend use to drink a lot and pass out on their couch in the study on the weekend. He would slip in to to the room, and pull the mans dick out and suck it at the age of 10. He said he has been riding cock for 3 years now. I pulled his hips into my pelivis as hard as I could fucking his sweet ass so hard. He started moaning and wailing and frantically riding up and down as fast and hard as he could on my cock. I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him into my hips fucking him hard with long strokes. I pushed him back and put him in to a doggy style position over the back of the couch and fucked that sweet ass. He reached back and I kissed him over his shoulders then turned him over and fucked him missionary style. We both screamed and yelled as we came. I couldn't believe I just fucked this young boy. He was so hot. We laid there for about an hour kidding and playing with each others dick. We went and fucked one more time in the shower, then laid down to pass out.

He was right. My family never woke up and I fucked that sweet little tight ass in front of all of them.. How fucking hot.