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Blue-eyed Miracle

a Sci-fi tale For CJ


Chapter 5


Day 12

Everything's dark.

The aisle is filled with smoke and debris. Last communiqué of our captain was that we had been boarded by the Phinari. Drak'hlon is walking before me, his plasma rifle ready to be fired. I've taken the rear and we crouch more than walk through the aisle. We hear people barking orders and we also distinguish screams in the distance. We don't know how bad it is, but we're in full soldier mode now. We are standing before the Bridge Door now. Drak'hlon manages to type an access code and the door iris-opens. I nod to him and he stands to fire, when a plasma load from an enemy rifle bursts his chest open. Then everything seems to happen in slow motion. I can't hear clearly, but many people are yelling at me to stand down. Some people move towards me, but I just can't react. I feel my sight clouded by my own tears as I look at Drak'hlon, his eyes wide open and the horrible mortal wound in his chest. He is not breathing. "He's not breathing!" I seem to repeat once and again for the people around me to do something about it. A man cuffs my hands behind my back as I continue to scream that Drak'hlon is not breathing. A Phinaran Sergeant is now telling me something, reading my rights as a prisoner of war, I don't know, I can't understand what he says. In my mind there's nothing more than that phrase repeating itself inside me, He is not breathing. My fellow soldier, and lover, is lying on the floor of the bridge, dead. The men around me start bringing me off the Bridge and I turn around to look at my dead lover for the last time. But then It's not Drak'hlon, it's Chris.

"No!" I scream as I wake up, completely covered in sweat.

Chris holds tight to me as his eyes look for mine.

"Robbi, are you alright?"

I look at him and hug him as I kiss his forehead, feeling relieved at the fact that he's alive and by my side. I don't think I was ever so terrified as when I saw him in my nightmare.

"I am, Sweetie pie," I tell him as I hug him closer.

"You scared me," he says looking deeply into my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Chris," I tell him as I caress his golden mane, "I had a horrible nightmare. And you were dead, and..."

He kisses me on the lips.

"Well, I'm here, sillyhead," he says and kisses me once again.

It's still dark outside, so I gather we can go back to sleep for a while. Chris moves so he's lying with his back against the matress.

"Come here, Robbi," he says.

I turn to the side and put my head on his chest. He brings his hand to my head and starts caressing my hair. I throw my arm around his waist and kiss his chest.

"That feels good," I tell him.

"It does?" he asks.

"It should be me protecting you, baby boy," I tell him.

He takes my chin up so I can look into his eyes.

"There are times when we all need to be protected, sillyhead," he says and smiles, "go on to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up."

He doesn't have to say it twice, before I know it, I'm drifting away as I rest on his chest. I'm hoping the nightmares won't come back to haunt me.


There's a whirring as the consoles to the shuttle power up.

Chris looks up from his reading as I turn to face him. I smile at him and jump next to him on the shuttle's bed.

"I did it!" I tell him, "I did it, Chris!"

He sets the holoreader aside and smiles at me. He opens his arms and we both hug.

"You're good," he says, "I knew you'd do it..."

We start kissing on the bed, when the consoles start beeping. I come out from his arms and go back to the consoles. There's a set of messages blinking, and that's a good sign, it means our people might have been looking for the shuttle. I tap a set of commands so I can begin checking the messages, when the consoles power down.

"What...?" I yell, "No, no, no, no! Come back, you shit!"

I kneel and start checking at the connections, but everything seems to be in order. I go back to the consoles, but the power just doesn't come back. Then I bang my fist against the consoles in desperation.

"You fucking piece of crap!" I yell.

"Robbi?" Chris calls.

"Yes, Chris?" I ask turning to face him.

"I think I need to take a walk, to start placing my foot down, you no?" he says and smiles.

"You want me to help you walk a couple of steps?"

He nods. I walk to him and help him ease the sandals on his feet. He amazes me, for it's obvious he does not need to walk, but that he wants me to take a break from the console fixing. We walk for a little while in silence, and then start our way back to the shuttle.

"You not angry anymore?" he asks.

"Sweetie pie, I wasn't angry, I just..."

He looks at me faking an angry face and then I start laughing. He jumps into my arms and we both start kissing. As I have his lips on mine, I once again feel that sense of completion, that idea that this is where I was supposed to be all along. When he throws his arms around my waist, I feel his boner rub against mine.

"You're hard in there," I tell him.

"Well, DUH!" he says giggling, "It's your fault for kissing me..."

"So, I won't have to kiss you then," I say getting all serious.

In response, he kisses me once again, and soon our tender kiss starts turning into a deeper, passionate kiss. We break our embrace and resume our walking.

"I'm sorry about last night," I start.

"Don't be, Robbi," he says and smiles, "I just want you to no..."

"Yes?" I ask when he doesn't respond.

"You no? When you said you're supposed to protect me and all..."

"I am," I tell him, "I want you to feel safe and loved..."

"Well I wanted you to no that's how I feel, you no?"

"You do, Chris?" I ask.

"I do. I feel safe and loved, like you said" he says now.

I take his hand as we approach the shuttle. We don't say anything else, and I don't think we need to. It's almost as if we communicated without words, like our silence says what our words do not manage to express at times. I open the hatch to the shuttle and we walk inside.


"Yes, Chris?"

"Are you happy, you no, like here...?"

I place him in bed and then kneel in front of him.

"You know I am, beautiful boy... I never thought I could feel...like this...like..."

He pulls me towards him and we kiss. I tell him to settle down in bed and do some reading while I go check on the traps and see if we've gotten anything to eat.


It takes around an hour and a half for me to check the traps.

It's worth it, for I've captured a new animal, and this one is a bigger catch. It'll last for some days if prepared correctly. I haul the dead animal onto my back and resume my walking back to the shuttle. Dusk is approaching, so I speed up my way back.

When I arrive in the shuttle, Chris is soundly asleep. I grab my surviving tools and go out to skin the animal so I can begin cooking dinner. When I'm done skinning the prey, I hear the consoles bleep again. I rush inside the shuttle and position myself on the pilot seat. The messages on the screen are gone, as if they were never there, and I curse in a soft voice.

I start scanning the official core channels when I get a conversation.

"We need to get a solid...(static)...have you found any debris pert...(static)... the utmost importance that we...(static)...can find evidence to...(static)...any news on it?"

"Negative, captain...(Static)...Can't get a lock on the...(static)...it's just as if the CS Mara'deorn vani...(static)...I've tried hailing them but...(static)..."

"(static)...positive on the last...(static)...location of the...(static)..."

"(static)...planet on the vicini...(static)...signs of the shuttle...(static)...sustain life in its atmos...(Static)"

Then it's gone. I try switching channels, but I'm unable to get anything else and then the consoles go dead once again as Chris calls to me.

"Any luck?" he asks.

I turn around and look at him, his hair undone and his face with that lovely expression he has on it when he sleeps. I walk to him and sit beside him. I place my right hand on his cheek and kiss him softly on his beautiful thin lips.

"I overheard a conversation. Seems like the Core Fleet is looking desperately for my shuttle."

"Why?" he asks.

"Well, I had some valuable information I was expected to deliver to a very important Admiral on Station Solaris II. They're probably trying to make sure that information does not fall in the wrong hands."

"I see..."

I kiss him and go back outside to finish with the animal so I can cook dinner. He comes out and sits by my side as I'm chopping the animal into small pieces. He's very quiet and thoughtful and it somehow makes me nervous, uncomfortable.

"Are you alright, beautiful boy?" I ask him as I'm impaling pieces of the animal to be roasted.

He nods, but I think he's not. So I leave the stick aside and sit closer to him, looking him directly in the eye.

"What's wrong, sweetie pie?" I ask him lifting his chin with my left hand, "I know something is..."

Unexpectedly, he throws his arms around my waist and buries his head on my chest.

"Chris, you're scaring me. What's wrong, baby boy?"

He starts sobbing and I run my left hand over his golden hair as my right hand rubs his back.

"Baby talk to me," I tell him, "what's wrong?"

"You're..." his voice comes muffled by my chest, "you're not gonna leave me, right...?"

"Baby boy, why would I leave you?" I whisper in his ear as he holds me tight, "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me...what...? Do you think I'd just..."

He breaks down and I decide dinner can totally go to hell. I stand up and carry him inside the shuttle. I place him in bed and then I kneel on the floor of the shuttle facing him.


"Yeh, Robbi?"

"Why would you think I'd leave you?" I say and smile, "You know we've barely been together for a few days but I think you know how much I love you. And you're entitled to not believing me, cause you barely know me, but you feel it...right? You can feel how much I love you?"

He nods.

"Then why would you think I'll leave you?"

He goes silent and I just wait for him to speak. I'm sure he's been wanting to talk and I'm sure he's ready to do it now. He looks down and then back to me.

"When we crashed, I mean, the ship crashed, most of the people died...The captain had all the bodies cremated in the organic vaporizer. There weren't that many, for most of the passengers had taken off at Paradise. My mom and I, along eight more people were travelling directly to the Core...For a time, it was just my mom, three crew members, Mr. Robinson and his daughters...then..."

He pauses and I let him breathe. I sit next to him and throw my arm over his shoulders.

"Then everybody started getting sick. We didn't know what it was, but one by one they were taken ill...It was me who vaporized their bodies every time a new one died...everybody was stricken..."

"But not you..." I tell him.

"But not me..." he says, "and then mom..."

He starts sobbing and I bring his face to my shoulder so he can rest there.

"When I heard you on the consoles...I thought...I just thought, you might leave me, you no? Like, why would you want to stay here with me, you no?"

I lift his face so we can both be face to face.



"No matter what happens I will never, never, leave you. I want you to have that very clear in your mind, there's nothing in this universe, nothing, that would make me leave you behind. I love you, Chris. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't understand it, cause I myself have difficulty understanding how I can love you this much. But I do. I love you Chris, I love you with all the strength I'm capable of loving...I told you I'm really lucky to have found you..."

He stares into my eyes as if he wanted to go deep inside me and understand the workings of my mind and heart. He kisses me softly on the lips.

"I..." he says finally, "I guess we're both lucky, how's that Robbi?"

"What do you mean?"

"You love me and I love you, so we are both maxi lucky, I think..."

"You're right, my angel..." I tell him.

We lean back on the bed and start kissing. His hands run through my body and mine run through his. His hands go under my shirt and he starts rubbing my chest as we continue to kiss. My hands go inside his shirt and start running through his back.

"I guess you're not hungry, huh?" he asks.

"I think I'm hungry for you, Chris..."

He giggles as his hands run freely through my chest and torso.

"And you're horny too!" he says playfully grabbing at my fully-hard cock.

"Well, it's your fault! You only have to kiss me for me to get hard down there..."

"Well, looky here..." he says pushing himself against me so I can feel his stiffy.

"I think I should get the meat prepared for it not to rot, so we can go back to bed. Someone seems to be looking for some loving quality time...

"Well DUH!" he says laughing, "I can't get enough of you, sillyhead!"

I kiss him and go out to get the meat prepared. I know Chris and I will be having a long night together.

Chris is amazing.

His body is just so sensitive and he moans in such a passionate way he drives me crazy. I'm still afraid of going too fast for him, given the fact that he is much younger, but I'm trying to take things at his own pace. He's sound asleep now, but I somehow can't bring myself to sleeping too. I just probably have a lot in my mind, what with the fleet conversations I caught and then Chris' fear of me leaving him behind. And the passionate moment we shared like an hour ago.

He's blooming and he's curious about all the sensations his body has to offer him, and I feel so in love every time his body trembles in my arms. Experimenting an orgasm was never as fulfilling as it is with him, it's almost as if his body was made for mine and mine for his...it's like he knows where and how to touch, caress, kiss...almost as if he knew all the workings of my body and how to touch all the right buttons until making me explode.

And when we cum together there's this sense of bliss, this sense that this is the perfect love, the love I've been looking for all my life. As Chris snuggles next to me in his sleep, the faces and names of my past lovers run through my head. Each one of them has been very important in my life, each one of them gave my life meaning and fulfillment and love and joy.

But when Chris looks into my eyes with his bright blue eyes, I feel his soul open to mine and mine to his, as if they were two pieces of the same soul...it's almost like...like a miracle of love. I know I've never felt like this before, like one single smile from Chris makes my whole body tingle, speeding up my pulse and my breathing...I guess I just can't make any sense to myself, and then I want to stop thinking and just feeling.

I kiss his forehead and he mumbles something that sounds like a lost in sleep I love you. I smile and kiss his forehead again.

"I love you too, my blue-eyed miracle..."


Day 19

I haven't been lucky on bringing the consoles on back again.

However, I keep on feeling that the more time passes, the less I care about it. Chris and I have developed a sort of synergy when it comes to organizing our days. He's started walking a bit more, since his ankle is virtually healed, so going to the lagoon is much easier now. He's actually developing a very nice tan and his bright blue eyes look brighter in his slightly tanned face.

After dinner he usually reads for a while and I go back to working on the consoles, and then at night we jump in bed together. The simplicity of our daily routine is simply beautiful. When night comes, sleeping with Chris' head resting on my chest has become my favorite part of our days. I love it especially when he mumbles in his sleep, because he usually mumbles that he loves me.

Tonight he seems particularly cheerful and that also makes me happy. We jump in bed and he immediately throws his arm around my waist.

"Robbi?" he says in his lovely voice.

"Yes, baby boy?"

"Does it bother you... um... you no? That we haven't...um, done any buttstuff?"

The way he says it makes me smile open wide.

"No, it doesn't bother me, little angel. Why would you think so?"

"I dunno... like, maybe you want it and stuff?"

I kiss him on the lips and look into his bright blue eyes.

"Chris, loving you means much more than what to do or not in bed. And we're not moving any further until you're ready. And if you don't wanna have any business back there, we don't have to either..."

He sighs and then smiles. Then, he kisses me.

"I sure liked when you licked me there, you no? When I was doing my flippy thing..."

"Your what, sweetie pie?"

"That's what I call it when I flip my legs over so I can give myself a sucky..."

I kiss him again.

"Well, I can lick there as much as you want...you do have a yummy butt..."

"I do...?" he asks licking his lips.

He then pushes himself against me so I can feel his throbbing erection on my side.

"You're making me hard..." I tell him and smile at him.

"Am I, Robbi?"

"You know you are, you little devil..."

He turns around and lies with his stomach to the mattress. I take the hint and position myself on top of him. I move his golden hair aside and I start kissing his neck. Then I start working my way down, taking my time as I kiss his back. I keep going south until I reach his buttocks. I caress them and kiss them as I hear Chris breathing faster. I then start kissing his crack and also start licking along the crack until I find his sweet pink pucker. I kiss it and lick it, alternating between the kissing and the licking.

"Oh, Robbi!" he exclaims.

I lick a little more in circles, making sure all his nerve endings are worked as I do it. Then, I start pushing my tongue inside, little by little. His moaning is like music to my ears and I know I'm doing it right. As I tongue his still virgin ass, I start pumping on my hardened cock. Then I start moving up again until I'm over him kissing his neck again.

"I love you, Chris..." I whisper in his ear.

"I love you mad, Robbi..." he replies.

I turn him around and we start kissing. This time our kisses are longer, overloaded with passion as his hands run all over my back. My cock is now rubbing against his. We're both moving our hips making sure we're pleasuring each other.


"Yes, Chris?"

"I wanna cum like this..."

I don't answer. Instead, I start kissing him again as I intensify my body movements so both our cocks can come closer to climax. His hips start grinding more violently. I caress his hair as we kiss. It doesn't take long for both of us to cum...simultaneously.

"Oh, Gods, Chris!" I shout, "I love you, baby boy!"

His arms pull me tighter to his body, both our loads spreading over our chests and torsos.

"I love you too, Robbi. I love you!"

We're both heavily breathing still, when I move back and lie flat on my back. He throws his arm against my waist and looks me in the eye. I smile. He smiles as well.

"I really liked the buttstuff we did tonight," he says and gives me a short kiss.

"Well, I liked it too, Chris."

We go silent for some time, me caressing his golden mane, his lovely hand running over my chest.

"Will you love me forever, Robbi?"

"I will, beautiful boy, I will..."

"I will too, Robbi, love you forever..."

He turns around and we spoon. As I hold him tight, his breathing starts becoming even and rhythmic, so I know he's fallen asleep. I keep on rubbing his hair as I think once again of how lucky I am to have ever found him.

Before drifting away, I start thinking that it might be a good idea for both of us to settle on the crashed cruiser, since its power supply regenerates. Maybe I can get around working on one of the tubs so we could take baths without having to go through the long walk it represents going to the lagoon. I realize that I've finally come to terms with the fact that I'll probably spend the rest of my life, the rest of our lives, together on this planet. Funnily, the idea does not scare me. Everything I need in life is sleeping right beside me.

"I love you, Robbi..." he mumbles in his sleep.

"And I love you, my cosmic angel..." I whisper in his ear before kissing his cheek.



To be continued...



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