By: Max the Cat

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Part 1: A Passion Pit!

Preston Parks drove his Mercedes into Half Moon Bay. Driving slowly he looked around. “Well Farley this is our new home.” He ruffled the head of his black Labrador Retriever and drove through the center of town. He came to a stop light and watched a boi around eleven or twelve wearing very tight shorts and a bright green tank top. The blond haired boi looked at Preston and smiled, then licked his lips. Preston felt a steering mi his groin, he smiled back.

The youngster gave Preston a small wave as he stepped on the other side of the street. Preston waved back and thought to himself 'this place has potential. Preston was an artist and made most of his money drawing for the now lucrative man/boi art market. The passing of the Boi Lover Protection act made his art very popular. Now here on the Left Coasts the newest B.T.W. Pleasure Boi recruiter, he was here to find new recruits to staff the company Pleasure facilities, the smiling boi made the place look very promising.

Preston parked in the Myers Reality office. He had leased an old Victorian and was here to pick up the keys and directions to it. He produced his identification and papers he had received via the internet from Mark Myers the owner and realtor. Back in the car he and Farley started to back out when he heard a rap on the back fender. He looked out and there was the boi he had wave to. “hey you associated with B.T.W., I see the decal on your rear bumper?”

The cutie dressed in very tight shorts and just as tight tank top, his brown nipples pushing against the sheer material. Preston's eyes moved up and down the boy's luscious body, a nice bulge outlined in the tight short-shorts. “I am, why the interest, you're?” The boi smiles broadly, his blue eyes sparkling and with the sun behind him his blond hair glowed. “Oh I'm Randy Billings, I've really wanted to be a Pleasure boi or model or something like that!”

The boi looked at Farley “has he been in a video, I know that they have a line of Dog and His Boi vids?” Preston again felt his cock filling with blood, “he has been in three, are you interested in being number 4?' The boi put a forefinger to his mouth, his front teeth bit down on his fingernail, looking impish.” A smile came over his face “gee maybe, I really hadn't thought about it, does it pay well?” Preston adjusted his cock “very well Randy, very well!”

Preston grabbed a business card from the glove compartment and handed it to the potential boi whore. “My cell is on this call in a day or two, I have to get all my stuff together.” The boi looked at it “OK sir you can count on it, thanks.” Randy stepped back and smiling while Preston pulled out. Preston drove down the street he looked in the rear view mirror and as the horny young boy wave, he put a hand out and wave.

Preston pulled in the driveway and got out of the car. He looked at the big Victorian, then he looked around the yard and smiled, the backyard was completely hidden by a twenty foot high hedge, the pool had leaves in it, but other than that it was spacious, he would contact a maintenance company on the B.T.W. Perfected list. He walked up the stairs and unlocked the big front door and stepped in.

He slowly inspected the three floors. “Eleven bedrooms, nice.” he mumbled to himself. “I can stock at least eight or nine ready and very willing Pleasure Boi's, I have to have B.T.W. outfit this place, but it will be a very active little boi-whore house, yes it will.” He said to himself with a crook smile and he further thought Randy was going to be the first, the kid seemed very willing and very hot.”

He walked to the back and saw and very large deck and hot tub. He nodded and spoke into his cell “have maintenance get the hot tub ready, and the pool ready for action!” For the next hour and a half he was running up his cell bill, actually B.T.W. Paid the bill, yet he had all the wheels in process. He looked on the settee and Farley was sound asleep. He woke up the canine and took him for a walk.

He turned the corner and a pair of red headed twin boi's around twelve or maybe a little younger. “Hi mister nice dog what's his name and will e bite if I pet him?” The inside boi asked. Preston eyed the two pieces of boi eye candy. “No he's a lover not a biter, names Farley.” the two quickly began to pet a scratch Farley. “What's your names?” Preston broke some ground “I'm Gordon and my brother is Gregory, we live in that house over there with a group.” Gordon seemed to do all the talking.

Preston asked “group?” It hadn't registered. “It's a group home, there are ten of us, we have no family.” Preston said “oh, no family I'm sorry, how do you like the place?” Gregory looked up from petting Farley hate it, we don;t get along the older kids call us names because we see to be gay!” The boi was matter of fact in his statement. “There's nothing wrong with that, right, if men are your preference what can be wrong with that?” The two boi's green eyes lit up, you don't mind?”

Preston nodded “I'm a boi lover so young boi's a re cool with me. I just moved into The old Markum house, if you want to come and talk and play with Farley your free to do it at anytime. Broad toothy smile appeared “gee you like boi's kewl, the kids at the home have even spit on us!” Preston too Gregory's chin in his hand I think you and your brother are sexy!”

Preston again pulled out a business card and wrote the new address on it “here boys, if you need to talk or just get away from the group come and see me, just might be able to get you away from your situation?” He got two big smiles “gee thanks mister.” Gordon babbled. Preston added “you know I have a big pool and hot tub, sound interesting?” The two grinned from ear to ear. Preston smiled broadly as the walked away “those asses are ripe for cock, I just know it!” He and Farley continued their walk.

Two days later three large moving vans pulled up in front of the mansion. Each bedroom was outfitted identically. Four poster bed with a mirror above. 40 inch LED television, Bear rug in front oteach fire place, a boi could entertain a Patron in style. A desk with a laptop, each boi had to be educated. Teams made sure each room had a bathroom with a sunken tub so the Pleasure boi could make the action even more interesting, having sex in the water was very sexy.

Downstairs in the basement was converted to a video making area, video sales were a great part of the company income and the boi's made for the right actors. The kitchen was transformed into a gourmet's delight. The boi's had to be fed and a cook was hired to make the meals. The door bell rang. “Who the fuck can that bee?” Preston mumbled to himself. He looked out back to make sure Farley was OK, he was asleep on the deck. The bell rang again!

Preston opened the door and looked into the face of Randy. “Hi Preston, I thought I'd take you up on your invitation.” Smiling broadly Preston opened the screen door and ushered the preteen into the home. “Gee this is nice, you got a pool, damn that's kewl!” Preston said “come on I'll give you the grand tour.” Randy followed Prrstion as he showed him the refurbished home.

Preston opened the door to one of the Pleasure Boi bedrooms. “Holy crap, all this room for one boi?”: Randy said in an amazed voice. Preston got a smile on his face at Randy's amazed look. “he has to be able to entertain a Patron in the proper way, right?” Randy went over to the Bear skin rug and laid back on it. “You mean I would get fucked on this?” Again Preston had to smile. “Yes Randy, want to break it in?”

Randy sat up “what?” Preston stood over the boi “I can set up the video camera and give you a tryout, you want to be a Pleasure boi and were accepting applications?” The boi stood up and began to strip. Preston said “hold on and let me get the video camera set up, your too quick for me, I want you stripping in front of the camera, OK?” Randy stopped “OK.” He put back on his tank top and waited for Preston.

Preston decided that they would break in the video room and led Randy down to the basement. Inside were three video cameras and some Nikon on tripods. A daybed was against a wall. “How is this Randy? The boy looked around “Gee this is some set up, kewl!”

Preston got behind a camera and said “ready Randy?” The boi smiled standing before the day bead “I am!” Preston said Action!” Randy had both thumbs at the base of his lime green tank top awaiting what came next. “Pleasure Boi video of Randy take one!” Randy giggled “OK your name is Randy right, Randy what and your age?” Preston asked.

I'm Randy Billings and I'm eleven, I'll be twelve on December 25th, Christmas day.” Randy said, smiling broadly, his blue eyes sparkling. Preston nodded. “OK why do you want to be a Pleasure boi, you know what they do right?” Again Randy grinned, but this time pulled up his tank top over his blond mop of hair exposing two dime sized brown nipples, the dropping the garment on the floor along side of his running shoes. “Sure, I know they bring sexual pleasure to men that B.T.W call Patrons and that b.T.W. Takes care of all my needs, right?”

Preston never lost his smile. “Yes Randy, your so right.” The boi's thumbs were now hooked in the corners of his short green shorts, he had unbuttoned the front before and a “V” showed no pubic hair above an unseen boi-cock. “Randy do you think you'd get the OK to become a Pleasure Boi?” The shorts slid down his slim white thighs and bunched around his ankles, he wore no underwear and a semi hard uncut boi-cock pointed to his right shoulder. Preston readjusted his own hard one.

Randy stepped out of his short-shorts and struck a pose, his left hip pushed out, his hand on his waste and pushing out his erection “this sexy enough Preston?” Preston smiled and nodded. “I can't wait to sample you and those lovely charmed you possess Randy, you are surly inviting, I can already feel your lips around my hard on!”

Randy grinned and slowly ran his red tongue around his red lips, grabbed his uncut boi cock and skinned the foreskin off the red corona. Preston began to undress quickly. Randy slowly swung from side to side as he watched the older man get as naked as he was “I guess this is going to be the real deal?” Preston stood up “it will be, you want to be the first Pleasure Boi here right?” Randy grabbed hold of his now hard cock and wanked it a couple time and just grinned.

Preston then said “just a few more questions and then we'll see how you can do with the real thing?” How long have you been sexually active Randy?” Randy gave him a queer look “what do you mean Preston?” Preston looked at the naked preteen 'when did you first duck a dick and when did you first get fucked, you know what the Patron will want from you?”

Gee, OK, it started with Mr. Greer and cutting his lawn.” Randy smiled broadly. “I was cutting his back lawn and he walked out wrapped in a towel and got into his hot tub, naked and asked if I wanted to join him?” Preston stood there “well?” Randy pulled on his boi-cock “I joined him.” I asked if he had a suit and he said I didn't need one, so I stripped and got in, it bubbled all around me, it felt warm and fun.”

I sat up to my neck in the water and Mr. greer scooted over next to me. His hand sat on my thigh and when I didn't move it grasped me, so I grasped him and he sighed and bent over and kissed me, I opened my mouth and his tongue played with mine while his hand jacked me. He whispered in my ear “if you suck me I'll give you twenty dollars, but you have to swallow it all?”

Randy sat back skinning himself. “Well?” preston said. “He sat up on the edge and I moved in between his legs. His hand was behind my head and I said I had never don it before. He said open your mouth and I did, his cock found my tongue and my lips settled behind the head and I did what came natural, I sucked it, he moaned with much pleasure!” Preston chuckled in the way Randy was talking. He held the back of my head and fucked my mouth, he tried to get me to swallow it, but I kept gagging, finally he settled on fucking my mouth until I felt a hot blast and cheeks filled, I had to swallow or drown, it was salty and bleach, but in time I got used to it.”

How long before he fucked you, he fucked you right?” Randy was wide eyed “he sure did and the first couple of times it really hurt, but he paid me and I wanted the money. In time he and two of his friends did me regularly, but he had a heart attack and I was soon out of money, I had to hang around the park at the ocean side, to make some spending money!” Preston set the video camera and sat next to the boy!

Randy looked up and smiled then grabbed hold of Pres ton's throbbing penis, licked his red lips and placed the squarely on the vermillion head. His red tongue snaked out and rolled around and around licking up the precum that had drenched Preston's hard cock. “Yummy, you taste very good!” The boi lips surrounded the head, it slowly disappeared into the boi's sucking mouth. Slowly, ever so slowly the boi gobbled up the entire length.

Preston moaned “oooohhhh good lord that feels so good, I thought you didn't deep throat?' “Mumph, mumph.” Unintelligible sounds came from the boi, Preston said nothing more he just enjoyed the boi's swallowing and sucking, this kid was a pro and defiantly would be in room one. The boi's tongue tip massaged Preston's scrotum and it felt magnificent. Preston's hand clamped on the back of Randy's blond head, he made no move to get away, he sucked and nibbled enjoying what he was doing, so did Preston.

Randy could hear the panting coming from Preston, he slowly brought his mouth up and to the tip of Preston's rumbling penis, he planted a wet kiss on the tip then straddled the throbbing erection. Randy looked into the camera lens and blew a fish kiss and gave a forefinger wave the placed the hard cock at his boi-love hole and nestled down on the hard length. Slowly the tingling fleshy tube disappeared into Randy's young nubile body until his butt cheeks settled in the man's pubic bush.

Randy looked back at Preston and offered his red mouth to his, their lips met and tongues entwined, Randy slowly moved up and down causing friction in their bodies. Preston's took the boi-cock in his hands, his thumb rubbed the the “v” below the head, he circled it and sent electric shocks into Randy's body, a heavy moan came from within the boy's lips “oooohhhh, oooohhhh that's so good Preston, you're gonna get me off and quick.” Preston moved his thumb to the boi-cock head and made slow circles.

Randy was now bouncing up and down in quick time, he cried out “fuck me, wank me, oooohhhh I need to cum, please make me cum, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssseeee!” His boi cock head recoiled and shot hot boi-honey into the air, then it landed on Preston's hand and Randy's thigh. Preston would not release the throbbing boi cock, and it drove Randy crazy. He pulled away and off Preston's thighs and sunk the man's cock into his mouth tasting the cherry lube he had inserted inside of his body.

Randy's red lips had hard hold of the man's throbbing cock, he used his tongue on the underside scraping unmercifully until Preston stiffened up, his hand held Randy by the back of the blond mop. “Drink it you sweet boi-bitch, drink my cum, drink every drop!” he erupted and quickly filled Randy's mouth, he swallowed and found his cheeks puffing out again and again, he swallowed again and again until the cock could only dribble it's creamy goo.

Randy with cumy residue on his upper lip and chin smiled into the camera “I hope I made it as one of your Pleasure Boi's, I will also lket them tie me up as longe as there is no paid, being in restraints sound so kewl!” Preston was exhausted and just sat there for a moment be fore getting up and turning off the video camera and taking out the disc. “I have to send this to Brussels and quick!”

Within two hours Preston had his response. The lawyers were on their way to see the aunt and get custody of Randy. Randy was in the first bedroom, he had laid claim to it. He walked around and around it, still naked, the Pleasure boi uniform. Within a week Randy was the property of Boi Toi's Worldwide, his aunt Grace had gotten her wish and was on the way to her retirement community in Arizona, Randy had his name on the door of room1.

The doorbell rang and Preston answered it, before him stood a very black man of around twenty-five. The man handed Preston some papers “sir I am your new assistant Malik Mobutu, I will also be the house cook!” Preston quickly stepped back “come on in Malik, thank god for you, I'm a very shitty cook and our only Pleasure Boi Randy will be glad I am replace in that job.

Malik gave Preston a large toothy smile “I was also told to tell you that four new boi's are on the way for this Pleasure House. In the paperwork were the forms and picture of four naked bois, Douglas Brant, Ni ls Svensen, Garrett Marquart and Ellis Wilbert, all blond and white. Preston kept think of the redheaded twins he had met and wished they'd show up. The doorbell rang almost as he thought of the twins.

Preston answered the door and said “thank you, lor my wish has been answered!” There stood Gordon and Gregory. “Well hello Gordon and Gregory, I never got you last name, come in, my assistant and new cook has just arrived, come on and look around. The two redheaded bois walked in “Our last name is Bell. Just then Randy walked by, totally naked. “Gee he isn't wearing anything?” Gregory spurted out. Preston smiled “yes, Pleasure Boi's are always naked for the Patrons, then they can see what they want for the night!” The two redheaded boi just nodded.

Hey Randy, why don't you give our two young prospects a tour?” Preston said to the naked boi. Randy smiled “OK, come on I'll show you my room first, it's fuckin big!” Preston said curtly “watch the language Randy. The blond boy blushed 'sorry!” The three went to the second floor and into Randy's room. Gregory and Gordon stopped dead in their tracks when they entered. “All this is yours?” Gordon said in a squeaky shocked voice. Randy said proudly “You betcha Red Rider!” Making a comment on the boys red hair and the comic book hero. “Wow all we have is a corner for the two of us, and look at the bear on the floor, wow is it real?” Randy said rather proudly 'he was at one time, now I get to fuck on it with a Patron, when they start coming here, were not open for business yet.”

The two redheads just nodded. “Hey you guys want to go swimming?” Their eyes lit up “sure, but we don't have suits? Randy giggles “we don't need suits, I'm naked right?” The two smiled broadly and quickly their clothes were in a pile. As they ran out in back Randy yelled were “going swimming!” The three naked bodies were heading to the pool, Farley got up and soon all including the dog were splashing and laughing. Preston and Malik stood on the deck with smiles on their faces. “Nice little ass's right sir?' Malik stated. Preston looked at his black assistant “Wouldn't you just love to sink your cock into one?”

The three headed for the pool, Farley close behind. Farley paddled from one side to the other, Farley walked up the steps and shook off the water from his wet coat. The three boi's followed and picked up the friz-bee and began throwing it, the dog chasing from sone side to the other. Finally the big dog knocked one redheaded boy down and began washing his face, giggles came from the boi's mouth.

Farley's big red tongue cleaned Gregory from head to toe, the red tongue settled on the hooded boi-cock and began to lick the boi unmercifully. Gregory quickly got erect and from giggles it turned to passionate moaning, his white legs splayed wide giving Farley total access to his private parts. Gordon and Randy were frozen in place, they didn't know why, but they were fully hard also.

Preston nudged Malik “get the video camera, I want to be ready if the boi get's fucked, it will make for a good film to send to Brussels. Malik was off in a flash. Gregory was frozen, this was so hot, she was sexually stimulated and quickly began to ejaculate, Farley licked him dry. Finally Gregory was able to rise, his legs shaky. There was no filming to be done.

On a chase lounge Randy lay back, Gordon lay between the boi's thin white legs, his had had hold of Randy's erect cock “I'm gonna suck it, OK?” Randy nodded, “get over me and I'll suck you too.” Quickly the two were in the sixty-nine position, bathing each other boi-cock in wet, warm saliva. Malik was filming, he never waited a chance to make money for his employer, there were many on Channel 6969 that like to see two young boi's going at it!

Mouth's sucked, teeth nibbled and finger's probed inside otthe two lithe bodies. The two preteen were in their own world's, they forgot about the others. Randy pulled away “Gordon I want to fuck you, ok?” Gordon's mouth reluctantly let of of the cock. It slid from his red lips and flushed red cheeks and got on his hands and knees, he looked back at Randy and wiggled his butt.

Randy grabbed a tube of lube and coated his cock and lubed Gordon's love hole, the took aim. The red boi-cock head found the ripe anus and plunded forward, the pucker at first held tight, but Randy pushed in hard and his hole opened up anc accepted the intruder. Randy bit his bottom lip and drove in until his boi-ball sac slapped Gordon's. Malik zoomed in as he filmed the twp boi's fucking like mad-men. Randy held the other boi's butt cheeks, his hands turning the skin opaque.

God this is kewl, I know why the Patron's like fucking us, I love this.” he was pounding hard, fast and as deep as his boi-cock could plunge. Randy could feel his sperm boiling ans building up to leave his young body. Preston mumbled under his breath 'fuck him Randy fuck him hard, this is so hot, the Power's to be will go nuts at this!”

Gordon had hold of his own three inches, he had just started making cum and he loved the feeling, now he was being fucked, he had been before, and loved the feeling of being probed deeply, but this was different, and he didn't stop jacking himself at light speed. “Fuck me Randy, oooohhhh I'm cuming, the feeling is wonderful, make me a Pleasure boi, p-l-e-s-e-e-e-e-e I'm cuming! His small hand was quickly cum cobvered, Randy kept his cock pounding.

As Gordon came he clamped his inner muscled down so tight that Randy's eyes went into the back of his head and he erupted inside of the other preteen, shooting off like a small machine gun. Randy fell on Gordon's smaller back, his hands flat on the grass. Malik filmed to his hearts content. Preston stood there with his arms folded nodding in approval. “Malik I think we send this one to Brussels and obtain a couple of redheaded boi whores of the Patrons to fuck at will.

Malik made lunch while Preston sent a copy of the video to Brussels for their perusal. One redheaded boi walked by while he was sending the video. “Watch doing?” The Boi asked. Preston picked the naked boi up and placed him on his knee. “I'm sending a copy of your fun here today to my bosses in Europe, you want to live here right?” The boi nodded smiling “you betcha we do!” Preston then ruffled the red hair.

You know the next time Farley lick's you off like that, you have to do the same fro him, right?' The boi gave him a quizzed look. “You knew it was my brother who Farley licked off, right?” Preston was taken aback “but I thought, I......?” The boi grinned “You know were not identical twins, were fraternal twins, he's right handed and I'm left handed, he has brown eyes and I have dark green ones?” he batted them.

Well I'll be damned you're right and your who?” “I'm Gordon, Randy just fucked me, Gregory let Farley lick him off, it's been said that he'd fuck a snake if you held his head, he'd let Farley have his way with him if you want him too!” The boi gave Preston a grin, I'm not too sure about doggie fucling, he has a real big cock, but I'll fuck you or any man you want me to fuck, I swallow also, I love the taste of cum and maybe a little tying up and spanking, but....?” He quit talking.

Part 2: Grand Opening!