- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer

'Born to be a King'
- by Harry AnderS -

An inspirational fantasy



    A retired psychotherapist meets a severely burnt little Gypsy boy, and takes him into his house.
The boy turns out to be the Heir to the Throne.

This emotional rollercoaster hints at past lives, spirit helpers, karma, the Power of Love, and contains several practical psychological concepts.
The story is written by a retired Dutch psychotherapist, living in The Netherlands, and specialized in supporting troubled children.


Chapter 12 ended with:

    I went to my desk, furiously, and snatched the receiver from its cradle.
I threw my arm backwards, ready to release all my anger and frustration onto that nasty thing!
    Suddenly, I heard the panicking voice of Jack in my head, desperately shouting:

    "Stop it! Don't do that! Please, you HAVE to listen first..."

    I didn't believe myself any more.
Again, I was making up that stupid voice of that non-existing ghost Jack in my head...
I had to call for a shrink, to put me under medication for my hallucinations!
What a coincidence that I used to be a shrink myself...

    Anyway, I brought the receiver to my ear, reluctantly:

    "Hello..." I snarled into the damned thing, ready to smash it against the wall in case it turned out to be some overly enthusiastic sales representative..


Chapter 13. Having my boys back, a Chinese restaurant, and a nightmare.

    I had the receiver in my hand, and listened to its answer...

    "... Sniff... daddy... sniff... DADDY... Where were you? Why didn't you answer my calls? I was sooo afraid I would never see you again...
    "I've tried to phone you so many times... I called you yesterday during the evening, again and again, and even in the middle of the night, but nobody answered, and I was soo afraid they would keep you in that prison for the rest of your life...
    "I was trembling all over, I puked again and again, and I couldn’t sleep during the whole night because I kept getting nasty nightmares. This morning, I tried to call you again, and again you didn’t answer my calls... John tried it a couple of times too, and he couldn't reach you either...
    "I'm MISSING you daddy, and I'm NEEDING you! I'm desperately needing you! Please, daddy, come and get me. I want to go home..."

    "HARRY... My poor baby, where are you? My darling, what did they do to you? I've missed you so badly..."

    "I've missed you too, daddy! I've missed you terribly! I am here, in a house with John and his mother. Will you take me home, please? I want to go home..."

    "Where are you, my little soul mate? Of course, I will take you home! What's the address from where you are calling?"

    "Here's John's mother..."

    Thirty seconds later, I was on my way to my boys.
I clamped a piece of paper with the address in my hand, and my heart pounded in my chest from the tension.
I was so nervous that I could hardly start the car; and then I nearly crashed into a lamppost...
Now I forced myself to calm down and drive a bit slower, and that helped.
I had to drive about fifty miles to the town where my boys were...
Suddenly, I remembered driving that same road two days ago, having my two boys in the rear seat, singing along with the music.
    I switched the car stereo on; and, by chance, that same crazy song started to fill the air:

    "You are soooo beauuuutifuuuullll..."

    I grinned, despite my nerves.
This had to be a good sign...
I thanked Jack in my mind, hoping he wouldn't be too mad at me...
    Somewhere in my head, I heard his voice, grinning:

    "You are welcome."

    After an hour of driving, I entered the town and inquired where the address was.
I parked the car in the street, got out, and started to look for the house number...
Suddenly, a door opened, and two boys catapulted themselves through the air and landed on me.
I lost my balance, and all of us landed on the sidewalk, giggling, sobbing, kissing, rubbing faces to faces, and competing for the best place on my stomach.
I had my boys back!

    I savored the precious moment of having my boys in my arms again.
However, we were lying on the sidewalk, and I thought I smelled something like dog crap...

    "Boys, I'm loving you with all my heart, but let's go inside first. Okay?"

    "Daddy, I'm loving you too. I'm loving your body, your heart, and your soul; but something here stinks of dog shit..."

    Bellowing with laughter, we wrestled upright and looked at each other's clothes.
Fortunately, none of us had been touching the big and smelly turd...
    Trudy smiled from the doorway, with tears in her eyes and her arms invitingly outstretched:

    "Welcome in my humble birth town; and, please, enter my mother's home! I hope you survived the attack?"

    I entered the house with both boys hanging on my arms, clearly intending to clamp onto me for the remainder of their lives...
Inside, we sat down on a big leather couch in the living room.
Little Harry nestled onto my lap, and John wormed himself under my left arm with a deep sigh.
    Trudy smiled, and dried her eyes with her handkerchief:

    "Shall I make you a cup of coffee first?"

    "Yes, please, that would be wonderful."

    "With two lumps of sugar and no milk, Mom," little Harry added.

    I ruffled his hair, and he melted into me even further:

    "I've missed you so badly, and I was so afraid I would never see you again..."

    I sipped my coffee, and Trudy started to tell me her story:

    Yesterday, a police officer called her, to inform her they had started an investigation concerning a male newcomer in town, one of her own children, and a small Gypsy boy who was in her custody.
Both boys were found in the newcomer's house and had obviously spent the night in his bed; while another boy had left his house in a panic, crying and being nearly naked...
At first, Trudy was totally dumbstruck and didn't know what to think of the story.
After a few seconds, she recovered from the initial shock and took the matter in her own hands.
She told the officer in very clear words that both boys were in my house with her absolute consent, and she demanded both children back immediately!
The officer tried to convince her otherwise, but she threatened him with a lawsuit and told him to leave her boys alone from this very moment.

    Next, she phoned her brother, who rushed her to the village in his car, and she reclaimed her boys.
There was no legal way the police officers could refuse; so, five minutes later, they were on their way back home.
Two very distraught boys were sitting crying in the rear seat and holding each other, both of them being very concerned about me...

    The moment she was back in her mother's house, she contacted a lawyer.
He told her he couldn't do much for me at the moment, but he assured her she certainly had done the only right thing with her boys.
He advised her that the best way to prevent the police from further actions against me; should be to immediately grant me legal guardianship of both boys...

    To be able to transfer legal guardianship to me, she also needed the father's permission...
She went to Eric's office and made an enormous scene, until he surrendered and signed all the necessary papers without even looking at them.
She thanked him politely, and told him to leave her and John alone from now on. She didn't want to see him ever again...

    Now her lawyer only needed a couple of signatures from me, plus an official document stating I had never been sentenced before.
She had already set an appointment; to bring me and all the signed papers to his office this afternoon.
Her only concern was: was I willing to pay her lawyer, because she didn't have that much money herself?

    I was speechless...
Trudy was willing to grant me legal guardianship over little Harry AND over her own child John?
Just like that?
The only thing I had to do was to sign a couple of papers?
I could hardly believe it...
Of course, I would pay her lawyer, and everything else she needed!

    I remembered Jack's words:

    "There will be a difficult time; but you will come through, and finally there will be victory!"

    This certainly was a victory!
I started to believe in a new future, reunited with my boys, and raising my little soul mate...
I promised Trudy to sign everything she needed, and to pay for everything else that needed some money.

    Little Harry leaned into me, and shivered:

    "They were so mean about you, Dad... They kept telling me, over and over, that you were having a bad influence on us and you had done improper things by letting us sleep in your bed...
    "I told them I wanted to sleep in your bed myself, because I was afraid to sleep on my own, but they just wouldn't listen.
    "They went on and on; and now and then I heard John screaming and shouting in the other room. I wanted to be with John because I was afraid, but they didn't allow me.
    "They kept asking me about the shower, and where you washed me, and if you ever played with my body, and if you had ever put your finger where it didn't belong...
    "Finally, I started to scream and told them they were crazy, and that you were the best Dad in the whole world and I loved you!
    "Suddenly, they were called away; and after a while Mom and an uncle entered my prison cell and rescued me."

    John nodded, and looked at us with a dark glow in his eyes:

    "I told them to go to hell, and that I wanted to help my little brother. They didn't listen and kept asking the same questions over and over, until Mom and uncle Tim rescued us..."

    Trudy made us healthy sandwiches, of course assisted by little Harry.
After another cup of coffee, we went to the town hall to get my official document.
I had to show them my identity card; and after twenty minutes they returned with a paper stating I was a trustworthy person.
Subsequently, we went to Trudy's lawyer, who had me sign another couple of papers.
He also advised me about how I should act the next time, if the police ever confronted me again...
I learned quite a lot, but hoped I never had to use his advice!

    He also contacted CPS; and, by exception, this time they were willing to change little Harry's custody within a few days.
For the time being, they would grant me temporary custody...
Being the legal guardian of both boys, now I was also responsible for their welfare and upbringing.
From now on, nobody was able to take the boys away from me without at least a court order.
The lawyer would send a memo to the prosecutor, stating the same; so that nobody would bother me any more without at least a very solid reason!

    I asked the lawyer about little Harry's origins, and he was very interested.
He took a small voice recorder, started the thing, and asked little Harry:

    "Harry, please, I want you to tell me everything you can remember about your past, even the smallest details..."

    Little Harry nodded, and told the lawyer everything he remembered about the mountains, the campfires, the police raids, the witch-hunt, all the screaming, and about his parents fleeing in a caravan attached to an old car. And, that he thought he might be a prince and of royal herit...something...

    "You mean you are probably of ROYAL HERITAGE?"

    "Oh yeah, that. I didn't remember that difficult word..."

    "Well, that should make finding your people a lot easier. Do you have any idea in which country you were living?"

    Little Harry didn't have any idea, but told the lawyer they were speaking a totally different language.

    "Please, could you tell me a couple of words in your own language?"

    Little Harry hesitated, but told the voice recorder a series of strange sounding words...
I didn't understand him, but the lawyer seemed very pleased:

    "Thank you! I think we have a case, and I will do everything I can to find your relatives as soon as possible."

    I thanked the lawyer for his help, and promised him a retainer with enough money to cover his expenses.

    We went back to my car and returned to Trudy's temporary home.
Mark and Marrie opened the front door; and in the living room we met Trudy's mother. They had been shopping to give us some space.
Again, we had to tell our stories, and they reacted with astonishment and indignation...
We were living in a strange world, didn’t we? What a horrible idea, to have those nosy neighbors around... Fortunately, everything turned out for the best; and now we were free again, could forget everything, and should go on with our lives as if nothing had happened!
Little Harry, John, and I, stole glances at each other, furtively shook our heads, but decided to agree rather than go into an emotional discussion...

    I thanked Trudy abundantly for her help and trust, and my boys hugged her and promised her to be good boys and listen to me.
We went to our car and drove off; with both boys buckled up in the rear seat and looking happy.
I scanned the car stereo for some nice music, but our special song didn't pop up this time.
We started to sing along with the music; and soon our own feeling returned of being together and belonging to each other.
Within an hour, I parked our car in our driveway, and we were HOME.

    Little Harry got the keys, and opened our front door with a proud face.
We entered our house, and went straight to our kitchen to have colas and coffee.
We took them to our living room, and sat down on our couch to sip them...

    Home felt strange...
The desperation of the past events was still hanging around.
Several drawers were still open, and the contents of the boxes still littered the floor...
    Little Harry looked around and shivered:

    "Dad, couldn't we make our room normal again? Those officers have made such a mess of everything... I want to forget them."

    In unison, we decided to clean our house.
 First, we opened all windows to let the feelings of desperation out and fresh air in.
Second, we went into the shower and washed each other carefully, to free ourselves from all the negative energies.
Third, we cleared out all evidences of the police visit. We tidied the drawers, emptied the boxes, and put the contents away. We vacuumed the floor, and cleaned the furniture and the windows.
After a while, our house started to feel fresh and clean again.

    Little Harry took his mask from the model, and put it on with a little help.
He and John went to the village market; to buy a bunch of flowers, a couple of candles, and a package of incense.
Within half an hour, they were back, and the house filled with a nice fragrance and started to live again.
I helped little Harry clean his mask and put it onto the model.
Feeling content and satisfied, we sat on our couch and enjoyed each other's company...

    Suddenly, the doorbell rang; and my heart nearly leapt out of my throat.
John jumped up, cursed, and balled his fists.
    Little Harry jumped towards the ceiling, and started to moan:

    "NOOOooooooo..." he cried, looking around desperately...

    He threw himself onto my lap, and curled up into a ball.

    John stormed to the front door, ready to fight all the police officers in the world...
A moment later, we heard a familiar voice; and Davey entered the living room, sniffing:

    "Smells good here!" he complimented the incense.
    "I was at your house a couple of times before, but nobody was home... Mom told me that the police phoned her yesterday, and they wanted to ask me a couple of questions about you. She refused, but told them everything about my panicking and running away. Did they really ARREST you?"

    Now it was John's time to tell us his version of our big adventure...
Two officers took us to a police station, and separated us into three different rooms.
They started to ask him a couple of nasty questions about my conduct, but he told them to shut up and go to hell.
All he wanted to do was helping his little brother, who they all heard sobbing and screaming in the other room.
The bloodhounds didn't allow him, and kept on asking their filthy questions...
Until, suddenly, they were called away. An hour later, his mother and an uncle rescued him and little Harry.
Now Dad was his legal guardian, and nobody could ever take him or little Harry away without at least a court order!

    We were silent and cuddled with our arms around each other, submerged in our memories...
Suddenly, Davey looked up at me with a deep longing in his eyes:

    "Can't you be my guardian too? Please? I want you to be my Dad as well..."

    "Well, Davey, I think you will have to ask your mother's permission first..."

    "Okay, but I want to call you 'Dad' from now on. Will you allow me? Please?"

    "Yes, I will allow you to call me 'Dad', but only when your mother agrees."

    "Thank you, Dad, and I love you! Finally, I'm having a REAL Dad!"

    He started to sob, kissed my cheek, and tried to strangle my neck.
My third son...

    We decided to allow ourselves a little extravagance, and have Chinese dinner in town.
In procession, we went to Davey's house, to invite his mother as well.
Mary took a rain check; but, of course, we had to tell her our story...
She listened intently, and was very pleased she had refused to let those officers interrogate her so vulnerable child!

    I told her about Davey's wish to call me 'Dad' from now on...
She got tears in her eyes, and I could feel her relief and joy.
Sniffling, she thanked me for being such a wonderful friend to her son.
I promised her to treat Davey as my own child, and to send him home around nine o'clock.

    We went back home, and little Harry took his mask from the model and asked me to help him put it on.
Davey looked at us with bulging eyes and open-mouthed:

    Boy, man, you are looking NORMAL now! I can hardly recognize you!"

    Little Harry beamed, and proudly led the way to our car.

    We went to the centre of a big town, and I parked our car in an underground garage.
Little Harry took our parking ticket from the automat, and promised to keep it carefully until we needed it again, to be able to pay and leave.
We went upstairs and entered a big square surrounded by huge shops and buildings.
We headed for a huge Chinese restaurant, with its glamorized red and golden decorations...
    Little Harry trembled, tried to disappear under my arm, and stammered:

    "I have never been in such a palace before..."

    John and Davey started to chuckle; and John told his little brother:

    "Wait until you have a chance to visit a REAL palace! This is just a colorful place where we can eat..."

    Little Harry stayed quiet, still trying to disappear into me.
We entered the 'palace' and looked around...

    A bowing 'palace servant', clad in an abundantly colored garment, escorted us to an empty table, where we sat down.
He took our order, and disappeared after performing another bow.
Little Harry looked around furtively, nearly holding his breath, still looking very impressed.
A wheeled table showed up, filled with all sorts of different cups and platters...
Soon, our table was overcrowded with them, and little Harry's eyes grew bigger and bigger.

    We started to fill our plates with the different foods and spices, and now his curiosity took the upper hand.
He started to ask a couple of questions about the various colored spices, still being a real chief cook...
Carefully, he took a little bit of everything onto his plate, and tasted...
He compared the different flavors, and took a bit more of everything he liked.
With a serious look on his face, he started to mix a couple of spices.
    He put the mixture together with a spoonful of rice, savored the taste, and beamed:

    "That tastes really good, Dad! You should mix that reddish powder with that stringy green snot..."

    Both John and Davey fell off their chairs with laughter, and I nearly choked on my first mouthful of rice.

    We enjoyed our tasty Chinese meal very much, assisted by our little chief cookie who succeeded in conjuring all sorts of exquisite tastes with the help of the different spices...
He really was a very good cook, having an extraordinary gift for knowing what to mix together to make our meal a real experience.
Finally, we were stuffed to the brim, and decided to pass on the dessert.
I paid the restaurant with my credit card, and we went to our car in the underground garage.
Little Harry put our parking ticket into the automat, and I fed it some money.
Magically, a door opened, allowing us to leave the garage.
We went home, feeling satisfied and singing along with the music of our car stereo.

    We took Davey home first.
He hugged all of us and kissed me twice, while his mother looked at us with tears in her eyes.
He thanked me abundantly for the nice evening and the Chinese meal, and promised us to be back tomorrow.
He accompanied us to the door, and waved until we drove away and disappeared from his vision.
My third son...

    We were rather tired from all the turmoil, so we decided to call it a day.
We needed our rest, and I would try to phone little Harry's transplant clinic early in the morning...
We went upstairs, took a quick shower, and went to bed.
Both boys nestled into my arms, and I felt happy and blessed.
Soon, all of us drifted off into a sound sleep.

    Somewhere in the middle of the night, I woke up from a loud scream.
Little Harry's voice reverberated through the house, waking up the birds in a nearby tree:


    He started to thrash around, screaming at the tops of his lungs, wildly swinging his arms, and crawling all over the bed.
John clicked the lights on, and I tried to take my delirious boy in my arms to calm him down.
He went on and on, fighting to free himself, with a frightened expression on his face and his eyes staring into nowhere.
I couldn't calm him down. He just continued to scream and fight...

    I trembled all over, and my heart pounded in my chest.
Was this how society PROTECTED this child, saddling him with this kind of a nightmare?
I felt so angry and frustrated that I started to curse all police officers in the world.
A raging John, with balled fists and fire shooting eyes, joined my cursing...

    Eventually, little Harry calmed down, closed his eyes, and fell asleep in my arms, still trembling all over.
John looked at us and shook his head:

    "Goodness, Dad; Harry was fighting US. Look at what those bloodhounds did to my poor little brother..."

    Still cursing and muttering, John switched the lights off.
He slid next to us, and protectively put his arms around his little brother from the other side.
We were totally exhausted, and almost immediately fell asleep.
Fortunately, the remainder of the night passed by without any more trouble.

    The next morning, I woke up with two yawning boys on my stomach.
Both of them grinned lazily and competed slowly for the best place...
We woke up a bit more, and decided to dress and go downstairs.
I had to phone the transplant clinic, with excuses for not canceling the other day.
Maybe I could set another appointment for this afternoon, if possible...

    I went to my desk, stretched my hand out, and the phone rang...
Surprised, I glared at the bewitched thing, which promptly rang again.
Now I started to laugh.
Obviously, somebody else was trying to phone me at the same time!
    I picked up the receiver:

    "Hello..." I grumbled, hoping it wouldn't be somebody trying to sell me something I didn’t need at all...

    "Escuse sir, do... small boy, Harold Janovski Romani, live you house, speak me, yes, please?"



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