- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer

'Born to be a King 1'
Book 1 - My little Gypsy Prince
- by Harry AnderS -

An inspirational fantasy



    A retired psychotherapist meets a severely burnt little Gypsy boy, and takes him into his house.
The boy turns out to be the Heir to the Throne.

This emotional rollercoaster hints at past lives, spirit helpers, karma, the Power of Love, and contains several practical psychological concepts.
The story is written by a retired Dutch psychotherapist, living in The Netherlands, and specialized in supporting troubled children. Many more stories will follow!


Chapter 18 ended with:

    I didn't know what to do...
Here I was, holding onto an eight-year-old and struggling boy who seemed to be scared to death... and I loved him!
My whole heart went out to this frightened child, as if he were my own son...
    I reinforced my grip, and tried to send him my love:

    "Why are you afraid of me? I KNOW you did nothing wrong, and you are NOT in trouble! Now, calm down, and let me dry you..."

    His eyes pierced into mine; looking directly into my soul and trying to read my intentions.
Hesitantly, he relaxed a bit; and, slowly, he let himself melt into my arms, still trembling...
I took a chance, bent over, and kissed his forehead.
    Suddenly, he threw his small arms around my neck, and offered me a wet kiss:

    "I was afraid you would be angry with me and kick me off the stairs..."

    "I will NEVER do that, to anybody! I will never hit any child without at least a VERY good reason. And why do you think I would be angry with you?"

    "For being a homo..."


Chapter 19. What is a homo; trust; meeting Big Jason; and now I am a Pop.

    I was struck dumb, and didn't know how to answer...
What was this little boy so afraid of, supposed he knew the meaning of that nasty word 'homo'...
I looked at John, but he seemed to be as bewildered as I was, and shrugged.
I looked at little Harry, but he stared at his new friend with questioning eyes...
I decided to let it go for now, and ask Nicky about what he meant later on.

    I released my grip; and, fortunately, Nicky didn't run away.
I took a couple of dry towels from one of the drawers, and wrapped him into one of them.
Carefully, I started to dry him, while John tried to dry a fidgeting little Harry...

    "Look out for the scars on my thighs! I forgot to keep them dry..."

    "Then stand still, at least for a moment! You are squirming like an eel in a bucket of snot."

    All of us bellowed with laughter, and the tension vanished.
Still laughing, John and I finished our tasks of drying our youngsters.
Little Harry went to his room, and returned with yellow Snoopy underpants and blue jeans for Nicky.
    They donned their clothes; and little Harry fished his mask somewhere from behind the soap:

    "Sorry, Dad, but I will clean it up in the kitchen..."

    Together, we descended the stairs.
Little Harry and Nicky went to the kitchen to clean the sticky mask, and John and I went to our couch in the living room.
After a moment, little Harry climbed onto my lap, and Nicky sat down next to me, leaning his head against my arm.
I put my arm around my new boy; and, heaving a deep sigh, he melted into my side.

    I decided this could be an opportunity to ask him my question:

    "What exactly did you tell me, in the shower? What is a 'homo'?"

    He tensed up immediately, and shuddered:

    "That's what my Dad called Jason, when he saw him with his friend. They were naked in Jason's room, and playing with each others stiffies...
    "He kicked Carl off the stairs; and nearly beat Jason to death, calling him a 'fag' and a 'homo'. Jason had to visit the hospital with two broken ribs, but he told them he fell down the stairs, because he was too afraid to tell them the truth...
    "After he returned, Dad told him he would never tolerate a homo in his house; and next time he would castrate him, cut his balls off. After that time, Jason changed a lot. Now he is mean to everybody, and he is always in a bad mood..."

    Suddenly, I felt John hold his breath... His body stiffened, and I could sense his distress.
Nicky started to sob desperately, and tried to bury his face into my side.
Little Harry hopped off my lap without saying a word, so that I could take his sobbing friend into my arms...
I sent my little soul mate my love; and he cuddled up to me, cozily, worming his head under my free arm.
I loved my little Gypsy boy with all my heart, and I would offer him my own life if necessary!

    Nicky tried to free himself from a lot of anger, fear, and frustration.
I cradled him and held him close, telling him he should keep on crying until he felt emptied...
Obviously, he trusted me; and went on wailing and whining until, at last, he was too tired and his sobs ceased.
John got us a fresh packet of tissues; and little Harry offered his sad friend a glass of water.
    I wiped Nicky's wet face with a tissue, and he looked up at me with adoration in his eyes:

    "I wish YOU were my Dad..."

    He jumped off my lap, and went to the toilet.
Next, he went to the kitchen to wash his face and drink some more water.
He returned, and told us he had to be home in time; else, his father would be mad...
Little Harry helped him to put his wet clothes into a plastic bag.

    Nicky threw his arms around my neck, looked into my eyes, and offered me a wet kiss:

    "Tomorrow, I will bring Harry's clothes back, and thank you for everything!"

    Little Harry decided to walk his new friend home, without even thinking about his mask.
They threw their arms around each other's shoulders, and started to giggle again.
Together, they frolicked through the door and disappeared outside.
It looked like little Harry had found himself a friend!
Was this the new boy Jack had talked about?
The 'little man who would bring me a lot of joy'...

    John climbed onto my lap, with tears in his eyes:

    "I am so ashamed of myself... I never thought that Jason would be in so much trouble. Now I feel sorry for him, and I wish I could help him..."

    "I am glad you have changed your mind. Maybe you have learned a valuable lesson today. Never judge a person from the outside..."

    We cuddled until little Harry returned.
He carried the same plastic bag, now containing his own clothes:

    "Nicky changed his clothes, so that I could take mine home. His father wasn't home yet; and they don't have a mother in the house...
    "Jason recognized me, but he looked sad and didn't say a word. I think he is very unhappy, and I wish I could help him...
    "Nicky will ask his father to be allowed to visit us again after dinner. He says he likes it here, and he wants you to be his second father or maybe his grandfather."
    His grandfather? Suddenly I realized how old I actually was...

    We went to the kitchen, and little Harry prepared one of his special meals with a little help from John and me.
Of course, the food tasted delicious again, as usual.
We filled our stomachs, licked our fingers, and complimented our little chief cookie.
We did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen table, and took our drinks to the living room.

    Little Harry tilted his head, and seemed to listen:

    "There's Davey, and I think he is not alone..."

    Ten seconds later, the doorbell rang; and John went to the front door.
He returned with Davey and Mary, Davey's mother...
How the heck did my son do that, every time again?
Was he really sort of a clairvoyant?

    John and little Harry went to the kitchen to fetch more drinks.
Davey climbed onto my lap without any hesitancy; and I put my arms around him and kissed his head.
    Mary smiled, and looked at us with tears in her eyes:

    "I am so happy that Davey has you! Since he met you, he has completely changed. Now he is a happy boy, for the first time in his life. Thank you, thank you so much for helping him!"

    She took a tissue from the table, and carefully wiped her eyes:

    "At first, I didn't know what to think about you being so close with him, but now I know I can trust you, and you are doing the right thing...
    "He is all yours; and you can do with him as you like. I will agree with everything. You can take him to those gypsies in Rumania, if you wish. I will sign every paper you will need. Next week, we will go downtown to let him have his own passport. I will accept you as his new father, without any restrictions, and I am very grateful that he is allowed to call you 'Dad'."

    Davey beamed, and melted into me even further:

    "Thank you, Mom, for allowing me to join my new Dad. You are the best Mom in the world! Are we really going to Rumania?"

    "I don't know. Maybe. We ARE invited, but I don't even have their address..."

    Little Harry and John returned; carrying more coffee, cola, and the cookie jar.
They settled down onto our couch, on both sides of Davey and me.
    Davey grinned, and poked little Harry in the ribs:

    "Today, your place is gone, and I think I could get used to it."

    Little Harry smiled, and poked Davey back:

    "Nah, John and I can sit on Dad's lap for the rest of our lives..."

    Again, the doorbell rang, and I wondered who next would pay us a visit...
Didn't little Harry feel anything this time? Maybe, his clairvoyance didn't work every time...
    John went to the door, and returned with a joyful Nicky:

    "Hello, everybody! I am allowed to be here until eight o'clock, and my father wants to have a talk with you."

    "Tell your father he is always welcome in my house!"

    "I will... Harry, shall we set up the next racing track? I want to crash you again..."

    Little Harry jumped off the couch and threw his arms around Nicky's shoulders.
Together, they frolicked to the computer and wriggled into the same chair.
Soon, they started to cheer and shout as before...
    I tried to look a bit sterner, and told them:

    "Please, try to muffle your voices! And, this time, no tickling or wet pants..."

    Both of them looked at me in disdain; and then ignored me totally.

    "I dare you to a game of checkers," John told Davey.

    Davey nodded, and hopped off my lap.
John got the board; and they settled down at the table.

    Mary left her chair, sat next to me on the couch, and whispered:

    "You know, yesterday was the first time ever Davey let a MAN look at his scars... Even in the hospital, only a nurse was allowed to wash him. For a long time, he was afraid of every man...
    "I think you earned a very special place in his heart, and he's trusting you completely. He even asked you to put some oil onto the scars?"

    I nodded, feeling a bit bashfully...

    "I think you are the best thing that ever happened to Davey. Now he has a chance to grow up in a normal caring and loving environment. He told me he wants to be with you as much as possible. He even asked me to marry you, so that he could be with you all the time..."

    I really didn't know what to answer... Was there a hidden message in what she told me?

    "Maybe, you could join us next time... I think Davey would be delighted!"

    "Oh no, I will never invade your life. I'm liking you, but I am not in love with you. For now, I'm feeling happy without a man in my life, and who knows what the future will bring...
    "I am glad you want to look after my son, and I believe you will always remain Davey's special Dad, even if I were to marry again. Davey will always be your special son..."

    We talked some more, as time went by.
At eight o'clock, Nicky had to go home, and little Harry shut the computer down.
    Nicky wished me a good evening, again with a wet kiss and a big hug:

    "Can I come back tomorrow, please? I like it here..."

    "You MAY come back tomorrow, but only when your parents are agreeing."

    "It's just my father. My mother died when I was a baby, and my father already agrees! Do you walk me home again, Harry? My father is home now, and you can meet him if you wish..."

    Of course, little Harry walked him home, again without even thinking about his mask.
Both of them frolicked out of the door, shoulder-to-shoulder, and now and then bumping into each other...


    Fifteen minutes later, the doorbell rang again, and John went to the front door.
He returned with a beaming little Harry and an even more beaming Nicky.
They were followed by a BIG man, with an even bigger mustache, ducking his head to pass through the doorway.
    The giant greeted us with a booming voice:

    "Hi, Mary and Davey; what a surprise to see you again! Hello, sir; it's nice to meet you! Everybody calls me BJ, that's short for Big Jason. Please, may I have a talk with you, preferably in private?"

    Mary rose from her chair, and beckoned Davey to follow her:

    "Hello, BJ; it's good to see you here, and I think it's time for us to go home. Thanks, Big Harry, for your hospitality and for listening to me."

    "Mom, am I allowed to spend the night with Harry and John?" Davey asked her, showing her his best puppy dog eyes...

    Mary smiled, ruffled his hair, and looked at me with a questioning face:

    "It is okay with me, but only if you agree..."

    "Of course I agree. You are welcome, but don't make it too much of a habit..."

    Davey beamed, and threw his arms around his mother's waist:

    "Thanks, Mom, you are the best Mom in the world! And thank you, Dad. I love you!"

    We shook hands, and Mary invited us to join her dinner tomorrow.
Little Harry and Nicky went to the computer, and again wriggled into the same chair.
John and Davey resumed their game of checkers.

    I beckoned Nicky's father to the kitchen:

    "May I offer you a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe hot chocolate?"

    I brewed a pot of coffee, and both of us sat down at the kitchen table.
BJ lowered himself onto his chair with some difficulty, and winced a bit. He seemed to be in a lot of pain...
    He took a sip of his coffee, looked a bit bashful, and tried to lower his voice:

    "I think I have to apologize... A few days ago, my oldest son, Jason, was in tears. He told me that four big children, who were living in the house of a newcomer, had attacked him. They ran him over with their skateboards, a huge boy beat him up, another big boy kicked him in the nuts, and a girl like a panther punched him a bloody nose. They disappeared, and left him on the streets without looking back. His nose was still bleeding, his balls were bruised, and his clothes were ruined...
    "Of course, I was mad as hell, and went to the police to ask for recompense. They promised to start an investigation about you as a single male, collecting so many children. Street gossip told me they arrested you after a few days, early in the morning, and together with two small boys who were living in your house...
    "Now, I started to think. They had arrested two small boys, and not three big boys and a girl like a panther? I asked around about you and your household...
    "Soon, the 'huge boy' turned out to be Eric's thirteen years old son, John, who's a bit small for his age; and the 'girl like a panther' was his ten years old daughter, Marrie. The other 'big boy' was twelve years old Thomas who's now on vacation; and Jason was 'run over' by that poor little Gypsy boy with his burnt face, Harry, who is Nicky's new friend since today...
    "I assure you that I had a good talk with Jason! Again, I went to the police, and they told me that everything had turned out for the best. You had full custody over both boys, they were living in your house and didn't cause any problems, and your conduct with them had proven to be beyond any doubt.
    "I discovered that our habitual street blabber-mouth also had a hand in it, and I assure you she will never again spread any gossip about you or about your children! From now on, our neighborhood will stand up for you, and they will help you wherever they can. Of course, you can always count on me as well!
    "Yesterday, I had some talk with Mary and her abused son, Davey. Both of them are adoring you! You are having a very healthy influence on little Davey, after he has been abused by that beast for so many years. For the first time in his life, Davey is feeling really loved and happy. Unlike my own flesh and blood, my sixteen years old son, Jason..."

    BJ stopped, took his handkerchief, and furtively wiped a tear away.
I poured us two fresh cups of coffee, and we drank them in silence.
    After a while, BJ stuffed his handkerchief away and went on:

    "Today, my youngest son, Nicky, came home totally in awe. He had found a new friend around his own age; and his father was the nicest person he had ever met! That person was you...
    "He told me he wrestled with his new friend, his friend tickled him, and he wet his pants. That happens now and then, because he has a weak bladder. You didn't throw a tantrum, as I would do, but simply sent him to the shower to wash up and don some dry clothes from your son. I can tell you that Nicky felt very relieved!
    "In the shower, his new friend suddenly peeled off his own face, and Nicky nearly fainted... His friend laughed at him, and told him everything about the caravan on fire and his operations. Nicky had a good look at his scars, to get used to the sight, and now your son is the best friend Nicky ever had. He also told Nicky about his pending skin transplant...
    "They were dawdling in the shower for too long, and again you didn't throw a tantrum. You reassured him and dried him, even after he started to cry...
    "Now you are his hero! He thinks the world of you! He couldn't stop telling us how you took him on your lap and listened to him and dried his eyes...

    BJ took his handkerchief, and again wiped a tear away...

    "I'm afraid that I've never been a good father to my boys. My spouse died when Jason was eight years old and Nicky was only a small baby. I started to drink and changed into a real bully, always bad-tempered, shouting at my boys, and cursing...
    "Two years ago, I caught Jason and his friend, lying together in his bedroom, both butt naked and playing with each other. I am sorry now, but then I went completely berserk. I threw that little fag out of my house, and kicked Jason two broken ribs. Jason had to visit a hospital, but he told them he fell down the stairs...
    "After that incident, he changed and started to bully his little brother. Now he is a total jerk; and I am afraid that is my fault... I've tried to talk to him, but he just won't listen; and I'm too impatient and always start yelling after a short time. I also think that Jason is too afraid to answer me properly, and that he's still loving his friend, Carl, even after two years...
    "The last couple of months, I was always tired and had pain everywhere in my body, so I went to a doctor. He sent me to a hospital, where they told me I have cancer in the last stage. I will probably die within a few months, or maybe even earlier. I don't have any family or friends, because everybody has always been afraid of me...
    "I've stopped drinking, and I'm trying to better my life. I'm even willing to ask Jason's friend, Carl, to forgive me; but nobody seems to know where he's living since they moved out of town...
    "Now I'm having a question for you... Please, will you consider taking my youngest son, Nicky, into your house when I am gone, and raise him? He adores you, and I'm sure that you will be a much better father to him than I ever was... I'm severely regretting everything I have done, but I'm afraid that will be too late now..."

    BJ started to sob, and I offered him a tissue and a glass of water.
I didn't dare put my arms around him... What if he still was a homo hater?

    After a moment, BJ blew his nose and dried his eyes:

    "I'm such a crybaby... I'm going home now, and I hope you will think about my question. Could Nicky stay here tonight, with Davey and your boys?"

    "Of course, Nicky can stay here; and I will seriously think about what you asked me! I expect you will have to grant me custody... Another thing is, what are you going to do with Jason?"

    "Jason is nearly seventeen now; and he always wanted to be on his own, so I think he is going to rent a room somewhere. I didn't know where Nicky could go, and I didn't want to send him to an orphanage... I hope you will take him into your house when I am dead, but I'm not going to insist. See you later."

    BJ went home, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

    My first thought was: I will have to buy a bigger car!
The next thought was: where will everybody sleep tonight?
I'm afraid my waterbed will not be big enough to accommodate me plus four growing boys...
I returned to the living room.

    Little Harry and Nicky were still racing all types of cars, and John and Davey were watching some crazy film on TV.

    "Where's my father?" Nicky asked me, looking around,
    "Did he go home without me?"

    "Would you like to spend the night here, and go home tomorrow?"


    He jumped up, nearly overturning both little Harry and their chair.
He stormed towards me and tried to suffocate me, by throwing his arms around my neck.
    He offered me a couple of wet kisses, and told me with beaming eyes:

    "I want to sleep in Harry's bed tonight!"

    Okay, the first arrangement was settled.
The boys resumed their activities, until it was time to go to bed.

Nicky wanted to sleep next to little Harry in his bed.
Soon, they started to giggle and joke, until I threatened to separate them.
That helped. They calmed down and threw their arms around each other.
A moment later, they were asleep.

    John and Davey wanted to sleep together in John's bed.
They wanted to talk a bit longer, and I asked them to muffle their voices.
They promised to be good boys, and reckon with the toddlers.

    Lonely I slept alone in my double waterbed, hugging my pillow and feeling abandoned...
After a while, little Harry entered my bedroom, scratching his thighs:

    "It's itching really badly, where they scraped the skin..."

    I put a few drops of massage oil onto the scratches, and carried him back to his bed.
Nicky looked at us with sleepy eyes, and yawned.
Little Harry snuggled up to Nicky, and closed his eyes.
Nicky turned around, entangled into little Harry, and both of them were asleep within a split second.

    Ten minutes later, Davey entered my bedroom, yawning:

    "My scars are itching. Could you put some oil onto the stitches?"

    I took the massage oil, while he lifted his hips onto a pillow and pulled his legs towards his head.
Fortunately, his scars looked slightly better. I put a few drops of oil onto them, and massaged the oil in.
He seemed to like the soothing feeling, and heaved a deep sigh.
We cuddled for a while, until he started to drift off and nearly fell asleep.
Carefully, I carried him back to bed, next to a slightly snoring John.
He snuggled up to John, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

    Finally, I fell asleep myself, being alone, still feeling abandoned, and hugging my pillow.

    Somewhere in the middle of the night, I woke up to the sounds of whispering voices:

    "Come on, it's really okay. I'm doing it all the time."

    "Yes, but he's YOUR Dad..."

    "Shush... don't wake him up. Just do it!"

    A small body entered the bed and melted into me, draping his arm around my waist.
Another small body entered the bed from the other side, and cautiously snuggled up to me.
I grinned, and put my arms around both bodies.

    "Shit, he's awake..."

    "No shitting in bed, please. The toilet is downstairs."

    "Huh?... You're crazy!"

    Little Harry and Nicky started to laugh, and again melted into me.

    "Night, Dad!" sounded into my left ear, with a tender kiss.

    "Night, Pop!" sounded into my right ear, with a wet kiss.

    So, now I was a 'Pop'...
I smiled and felt rich, marveling in the love of my boys.
All four of them...



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