- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer

'Born to be a King 1'
Book 1 - My little Gypsy Prince
- by Harry AnderS -

An inspirational fantasy



     A retired psychotherapist meets a severely burnt little Gypsy boy, and takes him into his house. The boy turns out to be the Heir to the Throne.
This emotional roller coaster hints at past lives, spirit helpers, karma, the Power of Love, and contains several practical psychological concepts.
'Harry AnderS' is a retired Dutch psychotherapist and writer. He lives in The Netherlands; and is specialized in supporting troubled children.
    Please, also read his beautiful children's series of books, called 'Born as a Prince', written from the little Gypsy boy's own point of view!


Chapter 22 ended with:

    He nodded, and started to sob again:

    "Am I REALLY going to live with you now?"

    "Yes, Carl. From now on, you are living here; and you don't have to worry about anything."

    Little Harry took Carl's hand, and tried to drag him upstairs:

     "Dad, can we have our showers now? I want to play in the warmed water."

    I nodded, and followed them upstairs to get some dry towels.
John and little Harry undressed immediately, while Carl looked at them hesitantly...
    Little Harry got a bit impatient, and teased him:

    "Can you undress on your own, or do we have to help you?"

    Carl started to undress, still staring with big eyes at the already naked little Harry:

    "I didn't realize you were THAT burnt! It's all over your body... even the skin around your pee-pee is burnt away..."

    "Don't sweat it. I'm already used to it; and, by the way, BIG boys call it a 'pecker' or a 'dick'. Its first name is 'Moby'... Come on, let's hit the shower!"


Chapter 23. A sexual aberration, forgiving, and a precious box of tissues.

    The doorbell rang, and I went downstairs to open the front door...
A huge man with an enormous mustache showed up, ducking his head to pass the doorpost.
Two youngsters tried to hide behind his back, softly grinning and pushing each other...
    I decided to partake in their game:

    "Come in, BJ; it's nice to see you again. It's a pity your boys didn't want to visit an old grandpa like me."

    I started to close the door, pretending not to see Jason and Nicky.

    "Hey!" Nicky shouted, desperately trying to keep the door open.

    "Sorry, Nick, I didn't see you. Now you are too late. Our house is already crowded."

    "I KNEW you would be a silly old grandpa!" Nicky decided.

    He slipped past me; followed by a grinning Jason who bumped into me on purpose.
Silly old grandpa or not, this had to be corrected!
    I grabbed Jason's arm, and turned him around:

    "Both of you seem to be a bit exuberant tonight? Now, who is the boss here?"

    "My father, of course! Dad, Big Harry is molesting me..."

    BJ turned around, chuckled, and showed me his enormous muscular arms...
I pretended to be afraid, let Jason go, and lifted my hands in surrender.
All of us started to laugh; and we went to the living room, with Nicky and Jason up front.

    Jason looked around the room with a sudden panic in his eyes...
He stormed to the kitchen, opened the door to the backyard, and hasted back to me:

    "Where is Carl? Did they take him away?"

    "Carl is upstairs, having a shower with little Harry and John. Do you want to join them? Just go upstairs."

    "OKAY!" Nicky shouted and stormed the stairs, hesitantly followed by Jason...

    BJ sat down into one of my easy chairs; slowly and groaning.
 He looked at me with tears in his eyes:

    "Thank you, thank you so much! You gave me my boys back. I am so grateful that my boys and I have met you...
    "We have talked to each other, all three of us, for the first time in all those years. Normally, I'm always too impatient; but, this time, I decided to keep my big mouth shut and just listen...
    "Opening up was very difficult; but, finally, Jason told me a couple of things about Carl and himself. He told me how Carl and he loved each other at first sight, and how they promised each other to be together for the rest of their lives; but they had to hide it because both of them were afraid of my homo hate...
    "I've always thought that love between two males couldn't be anything more than a nasty sexual aberration... but, this time, I looked into Jason's eyes, and I was sure I saw REAL love...
    "Then, Nicky told me he loves that burnt Gypsy boy, Harry, and I saw the same thing in the eyes of my youngest son...
    "Suddenly, I realized that I could do two things: either I would lose both boys, or I had to accept that I could be WRONG...

    BJ started to sob and buried his face in his hands.
This time, I put my arms around his huge shoulders without thinking...
    Now, he started to cry earnestly, holding onto my arms and nearly bruising them:

    "My sons embraced and kissed me, for the first time in all those years, and that felt sooo good...
    "I have been so blind... I have messed up everything... I've ruined Jason's life... and Carl's life as well...
    "Now it's too late, and I will die too soon... but I will try to make it up to them. I hope they will forgive me, eventually..."

    He released my bruised arms, still sobbing, and I got him a packet of tissues.

    We talked for a long time.
I told him about my conception of real love, love and sexuality, love between two males or between two females, and inter-generational love.
I made him think about loving everybody without any restrictions, which could or could not be followed by sex; and about the bad side of forced sex without mutual consent, which could ruin lives.
I made him see that love and sex are two different things, and the one doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the other... There is 'paid sex'; but 'paid love' is impossible...
I asked him what is the difference between love and love, as long as sex isn't involved... Loving a man, a woman, a child, or a pet animal...
At last, I asked him what is the difference between playing with yourself, playing with each other, having a wet dream, or using a vibrator...
When it FEELS good, it IS good; and that has got nothing to do with social prejudices or crazy beliefs. Just listen to your own heart...

    All the time, BJ kept on nodding and sighing:

    "I have been so shortsighted... How can I ever make this up to Jason?"

    "Just be yourself, let Jason be himself, and LOVE him. All you have to do is listen to your heart..."

    "Is Jason's friend, his... boyfriend, Carl, is he here? Can I see him? Or do you want me to go now?"

    "Of course, you can see him! He is taking a shower with the other boys. Shall we have a look upstairs?"

    BJ nodded and dragged himself out of his chair; groaning again.
Obviously, he was in a lot of pain again!
Together, we went upstairs, and slowly opened the shower door...

    John had attached the showerhead to a metal hook in the stall. It pointed upwards, letting the water drops form a nice and warm rain shower.
Clever boy, always inventing something new!
The boys were sitting in a circle, softly talking and cuddling.
Little Harry and Nicky had their arms around each other, and both of them beamed.
Jason and Carl were totally entangled, showing blissful smiles on their faces.
John seemed to be absolutely content with the happiness of his friends, and smiled from ear to ear.

    Nicky saw us first.
He stiffened and looked at BJ, a bit anxious about how his father would react...
However; when his father didn't say anything, he relaxed and smiled a bit unsure.
Little Harry felt Nicky's reaction, looked up, saw us, and smiled broadly.

    Then, Carl saw BJ...
He panicked immediately, bolted upright, and desperately tried to untangle from Jason.
    He nearly threw Jason against a wall in his hurry to get away, and screamed:

    "Don't hit me! I'm sorry! We've done nothing! Please..."

    He tried to get away and dived past us, with his arms protectively around his head...

    I caught him before he could escape, and firmly wrapped my arms around him.
For a moment, he tried to wrestle free, looking at BJ with horror in his eyes...
    Then, he slumped down into my arms and started to cry:

    "Why does my beautiful dream have to end like this... I don't want to be kicked off the stairs again..."

    "Listen to me, Carl. You are NOT in trouble! Just relax, and listen carefully. You didn't do anything wrong. Maybe you can trust ME?"

    Carl shuddered and started to tremble all over; still glaring at BJ.
BJ looked back at him with bewilderment in his eyes, and hesitantly offered him a huge hand...
    Carl cringed at seeing that enormous shovel, and looked at me in fear:

    "I don't want to go back to that place. Please, can't I stay here? And, don't let him hit Jason. Jason did nothing bad..."

    "Jason's father will not hit any of you! Please, listen to me and trust me! You are MY boy now, and nothing will happen to you or to Jason. Do you believe me?"

    He nodded, hesitantly, still looking very unsure...
I released my death grip a bit; and, fortunately, this time he didn't try to get away.
    BJ coughed, and looked at Carl with tears in his eyes:

    "I am sorry, Carl, for being such a dork. I was wrong, two years ago. Please, will you try to forgive me? I would like us to be friends again. I am so sorry..."

    BJ started to cry, and hid his face in his hands.
Carl looked at him in shock, obviously not knowing what to do...

    I looked at John, and suddenly I was sure I could trust my little best friend to do exactly the right thing!
I saw the wakening leader, and knew that John would take over from here and talk to Carl and Jason.
HE would be able to reassure Carl, and tell him that from now on he would be safe...
Tenderly, I pushed a still crying BJ out of the shower room and towards the stairs, closing the door.

    I supported BJ downstairs and took him to the living room, where he slumped down into one of the easy chairs.
I offered him a packet of tissues, and sat down on my own spot in the middle of our couch.
    BJ blew his nose, and looked at me with a lot of pain in his eyes:

    "That poor Carl... I never realized how much impact my behavior would have on him... He was so terribly afraid of me... I am so ashamed...
    "Now I can see how wrong I was... What did I do to my boys... How can they ever forgive me for my cruelty..."

    I didn't know what to answer, and decided to offer him another cup of coffee.
He nodded, and I went to the kitchen to operate my coffee machine.
Then, I opened the backdoor. I inhaled the fresh air deeply into my lungs, and tried to free my head from the emotional cobwebs...
I brewed two cups of coffee, added two lumps of sugar into each of them, and returned to the living room.
BJ seemed to have pulled himself together. He thanked me, and gratefully sipped his coffee.
Both of us were silent, lost into our own thoughts...

    The door opened, and five timid looking boys sauntered into the living room and sat down.
Little Harry crawled onto my lap, offered me a kiss, and melted into me.
Nicky went to us, and looked at little Harry with pleading eyes...
Little Harry scooted to the left, and Nicky crawled onto my lap next to my little soul mate.
I threw my arms around both of them, and held them close.
Nicky looked at his father; cautiously, trying to gauge his reaction...
Reassured, he let himself melt into my arms some more.

    Jason and Carl approached the couch cautiously, and sat down together.
Jason put his arms around his friend and pulled him close; defiantly glaring at his father.
Carl looked frightened; but slid nearer to Jason, furtively looking at BJ.
John sat down at my other side, reassuringly smiling at Carl and Jason.
He looked at me, and I saw triumph in his eyes.
I nodded, and he nodded back. Again, we understood each other without words.
He HAD talked to them...

    BJ fidgeted in his chair, coughed a couple of times, and bashfully looked at Jason and Carl:

    "Boys, I don't know how to start. I'm used to swearing and scolding, and not to talking about my feelings... but I WANT to talk to you!
    "First, I want you to know that you don't have to be afraid of me any more. I am no longer the same person I was. I have radically changed my mind...
    "My father taught me that homosexuality was a sin, a sexual abnormality, and that the offenders had to be punished severely to help them get rid of it. It was a tremendous shock to me when I discovered that one of my own children was such a sinner! That's why I went berserk and kicked my own son into a hospital. Sorry, Jason, but this is the truth, of which I'm now very ashamed...
    "Yesterday, I met Nicky's new friend, Harry; and I was surprised by how he talked about his Dad with so much love and reverence... and Nicky seemed to adore him! At first, I was jealous, because my own sons never talked to me about their feelings or showed me any love... until I realized that had to be my own fault. I had always been a bully, and never showed my sons any love myself...
    "Today, I found out how wrong I have been... I have ruined Jason's friendship, and Carl's... and I don't know how to make it up to both of you. I thought that apologizing for my behavior would be enough; but, of course, I am wrong again. I simply can't wipe out your two years of misery and loneliness... I can only hope that, eventually, you will forgive me...
    "In the meantime, I want you to know that I APPROVE of your friendship, and I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable. Please, love each other! I have been so stupid...
    "I am a dying man, and I don't have much time left... Please, have some consideration with me and let me be a real Daddy, at least for a short time... Please...

    BJ slumped down and started to cry heartbreakingly; supporting his head with his hands.
Silence fell over the room...
    Suddenly, Jason threw himself at his Dad, desperately embracing him:

    "Daddy, I'm so sorry for causing you all that pain. I love you, and I don't want you to die..."

    BJ threw his enormous arms around his son; but he did it a bit awkwardly, maybe from lack of experience...
However, Jason immediately crawled onto his lap and started to sob along with his Daddy.
Nicky left my lap, and wormed onto BJ's lap next to Jason. He started to cry as well.
Carl threw his arms around my neck, and started to cry from the emotional rebound.
John, little Harry, and I got tears in our own eyes...

    We were silent for a long time, now and then sobbing.
Finally, BJ looked up and grinned bashfully:

    "Looks like we are a family of crybaby's..."

    "Fortunately, I've bought a wagonload of tissues, just for the occasion..."

    BJ looked at Carl, and opened his enormous arms:

    "Carl, I want you to join us. From now on, I want you to be my third son..."

    Carl looked surprised, and didn't know what to do...
He looked at me, and I nodded and pointed to BJ.
Hesitantly, he withdrew his arms from my neck and shuffled towards the pile.
    BJ closed his arms around all three of his sons:

    "Welcome into our family, Carl! Do you want to be my third son?"

    Carl nodded; and, more or less, let himself pull against Jason and Nicky.
Obviously, things were going too fast for him, and he needed some more time...
    After a few seconds, BJ opened his arms and stretched out:

    "I'm leaving you now, because I'm feeling too tired and I want to lie down. Do you want to spend the night here?"

    All of them nodded enthusiastically, and left BJ's lap.
BJ dragged himself from the easy chair, and staggered towards the door.
I opened it for him, and walked him to the front door.
   He turned around, and hugged me a bit awkwardly:

    "Thank you for everything you did for my sons and for me! Could you send them home tomorrow, to do some chores?"

    "Of course, I will do that, and thank you for trusting me. Take good care of yourself, and don't hesitate to ask me or my boys for any help."

    BJ left, and slowly walked home.

    We crowded around each other on our couch, and talked for a long time.
The boys were sorry for BJ, and surprised about the enormous change in his attitude.
    Jason leaned into me, and thought aloud:

    "I can vaguely remember my Daddy, when I was a small boy and my Mom was still alive. Tonight was the first time I felt that same feeling again, of having a real Daddy..."

    Carl sighed, and leaned against his friend:

    "I never had a real Daddy. I was always afraid of my father, because he tried to make a 'real man' out of me. The moment I met you, I knew I could be a real man in a different way...
    "Then, you father kicked me off the stairs and phoned my father... To my surprise, my father didn't hit me, but he started to totally ignore me. That hurt even more...
    "A few days later, he sold our house and took us to another town. It rained, and he drove way too fast. Suddenly, our car slipped and hit the banks. I was catapulted out, and that saved my life...
    "I woke up in a hospital, and had to answer hundreds of questions. Then, they took me to that orphanage. I tried to write a letter to Jason, but they read it and tore it apart...
    "From that time on, my life was hell. They separated me from the other children, because I might infect them with my homosexuality...
    "I have thought about committing suicide many times, but I was too scared to do it. Fortunately, since today, my hell is over...
    "Can you imagine that's difficult for me, and it will cost me some time to get used to it?"

    He started to yawn; and, in unison, we decided to go to bed.
Of course, Jason and Carl wanted to sleep together in Carl's new room.
I winked at them, and offered them a box of tissues...
Both of them blushed fiercely, but gratefully accepted the box.

    "Don't sound like a wounded elephant..." little Harry grinned, with a naughty smile on his face.

    "Mind your own business!" Jason bitched back.

    "It IS my own business when you wake me up in the middle of the night, like John did..."

    John punched little Harry in the ribs, looking angry:

    "How DARE you! That's personal, and it's private as well!"

    "Ouch! You are mean, and I was only teasing..."

    "You're such a dope. This isn't teasing, but embarrassing!"

    "But I'm only eight years old, and I forgot about those private things..."

    "From now on, we don't trust you any more, and that's your own fault!"

    Little Harry started to cry, and slumped down with his head in his hands.
John sat down next to his little brother, and tenderly took him into his arms:

    "Do you promise to forget you are only eight years old, and be very careful with private things from now on, like a real Prince?"

    Little Harry nodded, and gratefully blew his nose in the tissue Carl offered him from the box.

    We decided that little Harry and Nicky would sleep together in John's bed, because John wanted to sleep next to me in my waterbed.
Nicky and little Harry disappeared into John's room, having their arms around each other.
Jason and Carl carried the precious box of tissues to little Harry's old and now Carl's new room; still blushing.
John and I went to our waterbed and crawled under the blankets.
John threw his arms around me, and that was the last thing I remembered...


    The sun, shining through a crack in the curtains, woke me up.
I opened my eyes, yawned, and looked at my friend in my arms...
He looked so peaceful, snoring softly, with an expression of bliss on his face.
God, I loved that boy with all my heart!
I put my nose in his hair and inhaled the now so well-known scent of my dear friend, marveling in the feeling of loving and being loved.

    Slowly, the door opened...
Two pairs of mischievous eyes peeked through the crack, and giggled.
    When they saw I was awake, they stormed in:

    "Attack of the green Gypsy invaders!"

    "Attack of the nickering dragon knights!"

    John opened his eyes, groaned, and tried to disappear under the blankets.
Little Harry and Nicky pulled the blankets away and nestled onto my stomach, giggling and competing for the best place.
I got a big smack on my left cheek and a wet kiss on my right cheek, while two pairs of boy arms tried to suffocate me.

    "Morning, Dad! I love you!"

    "Morning, Pop! What's for breakfast?"

    John growled and turned around; showing us his back.
He retrieved the blankets, pulled them over his head, and tried to get some more sleep.

    Again, the door opened, and two pairs of hesitant eyes peeked through the crack.
When they saw I had company, they entered the room, covering their nakedness with their hands:

    "What are you doing here? May we come in too?"

    "Please, come in and help us tickle Dad, because he has to fetch us breakfast in bed."

    Jason and Carl approached the bed, unsure what to do...
I winked at them and tried to look desperate:

    "Please, help me fight the green dragon invaders and Gypsy knights. They're trying to suffocate me."

    Jason jumped onto the bed, and tried to pull Nicky off me:

    "Come on, Nicker; leave that poor man alone! He is too old to fight for himself."

    "WHAT? You think I am too old? You've asked for it..."

    I pushed little Harry and Nicky aside, pulled Jason over, and mercilessly tickled him:

    "That will teach you a lesson!"

    "Stop! Carl, do SOMETHING! You are my friend. You have to help me!"

    Carl jumped on top of me, and started to help Jason.
That was too much for poor old me; and I surrendered, panting:

    "Okay, I'm giving up. Together, you are too strong for me."

    Carl stopped the tickling, but didn't leave my stomach.
He collapsed on top of me, and heaved a deep sigh of content.
I threw my arms around him; and he melted into me, showing a beaming face.
A moment later, I was buried beneath a pile of five cuddling boys, all of them trying to melt into me.
What a lovely way of passing away...

    We cuddled until little Harry's stomach protested with a rumbling sound, and John answered:

    "Yes, I agree. I am hungry too!"

    John, Nicky, and little Harry disappeared into the shower; grinning and pushing each other.
Jason and Carl stayed behind, and wavered around my bed:

    "Pop, we made... err... May I call you 'Pop', please, just like Nicky always does?"

    "Of course, you may call me 'Pop', Jason. What's your other question?"

    "I hope you are not too mad at us... but... you see... we've made quite a mess of our sheets. We tried to be careful, but..."

    He looked at me with some fear in his eyes.
Would I be angry at him?
Carl just blushed, and looked at his feet...

    "Boys, you NEVER have to be afraid of me. Do you understand? Never! And why should I be mad at you for something I'm doing myself from time to time?"

    "You mean... you and HARRY? Or, you and John? Really?"

    "Well... First, that would be none of your business! And second, I was talking about me and my right hand..."

    Carl grinned and looked relieved; and now Jason blushed and looked at his feet...

    "Please, put your stained sheets into the hamper, and get yourself clean ones from the hallway closet."

    "Thank you, Pop, and you are the best. Come on, Carl; let's join the shower before they've used all the hot water..."



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