- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer

'Born to be a King 1'
Book 1 - My little Gypsy Prince
- by Harry AnderS -

An inspirational fantasy



     A retired psychotherapist meets a severely burnt little Gypsy boy, and takes him into his house. The boy turns out to be the Heir to the Throne.
This emotional roller coaster hints at past lives, spirit helpers, karma, the Power of Love, and contains several practical psychological concepts.
'Harry AnderS' is a retired Dutch psychotherapist and writer. He lives in The Netherlands; and is specialized in supporting troubled children.
    Please, also read his beautiful children's series of books, called 'Born as a Prince', written from the little Gypsy boy's own point of view!


Chapter 23 ended with:

    "I hope you are not too mad at us... but... you see... we've made quite a mess of our sheets. We tried to be careful, but..."

    He looked at me with some fear in his eyes.
Would I be angry at him?
Carl just blushed, and looked at his feet...

    "Boys, you NEVER have to be afraid of me. Do you understand? Never! And why should I be mad at you for something I'm doing myself from time to time?"

    "You mean... you and HARRY? Or, you and John? Really?"

    "Well... First, that would be none of your business! And second, I was talking about me and my right hand..."

    Carl grinned and looked relieved; and now Jason blushed and looked at his feet...

    "Please, put your stained sheets into the hamper, and get yourself clean ones from the hallway closet."

    "Thank you, Pop, and you are the best. Come on, Carl; let's join the shower before they've used all the hot water..."


Chapter 24. Private talk, BJ wants to survive, and I am pampering my boy.

     Little Harry and John cooked a healthy breakfast, and again we enjoyed a delicious meal.
Nicky and Jason had to go home, as I had promised BJ, to do some chores.
They promised us to be back in the afternoon, to work on our tree house.
Carl decided to accompany them, and Jason and he threw their arms around each other's shoulders.
Nicky offered me a wet kiss, and both Jason and Carl hugged me before they left our house.

    Little Harry and John went into our backyard, to have another look at the huge pile of wood.
I joined them, to have a breath of fresh morning air and a look at our swimming pool.
When would we have to clean it out? There was already some litter in it from the surrounding trees...

    The boys decided to do some work on their tree house in advance:

    "Do you have a tape measure, Dad, and a new piece of paper? We want to make a new provisional design."

    "Have a look for paper and pencils in the upper left drawer of my desk; and a tape measure is in the garage."

    Davey showed up in our backyard, ran up to me, and jumped up to let me catch him:

    "I rang the doorbell, but nobody answered. I was afraid you wouldn't be at home..."

    He offered me a quick hug and a kiss, and enthusiastically joined little Harry and John.
My poor old spine groaned...

    Thomas showed up, being already clad in his swimming trunks; but he left us again:

    "I came here for a swim, and not to build stupid tree houses. I think I'll go to a real swimming pool..."

    "Okay. Bye!"

    Thomas sauntered home; and the boys shrugged and hasted inside to get a couple of sheets of paper.

    I went to the kitchen, and brewed myself a cup of coffee.
What should I do? Should I try to help the boys with their tree house?
Maybe, that wasn't such a good idea...
I decided to leave them alone, and to work on my new book 'Born to be a King'.
I took my coffee to the living room, sat down at my computer, and started my word processor.
Soon, I disappeared into the story, and tried to relive all our adventures...

    Now and then, one of the boys showed up; to ask me a question, or just for a quick hug.
Of course, I answered their questions; but I let them think for themselves as well...
They were still deliberating about the best place to build their tree house, and drawing all sorts of futuristic designs.
Well, let's see...

    At noon, three hungry boys entered our living room:

    "What are we going to eat, Dad? We are starved... and now we have made a really good design! We can't wait until Jason and Carl are back. What are they doing for so long?"

    I prepared healthy sandwiches, of course helped by little Harry... or was it vice versa?
In no time, the huge pile of sandwiches was gone, and we emptied our glasses of fresh orange juice.
Little Harry got his mask from the model in the living room.
    He fetched a brown bottle of sticky substance from one of the lockers:

    "Dad, will you help me with my mask? I want to collect Jason, Carl, and Nicky; or maybe rescue them from doing more chores."

    I laughed, and helped him with his mask.
In rank, they marched off to BJ's house...
I went back to my computer, and again disappeared into my story...

    Half an hour later, my three boys rushed back to our house.
John looked rather agitated:

    "Dad, we've helped Jason's Dad to clean up his garage and put all the garbage away. He wanted to sell his house, but Harry convinced him to wait until Jason is eighteen years old. Now, Jason is going to live in the house after his father dies, together with Carl and maybe Nicky; and his father wants to talk to you about it!"

    The doorbell rang, and John rushed to the door.
He went to the kitchen, followed by BJ, Jason, Carl, and Nicky.
All of us took chairs around the kitchen table, and I offered them a drink.
    BJ looked rather agitated as well:

    "May I have a private talk with you, please?"

    "Then, let's go to the living room. Boys, could you leave us alone for a moment?"

    "Of course, Dad. We are going outside, to show Jason and Carl our new design. Oops, sorry... I forgot to include our best sketcher, Nicky."

    Nicky beamed, and punched John's arm:

    "I'm not THAT good at sketching. You are exaggerating..."

    We left the boys alone, went to the living room, and took two opposite easy chairs.
BJ winced again while sitting down, obviously suffering even more pain:

    "At first, I wanted to sell my house and set up a fund for Jason and Nicky, so that they were provided after I died. That way, Nicky could live with you, and Jason and Carl would be able to rent a room.
    "However, that little Gypsy boy made me think... He was angry, and told me I couldn't kick Jason and Nicky out of their own house just like that! Why didn't I leave the house to Jason, to live there with Carl and maybe with Nicky, after I died? His Dad would look after them as long as they weren't old enough; and, of course, he himself would supervise them as well...
    "He was acting like a King! Never before have I seen such a royal demeanor, and such a strong power, radiating from such a small child. He is a very special boy!"

    BJ took a sip of his coffee, and stared into space...

    "I promised him to think about it; but I am sure he is right! Why should I sell our house, while there might be a cure for my cancer?
    "The doctors offered me a treatment that might be able to heal me... but that implies hospitalization for a very long time, and the outcome is unsure. Up to today, I refused, because I didn't want to go on with my life as it was. I had nothing left to live for...
    "Since yesterday, everything seems to have changed. I have my sons back; and today they even cuddled with me and kissed me... For the first time after all those empty years, I want to LIVE.
    "I want to be there for my boys as long as I can; and, if possible, I want to adopt Carl as my own son!"

    He sniffled, and wiped his eyes with his handkerchief:

    "I will go to that hospital as soon as possible, to undergo their treatment. Without any treatment, I will die within a few months; but now I want to do everything I can for my boys. I want to see them growing up, and I will see Jason and Carl being happy with each other...
    "I would ask you to have custody over all three of them; so that, if I happen to pass away too soon, you will be able to look after them properly. After I die, I want them to inherit the house, so that they can live their own lives if they want. Do you want to look after them, and do you know a good lawyer who can help me achieve what I want?"

    Of course, I knew a good lawyer, and BJ looked relieved:

    "May I consider you my friend? You've done so much to help me and my boys..."

    Now, it was my turn to sniffle and wipe my eyes.
Both of us rose from our chairs, embraced each other, and looked into each other's eyes.
    BJ nearly crunched me, and started to cry again:

    "I've never had a real friend. I was always the big bully... Nobody ever liked me... Now it's almost too late..."

    "It's never too late for a change, BJ. And, you DID change! I'm happy to have you as my friend."

    We sat down again, and talked about how we should go on from here.
I would look after the house and the boys during BJ's hospitalization, of course helped by our little King...
BJ would grant me shared custody for the time he was in hospital; and full custody if he should happen to die.
We would exchange our keys, so that I could keep an eye on the boys and on the house while BJ wasn't home.
Money would never be a problem, as I had lots of it to spend and spent it with pleasure!
We went back to the kitchen, both feeling relieved and satisfied with our agreement.

    The boys were in a heavy discussion about their new tree house and about two trees being too far apart...
They were deliberating all the pros and cons of supporting beams and iron clamps, with heated faces.
Little Harry had drawn a picture with all the measurements on it, and used it to clarify why too long beams wouldn't be safe enough.
John was talking more with his hands than with his mouth; trying to depict what kind of a solution he had in mind.
Nicky agreed with little Harry, and told Jason to shut up because he didn't know what he was talking about.
Jason was a bit angry, but finally had to admit that little Harry was right and that they should work out John's solution.
Nicky looked around triumphantly, and Carl and Davey just listened and obviously had their own thoughts about everything.
Maybe, they were the more sensible ones...

    After a while, BJ coughed and asked for attention:

    "Boys, can I have your attention for a moment? I want to talk about a couple of things Big Harry and I have spoken about...
    "First, I want to visit a hospital as soon as possible, to undergo a special cancer treatment. It's not sure whether I will survive, but I will at least give it a try. I want to enjoy my three boys a bit longer...
    "Secondly; while I am hospitalized, Big Harry will be your second father and you will have to obey him in everything. Jason and Carl will stay in our house, and try not to demolish it in my absence. Nicky can live where he wishes, with his friend Harry or with his brother Jason. That's entirely up to him and to what Big Harry decides.
    "Third thing is; I want to adopt Carl as my own son. Maybe, I'm rushing this too much, but I don't have much time left...
    "Carl, please, would you want to be my adopted son?"

    For twenty very long seconds, the room was dead silent...
Then, a cannonball jumped up and launched himself at BJ.
    Carl totally entangled himself into his new Dad, and started to cry and laugh at the same time:

    "Yes! Yes, sir! I want you to be my new Dad! I've always wanted to have a new Daddy... I love you, Daddy; and, yes, I want to be your son!"

    Everybody started to cheer and congratulate Carl and BJ.
Carl was still entangled into his new Daddy, and both of them nearly cried with joy.
BJ had his enormous arms around Carl, and tried not to squash him...

    Suddenly, Carl looked at me with a hint of fear in his eyes, and stuttered:

    "Sorry, Pop... I know that YOU wanted to adopt me, but..."

    "Don't be sorry, Carl, because I only wanted to help you out of that prison. You will always be my special friend, and I will always try to help you; but now you have found yourself a real Daddy. I am sure that BJ will be a wonderful Dad to you, and be assured that you are having my absolute blessings!"

    Carl looked relieved, left his new Daddy, and offered me a fat kiss.

    "Thank you, Pop; for rescuing me from that orphanage and giving me my new Daddy. I will always think of you as being my third Dad. May I come back for a visit now and then?"

   "You will always be welcome in my house! That counts for all of you. In some way, we are sort of a big family..."

    Of course, the others piled up to us to join our cuddle; and, within a second, I was buried under all my boys.
I loved every part of it, in spite of my groaning spine!

    BJ decided to go home, because he felt too tired and wanted to lie down.
Carl, Jason, and Nicky decided to accompany him and set up Carl's new own room in their house.

    Before leaving, Jason looked at me and hesitated:

   "Pop, what about our tree house? What do you think... could we build it now as Carl and I planned it two years ago, in our own backyard?"

    Ten minutes later, we loaded the first pile of wood onto the roof of our golden van.
We transported all the wood back to its old destination, piled it up in BJ's backyard, and covered it with the plastic sheets.
Soon, our own backyard was empty again, except for our swimming pool and little Harry's herbs garden.

    BJ put his enormous arms around his flock, and beamed:

    "From now on, everything is as it should be, and thank you again for all your valuable help!"

    Jason had some consultation with Carl, nodded, and told us:

    "Of course, all of you are still welcome to help us with our tree house!"

    Immediately, little Harry fished a piece of paper out of his back pocket, and showed it to them:

    "Now we can build your tree house as I originally designed it!"

    All of us started to laugh, and Jason and Carl told little Harry that they couldn't think of any better layout...

    Finally, we left BJ, Jason, Carl, and Nicky; and drove home in our beautiful golden van.
I parked the van in our driveway, and we sauntered inside.

    Our house felt a bit empty, after all the emotions and happenings of the past days.
We sat down on the couch in our living room, and felt strangely sad...
    Little Harry put his arms around my neck, and sniffled a bit:

    "From now on, only John and I are living here, Dad... just like it was before."

    John nodded, and thought:

    "After my Mom is home again, it will be only you and Dad, and maybe now and then me..."

    Little Harry looked a bit tired, and yawned:

    "Dad? Do I HAVE to cook tonight, or shall we order pizzas? I feel worn out after carrying all that lumber..."

    "You poor little cookie! Of course, you will need your rest. What kind of pizza shall we order?"

    Davey looked a bit glum, and told us with a sad face:

    "Sorry, Pop, but Mom told me to be home before six o'clock. We are going to a birthday party this evening."

    We wished him a nice evening, and he told us he would try to be back the next afternoon.
He hugged us, kissed me, and went home.

    John went to the phone on my desk, and ordered pizzas for the three of us.
He slumped down onto our couch, and thought aloud:

    "I don't know what's feeling better: a house full of friends, or just us. A full house is a lot of fun, but just the three of us also feels nice..."

    Our pizzas were delivered after twenty minutes; and devoured in no time.
We burped, cleared the table, and drank our coffee and colas.
Again, we enjoyed each other's company, talking about everything we had lived through...

    At eight o'clock, the telephone rang.
John went to my desk, and answered the call:

    "It's my Mom... She is home now, and she wants to visit us."

    "Of course, your Mom is welcome! Tell her the coffee will be ready."

    Two minutes later, our doorbell rang, and John opened the front door and welcomed his Mom.
Trudy entered our living room, having her arms tightly around a beaming John.
Mark and Marrie followed her, softly giggling and teasing each other as usual.
John and little Harry went to the kitchen; to brew some more coffee and fetch some more drinks.
Soon, we sipped our drinks and looked at each other...

    John climbed onto his mother's lap; and little Harry climbed onto my lap.
Marrie and Mark climbed onto our couch; again giggling, and trying to bump into each other.
    Trudy took her handkerchief, and wiped her eyes:

    "Today, I was feeling homesick and lonely, despite of living in my mother's house. That's why I decided to go home early...
    "Our house felt dusty and musty, so I opened all the windows and cleaned everything. I bought a couple of flowers and burned some incense, to bring it back to life.
    "From now on, I will stay at home, and I will be there for my children. Our divorce is pending, and Eric will never again enter our house.
    "Thank you very much for caring for John, I've really appreciated that. However, from now on, I want him to be home, with me and with his own brother and sister.
    "Of course, he is always allowed to visit you and Harry. I will allow him to spend the night here on a regular basis, but not every night. I hope you can agree to that..."

    "Of course I agree. You are his mother, and John belongs to you and to his own family. Thank you for trusting me, and for allowing your son to be with us so much. I really enjoy his company. He is a wonderful friend, to both me and the other boys!"

    We talked some more; and, of course, John had to tell Trudy everything about our big and small adventures, now and then filled in by little Harry.
After some time, Trudy started to yawn and look at the clock:

    "I'm feeling tired, and I think it's time to go home. Thank you for everything! Would you like to have dinner with us tomorrow?"

    "Well, I would really appreciate that! What do you think Harry, shall we accept the invitation?"

    Little Harry looked at me with a naughty smile on his face:

    "Of course, we accept a free meal! That way, I don't have to cook tomorrow..."

    I chuckled, ruffled his hair, and tickled his ribs:

    "You poor little cookie! We are really misusing you!"

    Everybody laughed, even little Harry himself.
John promised to be back tomorrow; after doing a couple of chores.
We embraced each other, and Trudy and her children went home.

    Suddenly, our house felt very empty.
From now on, only the two of us were living here, as before...
Little Harry looked at me, I looked at little Harry, and something without words passed between us.
Silently, we went upstairs and entered my bedroom.

    Little Harry stretched out onto our waterbed, looking dreamily:

    "Dad, will you pamper me?"

    Instinctively, I knew what he meant...
He always had to be brave and tolerant, being plagued by his burnt face.
He was our chief cook, and he had to prepare our meals nearly every day.
He was a Gypsy Prince, and his own people were waiting for him to grow up.
He was a brilliant conversationalist, and he had a very distinct opinion of his own.
However, he also still was an eight-year-old and vulnerable little boy...

    This evening, he was tired, and he WANTED to be that little boy!
I kneeled beside our bed, and started to undress him.
First, I pulled his socks off his feet, and threw them into a corner.
I bent over, and kissed his ten toes, one by one.
He squirmed, and tried to escape the tickling sensation...
Now, I took one of his toes into my mouth.
Suddenly, he went all mushy, and I saw tears welling in his eyes...

    "What is it, my little soul mate? What are you crying for?"

    "I don't know... I think I'm feeling too happy. My mother always sucked on my toes, after she washed them...

    Suddenly, he got a naughty smile on his face:

    "Now, you are sucking on them BEFORE you wash them... and that's making you a dirty old man!"

    I tickled his feet on purpose, and he squirmed and roared with laughter:

    "Let me go, you dirty old man. Rape!"

    "What did you say I am?"

    "You are my dirty old Dad, and I love you, but please stop tickling my feet."

    Dirty old Dad got tears in his eyes, took him into his arms, and held him close...
Soon, he got too impatient, and wriggled himself free:

    "I thought you were going to pamper me? Come on, what’s next..."

    I smiled, and slowly unbuttoned his trousers.
He lifted his hips, and I peeled them off and threw them into a corner.
I tugged at his t-shirt, and he lifted his arms into the air until it came off.
I tugged at his Snoopy briefs, and he lifted his hips to help me shuck them.
Now, he was in his birthday suit, smiled at me, and stretched out even more.

    I looked at him, and I saw the most beautiful creature I had ever seen!
Of course, I saw his scars and the wild flesh in three different colors...
However, beyond that, I saw the beauty of his soul and his love shining through.
I saw his Royal Aura, and the enormous power and self-esteem he possessed.
He was my precious and beautiful little soul mate, and I LOVED him!

    Tenderly, I lifted him off the bed and into my arms.
He put his arms around my neck, and let me carry him to the shower.
I sat him down into a corner, quickly undressed, and threw my clothes onto the chest of drawers.
I adjusted the water temperature, until it felt nice.
Slowly, he shifted under the warmed water stream, with a smile of content.

    I sat down next to him, took the soap, and carefully lathered him up from head to toe.
He closed his eyes, and I thought I heard him purr, like a little kitten.
I washed his front, turned him around, and washed his back.
I sat him in between my knees, and washed his hair, careful not to let the shampoo drip into his eyes.
Quickly, I washed myself, while he waited for me with his eyes closed.
I took him into my arms, and rinsed both of us together while he spluttered and blew small bubbles.

    I took him out of the shower stall, and carefully dried him everywhere.
I sat him down onto the chest of drawers, and dried myself.
I took him to our waterbed, opened the blankets, and put him down.
I crawled next to him, turned the lights off, and covered us with the blankets.
Immediately, he crawled onto my stomach with a contented sigh.
    He put his little distorted nose in my left armpit, and yawned:

    "Thank you, Daddy. That was really nice! I'm happy we are together, and I love your body, your heart, and your soul."

    I felt all mushy inside, and had to be careful not to crush him in my arms.
My precious son.
My beautiful little soul mate...



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