- Harry AnderS -
Dutch psychotherapist and alternative writer

'Born to be a King'
- by Harry AnderS -

An inspirational fantasy



    A retired psychotherapist meets a severely burnt little Gypsy boy, and takes him into his house.
The boy turns out to be the Heir to the Throne.

This emotional rollercoaster hints at past lives, spirit helpers, karma, the Power of Love, and contains several practical psychological concepts.
The story is written by a retired Dutch psychotherapist, living in The Netherlands, and specialized in supporting troubled children.


Chapter 4 ended with:

    Suddenly, I started to laugh.
Tears were streaming down my face, and I couldn't stop.
This was too comical...
Such a small boy, having 'THE TALK' with me, a grown-up, both naked as the day we were born, and sitting on a corner of my bed...
Never in my life had I learned so much about sex, as in those few minutes!

    I took my boy in my arms, and nearly squashed him.
I ruffled his hair, kissed his face, cuddled him, and he laughed with me and clearly enjoyed all the attention he got.
Never before had I felt so FREE.
A heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders.
For the first time in my life, I could really be myself...

    I couldn't stop laughing, while we frolicked downstairs, both of us naked as the day we were born.
Together, we descended the stairs, hand in hand, skipping the last step, and pushing each other like little children...


Chapter 5. A delicious breakfast, there is John, showering, and shopping.

    Together, we entered the kitchen, which fortunately had some carpeting on the floor.
Little Harry looked around critically, and asked:

    "What do you have for breakfast?"

    "Well... until yesterday, it was only me in the house, so I didn't buy anything special. I think there's some cereal left, and there's still some milk in the refrigerator."

    "Do you have a couple of eggs and tomatoes?"

    "Yes, I do have a couple of eggs, and no, there are no tomatoes."

    "Do you have some vegetables?"

    "Why don't you have a look for yourself?"

    He dived into the refrigerator, and returned with the eggs, a small leek, two onions, and a clove of garlic.

    "Do you have some curry or other spices?"

    "I'm not sure. Maybe in one of the lockers over the sideboard..."

    He took a chair, climbed onto the sideboard, and opened the lockers one by one.
He returned, carrying small tins of curry and black pepper, a small container of salt, and a bottle of hot sauce.
    He put them onto the kitchen table, and asked:

    "Do you have some slippers?"

    "What?... I hope we're not going to eat slippers?"

    He shrieked with laughter:

    "No, silly, I'm not that hungry! I only want to get a couple of herbs from my garden."

    I offered him my own slippers, being curious about what he was going to do...
He put his small feet into them, grinned, opened the backdoor, and shuffled into the backyard.
I followed him to the open door, now very aware of my nudity...

    He shuffled to a corner of the backyard, marked out by a couple of white cobblestones.
I remembered I had seen them before, and even stumbled over a couple of them...
Obviously, he had put them upright again.
Had he been angry with me, for damaging his little garden?

    After a moment, he returned, carrying a few green leaves and some small reddish pod:

    "That's my herbs garden, with all sorts of useful plants in it!" he proudly told me,
    "Jack and I laid it out a year ago, with the help of my herbal learning book. Do you have a sharp kitchen knife and a plate, to slice my herbs?"

    I was a bit wary about letting such a small boy handle a knife, but again decided to trust him.
Hesitantly, I offered him a sharp knife from one of the drawers, deciding to have a close eye on him...
Soon, I was following his ministrations wide-eyed and with growing amazement!
He washed the herbs, adeptly sliced them into small pieces, and put them into a cup.
He frittered the onions, chopped part of the leek; and skillfully smashed the garlic, using his fists and the blade of his knife...
He put everything into the cup, and added a bit of salt, pepper, curry, a few drops of hot sauce, and some milk.
    Now, he started to mix everything together carefully:

    "Could you put a pan on the stove, put some butter in it, and heat it?" he asked me, without looking up.

    I did as he told me, bewildered about his amazing skills as a little cook...
He climbed onto a chair, carefully broke the eggs, one by one, without crumbling the shells, and put them into the pan.
He mingled them with the contents of the cup, stirring them with a spatula...

    "Can you butter some toast now? I'm nearly ready."

    Again, I did as he told me, suddenly feeling proud to be the kitchen help of such a skilled little cookie...

    The food turned out to be tasting more than delicious!
Never before, had I savored any breakfast like that.
    I told him he was a wonderful cook, and he beamed with joy:

    "Jack taught me how to cook a healthy meal. I was always experimenting with new herbs and other add-ons. Sometimes, it tasted awfully yucky, and then we had to throw it away and start again. At other times, it's working out great, like now..."

    Suddenly, he tilted his head, as if he was able to feel or to hear something:

    "There is John."

    Ten seconds later, the doorbell started to ring.
Little Harry rushed to the front door, leaving me at a loss...
How the heck did he know that John was going to pay us a visit?
Was my boy a clairvoyant as well?

    What should I do now, still being naked?
Should I race upstairs and don some clothes, or should I try to hide myself?
I didn't have enough time to run towards the stairs without being seen...
So, I decided to position myself strategically at the back of the kitchen table.

    I heard a lot of giggling; and two excited boys tumbled into the kitchen, obviously being happy to see each other.
John sniffed the air approvingly, and looked at little Harry with pride in his eyes:

    "Smells wonderful here! Did you cook one of your famous breakfasts? Any leftovers for me?"
    "Morning, sir!" he acknowledged my presence, barely looking at my nakedness as if this were quite normal to him,
    "Harry is a brilliant cook, isn't he? Come on; let's hit the shower and dress! Are you coming with us, sir?"

    He draped his arms around little Harry, and pulled him close.
Little Harry melted into him, and two pairs of eyes expectantly looked up at me...

    "Well, I don't know, perhaps I shouldn't..." I started to protest, but little Harry interrupted me:

    "Come on, don't spoil the fun! Let's go upstairs."

    He stepped forward, firmly took my hand, and told John:

    "He's still a bit shy, because his parents told him the same bullshit your parents were teaching you. He still has to learn that all men are looking the same, maybe except for some little hairs, and that all of us are having the same stiffies from time to time. Now, take his other hand and help me!"

    John grinned, took my other hand, and together they dragged me to the stairs.
Little Harry started to laugh, showing little fun lights in his eyes:

    "Can you walk on your own now, or do we have to carry you?"

    Like a lamb heading for the slaughter, I dragged myself upstairs...
John and little Harry followed me from a short distance; trying to suppress their snickering.
I was very aware of those boys looking up at my bum, and felt my face coloring a bright red with shame.
However, I did not try to cover myself, and kept on walking as if this were my daily habit...

    Why was this so difficult for me?
Why did I feel so uneasy when somebody else could see certain parts of my body?
Obviously, none of the boys seemed to have any problems with being naked, so why did I?
Was I so clogged due to my upbringing, and to what our society keeps telling us in all its wisdom?
Or, was I now a filthy child molester; and was I, at this very moment, damaging these two innocent victims for the remainder of their lives?
I continued to drag myself upstairs, until we reached the hallway and rushed to the shower...

    The shower was FUN, for all of us.
Fortunately, the former owner of my house had rebuilt a small room into a bathroom, with a generous shower enclosure and place for a washing machine, a dryer, and a chest of drawers.
Within a split second, John had thrown his clothes into a corner, and little Harry had adjusted the taps to let the shower water have a nice temperature.
Soon, all three of us were wrestling to have the best place under the warm water stream, giggling and pushing each other like little children.
I felt like a little boy myself, and both other boys totally accepted me as being one of us...

    For the first time since I had been a small boy myself, I felt like a child again, and I loved the wonderful experience.
Now I was able to understand what us therapists are intending, when they are telling their clients to 'comfort their inner child'...
Maybe, this also was what the Bible had been intending, by using those words 'Be like a Child'...

    We started to wash each other everywhere, without any shame or restrictions.
We shampooed each other's hair and carefully rinsed it, while protecting each other's eyes.
We teased each other, group-cuddled with six arms around each other, and everything felt totally NORMAL and in harmony.
Could it be that society was WRONG in its assumptions about 'molesting' and 'displaying indecent behavior' between children and grown-ups?

    Finally, we dried each other carefully and everywhere, even in the butt cracks and between the toes.
We looked at each other, and started to laugh:

    "You look like a shriveled prune!"

    "Oh yeah? You look like a wrinkled pig!"

    "I think you look more like a drowned cat..."


    John grabbed his clothes from the chest of drawers; and both boys raced to my bedroom.
Little Harry threw himself onto our waterbed and started to jump up and down with beaming eyes:

    "Look, John, we're sleeping on a WATERBED, and our bed can carry two elephants without trouble!"

    John threw himself onto the bed next to little Harry, and tackled him by pulling a leg.
Now both of them started to jump up and down; enthusiastically cheering and trying to tackle each other.
They had lots of fun for a long time; until, at last, they were too tired to go on and slumped down onto the bed.
    They looked up at me expectantly:

    "Aren't you going to join us? You are no fun!"

    Of course, I had to prove them that I could be some fun after all...
I went to the bed, and let myself slump down next to them.
Immediately, both boys crawled onto my stomach, giggling and competing for the best place.
I put my arms around them and pulled them close, savoring this special moment of togetherness.
I started to really love my boys, being more and more fond of my little soul mate and of my thirteen-year-old special friend...
Both of them tried to melt into me, having their arms around each other and now and then kissing my cheeks.
We felt totally at peace with each other; and, after a while, we slowly drifted into a slumber...

    I was hardly aware of my surroundings, and everything around me felt peaceful.
A bright light surrounded me, seemingly coming from everywhere.
I felt a strong wave of love and compassion, engulfing me and warming my soul.
    Now I saw Jack, looking at me with a warm and understanding smile:

    "Thank you, for looking after both boys. Never hesitate to do what your heart is telling you. You are not making any mistakes, and all of you are in a process of learning from each other. John is a wonderful friend to both of you; and he has a very big heart. Soon, there will be a time when you have to take him into your house for a while, so be prepared..."

    "May I ask you a question, Jack?" I asked him with some hesitancy...

    "Look!" Jack answered, anticipating my question and slowly fading away...

    In his place, he showed me a vision of little Harry in the near future...
Now he had a very smooth skin on his face, a cheerful pug nose, a mouth with nicely looking lips that only hinted at something artificial, and normal ears. His chest only showed some nearly invisible scars, his hips and legs only showed a few small marks, and he had a normal pecker with a nice foreskin...

    "That's what you can do for him, but don't be too impatient. Just wait for the right moment." Jack's voice told me somewhere in my head.

    The light slowly faded away, leaving me with a wonderful feeling.
Now I understood what Jack's intention had been when he told me to spend everything on my little soul mate...
He could count on me! I would do everything to help my boy getting his normal face back!
I surely didn't need to be royally rewarded for spending all my money on him...

    I woke up; and, at the same time, both boys stirred and opened their eyes...

    "You fell asleep, that proves you are an old sleepyhead!" little Harry teased me.

    "You fell asleep too, so you are sleepyhead number two!" John teased little Harry.

    "That makes you a young sleepyhead number three!" I smiled at John.

    "Yeah, and I wish I could live here, together with you sleepyheads, having you as my Dad and Harry as my brother!"

    "I got sort of a strange feeling..." little Harry announced, staring into space,

    "I think we ARE going to live together, at least for a while..."

    "I certainly hope you are right!" John exclaimed,
    "Because my father is driving me crazy! He complains about everything I do, and nothing is ever good enough. Yesterday, my mother threatened him with a divorce, and my father yelled at her and called her names. This morning, she had tears in her eyes, and my father seemed to have left the house. I hope he doesn't come back..."

    His voice drifted off, he started to sniffle, and tears welled up in his eyes.
Little Harry immediately put his arms around his big brother, and held him close...

    "It's okay to cry," he told John's left ear,
    "Just let it go. Don't bottle it up. In a few minutes you will feel better..."

    John listened to his little brother, and started to cry earnestly.
Boys will always be boys; and, soon, John dried his eyes, using a tissue from the package.
    Little Harry poked him in the ribs, and grinned:

    "Come on, crybaby, today we have to move my stuff back to my new old room!"

    All three of us jumped out of bed, and quickly donned our clothes.
We raced downstairs; and little Harry headed for the refrigerator:

     "What do you have to drink? And I want something to eat too!"

    "What? Didn't you eat enough this morning? That was barely an hour ago!"

    "We are both growing boys, you know," John grinned,
    "That means we have to eat a lot of food, to grow as strong and tall as you are."

    I started to chuckle, and teasingly ruffled his hair.
Still grinning, he threw his arms around my waist and tried to squash me.
    I sighed, feeling rich with my two newly found friends:

    "I think we will have to visit a supermarket first, because Harry and I used nearly everything I had in stock."

    "Okay, let's go to the supermarket. Do you have your keys and your wallet?"

    John left my waist, kissed my cheek, and headed for the door...
Suddenly, he turned around, and looked at little Harry with concern in his eyes:

    "Are you coming with us?"

    Little Harry stepped backwards, and slumped down onto a folding chair.
The light in his eyes went out, and his head slowly bent to his knees.
He plucked at his clothes and muttered, barely audible:

    "You better go without me..."

    John lifted little Harry onto his lap, and tenderly put his arms around his little brother:

    "Don't you remember the last time we went there with Jack, and you were wearing that comical teddy bear mask? Everybody laughed at us and had fun. You even started to dance with that funny girl! Everybody applauded, and both of us got a big tablet of chocolate from the shop owner. Do you remember?"

    "Yes, but that evening your father threw the mask away, and you got detention for begging..."

    "That's true, but we HAD a lot of fun!"

    Suddenly, I had a bright idea, and asked him:

    "What if we're going to a toyshop first, and buy you a cap with a big bill? You could pull the bill all over your face, and enter the supermarket incognito."

    Little Harry looked up, and his blue eyes started to beam again:

    "Don't you forget to pick up your keys, and your wallet? Let's go!"

    Both boys rushed to the door and headed for my car in the driveway, pushing each other to be there first.
John obviously had a lot of consideration for his little brother, because he let him win unnoticed by pretending to trip over a small pebble.

    "I WON!" little Harry shouted, jumping high into the air in triumph.

    His sadness was gone, and his bright blue eyes were beaming again.
He tried to open the door in vain, and I threw him my keys.
    He caught them adeptly, and opened my door first:

    "Entrez, monsieur..." he told me in his best French, making a deep bow.

    Next, he let himself and John in.
They took the back seat, buckled up, and we drove off.
I searched for something joyful on the radio, and soon all three of us were singing along with the music.

    I wondered where John's parents were; so, during a radio silence, I asked him:

    "Do your parents know where you are, John?"

    "Yes; and my mother went downtown, shopping with Mark and Marrie. Normally, she doesn't come back for hours. I have no idea where my father is, and Thomas and Chrissy went for a swim in the pool. I was all alone this morning, that's why I decided to visit you that early."

    "You weren't surprised to see both of us naked in the kitchen?"

    "Nah, Harry hates clothes, so mostly he walks naked through the house for the whole day. Jack often didn't bother either. At first, I was a bit embarrassed; but, after a while, I got used to their walking around naked. One day, Harry asked me to wash his hair; and, from that time on, we often showered together. Now and then, Jack joined us; and that was always a lot of fun, just like this morning. I did miss that fun for the last two months! Fortunately, now YOU are here to join us and have fun with. However, we are keeping it a secret for the other children. They don't know anything about it."

     Again, we started to sing along with the music from our car radio.
Suddenly, a totally crazy song popped up; and all of us started to howl with the music, shrieking with laughter, and trying to raise the roof of our car:

    "You are soooo beauuuutifuuuullll..."



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