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Behind Enemy Lines



The party was hot. I was the hottest girl there as usual. Anita was flirting with some guy in the kitchen and I basically had to pull her to the front. Anita was my girl, but once she saw a fine male, it was hard to pull her off. I didn't blame her though, the boy Malik was sexy...he was sexy as hell. However, he seemed to be only interested in one person during the time at that party and that person wasn't Anita.

He was interested in a guy named Jadezo.

Jadezo was the tragic poet hooked on drugs. Every hood had one. He had all the Renaissance talents in the world. He could dance, sing and draw just as well as people who got full scholarships to schools like Columbia and NYU, but he was stuck in the hood.

"Cockblocker," Anita called me as soon as we got to the other side of the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes, "Did you see how Malik looked at him? Either he is on here for business, trying to get Jadezo signed or something...or he's gay trying to hook up with the local artist who everyone knows has to be gay."

"Either way...he can still leave here with me," Anita crossed.

She put her hands on her hips. She was right. We were the Plastics...the mean girls. We had perfected the art of getting what we wanted. Jadezo probably wouldn't stand a chance once Anita started kicking in her charm, but I didn't want her to. I liked Jadezo. I HATED faggots, but I liked Jadezo for some weird reason.

I laughed a little, "Down Ms. Thing. You need to save your goodies for someone who you are sure is worth it."

"Not everyone has the patience you have Boo. Damn, how is it that you went this long being a virgin? You know how many guy would kill just to get a hint of your pussy?"
Pussy...that was the problem. I didn't have one. I had a dick. I was planning to change that but it was so damn expensive. I'd saved so much to have the operation. I saved up fifteen thousand dollars since I was 16 years old. All I needed was a few more thousand and then I would have it.

Dorian had been patient. He'd been patient for so long. I didn't know how much longer he would stick around just to stick around. He had no idea I was born a boy. One time, he had actually come close to discovering it though. It was a hot summer day and we had been making out in somebody's Buick. He had been really getting into it. Dorian had never had to wait for sex from ANY girl. He was fly and sexy. Most of the girls wanted him. He was so surprised. I had crossed my legs, even though I had made sure to tuck my dick and tape it down real well. He had been grabbing on my tits and licking them. He always said they were real soft, but never asked me if they were fake. He was so passionate with his kisses, that I almost let my guard down. I HARDLY let my guard down. I always tried my hardest to be on it. His kisses had gotten longer, harder, deeper.

"I love you," he said to me, "You're so beautiful. You are the most beautiful girl I know baby. You don't know what you to me. I just want to make love to you."

They were all the things I wanted to here. Before I knew it my boob was out and he was licking it as though trying to find out my little secret buried beneath. I loved it. I loved every part of Dorian. No man knew what to do with my body like he did and this was just from kissing. I could only imagine how sex would feel like. He had leaned the car seat back. I may have been taking hormones to block testosterone, but I still had the same urges that I did when I was fully a boy.

"Baby...wait..." I pleaded.

Before I knew it he was rubbing up and down my thigh rapidly. My head kept telling me to stop but my body betrayed itself. It completely surrendered to him. My breasts moved forward toward him. My thighs rocked with his touch. Passion ran through every part of me as he licked all over my breasts.

That was when it happened.

It was quick and I had allowed myself to slip into such fever that I didn't know it happened. I bust a nut. It must have been the combination of him touching me, my hips rocking and my dick being taped down the way it was. I moaned in pleasure, not really realizing what happened. All of a sudden I could feel his hand come up.

My heart raced. I didn't know what to say. His hand was moist...My entire crotch area was wet. He raised his hand almost in surprise. All of a sudden I knew that everything I had hidden for this long was completely out. My secret was revealed because I couldn't control myself.

"Damn are so are turning me on," he explained.

Wet? He thought I was wet! What the hell? He probably couldn't tell the difference in the darkness. He had been smoking weed all day. Damn...I didn't know how to get away with it. I pushed him back slowly and crossed my legs.

Having released on myself, the control came back, "You are making me too hot for my own good. You know I want to wait until my marriage day."


I had gotten away with it then and good thing. Still Dorian was a man and he had manly needs. It wasn't a surprise that he proposed to me. Not saying that was the only reason he had proposed, but it sure did rush the process. Yet I always wondered how faithful he could have been...being a man. He had his whore ass baby mother Janette basically throwing herself at him every chance that she got.

Speak of the devil and she shall appear.

"Hey ho!" I heard her call from inside the house.

She had just walked into the living room at the party. All her little piece of trash girls were following her. They were her damn cronies; Mona, Misha, Tonya and all these other bitches that I could barely remember names for. I could keep cronies around if I wanted. I just chose not to. The girls around these parts damn near worshipped me. I just didn't like being around a large crowd due to the fact that it gets you in trouble.

"Hoe? Who the hell you calling a hoe?" Anita asked.

I turned her around and whispered to her, "Go get Rita."

Anita knew what it was hitting for. She disappeared in the back of the kitchen looking for her sister. There was about to be a girlfight today and I knew it. These bitches were dressed for it. They had come out with buns in their hair and wearing sweat pants. They all looked ugly as usual.

"I was calling you a hoe..." Janette said and walked into my face.

I could smell her breath on my face. I didn't like this girl, not even the slightest bit. She was so foul in so many ways. I wondered how her parents felt. She was just the body encompassing form of a hood rat bitch.

"Don't start nothing. This is Yoshi's house. Get out of my face," I told her.

I had to admit, the girl was kind of intimidating. I mean, I was a boy, but I never was the fighter. The hormones had made me more fragile. I lost a lot of the boy power that I was born with. I was very much so like a girl now. I just wasn't a fighter. I mean, I had gotten real done up for this party. My hair was in a long wrap down to my neck. I was painted for the gods. My face was something that came right out of the cover of Maybelline magazine. I shouldn't need to fight.

"Bitch this will be handled. You fucking home wrecker."

"Homewrecker?" I asked. I was confused.

She reached her hand out in front my face and snapped loudly, "Yes, you motherfucking homewrecking hoe."
The girls that she had with her were with her were laughing and agreeing with what she said. These bitches had no idea what they were talking about. All of these girls fell into the same trap. They chase a guy till he finally submits. They have his baby and trap him. Then they act surprised when he doesn't want to stick around with them and work it out for the "baby's sake". They probably just agreed with her for the sake of agreeing.

"You're words really aren't hurting me," I said and crossed my arms.

I looked down at my feet. It really wasn't because she was in my face. I had just bought my new shoes. I really didn't need to be messing these up. I had just got them! I wanted to wear them again to the premiere of Sex and the City. Me, Anita and Rita were going to invite a potential fourth Plastic into the group just so we be complete and be like the sex and the city girls. I was going to be Carrie...of course. What if I had a fight today and messed up my shoes?

"Bitch, my words won't need to hurt you. My fists will."

She pushed me. It wasn't a hard angry push, it was kind of an instigating push. She was trying to annoy me and get me started.

"Listen...Janette," I tell her suddenly, "I understand you're upset, but how about we just get over it. I mean there are more guys in this world. Lets just chalk it up and bury the hatchet. I'll take you out to get your nails and feet done. We'll make it an evening."

People started to laugh. A lot of people started to laugh actually. I didn't understand what was exactly so funny about it. I mean, Janette badly needed to get her nails done. They looked like a man's and this is coming from someone who partially still is a man.

"Bitch I'm bout to whoop your ass tramp!" Janette said and got into my face again, "We ain't having a fucking evening! I'm gon whoop your ass! Don't you understand that? Or is all that make up blocking your hearing?"

She sounded mad. This bitch had nothing to lose. Her face was already messed up. She just wanted to mess mine up as well so I could be lowered to her level. I didn't get it. Janette wasn't ugly...just messed up. If she stopped buying that cheap make up and invested in some good stuff, it wouldn't be clunked up all over her face like it usually was.

"You know what...I don't have time for this."

I turn around in an attempt to walk away. I don't know why I thought it would be so damn easy. Before I knew I could feel her grabbing my hair from behind. I just knew by now there was a crowd. I couldn't believe it...THIS BITCH HAD MY HAIR!

"Bitch! I'm going to whoop your fucking ass."
Before I knew it she was pulling and I turned around and swung my hand furiously at her. I hit her several good times in her face, but then she yanked hard. I was so glad. A large handful of my hair extensions went with her. I shrieked in pain as she did it. Damn...that was enough. I was far from a fighter, but I had paid 80 dollars a bag for that hair. I used three bags to get my hair done!
"You bitch!" I suddenly tell her. I turn and hit her hard in her face. My fists knocks her face hard and she falls back, but she's a hood rat. The hood rats barely feel pain.

She jumps back on me like her name is Tarzan and starts pummeling away. My heel gives away and I fall back. I start to shriek even louder when I realize she has me on the floor. She is taking blow after blow to my face. Ugh...not again. It would be cool to say this was the first time I was beat up by a girl...but it wasn't. I sat there with my hands over my face. That was where she was aiming for. She didn't care about anything else but my face. She was trying to erase the threat.

Then I realized she knew as well as I knew it wasn't working. A black eye was one thing, but she wanted to really hurt me. She was trying to scratch my face. I could feel her nails trying to dig past my hand.

That was when I heard Rita's voice.

Rita shouted violently, "Get off her!"

Thank god Rita was here.

Rita smacked the shit out of Janette and Janette fell off of me. Out of all the plastics Rita was the only one who could really throw down. She was one fighting bitch. It was probably because she was also on the verge of being a hood rat. She talked a lot like them and had friends that were hood rats.

However, her jumping in meant that there was a rift between the two groups. After she hit Janette, Misha or some other hood rat that looked as messy as Misha went up to Rita and they started to brawl.

Before I knew it, Anita had come out of the kitchen as well. She had taken the time to tie her hair back unlike Rita. Anita definitely pulled a move that I would have done. I wasn't surprised when her face was completely greased down. She wasn't going to let one little fight affect her beauty forever. She was fighting someone else though...I think Janette's cousin Mya had come over in an attempt to assist her cousin.

"Bitch, I'm not done with you yet!" I heard Janette say to me.

She was crawling over to me and I made a quick reach for my shoe. I took my my shoe and threw it at her. It hit her dead in her face and she fell back. That's what that bitch gets! I smiled at myself, but in the next minute, I saw some girl whose name I never remembered attack me. She was with Janette a lot but I could never recall her name.

She was surprisingly weak however. I flung her off of me and ran towards where I had landed the shoe to get my shoe back. Chaos had completely taken over the house. A lot of people had left cause they knew the cops were coming. Some people had stayed in an attempt to see us continue fighting.

I looked to see where Anita and Rita were. Mya had Anita in a head lock. She was choking the hell out of her. I took my shoe and launched it at Mya. Just like Janette, the heavy heel hit her dead in her forehead and puzzled her long enough for Anita to shake free. All those years playing pee-wee football when I was a little boy definitely did help!

I saw Rita chasing some girl out of the house and soon I saw Anita follow behind her with a whole lot of the other girls. I went to pick up my shoe again. Hell...I still wanted the shoe. As I reached down to pick it up, I saw Janette.

This bitch had a knife! By that time, several other people had left. Only the hood boys were still around and a few other souls just watching the fight.

"I'm going to cut you bitch! I'll cut you from ear to ear!"
This bitch was crazy. I didn't get it. Was she really that upset that I was with Dorian now? I didn't understand why it bothered her so much. By this time, my whole body was shaking. This bitch really did seem like she just wanted to ruin my face. There was no other motive to her campaign. I could tell all that built up hostility was leading to this moment. She was walking towards me with a knife. I backed up against a wall. I didn't know what to do. God...not my face!
"Hold up!"

Some dude had come to my aid. It was the same guy that was with Jadezo earlier. Jadezo was no where in sight, but it was the guy that kept talking about him. I forget what Anita had said his name was (if she told me at all). The man walked between Janette and I, holding his hands up.

"Put the knife down, ma'am. This isn't necessary!'

Who in their right mind would call Janette by ma'am? This bitch was ghetto hood rat bitch. That is what she needed to be referred to. He wasn't from around these parts but damn, I was glad he was around now.

"NIGGAH, GET THE FUCK FROM ROUND HERE!" she explained, making a move to dodge past him and get to me.

"Bitch get the fuck out!" a voice boomed from somewhere.

I knew exactly who the fuck that was. I could hear him coming down the stairs. It was Yoshi. He was the kingpin around these parts. Now, I was really scared. Yoshi wasn't the type of person you fucked with. This was his home. We were fighting...I was Yoshi's home. I made held my arms closing hoping that I could just disappear. His thugs seemed to assemble around the living room, ready to do whatever Yoshi instructed them to do. That was how it worked around here. It was Yoshi's world around these neck of the woods.

"Yoshi, I need to cut that bitch!" Janette explained as though her and Yoshi were on `that' level, which was impossible...nobody was on `that' level, not with Yoshi.

"Bitch!" he said and at that moment I saw him pull out a gun.

He pointed the gun right at Janette's head and took off the safety. Damn, I was almost sure the cops were outside by now, but Yoshi didn't care. He could kill Janette and get off with a slap on the wrist. Honestly, I didn't mind. He would be doing me a favor...but the guy...the mystery guy who no one knew stepped forward.

"Hey man, I understand this is probably you're house, but the lady's just a little upset. It's no need to make this worse," the mystery man explained.

"Who the fuck are you?" Yoshi said and took a step toward the mystery guy when he didn't answer fast enough, "You understood what the fuck I said don't you? You ain't from my hood...has anyone seen this nigga before?"

There was an array of "no" answers from Yoshi's thugs.

"Look...bro...I didn't disrespect you did I? I don't need you to disrespect me either," the mystery man explained.

All of a sudden I saw Yoshi move his gun away from Janette and to the mystery man. Janette took that as her way out. She dropped her knife and ran out the front door. Dumb bitch! She started this entire thing.

"You don't come to a hood you not from and start making demand, nigga," he told the mystery man. The mystery man grew quiet, but he seemed more angry then scared. I could tell he was no punk. Hell...he was far from it. He was biting onto his lip and I knew he had this bad boy covered up under his fancy outfit. He looked as though he would really go off if a gun was pointed as his head. He was in danger. I could tell. So many boys had ended up dead getting smart with Yoshi. There were so many graves that had gotten full. This guy seemed like he was a minute away from saying something. Who the hell was this guy?

"He pulled up in a nice car, Yoshi. We have no idea why he's here. I think he came with that bitch Mya from the Grove."

Malik! That was his name! I had overheard Anita saying it back in the kitchen. He really was a mystery man. He'd come out of no where...for no reason.

"Oh did he?" Yoshi said and gave Malik a tough look, "Ayo...don't move nigga, I'm going to empty those pockets, see what this nigga is working with."

At that moment I saw Malik's hand. It was in his back. I was the only one that could see it. It was balling up into a fist. Damn, I raced over to them just as Yoshi started making a move for Malik's pocket. I grabbed Malik's fist just as he was about to raise it and hit Yoshi.

"Hey, hey, hey...Yoshi," I say and smile at him, "Hi..."

"Dorian's girl," he said and lifted up his eyebrow. I was surprised he recognized me. He saw me a few times, but we never exchanged any words with each other. Dorian worked for him. All the drug pushers worked for him.

"That girl and her was the first ones fighting, boss," some little rat ass kid said. He was probably too young to even be at a party like this. He probably just hung out with the drug dealers because he wanted to.

"Listen, Yoshi," I say, moving in front of Mystery Malik as he had done for me before, "Please don't. This here, this is my brother. Like...I know I messed up your house. I'll make sure I'll pay for everything that's broken. It really wasn't our fault. I tried to walk can ask everyone."

He stood there for a while.

"This your brother?" he asked.

He was giving me this weird look...almost like he wanted something. I smiled at him and repeated again, "Yeah, this is my brother."
He lowered his gun, "Aight...but just cause you a pretty lady. Get him the fuck outta here."
I looked at Malik and he looked at me. Then he started to walk out. I turned to follow him and then I felt Yoshi's hand wrapped around mine. There was something about him that really intimidated me. Maybe it was the fact that he was the local drug lord or maybe it was the fact that he was standing here licking his lips and staring me at me like I was piece of meat.

"You are REAL pretty lady," he said and licked his lips again.

I turned around feeling a chill crawl up my spine. He knew that I was Dorian's girl. He knew most of all. Dorian was supposed to be his boy. Or was I wrong? I walked away and didn't look back. I wasn't even going to give Dorian the slightest clue that he was flirting with me. Dorian was jealous...real jealous and might be crazy enough to go up against Yoshi.

I got outside and the I still felt kind of shaken up by how Yoshi had touched me. Maybe it was a mix of the whole thing that happened with Janette. She was officially crazy. I kept thinking about Dorian. I loved him but if he had a baby mother's like is it possible that we could work out.

As soon as I walked out I saw Malik. He was waiting for me.

"You need a ride sis?" he joked.

"Nawl...I just live around the block," I answered.

" about I just walk you home."

I liked Malik...not in that way, but he was nice. I knew Dorian would probably be thinking all the weirdest things if he saw me with him. I didn't mind though. It was better to walk home with Malik then walk home with nobody else.

I smiled and added, "You probably think the worst huh? Coming up from where you used to stay at and getting into us acting...well...hoodish. That's how things are around here. Fight or be fought."

"I saw you didn't want to fight her. I respect that."

"I felt like I should have buried that bitch before she even tried it. I can't stand these ghetto ass bitches."
"Maybe you should have buried something else...a little better."

In that moment I had heard the words that I was always afraid of hearing. The way it came was so casual. I looked over at him and he stopped walking. I looked down...I had gotten untucked. Fuck...I was untucked and swinging at that. It was clear to see in my pants. I looked back at the house wondering if maybe there was a chance that anyone could have noticed.

At that moment, I thought about killing him. was that serious. I shove my heel in his eye and then shove it down his throat till he choked.

For the first time in my life...someone found out my secret.