Boy Meets Bear


Hey guys, this is a true story, some names and places
Have been changed for personal reasons and like always
Feedback is more than welcome. //

The sun was hot and sticky overhead, As I picked up
more lumber from the huge pile and tossed it over my
shoulder and began to carry it into the school me and
my crew was re-modeling.

"Fuck I hate this job" I said out loud and dropped the
lumber into a messy pile, the only good side Of the
Nine and a half hour days was what it was doing to my
body. In high school I was always the "fat" kid but it
has been a month since graduation and i've gone from 220
pounds to around 185, but it's not the scale I cared
about, my entire gut had disappeared and some nice
toning in my arms was great.

"Today is pay day boys!" My father called out "Let's get
out of here early" Too bad early is only 20 minutes I
thought, once you count in the clean up.

" The family is going to the fair, do you wanna come
along with us?" My father asked as we were packing away
tools and equipment.

"No, I'm fine, if I decide to go I'll take your truck" I

"Well, just pay for the gas and I don't care. Also, make sure we
have enough to get to work and back at least." He said.

"No problem" I said, although with the V6 magnum
engine any trip over 25 minutes is a good 30 bucks in
gas, well at least the way I drive. I got lucky and had
gotten my full license just two days before graduation.

The ride back to our camp where my family stayed all
summer was around 45 minutes and the only thing making
any noise in the truck cab was the radio, me and my
father did not get along well, hell me and my family
didn't get along. My mother was going through the big
"M" and was moody to say the least, and with myself
trying to spread my wings things weren't going over

Pulling up the dirt road to the camps my father said "
You better enjoy this summer, it's gonna be the last
one, we're selling the place now since you kids are all
grown up." And he glared at me.

All grown up, referring to me, my siblings being only 13
and 9. So that's their plan to blame me. I see how
things are. Well, what ever they want to do they can
because if I get my way I'm gone as soon as I can. With
this construction job raking in $750 bi-weekly and no
real bills to pay I could save for a place by next
summer for sure and be outa here for good.

Pulling up to our lot I jumped out, peeled off my work
boots and socks then jumping on a lay back swing
putting in my ear phones trying to drown out my naggy

" Well, if you decide to go, you have your free pass, I
guess it's your money to waste!" She said getting into
her SUV with the rest of my family, "yeah" I thought to
myself " Getting into that thing with them crammed in
was defiantly not on my top priority list."

But little to her knowledge I had been planning to go
for the past 3 years, see at this fair and its wooden
Stalled bathrooms there was a glory hole I had been
visiting since I was 15. It was the last week it would
be there until next year so there was no way I was
going to miss this!

Of course I waited a good 20 minutes before I jumped in
my father's truck and took off, just to be sure I
wasn't going to run into them. Hooked my MP3 player up
and cranked the music then took off. Not knowing this
little trip into town would be the first step into a
different life for me.

I haven't had my license for very long and this trip
was new for me. The road signs said 90 but I being
invisible and young had a steady pace at around 120
KMH of course. So it didn't take too long to get to my
destination. But at the last minute I decided not to
park in the lot next to the fair, I'm not sure why, just
didn't want to so I parked a good 10 minute walk away,
at the mall. My fathers black truck blended in with the
tons of other vehicles and it actually made me feel

Got out of the truck and away I went, I got maybe half
way up the hill when who of all people do I run into
but my parents, and they pull over.

"Well, I guess you decided to come after all," my mother

"Yeah, I got bored alone."

"Well, do you want some money?"

"Sure I'll take anything" and I laughed.

She hands me 20$ " That should do, and don't waste it"
She rolled up the window and they were off.

So I stuffed the money into my pocket and finished
walking up the hill, got to the huge main barn where
people buy their passes and tickets for the rides. The
line was very fast moving and when I got to the window
I couldn't seem to find my free pass and slightly
panicked for holding the line up, so I just grabbed the
20 my mother had given me and passed it to the lady
inside the booth.

"Here you go hunny" and she strapped my wrist with an
orange band.

I didn't even bother to say anything, I was a man on a
mission, I high-tailed it strait for the bathroom. But
once inside there were no stalls open! they were all
locked. I wasn't going to stand there and wait so now
leaving the bathroom disappointed I figured I'll wait a
few minutes and go back in. Upon walking out there was
A great smell of pizza so here's my new mission. Get my
stomach full!

Of course along the way I ran into a few friends from
school, hanging onto their girlfriends and such. I
figure now that I graduated this would be the last time
I would actually talk to many of them, I didn't really
care though, I have a handful of good friends who I'll
hang onto.

Looking at my watch A little over an hour has passed,
so here goes attempt #2 for the bathroom! Walking up to
the building the butterflies were growing in my gut.
Knowing how many people have gone home something told me
I would get a stall. The key in my mind was to get the
last stall, the one that has a brick wall on one side
and stall on the other so I didn't have to deal with
two guys at once, prefer just one. But damnitt it was
taken, second stall, taken as well. Third, Bingo! I went
in turned around, pulled down my shorts and sat down.
Peeked into the stall on my right.

There was a man about 30 I would guess, thin body and
very little hair on him so I personally didn't care
much for him, I'm into the bears. On my left? Was
nothing, an empty stall.

So now we play the waiting game, either the guy to my
right leaves and another guy comes or the empty stall
becomes occupied. Looking through the left hole again I
seen the door was actually locked but it was empty must
have been some dumbass kid playing a stupid joke. Fuck
I thought... Then the stall door hit shut, meaning the
man to my right had finally left.

The waiting was killing me! It had been about 10
minutes but it felt like an hour, or more. Then the
door opened, a man pulled down his pants and sat down
then leaned forward to look into my stall.

To be nice I leaned back and slowly jerked my cock for
him but wanted to get a better look for myself. Leaning
forward and looking through the hole the man leaned

I'm guessing about 50 to 55 years old, nice hairy legs,
thickening uncut cock surrounded by a collar of man fur
looking up, a big white beard not long but thick and
glasses. Not bad at all, just how I like em. I was
watching him play with his hairy balls and cock then he
pulled out a pen and piece of paper.

He wrote. " Wanna go for a ride?"

My head was about to explode and not my small one,
everything I was taught growing up about how dangerous
this could be, I have no idea who he is, no idea if he
has a weapon or if he has someone else outside the park
waiting for me, my head was swimming but all my life I
played the safe way, since I started coming to these
holes I was offered many a trip but never took up the
offer. Well my head was telling me to write back no as
he pushed the pen through the hole. But guess what
happened, my hand wrote "Yes".

He got up and buttoned his pants and left, I was
starting to panic I believe, pulled my shorts up and
left the bathroom. He was waiting for me just outside.

"I'm parked outside the lot, follow me" There was no
real talking while we walked to his car. He was about
5'9, myself being 5'10 for a weight I'm guessing 180LB. I
was 185 so I got some weight on him too. If he tries
any shit I'll simply destroy the old fella. We walked
through a little thicket of trees and onto another
road, He walked towards a little maroon car, and
unlocked the door. "Hop in"

I jumped in and looked over to him, he took off his
over shirt and threw it in the back seat, his arms were
covered in thick black hair. "I know a place we can go"
and he smiled. I did a quick survey of the car, partly
for my safety and to see what I could see. There was a
large rainbow flag on his dash right out in the open.

"Are you out?"

"Yes, I have been for many years now, everyone takes it
very well, I'm actually a fire chief in Nuburrow"

"Wow, and nobody says anything?"

"No, not really well not anymore you just gotta be who
you are and they will come around or hate you, but take
it either way"

The man drove around a bit, I of course didn't know the
area very well so just let him go. We pulled onto a
highway overpass and down the other side to a carpool
parking lot, By this time it was dark outside and he
turned the car off.

I figured, well this is going to happen, I want it, so
why not be the aggressor? With that I pulled down my
shorts and my hard 6,1/2 incher popped out. He looked

"Well, I see you're ready to go" He laughed and undid
his seatbelt, Leaned over into my seat and took my hard
young cock into his mouth. He began bobbing up and down,
slurping and taking as much as he could, with a free
hand he gently massaged my balls. It felt so damn good,
I had not been sucked much before and this was great.

I was relaxing until he brought his head up and undid
his button, down with the pants his cock nice and hard
was waiting for me.

"Do you suck cock?"

"Yeah, some, I mean I have before just not much."

"Oh well if you don't like to you don't need to."

"It' not that I don't want to, but I don't think I'm very
good. The last guy I sucked ended up face fucking me
and actually telling me I needed a lot more practice."

"Oh, well, I can be the judge if you want?"

I looked at him and with my left hand started to rub
his cock, he leaned back and sighed as I made a proper
grip. I got up in my seat and made my way for his hairy
crotch. He must of had a hot day because the masculine
man smell was strong. I pulled the skin back a little
on his cock and licked it. He placed a hand on the back
of my head but did not apply pressure.

Putting my entire mouth over his cock I started sucking
his head, slowly pushing his cock a little deeper into
my mouth. He might not have been long but fuck he was
thick. My jaw was wide open to take this. So then here
it goes, I pushed my head down as far as I could and
took every inch of his bear cock.

"Fuck, that's a good boy!"

To mimic what he had done, I let my right hand go his
balls and started to massage them, sucking faster on
his dick.

"Ohh, Stop, Stop!"

I got off his cock and looked into his eyes.

" I was getting close."

"Oh, so was it good?"

"Fucking grand, your a good cock sucker, a natural."

"Wow!, thanks" and I smiled.

"Well, let me watch you jerk some."


I leaned back into the seat as did he, we grasped our own
cock and while watching one another, we jerked. He
leaned over to my seat and I leaned into him just to
feel his warmth.

He looked at me, our faces not 2 inches apart.

"Do you mind me getting this close?"

Thinking of nothing else "I don't care."

With that, he put his face into mine, our lips touched,
his tongue pushing into my mouth, I opened up and
sucked on it then pushed mine back into his mouth and
let him suck and lightly gnaw on it. As we were making
out bright headlights drove into the parking lot, we
both stopped and I grabbed for my shorts.

"I'm sure they are just turning" He said.

"Well, you got another place we can go?"

"Yeah I think so" He started the engine and we were
back onto the road, but now he got onto the highway
then the closest off ramp. We pulled over and into a
small clearing, just off the road.

"Here will be good, any cars driving by can't see us"

I didn't really like this place but whatever I came
this far, so why the fuck not.

I pulled my shorts down and he was jerking his cock. I
reached over to feel it but when i got close he let go,
so I took control of it.

"Jerk me please."

So I did, making myself more comfortable in the seat, I
was not jerking at the best of my ability.

"Oh, god stop, stop", he cried but I didn't. I knew what
I wanted.

He then changed his mind " Oh god DON'T stop, don't
stop" And I did not, his body got ridged, his head
leaned back and he cried out as his cock went rock
solid and started to cum. The warm bear cum flew up
onto his stomach and all over my hand. He just relaxed
for a minute.

"Fuck boy, that was amazing, I haven't came like that in
so fucking long, I can't remember the last time someone
jerked me that good"

That made me feel great.

"Well, how about you now." He reached over and started
to jerk me, fast and strong. I could not even get
close, I was so worked up there was no way in hell I
was gonna cum.

"Just stop, I'm alright, I can't cum I'm too excited."

"Ha ha, well then if you really are alright..."

"Yes, I'm fine" He looked at me again and leaned his
face onto mine. We kissed once more and he sat back
into his seat, I wiped the cum off my hand and buckled

"So, where am I dropping you off at?"

"Drive back to the mall, I parked my truck there."

"So, how old are you?"

"Just turned 18 actually."

"Wow a young one, where do you live?"


"Oh wow, that's a long drive."

Yeah too bad I was lying, you think I'm gonna tell him
where I actually live.

"Yeah but it's alright."

"So do you think you might want to meet again?"

"Sure I got every weekend off, what's your e-mail?"

"Well what do you call this?" and he pointed to his


" Well, it's"

"Alright, well I'm sure I will remember it."

We pulled into the parking lot, Now for the crappy
small talk.

" Well, I'll e-mail you when I get home, what's your

"Oh, it's Gary."

"Alright" I opened the car door. "Like I said, I'll e-
mail you..., Oh by the way my name is Theo."

"Alright I'll talk to you later."

I got out and shut the door, and watched him drove off. With the
smell of cum on my hand and his sent in my nose. I
unlocked the truck and got in. Put my MP3 player on and took off not even thinking about what had just gone on, It still seemed like a dream.