By Max the Cat


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Part 1: Extra money!

Jimmy Drake eyed the add on the web site “BOY MODELS WANTED!” He was looking for the B.T.W. Chat Room when it caught his eye. He wanted the jacket he saw at the store, but his mother had already drank up the monthly welfare check and they'd have to utilize the food stamp allotment sparingly!

I wonder what I'd have to do?” He thought to himself. The site was strictly hardcore porn. Since the passing of the Man/Boy Protection act, men and boys could openly meet and have open relationships. Bol Toi World Wide had taken advantage of the new law and opened Channel 6969, Vacation facilities stocked with very willing nubile boys, even had a fleet cruise liners, each stocked with 100 Pleasure Boi's to make it a vacation for a man to remember!

Jimmy wanted the leather jacket desperately. He had, had only one contact with a man and that was in the toilet of Coolidge Park and it was the man who had paid him $20.00 to play with his naked body and suck his hard boi cock. It was so thrilling, yet he was scared to go back, the man said he pay him $50.00 if Jimmy would suck him off, he was tempted, but afraid, someone had beat up a boi there.

Jimmy read the ad “Boys need to model underwear and other garments for an up and coming company, excellent pay for the boi willing to be adventurous, boy's 10 to 12 especially requested!” Jimmy sat back and thought of the Thursday he was in the park, he'd went there to find a pick up basket ball game.

Sitting on the bench there was no one for a game Jimmy looked around. It was about four thirty and a few older men dotted the park benches, most talking to each other. Across from him was one alone and giving him a smile, Jimmy smiled back. Jimmy got up and walked over to the toilet to take a piss. He didn't see the smiling man follow him.

Jimmy pulled aside his basketball shorts and grabbed his penis and shot forth a hard yellow stream. He closed his brown eyes and relieving himself, it felt so good, almost as good as the cuming, a feeling he was giving himself when he jacked off. Only recently he had begun to ejaculate, in fact he wanked everytime he had a chance, especially watching Channel 6969. the videos were so hot, men and boys doing tings together, it really excited him.

He'd tried watching men and girls, but it had done nothing for him, but watching a man and a boy really got him off. A voice next to him broke the silence. “Give you ten bucks to suck you're dick?” Jimmy had to shake his head, did he hear right? “Whaaaa, hnnn what did you say?” The older man got closer “come with me, you will love it, trust me?”

Jimmy found his hand in the older man's and being guided toward the last cubicle. He was pushed in and the man followed, the slid the lock. The man sat on the commode and slid Jimmy's basketball shorts down and off his thin legs, he wore on underwear. “Oh sweet, I knew you were one, yes.” He held Jimmy's uncut penis in his fingers and gave the head a lick. Then he slid up the jersey leaving Jimmy naked except for his basketball shoes.

Jimmy was in a state of shock until the man sucked in his cock, the warm wet oral cavity sent a shock up his backside, the man's tongue scraped the hard underside, Jimmy shook. He felt the cool air on his boi-cock and the man's mouth released it. The man examining the four inches. “Oh love sucking such yummy morsel, I could gobble you all up. Jimmy's brown eyes were glazed over, the man's mouth sucked him in again.

Jimmy felt the mouth slide back and forth, the man's hands squeezed his butt cheeks. One finger had found his pucker and slid over the tight hole. The older man pushed and prodded, but Jimmy was lost in the warm wet blow-job he was getting, his first, but he knew this was where he wanted to be, it felt so nasty, yet it felt so wonderful!

Again he felt a draft on his wet cock and looked down through glazed eyes. The man was opening a little packet and coating his first two fingers with the glossy substance. “My fingers are rough and this will make it softer on you.” The mouth resumed the pleasure it was giving and Jimmy went back into the clouds again, he was coming close to a cum. The finger again played with his anus, but he was only interested in cuming, he throbbed, the head was out of its sheath and the man's rough tongue danced on his tingling crown.

As his cum began to move to an exit from his body, the slippery fingers entered his body, he exploded, the uncomfortable feeling from his hole being stretched was overtaken by his shooting into the older man's sucking mouth. He loved this, it was better than jacking off, and two fingers were in him to their fist, wiggling and rubbing him inside, he tried to stick his whole body into the man's mouth.

Slowly the man released Jimmy's penis and stood up. His lips found Jimmy's and kissed the youngster deeply passing semen into the boy's mouth. The salty tang awoke Jimmy's taste buds. The man sat back down and sucked the boi-cock more to draw out the excess until Jimmy could stand the feeling no more. The aftertaste was something Jimmy couldn't figure out, he didn't know if he like it or didn't, he only knew tit seemed to be addictive!

The man again arose. “Maybe next time you will suck my cock for me?” Jimmy just stood there naked, still in a different world. The catch on the cubicle door snapped and the man put ten dollars in Jimmy hand and left. The naked boy sat down trying to figure out what happened. He slowly dressed and left, speeding away home on his bike!

He came back to earth and looked at the computer screen and read the ad “If you are interested in making good money contact Mr. Smythe at 1-888-555-5551 or email B.T.W. At our email address. Jimmy looked at himself in the mirror. He slowly looked as he turned around and looked at his butt and wiggled it. He picked up his cell and punched in the number.

Hello, Smythe models, Randall speaking how may I direct your call?” Jimmy was speechless at first. “Ah, ah I saw the ad for Boy Models and I want some information, please? (a pause) “First how old are you, are you 10 or over?' Jimmy quickly said “yes, I am, I'm 11 sir.” The voice on the other end quickly said “good, very good, your name?” Jimmy swallowed “mmm Jimmy Drake, I'm Jimmy Drake!”

OK Jimmy have you ever modeled before?” Jimmy looked at his cell then spoke “no, is that a problem?” There was a slight chuckle. “No Jimmy, we just like to know where to start with you, where do you live, we need to know if we have a place close for you for your interview?” Jimmy paused “I live in Pleasantry City.” Another chuckle “lucky you Jimmy we have one in Pleasantry City, do you know where Martin and Wrigley is, Jimmy?”

Jimmy quickly smiled “sure that's right across the street from the park, that is close.” Another slight pause. “Jimmy can you be at 1021 Wrigley at 10am tomorrow morning?” Jimmy smiled broadly “sure, sure gee that is kewl, OK I'll be there, do I need anything special?” The voice on the end said happily “just you Jimmy, just you!”

Jimmy had a restless night, he was anticipating stardom, he could see himself in the movies, maybe on Channel 6969 selling something, what boys were actually doing on Channel 6969 hadn't set into to his eleven year old mind, but the way he was living now sucked, he had to clean up his mothers puke before he went to bed, she had drank herself into some kind of stupor day after day.

He awoke, showered, went downstairs and fixed himself a bowl of cereal and toast. He walked through the living room, his mother was sitting in her chair, eyes blood shot, not really recognizing him. Jimmy looked at her as she tried to focus, shook his brown haired head and went out. “He heard her say “fuck you too, you little bastard!”

Jimmy got on his bike and rode to his appointment with destiny. What was going to happen, he didn't know, except it had to be better than what he had. He peddled toward Wrigley and rode down toward the house. He pulled up and stopped in front. The big white house had a sign in the front window “SMYTHE PHOTOGRAPHY, by appointment only!” There was a bike rack in front with two biked locked in it, he put his in and fastened his lock.

He walked up the fifteen or so stairs, rang the bell and stepped back. The door opened and a boy around 18 or so escorted him in. “You must be Jimmy, right?” Jimmy nodded and said “yes!” “I'm Tristan, I am an intern here, I use to be a Pleasure Boy, but I'm at the university now, B.T.W is paying for everything, couldn't have gone with out their help!” Jimmy smiled 'kewl, really they pay for it all?” Tristan smiled “you bet!”

Jimmy followed Tristan into an office “Mr. Dixon this is your ten o'clock Jimmy Drake!” Mr. Dixon looked at Jimmy, smiled and said “come in Jimmy, please sit! The middle aged man pointed at a stuffed chair. Jimmy sat, looked at Tristan and said 'thank you!” Tristan smiled and closed the door behind him.”So you are Jimmy Drake?”

Yes sir!” Jimmy replied meekly. “Now you have said you want to be a model for us, right Jimmy?” Jimmy nodded. “OK now what kind of modeling is Jimmy willing to do? Jimmy's brown eyes got big. “What kind is there, sir?” Mr. Dixon look down at the smaller boy. “Let's seen underwear modeling, nude modeling and video modeling, underwear pay's the least, Jimmy!” Jimmy heard nude and wasn't so sure he could do it. “Underwear I guess, Mr. Dixon, underwear!”

Dixon pushed a button “Have Andrej come in, please!” They waited for the man called Andrej to arrive. “Andrej is one of our best photographer's Jimmy, I will put you in his hands and see what you can do. When they had a boy on the fence, Andrej was called in, the photographer was also known as Andrej the seducer, every boy seemed to fall in love with him. He had a way about him.

The door opened and in walked an man around six feet, blond hair to his shoulders and dressed in a long gold robe. “Yes, I was setting up a video shoot, oh who are you?” he looked directly in to Jimmy's brown eyes. “This is Jimmy, he thinks he might want to model for us Andrej?” Now the way the blond man looked at Jimmy, he felt like he was the only one in the room.

You my sweet are lovely, such skin, Oh Mr. Dixon, he is true a vision of beauty, he would make a wonderful treasure for men to behold! Jimmy was struck dumb, he couldn't say a word, but he didn't want to move, he had an erection, he couldn't understand why, but this man overwhelmed him. “Andrej take him and shoot him in underwear for the time being!

Andrej took Jimmy by the hand and led him off. Jimmy felt like he was floating on air! “OK my sweet go over there strip and out on the blue boxers, then the white Jockey's will be second, underwear only pays $50 per shoot, damn you are so hot Jimmy, you make me hard your mouth is shaped so nice, I want to kiss it!” Andrej laughed out loud. Jimmy went to the chair and stripped, Andrej watched and smiled.

Jimmy came back in the boxers and Andrej took ten shots in different positions. “Now the white ones!” Jimmy went back and took off the boxers. “You Jimmy have such a nice butt, so well shaped.” Jimmy blushed and turned. Andrej smiled “just a minute I have to check the shoot going in the other room, the boi is new and this is his first video!”

Andrej went into the other room, he left the door slightly open and Jimmy couldn't help it, he had to peek. His brown eyes got very big. A blond boi was fully naked and on his knees in front of two black men. He had one black cock in his hand, the other he was sucking, his chest was glossy with his saliva, Jimmy got harder, sweat formed on his body!

He heard Andrej giving instructions/ “OK you Marcus get behind him and fuck the boi good, you have fucked for us before, make it slow and deep, I don't need any blurry video, and when you two cum pull back a bit I need to see sperm shooting, especially in Eric's open mouth, you understand? The two said “yes!” Andrej said “very good, also Eric don't swallow until Anthony say's you can, we need to show the viewer you have cum in you're mouth, good lets make a video!”

The sex shoot started, Eric sucked both for a few more minutes. Jimmy wondered how Eric could fit the two big black cocks in his mouth, at the same time? He saw Andrej turn to come back and hurried back to the chair and sat, he was sweating, and breathing hard, he was very turned on. Andrej saw and smiled, but said nothing. He took a couple of shots, then reached inside of jimmy's shorts, took hold of his hard penis and rearranged it. “You were poking over the waist band Jimmy, can't have that in a catalog for underwear can we now?”

Andrej quickly took a series of photos. “OK sweet boy were finished.” he handed the boi his business card. “My phone number is on it, if you want to do more photo's, a nude layout for more money please contact me, you make love to the camera, really you have the look Jimmy.” Jimmy's went weak at the man's words of praise, plus Jimmy was smitten. Andrej handed the boy $50.00 and had him sign a paper for the money.

Jimmy rode home. His mom was passed out. Within two day's he had spent all his money. He went to the show and it was 3-D, plus nachos and a large frozen lemonade too $27.00. After the show he had a hamburger, fries and a large Vanilla shake, that was $13.00 including the tip. Then the Slurpee's and candy. He really never had any money, so this slipped through his fingers quickly.

Jimmy sat in front of his computer screen, he passed Andrej's business back and forth over his cleft chin. “Should I do a naked shoot or not, I should have asked Andrej when I had the chance. He put the card down and went downstairs and asked his mom for some food-stamps for shopping. “Gee sweetie I must have lost them?' On the drain board were two quarts of vodka, he knew she had sold the stamps to buy the liquor.

Back upstairs he had his cell in one hand, Andrej's card in the other. Jimmy pinched in the number and when the operator answered he asked for extension #69. “This is Andrej to whom am I speaking to?” Jimmy cleared his voice “this is Jimmy, I was wondering what does it pay is for the nude layout?” Andrej smiled broadly. “So good to hear your sweet voice Jimmy, I was hoping to hear from you?”

Well Jimmy for the pictures we will pay you $200. and if we make a short video I will add another $300!” Jimmy thought for a few minutes. “A short video, what's that?” Andrej chuckled “It's a solo video, just you making love to my video camera, just you Jimmy!” Jimmy again thought for awhile and said “OK Andrej, when can I do it?” Now Andrej paused, then said “I am looking at my schedule and I have an opening this afternoon at 2PM, can you make it then?” Quickly Jimmy said “I'll be there!”

Jimmy arrived on time, parked and secured his bike. He knocked and Tristan let him in. He was taken to the first room with the big bed against the wall. Andrej walked in “Jimmy so nice, you are prompt, come with me and we'll get started, but first take off all your clothing and lay it on the bed. Slowly Jimmy complied. The followed Andrej.

Andrej held a can of whip cream in his right hand. “Here Jimmy, we'll be using this. Jimmy looked at him with a quizzed look on hi face. “Andrej what do I do with this?” Andrej chuckled put it on you body, in you mouth on you cock, it's sexy prop to excite the person viewing your pictures,” Jimmy just said “Oh!”

Andrej picked up his Nikon and pointed to the center of the carpet, “Squirt some on each nipple, on the center of your chest, in your belly button and on the head of your penis while you are moving and looking into the camera lens. Sway from side to side and make sure you have an erection, and and pull it back and forth, we want the men to get turned on and jack off to you!”

Jimmy smiled impishly as he smeared the whip cream on his body., He always made sure his erection was presented to the camera along with his face, his fist held his hard stalk, the head peeking out of the foreskin. His tongue ran over his lips. Slowly his fingers scooped up each dab of whipped cream until Andrej said “were done Sweetie, now for the video, first take a shower.”

Jimmy showered and then presented his pink skinned body to Andrej. He looked down on the floor and found a Zebra skin and a bottle of baby oil and a tube of Strawberry lube. “OK Jimmy lay down and slowly oil your body while you squirm around. After your body is oiled I want you to grasp your cock, lube it and play with it until you cum on your body, can you do that?” Jimmy nodded and lay down on his back and placed oil drops on his body and smeared it all over, he even oiled his tight boi-hole.

Andrej moved with his video camera capturing Jimmy's movements. The boy looked straight into the lens never taking his eyes off it and Andrej. His slim body was glossy when he finally grabbed his penis, lubed it and began the sexy manipulation of his uncut boi-cock. “Good, very good Jimmy make love to it, bring it to an explosion, I know you want to cum, I want you to cum!”

Jimmy kept his brown eyes on the lens, his tongue wet his lips. Andrej kept up his slow and erotic dialog, trying to bring the preteen to his climax. Jimmy began to breathe hard, his hips were humping up with the hand pulling. “Jimmy I'm sucking you, you are sucking me, come suck me off and I will do the same for you, you need to cum, come shoot it off.”

Jimmy was moaning and humping, he could feel the sex liquid building. “Oooohhhh I can feel it, I'm swelling up I'm gonna cum, I cannnnnn, oh here it cums, I can't stop it!” A creamy white geyser shot forth in to the air. Andrej caught the cream emulsion in the air, then “splat” it landed on Jimmy's chest and belly. Andrej smiled.

The boy still squirmed. Andrej whispered. “scoop some up and suck it from your fingers, but look into the lens as you do it, make your audience envy you, Jimmy.” The boi took the first two fingers on his right hand and scooped up the sperm on his left nipple and brought the gooey liquid to his mouth and licked the finger's clean. Andrej caught the cream on Jimmy's tongue as he swallowed the semen. Jimmy continued to clean his body of his own ejaculate and eat every drop, smiling to the lens!

Jimmy laid there eyes closed, he was in a different place. His brown eyes opened and Andrej stood over him naked and skinning back his seven inches. “You are so sexy Jimmy, so very sexy, you have made me so, so hot, will you suck me?” Jimmy licked his lips, cum still cling-ed to them. Jimmy reached up and grasped the cock, and smiled.

He gently pulled the hard flesh to his lips “I've never sucked anyone Andrej, I just want to make you happy, you can do anything you want to me, I think I want you to be the first one to have me, but I don't know anything, just what I've seen on the computer and I saw Eric and the black men!”

Andrej laid down next to Jimmy on the Zebra skin and gently kissed the young boy's body. “I will teach you magnificent things, you will be able to give pleasure with not only your body, but with your soul. Men will beg to be with you!” Jimmy couldn't believe it, he was hard again. “Fuck me, teach me Andrej!” The seducer smiled, his hands played with every inch of Jimmy's body, sucking ear lobes and dime sized nipples, his fingers teased the tip of Jimmy's boi cock, Jimmy was almost panting out loud!

Andrej wasted no time. His first two fingers began to work their way into Jimmy's love-hole. Jimmy moaned as he was being stretched to fit Andrej rampant cock. “Oooohhhh it's uncomfortable, oooohhhh gee your finger is big?” Andrej said nothing, his mouth sucked in the boy's penis and dug his fingers to the fist, then moved them wider. “Oooohhhh I-I-I-I'm I'm, oh don't stop, please don't stop?” Jimmy was actually pushing back on the two fingers.

Andrej positioned his body between the boys thin legs. Jimmy looked up with glassy brown eyes. The boy felt the fingers slip out, but felt Andrej's battering ram kiss his entrance, it was time and he knew it. The man rubbed his hard fleshy weapon up and down on the object of his desire, a virgin boi-pussy. His ;lips found Jimmy's, his tongue entwined with that of the brown eyed preteen.

The man held his cock at the virgin ring of boy flesh and pushed at the pucker hard. Jimmy's anus held tight, but a harder push finally won out. The purple mushroom head popped past the fleshy circle and into the tight love tunnel. He kept pushing in hard, he drove into Jimmy until his pubic hair covered the boi-balls and boi-hole, he then rested on top of the boy.

Jimmy laid there with legs splayed, eyes wide open and preteen body full of man cock! “It's, it's so big Andrej, I-I-I-I ooohhh I'm so full of you, but I'm hard, I don't believe it, my “thingie” tingles and throbs, but ooohhh you are so big in me, are you fucking me?” Andrej chuckled and began to lick the boi's neck, then he began to move in the boi who's virginity he just took!

The man began his hard fuck moves in Jimmy. Jimmy began to push back then gasp, stop and then locked his ankles behind the man's back. He was feeling the hardness push in and out of his stretched hole. His own cock was responding too. Jimmy's lips latched on a brown rubbery nipple on Andrej chest and he sucked like a new born babe!

In and out the man fucked Jimmy, while Jimmy pushed back to take in as much of the hard staff. He was so tight that Andrej knew he wouldn't last very long, he just wanted to bathe Jimmy's colon in his sperm and baptize Jimmy into the world of man/boi sex, making he and the rest that would follow relish the fucking of this new recruit!

Oooohhhh Sweet Jimmy I'm gonna shoot, take my sperm deep inside of you. Jimmy just heard mumbles, he was just about to shoot himself. He had reached in between their bodies and was jacking as fast as he could to get the relief he needed, he erupted and coated both of their bodies in hos own sperm, but he froze as Andrej's cock expanded itself.

Oooohhh sweet little slut I'm, I'm cuming take it please, take it deep into you're sweet body.” the man cock shot cum deep into the boy. Hard bullet like bolts fired from the tip of Andrej's cock. Jimmy clamped down hard with his inner muscles milking the man's penis of all the sperm he could shoot. Andrej collapsed on Jimmy, sucking on the boy's ear.

Andrej you're still in me and your still hard, it feels good!” Then they heard at door click and squeak. Jimmy looked up although he was looking upside down. A boy his own age stood there holding a leash attached to the biggest dog Jimmy had ever seen in his life. “Oh Frankie I see you were able to get Tsar from the groomer for me, Thanks, this boy attched to my cock is Jimmy! Jimmy this is Frankie, Frankie is going to be a B.T.W. Pleasure boy and tomorrow he and Tsar will make a movie at my place, right Frankie?”

Sure, nice to meet you Jimmy, don't be embarrassed, I fuck all the time, rather fuck than eat!” The boy left, Tsar following close behind him. Andrej slowly eased his cock out of Jimmy, his cum flowed out like a river and made a puddle between Jimmy's legs. “Jimmy would you like to come with us, maybe spend the night and watch Tsar and Frankie make their video, that dog can really fuck?”

He and Franking are going to fuck on film?” Jimmy was astonished. Andrej still as naked as Jimmy said “sure B.T.W sells a line of boy/canine videos, big sellers and Frankie will get a small amount of each video sold, he will be in much demand for club shows, anyway will you spend the night, I have a pool and hot tub, we will BBQ steaks?”

Jimmy thought to himself “this could be interesting, plus he'd have more time with Andrej and his cock, hell he hadn't tasted it yet!

Part 2: I could get use to this kind of life?

Thanks to the artists and Andrej for the use of his name in this story, hope you like you're part in it?