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Part 2: I could get use to this!

They all piled in to Andrej's Mercedes. The boys in the back, Tsar in the front passenger's seat. As the drove Jimmy asked “Andrej what kind of dog is he?” Over his shoulder the photographer said “Russian Wolf Hound, what else would I have (laughing out loud!)” He sped down the interstate, then made a right and another right and down a long tree studded road!

The auto pulled up to a very large home on two acres. “Welcome to Andrej's cabin in the woods!” Jimmy thought “cabin, my apartment would fit on the front steps. They went in and Andrej gave them the tour of the 6 bedroom, Wright designed home. “Andrej's has a small pool in the back and a small hot tub also, feel free to use it if you wish?”

Jimmy and Frankie looked at the Olympic sized pool “What does he think small is?” Frankie asked. Jimmy shrugged. Andrej walked back with two sodas for them and a glass of wine for himself. “Strip and swim, I always swim naked, Andrej loves to feel free.” He sat down the glass of Chardonnay

and removed the gold robe and displayed his naked body, then went to the pool and dove in.

The two preteens followed Andrej, stripped and the two naked imps joined him in the warm water. The swam the lounged for an hour. Andrej fired up the propane grill and brought out the steaks. Frankie and Jimmy made a salad and the three ate. Jimmy called his mom, she was plowed again. “Do what you want you little queer!” Then she hung up on him.

The three adjourned to Andrej's bedroom. He put on a video showing the B.T.W Pleasure facilities in travel log form. Jimmy was mesmerized, he asked Andrej and Frankie questions and when the show came to Boi Atlantis Jimmy gave Frankie a big grin. “This is going to be your home, right?” Frankie giggled, Andrej was tickling him, Frankie had hold of the older man's cock, making it hard and throbbing.

Jimmy lets suck off Andrej?' Jimmy sat up “I've never sucked a cock Frankie?” Frankie winked at Andrej “well now's the time to learn, I'll take the balls and you take the walnut on top?” Frankie began to suck on each ball, going from one to the other. Jimmy took hold of the stalk and flicked his tongue tip into the creamy bubble that appeared at the crown!

Come sweet boy, wrap your beautiful lips around the top and let it slide in, suck it as it slides into your mouth, just watch your teeth, they scrape.” Jimmy opened his mouth wide and plunged down on the fleshy tube. “Oooohhhh that feels so good Jimmy, your mouth is so wet and warm!” Andrej encouraged the boi in the act.

Andrej held Jimmy by the back of the heck. He pulled up and pushed down giving Jimmy silent instruction in cock sucking. Frankie would look up and say things like “use you tongue on the underside, or more suction, let the saliva flow, that it, now suck it harder. Jimmy took it to the back of his throat and gagged. Frankie said “breathe through your nose Jimmy, if you can't swallow it, don't, it will come”!

Jimmy was a quick study, quickly he was licking and sucking the hard man flesh, he knew he was doing things right, Andrej's eyes were closed and he was moaning “oooohhhh that's it sweet boy, you're a good cocksucker, you learn fast, lick under the tip, that's it, suck, suck, when I cum, make sure you swallow all my cum, all of it, Jimmy!”

With the hard flesh in his mouth, he felt it throb like it had it's own heart beat. Andrej would squirm and seemed to scrunch up. Jimmy ran his tongue down the underside, his and Frankie's tongue met, soon both boys where deep kissing. “Hey, what about me?” Andrej said chuckling. The two bois lips broke apart and resumed their pleasuring of the cock at hand.

Andrej could feel his cum building from within. Frankie's tongue had found his asshole, while Jimmy mouth was sucking and licking like a professional. His lips were clamped behind the flaring mushroom and the rough of his tongue scraped and rolled over it. Andrej tensed up, his hand held the back of Jimmy's head, the hole in the tip began to open wide!

Jimmy swallow, please swallow it, I'm cuming!” the first creamy bolt hit the roof of Jimmy's warm, wet mouth. His mouth quickly filled with hot creamy sperm. To Andrej's joy Jimmy swallowed quickly, again his mouth filled and he swallowed the gooey substance. “Don't swallow it all Jimmy, pass some to me?” Frankie said out loud.

Jimmy had another mouth full and pressed his mouth to Frankie's and let the creamy mass flood Frankie waiting mouth. Frankie swallowed, but continued the deep soul kiss. Finally their lips came apart. “Yummy, Jimmy, just yummy. I'll suck you if you suck me, OK?” Jimmy answered with another deep kiss. Jimmy slid over Frankie and sucked in his four inches of hard boi-penis, Frankie sucked in Jimmy's and the two began loving each other!

Andrej grabbed his small video camera and began to make his own video of the two boys and their oral antics. Loud slurping and sucking were picked up along with deep moaning. Frankie's fingers were inside of Jimmy's love-hole probing and digging. The two mouths sucked and saliva flowed and glossed the hairless crotches..

Finally Frankie positioned himself behind Jimmy and pushed in his throbbing organ. He began a slow and methodical fucking of the other boy, he had also reached around and had hold of Jimmy's saliva coated penis and wanked it for Jimmy. Jimmy was on all fours pushing back to meet each deep thrust being given to him by Frankie and his throbbing cock!

The sound on the video camera picked up Jimmy's low words “fuck me harder Frankie, please fuck me and make me cum, I love this so much, deeper, please fuck me deeper, damn I love this so much, what have I been missing?” Frankie's mouth was on the middle of Jimmy back, his tongue licked the sweat coated skin making their fucking even more deep and sexually filled.

Frankie could hold back no more. “I'm cuming my little whore, take my cum, take it from me, it's all I have to give you!” To his surprise Jimmy's clamped down hard with his anal muscles making their fucking even hotter, Frankie exploded, his hand wanking Jimmy even faster and harder. Jimmy's eyes were closed shut, he was trying to keep the feeling for as long as he could, but he too erupted on the bed covers, cum flying!

Jimmy awoke in the morning and found he was alone in bed. He walked naked to the bathroom to take a piss. He found Frankie on the toilet using a big red bag with a tube in his ass. “What the, what are you doing Frankie?” The boy removed a clip and warm water shot into him. “I'm getting ready for the video shoot in about thirty minutes or so, got to clean out for that big red cock of Tsar's!”

Jimmy used another bathroom, but went back to see just what Frankie was really up to. He again walked in and Frankie had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off. “Want to try it out Jimmy, never know if you get to shoot a video this afternoon, you know how hot you are?” Frankie lubed a white nozzle and slid it into Jimmy, the warm water quickly flushed him out, then Frankie got a tube of Pina Colada flavored lubricant and lubed up Jimmy.

Jimmy asked “well what if they don't want to shoot a video with me?” Frankie giggled “you know someone will want to fuck you anyway, so either way you're ready for a cock!” The two went out for breakfast and sat two black men in the back yard setting up the set and cameras. One walked in to get coffee “well what do we have here Andrej?” Andrej proudly said 'this is my new star Jimmy, Jimmy this is Carl and out there is Winston.” Carl eyed Jimmy.

Outside he elbow jabbed Andrej “you know we could do an African village shoot this afternoon with Jimmy, what do you think?” Andrej nodded “I'll ask him, he is a hottie, and so willing, sucked his first cock last night and swallowed all my cum, yes I'll ask him!” Andrej walked back into the house and sat next to Jimmy at the breakfast table.

Andrej explained to Jimmy that they had a new video for him to star in if he wanted to do it, he knew it was soon for him, but it was a chance for him to make more money, would $500 be enough?' Jimmy's mouth dropped. “Sure Andrej, what do I have to do?” Andrej ruffled his brown hair.

Jimmy you'll be lost in the jungle and captured by some natives and given the choice of fucking and sucking or the cauldron for their next dinner? You strip, give them a look at your sweet white body and draw their cum out of them using your mouth and sweet love-hole, OK?” Jimmy nodded and said “you bet I'll do it Andrej!”

Jimmy returned to the chase lounge he was sitting on to watch Frankie's video filming. The backyard was almost 800 yards long, tree and shrub studded. From a distance he saw Frankie emerge from the bushes, look left then right. He began to make a dash, still naked as the day he was born. Jimmy chuckled, but then Frankie was making a porn video!

As Frankie got closer Tsar began his run toward the preteen. He hit Frankie in the small of the bank knocking him flat on the ground. The boy turned over to see the giant Russian Wolf Hound standing over him. He began to crawl away on his backside, but Tsar kept up with him step for step.

As instructed Frankie took hold of the shaved sheath and wanked it back and forth, which produced three inches of dripping red penis. Frankie's lips clamped on to the cock and began to suck it. Jimmy couldn't believe what he was seeing, his friend giving the large canine a blow job. Jimmy found himself erect, it was very erotic and exiting.

The blond head moved back and forth on the ever growing dog cock, he it now doubled in length and girth. Jimmy watched intently, his own hand on his boi-cock stroking himself. Frankie's mouth was now full, he licked and sucked, his chin and hairless chest glossy with a mix of saliva and canine lubricant. Jimmy wondered what the taste was like?

Tsar was humping the boys mouth, the fucked it hard and pushed more and more into Frankie's mouth and throat. One of the Videographer's was able to capture a bulge on the side of Frankie's neck showing Frankie had deep-throated canine cock.. Jimmy was wide eyed!

Frankie let the cock slip out and turned over to crawl away, but Tsar's forelegs clamped hold of the boi's midsection tightly. Nine inches of hard canine cock took aim and his rear humped forward powerfully driving all nine inches into the boi's tight anus. “Holy fuck it's bigger than I thought, it's too damn big!” Frankie screamed out for all to hear.

Tsar humped forward, he had what looked like two balls attached to the end of the red nine inches, he drove them in and the two were tied for a hard dog/boy fuck. Frankie was struck stiff and couldn't believe how hard it felt inside of his tender preteen body. Tsar never missed a stroke and began a hard and continues fucking. Back and forth he drove his dog cock into Frankie. Jimmy looked intently and figured Frankie was loving his fucking, he was very erect!

Frankie's head lay to the side on the grass. He throbbed, he tingled, Tsar had found that special place that made fucking so good. He was even pushing back against each hard canine thrust. He felt the feeling, he was going to cum already, he never came that fast before, but his head came up “Oooohhhh I'm cuming, look I'm cuming already!”

Jimmy's brown eyes widened even bigger. Frankie's boi-cock was shooting hot creamy sperm straight into the grass, while Tsar fucked the boy with continuous hard and deep fuck strokes. The dog only wanted to cum and breed the boy below him, but it would take awhile and like most of the bois he fucked in the videos, they usually had two orgasms.

The two camera men zoomed in and out getting the best shots, mostly of the red cock deep inside of Frankie, who again was getting another erection, even Jimmy was shocked “fuck he just came a few minutes ago and here he is once again, hard as a rock, I wonder if Tsar will get him off again? Jimmy lay on his stomach, his chin in his hands watching the entertainment!

A low grinding “grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” could be hard from inside Tsar. He was humping Frankie harder and faster. The inside of the boi's thin legs were coated with the glossy lubricant dogs produced, but his was different. The “grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” became louder. Frankie's boi-cock began to shoot again. Jimmy lay there open mouthed. “I think Tsar is cuming too?”

Frankie could feel the hot sperm blasting inside of his body. The red cock had a white creamy ring which had formed, the excess had made two rivers on the inside of each of Frankie's thin white legs. Frankie was held tightly, but his insides were coated and full of canine sperm. Frankie could only babble incoherently.

Ooohhh fuck, fuck, fuck ooohhh, he cuming in me, there is so much, I'm flooded inside, I came twice, Tsar made me cum twice, I'm his bitch, it's so kewl,” Jimmy had sat up! Damn I love fucking so much, I could fuck forever!” Jimmy held his own cock tightly, this was such a great turn on, he was already for his own video, he just wished it would be now!

Tsar collapsed on Frankie's back, every once in awhile his hind quarters would hunch forward and deposit a bit more sperm inside of Frankie, His red tongue hung out 6 inches from the side of his mouth, Tsar was breathing just as hard as Frankie was, yet they were still joined, the canine cock still hadn't lost any of his size!

It took over twenty minutes for the canine cock to shrink enough for them to come apart. The loud “pop” made Jimmy jump. Frankie just fell forward, a creamy flood exiting from his shrinking love hole. The filming ceased and Jimmy ran to Frankie. “Hey Frankie you alive?” Frankie raised his head, he had a weak smile on his lips “wow what a fucking I just got, you ought to try it some time, I came twice!” Jimmy nodded “ya, I saw them both!”

Frankie was helped up and taken to the hot tub to soak. Jimmy watched as the bunch of adults made up a new set. A half native hut with a bench and the Zebra skin placed on it, the same one he lost his virginity on. Then a half dozen “Tiki” torches driven into the ground and lit. You ready Jimmy?” Andrej placed a hand on the head of his latest protege. Jimmy smiled back “yes, Andrej!

Jimmy dressed in Khaki shirt and shorts with a jungle “Pith” helmet. Carl played the native who will carry Jimmy in and dump him in front of his chief. Carl wore just a wrap of leopard skin as did Winston who played the village chieftain, he had a lion skin draped over a shoulder and held a scepter with a skull on it's crown.

Andrej called in Anthony to run the other video camera, Jimmy drank the rest of his soda and nodded to Andrej that he was ready if he was. Andrej yelled out “camera, action!” Carl picked up Jimmy and walked up to the Chief and dumped Jimmy in front of Winston. “Where did you find this boy?” he asked. “he was wandering in the jungle, nice ass on him!”

Jimmy looked a bit perplexed the chief looked down at Jimmy, smiled and pointed at the big black pot “boy you have a choice, that pot or this and opened his leopard skin to show the biggest black cock Jimmy had ever seen. Jimmy gulped. “What's that thing for sir?” Carl reached down and pulled off the khaki shorts and stuck his middle finger into the boi's lubed hole, then stuck the finger into Jimmy's mouth “you fuck and sucks us or you become our dinner, your choice?”

Jimmy stood up wearing only the shirt and helmet. He looked at the big black pot and swallowed hard. “Well Gentlemen I guess we fuck and suck, because I don't plan on being dinner for anyone, but please be gentle,I' never done anything like that before, please...........? His voice trailed off.

Quickly both black men were naked. Jimmy felt his helmet and shirt being removed. He was pushed to his knees between them. His small fingers grasped each black penis and brought them to his lips. He planted a wet kiss on each the sucked in the head of the chiefs, his tongue polishing the coal black head, he then did the same to the other. Quickly each black penis was glossy with the boy's saliva.

Jimmy's brown haired head moved back and forth licking and sucking each black penis. Both men rocked to the sucking. Finally Winston on cue picked Jimmy up, sat on his throne and sat Jimmy on his cock facing Carl. Jimmy felt his love hole slowly expand, the hard black member sliding into him, he could feel the kinky pubes scratch the tender skin of his butt cheeks. Carl followed his cock still in Jimmy's sucking mouth, Jimmy was a very good cocksucker for just sucking his second cock!

Carl kept up a slow forward pushing, trying to have Jimmy swallow the big mass of black flesh, Jimmy gagged, tears ran down his cheeks, the effect in the video was amazing, the people viewing this would think Jimmy was really being forced to pleasure these two natives! Jimmy tried something new, he clamped onto the cock buried in his body, trying to milk it with his muscles.

Winston loved it, he felt like he was being sucked and fucked at the same time, this white boy seemed to love pleasuring men, Winston began to bounce the boy getting as much black cock as he could into the boys tender and very nubile body. Jimmy grabbed Carl's cock and pulled it out. “fuck me harder Chief, fuck me harder and flood me with your hot cum,I really love your big black cock. Winston pushed harder.

Jimmy returned to his sucking and again tried to swallowed the hard black fleshy tube. He was breathing through his nose when Carl pushed hard, the black cock passed the gag reflex and buried itself in his throat, kinky black pubic hair scratched his red lips. Carl was amazed, he was also going to cum, the tightness of Jimmy's throat worked wonders.

Each black man seemed to succumb to the boi's body and the muscle manipulations. Both could fell sperm boiling within. Carl felt Jimmy's hand pull the cock out and the red lips clamp down tight behind the big black mushroom shaped head. The boy's red tongue tried to dig into his piss hole, then again polish the black crown. “This little motherfucker was going to make him explode!” Carl moaned to himself.

Winston's black balls were getting hard and tight against his body, he hadn't cum in awhile so there would be a flood inside of Jimmy and it would happen very soon. Carl was in the same predicament. Jimmy's tongue would not let up it's scraping cf his penis head, he grabbed Jimmy's head “ooohhh fuck boy get ready for a big drink of cum. A creamy white ring formed around his cock and Jimmy's red lips.

Jimmy's mouth quickly filled, his cheeks became Chipmunk like, he swallowed, they filled again and again he swallowed. He again had to swallow more sperm. “Does he ever stop?” Jimmy asked himself. Winston surprised Jimmy he came off like a machine gun. Jimmy's brown eyes got big, his boi cock was spurting like it's own geyser, boi honey, it landed on Carl's chest and belly.

Winston's semen coated Jimmy's insides then gravity took over and coated the black mans' pubes and made a puddle on the Zebra skin. Jimmy was tired, but happy. Winston and Carl were whipped, this little white boy had drained them both. They heard Andrej say “CUT!” and Jimmy extracted his reamed hole from the black man's wilting cock. Slowly Jimmy joined Frankie in the hot tub, each smiled at each other.

Two day's later Frankie boarded the B.T.W. Jet for Boi Atlantis. Jimmy cried. Frankie asked him to make the decision and go too, but Jimmy still wasn't sure. He still wanted to be around Andrej and the modeling office, but he said “Frankie I'll really think about it, who knows I might surprise you and become a Pleasure Boi and join you.” The two kissed good bye deeply, the he watched as his friend got on the jet and flew away!

Part 3: Really digging this, really missing Frankie!

Thanks to those artists! Thanks to Frankie, Andrej and my other readers I am allowed to place in my stories, you all know who you are!