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Part 3: Really digging this, really missing Frankie!

Jimmy sat in front of his computer, his web-cam on and a naked and very tanned Frankie sat before him. Jimmy had tears in his eyes “I miss you, Frankie!” Frankie said “I miss you too, please ask Andrej to send you here as a Pleasure Boy, we could have so much fun!: Jimmy said “you know I have my mom, although she's drunk all the time!”

Frankie became frustrated. “Fuck Jimmy she calls you names like fag, queer and last time we talked she called you a cocksucker, although you suck a mean cock, but she has no right, you are her son, I con;d never call you names, you are my Jimmy and you will always be that!” Tears streaked both their cheeks!

Jimmy took a walk trying to get things straight in his mind, he figured his mom would sign any paper for a few bottles of liquor, so becoming a fill fledged Pleasure boy was really not a problem and Frankie was there at Boi Atlantis pleasuring men with his sweet body, they would make a great team, but then there Andrej and he had feelings for him also.

He found himself entering the park. Sure enough them man he first met was sitting on a park bench reading the paper. Jimmy sat down across from him and waited to be noticed. The man looked over his paper, smile and motioned to the toilet block. Jimmy smiled and nodded that they could hook up there. Jimmy got up and walked that way, the older man looked around, then followed.

Jimmy entered the cubical and when the man entered Jimmy stood there naked and ready. “My oh my aren't you a beautiful site, so fuckable, are you?” Jimmy's right hand slid the man's zipper down. “What do you think?” He fished out the already hard penis, bent forward and kissed the head. “I do everything now, sir, everything!” The man stripped and produced a hundred dollar bill.

Jimmy took it and said “I guess it's the works, good that I used my red bag this morning, and I used blueberry lubricant, I hope you like that flavor sir, I do?” The man sat back on the lid and opened his legs. Jimmy got on his knees still having the hard cock in his grasp. He opened his mouth and gobbled up the entire length.

Good lord, you swallowed my whole cock, I've never had that done to me before, your tongue is licking my balls. Quickly saliva had matted the man's pubes, Jimmy's mouth moved up and down, his tongue scrapping the sensitive underside. His eyes looked up to see the man's face and the passion that painted it.

Jimmy let the slick cock slide out and holding it he straddled the man, he placed the purple mushroom to his pucker and said “ready to fuck me?” The man's head moved up and down, not saying a word, he grabbed Jimmy's hips and pushed. The hard penis drove into the boi-slut to the pubes. Jimmy bounced up and down on the cock giving the desired pleasure the man had paid for.

Jimmy could hear huffing and puffing, the excitement he brought was overwhelming, cum seemed to boil in the mans balls. “God son you are a dream come true, where the fuck have you learned these things. Jimmy got a sly, crooked grin on his lips and began to clamp his muscles on the man. “I'm gonna cum soon, you're going to make me shoot it, damn this is good.”

Jimmy hopped off and again swallowed the man's cock. The old man's eyes seemed to roll back in his head. He grabbed Jimmy's head, his cock swelled, he was about to bathe Jimmy's mouth in creamy goo. “Please swallow my cum, please?” Jimmy's mouth clamped down hard on half the length and readied himself!

The man tightened up, he wanted the lust and feeling's Jimmy gave him to last for much longer. Jimmy scraped the penis head and even dug into the piss slit, the man finally gave up and let his cock erupt. Jimmy's mouth caught the first of three hard creamy blasts, he swallowed each gooy shot and finished by sucking them man dry and planting a very wet kiss on the head!

Jimmy sat back after the man left, he loved being naked and envied Frankie on Boi Atlantis, the uniform of the day there was your birthday suit. The men that were referred to as Patron's liked the boy's that way. He sat there for a bit stroking himself then dressed, made sure he still had the hundred and the slipped out and headed home.

Well, well well guess who just walked in, my little queer whore, hey whore you got your own street corner?” His mother was really drunk, she had a bottle of vodka in her hand. Jimmy felt like he had just been slapped, yet he had fucked and sucked for money that afternoon, still she had no right. “You know mom, I can be out of here fast, all you have to do is sign a piece of paper and I can be part of B.T.W and you'll never have to worry about me again!”

She looked at him through bloodshot eyes “where the fuck do I sign?” She staggered off and took another swig from the vodka bottle. Jimmy ran upstairs and logged on to Frankie's website on Boi Atlantis. Frankie was on his bed atop of a dark skinned man, maybe someone from India. His white body stood out from the dark cock he was sucking on. Jimmy watched intently. Right there and then he decided he was going to Boi Atlantis!”

Frankie never saw Jimmy. The Indian Patron placed the white boi on his back, splayed his legs and slid his dark skinned cock seep inside of Frankie. The two thin white legs clamped around the man's middle and held him tightly. The patron fucked Frankie like it was the last piece of boi pussy he'd ever get in his life. Frankie's inner muscles made sure he was tighter than tight!

Hard blasts of sperm coated Frankie's insides. The Patron collapsed to the side of Frankie's head trying to regain his breath. Frankie just happened to look at his computer screen saw Jimmy watching the man fuck him. Frankie gave Jimmy a forefinger wave. Jimmy returned it and waited for them to finished their fuck completely. The Indian Patron rolled off and on his back.

Frankie winked at Jimmy and began to run his red tongue tip up and down the shrinking brown male snake. He gobbled the cock up and sucked it clean of its cumy residue. The man squirmed, the head of his brown cock was super sensitive, but Frankie was showing off for Jimmy and refused to release the penis from his mouth.

The Patron pushed Frankie away “no more my beauty, no more, don't you ever get enough. He kissed Frankie and then got up “I will go to the casino, I need some rest or you might fuck me to death.. they both laughed and Frankie added “well I tried?” Jimmy smiled. The Patron went in and took a shower. Frankie got up and jimmy saw sperm flow down the inside of Frankie's legs. “Hey Jimmy sup?” He looked down and Frankie giggle “that guy cums in buckets, it's the third day he's fucked me!

Frankie I have something to tell you?' Frankie sat down and looked at Jimmy “you know Jimmy you are so fucking hot, what do you have to tell me?” Jimmy looked around “I'm gonna ask if I can go to Boi Atlantis, I want to be a Pleasure boi just like you?” Frankie's blue eyes began to tear up “really?” Jimmy told him what his mother had said. “When you gonna tell Andrej? Jimmy said “Tomorrow morning!” The two kiss their screens and signed off.

The phone rang in the modeling office. A man wanted to make an appointment for his nephew. The boi named Milan was brought in and escorted to Mr. Dixon's office. “Can I get you some refreshments sir.? The man shook his head, but the little sandy haired cutie piped up “I'll take a cola if you have one, please? Tristan nodded and left the office. “Milan nudged his uncle “what a butt Uncle Rudy!” The man shook his head.

Milan please exercise some decorum. Mr. Dixon entered “You must be Milan and you his uncle Rudolph Mc Kinney, yes? The uncle nodded, and said “yes!” Dixon looked Milan up and down “I see from your call that you have had some things that Milan does that would be of interest to B.T.W., could explain?”

The uncle cleared his throat “just last week I went looking for my Gardener and his assistant, I opened the shed door and there they were with Milan, all three naked and Milan impaled on the gardener's cock while he was sucking off the assistant. I went to say something and Milan took the cock out of his mouth and said “please uncle Rudy, some privacy, I'll send them up to the house after they cum!”

Then two weeks ago I went to his room, he had his tutor for math working with him, or so I thought, I opened the door, Milan is on his back, legs out wide and the tutor fucking him hard, he was just cuming inside of Milan. The math tutor said if Milan got the ten math problems correct he grant Milan a wish, that turned out to be the wish.” Uncle Rudolph took out a hankie, wiped his brow. “I told him I didn't know what I was going to do with him, he got up, creamy rivers running down his legs, made a mess on the carpet.!”

He again wiped his brow and asked for a glass of water, drank and resumed. “Milan brought up this B.T.W. Site and showed me all these vacation sites, said it would be better than a boarding school, and one hell of a lot more fun for him, besides the so called “Pleasure Boi's” make money from things they do extra, like photo shoots, videos and special events, so I said what the hell, why not, he's been in and out of 3 boarding schools already!”

Mr. Dixon smiled “I believe we just might be your answer, first I'd like one of our photographers work with him, maybe give him some training, how does that sound?” Before Uncle Rudolph could say a thing Milan piped up “does the photographer have a big dick, I love big dicks, especially if they cum a lot?” Mr. Dixon looked at the boy and thought “what a find, such a slut!” Really Milan I have never checked our Andrej or any of our other staff personnel?”

Andrej entered and looked the new boy up and down. He took Milan by the chin “come with me, a new life awaits you, come!” Milan got up shrugged and said “see ya in a couple hours Uncle Rudy, this ought to be interesting!” Milan followed him into the photo room. Jimmy walked in and up to Andrej “can I talk to you?” Andrej got a big smile on his face Jimmy “I can use you in this shoot with the new boy, such an idea Andrej has?”

Jimmy stepped back “I have something really important?” Andrej said “OK, what is so important?” Jimmy and Andrej sat on the bench “I want to go and be a Pleasure boy, I have had it with my mom and the boozing, she said she'd sign anything to get rid of me.” Andrej patted Jimmy's brown haired head. “OK I think you should go to the new Boi Lemura, they want only white boys there?” Jimmy shook his head “no Andrej, I want to go to Boi Atlantis with Frankie!”

Andre frowned “Ok I will ask, they are only 80% full there anyway, but now I want you and Milan to do the shoot together, a bubble bath shoot, you and he will sponge each other and then rinse and the on the towel take it to a new level, you fuck him, OK?” Jimmy shrugged sure, I can do that, but you got to get the company to get me to Boi Atlantis with Frankie?” Andrej kissed Jimmy gently, “consider yourself in Boi Atlantis, now lets make it a great shoot!”

They went into the big shower room. It stood in the middle of the room, which let them video tape from all sides and all angles. Jimmy and Milan walked out naked each holding an oversized sponge. Bubble bath had been added to the water and the overhead shower spritz them downward. Each boy stood shin deep in the warm water and sponged each other making them both soapy. The scrubbed each other.

Jimmy stood a half ahead above Milan. Milan blew away the bubbles from Jimmy's right nipple and began to circle it with his tongue tip. Jimmy's penis stuck straight out and settled in Milan's “innie” belly button. “Jimmy I have a better place for it?” Slowly Milan slid down to his knees, Jimmy's hard boi-cock pointed straight to Milan's mouth, ever so quickly it was gobbled up and being sucked!

Jimmy felt his eyes roll back in his head, his balls got tight, the head of his penis tingled. He loved the feeling Milan's tongue made as it scraped and rolled, a shiver ran up his backside. Andrej snapped pictures at a rapid rate. Milan was truly a catch and he aimed to put the boy up and a new trophy, maybe even Tsar would be on the list as a sex partner for Milan, what a film that would make!

On the towel covered the two imp's formed the number “69”, each red mouth working on the others throbbing stalk of hot boi flesh. Each boys finger's probed the others insides. In and out two fingers each worked to find the others special place that would set their bodies in motion and their penises shooting creamy goo all over each other red mouths, Andrej capturing it on film for the B.T.W. Patron's to enjoy and desire.

Pull them out, shoot on each others faces!” Andrej instructed. Each boi reluctantly followed the instruction, they would have rather sucked the other dry. Milan started the eruption and shot sperms all over jimmy's lops, quickly Jimmy followed Milan and exploded, covering Milan's face. A red tongue snaked out the capture the others semen and taste the gooey elixir. To finished, each licked the other clean and sucked the other dry or until they could no longer stand the eminence feelings the others sucking brought on and Andrej yelled “cut!”

Andrej stood there arms folded while Jimmy and Milan continued to lick, suck and finger-fuck each other. “I am waiting?” Andrej said after clearing his throat, still the two boi-sluts continued to have each other. Finally they fell apart giggling. “I see you two are now drained of fluids, now I can't have Tsar fuck either of you, too bad he has such a wonderful cock, too bad!”

Jimmy got a call from Andrej and was asked if he was interested in a video shoot, “sure Andrej what is it about? Andrej explained Jimmy would be a pizza delivery boi to a home where a poker game was going on and he'd do the poker players for the money on the table? Jimmy said “kewl, where and when?” Andrej said “I'll pick you up and take you to the house.

Jimmy dressed in a powder blue long sleeve button down shirt with large B.T.W. Pizza in bold dark blue letters with in smaller lettering saying “We deliver More Than Pizza, Just Ask! He wore a dark blue baseball cap with B.T.W. Pizza on the front, and tight blue short-shorts, skin tight which showed the outline of all his assets. He carried a large pizza box.

The video crew told Andrej they were ready, he said “ACTION” and Jimmy approached the home and rang the door bell and awaited someone to answer. A rather large man opened and Jimmy chirped “Pizza Delivery, sir! He was ushered in with “I'll get my wallet, take it in to the gamer room.”

Jimmy entered and there sat 4 men around a green covered poker table. “your Pizza gentlemen!” jimmy again chirped. One of the me holding cards said “what else do you provide, it says just ask?” Jimmy blushed, but smiled 'sir it can be anything you want it to be, just ask?”

The camera zoomed in on the man as he placed his cards down on the table. “You could put on a little strip show for us, how much would that cost us?” Jimmy gave the group a crooked smile “a hundred would cover it , sir!” The man smiled, “how much more if you sucked our dicks for us?” Agan the boy gave with his crooked smile “fifty more each, unless I have to swallow then that would be a hundred more each!” He was matter of fact in his retort.

The man looked at the pile of money on the table. He pointed to each pile in front of each card player “would all this cover us fucking you, oh your name lad?” Jimmy stepped up on a chair and into the middle of the card table and removed his hat. “I believe all that would cover a nice gang-bang sir, for it you all can fuck me!” Some one turned on some music.

Jimmy slowly rocked to the music and slowly unbuttoned each button very slowly while the group sat back to enjoy jimmy's slow strip show. He removed the shirt, his brown nipples were rock hard and the tips pointed out in sexual excitement. Jimmy loved to be the center of attraction. He spun the shirt over his head a few times and let it fly.

His shorts looked to be almost painted on the lower part of his body. He stepped forward and placed a shoe in front of the poker player who had instigated the show and let the man remove it. Jimmy moved to the next man and let him remove the other shoe. He moved around the table a few times and placed a sock covered foot in front of another and it was slid from his foot. He did the same with the other.

Now Jimmy clad only in his shorts and walked to the home owner and placed his hands on the man's shoulders while his shorts were skinned from his slim body. He moved back, wanked his now hard boi cock and in a moan said 'who gets sucked first. The men made a mad scramble to strip. His first man to have enticed his actions held his hard penis and Jimmy lay on his stomach in front and examined the uncut cock.

Jimmy's red tongue flicked the peeking head of the man's cock. A moan was heard by all. Jimmy's hands reach behind the man, grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled him forward to his wide open mouth, his red lips were quickly covered by a mad of pubic hair. “Holy fuck the kid just swallowed my cock!” the man said as his eyes rolled back in his head..

To Jimmy surprise the table turned and he was transferred to the next man. He sucked in his cock to the root also. “Goddamn the little fucker sucks a mean cock!” Jimmy was turned from one to another, sucking each penis. The first climbed up behind Jimmy and before any of the others could say anything he pushed his cock into the receptive youngster to the balls!

One of the others began to complain. “Hey I wantrd to fuck him first, you always fuck them first. The man fucking Jimmy just laughed and holding jimmy slim hips worked his cock in and out laughing and then moaning “damn the kid can milk cock, he's moving inside, damn what a fuck, you guys are gonna love this, he's better than the kid who wanted to cut the grass.

Jimmy sucked on one cock, his tongue scraped the underside making the man stiffen. He held Jimmy's head and began to flood the boy's mouth with his creamy spew. The camera man was right there to see Jimmy's facial expressions, then swallowing. At the corners of his red mouth two creamy bubbles appeared. He could also feel the cock inside erupt and coat his colon

Jimmy was fucked and sucked the men until they were sitting in their chairs exhausted, limp cocks hanging. A naked jimmy lay on his side facing the camera and holding a wad of money “Now remember at B.T.W. Pizza we do deliver more than pizza, the extras do cost more, but I'm well worth it.” He made a phone sign to his ear and lips and mouthed “CALL ME!”

Andreg said 'CUT!' Jimmy got up and the flood started, cum was rolling quickly down his legs. “Andrej I need a shower, was it a good shoot?”
Andreg gave the boi the OK sign and Jimmy ran for the shower. Under the beating water he dreamed of he and Frankie running down a pristine white beach giggling, he just wished it would be soon!