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Part 4: You mean I'm going?'

Andrej brought a naked Milan into one of the shooting room. He had Milan lie on the day bed and began to take a series of very provocative photos. The boy wasn't eleven yet, but seemed to make love to the camera lens. Andrej was very impressed with the way the boy seemed to anticipate each and everything Andrej wanted.

Andrej when can I make a video with just me and some men?” Andrej grinned. He looked at Milan, the boy was lying on his back, legs splayed and holding a very erect uncut boi-cock, his love hole a very enticing target. “I think I can arrange something for this afternoon, Milan! The young boy-slut, slid a finger into his anus and pushed it in and out, “kewl he moaned slow and very sexily!”

Andrej was lucky, two former Pleasure boys were working part-time and going to the local university. Both around nineteen, but still ready to make a few extra dollars, readily agreed to make the shoot. Andrej had a small beach scene set up and the two older boys would be taking a nude sun bath when Milan would show up and the three would have a little orgy!

Andrej turned on the sound system, the sound of water lapping on a beach filled the air. Milan carried a pail and shovel and passed a sign saying “CLOTHING OPTIONAL, NUDE BEACH!” Slowly Milan meandered down the beach carrying the pail and approached the two naked older boys. Andrej and another zoomed in with their video cameras, one on Milan's impish face, the other on the older boys and their half-hard cocks!

Will you play with me?” Milan said coyly! Each boy propped themselves on their elbows. The one on the left put a hand over his eyes to check out who was talking to them and to block out the sun. “What?” Milan looked into the camera, grinned and back at the two “I have no one to play with?” The boy on the left said “were getting some sun!” Milan knelt between the two and sat his pail down in the sand, then edged up in-between the two reached and took hold of both cocks and began wanking them.

Hey kid what the f-u-c-k?” Milan gave the camera a crooked smile. “Gee all the men like it when I play with their things?” He bent forward and ran a red tongue around the head of the right cock, then the same to the left cock. He opened wide and sucked it in to the root. “G-o-o—o-d g-o-d, what a mouth on this kid, he just swallowed my cock!” The boy on the right piped up 'he don't forget mind, hey what's your name, kid?”

Milan let the cock slide from his mouth, it was shinny with Milan's saliva. “I'm Milan, you like me sucking you?' Again the other said “come on suck mine too!” Again Milan looked into Andre's video camera lens and smiled with his crooked grin, returned to the other cock and slowly let it slide down his throat, his lips covered with black haired pubes.

Saliva flowed copiously and matted the teen's pubes. Ever so slowly he pulled his lips up until the saliva coated head was set on Milan's red lips, then again the cock disappeared deep into the boys oral cavity. The other boy was tired of waiting and placed himself behind the young boy with the blond mop of hair. Pointing his cock at the pre-lubed hole. Milan head bobbed up and down while his tight ring gave way to the hard teen cock.

The uncut penis drove into Milan until the teens ball sac slapped against Milan's. The blond head pulled up and Milan looked to his back and grinning said seductively “gee such a sweet cock, now fuck me like you mean it!” the teen's mouth opened, but he said nothing. He was really surprised at the words that came from the little blond sluts mouth. The teen began to pound the boy hard, fast and deep. Milan returned to giving great head!

Andrej moved in his camera to Milan/s face, the boy did give a very sloppy blow job, his saliva coated the cock and pubes, plus he made all sorts of noises and he sucked and reveled in the cock fucking him, he was in his own world and it was highly sex filled. “Mumph, mumph, oooohhhh, mumph!” Was recorded by the two filming.

The teen fucking the preteen couldn't last much longer, Milan used his inner muscles on the teen's cock. Sweat had made all the bodies glisten as the performed for the crew. “I c-c-a-a-n-n-'-t-t h-h-o-o-l-l-d-d b-b-b-a-a-a-c-c-c-k-k-k any longer the teen bellowed slowly, he was trying to keep from cuming inside of Milan, but it was impossible, Milan clamped down hard and the boy's balls release their juices and flooded inside of Milan, a creamy river appeared as it rolled down the inside of Milan's right thigh. Milan pushed back with hard thrusts.

Milan began to shoot himself, he couldn't cry out, his mouth and throat were full of hard teen cock, “mumph, mumph!” Just muffled cries of ecstasy. His boi-cock pointed up, it was extremely hard. His semen hit his chest and hung down in gooey strings. Milan's mouth was working overtime the extract the sperm from the other teen, who's teeth were tight and grinding, he was doing his damnedest to keep from cuming.

Milan finally won! His red tongue scraped the underside of the teens cock and the teens balls finally released it's prize and filled Milan's hard sucking mouth with his creamy sperm. Milan swallowed at light speed although some trickled from the corners of his red mouth. Milan grabbed the penis and began to lick it like an all day sucker. “fuck kid let it go, fuck I can't take it any more!” Milan let go of the penis and giggled, looked into Andrej's lens and said “good to the last drop!”

Andrej got the word from B.T.W. Headquarters in Brussels that Jimmy had been approved for Boi Atlantis, he had only two weeks to get as much film on him. He had wanted to get Jimmy hooked up with Tsar before he left, but his dog had hurt his rear left leg and paw, he had stepped on a large rose thorn and had to be treated for infection. What to do, what to do?”

Sitting behind his desk Andrej picked up the phone and made a call. Morgan Hundergraff raised big dogs and when they needed one they would call. “Hunter this Andrej, how are you my friend?' Hunter asked the same. “Hunter I am in need of a big dog for a shoot, do you have one that I might use?” Hunter smiled “I have a very big one with a very big red cock and well trained, I use only hand signals with him!” Andrej thought for a minute, Jimmy was thin, but why not?

Hunter, good, I need him and you the day after tomorrow, lets see around one, how's that?” Hunter and Andrej agreed on the time and the rental fee. Andrej hung up, now to find Jimmy and have him agree to do the shoot, plus what kind of a film, the plot. A light bulb hit him, he would continue the African Chief and warrior theme from the last film, the audience and video buyers would love it. He called Carl and Winston for the shoot, they wouldn't have to do any fucking, but he needed them as props!

He opened the door to his office and couldn't believe his luck, over in the corner sat Jimmy, Milan, Winston and Carl playing a board game. He approached the group and figured he'd gibe Jimmy the good news that he'd be joining Frankie very soon then tell him about the shoot he had lined up. “What game are you playing?” Milan looked up “Clue!” The he said “Jimmy can I see you in my office for a minute or two?”

Jimmy got up and followed him. Jimmy sat across from Andrej. “Sup Andrej?” “Sup, what is sup?” Jimmy giggled “it means what's up!” Andrej shrugged “well I have some news for you, I just received a call from B.T.W., all the paperwork is done and a week from Friday you will leave for Boi Atlantis, how does that sound, you will be a Pleasure boi?”

Jimmy broke out in the widest grin imaginable. “You mean it Andrej, wait until I talk to Frankie, gee I wish we could share the same room?” Before Andrej could say anything Jimmy smile “I know, we have separate rooms, we have men in our rooms to have fun with, but it would be kewl!” Jimmy started to get up, and looked at Andrej, 'is there anything else?”

Andrej nodded “I have another video for you, it's a continuation of the last one, you see the natives need rain and you will be a sacrifice to their rain god, if you do it you will be set free and returned to your people?' Jimmy shrugged, sound OK, who's their rain god?” Andrej cleared his throat “he is called GORMOBOTO and he's a very big dog, do you think you can do him, there are residuals from the video to your savings?”

Jimmy swallowed hard, he had seen Frankie and Tsar, it was hot and he enjoyed watching, but he really never thought of himself doing a dog, still he was going to Boi Atlantis. “Andrej I guess I can do it, hell I lived with a drunk for such a long time, getting fucked by a dog must be a lot better, besides Frankie came twice, so he must have enjoyed the big cock, when?” Andrej breathed a sigh of relief, “the day after tomorrow, be ready, I hear he has a very big cock!”

The phone rang and Tristan answered. “Models this is Tristan how can I help you?” “I'm Mrs. Walter M. Graves and I wish to talk to some one on obtaining a modeling job for my son, he is a lovely looking child, so graceful and I believe he'd be a good model?” Tristan got a big grin on his face. “Please hold and I'll get you through to our manager Mr. Dixon!”

Tristan knocked on the closed door. “Yes?” Came from the other side, Tristan walked in “Mr. Dixon the phone, but just a minute, I'm not sure if it isn't some kind of crank call, it's some woman and she wants to get her son into modeling?” Dixon shrugged and picked up the phone “this is Mr. Dixon, how may I help you?”

Mr. Dixon, I am Mrs. Graves and I have a son I would like to get into the modeling game, he needs something to occupy his time, maybe like a hobby and he is very good looking, but I'm have a bit of trouble with him, he seems to be into men, I caught him in out limo with our driver, he was giving him oral sex, I was so shocked, but I have a bit of decorum and waited until Rodney had finished before I lowered the boom!”

Dixon held the phone with his hand, he was trying to keep from laughing out loud. He took a deep breath and went back to the conversation. “I see Mrs. Graves , I guess you fired the driver?” There was a pause then “well no, he's a very good driver, but I sent Rodney to his room for punishment. Anyway I feel that modeling would be a good outlet for him to express himself, can I get an appointment for Rodney?”

Dixon again had to catch his breath. “How about tomorrow morning around ten and I'll have one of our photographers take a few pictures and see if he's photogenic or not, please accompany him and we can talk?” There was a pause “you want me to accompany him, gee I have three meetings planned, I will sign a paper giving you authorization to photo and video him, our driver will bring him to you and when your are finished, call and Jefferson will return to pick up Rodney!”

Dixon said 'that will be fine, but have it notarized, I want no problems with the authorities, the Boy-lover Protection Act goes just so far. There was a pause, the she said “I can do that Mr. Dixon, tomorrow at ten, he will be there prompt and ready to be the best boy model you could ever want.!” She hung up. Dixon was rolling, his face was red and Tristan got him a glass of cold water. “Some people a really trying to pull our legs at times, I will be shocked to all hell if this Rodney boy ever shows up?”

At five minutes to ten a black limo pulled up in front of the Model studio. Out stepped a chubby blond, blue eyed lad dressed in a short pants suit, tie and round bill cap. The youngster entered “I have a ten am appointment with a Mr. Dixon!” He told Tristan. Tristan went to Mr. Dixon's door, his hand over his mouth to keep him from laughing out loud. “M-M-M-r-r-r. Dixon your ten is here and he's for real!” “Your kidding me, right?” Dixon retorted.

Rodney Graves was escorted in and took a seat. “Your Rodney Graves?” Mr. Dixon asked?” The boy gave him a big smile “yes sir, but I preferred to be called Roddy, sir!” Mr. Dixon swallowed hard to keep from laughing. “OK Roddy, so you want to be a Boy Model for B.T.W.?” The boy's blue eyes opened wide “Oh yes sir and I'll do anything and I mean anything to succeed sir~!”

Mr. Dixon pressed the button “Tristan would you have Andrej come in, I believe Roddy is right up Andrej's alley?” Roddy beamed then asked “Mr. Dixon, sir, will I be-able to pose nude, naked, I love being without clothes and I have other skills, our household staff can attest to that?” “Good lord it's raining boys, Jimmy, Milan and now Roddy Graves, may it never end!”

Andrej entered and looked at the chunky boi “I am Andrej I will take pictures of you, are you ready young man?” He ushered Roddy out, but stopped and said to Mr. Dixon, “I will make sure he's for real, right now!” Dixon nodded. Andrej left and Roddy followed him.

Andrej pointed to the bathroom “go in and take off everything, I will do nudes of you, do you wank?” Roddy got the biggest smile on his face “yes and I fuck also, can I do that too?” Andrej looked at the chubby boy “if you want, it can be arranged, your are ready for that Roddy?” The boy was running to the bathroom stripping as he ran, he looked back “yes, I'm so horny, I just want to cum!”

Andreg found one of the older teens “I have a hot and chubby one, you want to fuck him while I take pictures, make sure you cum in his mouth, I want to see if he will eat sperm?” the teen nodded “sure will Andrej I'll fuck him silly and cum where ever you want me to!”

The teen was quickly naked. Roddy came out naked as the day he had been born. Roddy this is Marcel, you and he will take pictures together, you do as he tells you, I will take film. I want you to start on your knees and suck his cock.” Roddy was quickly in from to Marcel and had hold of the boys cock. He popped the hard flesh in his mouth and sucked like it was the last cock he'd ever get, Andrej snapped picture after picture.

Roddy surprised them all. He pushed Marcel down on the pillows and pushed the teens legs up and splayed them. He began to tongue Marcel's asshole, his red tongue dug in while he jacked the teen off. Andreg was flabbergasted, Roddy was a male version of a nymphomaniac. He moved to the neither area and sucked the flesh, then to the teens hairy ball sac and sucked back and forth.

Andrej halted it for a minute to change tabs and restart. Roddy licked up the underside of Marcel hard uncut cock, stopping at the frenulum and digging in with his tongue tip. Marcel was moaning and squirming “Christ I'm gonna cum.” the teen was moaning. Roddy clasped his red lips over the crown and sucked hard, drawing in half of the uncut tube.

Marcel grabbed Roddy's blond head and held him in place, he was shooting hot creamy jets of his sperm. Roddy's cheeks quickly puffed out. He opened his mouth to give Andrej a clear picture of the teens semen floating over his red tongue. More cum hit Roddy's hair and face. Andreg said “swallow Roddy, swallow his cum!” The creamy goo disappeared and Roddy had to use his fingers to scrape up the rest and lick his fingers clean.

Was I good Andrej, if not I can do it again if you want, I love this it's too kewl!” Andrej smiled “no Roddy, you proved your point, a great cocksucker you are, next we make a video of you fucking, how's that?” Roddy at up with the biggest smile on his face “great, when, I'm ready now! Marcel just laid there. “Andrej are my balls still there or did the little fucker swallow them too?” Andrej just sang a tune “it's raining bois, its my lucky day!”

Andrej's backyard was again set up as and African village. A stake was driven into the ground and a chain hung from it to hold Jimmy as the prisoner. Roddy found out about the video shoot and asked Andrej if he could watch it. Andrej said “OK!” Roddy went with Jimmy, Winston, and Carl to Andrej's.

Morgan and his dog waited for the bunch. Andrej led the boys into the backyard and found Morgan and the biggest and ugliest canine he had ever seen in his life. The two men shook hands while Carl and Winston got into their skimpy garb. Jimmy stripped naked and used the bathroom to ready himself for the video, Roddy stripped also. Andrej asked 'why are you naked, Roddy, he shrugged “I just felt I should be in costume?” Andrej shrugged and went about setting up the Tiki torches

He and Anthony got the camera's ready, while Jimmy was fastened to the chain and has his ass crack sprayed with “Bitch-In-Heat, he had a collar fasted around his neck and attached to the long chain. Winston had his spear and Carl his club. Andrej yelled “Action!” and the chief approached the naked Jimmy lying on a mat. “Jimmy you know we are with out rain for many months and we must have a sacrifice for the rain god GORMOBOTO and we have decided that it will be you!”

Jimmy began to cry “please I let you fuck me, I've sucked you when ever you wanted, I don't want to die, please don't kill me, please?” The chief looked at Jimmy “who said were going to kill you, GORMOBOTO will fuck you, if you let him willingly we will take you back to your people. GOROMOBOTO must deposit his seed in a human and we elected you, Jimmy. Jimmy in a little voice asked “what is GOROMOBOTO?”

The chief looked into the sky then said “Jimmy he is a giant dog!” Jimmy swallowed hard, “you mean a dog will breed me?” The chief smiled proudly “yes!” Jimmy looked downcast and at the ground “OK, bring him on, if I must, I will!” The chief smiled “Oh first you must also give him a good sucking, he likes that very much!” Jimmy gave the camera lens a sour look!

Drums beat in the background as Jimmy awaited GOROMOBOTO. From around the back of the Chief's hut the canine slowly approached. He sniffed the air, the sprayed attractant was having the desired effect on him, three inches of red, dripping cock had already slipped out of his big sheath. Jimmy saw it and began to sweat, he also swallowed hard and readied himself for GOROMOBOTO!

The very big canine put his nose to the air, off behind the bushes Morgan gave him a sign and he began to growl! “Grrrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrrrr,” in a deep guttural sound broke the silence, Jimmy although expecting him, jumped, the sound was scarey. GOROMOBOTO (his real name was Barney!) stood a few feet in front of Jimmy, long strings of drool made small pools on the dirt, looked at Jimmy and again a low, guttural came from deep with in “grrrrrrrrr!”

Jimmy thought “ooohhh shit, he's big and ugly!” Ever so slowly the dog circled the preteen, still sniffing the air and getting the sprayed scent deep into his nostrils. Five fat dripping inches were out of his sheath. Jimmy looked at it and thought “fuck it's fatter than I thought?” As though GOROMOBOTO knew his part instinctively, he stood over Jimmy. Jimmy took the sheath in his small hand and looked at it in awe!

Jimmy jacked it a few times, two more dripping red inches appeared, it seemed to even grow fatter. Jimmy swallowed and flicked his red tongue out and scraped the dripping tip. There really wasn't much of a taste, it was slippery, and the realized they were right when the told him it was a lubricant the dogs produced to make there entrance easier.

Andrej zoomed in with the camera. Jimmy saw it from the corner of his eyes and sucked in the entire length. He sucked and licked just like he'd suck any man he chose to give a blow job to. His eye caught Andrej's broad smile of approval, he began to suck the canine's cock in earnest. He made it noisy and very sloppy.

His hand had now produced ten red inches of canine cock and had hold behind the fat knot. He sucked, licked and swallowed the entire length, to the right side of his neck a bulge appeared. Andrej couldn't believe it, truly Jimmy was one of the best cocksuckers he had ever produced, the Patron's on Boi Atlantis were in for a treat.

Morgan gave another silent command and GOROMOBOTO pulled back. Jimmy's head snapped back. His chin was glossy, he's two dime sized nipples were a shiny brown. GOROMOBOTO had quickly moved to Jimmy's rear and licked the readied boi-hole. Jimmy felt his boi-cock being licked along with the hole about to receive GOROMOBOTO's rampant ten inches, also what Jimmy didn't know, the knot also!

GOROMOBOTO hopped up on Jimmy's slim backside. The two forepaws clamped tightly around Jimmy's slim waist and began to jab at his anus. Jimmy took a deep breath when the fat point hit the readied boi-pussy and plunged forward. Jimmy couldn't breathe for a few seconds, he was being stretched more than he had ever, yet to his surprise he got very hard himself. GOROMOBOTO gave Jimmy another hard hump, the knot was pushed in, they were tied!

Jimmy's head spun, the canine was unmerciful in his pounding of Jimmy's body, Jimmy thought the cock would come up his throat and out his mouth. He quickly thought of Frankie and Tsar, his friend had never said it was going to be like this. The cock had found his spot and rubbed it, the feeling was overwhelming, me moaned loudly “ooohhh I'm gonna shoot, I'm gonna shoot!”

His boi-cock recoiled and hot gooey cream bolted from his body. He was having a climax, a very hard climax, it felt great, this dog could really fuck, no wonder Frankie had two cums, the cock never stopped rubbing his insides, his own cock only lost a little girth, and again he got hard, his head was spinning, Jimmy was mumbling! “Fuck, fuck, f-u-c-kkkkkkkk! His brown hair was sweat matted and stuck to his face!

Grrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrr!” Broke Jimmy's train of thought. GOROMOBOTO went stiff, Jimmy felt the first creamy eruption flood his insides, they kept coming. One after another GORMOBOTO kept shooting sperm deep into Jimmy, there was so much that first a creamy white ring appeared at the base of the canine's cock, then two creamy streams ran down the inside of Jimmy's thin white legs and formed two creamy puddles.

Jimmy came again, not as much as before, yet still enough to hit the boy's left nipple and string down and into the dirt. Jimmy couldn't raise his head, he was exhausted. Over on the porch Roddy sat wanking like there was no tomorrow, this turned the boy on, he couldn't control himself. Anthony motioned to Andrej and pointed, Andrej just shook his head.

GORMOBOTO and Jimmy were knotted, the dog kept emptying his balls into the boy, Jimmy thought he'd never stop cuming, but he finally did and placed all his weight on Jimmy's back, drool slid from both side of Jimmy's ribs. Jimmy looked to the side at Andrej and smiled. Jimmy whispered “man he can fuck!” Andrej smiled and said “CUT!” Morgan grabbed hold of his dog, and held him in place to keep him from dragging Jimmy all over Andrej's backyard. It took almost thirty minutes for the canine to lose enough girth to uncouple from Jimmy.

Finally an big “POP” broke the silence, a big creamy flood followed from Jimmy's cum filled insides. Jimmy fell forward. On the porch Roddy shot his own cream arc into the air. As Winston walked up the porch Roddy smiled “want me to suck your cock, please?” The black man shrugged 'if you want?” The naked boy quickly gobbled the hard black cock and began to suck it like crazy. The shoot had an effect on all, Winston quickly came and Roddy swallowed the entire load, he then confronted Carl and did him too!

Part 5: There always seems to be a new crop!

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