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Part 5: There always seems to be a new crop!

Andrej drove Jimmy to the local airport and put him on the B.T.W. Lear jet. Jimmy cried, but still couldn't wait to get going. “I talked to Alain the new director and he and Frankie will meet you in the Virgin Islands and escort you to Boi Atlantis. Andrej kissed Jimmy good bye and waited until the jet taxied and flew off. He couldn't get up the courage to tell Jimmy his mother had died from alcohol poisoning the night before!

Andrej drove back to the office. Mr. Dixon asked if he had told Jimmy about his mom. “I just couldn't, he was so happy when I told him Frankie would meet him, I just couldn't ruin the boy's happiness.” Dixon nodded, “neither could I!” Andrej went back and thumbed through some photo's of Jimmy, swallowed hard and went about setting up a video shoot between Milan and Roddy!

Eric Banning sat before his computer. He'd been in chat rooms for over a year now. Some wanted to see him do things, and he liked complying. The man before him was called Stranger 666 and wanted to see his cock. Eric stood up and dropped his baggy shorts and to show a sizable three inches soft, he wanked and it grew to a nice hard five inches. “You like?” Eric asked.

Stranger 666 smiled I'd like it better if I was sucking it. Stranger 666 stood up and gave Eric an eyeful. He was naked from the waist down and gave Eric a look at a very sizable hard eight inches, two sizable balls hung low. Eric stood there open mouthed. Finally Stranger 666 stroked himself producing a creamy bead on the top. “Like a lick Eric?” Eric said nothing, just nodded 'yes!”

Stranger then said something that took Eric by surprise. “You have a Boy Models body Eric, you know that, and your face is ready for the camera?” Eric was smitten with vanity. Really, me a Boy Model, your just putting me on, right?” Stranger 666 nodded “No Eric, you have the look and I know the look, I scout for B.T.W. “If you'd like I could get you a tryout?”

Eric turned to his left and then his right. “Me modeling, gee I might die of fright, really me?” Stranger 666 had thrown out the hook, the line and the sinker and Eric bit. No Eric I've seen you at Monarch Park before, but I never thought I'd see you here, I'll be there tomorrow at ten, if you're interested meet me?”

Eric watched the man stroke himself, but he kept thinking of the boys on Channel 6969, now he had the chance to break away from his mundane life, all he had to do was take the chance, all he had to do was meet Stranger 666, then he thought it might be a trap of some kind and he'd be kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery in another town or country?

Who are you really, I'm not so sure you are on the level?” The man he knew as Stranger 666. sat down and posted a business card with his name and a phone number to BOY MODELS, Inc a division of Boi Toi's inc. 1-888-555-5553. “Eric make the call, see my name in the lower right hand corner Todd Thomas, Recruiter.

Eric wrote it all down. “OK I'll give them a call and see if your legit, if you are, who you say you are, maybe I'll meet you, maybe?” Stranger then asked “Eric wank with me, please?” Eric grabbed his cock and began to jack off along with Stranger 666, keeping up stroke for stroke. Eric came much quicker. He came on his screen and keyboard. “Oh shit, I got to clean this up. The man was typing in “LOL” try licking it up Eric, get use to the taste of cum, LOL, LOL!”

Eric logged off, got a rag, then bent forward and ran his red tongue up the screen, lapping up a sizable amount of his own cum. “Gee I don't taste that bad!” he used the rag on the rest, the tang lingered on his taste buds.

Eric called the number and explained that he had been contacted by a Todd Thomas and wanted to know if he was for real? He was talking to a Tristan Morning and Tristan asked for Eric's email address and would forward a picture of Todd Thomas to verify if he was the real person.. Eric thanked him, then before Tristan could hang up he asked “do you use boys there for modeling?” Tristan assured him that they did and also boys were trained as Pleasure Boys!

Eric inquired what they were? Tristan explained that the boys were placed at vacation facilities to provide pleasure for the male vacationers and was he interested in being one? Eric said he wasn't sure, but it did sound interesting, but he'd think about it!” Eric logged on and there was a picture of Stranger 666 or Todd Thomas, B.T.W. Recruiter!

Eric got in the shower, he had his grandmother's hair brush, the handle was smooth and he used it on himself. He lubed it and slowly inserted it into his boi-hole. Slowly he fucked himself with it, his cock was hard, the shower beads made the sensitive head tingle. “Eric you seen my hair brush?” his grandmother asked.

Eric stuck his wet head out of the stall door and answered “no Gran, but I'll look for it when I'm done, OK?” Her brush's handle still buried in his young body, he head OK thank you, I keep misplacing things, I just don't know why?” She said and then door closed. Eric smiled and continued fucking himself until his cock spit cum on the shower wall. He rested as he came down from his exciting climax!

Eric cleaned the hair brush and then dressed in jeans, tank top and running shoes. “Found it Gran!” he said and he walked by her in the living room. “Found what dear?” She asked. “Your hair brush!” He said. “Oh, OK, where are you going?” She inquired. “To Monarch Park, the butterfly's are arriving in mass!” He told her. “I just love it when they arrive, their so lovely!” She said as he went out the door.

He rode his BMX to the park. As he rode through the woods he saw what looked like moving blankets of of yellow and black. There were lots of people with camera's taking pictures of the once a year sight. last year many were disappointed, the weren't that many Monarchs. As he slowly rode along the path looking for Todd, he heard a voice “Didn't think you'd come Eric?” He stopped and saw the man with a camera. “Don't move Todd ordered. Eric had a large Monarch Butterfly on his shoulder, Todd took 6 pictures of the two!

The Lear jet taxied on to the St. Thomas airport runway, and came to a stop. Jimmy came to the now open door and waiting for him stood Frankie! Jimmy almost killed himself running down the steps and jumped into the boys arms. The two giggled, jumped like a couple of school girls. Alain rounded the two up.

On the launch back to Boi Atlantis the two compared notes while the removed their clothing. “How come they let you come to meet me, Frankie?” Frankie was folding his B.T.W. Outfit, as all Pleasure Boys dress was complete nudity. “I was part of a three boy, three black midget and 3 Rottweiler show, so I am allowed a couple to days to get my body back together, those dogs have real big cocks and they fuck you for the longest time, but I came twice, it was hot!” The two giggled more!”

On Boi Atlantis Jimmy was processed, given room 18, next door to Frankie in room 19.. He had his anklet and necklace on his body. Frankie gave him the grand tour, showed the boy the duty roster for the day, explained the games played: King of the Round Table, Musical Boys and Man/Boi Relay race. All Jimmy could say was wow!

Both Pleasure boys were off limits for a couple days. In Jimmy's room the two showered, went over the computer in each room. “We have school each day from 10 to 1, six days per week.” Frankie told him, “You got to be kidding, school?” Frankie tickled Jimmy, Jimmy tickled back, soon they were entwined with each other on Jimmy's bed.

Slowly the began to kiss, the formed the number 69 and began to orally pleasure each other. Each boy licked, sucked and wanked the other. They hadn't had one another for such a long time. Each sucked the other “damn Jimmy you taste good, and you ain't cum yet. Jimmy's was sucking Frankie's balls, then moved to the boys asshole, he licked and stabbed the hole with his tongue tip.

Jimmy felt finger's inside of his body. Frankie had two inside of Jimmy, probing deeply and hearing the new Pleasure boy moan and squirm, “Oooohhhh Frankie fuck me, please fuck me, I've missed you so much?” Slowly Frankie moved into a spoon and pushed forward into Jimmy's body. In and out Frankie made love to Jimmy, until he couldn't hold back any longer. He erupted and spread cum deep inside of Jimmy's body!

Eric finally felt the air from the Monarch wings flap and it flew away. “That will make a nice picture for your portfolio Eric!” Todd said very proud of himself. “What's a portfolio?” he asked? Todd checked his camera “it's a collection of pictures taken of you which display your beauty and talents!” he was matter of fact in his explanation.

Eric looked at Todd “do you think I'd be a good model. Do I have a good look?” Todd too Eric by the chin and looked deep into his brown eyes “it depended what you'll do to become one, or what you want out of the experience?” Eric was mesmerized by Todd and his coolness. “I'll do what you want me to do, also what are Pleasure boys?”

Todd and Eric started walking “a Pleasure boy is a boy who brings pleasure and in most cases get's pleasure from the experience he provides, the B.T.W. Pleasure boys give their bodies freely and return are compensated quite well, do you like pleasure Eric?” The boy looked up at the man “sure, I love pleasure, I do things to myself to get the pleasure I want, ya I love pleasure!”

Eric you want to do an experimental photo shoot, if you like what you do, you can make some good money, and if you will give pleasure to another, you just might have what it takes to become a B.T.W. Pleasure boy. Remember Tristan, the boy you talked to at the model studio?”

Eric said he remembered. “He's a Pleasure boy, or was one, he now goes to the university, B.T.W. Is paying his way and has given him a job for expenses, I believe he's studying to become an Architect, in place he worked on the Boi Atlantis project, which has just become a reality!” Eric asked “what's Boi Atlantis?” Todd chuckled. “Its B.T.W.'s newest vacation site and I believe there are a hundred Pleasure Boys on it, the place is packed with Patrons enjoying the facilities and of course the boys.”

Eric asked “Where can I see this place, Boi Atlantis?” Todd smiled broadly. “I have a DVD at my place, it a tourist travelog of Boi Atlantis and all of B.T.W.'s facilities, plus the cruise liners too!” He looked at Eric, who seemed to be thinking of another question. “We can do your test shoot there if you'd like, Eric?”

Eric wasn't sure yet. Todd said further, you get paid for the test shoot, you know that?” Eric's eyes widened “How much?” Todd really smiled. it depends on how far you'll go in the shoot, Eric?” Todd paused to see the effect on Eric, then added “As much as $300.00!” Eric never had that much money to spend and he wanted it, living with his aged and ill grandmother, there wasn't much money to go around!

Sure Todd, lets go, I just have to be back by 6 for dinner and to check on my Grandmother, she's old and very sick, in fact she forgets so much, you know, I have to make sure she takes her pills. “I'll have you home before then, what do you say?” Eric thought for just a minute “Sure lets go, might be fun!” Todd added “I'll make us lunch also, OK?” Eric said great!”

They placed his BMX in the back of Todd's pick up and were off. “Choose your music Eric!” Todd pointed to the big in-dash stereo. Eric fiddled and finally found a 70's rock station and settled for it. They quickly sped out of town, to a ranch style home set deep on s tree lined road.

In the house Eric roamed around and looked out at a deck with a big hot tub, beyond it was a large pool. “Wow what a layout, and look at the pool!” Todd put an arm on Eric's shoulder “want to take a dip, it's kept warm?” Eric said 'gee no suit?” Todd smiled and began to strip off his clothing. “Who needs a suit, I swim nude all the time, come on Eric, last one is a rotten egg?”

Todd ran for the pool, quickly Eric was as naked as the man and both dove in and swam a few laps. Todd pulled himself up and sat on the edge, his legs open. Eric looked at the man's half hard cock and swallowed, it was so close and he wanted to touch it, but was afraid to make a move. Todd felt it and said “come here Eric!”

Eric swam close and Todd stuck out a hand, Eric took it and was pulled close, then pulled up and sat next to Todd. Todd still had hold of Eric's hand. Todd pulled Eric close and kissed the boy deeply, his red tongue parted Eric's mouth and their tongues danced with each other. Todd placed Eric's hand on his now very hard cock and felt the finger's tightened around the hard penis. Todd's hand took hold of Eric's, his thumb rolling the head of Eric's now very hard penis.

The deep kiss gave Eric feeling he had never felt before. Holding someone else's cock for the first time made everything even more exciting, his head spun, his cock throbbed. Todd's tongue moved to Eric's ear and worked into each and every nook and cranny, Todd still held Eric's penis, still rolled it with his thumb. Eric's breath was in pants.

Ever suck a cock Eric?” Todd whispered into Eric's tongue ear. “Suck my cock Eric, please?” Eric looked at Todd, he wasn't sure he should or could. A hand moved the the back of his brown haired head and gently pushed his face down until his lips came in contact with Todd's penis, a bit more pressure.

Eric closed his brown eyes and opened his mouth and took in the man's hot cock, he began to suck the crown, he was actually sucking a man's hard meat, he like it, and sucked in over half of Todd's cock to the man's surprise/ “it feels good Eric, I knew you'd like sucking cock, I just knew it.” Eric slid in more, it hit the back of his throat, he gagged, tears filled his eyes and he pull back, but just enough to regain his composure.

This was all new for Eric, yet he was enjoying what he was doing. He continued to suck Todd. Todd decided it was time to take some photos and turn on the video camera. Todd pulled the boy off his cock “come on lets take a few pictures Eric, we can finish this later.

A glassy eyes Eric followed Todd into the house and into his photo room where a flat bed lay. Eric got atop and still looked at Todd's cock, he licked his lips twice. Todd turned on the two video cameras and let them free film. He instructed Eric into provocative after provocative position,

As Eric moved Todd dipped two fingers into a tub of lube. “Eric on your cheek, the right side and spread your butt cheeks with your hands. Eric slowly complied. Todd stepped forward and slid a finger in, the two. “Oooohhhh that's tight Todd, real tight.” Todd moved them in and out then around. Eric moaned, he was also erect.

Eric had stuck things in before, to she wasn't being hurt too much, twice Todd has found Eric's special spot, which sent electric charges to the head of his boi-cock. Todd pulled out the two fingers and took pictures as the hole slowly closed up. Todd then pushed the two fingers back in and again found that spot, Eric shivered up his backside, his breathing became labored.

You like that Eric, you like my fingers inside of you?” Eric moaned “yes Todd, you make me feel so hot when you do that, that's finger fucking right?” Todd smiled this was better that he had anticipated. “Yes Eric almost as good as the real thing, you know what that is Eric?” “Oooohhhh your fingers are good, but you mean a cock right?” Todd felt he had Eric where he wanted him. “Right Eric a cock, you ever want a cock Eric?” Eric moaned “Y—y-y-e-e-e-s-s-s p-l-e-a-s-e!”

Todd put down his camera, dropped some lube on the head of his cock and knelt behind the boy. “I'm gonna make love to you now, your gonna get my cock, you want, right, Eric?” “yes, he answered! Todd reached around and took hold of the hard boi-cock and rolled it between his fingers. The head of his cock kissed the boy's rosebud and pushed in hard, the head pushed past the ring, the hard length slowly traveled the tight channel until His balls tapped Eric's.

You're fucking me, really you're fucking me!” Eric was moaning as Todd was pushing in and out, fingers rolled the head of the boy's penis. Eric had traded the end of a hair brush, then Todd's fingers for the real thing. His head lay on the pillow, his boi-pussy was being reamed for real for the first time, he was pushing back to meet the hard fuck thrusts of Todd's cock.

Todd;s hand had the boy's cock throbbing, the head was sensitive and tingling, Eric was breathing hard, it had happened so fast, he had given up his virginity without the blink of an eye and now, Todd had his pushing back and twitching. Todd reamed him hard and deep, while Eric was pushing back and rode the hard cock, until he froze and coated Todd's fingers with his boi-honey.

The boi's muscles were clamping as he came. The inner muscles milked and brought Todd to his own peak. Todd gritted his teeth, and tried his damnedest to stop from splashing cum on the walls of Eric's boi-cunt, he just couldn't he exploded inside the boys dark hole and quickly filled Eric with hot creamy sperm. He rested on Eric's slim back trying to regain his composure. Eric mumbled “you fucked me, I've really been fucked now, wow!” Todd chuckled.

They cleaned up, Eric had a different look about him, more of an erotic look, actually he was being slutty now, he had some experience and it wasn't even one in the afternoon. “How do you feel now Eric?” Todd asked. The boy sat in a in a chair eating a big sandwich and drinking a soda and still naked. With a crooked grin he said “I feel hot!”

How about you come to the model studio and we get you involved in the B.T.W. Lifestyle Eric, you think you'd be able to go with it. Eric smiled “kewl, very kewl Todd I think I could be a good Pleasure Boy too, I think?” He at the end hesitated.

Todd took more pictures of Eric, in 20 picture sets. Finally Todd sat in a chair and had Eric kneel between his legs. “OK Eric this will be “hc,” suck me off while I take your picture, think you can do it. Eric never said a word, he took hold of Todd cock and looked it over, like he was examining something intently!

His red tongue lapped the head round and round. His brown eyes looked up to see the effect he gave Todd, Eric smiled and sucked in the whole purple walnut shaped head plus another inch or so. Eric sucked the hard man flesh with the feeling he was in the driver's seat in giving pleasure to the one who had taken his virginity.

As Eric sucked his cock, Todd snapped close up pictures of the mouth, the eyes and the face of the newest sucker of man meat. Eric was a quick learner. His red tongue tip snaked down and up, down and back up all four sides of the fleshy spike. He held the ball sac in his small hand and licked the crinkly sac, the sucked in one, then the other testicle.

Todd moaned words of praise to the young boy in his first complete cock-sucking experience. Inside his body, cum moved around waiting to splash into a warm wet mouth. Eric moved back to the tip and licked off the creamy bubble that had appeared from the piss slit. Opening wide his mouth encompassed the cock and let it slide in as far as he could. Todd quit taking pictures.

Fingers stroked the boy's head and ran through his locks of brown hair. Todd closed his eyes and relished the feelings Eric's mouth was giving him, the boy was enjoying the pleasure he gave Todd. Todd would soon reward Eric with his first load of sperm, his mouth would fill to the brim before he swallowed the copious measure of creamy goo!

Oooohhhh here I come Eric, here I come swallow it all drink my cum!” The blast hit the boy in the back of his mouth, his eyes watered. Settled Eric swallowed his first load slowly, tears ran from his eyes. Quickly his mouth refilled and he swallowed again and again. Finally the cock quit spewing gooey liquid. The cock slowly slid from his mouth. Todd bent forward and kissed Eric deeply. “Eric you sure suck good, wait until I introduce you to the crew, your a hit!”

Andrej sat behind his desk going over a script for a new video called “ADVENTURES IN THE SEX SCOUTS, Part 1 The Good Deed!”! He needed at least four boys, he had two Milan and Roddy. “Damn Jimmy is gone now, he'd been perfect for the part of the head scout.” Now to find a couple of new willing boys as scouts.

Todd walked in and laid a folder on Andrej's desk “have a look at this cutie?” Todd said rather smugly. Andrej leafed through the pictures of the boy with big brown eyes, sucking cock like a pro, the naked photos in every conceivable position known to man. “Well where is he?” Andrej said. “Just a minute!” Todd added and walked out into the waiting room, then returned with Eric.

Eric, Andrej the head photographer, Andrej, Eric a new prospect!” Andreg said “Nice from the outside. Eric take off everything please?” Eric looked at Todd who nodded approvingly. Eric quickly took off everything. Andrej gave Eric's ass a squeeze. “Nice and firm!” He took each nipple in his finger tips, quickly they got firm, Eric also got very hard!

Andrej smiled “responds very fast, he seems to be a very good prospect. Eric you want to be a B.T.W. Model and maybe a Pleasure Boy?” The naked boy's eyes widened “sure, I think I can, sir?” Andrej smiled “good, I see you already suck cock, do you swallow all of the sperm?” Eric nodded “yes, I did in the pictures.” Andrej nodded “yes, I see your mouth full, good, very good and you're willing to fuck other men?” Eric smiled and nodded, then added “yes!”

Andrej looked at Eric “OK we shoot a video, Eric and Winston, we see how Eric does with different man?” Andrej got on the intercom “Winston my office please?” The big black man walked in “you and Eric here will shoot vid in fifteen minutes, OK?” Winston said. Eric jabbed Todd “he's black?” Todd said “is that a problem?” Eric said “I guess not, I just never thought I'd be fucked by a black man?” Todd grinned and whispered in Eric's ear “they have real big cocks, too!” Eric's brown eyes got big “really?” Todd smiled “and they shoot chocolate flavored sperm!”

Eric smiled “I do love chocolate, kewl!” Todd had to pinch himself to keep from laughing out loud.

Todd took Eric into the bathroom and used the red bag on him, then shot him up with Pina Colada lube. “OK you're ready for some hard black cock!” He took the boy into they room for his video shoot. He was fitted with s spiked collar. “OK your a slave boy, you refer to Winston as Master. Here's a tray with a beer and lime on it, you will start by taking this in and go from there, Winston will give you orders and you do as he tells you, OK Eric?” Eric said he understood.

Andrej readied his video camera. He felt that to make sure a boy didn't get cold feet and back out, you got them involved immediately, after that they went into the rest with no qualms. Eric was handed the tray with the beer and lime while a naked Winston lay back against a mass of pillows and awaited Andrej to start.

Andrej looked around and said “action” Eric took in the beer. “Your beer Master and a lime Master!” The black man looked at the naked slave boy “your the new one I just bought right?” “Yes master!” Eric responded. Winston took the beer and lime and poured it into the frosted glass and drank.

Slave boy I am in need of some relaxing measures on your part, get up here next to me.” Eric quickly sat next to Winston. “I wish your mouth boy, suck me!” Eric slowly took hold of the man's fat, black cock, the uncut head poked thru the foreskin. Eric looked at the rampant weapon. “It won't suck itself boy!”

Eric looked at the coal black head, a creamy bead appeared and Eric bent forward and dipped his tongue tip into the gooey substance. “Suck it now or else! Commanded the Slave Master. Eric closed his brown eyes and opened his mouth wide and sucked in the thick black flesh.

A black hand held the back of Eric's head as he slurped and sucked the black glands. Slowly the cock inched closer to the back of his throat. Finally the began to gag. Winston said breathe through your nose. He did as told and found the flesh went down his throat, he was held there. Tear's welled in his eyes, then coated his rosy cheeks, he squirmed thinking he'd die.

Winston released his grip, Eric came back up for air. Gasping for breath, he tried to see thru tear filled eyes, but it was no use. When his breathing returned to normal, the black hand pushed his mouth back down on the saliva coated black tube and the hard sucking began once again. This time Eric resisted the cock going into his throat, his lips clamped down, while his hand grasped the penis, his tongue scraped the head.

The black man smiled at the brown haired head as it bobbed up and down. He picked up the boys smaller body and sat Eric on his saliva slick spike and watched as the black cock disappeared into the boys slim body. He started pulling Eric up and pushing him back down. Eric then took over on his own.

Winston took hold of Eric's hips and guided him up and down on the slick black tube. The is let Eric take hold of his own cock and jack it to his hearts content. The black cock found Eric's special spot, “oooohhhh f-f-u-u-k-k m-m-e-e!” Eric moaned, he was in his own world now and fucking was his world and cuming was his utopia, and it was just around the corner!

Eric had to grit his teeth, the rumble inside started. Winston guided him on the hard stalk, cum boiled inside both, who would cum first was anyone's guess. Winston bounced him to get off, Eric wanked as fast as he could, he was almost there. Back and forth he jerked his taunt boi-flesh, his corona swelled, the slit began to open.

Oooohhhh mutha fucker here I cum!” Winston groaned. Eric began to shoot gooey splats on Winston chest. Eric rose up as his insides were pelted by creamy shots of Winston's sperm. Neither said a word, just moved in their respective ways to attain their sexual fulfillment. Eric fell forward into the creamy pools, he was tired, it was all so new to him, but he lay there wanting much more, this was so nasty and so kewl!

Part 6: “March of the Sex Scouts!

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