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Part 6: March of the Sex Scouts!

Andrej welcomed Eric into the fold. The boy seemed to come alive being apart of a group. He was introduced to Milan and Roddy, soon the were chatting on the computer. Eric finally had something he hadn't had before, friends!

Andrej was contacted by Bill Mason of the “Studly Grandpa's.” A group that traveled around in retirement having fun, sexually. They would visit the B.T.W. Facilities to engage in hot sex with the young Pleasure Boys. Bill had heard that Andrej was shooting a video and needed a group of older, but sexually fit men, and his group fit the bill.

Andrej, Bill Mason here, there are eight of us and we've set up residence in the Old Pilkington mansion. Edgar Markee is also with the group and has a surprise for you, he has his grandson, a lad of 11 and quite into us, if you know what I mean. Edgar as you know is past 70 and would like young Keith taken care of, as a Pleasure boy, Edgar is the boys only family and is recovering from a third heart attack?”

Andrej said out-loud “bingo, boy #4!” Bill wasn't sure if he had been talking to him. “What Andrej?” Andrej said “sorry, I was just talking to myself, I needed a 4th boy for the Sex Scouts and I believe you just answered my prayer's!” Bill chuckled “I did, good, what were the prayer's?” Andrej answered “a 4th Sex Scout!”

Edgar brought in his grandson, Keith! Andrej looked at the angelic looking ten year old. “Keith when will you turn eleven?” Andrej inquired. “In September sir.” The boy said in the most beautiful voice. “I hear you are involved with your Grandfather's friends?” The blond, green eyes boy blushed. “yes sir, I make the rounds, even Mr. Green and Skippy!” Andrej looked rather inquisitive. “Mr. Green and Skippy?” The boy sat closer in his chair. “Mr. Green is blind and Skippy is his seeing eye dog, he's a big black Labrador Retriever, sir!”

Andrej now was very interested. “You say you are involved with them, how so?” The blond little boi-angel blushed even redder, even his grandfather, Edgar blushed and but in “last Sunday Keith gave us a show, he and Skippy had some fun together, they fucked for us, nice show and Keith had his first cum ever, right Keith?”

Again he blushed. “Yes, I came, actually twice, what a feeling, I've been wanking non-stop ever since.” Andreg smiled and nodded. “Edgar I do believe we have a find here, Keith would make a wonderful Pleasure Boy, I only wished you had videoed Keith and Skippy, I would have loved to see them knotted?” Edgar smiled “oh, but we did, here's a copy!” Andrej smiled. “Good, very good, Keith would you mind staying with us, we need to get you ready to perform as a Sex Scout?”

Edgar and Keith confered. “Would he be staying with you, sir?” Andrej nodded, yes, plus I have three others at my home, Roddy, Milan and Eric, who is new also.” Edgar said “I'll have to get his tooth brush.” Andrej said “don't worry, I keep extras at my place.”

Edgar left. Andrej looked at Keith. “OK Keith let me see you naked, I wish to take a few pictures of you? With out batting an eye Keith stripped. “Very nice, no scars, no blemishes.” Andrej let his hands roam over the soft skin until his hand gently cupped the boys cock and balls. He examined the uncut penis by skinning back the foreskin to expose a dark pink crown. He rolled it with a thumb and looked at Keith, who's eye were glazed and he moaned “ooohhh that feels very good!”

Keith's penis stood straight out, maybe four inches. Andrej took a number of pictures. His video camera rolled freestyle. The boy stretched, moved very gracefully. On his knees he split his butt cheeks with out being asked, he wanked and slid fingers inside. “Good, you model well Keith.”

Andrej motioned and Roddy, who was standing naked in the doorway walked up to Keith. “OK Keith suck Roddy, show me how you give a blow job.” Keith;s red lips closed over Roddy hard four inch stalk and slid to be hairless root. Back and forth his lips glided back and forth. “OK Roddy, you and Keith “69!”

Roddy went to his knees, then on his back. Keith never released Roddy's cock form his sucking mouth, but swung around until his body was stretched over that of Roddys. Roddy sucked in Keith's penis. Andrej was mesmerized at the way keith sucked Roddy's cock. He slowly slid back the foreskin. His red tongue tip circled the head and into the foreskin.

Andrej thought to himself 'this kid is one good cocksucker, sweet!” Keith gently held Roddy's balls and nibbled up and down the underside. Roddy laid back and let Keith do his thing. The boy then sucked in each ball and bathed it in warm, slick saliva. Andrej could hear Roddy moaning.

Keith inched to Roddy's neither area and sucked a very sensitive area. Finally his red rongue made it's way to Roddy's asshole. His hands split the chubby butt cheeks and dug in his red tongue tip. “Oooohhhh that's so fucking hot, you're mouth is kewl Keith, your tonguing my asshole. Keith never said a word, just continued to pleasure Roddy with his mouth.

Back up his mouth ventured until he reached Roddy cock top and sunk his mouth over and down to the root, where three blond hairs were starting to grow. Roddy was done, he came in creamy hot spurts. When he was finished Keith turned him over and aimed his own four inched at Roddy's anus!

Keith looked into the camera lens, smiled and sunk his cock into Roddy's warm, lubed hole until his balls slapped Roddy's. He fucked the chubby boy hard, deep and for the next five minutes. Finally he threw his head back, gritted his teeth and filled Roddy's colon with his hot cum, then fell forward with a crooked smile on his lips!

Andrej readjusted his own hard cock. “Very good boys, very good. Now learn all your lines for the Sex Scout's video, I must say Keith you've been taught well?” Keith stood, cum dripping from the tip of his spent penis. “Well when you have eight old men and a Lab to take care of, you learn well, and fast!” Roddy stood, Keith's semen rolled down the inside of his chubby legs.

Andrej dressed the boys in their sex Scout uniforms. Powder Blue caps with B.T.W Logo, under Sex Scouts Troop 69. Powder Blue skin tight shorts, which displayed everything. The top skintight button down the front shirt. Over the right breast “Boi Toi Worldwide, Inc. Over the left breast Sex Scouts, all lettering embroidered in gold. On the left shoulder a patch saying Troop 69. Across the chest a gold sash with Merit Badges for each scouts accomplishments.

Andrej had the proper badges for the boys. Each boy had a badge that showed a pair of balls and a boys face with the lips squarely set on the balls, denoting deep-throat badge. A badge with a naked boy on all fours with a cock in both orifices denoting a double-cocks. He gave Keith a patch denoting a boy on all fours with a dog mounting him. Each boy got position badges, denoting taking a cock in different positions.

Andrej was ready and called Bill Mason “Bill, Andrej get ready, we shoot tomorrow at noon, OK?” Bill said he was ready and had the ping balls marked. Andrej said “Thank you, see you tomorrow!” He and Winston got the cameras ready. All slept well and were up by eight, the day would be a big one for Andrej, Winston and the Sex Scouts.

All left in the van a were soon in front of the Pilkington Mansion. A lovely house that took up the entire street lot. There were Oak trees in front and down each side. In between each tree stood a very tall batch of shrubs that made a free standing fence.

The boys filed up to the front door. Andrej and Winston were already inside and ready to film. The door bell rang and Bill Mason answered it, Bill a thin sixties man with thinning gray hair' “Well hello, whom might you be lads?” The four entered stood in front of seven men, Edgar wasn't feeling well and sat in another room signing the custody papers for Keith, the new and horny Pleasure Boy.

In a straight line the boys stood in front of the seven robe clad old men. The started with a little “didy” made up by Andrej.'


The older men were laughing, clapping, even a couple were playing with themselves” The boys continued:


The sex scouts received a round of applause. Each boy reached into a bucket and pulled out a ping pong ball and Bill took the first and read Keith's ball “Green and Mason!” He then took Eric's ball and read “Carter and Inge!” He then took Milan's white ball which read “Marx and Skippy!” There were low murmurs then laughter? Milan looked quizzed “Why all the commotion?” Bill bent down to the boy “Skippy is Mr. Green's seeing eye dog!” Milan shrugged “well at least I get a Merit Badge from this gig!” There was laughter! Mason then came to Roddy and took his ball and read “Jones and Gunderson!”

Now slow and sultry music started, this was the cue for each boy to slowly strip. Hats flew into the crowd as the boys swayed to the music, then badge sashes, into a pile in front of each boy. Then they slowly unbuttoned their shirts and peeled it from the bodies. The shirts landed in the pile. Now each boy peeled off their shorts, dropped them atop of the clothing pile. Each boy pulled on their cocks, raised their hands above their heads and said 'WA-LA!” Lots of applause.

Each older man took off their robes, most cocks were already hard. Each boy walked up in a slinky manner and knelt before and older man. Each boy looked into the camera lens, winked and began to lick the cock in their hand. For three boys their men got behind them. With a hand on a butt cheek, the other holding their hard cocks the began to insert them.

Keith had Mr. Green's black cock in his hand, his lips slowly slid over the black crown and into his wet mouth. Mr. Mason behind him took aim at the ready rosebud and pushed forward, the pucker opened and the man drove in balls deep!. Damn Keith your always so tight, I love fucking you!”

Mr. Carter and Mr. Inge were tall skinny men, both balding. Their cocks were long and thin, they winked at each other as the led Eric to the center of the room. Inge lay down on his back and moved the boy over his long hard cock and had Eric slide down on him. He pulled the young boy dawn and kissed him deeply. Carter lined up behind the young Sex Scout.

Eric looked back to see Carter line his hard long cock and pushed forward. Eric's eyes got wide, his mouth dropped open. Carter grunted and pushed in hard, the head of his cock worked in over the other cock. He stopped caught his breath and pushed in again. The lubed slick hole gave way and the two masses of gray speckled pubic hair joined, Eric was being double fucked. Eric could only lie there as the two men rode him.

Oooohhhh too much cock,, I'm full of too much cock, but I'm hard as a rock, I don't believe it, oooohhhh s-o-o-o-o-o- m-u-c-h c-c-o-o-k-k, I tingle!” Eric was actually pushing back against the two pieces of man meat, all three were fucking, grunting and panting!”

Roddy was impaled on Mr. Gunderson's fat blond hair surrounded cock with a very red head. Jones had hold of the boys face and fucked the chubby faced boy's mouth like a boy pussy. Roddy's chin was coated with saliva, that made loud slurping and smacking sounds that were picked up by the two videoing the action.

Edgar had signed all the papers turning over custody of his grandson Keith to B.T.W. And picked up the can of “Bitch-In-Heat”. Andrej asked him to amply spray Milan's butt crack to attract Skippy to the boy. The men made sure Milan was out of the picture and Edgar whispered into Milan's ear “spread you ass cheeks!” Milan continued his deep-throating Mr. Marx's cut cock.

The cold spray made Milan shiver and wiggle. The scent made Skippy stand, and sniff the air. The scent quickly got Skippy's juices flowing, his hips pumped a few times, his red cock tip appeared, then three inches, he was ready to breed. Sniffing he went looking for a hole to fill!

The camera caught Roddy's adams-apple bobbing up and down as Mr. Jones was filling the boys mouth with creamy spurts of hot semen. Roddy held the man by the hips, the boy would be getting his merit badge for swallowing a whole cock. His red lips could be seen in the tangle of speckled pubic hair. Gunderson was still huffing and puffing as he reamed the boy deep, he could feel a milking of his cock, Roddy was using his inner muscles “fuck are we fuckin” or is he sucking my cock, wow what a feeling!” Gunderson was beet red.

Skippy found Milan. His red tongue licked the blond boy from the tip of his penis to the hole to be fucked. Skippy jumped on Milan's back, his forepaws clamped him tightly. There now was eight inches of red, dripping cock meat jabbing forward, trying to find the ready boy-pussy. Milan looked around “damn I'm going to get fucked, the dog's going to fuck m-m-m-e-e-e!” As he mumbled the cock struck the boy's hole and jammed deep into Milan love hole, it kept driving deeper and deeper until all that was left was the knot. Skippy's red tongue hung some five inches from his mouth.

Milan took a deep breath and sighed. He got the shock of his young life, Skippy jammed him and tied them with his knot. “What was that?” Milan cried out, “What the hell was that?” Milan looked under. All he saw was his erect boi-cock which pointed at his cute face! Skippy was oblivious to Milan's plight, he was fucking the boy unmercifully. Ten hard, red and hot inches was buried in the preteen.

Little Eric couldn't believe the feeling he was getting, he was cuming. He had expected to be screaming bloody murder with two cocks buried deep in his very tight boi-pussy. It was so tight, but the head of his cock tingled and the whole stalk throbbed. Andrej had zoomed in to capture the double fuck. “Damn he can really take that much hot cock, good boy!” Andrej said with a chuckle.

Mr. Marx had hold of Milan's blond head, he kept pushing up to get the face fucking feeling he loved so much. Milan didn't let Mr. Marx down, he sucked and slurped the uncut penis, while Skippy fucked him madly. He was stuffed with ten inches, plus a fat knot. Milan was waiting for Skippy's cock to come up his throat.

Mr. Gunderson was the next to cum. He coated Roddy's insides with creamy hot cum. Roddy's hand was jacking at light speed. He was facing away from Mr. Gunderson when he shot creamy bolts of boi-honey into the air and then watched as creamy splotches appeared on the rug. When Roddy caught his bearings, he jumped off Mr. Gunderson's cock and knelt before the man and began to lick and suck his cock. He cleaned off all the cum than made Gunderson's cock glisten in the light. Slowly Roddy's red lips enveloped the whole length of the man's penis.

Keith now had hold of both Mr. Green's fat black cock and Mr. Mason's hard white cock to each side of his red mouth. He was wanking each, his mouth wide open to catch any and all the cum that began to fly from the two throbbing cock head. Each eye opened wide at the top of each penis, gobs of creamy white cum flew from both.

Keith tried to catch it all in his open mouth, but some landed across his nose, over his chin as well as his red mouth. His ted tongue was moving like that of a snakes, lapping as much of the gooey substance as he could. Finally he wrapped his lips around Mr. Mason's to catch the gooey spew. Mr. Green's landed on the boys forehead and into his brown hair.

Eric's cock kept rubbing on Mr. Inge's hairy belly. He had coated it with his boi-honey and now the super sensitive head was rubbing and driving him nuts. His brown eyes got very big, bith cock's got bigger inside of his body, he didn't think they'd get any bigger, but they were. The both shot off like two shotguns peppering his insides with their sperm, he was being flooded.

Good grief how much can you two shoot?” Eric moaned as semen seemed to paint his entire colon, then leak from every small opening and coatind Mr. Inge's pubic hair, it was almost totally matted, with both men's sperm. Eric gave up and relaxed. He began nursing on Inge's right nipple, it made him feel secure as they kept pounding and depositing the last of their cum.

Eric slid off the two cocks and began to lick up the cum in the man's matted pubic hair. Andrej zoomed in as Eric cleaned up all the semen, then grabbed both cocks and stretched his mouth over both and licked them clean of sperm. Sitting back in the leaking pool dripping out of his young body, he ran his tongue over his lips and looked into the camera lens “now that was yummy don't you think?” he smacked his lips and winked.

Milan was now being fucked by Skippy. “Goddam he hot inside and can he fuck!” He moaned out loud as Winston caught the red knot bulging out at the end of the joined two. Skippy's stubby tail wagged quickly as he fucked his human fuck. A white ring formed at the base of his knot, he was cuming. A creamy trickle let all know he was shooting sperm deep into the boy's warm, lubed channel.

Milan was in tune with the fucking, he was shooting himself. Boy-sperm pointed at the bottom of the couch and was forming a creamy pool as it dripped off the fabric. “He's cuming in me, he's as such hot cum, damn this is good, I'm cuming too!” Milan had got his wish, he and a canine fucking.

Andrej switched his filming to Roddy. The man lay on his back. Roddy had his chubby body facing the camera, he was deep sucking the man's cock and looking into the camera lens. His blue eyes sparkled as cum flushed from his lips and down the length of Mr. Gunderson long staff. He pulled his lips away and lapped up the sides until he had licked the cum clean.

The four naked boys stood up, cum rolling down the inside of their white legs and sang” WERE SEX SCOUTS, B.T.W. SEX SCOUTS, WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS FUCKING AND SUCKING SHOW, WE HOPE WE MADE YOUR DAY, YOU CERTANLY MADE OUR'S!”

Andrej yelled “CUT” and the video was completed. The old men applauded, the boy's bowed and headed for the showers. Andrej thanked Bill and his friends for their participation. “Bill I hope we can do this again soon, this idea of the Sex Scouts can be take into so many ways and we can include you once again!”

Bill sat in an over stuffed chair. He was tired and gave Andrej a weak smile. :You bet Andrej, this was fun, but I speak for the rest, were tired, these kids sure tired us out, I don't know about the rest, but I better increase my vitamin intake before we hook up again!

Part 7: The Scouts do camping!

Thanks to the artist's” Jellofunk, Heredia and Masked, their art gives me so many ideas! Thanks to those who want to be included in the story. Eric (Roderick-erect, u know who you are!) And all the others.