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Part 7: The Scouts do camping!

Eric crawled into bed with Andrej. The boy asked to stay and Andrej was more than happy to let him. Now lying up against two large pillows the photographer watched the boy crawling up from the bottom of the big canopy bed and coming closer to him. Eric stopped at Andrej midsection took hold of the half hard cock and looked up smiling.

Sweet boy are you just going to hold my cock or are you going to do something with it?” Eric's red mouth came into contact with the uncut sex organ, slowly opened and his red tongue began to bathe the tingling head with the spittle. Around and around the red tongue circled the now partially exposed head. “Oooohhhh you learn your tasks well, Eric!”

Eric smiled and placed his lips on the walnut shaped head and slowly sunk down the fleshy length until his lips got lost in Andrej's pubes. “Sweet, so sweet of a suck you give me Eric, you are destined for many sexual interludes with many men, they will desire your mouth for sucking and your boi-cunt for hard fucking, I think I'll be doing that very soon?”

The dark haired boy smiled as he moved his mouth up and down on the hard white staff. His warm, wet saliva coated the man's hard cock making it shinny and slick looking. “Slurping and smacking noises floated in the air, a few “ooooohhhhh's and aaahhhh's were intermingled. Andrej was trying to think of what to do with Eric besides the Sex Scout videos. Maybe he'd get Tsar and Eric together or maybe another boy would be taken by the African natives of made a sex slave, it was very popular, still he wanted to cum.

Andrej ran his finger's through the hair of the young boy as he sucked the man's throbbing cock. Eric's warm, wet mouth worked its magic on the hard penis. Eric felt a bit of pride in the way he had progressed as a young cocksucker. He took his time as his mouth worked up and down on the length of man's throbbing meat. His brown eyes looked up at Andrej and he had to smile with the cock in his mouth.

Andrej 's eyes were glassy as he could feel sperm boiling inside of his balls, the soon would find an exit from his body and into the boys wet mouth, Eric oral manipulations were being exercised masterfully. He nibbled, licked and sucked hard as he brought Andrej to the desired plateau.

Eric's head pulled back unexpectedly. A hot blast came as the man's penis recoiled and coated the top of the boys tongue with hot male goo. Eric's cheeks puffed out, he swallowed the creamy substance quickly, only to have his mouth fill again and again. He licked up all then was now dribbling from the slit at the tip of Andrej cock'

Good boi, very good boi, you suck a great cock, I have plans for you Eric, you will be at the top of the list for more videos and pictorials, just keep up this craft and you'll be in great demand, I have an assignment for you, Oooohhhh that tongue I can't stand the licking anymore, I'm too sensitive!” Eric giggled as the cock slid from his mouth, over his chin leaving a creamy trail.

The next day Andrej did a pictorial on Eric. The boi gave a lusty display of all aspects of his body by the pool. Hid naked body and a can of whipped cream as the only prop made for the sexiest of pics.

Andrej decided on a video of Eric as a boy selling subscriptions to Channel 6969. He had Winston and a new black man named Ajax as home owners Eric is trying to sign up. Giving the two men a first hand look at a Pleasure Boy in action. His very white skin the perfect contrast with the two black men's very dark skin.

Andrej ran his idea thru Mr. Dixon. “Andrej let me think it over, sounds interesting, your promoting the video sales along with Channel 6969. I'll let you know in 24 hours, you have a boy in mind?” Andrej smiled “my new protege Eric, he's very talented in a sexual way, I was also thinking of having Tsar mount him, he a virgin in that way, you know/'

It took less than an hour for Andrej to get the OK for the first video. He prepared for the video shoot for the day after tomorrow. The got hold of a house that belonged to a B.T.W. Employee and paid him $500.00 for one days use of the property. Andrej lined up Anthony to shoot with the second camera

Eric couldn't wait for the shoot. “My own video, so kewl, Andrej, what will I wear?” He asked. Andrej decided on extra tight spandex powder blue shorts with B.T.W embroidered on the left top of the left leg and dark blue stripes down the thigh. A dark blue polo with the logo on the left breast. Powder blue baseball cap with the logo above the bill. The outfit was finished off with dark blue socks and powder blue running shoes.

Andrej and Anthony positioned themselves in strategic places in the rented house, Andrej inside and Anthony following the sexy clad preteen. Eric rang the door bell and waited for Winston to answer. The black man came to the screen door. “Ya boy what'ca want?” He asked Eric. “Good day sir, I'm Eric from B.T.W and would like to interest you in a subscription in the Channel 6969 Boi Sex network?”

Winston paused “Yous mean they got a network with nekid boi's on it?” Eric smiled broadly. Yes sir and if I may come in I can explain it much better, if you don't mind?” Winston unsnapped the screen door. “OK boy come in, I's hopes you got something real sexy to show me and my friend? The boi came in, Winston followed Eric in. On the couch sat Axel eyin g Eric up and down.

Whats he here for Winston?” Axel asked. Winston pointed to the couch for Eric to take a seat. “He says he wants to show us something about Channel 6969, that man/boy sex channel you's talked about, the one yous showed me in that magazine B.T something monthly, where did you put it, Axel?” Axel reached under the side table and produced the latest copy.

Here tis Winston, see the boi being fucked by some big guy?” Eric piped up “Yes that's Jimmy, he's now a Pleasure boy on Boy Atlantis, a vacation facility, I have a video here that explains everything?” Winston got up “give it here so I can put it on the video machine down here.” He took it from Eric, and slid it in the slot.

The video appeared on the screen showing a travelog. On the beach boys ran naked. There were two close ups showing men and boys having sex. The two black men's eyes were glued to the screen. Eric rose and began to take off his clothing. As Winston and Axel were engrossed on the sexual activities displayed on the screen a naked Eric walked in front of them. “With Channel 6969 you will think the boys are naked in your living room just as I am now!” he struck a pose showing his sweet naked body. “Hey boy what you doing, does we get some of your sweetness and an enticement to join?” Eric bent over, spread his ass cheeks showing them his open and ready asshole. He looked over his shoulder “if you sign up I also swallow!”

Both men in unison said “where do I sign?” The sexy naked boy produced two pens and two sign up sheets for the two men. As they signed their names his fingers unzipped their pants, and pulled out both black cocks. On his knees he took Winston's cock and licked the head, then he transferred to Axel's fat headed penis, he licked off a big creamy bead of precum.

Eric sat back on his knees and watched as the men stripped naked. Eric looked into Andrej's camera lens and winked, licked his lips and whispered “this could be you with Channel 6969?.” His smaller hands had a cock in each. His lips went to Axel's cock and sucked in the head, he wanked Winston's and then went to the coal black head and sucked it in.

Damn boy you suck a good cock, do all yous Pleasure Boys suck cock this good?” Eric smiled looked up with big brown eyes “some even better sir and we do other things to please you!” He looked into the camera lens, winked and sucked in the black head once again, his chin was glossy with his own saliva.

As Eric sucked in the cock deeply, he was guided back toward the couch where Axel sat his cock glossy with lube. He took Eric by the hips and pulled him back until the head of his black cock kissed Eric's rosebud. Eric felt the push and sat back the coal black head sliding into him with his body weight making it very easy. Eric's lips still clamped tightly on Winston's black penis.

Eric's butt nestled in the profuse amount of kinky haired pubes, the entire eight inches buried deep in his body, Eric moved around getting the entire fucking effect. He bounced leaving Axel no work to do, he clamped tightly with his inner muscles so to milk the fat black stalk. His mouth sucking the other cock deep into his throat.

With his mouth full of hot black cock, his red lips covered by kinky black hair, he looked into camera lens brown eyes sparkling, chin and hairless chest coated with dripping saliva, his red tongue tickled the black man's kinky haired ball sac making Winston throw back his head and moan, the feeling was something out of this world. Eric winked!

The insides of both men churned, sperm was boiling and wanted an exit from their bodies, it wanted into Eric's, and quickly. “Oooohhhh fuck I's cumin' I's cumin', my balls ache, I's cumin'” Axel cried out. “Me's too, me's to, I's gonna blast this kids head off, just u wait and see!” Winston was scratching Eric's red lips with his course pubes.

Axel began first. Hot creamy bolts rose Eric up a bit as his insides were coated with hot creamy spew. Winston was trying his damnedest to hold back from his cuming. He grabbed Eric with both hands, tightened his grip, but the first bolt hit Eric in the back of his sucking mouth. His rosy cheeks puffed out as they filled with the black man's hot sperm, Eric swallowed each creamy batch, licking the head clean.

Eric got off the shooting black spike and clamped his red mouth over the still firing man weapon. Andrej zoomed in on the sicking face and Eric winked again. Finally the preteen boi slut had drained the cock dry. Smiling he kissed the coal black head and whispered “Yummy, just yummy, see what you can get from B.T.W. And maybe, just maybe I'll come by to sell you a subscription to Channel 6969, just the best fun a boy can provide you?” He winked again and sucked the cock back into his mouth. Axel was drained.

Wayne Schiller had moved in with his mother's brother William Payne. His parents had fallen on rough times and had resorted to bank robbery as a means of staying afloat. The Schiller-Smith gang had run amuck in the mid-west. In Kansas City their luck had run out. Wayne's father had been killed in a shoot-out, his mother wounded and received a life sentence, a deputy sheriff had been killed.

The lone member of the gang Ton Willard had escaped, but left a trail of blood, he also left with all the money. Wayne at the time was ten. Now at eleven he was taken in by his uncle. Bill had no experience with children, and if there had been someone else Wayne would have gone there.

Bill left for work leaving the preteen home alone with instructions to stay out of everything, watch the television, play games on the computer and please don't burn down the place. Wayne showered put on his robe and logged on to the computer and found his favorite site Channel; 6969. He opened his robe and stroked his preteen cock and watched hot man/boy porn, he dreamn't he was the boy with theman on the screen.

The bottom of the video was a continous ad for “BOY MODELS WANTED!” Wayne clicked the ad and a young naked boy riding a big cock and wanking his own asked: “Wish you were doing what I'm doing? My name is Jimmy and I'm a Boy Model!” You too can be a Boy Model, you can have all the fun I'm having and all you have to do is call 1-888-555-5556 and ask for Tristan. Jimmy had changed positions and had hold of the man's cock and was sucking it to the root. He looked up. “I'm having a blast and you to can do the things I do on film, photo shoots, make videos, meet hot men and much, much more, so call now 1-888-555-5556 and start having a fun time now, you might even become a Pleasure Boy, we need Pleasure Boys too!”

The movie continued, Wayne's robe lay on the floor and he was slipping a fat Sharpie up his hole pretending a cock was probing his boi-hole, his other hand quickly jacked himself off, he wanted to cum so badly. His fist worked his almost four inches until the feeling hit the head of his cock and hot sperm leaped from the flared head and splattered on his tummy, his breath came in hard pants.

Wayne hadn't closed the drapes and next door looking down was Andrew Mc Grew, fiftyish widower and lover of young boys. Right now Wayne's hot show was sweet music to his ears, and of course his eyes. He said to himself “I'm going to fuck that kid, you bet his ass I am!” He too slid open his robe and imagined Wayne's lips wrapped around his cock and sucking him!

Wayne kept looking at the Boy Models Wanted add. “I bet I'd be a great boy model, maybe I'll email them for an interview, or I could call them, I can make my own money?” He found his uncle's phone and punched in the number. It rang three times before it was picked up the call, “Good day B.T.W. Boy Models, I'm Tristan how can I assist you?”

Wayne quickly said “I was on your site, Channel 6969 and I saw the ad for Boy Models how can I apply?” Tristan said “Your name and age?” Wayne answered “I'm Wayne Schiller and I'm 11 and 4 months.” he said in a high pitched but matter of factually voice, I'm 4 feet 10 and a half if that helps?” Wayne added.

He heard a slight chuckle. “That's nice Wayne and thank you that was my next question, now hair and eye color?” Wayne proudly said “I have blue eyes and blond hair, not light blond, but it get's lighter if I'm in the sun a lot!” Another chuckle. “OK Wayne we do lots of nudity, can you pose naked?” Wayne answered enthusiasticlly “I sure can, I hate wearing clothes, always have!”

Tristan chuckled “sounds like our kind of boy, let's see how about Thursday at 11 in the morning, it's that good for you Wayne?” Quickly Wayne said “be there with bells on, Tristan isn't it?” Tristan said “yes, see you then Wayne!” Tristan hung up.

Wayne looked around “what to do, what to do?” Wayne still naked under his robe decided to go in the back and lie in the sun for a time. There was a chase lounge next to the hot tub, Wayne took off his robe and lay on the lounge. The sun felt so good on his white skin.

Above him on his balcony stood Andrew Mc Grew wrapped in just a small towel, his cock hard as a rock, the boy was hot and so desirable, Andrew lusted for the nubile preteen. “Hi, you don't want to burn that beautiful body, do you?” He asked the startled lad. “I have some sun lotion I could rub on you, if you'd let me?”

Wayne looked up, his hand over his blue eyes. “Do I looked burnt to you?” Andrew lied “a bit red from here, come on over and I'll take care of it?” Wayne got up and grabbed his robe. “Leave it, you can come back out and get more sun, if you wish?”

He opened the gate and walked into Andrew's world. Andrew couldn't believe his luck. Here was a boy willing to entice him and not know it. Andrew stood in behind the sliding glass door, holding a bottle of suntan lotion. Wayne stood as the man rubbed the oil into his shoulders, down his back. He spent more time on the globular butt cheeks, He almost came in his towel, his cock stuck out, the towel lying on the rampant fleshy tube.

Your hands are so strong sir!” Wayne said his blue eyes closed as he relished the feeling of the oil being applied to his naked skin. Once the back of his slim white legs were oiled, Andrew started on the front. Andrew oiled Wayne's chest and plucked each nipple, his boi-cock stuck straight out, it was so tempting to Andrew.

Andrew hadn't noticed, but his towel fell off, he too was naked and Wayne looked down, he began to throb. Andrew worked his way to the straight appendage and couldn't resist he put more oil in his palm and took hold of the boys penis. “Oooohhhh sir I'm going to cum, your going to make me cum, oooohhhh I-I-I?” Wayne tensed up!

Andrew couldn't stop himself his mouth clamped over the hard boi-stalk and felt the creamy splash from Wayne's boi-cock on his licking tongue. Wayne grabbed hold of the man's head to right himself, the man was sucking him off and it was the greatest feeling he had ever felt. There was something else that got his attention, the man had a slick finger up his hole to the knuckle, it was wiggling inside of his body!

So good, so very good, it feels so good sir!” Wayne's thin white legs shook and went weak. The finger stayed put and wiggled inside of his anus, it was touching something, somewhere and it was driving him crazy, the trouble was he didn't want it to stop!

Andrew's knees were getting sore. “I have to stand up, but you were so sweet.” He stood up before Wayne. The boy looked at the adult cock and took it in his small fingers and stared at the flared purple walnut shaped head. He looked up at Andrew with his big blue eyes “my turn, sit in the chair!”

Andrew did as told and stepped back in his easy chair, Wayne still holding on to his cock and sat back never saying a word. Wayne followed him and knelt between the man's legs. He couldn't take his eyes off the hard penis, this was his first time holding or even seeing someone's, this was so exciting.

Wayne held the throbbing organ in his right hand, it was inches from his lips. Andrew wanted to say “you gonna suck it, or what?” Wayne placed his lips on the shinny head then opened his mouth wide and let the hard flesh slide over his red tongue, his lips clamped tight on the tingling length of hot man flesh.

His saliva flowed and coated the hot flesh. He began to mimic what Andrew did to him and moved his head up and down on the hard meat he was pleasuring. Hie blue eyes looked up at Andrew and saw someone relishing the feeling he was receiving, he sucked and bobbed even harder and faster, Andrew moaned and groaned.

Andrew's insides were churning, he held the back of Wayne's blond head and exploded in the surprised boys mouth, his cheeks puffed out like a squirrel. “Swallow it Wayne swallow all my cum?” Wayne did as told, but his mouth refilled and he quickly swallowed again and again. Finally the cock stopped shooting sperm and his lips still clamped shut on the hot flesh.

Wayne you are a very good cocksucker, damn you're good at this!” The older man said. The beaming boy wasn't sure he should say this was the first cock he had ever sucked, but watching Channel 6969 was the proper instruction for an interested boy. Andrew opened a little drawer and took out a blue pill and swallowed it. “What's that for?” Wayne asked.

Andrew still trying to regain his composure said “it's called Viagra, helps us old guys out or we couldn't keep up with the likes of you, without it you'd kill me, but I'd go with a smile on my face.” The older man chuckled as the naked preteen sat still on his knees. “If I want to fuck you, I'm gonna meed a hard cock for it?”

Wayne looked puzzled, he wasn't sure he should tell Andrew that he'd never been fucked before, he thought against it, he just have to take his first cock if the blue pill worked and gave Andrew another hard one, besides Andrew might not want to be the first, he was pretty new at this and didn't know how the older man would react, but he want to be ready for Thursday!

His small fingers traced around Andrew's penis and he felt the man shudder from inside. He held the soft cock and licked it. Up and down the underside he ran his tongue over the half hard flesh, the sucked it some more. Andrew just looked down at his new find, he need pictures of the boy doing this, his friend Mike would never believe it.

Andrew reached into the corner drawer and pulled out his digital camera and snapped to his hearts content. Wayne sucked ans slurped the cock as he began to rise to it's natural girth with the help of a little blue pill. The boy's saliva flooded Andrew's pubic hair. Wayne sucked cock to his hearts content, he was happier than he had been in a long time.

Andrew whispered to Wayne “lets go to the bedroom, we'll be much more comfortable there on my bed?” A naked Wayne followed the older man to the big bed and laid down next to Andrew. The older man began kissing Wayne very softly. Sucking the boys dime sized brown nipples, licking the outtie belly button, his fingers playing with the boys very tight rosebud.

Andrew dipped fingers into some lube on the nightstand and inched his middle finger into Wayne's anus. “Damn boy you are tight, I'm going to have to work to get you loser for a good fuck. Slowly the finger inched to the fist, he added a second finger and heard a low moan from the preteen. He worked the two fingers in and out, then opening the stretched the virgin hole, but it would be worth if to fuck this sweetie.

The older man knelt between the boys wide legs, which rested on his thighs. His rampant cock pointed at the waiting stretched boy's love hole. Andrew decided he was not going let Wayne without giving up some of his boy-pussy. Andrew smeared lube on the head of his cock. “Ready beautiful, ready for my cock?” Wayne nodded slowly, thinking that just maybe he had better get away, but maybe not?”

Andrew held his cock tightly, the head kissed the boys lubed hole and he pushed forward hard. The hole opened slightly, but failed to let him in. Sweat beads formed on his brow, he pushed again, only harder. The tight anal ring finally let the cock in and he pushed hard and deep into Wayne's virgin body.

Oooohhhh you're too big, I can't take it, I-I-I-I-I.” He didn't say anything else, Andrew's hard penis hit bottom, his speckled pubic hair covered Wayne's asshole and ball sac, finally he was inside of the boys tight anus, he rested atop of the stunned boy. Slowly he pumped in, he pickled up speed, soon he was fucking Wayne hard, his pelvic bone hit, then pulled back, then he hit the boy again. “Fuck this the best ass I've ever hard, what a good fuck Wayne is, man I could die and go to heaven now, damn good boy-pussy, I never want to cum, just fuck him!”

In and out Wayne was ravaged, he had wanted this and now he had gotten it, he just held on for all he was worth, he was tingling in the head of his smaller dick,, but still he was stretched wide and it was somewhat uncomfortable. He still wanted the man to fuck him, it did feel somewhat good, it had found some spot and that made the stretching worth it.

Andrew had Wayne and was balls deep in the boy, he wasn't going to pull out now, he was going to coat the boys insides creamy white, no matter how much the boy cried, Wayne was getting fucked and fucked good, this was great. He felt cum boiling in his balls, he just wanted the fuck to last and last even though it was some what uncomfortable.

The older man pushed his ass back and forth into the boy, the boy was pushing back to the surprise of Andrew, the boy was even using his inner muscles on his cock clamping and releasing and it felt so good, he was just having the damnedest keeping from cuming, he could feel that feeling that told him eruption was there.

Gritting his teeth he clamped down and to no avail, his cock swelled and exploded sending copious amounts of his sperm into Wayne insides. Cum flooded Wayne's colon. The feeling of sperm splashing on his insides was the greatest. “Fuck it feels so good, sir so good, it's indescribable. His hips pushed in to take even more of the man's spewing cock, in as deep as it could go!

Andrew drained his cock inside of the boy's body. Finally he rolled off the preteen onto his back. He was satisfied, but exhausted. “Son you are a damn fine fuck, you have potential, there are lots of men out there that would live to dip their wick into you. The man jump a bit when he felt two lips clamp on his wilting penis and began to sick him clean for the excess cum.

Part 8: Thursday at 11:00!

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