This is a story about the love between an older man and a younger boy if you are offended by this please don't not read, if you are under 18 years old please do not read, and please do not steal my story

Hello, my name is Daniel I was a normal 10 year old boy who got him self in a bit of trouble if you read the first story “boy on a cruise” then you know all about it if you haven’t then GO READ IT!

As I stood in this mans shower trying to come to terms with what was going on I was like a zombie. I was so scared of what Marc could possibly do (ruin my life, or worse...) yet I couldn’t shake the the naughty thoughts out of my head, I didn’t know if it was the booze but what had just happened was one of the most exciting things that I had ever done. After about 5 minutes Marc called my name “Hey Danny boy come on out! And dont put your cloth on..., thats right I love your skinny tan little body” He walked up to me with the camera and began to film me in every direction. I asked him “what are you doing?” He said “well you see Daniel you are a very beautiful boy and I enjoyed your little performance on my cock, so, I decided we are gonna make a little movie” I couldn’t help but smile, Even-though I was scared of what could happen I loved the idea that this man would be satisfied with me, ever since I was little my whole family had ignored me, when I played sports or anything no had ever encouraged me or given me a hug or a kiss. While this man was not being to nice about it I guess you can say that his attention was still nice. After filming my body Marc looked extremely excited but his cock was not hard for some reason not like it was before at-least. He turned the camera off and told me to go get dressed and get some rest because I was going to have a long day tomorrow. He told me to meet him in his room at 9 am tomorrow.

I stumbled out in to the hall and I looked at my watch I didn’t realize it was already 7 pm and I was supposed to meet my family!! I ran to my room to get changed as fast as I could and I walked in. My mom and my older sister were in my room. My mom said, “there you are you idiot, we are gonna miss our dinner table thanks to you go get dressed!” She slapped me on the back of the head and left the room. “She said meet us in the restaurant!” As I was changing my cloth I was just glad my mom didn’t realize I was drunk, but I was also conflicted, my entire life I had been told that sex stuff was bad but then I do it and it was the only time an adult had ever been nice to me. I started walking towards the restaurant and realized that I liked Marc telling me what to do and then and there I decided that I would do anything Marc said no matter what.

I got to the restaurant at around 730ish and realized my parents had ordered and were already eating I started to feel really sick because of the alcohol and I told them I was not hungry. They really did not seem to care. At this point I realized the reason they did not notice I had obviously had a few drinks was that they where all drunk. Eventually we got to the room and my sisters left again. I was sitting in my room all alone just thinking about Marc. I could not shake this feeling out of the pit of my stomach it was almost like a washing machine moving in circles in my belly and also my dick was hard like Marc's. My hand began to migrate down in to my cock and I started to masturbate for the first time It was an amazing feeling and for the first time I understood why Marc was so happy when I kissed his cock. After about 1 minute I felt my own cum come out but it was not as much as Marc, It wasn’t even white it was just see-through. I fell asleep shortly after.

The next morning I woke up at 830 am and saw my sisters passed out so I took the opportunity to get dressed and make my way to Marcs room. I put on my power rangers tighty whiteys as for the first time I could show them to some one with out my mom yelling at me. I also put on jeans and a white polo shirt. I ran to Marc's room super mega excited about what was going to happen. I was also scared though, but it was a good scared, like your about to go on a roller coaster and it is gonna be new exciting and unexpected. I knocked on his door and he said “who is it” I said “ It's me Daniel!” He opened the door and said “welcome”. I looked around he had set up a bunch of cameras at every possible angle. There was one hanging from the roof, one on the head of the bed, one in front of the bed and on the sides as well. He asked me “Danny have you ever been in a movie?” I said “no sir...” he said “well today you are going to be the star of my new film “Boy on a Cruise” and you are going to do absolutely everything I say or else everyone is gonna see that video of you slobbering all over my cock” Then he gave me a kiss in the mouth and said “you taste so sweet, your going to love this” He told me to sit on the edge of the bed in front of the first camera. He sat a few feet in front of me in a chair. He said “Danny I are going to interview you, you are going to answer all my questions than you will do as I tell you.” I said “yes sir”. He then turned the cameras on and turned to me and asked me “Daniel, how old are you?” “I am 10”

“and where are you from?” “I am from peru”

“What are you doing here” “I dont know”

“well, what did you do here yesterday” “umm, well we drank and danced and you made me kiss you pee pee”

“you will call it a cock from now on” “yes sir”

“how did that make you feel” “at first I was scared..., but then you made me feel special”

At this point Marc smiled and asked me “how so?”

“well you are the first grown up to ever tell me I am beautiful”

Marc smiled and said “Alright Danny you are going to start dancing” He played some sexy music and told me to slowly take my cloth of as I danced around. I did not really know how to dance so I kinda just jumped around on the bed. First I took my shirt of then my jeans. Marc commented and said “mm, I love those boy panties keep those on” I danced around some more in my underwear and eventually Marc began to take his cloth off. I watched him as he took his cock out of his pants and started to play with him self while he watched me. Marc noticed that this time my cock was hard. And he said “you like this danny?” “yes sir” “well your gonna get a taste of it” he took the rest of his cloth off and walked toward the bed he said “alright Danny suck my cock” I instinctively just dove in to his cock and began to suck it like I did last time only this time I knew what I wanted. I wanted Marcs cum in my mouth so badly. The sweet bitter taste, the smooth gooey texture, and I couldn’t even wait for how warm it is. After about a minute of sucking his cock like my life depended on it he told me that’s enough Danny now lay down, I did and he took my underwear off and lifted my knees over my head (I was pretty flexible) and just started licking my asshole. This was the most amazing feeling I had ever had. I couldn’t handle how great his tongue felt and began to moan. He then reached to his suit case and pulled out a small pink vibrator and a tube of lube. He covered the vibrator with it and slowly pushed it in my but. At first it hurt more, a lot but Marc then said its ok danny it always hurts at first and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. He began to slowly fuck me with the vibrator for a few minutes it began to feel amazing then after a couple more minutes he said “danny are you ready for me” “i said, Yes I am sir, I am ready for anything.” He pulled out the vibrator covered his cock with the lubricant and began his way up my ass hole. At this point I was in a LOT of pain he hard a pretty big dick and I was a very small boy. Eventually I felt his balls on my ass cheeks and I realized it was all in. He began to fuck me slowly and eventually to the rhythm of the music. It was a fairly fast song and he was fucking me so hard. It felt so good.... I felt so good. There is no way I can describe what it was like to have a grown mans cock inside of my at such a young age I can only say I wish I could go back. After a few minutes of him pumping my asshole he turned me around and started to fuck me doggy style. My could not hold my own weight because of how overwhelming his cock was inside of me, I was basically a fuck doll that he moved to his desire. He said “Danny you love my cock dont you” me “mhmm” “danny your asshole is so tight” me “mhmmmmm” I was breathing hard I could feel his sweat falling on my back he then lifted me off and made me sit on top of him as he lifted me up and down while I sat on his lap. His wet hairy body stomach pressed against my hair less back. He said “danny ur boy pussy is so hot im gonna cumm” I said “yes sir fill me up!!!” marc came and I could feel his hot sticky cum fill every inch of my asshole he collapsed on the bed and I collapsed on top of him. He pulled his cock out and cum started to ooze out of me, I could feel an empty feeling as if he had become a part of me and was now coming out.

Marc then gave me a huge hug and cuddled me in to his arms. I could smell the sweat of his arm pits and it was strangely arousing. He basically drenched me in his fluids with his cum inside of me and his sweat on my body. I eventually fell asleep in his arms imagining whats to come.

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