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Boy on a Plate.

By John T. S. Teller.

2nd course -- Entrée of Boy Buttocks with lashings of Urchin Sauce.

Darren opens his eyes and I ask, "Was that nice?"

He grins. "Not bad."

I laugh. "I feel like a fly that's been lured into a web."

He giggles. "You didn't think I wanted you just for your chocolate cake, did you? Have you got a fag?"

"What do you want a fag for?"

He looks at me as if I'm silly. "I like a fag."

I look into his eyes. "Yes, but I'm not sure you should be smoking at your age."

He pulls a face at me. "You grown-ups are nuts! You don't like me smoking, but you don't mind playing with my cock. Next you'll be telling me you don't want me to wank you because I shouldn't be doing it at my age!"

The logic of his comment makes me giggle. I reach into my rucksack and get out my cigarettes and lighter, take two ciggys out of it, light them up and give one to him. He takes a deep draw and exhales the smoke into my face. I grin at him. "So, I get something out of this besides giving you chocolate cake, do I?"

He grins back at me. "When I've had my smoke."

I lie down beside him and reach down to fondle his flaccid cock. I don't overdo it, because my experience of boys is that he will take a while before any life comes back into it. But it's nice just fondling the softness of his cock and balls and feeling at the smoothness of his inner thighs and flat tummy. When we've smoked our ciggys, I get the Coke and pour some over the lighted ends to make sure nothing will catch alight, and then I throw them out of the den. I reckon its payback time now, so I roll over towards him, take his hand and place it over my hard cock. He looks at me, squeezes my cock, and grins. I grin at him. "Well?"

He pulls a face at me. "Have you got any money?"

"Yes. Why?"

He shrugs his shoulders. "I thought you might like to give me a present."

I reach into my trouser pocket and pull out the single twenty pound note I slipped into my pocket before I left home. I hadn't expected to use it unless an emergency cropped up. But this is an emergency, although certainly not of the type I expected. "That's all I've got. I'll want more than a wank for that."

He giggles, takes the note from me, reaches down to remove his shorts from the leg it's still attached to, and stuffs it into a pocket. Then he looks at me. "You can do anything except put it in me. And I won't suck you off either. I don't want any diseases."

I stroke his cock, which has now grown to its full length again. "I haven't got any diseases! Do you do this often?"

He pushes my hand away and pulls his foreskin on and off the swollen knob. "Not really. Except... It depends."

"Depends on what?"

"It depends whether I like the bloke."

"And you like me?"

He grins. "You're OK. You've done this before, haven't you?"

I nod. "With a couple of boys, but they were a bit older than you."

"Do you go with men?"

"No. I only like boys."

"Do you like me?"

"Yes, you're beautiful."

He looks me in the eyes. "What's beautiful about me?"

I remove his hand from his cock and stroke it. "This." I caress his upper thighs. "These." I fondle the entire length of him from his shapely neck to the base of his cock. "All this, and if you turn over I'll be able to see your gorgeous bum, which I really like."


Things are going further than I expected. Nobody has ever put a cock up me, but I've always wondered what it would be like having hot spunk spurting inside me? I like spunk. Although I don't like Ambridge much, I like his spunk. Having spunk on me really makes me horny. I might be able to get Craig's in me. His cock isn't anywhere as near as big as Mr Ambridge's. He's tried to get his inside me, but it won't go. He even tied me up and gagged me once, and tried to do it like that, but it was hurting so much that I made it impossible for him to do it. Craig isn't a novice at this, and because he's only been with boys, which means he probably hasn't got any diseases, maybe I can take a chance of doing it. I'll see if I can get Craig to try it.


Darren grins. "I know you like my arse. Do you want to put your cock in me?"

"It would be nice, but I'm not in the habit of doing things to boys that they don't want."

He shrugs his shoulders. "Now I know you've only been with boys and haven't got any diseases, I might let you. I've never done it before, but I've always wondered what it would be like. How big is your willy?"

I grin at how he's slipped into the word `willy' rather than cock, which tells me there's still some child left in him. "Would you like to see?"

He nods at me, so I unzip my jeans and slip it out. I watch his eyes as he reaches out and wraps his fingers around my swollen six-incher, and I know this little boy is not averse to a man's cock. In fact, I'm reckoning I'm dealing with a little gay boy who gets off on men's cocks, because he's almost drooling at the sight of it. I decide to lie back and see what he does.

There's no smile when he looks at me and says, "Take your trousers down."

My hands are trembling as I remove my belt to oblige, and I push my jeans down to my knees, and he begins to examine me big style; running his fingers up and down my cock; weighing my balls in his hand, and fondling my pubic hairs. I'm circumcised, which he seems to like, because he's very gentle as he rubs his fingers around the sensitive part of my glans. Then he looks at me, puzzled. "How do you do you do it when it's got no skin on it?"

I grin at him. "I use oil or cream or gel, but I prefer a mouth or a bum."

I can see excitement in his eyes when he asks, "Did you put it in those other boys? Did they suck you off?"

"They both sucked me off, but only David would let me put it in him."

Again he looks puzzled. "Why wouldn't the other boy let you put it in him?"

"Paul wasn't gay. David was."

My reply seems to satisfy him, but he's still curious. "How far did you put it up David? How old was he?"

"All the way. He was one of those rare boys who could cum just by having a penis up him. He was thirteen when he let me fuck him."

Darren looks amazed. "He could cum without wanking?"

"Yes. I would fuck him, and he would spurt his stuff while I was doing it. How long have you been able to masturbate?"

He grins. "Since I went to the big school. Mr Ambridge taught me how to do it. But I can't cum yet. I wish I could."

"Mr Ambridge?"

"My teacher. That's why I can have days off. He marks me down as being there if I don't go, then my mum doesn't know I've not been to school."

It's all making sense now, and I ask, "And what do you have to do for Mr Ambridge for him to do that?"

Darren grins. "He likes to smack my bum, and then suck me off after he's done it. Then he wanks himself off in my bum crack."

I chuckle. "Ahhh. Now I know why you thought I'd want to smack your bum. Do you like having it smacked?"

He shakes his head. "No. Not really. But he doesn't do it hard. You can smack me if you want."

I shake my head. "No thanks. I'm not into bum smacking. I'd rather kiss it and lick it."

Darren giggles. "Lick it? You mean up the hole!"

"I nod. It's nicer than chocolate cake."

Darren laughs at that comment. "That's gross! What happens if you get... errr... you know... errr... shit on your tongue?"

I grin at him. "I don't do it unless the boy is clean."

He looks puzzled. "How do you get them clean?"

"Simple. I bathe them first."

My answer seems to satisfy Darren, but he's an inquisitive boy. "But what happens when you put your thing up a boy. Doesn't it get shit on it then?"

"Sometimes. But it doesn't bother me if I do. It washes off."

"Does it make the boy bleed?"

I decide to teach Darren the rules of boy engagement. I'm also mindful that he's still holding my swollen cock and I'm still fondling his, which is now back to its full size. "If you don't do it properly it does. You need to practice that sort of stuff. David was older than you, and it took quite a while before I could do it without hurting him."

Darren grasps my cock very firmly. "Try putting it in me."

I shake my head. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Darren looks disappointed, and he pleads, "But we could try! Let's just see if we can get the end in. I think yours might go in. Mr Ambidges won't. It's twice as big as yours. It's massive!"

I give him a questioning look. "So you have tried it before?"

He nods. "Mr Ambridge tried, but it just wouldn't go in, thank God. I think it would have killed me! It was hurting too much just getting part of the end in. That's why he just does it in my bum crack. He puts oil in my crack and puts part of his finger up me, and then he rubs his cock up and down my crack and round my balls and cock until he cums."

"So you didn't want him to?"

Darren shakes his head. "No. I do want to see what it feels like, but not with him. Mr Ambridge has got some porn videos of boys doing it. Some of the boys are younger than me, and they get one up them. Really big ones! And they seem to like it because their cocks are still hard when it's up them. I think they're gay like me."

His admitting his sexuality surprises me. "How do you know you're gay at your age?"

Another shrug of the shoulders. "I don't like girls. I never have. I like these." And he squeezes my cock again.

"Do you prefer men, or boys your own age?"

"Men. I like men with lots of hair and nice bodies. Like you." He grins. "That's why I picked you." An even wider grin. "Not many men do that to me."

I grin back at him. "Not many men do what to you?"

He waggles my cock about. "Make me feel sexy as soon as I look at them. When I saw you walking up the path, I fancied you. That's why I opened my legs wide for you."

I laugh. "You certainly caught me. I got a hard on as soon as I looked up your pants."  

He giggles. "Shall we do it then? Shall we try it?"

I shrug my shoulders. "You can if you want, and you'll see what I mean. It just won't go in."

He grins as I pull him over me until he's on his knees and straddling my waist and my cock is by his bum. I take hold of my cock with one hand, pull one bum cheek open with the other, and nod at him. "Push back on it and see what happens."

He reaches behind him with one of his hands, stretches the other bum cheek open, and then pushes himself onto me. His soft, blond hair on the top of his head is by my lips as I feel him trying to get me inside him, and I can't help but kiss him and rub my nose in his hair and savour the boyish aroma of him. Then he lays his upper body on me and uses both hands to try and get me in. All I can do now is hold my cock as rigid as I can so that he's got something to push at. I hear him grunting and sighing as he pushes back, and when I put a finger inside his crack to see how he's doing, I'm amazed that half my knob is in him. This boy is a trier; I'll give him that. He's sweating now, and he wipes the sweat off his forehead onto my t-shirt, but he doesn't give up. I whisper to him, "Pretend you're going to the toilet. Push out."


I'm totally frustrated! No matter how I try, and even though Craig keeps using his spit, his swollen knob won't go past my ring. Mr Ambridge says breaking in a virgin hole is the best thing since sliced bread. Well not with me it's not! It's not the pain that's stopping me; it's the simple fact that my arse isn't big enough. Well, not without plenty of gel as Craig said. He's right. I can get shit out as big as Craig's cock, but getting his cock in me without gel is like trying to get toothpaste back in a tube. Fucking arseholes! I'm fucking eleven and a half for Christ's sake! At my age, I should be able to get a cock in me. Those boys in the videos are a lot younger than me, and they seem to have no problem. Perhaps I'm a freak with a very tight arsehole! Fuck! Fuck!


I hear him grunting, and he's pushing really hard, but it won't go in. He's panting when he lifts his head, and he looks really disapointed. "It won't go in!"

I smile at him. "I didn't think it would. It really does take lots of practice and lots of gel? If you do manage to do it sometime, you never know, you might have a sexy prostate and it would be nice doing it. But being gay doesn't mean you have to do that. Most gay men don't."

"What's a prostate?"

"It's a small gland inside your bum that produces seminal fluid; the white stuff that carries the sperm. The spermatozoa comes from your balls, but when you ejaculate, you also eject seminal fluid from your prostate at the same time. In some men and boys, the prostate is a sex organ on its own. Maybe you're one of them." I grin at him. "Maybe if we get to know one another better, I can teach you and we can find out, and when you're older, you'll be able to cum like David could. I might even buy you a vibrator and stick that up your bum. It would certainly be better than smacking it."

Darren giggles, and then props himself up on his elbows and looks into my face. "Do you live on your own?"

I nod. "Yes. What about you."

"I live with my mum. Dad's gone. He left two years ago. I haven't seen him since. I've got two sisters. They're older than me. Can we meet Saturday morning, and we can go to your house?"

"If you want to. But won't your mum wonder where you're going?"

"Nah! I go where I want at weekends. Mum works all day Saturday at the market. Where can we meet?"

I shrug my shoulders. "I dunno. Where's best for you?"

Darren purses his lips and rolls his eyes while he's thinking. "McDonalds. Eleven o' clock."

"Which McDonalds? I don't even know where you live!"

He sniggers. "The one by the Tesco."

"Ahhh. So that's where you live! And which school do you go to?"

"St. Vincent's. I thought you would have known by my school uniform."

I shake my head. "I don't live in town. OK, I'll meet you at McDonald's at eleven. Are you sure you trust me?"

Darren grins. "I told you that you weren't a murderer." Then I see a devilish look in his eyes, and he asks, "Can I do you now?"

I laugh, and then smack his bum. "I thought you'd never ask. I'll take my shirt off so my stuff doesn't go all over it."

Again I see that wild look pass across his face. "Your spunk you mean?"

I grin at him. "Yes. Don't you like spunk?"

For the first time, I detect a shyness in him. He nods. "Yes. When Mr Ambridge has cum, he sometimes wanks me with his spunk all over my cock."

"And you like that?"

"Uhuh. Do you want to do that?"

"Yes, but I'd like to do it my way and not Mr Ambridge's way. You lie on your back and pull your legs up, and then we can do it together. Do you mind if I spit on your bum?"


Is he joking?! He's been using spit on my arse for ten minutes! Oh, but I forget... he's got a cock without a foreskin. Of course he'll need lots of spit to wank himself off in my arse crack. But there is another way. I wonder...


Darren giggles nervously. "No. Will it help you if my bum's wet?"

I nod. "Yes."

Another nervous giggle, and he doesn't look at me when next he speaks. "Shall we use my pee?"

This boy is full of surprises. The kinky little sod! I don't particularly like piss on me, but if it turns him on, then why not. I lift his chin and put a pretend sexy look in my eyes when I look into his. "That would be great! But let me take my jeans off first. You get ready for me."

While I'm taking my jeans and t-shirt off, I watch him pull his slim, lithe legs back to his shoulders, revealing his puckered rosebud. I kneel by his bum and take hold of his swollen cock and pull it down so it's at the right angle, and then I nod to him. I watch him pulling a face, trying to pee, and suddenly, a steam of piss squirts out directly onto the hairs above my cock. And now I understand the kinkyness. The sound and the sensation of Darrens hot piss hitting me and running down my cock and balls and legs is a real turn on. But it has a purpose, and I push my cock down so the piss is running off the end of it back onto Darren's cock and balls, and down into his arse crack. We look into each other's eyes and I know we're sharing the same thought: this is sexy stuff. Only when the last few drops of his piss dribble from his piss slit do I begin to rub my cock up and down his arse crack, making sure on every pass I give his hole a good prod. Seeing it is another real turn on, and so is watching Darren, who has now taken one of his hands off his raised legs and is wanking himself in his own piss as I do the business. The piss and my precum are making the task an easy one, and when I reach my climax, I spurt my spunk onto the hand and fingers he's using to wank himself off. He's watching all this with wide eyes, and when he sees my spunk hit his hand and fingers and knob, he redoubles his efforts, and there's a squelching sound as he pummels his lovely cock. And then, as I come off the high sexual plain, a thought comes to me. He wants to be fucked? Well, the spunk and piss is an excellent lubricant. It's worth a try. He's breathing like a train chuffing to get up a steep hill when I stab my cock at his hole, which is now well greased with his piss and my cum. One really hard thrust, and I watch his rosebud stretch until the head of my cock disappears past his ring, and the skin of his anus retracts to trap me inside him.


Oh! Fucking hell! He's in me! Past my ring! His knob has gone in me because his spunk is like gel. And it feels fantastic! And he's done it just as I get the feelings! Oh, Jeezus, Craig, that's fantastic! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Yessssss! Yesssss!


Maybe it's my cock in him, or whatever, but just as it slips into him, Darren goes into overdrive and climaxes, accompanied by his mouth opening as wide as he can get it, his tongue protruding to its full length, and he's making amazing, erotic noises. 

Only when he's slumped back onto the grass do I put my forearm over the back of his still raised thighs, take hold of my cock and pull it slowly out of him, and as I do, the stretched skin of his anus slithers back to normality.

We say hardly a thing as I get the pack of tissues from my rucksack and clean us both up. What is there to say? We do exchange the occasional knowing smile though, which tells me Darren is thinking the same as me: we've both enjoyed everything that's just happened.  

When we're clean, Darren looks at me. "I'd better get dressed. I told Mr Ambridge I would be in school by dinner time."

I pick up his clothes and beckon him to lie beside me. "I'll dress you. Then I'll give you a lift if you want me to."

"It's ok, I can dress myself. I don't need a lift."

He moves to a dry part to dress, and I can't stop myself from stroking this cute boy as he does, and just before he pulls his trousers right up, he stops when they're still on his thighs and grins at me. I don't need a second invitation, and I kiss his soft cock and roll it around in my mouth, and I can taste the residue of my spunk and his piss. When it begins to go hard again, with a big grin on his face, he pushes me away and pulls his trousers right up. When he's fully dressed, I dress myself and we go out of the den.

After the semi-darkness of the den, the sun is almost blinding as we make our way down to the path, and when we get to it, he grins at me again. "See you Saturday, Craig." And with that final remark, he turns away from me and runs down the path, and I watch him until he disappears from view. I look up the path where I'd been intending to walk, and I realise that I don't want to go any further. Instead, I retrace my steps back to the den and go inside it. Darren's presence is still with me, and I feel my cock swelling again. I strip naked and lie on the soft, wet grass that he lay on. I pick some of it up and rub it around my genitals, and I use the wet grass to lubricate my cock as I wank myself off to the vision of what I've just done to the beautiful small boy who doesn't quite know whether to swear or not, and yet is a paradox because he's such an unreserved and sexually adventurous young character. After I've shot the remnants of my spunk onto my belly, and wiped it off with more of Darren's wet grass, I wonder if he will turn up at McDonalds.


My bum feels strange, but I'm in seventh heaven. I've had a cock in me for the very first time, and it was good. It made my cum ten times better. But I want more. I hope Craig doesn't let me down, and does meet me in McDonalds. I'm near the school now and I can hear the other kids playing. They sound happy. They're not as happy as me, because this little gay boy has just had a cock in him for the very first time.


As I'm walking back down the path, I smile to myself and think: Who's a lucky guy then?! Maybe my luck will continue and Darren will actually show up?!


To be continued...

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