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Boy on a Plate.

By John T. S. Teller.

4th course Scrubbed Garcon with vinegar and mayonaise.


As soon as I've closed the convex glass doors of the shower, I take the shower head off its hook and wash all my spunk from Darren's face, and then I lather him up with a combination shower-gel and shampoo. Because of the soap, he can't open his eyes, and he's giggling like a lunatic as my hands wash him and tickle him. His lovely cock is hard of course, and that gets particular attention, as does every centimetre of his bum, including a finger sliding right into him. But I want to feel at every single part of this sensual creature who's come into my life. Yes, he's slim, but not skinny. He's probably just gone through a growth spurt, and will fill out again soon. It's what boys do. His neck is long and slim; perfect for the well formed head that sits atop it. The delicate butterfly collar-bones lead to slim arms and hands with fingers that match his cock long and slender. His pink, aroused nipples sit dead centre in penny sized areas of darker skin, and I pay particular attention to them; caressing and rolling them in my fingers. He seems to like that because he stops giggling when I'm doing it, and I have to ask, "Is that nice?"

He murmers an unintelligible, but sexy, "Nnnnnnnn."

That makes me smile. I go to one knee and concentrate on his lower half; the curvaceous boyish waist and the two arrowed depressions that lead from his hips to his groin, and to his erect boy cock that is so inviting, but which I'm ignoring because I'm basking in the whole beauty of him and not just the sexual parts that drive me to distraction. Whoever cut the umbilical cord did a super job. It fits neatly inside an inny belly button and adds even greater beauty to his lower abdominal region, which is soft and tender to my caresses, as are the two hips and thighs that lead to boyish knees; one slightly scarred. I rub the scar and ask, "How did you do that?"

"I fell off my bike. I had seven stitches in it. It took ages to heal. Can I pee on you?"

Darrens' question makes me giggle. I knew he liked the pissing act when we did it in the den. I saw it in his eyes. I pull his cock. "Do you want to do it now?"

"No. When you've rinsed me off. I want to watch myself doing it."

I pull his cock again. "Kinky! When I've finished examining you, you can do it."

"Why are you examining me?"

"Because you're absolutely beautiful. Do you mind?"

"No. It's nice. Do you want to do my back after?"

"Uhuh. I want to examine all of you."

"Do you want to take some more pictures of me?"

"That would be nice."

"You can take a video of me if you want."

"OK. Later. Now can I get on with what I'm doing... please?!"

Darren giggles. "Yes, but hurry up. I'm dying for a pee."

I turn him round and smack his cute bum. He giggles, but he stops giggling when I run my hands over his perfect little bum and down the inside of his supple and creamy thighs and then down the calves of his lovely legs to the almost delicate feet. I lean back and take in all he is. The well shaped shoulders and back leads to slim hips, and his bum cheeks are pert and stick out perfectly from the rest of him; two globes of perfect boy beauty. God... do I just want this boy! Messing with him has made my own cock rock hard again.

Time to rinse him off and be pissed on.


I've loved every moment of the examination. Craig does things to me that Ambridge could never do; he makes me feel special. When the water has washed away the soap from my eyes, I look at Craig. The water has made all his hair stick to his body, and that emphasises the shape of him. He's fucking gorgeous! He rinses off the rest of the soap, hangs the shower head up, and pulls me to him. I grasp his biceps as he kisses my hair, and then I put my arms around his neck and look up at him. We look into each others eyes as the water runs over us. I feel it inside of me, a stirring of affection for this gorgeous man. I think I'm getting a crush on him. I want to kiss him. I pull his head down and our lips come together. He crushes our bodies together and we kiss a long one. Craig breaks the kiss and kisses his way slowly down my body until he's on his knees. He kisses the end of my cock, and then looks up at me. I know it's time.


I look into Darren's eyes and smile. He gives me a sort of sexy, but pleasant smile. My face is only centimetres from his cock as he takes it in his hands and points it at my face. I wait for him to begin. His tummy muscles tighten, and I watch, fascinated, as his piss slit ejects hot urine onto me. Using his fingers, he manipulates his swollen cock to direct it everywhere he wants; onto my face; on my shoulders; over my body and legs; and back to my face again. Like most boys, he can piss for a long time when the need arises, and I reckon Darren has been holding this one in. I was never into piss before I met Darren, but this boy turns me on big style. I'm getting deep feelings for him, and when I open my mouth and let him piss directly into it, it's not because I particularly like piss, it's because I want to do things that will please the new boy who has come into my life. His pleasure is my pleasure, and if he gets sexual satisfaction from pissing on me, then why shouldn't I make it extra special for him? A bit of sterile piss never harmed anybody. Arabs and soldiers drink it in the desert when they're thirsty.


My piss is splattering on Craig's body and face, and he seems to be enjoying it. That surprises me, but it makes my actions all the nicer. Oh my God! He's opening his mouth! He wants me to piss in his mouth! Fantastic! His tongue is out and my stream of piss is hitting it and filling his mouth. He looks up into my eyes. And then he leans forward, takes my cock right into his mouth, and begins to swallow my piss!


I've lost it again. Big style this time! Knowing the act is so sexual to Darren is driving me crazy. I take his cock in my mouth and let him fill me with his hot liquid, and as I swallow his piss, I grab his bum, pull his cheeks wide and scramble for his boy hole. My finger finds the entrance, and I worm it inside him. It can't be pleasant, but I don't care. The piss is lessening, but I'm not finished. I want his cock and his hole. He wants me to have them too, because he's got his hands on the back of my head and he's fucking my mouth. This is no holds barred pure sex. He's humping at me like an expert, and his rhythm is perfect as he bashes himself into my mouth, so deep that his knob is making me gag every time he does an instroke. But I don't care. I want him! He wants me! It's what we're about! Within a minute, he slams himself into my face and grinds his pubic bone against my mouth as he climaxes, and I feel a shudder run through my finger as his anus trembles around it, and I hear the gurgling death rattle of sexual satisfaction above me.

He tries to push me off him, but I still clutch him to me. He finally manages to break away from me and slumps onto the floor of the shower, looking up at me with glazed eyes. But I'm not finished. I get up, grab his wet hair, push his head back and shove my cock at his face. He looks alarmed. I don't care. He wants to be kinky? I'll give him kinky!

I've still got hold of his wet hair as I rotate my knob on his lips. His mouth becomes slack, and that allows me to do as I want with him. His stupor is leaving him, because his hands come up and clutch my balls. His mouth begins to work. My cock slips inside it. He begins to suck. My spunk spurts into it. He laps it up like a baby on a bottle. Every last bit of it. And then I slump to the floor in front of him. He wraps his arms around me. I wrap mine around him, and we hug as the shower washes us clean.


"How much do you like me Craig?"

"More than I should."

"What do you mean?"

"What I said! I like you more than I should. I thought it would just be sex, but it isn't."

Craig's words warm me inside, and I snuggle even closer to him on the sofa. "I like you more than I should. I thought it would be just sex. How long is it before the pizza man gets here?"

"He'll be here soon. Are you sure you like pepperoni with olives?"

"Of course I'm sure. Can I have a stayover?"

"How can you do that?"

"I'll ring mum when she gets in and tell her I'm staying at my mate's. Andy Breeze's."

"And if something happens and they need to get in touch with you, they'll ring your mates and discover you're not there. Then we'll be in the shit. No. We'll have to organise something better than that."

"What then?"

"I don't know. We'll think of something. Can I pick you up tomorrow?"

I push my hand up Craig's shorts and rub his soft cock. "Yes. Same place. Same time."

"OK. Would you like to go to the match?"

I look up into Craig's face. "Have you got tickets?"

He tickles my lips and smiles at me. "No. It's a pre-season friendly, so we can pay on the gate. Kick-off is at two."

I grin at him. "Can we come back here afterwards?"

He gives me a stern look. "What for?"

Now I'm giggling. "You know what for! Have you gone off me?"

Craig leans down and kisses my lips. "No. I just thought you'd be worn out after today."

Now it's my turn to tease Craig. "I'm not even half worn out. Your boy pussy has got four more lives left."

"Then we'd better save them until tomorrow."

I bite Craig's lip. "No chance! I want at least one more time today. I want it up the bum before I go."

Craig opens his eyes wide. "Up the bum! Are you sure?"

I giggle. "After we've had the pizza. And I want you to video you doing it and give me a copy. And I want a copy of all the pictures and videos you've taken this afternoon."

"What do you want those for?"

"Same reason you do. There'll be times when I can't get to you. I've finished with Ambridge now, so I've only got you."

Craig looks puzzled. "Since when have you finished with him?"

"Since I saw him taking Aaron Chandler into the store room. He'd got his hands on Aaron's arse, so I know they were going to do stuff. I don't want him any more. Anyway, that's not the only reason."

"What's the other reasons?"

I look into Craig's soft, brown eyes. "I've got you. I don't want anybody else."

Craig smiles at me. "That's nice. And I don't want anybody else except you."


Craig hugs me close. "Because you're special. Now shut up and tell me if we're going to the match!"

I sink into the man I think I'm falling in love with, and smile to myself. He hasn't exactly told me he feels like I do, but his words `Because you're special' tell me he feels the same. "Yes, we'll go to the match, but only if we can come back here and you do me up the bum again."

Craig giggles. "Again! I haven't done it once yet."

I giggle. "But you will. After pizza."

For an answer, Craig pushes his hand under me and finds my hole, and he tickles it. I reach down and pull my bum cheek open. He pushes his finger one knuckle into me and waggles it about. Hopefully, the pizza man will be a while yet.


I didn't realise how hungry I was until we begin to eat the pizza. Watching Darren stuffing a piece in his mouth and wolfing it down, I reckon he is too. Unlike me, he didn't dress after sex-in-the-shower, and he's spent the time since then flaunting himself. He's the perfect show-off, especially when I was taking pictures of him, and his video act afterwards would have won an Oscar had it been available for general release. Kinky! I've never met anybody like him! He posed in every way imaginable, including putting gel on the neck of an empty wine bottle and squatting on it; and it didn't stop going up his arse until it came to a point where the bottle flared outwards. Accompanied by the most delicious sexy looks of course! He took my cock in his mouth and pushed his into mine. All videoed. Close-ups of his stretched anus. And I didn't miss the fact that his cock never went soft during this time.

And then we spent some time talking about school and stuff, and our talk answered a question I'd been asking myself: how come Darren goes to big school when he should be in the juniors and shouldn't start seniors until after the six week holiday in September? I'm amazed when he tells me the reason; that he's intellectual gifted for his age with an IQ of 157, and that he had special dispensation from the Education Authorities to go to big school when he was ten and not eleven. He excels at most subjects, but his forte is science and electronics. He's on a level with me when he's talking about computers. The one he has at home is better than my works one. And he built it himself from scratch. But there is one worrying thing: I learn about his association with paedophiles, and how he goes on childporn sites and performs for men via a webcam. I think he accepted my condemnation of that stupidity, because I spelt out the real dangers of doing it, and he seemed to suddenly realise that what I was saying was true. But that's the child in him. He may be intellectually gifted, and there's no doubt he knows what he wants sexually, but he isn't mature enough to realise the consequences of his actions if he continues to do it. Maybe it's just as well that he's met me before he really gets himself in trouble. I'll work on that and try to steer him in the right direction. I hope he listens or he might just drop me in the shit.   

I take another piece of the pizza, and he grins at me. "We're sharing that you know!"

I grin back at him. "I'm hurrying."

He fills his mouth and giggles at me, and I hear a mumbled, "What for?"

I fill my mouth and mumble back, "I can't wait to fuck you."

His lovely blue eyes have a special sparkle in them when he laughs. Acting naturally, as he is now, he really is a good-looking boy, and I reflect on the fact that a chance meeting brought us together: a man who loves boys and a boy who loves men. But the beauty of Darren is that he doesn't have the hang-ups that most other boys have. There are countless boys `out there' who feel exactly as he does, but society has stifled them; and they will grow up to be lesser beings than Darren. He's brushed off the brainwashing and accepted his sexuality. Sex is as normal to him as enjoying this pizza. He notices I'm watching him, and asks, "What are you thinking now?"

I smile at him, and shrug my shoulders. "I'm hoping we're together for a while."

Darren stops eating and stares into my eyes. Then he puts his pizza down and comes into my lap and hugs me. He lifts his head and his lips are inviting. I swallow the pizza in my mouth and lower my lips to his. The kiss we share is long and soft, and is not sexual. He breaks the kiss, reaches out for his pizza, leans into me with his head under my chin and begins to chomp away again as if nothing has happened.


Lying snuggled into Craig, I make sure my head is tucked under his chin where he can't see the tears in my eyes. I can hear his heart beating slowly. It's the heart of a man who I know has found more in me than just sex. He's accepted all the peculiarities I like when I'm having sex. He hasn't judged me as being a freak. He even swallowed my piss. He wouldn't have done that if it hadn't been my piss. I just know he wouldn't. He swallowed it because it was part of me. He's just as attracted to me as I am to him. If he'd pissed on me, I would have swallowed his piss too. I want him to fuck me. Yes, I've wanted to be fucked for a long time, but I didn't want Ambridge to fuck me. I wondered what it would be like if he had, but I really didn't want him to fuck me. But I want Craig to fuck me because he's special. Making love? Is that what it is? I take another bite of my pizza and snuggle even closer to my man. My Man! Yes, that's what he is, and I'm his boy. Darren Wright is Craig Bentley's boy. That's lovely. I'm really happy now. I smile inwardly to myself. I'll be even happier soon when he fucks me.


"Did you get me a vibrator?"

I grin at Darren who is lying on his back on the bed with his legs pulled back, revealing his boy pussy. "No. I've ordered one on the internet, but it won't be here until next week."

Darren giggles. "How big is it?"

I give him a sexy look. "A metre long."

More giggles. "I'm waiting for you!"

I take the KY from the drawer and show it to him. "Just getting the gearbox oil."

His little bum is bouncing on the bed now from his laughter. But he stops laughing when I get on the bed and begin to apply the KY to his anus. I smear it around the edges first, and then insert my middle finger. Very slowly, I push it in, and I watch his face as I do. He doesn't even wince, which surprises me. I begin to massage his insides, and he nods to tell me he's OK with it. After more KY, I insert two fingers. That induces a small grimace, so I stop massaging him and give him a rest. After a while he smiles at me and says, "Do it again now."

I move up beside him and kiss his lips. "Are you sure? Tell me if it hurts and I'll stop."

I get a sexy waggle of the eyes. "Three fingers now."

More KY, and I spread his anus even wider with the fingers of my left hand and insert the ends of three fingers. Then I go back up beside him again. Another kiss. He nods. I push slowly and stop. He nods again. Further in. Although he grimaces, he does it with a smile. He closes his eyes and begins to rotate his bum on my fingers. That's good. He can do what he wants now, and stop if it's hurting him. As he rotates on my fingers, I increase the pressure and they slip further into him. I can tell it's uncomfortable for him, but I can also tell that he wants it. I look down at my fingers and see that they're almost fully in him. Another minute of self-massage, and they're in to the limit. He knows they are, and his eyes open and he stares into mine. I smile at him. "That's it. I'm right in."


It's nowhere near as painful as I expected it to be. Uncomfortable... yes, but not painful. But behind the discomfort is a sort of nice feeling, because I know my arse is stretched wide enough to take Craig's cock. That's what I really want. I want his cock and his spunk. And I'm proud of myself. I'm like the boys in the videos. My cock is still hard. Now I know what they were feeling. There isn't another like it. It's a sort of warm feeling knowing that I'm the girl part of being a boy. I like cocks more than anything, and having one inside me is the ultimate thing. From what I've read on the internet, once I've got used to having a cock in me, it will get better and better. That will be fantastic, coming here to Craig and having him shove his cock up me and filling me with spunk every day. I know he'll like that because he wants to fuck me. I'll have to learn how to make it special for him so he can do it for a long time. I can do it now. I look up into his eyes. "Put your cock in me now, but video you doing it. I want my first time to be on video."

The fingers slide out of me, which isn't pleasant. Like when he did it in the den, it feels like I'm having a shit, but once he's out of me, it feels better. He's got the video camera. He looks at me. "It will be best if you hold my cock while I push it in, and then I can shoot the film easier."

He smears loads of gel into my arse and onto his cock, wipes his hands on the teacloth he's brought with him, and tucks two pillows under me so my arse is well off the bed. He thinks of everything. He picks up the camera and points it at his cock and my arse. Then he nods.

His cock is slimy in my hands when I guide it to my hole. He pushes, and the knob slips slowly through my stretched arsehole, and I feel my skin slide back, trapping his knob in me. It's better than his fingers; softer and more pliable, and I get the same lovely feeling I did in the den: full of gorgeous cock. He pushes again, and it slips in further. I'm waiting for the pain, but it doesn't come. It's not comfortable, but it isn't hurting. Another push, and I feel pain, and I wince. "It hurts now!"

Craig's voice is soft and gentle. "That's your second sphincter. You need to really relax now so I can get past it. Once I'm past this point, it will be a lot easier. Just grit your teeth for a second."

I grit my teeth, and Craig pushes. It is painful, but then I feel him sliding deeper and the pain subsides. He pushes again, his cock slides right into me, and I take my hands away as his pubic hairs nuzzle against my arse. He's in! Oh fucking hell! He's in! I've got a cock right up my arse at last! I look at Craig, who is still videoing the event. "It's in! Right in!"

He grins as he videos. "Up to the hilt. Good boy! What does it feel like."

"Fucking fantastic! Are you listening, video! Craig Bentley's cock is right up Darren Wright's arse for the very first time!"

Craig laughs. "We should have opened a bottle of Champagne."

I laugh. "Never mind the Champagne! Now you can really fuck me!"

Another laugh from Craig. "Coming up boy. Get ready for this! You're about to be fucked for the very first time in your life. Here it comes!"

Still videoing, Craig begins to rock backwards and forwards. I put my hands on his hips to help him. I can hardly breathe with the sexual excitement as I pull him in and out of me. Small movements at first, but as I get used to the feeling; longer ones that take his cock halfway out of me and back in again. Even that thing inside me that stopped it going in has now stopped hurting. Some things are indescribable, and this is one of them. The feelings of his cock rubbing inside me is doing things to me that I've never felt before. Even my teeth are chattering, and my cock is so hard that it's hurting my balls. I grab it and begin to wank. Craig fucks me faster, ramming himself into me, and the feelings are fantastic!


Darren is panting like a dog, and I'm not sure if his "Ohhhs" and "Ahhhh's" and "Mmmm's" are because I'm hurting him or because of the pleasure he's feeling as I spurt my spunk deep inside him when I make the final few thrusts, but pain or not, I know he's getting some pleasure, because the fingers around his cock are blurred by motion as I shoot my load into him, and I know he's also climaxing at exactly the same time as I do. The whole scenario is immensely erotic knowing I have this gorgeous little boy pinned on the end of my throbbing cock as I spurt my spunk into him, and he's also experiencing the ultimate feelings as we peak together in this man/boy fuck.

He collapses back onto the bed, completely spent. I video him for a few seconds, and then I stop filming. I need to make him feel good now, so I go down to him and whisper in his ear, "You're brilliant! That was the best fuck I've ever had."

He opens his eyes and smiles at me. "Was it really?"

"Uhuh." I stroke his cheek. "Did it hurt?"

He pulls a wry face, and then grins. "A bit. But not as bad as I thought it would." Then he gives me a bigger grin. "I actually felt you spurting your stuff in me!"

I smile at him. "Was that nice?"

He nods. "That's what made me cum." Then his face takes on a puzzled expression. "But there was something else."

I return his puzzled look. "Something else?"

He nods. "Yes. When your cock was in me, at a certain point it was rubbing on something that made me feel really nice. I thought I was going to piss myself."

I smile at him and stroke his cheek. "You're a lucky boy. Remember I told you about David who could cum without me touching his cock? It's because his prostate is his sexy spot. It looks as though you might have the same thing. You probably wouldn't get all the pleasure because this was your first time. Too many feelings going on at once. Once you've become stretched enough for it not to hurt, you'll be able to concentrate on the nice feelings. Do you want me to pull out now?"

Darren grimaces. "Yes. But this is the part I don't like."

I kiss his lips softly. "I know. It feels like you're taking a crap. And you'll feel sore in there for a day or two. I'll take it out now. Are you ready?"

Another grimace. "Yes."

I get up and pull my cock out of him, and I'm relieved to see no blood on my cock. That's what had been worrying me. But seeing no blood is a good sign. It means he will just have to recover from the soreness and not an injury. Thank God for KY and the fact that he also gave me a cock which wasn't too big for boys in my age of attraction.

I take the teacloth and wipe away the spunk that's beginning to ooze from his anus. There are traces of brown in it, but no blood. Another good sign. It would be best if he had a shit now. I remove the pillows from under him. "Go and take a crap if you can. It will clean you out. Shout me when you've done and we'll have another shower. Clench your arse on the way or you'll be covered in the stuff."


I push and feel it oozing out of me. It squirts out like diarrhoea, and it stinks. Not Craig's spunk; my shit. This is the part you don't see in the videos, but I suppose this is a part I'm going to have to get used to if I'm gay and want cocks up me. When I reckon I can't get any more out of me, I wipe my arse, flush the toilet and look for the air freshener. It's on the shelf by the toilet, and I give the room a good dose. That's better. I shout Craig that I'm finished, and he comes into the bathroom. He's grinning at me when he asks, "Do you feel better now?"

I pull a face at him. He giggles and goes to the shower, opens the door and begins to fiddle with the shower head. I'm wondering what he's up to, and I ask, "What are you doing?"

He winks at me and beckons me to him. "Right, as you can see now I've taken the shower head off, this end will just fit in your bum. I'm going to leave you while you do it, but I want you to push this end in you and I want you to get some water up your bum and wash yourself out. It will stink, and it will be messy, but don't worry about that. That's why I'm leaving you alone to do it. This is your private time. It's important you always keep yourself clean. It's something you'll have to learn if you're going to be gay and have cocks up you. Even if your partner uses a condom, this is a good habit to get into. Do you think you can manage that?"

I grin at him, and nod. "Make sure the water isn't too hot."

He grins back at me and runs the water over his hand. "It's not too hot, and I've lowered the pressure so it doesn't come flooding out of your mouth. Just perfect for a little boy's bum. It'll be a nice feeling once you've got used to it, so don't stay in here too long playing with yourself! And make sure you use the air freshener again when you've finished flushing everything down the shower outlet!"

As Craig leaves the bathroom, I step into the shower, close the doors, put the hose by my arsehole and press it hard to seal it as best I can. The feeling is really strange, but it's not unpleasant. I fill myself until I can feel the water reach right up my insides, and then release the hose from my arsehole. The warm water gushes out. Now I know why Craig said this was my private time. The water is brown, and it stinks! Really stinks! I flush that down the outlet as quick as I can, and insert the tube again. Three times more I do it until the water running out of me is almost clear, and my arse feels really comfortable. Now I need to clean the shower, and I spent at least ten minutes flushing the place to make sure there's not a trace of brown water or shit anywhere. I switch off the shower and step out of it. Craig has put the air freshener handy, and I give the room a good squirt. Then I shout Craig again.

Craig comes in and sniffs the air. "Good boy!" He gets into the shower, refits the shower head, pulls me into the shower with him, switches on the shower and lathers me up again. But not my head this time. This is really nice. He's gentle as his hands wash me from my chest to the tips of my toes, and when he's finished, he washes himself from his chest to his toes. He opens the doors, pushes me out, wraps a massive bath towel around me, points to the door, and speaks for the first time since he said I was a `Good boy'. "There's a chocolate milk shake in the fridge. I'll be with you in a minute."


"Stop here! I can walk the rest of the way."

I stop the car by the curb and turn to look at Darren. "Are you OK?"

He grins. "Course I am. Never felt better. See you in McDonalds at eleven."

I put my hand on his knee and grin back at him. "Eleven. Don't be late!"

Darren giggles, looks me right in the eyes, and gets out of the car. I sit for a while watching him walking chirpily away from me. He looks a normal boy; a good-looking, shapely, normal boy with a cute bum that would turn any paedophile's head. I feel slightly sick inside knowing he's messing with my emotions. I don't want him to go home. I want him to be with me all the time. He disappears around a corner. I do a three point turn in the road and drive away.


I decide not to look back at Craig in his car. I want to, but I don't want him to see the tears in my eyes. I don't want to go home. I want to be with him. I want to sleep with him and wake up in the morning in bed with him. I want to be cuddled in his arms. I want to smell him and kiss him. I love him. This isn't fair.


To be continued...

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