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Boy on a Plate.

By John T. S. Teller.

5th course Tender Loin basted with Oils on a bed of Romantic Dressing.

Craig's grin when he sees me warms my heart. He's wearing a shirt of our team's colours, and so am I. In fact, I'm wearing the full strip including stockings. But they're last season's strip: same colours but different design. Craig's is the new design. He points a finger at me. "Same as yesterday?"

I nod and waggle my eyes. He laughs, because he knows I'm not referring to the meal. I've not stopped thinking about Craig since I left him yesterday. Mum thought I was ill when I spent the evening with her and my sister Rosie, and my other sister Lauren and her boyfriend watching TV instead of spending all night on my PC. But I didn't want to go on my PC. That's for sex stuff, and I didn't want sex stuff. I'd had sex stuff with Craig. I couldn't give a fuck if I never see Thunderballs or Buttman on the webcam ever again. I've got the real thing now, and I don't need them. Anyway, I was mixed up all night thinking about Craig. Although we were watching TV, I wasn't really looking at it. It was strange. I felt comfortable at home, and at one point I even snuggled into mum. She liked that, and kissed me on the head. It's a good job she didn't know what I was thinking about or she would have kicked my arse. But maybe not. I was thinking partly about school. I've decided that if Ambridge wants me again, I'll tell him I've had enough. I won't say I've seen him with his hand on Aaron Chandler's arse, I'll tell him I've decided to take my studies more seriously. I won't be telling him a lie, because I mean it. When Craig and I were chatting when we were cuddling, he said I should. He said if I was to be anybody in this world, I'd need to knuckle down at school. He was right, and I will. I might be gay, but I'm not a fucking idiot! I can piss school if I try, and then I'll go on to University, same as Craig did. I could invent dildos with sensors that go into overdrive just when you're watching the best parts of porn films. LOL.


I'm still chuckling when I carry our meals to the table. He knows what I'm chuckling at, and he waggles his eyes at me again. I give him a stern look. "You'll get us in trouble, you will! Behave yourself!"

Darren takes a bite of his double cheeseburger and gives me a sexy look. "Only if we go back to your place before the match."

I ignore him, and open my own meal. Then I stare into the beautiful eyes that are beginning to haunt me. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

He grins at me. "Good. But not my bum though. It's sore."

His comment worries me. "In what way is it sore?"

He takes another bite at his double cheeseburger and mumbles, "Just sore. You can look at it when we get home."

`Home'! I like that. He's thinking long term. He's thinking `us'. I've been thinking the same. In fact I've been thinking of little else. This urchin has come into my life and become part of what I am. I love having him around. My home was dull until he arrived on the scene. And it isn't just sex. When I took him back to his proper home and returned to mine, it was empty. Gone was the extrovert fun boy; the exhibitionist with a constant grin on his face; the cuddliness of him as I sat on the sofa; the smell and warmth of him when I went to bed. I missed him big style, and when I woke up this morning, the first smile on my face was brought on by the thought that I'd be seeing him soon. And here he is now; this blond haired beauty with lovely blue eyes and a smile that touches my heart every time he gives one to me, and I can't hide the affection in my eyes when I say to him, "I will. I'm sorry if I hurt you."

Darren's face becomes serious. "It's not your fault! I'm not really hurt... I'm just sore." Then he giggles. "It's only my bum you know! I'm not sore anywhere else."

His comment makes me smile again. "I'll have a look at `anywhere else' then while I'm inspecting you."

Now I get the cheeky look. "OK Doctor Bentley."

We giggle, and the remainder of our talk is about the game, and Darren tells me that he did all his homework before he went to bed last night. I'm impressed when he says, `It's my new start in life.'

Just before we leave, I ask, "No more dens?"

His face is serious. "No more dens. I don't need them now I've got you. Shall we go?"

The drive to my place is strangely quiet, and I have to ask, "You're quiet? Is everything OK?"

He places his small hand over mine, which is on the gear lever knob, and then he turns away to look through his side window. "Yes. You know I love you, don't you."

I want to cry. But I don't. I need to handle this like he's doing. "I was hoping you did."


"Because I love you too."

Now Darren looks at me. "Good. That's that settled then. Can we do lots of things together now then?"

"Such as?"

"I dunno. Just things. Bowling and stuff. Footy. Pictures. Watching telly."

"No sexy stuff?"

"Don't be daft. Besides that I meant. What are you going to do to my bum?"

His change of direction makes me laugh. He does it quite often. It's part of why I adore him. "I'll let you know when I've had a look at it. I might be able to kiss it better."

Darren laughs. "Your tongue isn't long enough."

We're both still sniggering when I pull the car into the drive and put it in the garage.


I'm naked and lying on the bed, my legs folded back, and Craig is examining me. I look down and see him gazing seriously at my arsehole. Then he pulls it slightly open. He looks up at me with a twinkle in his eyes, lifts my legs even further and plants a big kiss on my hole.

That makes me giggle. "Is it OK then?"

Another kiss, and then his tongue tickles me. "It's fine. Nothing that a bit of Vaseline won't put right. I'll write you a prescription."

That makes me laugh. "So?"

Again he looks at me. "So what?"

I give him a sexy look. "How long before we can do it again?"

"Do what again?"

I growl at him. "How long will it be before you can fuck me again?!"

Craig lets go of my legs, pulls them down, comes up the bed to me and stares into my eyes. "A week."

"A fucking week!"

He laughs. "A week."

"Shit! I can't wait a week!"

He gives me a peck on the lips. "Fraid so. But I've got some medicine that will make you feel better while you're on the treatment table."

I kiss him back. "What medicine?"

He winks at me. "I'll show you. Wait there and don't move."

Craig gets up, goes out of the room and returns with a flat tin of Vaseline and a teacloth, which he shows to me as he approaches the bed. "Legs up young man."

I lift my legs and he goes down by my arse. I watch him take the cap off the Vaseline and apply some to his middle finger, and he rubs it round my hole. He looks up at me to see how I'm taking it. I grin at him. "Push your finger in."

And he does... very slowly, turning his finger at the same time. My cock was hard before he did that, but now he's in me again it goes vertical. But not for long. Craig pulls it down, slips it into his hot mouth and begins to suck me off. I haven't had a wank today, and it takes less than a minute before the feelings come, and I thrash at his mouth while he's still massaging my insides with Vaseline. It's a fucking wonderful explosion of pure sex, and it takes ages for me to come down from the heights, gasping for breath. Craig slips off me, pulls his finger out and rubs Vaseline all around my arsehole again, acting as if he's done nothing. Then he wipes his hands, pats my bum, comes up beside me, gives me a beautiful kiss, looks down into my eyes, and asks, "Do you feel better now?"

I grin at him. "A bit."


Darren is stretching to look round a big guy who is sitting in front of us as the winger crosses the ball. Our centre-forward rises and heads the ball into the back of the net. We all rise from our seats as one, and Darren hugs me and kisses me on the cheek as he dances with joy, and I hug him back, sharing together for the very first time the excitement of our team scoring a goal. We both love football, and while I'm hugging him I realise this will be a special part of what we are to be to each other. There's more to life than sex, and this moment couldn't demonstrate it better. And the kisses are not out of place. Even grown men, complete strangers, will do it when our team score an important goal, and this one has just been scored against Juventus in the last minute of time added on. Our players celebrate in front of us, and then return to the centre circle. Juventus kick off, and the referee blows his whistle for full time. The crowd roar their approval. We've won 1-0.

Darren looks at me and raises his fist in the air in triumph. "Get in!"

I laugh at him. "Winners! Get in!"

He hugs me, and we laugh some more.

We're in the crowd, trying to exit the stadium. I feel a hand seek mine and grasp it firmly. I return the firm grasp. Only when we get through the exit doors does he let go my hand and walk beside me, talking excitedly about the game. We get near the club shop and I guide us towards it. He looks at me. "Where are we going?"

"To the shop."

"What for?"

"I'm going to buy you the new shirt."

He looks concerned. "But how will I explain it to my mum?"

"Tell her you won 3rd prize in the half-time draw: a shirt."

Darrens grins. "Brilliant! That will work. She knows I buy scratch cards at the off-licence. I won last week and she collected my five pounds for me."

"Do they let you buy them? I thought you were too young to buy scratch cards."

"I can only do it when Brendan's mum is serving. She puts it in a paper bag and gives it to me, and if I win, she knows mum will collect it for me."

I shake my head. "You're a clever little sod. Do you get pocket money?"

"Not really. If I need something, I just ask mum for it. She's working, and my two sisters work."

"What did you tell her about today?"

"I just said I was going to the game with one of my mates. She didn't ask who. Because it was a pre-season friendly match and only a fiver for me to get in, it wasn't a problem. She gave me a tenner so I could get something to eat as well. I can tell her I bought a burger and fries and some sweets and had a quid left, so I bought the ticket for the half-time draw."

"And you won a team shirt with your name on it."

Darren beams at me. "And I won a team shirt with my name on it."

The club shop is heaving when we get into it, and we have to fight our way to the size Darren wants. We're surrounded by boys with their dads buying shirts for their kids, some of them half dressed as they try them on. Darren grins at me. I give him a puzzled look. He grins as he whispers, "Have you got a hard on?"

I ignore him, but he's right. If I didn't have Darren with me, I'd have a full hard on instead of a semi-erection. Some of the boys are gorgeous, and one good looking little boy about nine years old who takes his shirt off is a little stunner with a really cute hour glass figure and with one of the most pert bums I've ever seen, and which I'd kiss and lick for hours given the chance. I take a shirt from the rack and ask, "What size are you?"

Darren giggles, and whispers, "About five inches."

I have to laugh even though I don't want to. "Just shut it and try this on!"

Darren's eyes never leave mine as he slowly and deliberately strips off his shirt and hands it to me. I shake my head at him, but he ignores me. He ignores the shirt I've selected and, half naked, he starts going through the other shirts on the rack just to tease me. As he does it, he puts both his hands down the back of his shorts and stretches them to reveal his arse crack, and when he removes his hands, his shorts have gone three inches lower. The exhibitionist is at work again. My exhibitionist is at work again, and I have to admire the wonderful, curvaceous back and hips of my boy. And when he turns around and I can see the twin valleys that lead down to his groin are well and truly displayed, and that he has a hard on, I don't know where to put my face. But he doesn't give a damn. He selects a shirt and puts it on, thankfully not tucking it into his shorts, and because it hangs low and loose, it hides his erection. He grins at me. "Does it fit?"

I grin back at him. "Perfect. Let's get it paid for and get your name on it."


As Craig is driving away from the ground, he reaches across and strokes my cock. I like it, because I'm feeling horny myself after showing off my body in public. And I didn't miss the way he looked at that cute little kid with the lovely bum. We're not in slow traffic any longer, so I push down the front of my shorts and get my cock out so he can feel at it properly, and he fingers my knob as he's driving. I decide to be really cheeky, so I push my shorts right down to my ankles, pull up my shirt and turn towards him. His fingers begin to work faster on my knob. We're doing sixty miles an hour when I yell, "Yes! Fucking yes! Fucking yes!" as I cum. When it's over and I've got my breath back, I pull up my shorts, take the cigarettes out of the glove compartment, light one up, take a deep drag at it and hand it to Craig. He takes a deep drag, looks at me and says, "You randy sod!"

I take the ciggy from him, take another drag at it and hand it back. "I was pretending to be that little kid you were staring at. Would you fuck him?"

He grins at me, but doesn't answer my question. "How many lives have you got left?"

I grin back at him. "Depends."

"Depends on what?"

"How good you are."

He laughs. "What time do you have to be home?"

"It's school tomorrow. Mum says I have to be back by eight."


"Why is it good?"

Craig looks at me. "Because I'm going to suck your cock until it's sore when we get to my place."

I grin at him. "What about my bum?"

Craig smiles. "That needs kissing, and some more Vaseline."

"Sounds good. Can we have a shower first?"

"If you want to. What's in store for me this time?"

I grin at him. "I'll need a pee exactly like I did yesterday. And then I want you to do to me what you did after I'd peed on you."

Craig gives me a sexy look. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?"

I stare into his eyes. "I wanked twice in bed last night thinking about it. Did you have a wank about me last night?"

"Yes. I played the video of me fucking you."

"Was it a good wank?"


"Shall we put it online on the porn sites?"

Craig stares at me. "No. What we do is private. That stuff is wrong. I've told you... very wrong. The people who put videos of themselves doing stuff with kids don't give a fuck for the kids they're with. I'm not like that. I care for you. So don't go there again! Please! It's wrong!"

Craig's words move me more than he knows, so I put my hand on his again, and say, "I won't. Just for you I won't."


We're in the shower, lathered up with shower gel when Darren tells me to turn round. I turn round and he washes my back and arse, and his fingers go deep into my bum crack to my hole. I feel a soapy finger invade me. The feelings take me back to my time with David. He didn't do it very often, but occasionally he would fuck me like I fucked him. But it's been a while since I had a boy cock in me, and I know that's what's about to happen when I feel Darren pushing at me with his cock. I look down and see that he's on tiptoes, so I bend my knees for him to be at the right level for him to get his cock in me, and then I reach behind and pull my arse cheeks wide. One push, and I feel his soapy cock slip into me. He wraps his arms around me and his hands grasp my swollen cock, and he begins to hump at me. I lean the top of my head against the shower as balance while he uses my cock as a lever to pull himself in and out. The sound of his belly slapping against my bum cheeks gets louder; his breathing becomes faster; his movements become faster, and with a few grunts, he slams himself against me and climaxes inside me, making a noise like he's gargling. He pulls out of me, turns me around and hugs me. "You didn't mind me doing that, did you?"

I smile at him and kiss him softly on the lips. "Was it nice?" He nods. "Then of course I don't mind. That's what I'm here for, to make you feel nice."

His arms come up and around my neck. He pulls my head down and kisses me passionately. He breaks the kiss and says, "I fucking love you Craig."

I hold his head and rub our faces together. "I fucking love you Darren. Now get on your knees and suck my cock, and swallow every bit of my spunk."

Darren grins at me. "Not yet. Let's have five minutes kissing."

And that's what we do. David and I kissed a lot, but it was never as good as the kissing between me and Darren during this five minutes. At first the kisses are long and soft: loving kisses, but as the minutes pass, they become more passionate, and soon we're almost eating each other while our roving hands explore each other. Then Darren breaks the kiss and goes to his knees, and when he looks up at me, his eyes are pleading. He puts his hands behind his back and surrenders to me. He wants my version of him pissing on me: domination. I push my cock at his lips and his mouth opens enough for me to roll my knob around his lips. More pressure, and I watch my knob slide into his mouth, and I begin to wank myself and fuck his mouth at the same time. His eyes are closed now. I look down past my cock and see that Darren's cock is at its best; vertical and not horizontal, and I know he's in a high state of sexual arousal again. That spurs me on, and I redouble my mauling of his mouth with my cock. His head is bobbing now; sometimes up and down, and sometimes sideways, depending on how I'm mauling him. I feel myself cumming. I stop and direct the shower head to spray directly between us, and when I do, Darren's hands come from behind his back and he grasps my cock firmly. The water is now splashing down between us, running in rivulets down my pretty boy's face. My pretty boy. That's what he is, mine, to do as I will; to fill his mouth with spunk at my will; to suck his cock anytime I please; to fuck him until my spunk oozes out of him. And he loves everything I do to him. This time, there's no stopping as the feelings build in my groin and I spurt my spunk into his open mouth. He swallows what he can, and then he pushes me out of his mouth and directs the rest onto his face as he wanks me. The water washes it from his face and it slides down his body. He releases my cock, looks down, and rubs my spunk onto his tits and his waist and around his cock and balls. After my feelings have subsided, his hands are still massaging my spunk onto himself.

He lifts his head, and the look on his face is one of pure lust. He gets to his feet, glares into my eyes and pushes me down to my knees. His swollen cock is pushed into my mouth and he begins to piss. I can't escape. His hands are locked behind my head and he's got my face trapped against his belly. I open my mouth as wide as it will go and lock my throat to stop it going down me. I have to or I'll choke. His piss fills my mouth and escapes through the small cracks between our bodies, and I feel the hot piss running down me. He pulls partly out of my mouth, grabs my hair with one hand, and while he's still pissing, starts to do to me what I did to him, and the grip on my hair is fierce. I can feel the roots complaining as they're stretched as he pummels his cock at my mouth big style. Good boy! This boy is amazing. He's climaxed not ten minutes ago, but now it's happening again as he slams his cock around my mouth, and he ends up banging my head against the back of the shower as he shoves his cock right into me and yells, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" And then he slumps to the floor like a dead weight and sits there, eyes closed, struggling to catch his breath.

After a while, he stretches out his hands to me. I take them with my own and hold them tightly. Then he pulls my hands to his face, rubs them on his cheeks and kisses them repeatedly. I pull him to me, turn him around, settle him between my legs and hug him tightly. He turns his head up to me and opens his mouth. I lower mine, and we kiss for a long time as the water runs over us.


I look up into Craig's face. "Do you really love me?"

He stares into my eyes. "Yes, I really love you Darren."


Craig adjusts his position on the sofa and fondles my soft cock. "Because you're beautiful. Because you're cheeky. Because you're sexy. Because you're a boy."

I put my hand on Craig's hand and help him fondle me. "What about that boy in the shop? Could you love him?"

"I don't think so."

"But you'd fuck him?"

"Yes. If he wanted me to, that is. But he wouldn't. He's too young."

My thoughts turn to the tattooed man and the young boy in the video. "I've seen a video of a boy younger than him doing it. And he was hard when the bloke was fucking him. So why wouldn't the kid you were looking at want it?"

"Because boys that age rarely know what sex is about, let alone do it. Anyway, where have you been watching that sort of stuff."

"On my PC. Mr Ambridge has got loads of videos like that. Haven't you got any?"

"No. It's the quickest way of going to jail other than getting caught doing it. Which reminds me, you won't tell anybody else what we do, will you?"

"No! Of Course I won't! Did you think I would?"

"You told me about Ambridge."

"That's different."

"Why is it different?"

"Because I don't care about him. I'd never tell anybody about us."

"Good. If you did, and I got found out, I'd go to jail for a long time. So please don't."

"I promise. Don't you think it's daft that you'd go to jail for something I started?"

"Not really. The laws are there to protect children. Most kids aren't like you. They need protecting."

I think about what Craig has said. "From people like you?"

Craig stretches my cock. "No. I'd never touch a boy who didn't really want it, and then I'd have to be sure he knew what he was doing. You knew exactly what you were doing, that's why we're here now."

I pull my soft cock out of Craig's hand, roll my foreskin back and study my knob. "My cock loves you."

Craig giggles. "I love your cock. What part of me do you like best?"

I think about Craig's question. Will I tell him? I think he already knows, but I'm not sure. I decide to tell him. "Your spunk. I love your spunk best. Is that gross?"

"Nothing is gross about you. Why do you like my spunk?"

I shrug my shoulders. "I dunno. I just do. It drives me crazy when you spunk up me or on me. Even the word `spunk' makes me go hard. Look at my cock now! It's gone hard just talking about it. It's almost seven. Can I suck you off one more time before I go home? You can kiss my arse while I'm doing you, and you can wank me at the same time. That will last me until next weekend then."

"On the bed?"

I look up into Craig's eyes, and grin. "No. Let's do it here on the sofa. I'll go on top."


Darren has positioned us perfectly. My head is resting against the arm of the sofa and his hole is right in my face as he suckles on my knob. Because of the way he's kneeling straddling my body his arse cheeks are wide open and I have easy access to his hole without pulling his cheeks open, which gives my hands free access to any part of him I want. So I wank him with one hand and caress his bum cheeks and back with the other as I push my tongue in and out of his stretched anus. What a perfect sight! And what a perfect way to end this fabulous weekend when the feelings build again in my lions and I feel my spunk shooting out of me into Darren's warm mouth. He's still lapping up every drop of my spunk when I see and feel his climax building, and at the vital moment, I plunge my tongue deep into him and leave it there, and wank him twice as fast. My trapped tongue is squeezed as his anus retracts and contracts during the final few seconds of his precious boy moment, and then I feel him relax. That will have to last us until next weekend.


I get out of bed, switch on my PC and lock my bedroom door. When the PC has loaded everything, I hook up with Buttman.

The familiar face appears, and a message comes on the screen. "Where the fuck have you been?"

I type back, "I've been filled full of spunk six times this weekend."

"Fucking hell! I wish it was me doing it. Just one bloke?"

"Yes. And I've pissed on him. He loved it."

"I'll bet he did. Show me your arse. I want to fill you with my spunk."

Buttman is naked, and his massive cock is sticking right up as he wanks himself slowly. I move away from the webcam to the position I know is best for him to see me, bend over, pull my arse cheeks wide and stare between my legs at him as he wanks. This is the part I really like. He's thinking his big cock is inside me. His legs are apart, and he's clutching his massive balls when I watch his spunk shoot right up in the air in multiple spurts, and it lands all over his body. When he's done, I turn my front back to the webcam and begin to wank myself off. It takes less than a minute before it happens, and when it does, I push my cock at the cam and pretend it's in his mouth.

A message comes on the screen. "Don't leave it so long next time!"

I reply. "Fuck off you cunt", and then I disconnect.

It's a bit early for Thunderballs, but I try to connect. I'm in luck. The familiar face appears. I type in, "Do you want me tonight?"

He types in a return message. "Open your butt and let me fuck you."

I do exactly as I did for Buttman, and I watch Thunderballs wanking as he stares up my arse. He doesn't last long even though I reckon he's had a wank recently, because he only makes half the spunk he usually does. I type in, "Was that good?"

"Fucking great buddy. Are you going to jerk off for me now?"

I reply. "No. I've just done it for Buttman, and I've been proper fucked six times this weekend. I need a rest now."

"Jeesus! You are the fucking best on the net! I've got something for you. There's something in our filesharing folder. You'll like it. It will get you horny. Enjoy. Seeya."

I can't wait to see what Thunderballs has got for me. If he says it will get me horny, then it will be special. The RAR file is 229 mb, and it takes a while to download. When it has, I open it with our special password and play it.

It has credits in Russian a professional film. The scene is set in a dingy bedroom, and there's an Asian boy of about six tied to a bed. He's gagged and struggling, and the camera pans in to his terrified eyes. Four hooded men come into the room, naked, their big cocks sticking out like poles. One man goes to the boy and stretches his tiny cock three times its length. I see fear in the boy's eyes. They all laugh. The rest of the film is of the boy being molested every way they can. By the time it's over, the boy is covered in spunk and piss. The final scene is of him trying to smile as he clutches a wad of notes. Thunderballs was wrong. It didn't make me the least bit horny. As a matter of fact, I feel fucking sorry for the poor boy. The bastards!

Buttman sent me a file shredding program, so I shred the file completely. The application has the ability to completely shred the contents of the entire hard drive. Everything of my sexual past is in this hard drive, including all my links and access to the porn sites I visit. I don't write anything down; it's all on the PC. I study the application. Department of Defence spec is 7. I think hard about what I'm doing, and then I pluck up courage to click on the button to shred the entire contents of the hard drive, and then click off the screen and let the application do its job.

I go to the bedroom door, unlock it, get in bed and tuck myself in. I'm not horny now. I think about Craig's words, `I care for you; very deeply. So don't go there again! Please! It's wrong!'  It's taken me a while, but now I know exactly what he means. I've known Craig for just a few days, but he's changed my life. I'm about to drop off when I remember Craig's instructions. I'm to apply the Vaseline twice a day: externally and internally. I get out of bed and get the flat tin he gave me, pick up my discarded underpants and return to the bed. With my legs folded back, I apply the Vaseline. My middle finger slips in easily. In and out easily. I search for the thing Craig was talking about. It's there; just a small swelling inside my arse. I play with it for a while. Yes, it's definitely a nice feeling, and my cock goes rock hard. I swap hands and use my left hand to do it, and then I begin to wank myself using my right hand. I think of Craig's cock slamming about in my mouth; his hot spunk spurting into me, and onto my face; it running down my body and me massaging it into my cock and balls. And the feelings come big style.

I wipe my fingers and arse with my underpants, slip on my pyjama shorts, get back into bed, hug a pillow to me and pretend it's Craig, and drift off to sleep a happy boy. Craig's boy.


To be continued...

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