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Boy on a Plate.

By John T. S. Teller.

6th course -- Tart de Garcon,  served with Virgin Nectar.

Eleven weeks we've been seeing each other, including the whole of the school holidays, and our friendship is blossoming into a full-blown romance. Every moment I'm not with Darren, my thoughts are filled with him. He soon recovered from the first pangs of anal penetration. Now when he comes to my house, the first thing he does is get on the bed with his legs pulled back and applies KY, and I have to fill him full of spunk before we do anything else. Then it's a free for all, depending on his mood. After I've fucked him and he's had his private shower, he'll sometimes lie on the sofa just playing with the new vibrator I bought for him. I made sure it was `boy size'. Well, `boy size' is the same size as my cock. No doubt he'll want a bigger one as he gets older, and maybe my real cock will become redundant then. But I don't think so. The dildo doesn't spurt spunk out of it, which is his real turn on. He always does it the same way, lying back on the sofa with his legs in the air, shoving the vibrator in and out of his lubricated arse. Sometimes he'll have a smoke while it's vibrating completely inside him with the just the pink end showing by his arsehole. After the first day, I bought a larger multi-pack of batteries.

I've now also got to the stage where I have to remain chaste and save myself for him. His orders! It's not easy when I'm feeling horny for him all the time. But I've managed it, and when I've filled him full of spunk, he pushes me off him and watches it oozing out of his hole onto the towel I put under us before we begin. But not much goes on the towel. What does ooze out, he makes me rub on his cock and balls while I'm wanking him off immediately after I've fucked him. And during our showers, he fucks me quite often, and last weekend he actually pissed up my arse and not in my mouth. That was quite a nice experience. He's also given himself to me completely. He's acquired an expansive swearing vocabulary as well as his choice of sexual turn on language. During our fucking/wanking/sucking sessions, he refers to himself as my `Boy Slut', and his arse is always now my `Boy Pussy'. At the height of his and my climaxes, he'll yell, "Fuck your boy slut, Craig! Slam it into your boy's pussy, Craig." Yes, his vocabulary is improving. `Willy' has gone away completely, replaced with cock or dick or prick. The boy is growing up -- fast!

But away from the sexual side of what he is, he's an absolutely normal boy. He loves winning, and when we go to the bowling alley, he's angry that he can't beat me. But I won't give in to him. If he's going to win, he'll do it because he's better than me. That may be a while, because he's still a small eleven year old boy and I'm a full grown man of twenty three.

Right now, I'm doing something I promised myself I wouldn't do. He's back at school after the holidays, and I'm on my way there to see if I can see him at lunchtime. I've spent the morning working at home, missing him like mad. I've planned it out. I'll park opposite the school and pretend I've broken down in my car. That way I won't be thought of as a pervert watching kids through the school railings. I know what time lunchtime is for him: 12.15 to 1.30. He has school dinners, so he'll probably be playing in the schoolyard about 12.45.

I'm a little late -- 12.50 -- when I park up opposite the school. I put on my hazard warning lights, open the bonnet catch and get out of the car. The schoolyard is full of yelling kids as I lift the bonnet and go to the side of the car that's opposite the school, and pretend to be looking under the bonnet. I'm not a motor mechanic, but I do know that if I pull off the main feed to the twin coils, it won't start, so I pull it off and rest it so it's just touching the place where it should be. 

It takes me all of ten minutes to see Darren. He's with a group of boys and girls in a bunch on the far side of the schoolyard. It's not so warm now it's September, so he's wearing long trousers and not shorts. He's facing me, but he hasn't seen me. I want him to see me, but I don't want him to see me. Compared to his peers, he's gorgeous. The sight of him in his red blazer and tie and white shirt reminds me of the attractive boy I met on the walk in the valley on that warm July day. Then he lifts his head and sees me. I'm sure he has, because he's staring at me. He looks agitated, and I see him looking around. Suddenly, he leaves the group he's with and goes directly to the adult teacher who's overseeing the boys. The man is tall with dark hair, and Darren is looking up at him, and they seem to be having an argument. The teacher points to the main school doorway, and Darren walks away. I'm wondering what's going on, but I soon stop wondering when I see Darren exit the same entrance carrying his school bag, and he walks directly to the school gates with the teacher. The teacher opens the gates, and Darren walks out and down the road away from me. When he's well away from the school, he turns and waves to me, and then beckons me to go to him.

By the time I've plugged the twin coil lead back in, started the car, shut the bonnet and driven off down the road, Darren is half a mile away, waiting by a bus stop on my side of the road. I pull up and he gets in the car with a massive grin on his face. "Hurry up Craig, and lets' get away from here."

As I drive away, I look into his bright, sparkling eyes, and ask, "Will you get in trouble?"

He laughs. "Nah. I told Ambridge I forgot to tell him I had an appointment at the dentists at two. Are we going home?"

"Do you want to see my den?"

Darrens laughs. "Of course I do. I was just thinking about you, and wondering what you were doing, and when I saw you I couldn't believe my eyes! What made you come to the school?"

"I was missing you. I just needed to see you. You're not angry with me?"

Darren's eyes soften, and he takes hold of my hand. "No."

I squeeze his hand. "You look beautiful in your school uniform. Can I take your picture when we get home?"

Darren smiles. "Yes. But what will you do with it?"

I wink at him. "I'll keep it by my bed. Then hide it when mum comes."

As soon as we get in the house we're in each others arms, and our kisses are loving ones and not sexual. But this happens more often now. I break the kiss and stare deeply into Darren's wonderful eyes. He stares back at me, and I can see the love in them. Then he asks, "What are you thinking?"

I kiss his soft lips, and then take in a deep breath as I put my nose in his hair, which is soft and smells of the shampoo he uses. "I was thinking I wished you lived with me. I miss you when you're not around."

Darren giggles. "You're as horny as me."

I pull a face at him. "I'll never be as horny as you, you little sod! Actually, my thoughts had nothing to do with sex on this occasion. I just miss you."

Darren kisses me and then folds into my arms. "I know what you mean. Sometimes when I'm not with you, this is how I imagine we are; hugging each other. I've even named my pillow after you." Then he looks up into my face with a sly look in his eyes, and he asks, "Do you want to know what I've called it?"

I grin at him. "I can't wait for this. Go on!"

Darren gurgles one of his lovely, precocious giggles. "Spunky."

He collapses into my arms, chuckling away like a demented old hag, and when I push him away and tell him to sit in the armchair, tears of laughter are rolling down his cheeks. I point a threatening finger at him. "You're fucking unreal! Sit in the chair while I get my camera!"

When I return from the bedroom with the camera, Darren is sitting in the armchair, his trousers and underpants around his ankles, and he's holding his erect cock with one hand and puffing away at a cigarette he has in the other hand. He grins as he says, "Will this do?"

I shake my head slowly. "Put your clothes straight! I want a picture of you fully dressed, not looking like a fucking whore sitting in a window of the Red Light District in Amsterdam!"

That reduces Darren to more tears of laughter, but he makes me take a picture of him as he is before he dresses, and even then he makes me tuck his cock in and fasten his zip up. Then I adjust his clothing as I want it. The picture I want is of him being just the schoolboy: the one with his shirt collar open one button, his tie slightly loose and askew; his red school blazer open; legs slightly apart; grinning and not smiling; hands loose and not holding his cock -- that takes four attempts -- and resting on his thighs, and his tousled hair with the lock that usually falls over his forehead hanging in just the right place. When I'm satisfied he's just right, I take a number of pictures of him just to make sure I get one I can use. When I'm done, he insists on looking at them all, and he finally returns to the one with his trousers around his ankles, and says, "I like that one best. Now can we fuck?"

I point to the bedroom. "Don't take your clothes off!"

I go to the kitchen to get a towel and a teacloth, and when I get to the bedroom, Darren has obeyed me. He's lying fully clothed on the bed with his head resting on his hands. He's a clever boy; he's worked out why I want him fully dressed. He gives me a sexy look. "You want to fuck a schoolboy, don't you?"

I get on the bed beside him and stare down into his eyes, and I nod. I kiss him softly. "I want this schoolboy. The one with the blond hair and blue eyes; the one with the lovely sexy body; the one I've been stalking for a long time."

Darren grabs my head and his kiss is urgent. "How old do you want me to be, you fucking pervert?"

My eyes betray my lust. "As young as possible. How old would you like to be?"

And Darren begins to play the game, and his voice is very childish when he answers. "I'm only seven. What do you want Mr?"

I undo his tie, but leave it around his neck, open two more buttons of his shirt, insert my hand, and roll his left nipple in my fingers. "I just want to play. Is that nice little boy?"

"Yes mister. It's making my willy hard. You shouldn't do that. If my mummy finds out, you'll be in trouble."

I move my hand to the other nipple and roll that in my fingers. "Are you going to tell your mummy? It's only a game, and sometimes men and little boys play games."

Darren giggles like a child of seven. "I like playing games. Do I win a prize?"

I tweak the nipple hard. He winces, but I feel the nipple expand. "Yes. Lots of prizes. Would you like me to play snakes and ladders on your little tummy?"

Darren's eyes open wide. "Yes please! I love playing snakes and ladders."

I smile at him. "OK, but I'll have to open your shirt properly so I can get to all of you. Do you mind me doing that?"

"No. Shall I do it for you?"

"No. It's OK. I can do it. You just lie back and relax." I undo all the buttons of his shirt, pull the ends out of his trousers and fold it away from the gorgeous body I spend most of my time lusting over. By now, my cock is rock hard, and so is Darren's, because he's making a tent in his trousers. And then I begin to play the game. I walk two fingers from his trouser waistband all the way up to his neck, and then draw a wriggly line back to it, and I keep repeating the moves, making sure the `snake' when it's on its way down, circles his nipples a number of times.

By now, Darren is breathing heavily, his tongue protruding from his mouth, and I know he's well worked up. He looks me in the eyes. "The tail of the snake doesn't stop by my trousers, mister. It goes further down."

I look surprised. "Really! But I can't get any lower because of your trousers. What can we do about it?"

"I'll show you, but you'll have to promise me you won't tell my mummy."

I give him a knowing look. "Of course I won't tell your mummy! This is our secret game. Show me where the snake's tail ends."

Darren undoes his trousers and shoves them and his underpants down until they're resting just above his erect cock. I can see the base of it just under his underpants, and that's what he points to. "There I think."

I touch the point. "There?"

He nods enthusiastically, so I begin the game again, and now my `snake' has all his upper body and his tummy to slither down, and it takes a long while by the time it's taken multiple detours around every gorgeous curve. But it always stops at the base of his cock. After a few minutes of this, and when Darren is almost bursting with lust, he says, "That's not the end of the tail mister!"

Again I give him a surprised look. "Where is it then?"

Darren points to the end of his cock that's making a bulge in his pants. "Up there mister. Right there."

I give him a disappointed `tut'. "What a shame. Your mummy certainly wouldn't like me touching you there. I'd really get in trouble if I did. I'm afraid that's the end of the game."

Darren's eyes are pleading as he says, "I won't tell! I promise! This is our secret. Cross my heart and hope to die. I won't tell mummy!"

"Are you sure?"

Darren's head is nodding enthusiastically. "Yes. Do you want me to take my trousers down?"

I smile and nod at him. He pushes his trousers and underpants down onto his hips, and when the tension of his swollen cock is released from the fabric, it springs to full, vertical attention. I push his clothes down to his knees and look at the beautiful cock I adore. It's so engorged with lust that the foreskin has peeled half off the pink head, and I almost cry when I see that oozing from his piss slit is precum! My little boy is exuding his very first sexual juices! I look into Darren's face, and then I kiss him passionately. He breaks the kiss and pushes me away, looking puzzled at why I stopped the game. Should I tell him? Of course I should! It's every boy's right to know when he experienced this wonderful event. I smile at him. "Darren, look at your cock."

He lifts his head and stares down at his cock. Then he puts a finger on the end and rolls it around in his boy juice. His face is a picture when he looks at me. "Is it my cum?"

I kiss him again, but softly this time. "No, not quite. It's precum. You've made your very first boy juice."

The game is forgotten now as he gets up and examines himself properly, squeezing his cock to see if more comes out. Just a tiny amount does, and he takes it on the end of his fingers and brings it to his face to examine it more closely. He takes it towards his mouth to lick it off... and then he stops and looks at me. There are tears in his eyes when he lifts his hands and puts the fingers by my mouth. Now tears are escaping from my eyes. My beautiful boy is giving this precious moment to me. Our eyes are locked as I lean forward, take his fingers in my mouth and suck the precious nectar from them.


I can't remember ever feeling so horny as when we're playing the game. I don't know why, but the thought of me being only seven years old and being abused by Craig absolutely turns me on big style. And he does it brilliantly! It's almost real. He makes me think I am seven years old, and I am being fiddled with. My cock's hurting while he's teasing me, and I think if we don't stop, I'll cum without him wanking me. I'm that horny! And when Craig shows me what's come out of my cock, although I'm surprised, I'm not really shocked. I'd felt it happening. Something was going on in my bum and balls while we were playing; something I'd never felt before; a sort of tight feeling.

But the most wonderful thing is seeing Craig's face. It's upset him. I can see that he's near to tears. That's what makes me cry, seeing him so upset. And when I bring the stuff to my mouth, I'm about to taste my own stuff for the very first time when I realise that the most beautiful thing I can do is to give it to Craig. My man! My beautiful Craig. He deserves this special moment.

And when he sucks the stuff from my fingers and more tears roll from his eyes, I just want to love him, so I get to my knees and crush myself in his arms. He begins to shudder, and I know he's sobbing, and that makes me cry even more. We fall back onto the bed and crush our mouths together, still sobbing, and we kiss for a long time, each of us stroking the hair of the person we've fallen in love with. And then the smiles. And then the giggles.

And then I get up and sit on Craig's chest and stare down into his face. "You kinky sod!"

Craig giggles. "Have we finished the game?"

I lick my tongue out at him. "Have we fuck! I was nearly cumming when we stopped! Get the fuck up and let's get on with it!"


Darren is giggling when I start the next snake from his forehead, and we're staring into each other's eyes as it weaves its way down to the base of his cock. I stop with my fingers holding it firmly. "Are you sure you won't tell your mummy? I don't want to get in trouble."

Darren's voice is croaky when he says, "I won't tell mummy."

Very slowly, and going in circles around his swollen cock, I run my fingers up to the head, roll his foreskin off the pink head, push it back up again, and then roll it off again. Still looking into his eyes, I ask, "Does the snake want me to play with its tail?"

Darren swallows hard, and he nods. "Yes please."

I look down at his cock. David had a nice cock, and so did Paul, but Darren's beautiful pole is far nicer. It arcs up from the base in a perfect gentle curve. Most of the five inches is as thick as my thumb, and the normally deep pink head is now a bright red, and now it's released from the constrictions of his foreskin, is swollen to about half the thickness of his shaft again. I've never seen it so eager before. I want, desperately, to go down and engulf it in the warmth of my mouth, but I'm mindful that the game we're playing is more kiddie fiddling than outright sex, so I begin to slowly roll the foreskin on and off the swollen knob, and Darren is pushing his hips off the bed in rhythm with me. Normally, I would now go faster, but I don't. We maintain the slow rhythm, and when I hear Darren's sexual death rattle, he does it with a single push of his hips right up in the air, shuddering, and he stays like that until his climax has ended. He doesn't see it, but I do. Just as he's easing off, a small amount of clear liquid oozes out of his piss slit: his very first ejaculation.

At that moment. My thoughts are jumbled. I realise that I've just experienced the most beautiful moment a real boylover can ever experience, watching his loved boy reach his manhood. I also know that from now on, it will be all downhill. From this moment, Darren will become a man, with all that goes with being a man. More spunk; pubic hair; acne - probably; his body will change shape, and he will lose the delightful curves of his boyhood. And then I won't desire him. That's how it works for lovers of boys. I'm not gay, and I'll never want sex with men. Darren is gay, and he'll move on to whatever fulfilment he can get from other men.

But so be it. Right now, I need to enjoy what I have, and what I have is my boy who is still, and will be for a while, so desirable. Maybe another three or four years if we're lucky. But I have one thing going for me: I actually love the boy lying beside me. With all my heart now. I really, really do!

I go up the bed to him and smile down into his eyes, which are now beginning to focus again. "I'm amazed! For a seven year old, you're fantastic! I never knew seven year old boys could cum!"

Darren looks questioningly into my eyes. "I've really cum?"

I nod. "Don't tell your mummy, please!"

Darren giggles. "I promise. Can I look?"

I nod. "Yes, but don't touch it. I want to take a film of you."

I get the camera off the dresser and return to the bed. Darren is looking down at his cock and at the clear liquid that nestles inside his foreskin, which I pulled up right at the end of his climax. I grin at him. "Hold your cock." He takes hold of it and I begin to film. "Right, now squeeze the end of your cock so the cum is all squeezed out." Darren does as I tell him, and I continue filming. "Now taste your very first cum." Darren draws his finger up his cock until the clear cum is on them, and then takes it to his mouth. He opens his lips slightly, and his tongue comes out to lick the juices. He rolls it around his lips and grins into the camera. I ask, "What does it taste like?"

He sucks it all from his fingers, runs his tongue around his lips again, and grins. "Beautiful spunk. My beautiful spunk. Darren Wright's very first beautiful spunk ever to appear on earth. Made by Darren Wright and produced by Craig Bentley... my lover. My beautiful, wonderful, exciting lover who I love more than anything on earth, and who has just stolen me from school to make this special spunk. And now I'm going to reward him by swallowing every bit of his spunk that he can make for me, and then I'm going to make him fuck me for hours. End of act one. Cut!"

I stop the camera and start laughing. Darren starts laughing. I go down and kiss him on the lips. He hugs me and crushes me to him. I hug him harder, and we roll around on the bed kissing and hugging for ages, and when we stop, lying facing each other and staring into each other's eyes, I tell him my feelings. "I love you more than anything on earth."

Darren gives me a peck on the lips. "And I love you more than anything on earth. When am I going to get your spunk?"

I giggle. "That's all you think about, you kinky sod."

Darren gives me a silly look. "Hark who's talking! You've just had sex with a seven-year-old! They should put you in jail!"


Everywhere in the house is quiet. They've all gone to bed, and I've done all my homework and more. I'm in bed now, naked, hugging `Spunky' to my swollen cock, and fucking it slowly, thinking I'm fucking Craig.

Craig. I never expected to see him today. When I saw him outside the school, I was amazed. Right at the moment I saw him, I was thinking about him. But that's not unusual. I think about him all the time. I have done ever since I saw him walking up the valley and we did stuff. It tickles my tummy every time I see him. I love him.

Today has been brilliant! When he was playing the game, I was horny as fuck. I wish I'd met him when I was seven. That would have been brilliant. He would have been the first, and not that cunt Ambridge. He wasn't going to let me out of school at first. It wasn't until I told him I was going and he couldn't stop me that he let me go. After what he's done to me, he can't really refuse me anything. I won't tell anybody what he's done, but he doesn't know that. He wasn't very pleased when he tried to get me in the storeroom just before we broke up for the holidays and I told him that I was going to stop doing it, and that I wouldn't do it any more. He came crawling round me later, pretending to be nice to me and saying that he understood and that I was growing up now and that he would help me in other ways. To give him his due, he has done, and he's tried to help me every which way he can with my schoolwork, which has come on leaps and bounds since I met Craig.

After Craig had wanked me and I made my first spunk, all I could think about was rewarding him. For some reason, he wanted me as a schoolboy today, so even though I insisted he had nothing on, I did everything after that with my clothes on - even my school blazer. When I sucked him off, we were in the sixty-nine position with me on top, and he never even took my trousers down. I'm not tall enough yet for us to do a sixty-nine properly, because Craig's cock isn't long enough for me to suck him while he's sucking me. So I just concentrated on sucking all his spunk out of him while he played with my arse and cock through my trousers. It seemed to turn him on big style, because he spurted his spunk in loads soon after I started sucking him. Some of it ran out of my nose because he rammed my head down on his cock so hard when he came. He's fucking cruel at times when he cums. But I like that. I like being cruel as well. That's why I like pissing on him. But I didn't piss on him today.

After I'd sucked him, I wanted his cock up my arse. But we didn't do that for a while. I sat on his knee in the lounge while we had a smoke and a coffee. When he'd recovered from me sucking him off, he carried me in his arms back to the bedroom. That was nice, being carried to the bed to be fucked. Yes, that was nice. It was even nicer when he made me kneel on the bed, still fully clothed, and just pulled my trousers and pants to my knees when he fucked me. I'd still got my blazer on; half pushed up my back. He was still in `schoolboy mode' when he was ramming it up me and I pretended I was seven again and kept shouting that mummy wouldn't be pleased that he was putting his thing up my bum. That seemed to spur him on, and when he finally came and spurted spunk into me and kept ramming himself at me, he kept saying that I wasn't to tell my mummy about this.

I didn't have a shower either when we'd finished. I just went to the bog and had a shit, and it all came out. I made sure I was really clean though, because I still wanted him to suck me off. He did. But that was on the sofa, and I was still the little boy when I fucked his mouth big style with my cock sticking out through my zip. It's been a brilliant day! From now on though, I'm going to carry my shorts in my school bag. If he picks me up again from school, I want to look like a little kid. He can fiddle up my shorts then. Yes, that's what I'll do. I'm definitely seeing him on Saturday. We're going to the cinema. He doesn't know it yet, but I'm having a stayover. I've already told mum I'm staying with a mate from school.

I kiss `Spunky' a few times, and then I push him down between my legs. I manage to get my fingers on my cock through the fabric and hold it enough to pretend fuck. Craig's cock is in my mouth. He slams it into my throat, and spurts hot spunk into me. I swallow all I can, but some runs out of my mouth and nose while my cock is buried deep in his throat. I feel it cumming. My seven-year-old boy spunk shoots out of me. Craig yells at me; `Don't tell your mummy!' I yell back; `Noooooo. Yeeeeeeesss!'


To be continued...

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