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Boys can be lovers, too.


Part fifteen.


Matthew Says:


After the awful break-up, and because things had gone so well over Christmas, things soon got back to normal. Dean was now settled at work, and I began college again. It was Monday, February 28th at eleven a.m. when I received a phone call at the college to tell me mum had given birth to a baby girl. Immediately, I telephoned Dean to let him know. Even though he was in the middle of an important job, Dean came home immediately, packed a few things for me, and took me to see mum and the new baby. He stayed overnight, and then left early the next morning to go back to work.


I stayed the week with mum and dad and baby. When I first saw my baby sister, I was thrilled, but after a couple of days of reflection, it hit me that neither Dean nor I would know the deep joy that mum and dad was experiencing, and, at times, it made me melancholy. The little mite, when she was awake, spent a lot of time in my loving arms, and I soon got into the hang of changing her and feeding her because mum had decided not to breast feed her. There's something about a new-born that tugs at feminine heart-strings, and below my male exterior, I had plenty of female heart-strings tugging at me. I thoroughly enjoyed the week, and even though I wanted to be with Dean, I was sad when Dean did arrive on Sunday evening to pick me up and take me home to Hereford. Baby was asleep when he arrived, so I had to be satisfied with a gentle kiss on her forehead as she lay in her cot for my goodbye's.


Dean, because he had to work late every night, and also on Saturday because his partner had gone to Portugal for two weeks, and also because he was still making up for the time he'd lost when we were ill, looked tired when he arrived, and I felt guilty for leaving him. But, as he said, at least I hadn't been left home alone for hours while he was forced to work over.


During the drive home, because of the week I'd had, and also because I'd missed Dean, I played some sentimental 50's love songs, rather than the rock I usually insisted on playing on the tape player.


Dean sensed how I was feeling, and put his hand on my leg. "You're quiet. Are you ok?"


I stroked his hand, and looked through the side window at the darkness of the night, and the individuals in the cars we passed as Dean sped us back home. We passed houses that had lights in bedroom windows, and I knew that in some of them were children just being put to bed, and for the first time since I met Dean, I wished I wasn't a homosexual. In different circumstances, and because I was so much like my mother, I knew I could have captured Dean's heart had I been a girl and not a boy, and we could have got married and had a family. Instead, because we were physiologically and psychologically damaged, we would always be as we were: childless. I leaned my head against the door pillar, and wept. We got off the M50 motorway and Dean pulled into a lay-by. I felt his hand come around me, and he pulled me to him and hugged me tightly. He didn't say a word. Instead, he switched off the tape player and comforted me. After a while, he pushed me back into my seat and drove us silently back home, where he acted as if nothing had happened as we unloaded the car and went in. He ordered me to light the fire while he made us some supper, and then we sat and watched TV together until it was bedtime. We showered and went to bed, and Dean pulled me to him and hugged me tightly. I expected him to want to make love, but instead, he pulled my head up, stared into my eyes, and then kissed me softly on the lips. I looked at him, and loved him for his understanding. Without a word passing between us about what had made me cry, he understood exactly what his boy wanted. Sex wasn't the right thing, and we fell asleep in each other's arms, and after Dean had taken his morning run and brought me a coffee in bed, he didn't do his usual thing of bringing me to a climax. He asked if I'd be ok, and when I smiled and nodded, he kissed me and told me he loved me more than anything in the world, and then he went to work.


I went to college and the day-to-day routine brought me out of my melancholy, and when I got home, I lit the fire and sorted out dinner for when Dean got in. He was late again, but I didn't give him any flak as I usually did. He acted normally while we were eating, and I joked about the new college tutor, who, I said, was dead sexy. Dean countered by saying there was a lovely twelve-year-old at the house where he was working who was teasing him by walking about in his underpants. We both knew it was all bullshit, but it was normal for us to tease each other when we were feeling sexy. After the 10 o' clock news, we went to bed. Dean hugged me, but he didn't touch me. I knew why; Dean was making sure I'd recovered from my deep thoughts. When I rolled on top of him and kissed him passionately, he knew I had recovered, especially when I kept my underpants on. Instinctively, Dean knew the game we were going to play.


Dean bit my nose. "Well, are you going to tell me about the new tutor at college?"


I grinned at him. "No. But you're going to tell me about the boy in his underpants. Is he sexy?"


Dean lifted his eyebrows. "Dead sexy. He's got beautiful legs and a butt like a peach."


"What colour eyes has he got?"


"Brown ones, like liquid amber, and when he smiles at me, it sort of tugs at my heartstrings. In fact, I'm in love with him."


I giggled. "Has he got a big Willie?"


Dean waggled his eyes up and down. "Massive. I'd love to get it in my mouth and make him suffer for teasing me."


"Why don't you then?"


Dean threw me off him, rolled on top of me, and pinned my arms above my head. My face was level with his chest. He looked down at me. "Do you want me to demonstrate what I'm going to do to him first?"


My throat was dry as I croaked, "Yes please."


"Well, first of all, I'm going to throw him on the bed and pin him to it, then I'm going to kiss my way down his perfect body until his boy cock is throbbing like mad, and then I'm going to take it out of his underpants, take it in my mouth, and grab his butt and suck him until he squeals and feeds me his boy juices."


I looked down at William, who was brushing up and down my y/fronts and over Willie who was standing as straight as a guardsman, and I couldn't stop myself from raising my hips and gyrating in rhythm to Dean's movements. Then Dean released my hands and came down to kiss me, and his tongue was flicking in and out of my mouth like a viper's before he went down further and bit into my neck.


I pretended I was the boy, and yelled. "Leave me alone, or I'll tell my mummy of you."


Dean bit harder, and then bit into the other side of my neck. I struggled, but Dean was too powerful. I pulled his hair as he sucked my nipples, and then went to my belly and bit on it. I pretended to try and get up, but he pushed me roughly back onto the bed and slapped my face; not as hard as I would have liked, but hard enough to be sort of real.


Dean's voice was harsh. "Stop struggling, Patrick. Do you think you can tease me and get away with it? I know you want it, so just relax and take it like a proper little gay boy." I watched Dean grab my underpants and rip them down to my knees. His eyes were fierce as he grabbed my legs and forced them apart, almost ripping the y/fronts in half. This was fantastic, and it got even better when Dean grabbed Willie and squeezed him tightly. "This pulsating cock gives you away Patrick. You want it, and you know you do. Don't you?"


I looked into Dean's eyes, and shook my head. "No, I'm frightened. Leave me alone." I began to pretend cry, and spit at Dean. "Leave me alone, you bully!"


Dean shook his head, and an evil smile crossed his face. "This is just the beginning of what you're going to get today, and when I've finished with you, you'll be following me round like a poodle, begging for more."


Dean went down on me and I watched Willie disappear into his eager mouth, and then his hands went under my butt and I felt his fingers roughly searching for Snug. He found him, and two fingers went in and pulled me apart. I could take no more, and humped at him as hard as I could until I exploded into his mouth, then his eager lips sucked everything from me before he came back up and, once again, pinned my arms back.


I was breathless when I muttered, "You bastard. You'll go to jail for this."


Dean was smirking at me. "Well, I might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb."


I wasn't prepared for what he did next. He went down and ripped my underpants off completely. Then he opened my legs as wide as he could get them until I had to yell at him to stop because it was hurting. He did that evil grin again, pushed my legs back to my shoulders, lifted my butt until it was up in the air, and sank his tongue into Snug and sucked as hard as he could. I really was helpless as he tugged my bum cheeks wide to get deeper, and I was afraid I would rip before he stopped.


I yelled. "You're hurting me! Stop!"


I felt the pressure ease, but still the tongue probed me, and I knew it would be hurting Dean because his tongue was so deep. Eventually, he pulled off me and got the Vaseline from the beside cupboard drawer. Another evil grin.


I whimpered. "Please, no! I've never been fucked before. I'm sorry I teased you. I shouldn't be a naughty boy. Leave me alone, and I promise I won't tell my mum."


Dean ignored me, and three fingers roughly greased me. Then he took hold of William and put the end by Snug. "Too late Patrick. You're going to get what's coming to you. Grit your teeth, because everything you see is going into you and it's not coming out until I've had my nasty way with you. I'm the big bad wolf who's going to take your virginity."


I yelled as Dean sank William into me, and I was still yelling when he climaxed deep inside me and Willie pulsated and expelled some more semen onto my chest.


Dean pulled out, and came and lay beside me. He smiled. "Are you feeling better now?"


I smiled back at him, and caressed his cheek. I nodded. "That Patrick is a lucky boy. I think we'll have to have him back as a guest more often."


Dean laughed. "Have you had enough?"


I shook my head. "Harry's waiting for you."


Harry's prostate was milked four times before he was satisfied. Then, after I'd cleaned William up, I finished off the night by swallowing Dean's man juices. When we went to sleep in each other's arms, I was glad I wasn't normal.

Dean says.

Saturday April 9th. Matthew's birthday. Ideally, I would have liked to have spent it at home, just the two of us, but it wouldn't have been right to deny Henry and Janice the pleasure of their son's birthday: his thirteenth, so we drove up to Droitwich on the Friday evening, and stayed with them.

I was the lucky one; I got to give him his first teenage kiss the moment his beautiful, sleepy eyes opened. He'd grown in the nine months since we first met. Willie had gained another half inch, and quite a few more pubic hairs, and his Royal Jelly was now thick and plentiful. This boy-lover was becoming a young-man lover, and when I went down on him and brought him to the first climax of his teens, I felt absolutely delighted with what I'd done, and when I went up to him looking like a cat who had swallowed all the cream, he couldn't stop giggling. That was because the previous night, I'd told him what I was looking forward to doing, and why.

We didn't have time to do anything else because Baby began crying, and we could hear Janice and Henry about, and we couldn't risk anyone coming in the room. It was always like this at Droitwich: we did it in secret. We enjoyed it actually, because fun was part of what we were. Sneaking sex was fun, especially when I had to put my hand over Matthew's mouth to stifle his squeals of delight when he climaxed.

In the breakfast room, Matthew and Henry and Janice enjoyed their usual passionate kisses with each other - something I was used to by now, and which didn't embarrass me at all and then Matthew gave Baby her bottle. He was a natural. He loved feeding her and changing her, and spent a lot of our time there cuddling his baby sister.

After breakfast, he opened his cards, and began to open his presents. He grinned at me when I saw the size of one of the presents from his parents. It was another massive box.

I pointed at him. "Don't even think about it."

Chuckling like demented old hen, he opened it, and when he saw it was another train set, he laughed. "Now you'll have to knock that wall out."

I looked at Henry and Janice. "You really shouldn't do this to me."

Janice laughed. "I think you're going to have to get the builders in, Dean."

I pretended to be angry. "You two are doing this on purpose. If you buy another one, I shall send him back here to torment you. I'm second fiddle in my own home now."

Matthew grinned. "You can't get rid of me that easy. What have you got for your young man?"

I laughed at his allusion to our talk the previous night, and looked him in the eyes when I answered. "The last two weekends, when you've been moaning at me like mad because I've been working? Well, what you didn't know was that I was working for your present. Here, and look after it. Four days of my life that's cost me." I handed him the small box I had in my hand.

He turned it over, and felt at it. "It's not very big."

I grinned. "It's a bit like you then."

Matthew sniggered. "I haven't heard you complain before."

Henry was giggling, and so was Janice, but she interrupted. "Stop it you two! Open the damned present, Matthew. We're all in suspense here."

Matthew was still sniggering when he tore the wrapping paper off to reveal a small, oblong box. He stopped sniggering, tilted his head to one side, and gave me a quizzical look. Then he opened it, and his head dropped, and I knew he was moved to tears.

All the time we'd been together, he'd always admired his father's Rolex watch, and he'd told me that one day, when we were rich, (which made us both laugh) he wanted one as a present from me. But he knew that it would be years, if ever, before I was in a position to buy one. But I'd been lucky. I'd priced a job up and it had been too expensive and the guy hadn't been able to afford it. Because the job was absolutely necessary because his wiring was completely knackered, he was desperate, and I was about to walk away when he said he'd got a Rolex watch, and if I'd take it, even though he knew the watch was worth more than the price I'd given him, he would be prepared to swap it for the price of the job. I thought about his offer, and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it for Matthew. I agreed to do the job for the watch, but only after I'd cleared things with my partner, Dominic, and only then if I could have it checked over, and then the work for the watch would have to be done in my own time, and not the firm's. I sorted all that, and the local watch mender checked it and confirmed from the serial number that it was all kosher, and the condition was superb, so we did the deal. And now, Matthew was in possession of a solid gold Rolex timepiece.

My reward for all that was Matthew getting up from the rug and throwing himself into my arms, and as I hugged him, I could feel his sobs of emotion. My hard work and scheming had worked. And for the second time since we'd known each other, with tears streaming from his beautiful eyes, he kissed me on the lips in front of his parents. Had we been alone, I would have licked his tears away, but now, I pushed him away from me, and wiped them away with my hand. I looked into his loving eyes. "Do you like it?"

He looked at the watch again, and nodded. "It's fantastic. I don't know what to say."

I lifted his chin and smiled at him. "Don't say anything then. Let your dad fit it for you, and let's see what it's like on you."

We spent the next half-hour getting the black leather watch strap to fit perfectly, and Henry got his Rolex book out, and we poured over it to find out its pedigree. Henry was as excited as Matthew when he discovered there was one in his book exactly like it: an extremely rare 1950's 24 Carat gold dress watch. Matthew was crowing because his was a gold one and Henry's was a stainless steel one. Henry, to make Matthew feel even better, tried to get Matthew to swap, because he'd always wanted a gold one. I knew he was only fooling with his son, because he winked at me when he said it. All the while this was going on; Janice was standing, rocking the baby as she watched with a smile on her face. I looked at her, and she nodded to me. That told me how pleased she was for both Matthew and me.

All too soon, our weekend was over, and this time as we drove back, there was no melancholy from Matthew. He'd had a wonderful thirteenth birthday, and when we got home, he really rewarded me for his present. During our lovemaking, and when I'd just climaxed deep inside him and he'd squealed loud enough to wake the dead, he asked what it was like making love to a teenager.

Still panting, I gasped, "Its bloody hard work!"

Matthew gave me an evil grin. "Does that mean you'll be rejecting me soon, then?"

I gave him an evil grin back. "No chance. I like this new kid on the block."

That pleased Matthew, and he gave me the most delicious kiss I'd had for a long time, and I hoped, fervently, that I would feel for many more years to come, exactly as I did then.

To be continued...