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Boys can be lovers, too.


Part two.


Matthew Says:


Despite having only a light blanket over me, I was hot and sweaty when I awoke. It was light and I looked at my watch. Ten fifteen. Jumbled thoughts: drinks: touches: tent: Dean. Oh my God! Dean! Last night when he tucked me in, I was sure he'd nearly put his hand on me. Instead, he left me disappointed. Why? He must have known I wanted him. Perhaps if he'd been really drunk he would have touched me and we could have gone from there? But he didn't because he was only half drunk. Yes, he did want to touch me, but he was making sure that's what I wanted. That was good. At least he wasn't a predator. But there was more to this than just sex. There were feelings of affection growing in me that I'd not felt before. Normally, when I fancied a man, it was just for his body, but Dean was different with his silly laugh and twinkling blue eyes and those special looks he gave me that sort of tickled my heart. He was warm to be with and I could imagine me enjoying him whether it was sitting on the sofa watching TV or in bed making love. Yes, that was the difference; making love rather than just having sex. This man-loving was complicated. Where was he now?


The tent zip slid open and dad popped his head through the opening. "Good morning young man. Did you sleep well?"


I rubbed sleepy eyes and stared at him. It was always like this the morning after our first day. The long journeys, which inevitably led to a late night sleeping away from my own comfortable bed, were not good. Camping can be a pain in the butt until you settle into a routine. "I'm ok dad. Put the zip back up and give me another few minutes."


Dad did as I asked and I lay back and returned to my thoughts; and Willie. My hand said hello to him and he responded by coming to attention. Well, did you want it Willie? Did you want someone else holding you instead of me? Yes you did, didn't you? I lifted the blanket and looked at him. I wished Dean was sucking him. Yes, that's what I wanted for Willie. The thought of Dean's mouth sucking him as I held his head and thrust all five inches into the back of his throat was what I wanted, and that thought gave me my first climax of the day. I was halfway through another when thoughts of Dean's silly laugh and his lovely sense of humour and the way his beautiful eyes gave me that special look infiltrated the act. Damn him and his comical winks! It was sex I wanted now, not love. Love? Was that what was happening? Was I falling in love with him? Well, it wasn't just sex and that was for sure. And what about Dean? I was pretty sure he wanted my body, but some of the things he did were what I'd been doing and didn't involve sex at all. Was he falling in love with me? Were we falling in love with each other? Wow! I'd not bargained for that. Things needed to be sorted one way or another, so I left Willie alone, pulled my shorts on, gathered my wash things, unzipped the tent and stepped out into the brightness of the day. Dad was sitting in a canvas chair reading The Sunday Times. Mum was walking towards us, presumably coming back from the washrooms. When she reached us, she took me in her arms and kissed me. I looked up into her eyes. "Good morning Mum." I looked at Dean's tent. It was zipped up. "Has Dean got up?"


"I would think so. Perhaps he's gone down to the beach. Why don't you go and get a shower, darling? You'll feel much better if you do."


I got some change off dad and walked to the shower. As the water poured over my naked body, I felt alive again, stepped out of the stream of water, soaped Willie up, stuck my middle finger two inches into my love hole and masturbated again. The finger that was inside me was Dean's penis. I hoped it wasn't too big. That was something else on my agenda if I could break down the barriers between us.


Clean body, clean underpants and clean shorts and I stood in front of the mirror in the washroom and combed my hair to perfection. I wanted as little of me as possible hidden from him so I decided not to wear a t/shirt. Everything I was, were now his if he wanted it. I walked back to the caravan and was disappointed. Dean was nowhere to be seen. We had breakfast at a small table outside the caravan and all the while we were eating, I kept looking around for him. Mum and dad said we were going into Tintagel for the day. I wasn't too happy with that, but we went. We had a light lunch of Cornish cream and jam scones at a small diner and then walked down to the castle ruins; the legendary home of King Arthur. It was three in the afternoon when we went back to the site. (Mum and dad had wanted to go for a drive until dinner, but I was grumpy and said it was too hot for driving around.) Dean's tent was zipped up and he was nowhere to be seen. I was crushed. Where the hell was he? I sat in one of the canvas chairs and sulked. And then I saw him about a hundred yards away, walking up the headland carrying a small backpack over his shoulders. I couldn't stop myself: I was out of the chair and running to meet him.


"Where have you been?" I demanded.


Dean grinned, ignored my question, carried on walking and sat in the canvas chair I'd been sitting in. I sat next to him.


"Phew" he said, it's a long hike up those cliffs." Then he answered my question. "It was one of those days when I needed some space."


"What did you need space for?"


He grinned. "I just did. What have you been doing?"


Dad butted in. "Would you like a beer, Dean?"


"Yes please, Henry. I could drink a barrel at the moment. It's getting hotter. Have you been out?"


Mum answered him. "We've been to Tintagel with Grumpy there. He's had a face as long as a brush all day. I think he's missed you."


Dean looked at me with a knowing sort of a look, reached out a hand to fondle the hair on the back of my neck, took the beer off dad and drank the whole bottle in one go. "Thank you Henry. That was good. If you like and you're not doing anything else, we can all go for a walk along the headland and I'll show you some of the wonders of this place. Are you eating out tonight?"


Dad was drinking a beer in one of the other chairs. "That walk sounds good. We thought about eating at the clubhouse because it's too hot for a barbeque. How about you?"


"I was thinking of going to The White Lion at St. Treach. It's a great little pub that does excellent meals. If you want to join me, I'll book a table for us." Dean grinned and looked at me. "Grumpy will enjoy it. It's got two bar-billiards tables and a jukebox."


I thumped him on the arm. "I'm not grumpy."


Dean laughed. "Well, how about Sleepy then? You were snoring your head off this morning when I set off. I thought a cow was in the field behind us."


Mum and dad laughed at his remark. I wasn't to be beaten and I threw one at him straight out of the blue. "I don't snore! You must have been dreaming of some woman you once slept with."


Dean roared with laughter and dad was doubled up laughing, too.


Mum wasn't. "Don't be rude, you naughty boy!" She turned to Dean. "And as for you Dean, you shouldn't encourage him. I'll keep you two apart if this is the sort of thing you get up to!"


I knew mum was just playing the offended mother role and that she and dad would have fun later talking about it. But there was one hidden positive in what she said: it was pretty obvious that she thought Dean was now one of us and that he and I would not be apart for very long during this holiday. I hoped Dean was picking up on the same signals I was getting.


Dad interrupted my thoughts. "The White Lion it is then. Yes, book a table for all of us please Dean."


"Ok." Dean looked at me. "Are you coming with me Sleepy?"


I grinned and got up. Dean went to his tent to get some coins for the phone box and we strolled in awkward silence through the site. Dean was the first to break it.


"So, you missed me eh?"


I looked at him. "Yes. Didn't you miss me?"


"Yes. That's why I needed some space."


"What do you mean?"


We'd arrived at the phone box, which was already occupied. He turned and looked me straight in the eyes. "I've not stopped thinking about you all day. Do you understand?"


His words were music to my ears. "Of course I understand. I'm not a child anymore."


Dean's face was serious "No, I don't think you are. In fact, from what I've seen of you, you're quite a mature young man. But you are only twelve-years-old."


I looked down at my feet. "Does that make a lot of difference to you? To your liking me I mean." I lifted my head and looked him in the eyes. "You do like me, don't you?"


Dean gave out a long sigh. I could tell that he was frustrated as hell. "Of course it makes a lot of difference and of course I like you. But I like you too much. That's the problem."


I gave him one of my special smiles. "It's not a problem. I've been thinking about you all day because I like you too much as well. Will you promise not to avoid me again?"


Dean fondled the back of my head. "Ok. I promise. Let's have a good time at the pub and we'll go from there, eh?"


This was going better than I expected. "Ok. Can we keep it our secret that we like each other too much?"


Dean nodded, but I could see that he was still uneasy about the situation. Talk was now unnecessary, especially because we were both aware that 'we like each other too much' had become a euphemism for wanting sex with each other, or even an emotional involvement, so I moved closer and leaned against him. He draped an arm over my shoulder and I felt his fingers tickling my ear. Just then, the phone box door opened and he went in to make the call. Thank goodness he did. Willie liked what Dean had been doing to my ear.


Because our talk had released the tensions of not knowing how we felt about each other, the walk back to the caravan was much lighter in mood. Dean and dad had another beer and then we set off for a walk along the headland. The scenery was fabulous. To our left was the sea, and the narrow coastal path we took wended its way past yellow gorse and purple heather, and from the slate walls, sea pinks and blue and yellow flowers sprung from every crevice. Dean, with his hand on my shoulder, pointed out and named the various birds that sat atop the gorse. The path wended its way up a steep hill and as we topped the rise, to our right were thick, horizontal slates that lay bedded into the headland. They were exposed to the strong westerly winds that blew in from the Atlantic, which had scoured away the soft soil around them, creating deep hollows beneath them that looked like mini-caves.


Dean pointed at them. "The pixies live under those stones, Matthew."


I laughed. "Don't be stupid! Pixies don't exist."


Dean put his hands up in mock astonishment. "You don't believe in pixies? I can't believe you don't believe in Cornish pixies! Of course there are pixies. I've seen them lots of times. They're about nine inches tall and they wear red pointed hats, green tunics, purple trousers and yellow boots with toes that curl up at the end. They come out at night and sleep during the daytime. Come on and I'll show you."


I was laughing. Mum and dad were laughing. Dean pretended he was hurt by our laughter and stomped off towards one of these 'pixie houses'. Naturally, I followed and when he knelt down to peer under one, I did too.


Dean put his hand deep into the hollow and looked at me. "I've got one. He's wriggling. No, he's biting me! Ahhhhhh!" And then he withdrew his hand swiftly and thrust it at me. "Here's one!"


I fell back onto the heather and he roared with laughter.


I yelled at him. "You swine! I'll get you for that."


Before I had the chance to carry out the threat, he was running along the path and I was chasing after him and we didn't stop until we topped the last headland before it doubled back into a wide bay some two hundred feet below us. There was a bench set in the headland and we sat on it, still laughing at the joke Dean had played on me. He was sitting to my left, silhouetted against the blue sea and sky. He really was the most handsome man I'd ever seen.


Breathless, he asked, "What are you staring at Sleepy?"


I grinned at him. "I was just thinking how ugly you are."


He giggled, knowing that I meant the opposite, but didn't reply. When my parents arrived, Dean and dad had a couple of cigarettes while we took in the beautiful vista and then we began the long walk back. Halfway, Dean said he'd got something he wanted me to see and led me off the beaten track to a ledge that disappeared around the cliffs. We were out of sight of mum and dad. It came to an abrupt end and Dean told me to look over the edge.


I shook my head. "It's too dangerous."


Dean smiled. "Don't be silly. I'll hold you. You won't fall. Trust me."


Dean clamped his hands firmly around my hips and I peered over the cliff edge. Below me were hundreds of seabirds nesting in small crevices in the cliff face.


"Can you see them?" he asked.


I wasn't thinking about nesting seagulls, I was enjoying the feeling of his hands around me, especially the strong fingers that were just a couple of inches off Willie, and I felt him coming to attention. I couldn't stay looking at the seabirds forever, so I turned around, hiding Willie with one hand. "Yes. Can we go back now?"


I saw Dean look at the hand that was hiding Willie, and he grinned. "Sure. Come on, let's go."


I looked into his eyes. "What are you grinning at old man?"


Dean pulled a face. "I was just thinking how ugly you are."


Then he turned me around, slapped my bottom and pushed me back along the path. My lips were still flushed when we got back to mum and dad.


After we'd showered and changed, mum drove us in dad's car down to The White Lion at St. Treach for dinner. It was as Dean said: a super pub with bar-billiards and a jukebox. We spent a great evening there and then mum drove us back at about eleven. Dad and Dean were still in a drinking mood so dad opened a chilled bottle of Sancerre and we all sat outside in the subdued light from the caravan windows. At midnight, dad yawned, said he was ready for bed and that we 'boys' could sort our own selves out. Dean had just lit a cigarette and said that he'd turn in as soon as he'd finished it. I kissed mum and dad and they went into the caravan and drew the curtains. Dean was leaning on his elbows on the table, deep in thought as he smoked his cigarette. I sat down next to him, looped my arms around his biceps and leaned my head against him.


He looked at me. "Are you tired?"


I was so nervous that I could hardly speak, and when I did, it came out as half croak, half whisper. "Not really. But I want to go to bed. Will you tuck me in again? Please?"


Dean said nothing. I knew he was nervous, too. He finished his cigarette, stubbed it out, got up, took my hand and led me to my tent. Then he went to his own tent and returned with his flashlight. I was lying on my sleeping bag when he came in and my throat was dry and my legs were trembling when he adjusted the pillow and placed me into a comfortable position. Then he lay beside me propped up on one elbow, switched off the torch and I felt his finger tracing the contours of my face. When it got to my lips, I opened my mouth and it entered and I caressed it with my tongue. Then he withdrew it and placed his hand on my chest.


"The hand is yours to do as you will." he whispered.


I understood. Whatever was to happen would have to be entirely what I wanted, so I took it and pushed it down and pressed it hard onto Willie. The hand came alive and began to do its own thing, exploring everything that lay under my shorts. I removed my hand now that Dean had got the message and pulled his head to me. Our lips came together and we kissed; softly at first, but as our passions grew, so the kiss became more urgent, and when I felt Dean's hand slip down my shorts and begin masturbating Willie, I almost passed out with the sensuality of the moment. It took just a few short moments before I came to a jaw quivering, whimpering climax.


Only when Dean was sure that the supreme pleasure was over did he draw his hand out of my shorts. "Was that what you wanted?"


I stroked his face. "Yes. You knew it was, didn't you?"


"No. I only thought I knew what you wanted. I had to be absolutely sure. I was almost sure when I saw how those seagulls turned you on."


I giggled. "It wasn't the bloody seagulls, it was where your fingers were you daft sod."


Now Dean was giggling. "I did that on purpose just to test you."


I fiddled around and found the torch and switched it on. Dean was grinning. I grinned back at him. "You swine! I was embarrassed."


Dean kissed me softly on the forehead. "It serves you right for liking me too much. Do you want to go to sleep now?"


I glared at him. "No I don't. I want you to do me again."


Dean's eyes lifted. "Young super stud eh! Just once more then. Ok?"


I nodded, although I was disappointed because I was sure I could have done it many more times than twice. But beggars can't be choosers, so I rolled my shorts and underpants down to my knees to give Dean better access. Then I shone the torch on Willie. "Do you like him?"


Dean's fingers played along his length. "He's beautiful; like the rest of you. I adore him; like the rest of you."


I could see his hands trembling as he stroked and fondled all my naked parts from my neck down to my shorts before he again grasped Willie and brought me to another tremendous climax. This time, he watched my face as the intense sexual pleasure swept through every nerve of my being. When it was over, Dean shone the torch on my belly, wiped my boy semen up and sucked it off his fingers. Then he kissed me softly on the lips and said he would see me in the morning.


As he moved to go, I grasped his arm. "Don't you want me to do you?"


He turned back. "No. Just giving pleasure to the most beautiful boy I've ever known is all I want tonight. I love you Matthew. I really do. I'll see you in the morning. Sleep tight."


And he was gone, leaving me on an absolute high at what he'd just said. He loved me. I would tell him tomorrow that I loved him too, because it was true. I really did.


I wasn't late getting up the following morning. Even so, I was still the last one up. Dean and mum and dad were drinking coffee at the table when I unzipped the tent and wandered out into the brightness. I ignored Dean, gave mum and dad a peck on the cheek and went into the caravan to have a pee. When I came out, I gave Dean a sleepy smile to take the worried look off his face and I saw him relax. To make him feel even better, when I was sure mum and dad weren't looking, I put my finger in my mouth and sucked it. He grinned, knowing exactly what my action meant and went back to reading the paper he and dad were sharing. I sat next to mum.


She touched my arm. "Would you like a coffee, sweetheart?"


"Yes please mum. Can I have honey in it please?" I saw Dean grin. "What are you grinning at Blondie?"


Dean looked over his paper. "You're sweet enough. You'll have a job fending the girls off without honey making you into some sort of super stud."


I was amazed that Dean could be so bold, but then again, it was only he and I who knew what we were talking about. I laughed. "Maybe you should have some then old man. I don't see any queues at your tent flap."


Dean pulled a wry face. "True. Nobody finds me attractive. Maybe I need to put an advert in the local paper."


I snorted. "For what? Old fat woman who snores wanted for kinky sex?" While Dean and I were having our verbal scrap, dad was chuckling away like a demented old woman. I turned to him. "What are you laughing at old man? You're well past it, too."


Mum interjected, as I thought she might. "Matthew! Don't be so rude!"


Dean and dad stifled their giggles. I grinned at them and then kicked Dean's leg. He didn't retaliate because he knew he wouldn't win.


Dad said he had to go to Plymouth to sort out a bit of business and mum would visit an old friend while he was doing it. Casually, he asked Dean if he would look after me while they went because he knew I wouldn't want to go with them. This might have sounded like baloney to Dean, but I was used to it. I didn't know what he did for a living at that time, but wherever we went in the world, dad would always have 'a bit of business to sort out'. I was aware that he wasn't just an ordinary person. It was much later when I discovered that he worked for MI5.


I saw the look that Dean gave to dad and I knew what he was thinking: how could a mother and father trust their only son to almost a stranger?


He didn't have to ask the question. Dad stared at him. "Matthew will be fine. I'm a good judge of character. We'll be back by lunchtime. How about you two save a good place on the beach when the tide goes out and we'll join you there with a hamper."


"That sounds fine to me Henry." Dean looked at me. "You ok with that Sleepy?"


I went and sat on dad's knee and looked at Dean. "It's ok with me just so long as you don't nod off and start dreaming about that cow you slept with."


That brought us all back to belly laughing. I could sense Dean watching us as I lay my head on dad's shoulder, pulled his face round and rubbed his cheeks. We stared into each other's eyes for a while and then I kissed him on the lips.


Dad stroked my cheek, kissed me back and then hugged me. And then he threw me roughly off him. "Right you pair of rascals, sort yourselves out. Janice and I have got things to do. Will you join us for breakfast Dean?"


I looked at Dean and was almost sure he had misty eyes. My moment with dad had affected him. Whether it was jealousy or something else, I would have to wait to find out. He said he would join us for breakfast.


It was almost ten-thirty when mum and dad drove off, but not before Dean gave them instructions on an easy way to get to the cove. He told me to sort out some swimwear and he'd get his. I looked him straight in the eyes and shook my head. "Not yet. Let's go into the caravan. I want to talk to you."


"Is it important?"


I grinned. "Yes."


All the windows were open, but mum had closed the curtains to keep out the direct sunlight. Because we used this caravan for the hotspots of Europe, it was fitted with air conditioning and as soon as we were in, I switched it on to maintain the coolness and closed the door, sat on the edge of the double bed that was never put up because only two people occupied the caravan and patted the bed beside me, indicating to Dean that I wanted him to sit there.


He did, and then looked right into my eyes. "Well?"


I stumbled out the words. "Did you mean what you said to me last night?"


Dean took my hand and squeezed it. "That I loved you, you mean? Yes. I think I fell in love with you the moment I first saw you. I'm sorry if it's not what you want, but at least I'm being honest with you. That's why I needed the space. I thought about a lot of things at the cove yesterday including the probability that you won't feel the same way about me. But I can live with that and I go home at the end of the week, so I'll be out of your hair then anyway."


I squeezed his hand. "Did you think I just wanted sex with you?"


"I wasn't sure about that even. I thought it might have been the case, but I didn't dare think it being anything other than a possibility."


I brought his strong hand to my lips and kissed it. "And now?"


"Well, at least now I know you want the sex part, but I still don't know how you feel about me."


Again I kissed the back of his hand, and then I brought it to the side of my face, caressed it with my cheek and looked directly into his eyes. "Dean, it never entered my head to kiss a man before. Right now I want to kiss you and be in your arms. I do love you, you silly old man."


Dean took my chin in his hand, brought his lips to mine and we kissed softly: and now the magic, mutual words had been spoken, it was a long, loving kiss that was to seal our love for all time. But, as happened then and happened almost every time we kissed, we were unable to divide the love and sexual parts of our relationship. I felt Dean's lips part and his tongue enter my mouth. My own met his and we played tongue games until we were breathless and sexually aroused. I broke the kiss and stroked his face. "Did you like doing what we did last night?"


"Yes, but you being only twelve makes it a bit difficult for me. We're not supposed to do it. I would never have done it if you didn't want me to."


I leaned against him and put my arm through his. "I know you wouldn't. Some twelve year olds don't know their arse from their elbows, but I do. I wanted more than we had last night."


His arm came around me and hugged me close. I could feel him kissing the top of my head. "So did I, but I'm not as confident as you. I've never had sex before. Have you?"


I wanted to grin, but I knew this wasn't the time. "No, but it's not for the lack of wanting to. I just haven't met a man who wanted me. Well, not one who would say so. But you're much older than me. Do you mean you've not had sex with a boy, or do you mean you've not had sex with anyone?"


"With anyone."


I gave him a puzzled look. "I can't believe that you've never touched a boy or a man or a woman in your whole life before."


"Well it's true. I don't tell lies. I'm not into women anyway, especially kinky fat ones that snore." That made us both laugh and we fell back onto the bed and lay side by side, looking into each other's eyes. "Does that make me useless?"


I caressed his cheek. "No, it makes you nice. Even nicer than I thought you were. Is it just boys that you like?"


"Yes, but not just any boy. They have to be sort of special. But before last night, I've only looked at them. I don't go chasing after them to have sex."


"Why? It isn't just men that want sex with boys. Some boys want sex with men. It's no wonder you're a virgin." I grinned at him. "Am I sort of special?"


Dean grinned. "It took a sort of special boy to teach me that boys want sex with men. What do we do now, sort of special boy?"


I waggled my eyes at him. "Take my clothes off and kiss me all over. You can go anywhere you want and do what you want. You can learn on this sort of special boy."


Dean laughed, took off my sandals and rubbed his hands up my legs until he came to the top of my shorts, inserted his fingers into the hem and pulled them and my underpants off. Willie popped out and his foreskin rolled slowly back as he reached his full height. Dean held him with two fingers at the base and sucked the swollen knob. I grabbed Dean's head with both hands, pulled him down until Willie disappeared completely, pulled him back off, thrust my hips upwards and rammed Willie into him again. Now he was doing what I wanted and he was doing it superbly. It was even better when he slid both hands under my butt so he could pull me into him. Together, we brought Willie to a wonderful, thrashing, squealing climax, and Dean swallowed my boy spurts. Then I watched as he squeezed and licked every last drop of semen from Willie's head as if it was the most precious stuff on earth. Normally, I take a short time out between bashing, but not now. Willie had never eased off at all as I watched Dean's caresses. But I wanted something different this time. I wasn't sure how Dean would react when I lifted my legs back to my shoulders. I expected him to drop his pants and try to fuck me. Instead, his fingers trailed around my scrotum and perineum and down to my boy hole. I relaxed to try and help him enter me, but instead of his finger, he leaned forward, pulled my bum cheeks apart and buried his searching tongue into me and I groaned at the sheer pleasure of this wonderful, new experience. And then his hand was around Willie and he was masturbating me at the same time as he was burying his tongue into me, and again I climaxed. When it was all over, I lowered my legs and after he'd cleaned up the tiny bit of sperm that was oozing from my slit, he came and lay beside me.


He looked into my eyes. "Did I do it right?"


I took his head in both hands and kissed him on the lips. "Are you sure you've never done this before?"


"I'm sure; but I've dreamed about it."


I grinned and gave him the evil eye. "You like my stuff, don't you?"


Dean lifted his eyes a few times. "I love it because it's you. It's like eating part of you: your Royal Jelly. I want more."


I laughed. "I don't think I can make any more for a while. I am only twelve-years-old you know."


Dean smiled at the allusion to my age. "Ok. I'll take a look at that cute butt that I've fallen in love with then."


I raised my eyes. "So you love my bum as well do you?"


He made googly eyes at me. "From the first moment I saw it. Roll over and let me get at it. I want to eat it."


I was giggling when I rolled over to allow him to explore my back, but I soon stopped giggling when I felt his hands, mouth and tongue exploring my body. The knowledge that it was giving him so much pleasure was a real turn on for me and when he rolled me back over and lay down beside me, Willie was throbbing. I held him and looked at Dean. "He's got no hair yet. Does that disappoint you?"


"No. He's beautiful. I like him exactly as he is. I must admit I'm surprised how big he is though."


"He's not as big as yours though."


"How do you know that?"


"I can see it sticking out. Can I do you now?"


"Is that what you want?"


"Of course I do! This isn't one-way you know. I was hoping you were going to put him in me when I lifted my legs back."


Dean looked surprised. "Did you really? I wouldn't do that because it would hurt. You don't want me to hurt you, do you?"


"Maybe it will be a nice hurt. I do want to do it some time with you. Anyway, lie back and let me do what I want to you now."


"Are you sure?"


"Of course I'm sure. Lie back old man!"


Dean giggled and then lay back on the bed with his feet on the floor. Now it was my turn to strip off Dean's shorts. I had to fiddle with his belt. He teased me by flexing his stomach muscles so I couldn't undo it. I grinned, looked him in the face and thumped his tummy. He relaxed and the belt came undone. Still grinning, I yanked his shorts down his legs and threw them on the bed. It's strange how you always think someone is the same as you in all departments. Dean wasn't in the Willie stakes. The lovely cock that nestled in a bush of blonde hair was about eight inches long, not overly thick and was circumcised. Of course, I knew about circumcision, but apart from seeing a few of the kids at school with their funny chopped off things, I'd never really been near one. I was fascinated by Dean's. It was as hard as nails and my two hands fitted perfectly on it as I sucked on his swollen knob and then licked the glans underneath it. Dean was watching me and as I touched the parts that were most sensitive, he gave out a series of low moans. This was fantastic. I desperately wanted to give him pleasure and I began to masturbate him as I was sucking on his gorgeous cock. When I felt his hips beginning to match my rhythm, I pumped furiously and semen spurted into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and I swallowed it eagerly. But there was too much and he seemed to climax forever. I had to draw off him and still the semen spurted. It splattered my face and eyes and nose. I was in heaven and all my man dreams had come true. When it was over, I went to lie beside him. He raised himself and watched me scraping his man juices from my face, eagerly swallowing every last bit I could gather. When I could gather no more, he went to the washbasin to get a damp cloth and wiped me clean.


He was studying my face. "You really wanted that didn't you?"


I grabbed his hair, pulled his face down to me and stared fiercely into his eyes. "Of course I did. It was fantastic. I want more."


"Now? I need a rest first."


I was still highly aroused and I was going to get what I wanted. I looked down at Dean's semi-flaccid penis, grabbed it and pulled and I didn't release my grip until Dean was straddling my chest and his cock was in my mouth again. I sucked and chewed on it and then rolled it over my face and in my eyes and I licked the pair of giant balls that hung down over me. I was out of control now. All my sexual life I'd dreamed of this moment, of a man pounding my mouth. Dean sensed my high state of arousal and responded by forcing his now swollen knob back between my lips and as deep into me as he could before I gagged. He pulled out, grabbed my head and roughly rolled his knob along the inside of my lips in a circular motion. I relaxed and let him have his manly way with me, revelling in the plopping sound as he thrashed his cock from side to side so hard that my head was rocking too. His movements became faster and I moaned at the expectation of his climax. It came in a series of thrusting jerks and exploding semen, once again filling my mouth, and with difficulty, I managed to take every last drop without it spilling from my mouth. When he was completely spent and panting from the exertion, he lay down beside me. I rolled over on top of him and stared into his eyes. Then I kissed him and fed him some of his own semen that was still in my mouth.


He swallowed it, licked my lips and then cocked his head to one side as he looked at me. "Are you ok now?"


"I feel a bit better, but I still want more."


"Sorry, but that's all you're going to get out of me for now." 


I laughed. "Wuss! Suck me then. I love you sucking me."


"Back or front?"


I grinned. "Both. You choose which one first."


Dean gave me a cockeyed grin. "I want to do something else. Is there any Vaseline in here?"


I returned his cockeyed grin and went to one of the top lockers, got the first-aid kit out and found the Vaseline, gave it to him and lay down beside him. "What are you going to do?"


He gave me an evil grin, lifted my legs to my chest and applied Vaseline to my love hole. His finger slipped in easily. It was nice. I grabbed the cheeks of my bum and pulled them wide so he could get in further. He pushed harder and I felt it slip in all the way. I wasn't ready for what happened next. Oooooh! His fingers rolled over something that made my jaw quiver. With wide eyes, I looked up at Dean.


He looked worried and withdrew his fingers. "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"


I was puzzled. "No. What you were doing was lovely."


He grinned and looked smug. "I think I've found your G Spot. Some people have one inside there. You must be one of them. Do you want me to tickle it some more for you."


I nodded enthusiastically, and he began to fiddle inside me again. Ooooh! It was there again. I rolled my butt to match the rhythm of his fingers and the sensations were like masturbating Willie, and then the most fantastic thing happened: I climaxed without either of us touching him. When the sensations had died down, I looked at Dean. "How did you do that?"


Dean was smiling. "I'm a magician. I can do things like that."


I licked my tongue out at him. "Well, we'll soon know how good a magician you are; do it again."


The fingers began their magic and he teased me into another tremendous climax.  Still I wanted more and I made him do it again. Finally, after the fourth time, even I had to admit defeat and I lay back on the bed, totally shattered.


Dean kissed me. "Come on Lover Boy, we'd better get dressed and have a shower and go down to the cove before your mum and dad come back. Let's straighten this place out first."


His car was in the car park: a red, sporty, Ford Capri. I liked it better than dad's Jaguar XJ12. We got in and he drove off the site to another car park in a field at the top of a hill about half a mile away. Apparently, this was the easy way to the cove. We walked down the field and came to a series of steep steps that descended to a small beach. I was disappointed because it was so small.


Dean saw my look of disappointment and laughed. "Don't worry, the tide only turned two hours ago. In another four hours, it will be right out there." He pointed to a spot about a hundred yards away. We walked past a large cave to what looked like a formidable rock buttress that stretched into the sea, and began to climb it. When we got to the top of the buttress, I could see there was a larger cove with a better beach on the other side. There were already a few people there and Dean explained that they had come down the hard way. Most of the tourists took the easy route and didn't know this place existed until the tide was far enough out for them to walk around the rock buttress to see it. By that time, the regulars had already taken up the best spots. We climbed down and Dean strode directly to a large, flat, granite rock on the most northern part of the cove. This, he said, was perfect because we would get both sun and shade when we wanted it. But first we had to make this precious spot our own and we spread out the stuff we'd brought so that no one else could use it.