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Boys can be lovers, too.


Part three.


Dean Says:


After we'd spread out the towels to make sure nobody else could use our rock, we shed our shorts and I led Matthew to a large rock where the water was still deep below us: at least fifteen feet deep and the rock we were standing on was about the same height above the water: the perfect place for diving. I grinned at my new lover and dived into the cold water of the North Atlantic. The shock was both alarming and exhilarating. When I surfaced, Matthew was staring down at me with a huge grin on his face, exposing the white even teeth that had nibbled my most private parts.


Oh my God; I loved this small creature that had captured my heart like no other. He was beautiful; like a Michelangelo sculpture. It was his perfect form and beautiful countenance which made him so attractive. During our lovemaking, I discovered every soft curve of his body and every tender spot that made him what he was. Especially, and I could see them clearly now as he stood with his legs apart, I loved the inside of his creamy thighs where the skin was smooth and soft and unblemished. If there were any other boy-lovers around, I knew where they'd be looking because the speedo he was wearing emphasized what was a hidden secret to them, but not to me: the beautiful penis I was now familiar with. He was uncut. But that added to its beauty, especially because I could roll his foreskin up and down so easily: a deep pleasure in itself. I was in love with `Willie', as he called it. I was also in love with his perfect butt. When he turned over and let me explore his back, he had his arms above his head and I could see the bone structure of the boy beneath me. I'd traced the contours of his shoulders with my hands down to the small of his back that hollowed inwards, emphasizing the two globes of pure, peach-like joy that were so inviting. When I felt them, they yielded to my caresses, but, like mercury, they returned to perfection afterwards.


Sexually, he was amazing, too. How many times had he climaxed? The first was when I sucked him. The second was when I sucked and tongued his anus and masturbated him at the same time. It had been a tremendous feeling for me to lick his very insides. I wanted to get deeper, but my tongue reached its limitations. He'd enjoyed that enormously. In fact, I now knew his love hole was the key to his deepest sensual feelings. I'd been as surprised as he when I inadvertently found his G Spot. It had been wonderful playing with his prostate and the squelching sound of my fingers playing over the small mound was sexually arousing knowing it was giving him so much pleasure. Four times without a break I'd done it. I wouldn't have believed it possible for anyone to climax so many times in quick succession. In all, Matthew had reached six peaks of passion before we left the caravan. That was amazing and because his pleasures were part of what I wanted, I was going to enjoy doing the same to him as often as I could.


The most surprising thing about our lovemaking was that he actually wanted me. In fact, I was still in partial shock that this nymph-like beauty found such obvious sexual pleasure in swallowing my semen, just as he'd been so engrossed in the act of bringing me to a climax. A dog with a bone would be a good idiomatic expression. I wouldn't have believed it possible a twelve-year-old could be so sexually turned on by a man's penis. But Matthew had. I was beginning to think I'd dropped on a boy nymphomaniac; if there was such a thing.


I waved to Matthew. "Come on, dive in. It's lovely in here."


He was laughing and his shrill boyish voice echoed across the cove. "No way! I can't dive like you."


"Jump then. Come on." I saw him wavering and then he gripped his nose with his fingers and jumped. Spluttering, he came to the surface and his mouth opened wide at the shock of the cold water.


"Jeezus! It's cold! You swine!"


I laughed and held an arm out for him as he swam to me. He took it and wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck and I wiped his wet hair from his brow and pushed it over his head. I was a powerful swimmer and I easily supported us as I trod water while he clung to me. "It's great though, isn't it? You were really brave to jump from that height. Shall we do it again?" His wonderful laughing eyes gleamed at me and he nodded. We swam to the beach and climbed the rock again. This time, I took his hand and we jumped together. Again he came to me and wrapped himself around me. He looked over my shoulder to make sure no one was looking and then kissed me on the lips. I swam closer to the rocks where I knew no one could see us and returned the kiss. We looked into each other's eyes. "Matthew, I love you more than you could possibly imagine. Do you really love me?"


He giggled. "It's your body I love." Then he added. "I'm only fooling. Of course I love you. If I lost you now, I'd want to die, you silly old man."


I kissed him softly on his nose. "Shall we jump some more?"


We spent another half hour jumping from the rock, each trying to outdo the other, and I couldn't stop laughing as Matthew became braver and did some really silly Kamikaze jumps to impress me. His boyish laughter was infectious and soon we had an audience laughing at us. At one point, two young lads of about fifteen joined us, but even they couldn't outdo Matthew now he'd found his feet, and he was disappointed when I said we'd better start looking for his parents. We left the jumping rock and were playing in a small rock pool, catching tiny crabs when we saw Henry and Janice, carrying a hamper and a holdall, walk around the rock buttress and across the cove, and they waved when they saw us. Matthew ran to them and led them to our rock and demanded they come and jump into the sea with us. Henry soon had his shorts off and Janice shed the light dress she was wearing. She was stunning in her green, one-piece swimsuit. We clambered across the rocks. Matthew took hold of his dad's hand and they jumped together. Janice and I were laughing at their antics, especially at Henry's spluttering when he realized how cold it was.


"Come on Janice. It's our turn now."


There was devilment in Janice's eyes as she took my hand and we jumped into the sparkling blue ocean, and when she surfaced, she screamed as loud as Matthew had. Everybody was laughing now. But we did it another half dozen times before we retired, shivering, back to our rock. The warmth of the sun soon thawed us out and we were all in a great mood when we set out the hamper of food and tucked in.


Henry looked around. "This is a fantastic place, Dean. How did you find it?"


"I used to come here as a kid. I never go anywhere else now. Sometimes the weather isn't too kind, but I still love coming here. It's the freedom of the place I love. There's also Trebarwith Strand a few miles south that's very much like this place. It's not as secluded though. And then there's Port Isaac, which is a lovely fishing village if you fancy an idle day, or Padstow even further down the coast if you fancy a trip in a boat or a speedboat. It's all just so wonderful."


Janice smiled. "We've been to Padstow. Henry and I spent a holiday there before Matthew was born." She gave me a shy grin. "In fact, that's where Matthew was made."


I grinned back at her. And then I did something I very rarely do: I spoke without thinking. "That doesn't surprise me. He couldn't help but be so beautiful if he was conceived down here in you." I realized what I'd said and dropped my head with embarrassment. Things went quiet. I looked up and Janice was smiling at me. I sort of smiled back and picked up a sandwich to divert attention from what I suspected was my red face. What happened next amazed me. Matthew came and sat by my side and linked my arm and kissed me on the cheek and laid his head on my shoulder. He'd come to protect me even though he knew his action would give away his feelings: our feelings. And I knew we were both in trouble, especially me, a man of twenty-seven who had attracted their son enough for him to kiss me openly. I rested my head on Matthew's hair and then I got up and walked to the sea to think what to do next. I was pretty certain I was about to lose the only boy who I'd ever loved and actually made contact with.

Matthew Says:


I watched Dean walking towards the sea, wanting to follow him and tell him how much his words made me love him. No, he didn't intend to have spoken them, but the fact he had, left no ambiguity about how he felt about me now; not even to my parents: especially to my parents. I wasn't sure how they would react, but if there were any comebacks from this they would have to be with me because no way would I let Dean take the blame. I looked at mum, and then at dad. "Don't blame Dean. I started it."


Dad stared at me. "Started what?"


"Nothing. We just like each other."


"But he's more than twice as old as you."


I stared defiantly at dad. "So what? It's what I want. Who are you to tell me what I should want or not? I'm not a child anymore."


"You are by law."


Now I was seething with anger and my voice rose. "I don't care about the bloody law. What am I supposed to do? Live in a bloody kid's bubble until I'm twenty one?" I thumped my fists on my knees and tears of rage were slipping from my eyes and my teeth were clenched as I almost yelled, "I hate this bloody world that thinks it knows what's best for me! Well?" 


Mum smiled and held out her hand. I went to her and hugged her. She lifted my head and kissed me on the lips. "Well nothing. He's very fond of you, and you love him. We already knew that, didn't we Henry?"


I looked at dad, who was grinning when he spoke, and I think he was proud of me at the way I'd reacted. "You need to control that damned temper of yours." Then he stopped grinning. "You nearly made him cry when you went to protect him. You'd best go and tell him everything is ok. Be careful though. He's a sensitive man inside. Tell him we've known you were gay since you were ten years old, and suspected it long before that. It will put his mind at rest. Yours too I reckon. Just go and do it and then get back here and finish this food. By the way, we like him, don't we Janice?"


I looked at mum. She winked at me. I was amazed. So, the pair of crafty sods had known all along I was gay and I thought I was too clever for them to find out. I should have known better. They always could read me like an open book. The relief of knowing my secret was out made me feel wonderful and the way my parents had accepted my sexuality was fantastic. I gave mum a long, gooey kiss and bounded up and ran to Dean who was sitting in the surf, and sat down beside him.


He averted his face. "I'm sorry Matthew. My big mouth has cocked it up big style for us."


"No you haven't. You've made things better."


He turned to me with a puzzled look on his face. I could see the tears in his eyes. He really was upset. I blurted out everything that had just happened between me and mum and dad. Then I took his hand, told him to get up and led him back to my parents. He was still embarrassed and couldn't lift his head when he mumbled an apology to both of them. We ate the rest of the picnic in mostly awkward silence, broken only by the occasional small talk. When we'd eaten everything, I looked at dad and saw the stern look he gave me. That look told me that what would happen next would be none of my business.


"Dean," dad said "let's take a walk. We need to chat."


I watched them clamber over to the rock where we we'd been diving and sit down together. Dean's head was down as dad started talking to him.