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Boys can be lovers, too.


Part five.


Dean Says:


I woke when the first rays of daylight illuminated the inside of the tent and heard the beautiful sound of a blackbird singing. I knew exactly where he was; on top of the windswept hawthorn on the other side of the slate wall behind the tent. I was still on my back and Matthew's right arm and leg were wrapped around me. His head was tilted back on the pillow, mouth open, and he was snoring. It brought a smile to my face because of the snoring jokes we shared. It was also a new experience for me to watch him sleeping. The long eyelashes that fluttered when his eyes were open were now fully exposed and were even longer and more beautiful than I thought they were, as were the gorgeous full lips which made him such a sexually attractive creature. Last night had been wonderful. When we were walking back from the clubhouse, I was thinking about the sex we would have, but after our special loving, it was the last thing on my mind. Matthew had been right. Every word he said had perfectly reflected my own feelings and what I was thinking. Sex would have been an intrusion into something so beautiful I couldn't possibly have imagined it. But now, looking at him like this, I wanted him sexually. Best not to wake him though. I needed a cigarette, so very gently, I disentangled myself from him and got my cigarettes and lighter and a sweatshirt and slipped quietly out of the tent. I looked at my watch: four-forty. This was early even for me, but I felt refreshed with what sleep I'd had. Nobody else was about as I made my way down to the headland and sat on the grass and lit up my cigarette. The sun hadn't yet risen above the steep hills to the east, (that wouldn't happen until about seven-thirty) but the early light of day was revealing the fantastic vista of this beautiful place and I watched the waves of the ocean dashing against the rocks below me. I'd been there about ten minutes when I heard a sleepy, nasal, boy voice behind me.


"How long have you been here?"


I turned and saw Matthew standing behind me, wrapped in the old army blanket which I kept for cool nights. "Not long. I needed a smoke. I thought I hadn't disturbed you. You were snoring like that cow." The sleepy smile that crossed his face touched my heart.


"It was cold without you. I've got something for you."


I looked at him, slightly puzzled. "What's that then?"


He grinned, opened the blanket and revealed himself. He didn't have a stitch of clothing on and Willie was at his very best. I couldn't help but laugh. "You randy sod! It's not five o' clock yet!"


"So? Is it a crime for Willie to want sex with the most beautiful man in the world whenever he wants it? Can I sit with you for a bit?"


I patted the space beside me and held out an arm, which I wrapped around him as he took his place beside me. The blanket had fallen off his thighs and legs so I folded it back and tucked it in to keep him warm. He lifted his head and smiled to reward me. I kissed him softly and gave him a hug. With one hand, I opened my cigarette packet and managed to get one out. Matthew's right hand came out of the blanket to hold my Zippo lighter and I flicked the wheel to spark it up, and when it burst into a flickering flame, he put it to my cigarette. I took a deep drag and looked into his eyes. "Thank you. Has anyone ever told you that you're the most beautiful boy in the world?"


"Only you, but I'm not bothered because you're the only one that matters. I've dreamed about meeting you, but I thought it would never happen. I even went to the public toilets to find you."


"And you didn't meet me?"


"No. I was tempted once when I was in a cubicle and a man put his cock through a hole, but I chickened out and ran off. I was only about ten then. Was I stupid to do that?"


I nodded. "You could have met somebody who would have harmed you."


"Or I could have met you?"


"No, you wouldn't have met me. Boys are too precious to be assaulted in public toilets. Boys should be loved and cherished and not abused."


Matthew wiggled his eyes at me. "Not even in a tent by the man they love and who they desperately want sex with?"


That made me giggle. I stubbed out my cigarette so it was safely dead, got up and lifted Matthew to his feet. "That's different. Shall we?"


Matthew giggled. "I think we'd better before I have to do it here."  


Back in the tent, Matthew lay on his back, let the blanket fall open and put his arms above his head. I went down on him and his first orgasm of the day was in my mouth. His second orgasm was a joint affair: I concentrated on his sensual love hole and he masturbated Willie furiously himself. I enjoyed that, especially the contractions of his anus when he reached his peak. Then I went up to him and kissed him roughly. He must have sensed how I was feeling and returned the kiss with equal raw passion. I was lying on him and he raised his legs so my penis was touching his butt.


"Put it in me please," he whispered. I desperately wanted to, but at the same time, I didn't want to hurt him. He sensed my reluctance. "It's ok. I'll stop if it hurts, I promise, but I want to do it as much as you do. I need you in me. Please Dean?"


I reached for the Vaseline that was out and ready before we decided not to use it before we went to sleep. "Promise me if it hurts, you'll make me stop."


It was fully light now and I could see his eager nod. "I will, I promise. Just put the end in me first and let's see what happens."


On my knees, I applied the Vaseline liberally to the end of my penis, pushed some into his anus with my finger, coated the area around it with what was left on my hand and then positioned myself above him with his legs on my shoulders and my hands supporting me above his head. It was up to Matthew to guide me in. I felt both his hands clamp my penis firmly and he rubbed it up and down the length of his crevice. Then he stopped and I knew I was at a position to enter him.


Matthew was already panting. "Push now. That's it. Slowly. That's it. Push some more. Push."


Those beautiful brown eyes that played with my soul were wide; excited; expectant; and when I slipped into him, they widened even more. I knew even if I was hurting him, the pleasure he was experiencing was outweighing any pain he felt.


Now he was smiling. "We've done it. It's fantastic. I can feel you inside me. Don't you dare take it out until I tell you to! Push some more now."


Very slowly, I slid deeper into him. When I was halfway, his mouth opened as wide as it would go. I knew what had happened: my penis was rubbing on his G Spot.


"That's it. You've got it there. Don't go any further. Just push in and out where it is. Oh jeez, it's a fantastic feeling."


I was breathing heavily and my mouth was open. "Do you want me to pull out when I cum?"


"Don't you dare! I want you to cum in me. Let's practice for a bit. Just let me do something."


I felt Matthew contracting his anus, pulling me in and out of himself and he sounded as if he was choking as his stomach muscles flexed and relaxed. The thought of what was happening inside him as he manipulated my swollen knob over his prostate was enough to start my climax and because he was watching my eyes intently, he knew exactly what was happening and I felt his hand clamp firmly on my swollen member and shake it fiercely as he slammed his butt at me and I knew he was climaxing at the same time as I was. Mine lasted longer than any climax I'd ever had as spurt after spurt of my semen shot into his boyishness and I experienced the most fabulous peak of sex I'd ever known. When it was all over, I fell onto him and crushed his mouth with mine. The act had been enormously sexual, but it was also overwhelmingly emotional. At the height of our passions, those fabulous brown eyes that stared into mine as we reached our zenith were all that existed. They drew my soul out of me and devoured it, and so, too, Matthew's soul came into me. Our lips met and saliva intermingled as we chewed and licked each other's tongues and lips, and then we relaxed and stared into each other's eyes. For a long time, neither of us spoke a word. It was Matthew who broke the moment. Someone had to. I saw a mischievousness flit into his eyes.


"I'm going to have your baby."


We both began to giggle. I wiggled my penis, which was still inside him. "You'll have to have surgery on that first. It's too tight for a baby to come out of there."


Matthew gave me an evil grin. "By the time I've finished with you, it won't be. William is going to have to do what he's just done ten thousand times. That should slacken it up enough. Shall we do it again?"


I gave him a quizzical look. "Who's William?"


He giggled and contracted his tunnel of love on my penis. "This is William: William the Conqueror. Mine is Willie and yours is William."


I wiggled my penis again. "Who is this then?"


"I dunno. You'll have to choose a name for him."


I thought for a moment. "How about we call him `Bottom'?"


"That's a bit simple. Why Bottom?"


"Well, we're a sort of Romeo and Juliet; so Bottom." Matthew began to chuckle. "What's so funny?" I asked.


Still chuckling, he stuck his tongue out at me. "Bottom was in A Midsummer Night's Dream, you silly old man."


I stuck my tongue out at him. "That's even better. What we've just had was like a midsummer night's dream. So there."


He was thinking. Then he began to giggle. "You don't know your Shakespeare very well, do you?"


"No. I'm an electrician, not an actor. Why?"


"Because you could have chosen Snug and Snout. They would have gone well together."


Now I was giggling. "No, I don't think so. Obviously, William would be Snout and that sounds too much like a pig's name for me. We'll keep it as it is. Mind you, I do like Snug. It sounds a cosy sort of name. Yes, we'll call your bottom, Snug."


More laughter now. This was fun as well as love and sex. Then I saw a mischievous twinkle in Matthew's eyes and I knew exactly what I had to do as I felt the contractions begin again, and during the next hour and a half, I came twice more. Mathew beat me in the climax stakes by a ratio of 3:1.

Matthew Says:


I sat on the toilet and squeezed and felt the excrement leave me and fall into the water. I was surprised I wasn't sore after Dean's big cock had been so far inside me. When I was done, I got up and looked into the bowl. The heavy stuff had gone to the bottom, but Dean's semen was sort of clouding the water in swirls. There was lots of it. I knew there would be. The first time he came in me, I actually felt it coming out of him because it was a sort of warm, tickly feeling. I didn't the second or third time, but I knew more had been ejected into me. When we were walking to the showers, I had to clench my butt to stop it running out of me and down my legs. I'd managed it, and now it was all gone into the toilet. This man sex was going to be a complicated business. I'd never thought about it until now, but I was going to have to try and organize my crap times so as not to interfere with our sex because I now knew sex had to include William being in me. It was the best part. It had hurt a bit when he was going in, especially when he was getting it through my hole, but once he was on my love spot, all the hurt had gone and the feeling of being full of my lover was wonderful. I grinned at the thought that I was a fully fledged homo at the age of twelve. It was what I wanted. Sex, well, the lack of it, had been dominating my life for ages. It had been interfering with everything I did, including my education. When I should have been studying, I was looking for ways to get it. Now, thank goodness, I could get on with my life in the knowledge I could have it whenever I wanted. Well, almost. I had to work out a way so I could see Dean regularly when the holiday was over. Dad would sort it. He always sorted everything for me. I looked at my watch. It was six forty-five. We'd been making love for almost one and a half hours.


It was still only eight fifteen when I woke. After I'd emptied my bowels and we'd showered, we'd returned to the tent and fallen asleep in each other's arms. Now, Dean was missing again. That made me smile. He was like a Will o' the Wisp at times. Maybe he had gone for a morning swim. He hadn't: he'd been down to the shop to get a paper and some bread and a packet of toffee. When he unzipped the tent, he grinned at me, told me to get up and threw the packet of toffee at me. I gave him my sexiest look and patted the bed beside me. "I need to reward a man who gives sweets to little boys."


He grinned again. "No chance. I had my rewards earlier, little boy."


"You're a waste of space, old man. Harry didn't know how lucky he was he didn't give you his address. He would have got rid of you after a week. I might do the same if you don't improve."


Dean was belly chuckling now. "Fine. There's plenty more fish in the sea."


"How come it took you twenty seven years to find one then? You're not a very good fisherman."


"I found two actually. One got away and the other was an easy catch."


I was chuckling now. "Fuck off!"


Dean looked at me in feigned amazement. This was the first time any bad language had passed between us. "You filthy mouthed little creature! I should wash your mouth out with soap!"


"Fuck off!"


That was it. Dean was on me, sitting on my chest with my arms pinned under his legs. He reached across into his toilet bag, took the soap out and smeared it around my compressed lips. I wagged my face from side to side, but it was of no avail. He threw the soap away and sat watching me intently. No way was I going to give in.


I stared into his eyes. "Fuck off!"


I saw him thinking what to do next. Then he reached behind him and I felt his hands slip under my pants and hold Willie firmly. Willie couldn't resist the warm caresses, and came to attention. Dean smiled and stared into my eyes. I stared back with a look of defiance. I could have stopped him by lifting my legs, but I decided not to. Instead, I tried to stop Willie from enjoying the situation, but the long, slow movements of Dean's hands as he pushed Willie's foreskin on and off was so good that I was fighting a losing battle. For a long time I resisted, but then I had to concede defeat and I humped his hand and climaxed.


A look of victory passed across Dean's face. "Well?"


I stared into his eyes. "Fuck off!"


Dean's eyes softened. He reached across and got his flannel and cleaned my face, and then he caressed my cheeks and hair and followed the contours of my face with his index finger. Very slowly, he lowered his head and kissed me on the lips. I returned it. We sucked each other's tongues and rubbed noses. Dean went down to Willie and kissed him. Then he looked seriously at me and left the tent without saying a word.


After he'd gone, I lay and reflected on what had happened to us up to yet. We'd had a number of small fights and I'd won them all. But I was worried. It can't be easy being a twenty-seven-year-old man having just been beaten by a bit of a kid. I got up, put my shorts on and went outside. Dean was sitting in a canvas chair reading his paper. I came behind him, put my arms around his neck and whispered in his ear. "I won't swear again, I promise."


Dean turned and pulled my ear to his mouth. "You can swear as much as you like if I get to do that to you. Now fuck off you sexy little sod!"


We both burst out laughing just as dad came out of the caravan holding two plates containing a full English breakfast and placed them on the small camping table. He grinned at us. "Here you go boys. Mum and I made this for you. You must be hungry after your honeymoon night." He was cackling like an old hen when he went back into the caravan.


To be continued...