The Boys Of Summer

copyright 2001 by Eric Draven

Part One


This story is intended for readers over the age of 18.   The story contains scenes depicting sexual acts between males.  Some scenes depict sexual acts between men and teen aged boys.  If this type of material is offensive to you, or if it is illegal in your state or country, please do not read further.  If you are under 18, then you know what to do.

This story also contains scenes depicting unsafe sexual practice, however, this story in no way promotes unsafe sexual contact.  Always use a condom to protect both yourself, and the one that you love.   This story also contains scenes depicting drug use.  I in no way promote drug use.

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The Cast of Characters So Far:

Robby Hardy:  a 14 year old boy who is carrying on a sexual affair with his football coach.  (The main character of the chapter.)

Bill Mendon:  the football coach at Robby's high school, and also Robby's lover.

Rick Easley:  a 15 year old boy who lives across the street from Robby.

Donna Hardy:  Robby's mother.   She never wanted to have a child, and isn't really happy with Robby at any given time.

Fred Hardy:  Robby's abusive father.

The Runaway


   The sun glared through the windows of Robby Hardy's bedroom.  It assaulted his closed eyes and ripped him from his sleep.  He could hear his parents arguing downstairs.  What they were arguing over was pointless to him.  They always argued, and the reasons always varied.   He woke to the sounds of their screaming voices every morning.  He wouldn't know what to do if he woke up to a silent house.

    He scrubbed sleep out of his eyes as he swung his bare legs over the edge of his cot.  As the springs began to squeak, he thought, as he did every morning, about his parents being to cheep to buy him a regular bed.  He'd been sleeping on this cot for as long as he could remember.  It was getting old, and he was sure it would not last much longer.  He wondered if he could finally get a real bed when the cot gave out.

    Running his hands through his hair, he cast aside thoughts of real beds and cheep parents and stood up.   Stretching as he walked, he went to his dresser to get a pair of boxers.   Sleeping in the nude was his only act of defiance against his strict father.   His bedroom door was always locked, so he didn't worry about ever being caught.   That was one Hell, he was certain he would never have to face.

    As he slipped his arms into his worn flannel robe, he heard his mother scream for him to get out of bed.  She wasn't calling to him like any other parent would call out to their fourteen year old son.   No, not his mother.  She never called to him.  She always screamed at him.  She also had a peculiar way of making her scream seem like she hated him every time.

    "Happy birthday, Robby," he mumbled to himself sarcastically.  Just because today was his birthday didn't mean that his parents cared anymore than they did any other day of the year.

    He supposed that both of his parents really did hate him.  His mother rarely ever spoke to him.  When she did, it was always to tell him what a disappointment he had turned out to be.  His father had told him on several occasions that he was not a planned child.

    "We didn't ask for you, Boy," his father would say to him practically every day.  "You came against our will, and now you are growing into a boy that we can't stand."

    Those were the only endearing words he ever heard from either of his parents.  He didn't really care anymore.   At least, he told himself he didn't care.  He didn't hold that much of a higher opinion of them.  His mother was a famous drunk, and his father was unemployed more times than not.  He was surprised that they could afford to keep the house they lived in.

    The house had been given to his family by his maternal grandmother.  She had been another person who couldn't stand him, and he didn't miss her now that she was living in Walnut Ridge Long Term Care at all.   He couldn't give a shit less if the old bitch died there.  He certainly wouldn't go to her funeral.  That was, unless his parents forced him to go.

    He pushed those thoughts out of his head as he stepped into the shower.  It was amazing what could clutter his young mind before he was fully awake.  And he was never fully awake until the water hit him.  He spent most of his mornings, before his shower, in a daze, thinking random thoughts about everything from killing his father to running away.

    Once the cold water (rarely was there ever hot water) pushed those kinds of thoughts out of his mind, it gave him the chance to think about more pleasing things.  He could think about school, and, although he wasn't  what you would call a bright student, he did love to go to school.  He escaped for at least seven hours a day when he went to school.  It was longer when there was football practice.  It was longer when there wasn't practice, but he lied to his parents telling them that there was so he could spend time with Bill.  And today being his birthday, he knew that Bill had something special planned for him.

    Bill Mendon was the Freshman Chemistry teacher at Robby's school as well as the eighth grade football coach.  He was also Robby's lover.  He was six feet tall, and he towered over Robby's even five feet.  He had a muscular body that was tanned all over.  His close cropped blond hair contrasted his bronzed skin, and his deep blue eyes were his most sight catching feature.  That is, unless he was naked.

    It was Robby's closely guarded secret.  He and Bill Mendon had been having sex for almost two years.  It began shortly after Robby had joined the football team in seventh grade.  Coach Mendon had substituted for the seventh grade coach for a week.  During that time, the coach had asked Robby to stay after practice to review some plays.  Robby, being eager to succeed, agreed instantly.

   Robby had been barely thirteen when it started.  Coach Mendon told him that they would go over the plays after Robby had taken his shower.  Robby didn't think of the fact that the coach had waited until all of the other players had already showered and were gone to tell him to take his shower.   He didn't even give much thought to the fact that the coach watched the entire time he was in the shower.

    He went to his locker and started to undress.  The coach stood at the end of the row of lockers and talked to him about his classes and subjects the entire time.  He talked back as he took off his jersey.   He paused to answer a question before taking off his pads.  He took extra time to put all of his things in his locker to avoid taking off his pants in front of the coach, but soon he thought of the fact that Coach Mendon had seen the entire team naked many times when they all showered after practice.  He cast his inhibitions aside and stripped of his pants and pads without another thought about being naked in front of the coach.

    He did notice that the coach paid special attention to him when he was standing there wearing nothing but his jock.   Coach's eyes slowly traveled the length of his body stopping for a brief moment on the bulge in the front of his jock.  He talked the whole time, but Robby could sense his eyes on his naked flesh as he folded his pants and stowed them with the rest of his gear in the locker.

    Robby felt no self-consciousness as he stood there almost completely naked in front of the coach.  He took out his underwear and sweat shirt and placed them on the bench behind him.  He kept talking to the coach as he hooked his thumbs under the waist band of his jock and quickly pulled it down.  He caught the coach staring at his naked ass in profile as he stepped out of the jock.  When he stood back up, jock in hand, he thought the coach's cheeks seemed a little flushed, but his speech was still the same.

    Robby didn't know anything about homosexuality at that time.  He'd heard the other kids in the locker room talk about disgusting queers and perverted faggots, but he rarely paid attention to their banter.   He was completely naive about the way the world operated, and Coach Mendon could sense that.

    He noticed immediately that the coach was openly staring at his dick.  He knew why he was looking.  All the guys on the team had stared at him the first time he'd undressed for a shower.  Robby was a little more advanced in development than the boys his age.  His dick was already a good seven inches when it was hard, and when it was soft, it was only two inches shorter.   It was very thick and veiny when it was hard, but there was no way the coach could know that, because Robby wasn't hard then.

    What most of the other boys his age remarked about the most was the fact that Robby already had a full pubic bush.   It had started growing a few years ago, and it was now full and as dark as the hair on his head.  There was no hair on his balls, thankfully, and his chest and stomach were completely smooth.

    The coach followed him to the showers, but Robby didn't think much of that, either.  He thought that maybe he just really had more to say.  He liked the attention, anyway.  It was nice for someone to take interest in him.  After all, his parents never seemed to care about anything he had to say.

    He caught a glimpse of his face in one of the mirrors on his way to the showers.  He could see the tiny smile that was forming on his tanned face.  His green eyes sparkled with newfound happiness.   His dark hair was still wet from the sweat of a long practice, and it was plastered to his head from the helmet.

    He didn't see Coach Mendon getting undressed, because it happened while he was lathering his hair with shampoo.   He always closed his eyes during this process.  Stinging eyes were no stranger to him, and he didn't want a bout with that particular problem today.

    It wasn't until he heard the shower across from him start up that he realized that the coach was planning to stick around while he showered.  The thought of seeing Coach Mendon naked appealed to Robby.  He'd never seen a grown man naked before.  His father was always dressed when Robby got out of bed, and he wouldn't have cared to see the man naked anyway.

    He rinsed the lather from his hair and slowly opened his eyes.  He gasped as he looked at the coach.  The man had his hand full of lather, and he was jacking his dick! Robby couldn't take his eyes off the sight.  He was vaguely aware of the fact that his own dick was responding none to slowly to the show as well.

    The coach's dick looked to be about the same size as Robby's.  He thought it might be a little thinner than his own, but the length was about the same.  The bulbous head was red, and it disappeared and reappeared each time the coach stroked.  This was Robby's first glimpse at an uncircumcised dick, and he was amazed.  He watched the foreskin cover, and then uncover, the head of the coach's dick as if he were in a trance.

    He didn't realize that his own hand had traveled to his own dick.  He matched the coach stroke for stroke, and soon their eyes locked.  They were both silent as they masturbated.  Neither of them said anything, but Robby could hear his own breathing growing faster and faster as his orgasm approached.

    He saw the coach's other hand slide up his soapy stomach to his left tit.  Robby watched as the coach slipped his soapy finger over and around his tit, and he heard the coach moan.  It was the first sound either of them had made since they'd began.

    "That's some cock you got there, Boy," said the coach.  He had broken eye contact and was now staring openly at Robby's dick.

    Robby didn't know what to say.   He couldn't have spoken clearly anyway.  At that moment, his knees locked, and his head fell back on his neck.  Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss spread over his entire body.  Cum shot from his dick in pulses.  The first shot landed half way across the shower room and right in front of Coach Mendon's feet.  He heard the coach start to moan, and he opened his eyes just in time to see him cum.

    Coach's dick shot huge bursts of cum that arched up through the air and landed only inches from Robby's feet.  Robby was captivated.  The whole time, the coach never took his eyes of Robby's dick.  It was the most erotic experience of Robby's life.

    He thought of that as his hand stroked his hard dick now.  It was the very next day that the coach had sucked Robby's dick for the first time.  Robby stayed after practice again, and the shower play had begun again.  Only this time, Coach chose the shower right next to Robby's, and it wasn't Robby's hand that stroked his dick that time.  Coach Mendon took matters into his own hand.

    "You like that, Boy?" he asked.

    Robby could only nod.  He loved the feel of the coach's hand on his dick, and he thought that he would be driven over the edge very soon if the action didn't stop.  He wanted to tell him this, but before he could say anything, the coach let water cascade over him, rinsing the suds of his swollen dick.

    "Then you're going to fuckin' love this," said the coach as he sank to his knees.

    He took Robby's entire length into his mouth and throat and slammed his face up and down.  Robby thought his knees would buckle, and he would just slip right down onto the shower floor.   He'd never felt anything like this in his entire life.

    Before he could warn the coach, blast after blast of boy juice erupted from his nuts.  Coach swallowed every drop.  He didn't let any spill out of his mouth.  Robby couldn't believe the coach was eating his cum!

    "Come with me," said the coach when he let go of Robby's dick.

    Robby followed him over to the lockers.  Coach grabbed his shoulders and eased him down until he was sitting on the bench, facing the coach's hard dick.  He reached out with one hand and gently touched the head with his fingers.  The way the foreskin moved over the head made Robby's dick harden again.  The very thought of what it must have felt like for the coach sent Robby's balls into overload.

    "I've never . . ."

    "Just go slow and watch the teeth," replied the coach, cutting Robby off.

    He was unsure of himself.  He'd never sucked a dick before.  Hell, he'd never touched a dick besides his own.  He wasn't sure that he could take it into his mouth.   It wasn't the thought of sucking it.  He wanted to suck it.  It was the girth of it that made him uneasy.  He wasn't sure his mouth would hold a dick that thick.  He was sure it would split the sides of his mouth wide open.

    He pulled the foreskin over the head and stuck out his tongue and ran it around the outer edge of skin.   The coach moaned his appreciation, and Robby knew he was doing it right.  He opened his mouth as wide as it would go and slowly sank the dick into his mouth.  He let his lips fall tight around it as soon as he felt the head jabbing at the back of his throat.

    He was amazed at the fact that he didn't gag.  He'd thought for sure he'd choke on it.  But before he knew it, the coach pushed slowly forward, and his dick was sinking into Robby's throat.  Robby swallowed around it, and the coach moaned again.

    "A natural cocksucker," said the coach as he grabbed the back of Robby's head.

    The coach began to slowly fuck Robby's mouth.  Robby moaned around the dick in his throat as he jacked himself off again.  He used his tongue on the underside, and each time he swished it back and forth, the coach moaned again.

    The sides of Robby's mouth were stretched to capacity.  He knew that if the coach's dick had been any bigger he wouldn't have been able to take it.  As it was, it was stretching his throat.  It wasn't an all together painful feeling, but it was slightly uncomfortable.  Robby thought that he would get used to it, however.  He didn't want to let go of the dick in his mouth.

    "That's it," said the coach.  "Swallow it all for me."

    The coach put his hands behind Robby's head and began to pull him closer and closer to his pubic bone.   Each time the coach would relax his hands, Robby would pull off the dick a little, and every time he did that, he moved his tongue across the underside of it.  Moaning was another tactic he used on every intake.

    Suddenly, he felt Coach's dick expand and his throat tightened around it.  Reflexively, Robby began to use his throat muscles in a swallowing action.  This must have been exactly the right thing to do, because the coach moaned loudly over and over again.

    "Here it comes, Boy," the coach choked.  "My nuts are gonna fuckin explode in your hot mouth."

    Robby didn't get to taste the cum when the coach shot his first round.  He pulled his mouth back until the head was the only thing left inside, and he was rewarded with a large blast of cum.  It bounced off the back of his throat, but some of it landed on his tongue.

    He began to suck the head of Coach's dick like a high powered vacuum.  He milked the shaft with his hand as he sucked the cum from the coach's nuts.  Each time he began to suck, the coach would jerk and moan again.

    The coach's body rocked and jerked as he came into Robby's eager mouth.  He murmured unintelligible sounds.  His hands tightened into fists pulling at Robby's hair.

    "Oh, God!" he cried when he finally let go of Robby's hair and withdrew his shrinking cock from the boy's mouth.  "You are one hell of a cocksucker!"


    And that was how the affair had began.  Robby began to stay late after almost every practice.  He'd suck the coach's dick, who he now called Bill in private, and the coach would suck his.

    Robby lied to his parents about why he was always late, but he never felt sorry for it.  He hated his parents, and he was sure that they hated him, too.   His time with Bill was the only time he was ever completely happy.

    Things began to progress between Robby and Bill soon after the first time they'd sucked each other's dicks.  Bill had given Robby a note to take to his parents asking that they please allow Robby to attend a team party at Coach Mendon's house.  Robby neglected to mention to them that he and the coach would be the only party members.

    When that Friday finally arrived, Robby couldn't wait for school to let out.  When that finally happened, he couldn't wait for practice to be over.  He was sure the coach wouldn't want to suck him off in the shower that day, because he would be going to his house after it was all over.  They would be together until late.  Robby couldn't wait to see what they would do with all of that time!

    "What are you doing tonight, Robby?" asked Rick Easley, distracting Robby from his lust filled thoughts of his secret evening with the coach.

    "I have something to do with my parents," Robby mumbled in reply.

    Rick lived across the street from Robby.  He should have known that Rick would know better than to believe that Robby would be going anywhere with his parents.  Even if the boy did believe him, he would surely see Fred Hardy's black Ford parked in front of their house all evening long.

    "Where are they taking you?" Rick asked.

    "Oh, they aren't taking me anywhere," said Robby.   "I meant to say that I had something to do for them."

    He hoped that he had covered his mistake.  Rick shrugged and seemed to take the lie for the truth, so he thought he was in the clear.  He didn't even think about it again all the way through the rest of the practice.

    As usual, Robby helped put away all of the equipment after practice.  This was one way that he used to make sure that he would be the last player to hit the showers.   Everyone else would be long gone before Robby walked into the locker room.

    As he walked into the locker room, Bill called him into his office.  Robby walked in and sat down, wondering what was going on.  He really needed to take a shower.  He didn't want to stink for the whole evening.

    "You can go grab your stuff, but stay out of the showers," said Bill.  "I've got a few things to take care of in here before we go. You can shower at my place."

    "Ok, Coach," he replied, smiling to himself.

    "And you can call me Bill now, Robby," replied Bill.   "We are the only ones here."

    "Alright," said Robby as he left the office to go to his locker.

    He put his clothes in his bag and sat on the bench to wait for Bill.  He wondered again just what Bill had in mind for their evening together.  He'd never spent more than an hour after practice with him, so he had no real idea what he was like at all outside of school.

    He wondered what kind of house Bill lived in.  He knew that he wasn't married.   He'd heard Bill talking to the principal about the visitation schedule for his sons.  It seemed his ex-wife was trying to screw him out of his rightful visitations.   Until then, Robby had never thought about Bill having children of his own.

    He'd seen their pictures on Bill's desk in his office.  They both had blond hair and blue eyes just like their father.  From the pictures, Robby would say that the oldest son was probably twelve, but he wouldn't swear to it.  The younger one couldn't be older than ten.  Robby wondered just what it would be like to have Bill for a father.   He was sure that Bill loved his sons, because he had heard the anger and hurt in his voice when he talked about them with the principal.

    Robby wished, as he often wished, that his own father felt that way about him.  It was a silly wish.  He knew that.  There was no way that his father, who was so fond of causing him pain, would ever show him any other emotion than hatred.  Robby knew this as certainly as he knew that his own hatred for the man would never change.

    He decided to think of something more pleasant.  Sex.  That was sure pleasant.   His dick hardened as soon as the thought entered his mind.  It was painfully cramped behind his jock, and he thought for a brief moment about taking it out and jacking off.  He thought better of that.  Bill loved to eat his cum, and if he wasted it, he was sure to make him mad.  That was the last thing he wanted to do.  If Bill ever got mad at him, he'd lose the one adult that really seemed to care about him.   He couldn't stand that.

    "Ready to go?" asked Bill from behind him, totally breaking his line of thought.

    "Yeah," he replied, smiling.  He'd never been this excited in his life.

    "Hey," Bill stopped.  "I'm glad you're coming over tonight, Robby."

    "Thank you," Robby replied.  He didn't know why, but just hearing Bill say those words made him want to cry.

    And now, as the cold water ran over his naked body, Robby took his dick into his lathered hand and began to stroke as he remembered the present that Bill had given him on that night.   He stroked his dick as he remembered the way that Bill's arms had held him so tight as he'd stepped out of the shower.

    "I've been waiting for you," he said.

    "You have?"

    "Sure have," said Bill.  "I took a bath in the downstairs bath room while you were up here hogging all the hot water."

    "Sorry," he muttered, looking down at his naked feet.

    "Hey, don't be sorry," said Bill, tilting his head back up with his finger.  "I was only teasing."

    He lifted Robby up in his arms and carried him into the bed room.  They tumbled together onto the Bill's queen sized bed.  Robby laughed as Bill tickled him and kissed him all over his chest and stomach.

    He gasped as Bill covered one nipple with his mouth and began to suck it.  He grazed it with his teeth, and Robby thought he would cum then and there.  But just when he thought he could stand it no more, Bill moved off his nipple and planted kisses all the way down his stomach.  As Bill's mouth enclosed around his dick, Robby felt him spreading his legs apart.  He felt Bill wiggle until he was between them, and then Bill took his dick all the way to the root.

    He felt Bill's slick finger rubbing around his asshole.  He felt the finger slowly sink into his asshole, and he thought he would cum.  Bill began to slide his finger in and out of Robby's ass, and each time his finger went in, Robby could feel it coursing through his dick.  It was as if his finger was inside his dick, and the feeling was out of sight.   But then, Bill took his mouth off of his dick.  Robby lifted his head and looked at him.

    "I don't want you to cum yet," said Bill.  "The fun is just starting. I'm going to use two fingers now, and you are going to feel the urge to squeeze your ass shut. Don't. Just relax."

    Bill inserted his two finger's, covered with petroleum jelly, into Robby's ass.  The boy gave no resistance, and the fingers went in easily.  He was loosening up better than Bill had expected, but he had a way to go before he could take his dick.  Without warning, Bill inserted another finger.  He was now easing three slicked fingers in and out of Robby's ass.

    "Lift up," he told him.

    Robby lifted his middle off the bed, and Bill slid into position.  He felt the head of Bill's dick at the entrance to his ass, and the first twinge of fear spread out over his body.  He felt Bill rummaging around on the bed with his free hand, and then something cold and hard was put under his nose.

    "Breath deep," Bill said.  "Believe me, it will help."

    Robby breathed in, and instantly, fireworks went off inside his head.  He was aware of a pressure at his asshole, but he didn't know that Bill had shoved the head of his dick into him.  He had almost felt nothing.  He could feel it sliding into him, and suddenly, there was a wave of pure pleasure that started inside of his ass and spread out in waves across his body.

    "Now, I want you to push back like you are trying to shit," said Bill.

    Robby complied, and he felt Bill shoving the length of his dick straight into his ass.   There was surprisingly very little pain.  What he felt most was that wonderful wave of electric pleasure that shot out from his asshole and spread through his body.

    Robby stroked harder and harder as he remembered the first time that Bill had fucked him.   It had been the most wonderful feeling he'd ever known.  And it was the first of many times for them.  Now, their almost daily sessions ended with Bill's dick in Robby's ass.

    He had just started to cum when his father started pounding on the bathroom door.  His knees almost buckled, and the air rushed out of him as the waves of his orgasm swept over him, making all of his joints lock while it lasted.

    "Hurry the fuck up!" cried his father from the other side of the door.  "You'll be late for school!"

    Robby watched his cum sail into the drain as he turned off the shower.  He thought he had barely enough time to dry off and comb his hair before his father would break down the door.  He quickly grabbed the towel and patted himself dry.  He wrapped it around himself and grabbed for the comb as he opened the door.

    "I was just getting out," he said, but his father was not there.

    He breathed a sigh of relief as he headed out the door.  The bus was already coming down the street, and he rushed to the corner just in time to meet it.  He stepped up behind Rick, who was the last in line.

    "Thought you weren't coming, Hardy," said Rick, smirking over his shoulder at him.

    "Alarm didn't go off," he mumbled as he followed Rick onto the bus.

    The rest of the day went agonizingly slow.  He couldn't wait for the day to be over.   He was supposed to meet Bill as soon as the last bell rang.  It was the first day of June, and football season was long gone.  Bill had nothing to do after school, and Robby had told his parents that he had an after school project that he had to do.

    He went through each class in a daze.  He was barely aware that Rick kept staring at him in every class they shared.  He didn't pay much attention to Rick.  Rick Easley was always staring at him.  He never gave any thought to why that was so.

    At lunch, Rick walked over to the table where Robby was sitting.  He sat down in front of him and looked into his eyes.

    "What the fuck is wrong with you today?" he asked as he popped the tab of his soda.

    "Just got my mind on other things," said Robby, looking away from Rick's questioning gaze.

    "I'll say," said Rick, smirking his trademark smirk.   "You've been sailing high all day long. You take something?"

    "No, I just been thinking about something," said Robby, irritated by the accusation.

    "Need something?" Rick asked quietly.  "I got some great shit. Stole it from my brother's drawer."

    "Don't want nothin' like that," he said back.

    "I know a secret about you," said Rick, smiling at him.

    Robby stared at the boy for a few minutes before he responded.  What could Rick possible know that was secret? He couldn't know anything about him and Bill.  If he did, he would have surely said something before now.

    "What do you know?" he finally asked him.

    "I'll tell you tonight when I come to your house," he replied.  He busied himself with the food on his tray, but his eyes never left Robby's face.

    "I won't be home tonight," said Robby.  "At least not before nine."

    "Yeah, I know," said Rick, taking a bite from his hamburger.   "I'll be waiting for you when you walk up the street."

    How did he know that he'd be walking up the street? Had he watched him on the nights that he'd left with Bill? Robby was almost ready to panic, but he remembered that Bill dropped him off two blocks from his house, and Rick could have seen him walking, but he'd never know from where.  So the secret had to be something else, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

    When the last bell finally rang, Robby rushed out of the building and walked down to the drug store.  He paid no attention to anyone behind him, so he didn't see Rick Easley walking just as fast, but a little ways back from him.  He might not have thought about it even if he had.  His mind was on one thing, and that was Bill.

    He walked into the drug store and walked down the isles.  He picked up this and that and pretended to shop.  Rick came in a few minutes later.  He watched him patiently.   He knew why Robby was here.  Any minute, Coach Mendon's blazer would stop just outside, and Robby would hop in just like he did on every Friday.  He had all the proof that he needed, and tonight was his night.  Robby would finally give him what he'd been fantasizing about for the whole school year.

    Just like clockwork, Bill's blazer parked just outside the store.  Robby smiled when he saw it, and he rushed out of the store.  He climbed inside and closed the door as Rick stood in front of the plate glass window and watched the entire scene.  He was still standing there when the blazer drove away.

    "I thought this day would never end!" cried Robby as they drove away from the drug store.

    "I'll bet," chuckled Bill.  "You never were a patient one."

    "Hey!" cried Robby.  "That isn't fair. Which one of us is that can't wait to get his dick firmly inside my ass?"

    "Fair enough," said Bill, laughing.  "But I have something special for you tonight."

    "What?" demanded Robby.

    "No," said Bill, thinking that if the smile on his face was any brighter, he'd have told him for sure.  "If I tell you, it won't be a surprise!"

    "Oh, alright," he said.  "But I'm sucking your dick as soon as we get in the house."

    "I think you should wait until after dinner," said Bill, smiling back at him.

    "Fine, but as soon as the table is cleared, you are mine!"

    The drove on in silence while Robby tried desperately to think of what Bill could have waiting for him at the house.  He knew it wouldn't be something silly like the few presents his parents had ever bought him.  It had to be something nice, or Bill wouldn't have made such a case of it.  He couldn't wait to find out.

    "When do I get this surprise," he asked as they parked in Bill's driveway.

    "After dinner," Bill replied with a sigh.

    "So I suck your dick, and then you give me my surprise?" laughed Robby.

    "You will make me nuts!" cried Bill.  "After dinner, you'll get your surprise. Then we can have as much sex as you want."

    "Deal!" cried Robby as he raced off toward the side door of the house.

    He used the key that Bill had given him, and he let himself inside.  The first thing he was when he entered the dining room was the balloons.  There were hundreds of them all around the room.  Every one of them were the same shade of green as his own eyes.   He couldn't believe it.

    Then he saw the banner that was tacked across the archway that divided the dining room from the living room.  It was big and the letters were that same shade of green.  They spelled out a message that brought tears to his eyes.

Happy Birthday, Robby!!

   Bill came up behind him and wrapped his strong arms around his shoulders.  He squeezed lightly and rocked him back and forth.  They said nothing for a while.  They just stood there.  Robby looked at the banner, and Bill inhaled the scent of Robby's hair.

    "Do you like it?" Bill finally asked.

    "It's great," said Robby.  "No one's ever done anything like this for me before."

    "Well, I promise, this won't be the last time," said Bill, holding him tighter.

    "I just have one question," said Robby.

    "Name it."

    "Why is everything green? My favorite color is blue."

    "Oh that," Bill said with a chuckle.  "You see, ever since I looked into those beautiful eyes of yours, green has been my favorite color."

    Robby went limp in Bill's arms.  He'd never had anyone be so nice to him before.  He grabbed onto Bill's arms and just hung there like that for a while.  When Bill finally dragged him over to the table, he almost had to force him to sit in a chair.   Robby refused to take his eyes off that banner.

    Bill left him there to look at it all he wanted.  He had to get dinner on the table and then there was the cake to worry about.  He hadn't had this much fun celebrating a birthday since before his wife had left him and taken the boys.  He was enjoying this almost as much as Robby was.

    He fussed in the kitchen for a few minutes.  He made sure that nothing had burned while he was gone.  There were steaks in the broiler and potatoes in the oven.  Rolls were warming in the steamer, and green beans were simmering in their butter sauce on the stove.  Everything was perfect, and all he had to do was make the plates.

    He hoped that Robby didn't venture upstairs before he could get back into the dining room.   The present that he had gotten him was laying on the bed.  It was the first thing Robby would see when they made their way up to the bedroom.

    When he carried the two plates into the dining room, he discovered that he'd had nothing to worry about.  Robby was still sitting there in the same place he'd left him.  His eyes still hadn't left the banner.  He wondered if the smell of the food would tear his eyes away from it.

    "Hey," he said as he sat the plates down on the table.   "You gonna stare at that all night, or do you think I might persuade you to eat before it gets cold?"

    "You cooked," said Robby, smiling again.

    "You say that like it's a monumental event," said Bill as he sat down across from him.  "I cook every day, and I cook for you every time you are here."

    "I was making a joke," he replied.

    He was so happy.  No one had ever done anything like this for him before.  This surprise would stay with him for the rest of his life.  He couldn't wait to see what else Bill had planned.  The food was delicious, and he couldn't get enough of it.

    "How was school today?" asked Bill.

    "Boring," he replied.  "I couldn't wait to get out of there!"

    "A little anxious on your birthday?" teased Bill.

    "It's Friday," he said.  "I'm always like that on Friday."

    "Anything special happen today?" asked Bill.

    "No, not really," he replied.  They had this discussion every Friday.  He thought that Bill was trying to make up for all of the conversations that he never got to have with his own sons.  He knew that he loved these conversations.  Never did he have anything close to this with his dad.

    "No homework this weekend?" asked Bill, raising his eyebrows at him.

    "None," he replied.

    "You know, there are only four days left of school for the year," said Bill, reminding Robby that their time together was growing short.   Robby dreaded the end of the school year.

    "I know," he said sadly.

    "I just happen to know this football coach who is going to need some extra help with his yard this summer," said Bill in his best by the way voice.  "And then there's that damned garage that he'll need painted, and the back fence will probably need fixed this summer."

    "I know where you're headed," said Robby, smiling.

    "Anything to get to keep seeing you," said Bill.   "I'll talk to your dad personally."

    "You are the greatest!" cried Robby.

    "Anything for my boy," said Bill, looking at him intently.   "But now, I need to take these plates to the kitchen."

    "Remember, you are mine now that dinner is out of the way," said Robby.

    "Oh but you don't want desert?" said Bill, acting shocked.

    "I'll have my desert upstairs," replied Robby, looking sternly at him.

    "No, this desert belongs on the table," said Bill.   "I'll carry you up the stairs and feed you my desert as soon as we're done."

    With that he walked out of the room leaving Robby to ponder this special desert.   He knew that he would never be able to deal with it when Bill decided that they were through.  It was a terrible thought to think of now, but he knew that it would come.  Bill couldn't want him forever.  No one ever did.

    As soon as that thought ran through his mind, Bill came back into the dining room carrying a cake in one hand and plates in the other.  There was a single candle sticking up out of the top of the chocolate cake.  As he sat the cake on the table, he lit the candle with a lighter he'd taken out of his pocket.

    "Happy birthday, Baby," he said, smiling down at Robby.

    "Thank you so much," Robby almost whispered.

    "Hey, none of that," said Bill as tears welled up in Robby's eyes.  "Happiness today! Now make a wish."

    Robby closed his eyes and wished that this day could last forever.  He opened them and blew out the candle.  He sat there looking up at Bill's smiling face through the smoke from the candle.  He loved Bill.  He knew that he would always love Bill.

    "Only a small piece," he said as Bill began to cut the cake.

    "Afraid you might get fat?" Bill teased.

    They ate their cake in silence.  Neither of them took their eyes of one another.   Robby couldn't wait to be in Bill's arms, and Bill couldn't wait to show Robby just how much he really loved him.  It had taken him by surprise when he discovered that he truly did love Robby Hardy.  He'd never expected things to get this far.   They had, however, and Bill couldn't imagine life without Robby.

    "Now, your dick is mine!" Robby gasped as Bill ate the last bite of his piece of cake.

    "As you command," said Bill as he rose from his seat.   He walked around the table and lifted Robby out of his chair.

    He put one arm around Robby's shoulders, and the other went around his legs.  He hoisted him up into his arms and walked through the room to the stairs.  He stared deep into Robby's green eyes as he walked them up to the bedroom.  He couldn't wait to give Robby his special present.

    "I want you to make me feel it tonight, Bill," said Robby as they entered the bedroom.

    "You'll feel me," said Bill as he set him back on his feet.   "But first, I have something for you."

    He reached over to the black velvet box on the bed and placed it in Robby's hand.  He kissed him gently on the lips and then stepped back to watch him open the box.  The moment he'd been waiting for had finally arrived.

    Robby opened the box slowly, and Bill could see the light reflected off the gold on his face.   Inside the box was a thick gold necklace.  Robby couldn't believe his eyes.   Bill walked around him and took the necklace out of the box.  He put it around Robby's neck and fastened the clasp.

    "I love you, Robby," he whispered in his ear as his hands traveled down the boy's body to the button at the fly of his jeans.

    "I love you, too," whispered Robby as Bill's hand crept inside his jeans and grasped his hard dick through the fabric of his boxers.

    Bill stripped his pants off of him.  Robby toed off his shoes as the jeans swept down past his knees.  Next came his shirt up over his head, and he was standing there naked, wearing only his socks.  Bill turned him around and lifted him up.

    Robby wrapped his legs around Bill's waist as his arms circled around his neck.  Bill pulled him tighter against him, and their lips met.  Robby opened his mouth to accept Bill's tongue, and the two kissed like they'd never kissed before.

    Their mouths greedily tried to consume each other as Bill walked him over to the bed.  He bent, and the two of them were lying across the middle of the bed.  Robby was pulling at the buttons of Bill's pants as Bill's hungry mouth attacked his left ear.

    As soon as he got the buttons undone on his jeans, he was already tugging at his shirt.  He pulled until Bill raised up enough to get the shirt off and then he was back to the jeans.   He pushed them down as far as he could from his vantage point.

    Soon, Bill began to help again.  He stood up completely and took off his own jeans, shoes and underwear.  He lay back down on top of Robby and went back to attacking his left ear.  Robby whimpered under him, and his hands clawed at Bill's ass cheeks trying to pull his pelvis closer to him.

    Bill licked and sucked on Robby's neck.  He left kisses trail around his neck to the other side of his head, and then he attacked the other ear with just as much fever.  Robby clawed away at the globes of his ass as he drove his tongue as far as it would go into his ear.

    Bill reached his hand across the bed to his jeans and lifted the small bottle of poppers from his pocket.  They seldom needed them anymore for their love making, but this time, he wanted their union to be special.  He wanted Robby to feel extra pleasure today, and this was the way that he knew would guarantee it.  He placed the bottle under Robby's nose, and without having to tell him, he heard Robby breath deeply.

    The effect was almost instantaneous.  He felt Robby's hips buck up against him, and he knew it was time to give the boy what he wanted.  He slid down his body, leaving kisses trailed down his chest and stomach.  He paid close attention to his navel, licking it for all he was worth before going further.

    He engulfed the hard shaft of teenaged meat, swallowing him to the hilt.  Robby moaned and gripped the sheets with his fist as he drove his hips up, trying to force his dick further into Bill's throat.  As if it was the cue, Bill's slicked fingers found Robby's asshole.  They danced around it for what seemed an agonizing eternity.   Finally, one finger sank into him to the webbing, and Robby hissed in pleasure.

    This was what he wanted.  This was what he was waiting for.  He needed Bill's dick to scratch the itch that was buried there, and he moaned and writhed against his hand as Bill drove a second and then a third finger into him.

    As Robby raised his hips again, Bill slid himself between the boy's legs.  His hard dick was poised at the opening of his ass.  He thrust forward, and in one move, he was buried to his balls in the boy's silky love tunnel.

    "Yes!" cried Robby as he wrapped his legs around Bill's waist.  "Fuck me!"

    Over and over again, Bill thrust his dick in and out of Robby's hungry hole.  He knew each time his dick sailed over the love button inside the boy, because the boy's cries would increase in volume.  Before he knew it was coming, Robby's dick erupted between them, coating both of their stomachs with sticky love juice.

    "Oh God!" breathed Bill as Robby's ass clamped down on his dick like a vice.

    It milked his prick, and tried desperately to send him over the edge.  Robby bucked as the waves of his orgasm spread through his body.  Each contraction of his ass muscles pulled Bill's dick like a machine set to milking.  He cried out as his balls erupted their cream.

    Robby could feel the hot man seed washing the inner walls of his rectum.  He clamped his legs tighter around his lover's waist as the body above him began to shiver and jerk with orgasmic spasms.  He had all of it inside of him now.  Soon, he would feel his favorite part of their love making.

    He lifted his legs in preparation for the bath that Bill's tongue would give, first his balls, and then his hole.  Bill lapped at the still open crevice that was the boy's ruined asshole, tasting his own seed and sucking it up.  He drove his tongue in and forced more of his own juice into his hungry mouth.

    When he got as much of himself as he could retrieve, he crawled back up Robby's body and brought their lips together.  Robby opened his mouth and accepted the taste of the man that he loved.  They savored the flavor as they sucked it back and forth until it was gone.

    In the end they lay panting beside each other locked in a post union embrace.  Neither of them could speak a word.  They had much work left before them before they would catch their breaths.  Robby stroked Bills chest and moaned his appreciation for the fuck of his young life.

    "Happy birthday," Bill gasped as soon as he had a small grasp on his breathing.

    "I love you," panted Robby in reply.

    When they'd gathered their wits, Robby started to dress.  He fingered the gold chain around his neck as he eyed his lover.  They had precious little time before Robby had to be home.  There was no time for more play, and Robby felt the beginning of the let down.

    "Don't look so sad," said Bill, catching that look in his eyes.  "You'll be back here on Monday, or did you forget?"

    "One day away from you is Hell for me, Bill," Robby said with sadness thick in his voice.

    "Come on, Baby," Bill whispered as he pulled Robby out of the room.

    They drove to the designated drop off in silence.  Neither of them knew what to say after professing their love for one another.  Robby kept thinking that he'd never come down from the high he was on.  He'd be floating by morning.

    "I love you," said Bill as he brought the blazer to a stop, two blocks from Robby's street.

    "I love you, too," he replied as he got out and shut the door.

    He watched Bill drive off, and his heart began to sink.  It was just like every other time when they said their good-byes.  Robby had to remind himself that it wasn't over.  He'd see him again soon.  It was hard for him, but he finally started to walk away.

    He was met half way home by Rick Easley.  The boy stepped out from behind the tall bushes that separated two yards.  He nearly scared Robby to death.  At first, he thought he was a mugger, and he was about to scream when he recognized the face.

    "Have a good time with Coach Mendon's dick in your ass?" asked Rick sweetly.

    Robby stopped dead in his tracks.  He could feel the color drain for his face.  Panic swelled inside of him, and his first instinct was to run.  But where could he run? If Rick knew the truth, there was nowhere to hide.

    "What are you talking about?" he asked, deciding to play it off.

    "Don't act so innocent," said Rick, still smiling at him.   "I've known since the beginning of the school year. My aunt lives across the street from Mendon. I saw you go in one day, and I got curious. You two should never have fucked on the sofa."  He began to laugh as he said it, and Robby wanted him dead.

    "If you knew, then why didn't you say something sooner?" he asked.

    "I needed the perfect opportunity," Rick replied.  "You see, you have something that I've been wanting for a long time."

    "What?" Robby demanded, feeling the gold chain he'd slipped into his pocket just before getting out of the blazer.

    "Your ass," Rick hissed.  "You'll give it up for me, or I'll tell your mommy and daddy what a good little cocksucker you are for the coach."

    "And what makes you think they'll believe you?" he asked, trembling inside.

    "Oh my three little polaroids tell a nice story," said Rick, smiling at him evilly.

    Robby had no idea if he was lying or not, but he didn't want to take the chance.  He couldn't risk his parents finding out.  Bill would go to jail, and his dad would probably kill him.  He had no choice but to do what Rick wanted.

    "Where?" he asked in defeat.

    "Your house," Rick replied.

    "My parents will never let you in the house," he cried.   His heart was hammering faster than ever before.

    "What about that project that'd due tomorrow?" Rick said, sarcastically.

    "How do you . . ."

    "It doesn't matter how," he said.  "What matters is that that's what mommy and daddy believe. I'm here to work on it with you. We are partners for this little project. What class did you tell them it was for?"    

    "Chemistry," he mumbled.

    "Oh we'll make chemistry alright," he laughed.

    He allowed Rick to follow him down the street.  He hated the little laugh that kept coming from his mouth.  He wanted so much to just turn around and punch him in the face, but he remembered the pictures.  He had to do this, or everything would explode in his face.

    "That sure is a mighty fine ass," whispered Rick from behind him as he walked up the steps of his own front porch.

    "Mom, I left my notes for the project up in my room," he said.  "There's stuff up there that we can use to finish it, and Rick is my lab partner."

    "Be quiet about it, your father is asleep," she said as she walked by him.  She didn't even look at Rick.

    He climbed the stairs with doom in his stomach.  Rick was behind him, and he kept touching his ass.  A sick feeling began to creep into his bones, and he wondered if he could actually let Rick fuck him.  He knew that he had to, but he didn't think he would be able to live with himself when it was done.

    "Ok, how do we do this?" asked Rick when Robby closed his bedroom door behind them.

    "You're the blackmailing scum," Robby spat.  "You should know."

    "I'd be nice to me if I were you," Rick said hotly.   "Just pull down your pants and bend over."

    "We don't have any lube," said Robby, fearful of what a dry fuck would be like.

    "Don't play cute," said Rick.  "I can see the wet spot on the ass of your jeans. I know your ass is wet from the fuck you already had."

    With a sense of utter defeat, Robby turned around and pulled down his jeans.  He exposed his ass, and Rick pushed on his shoulders bending him over.  He prayed that it would be quick and that Rick would just leave when it was over.

    He heard Rick fumbling with his belt, and then he felt the head of his dick against his hole.   He gritted his teeth as Rick grabbed both of his hips and shoved all of his dick into his ass.  There was little pain.  Rick seemed to be a lot smaller than Bill.  The left over lube mixed with Bill's cum softened most of the entry.

    "That's it, fuckboy, take my dick," said Rick as he began to slowly fuck his dick in and out of Robby's ass.  "You like that, don't you?"

    "Just shut up and fuck me," Robby whispered.  "And be quiet!"

    "You ass feels good on my dick, Robby," he said, ignoring him.  "We're gonna get to be great friends."

    Robby thrust his ass back on Rick's dick faster and faster in an effort to hurry it along.   He heard Rick begin to grunt and moan, and he knew it would be over soon.   When Rick squeezed his hips with his hands, he thought he was home free.  But just as he felt Rick's cum coating the inside of his ass, the bedroom door flew open, and his father barged in.

    "Fuckin faggot!" cried his father as he grabbed Rick by the ass and threw him out of the room.  "You like dick, do you? Well, Daddy's got a big one for you, Robby."

    "No!" cried Robby as he yanked up his jeans and whirled around.

    His father's fist caught him just under his left eye, and he fell back against his dresser.   His father opened his boxers and let his dick fall out.  Robby couldn't help looking.  It was bigger than Bill's.  It had to be at least ten inches, and it was wider than one of his own fists!

    "Suck it, Queer!" his father screamed at him as he shoved Robby down.  He thrust his dick into Robby's mouth, splitting the sides of his lips.

    At first, he tired to accommodate it, but then he remembered who he was dealing with.   This was his father! This was the man who had told him he was a mistake.  He wouldn't take this from him.  He'd die first!  He clamped his mouth closed around his father's dick and tried with all his might to bring his teeth together.

    "Fucking scumbag faggot!" his father screamed, and his fist made contact his the other side of Robby's face.

    It knocked his face away from the dick, but it made his vision swim in darkness for a second.   He saw his father gripping his dick.  He was bent at the waist, and there was a pained sound coming from deep in the man's chest.

    Robby kicked him in the groin as hard as he could.  When he went down, Robby ran for his life.  He didn't stop until he was almost ten blocks away.  He felt for the gold necklace that had been the greatest gift of his life as the tears strolled down his face.

    Life as he knew it was over.  He could never go back, and that meant he could never see Bill.   He sobbed at this thought.  He had to get away.  He had no idea where he would go, but he knew he had to leave.

    "Robby!" cried Rick as he ran toward him.

    "What the fuck do you want?" Robby hissed at him.   "This is all your fault!"

    "I know, and I'm sorry," the other boy said.  Sincerity was steady in his voice.   "I never meant for . . "

    "Fuck you! Alright!" screamed Robby.  "Fuck you!"

    He started to turn and walk away, but Rick grabbed his arm and turned him around again.   He looked at him for a moment, and then he took him into his arms.  He held him tight, so he couldn't get away.  Robby hated him with everything in him.   This was the person who had ruined his life!

    "I'm so sorry, Robby," said Rick.  He shoved his hand into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills.  "I took this from my father's desk in the den. Take it Robby. If you are going to run, then you'll need ever cent."

    Robby took the money out of his hands, wondering why this boy would want to help him.  He was sure that his father would tell what he'd seen, and then Rick would be in trouble, too.  He said none of this, however.  He thought Rick deserved what would come.   He hated him more than he'd ever hated anyone in his life.

    "There's six hundred dollars there, Robby," said Rick.   "You are a block from the bus station. Get on a bus and fly like the wind."

    Robby tuned and looked up the street toward the bus station.  In one hand he gripped the wad of money that Rick had stolen from his father.  In the other hand, he held the necklace that was the greatest gift of his life.

    That life was over now.  It was time to run.  He'd thought of this so many times, but now that it was finally a reality, he was scared to his bones.  He wanted to run to Bill.  He wanted to run into his arms and beg him for help.  He couldn't do that, though.  He couldn't drag Bill into this now.

    No.   That was all over.  He was on his own now.  He had to run away.  He had to run far away.  And he had to do it now.

To Be Continued . . . . .

Well there you have it! The first chapter of The Boys Of Summer is complete.  I'm very excited to finally begin this long tale.  Let me know what you think.  I'm open to suggestions.  Be on the lookout for the second chapter, The Twins.

Eric Draven - October 28, 2001

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