The Boys Of Summer

copyright 2001 by Eric Draven

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This story is intended for readers over the age of 18.   The story contains scenes depicting sexual acts between males.  Some scenes depict sexual acts between men and teen aged boys.  If this type of material is offensive to you, or if it is illegal in your state or country, please do not read further.  If you are under 18, then you know what to do.

This story also contains scenes depicting unsafe sexual practice, however, this story in no way promotes unsafe sexual contact.  Always use a condom to protect both yourself, and the one that you love.   This story also contains scenes depicting drug use.  I in no way promote drug use.

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Where Chapter Two Left Off . . .

“I got dirt on me somewhere that I missed or something?” he asked, noticing their looks.

“Sorry,” said Jason, looking down.

“Just admiring the view, guy,” said Daniel, shocking his brother.

“Thanks,” said Robby, blushing.

They settled down and watched television for a while, but Robby could feel himself nodding off. He assumed that he would be sleeping on the couch, so he tried to stay awake until they went to sleep.

He thought of his money. He’d hidden it behind the toilet tank. He din’t know these guys, and he wan’t ready to trust them with over five hundred dollars.

“You look sleepy, guy,” said Daniel.  “Why don’t you just go over and get into bed. Jas and I will come over when we get tired.”

“Which side do you want?” he asked Daniel.

“Does’t matter,” he replied. “And Jason is a middle guy.”

Robby noticed that this caused Jason’s face to get red. He knew from his earlier comment that Daniel was gay, but Jason, he wan’t sure. He hoped that he was. He liked him a lot. He knew it was silly, but he thought his shyness was sweet.

He crawled into bed and thought about the way things had turned out. He’d been all alone just a few hours ago. Now he had two friends and a place to stay. He also had a very big crush. He thought of Bill, and then he felt guilty. The last thing he thought of before slipping off to sleep was that Bill would just have to understand.

The Cast of Characters So Far:

Robby Hardy:  a 15 year old boy who, until recently, had been carrying on a sexual affair with his football coach. The Runaway.

Rick Easley:  a 15 year old boy who lives across the street from Robby's parents.

Jason And Daniel:  17 year old orphaned twins.

Luca:  a man who owns a motel and takes pity on the twins from time to time for a price.

Kevin:  a trick that is infatuated with Jason.

Nathan:  a street hustler.

And Now

Chapter Three

The Hustler

   Daniel thought it was good that Jason had Robby to distract him.  He hadn't liked the lust he'd seen in his brother's eyes over Luca.   He didn't want to admit it to anyone, but he wanted Luca.  He wanted him all to himself.  The last thing in the world that he thought he could stomach was his brother stepping in and taking over.  That just wouldn't do.  Not at all!

        When he'd let himself out of the room, Robby had been asleep.  Jason didn't ask him where he was going or how long he'd be gone.  Daniel knew why.  Jason wanted to be alone with Robby.  Too bad that Robby was asleep.  Jason wouldn't get very far with a sleeping boy.  At least, Daniel didn't think that Jason would try to do anything to Robby while he was sleeping.  Not only was it not like Jason to do something like that, they still didn't know Robby that well.

        The boy had told them his story.  He was still holding back parts of it.  Of that, Daniel was positive.  He understood that, though.  He imagined that their were sides to Robby's story that were just too painful to recount.  He knew that he would probably never tell anyone everything that had happened to him in the foster home.  Jason didn't even know all of it.

        Daniel supposed that it was best to keep certain events a secret.  So, he didn't blame Robby for not telling them all of his story.  Robby's story wasn't what was really on his mind, anyway.  Luca.  All he could think about was Luca.  He wanted some time alone with Luca.  Time without Jason.

        He walked down the stairs and around the building to Luca's office.  The room next to the office of the motel was Luca's.  He'd been inside that room often enough to know.  He stood just outside the door to Luca's room wondering if he should knock or use the key that Luca had given him.  If Luca was asleep, he might not be too happy to wake up to find Daniel in his bed.  But Daniel had to be alone with him for at least a little while.

        He listened, but he didn't hear the television or the radio.  He supposed that Luca was asleep.   He glanced at his watch and saw that it was nearly 5AM.  Luca would be getting out of bed soon to open the office.  He could wait for that, but he really didn't want to wait.

        The memory of Luca's dick in his ass competed in his mind with the memory of Luca saying that he wanted Jason to fuck him.  Daniel had tried hard not to let it show, but that had really pissed him off.  He didn't know how to tell Luca that, but he wanted to make sure that Luca was only his.  He unlocked the door and slowly opened it.  What he saw when he got the door open stopped him dead in his tracks.


        The room was dark when Robby woke up.  He couldn't have been asleep for very long.  He could feel Jason beside him, and he thought Daniel was on the other side of Jason.  He felt Jason's across his shoulders, and again he thought of Bill.  He missed Bill already.   He'd been gone from home for only two days, but it already seemed like forever.

        Then there was the way he thought about Jason.  Jason was cute, but he seemed younger than he was.   It was clear that Daniel was the more dominant of the boys.  For one thing, Daniel did most of the talking, and Jason seemed to blush all the time.  Jason did seem to stare at him a lot.  This was a fact that Daniel seemed to point out at every opportunity.

        Robby liked the attention, but it made him think about Bill.  He didn't want to think about Bill.   It was clear to him that his life had changed.  That part of his life was gone now, and he had to start thinking about what he was going to do with the rest of his life.   He didn't know what was in store for him now.  He had no idea where he would end up.

        But getting over Bill was not going to be easy.  Bill had been the first person to show him real affection, and he would love Bill forever.  He wondered if Bill knew he was gone.   He was sure that his parents hadn't called the police.  He believed that they would be overjoyed that he was gone.  But what if they had? Would it even matter? They had no idea where to look for him.

        Rick.  They could have talked to Rick.  But he never told Rick where he was going.  He didn't even know where he was going until he got to the bus station.  He'd taken the first outbound bus.  Rick couldn't lead them to him.  He was certain of that.   He did wonder what had happened to Rick later that night and the next morning.   He wondered if Rick would be awake at this hour.  He knew that there was a phone in Rick's room.  He'd seen it while he was studying at Rick's one night.   Rick had even gave him the number to his private line.  He remembered it.   Without thinking, he picked up the telephone and dialed.

        "Robby," he said to the operator when she asked who was placing the collect call.  The line clicked, and he waited.  He wondered if Rick would even accept the charges.

        "Robby?" said Rick's voice on the other end of the connection.

        "Hi," he said, not knowing what to say now that he actually had Rick on the phone.  His mind flooded with questions about Bill.  Rick knew that he had been having sex with Bill, but he didn't think that Bill would talk to Rick about it.

        "Boy and I glad to hear from you," said Rick.  "Are you still mad at me?"

        "I'm not exactly thrilled with you, Rick," he replied, remembering why he had been forced to run away in the first place.

        "I really am sorry, Robby," said Rick.  "I never meant to cause so much trouble."

        "I just called to see if my parents have called the police," he said, thinking that he shouldn't have called to begin with.  He remembered a movie he had watched where a man's phone call had been traced back to where he was hiding.  He pushed the thought from his mind, thinking that it was silly.  After all, he was only a 15 year old boy that nobody wanted.  They would put traces on his neighbor's phone to catch him.

        "The police came when your dad stormed into my house later that night," said Rick.  "He thought you were hiding over here."

        "Oh, God," said Robby.  "What happened?"

        "He roughed me up pretty good before my dad got upstairs to stop him," said Rick.   "Then he told my dad about me fucking you."

        "Shit," said Robby, thinking in the back of his mind that Rick was getting what he deserved.

        "Yeah," said Rick.  "Word spread pretty quick. Now everyone is calling me names and shit."

        "That sucks," said Robby.  He didn't know what to say to Rick.  Rick had destroyed his life, and he was almost happy that Rick's life wasn't fine and dandy now.

        "My dad knows the money is missing, and he told me that if I don't put it back where I found it, he'll call the police and have me arrested."

        "Shit," breathed Robby, thinking that he'd have to check to make sure that the money was still in his jeans pocket.

        "I'm gonna split," said Rick.


        "I'm gonna run," he said.  "I'm not stayin here to take this shit, Robby. I'm gonna get away while I can. I was just about to leave when you called."

        "Where are you gonna go?" asked Robby.

        "I don't know for sure," he said.  "You are the expert on running away, where should I go?"

        "I'm no expert," replied Robby.

        "Well, I can tell from the fact that I don't hear traffic noises in the background that you are not on the street," said Rick.  "So, you have to be somewhere."

        "I'm in a motel," he replied before h could stop himself.  He mentally kicked himself for that little slip.

        "You hate me now, don't you?"

        He had to think that one over.  He hated him when he tried to blackmail him.  All of this was his fault, but now he had to admit that he felt sorry for him.  He didn't know what to say to him about it, though.

        "It's ok if you do," said Rick.

        "I don't hate you, Rick," Robby said with a sigh.  "I'm not exactly thrilled with you, but I don't hate you."

        "I really am sorry, Robby," said Rick.  "I just wanted you, and when I . . ."

        "What about Bill . . I mean the coach," interrupted Robby.  "Have you seen him?"

        "I talked to him earlier," he said.  "He wanted to know if I knew where you were."

        "You have to get rid of the pictures, Rick," said Robby, remembering the "three little polaroids".

        "Robby, I never took any pictures of you and the coach," said Rick.  "I just said that to get you to . . ."

        "You didn't take any pictures?"

        "None," he said.

        Robby was quiet for a few minutes.  He didn't know what to say to him now.  He'd lied about the pictures.  He'd thought it was a lie but wasn't prepared to test it.  He couldn't believe that he'd let Rick fuck him.  Just remembering it made him mad.   Rick had been rough with him.  He wanted so bad to hate him.

        "Where are you going to go, Rick?" he asked instead of saying some of the things that were running though his mind.

        "I don't know, Robby," he said.  "I don't know where to go."

        Robby was sure that he'd regret it, but he was going to tell him where he was.  He was going to tell him to come there.


        "That's it, kid, fuck me hard," said Luca as Daniel stood in the door way watching him.

        Daniel couldn't believe it.  Luca was letting some kid fuck him! He wanted to grab the kid and pound his ass.  He wanted to scream.  The problem was that he didn't have a right to do either of those things.  He hated to admit it to himself, but he had fallen for Luca.  He'd fallen head over heals for him.

        It was really stupid when he thought about it.  Luca never showed him any affection.  He was always rude and obnoxious.  There was no good reason for Daniel to feel the way he felt for Luca, but he did.  He found himself thinking about Luca all the time.   He constantly wanted Luca's dick inside of him.  He couldn't concentrate half the time.  Even when he was with a trick, it was Luca he thought about.

        He watched as Luca slammed his ass back onto the kid's dick.  He listened as Luca grunted and moaned.   He could hear the lust in his voice.  He could see the sweat dripping off of his body, too.  The kid was really fucking him good.

        "What are you starin' at?" asked the kid.  Daniel looked him over.  He had a nice tight body with, from what Daniel could see, no hair on it.  He couldn't see the kid's eyes too well, though.  They were still in darkness.  He could make out that he had dark blond or light brown hair, though.  He wasn't that bad looking.

        "Well, well, well," said Luca, peering at him from over his shoulder.  "What's the matter Danny? Get a little crowded upstairs with the new boy?"

        "Luca, I . . ."

        "Save it," said Luca, finally pulling himself off the kid's dick.

        "Hey!" cried the kid.  He was obviously not happy to feel the open air on his wet dick.

        "Shut up," said Luca.  "You'll get your money. You always do."

        "You pay him?" breathed Daniel before he'd even known he was going to speak.

        "You ain't on my good list tonight, kiddo," said Luca as he fished around in his jeans for his wallet.  "First you move some street kid into the room that I'm graciously letting you stay in . . ."

        "He's not . . ."

        "Shut it," said Luca as he handed the kid a few soggy bills.

        "This is only forty dollars, Luca," said the kid.  "You know what I charge, man."

        "Oh wait," cried Luca.

        "Now I gotta wait," mumbled the kid.

        "I pay for the dick, kid," said Luca.  "Not the lip."

        "That's right," said the kid, grinning.  "I charge more for the lip."

        "Gotta be a wise ass," said Luca.

        "That's me," said the kid.

        Daniel just kept looking from the kid to Luca.  He didn't know what to say now.  Luca knew about Robby.  That wasn't good.  Then he'd burst in on his fuck.  That wasn't good, either.

        "My name is Nathan," said the kid after he caught Daniel looking at him for the millionth time.

        "That's it," said Luca as he handed Nathan more money.  "Get good and acquainted with each other. You two are gonna be good friends here soon."

        "What's that supposed to me?" croaked Nathan.

        "Since blondie there likes to invite street filth into the room I'm lettin him use, I figure you can stay in it too," said Luca in a voice that clearly betrayed that he thought the point had been obvious.

        "Robby is not street filth, Luca," said Daniel.

        "Do I know the kid?" Luca yelled.  "No. I don't know the kid from Adam. He's in my motel, though. Guess I'll get to know him soon enough."

        "He's a good kid, Luca," said Daniel, thinking he'd kick Robby's ass if he made him out to be a liar.

        "We'll see," said Luca.

        "You gonna have him fuck you, too?" Daniel yelled back, still a bit sore over what he'd walked in on.

        "Ain't this grand," cried Luca.  "I got two wise asses."

        That time, Daniel kept his mouth shut.  It seemed that Nathan knew when to lay off, too.  He didn't have anything to say, either.


        "Was that your boyfriend?" asked Jason as Robby hung up the phone.

        "Jesus!" cried Robby.  "You scared me."

        "Sorry," said Jason, yawning.  "Was it?"

        "He's not my boyfriend," Robby breathed.  He couldn't believe he'd told Rick where he was.   Already he was sure that Rick would tell everyone, and the police would be showing up soon.

        "Must be a friend," said Jason, yawning again.  "You invited him to Chicago."

        "I wouldn't call him a friend, either," moaned Robby.

        "You sure are strange," said Jason.

        "Thanks," replied Robby.  He turned off the bedside lamp and crawled back under the covers next to Jason.

        The two boys were quiet for a while.  Neither of them knew what to say next.  Jason was trying desperately to think of the right way to tell Robby that he wanted to touch him.   Robby was amazing himself.  He couldn't believe that, even with the probability that he would be arrested by morning, his dick was hard as a rock just from laying down next to Jason.

        He thought about it, and the more he thought about it, the less he liked himself.  He'd had plenty of sex before coming to Chicago.  He should have been able to keep himself under control.  Yet, for some reason, every time he looked at Jason, his dick shot strait up out of the top of his boxers.  It was presently soaking the inside of his boxers with precum.  He couldn't believe it.  He would more than likely be in a cell with a some bug ugly fat guy by morning, and he was really diggin on Jason.

        Jason didn't know what to do.  He wanted to touch Robby, but he didn't dare.  He wasn't sure if Robby liked him or not, and the last thing he wanted was to find out the hard way.   Daniel was always better at this stuff than he was.  If Daniel wanted Robby, it would all be out in the open by now.

        Jason realized that he didn't know where his brother was.  The last he remembered, Daniel had been watching television.  But when Robby turned on the light, Daniel wasn't in the room.   He supposed that Daniel could be in the bathroom, but he didn't hear the shower running.  Besides, Daniel had taken his shower right after Robby, so he wasn't in the shower.  But where did he go? It didn't really matter, he decided.  Daniel could take care of himself.

        His real problem was the hard dick in his own underwear.  The other problem was wanting Robby.   He thought about the boy, Rick, coming from Robby's home town.  Robby had said he wasn't his boyfriend.  He said he wasn't his friend, either.  But Robby had invited him to come to Chicago, and from what it sounded like, to this very motel room.

        "You're right," said Robby, startling him.

        "About what?" he replied, thinking that he hadn't said anything.  He wondered if he really had said something and just didn't realize it.

        "I am strange," said Robby.

        "I didn't mean it in a bad way," said Jason, wishing he hadn't said it all.  He knew what Robby was talking about, and he knew it probably wasn't helping his chances.

        "It's ok," said Robby.  "I'm strange alright. You pegged me."

        "But I don't really think you're strange," replied Jason.

        "It's ok," said Robby.

        "I really don't," said Jason.  "I think that you are really cool. I thought so the first time I saw you."

        "I noticed you checking me out earlier," said Robby.  Surprisingly, he was feeling a bit sure of himself for a change.  He wasn't absolutely sure that Jason was checking him out, but he knew the boy had been looking at him off and on all day long.

        "I'm sorry," replied Jason.  "I just thought you were sexy."

        "You thought?" he chuckled.  He could hear the tremor in Jason's voice, and he knew that the boy was just as interested as he was.

        "Well . . ."

        "It's ok," said Robby again.  He turned over and slid his hand down the front of Jason's body.  Just as the door to the room opened and Daniel stepped in.

        "Well well," said Daniel.  "You two look comfy."

        Jason turned just in time to see the other boy walk in behind Daniel.  He didn't know who he was.   He'd never seen the boy before.  He had light brown hair and pail skin.   Jason tried hard to decide what color the boy's eyes were, but he couldn't decide between blue and grey.  He was dressed in a baggy sweatshirt and dingy blue jeans.

        "No way," said the boy.  "Twins!"

        Jason glared at him.  The accent was southern.  It wasn't thick, but Jason heard it.  As the boy came closer, he saw that his eyes were neither blue or grey.  They were green.  He didn't know what it was about this boy, but he definitely didn't like him.

        "This is Nathan," said Daniel.  "He's going to be sharing the room with us."

        "What?" cried Jason.  "We don't even know him, Daniel."

        "Don't have a fit," said Daniel, sitting down at the table across from the bed.  "Luca found out about Robby, and he said that since we like room mates, we might as well take Nathan in."

        "Don't you have a fit," said Jason.  "I think there's about to be another room mate."

        "What?" he demanded.  He looked from Jason to Robby and back again.  Robby's face fell when he looked at him, so he knew that this was where he would get his answer.

        "Robby's friend from his home town is coming," said Jason before Robby could say a word.   "He'll be here in the morning."

        "Jesus!" cried Daniel.  "Luca will fuckin' love this!"

        "He will if the kid has a big dick and knows how to fuck," said Nathan, smiling at them.

        "Shut up," said Daniel, and Jason could hear the jealousy in his voice.  Had Nathan been fucking Luca?


        "Who is this kid from your home town?" Daniel demanded of Robby.

        Robby sat up and told Daniel all about Rick.  He skipped the part about Rick blackmailing him, and once again, he skipped telling them about Bill.  It was a short story, and by the end of it, the other boys knew only that Rick lived across the street from Robby and that the two of them had had sex once.

        Jason seemed to react most to the story.  Robby saw him lower his head slightly when he mentioned that he and Rick had sex right before Robby got on the bus.  He'd told Jason that Rick wasn't his boyfriend, and he'd told him he wasn't a friend, either.  Now he didn't know what to tell him about Rick.

        He supposed it wouldn't matter if Rick was actually planing to turn him in.  It wouldn't matter what he said about anything then.   He hadn't told them about that particular fear.   He didn't think it was a good idea to tell them that the person he had invited to stay with them could quite possibly get them all arrested.

        The sun had come up while they were all talking about whether or not it was a good idea to invite Rick to stay.  There was much to be done now that it was a new day.  There was money to be made, and both Jason and Nathan were ready for the task.  Jason called Kevin to set up a lunch time appointment, and Nathan made two phone calls.  The first was to his regular trick, and the second was to the "friend" that he'd been staying with.

        That left Robby and Daniel.  For some reason, Robby didn't like the idea of being in the alone with Daniel.  He supposed that it would be different when Rick got there, but just how different it would be remained to be seen.  Robby was still half convinced that the police would be waiting at the bus station when he got there.

        The two boys were supposed to go to the bus station to wait for Rick.  It had been decided that since both Jason and Nathan, whom all three of them barely knew anything about, had things to do, Robby and Daniel would spend the day together.  It was clear that between Jason and Daniel, Daniel was the one who called all the shots.  Nathan seemed to fall into place with that, or he just wasn't arguing because he actually did have something to do.   Robby wasn't sure what he thought about taking orders from Daniel.  He hadn't come to the city to be bossed around by a boy two years older than him.

        While they waited until it was time to go to the bus station, Daniel asked Robby a lot of questions about Rick.  He wanted to know everything about Rick.  It seemed that as soon as Daniel learned that Rick had fucked Robby, his interest had been piqued.

        "How big is this boy's dick?" asked Daniel.

        "I didn't actually look at it," replied Robby, thinking that Rick's dick couldn't have been as big as Bill's, because it had just slid right into his ass with no trouble.  Sure, he'd just been fucked by Bill, and there was still plenty of cum in his ass from that, but still, he thought that if Rick's dick had been as big as Bill's, it wouldn't have been so easy to just slide it in.

        "What do you mean, you didn't look at his dick?"

        "It's a complicated story, and I'd rather not get into it," said Robby.

        "This boy is your friend, right?" asked Daniel.

        "He lives across the street from me," said Robby.  "We have a few classes together, and we are both on the football team."

        "You mean lived, had and were," corrected Daniel.

        "Right," he replied, hating him for reminding him.

        "But still, you haven't answered my question," continued Daniel.  "Is he your friend?"

        "He isn't my boyfriend, if that's what you mean," said Robby still hoping to dodge the question.

        "Well, that's telling me something," said Daniel.  "I didn't want to move in on your guy. I mean, if I like him enough."

        "Are you sure Luca won't get mad?"

        "I'll handle Luca, don't worry," he replied.

        They were quiet for a while.  Robby thought of what it was going to be like to be sharing a room with Rick for the rest of the month.  He couldn't believe that he'd asked Rick to come here.  What was he thinking? He should hate Rick for what he'd done.  For some reason, though, he felt sorry for him.

        He couldn't believe that his dad had told.  Sure, he hadn't told about what he'd tried to do to him, but he'd told Rick's parents that he'd walked in on them fucking.  Robby couldn't believe it.  In the back of his mind, he still thought that it could be a lie.  Rick could have lied about that just like he'd lied about the pictures.

        He tried really hard not to think about the way Rick had treated him.  He really would hate him if he kept thinking about that.  Rick had been rough.  He'd wanted to get it in and get off quick.  Robby had wanted it over just as much as Rick, though.  There was that to think of, too.  But still, there hadn't been any reason for Rick to be so rough with him.

        "What?" he asked as he became aware that Daniel was staring at him.

        "Just wondering," Daniel replied, smirking.

        "Wondering what?" asked Robby, hoping that he wasn't going to ask more questions about Rick.   Right now, he didn't know what he would tell Daniel.

        "I was wondering if you only like to get fucked," said Daniel.

        Robby was amazed at how different Daniel and Jason were.  Jason seemed shy and nervous, but Daniel seemed very sure of himself.  It was almost enough to make him dislike him.  If it weren't for the fact that he thought that both brothers were so damned hot, he thought he would dislike Daniel very much already.

        "Well?" asked Daniel, smiling at him.

        "Well, what?"

        "Do you only like to get fucked?" Daniel sighed.  "I mean, do you like to fuck? Do you like to suck? What?"

        "Why does it matter?"

        "I like to get fucked," he replied.

        "Are you asking me to fuck you?" asked Robby.

        "I'm asking if you like to fuck," said Daniel.  He started rubbing his crotch, and Robby saw the bulge begin to grow.  "My brother is really into you, you know."

        "So you thought you'd have me first?" he said, hating the fact that his own dick was hard as a rock.

        "It isn't like that," said Daniel.  "I'm just horny, and you are one hot little guy! Jason's off getting his rocks off, why shouldn't I?"

        Robby thought about it for a few minutes.  He thought that Daniel and Jason were pretty hot, too.   He had to admit, he did want Daniel, but he wanted Jason, too.  He liked Jason more than Daniel.  Jason was more his type of guy than Daniel was.   He didn't like Daniel's cocky attitude, and he didn't like his overt sexuality.

        He thought about Bill, and his stomach clenched.  He wished he could just go back home and live with Bill.  He wouldn't need Jason or Daniel if he could just go back to Bill.  Jason and Daniel were nothing compared to Bill.  He felt safe with Bill.  Bill could instantly make him feel better no matter what his parents had or hadn't done to make him feel bad.

        "We have to go to the bus station," he said, trying to find something to help him say no.   He knew that if he couldn't find an excuse, he would soon have Daniel's dick planted in his ass.

        "We have a while," replied Daniel.  "Your friend's bus isn't due for another two hours."

        "Jason could come back . . ."

        "Jason is out to make money, Robby," said Daniel.  "He isn't coming back until he has what he went out for."

        Robby thought it over for a minute.  He supposed that it really didn't matter if Jason liked him.   Jason and Daniel were prostitutes.  This was something that he still didn't have worked out in his head.  He didn't know how he felt about that.  To him, sex was great, but he didn't think he would ever have the gall to ask for money in return for it.

        Still, he was horny, and Daniel was offering to help him out with that.  Sure, he would be helping himself in the process, but Robby supposed that was ok.

        "What exactly do you want me to do?" he asked.

        "Nothing you can't handle," said Daniel.  His grin widened, and for a few seconds, Robby saw just how good looking Daniel really was.  He could see what he might look like with a hair cut and clean clothes.  It was a look that Robby liked very much.

        Daniel stood up and walked over to the bed where Robby was sitting.  He took Robby's face in his hands and leaned down toward him.  Their lips met slowly, and Robby was amazed at how gentle Daniel was being.  From the way that Daniel talked, he thought he would be a lot more insistent.

        Daniel moved his hands down to Robby's neck and sat down beside him.  He caressed the sides of Robby's neck and let the tip of his tongue slide across Robby's closed lips.  Robby slowly opened his lips to accept the kiss, and bolts of electricity shot down his spine.  He felt Daniel's arms enfold him, and for a little while, it was like there was nothing wrong in the world.

        Daniel felt Robby starting to respond on his own.  First, he probed Daniel's mouth with his tongue, and then he was pulling him down on the bed on top of him.  Daniel was sure that Robby was into it now.  He'd wanted him since he'd first seen him in the diner.  Jason would be pissed, but right now, he didn't care.

        He put his hand under Robby's shirt and began to rub his stomach and chest.  When he found his nipples, he felt Robby's body jerk, and he heard him moan.  He knew he'd hit the right spot, and he didn't let up.  He let his fingertips graze over each nipple and was rewarded by more moans from Robby.

        Robby's hands stayed closer to Daniel's waste.  He rubbed them over his stomach, and every other time, his fingers would slip into the waist of Daniel's jeans.  It was clear what he wanted, and Daniel was in no mood to try and play hard to get.  He unbuttoned his jeans and let Robby take over from there.

        "I . . ." Robby started.  He looked Daniel in the eye, but he didn't say anything more.

        "It's alright," said Daniel.  "I want this, and I know you want it, too."

        He tugged down his jeans and let his dick hang free.  Robby mentally compared the size of Daniel's dick to Bill's.  Not even close.  He had Bill's length, but Bill had him on girth.   He watched while Daniel stepped out of his jeans and crawled back onto the bed.   He hesitated for a minute, and then got off the bed and reached for Daniel's dick.   It throbbed in his hands like it had a life of it's own.

        Robby brought his mouth down onto Daniel's dick, and tasted the precum as it oozed from the slit.  He circled his tongue around the crown and then, slowly, let his lips begin their journey to Daniel's dark pubic bush.  He felt the head of Daniel's dick touch the back of his throat and did his best to open his throat.  It must have worked, because the next thing he knew, his nose was being tickled by Daniel's pubic hair.

        "Oh God," moaned Daniel as Robby began to slowly back off.  He moaned again when Robby tightened his lips and began to suck as he slid his mouth back down.

        Robby felt Daniel's hands on his head.  They weren't pushing, he was just holding his head.   He picked up speed and used his tongue to rub the underside of Daniel's dick.   He could feel the boy's balls begin to climb up to his body, and he knew that Daniel was getting close to cumming.

        He backed off and let his dick fall from his mouth.  He attacked Daniel's nuts with his tongue, and the boy spread his legs wide to allow him access.  This was as far as he'd ever gone with Bill.  Usually, by this time, Bill had him on his back with his dick down his throat.   He wanted to go further this time.  He wanted to explore.

        He tugged Daniel's legs up and let his balls fall from his mouth.  He licked his sensitive perineum and got closer and closer to his asshole with each downward stroke of his tongue.  With one hand, he massaged Daniel's nuts.  With the other, he began to probe his asshole with a spit soaked finger.  He knew he was on the right track, because Daniel was steadily moaning and rocking his hips.

        His tongue met his finger at Daniel's asshole, and he let them trade places.  He instantly felt the heat of Daniel's ass on his tongue, and he lapped at it over and over again.  Daniel moaned and tried to impale himself on Robby's tongue.  Robby obliged him and pushed his tongue inside the opening bud of Daniel's ass.

        "Holly fuck!" cried Daniel.  "Do me, man."

        Robby wasn't paying any attention to what Daniel was saying.  He was busy experiencing new sensations.  His tongue was steadily fucking Daniel's ass, and his free hand was wrapped around the bulge in his own jeans.  He squeezed his dick as he thought of what it would be like to fuck Daniel.  He'd never fucked anyone in his life.   Now he was about to get his first chance.

        "I'm ready," gasped Daniel.  "Fuck me, now!"

        Robby stood up and pulled his jeans down to free his dick.  He hadn't thought about where he would get lubrication.  He quickly spit into his hand and rubbed it on his dick.  He hoped that he had loosened Daniel's ass enough for this to be good enough.  He knew that he was about to find out, and the last thing he wanted was to hear the boy howl in pain.

To Be Continued . . . .