The Boys Of Summer

copyright 2001 by Eric Draven

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This story is intended for readers over the age of 18.   The story contains scenes depicting sexual acts between males.  Some scenes depict sexual acts between men and teen aged boys.  If this type of material is offensive to you, or if it is illegal in your state or country, please do not read further.  If you are under 18, then you know what to do.

This story also contains scenes depicting unsafe sexual practice, however, this story in no way promotes unsafe sexual contact.  Always use a condom to protect both yourself, and the one that you love.   This story also contains scenes depicting drug use.  I in no way promote drug use.

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Where Chapter Four Left Off . . .

        "I didn't mean to hurt you," he said.

        "Robby, I am just fine," replied Daniel.  "I just have to get used to that dick of yours."

        They were quiet for a while.  Both boys just looked at each other.  Daniel was hoping that he would see at least some indication in Robby's look that said he would want to repeat his performance.  Robby was searching Daniel's face for any sign that he was really upset with him for what he'd done to him.

        "Come on," said Daniel.   "We'll be late."

        The two boys walked out the door and headed down the stairs.  Daniel wanted to know about Rick, but he wasn't sure of what to ask.  Robby didn't seem to want to talk about it, and he'd been very eager to change the subject before.  He didn't think that Robby would tell him much more if he asked now.

        "There's something about me and Rick that you need to know, Daniel," said Robby as they walked.

        For the two blocks from the hotel to the station, Robby told Daniel about Rick.  The more Daniel heard about him, the more pissed off he was getting.  He liked Robby, and what Rick had done to him was something that he would make sure the boy paid for.

The Cast of Characters So Far:

Robby Hardy:  a 15 year old boy who, until recently, had been carrying on a sexual affair with his football coach. The Runaway.

Rick Easley:  a 15 year old boy who lives across the street from Robby's parents.

Jason And Daniel:  17 year old orphaned twins.

Luca:  a man who owns a motel and takes pity on the twins from time to time for a price.

Kevin:  a trick that is infatuated with Jason.

Nathan:  a street hustler.

And Now

Chapter Five

The New Business

   Jason couldn't believe how good had felt to fuck Kevin.   What's more, he couldn't believe the price that Kevin had paid for it.  He was now walking around with $150 for one trick.  That wasn't all.  Clipped to his pants pocket was a pager.  Kevin had given him the pager and the number.  He said it was so that he could get in touch with him whenever he wanted, but he'd also told him that he could give the number to anyone he wanted.  Kevin was paying the tab.

       He walked back to the hotel in a daze.  He couldn't believe that anyone would give him a pager and pay the bill for him.  Kevin had told him that he really liked him.  Jason supposed that he really did.  It made him a little uncomfortable, but at the same time it made him feel good.  He liked knowing that Kevin liked him.

        His mind was full of different thoughts about Kevin when he walked up the stairs to the hotel room.  He stopped short when he saw the open door.  Nathan was with a trick, Daniel had went with Robby to meet Rick.   No one should be in the room.  He knew that Daniel hadn't left the door open.   Daniel always made sure that the door was closed when they went anywhere.

        "Was this your room?" asked an older woman dressed in a cleaning uniform that looked like it was in major need of repair.   She was wiping off the table.

        "This is my room," he replied.  He wasn't so sure of that at this point.  "Where is my stuff?"

        "Mr. Luca said that you are to come to the office," she said.  She didn't look up from her cleaning.  "Are you Jason or Daniel?"

        "I'm Jason," he said, shocked that Luca had told her their names.

        "Mr. Luca is waiting," she said, dismissing him.

        Jason walked away from the door slowly.   He had to think.  What would Luca want? Where was his stuff?  He didn't like this.  He was sure that Luca didn't want sex.  What could he want? Was he mad? Was he kicking them out? He wished Daniel was here.

        "Jason?" said Nathan from behind him.

        Jason turned around to face him.  He wondered if he'd had anything to do with this.  Daniel would kill him if he had gotten them kicked out.

        "What's going on?" he demanded, sure that anger was the right emotion.

        "Calm down," said Nathan.   "Just come with me to Luca's Office."

        "Why?" he demanded.

        "Because Luca wants to talk to us," said Nathan.

        "About what?"

        "How the fuck should I know?" growled Nathan.  "Just come on before we're all kicked out of here."

        "Where's Daniel?"

        "They're not back yet," said Nathan.   "Don't worry, when they get here, Sheila will tell them to come to the office."


        "So, you're Rick?" asked Daniel as he eyed Rick Easley up and down.  He didn't look like much to Daniel.  He was cute, but not like Robby.  Rick had mousy brown hair and chocolate colored eyes.  He looked just as built as Robby, but Daniel knew that they had both played football.   He filled the front of his jeans nicely, but again, not like Robby.

        "I'm Rick," he replied.  He was more than a little nervous now.  What had Robby told this boy about him? Why did he look like he already hated him?

        "Come on, Rick," said Robby.   "Let's go."

        "So you play football?" said Daniel, sounding at least a little friendly.

        "Yeah, runningback," replied Rick.

        "Thought you would be a quaterback," said Daniel.  Both Robby and Rick looked at him.

        "Nah," said Rick.  "Nowhere near good enough."

        They were silent for the rest of the walk.   Daniel caught a look from Robby after his last comment that told him to stop it.   He didn't want to start fighting right now anyway.  Robby must have had some reason for bringing Rick to Chicago.  Daniel couldn't figure out for the life of him what that reason could be, but he would respect it for now.

        Rick had more than enough on his mind to keep him quiet.  He was worried that his brother might have seen him run down the driveway.  Tyler had been sitting at his computer right in front of his bedroom window when Rick had made the dash down the driveway.  But if he'd seen him, Rick was sure that their father would have come after him before he got too far.

        Robby was trying to think of what to say to Rick.  He still hadn't gotten over the anger he felt for him, but he didn't hate him.   He'd been surprised at the fact that it was actually nice to see him.  At the same time, that feeling made him feel like shit.  He should hate this boy for what he'd done.

        Telling Daniel all about it probably wasn't the right thing to do, either.  Robby seemed to be making mistake after mistake.   Daniel was asking too many questions about what happened between him and Rick.   It was almost all he could talk about on the walk to the station.

        He was about to say something when he bumped into Daniel's back.  The boy had stopped on the stairs at the hotel.  His hand gripped the rail so hard that it turned his knuckles white.

        "What?" asked Robby.

        "Our door is open," he replied.

        "Maybe Jason . . ."

        "No, Jason wouldn't leave the door open," said Daniel.  His entire body was rigid.  Robby could almost feel the tension radiating from Daniel.

        "Daniel," said Jason as he appeared from around the building.  "Come to Luca's office."

        "What's going on, Jas?" asked Daniel, still not letting go of the rail.

        "Just come to the office, Dan," said Jason.  "He won't say anything until we are all there."

        "But . . ."

        "He already knows about Rick," said Jason before turning around and going back the way he'd come.

        "Fuck," breathed Daniel.

        "What does that mean?" asked Rick.   "Who knows about me? What do they know?"  The fear in his voice was unmistakable.

        "I don't know what he knows," said Robby when Rick turned to him.

        "He knows that you were coming is what he fucking knows," said Daniel.  "The question is how he knows."

        "Well I didn't exactly advertise that he was coming, Daniel," said Robby defensively.

        "I wasn't thinking about you," said Daniel.  "I was thinking about Nathan."

        "Nathan?" asked Rick, confused.   He still didn't know who he was staying with.  Until he'd seen Daniel, he'd thought he was only staying with Robby.

        "Think about it, Robby," said Daniel.   "Why would Luca want Nathan to stay with us?"

        "I don't know," said Robby.   "I don't know Luca."

        "Well you're about to meet him," said Daniel.  "Here he comes."

        "You boys fuckin deaf?" cried Luca.   "Get your asses to the office before you're all homeless little fucks."

        The boys looked at each other and then quietly followed Luca.  Daniel was planning to pound the shit out of Nathan when he finally had him alone.  He couldn't believe that he'd just simply trusted the boy.  He should have known something was up when Luca insisted that Nathan stay with them.

        But when he got to the office, he saw that Nathan looked just as worried as he felt.  He didn't know what to think about it.   He was sure that it was Nathan that had told Luca about Rick.  He just didn't know what to think.

        "So you are the mysterious Rick," said Luca, eyeing Rick up and down with a sick grin on his face.

        "Who are you?" asked Rick with a slight shake to his voice.

        "I'm the landlord," laughed Luca.

        "How did you . . ."

        "Shut up, Daniel," said Luca.   "I was listening to you fucks this morning. I heard you all talking about Rick here."

        "Where is our stuff, Luca?" demanded Nathan.  "You said once we were all here, you would give us our stuff back."

        "Your stuff is in your rooms," said Luca.

        "Rooms?" asked Daniel.

        "That's right," said Luca.   "Rooms."

        "What is going on?" asked Jason.

        "I'm separating all of you," said Luca.  "Well, not all of you."

        "What?" asked Nathan.   "What do you mean?"

        "Easy, Tigerboy," chuckled Luca.   "I'm not throwing any of you out."

        "What is going on?" demanded Daniel.

        "A business," said Luca.   "That's what's going on."

        Slowly, realization washed over Nathan.   The "solution" was about to be revealed.  He knew he wasn't going to like this.

        "What business?" asked Daniel.

        "You boys want a roof over your heads?" asked Luca.  He slowly scanned each of their faces.  "Well, that is going to cost you."

        "We paid for the room, Luca," said Jason, shocking Daniel.  Jason never spoke up like this.

        "You paid for the room for two people," said Luca.  "I count two more than just the two of you."

        "You put Nathan in our room," said Daniel.

        "Only after I found out about you inviting Robby to stay with you," Luca yelled.  "Now there are four of you."

        "Luca . . ."

        "Last time I checked, Danny boy, you and Jason were twins," cried Luca cutting Nathan off.  "Now unless, for some strange fuckin reason, I miscounted, twins means two."

        "You said Robby could stay," said Nathan.

        "And then Robby multiplied and now I have a Rick," said Luca.

        "I don't have to stay here," said Rick.

        "Oh you'll stay, pretty boy," said Luca.  "You'll stay alright. Robby already paid for your room."

        Robby's head snapped up at hearing this.   Luca had said paid for a room.  Robby hadn't paid for anything.  What the Hell was going on here? What was Luca doing?

        "Don't look so confused, Robby," said Luca.  "I found the money you were intending to use to pay for a room with for you and your boyfriend."

        "He's not my boyfriend," said Robby.   "What money?"

        "The money in the toilet tank," said Luca.  "It will more than pay for your room for a while until you start paying the right way."

        "What the fuck are you talking about, Luca?" demanded Daniel.

        "Let's face it," said Luca, smiling at them.  "What I have here is a hotel that is rapidly filling up with whores."

        Rick snapped his head up at that.  He was no whore.  He didn't know what the Hell Robby had told these people, but he was not a whore.  He was not going to be fucking this guy for any room.  He might as well just go back home and deal with his dad.  He wasn't going to let them do this to him.

        "I'm not a whore," said Robby.

        "Well you will be, sweetie," said Luca.  "These three will teach you and your boyfriend all you need to know."

        "Luca," said Daniel.

        "Oh, don't worry, Danny boy," said Luca.  "I'm making it safer for you to sell that sweet ass of yours."

        "What are you talking about Luca?" demanded Nathan.

        "I'm talking about a business arrangement," said Luca.  "You boys will live in this hotel. You'll fuck when I say fuck, and you'll suck when I say suck. These activities you will offer for a fee set by me and paid to me."

        "No way," said Nathan.  "I ain't gonna be nobody's boy."

        "Nathan, shut up," said Luca.   "I know enough about three of you to get you in trouble.  And don't start plottin.  I'm not stupid.  I wouldn't be the one who tells on you."

        "That's only three of us, Luca," said Nathan.

        "Oh that's ok," said Luca.   "I have Robby's wallet.  I know where his mommy and daddy live.  I heard from your own mouths that Ricky's mommy and daddy live right across the street."  A sick smile spread across Luca's face again.  "Tell you what, I'll go and get some work done while you boys talk amongst yourselves.  Think about it fellas.  Is it my way or back home?"

        They all watched in silence as Luca walked out of the office.  They remained silent for a while afterward.  Each one of them looked at each other, but no one said anything.  They all looked as if they had been handed death sentences.  It was clear that none of them wanted to work for Luca.

        "Fuck," cried Nathan.  He started to pace back and forth in front of Luca's desk.

        "Robby, what did you tell these guys?" asked Rick.  The accusation was in his tone, and Robby hated it.

        "I didn't tell them anything," replied Robby.  "And before you even ask, no, I'm not a fucking whore."

        "Watch your mouth, Robby," said Nathan.

        "Leave him alone," said Daniel.   "We are what we are, Nathan.  You can't deny it anymore than I can.   Robby and Rick aren't like us, though."

        "They would have been out selling it sooner or later," said Nathan.

        "No I wouldn't," spat Rick.

        "You shut up, new boy," said Daniel.   "Nobody hit your buzzer."

        "Daniel," said Robby.

        "Just listen," said Daniel.   "Do you want to get turned in?"

        "No, but . . ."

        "Do you like sex?" he asked.   Everyone was silent.  "What could it hurt to have a lot of sex and not get sent back home to places that none of us apparently want to go?"

        "I'm not a whore," Rick said quietly.

        "Don't be stupid, man," said Nathan.   "Do you want to go home?"

        Rick thought about that.  He could just go home.  His father would only beat the Hell out of him.  But could he live with himself, knowing the way everyone in Springfield was going to think of him? Could he live with the name calling and taunting that would surely be waiting for him?

        He had no one to blame for any of this but himself.  He looked at Robby and silently apologized to him again.  If he hadn't pushed himself on Robby, neither of them would be in this mess right now.  He couldn't believe what he'd done.  He hadn't only practically raped the boy he really liked, he'd turned them both into whores.

        "I'm not going home," said Robby.  "I don't know about sleeping with anyone for money, but I'm not going home."

        "It'll be ok, Robby," said Daniel.   He reached over and squeezed Robby's hand not seeing the look he got from his brother.

        "No it won't," said Rick.   "Robby, I am so sorry."

        Robby looked at him, but he didn't say anything.  He prayed that Rick would shut up.  He didn't want them to know any more about him than they already did.  He squeezed Daniel's hand to remind him of his promise to remain silent about what he'd told him.  He could only hope that Rick would do the same.

        "It's not as bad as it sounds," said Jason, startling them.  "You get used to it after a while.  Sometimes, you don't even hate it."

        "I can't," said Rick.

        "Sure you can," said Robby, surprising himself.  He couldn't believe that he'd made the decision that he'd made.   "Think of it, Rick.  It's only sex."


        "I assure you boys that you've made the right decision," said Luca.  A wide satisfied grin sat on his face, and the look of it made Robby's stomach turn.  "You've got new rooms."

        "Rooms?" asked Jason.

        "Yeah rooms," said Luca, still grinning at them.  "Robby, you and your boyfriend are in the room next door."

        He handed Robby two keys.  Robby looked at them for a moment.  He hated it that Luca kept calling Rick his boyfriend.  That was the last thing that he would ever be.  Robby and Rick would barely ever be friends.  There would never be anything more between them.  Robby was sure about that.

        "He's not my boyfriend," he mumbled.

        "Nathan and Jason," chuckled Luca.   "You two should be brothers.  That's why I'm giving you a room to share."  He handed Jason a set of keys.

        Jason looked at Daniel.  He'd never shared a room with anyone other than Daniel.  In fact, they'd never slept in separate rooms.   He didn't know if he wanted to share a room with Nathan.

        "Luca," said Daniel, seeing his brother's worry.  "Jason rooms with me."

        "No," said Luca.  "Jason rooms with Nathan, and you stay with me."

        Realization dawned on Daniel.  He was about to become Luca's personal fuck boy.  His free personal fuck boy.   This was beginning to really piss him off.  He had wanted this to happen just yesterday, but now all he wanted was to be away from Luca.  He couldn't stand the man now.  The idea of letting him fuck him now almost made him sick.

        "So Daniel stays with you," said Nathan.  "That mean he don't turn tricks?"

        "No it doesn't mean that," said Luca.   "He'll turn tricks alright.  He'll also room with any of you when I want some privacy."

        "I ain't doin you, man," said Daniel through clenched teeth.

        "Oh you'll change your mind," laughed Luca.  "You'll change your mind soon enough."

        "Where is my stuff, Luca?" demanded Nathan.

        "Relax," he replied.   "Everybody's stuff is already in their rooms."

        "Why are you doing this, Luca?" asked Jason.

        "Because I can," said Luca.  The laughter was gone from his voice.  In it's place was a cold tone that made Jason rethink what he was going to say next.

        "I suggest you be nice to him, Luca," said Daniel.  "You mistreat any of us, and I'll blow the fuckin whistle on your ass so fast you won't have time to wipe it.  Get me?"

        "I'm scared," said Luca.   "Look, we can all get along.  It isn't that hard.  Just think of it as a business relationship.  We'll discuss fees tomorrow as well as your cut.   Now, you boys go get settled into your rooms.  And don't forget to wash your private places.  You'll be using them tomorrow."

        Robby didn't waste time chatting.  He wanted to be away from Luca as fast as possible.  He still wasn't sure if he was happy with sharing a room with Rick.  He supposed that he could just ask Nathan to switch with him.  He didn't think Nathan would mind.  Nathan didn't strike him as the type that really wanted much to do with Jason anyway.

        "I know you don't want to room with me, Robby, but I'm glad he threw us together," said Rick as they walked around the building to their room.

        "I was actually hoping to room with one or both of the twins," said Robby.

        "Which one of them do you like?" he asked.

        The question caught Robby off guard.   Earlier, he'd thought he liked Jason more than Daniel.  Then he'd fucked Daniel.  At first that had seemed like a bad thing to do, but once he had gotten into it, he'd liked it.  He actually liked Daniel a lot.  He hadn't thought about it until now.  He'd been too worried about the meeting with Rick and then the meeting with Luca to think about much of anything.

        "I like Bill," he spat finally.  He was surprised that it took him so long to come up with that one.   He'd meant for the the bite in his voice when he'd said it, but now he was sorry.   If he and Rick were going to have to room together, he supposed he should find some way to at least tolerate him.

        "I really am sorry, Robby," said Rick quietly.

        "Forget it," said Robby as he found their room and unlocked the door.

        The room was much nicer than the one he'd stayed in the night before.  This room had a large color television with cable and a VCR.  There was a small refrigerator and a large sink on one end of the room.   The bathroom was also over there.  The two double beds were covered by warm looking quilts unlike the scratchy blanket on the bed in the other room, and the air conditioner worked in this room.

        Robby found his bag lying in front of one of the dressers in the room, and he went to check that everything was still inside it.   He was putting his clothes away when he heard a soft knock on the door.  Rick looked at him for a second and then went to answer the door.  Robby's heart sank when he saw that it was Luca.

        "Robby, could I talk to you for a second outside?" asked Luca.

        "Sure," he said although he actually wanted to do anything other than talk to him.

        "I'm sorry about the way that I acted before," said Luca, surprising him.  "I'm not a total ass."

        He handed him an envelope and stepped back.   Robby didn't even want to know what was inside the envelope.  He suspected that this was an act, and Luca was trying to set him up.  He'd had enough disappointment today.  He didn't want another.

        "What's this?" he asked.

        "Your money," said Luca.   "I didn't feel right keeping it."

        "You gave it back?" said Robby.   "But I thought I was supposed to pay the rent on this room and the other one."

        "If you guys work for me, then the room is yours," said Luca.  "I know you don't want to work for me.  If you want out, you have the money in your hand to walk away.  Your wallet is in your bag, too.  I didn't take it."

        "I don't understand," said Robby.

        "I want you to work for me, but I don't want to force you into something that you don't want," said Luca.  "Giving you the room has a condition.  You either pay for it, or you work for it.  I really don't want to see you boys on the streets."

        "Thank you, Luca," said Robby.   He couldn't think of anything else to say to him.  He was amazed as it was.

        "Don't say anything to the others about me giving you back your money," said Luca.  "It's yours, and Nathan would only try to take it from you.  Believe me.  I know him well."

        Robby watched in silence as Luca walked away.   He couldn't believe it.  He'd been fully prepared to hate the man, and then he does this.  Robby knew he had a lot to learn about reading people.  But he'd thought that he was right on the money when he'd thought of Luca as a scum bag.


        "I can't believe you threw Robby in a room with Rick," said Daniel when Luca got back to their room.  "He hates him, Luca."


        "Robby hates Rick," he said.   "There's something you don't know about those two.  I don't even understand why Robby asked him to come here.  At first I thought it was a revenge thing, but I don't know."

        "Well if he hates him so much, he can switch with Nathan," said Luca.

        "He'd probably like that," said Daniel.  His envy could be detected in his tone.

        "What?" asked Luca.  "You soft on Robby?"

        "The boy really knows how to fuck," he replied.

        "And I don't?"

        "Luca," he said.

        "You can't still be mad at me," said Luca.  "I proved to you that I'm not a complete ass."

        "I'm not mad at you," said Daniel.

        "Then prove it," he said.

        Luca reached out a hand and pulled the boy to him.  He was having a really hard time hiding the fact that he really did care for Daniel.  He didn't care that Daniel was having sex with other people.  Luca was having sex with anyone he chose to, so he couldn't really say anything about Daniel.

        He'd heard the jealousy in his voice when Robby moving in with Jason had been mentioned.  He didn't like it.  It was getting very hard to take care of these boys.  He was falling for Daniel, and, he had to admit, he had a soft spot for Robby after meeting him only once.  The kid was gorgeous, and that "I hate the world" attitude just set Luca's balls on fire.   He liked street boys.  Robby may not have been here long, but the kid had the street in him already.  He'd never tell him that, but he thought Robby would probably out last every one of them.

        He turned his attention to the boy in his arms as he softly covered the boy's lips with his own.  It was a soft kiss, but it was long.  He slowly probed at his lips with the tip of his tongue.  He could feel the tension in Daniel's body, but he opened up and accepted the tongue.

        Luca reached his hands up under Daniel's shirt.   He spread his fingers and caressed the boy's tight abdomen.  He loved the feel of Daniel's skin, and when his figures grazed his nipples, the boy gasped with pleasure.   He was breathing hard, and Luca could feel his dick hardening in his jeans.   He rubbed his hand over the jeans covered mound and got another moan from Daniel.

        He felt Daniel begin to suck on his tongue as he continued to rub his dick.  Luca knew that it wouldn't be long and Daniel would be ready for it.  He wanted to take it slow tonight.  He wanted Daniel to know how he felt about him.  He wanted to enjoy this.

        He reached for the buttons of Daniel's fly as he sank his tongue into the boy's mouth again.  Daniel began to help him with the buttons, and soon he was pushing his jeans over his hips.  Luca, meanwhile, started tugging at his shirt.  As soon as Daniel was naked, Luca stood and pulled off his shorts.

        He pulled Daniel to him again and brought their lips together.  This time he didn't stop at just a kiss.  He licked Daniel's chin and made his way down the boy's neck to his chest.  He began to push him, gently, toward the bed again, and soon he was on top of him laying on the bed.

        He lightly nipped at Daniel's left nipple with his teeth causing the boy to shudder under him.  He made circles with his tongue around the nipple before leaving it to move down to the boy's navel.  Luca dove his tongue inside and licked his navel for all it was worth.  He could feel the boy's abdominal muscles tighten every time he moved his tongue in his navel.  It was clear that the sensation was both erotic and ticklish.

        He used one hand to run his fingers through the boy's pubic bush.  He stopped when he got to the base of his dick and then ran his fingers back through his hair.  Daniel began to raise his hips in an effort to get Luca to grasp his unbelievably hard dick, but Luca had other things in mind.

        He played with his hair and then rubbed his fingers around the base of his dick to his balls.  He cupped the sack in his hand and gave the tender nuggets a gentle squeeze before letting go and letting his fingers travel to the boy's perineum and rubbing up and down from his nuts to his hole.

        He pulled his tongue out of the boy's navel and let it dance on the head of his dick.  Daniel moaned when Luca's tongue made contact with his dick, and he bucked his hips slightly when that tongue invaded his piss slit.   When he felt Luca's teeth gently graze his cockhead, he let forth with a guttural growl of pleasure.

        Luca's tongue was coated with the sweet tang of the boy's cock nectar.  He was steadily producing precum now, and Luca was savoring every drop of it.  He grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other.  Now he slowly began to let Daniel's cock sink into his mouth.

        He locked his lips just under the head and began to suck the precum form him.  Daniel began to shudder again, and a steady flow of moans and grunts flowed from his mouth.  Luca was in Heaven, and it was clear that Daniel was rapidly joining him there.  The precum got thicker, and Luca let his lips get acquainted with the pubic hair at the base of the boy's dick.  He could feel the head slip easily into his throat, and he let it rest there for a few seconds.

        He pulled back as slowly as he could, teasing the dick that filled his mouth.  When he got to the head of Daniel's dick again, he slowly began to sink it back into his mouth.  He loved the desperate gasps and moans that came from Daniel as he did this.  It was clear that the boy wanted more speed, but Luca wanted to draw this out as long as he could.  He was enjoying himself, and he wanted Daniel to remember this forever.

        He let his fingers play with the boy's balls mostly to gage just how close he got the boy, so he could back off to make it last.   Daniel was rocking his hips back and forth.  Luca knew that this was new for him.  He'd never sucked the boy's dick before.  It had always been just a fuck.   Now the boy would see just how much Luca thought of him.

        He pushed his face down into the boy's pubes and began to swallow against the dick that was lodged in his throat.  Daniel began to whine, and Luca could feel his balls trying to climb up to the base of his dick.   Daniel was about ready to cum, and Luca was going to do everything in his power to stop that from happening.

        He backed all the way off the boy's dick and used his hand to pull his balls, slowly, away from their mark.  Daniel gasped as the waves of orgasm gripped him.  Luca could see the boy's confusion at having felt the powerful orgasmic waves and still not having the actual orgasm.  He liked that look.   It was a mixture of bliss, confusion, astonishment and concentration.  He had Daniel exactly where he wanted him.

        Instead of going back to the boy's dick, he lifted Daniel legs and began to tongue his balls.  He licked at them and slowly took each one into his mouth one at a time to gently suck on them.  The whole time the fingers of his other hand were busy rubbing around the boy's asshole.  He teased it with one finger, only inserting the tip into that hot tunnel that he knew was tighter than any fist could get.  He loved the sighs that escaped from Daniel as he teased his ass.

        When he was sure that the boy had calmed down enough, he returned his attention to sucking his dick.  He thought about it.   Daniel had the perfect dick.  It was nearly eight inches long and lust big enough around that it filled Luca's mouth perfectly.  The head was slightly pointed, which made it easier for him to get it into his throat.  The veins that stood out along the shaft moved under his tongue, and the entire underside of the shaft was sensitive.  Luca loved this boy's dick.

        He slowly sucked at the head of his dick again, getting as much precum as the boy could offer.  Then, he let that dick travel into his mouth again.  Picking up the pace, he brought his lips to the bas of his dick and then back off quickly.  He repeated this until he felt his balls begin to draw back up.  He repeated what he'd done the first time.  This time, Daniel didn't just gasp.  He growled at him.

        Luca watched as the precum flowed like a spring from the head of the boy's dick.  He'd been very close this time.  He knew it was time to pick up his pace.  He was getting super excited himself.   The boy's ass had been so hot against the tip of his finger.  He couldn't wait to get his dick into it.  He'd been thinking of it all day long.

        Again, he lifted the boy's legs.  He licked at his balls, but only for a moment.  The real prize was still waiting for him.  He brought his tongue slowly down the boy's perineum until he felt to top of the boy's pucker.  Daniel gasped again as Luca's tongue began to circle his hole.   It was clear that Luca was sending him to a higher sexual plane than he'd ever been to before.

        Luca let his tongue circle the boy's hole and slide across it.  He wasn't ready to give the boy what he wanted, but he was enjoying the anticipation of it.  He kissed the mounds of the boy's ass before letting his tongue make the trail back into the crack.  He licked back up his perineum to the base of his balls and back again before letting his tongue find the center of the boy's ass.

        Daniel moaned as Luca's tongue fought with his sphincter to gain access into his most private spot.  He couldn't believe how talented Luca was at this.  He loved every bit of it, even though he believed that his balls were about to literally explode.  Luca had even chased away the last bits of discomfort left over from having Robby's massive dick lodged in his guts.

        Luca was spearing his tongue in and out of the boy's hole, and he was surprised at how easily it gained entrance.  Robby's dick must really be something, he thought.  Getting into Daniel's ass was usually harder than getting into a bank vault with a pair of scissors.  This time, he'd only had to coax the ring to spread a bit.

        He got the boy as lubed up with his spit as he could, and then withdrew his tongue.  He replaced his tongue with his index finger, and again was surprised at just how easy it was to get his finger into his ass.  He searched for a bit, and when he heard Daniel gasp, he knew he'd found what he was looking for.

        He added another finger and began to fuck in and out with them.  It was clear that it wasn't going to take much to loosen the boy up enough to get his dick to slide in easily.  Robby had seen to that this morning.   He'd have to thank the boy when he got the chance.

        He used his other hand to reach into the drawer of his night stand to get to his lube.  It was a bit difficult to uncap the bottle and squeeze a dollop onto the head of his dick, but he managed.  He didn't want to take his fingers from the boy's ass until his dick was ready to take their place.

        He added a third finger as he used his other hand to smear the lubricant all over his head and shaft.  He felt the knot of the boy's prostate about every third time his fingers went into his ass.  He could tell from the tightness of that knot that Daniel would get off if he stimulated his prostate much more.

        Sliding onto his knees, he removed his fingers from Daniel's ass as he lined up his dick.  He looked into the boy's glazed eyes as he pushed the head of his dick into that hot silky tunnel.  He was still for a bit to let Daniel get used to it, and he was enjoying the spasms of the boy's ass as he fought the intensifying effect that Luca had produced by rubbing his prostate with his fingers.

        When he saw Daniel's eyes begin to close, he slid more of his dick into him.  He took it slow and watched for any sign from the boy that he was not enjoying himself.  He hadn't gotten a single sign before he felt his balls touch Daniel's ass.  He was all the way there.  He marveled at the feeling of that silky ass again and waited for a few minutes before pulling his dick almost completely out again.

        Daniel's eyes opened wide as Luca slid his dick all the way back into him again.  He enjoyed the steady in and out motion as Luca continued to long dick him for a while.  He knew that Luca was giving him a chance to calm down again.  He was loving this.  He still couldn't believe the way Luca was paying so much attention to him this time.  It was so different from the other times.

        Luca felt Daniel's body relax, and he knew it was time to find his mark again.  He didn't know how much longer he could hold out himself, so he wanted to bring Daniel as close as he could.  He shifted his hips and let his dick probe his ass.  He felt the knot and saw Daniel's reaction at the same time.

        He let his dick rub back and forth along the knot of Daniel's prostate as he picked up speed.  Daniel was moaning softly, and Luca knew that it wouldn't be long for either of them.  He could feel his own cum boiling in his balls, and he knew it would rocket out of him in minutes.

        Then, it was all he could take.  Luca thrust his dick all the way into Daniel quickly as he felt the orgasmic pleasure waves spread out from his dick through his body.  He could feel Daniel's ass pulsing around his dick, and he knew that Daniel was letting go of his load at the same time.

        Spent, they lay there.  Luca rested only a fraction of his weight on the boy, and he felt his dick soften and slide out of the boy's ass.  He rolled over to lay beside Daniel and pulled the boy into his arms.  He pulled the quilt over them, and in seconds, they drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.  Satisfied smiles rested on both of their faces.


        "What is with you?" asked Nathan after watching Jason pace back and forth in front of their beds for almost an hour.   The boy had said not a single word since they'd walked into the room.  It was getting late, and Nathan wanted to turn off the lights, but he didn't think Jason would like that just now.

        "I need to talk to Daniel about something," breathed Jason.  He kept right on pacing.

        "Wouldn't have anything to do with Robby, would it?" asked Nathan, smiling.  He'd seen the look that Jason had given his brother when he'd been trying to comfort Robby earlier.  He'd recognized that look.   Jason had it bad for Robby, and he thought his brother was moving in on him.

        "Shut up," spat Jason, still not stopping.

        "Easy there," said Nathan, laughing.   "It's easy to see what you feel for him. But, I'll give you a little advice. Don't get too attached to that one. He's going to be having just as much sex as you are, and he'll be having it with different people. I mean, he's in a room with his boyfriend right now."

        "He's not Robby's boyfriend," said Jason, hoping he was right about that.

        "Well they came from the same city, and they know each other," said Nathan.  "Robby is the one that brought him here. Jason, do the math."

        "Shut up," he spat again.

        Nathan sat there watching him pace and wondering just what the two boys in question were doing in their room.  He believed that he knew what they were doing, and Jason was in for a world of hurt.


        Robby let the hot water cascade over his body.   He didn't want to face being alone with Rick.  He still didn't know what he wanted to say to him.  Now there was this "new business" to think about.   The one thing he'd promised himself he would never do was sleep with anyone for money.  Now he was about to break that promise.  He knew that he would hate himself for it.

        He could just walk out.  He could leave in the middle of the night while Rick slept.  No one would know he was gone until tomorrow morning.  Luca had told him he could leave.  He played with that idea for a while before rejecting it.  Where would he go? Here, he had friends.  At least he thought he did.  Daniel had been very nice to him all day.

        Then there was Jason to think about.   Jason liked him.  He really liked him, and Robby had fucked his twin brother.  That was just great.  He had to decide just what he wanted to do about Jason and Daniel.  He hated it, but he liked them both.  He wanted them both.   He felt like a complete ass now.

        He didn't know Nathan very well, but from what he'd seen of the boy, he didn't like him much at all.  He had a sneaky look to him.   He guessed that look could just be from living on the streets for so long.  He didn't know for sure.  He didn't want to pass judgement on him until he'd given him a fair chance.

        Rick he knew.  Rick was a very bad subject to think about, but he knew he'd better make his peace with him before long.  They were sharing a room, and the last thing he wanted was to live in a room where he constantly felt that he had to guard his secrets.  Rick had proven to him that he could be ugly.  But today he'd shown him another side of himself.  He'd always known Rick to be sure of himself and very outspoken.  Today, Robby had seen another side of him.

        He'd seen a scared, confused boy who didn't know anyone and was clinging to the one person that he did know.  Robby thought he could like this side of Rick.  He needed to put what he felt about him aside and start over.  He just didn't know if there was a way to do that.

        As for Jason and Daniel, Robby decided that his mid morning fuck with Daniel would be their last.  He wouldn't be getting close to either of the twins.  It was just too volatile of a situation to put himself in the middle of.  He didn't want to get stuck on anyone, anyway.  He wanted Bill.   He didn't know how, but he would eventually find a way to get back to Bill if it killed him.

        He turned off the shower and grabbed his towel.   He could hear the television, so he knew that Rick was probably waiting for him to talk.  He just hoped that Rick wouldn't push too hard.  If he did, Robby was sure that he would hate him.

        He used his hand to wipe the steam from the mirror and looked at himself.  His dark hair was wet and plastered to his head, and his green eyes look tired.  He didn't think he had the strength to face Rick right now.  He was so tired.  He just wanted to climb into bed and go to sleep.

        He looked over at the closed lid of the toilet seat and remembered that he hadn't brought any clothes into the bathroom with him to put on after his shower.  He cursed under his breath as he looked at the clothes he'd taken off.  They were dirty, and he wasn't about to put them back on.

        He supposed he could just keep the towel wrapped around him, go and get a pair of boxers and come back.  That was ridiculous.   He and Rick had been much more intimate.  He supposed it wasn't going to hurt anything if Rick saw him naked.  After all, he'd had the boy's dick in his ass already.

        He walked out of the bathroom and found something he wasn't expecting.  Rick was sitting on the bed he'd chosen in his boxers.  He'd been clearly waiting for his turn in the shower.  But now, he had his head down.  His chin was resting on his chin, and Robby would have thought he was sleeping if he hadn't seen his shoulders shaking with sobs.  Rick was crying.

        Without thinking, Robby walked over and sat next to him on the bed.  He pulled Rick into his arms and thrust his shoulder under Rick's face.  He let the boy sob it out, and thought nothing of it when Rick held him tighter.  He hadn't thought at all about what Rick might actually be feeling.   He'd seen the scared look in his eyes all day long, but he hadn't thought about what he was feeling.

        "It's going to be all right, Rick," said Robby as he held him.

        "I'm so sorry, Robby," said Rick, bringing up the very subject that Robby didn't want to discuss.  "If I hadn't done what I did to you, neither of us would be here."

        "Rick," Robby said, trying to stop him.

        "No," said Rick.  "This is my fault. I'm so sorry, Robby. I swear I didn't want anything like this to happen. I just wanted to be with you."

        "Calm down, Rick," said Robby.

        "But I know that you hate me now," Rick continued.  "I don't blame you. What I did put us both in this place, and now we're being blackmailed by a crazy man."

        "Rick, Luca isn't crazy," he said, biting back the rest of what he'd intended to say.

        "Yes he is," cried Rick.   "He is going to turn us into prostitutes, Robby."

        "Rick, if you don't want to be here, then leave," said Robby.  "You can just go."

        "Go?" asked Robby.  "Where would I go? I can't go home."

        Robby had no answer to that question.   He'd thought the same things himself.  That was why he'd chosen to stay here.   Luca had proven himself to be better than Rick thought he was, at least, a little bit better.  Robby couldn't tell him that, however.  He didn't know what to say to Rick.

        "I don't know, Rick," he said, surprised at the emotion in his own voice.  "But I promise you, we'll be all right."

        He just prayed that this was a promise he could keep.

To Be Continued . . . .