The Boys Of Summer

copyright 2001 by Eric Draven

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This story is intended for readers over the age of 18.   The story contains scenes depicting sexual acts between males.  Some scenes depict sexual acts between men and teen aged boys.  If this type of material is offensive to you, or if it is illegal in your state or country, please do not read further.  If you are under 18, then you know what to do.

This story also contains scenes depicting unsafe sexual practice, however, this story in no way promotes unsafe sexual contact.  Always use a condom to protect both yourself, and the one that you love.   This story also contains scenes depicting drug use.  I in no way promote drug use.

All other disclaimers apply.

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Where Chapter Five Left Off . . .

        Without thinking, Robby walked over and sat next to him on the bed.  He pulled Rick into his arms and thrust his shoulder under Rick's face.  He let the boy sob it out, and thought nothing of it when Rick held him tighter.  He hadn't thought at all about what Rick might actually be feeling.   He'd seen the scared look in his eyes all day long, but he hadn't thought about what he was feeling.

        "It's going to be all right, Rick," said Robby as he held him.

        "I'm so sorry, Robby," said Rick, bringing up the very subject that Robby didn't want to discuss.  "If I hadn't done what I did to you, neither of us would be here."

        "Rick," Robby said, trying to stop him.

        "No," said Rick.  "This is my fault. I'm so sorry, Robby. I swear I didn't want anything like this to happen. I just wanted to be with you."

        "Calm down, Rick," said Robby.

        "But I know that you hate me now," Rick continued.  "I don't blame you. What I did put us both in this place, and now we're being blackmailed by a crazy man."

        "Rick, Luca isn't crazy," he said, biting back the rest of what he'd intended to say.

        "Yes he is," cried Rick.   "He is going to turn us into prostitutes, Robby."

        "Rick, if you don't want to be here, then leave," said Robby.  "You can just go."

        "Go?" asked Robby.  "Where would I go? I can't go home."

        Robby had no answer to that question.   He'd thought the same things himself.  That was why he'd chosen to stay here.   Luca had proven himself to be better than Rick thought he was, at least, a little bit better.  Robby couldn't tell him that, however.  He didn't know what to say to Rick.

        "I don't know, Rick," he said, surprised at the emotion in his own voice.  "But I promise you, we'll be all right."

        He just prayed that this was a promise he could keep.

The Cast of Characters So Far:

Robby Hardy:  a 15 year old boy who, until recently, had been carrying on a sexual affair with his football coach. The Runaway.

Rick Easley:  a 15 year old boy who lives across the street from Robby's parents.

Jason And Daniel:  17 year old orphaned twins.

Luca:  a man who owns a motel and takes pity on the twins from time to time for a price.

Kevin:  a trick that is infatuated with Jason.

Nathan:  a street hustler.

And Now

Chapter 6

Strange Days

      Robby woke to find Rick's head on his chest and his hand wrapped around his dick.  They'd fallen asleep while Robby had been trying to comfort Rick.  He'd felt sorry for him last night, but today, he didn't want the boy to touch him.  He quickly pulled himself away from Rick and got out of bed.

        He had just pulled on his sweat pants when he heard the knock on the door.  He glanced at Rick to make sure he was still sleeping, and then opened the door to find Jason standing on the other side.

        "Morning, Robby," said Jason, looking into the room at the bed.  He noticed that the other bed was made and hoped that Robby had made the bed after getting up.

        "Good morning, Jason," said Robby.  "Come on in. I'm getting dressed. Be quiet, though. Rick is still sleeping."

        "Alright," said Jason as he sat in a chair at the table beside the door.

        "He had a rough night," said Robby.  "He isn't exactly looking forward to his new job."

        Robby took his clothes into the bathroom and started to get dressed.  He heard another knock at his door, but figured that Jason would answer the door.  He heard Nathan's voice, and then Rick was asking where he was.  He quickly finished dressing and went back out to the room.

        "Morning, Robby," said Nathan.

        "Nathan," said Robby.

        "What's on the agenda for this morning?" asked Nathan.

        "I came to invite Robby to breakfast," said Jason.

        "What is this, Grand Central?" asked Robby when he heard another knock at the door.  He walked to the door and opened it to find Daniel.

        "Hey Robby," said Daniel, smiling at him.

        "Well the gang's all here!" cried Nathan, smiling.

        "Morning, guys," said Daniel as he walked in and sat on the bed.  "Luca's having the pool cleaned and filled today."

        "Great," said Nathan.  "I could go for a swim."

        Robby was amazed at how normal everyone sounded.  He'd thought they were all pissed at Luca.  He knew he had been before he'd visited last night.  He wondered if Luca had visited everyone last night.

        "He said that he would get breakfast for everyone after he finished his phone calls about the pool," said Daniel.  "He wants to talk to us before he leaves."

        "Where's he going?" asked Nathan.

        "To get breakfast, Dummy," said Jason.

        Everyone grew silent as Rick returned from the bathroom.  His eyes were puffy, and it was evident that he'd been crying last night.  No one seemed to want to say anything, and he didn't seem to want to chat.  Robby didn't know what to say to him, so he kept quiet, too.

        "Morning," said Nathan, breaking the silence.

        "Yeah," said Rick, not looking at them.  "I'm gonna take a shower, Rob."

        "Alright," said Robby, mentally making a note to reprimand him for calling him Rob.  "Leave your towel on the counter by the sink."

        "K," he said before disappearing back into the bathroom.

        "So how was your night?" asked Daniel.

        "Bumpy," said Robby.  He saw the understanding in Daniel's eyes, and was happy that there was at least someone to talk about it with.

        "Trouble with the love birds?" asked Nathan, smiling at Robby.

        "Fuck you," said Daniel.  "You should keep your mouth shut until you know what you're talking about."

        Robby saw the look that passed between Jason and Daniel over Daniel defending him.  He knew that there was going to be a lot of tension when Jason learned about what had happened between him and Daniel.  He was hoping to keep it a secret, but he knew that wasn't going to be possible much longer.  Jason would ask questions, and his brother would tell him the truth.

        "We aren't love birds," he said.  He would think about Jason and Daniel later.

        "I stand corrected," said Nathan still smiling.

        There was another knock at the door, and then Luca walked into the room.  He was carrying a bag, and it smelled delicious.  Robby noticed that Daniel got up to help Luca with breakfast.   It was clear that they were "friendly".  He wondered exactly what Luca had told him last night.

        "Morning boys," said Luca.  "I got bagels and cream cheese. There's some sausage and scrambled eggs from the diner up the street, too."

        "Thank you," said Nathan.  "I am starved."

        "Daniel, would you get the juice out of the car?" asked Luca as he started to spread out the food on the table.  "Where is Rick?"

        "He's in the shower," said Robby.  "He'll be with us in a minute."

        "Well, I'm not waiting to eat," said Nathan.  Robby was starting to like him even less.

        "So what are we doing today, Luca?" asked Jason.

        "We'll talk about that when everyone is here," said Luca as he handed out paper plates.

        Robby had to admit, the smell of the food was making him hungry.  He couldn't wait to get his hands on one of those bagels.  He wasn't looking forward to finding out what was expected of him today, but he'd do just about anything to get his hands on that food.   His stomach growled it's agreement.

        They sat around the table and ate.  It was almost like they were family.  Nathan and Jason laughed and talked with each other while Daniel and Luca kept up a steady conversation about the pool.  It seemed that Daniel would be in charge of answering the phone today.  Luca was giving him last minute instructions on what to say to who.

        Rick came out of the bathroom dressed in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  He said nothing as he sat on the bed in behind Robby.  Robby made him a plate and handed it to him.  He noticed that Nathan watched this with a great deal of interest, but he dismissed it.   He'd deal with Nathan later.

        "Alright," said Luca, wiping his mouth with a napkin.  "I have let my cleaning staff go."

        "What?" asked Daniel.  "Why did you do that?"

        "Because I have five able bodied young men who can do their job," said Luca.  "If you are going to live in this place for free, you are all going to work."

        "I thought we would be doing another job," laughed Nathan.

        "You will," said Luca.  "But you will also take care of where you live. There are five of you, and there are thirty rooms. That means that each of you will clean ten rooms every day. Sheila is still working with us. She knows about all of you, and she knows about the new business that I'll be running. She's a good girl. She'll show you guys what to do."

        "She knows about us?" asked Jason, clearly worried about this information.

        "Yes, she knows," said Luca.  "She's known about you and Daniel since the first time you stayed here."

        "What all do we have to do around here, Luca?" asked Nathan.

        "You'll clean rooms, you'll keep the lot clean, and you'll keep the pool clean," said Luca.   "I won't have you all laying around all day. No pun intended."

        "Do we all have to have sex?" asked Rick, speaking up for the first time.

        "Yes, Rick," said Luca.  "If you don't like that, you can leave. I won't stop you."

        Everyone looked at him waiting for his answer.  He just put his head down, and Robby felt sorry for him again.  He understood how Rick felt, but he also understood that this was what he had to do.  Rick was just going to have to understand that, too.  He was going to have to understand it soon.

        "How much are we going to get paid?" asked Nathan.  It was obvious that he was taking on the roll of their financial officer.

        "For cleaning the hotel, you will be paid nothing but room and board," replied Luca.  "I think that's more than fair. For sexual activity, we will charge $150 per hour. Of that, you will receive $50. That's from every trick. If you set something up on your own, that's fine with me. I will only take money from tricks set up by me."

        "That's cool," said Nathan.

        "However," said Luca.   "Anything set up by you that takes place in my hotel I will get a cut of. Any questions?"

        "I have one," said Daniel.  "How are you going to make sure that they guys that you bring in are safe?"

        "I have that one covered already," said Luca.  "There's a free clinic not far from here that doesn't ask any questions."

        "I know that clinic," said Nathan.  "All the street kids go there when they're sick."

        "Right," said Luca.  "They also do HIV testing, and they don't ask questions. You're assigned a number and that's how your known. By number."

        "So you want us tested?" asked Nathan.

        "Yes," replied Luca.  "I want to be able to show the men who come here that my boys are clean."

        "What about them?" asked Jason.

        "I'm afraid that, for the most part, we'll have to take their word for it," he replied.   "As soon as the results come back, there will be no unprotected sex. That means even with your own tricks. Understand?"

        "We have protected sex," said Daniel.

        "We never did," replied Luca.  Daniel's face got red.

        "What about cops?" asked Nathan.  "I ain't gettin' busted, because you don't know who you're dealing with."

        "Shut up, wise ass," said Luca.  "Most of the men that will be paying for your services will be friends and associates of mine. The ones that aren't, ask them if they are cops. They have to tell you the truth if they are."

        "What if they lie?" asked Rick, surprising everyone.

        "If they lie, then it's entrapment, and nothing sticks," said Luca.

        "But we will still be sent home after we're arrested," said Rick.

        "Trust me, kid," said Luca.  "You aren't going to get arrested. I know how to protect people."

        "You sure do," said Nathan.

        "A few other rules for you," said Luca.  "No drugs, no drinking."

        "What do we look like, Junkies?" asked Daniel.

        "Well just make sure that you don't chose to experiment," said Luca.  "If I catch you, you'll be out on your ass faster than a mouse can run."

        "How long does it take them to get the results?" asked Jason.  "For the HIV test."

        "It takes three days," said Luca.  "So that means you boys aren't having sex with anyone other than each other for the next three days."

        "We don't have sex with each other," said Nathan.

        "Please," said Luca.   "Spare me. I know all about Robby and Daniel."

        Robby's mouth fell open, and Daniel kicked Luca under the table.  Neither of them could believe that it had been blurted out like that.  Robby had wanted it kept secret, and from the look on Daniel's face, he hadn't wanted it to be common knowledge, either.  They both looked at Jason who was glaring at his brother with murder in his eyes.

        "Holy shit," gasped Nathan.  "You two? I thought for sure that Robby and Rick were . . ."

        "Shut up, Nathan," said Daniel.

        "Also, I catch any of you fighting with each other, and you're out," said Luca, picking on the hostility in the air.  "Any of you."

        "We're cool," said Nathan, smiling sweetly at him.

        "Now, you boys go get your tests," said Luca.  "I have a few calls to make."

        They were silent as Luca got up and left.  Once he was gone, Robby got up and started cleaning up their breakfast mess.  He didn't want to talk to any of them right now.  He'd seen the hurt look in Jason's eyes.  Luca should have kept his mouth shut.   Daniel should have kept it to himself.  He was furious with both of them.

        Rick got up to help him.  He wanted to know more about what Luca was talking about.  He knew that Robby was interested in one of the twins, but he'd dodged the question when he'd asked last night.  He supposed that Robby had done so just to take a shot at him, and he could respect that.  It still hurt that he didn't like him.

        "Jason, wait," called Daniel as Jason headed for the door.

        "Stay away from me, Daniel," said Jason.  "Just stay away."

        "You stay," said Nathan as Daniel began to follow his brother.  "I'll talk to him."

        "What the fuck do you know about us?" demanded Daniel.

        "Yelling at me won't solve anything, Danny boy," said Nathan as he walked out the door after Jason.

        Robby still remained quiet.  He knew that there was nothing that he could say to take care of it.   He was the source of it.  He hated being put in the middle of them like this.   He'd like to punch Luca in his mouth for blurting it out like that.  He wasn't real thrilled with Daniel for telling Luca, either.

        Rick was being quiet, too.  Robby was thankful for that.  He didn't need Rick saying anything about it.  He thought that if Rick opened his mouth, he'd slug him for sure.   This day was getting off to a terrible start.  He couldn't wait until it was over.  But then tomorrow probably wouldn't be any better.  He hated what his life had become.  It was no better than the one he'd left behind.


        They'd all separated into their own little groups.  Rick was with Jason, and Nathan and Robby were on their way to the clinic.  It was strange, but out of all of them, Nathan was the one that Robby felt comfortable with now.  He didn't want anything to do with Rick.  The twins seemed off limits to him now.  He'd hurt one, and he was angry with the other.  At least Nathan hadn't done anything to piss him off today.

        "This test is a piece of cake," said Nathan as they walked.

        "I've had a blood test before," said Robby.  "I just never had an Aids test before."

        "Nothing to it," said Nathan.  "It's the waiting for the results that gets you."

        "I'm not worried about that," said Robby.  "I haven't really been with anyone that would put me at risk."

        "Did you and Daniel use protection?" asked Nathan.

        That made Robby think hard.  He and Daniel hadn't used protection.  He hadn't even thought about it.  For that matter, Bill had never used condoms when he fucked him, and Rick sure hadn't used one.  Still, he didn't think he had anything to worry about.  Rick said he was a virgin until he fucked him, and Bill had cautioned him about having sex with others without protection.  He'd said his health was not in question.

        That left Daniel.   He thought about it.  Daniel had been having sex with men.  Robby had no way of knowing how many.  He didn't know if he usually used protection, either.   He supposed that there could be a possibility, but this test wouldn't reflect it if Daniel were infected.  There was no point in getting worried about it.

        "I'm not worried," he said finally.

        "Well, then the biggest thing about it is the death talk they give you when you get a negative result," said Nathan.  "It basically boils down to sex equals death, and homosexual sex equals certain death."

        "That is stupid," said Robby.  "Homosexuals aren't the only people who get Aids."

        "Tell that to straight people," chuckled Nathan.

        "I see your point," Robby agreed.

        The clinic was large.  The reception area was spacious.  It consisted of a long counter with a glass partition between you and the secretaries.  They announced to the girl on duty what they were there for.  She asked if they'd been there before.  Nathan said yes and gave her a four digit number.  Robby said no, and he was given a stack of papers to fill out.

        They took seats together not far away from the reception desk.  The room was pleasant.  There was air conditioning, and Robby was thankful.  It was the end of June, and the heat was up there.  He'd thought for sure that he'd sweat through his clothes before arriving at the clinic.

        He looked at the papers he had to fill out.  The questions were pretty routine.  He checked no to almost all of them.  He'd never had any surgeries, he wasn't allergic to anything, and the only childhood disease he'd ever had was chicken pox.  He didn't know about immunizations, but he supposed it didn't really matter at this point.  His last tetanus shot was last year after a cut on his leg during a football game.

        Nathan's number was called, and he disappeared through a door beside the reception desk.  Robby was left alone in the room.  There were no other people waiting to be tested.   Nathan had told him that this side of the clinic was only for Aids testing and treatment.  There were no people waiting to be seen by doctors for treatment, either.

        He finished filling out the forms and handed them back in.  It wasn't long before he was called back to the same area where Nathan was.  It was the strangest testing room he'd ever seen.  Not that he'd seen one before, so he supposed that it may be normal.   There were fifteen chairs that looked like permanently reclined recliners.   Little tray tables stood next to each chair.  Robby was lead to the chair next to Nathan's.

        "A technician will be with you soon," said the blonde haird woman who'd brought him back.  She laid his file folder on the tray table before walking away.

        "This place isn't very big," he said to Nathan.

        "The other part of the clinic is larger," said Nathan.  "There are two doctors and probably four nurses over there. They're nice people. They don't ask any questions that don't relate to health, and they keep their noses out of your business."

        "That's good," said Robby.

        "Yeah well, there are councilors over there on the second Tuesday of every month," said Nathan.   "They try to tell you to go home or find a shelter. A shelter will try to send you home. Avoid the second Tuesday of the month if you can help it."

        "I'll take that in mind," said Robby as he saw a tall thin man with blond hair so light you could almost see through it coming toward him.

        "That's Ray," said Nathan, smiling at the guy.  "He's good about not sticking you too hard, and he's got a tight ass."

        "A customer?" asked Robby, looking at Nathan.

        "Hell no," said Nathan.  "A freebie."

        "Hello, I'm Ray," said the man.  "I'll be doing your test. Do you have any questions before we start?"

        "Nope," said Robby.  "I think you know what you're doing."

        "Thanks," Ray smiled.   "Which arm?"

        "Either," said Robby.


        "They like for us to come here every three months to get a test," said Nathan as they were walking back to the hotel.

        "Why so often?" asked Robby.

        "Just to make sure we're not infecting the city, I suppose," said Nathan.

        They saw Jason and Rick walking on the other side of the street.  They were apparently heading toward the clinic.  Robby hoped they would stay on the other side of the street.  He didn't want to talk to Rick, and he thought that talking to Jason would be uncomfortable.

        "There they go," said Nathan, watching them as they passed.

        "Yeah," said Robby.  "Let them go."

        "That Rick sure is cute," said Nathan.  "Tell me again why he isn't your boyfriend."

        Robby thought it over.  Rick was attractive.  Robby liked his brown hair and eyes.  He was a bit taller than Robby, and his body was well defined.  He had a gorgeous ass and a killer smile.  Too bad he was such an ass.  If hadn't been, Robby may have actually liked him as much as he liked the way he looked.

        "Rick is an asshole," said Robby.

        "Good enough," said Nathan.

        Robby was surprised, but he actually liked Nathan.  They'd been alone together for most of the day, and Nathan had proven to be a pretty good guy.  He'd listened when Robby wanted to talk about the situation with the twins.  He agreed with Robby's decision to leave them both alone, and he even offered to help him out when it came to his first trick.   He'd given him the low down on how it was done and what to expect.

        They'd talked about what they liked and didn't like in everything from sex to sports.  Nathan had said that sex and sports were basically the same thing.  Robby had thought about it and then agreed with him.  They had a lot in common.  Robby was glad that they'd paired off today.  He thought he and Nathan were going to be good friends after all.

        Once they returned to the hotel, their grunt work had begun.  Sheila, a tall woman with very large breasts and a belly to go with them, showed them exactly what needed to be done to clean every room.  For the next four hours, they took out trash, vacuumed carpet, made beds, cleaned toilets and sinks and filled all of their rooms with towels.

        Each room was an oven.  The first thing that Sheila did after every check out was go to the room and turn off the air.  She told them that this was important.  Luca wanted the air turned off after the guest checked out to save on the bills.  That meant that when Robby walked out of his tenth room, he was soaked with sweat and in desperate need of another shower.

        In his own room, he found three times the amount of towels as he was supposed to leave in every room.   Luca must have thought that since the boys would be living in the rooms it would be easier to just stock more towels than to have to add more every day.  He was glad the towels were there.  There hadn't been a dry one this morning after Rick had showered.

        He stripped off his clothes and headed for the bathroom as he heard his stomach growl.  He was starving.  It had been a long time since he'd eaten breakfast, and he hadn't bothered to even think about lunch.  He would have to go and find something to eat when he got out of the shower.

        He stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash away the sweat and grime from his first day on the job.  His muscles ached, and his feet hurt.  He really didn't want to walk anywhere to find something to eat, but his stomach was yelling at him that it needed food.   He wasn't about to argue with it.

        Stepping out of the shower, he draped his towel over his head and scrubbed at it to get as much of the water out of it as he could.  His body broke out in goose flesh from the cold air that was blowing down on him from the air conditioner vent in the ceiling.  The shower had felt good.

        His dick was hard, and he thought for the first time that day about sex.  He realized that he'd been horny all day long.  He didn't know why, but he thought he'd just have to push it down.  He wasn't having sex with any of his new friends.  Sex had already caused enough trouble.  He didn't need more.

        He draped the wet towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom.  Rick was sitting at the table.  He looked up as Robby's towel fell.  His eyes centered in on Robby's hard dick.  Robby could see the hunger in the boy's eyes.  He almost chuckled.   Rick had nerve.  He'd give him that.

        "I didn't hear you come in," he said as he stepped around the towel to his dresser.  He didn't bother to cover himself.  He liked the fact that Rick was staring at his body.

        "You were still in the shower," said Rick.  "I am so tired."

        "Sheila got you, huh?" asked Robby, making an effort to be cordial.

        "She sure did," said Rick.  "That woman is a slave driver."

        "Well, there should be hot water left," said Robby as he started to brush his hair.  It was getting long, he noticed.  He'd need a hair cut before too much longer.

        "Jason really likes you, Robby."

        "I'd rather not discuss the twins, Rick," he replied.

        "I'm just saying," said Rick.  "I spent the day with him today, and you were all he wanted to talk about."

        "Still," said Robby.

        "I really like you, Robby," said Rick.

        Robby looked at him through the mirror.  He couldn't believe that Rick would even entertain the thought that Robby would return that feeling.  After what he'd done, he was lucky that Robby even spoke to him.  He didn't even want to acknowledge the remark.   The thought of it made his head hurt.

        "The shower is all yours," he said as he pulled his jeans and t-shirt out of the drawer.   "I'm going to find Nathan and go get something to eat. I'm hungry."

        That said, he turned his back on Rick and got dressed.


        "He is cute, Robby," said Nathan as they sat at the diner eating hamburgers.

        "He's an asshole," Robby said.

        "A cute one, though," said Nathan, smiling at him.

        "You don't know why I call him an asshole," said Robby.

        "True, but that's because you haven't told me," replied Nathan.

        "There's plenty of time for that discussion later," said Robby, putting him off.

        "Alright," said Nathan.

        The two boys were quiet for a while.  They both ate their meals and watched the other people in the diner.  Robby wasn't sure he wanted to share the story with Nathan.  He'd already told Daniel, and he still wasn't sure that it hadn't been a mistake.  He didn't know what he should or shouldn't tell any of them now.  He just hoped that Rick was keeping his mouth shut.

        "I saw the pool on my way to your room," he said.

        "Yeah, I got a look at it myself," said Nathan.  "Looked mighty inviting."

        "You think Luca will mind if we swim in it?"

        "I don't see why he would," said Nathan.  "After all, we live there, and we have to keep it clean."

        "Yeah," Robby laughed.  "Wanna go for a swim?"

        "Sounds great," said Nathan.  "You wanna ask the others?"

        "I'll pretend I didn't hear that," he replied.

To Be Continued . . . .

As promised, the chapters are getting a bit longer.  I hope that you're enjoying the story.  I apologize for the fact that there was no sex in this chapter, but, as I hope you've noticed, there is a lot more to this story than just sex.  I promise that the next chapter will contain sex.  Let me know what you think.  From the ammount of email that I get over this story, I gather that you like it.  I'm glad. :-)

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