The Boys Of Summer

copyright 2001 by Eric Draven

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It's been a while since I wrote much on this story.  I apologize for that.   I'm also working on another story at the same time, and I wanted to try and catch them up.  The other story can be found in the incest section.  Its called Christopher's Story.  I think I should warn some of you that some of the content of this story will soon not be suitable for Nifty to post it here.  I will leave gaps in certain chapters where these scenes would fit.  So, you may get lost.  Not to worry, however.  When I do this, I will insert a note, and the chapters in their entirety will be found on my site.  Just follow the link at the top of every chapter of this story.

I am already planning my next story.  Planning may not be the right word for it, because I already have several chapters of it written, but I won't be posting any of them until this story is finished.  The new story will be quite different from any of my others.  I am really excited about it, and I can't wait to get it out, so everyone can take a look at it.  I just hope that everyone likes it as much as all the rest.

Judging from the amount of email that I get about this story, I take it that you all like it.  I'm glad.  This is a very hard story for me to write.   Although it is mostly fiction, the characters are all based on real people.   Some of the situations that they go through in this story are distorted, but the reality wasn't much different.  So, please bare with me.

I'd like to thank all of you who emailed me during my little hiatus.  As promised, the story is continuing.  I never once intended to abandon it.  This story, just like Christopher's Story, will continue until the entire story is told completely.  I don't know exactly how long that will be, but I should know before too long.  I know how this one ends, and I know everything that goes in between.

This chapter may prove to be the longest one in the story.  Several things are supposed to happen in this chapter, so I guess you guys are going to get your fill of sexual stimulation! I may put this chapter out in several parts, though.  But, I will try to get it completed soon.   So, just enjoy the story!

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This story is intended for readers over the age of 18.   The story contains scenes depicting sexual acts between males.  Some scenes depict sexual acts between men and teen aged boys.  If this type of material is offensive to you, or if it is illegal in your state or country, please do not read further.  If you are under 18, then you know what to do.

This story also contains scenes depicting unsafe sexual practice, however, this story in no way promotes unsafe sexual contact.  Always use a condom to protect both yourself, and the one that you love.   This story also contains scenes depicting drug use.  I in no way promote drug use.

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Where Chapter Seven Left Off . . .


     "So, did you and Luca just get back?" Robby asked Daniel.

        "No, we've been back for a little bit," replied Daniel.  "I'm supposed to come and get you."

        "What for?" asked Robby.

        "Luca wants you to stay with us tonight," said Daniel.  "He wants to take you shopping in the morning."

        "Shopping?" asked Robby, turning around to face Daniel.

        "Yes," said Daniel.  "You can't keep wearing my clothes."

        "I'll make my own money and buy my own clothes," said Robby, turning back to the mirror.

        "Are you crazy?" asked Daniel.  "Let him spend money on you, Robby."

        "I don't want to owe him anything," said Robby.

        "You won't owe him anything," said Daniel.  "You will pay him back out of what you make."

        Robby thought about that for a while.  He did need clothes, and he had to admit that he wouldn't have minded spending a little time with Daniel, either.  He needed to get his feelings straightened out about Daniel and Jason.

        He liked Daniel.  That he couldn't deny.  The qualities about him that had originally turned him off about him now attracted him.  It was strange, but it was true.   He also couldn't get having sex with him out of his mind.  He had loved it.   Daniel had been right about that.

        "Let me get a change of clothes together," said Robby, deciding that staying the night with Luca and Daniel might actually be interesting.

        "Cool," said Daniel.  He looked from Robby to Rick, and his expression changed from pleasant to hateful in an instant.

        "I'll only be a minute," said Robby, thinking that the longer Daniel was in the room, the more chance there was that he would jump all over Rick.  He didn't want that to happen.

The Cast of Characters So Far:

Robby Hardy:  a 15 year old boy who, until recently, had been carrying on a sexual affair with his football coach. The Runaway.

Rick Easley:  a 15 year old boy who lives across the street from Robby's parents.

Jason And Daniel:  17 year old orphaned twins.

Luca:  a man who owns a motel and takes pity on the twins from time to time for a price.

Kevin:  a trick that is infatuated with Jason.

Nathan:  a street hustler.

And Now

Chapter Eight A




   Robby followed Daniel out of the room, leaving Rick to stare after them.  Once the door was closed, Rick sighed.  He was never going to be able to get Robby to like him again.   It was just no use.  He couldn't even get ten minutes alone with Robby.   Daniel or Nathan always showed up to ruin it.  He hated that.  It was possible that Robby planned it that way.  Maybe he didn't feel safe with Rick.   That was a bad thought, but it was one that he had to consider.  After all, he hadn't given Robby any reason to feel safe with him.

    The problem was that no matter how Robby felt about him, Rick still wanted Robby.  It was more than just wanting him.  Looking at Robby made Rick's stomach flip.  He got nervous around him.  His palms started to sweat.  He said the most stupid things when he was around.  Just thinking about Robby was enough to make his knees weak.  What was going on? he wondered.  Was he in love?

    He had to figure out a way to get Robby out of his head.  He just didn't know how to do that.  Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Robby's face.  It was torture staying in the same room with him.   He wanted to touch him so bad, but he knew better than to even try.  After what had happened between them at home, he was sure that Robby would either deck him, or he would tell Daniel or Nathan.

* * *

    "There you are," said Luca when he opened the door to his room and found Robby and Daniel standing there.  "I was wondering what you two were up to."

    "We were talking, Luca," said Daniel.

    The two boys moved past him and into the room.  Daniel took a seat on the bed, and Robby sat in the recliner.  Luca's room was far different from any other in the hotel.  His room not only had a kitchen, but there was a couch and a recliner in it as well.  There was a full walk-in closet and dresser, and the room was as large as two regular hotel rooms combined.  A door at the other end of the room opened into the office of the hotel.

    "Robby, are you hungry?" asked Luca, indicating a closed pizza box on the round table by the door.

    "No, thank you," said Robby.   "I ate with Nathan."

    "I'm glad that you boys are all getting along," he said.

    "We're a regular family," quipped Daniel.

    "Shut up," called Luca.   "I'm having a conversation."

    "Yeah," replied Daniel shaking his head.

    "Actually, I need to talk to Robby alone," he said.  "Why don't you go spend some quality time with your brother?"

    "Fuck you, Luca," said Daniel, getting off the bed and heading toward the door.

    Robby really didn't want him to leave.   He didn't want to be alone with Luca.  He didn't know what to expect out of the guy.  He was sure that he could handle himself, but he didn't want to get thrown out on the street.  If Luca tried anything funny, he would try very hard to refuse, but not to be rude.

    Once Daniel was safely out of the room, Luca turned his attentions to Robby.  He'd wanted to be with this one for quite a while, and now he was finally going to have a chance.  He wouldn't push, but he'd offer.   He hoped that the kid would take the offer.

    "So, I'm taking you shopping in the morning before we swing by the clinic to get the results from the tests," he said, sitting down across from Robby on the edge of the bed.

    "I really don't want you to buy much, Luca," said Robby.  "But I'll pay you back for whatever you spend."

    "I don't want you to pay me back, Robby," said Luca.  "I just want to make sure that you have clothes to wear, ok?"

    "OK," said Robby reluctantly.

    "Contrary to popular belief, I am not a filthy creep," said Luca.

    "I know," replied Robby.

    "Now, I'm not going to lie to you, Robby," he said.  "The reason that I asked for you to stay with me tonight isn't just because I want to take you shopping in the morning. I want to have sex with you, but I don't want to do anything that will make you uncomfortable."

    Robby thought about that.  He hadn't been expecting him to just come right out and say it.  He'd thought that he would . . . Well, he'd thought that he would just make a move on him, and he would have to either accept it or reject it.

    He looked him over.  Luca was a very good looking guy.  He was tall and muscular.  His upper body was bigger than any he'd seen in the flesh, and he looked great in his bright white t-shirt.  It was stretched to capacity trying to cover all of the bulging muscles that Luca had stuffed into it.

    He had dark hair that he kept short and parted to one side.  It still managed to sweep his brow, though.  His eyes were dark.  They were almost black, but that just added to his appeal.  He had an angled face, and with his stubble, it looked very sexy.  Robby thought he could do worse than Luca.

    "What did you have in mind," he heard himself saying.  He was vaguely aware that his dick was already hard.

    "Nothing that you can't handle," he replied.  "Why don't we get comfortable and take a shower?"

    "What if Daniel comes back?" asked Robby, looking at the door.

    "If he does, then he can join us," said Luca.  He stood up and held his hand out to Robby.

    Robby sighed as he got up and took Luca's outstretched hand.  He was led to the other end of the room and through a door that, until now, he hadn't realized existed.  The bathroom was larger than any of the others in the hotel.  There was a long counter with two sinks and a big claw foot bath tub on one side of the room.  A very large shower stall was on the other side of the room.

    Luca stood in front of him and lifted his shirt up over his swollen abdominal muscles.  In one quick flourish of movement, the shirt was over his head and cast to the floor.  He then started on the belt and button of his jeans, and Robby's breath caught in his throat.  Luca was very good looking.

    With Luca already naked, Robby had to move quick to catch up.  Unlike he had, Luca didn't stand there and gawk as Robby got out of his clothes.  He busied himself turning on the water in the shower and adjusting the temperature.  When he was satisfied with it, he turned to Robby and gasped.

    "What?" cried Robby, afraid that he'd done something terribly wrong.

    "Your dick is fucking amazing," said Luca.  "Daniel wasn't lying."

    Robby's face flushed, but he accepted the compliment.  They stepped into the shower, and as soon as they were both wet, Luca began to wash Robby's back.  He slowly dragged the soap over Robby's skin several times.  When he had a good lather, he began to rub the boy's back as slowly as he possibly could.  He was going to enjoy this, and that meant he was going to take his time.

    When he reached the tops of the boy's ass cheeks, he thought briefly about burying his dick in the kid's hot little ass.  But that wasn't what he really wanted from Robby.  He rubbed those cheeks just as slowly as he had his back, and his dick was painfully hard.  He wanted to bury his dick in the boy's ass, but that wasn't what he'd asked the boy to his room for.

    Luca was sure that Robby's tough exterior wasn't just the result of a traumatic event that had taken place when the boy was at home.   There was more to it.  Robby seemed to think that he didn't need anyone, and that bothered Luca.  He knew what it was like to push people away out of fear that they would eventually turn on you or leave you anyway.  He'd been there.  He'd done it himself.

    Luca wanted to try and reach the boy inside of that tough shell.  He didn't know how to go about it exactly, but he was going to try.  There was something about Robby that really made him special, and Luca wanted to make sure that he never lost it.

    He'd heard about what had happened between Robby and Rick.  He didn't like it, but he could blame Rick for wanting Robby.   He'd also heard Rick's side of it from Nathan.  Rick's actions were terrible, but Luca could understand it.

    He'd also heard every detail of the sexual encounter between Robby and Daniel.  He considered Daniel to be a lucky little bastard, but he knew that Daniel lacked sensitivity, and he really believed that was exactly what Robby needed.  He needed tenderness.  He needed to be shown love.   Luca believed that he could show him these things tonight.  He wasn't going to say that he was in love with the boy.  Lying to him wouldn't solve anything.   But showing him that he could be loved might do something good for him.

    Turning his attention back to Robby's flesh, he turned the boy around and began to soap his shoulders and chest.  Robby looked up at him timidly, and Luca hated to see that look in his beautiful eyes.  He leaned closer to him as his hands traveled down the boy's torso and kissed him lightly on his upturned lips.  The contact was brief and light, but it jolted Luca and made his dick throb.  He was surprised when Robby's arms wrapped around his waist, but he didn't let it show.  He leaned in again and kissed the boy longer.

    Their bodies slid against each other, and Luca was again reminded that his erection was demanding attention.  He could feel Robby's substantial erection against his leg, too.  The boy was just as eager for release as he was.  He wanted to take this slowly, however, and that meant he had to slow it down now.  He pushed the boy backward lightly, breaking the kiss and separating their bodies.  He knelt down and washed the boy's pelvis, taking great care with his dick and balls.  Then he moved on to his legs and feet.

    Once he had him rinsed off, he left him in the shower while he dried himself.  They didn't talk, and Luca was glad.  He wanted to show the boy something.  He didn't want to tell him about it.  He reached into the shower and tenderly took Robby's hand.  Guiding him out of the shower, he wrapped the other towel around him.

    He dried him thoroughly, taking special care not to squeeze the boy's balls and cause him pain.  This night was supposed to be about pleasure.  He loved touching Robby's young body.  It excited him in a way that Daniel couldn't.  He would never tell either of them this, but he really wanted Robby in a way that he'd never wanted Daniel.

    Leading Robby out of the bedroom, Luca thought about just how to proceed with this.  He wanted desperately to bury his painfully erect dick into the boy's hot little ass, but that was not what he was going to do.  Robby was his main focus for the night, and his own needs would only be satisfied in quenching whatever thirst was boiling inside of Robby.

    He pushed Robby onto the bed gently.  He noticed that the boy's eyes were a bit clouded with fear, and he wanted to erase that fear forever.  He knelt down between the his spread legs and wrapped his hand around the boy's sizable erection.  He heard Robby moan lightly.  Taking the head of Robby's dick into his mouth, he whirled his tongue around the ridge of it's crown.   Robby responded by slightly shoving his hips upward.

    Luca obliged him by moving his mouth further down the shaft of his dick.  He let his hands roam over the boy's legs and balls.   Being careful not to stimulate him too much, he began to bob his head up and down on the boy's dick.  It was clear that Robby was very excited, so he was careful not to push that excitement to it's brink.

    Releasing the boy's dick, Luca moved down to his balls and sucked both of them into his mouth.  They were heavy and just as large as he'd expected.  Robby began to rock his hips back and forth, and Luca knew that he'd found something that the boy really liked.  When Robby lifted his legs, Luca moved them so that the backs of his knees rested on his shoulders.

    Letting his balls fall from his mouth, Luca pushed the boy's hips slightly so that he could get at the kid's tight little hole.   He circled the ring with his tongue several times before he let it lightly sweep over the tight ring of muscle.  He heard Robby's sharp intake of breath, and he knew that the boy's asshole was his most sensitive spot.  With that knowledge, Luca gave the boy his ride of pleasure.  He licked at his hole for quite a while, savoring the taste of the the boy's most private of places.

    When he began to stab his tongue into that hole, Robby hissed and lifted his hips off the bed even further.  Luca kept up his ministrations, and soon Robby was purring with great satisfaction.  Over and over, he fucked into the boy's asshole with his tongue, and Robby groaned.  When he removed his tongue from the boy's ass, he heard the unmistakable disappointment in his sigh.   He hated that sound, but he had something else in mind for the boy now.

    Opening the drawer of the night stand beside the bed, he extracted a bottle of lubricant and a condom.  He saw Robby's eyes flash to the condom, and he knew that the boy thought he was going to fuck him.  He noted the desire that replaced the fear in the boy's eyes, but that was not what he had in mind.

    He opened the foil packet with his teeth and squeezed a few drops of the lubricant into the pouch of the condom.  He surprised Robby by rolling the condom down the length of his penis.  It was clear from the look in the boy's eyes that he thought he was about to get fucked.  Having the condom on his own penis still didn't seem to be sinking in for him.

    When Luca began to rub lubricant over the boy's condom covered shaft, Robby threw his head back.  Perhaps now he knew what was about to happen.  Luca took a little time lubing up his own asshole before sliding up to straddle the boy's pelvis.

    Slowly, Luca brought himself down on Robby's large condom laced dick.  Robby closed his eyes tightly, and a small sigh escaped his lips as Luca's ass engulfed his dick.  When Luca felt his cheeks resting on the boy's body, he rested for a few seconds before raising himself up again.  He was shocked when he was jolted with an electric pleasure bolt.  He'd though that from this angle, his prostate couldn't be contacted by the boy's dick.

    Getting into a rhythm, Luca began to fuck himself slowly with Robby's dick.  The boy moaned in time with Luca, and both of them were getting the pleasure that Luca had intended to show Robby.  He continued like that for a few more minutes before sliding off the boy's dick and motioning for him to get on his knees.

    Luca laid on his back and held his legs up.   Robby needed no instruction, his lust took him right into the right position.   Soon, Luca's knees were resting on Robby's shoulders, and the kid was fucking him in long quick strokes.  Luca felt the boy's dick sliding over his prostate, and he knew that this would push him over the edge very soon.  He just hoped that the kid would get as much pleasure from this as he would.

    Robby surprises Luca by slowing down his thrusts.  The boy is now taking things slowly, and Luca's pleasure is escalated by the longer contact with his prostate.  He feels his balls beginning to boil the cum inside them, and he knows that he won't last much longer.  As the first wave of orgasm enraptures him, Robby once again speeds up his assault.

    Surprising Luca yet again, the boy leans down and kisses him passionately as he fills the condom with his own cum.  They collapse together there on the bed with Luca's cum gluing them together.


Chapter will be continued soon . . . .