The Boys Of Summer

copyright 2001 by Eric Draven

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As promised, here is part B of Chapter 8.  I'll try to keep the pieces coming as fast as I can.  Thank you to all who have written about part A, and yes, I did intend to describe Luca's character early on in the story.  It was a mistake on my part that he wasn't described in the beginning.  Sorry about that.  I hope you all enjoy this part as much as the last!

I'd also like to apologize for the length of time that it took to get this part finished and posted.  I had hoped to keep this chapter going as quickly as I could, but I had unforeseeable personal problems that had to be dealt with.  Thankfully, that is all taken care of, and The Boys Of Summer is continuing.

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This story is intended for readers over the age of 18.   The story contains scenes depicting sexual acts between males.  Some scenes depict sexual acts between men and teen aged boys.  If this type of material is offensive to you, or if it is illegal in your state or country, please do not read further.  If you are under 18, then you know what to do.

This story also contains scenes depicting unsafe sexual practice, however, this story in no way promotes unsafe sexual contact.  Always use a condom to protect both yourself, and the one that you love.   This story also contains scenes depicting drug use.  I in no way promote drug use.

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Where Part A Left Off . . .

    Luca laid on his back and held his legs up.   Robby needed no instruction, his lust took him right into the right position.   Soon, Luca's knees were resting on Robby's shoulders, and the kid was fucking him in long quick strokes.  Luca felt the boy's dick sliding over his prostate, and he knew that this would push him over the edge very soon.  He just hoped that the kid would get as much pleasure from this as he would.

    Robby surprises Luca by slowing down his thrusts.  The boy is now taking things slowly, and Luca's pleasure is escalated by the longer contact with his prostate.  He feels his balls beginning to boil the cum inside them, and he knows that he won't last much longer.  As the first wave of orgasm enraptures him, Robby once again speeds up his assault.

    Surprising Luca yet again, the boy leans down and kisses him passionately as he fills the condom with his own cum.  They collapse together there on the bed with Luca's cum gluing them together.

The Cast of Characters So Far:

Robby Hardy:  a 15 year old boy who, until recently, had been carrying on a sexual affair with his football coach. The Runaway.

Rick Easley:  a 15 year old boy who lives across the street from Robby's parents.

Jason And Daniel:  17 year old orphaned twins.

Luca:  a man who owns a motel and takes pity on the twins from time to time for a price.

Kevin:  a trick that is infatuated with Jason.

Nathan:  a street hustler.

And Now

Chapter Eight B


Tricks (continued)


    "You mean he's staying with Luca?" asked Nathan when Daniel got to his and Jason's room.   Jason and Nathan were both sitting on Nathan's bed in shorts and socks.

    "Yes, he's staying with Luca," spat Daniel, unable to hide the fact that the thought of Luca touching Robby infuriated him.  The part that confused him was that he wasn't sure which one he was jealous of.  He liked them both!

    "And you're not happy about it," commented Jason, shocking Daniel.  Jason had never been out right rude to him before.  Not since he'd found out that he and Robby had had sex.

    "No, I'm not happy about it," he replied after a short pause.

    "Well, are you going back down there?" asked Nathan.

    "I don't think I should," replied Daniel.  "Luca kind of made it clear that my presence wasn't required."

    "That doesn't mean that it was forbidden," said Nathan.  "I'd go back down there."

    "I can't," said Daniel quietly.

    "Why?" asked Jason.  "Can't decide which one to be mad at?"

    "What's your damage?" demanded Daniel.

    "Nothing," replied Jason.  "I'm going to bed. If you want to stay in our room, you can sleep with Nathan."

    With that, Jason got off the bed and went to his own.  He climbed under the covers and turned his back on the other two boys. 

    Daniel stared at his brother in silence.  He knew that he was angry with him about sleeping with Robby, but he didn't think it would last this long.  He looked at Nathan, but Nathan didn't look back at him.  He knew that there was something going on.   Jason and Nathan had probably discussed this problem in full detail.  He'd have to get Nathan alone and talk to him pretty soon.

    That wasn't going to be the time, though.  The two boys settled into bed shortly after Jason crawled under his covers.  The room's air conditioning was turned up, so Daniel knew he'd need the quilt.  Nathan didn't seem like he wanted to talk, so Daniel settled in next to him for a long night of staring at the dark ceiling and thinking about Luca and Robby.  He wished that Luca would have just let him stay there with them.

* * *

    Robby opened his eyes when the sunlight fell across his face.  Luca was already out of bed and in the shower, so he was alone in the bed.  He stretched and yawned before looking around the room.  He almost jumped right out of his skin when he saw Daniel sitting in the chair across the room.

    "Sleep well?" asked Daniel.

    "Fine," he replied.  "You mad at me for staying here?"

    "No," replied Daniel after a long pause.  "I thought I was, but I'm not."

    "It wasn't my idea, remember?" asked Robby.

    "I know that," Daniel breathed.  "I'm the one who came to get you last night. I just didn't think I'd be asked to leave."

    "We expected you to come back," said Robby, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.   He wanted to get up and go to the bathroom, but he could still hear the shower running, and he wasn't wearing anything.

    "Thought I'd be out of place," said Daniel.

    "It's your room," replied Robby.

    "No, it's Luca's room," said Daniel.

    "Whatever," said Robby.  "Look, if there is going to be trouble between us, we might as well have it out right now. I don't want trouble between us, but I'll deal with it if I have to."

    "There's no trouble," said Daniel.  "I just got a little jealous."

    "I wouldn't dream of taking Luca from you."

    "That wasn't what upset me," said Daniel.

    The two boys were silent for a while.  Both sat staring at the other as the shower stopped running, and Luca stepped into the room with a towel draped around his waist.  He smiled at both of them and went right on drying his hair.

    After a long hot shower, Robby piled into Luca's truck with Luca and Daniel to go shopping for clothes.  He still wished that Luca would just let him buy them himself, but Luca insisted that he would buy all of the clothing, and Robby could pay him back later.   He supposed that was fine as long as Luca really let him pay him back for them.   He had a sneaking suspicion that Luca intended to just hand him things and never let him pay back anything.

    That wouldn't do.  He'd decided last night that he was going to go back to Springfield one day.  He wasn't real sure when, but he knew that he didn't want to stay in Chicago.   He missed Bill, and nothing that went on in Chicago took that away.  He dreaded facing his parents, but Bill was the only thing that was important.  He had to get back to Bill.

    "You alright?" asked Daniel as they got out of the truck to go into the mall.   "You've been quiet all morning."

    "I'm fine," he replied.  "Just thinking."

    "If you are thinking about what's going to happen tonight, don't worry about it so much," said Daniel.  "It isn't that bad."

    He hadn't been thinking about that at all.  He still wasn't completely sure that he could go through with it.  Sex with strangers for money just wasn't what he was all about.   He wanted to be safe, and with that kind of situation, he couldn't be sure of that.   He wasn't sure he liked the idea at all.

    "Nothing is going to happen tonight that doesn't ordinarily happen at the hotel," said Luca.  "You boys get your test results back at three, and then you have the rest of the day to yourselves. I'm not setting anything up until tomorrow."

    The rest of the morning was a blur to Robby.  They stopped at a restaurant in the mall and ate breakfast.  He had scrambled eggs and french toast.  Then they went from store to store buying almost anything Luca saw that he thought would look good on Robby.

    They stopped at a salon to get Robby's hair cut.  Daniel got his cut, too.  When they were done, the boys almost matched.  Luca got a kick out of that.  They stopped at an art supply store and bought Daniel paints and brushes.  His had been left behind in one of the buildings that he and Jason had been staying in when they'd had to get away really fast.  Robby never asked questions about statements like that.   He was often afraid to know the answers.

    For lunch, they stopped at the diner where Robby had met Daniel and Jason.  He ate a cheese burger and fries while Luca ate steak and potatoes.  Daniel ate the same as Robby, and both boys talked about all of the things that they'd bought on the shopping trip.   Robby was a little worried about what Rick would think about all of the clothes and shoes that Luca had bought for him, but he decided not to worry about it after remembering that Rick had arrived with two whole suitcases full of clothes.  He'd had time to plan for this.  Robby hadn't.

    When they got back to the hotel, Nathan, Jason and Rick were all doing their work.  Robby and Daniel quickly got changed and started their floors.  They were all done just in time to go to the clinic to get their test results.  Unlike Nathan and Daniel, Robby was completely comfortable about it.  They seemed more than a little nervous, and Robby wondered if, after a few months of living under Luca, he would be nervous about getting his test results back, too.

    By the time they got to the clinic, Robby was starting to get a little nervous himself.  He told himself that he was just letting the others rub off on him, but it did no good.  He sat there with Daniel and Nathan and waited for his name to be called in silence.  He was half convinced that his parents had been notified that he would be here today, and they would come walking through the door any second.  He even expected the police to show up to round up all the runaways and take them off to detention centers.

    Nathan was first to go back to the conference room.  He'd told Robby that the conference room was no bigger than a broom closet with a desk, two chairs, a computer and a file cabinet.   Robby wasn't so nervous about getting his results back now that he'd started letting his mind concoct images of police and his parents.  He couldn't wait to be safely tucked away in the broom closet sized conference room.

    After Nathan, it was Rick's turn.  Robby kept checking the exit of the clinic, sure that his parents would be escorted in by the police at any time.  He tried not to think about it, but the more he tried, the more he thought about it.  He wondered what it would be like in a detention center.  Surely it couldn't be as bad as the television shows and movies made it out to be.  He could probably handle it.  He didn't want to find out, though.  He wanted to get up and walk away.  He was so worked up that he nearly jumped out of his skin when his name was called.

    He followed a tall blond man back to the conference room where he was told to take a seat.  The man had really blond hair, and big glasses.  His features were even, but with the glasses on his face, he looked like a bug.  Robby sat there watching him as he sifted through papers and punched keys on the computer.

    "Well, first of all," said the man.  "Your test is negative for all sexually transmitted diseases that can be found in the blood stream."

    "That's good," said Robby.

    "Not so fast," said the man, making Robby's heart sink.  "You do know that living the lifestyle that you are living puts you at serious risk for certain types of sexually transmitted diseases that a blood test can't find, right?"

    "Yes," replied Robby.  "I know what they are, and I have no symptoms."

    "You'll need a medical doctor who can test you for these kinds of diseases," said the man.  Robby finally looked at the name badge on the man's white coat.  It said Arnold.

    "I'll look into that," replied Robby.

    "You can have those tests at this clinic as well, Mr. Hardy," said Arnold.  "You just have to come in on the right days."  He handed Robby a sheet of paper with all the information for medical tests and services.

    "Thank you," replied Robby.  He looked at the paper, and the first thing that caught his eye was the "donation" of $30.

    He paid little attention to the rest of Arnold's speech.  It basically boiled down to sex being the equivalent to a loaded weapon, and sex without protection was just like playing Russian Roulette.  You never know when the person you are sleeping with has AIDS.   Robby really didn't want to hear the speech.  When it was over, he was never more thankful in his life.

Chapter will be continued soon . . . .