Boys Town


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Chapter 7


Written by: The Iceman <>


The truth will come out:


 In an hour I was ready and the neighborhood looked normal but there were a lot of cars parked on the street and all houses were dark, no cars in front of our house we were watching TV and the window blinds were closed and the garage door was closed and 5 officers were in the garage with full body armor and as the door bell rang I went to the door and asked who is it, the voice from the outside said "I am from the DA's office and I have a warrant for your arrest so open the door" I opened the door and he had a silenced 22cal.
automatic and as I was fully exposed he fired two rounds and I fired two 9mm rounds into his knees almost blowing his knees off I reached down with a gloved hand and picked the gun up at the same time all hell broke loose and the car that he had arrived in tried to split and the 5 from the garage and 20 more from the street ended that in a silent woof and they were all taken in at the same time Robert was advised of his rights and it was explained that he would be tried and be executed for the murder of Bill McMasters my son, and his boss the DA would be sitting in his lap when the switch was thrown, plus the knees would be repaired so he could walk in for his execution.

 As he was questioned he told all and it was recorded on video as well as audio and he was checked by a doctor and declared that he was not in pain so his confession was not coursed when it was all over I went with Dave and Otto plus a stenographer to the DA's home and he was arrested and charged with complicity in the 1st degree murder of Bill McMasters and the attempted murder of me, as he was arraigned the following morning he was provided a public defender and he said "I will handle my own defense" I said to Dave that was sitting beside me, the words of the famous attorney from Philadelphia said "A man that represents him self in court has a fool for a client."
 As the trial moved on he had me subpoena as a witness for the defense I apologized and stated that I was a person that he will be trying to make me the person that committed the crime and seeing that I was a resident of California and not under his offices jurisdiction plus I have already had a conversation with the states attorney and he has excused me and Carruthers went ballistic and the states attorney asked for a list of questions that he would be asking, Carruthers said "that would be no problem" and the states attorney looked at me and said "if you deviate from the list that you present this trial will be stopped and you will be tried in absentia and all you will do is watch the trial from your solitary confinement cell and a Public defender will be your attorney", he screamed and said that he should be allowed to properly defend him self, the judge said "if you want to operate in my court you will operate with my rules or you will be put into the hands of the Public Defender and you can watch the trial from your cell, and that is my final decision".

 Carruthers stood at the defense table and said "your honor you are in fact railroading me and as such I will provide you with a set of questions that I require an answer of before I get a chance to put Mr. McMasters on the stand", the judge answered "Mr. Carruthers I find you in contempt of this court and as such, and because you will not operate by any standard of jurist prudence, you are to be removed from this court and returned to a holding cell where you will observe the remainder of this VIA a TV monitor".

 I looked at the states attorney and hoped that he would have something to say but he was silent, I looked at Carruthers and he looked almost sick, but as the rule goes `you only harvest what you sow' and he had been badmouthing the Judge since the start and now it had come back to him in spades.

 As Carruthers was lead out of the court room he looked at me and said "I don't care how long it takes I will get you for this" I felt a chill run up my back and I just shook my head and said "Mr. Carruthers I don't care if you threaten me because in the end it will be you in prison and I will be at home in LA having a cool drink of ice tea with friends" he exploded at me and as he put his hands on me I punched him as hard as I could in the nose and he went down like a wet dish rag, and there was a nasty sound as his head hit the marble floor.

 The bailiff came up and said "he grabbed you and you defended your self, no harm
no fowl" at that point Carruthers started to move and as he stood up he looked at me and said "bailiff arrest that man he hit me" the bailiff said "I am sorry Mr. Carruthers but you grabbed him and he defended him self", Carruthers looked at him and said "if you don't arrest him you will be fired, and I will see to it" the bailiff said "Mr Carruthers when you were the DA I would do any thing that you wanted, but you are a murder suspect and while you are in my court you will keep your cool, or I will do what he did you but I will hit you hard enough that your Jail bird father will feel it".

 Carruthers quietly walked toward the holding cells and as he did the Judge said "Mr. Carruthers do you think you can behave your self, because if you can you will be allowed to stay, but otherwise you will be out now"! Carruthers answered "I can and I would like to apologize to you the court in general and Mr. McMasters I am painfully sorry for my actions earlier" he returned to the defense table and sat down, and considering that this was only his and Robert's preliminary arraignment the Judge asked him how does he plead, of course he responded "not guilty" and Robert responded the same, I looked at Det. Dave and said lets go to my apartment and I want to see Juan and his sons plus by now Bobby is going to be a little worried and I want to sleep with Bobby only tonight.

 As we drove home Det. Dave said "I wish you would come back to Florida permanently I can always use your help and even though you will be living in Tampa I could get your badge reinstated in a heart beat" I looked at Dave and said "if I come back to Florida it will be to take charge of the hotel and keep Bill's work going and I will not be putting both myself and Bobby in harms way" he looked a little down in the mouth, I said "by the way I will be keeping the spy van until someone FBI CIA etc comes looking for it until then it don't exist" he smiled and said "will your friend Lou be looking it over in the mean time" I smiled and said nothing but the idea of getting Lou to look it over was a good idea and I would be in touch with him ASAP as I didn't want the van in my hotel, but Lou could be a helpful person in putting the owner of the van in a bad place, but that was something for the future, and as of now I have a decision to make and I must speak to Bobby and we will have to come to an agreement as to what our future will be but what ever we do my primary recipient in case of my death.


The Iceman