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Brad Martin--Chapter 1 A Boy Grows Up

Brad Martin was now 11 years old. He was the biggest of all of the boys in his grade in school. He was also the most athletic, probably from the genes he inherited from his parents. His father, Alvin who preferred to be called Al, had been in the Marines, and had always been a high school star in football and basketball, but lacked the grades to get a college scholarship. Al had enlisted in the Marines as soon as he graduated from high school, and wrote to his high school sweetheart, Carrie almost every day during his hitch in the Marines. They got married as soon as he was given his honorable discharge, and had only one child, a son they named Bradley. Neither of them ever attended college, but they were both hard workers, and made enough money from their jobs to provide a nice home for their son, who they both loved dearly. As soon as Bradley could walk, Al started giving his son training in martial arts, the one thing that Al excelled in. Al worked in a factory that made plastic parts for General Motors. He was an hourly rated worker, and took every minute of overtime that was ever offered to him to provide for his wife and son.

Carrie worked as a waitress at a restaurant, and made more money from tips than her basic wage. Both parents worked hard to provide for their son. They never had any money saved, but they continued to do the best they could to make them a happy family. Brad had developed a beautiful body, as he continued his martial arts training, and played many sports in school. He was very handsome, with long dark hair that he let grow long in the back to form a long thin tail. He had very dark eyes, so dark that people would try to guess if the eyes were dark blue, dark brown or black. Brad had long eyelashes that made his face irresistible to look at. The boy also inherited his father's large cock, and by the time the boy was 11, was almost 5 inches long hard. As June approached, the boy was starting puberty, and his dick was constantly itching, causing him to continually play with it. Nudity was always accepted in their small family, as the only vacations they took were to a nudist colony, where the boy always developed a bronze tan all over his body. Carrie and Al noticed the physical changes in their son, and discussed with each other that Al would have to have "the talk" with his son about sex very soon.

On one of the rare occasions when the parents were going out to a movie and dinner without their son, they had hired a babysitter who was 17. Jennifer arrived at their home, and was ready to watch Brad until his parents got back home at midnight. Jennifer had just broken up with her boyfriend, who she had caught cheating on her with one of her friends. She spent much of the time she was supposed to be babysitting the boy, talking on the phone with her friends, about her former boyfriend. Brad was bored, and told her to get off the phone and play Nintendo with him. She told the boy to go take a bath, and he refused. Jennifer got mad and threatened the boy who was bigger than she was, and could probably kick her ass. She finally convinced Brad to take a shower and she would make popcorn for them to eat while they watched a movie. Jennifer was surprised to see the boy agree, and return in 10 minutes only wearing a towel. Brad held the bowl of popcorn in his lap as they started watching "Back to the Future" together.

Jennifer was very horny after not having sex with her boyfriend in over a week. As she reached for popcorn, she gazed at the muscular development of the young boy, and could not believe he was only 11, almost 12. Her hormones took over, and she ended up tickling the boy and pulling off the towel. She was amazed to see a cock of over five inches in length with a few strands of pubic hair. That night before his parents got home, Brad lost all of his inhibitions and his virginity. Jennifer sucked him off to a crashing orgasm, and the boy fucked a girl for the first and only time in his life. Something inside him told Brad that sex with a girl was not what he wanted. He had cum two times with his babysitter, but he still felt that there must be something better in having sex. His first feelings of liking other boys or men blossomed inside his mind.

It was two weeks later when Brad woke up to find his boxers wet. He thought that he had wet the bed, but the sticky liquid in his boxers felt different from the many times he had wet the bed until he was eight. He pulled off his boxers, and threw them in his dirty clothesbasket, hoping that his mother wouldn't see them. His dick had been itching continually, and both of his parents had observed their son grabbing and pulling at his penis. Al had always been close to his son, but dreaded the time when he would have to discuss sex with the boy. Carrie was doing the laundry, when she found the wet boxers, and smelled the fresh cum that her son had deposited in the fabric. She insisted that Al talk to their son about the changes in his body. Al had got a book on puberty from the library, and he hoped that the book would say everything to Brad, and make the talk unnecessary.

Brad was embarrassed at finding his boxers wet. The itch in his dick was driving the boy insane, and he had to talk to someone about it. His father was in the living room, and Brad approached his father cautiously.

"Daddy, can we talk?" Brad asked softly. "I need to talk to you about something really personal. Please don' say anything to mommy."

Al grabbed the book about puberty, and followed his son to his room. He and his wife had noticed that the boy was starting to sprout hair around his young penis, and they were shocked that a boy who was only 11 would enter puberty.

Brad was embarrassed, as he began telling his father about his penis that was itching all of the time, and that he was growing hair. The dark eyes of his son flickered with concern that his pleas for understanding the changes in his young body would be made fun of. Al knew that he had to be open and explain what entering puberty meant to his young son.

"Let me show you this book," Al said to his son. "You are starting puberty much younger than we expected, and it is not easy for me to explain what is happening to your body. Your mother knows what changes have happened, and she saw the wet boxers from last night."

Brad recoiled in fear. He thought that he had hidden the boxers in the laundry basket. He started crying, as his father continued. "You are now a young man, even though you are only 11, and with the changes in your body, you could be a father if you had sex with a girl."

Brad again recoiled in fear that his time with Jennifer might have made her pregnant. The fear in his son's face made Al ask "Have you had sex with a girl?"

Brad started sobbing. He did not want to tell his father about the babysitter who had introduced him to sex in her mouth and her pussy. Brad knew all of the words to describe the female anatomy from comments from his friends in school, including pussy, cunt, gash, slit, and many other vulgar names for the place between a girl's legs. The sobs of his son told Al that the boy was not a virgin. He wondered who had taken his son from innocence into sex. He tried to get Brad to tell him what had happened, but the boy continued sobbing. He pleaded with his son, promising not to tell anyone else if the boy was honest with him.

"Jennifer," was the only word that Brad could choke out.

Al was furious that the 17-year-old babysitter had seduced his son. He was thinking about calling the police, or her parents to expose her seduction of his son. Brad was wailing so loud that Carrie opened the door and wanted to know what was wrong.

"Leave us alone!!" Al commanded.

Carrie quickly left the room, closing the door behind her. She knew that something was really wrong with her son, and she wanted to rescue Brad from whatever was troubling him. She knew that her husband would never keep a secret from her, and she waited to let Al and Brad talk.

"What did you and Jennifer do?" Alvin asked his son.

Brad was afraid to use the only words that he knew to describe what he and Jennifer had done. Alvin sensed the reluctance of his son, and told Brad to use words that he used with his friends.

"She sucked my dick. And then we fucked" were the words from his young boy's mouth.

"Oh my God!" Al was shocked to hear his son's words. Al knew that he should have had this talk a long time ago, and maybe if he had, the boy would have not experimented with Jennifer. He decided to calm down and tell his son the facts of life.

"When a boy starts puberty," Al began, "his penis, or dick as you call it, starts to grow. It gets longer and thicker, and is very sensitive. Your balls, or nuts, get larger and start to hang lower. Pubic hair will start to grow above your dick, and you will start to make semen, or cum; whatever boys your age call it." Al was surprised how easy it was to talk to his son, and explain puberty.

"Sometimes at night your dick will get hard, and you will squirt out semen, or cum," he continued. "It's called a wet dream, and it is very normal."

Brad was relieved that his itchy cock and sore balls were not the result of any infection from doing stuff with Jennifer. His father was being very honest.

"I see stuff come out of my dick when I play with it," Brad said quietly. He was embarrassed to say that to his father, but he wanted a question answered. "Is it a sin if I play with it?"

Al stifled his chuckles. Brad was very embarrassed and his face was red. "Every boy in the world plays with his dick. If a boy says he doesn't he is lying. It's not a sin, but only do it in private. I don't think your mother would appreciate you jacking off in the living room when we are watching television."

The joke broke the tension. Brad was relieved. He had been jerking off every day, and his dick still itched. He would only get temporary relief from jerking off, or by pulling his foreskin.

"Let's go have lunch," Al said to his son. "If you have any more questions, I promise to answer them honestly. You have to promise to be honest with me too. If you have sex with a girl, you could become a father, and you are way too young for that."

Brad now understood what was happening to his body. He didn't want to tell his father that sex with Jennifer or a different girl was not what he wanted. He had been daydreaming about his friends who were all boys when he was jerking off. He didn't want to become a fag, queer, homo, or any of the other nasty names boys in school called gays.

That summer Brad again got a deep golden tan at the Sunshine Nudist Colony. He only had a few pubic hairs, and he wished that he would get a full patch like many of the teen boys at the colony. Al and Carrie worked every day during the summer, taking only one week and several weekends to visit the nudist colony.

One day at work, Al was talking to a friend, David during lunch. David's son, Derek was 16 and an excellent swimmer. Derek had been hired as a lifeguard at a boy's camp for the entire summer. Al told David that Brad had always wanted to go to boys' camp, but they could never afford it. David told Al that his son was allowed to invite one friend for two weeks at the camp, and he wondered if Brad would be interested. Al jumped at the offer, knowing that Brad would go ballistic if he were able to go to camp. The boys had never met, but both fathers knew that their sons would get along and become friends.

When Al mentioned camp to Carrie, she was thrilled. Carrie had two older sisters who were married with large families, and Al had one older brother who was also married with a large family. None of their nieces or nephews had ever gone to camp, as the finances of the families were similar to theirs. Brad squealed with joy at the thought of going to camp for two weeks. He ran around the house like a lunatic, screaming and hollering. Al would drive him to the camp in two days, and they didn't have much time to buy a few things and get the boy packed.

On a hot August Saturday afternoon, Brad got his first view of Camp Wigwam. It was a rustic camp, with log cabins on the shore of a large lake. The camp was almost deserted, as the counselors were cleaning the cabins in preparation for the new flock of boys who would arrive the next day. Derek had been pressured by his father to invite this 11-year-old boy that he had never met as his only guest for the summer camp. Derek dreaded meeting some nerdy spoiled brat that he would have to baby-sit for two weeks. When he first saw Brad's face, Derek was in love. The boy was very big for his age, and drop dead gorgeous. Derek's first glimpse of the boy was when Brad was leaning against a tree with one leg up on the tree trunk. He was wearing jeans that displayed about two inches of boxers. The long sleeve shirt was completely open, revealing a muscular young chest and tummy. The boy was wearing sunglasses, and looked like a movie star. The boy took off the sunglasses to reveal his deep dark eyes. His face lit up with excitement, as he shook hands with Derek. They quickly hauled Brad's duffel bag into the cabin identified as "White Feather". There were four sets of bunk beds, and Brad could choose which bunk he wanted. He chose the bed above Derek's, and unpacked his clothes as Derek returned to help get the camp cleaned for the next day's new arrivals. Derek's cock was rock hard and throbbing, just from the first view he had of the beautiful young boy.

Al gave his son a hug and kisses before he left the camp. They never knew that it would be the last kiss that they would ever share. Brad was unpacked, and he ran to find Derek to help him with his chores. Derek was thrilled at how cute and helpful the boy was. The camp director, John Carmody, was also surprised how hard the boy worked. Before it was time for dinner, the camp was ready, and the group of counselors built a fire and cooked steaks over the coals of the fire. John Carmody headed into town to get drunk. It was a rare treat for him to get away from the camp alone, so he was quick to leave. All of the counselors were older than Derek, and each one had a cabin that he was in charge of. There were 10 cabins and a main lodge that held the dining room, showers, toilets, and the director's office. Several of the counselors were college students, working at the camp to help pay their tuition. All of the counselors were surprised to learn that Brad was only 11 years old.

"I'm almost 12," Brad said when he was questioned about his age.

"Almost 12 means you are 11," Derek teased him. "Almost 12 is like almost pregnant."

Everyone laughed, but Brad was embarrassed. It was dark, and many of the counselors wanted to drink beer and kick back before the next day's invasion of new boys. The next group of boys would range in age from eight to 14. The counselors knew that the youngest boys were always difficult to get accustomed to being away from home. Many nights of sleep would be taken up with the counselors holding a crying boy to comfort him.

Derek and Brad were walking along the edge of the lake, enjoying the bright moonlight and the gently ripples on the lake's surface.

"You want to go swimming?" Derek asked.

"Sure," Brad replied, "I'll go get my suit."

Derek laughed, and told Brad that they could go skinny-dipping. Before Brad could answer, Derek was nude. Brad stared at the perfect swimmer's build on the 16-year-old. He stared at the brown patch of pubic hair. Derek was handsome and very muscular, and had a huge circumcised cock. Time at the nudist colony had taken away all of Brad's inhibitions, and he quickly stripped.

"Holy Shit!!," Derek exclaimed. "Your dick is bigger than mine!!"

Brad giggled, and told Derek to stop teasing him. He knew that Derek's cock was much larger than his own, but he enjoyed the compliment. Derek's cock was getting hard. He had to stop looking at the beauty of the boy's cock before he dumped a load of cum all over the ground. He quickly turned and dove off the dock into the cool water of the lake. Brad followed him quickly, as his own cock was getting hard too. They roughhoused in the water, dunking each other and grabbing quick feels of young cocks. Both cocks got rock hard. Derek got up on the dock, not trying to hide his erection that stood 7 1/2 inches long. Brad decided to get on the dock next to Derek, and his own cock was 5 1/2 inches long and was throbbing.

"You like to fool around?" Derek asked. As soon as he did, he was afraid the boy would run back to the cabin screaming rape.

"Sure," was the quick reply. Derek was sure that Brad did not understand the meaning of "fool around."

"I get lonely and really horny up here at camp with no girls around," Derek explained. "I mean do you like to fool around with other guys."

Brad had been hard most of the day, hoping that he would get a chance to look at Derek's dick. Now Derek was offering more than a look.

"I've never done anything with another guy," Brad confessed. "But I always wanted to try it."

Derek wasted no more time, as he leaned over and pulled Brad to his body. Their mouths met, and they kissed and each of them grabbed the other boy's hard cock. Brad felt Derek's tongue trying to get inside his mouth, and he relaxed and let it in. Feelings of lust overpowered both of them, as their tongues dueled, and their hands stroked hot, hard flesh. Derek gently eased Brad down on the dock, and started kissing the young boy's neck, ears, and chest. When Derek got to the tiny nipples on the boy's chest, the moans of pleasure urged him to suck the tiny nipples until they were as hard as the two young cocks. His mouth continued going lower, until he swallowed the entire length of Brad's cock.

It took less than a minute for Brad to reach orgasm. He tried to warn Derek to stop sucking, but hoped that his teen friend would continue. Derek intensified his suction and tongue action, and received the first of four shots of watery boy cum as his reward. The taste of Brad's cum caused him to shoot his own thick cum all over the dock. They both moaned and resumed their French kissing. Neither cock went soft. Derek knew that the other counselors could walk down by the lake and see the two boys on the dock in the bright moonlight, but he also knew that they were probably getting drunk in one of the cabins. The counselors usually had a circle jerk on their last night of freedom. Derek did not suspect that tonight two of the cabins were being used for some serious cock sucking and ass fucking. The older counselors had not approached Derek to join in their gay sex, thinking that the swimmer was totally straight in his sexual preferences.

Derek felt Brad's soft lips and tongue start traveling over his body. He was shocked when Brad started sucking his dick, as he never expected the 11 year old boy to take more than a passive role in sex with him. Brad had to be coached about his teeth, and not trying to take too much cock in his mouth. Brad had choked a few times and scraped Derek's cock with his teeth, before he learned the proper techniques to give pure pleasure. Derek moved so they were in a "69" position, and they both had their mouths full of hard cock, licking and sucking each other toward orgasm. Neither boy tried to warn the other of the cum that was about to flood two mouths. They both swallowed the entire wad of cum, and continued sucking and licking until the orgasms were finished.

"I think I am going to love having you as my roommate," Derek said, as he kissed Brad on the mouth. "We will have two whole weeks to suck each other's brains out."

Brad giggled. He had just given his first blowjob, and he was hooked on guy sex forever. Now he knew what was missing when he had sex with Jennifer. Kissing and sucking Derek was pure heaven, and he made the teen promise that they would kiss and suck every day of the next two weeks. Derek agreed, but told him that they had to be careful when the new boys were in the camp, and would have to sneak around to find a safe place to have fun.

"Can I sleep in your bunk with you tonight?" Brad asked.

"I'd love that!" Derek replied. "We will have to get up early so the other counselors don't find us sleeping together. They would freak out on me, and I would be in trouble. What we just did is illegal, and if you tell anyone, I could go to jail."

"I would never tell anyone" Brad replied.

"I think I am in love with you" Derek said softly.

Brad did not know what love meant, other than the way he felt about his parents. He couldn't lie and say he loved Derek, because he was not sure what it really meant. He leaned over and kissed Derek on the lips, and their tongues danced again. They walked off the dock and only put on their boxers as they walked back to the Indian cabins. Derek whispered to Brad to be quiet, as they snuck up to the window of "Blue Sky" and looked inside the cabin. Jason was sucking Denny's cock, and Carl was fucking Devon's brains out.

"Holy Shit!!" Derek said, and then he was afraid he has spoken too loud. "I never knew they were into gay sex."

"He's fucking him!" Brad exclaimed. "I can't believe it!"

Derek put his hand over Brad's mouth to quiet the boy down. They continued watching through the window, as Carl pulled out of Devon's ass, and Devon whipped around to swallow Carl's cock. They both knew that Devon was eating a huge wad of cum, and was sucking Carl's cock clean. Carl quickly returned the favor, and swallowed Devon's cock. Derek had to drag Brad away from the window, just as Jason was choking on Denny's thick blasts of cum.

"Come with me!" Derek commanded. He pulled Brad to the trees surrounding the camp, and made the boy promise not to tell anyone what they just saw. Derek was flooded with questions from Brad, mainly centering on the fucking that he had never dreamed was possible. He was sure that Carl's cock had to be covered with poop, but Derek explained that there were ways to get rid of poop so the dick would not be gross.

"Have you ever fucked a guy?" Brad asked.

"Yes, and I love it!!" was the reply.

"Doesn't it hurt?" Brad asked.

"It does the first few times, and then it feels awesome!" Derek answered. "Have you ever fucked anyone?"

Brad told him about Jennifer, and how mad his father had been when he found out. Derek was afraid that the boy would tell his father about their kissing and sucking. Brad repeated his promise not to tell anyone.

"Can you and I try fucking?" Brad asked softly.

"I don't want to hurt you, and you are really young" Derek answered. "If you still want to try it sometime in the next two weeks, let me know. I would love to do it with you, but if we do, it will not be "fucking" it will be making love."

They returned to their cabin, where they both got into Derek's bunk. They had both removed their boxers, and were no longer afraid of the other counselors finding them together in bed. They cuddled together and drifted off to sleep.

"What the fuck is this!!?" a voice woke both Brad and Derek. It was Jason who had entered White Feather to get Derek to help with the morning chores. "What are you doing sleeping nude in the same bed?"

"Not nearly as much as you guys were doing in Blue Cloud last night," Derek replied sleepily.

Jason realized that the secrets that the other counselors had kept from Derek had been revealed. Brad was worried that he would be sent home, or that Derek would get in trouble.

"He's only a fucking kid!!," Jason yelled. "You could get 10 to 15 years for fucking around with an 11 year old!!"

"He didn't fuck me," Brad finally blurted out. "Not like Carl did to Devon last night."

"Holy fuck!!," Jason exclaimed. "You better not tell anyone what you saw last night, and I won't tell anyone about you guys sleeping nude together. Deal?"

"Deal" both Derek and Brad replied. They got out of the bunk and got dressed. Jason was checking out two young cocks that he would love to suck.

"Jesus, you are really hung!" Jason said as he stared at Brad's morning erection. "You are going to drive everyone in this camp nuts during the next two weeks. Everyone will want to feel that dick of yours, and many will want to suck it for you."

"I'm not a slut," Brad said. "If I fool around with anyone, it will be Derek."

Jason mumbled his displeasure, as his view of young meat was concealed when the two got dressed. He left the cabin mumbling about "jail bait".

The new boys arrived and were sorted into the ten different cabins for their one or two week stay at the camp. Most of them would stay for two weeks, and Brad quickly made some new friends as eight boys were unpacking in White Feather. Derek made it clear that he was the boss of the cabin, and his rules and orders would be followed, or the boys would lose privileges. They groaned, but knew that they had to do what he said. The rest of the day was spent unpacking the new boys and taking them on a tour of the camp. A bonfire was planned for that night that would include hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on an open fire, with singing and general activities to get to know each other. Brad sat next to Derek, and everyone quickly realized that they were close friends. Brad whispered to Derek that he wanted to repeat last night's time of kissing and sucking, but Derek whispered back that they would have to wait till later.

It was almost 11:00 p.m. when John Carmody told all of the boys that they had to shower and go to bed. Many of the younger boys were embarrassed at the thought of entering the shower room nude with other boys. John told them that they all had the same equipment, and that no smelly butts were allowed in Camp Wigwam. He knew that young boys would not like to undress in front of older boys, and he always split the boys up by age groups the first few nights for the showers. The youngest boys went first, relieved that they would not have to be nude in front of the older boys. They would lose their inhibitions before their time at the camp was done.

As soon as the youngest boys headed for the showers, Derek grabbed Brad's hand and led him into the woods. They wasted no time in finding a secluded spot, where they started kissing passionately. Derek pulled down Brad's jeans and swallowed the boy's hard cock. He licked all over the head and used his lips to pull back the foreskin. Brad moaned his pleasure as Derek felt the boy's balls, and let his finger trace between Brad's butt cheeks. When Derek touched the boy's virgin anus, Brad moaned loudly. Derek took that as a sign that the boy liked it. He licked his finger, and probed inside Brad's tight hole. His finger slipped inside, and he continued to thrust his finger in and out of the clinging passage to pleasure. His mouth had swallowed all 5 1/2 inches of dick, and he knew that Brad was in heaven. The boy continued moaning, as his orgasm approached. Brad's sphincter muscle clamped so hard on Derek's finger that he could not move it, as Brad pumped watery cum inside Derek's warm sucking mouth. The taste of fresh boy cum drove Derek wild. He was ready to cum in his jeans at any second. Derek continued sucking the boy's large cock, and dreamed that some day soon he would have more than his finger inside the tight ass of the boy.

They both knew that they could not be away from the camp for very long, and Brad quickly got on his knees and pulled Derek's cock out of the tight jeans. Brad took as much of the teen's cock in his mouth as he could. He wanted to finger Derek's butt hole too, but Derek's body was in overload, and he quickly pumped a huge load of cum inside Brad's hungry mouth. Not a drop of semen was wasted, as Brad sucked the teen's cock and jacked it at the same time. He loved the taste of cum, and would be addicted to it for the rest of his life.

Brad begged Derek to fuck him. Both of them knew that the size of Derek's cock was too large for fucking the boy without lubricant and a lot of pain. They were interrupted in their sexual pleasure by the sound of Jason's yelling for them to return to the camp. They quickly pulled up their jeans, and kissed. They could both taste their own cum in each other's mouth, and they giggled at how much fun they had eating each other. They promised to do it again real soon. They ran back to the camp in time to see a bunch of boys coming out of the shower room. They both ran to their cabin and grabbed their own towels and toothbrushes to take care of their own required cleaning up before bed. Brad wished that he could sleep with Derek, but knew that it would not be allowed. It was almost midnight by the time all of the boys in White Feather were settled down and drifted off to sleep.

Day's passed at the camp, with Brad displaying his athletic abilities in swimming, basketball, and touch football. Whenever they saw each other, Brad and Derek stared at each other. It was evident to everyone that they were special friends, and some of the boys in White Feather got jealous of the special attention Brad got. They grumbled, and finally Derek had to have a long talk with Brad.

"We have to cool it" Derek said. "I don't want them complaining, and me losing my job here."

Brad was upset, but finally understood. There were many team activities and the boys of White Feather finally became friends, and had fun together. Brad was the unofficial leader of the cabin, and his athletic abilities won their cabin many awards and special dinners in celebration of their sports victories. Derek felt very proud of his friend, who he now thought off as his lover. The first week of the camp was nearly over, when Brad again asked Derek to put more than his finger inside him. It was Saturday, and they had made a plan to sneak away from the camp during the bonfire, and have anal sex with each other. They had agreed that they would both do it to each other.

It was just after lunchtime when Derek and Brad walked to the camp office to try to steal some lubricant from the first aid station. They heard John Carmody answer the phone, and only got a few brief words that they overheard.

"Oh my God!!" John said into the phone. "They are both dead?"

Derek pushed Brad away from the door, telling him to wait outside the office. When John saw Derek, he motioned the teen to come inside the office and close the door. When Derek saw the tears in John's eyes, he knew something very bad had happened. His heart stopped in fear of what he was hearing.

"Okay, we will be ready for you to come here to pick him up" John said. "I don't know what to say to him. He will be devastated. What do you want me to do?"

The phone call continued, until John hung up the phone, and looked at Derek. John's eyes told him that something awful had happened, and the teen wondered who was dead. He prayed it was not his parents or anyone he knew. Derek's eyes pleaded with John to know what had happened.

"It's Brad's parents" John sobbed. "They are both dead."

Derek broke down sobbing. He ran to John and hugged him and they sobbed together, as they shared in their grief. John choked out the words that Derek could not believe. Brad's parents had both been killed in a highway accident with a tractor-trailer carrying gasoline, and they had died instantly, and had been completely incinerated. There was nothing left of them. The only way the police knew they were dead was from the melted wreckage of their car, the license plate, and the investigation at their home.

Brad could not wait any longer. He opened the door and saw John and Derek sobbing. His face was blank as he stared at them, and his eyes asked the question that neither of them wanted to answer.

"Your parents..." was all that Derek could sob.

Brad's face went white. He realized that the words that he had overheard were about his parents, and they were both dead. His agony was too intense for him to scream, as his voice left him. He turned and ran out of the office, wanting to run away from the news that he could not accept. Derek ran after Brad, but the boy was so fast that he lost him in the woods. Derek returned to the office, where John had called all of the counselors. They quickly organized a search party, but returned two hours later without finding the boy. John called the State Police, local sheriff's department, and fire department to start an organized search for the boy. Everyone knew that Brad was terrified by what he had learned, and knew that the boy was in danger. As the police and rescue forces arrived, it started raining. The sky darkened as the rain poured down. Tracking dogs were given the scent of Brad's clothes from the cabin, but the rain washed away any chance of tracking the boy.

The rain continued through the night and well into the next day. Derek refused to sleep, as he continued searching for the lost boy in the rain. His mind was filled with grief for the events that shattered Brad's life. He could not sleep while the boy was still missing. He dreaded finding the boy and yet he knew that he wanted to do what he could to comfort Brad. He could not find the words to even begin to express to Brad how sorry he was for the boy's loss. He needed to find Brad and hold him and cry with him. It was all Derek could do to help his young friend.

Brad's aunt and uncle arrived at the camp, and joined the search party. The rain had finally stopped, but the tracking dogs could not pick up the boy's scent. Night was approaching, and John insisted that Derek rest. Jason was trying to comfort Derek and convince him to lie down, but Derek refused as long as Brad had not been found. The rain started again the second night that the boy had been missing, and the entire camp was upset and worrying about their young friend. Derek had not slept in two nights, and he was close to collapsing. The search party had continued searching the woods and had even brought in divers to search the lake. They all prayed that they would not find the boy's body at the bottom of the lake, but they had to search everywhere.

It was almost noon on the third day of the search, when a volunteer fireman found Brad huddled near a stream, hiding under a tree that had fallen during the fierce rainstorms. Brad was unconscious, as the fireman radioed that he had found him. An ambulance was waiting as the fireman carried the nearly dead young boy into the camp. Derek rushed to hug his young friend, and then collapsed in total exhaustion. Another ambulance had to be called to take Derek to the local hospital, where both boys had to be treated for exhaustion and exposure to the elements. The Trauma Unit of the hospital reacted quickly, and both boys were given intravenous feedings and antibiotics. It took two more days before either of them regained consciousness.

Brad's entire life had been shattered, and he refused to eat or talk to anyone. The only person he seemed to recognize was Derek, who was wheeled into Brad's room in a wheelchair. Derek had to be helped out of the wheelchair to approach his friend's bed, and they hugged and cried together. Brad's cries turned into sobs, and then wails. His body was choked with emotion, and he screamed and finally passed out with grief consuming his entire body. Derek refused to leave Brad's room. He threatened the nurses and doctors that he would kill all of them. Derek's parents had never seen their son like this. He turned on his parents and threatened them too. It took a lot of pleading with the hospital staff before they moved Brad into a semi-private room where he and Derek could rest together.

Derek finally gained some strength, and tried to get Brad to talk. It was a futile effort. Brad's Uncle Craig tried to talk to him, telling him that his parents did not suffer. He told the boy that he could go home with him and live with his family. Brad refused to eat, and his body started to atrophy. A psychiatrist from the hospital tried to talk to Brad, but again he was silent, and usually just closed his eyes and tried to sleep.

It had been three days since Derek was released from the hospital, but he refused to leave Brad alone. Derek's parents rented a motel room nearby, so they could support their son and his friend. With no improvement in Brad's condition, the psychiatrist asked to meet with Derek and his parents in a conference room.

"What is said in this room, stays in this room," Dr. Cook began. "Brad will die if we can't reach him. I lost one young patient like him due to a broken heart, and I will not lose another without trying everything that I know of."

Derek and his parents sat quietly, as Dr. Cook continued. "I need Derek's help to bring Brad back. His body is going to shut down, and he will die if we can't get him to fight to live. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, what I am going to ask Derek may shock you, but please understand that I don't want to lose Brad."

Derek choked. What did this doctor know? Had someone told him about the intimacy that he and Brad had shared at the camp? Derek decided that he would do anything to save Brad's life, even if it involved confessing to his parents that he was gay, and he and Brad were lovers at the camp.

"You and Brad both talk in your sleep," Dr. Cook began. "You and Brad were more than friends at the camp, weren't you?"

Derek started crying. The doctor knew, and now his parents had heard the suggestion that he and Brad had done more than just be friends. He choked back his tears and looked at the white faces of his parents. He could not lie to them and abandon Brad.

"Mom and Dad," Derek began, "I am gay. Brad and I are lovers."

David Johnson got up and stormed out of the conference room. Derek was sobbing and was filled with fear that his father would kill him for what he had just confessed. Kate Johnson got up and hugged her son. Derek was an only child, and she and her husband had always talked about having grandchildren, but those hopes were now trashed. She hugged her son and told him that she still loved him. She would always love him, and she knew that his father would understand and love Derek too.

"Your father needs some time to accept this," Kate said. "We both love you. This was a shock, but it is not the end of the world for any of us. I will go talk to David while you and Dr. Cook talk alone.

Kate left the conference room, with Derek still sobbing. His parents could throw him out of his home. He could go to jail. His life could be over at the age of 16. He felt helpless.

"I'm sorry that I had to put you on the spot like that," Dr. Cook explained. "I had to find out if you and Brad were more than friends so we could work together to get him to fight back and live. Will you forgive me?"

Derek sobbed that he forgave the doctor for bringing his homosexuality out in front of his parents. George Cook hugged the boy, and told him that the relationship that Derek and Brad had shared was the only way to reach Brad. He needed Derek to talk to the boy about their time at the camp to get Brad to talk. It would be a risk, but it was the only way to reach the boy. The discussion was interrupted when the parents returned. Derek looked at his father and then looked away, not wanting to see the anger from his father. Instead of anger, David Johnson walked up to his son and hugged him. Tears were flowing down everyone's faces as the father and son hugged.

"You are still my son," David Johnson began, "and I still love you. It was a shock that I never expected, but I can handle this as long as you know that I will always love you, no matter what happens."

Derek continued sobbing against his father's chest, as the man held his son and kissed the top of his head. David would never abandon his only child, and would do anything to comfort him.

Dr. Cook began explaining his plan. Derek would be left alone with Brad to talk about their intimate times at the camp, and try to get the boy to accept his parents' deaths, and fight to live. Everyone agreed to the plan.

"As I said before," Dr. Cook explained. "This discussion is private. I know that society frowns on sex between a teen and a boy, and I will never reveal what we have discussed here. The legal implications are very harsh, and all I want is for Brad to live. As far as I am concerned, the hospital staff will never know we had this discussion."

The plan was to start immediately, with Derek talking to Brad alone. Derek knew that he was the only one that could possibly connect with Brad, and he promised to do whatever he could. Derek went to Brad's room, as Dr. Cook told all of the hospital staff to leave the boys alone, and not interrupt them for any reason. Derek walked over to the bed and kissed Brad on the cheek. The boy's eyes flickered. Derek kissed him again, this time on the lips. Brad turned away from Derek. He could not accept love from the teen with all of the agony that had total control of his mind and body. Derek did not let up, as he hugged the boy and told him "I love you."

Derek continued talking to Brad, reminding the boy what they had done at the camp. He continued to tell Brad he loved him, and wanted Brad to fight to live, and be his lover again. Brad's body was filled with emotions of love, loss, and despair. Derek was strong, and told the boy that he had admitted to his parents that he was gay, and that he was in love with Brad. Brad sobbed, and turned back to face Derek. Derek kissed him again on the lips, and this time the boy returned the kiss. They hugged and Derek got into the bed with his young lover, and held him close as the fell asleep together. The night nurse entered the room to change the plastic containers of intravenous food and anti-depressants that Dr. Cook had ordered. She saw the pure love of the two boys, and left the room, praying that the boy would accept the love of Derek, and fight to live.

Derek rarely left the room. Brad was responding to his affection, and began eating small amounts of food. Derek's parents visited the two boys as often as Dr. Cook allowed them. They knew that their son was gay and in love, and they did everything that they could to support both boys. Brad was gaining strength, and was now eating normal meals. Derek fussed over his young lover, and often fed the boy and then ate his own meals supplied by the hospital. Uncle Craig visited several times with Aunt Kate. They could not really afford to have another mouth to feed, but they promised that Brad would be welcome in their home.

Brad never knew all of the details of his parents' untimely deaths. They had no life insurance, or medical care to pay for their son's hospital bills. Their car insurance had lapsed three months before their collision with the wreckage on the expressway, so there was no financial security for their son. No body parts had been retrieved from the wreckage, and no burial ceremonies were ever held. The local church had a memorial service, but Brad did not attend, as he was still in the hospital. The bank would repossess their home, and the contents sold at auction to pay off the loans they had taken out to live on. It was three weeks later when Brad was released, to go to his new home with Uncle Craig and Aunt Kate. Derek and Brad would be separated by over 200 miles, and they both feared that they would never see each other again. Addresses and phone numbers were exchanged before Brad left for his new home. He was silent during the car ride, and wept quietly.

Things did not go well for Brad. His grief had turned into anger, and he was a very nasty boy to be around. His cousins were all older than he was, with the youngest, Sam being 15. Sam resented the attention that Brad got from his parents, and the two boys fought constantly. Brad was enrolled in school, and quickly started having problems. He was constantly having shoving matches with other boys, and one escalated into a full-blown fistfight. Brad used his martial arts training and beat the shit out of the other boy. He was immediately expelled from the school, due to the "no tolerance" rules about fighting. He was transferred to the cross-town rival school system, where he was rejected as an outsider from the other side of town. In less than three days, he again was in a major fight, and was expelled again. Uncle Craig and Aunt Kate tried to help Brad, but he was constantly fighting with Sam. The night that Brad finally had enough of his older cousin, and had beat Sam so bad that the boy required stitches, Uncle Craig and Aunt Kate called Carrie Martin's sister, Melanie Sanders. Melanie agreed to have Brad live with her and her family near Gaylord, Michigan.

Brad was even further from Derek, and their phone calls became fewer and further apart. When Derek confessed to Brad that he was dating a girl, Brad knew that he had lost the only person who loved him. Brad was lost again, and thought about killing himself. He started school in Gaylord, and quickly fell in with the wrong crowd of people. He began a life of crime by shoplifting food and beer with his new companions. He was caught twice, and was forced to appear in court. Before his court date, he got into another fight in school and was expelled again. The judge that heard his case, sentenced him to six months in "Boot Camp" where he would be taught discipline.

His first day at the Boot Camp was horrible for the boy. The officer in charge told him that they were going to cut his hair that now reached his shoulders. Brad refused, and there was a big altercation with the guards at the Boot Camp. Brad used his martial arts skills, and kicked the senior officer in the nuts, sending the man to the floor screaming in pain. Two other officers joined in restraining the boy, and threw him in solitary confinement. Brad would not break. The Boot Camp officers had seen rebellious boys before, but never one with such strength and fighting skills. Brad cussed them out at every possible chance, and told them that he would kill them if they ever touched his hair. He was finally released from the solitary confinement after two weeks. The director of the Boot Camp tried to talk to the boy, after reading his file. Brad refused to talk to him. Mr. Calahan saw that the boy seemed to be in pain, as Brad was continually holding the right side of his face. The boy had a tooth growing in that was not coming through properly, and finally admitted to the toothache. He was taken to an area dentist, where the baby tooth was pulled.

Brad was still in the dentist chair, with gauze soaking up the blood left by the tooth extraction. The dentist left the treatment area, and Brad took the opportunity to run out the back door of the dentist's office into freedom. He ran as fast as he could, and never looked back. It was wintertime in Michigan, and snow was falling. He ran until he was exhausted. He slept that night near a dumpster at a McDonalds restaurant. He searched the dumpster and found discarded food that he ate to satisfy his hunger. The next morning he was alone, cold and afraid. He went inside a party store, and stole snacks and some beer. The store attendant saw the theft, and pulled a gun from behind the counter. He threatened to shoot the boy, but Brad didn't care if he was shot, and ran out of the store. A police car was in the area, and tried to catch the boy who fled from the store. The officers had eaten too many donuts, and could not catch the speedy youth. It was less than two hours later, when Brad was cornered by the police, who had been tipped off that a boy was hiding in the truckwell of a factory in Gaylord. The officers used pepper spray to subdue the boy that fought with them. Brad was returned to the Boot Camp, and would have to face another judge for his theft.

It was two days later that the boy was led into the courtroom in handcuffs. The judge was upset that a boy of 12 would be brought into his courtroom in handcuffs, and he ordered that they be removed. The officers protested, reminding the judge that the boy was violent, and had assaulted two of their fellow officers. Judge Thomas Atkins demanded that the handcuffs be removed, and said that he wanted to talk to the boy in his chambers. The judge had read the entire file about the boy and the tragedies he had experienced. He would talk to the boy and try to help save Brad from a life of crime that would lead to prison when he was older. Brad had no one in his life that he could trust. He walked into the judge's chambers, hearing the objections of the police officers.

Judge Atkins was an experienced judge of cases involving minor children. He saw a boy standing in front of him that was in serious trouble, and the judge wanted to help the boy get his life straightened out.

"I've read your file," Judge Atkins began, "and I see you have experienced some terrible events in your life. I want to be your friend and help you."

"Fuck you!" Brad screamed. "Everyone in the world is out to fuck me. Fuck you and all this legal shit!"

The judge realized that this boy was hurting inside, and needed love and not the rigid discipline of Boot Camp. He had saved other young boys from a life of crime, and he was determined to offer his help to Bradley Martin. He choked back his own emotions, as he told Brad to sit down and talk to him.

"I can help you," Judge Atkins began. "I think you need love instead of Boot Camp. You broke the law by stealing, but I have the authority to change things so that you can be in a foster home instead of Boot Camp. I can be your friend if you will trust me."

"Why should I trust you?" Brad sobbed. "Everyone I have ever trusted ended up fucking me. I want to die."

The judge walked over to the sobbing boy and hugged him. Brad tried to pull away, but ended up hugging the judge and crying on his shoulder. No one had hugged Brad since Derek had held him in the hospital. The hug felt so good, that Brad refused to let go of the judge. He continued sobbing.

"No one can replace your parents and the love that you feel for them," Judge Atkins said. "Your parents would not want you to become a criminal. They are still with you, watching everything that you do. I know that they want me to help you, and I will. I want you to think about your parents, and try to change your life so they can be proud of you. I promise to be your new friend, and no matter what happens, I want you to always remember that I will listen and help you."

The judge gave Brad his business card, and added his unlisted home phone number to the back of the card. He told Brad that no matter what happened, the boy could call him, and he would be his friend and help him. Judge Atkins told the boy that they had to return to the courtroom, for the hearing about the theft from the party store. He promised that Brad would be given another chance to change his life, but that Brad would have to give up his anger and violence toward society, or he would end up in jail and then prison. Brad took the card and put it in his jeans pocket. They held hands as they walked back into the courtroom.

The judge ordered Brad to serve 10 hours of community service for his theft, and then ordered that the boy be placed in a foster home instead of Boot Camp. The arresting officers argued with the judge, but knew that his decision was final. They were ordered to take the boy to the foster care home of Steve and Erica Stevens, a special foster care family that had been recommended by the social worker in the courtroom.

Steve and Erica welcomed Brad to their home. There were four other boys staying with them, and they showed him around the home and talked to him about enrolling in the local school. Brad was introduced to the other boys, and that was the first time he met Matt. Matt was 15, and offered to help Brad settle into his new environment. Matt was the oldest of the four other boys, and was obviously the unofficial leader. Matt seemed nice when Steve and Erica were around, but quickly changed when he got Brad alone in the room that they would share.

"Here's the deal," Matt began. "I am in charge, and you will do what I tell you to do. I know that you came from Boot Camp, and if you fuck up here, you will go back there. You will do my chores here, and obey any orders I give you. The most important order is that you will suck my dick whenever I want you to, and I will fuck you in the ass every night you are here."

Brad gasped. He was sure that the judge did not know of the rules of this foster care home, and would never have sent him here knowing about Matt and his rules.

"Steve and Erica want you to stay here so they get more money from the state. They won't let you leave, and they may even want you to join them for some hot sex. They are really into having a cute boy like you here to suck and fuck every night, so forget about begging them to help you."

Brad looked at Matt's face. The teen was ugly with zits all over his face. Even though Brad knew he was gay, he was not going to be a slut and suck and fuck with Matt. The teen was much stronger that he was, and Brad tried to figure out how to get out of this house that was his new prison.

"Get on your knees and suck my dick!," Matt commanded. "You better swallow every drop of my cum, or I will beat your ass and then fuck you dry, and tear your ass apart!"

Brad choked back tears. He saw Matt unzip his jeans and drop them and his boxers down to his knees. Matt had a hard dick of about six inches and it was fully hard, with a full patch of black pubic hairs. Brad knew what he had to do, as he got on his knees in front of Matt's erection. Matt smelled strongly, like he hadn't taken a bath or shower in several days. The smell of his crotch sickened Brad. He reached out and stroked Matt's thick cock, and then cupped the two large testicles. Matt moaned at the touch of the beautiful boy that he would possess and have as his new sex toy. Brad held both of the large balls in his left hand, as he quickly slammed his right fist into the unprotected scrotum of the teen. Matt screamed in agony, as the fist hit his tender scrotum two times. He fell to the floor in agony, as Brad jumped up and ran out of the room, down the stairs, and out of the front door of the home. Steve and Erica heard the screams, and only saw the back of their newest foster child as Brad ran out of their house. They quickly ran to find Matt in a heap on the bedroom floor. They immediately called the police to report the escape of the boy from their care.

Brad ran down the unfamiliar street, looking for a place to hide. He knew that he would be returned to the Boot Camp, and decided to keep running. The snow was still falling, and he ran until he saw an expressway. He quickly headed down the entrance ramp, and tried to hitch a ride to go anywhere away from where he had just left. It only took a few minutes for a semi-truck driver to see him and pull over. Brad ran to the truck and jumped inside. The driver thought he was picking up a girl when he saw the long black hair, but quickly realized it was a boy. Brad was lucky that the truck driver was not a pervert, as the driver asked him where he was heading.

"South," was Brad's reply.

The truck driver realized that the boy was probably a runaway, and remembered his own time of running away from home to escape his abusive father. He decided not to ask any questions, and offered Brad a drink of coffee or fruit juice. Brad took the juice and drank the bottle dry. The driver then offered the boy the rest of his ham sandwich that he had just bought at the last exit, and Brad accepted and wolfed down the entire sandwich.

"Thanks," was all Brad could say. He was scared of what he had experienced, and also afraid of what the truck driver might want for payment for the ride. Brad did not have a cent in his pockets. All he had was a useless business card from the judge that had sent him to the foster care home where he would have been forced into oral and anal sex.

The truck driver was a kind person, who quickly realized that the boy was scared of him. He tried to talk to the boy, but finally decided to let the boy remain silent.

"Get inside the sleeper cab and take a nap if you want to," he said. "I am going to Flint, and will wake you up when I hit the rest area near Fenton. I'm not going to hurt you. I ran away myself when I was about your age, so don't be afraid of me."

Brad took the offer, and climbed inside the sleeper cab where he found a sleeping black lab dog.

"His name is Ike, and he is very gentle," the driver told him. "He likes to cuddle with me, so he is going to be your friend as you sleep."

Ike licked Brad's face and cuddled close to the boy. They both fell asleep quickly. It was hours later when Brad woke up to the sounds of the truck driver using his CB radio, trying to find out if anyone had heard about a runaway boy from the Gaylord area. Brad tensed with fear as he listened to a State Police officer respond that they were looking for a 12 year old boy named Bradley Martin, who had run away from a foster care facility. The huge truck entered the rest area near Fenton, Michigan, as the driver talked to the police about the boy he had picked up. As soon as the truck stopped, Brad jumped out of the sleeper cab, and got out of the truck, running as fast as he could. He jumped the fence that lined the expressway, and ran down the service road. The snow was falling very heavily, and the service road was at least six inches deep with the new fallen snow. Brad continued running until he saw a junkyard. He jumped the fence, and found a car to hide in. He was very cold, but he was convinced that no one in the world really cared about him, and he curled up in a ball in the back seat of a wrecked station wagon in the junkyard.

The snow continued to fall, as the area was hit with the largest snowstorm in many years. Brad woke up shivering, and realized that he had to get up and move to keep from freezing to death. The snow was now over a foot deep, as he climbed over the fence to leave the junkyard. His stomach was rumbling with hunger, and he was afraid he would freeze. There was no traffic moving on the expressway, as Brad tried to follow the roads to find shelter and food. He was exhausted, when he finally found a side road near the expressway. He waited for any sign of vehicles to hitch a ride with. No vehicles were moving, and he was close to giving up and just lying down to die. The wind had picked up, and the temperature dropped quickly. Ice was forming in his hair, and he was not able to even move.

At the same time in Fenton, Lonnie Nichols was sitting in his home watching the television reports of the big snowstorm that was hitting his area. He knew that he had to get his four-wheeler started and plow out his driveway before the snow got too deep. Lonnie was a bachelor who had never been married. At the age of 35, he had resigned himself to a life of celibacy, not interested in the many women that his friends kept insisting that he meet. He was gay, but had never admitted the fact to any of his family or friends. He spent most of his free time surfing the Internet, reading stories and downloading pictures and video files that he would look at and then jack off. He worked as a supervisor at a local lumberyard, and kept his personal desires a secret from his family and friends.

Lonnie went to his garage and realized that his Honda four-wheeler was almost out of fuel. The gas can was also empty, and he decided to take his four-wheel drive pickup to the gas station before the roads were impassible from the big storm. The GMC pickup had all it could do to blaze a path down the country road where he lived. He saw something or someone standing on the side of the road as he blasted his way through the drifts of snow that were forming in the heavy wind. He finally found a gas station that was just getting ready to close, and filled the tank on his truck and the gas can for his four-wheeler that he would use to plow his driveway. He listened to the announcements on the radio that told that the local medical facilities were closed, as well as all of the expressways. When he finished filling his tanks, the gas station closed, with the attendant getting into a four-wheel drive Dodge pickup truck to go home.

Lonnie headed home, and saw the same object or person standing next to the road. Lonnie had never picked up a hitchhiker in his life, but the solo figure looked like a woman with dark black hair that was blowing in the bitter cold wind. He stopped the truck, waiting for the woman to run and get inside his truck. The figure never moved, so he put the truck in reverse, and backed up until he was next to the woman. He hit the power window control for the passenger window, and yelled for the woman to get in. There was no response. Instinct kicked in, as Lonnie got out of the truck and ran around the other side to talk to the woman. He quickly realized that the figure he grabbed was a young girl who was so cold that she could not move, and he picked her up and put her in the passenger seat of his truck.

The heater in the truck was going full blast, as Lonnie got back into the driver's seat and looked at the person in his truck. He saw long black hair that was filled with ice, and a face that looked absolutely beautiful. He knew that the girl would die of exposure, and also knew that the local medical facilities were closed due to the snowstorm. He decided to take the girl to his home and get her warm. He knew that he could call his neighbor Allison, who was a nurse, to help him take care of the young girl. He drove to his home, hit the garage door opener control, and parked the truck. Lonnie gently lifted the girl out of the truck and took her inside his home. He knew that he had to warm the girl up fast or she would die of the cold, so he carried her to the bathroom and started filling the tub with warm water.

Lonnie called his neighbor, Allison on the phone, and begged her to come over and help save the girl's life. Allison came into the house and ran to the bathroom where Lonnie was holding the young girl while the bathtub filled with warm water. Allison quickly realized the danger that the child was in, and helped Lonnie start to remove the child's clothes.

"Please don't let her die," Lonnie pleaded to Allison. "Help me!"

Allison and Lonnie removed the frozen jacket, sweatshirt and T-shirt. They then unlaced the tennis shoes, removed the socks, and tried to pull off the jeans that were frozen to the girl's body. The tub was nearly full of warm water when they finally tugged off the jeans, and the boxers were pulled down at the same time.

"My God, it's a boy!!" Allison screamed. "I thought it was a girl!!"

Lonnie drank in the beauty of the naked boy on the floor of his bathroom. He quickly picked up the nude boy and placed him in the tub of warm water. The boy moaned. He would have died without Lonnie's rescue, and Allison and Lonnie bathed the naked boy to revive his life forces. Lonnie used the spray attachment to flood the boy's hair and head with warm water, as Allison continued to bathe the boy and talk to him. They both knew that they had to get the boy awake, so he would recover from the cold conditions that Lonnie had rescued him from. The boy finally responded to the effects of the warm water and the gentle voices that he heard. The boy reached to hug Lonnie close.

"He needs to be kept warm," Allison said. "I will call Jerry and tell him I will stay with you and the boy tonight. Put him in your bed, and stay close to him. Your body heat is what he needs to survive."

Allison made the phone call, as the winter storm intensified. She rummaged around in the kitchen of Lonnie's home, looking for cans of soup for the boy. She finally returned to the bedroom to find Lonnie cuddled up close to the young boy. They carefully propped up the boy to feed him the warm soup. Lonnie spooned the warm soup into the boy's mouth. Allison run back to the kitchen for another cup of the life-saving broth. They spent the entire night caring for the boy, continually offering him more soup whenever he was awake. Lonnie gazed at the beauty of the young boy, and was totally erect with the sight of the young nude body in his bed. Allison never seemed to notice her friend's erection, as she continued to sit by the bed and offer more warm soup whenever the boy woke up.

The next morning the boy woke up. He began to sob, as he finally realized that he was not dead. He felt the warmth of a man's body next to his, and saw a smiling face of a woman next to the bed, offering him more warm soup. He choked back his sobs, and drank more of the warm soup. He then turned to hug Lonnie and fell asleep.

"We have to find out who he is," Allison said to Lonnie. "Someone has to be scared to death that their son is missing in this snowstorm."

"He won't let me leave the bed, and I have to pee really bad" Lonnie said.

He tried to get out of the bed and the boy grabbed him again. Allison smiled, as she saw Lonnie struggling to break free from the boy. Brad opened his eyes when Lonnie finally got away and headed for the bathroom. Allison lay on the bed next to the boy and tried to hug him. The boy pushed her away and asked "where did he go? I want him back."

Those were the only words they had heard the boy say since Lonnie had rescued him. Allison told Lonnie to get back in bed with the boy, and she would go home and return with some clothes for the boy to wear. Allison and Jerry McCallister had two children, a boy, Todd who was 15, and a girl, Abby who was five. She knew that some of Todd's clothes no longer fit him, and would be about the right size for the boy. Allison had started Lonnie's washing machine to wash the clothes they had taken off the boy the night before. She decided to call 9-1-1 to report that a young boy had been rescued during the storm.

The phone lines were down due to the winter storm, so Allison could not contact the police. When she realized that the boy was going to be okay, she hugged Lonnie and told him to run next door if anything bad happened. She promised to return soon with dry clothes for the boy. Lonnie thanked her for her help, and promised to get her if anything was wrong. He told her that he would call the police as soon as the phone lines were repaired.

Lonnie snuggled close, and was afraid of his own feelings as he held the beautiful young boy. The boy slept for several hours, and continued to cling to Lonnie. Twice Lonnie tried to get out of the bed, but each time the boy felt him move, two arms locked on the man's body, preventing him from leaving the boy alone. It was afternoon before the boy woke up. Lonnie had been awake all of the time, listening to the heavy breathing of the boy that he wished could be his lover, or his son, or both. Brad's head was on Lonnie's chest, and Lonnie was stroking the boy's long dark hair. The boy opened his eyes and turned to look at the man who was in bed with him. For the first time, Lonnie saw the boy's face light up with a smile and dimples. He looked into the deep dark eyes and saw just how beautiful the boy was.

"My name is Lonnie, what's yours?"

The boy shook his head. He was not going to tell Lonnie his name.

"Are you hungry?" Lonnie asked.

The boy nodded, and Lonnie got up to find something for the boy to wear. All he could find was a sweatshirt that would be way too big for the boy, but it would have to do until the clothes from last night were put in the dryer, or until Allison returned with some of Todd's old clothes.

"Who took off my clothes?"

"Allison and I did last night" Lonnie replied. "Do you remember being out in the snowstorm?"

The boy nodded. Lonnie helped him put on the sweatshirt that hung down to the boy's knees when he stood up. The boy was still weak, and his legs buckled. Lonnie caught him before he fell, and carried him to the kitchen. He put the boy on a chair at the table, and went to the laundry room to put the clothes in the dryer. When he returned, Brad had lifted his feet up on the chair, and had pulled the sweatshirt down so it covered his legs. Lonnie got a quick view of the boy's scrotum, and thought he saw an erect penis under the sweatshirt. Lonnie went back to his bedroom to get some tube socks to keep the boy's feet warm. When he knelt in front of the chair to slide the socks on the boy, he was treated to a full view of an uncut boy erection. Lonnie's cock inflated to its full 6 1/2 inches. When he stood up, the front of his sweatpants had a definite bulge.

"You got a boner!" Brad giggled.

"I saw a boner under that sweatshirt too" Lonnie teased.

Allison came into the kitchen carrying a sack of clothes for the boy to wear. She saw the smile on the boy's face, and his dimples. The beauty of the boy awed her. No wonder both she and Lonnie had thought it was a girl they were undressing.

"Are you his wife?" Brad asked.

Allison giggled, as she told Brad her name, and that she was a very good friend of Lonnie's. She told him that she lived next door with her husband, Jerry, her son, Todd who was 15, and her daughter, Abby who was five.

"I'm not married" Lonnie told the boy.

"Are you gay?" Brad asked.

Lonnie was shocked. Allison looked directly into Lonnie's eyes, waiting for him to answer the question. He had never revealed his sexual orientation to anyone, and felt trapped.

Lonnie looked directly into Allison's eyes as he said "Yes, I'm gay."

"Well," Allison began, "it took a little boy being very blunt to get you to admit it to me. We have suspected that you were gay, and have been waiting for you to tell us. I'm glad you are being honest with us and yourself. We still love you, no matter what you are."

"You knew?" Lonnie asked.

"Of course we did" Allison answered.

"Do Jerry and Todd know?"

"Of course. Todd was the first to think you might be gay" Allison replied. "He is very comfortable with you being gay. He really likes you and loves to spend time with you. Todd has experimented with some of his buddies, and got caught twice."

Brad was soaking up all of this information. Lonnie was very handsome, and had saved his life. Hearing that being gay was not creating a big deal, he spoke, "I'm gay too."

"You're pretty young to be saying that" Lonnie said. "You will not know for sure until you are older."

"I'm old enough to know" Brad replied. "I've had sex with a girl and a guy, and I liked it best with the guy."

Allison and Lonnie tried to hide their shock at the confession of the young boy.

"How old are you?" Lonnie asked.

"12" was the reply.

Allison began making lunch for them, as Lonnie tried to get the boy to tell them his name. Allison suggested that they go to the bedroom and get the boy dressed, and lunch would be ready when they returned.

"I have to call the police about you" Lonnie said, as he helped the boy put on a pair of Todd's boxers. The boy was still erect, but did not seem embarrassed. Allison had brought a T-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans, socks, and tennis shoes from her home.

"If you call the police, I will run away" Brad said. "I don't want to leave here. I want to live with you."

"Your parents must be worried sick about you" Lonnie replied. He would like nothing better than have the boy stay with him forever.

"They are dead" Brad said. Tears started flowing down his face. Lonnie hugged the boy and tried to determine if the boy was telling the truth or not.

"I have to call the police" Lonnie said, wishing that it would not be necessary. "Someone must be looking for you."

"The fucking police are looking for me!!" Brad sobbed. "They want to take me back to that fucking foster home, or back to fucking Boot Camp! If you call the police, I will run away."

A boy being in a foster home or Boot Camp meant that the boy was either an orphan, or a juvenile delinquent or both. Lonnie held the boy and tried to comfort him. Allison had walked to the bedroom to tell them that lunch was ready, but when she saw the boy sobbing and caught Lonnie's eyes, she left the room, but stopped in the hallway to listen.

"If you tell me the truth about who you are, I will wait to make the call" Lonnie said softly. "I promise to listen first."

"My name is Bradley Martin" the boy choked out. "The cops are after me, cause I stole some stuff."

Lonnie held the boy and listened. Brad poured out his life story, about his parents, where he had lived, their deaths in the car accident, living with his aunt and uncle, and all of the trouble he got into in school. He admitted he started most of the fights, and had been arrested for shoplifting. He told about Boot Camp and how he ran away from the dentist's office, but was caught and sent by a judge to foster care. When Lonnie heard about Matt at the foster care home, he became very angry. He was glad that Brad had hit Matt in the balls, and had run away. Now Lonnie knew why the boy was on the road near his home. He had to do something to help this boy get his life back together. Lonnie's older brother was an attorney, and he decided to call Vince before he called the police. Brad told him about Judge Atkins, and how the judge had promised to always listen to the boy and help him. Judge Atkins was the only adult who seemed to care about him, and Brad wanted to call him to let the judge know he was safe.

Lonnie held Brad's hand as they walked to the kitchen. The tears on Allison's face told Lonnie that she had heard everything that the boy had said. They both remembered the terrible expressway accident in August that had killed ten people. Many lives had been devastated by that accident, and now they knew one young boy that was still living that nightmare.

The road they lived on was not well traveled, and would be one of the last to be cleared by the snowplows. The same would hold true for the telephone lines. They were lucky that they still had electricity, but even if the power had gone out, Lonnie had a portable generator that could run the furnaces in both homes. He had bought the generator after a customer at the lumberyard returned it. Rather than return the generator to the manufacturer, the lumberyard sold it to Lonnie. He was able to repair it by replacing a defective valve in the fuel line.

Brad ate like a starving boy, as he demolished four sandwiches and two bowls of soup. Allison left for home, promising to return with Todd so the boys could meet.

Brad was sleepy, and asked if Lonnie would lay down with him. Lonnie could not refuse the boy anything, as he tried to figure out what to do about having a runaway boy in his home. He knew that his cell phone would still be working, and he could call the police or his brother. He decided to wait until after they took a nap together. Lonnie had not slept all night, and was very tired. As soon as they got in the bedroom, Brad undressed. He was standing nude in front of Lonnie, not trying to hide his erection that must be close to six inches long.

Lonnie undressed down to his T-shirt and boxers and got in the bed with the nude boy. Brad wasted no time in lifting the T-shirt to pull it over Lonnie's head. Lonnie did not object, until the boy hooked his fingers in the waistband of the boxers to pull them down. Brad insisted that they sleep nude, as he wanted to feel Lonnie's body next to his. Brad giggled as he pulled the boxers down to reveal the man's erect penis. He moved so he was almost on top of Lonnie, with their hard cocks pressing together. Brad leaned forward and kissed Lonnie on the lips. Lonnie tried to pull away, but his inhibitions left when he felt a little tongue probing his lips, trying to get inside his mouth. He gasped, and the little tongue invaded his mouth. Their passions increased with every probe of two tongues sword fighting to taste all of each other.

Brad's hand was stroking Lonnie's cock that was leaking a steady flow of pre-cum. The boy's fingers spread the pre-cum all over the head and shaft of Lonnie's throbbing cock. Brad threw the sheet and covers back, and turned and quickly swallowed the entire length of Lonnie's cock. Lonnie tried to push the boy's head away, but the sensations were so intense that he gave up, and knew that the boy was in total control of his body. Brad had only sucked one cock, and that had been Derek's at the summer camp. He could sense when Lonnie was ready to cum, and he left the cock to lick and suck on the man's balls. It had been years since Lonnie had experienced sex with anything other than his right hand. He moaned, as the boy again swallowed his entire cock. He tried to warn the boy that he was going to cum, but Brad continued sucking and licking the head of the man's cock until it started shooting huge spurts of hot cum deep inside the boy's mouth. Brad swallowed every drop, and continued licking and sucking gently to taste every drop of the fluid.

Lonnie knew that he would go to jail for what had just happened, but the pleasure was so intense, that he did not try to pull away from the boy. Brad kept sucking and licking, and Lonnie's balls had recharged. Lonnie never tried to push the boy's head away, but moved on the bed so he could suck the uncircumcised cock of his young lover. He pulled back the boy's foreskin, and began giving the boy the same intense feelings that he was experiencing. The room was filled with the sounds of slurping and moaning, as they both shot cum at the same time, and both of them drank every drop. When they finally pulled apart, they kissed, sharing the tastes of fresh cum with each other. Lonnie pulled up the sheets and blankets, and they drifted off to sleep, hugging and kissing each other.