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Brad Martin--Chapter 2 A Boy Finds Love

Lonnie was dreaming. His mind drifted to a place where men and boys could love each other and have sex with no legal or social objections. His many travels on the Internet had filled his mind with fantasies of deserted tropical islands, with nude boys of all ages running around playing, and men coupling with the boys without any reservations about laws or prejudices toward gay men. His mind pictured a beautiful young boy with dark hair and dark eyes, who was his lover. The boy was sucking his cock and he was going to fill the boy's mouth with a huge wad of cum. Lonnie woke up, just as his cock was spurting thick hot cum inside a boy's mouth. It was not a dream! The dark hair of a boy's head was bobbing up and down on his cock, and he was filling a warm mouth with his semen. Lonnie moaned, as the boy drank every drop of his cum. The many times he had jacked off looking at pictures or videos on the Internet had convinced him that he shot much more cum than the men or teens. The boy who was in bed with him did not let a single drop escape from his young mouth. Lonnie was in heaven.

Brad lifted his head to gaze into Lonnie's eyes. The man was so handsome that the boy could not believe that he had found such a great adult lover who he could suck and have fun with. Brad would do anything to stay with Lonnie for the rest of his life.

"You were dreaming," Brad began, "you talk in your sleep. It was funny. You kept saying 'suck me' so I did."

Lonnie pulled the cute boy's face to his, and they kissed passionately. Lonnie decided to return the favor, and began kissing all over Brad's face, neck and ears. His mouth went lower, and he found the tiny nipples on the muscular body of the 12-year-old boy. He sucked and licked each nipple, making them both erect and hard. Brad moaned his approval of the efforts to get his tiny nipples erect. Lonnie continued sucking and then began nibbling on each nipple, driving the boy wild. He continued working on the nipples until the boy begged him to stop, as his nipples were so sensitive that they started to hurt. Lonnie's tongue licked the firm muscles of the boy's developing six-pack of abdominal muscles. He had seen all of the boy's body before, but it still amazed him that the boy had developed such a fantastic physique for being only 12 years old. He licked down until he got to the navel, and rimmed it for several minutes, hearing more moans of approval from the boy.

Lonnie threw back all of the covers to expose the rest of the boy's beautiful body. He by-passed the erect boy cock, and dove down to suck the boy's scrotum and balls. He licked and sucked on the small spheres that had given him the exquisite taste of boy cum, and licked under the scrotum. Lonnie moved on the bed to lift the boy's legs high in the air. A pink anus was in view, and Lonnie knew what he wanted to do. He dove down and began licking all around the puckered ring of the boy's anus, and then let his tongue taste the most private area of the boy. Brad squealed with joy as he felt the first tongue to ever lick his butt hole. The tongue continued to lick and probe at the opening that had never been entered with more than a finger. Brad felt the tongue try to get inside his hole, and his body started to spasm. He wanted the tongue to continue licking, and wondered if the tongue could actually go inside his hole. Nothing in his life had ever felt this good, and he wanted to scream with joy, but felt his balls contract and knew he was going to cum.

"Suck me!!" Brad screamed. "I'm going to cum!! Suck my dick, PLEASE!!!"

Lonnie quickly swallowed all of the boy's erection, and shoved his finger inside the tight anus of his young lover. He felt around inside the boy and found the immature bulge of his prostate gland, and poked against it as the boy lifted off from the bed and screamed in a combination of agony and lust. Lonnie's mouth was flooded with boy cum, and he drank it like it was nectar from the gods. Brad was sobbing as his body was wracked with the most intense orgasm of his young life. Lonnie felt the boy go limp, and knew that the boy had passed out with intense pleasure.

When Brad finally woke up, he looked at Lonnie and asked, "What did you do to me? Your finger?. What did you do inside me?"

Lonnie explained the anatomy of a man, and how the prostate gland produced fluid and pleasure during sex. Brad's body was still shaking with spasms, even though Lonnie had removed his finger from the boy's tight anus. They cuddled together, and kissed as they both wound down from their mutual pleasure.

"That was awesome!!" Brad choked out. "I want you to do that to me about one million times more."

They continued cuddling and kissing, with both of them touching each other in intimate places. Lonnie reminded Brad that Allison would be back soon, and they should get dressed for supper. The boy felt his stomach growl, and knew that he was very hungry. He got up and ran to the bathroom, as his body needed to take a dump and a leak. Lonnie got dressed and walked past the closed door to the bathroom before he went to the kitchen. He heard the sounds of the boy farting and getting rid of solid and liquid waste. He thought about the many stories he had read on the Internet, and none of them ever described a boy taking a dump unless a man was giving the boy an enema. He smiled as he went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee.

Allison had returned with Todd, who ran up to Lonnie and gave him a big hug. Allison told Lonnie that she was making dinner at her home for him and Brad, and wanted the boys to meet.

"Where is he?" Todd asked.

"Give him a few minutes" Lonnie answered. "He is answering nature's call, and then he has to get dressed."

When Brad appeared in the kitchen, Todd's mouth dropped open. He had never seen a boy more beautiful in his life, and now he was looking at the cutest boy in the world wearing his old clothes. All he could do was choke out "Hey!"

Brad smiled, and his dimples formed on his face as he walked up and shook hands with Todd. "Hey, yourself" Brad said. "I'm Brad, and you must be Todd. Thanks for letting me borrow your clothes."

Todd had never been tongue-tied in his life, but this boy was so beautiful, that he was speechless.

"I think Todd is trying to tell you that you are beautiful" Allison laughed. "Todd had better close his mouth, or he will be catching flies even in December."

Everyone laughed, as the boys became instant friends. Allison wanted to talk to Lonnie in private, and Todd asked if Brad could go to their house to play on his PlayStation2. Lonnie thought that would be a great idea, but Brad refused to go. Todd begged him to leave so they could have fun together, but Brad was worried that Lonnie would call the police if he left.

"Please, Lonnie," Brad pleaded, "don't call the police."

"I promise not to call them," Lonnie answered. "You and I will talk before I make any call to anyone."

Brad ran over and gave Lonnie a hug and kiss on the cheek before he followed Todd toward the door. The boy was learning to trust another adult, and he was sure that Lonnie would not lie to him. Brad grabbed his thin jacket that Allison had taken out of the dryer, and he left what he wished would be his home for the rest of his life.

Todd led Brad through the tall snowdrifts, and into his home. Jerry McCallister met the two boys in the kitchen, where he was giving Abby a sandwich snack.

"Hey old man," Todd said, "This is my bud, Brad. Brad, this old fart is my dad Jerry McCallister."

Brad offered his hand and said, "Hello Mr. McCallister. I hope you are not mad at me for coming here without being invited."

"Drop that Mr. McCallister stuff," Jerry said as he shook the boy's hand.

"Okay, sir," Brad said respectfully.

"Shit Brad," Jerry remarked, "none of Todd's friends call me Mr. McCallister or sir, so please call me Jerry."

Brad did not want to call him by his first name, and they quickly agreed that Uncle Jerry would be acceptable to both of them. Brad smiled, and Jerry saw the cute dimples in the beautiful young face. Jerry knew that this boy could charm the devil, and loved to hear the young boy laugh as Todd teased him about having a new uncle.

"I hope some of your manners rub off on Todd," Jerry remarked. "Todd needs to learn some manners instead of calling me and my friends old farts."

Todd grabbed Brad's hand and led him to his bedroom, where they could play video games. Brad was ashamed that he had never played on a PlayStation game before, and he told Todd that he would just watch. Todd insisted that Brad learn how to play. Brad took the controller and quickly learned how to use the controller to play the games. Todd beat him bad the first few times, and then Brad caught on. Brad quickly became a worthy adversary, and then started to beat Todd at his own games.

Jerry interrupted their squeals of joy in playing the video games to tell them that he was taking Abby next door to talk to Allison and Lonnie.

"Are you guys going to behave while we are gone?" he asked.

"Nope," was Todd's reply. Any other answer would have been unexpected, as Jerry told them not to burn the house down while he was gone. Both boys giggled, as they returned to the video games.

Again, Brad beat Todd in the video game, and Todd had seen enough from the younger boy. He tackled Brad and started tickling him, with Brad squealing in joy until he was afraid he would wet his pants.

"STOP!!" Brad screamed, "Or I will wet my pants!"

"Those are my pants," Todd exclaimed, as he continued tickling the younger boy.

"Then stop or I will pee in your pants!" Brad cried. He knew that Todd was much stronger than he was, but he did not want to use his martial arts to throw off his new friend or hurt him.

Todd let Brad up, as the young boy ran for the bathroom and peed. Brad returned to Todd's room where the boy was still laughing at how he had tickled Brad so bad.

"You jerk!" Brad yelled. "I could have peed all over you and me."

Brad returned to the fight, and quickly flipped Todd over using a fast leg kick. He then pounced on top of Todd and pinned him to the floor.

"Holy fuck," Todd exclaimed. "Where did you learn how to do that to me?"

Brad just giggled and let Todd stand up. The boys squared off to fight in play. Todd tried to tackle Brad, but his momentum was used to throw him on the bed with Brad on top of him again. Todd got up and squared off against the younger boy again. This time Todd was determined to tackle the boy and make him beg to be released. Again the momentum of his attack was used against him, as Brad spun and used his legs to trip Todd and send him crashing against the wall. Brad pinned the older boy again.

"I give!" Todd exclaimed. "Where did you learn to fight like that?"

"My dad taught me," Brad replied, as he let the older boy get up.

They both ended up sitting on Todd's bed to talk about where Brad had come from, and why he was with Lonnie. Todd admitted that he was jealous of Brad being with Lonnie. He had always wanted Lonnie to be interested in him for more than a friend's son. He told Brad that he and his parents had talked about Lonnie possibly being gay, and that he wanted to have Lonnie touch him and do sex with him. Brad was shocked at hearing what Todd said. Brad had figured that Todd would be straight, but then he remembered what Allison had said about Todd experimenting with his buddies. Brad got real quiet, until Todd broke the ice.

"Don't freak out on me," Todd said, "but I would love to have sex with Lonnie or you, or both of you."

Brad just looked into Todd's eyes to see if the boy was being honest. Todd was very handsome, and was a lot of fun to be around. Brad had never found so many people who were so friendly and open with him. He wanted to be Todd's friend, and he hugged Todd and told him that he wanted to be his friend.

"I want to suck your dick," Todd said. "I want to be your friend too, but I really need to suck your dick right now."

Brad stood up and opened his jeans. Todd quickly took over and pulled the jeans down and then pulled what used to be his own boxers down exposing the boy's erect uncut cock. Todd sighed, as he touched the first uncut cock in his life. He pulled back the foreskin, and swallowed all of Brad's cock deep inside his mouth. Brad moaned at the warmth and suction of Todd's mouth. He grabbed Todd's head with both of his hands, and began fucking the mouth of his new friend. It was obvious that Todd had sucked a cock before, as he expertly used his lips and tongue, and never let his teeth hit the young cock.

"I wanna suck yours too!" Brad announced.

It took Todd only a few seconds to drop his jeans and boxers. The boys got on the bed in a "69" position and began sucking each other. Todd's dick was about 5 1/2 inches long, and Brad took every bit of the teen's cock inside his slurping mouth. They both moaned and continued sucking and licking. Brad tried to warn Todd that he was going to cum, but it was not easy to talk when you have a hard dick in your mouth. All that came out was a moan, as Todd's mouth was filled with fresh boy cum. He swallowed every drop, and his own orgasm hit. Brad felt the cock in his mouth inflate and throb. He was ready, and swallowed every spurt of thick semen. They both stopped sucking at the same time, and turned so they were face to face on the bed.

"I can't believe that you sucked me off!" Todd said hoarsely. "Your dick is bigger than mine is. You are so beautiful."

"Only girls are beautiful," Brad replied. "Guys are handsome. You are super handsome, and great at sucking. You have had practice!"

Todd giggled, and told Brad that he and some of his friends had been trading blowjobs for over two years.

"What have you done besides blowjobs?" Brad asked.

"Everything," Todd replied.

"Have you fucked each other?" Brad asked.

"Yup," Todd answered. "We started with blowjobs, and now when we can be alone and have lube, we take turns fucking each other."

"Doesn't it hurt?" Brad asked.

"It hurt a couple times," Todd continued. "It depends on how big the guy's dick is. Conner has a thin dick, and his is the easiest to take. He is embarrassed about having a little dick, but we all tell him that his is just right for sucking and fucking."

"I fucked a girl once," Brad confided. "I've never been fucked in the butthole, but I want to try it."

"You fucked a girl?" Todd asked.

"Yup," Brad replied. "I was 11, and she was 17. She was my babysitter."

"Wow!," Todd replied. "I have only fucked one girl, and the first time was a disaster. We got caught by her parents, and I was grounded for two months."

Brad giggled and begged to hear the details. Todd told him that he had been dating a girl named Stacey, and they had been making out all the time. She had let him suck her tits, and rub around her pussy, but she was still a virgin, and was afraid to fuck. She had jacked him off a bunch of times, and finally started sucking his dick. He kept trying to get her to fuck, but she was afraid, and continued sucking him off to take care of his sexual needs. One night her parents were going out, so he rode his bike over to her house. He had condoms that were distributed free in the school office, so he was prepared just in case Stacey would finally put out. She took him to her bedroom, and they started making out. Soon they were both nude, and she sucked him off, and for the first time, swallowed his cum. He begged her to let him eat her pussy, and she agreed as long as he didn't try to fuck her. It was the first taste of pussy for him, and he ignored the strange taste and licked and nibbled on her cunt. Stacey went into orbit when he found her clit. She had two orgasms before she pulled his face away from her pussy, and yelled "FUCK ME!!"

Todd had quickly retrieved a condom, and almost came when he rolled it on his throbbing dick. She screamed when his dick broke her hymen, and the blood flowed out of her. Stacey's parents had returned home early, and they heard her scream. They both ran to her bedroom, and found their innocent little daughter with her legs spread wide and high in the air, with Todd fucking her.

"I never lost a boner so fast in my life!" Todd admitted. "Her parents went postal on both of us. They made us get dressed, and they called my parents. What a nasty scene that was, with all the parents screaming at us."

Brad giggled. It was funny hearing about Todd's first fuck. The parents had seen the blood on the sheets, and knew that she had lost her virginity to her boyfriend. The two mothers did most of the yelling, as both fathers remembered that they were younger than Todd and Stacey when they had their first pussy. The two teens were both grounded for two months, and were told that they could not see each other after the grounding unless a parent was with them. The grounding didn't keep them apart, as they snuck into a friend's car during lunch at school, and sucked and fucked at least three times a week. They were going steady now, and the parents finally let them date and go to parties together. The parties were supposed to be chaperoned, but two horny teens can always find a way to sneak off and fuck.

"Tell me more about sex with your buddies," Brad pleaded.

"I already told you what we do," Todd answered. "There is only one thing that none of them will do. They won't kiss me."

"Like this?" Brad leaned over and kissed Todd on the mouth. Their tongues went to work, as they French kissed and let their hands roam all over each other. They kissed for about 15 minutes, and two young cocks were ready for more action. Again they got in a 69 position, and eagerly sucked each other to another intense orgasm.

Todd could not believe that he had finally kissed a guy! Not just any guy, but the best looking boy he had ever met. As soon as they had both swallowed fresh cum, they returned to their French kissing, sharing the mixed flavors of their cum. Todd finally reminded Brad that they better get dressed before anyone found them nude in his bed. Brad grabbed Todd's boxers and asked if he could wear them. They traded boxers and put them on, happy that they knew that a different dick had been in the boxers. They were finally dressed, but continued their passionate kissing.

"God, I hope you can stay with Lonnie forever," Todd said to his young friend and lover. "We can have so much fun together if you live next door."

"If Lonnie calls the police on me," Brad replied softly, "I will run away again. I'm not going back to foster care or Boot Camp."

Todd asked to hear all about Brad's life, and why he was in trouble with the police. Brad told Todd everything about his life. He included details about Jennifer and Derek. He admitted to starting fights and stealing from stores. Todd was a good listener, and hugged him when he stopped or started to cry. They were still sitting on Todd's bed talking when the adults and Abby returned to the house. Lonnie had brought his cell phone, and knew it was working. He would not break his promise to Brad, and call the police until they had talked. Lonnie did not want to lose the boy, and had been talking to Allison and Jerry to get advice from them. Allison had called several of her friends who worked in Social Services. They had told her that it would be difficult, but not impossible for a single man to have custody of a young boy, but that the court would insist that the boy return to Gaylord for a court hearing.

They all sat in the living room, and discussed what could be done. Brad was afraid that he would be returned to foster care or Boot Camp, and left no doubt in anyone's mind that he would run away if the police were called.

"I want to call my brother, Vince," Lonnie said to Brad. "He is a lawyer, and he may know what we can do. He usually works on product liability cases, but I'm sure he knows someone who can help us."

Brad was crying again. He was afraid of having to run away again.

"I need to know if you want to stay with me," Lonnie asked. "I want you to tell me the truth. Even if you just want help to get out of trouble with the court in Gaylord, I will help you. "

It took a few minutes for Brad to realize what Lonnie was really asking him. "Was Brad just using Lonnie to escape the court, or did he want to live here forever?" Brad thought silently. Brad knew what he felt for Lonnie was more than friendship. He thought that living with Lonnie was too good to be true. His feelings for the man who had saved his life, were genuine love, and he could not find the right words to explain how he felt.

Brad pulled away from Todd and walked over to stand in front of Lonnie. Tears poured down the boy's face, as he looked at the handsome man. "I love you" Brad said softly. "I want to live with you. I want you to be my new daddy."

"Why is everyone crying?" Abby asked. She was only five years old, and could not understand what was happening.

Brad kissed Lonnie on the lips, and hugged him. Lonnie lifted the boy to sit on his lap, and continued hugging the boy and kissing him on the cheeks. Todd came over and joined in a three-way hug and kiss.

"Now that we all agree on what we want," Allison said, "we need to develop a plan to make it happen."

They all sat down to supper, and continued to talk about who they should call, and what could be done to connect the man and boy as father and son. Brad picked at his food. He could not eat, as he was still afraid of being taken back to Gaylord. He wanted to call Judge Atkins, but was afraid that a call to anyone would bring the police who would arrest him and take him back. Lonnie sensed the fear in the boy, and told him that no call to the police or the judge would be made until the next day. Brad felt better, and started to eat a little more food.

"Can Brad sleep here tonight?" Todd asked.

"It's fine with us," Allison replied, "but maybe Brad wants to stay with Lonnie tonight."

"Don't get mad at me," Brad said softly to Todd. "I need to be close to Lonnie tonight. I am scared."

Todd was disappointed, as he wanted to sleep with his new friend, and maybe they could do some more kissing and sucking. He loved the kissing more than anything, and he dreamed of Brad living next door, and the fun they could have together playing in his tree fort and hanging around with Todd's friends.

Lonnie told everyone that he was going back home to call his brother, Vince. Brad wanted to go with him. Kisses and hugs were exchanged before the pair left to return to Lonnie's home.

Lonnie went to his liquor cabinet, and got a bottle of scotch out. He walked to the kitchen, filled a glass with ice, and poured the glass full.

"I need a drink too" Brad said softly.

Lonnie thought about it, and figured he had already corrupted the boy by having sex with him, and it appeared that Brad needed something to calm him down. He walked back to the liquor cabinet, and got a bottle of rum. He went back to the kitchen, put ice in a tall glass, poured in some rum and then filled the glass with Coke. Brad kissed him on the lips and thanked him, as the boy accepted the drink. Lonnie dialed his brother's telephone number on the cell phone.

He was relieved to hear his brother answer the phone.

"Hello" Vince said.

"It's me, Lonnie. I need to talk to you in private. You better get a stiff drink before I tell you what is going on."

"Jesus, bro," Vince said. "What is wrong. Your voice sounds weird. Are you okay?"

"I'm okay," Lonnie answered, "but you won't be after I tell you what is going on. Get a big drink and go somewhere private so we can talk. You may decide you don't want me as your brother any more, after I tell you what is going on."

"Fuck, Lonnie!!" Vince said. "Nothing could ever break our bond as brothers. Did you kill someone?"

"Get that drink and I will tell you," Lonnie said to his brother.

There was a pause as Lonnie waited for Vince to get a drink and return to the phone. Lonnie heard a door close, and figured that Vince was in his office at home.
"Okay, I've got the drink," Vince said. "Tell me what could possibly make you think that I don't love you, and would reject my only brother."

"Sit down, take a big drink, and listen," Lonnie said. "If what I tell you makes you hate me, just hang up, and I will never call you again."

"You better knock that shit off!" Vince said. "You will always be my brother. You are scaring the shit out of me! Tell me what is going on!"

Brad held Lonnie's hand, and listened to one side of the phone conversation. Lonnie took a deep breath, and a big drink of scotch before he started.

"I'm gay," Lonnie began. Fear gripped him, as he waited for the line to go dead.

"So what?" Vince asked. "We figured that out a long time ago. I still love you, and will always love you."

"Jesus Christ!" Lonnie exclaimed. "How did everyone know I was gay, even before I admitted it to myself?"

"Relax, bro.," Vince said. "Is that the only thing that is bothering you?"

"No," Lonnie replied. "I'm in love with a boy who is only 12 years old."

"Oh, Fuck!!," Vince replied. "Tell me you haven't touched him sexually."

"I won't lie to you," Lonnie said. "I have done more than just touch him. He is here with me now, and he says he loves me, and I love him."

"Hang on," Vince said. "I just drained my glass. I will be back with the whole bottle."

Lonnie waited for Vince to return to the phone. He expected his brother to just hang up the phone after hearing that Lonnie and a boy had been sexual with each other. Vince returned to the phone, and asked his brother to tell him everything. Lonnie poured out the entire story about how he had rescued the boy during the snowstorm, and all about Brad's life. Vince asked several questions, and Lonnie answered every one.

"You could get 10 to 15 years in prison for what you did with him," Vince told his brother. "You said he was there with you. Can I talk to him?"

Lonnie handed the phone to Brad. The boy said softly, "Hello."

Vince talked to Brad for several minutes. Lonnie was afraid that Vince would hate him, and hang up the phone, but the conversation continued, with Brad telling Vince that he was in love with Lonnie, and wanted Lonnie to be his new daddy. Lonnie could only hear one side of the conversation, and he sensed that Brad was upset by what Vince was saying.

"If that's what you think I am doing, I will leave here right now" Brad said. He was crying. "I'm not using him!"

Lonnie tried to grab the cell phone from Brad, but the boy wouldn't let him have it. Brad continued talking to Vince, and Lonnie sensed that the boy was calming down. Vince was just being the older brother, trying to protect Lonnie, but it hurt to see Brad upset and cry. The boy had cried too much for an entire lifetime, and needed some joy in his young life.

"I would never tell anyone what we did," Brad said. "I was the one to start it. It was not the first time I had sex."

Brad listened to Vince, and nodded his head as the man told him the trouble they could get in if the police found out about them having sex. Brad finally handed the phone back to Lonnie.

"What did you say to him, Vince?" Lonnie demanded. "You had him really upset. Don't do that again to him. We need you to help us, not tear the boy apart."

"I apologized to him, and now I apologize to you," Vince said. "I had to know if he was using you. I love you, and would kill anyone who would hurt my brother."

"Tell me what we can do" Lonnie pleaded. "I will do anything to have Brad as my son."

Brad had calmed down, and seemed relaxed. He smiled as he listened to Lonnie's words about having him as his son.

"Jesus, bro!" Vince said. "Let me make a few calls and get some legal advice. I just want you to know that I still love you, and always will. I will call you tomorrow. Brad sounds like a neat kid, and I promise to help you as much as I can. It will not be easy to pull this off without you going to jail."

Lonnie clicked the cell phone off. Vince knew the cell phone number in case the phone lines were still down from the storm. Lonnie put the cell phone on the charger, and took Brad to the living room where they could talk and finish their drinks.

"I think I am corrupting you," Lonnie said. "First we have sex, and now we are drinking buddies."

Brad giggled. His face lit up and he leaned over and gave Lonnie a nice tongue kiss.

"Let's take a shower together," Brad begged. "I want to go to bed and kiss and suck you."

Lonnie swatted the cute bubble butt, as Brad squealed and ran for the bathroom. By the time Lonnie got to the bathroom, Brad was down to his boxers. He was shocked by what he saw.

"What is this?" Lonnie asked. "Those aren't the boxers I helped you put on. Where did you get them?"

Brad just giggled, as he pulled off the boxers and threw them into Lonnie's face. Lonnie drank in the aroma of the boy's private areas from the boxers. He tried to get the boy to tell him why he was wearing different boxers, but Brad just kept giggling, and refused to tell.

"We made a promise not to lie to each other," Lonnie reminded Brad. "You better tell me, or I will spank your butt black and blue."

Lonnie let the words sink in, but the dimples on the boy's face told him that Brad knew that the man would never hurt him. Brad stood in front of Lonnie, shaking his erection at the man.

"If you spank me," Brad giggled, "I won't kiss you or suck you for the rest of your life!"

"I'll cut off all of your hair so you will be bald," Lonnie threatened. "I will even shave your pubes off!"

Brad giggled even more. He knew that Lonnie would not touch his hair, but it was fun teasing him. Brad finally decided to tell Lonnie the truth.

"Todd and I swapped undies," Brad giggled. "Right after we fooled around on his bed."

"OH, MY GOD!" Lonnie exclaimed. "What did you and Todd do?"

"We kissed and sucked," Brad replied. He suddenly became afraid that Lonnie would be mad at him for fooling around with Todd. "Are you mad at me?"

"I'm not mad," Lonnie replied. "I am just surprised that Todd was interested in having sex with another boy."

"He's done it before," Brad replied, relieved that Lonnie wasn't mad at him. "You heard his mom say that Todd messed around with some of his friends. They are cocksuckers and buttfuckers! He told me he was jealous. He wants to do sex with you and me together."

Lonnie was shocked. Todd had spent many nights at his house, and never seemed embarrassed at being nude or wearing only boxers around the house, but he had never picked up any signs that Todd was interested in sex with him.

"His dick is way smaller than yours," Brad giggled. "And it is smaller than mine too."

They both giggled, as Lonnie undressed and turned on the shower. They were both hard as they got in the shower and started washing each other. They stayed in the shower until the hot water ran out, taking extra time to wash each other's intimate areas. As they dried each other off, Brad asked, "Will you fuck me tonight? I have never been butt-fucked, and I want you to bust my cherry."

Lonnie choked, as he heard the vulgar words come out of that cute little mouth. He would like nothing better than shoving his cock inside the boy's cute little butt. He knew that any chance they had to become father and son would be destroyed if there were any evidence of anal sex. He was sure that Brad would be given a complete physical examination, and that there would be bruises from his cock stretching the boy's virgin hole.

"You have to stop cussing so much," Lonnie told Brad. "We can't have anal sex until after you are my son. You will be given a physical examination, and they will check your butt for any evidence that you have been hurt."

"I could say that Todd did it," Brad replied.

"Then Todd would go to jail instead of me," Lonnie replied. "Any chance of us becoming father and son depends on the physical exam, and what you say to the police or judge."

"Lonnie, I don't know different words," Brad confessed. "I won't cuss, if you teach me other words. All the guys in school or at Boot Camp use those words."

"Okay, Champ," Lonnie started, using a new nickname for the boy. "Let's use anal sex, or making love instead of 'butt-fucking', and oral sex or sucking instead of 'cock-sucking'. And, by the way, you don't have a cherry. The correct term is 'hymen' and only virgin girls have them in their vagina or 'pussy' as you might call it."

"I will try to stop cussing," Brad promised. "I even cussed at Judge Atkins."

Lonnie smiled, and hugged the boy. They walked nude to the bedroom, and got under the sheets and blankets. They immediately started kissing and stroking two hard cocks. Lonnie knew that it would be difficult to keep up with the sex drive of a horny 12 year old, but he would never tire of sucking the boy's cock and licking his butt hole. Lonnie ducked under the covers and began sucking the hard cock of the young boy. He loved nibbling on the foreskin, and the boy loved it too. Lonnie threw back the covers, and lifted Brad's legs to expose the pink anus that he dreamed of having his cock in. He put his index finger inside the boy, and stroked the tiny bulb of the immature prostate gland. Brad squealed with joy, as he felt the finger hit the special spot inside him. Lonnie was sucking both of the boy's balls at the same time, when Brad begged him to suck his cock.

"I'm gonna cum!" Brad squealed. "SUCK ME!!!"

Lonnie used his hand to retract the foreskin, and licked around the tender bottom of the head of Brad's cock. The boy was writhing all over the bed, and it was hard for Lonnie to keep his mouth on the soft skin and hard shaft of the boy's cock. Brad screamed as his cock erupted with several bursts of watery boy cum. Lonnie ate every bit of the wonderful juice. Brad didn't pass out this time, but it took a few minutes for the boy to get control of his body that continued to spasm. He finally relaxed, as his cock continued throbbing. He loved the feel of the finger that was still moving in and out of his virgin hole.

Brad was the first to move and cause the finger to come out of his hole. He pushed Lonnie on his back, and went down on the man, sucking one nut at a time, as they were too big for him to take both of them in his mouth at the same time. Twice he had to stop, as a pubic hair got caught in his mouth. Brad told Lonnie that he would have to shave his balls for him. Lonnie said he would shave all of his pubic hair off if that is what Brad wanted. The boy just giggled at the thought of the man being hairless. Brad lifted Lonnie's legs in the air.

"Brad, you don't have to ..." Lonnie's words were cut off when he felt the little pink tongue hit his anus. All Lonnie could do was moan, as he had never been rimmed in his entire life. Lonnie had a very limited sex life. He had tried sex with girls during high school, and with a couple of his buddies, but in the last ten years, it had been his right hand that took care of his dick. His times with his buddies and with two adult men had only been kissing and sucking. His anus was as virgin as Brad's. The boy was jacking him off and eating his ass at the same time. Brad wanted to finger Lonnie's hole to send the man into orbit. He licked his finger and shoved it in. He felt around inside Lonnie's hole, and asked Lonnie to help him find "his prostrate".

Lonnie would correct his grammar later, right now he wanted the boy's finger to hit his prostate. "Up a little higher, now deeper, aim for the base of my dick. OH GOD!! THAT'S IT!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!"

Brad giggled when he heard Lonnie cussing. He would tease him later about it, but right now, he wanted to finger fuck the man and make him cum. Brad put a second finger inside Lonnie, and continued shoving his index finger against the spot that was driving the man wild.

"SUCK MY COCK!!!" Lonnie screamed. "I'M GONNA CUM!!!! SUCK MY FUCKING COCK NOW!!!!" he demanded.

Brad barely got his mouth over the head of Lonnie's cock when he was blasted with a flood of cum. It was more than he could swallow, and the first blast had hit the back of his throat, causing him to gag. He pulled off the cock, so he could swallow, and the next blast of cum shot all over his face and into his long black hair. Part of the next volley of cum went right up his nose, but he covered the head of the throbbing cock and sucked all the remaining cum into his mouth, and then swallowed it. Lonnie collapsed on the bed. He could not move, as the boy was still gently sucking him, jacking him, and probing inside his rectum. It was the most intense orgasm in his entire life, and he fought to not pass out. He finally got enough strength to beg Brad to stop.

Brad turned to face Lonnie, and that was the first time that he saw the cum hanging down the boy's hair, eyelids and nose. It looked so funny that Lonnie started laughing.

"You should see your face!" Lonnie laughed. "You are a real mess!"

Brad jumped up and looked in the full-length mirror in the bedroom, and started giggling. He used his fingers to scoop up a huge rope of fresh cum, and made sure that Lonnie saw him suck his fingers clean. He went back to the bed and told Lonnie that he made the mess, and he had to clean it up. Lonnie pulled the boy back on the bed, and started sucking up the cum, making loud sucking noises like it was a vacuum cleaner sucking up his man juice. Brad demanded more cum to eat, so they shared the taste of the fresh cum until Brad's face and hair were clean.

"That was the best sex I have ever had in my entire life" Lonnie said. No one has ever licked my hole or fingered me. I love you Champ."

"Turn over" Brad commanded.

"I can't take any more tonight" Lonnie begged. "Please Brad, don't do it again."

"I said, TURN OVER!!!"

Lonnie turned over. Their roles were now completely switched, as Brad was giving the orders, and he was obeying them.

Brad got on top of Lonnie's back, facing toward the man's exposed butt. He put one leg on each side of Lonnie's body, and sat down, pinning the man to the bed.

"First," Brad started, "you have to promise to shave your butt hole and balls for me. Next time I don't want to choke on your pubes."

"Okay" Lonnie choked.

"Second," Brad continued, "you cussed, and have to be punished."

A quick slap of the young boy's hand hit Lonnie on the left cheek of his butt. Lonnie struggled, but the volley of slaps continued non-stop until both cheeks of his butt were red and sore. He knew he could throw the boy off, but didn't want to hurt Brad. The pain quickly turned to lust, as Lonnie felt his cock fill to a full erection. He had never dreamed that pain could cause such intense pleasure. The cock that he thought would be soft for many hours was filling with lust.

"Don't stop Brad!!" Lonnie pleaded, "please don't stop."

Brad's own cock was rock hard, and he was very close to cumming. At first he thought that Lonnie was telling him to stop spanking, but then he heard him beg for the swats to continue. Brad's hands were sore. He had to stop. He lifted up and Lonnie flipped over, displaying his throbbing cock to the young boy. Brad lay down next to Lonnie and they both swallowed each other's cock. Neither one of them lasted a full minute, before they flooded the mouth of their lover with semen. If Lonnie was exhausted the first time, this time was even more intense. He could barely keep his eyes open, as his body was totally drained of all male fluids. He couldn't even speak, and had only enough strength to move his hand to stop Brad from sucking him any more.

Brad was exhausted too. He cuddled next to Lonnie and kissed him on the cheek.

"If you cuss again," Brad said softly, "I will do what Aunt Kate did to Sam. She squirted dish soap in his mouth."

Lonnie couldn't talk. He just pulled the boy close and fell asleep. He was sure he would never be able to get a hard on again as long as he lived.

Lonnie woke up the next morning to a repeat of the previous morning. A little black head was bobbing up and down on the erection that he thought he would never have again. He realized that having a 12-year-old sex maniac was going to be a challenge and a very nice challenge indeed. Brad sensed that Lonnie was awake when he felt the man's hands pull his body around on the bed so they could both suck each other at the same time. Lonnie nibbled on the foreskin of the young boy, and then used his lips to push the foreskin back to reveal the dark red knob of the boy's cock. He devoured the entire cock, as the boy's nuts nestled in his nose. The smell of the pubescent boy drove Lonnie wild. It took them about four minutes to get cum to blast out of both cocks, filling two hungry mouths with tangy syrup.

Brad was the first to break away, as he ran to the bathroom, yelling that he had to pee. Lonnie got up too, and joined the boy at the toilet, where they each aimed the other's cock as they peed together. Brad's stream stopped first, as his bladder was much smaller than Lonnie's. The boy giggled and asked how Lonnie could hold so much pee inside him. The feel of a young boy holding your dick while you pee is very erotic, almost as good as the feel of the little mouth on your dick. NOT!!! Nothing is as good as a boy's mouth sucking on a man's cock, and watching the boy swallow all of your semen. Lonnie was so in love with the boy that it hurt to even think that they would be apart for a minute, let alone longer.

Lonnie looked at the beautiful young face and wanted to eat all of the boy's body. He was not a cannibal, so he decided to put the boy on a pedestal, and worship the boy for the rest of his life. He smiled, as he realized that he could eat the boy like he did last night, and worship the boy at the same time. It sounded like a good plan to Lonnie, as long as they could convince the legal system to allow him to adopt the boy. They were just getting into the shower when they heard Todd yelling for them.

"We're in the shower!" Brad yelled. "Get undressed and join us!"

Lonnie told Brad to forget it, but the shower door was opened, and a nude Todd McCallister jumped inside. The shower was cramped for two people, and with three in it, there was no way to separate their bodies. It was the first time that Lonnie had seen Todd nude and erect. Todd grabbed both Lonnie's and Brad's hard cocks, and started stroking them. Brad took Lonnie's hand and placed it on Todd's erection.

"I'm gonna be in jail for this!" Lonnie exclaimed.

Todd and Brad giggled, as they all soaped each other and started fingering hot butt holes. Todd was the first to drop to his knees and swallow Lonnie's cock. Brad was fingering Lonnie's hole, and finally found the special spot. Lonnie was beyond any point of stopping the two boys, as his cock throbbed and filled Todd's hungry mouth with hot cum. Brad kept finger-fucking Lonnie until the man begged both boys to stop.

"Now you suck Todd" Brad ordered.

Todd stood up. He had dreamed of having sex with Lonnie, and his dream was coming true, with Brad helping make it happen. Lonnie never hesitated, as he got on his knees and started sucking Todd's cock. Brad used a soapy finger to probe inside Todd's rectum, searching for the special spot in his teen friend. Todd's shrill scream told Brad that he had hit the target.


Brad giggled, knowing that any guy will scream nasty words when they have sex. He continued probing Todd's spot, and felt Todd's body tense up. He knew that Lonnie would be eating hot cum any second, and he used two fingers and rotated them inside Todd's gripping hole. Todd screamed as he filled Lonnie's mouth with his teen cum. If there had been room in the shower, Todd would have collapsed on the floor. Brad and Lonnie held Todd up, as the orgasm wracked his body into a shuddering mass of male flesh. Lonnie finally stood up and French kissed Todd for the first time. Todd tried to speak, but could only moan, as his orgasm finally ended.

"Hey!" Brad yelled. "Who's gonna suck my dick?"

Todd staggered as he got on his knees for the second time. He swallowed all of Brad's cock and pulled on the boy's nuts. Todd was better at sucking cock than either Lonnie or Brad, but they would learn the special techniques real fast. Lonnie slid his finger inside Brad's gripping hole, as he knew his little lover was close to shooting. Brad screamed as the finger found the right spot, and Todd's mouth and hand made him empty his small nuts of all liquid. Brad moaned as he emptied himself into Todd's mouth. The hot water ran out at the same time, and they all quickly got out and dried each other off. They shared several three-way tongue kisses, as they all giggled and laughed about how much fun it had been to shower together.

"I can't wait until you are living here all the time!" Todd said innocently.

Brad's smile faded from his face. Todd realized that he had said something wrong, and tried to apologize. Brad ran from the bathroom, and hit the bed, buried his face in the pillow and sobbed. It was too good to be true. He would never be allowed to live with Lonnie, and he knew that he would be sent back to Boot Camp in Gaylord.

Todd and Lonnie tried to comfort the boy, and tell him to think positively. It was destiny that had brought them together, and it would be destiny that they would live together. Brad finally calmed down.

"You must think I act like a baby" he moaned. "I want to live here so bad it hurts. I am afraid. Please hug me."

Three nude bodies came together in a warm hug. Lonnie and Todd were both crying, as they held the fragile boy and comforted him. Lonnie knew he would sell his house, his car, and everything he owned to hire lawyers and bribe anyone he had to. He was going to have a son, and his name would be Bradley Nichols.

Brad finally calmed down. Todd told them that his mother was making breakfast for all of them. They got dressed.

"Does your mom know you came over here?" Brad asked.

Todd giggled. "She knows a lot!"

Todd giggled again. He told Lonnie and Brad that his mother saw the boxers he wore to bed, and recognized them as the ones she had brought for Brad to wear. "I didn't tell her anything, but she is too smart. She figured out that you and I traded boxers, and the only way we could have done that was by being nude together. All she did was laugh, and tell me not to hurt you."

Everyone laughed, as they realized that there would be no secrets between the two families. They got their coats and walked next door to have breakfast together.

Allison welcomed them with a knowing smile. She could feel the love between the three of them, and knew that she could accept her son joining with Lonnie and Brad to have fun. The two boys ate like they were starving.

"It looks like you two boys worked up a real appetite this morning" Allison joked, knowing that her comment had a hidden meaning.

Three males choked on their food when they heard that. Three faces turned beet red, as Allison laughed and turned to continue cooking more pancakes. Jerry did not seem to understand, and Abby just whined that she wanted more "cakes".

Brad finally broke the ice by telling Lonnie that he wanted to call Judge Atkins, and tell him that he was alive and happy where he was living. Brad offered to work to pay for the phone call, by shoveling the driveway and path between the two houses.

"It would kill all four of us men" Lonnie replied. "I have a four-wheeler with a blade and a snow blower, but I could use some strong young boys to help me."

Todd whispered something in Brad's ear about blowing, and they both cracked up laughing and giggling. The sound of two boys giggling was better than any sound in the world. Nothing gets past Allison, as she heard the whisper and laughed with the boys.

Lonnie knew that the snow was too deep to plow the full length of the driveway, and he told the boys that he would push the snow across the driveway and down the small hill. They finished their breakfast and Todd gave Brad a warm coat to wear outside to shovel what snow the four-wheeler could not reach. Lonnie opened the garage door and fired up the four-wheeler, after he had filled the gas tank. If the four-wheeler had not been out of gas, he would have never rescued the little boy that he was in love with. Lonnie thanked God for the events that brought the boy into his life, and prayed that God would help him find a way to adopt the boy.

Brad watched as Lonnie started plowing the snow away from the garage door. It took two passes to take one swipe across the driveway. The first pass would be with the blade up to shove enough snow away for the second pass with the blade down. The four-wheeler was an electric shift model, and Lonnie showed Brad how to drive the wheeler, and how to use the brake and gearshift. Lonnie had about half of his driveway cleared when Brad begged to try driving and pushing the snow. Lonnie knew that he would never be able to say no to Brad, and got off the Honda Four-Wheeler and went to the garage for the helmet he used when he was riding off-road. The helmet was big on Brad, but Lonnie insisted that the boy wear it. It only took a few minutes for Brad to learn how to control the powerful machine. Lonnie was amazed at the coordination of the young boy, as the boy pushed the snow right to the edge of the small hill without a single error.

Brad had never driven anything in his life, and the vibration of the large engine gave him a very hard erection. When Brad got off the machine to change the angle of the blade, Todd was the first to see the jeans that used to be his filled out with Brad's erection.

"I think his pocket rocket likes your four-wheeler" Todd joked. "Maybe one of us needs to do some boy blowing instead of snow blowing."

They both laughed, and Brad wondered what was so funny. He could not hear them over the sound of the engine, but he was enjoying the fact that Lonnie trusted him with the powerful machine. Brad was upset when Lonnie hit the kill switch, and shut the machine off.

"Did I do something wrong?" Brad asked. "I'm sorry if I did. Please don't be mad at me."

"You didn't do anything wrong, Champ," Lonnie replied. "I just wanted you to be able to hear me when I tell you what has to be done next."

Brad was relieved. He would do anything to please Lonnie. Todd teased Brad about needing a snow blower for the bulge in his jeans. Brad giggled, and saw that Todd had a boner too.

"When you boys get done blowing snow, you can go blow each other," Lonnie joked.

Both boys thought that it was a great idea. Lonnie wished that he were young enough to reload as fast as the two boys. He knew that they would wear him out if he even tried to keep up with the boys' sexual energy. Lonnie told Brad how to slant the blade to the right side, and plow near the mailboxes and then into the McCallister driveway. The blade would have to be kept up, or the deep snow would stop the wheeler. Brad was thrilled that he would be able to drive the wheeler on the road. Brad moved the kill switch, hit the electric starter, and plowed along the line of mailboxes to the neighbor's driveway. Lonnie watched closely, but knew that the boy was very coordinated and could handle the machine. Todd and Lonnie had shovels that they used to clean up the driveways, and it was not long before cars or trucks could easily get out of the driveways into the road. Lonnie knew that the road crew would push snow off the road into the driveways, but it would be easy for the wheeler to clear that up.

What would have been work for several men became fun for two boys and a man, as they worked together to clear the snow. Lonnie used his two-stage snow blower to clear a path between the two houses. Brad was watching closely, as the devil got inside Lonnie's head. He aimed the snow discharge to completely cover his young lover with an avalanche of white snow. Brad screamed as the snow hit him. Todd was laughing so hard he fell down. Brad looked like the Abominable Snowman, as he was covered from head to foot with the snow. Lonnie had just returned the blower to his garage, when a young boy attacked him. Brad had Lonnie on the ground, and was covering his man with heaps of snow. Lonnie was laughing so hard he couldn't fight off the boy, who shoved snow in his face and down the neck of his jacket. They wrestled together and ended up kissing.

"Take me to bed and suck me!" Brad demanded.

Lonnie could not refuse. He picked the boy up and carried him to the back door. Allison looked out her window and saw two completely white lovers hugging and kissing. Her eyes filled with tears of joy at seeing them together. She called to Todd to come inside. Todd argued, but Allison knew that Brad and Lonnie needed to be alone. She ordered Todd to strip in the laundry room and go take a shower. Her son was angry that he was not allowed to join the two lovers next door, but Allison knew what she was doing. Normally Todd would strip down to his boxers, and then head for the shower. As an act of defiance, he stripped nude, and made obscene gestures with his lower body in front of his shocked mother. Allison laughed, and told him to take a shower and not run around indecent in front of his little sister, who was taking a nap.

Lonnie and Brad undressed in the laundry room, and headed for the shower. They stopped to kiss, and their passions went wild. Trying to keep up with the sex drive of a 12-year-old was going to kill him, Lonnie thought. Then he decided that it would be the best way to die he could ever dream of. Lonnie got on his knees and took the boy's flaccid cold cock in his mouth. There was something exceptionally erotic about sucking a soft boy dick, especially a very cold one, and feeling it inflate to hardness. The boy's dick was so shrunken by the cold, that Lonnie was amazed. The foreskin covered the entire head of the boy's cock. He nibbled on the foreskin, and felt how cold it was. He sucked the scrotum of his lover, and felt the blood start to flow into the boy's genitals. The cold skin quickly became warm, and the erection filled to its full length. Lonnie felt around the cold butt cheeks, and used his finger to probe the boy's anus that was even more shriveled and tight than ever before. Lonnie took his mouth off the young cock long enough to coat his finger with saliva. He then probed and found the tight ring, and entered it and felt around for the boy's prostate. His finger found the right spot, and Brad was lost in an exciting orgasm of pleasure. The boy's body was still freezing from the snow, but his genitals were boiling with desire. Lonnie continued probing, and pulled on the small scrotum of the boy, as his mouth brought the boy closer to orgasm. Brad screamed in ecstasy, as his body shook with the intense orgasm. Lonnie drank all of the boy's semen, and fingered the prostate gland to finish the boy off.

Brad's legs turned to Jell-O, as the orgasm consumed all of his energy. Tears of joy poured down his face, as Lonnie had to hold him up or he would have fallen like a rag doll on the floor. Lonnie picked him up and carried him into the bathroom. He set the boy down on the toilet until the shower warmed up. He then carried the boy into the shower, and washed his young lover from head to foot. Brad was still so drained that he could not talk. Lonnie took him out of the shower, dried him off, and carried the boy to their bed. He pulled the sheets and blankets up to cover them, as they both fell asleep.