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Brad Martin--Chapter 3 A Plan Develops

Brad and Lonnie only slept for about an hour, before hunger woke them both up. Lonnie looked at the dark eyes of his lover, and knew that nothing in the world was as beautiful as a young boy.

"I love you," Lonnie said.

"I love you more," Brad replied. They snuggled and kissed, but both of them knew that it was more than sex that bonded them together. It was the purest form of love that could exist. Brad's tummy growled with hunger. Lonnie accused the boy of having a lion inside. They decided to get dressed and invite their neighbors over for lunch. Lonnie always had a good supply of bread and sliced cheese, and found several cans of chicken noodle soup. Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup sounded good to both of them. Brad offered to run next door to invite them over, when Lonnie picked up the phone and was surprised that the phone lines were working. He hit the speed dial and Todd answered. It only took a few minutes for the entire McCallister family to arrive. Allison gave Brad a big hug and kiss. The boy really liked affection from a woman or a man, as he had been starved of affection ever since his parents had died.

"I call him Uncle Jerry, so can I call you Aunt Allison?" Brad asked sheepishly.

Allison was deeply touched by the young boy's plea, and she quickly agreed, saying how special she felt for being his new aunt.

"Hey," Todd yelled, "if they are your aunt and uncle, that makes us kissing cousins!"

Todd ran up to Brad and kissed him on the mouth. Todd loved to kiss a guy, and wanted to use any reason in the world to kiss the beautiful young boy.

"Okay, you two," Jerry announced. "Keep the kissing and other stuff private. We don't need to see raging teen hormones flooding these two houses."

"I'm not a teen!" Brad reminded his Uncle Jerry.

Jerry's look told both of the boys to chill out, and not be so open about their affection toward each other. Lonnie broke the tension announcing that the first four grilled cheese sandwiches were ready. It was quickly decided that Abby, Jerry, Allison and Lonnie would get the first sandwiches that were ready.

"I'll whip up something for you to eat cousin!" Brad shouted to Todd.

Both boys erupted with giggles at the double meaning of what Brad had said. The adults groaned, as they realized how two young boys could be filled with so much mischief and giggles. Brad had carefully watched Lonnie make the first sandwiches, and made four perfect golden brown works of art that he asked Todd to deliver to the table. Brad made four more, and the adults all were full before they finished more than one sandwich each. The two boys then sat down and destroyed every sandwich that was left. When the boys were finished with lunch, Todd asked Brad to go and play on his PlayStation2. They both knew what that would lead to. They giggled.

Brad suddenly became very quiet and serious. Everyone but Abby picked up on his emotional change.

"What's wrong, Champ?" Lonnie questioned.

Brad tried to say nothing was wrong, but Lonnie was already tuned into the young boy's emotions very closely. He pressured Brad to be honest with him, and that worked.

"I still want to call Judge Atkins," Brad said softly. "He tried to help me. He promised to listen to me, and I want him to know I am safe, and I want to ask him to help me."

Their discussion was interrupted by the ringing telephone. It was Vince calling back. Lonnie knew that he no longer had any secrets from the McCallisters so he talked to his brother in front of his friends. Brad held Lonnie's hand as the conversation continued. The group could only hear one side of the conversation, but it was clear that Vince had been making phone calls to find out what could be done to convince the legal system to let Lonnie have guardianship of Brad, and hopefully adopt him.

"Brad wants to call Judge Atkins in Gaylord," Lonnie said. "The judge promised to be Brad's friend and help him. Can he call the judge?"

The phone call continued for several minutes, and Brad was going nuts wanting to know what was being said.

"Tell me what he is saying" Brad pleaded.

"You can use my speaker phone in my office," Jerry offered.

"Let me call you right back so we can be on a speaker phone," Lonnie told his brother. "Brad deserves to hear all of this."

They all headed next door, with Brad showing his fear of what Vince would tell him. He knew that something was wrong, and he would be sent back to Gaylord, and Lonnie might end up in jail. The boy's mind was reeling. He was shaking all over with fear of the phone call with Vince Nichols.

They got inside Jerry's office, and Allison took Abby to another room to play. Todd demanded that he be allowed to stay with Brad, and everyone agreed when they saw Brad hug Todd and start crying. Jerry dialed the phone number that Lonnie gave him, and the phone quickly connected.

Vince had been very busy since the last time he had talked to Brad and Lonnie. He had several lawyer friends who agreed to help sort out the legal issues about the boy. He also had contacted a friend in Social Services, who helped him understand how the legal process worked. Another close friend of Vince's was a judge who presided over custody and other legal motions involving minor children. Adoption of a minor boy by a single man was not the norm, but was possible with the right references and letters of recommendation. It just might work, and Vince sounded very positive that he had the right connections to help his brother and his young friend.

Brad listened, and finally had to interrupt. He knew that Lonnie's brother, Vince had been nasty to him during the last phone call, questioning if he was trying to use Lonnie to get his freedom from the court system in Gaylord.

"Can I call you Uncle Vince?" Brad pleaded. "If you are Lonnie's brother, I pray that someday you will be my real uncle."

Vince was touched by the emotions of the young boy that he had never met, but knew that Lonnie was deeply in love with the boy. He had been really rough on the boy, trying to determine if his brother was in too deep with a 12 year old boy, but the sound of the little voice was so pure and honest, that Vince melted.

"I would love it if you called me Uncle Vince," he said. "I think you love Lonnie as much as I do, and I want both of you to be happy."

"Can I please call Judge Atkins?" Brad begged. "He tried to help me. He told me my parents were watching me, and didn't want me to be a thief. He gave me his home phone number, and promised to always listen to me and help me."

Vince was hit by the sincerity of the young boy's voice, and he agreed that it was time for the judge to know that Brad was safe. He told Brad to be honest with the judge about where he was, and what had happened in the foster care home. It was worth the risk of the judge realizing how the legal system in Gaylord had failed the boy, and asking the judge to help with the current situation. Brad thanked his new uncle, and hugged Todd. The boy was shaking with fear of talking to the judge, but knew that he needed help to remain with Lonnie.

Vince told Lonnie to be honest with the judge about saving Brad's life during the snowstorm, and tell the judge that they would call back from Vince's office on Monday or Tuesday, whenever it was convenient for the judge. It was Saturday, and they all knew that the judge would be at home. It would be a tough call for Brad to handle, but Vince convinced everyone that the boy was the key to getting the judge to help them.

When the phone call ended, Brad walked up to Lonnie and kissed him on the lips and hugged him. The boy knew what he had to do, and he wanted to make sure that Lonnie agreed to the phone call before it was made. Lonnie was very emotional as he hugged his young friend and promised to never leave him alone for any reason. Brad cried, as he asked Todd to run next door and find the business card from the judge that was in the jeans he was wearing during the snowstorm. Abby was watching television, and Allison had been listening to the phone call with Vince. She stopped Todd from running next door, and presented the business card that she had found before she washed Brad's clothes from the first night she helped undress him.

Jerry made sure that everyone was ready before he dialed the home number of the judge. He told Brad to get close to the speakerphone, as he would have to do most of the talking. The phone call connected, as Brad gripped Todd and Lonnie in fear.

"Hello" a female voice answered the call.

Brad froze for a moment, then took a deep breath and said "Can I talk to Judge Atkins?"

The woman realized it was a young girl or boy calling, and she asked "Whom may I tell him is calling?"

"Bradley Martin" was Brad's reply.

The other end of the phone call erupted, with the woman recognizing the name of the boy that her husband was so worried about. She screamed to her husband "Thomas, come to the phone quick!! It's Bradley Martin calling you!!"

The judge ran to his office, with his wife carrying the portable phone, begging to listen in on the phone call. The judge quickly turned on his speaker phone and said "Brad, is this really you?"

Brad was choked with emotion. It was all he could do to say "yes".

The sound of the judge's voice calmed the boy down enough to begin talking.

"Brad, are you okay?" Judge Atkins asked. "Where are you? Are you hurt?"

"I'm okay now," Brad cried. "I almost died in the snowstorm, but a man rescued me."

"Oh, God," Judge Atkins replied. "I have been so worried about you. I will send someone to get you and bring you back here where you will be safe."

"If you send the cops," Brad said forcefully, "I will run away again. The last place you sent me was terrible. I just wanted you to know I was safe. You promised to be my friend, and I need you to help me."

Judge Atkins knew about the foster care home, and all of the evil things that were happening there. He had prayed every day that the boy would be okay, and make contact with him. He would do anything to undo the errors of the legal process in Gaylord that sent the boy to the foster care home filled with perverts.

"I will do anything to help you," the judge replied, as he copied down the phone number displayed on his Caller I.D. "It sounds like you are on a speaker phone. Please tell me where you are and that you are safe."

"I'm with some new friends at their home. The man who rescued me is here; his name is Lonnie Nichols. Todd is here with his mom and dad. Their names are Jerry and Allison McCallister, and they are my friends."

The judge saw that the name on the Caller I.D. was Jerry McCallister from Fenton, Michigan. He knew that the boy was being honest with him.

"You said you would be my friend," Brad continued, "but you sent me to that place where I was going to be hurt. How can I trust you to help me now?"

The words of the little boy cut the judge to the heart. He had sent the young boy to a place of child rape and abuse. He had to convince the boy to give him another chance to be his friend.

"I made a big mistake, trusting a social worker," Judge Atkins replied. "I am so sorry for doing that. They have all been arrested, and are in jail, and I promise you that they will pay for their crimes. The other boys told the police all about the sex that was forced on them, and the FBI is now involved. They were making videos, and selling them on the Internet. I want you to give me another chance to prove that I am your friend. Matt is now at Boot Camp, but he will soon be transferred to Juvenile Detention until he is 18. I promise to you that he will not be released until after he has paid for his crimes against you and the other boys in that foster care home. I wish that I had been there to see you hit him in his private area. It was not enough pain for him to suffer after what he did."

Brad was scared. He was afraid to trust the judge that had sent him to be near Matt, and the thought that he would have been raped and hurt. Lonnie began to speak.

"Judge Atkins," Lonnie began, "my name is Lonnie Nichols. I am the one who found Brad standing on a side road near Fenton. He was close to death, but my neighbor is a nurse, and she and I got him inside and have taken care of him ever since that night. I want you to know that I love Brad, and want to protect him from any harm for the rest of his life. If you truly want to help Brad, you will help me and my friends give him a new home full of love. He has been through too much pain in his life, and Brad deserves better than life has given him."

"Judge Atkins," Allison said, "my name is Allison McCallister, and I am a registered nurse. I know hypothermia when I see it, and if Lonnie Nichols had not stopped and picked up Brad, the boy would be dead right now. We only ask that you help Brad be part of our lives, and cut through all of the red tape and legal crap and help Lonnie adopt Brad. Lonnie is a single man, but he has the support of me, my husband, and son in begging you to help Brad find happiness."

Judge Atkins and his wife listened to the pleas of the people who had rescued Brad. Mrs. Atkins whispered to her husband that he had to help the boy who trusted him enough to call him. She knew all about Bradley Martin from her husband's continual expressions of concern about the boy and the mistakes made by the judicial system. She could remain silent no longer.

"I am Julia Atkins," she began, "I am the judge's wife, and I know all about what has happened. I know my husband after being married to him for over 30 years, and I know he will do everything in his power to help you, Brad. My husband and I could never have children of our own, and each time he presides over a case involving children, he talks to me and asks me for advice. We all know that adoption of a boy by a single man may be difficult, but I am sure that a personal recommendation by my husband will carry a lot of weight. Brad, we all know that you will have to appear in court here in front of my husband, and when you come to Gaylord, we want you and Mr. Nichols to be our guests in our home. We will both help you, and I thank you so much for calling us. I pray to God that you will remain safe in a place that is obviously filled with love."

Lonnie then gave the judge the name and phone number of his brother, Vince who was an attorney. He offered to call again on Monday or Tuesday to discuss the details of the motions for transferring the custody issues to Genesee County. The judge offered to clear his entire day on Monday to receive their phone call, and asked that the call be placed to his chambers, where he would have other key people present. The judge reminded them that Craig Martin was still the legal guardian, and he would have to agree to any change in guardianship or adoption. Brad had agreed to call his uncle and tell him where he was, and that he was safe. The phone call ended with the judge promising to help Brad and undo the terrible events that nearly killed the young boy.

Brad did not remember the telephone number for his Uncle Craig and Aunt Kate, but knew that they lived in Saginaw. Todd ran to his room and did a search on the Internet, and quickly returned to his father's office with the telephone number. Lonnie asked Brad if he wanted to wait until the next day to call his uncle, but Brad wanted to make the call right now. Jerry dialed the number, and they all listened as the call went through.

"Hello" a teenage boy's voice answered.

"Can I speak to Uncle Craig?" Brad asked.

"BRAD!!!! IS IT REALLY YOU??" Sam's voice rang through the speakerphone. He recognized his cousin's voice, and knew that the entire family had been worried sick about Brad's disappearance. Sam felt guilty that his own jealousy of Brad had caused the boy to be moved out of their home.

"It's me, Sam" Brad replied. "I'm sorry that I was such an asshole with you. Can you forgive me?"

Sam was sobbing, as he begged Brad to forgive him for being so jealous and starting all of the fights between them. Brad could hear other voices in the background, as his aunt and uncle tried to get the phone away from Sam. Lonnie was weak with fear that the family ties would be stronger than his love for Brad, and that the boy would want to return to his blood relatives.

"Brad, is it really you?" Uncle Craig begged.

"It's me," Brad replied. "I am safe and with people that love me. I almost died in a big snowstorm, but a man and his friend saved my life."

"Where are you?" Uncle Craig asked. "I will come and get you right now! We all love you and want you to come home to us."

"If you really love me" Brad said, "you will let me live with this man, Lonnie Nichols. I love him, and he loves me. I would be dead right now without him. I was a shithead when I lived with you. Sam and I fought all the time. I am sorry for hurting Sam, and beg that you will forgive me."

"You were not a shithead," Uncle Craig explained. "I was, for not realizing how much pain you were going through. We want you to be safe and happy, and we will do ANYTHING to help you."

"If you really mean that," Brad continued, "I want you to meet my special friend. I want you to let him be my new daddy. I love him and he loves me. If you really want me to be happy, you will do this for me."

Craig Martin was crying as he listened to his nephew. He had been so filled with fear that one day he would get a call that Brad was dead. He knew that he and his wife were having trouble paying their bills, and another mouth to feed would be hard on them. Blood was thicker than water, and he would do anything to have his nephew back with his family.

"Craig, this is Lonnie Nichols," he began. "We are talking on a speaker phone, and I am at my neighbor's home. They are the McCallister family, and we have all fallen in love with Brad. He has been through some terrible things in his life, and we all beg you to listen to what he has asked you. I am a single man with a decent job, and I want to take care of Brad for the rest of his life. I promise that if you help us make Brad happy, we will still have contact and get together, as I know the value of family ties. We just finished a long phone conversation with Judge Atkins in Gaylord, and he has promised to help Brad find happiness. I only ask that you be open to the idea of me adopting Brad and providing a loving home and friends who will take care of him."

"Mr. Martin," Allison began, "my name is Allison McCallister, and I am a registered nurse. If Lonnie had not picked Brad up from the side of the road during that terrible snowstorm, Brad would be dead right now, and you would be making arrangements for his funeral. I know that your family has been devastated by tragedy, but you now have a chance to make Brad happy, and turn his life around from fights and theft, to a life of love and happiness. Please listen to us, and most importantly, to Brad."

"This is too much for me to handle right now," Craig Martin explained. "I need to talk to my wife, and Brad's other aunts and uncles. I am so happy to hear that he is alive, and we have all talked about wanting to do anything to make him happy if he ever contacted us again. None of us have much money, but Brad's life and happiness are worth us sacrificing everything. My brother was my best friend, and I feel like I have let him down by not taking better care of Brad."

"Uncle Craig," Brad said, "if you really mean what you said, I want you to meet Lonnie and see where I will be living. I want you to meet my new Aunt Allison and Uncle Jerry, and my cousins Todd and Abby. I did some really bad things, and I was wrong. I promised Judge Atkins that if I got another chance, I would never steal again, or start fights. I know that my mommy and daddy are watching over me, and they want me to be good and to be happy. I pray that you will help me be Lonnie's son. We will still see each other, and I want you to see how much love there is here for me. Please help me."

Everyone in the room could hear Craig Martin sobbing on the other end of the line. They knew that Brad had been very assertive in his appeals for his uncle to help him be adopted by Lonnie Nichols. Time would be the only thing that could make the decision. Before the call was ended, Todd spoke up.

"Mr. Martin, this is Todd McCallister. I am 15, and I am Brad's new friend. Brad has told me everything about his life, and I will always be ready to fight to save Brad from the crap he has been through. He is a neat kid, and he deserves better than going back to foster care, or Boot Camp. You deserted him. He needed love and understanding, and you threw him out. You and the court system in Gaylord fucked him, and he deserves better. If you truly love Brad, you will listen to Lonnie and my mother, and you will help us give Brad a new chance to have a happy life. I hope that I can be his best friend, and I will kill anyone who ever tries to hurt him. I know I am just a kid to you, but I love Brad, and want him to be happy. You can't refuse what Brad asks. You have to agree."

Craig Martin was deeply moved by the appeals of his nephew, and the strangers on the other end of the phone conversation. The words of the boy of 15 hit home. He would do anything to make his nephew happy. He did not want to lose contact with his brother's only child. He gave Lonnie his address and directions to their home, and asked that Brad be brought to Saginaw for a visit with his family. Lonnie agreed to drive there the next day, providing that the roads were cleared from the big snowstorm. The time was set for 4:00 p.m.

The phone call ended with Brad crying on Lonnie's shoulder. The boy was exhausted by the emotions that had been brought out during the two phone calls.

"Can Todd sleep with us tonight?" Brad pleaded.

Lonnie looked at Allison and Jerry, and saw their approval. Lonnie carried Brad to their home, knowing that the boy was exhausted from all of the emotions of the day. Todd followed with his eyes filled with tears over the thought that Brad might leave. Lonnie carried Brad into the bedroom and asked Todd to help him undress the boy. Brad was so upset with the phone calls and his fear of being taken away from Lonnie that he wet himself. Todd and Lonnie never said a word, as they undressed the boy, and Todd ran to get a washcloth to clean away the urine. Brad was sobbing, as they both laid him in the bed, and continued cleaning him up. Todd and Lonnie were both crying as they undressed down to their boxers, and got in bed on either side of the young boy. They both hugged Brad as they fell asleep.

Their sleep was interrupted by screams from Brad. He was throwing his body all over the bed and was having some form of seizure. Lonnie and Todd could not hold him down, as the young boy was delirious and swinging at everything and everyone. Lonnie screamed for Todd to get his mother to help them. Todd did not take the time to put on any clothes as he ran to his own home wearing only his T-shirt and boxers. His screams woke everyone in the home, as he tried to tell his mother that Brad was going wild, and they couldn't hold him down. Allison quickly threw on a robe and slippers, grabbed her medical bag, and ran next door. Jerry grabbed Abby and the rest of the McCallisters ran to help Brad.

When Allison saw Brad kicking and screaming on the bed, she recognized the symptoms of a seizure, and knew that she had to do something to calm the boy down or he would have a stroke or heart attack. Allison was not supposed to have drugs in her medical bag, but she knew how far away from the closest hospital that her family lived, and she was prepared for emergencies. It took all of the strength of the three men to finally hold Brad down long enough for Allison to take his blood pressure. It was 190/130, and going higher. Without immediate medical treatment, the boy would be dead in just a few minutes. Allison got a hypodermic needle out and a bottle of clear liquid, filled the needle, and quickly injected Brad with Valium. Brad had kicked Lonnie in the face and blood was running down from a deep cut over his right eye.

"Get me a phone, FAST!" she ordered, as the Valium took effect. Brad started to relax, but continued thrashing around on the bed.

Lonnie used his T-shirt to wipe the blood from his eye, and ran to the kitchen to get his cell phone. Allison dialed the emergency number for the hospital where she worked, and demanded to talk to the resident who was on duty. Dr. Ben Czerwinski took the call, and listened to Allison describe the vital signs of the young boy. Everyone but Allison was crying, as she proved the value of her medical training as she talked to the doctor. She knew that Brad had to be taken to the closest hospital, but also knew that the road had not been plowed out, and no ambulance could make it to Lonnie's home. Dr. Czerwinski told Allison that he would send a helicopter to airlift the boy. Allison confided in the doctor, telling him how much Valium she had given the boy. The doctor knew that without the injection, the boy would be dead before the chopper could arrive. From the vital signs, he suspected that the boy was having a form of epileptic seizure, and he quickly decided to airlift Brad to Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Allison gave the doctor the directions to their home, and told Todd to get dressed and turn on all of the lights inside and outside of both homes. Allison continued to talk to the doctor and kept taking Brad's blood pressure. It had dropped to 130/100, but it was starting to go up again. The doctor told Allison to give Brad another injection of Valium. Lonnie was praying that help would save his boy's life, but he felt helpless. All he could do was hold the boy, and wipe the sweat from Brad's face. Todd returned with a wet washcloth, and took over bathing Brad's face as Lonnie got dressed. The cut above his eye was still bleeding profusely, but he could only concentrate on Brad's condition. The second injection seemed to be working, as Brad finally relaxed. It was several minutes later when they heard the sound of the helicopter approaching.

"You go with Brad in the chopper," Allison ordered. "We will use your truck to drive to Ann Arbor. You will have to lie and say he is your son, or they won't be able to treat him without written permission from his guardian."

Todd had run outside and had flagged down the chopper. He brought the EMS team into the bedroom, where they quickly placed Brad on the stretcher and strapped him down securely. Lonnie had lost control of his emotions, and was hysterical. Allison knew that she had to do something to calm Lonnie down, or there would be another casualty in the house.

"GET CONTROL OF YOURSELF!!!" she screamed at Lonnie, as she slapped him hard across the face. "Brad needs you, and you are no good to him like this!"

The slap sent Lonnie crashing against the wall. It was exactly what he needed to get control of his emotions. He followed the EMS team out of his home, and into the waiting chopper.

"Jerry," Allison ordered, "you call Brad's uncle and get him to drive to the hospital. Then call Judge Atkins, and Vince. Todd, you take care of your sister. I am going to take Lonnie's cell phone and truck and drive to Ann Arbor."

Todd begged to go with his mother. He was sobbing and demanded to be with Brad and Lonnie. Jerry told Allison to take Todd with her, as he could take care of Abby and make the phone calls.

Allison finally agreed that Todd could ride with her, and she told Todd to find the truck keys, open the garage door and get the truck started to warm up. Todd hugged his mother and thanked her for letting him go with her. When Allison got dressed, she ran to Lonnie's garage where the truck was waiting. She pushed the control for four-wheel drive and backed out into the deep snow on the road. It took 30 minutes before the truck finally reached roads that were plowed, and Allison turned on the emergency flashers and drove as fast as she could to Ann Arbor.

Lonnie had thrown up during the turbulent flight to the landing platform on the roof of the hospital. One of the EMS team had continued taking Brad's vital signs, and the other had placed a large absorbent bandage over Lonnie's eye. Ben Czerwinski had contacted Mott Children's Hospital and was relieved that one of his friends was on duty in the Trauma Unit. As soon as the chopper set down, a team of hospital workers carried the stretcher inside, and transferred Brad to a hospital gurney. Lonnie told them that Brad was his son, as they rushed the boy into the elevator to the Trauma Unit. Dr. Daniel Corlew was waiting for the boy to be brought into the Trauma Unit, and he quickly gave orders to start IV's of fluids and medications to put Brad in a drug-induced coma. Blood samples were taken and the boy was catheterized to relieve his bladder. Urine samples were also taken for a drug screen, just in case the boy had taken some illegal street drugs. Lonnie refused to leave Brad's bedside to have his cut treated. Daniel Corlew stayed with Brad the entire time, waiting for the lab work results so he would know how to treat the boy. He asked one of the interns to treat Lonnie's wound. Lonnie sat on a stool next to Brad's bed, praying that the boy would live. Twelve stitches were needed to close the gash about Lonnie's eye.

Brad was transferred to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and Lonnie was frightened that the doctors would not be able to save the boy's life. Lonnie had to wait outside the ICU until Brad was hooked up to all of the monitors. He was sitting in the waiting room when Allison and Todd arrived. Todd ran up to Lonnie and hugged the man, asking where Brad was, and what the doctors had found out. Allison hugged Lonnie and tried to comfort him.

"I'm sorry I had to slap you," Allison apologized.

Lonnie sobbed out his thanks for Allison taking charge at his home, as he knew that his young friend would be dead without Allison's treatment and quick actions. Dr. Corlew walked into the waiting room, and sat down to talk to them. He thanked Allison for her quick thinking and actions to bring Brad out of the seizure and get the airlift organized.

"We got the test results back," Daniel Corlew said. "Brad had an epileptic seizure. He would have died without medical attention, and he will have to take Dylantin, or some other form of preventive medication for a long time, but he should recover fully."

Lonnie, Allison and Todd hugged each other and cried. They thanked Dr. Corlew for helping them save Brad's life.

"We will have to keep him sedated for at least 24 hours for the medication to protect him from a relapse. He will be in a coma, but trust me, he will recover. He will be very weak and disoriented, and will not know if anyone is with him, so I suggest that you go home and rest, and come back tomorrow."

Lonnie refused to leave the hospital. Allison and Todd wanted to see Brad, but only immediate family members were allowed in the ICU. Todd threatened to go "postal" if he didn't see his friend. The doctor broke the rules by letting the three of them see Brad. They walked into the ICU and found a lifeless body attached to a battery of tubes and monitors. Brad was on a respirator that continued pumping oxygen into his white body that was drained of all natural color. Allison looked at all of the monitors and was pleased that Brad's vital signs had returned to normal levels. Dr. Corlew led them out of the ICU, and made arrangements for pillows and blankets for them to rest on the couches, promising to wake them if there was any change in Brad's condition. Todd lay next to Lonnie, and they hugged as exhaustion took over and they fell asleep.

Allison remained awake, looking at her son and friend as they slept together. She knew that her son would not leave the hospital until Brad had recovered. She violated the hospital rules about cell phone use, and called Jerry to tell him about Brad's condition. Jerry had made all of the phone calls, and promised to call Vince and Judge Atkins as soon as he heard any news from the hospital.

It was almost an hour later when Craig Martin and his wife Kate and their youngest son, Sam arrived. Allison introduced herself, and led the Martins out of the waiting room to talk to them without waking Lonnie and Todd. She told them what had happened and the prognosis from Dr. Corlew. Craig had brought the documents proving that he was still the legal guardian, and had to sign many documents for the hospital care. Dr. Corlew had allowed Lonnie to sign as though he was Brad's father, and the doctor conveniently lost all of those documents when Craig signed a new set of forms.

The Martins were allowed to go into the ICU to see the boy that had left their home months ago. Sam was the most upset about his feelings of guilt over how he had treated Brad. He felt that everything that had happened to Brad since the fatal car crash in August was Sam's fault. They returned to the waiting room, and Allison decided to let Lonnie sleep for a while longer before she woke him up to meet the Martin family.

It was about an hour later when Lonnie woke up and heard voices whispering in the waiting room. Allison had been talking non-stop with the Martins. They all knew about how life had been horrible to the boy. Lonnie got up and woke Todd when he moved off the couch. Lonnie met the Martins, and they continued talking until it was time for the family visit for five minutes in the ICU. Lonnie knew that his status was now changed, and he would not be allowed to see Brad. Craig insisted that Lonnie was better family to Brad than he was, and the two men visited the unconscious boy. Lonnie leaned over and kissed Brad on the cheek before he left the ICU.

Todd and Sam were nearly the same age, and started talking to each other. They found out that they had some common interests, and became friends. Todd offered to buy Sam a Coke from the vending machines, and the boys left together to chat away from the parents. Sam told Todd that a guy named Derek kept calling. Todd knew who Derek was, and felt a pang of jealousy as Sam told him how Derek and Brad had fooled around during camp, and how Derek helped Brad pull out of depression after his parents' deaths. Derek knew that Brad was missing, and begged to know any news about his friend.

"My parents and I know Brad is gay," Sam said. "We have known it a long time, and we still love him. We kinda think that Lonnie might be gay too, as he has never been married."

"Would it freak you out if you knew Lonnie was gay?" Todd asked.

"Nope," Sam said. "We think that if Lonnie is gay, it would be perfect for Brad, as long as Lonnie doesn't hurt him."

"Lonnie and I have both had sex with Brad," Todd confided, "and neither of us hurt him or forced him."

"You're gay too?" Sam asked.

Todd smiled. "I'm bi. I try to drop a nut in a baggy at least four times a week with my girlfriend."

The boys laughed, as they realized that adults might not understand the teen terms about protected sex. They returned to the waiting room and everyone could see that the boys had become friends. Sam gave Derek's phone number to Todd. A doctor entered the waiting room and asked to talk to the guardian for Bradley Martin. Craig stood up and introduced himself to Dr. Greenwood, who had taken over the care of Brad.

"Let's go in the conference room to talk" Dr. Greenwood suggested. He was surprised when two teens and four adults followed him into the conference room. He did not object to the large group, as his news was good.

"We are very pleased that Brad is stable now," Dr. Greenwood said. "He is a very strong boy, and we can tell he is not giving up. We have reduced the sedative, and he might wake up in a couple hours, but he will not be able to speak, or recognize anyone. Experience with other cases like his has taught us that he will be in a lot of pain. I'm sure that his physical actions during the seizure frightened you, and every muscle in his body was strained to the limit. We don't want to give him too much pain medication due to the danger of overdose. When he starts to wake up, we will remove the respirator, and see how he breathes on his own. I expect that in less than 12 hours he will be out of all danger, and we can safely move him out of the ICU."

Everyone was relieved to hear the good news. Only a few tears were shed, and those were tears of joy and relief. Jerry McCallister walked into the conference room and hugged his wife, son, and Lonnie. He was introduced to the Martins, as Dr. Greenwood continued.

"We had a phone call from Judge Atkins from Gaylord. The judge and his wife are major contributors to our hospital, and they have made arrangements for all of the hospital bills and airlift to be paid in full. They have also reserved two rooms at the Holidome for you to use as long as Brad is here. They have asked that you all be treated like royalty while you are with us. If there is anything that you want, please let me or one of the staff know."

"I'd like to throw a buzz into that red-haired nurse in the ICU" Todd joked.

"Me too!" Sam added.

"I asked first!"

"I saw her first!"

Everyone laughed. Dr. Greenwood said he had better make his offer more specific next time. Jerry and Allison just rolled their eyes when they looked at the devilish look on Todd's face. They returned to the waiting room, and time dragged by. Jerry had left Abby with relatives, and had packed some clothes and toiletries for everyone. They decided that Lonnie would use the room with the McCallisters, and the Martins could use the other room. Kate left to return home and get clothes for her family. Each hour two of them would enter the ICU to see Brad.

Several hours had passed, when Sam and Craig took their turn to spend five minutes with Brad. They stood next to the bed, and saw his eyes open. They tried to talk to him, but just as the doctor had said, he didn't seem to know that anyone was there. Sam ran to get Lonnie. Lonnie ran into the room, as the red-haired nurse tried to limit the visitors to only two people. Todd came to the rescue, as he tried to hit on the pretty nurse, telling her how beautiful she was, and asking if she would go out with him. She was so flustered by the advances of the teen, that she allowed the visitors to stay longer. Lonnie never heard Todd's words, as he leaned over and kissed Brad and told him that he loved him. Brad blinked, and turned toward Lonnie's face. He couldn't talk with the respirator in his mouth, but he struggled to move his left hand to reach out to Lonnie. Lonnie held the boy's hand and kissed it. Tears were running down his face.

Sam had joined Todd in occupying the nurse's attention. He tried to convince her that he would be a better date for her than Todd. The nurse was flattered at the attention from the teens, but quickly recovered her professional manner, and told all the visitors to leave the ICU. She quickly paged Dr. Greenwood, and he arrived a few minutes later. The respirator was removed, as the nurse and doctor remained just in case Brad had any problems. It was ten minutes later that a beaming Dr. Greenwood came to the waiting room and told the anxious family that Brad was off the respirator, and was awake. He bent the rules to let the entire group return to the ICU for five minutes.

Brad's eyes were closed. When he heard the visitors come in, he looked and saw his Uncle Craig's face first. He tried to talk, but his uncle told him to not try, and wait until his throat felt better. Brad saw Sam. He lifted his hand to reach toward Sam, and Sam walked forward. Tears were running down Sam's face, and Brad lifted his hand and wiped the tears away. Sam tried to step back, but Brad took hold of Sam's shirt, and pulled him to his chest. A thousand words could not convey as much meaning as that simple gesture from Brad. Sam hugged his cousin, as Brad tried to talk again. All he could do was move his lips, but it was clear that he was asking for Lonnie.

Lonnie leaned over and kissed the dry cracked lips of his young lover. He told Brad that he was going to be fine, and that he loved him. Brad reached toward Lonnie's black eye, and the bandage that covered the stitches. He tried to talk again, and Lonnie could read the boy's mind.

"I had a little accident," Lonnie lied. He knew that he promised not to lie to Brad, but this one time would be the last. "It doesn't hurt, it is just a little bump to knock some sense in my thick head."

The first smile in days came across Brad's face. His eyes closed, as he tried to move, but it was obvious that he was in a great deal of pain. Dr. Greenwood pushed the IV button to release painkiller into the line connected to the boy's hand.

"He will sleep now," Dr. Greenwood said. "Why don't you go and get something to eat, clean up, and rest at the Holidome. He will be out for at least three hours."

"Hey old man," Todd said, "did you bring extra clothes so Sam can wear some of mine?"

"Knock off the old man stuff," Jerry teased. "Do you want to teach Sam bad habits?"

"Sam already knows too many bad habits," Craig said. "Why don't you boys unwind at the Holidome. I will stay here and wait until Kate gets back. Take your time and relax. I will make sure Brad is not alone."

"Hey, Lonnie," Todd continued, "You stink!!!"

Lonnie knew as well as everyone else that he still smelled of the vomit from the helicopter ride, and his shirt was covered in blood. His concern for Brad was greater than his need to be clean, until now.

They decided to take the car and Lonnie's truck to the Holidome, take showers, and have something to eat, and return to the hospital. The hotel was not busy when they entered the lobby, got the keys to the two rooms, and went to clean up. Sam and Todd quickly disappeared to check out the entire dome. Lonnie was the first in the shower, and heard Allison warning him to keep his bandage dry. It was too late, as he put his head under the shower to wash away the fears that had held his body hostage ever since Brad started the seizure. He was just getting out of the shower when the phone rang.

"Hello" Allison said.

"Is this Mrs. McCallister?" the desk clerk asked.

"Yes," Allison replied. "Is something wrong?" She was afraid they had an emergency call from the hospital.

The desk clerk was laughing, as he told her "We just had a report of two teenage boys skinny dipping in the main pool. We know you just checked in, and we were wondering if you knew the boys."

There was a knock at the door, and Jerry opened it to let two wet teen boys wrapped in towels inside the room. They were both carrying their clothes, and Allison was furious.

"I apologize!" Allison said to the clerk. "Two wet teens just got here, and I will deal with them real fast!"

The clerk was still laughing, as he told Allison that there were very few people near the pool area, and that the entire hotel staff was laughing about it and wanted a repeat performance. Allison knew that the clerk was teasing her, when he finally told her to send the boys to the gift shop to get appropriate suits, as Judge Atkins had given them an unlimited tab for rooms, food, and anything that they needed. Allison hung up the phone after apologizing again, just as Lonnie came out of the spacious bathroom. Judge Atkins had reserved two of the largest suites in the hotel for them. The boys were giggling, and Allison lost her anger, and laughed along with the boys, as she told Jerry and Lonnie about two streakers running around the pool and skinny-dipping.

"Sam dared me to do it" Todd giggled.

"He double dared me to do it first" Sam giggled.

"God help me understand boys!" Allison said, as she swatted both boys on their bare butts. Neither of the boys showed any inhibitions as they had dropped their towels to get dressed.

It was nice to hear laughter and giggles after the tense times they had been through. Allison threatened to ground Todd for a year, but he knew he could charm his mother, as he went up to her and hugged and kissed her.

"It's nice to see you smile, mom" Todd said.

Allison was next to shower, and she was joined by Jerry in the large bathroom.

"I bet they are gonna screw" Todd giggled to Sam and Lonnie.

Let's give them some privacy," Lonnie said. "I need to get some clean bandages from the gift store.

The boys went with Lonnie, and were surprised when the desk clerk came up and told the boys to pick out swim suits, and that Judge Atkins was paying for everything. The boys were thrilled to be treated so well, and they each picked out a Speedo suit for their next trip to the pool. Lonnie was hungry, and took the boys to the restaurant to wait for Jerry and Allison. Their meals had just been served when Allison and Jerry found them.

"Hey old man," Todd began, "did you score?"

Jerry just smiled and nodded, as Allison was embarrassed. They were all laughing now. Sam and Todd entertained the entire group with their giggles and jokes. It was a refreshing break for everyone, but they all wanted to return to the hospital to see Brad. Lonnie tried to pay the bill for their dinners, but the hostess told them their bill and tip had already been paid. They all piled in the McCallister's car, and went back to the hospital.

Kate had returned with clothes for her, Craig, and Sam. She was surprised to see Sam wearing Todd's clothes. The way the two boys pushed and shoved each other was a clear indication that they were good friends. Craig and Kate left for the hotel, as Lonnie waited to take the next visit with Brad.

Lonnie was shocked when he entered the ICU. Brad was awake, and was now able to talk.

"Kiss me!" Brad's raspy voice begged.

Lonnie kissed his boy, and hugged him. It was such a relief to hear the boy talking again.

The recovery time for a young boy is fast, and Dr. Greenwood came in to announce that he was moving Brad to a private room. He saw the kiss, and knew that the man and boy were more than friends. He smiled at them and told them to "get a room".

Brad continued to improve, and was soon able to walk to the bathroom. He had begged to have the tube taken out of his penis, so he could get rid of the discomfort. He had just walked back to his bed where Allison and Lonnie were sitting, when Brad heard a strange and yet familiar voice.

"Hey" Derek said.

Brad looked and saw Derek standing in the doorway to his room.

"Can I come in?" Derek asked.

Brad's face was flooded with tears, as he walked tenderly toward Derek to hug him. Derek was crying and trying to explain what he had said to Brad during their last phone conversation.

"I still love you" Derek sobbed. "I just have a girlfriend too. Can you still be my friend if I am bi?"

Craig, Kate, and Sam had just entered the room, and they recognized the boy that helped Brad come out of his depression after the deaths of his parents. They all hugged Derek, and asked him how he got there.

"Todd called me," Derek explained. "Sam gave him my phone number, and he called me. I got my license, but my parents drove me here, and they want to see Brad too."

His parents entered the room, just as Brad returned to lie on his bed. Todd and Jerry had returned, and the room was filled with visitors.

"Nice butt!" Derek teased, as Brad was wearing the open back hospital gown.

Brad introduced everyone, and a nurse finally had to tell them to hold down the noise or they would all have to leave. Brad was getting tired, and Lonnie asked everyone to leave to let him rest. Brad protested, but knew that Lonnie was right. Just as the visitors were all leaving, the phone rang. Allison answered it. It was Judge Atkins. She handed Brad the phone, and the boy began thanking the judge for all that he was doing for him and his friends.

Judge Atkins was very pleased at how well Brad was doing. They talked for a few minutes, until the judge asked to talk to Lonnie. Lonnie took the phone and started a conversation that would last almost a half-hour. Judge Atkins had kept his promise to the boy, and had made a lot of personal contacts in preparation for the hearing in Gaylord, where Brad would have his record cleared, and would be released to Juvenile Court in Genesee County. A friend in Genesee County who was also a judge would hear any motion for change in guardianship, and help Brad and Lonnie find happiness. The judge told Lonnie that he could not give a personal recommendation for guardianship until he had met with Brad and Lonnie in Gaylord. The judge had been working with Vincent Nichols, and knew that things were going well. He wanted to know when to schedule the hearing in Gaylord, and asked Lonnie to call him when Brad was released from the hospital.

Lonnie was telling Brad and Allison all of the details of the phone call, when the psychiatrist came in to talk to Brad alone. She had been spending a lot of time talking to Brad before, but this time was a wrap-up visit. Brad refused to talk to her without Lonnie staying with him. She finally agreed, and sat down to talk.

"Your seizure was probably brought on by a combination of things," she began, "but most likely it was not the phone calls. I think you finally confronted the loss of your parents. You stuffed your feelings inside you until you saw what true happiness would feel like with Mr. Nichols and the McCallister family. Only then could your mind accept the loss of your parents. I am going to make a recommendation to support guardianship and hopefully it will lead to adoption."

Lonnie and Brad were crying when they hugged her and thanked her for helping them. Lonnie had been blaming himself for letting Brad make the phone calls, and was sure that the calls had caused the seizure. Lonnie kissed Brad and told him to get some sleep. Brad made Lonnie promise to leave and sleep too. Lonnie tried to argue, but he could not refuse his young friend.

Derek had been invited to stay at the hotel with Todd and Sam. He quickly agreed. His parents left to go home, as it was only a one-hour drive for them to return to get Derek. Three teenage boys who were full of mischief put the Holidome staff to the test. The staff was never happier, as they laughed about the pranks that the boys pulled. None of the pranks were destructive, and the entire hotel was filled with fun. The hot tub heater had been turned off, and the tub had somehow been filled with ice. One guest complained that he "froze his balls off" in the hot tub. The bubbling fountain had been filled with soap from the housekeeping supplies, and overflowed with bubbles. Allison was furious, until the desk clerk told her that the staff had not had this much fun at work in years.

Pictures of large breasted women appeared on all of the staff monitors, and they had a great deal of trouble to remove them. Lubricated condoms had been placed over doorknobs that only the staff would ever use. Most of the pranks never affected the service to the other guests, and the staff was challenged to find each new prank. Everyone was having fun, and Allison finally gave up trying to control the three teen boys. It was a sad day for the staff, when Brad was to be released, and the mischievous boys would leave. The hotel manager asked to meet the boy that had brought so much joy to his staff, and a special dinner was held with Brad as the honored guest.

It was a special celebration when Lonnie saw the wheelchair bringing Brad to his truck. Brad was angry that he had to ride to the door in the wheelchair, but he understood the hospital rules. Todd, Sam, and Derek were in the backseat of the truck, when Brad got in and kissed Lonnie.

"Tonight I am gonna blow your head off with cum!" Brad giggled. "I haven't shot in so long, I think I have a gallon for you."

Lonnie would like nothing better than make love to Brad, but he was afraid that the boy would not be strong enough for any sex, but he was definitely wrong. Brad reached over and unzipped Lonnie's pants, as the man tried to concentrate on driving to the hotel. The teens in the backseat were cheering Brad on to suck Lonnie off. Lonnie finally had to force Brad to not touch him, as he was afraid he would cause an accident. They got to the hotel, and were greeted by the entire staff, displaying banners and balloons for the special celebration. It was a wonderful party with everyone that Brad loved joining in the celebration. He was especially thrilled to see Judge Atkins and his wife at the head table. Brad was a perfect host as he introduced everyone.

Brad noticed that when Todd sat down, he winced. Brad thought that was strange until Derek sat down and he winced too. Brad quickly realized that the two horny teens had drilled each other. He giggled as he whispered to them that they must have had fun together. Derek broke the ice by grabbing Todd and planting a long French kiss on him. No one was upset by the open display of affection, as everyone realized that this group was very open to alternate life styles. Brad was jealous, when he realized that he and Lonnie would not have anal sex for a long time.

Judge and Mrs. Atkins spent a long time talking to Brad and Lonnie during the party. They were impressed with Lonnie, and knew that he was the right man for Brad.

The headwaiter brought the bill for the dinner to Judge Atkins, who added a very large tip for the excellent service. The waiter then handed Lonnie a room key for the Bridal Suite that was not occupied for the night. Brad and Lonnie went around thanking everyone for making the celebration of release from the hospital so special. They said goodnight to everyone, and would meet the next morning for the breakfast buffet at 8:00 a.m.

When Lonnie and Brad got to the door of the Bridal Suite, Lonnie picked Brad up and carried him across the threshold. Brad did not know the meaning of being carried until Lonnie explained it to him. Lonnie was choked with emotions as he undressed his boy for the first time in many days. Brad undressed Lonnie, and they got into the hot tub in the huge suite to relax. They did not stay in the hot tub very long before the passion of their kissing and fondling took over. Lonnie dried the boy gently, and kissed all over the body that he loved more than life itself. He carried the nude boy to the bed, and laid him down. Lonnie knew that he had to be gentle with the boy, and had decided not to lick the boy's anus, as he was afraid of the intense emotions that would be brought out from the fragile body. He kissed Brad on the mouth, and went quickly to swallow the erect penis, shoving back the tender foreskin with his lips. Brad lasted only a few seconds before his built-up supply of semen erupted into Lonnie's mouth. It was the largest volume of cum that the boy had ever produced, and Lonnie cried as he drank the nectar from his young lover.

Brad never had the chance to suck Lonnie off, as the man had shot his load all over both of them during the time he was sucking his boy. Brad licked up all of Lonnie's cum, and made the man promise to let him suck him two times the next day. They hugged and kissed, as they were finally back together with the person that they loved. They fell asleep with their bodies pressed together.