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Brad Martin--Chapter 4 Reality Time

Lonnie woke up the next morning with the feeling of a warm mouth sucking his cock. He thought he was dreaming, until his eyes focused on a dark head that was bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock. He had no time to warn Brad when his cock erupted with a huge volley of blasts of cum. Every drop was sucked away, with Lonnie feeling the gentle fingers of his young lover stroking his cock, and playing with his balls, as he continued sending his cum inside the boy's mouth. Any thoughts about waiting for sex with the boy had just been shattered, as Lonnie moaned in total pleasure at the way the boy had chosen to wake him up. When his orgasm was finished, Brad turned to face Lonnie, with a big smile and beautiful dimples lighting up the young face.

"That was a big load!" Brad exclaimed. He was giggling at how he had woke Lonnie up.

"I love you," Lonnie said.

"I love you more!" Brad responded.

Lonnie was ready to return the oral pleasure, when the boy jumped out of the bed telling him that he had to take his pills. Brad knew that the pills would prevent any more seizures, and he was determined to accept the responsibility for his own medication. As soon as the boy returned to the bed, Lonnie kissed him and started licking down the hard young tummy to the hard shaft of pleasure. Brad squealed with delight when Lonnie swallowed his entire cock. Lonnie licked and sucked, and knew when to leave the cock to prolong the boy's feelings before his orgasm.

"Put your finger inside me," Brad begged. "Don't lick my hole, as I will die if you do."

Lonnie knew that licking the boy's anus was the most stimulating thing possible, and he was afraid of pushing his young lover too far. He licked his finger, and probed inside the tight anus until he found the special spot. Brad moaned when the finger found the right place, and Lonnie stroked the boy's prostate and swallowed his cock. He was quickly rewarded with boy cum that filled his mouth with pleasure. It was amazing to Lonnie how strong the boy was after being released from the hospital. Brad acted like he was fully recovered, but Lonnie knew that he still had to go slowly with his young lover. Lonnie removed his finger and made a big deal about licking the finger clean. Brad giggled, wondering if Lonnie was tasting his poop. They kissed until the phone rang. Derek, Todd and Sam had been given their own room for the night, and they all wanted Brad and Lonnie to get up and have breakfast with them.

Brad took the phone and wanted to know who fucked who last night. Todd giggled, as he told Brad that Sam was now a pervert just like they were. They had taken turns sucking each other off, and Todd had been the first to fuck Sam in the butt.

"Derek just got done drilling Sam," Todd giggled, "and right now Derek is finding out how big the Martin boys are!"

Brad giggled and told Todd to take his turn and to give them all of the details at breakfast. He hung up the phone and ran to join Lonnie in the large shower. Lonnie and Brad washed each other as they kissed and exchanged words of love. Brad asked if they could live together in the Bridal Suite, but Lonnie told the boy that he could not afford Brad's expensive tastes in rooms. Brad knew that he would live in a shack for the rest of his life, as long as he was with Lonnie. They dressed and walked to the dining room to hear a group of people cheering their entrance. Their laughter filled the dining room, as three teens had trouble sitting down without wincing.

They finished their big breakfast, and checked out to return to the homes in Fenton. Derek and Brad kissed and hugged, as Derek's parents picked him up to return him to his home. They would stay in touch, as Todd and Derek had become more than just friends. Craig, Kate, and Sam followed the truck back to the home where Brad hoped that he would live with Lonnie for the rest of his life. They all sat in the family room, and shared a drink in celebration of Brad's return home. Allison had left the hospital early so that she could straighten Lonnie's home, and make the spare bedroom look like Brad had been using it.

Craig had already talked to the other aunts and uncles, and they had all agreed that whatever made Brad happy would be the most important to them. Craig and Kate had already realized that Brad and Lonnie were in love, and they would do anything to make Brad happy as long as they didn't lose touch with the boy.

Allison was the first to mention that Brad had experienced a full day, and it was time for him to sleep. Everyone exchanged hugs and kisses before the house quieted down, with only Brad and Lonnie sitting in the living room hugging each other.

"Take me to be and make love with me" Brad pleaded.

Lonnie never answered out loud, he just picked up the young boy and carried him to their bedroom. Lonnie knew that Brad was tired, and he undressed the boy and himself, and slid under the sheets to cuddle with the boy. Sex was not as important to them as being close, as they drifted off to sleep in the bed that they both prayed would be theirs forever.

Brad's strength returned, and he was soon enrolled in the local school. Basketball season was over, but the coach was impressed how Brad performed during the gym classes against many of the seasoned basketball players. He knew that this boy could be a star, if the boy continued his interest in sports. It was nearly two weeks after he had been released from the hospital when the court date in Gaylord arrived. Brad was very anxious as Lonnie drove them to Gaylord, to the home of Judge and Julia Atkins. Lonnie told Brad that they could not sleep together when staying at the judge's home, and Brad was very upset. He and Lonnie had slept together every night that had been possible since the night that they had met, and the boy was not ready to sleep alone. They were sitting in the living room when the group began discussing the next day's court activities. Brad walked over to the judge, and sat next to him on the couch.

"I still have nightmares", Brad began. "They really scare me, and sometimes I wet the bed."

Julia Atkins looked at the fragile boy and melted. She was trying to make the boy feel comfortable in their home, but she wanted the boy to feel safe.

"You can sleep wherever you want to" she said. "You have been through too much already, without us adding to your fears. I can put down a plastic sheet if you want me to, or if you want, you can sleep in the big double bed with Lonnie."

The judge and his wife had no secrets, and they had discussed the case file that indicated that the boy might be gay, and that he and Lonnie might have more than just a strong bond of friendship. Brad walked over to Mrs. Atkins, and gave her a nice hug and kiss, thanking her for understanding.

Mrs. Atkins led the boy to the guestroom, and suggested that he take a shower and get in bed. She told him that she and her husband wanted to talk to Lonnie for a while, but that Lonnie would join him soon in the room. Brad was relieved that he would be allowed to sleep with Lonnie, and took his shower and got in bed nude. He lay awake, waiting for Lonnie to get in bed with him so they could hug and cuddle.

The judge and his wife talked to Lonnie, asking him to be honest with them. Lonnie trusted them and told how much he loved Brad and would do anything to make the boy happy. The couple realized that they had the opportunity to help save another youth from a life of crime, and they promised to help Lonnie get legal custody of Brad.

"You know they will perform a complete physical examination of the boy," Judge Atkins said. "Any signs of physical or sexual abuse will be found, and your chances of adoption will be zero. In this state it is a felony for you to have sex with Brad, but we also realize how much he loves you. We want him to be happy, and I made a promise to him to help him. If there is any evidence of anal sex, the boy will be taken to foster care, and you will never see him again."

"To my knowledge," Lonnie said softly, "Brad has never had anal sex. He has experimented with other sex, but never anal."

The judge and his wife were relieved. They told Lonnie that they knew that the boy was in a loving relationship that would be the best thing in the world for Brad. They finished their drinks and said goodnight.

Lonnie entered the guestroom where Brad was still awake, waiting for him. Lonnie undressed and slid under the sheets to feel the nude body of his young lover. They kissed good night, and cuddled together, and drifted off to sleep.

The next day they both woke up to the sound of knocking on the door to the guestroom. Mrs. Atkins was telling them that breakfast was ready, and for them to get up. Brad giggled as he grabbed Lonnie's morning wood, and whispered that they were both "up". They dressed and went down to enjoy a fantastic breakfast of fresh fruit, juice, bacon, eggs, ham and pancakes. Mrs. Atkins was thrilled by how much Brad ate, as she had always dreamed of having a young boy to feed. The judge had already left for the courtroom, as he had other cases to hear before the hearing regarding Bradley Martin.

Brad had been in this same courtroom before, and his fear caused him to start shaking. Lonnie tried to calm him down, but it didn't work. Just as soon as they had passed the metal detectors and the sheriff deputy, Brad ran for a wastebasket and vomited. Lonnie tried to comfort the boy, but the smell of the vomit got to him too, as he joined Brad in throwing up all of the breakfast he had eaten. The sheriff deputy tried to comfort both of them, and also tried not to vomit himself after seeing them both hurl in the trash container. Two pale faced people entered the courtroom to face Judge Thomas Atkins, police officers and social workers. A quick message from the court recorder told the judge about both Lonnie and Brad being sick downstairs. The judge called for a brief recess while he asked to talk to Lonnie and Brad.

"I'm sorry you both are upset about this," Judge Atkins said to Brad. "Please relax. This is just a formality. I have the signed documents from Craig Martin granting temporary custody of you to Lonnie, and I hope you will trust me to make things go smooth. There will be some objections, but this is my court, and I will handle things."

They all returned to the courtroom, where the judge delivered on his promises to Brad. Over the objections of the police department and the officers from the Boot Camp, the judge cleared the criminal record of Bradley Allan Martin, granted temporary custody of the minor child to Lonnie Alexander Nichols, and transferred the juvenile case for custody to Genesee County. The sound of the gavel hitting the desk rang out to Lonnie and Brad. They both rejoiced, as they realized that the judge had made good on his promises. They left the courtroom, and hugged.

The rest of the day they spent walking around the stores of Gaylord, where Lonnie insisted that they buy souvenirs to remember this special day. They each got a T-shirt with Gaylord on the front, and Brad selected a small dog figurine that also had Gaylord on the chest. Neither of them could eat, as their stomachs were still upset from the morning throw-up. They played putt-putt golf even though the course was covered in snow. Simple things seemed very important to both of them as they cherished the time together. It was nearly dark when Lonnie reminded Brad that they needed to return to the home of the judge and his wife.

They were greeted with two happy faces, a blazing fire in the fireplace, and a dinner of steak and potatoes. Their appetites had returned, and they enjoyed the special dinner and friendship with the judge and his wife. Many words of thanks were expressed as they ate and enjoyed the friendship of their new adopted grandparents. Lonnie and Brad finally said that they were both tired, and headed for their guestroom. They undressed and got in the shower together to wash away all of their fears of the day. They carefully washed each other, and kissed continually. They each sucked a load of cum out of their lover during the shower, and continued their passionate kissing all the way to their bed. Brad held on to Lonnie, begging to hear that Lonnie still loved him after the day's events. It was the easiest thing in the world for the man to repeat his pledge of love to the boy, as they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next few months seemed to fly by. Brad excelled in school, and joined the track team. He was the fastest of all of the boys, and that created both fame and jealousy among the other students. He became very popular in the school, and had many girls trying their best to get his attention. Brad was smart enough to make friends with the girls, but not get into any kind of compromising position with them other than a few times being caught kissing them. Brad knew that he had to protect the relationship he had with Lonnie. He knew that if he showed no interest in the girls, he would be branded as a "fag" and get his ass kicked by the local homophobe patrol that was mainly formed with the players on the football team. This school seemed to have no tolerance for gay people, and Brad felt alone. Todd was going to a private school, so he could not help his young friend fight off the crap of the public school system.

It was nearly time for the review of the temporary custody in court, and Brad was very afraid that things would go bad for him. He became very moody, and withdrew from everyone, including Lonnie. Brad was now sleeping in his own room, and refused to talk to Lonnie or spend time with Todd.

Lonnie was very upset that he had done something wrong to upset Brad. He tried to get the boy to talk to him, but Brad refused, and locked the door to his own bedroom, refusing to talk to Lonnie or Todd. Lonnie started drinking heavily, wondering what he had done wrong with the boy that he loved more than life itself. His drinking had not gone unnoticed by Allison and Jerry, and they tried to talk to him in private. Lonnie was sure that he had done something wrong and that he was going to lose the boy that he wanted as his son. He was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and Allison recognized the symptoms and went into action.

The social worker, Margaret Jannson, came to investigate the home, and seemed pleased with the living arrangements. She tried to talk to Brad, but he told her to just do her job and "leave him the fuck alone". She was ready to deny her agreement to the adoption, until Allison came into the home. Allison explained that the boy had been promised a home of love, and every promise to him had been broken. She asked the social worker to give her a few minutes with Brad before she left.

Allison knocked on Brad's bedroom door, and heard the boy tell whomever it was to "get the fuck away from me." Allison was not a big woman, but she threw her body against the door, breaking the doorframe and throwing the door open. Brad recoiled in fear, as he faced her. He started screaming at her to leave him alone, and her hand quickly slapped the boy in the face. He flew against the wall with the impact of the slap, and he started screaming and sobbing. Allison grabbed Brad and hugged him. She apologized for slapping him, but told him he had to get control of himself, or his life with Lonnie was going to end. It took Allison a while to make contact with the boy and find out that he was afraid of the future, and thought that he did not deserve to be loved by her or Lonnie. Allison held the boy and continued to tell him that he was loved, and that he was screwing up any chance of having a happy home with Lonnie.

The social worker was just getting ready to leave and file a very negative report, when Allison and Brad came into the living room. Brad ran to hug Lonnie and was sobbing as he begged Lonnie to forgive him. Lonnie's face was flooded with tears as he held the boy that he loved, and continued to hug the boy and comfort him. Allison explained the events of Brad's life to the social worker, and told her that the boy was afraid he would not be able to realize his dream of having a real family filled with love. The social worker saw the exchange between Lonnie and Brad, and saw somethikng that she did not like about this situation.

"Now I understand," the social worker lied. "I see that the boy loves him, and now I can file my preliminary report."

Brad continued to sob as Lonnie held him close. Allison left them to be alone. Lonnie noticed that Brad had wet his pants, and he gently carried the boy into his room, undressed them both, and took Brad into the shower. Lonnie washed the boy from head to foot, but never tried to do anything sexual with him. Brad was totally exhausted, and had all he could do to stand up during the shower. Lonnie carried him to their bed, and snuggled close to his young lover for the first time in many days. It was a Friday night, and they had the entire weekend to talk and bond together.

Brad returned to being the young lover for Lonnie. They talked about Brad's fears and how life had not been fair to him. Lonnie gave Brad a lot of space to get in touch with his own feelings. They spent a lot of time just holding each other and watching television together. Todd came over and asked Brad to go and play on his PlayStation with him. Brad didn't want to go at first, until Lonnie encouraged him to go. Lonnie needed time to talk to Allison and Jerry about the court date that was coming soon. He knew that his drinking was getting out of control, and he was afraid he would lose Brad, or his job, or both.

"Will you marry me?" Lonnie asked Allison right in front of Jerry. "You are the greatest person in the world, and I want you to be my wife."

Jerry snorted, as he heard his friend hit on his wife. "You haven't seen her during PMS" Jerry joked. "She turns into 'super bitch' every 28 days."

They all laughed, and settled down to talk about all of the events that had recently occurred. Lonnie thanked Allison for helping him deal with his depression, and helping Brad understand how life could be fair to him for the first time in his young life. Lonnie was only a few days away from being a father, and he was still uncertain about Brad's emotional state. Allison told Lonnie to let Brad have time to accept that love was stronger than all the bad things that had happened to him.

Todd was thrilled that Brad would come to his room to play games with him. Todd had spent several weekends with Sam and Derek, and had not told Brad about his sexual adventures with them. As most conversations between boys end up, they talked about sex, and Brad begged to hear the details of the times between Todd, Sam and Derek. Brad was jealous when he heard that they had done anal sex continually, as he dreamed that he would some day experience that ultimate form of male bonding. Todd gave graphic descriptions of how big Sam's cock was, and how it hurt at first, and then felt great to be fucked by a big Martin dick. Brad went into sexual overload, as his dick was rock hard. Todd knew what he was doing, as he leaned over and kissed Brad on the mouth.

Their tongues dueled, as they exchanged saliva and probed deep inside each other's mouth. Todd knew that Brad and Lonnie had sucked each other constantly for the last several weeks, but he wanted to prove to Brad that other people loved him too. Todd took Brad to his bed, undressed him, and began licking and sucking all down the boy's body. When Todd got to Brad's balls, he licked and sucked concentrating on the thin line of skin that seemed to separate the immature balls in the young boy's scrotum. Todd knew from previous times with Brad, that no one but Lonnie would ever enter the boy's anus. He still knew that licking and sucking his young friend would be allowed, and he dreamed of the day that he would be allowed to fuck the young boy. Todd concentrated his attention on the foreskin of the young boy, and pulled it back, exposing the red knob of pleasure. Todd dove for it, and began licking and sucking the head and the rim just underneath the head. He was soon rewarded with several blasts of warm boy cum, that he quickly swallowed.

Brad remained on Todd's bed, as his orgasm consumed all of his emotions. It took several minutes before Brad could even talk to express how great it had felt for Todd to suck him off. When Brad recovered, he immediately went down on Todd, taking every bit of the teen's cock in his mouth. Brad licked a finger and probed inside of Todd, finding his prostate and bringing the teen to a crashing orgasm. There was something special about being sucked off by the boy who was not even a teen, and Todd knew that Brad gave the best blowjobs he had ever had. None of his buddies, Derek, or Sam included, could suck as much cum out of his dick as Brad did.

The two boys finally got dressed, and went to talk to the adults about the court date that was approaching in Genesee County. Vince had been handling things, but suggested that Brad have his own lawyer to make things work out faster. He had contacted a friend from another law firm, and set up a meeting where Brad would meet the new lawyer, and would have to agree to hire his own legal representation. It was a formality, but one that was necessary. Allison was selected to take Brad to the office of John Balcom, an attorney who specialized in adoption cases. Brad was afraid when he was told that Lonnie could not go with him to talk to the new lawyer. Jerry had agreed that he would pay the retainer fee for John Balcom, if Brad was comfortable with John as his attorney. The meeting went well, with Brad agreeing that John would be his legal representation.

The case worker from Social Services met with Brad at John Balcom's office. As soon as Brad saw her, he was sure she was not going to agree with Lonnie being his father. She was an old woman, and she insisted that he call her Miss Jannson. She asked many questions about the relationship between Brad and Lonnie, and Brad quickly realized that she was a homophobe who would never agree to a single man adopting a young boy. Brad's intelligence kicked in, as the woman tried to get the boy to admit that there was something sexual going on between him and Lonnie. John interrupted, and demanded that the woman stop upsetting his client, and that her comments were completely out of line.

Margaret Jannson was not ready to let up. She had read the entire file, and the numerous recommendations for the adoption, but she had a suspicion that sex was at the base of this whole proposal. She had spent 30 years in a variety of assignments in Social Services, and her instincts kicked in. She hated gay people, and was determined to expose this proposed adoption as illegal and immoral. She had learned many tricks to get young people to admit to sexual activities with adults, and she detested anything that even remotely appeared sexual. Her own personal life had been devoid of any relationships, as she was a nasty and ugly woman. She could never allow anyone to have a loving relationship, no matter what the judge from Gaylord had recommended. She laid out a trap to catch the boy.

"Lonnie Nichols told me that you have had sex with him. Who started it?"

Before John Balcom could object, the boy reacted.

"I have my own room, and Lonnie and I want to be father and son" Brad said forcefully. "You are a nasty bitch for saying that to me, and I don't want to talk to you anymore."

John Balcom was furious, and he threatened to inform the judge of the accusations that Miss Jannson had made. She quickly left the office, and grabbed her cell phone, and called the home phone number for Lonnie Nichols. The phone rang three times, and the answering machine was just kicking in when Lonnie answered the phone.

"Hello" Lonnie said.

"Mr. Nichols" Miss Jannson began, "This is Margaret Jannson from Social Services. I have just talked to Bradley Martin, and he told me that you and he have had sexual relations together. I will give you the opportunity to withdraw your adoption motion, with the understanding that I will not pursue criminal sexual conduct charges against you." She knew that she would be able to kill this adoption, and improve her status in her department, and in the eyes of the court.