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Brad Martin--Chapter 5 The Legal Process

Lonnie heard the words of Margaret Jannson, and his heart stopped beating. Had Brad revealed their loving relationship? Had he been exposed as a child molester? His voice left him, as Miss Jannson continued her nasty comments about the criminal charges that would send him to prison for the rest of his life. Lonnie suddenly remembered what his brother Vince had told him about the caseworker that was assigned to Brad's case. She was a nasty old woman, who hated any type of relationship of love between anyone. Lonnie took a deep breath, and began, "Miss Jannson, I don't know what you are talking about, but if you hang on a minute, I will connect us on a three-way conversation with my attorney, so he can hear your accusations. I am sure that your charges would be very interesting to him when we file slander charges against you and your department."

Margaret Jannson knew she was trapped, she would never repeat her accusations with another attorney listening, and she quickly hung up the phone. She still knew other tricks to prevent this adoption, and she was confident that she could expose sexual activity and prevent the adoption.

Lonnie was in total fear that Brad had told the woman about their sexual activities, and he quickly called his brother Vince. Vince was in court, but recognized the caller I.D. from his brother, and left the courtroom to take the call. As soon as he heard the desperate pleas of his brother, Vince hooked up a three-way call with John Balcom. John quickly told them about the meeting with Miss Jannson, and her accusations, and that Brad had not said anything that would implicate Lonnie in any sexual activities. They discussed the comments from the nasty woman, and they all wished that she could be exposed to the judge as a worker that could not be trusted to take care of the best interests of a minor child. They all knew that she was a strong force that could prevent the adoption, and they did not know what to do. It would be her word against Brad's and his attorney's in court, and Lonnie's recollection of the phone call would be dismissed by the judge.

Lonnie hung up the phone and began sobbing. He knew that his chances of having a son were over. Miss Jannson might not be able to prove that anything sexual had occurred, but she could block his adoption of Brad over all of the recommendations, and Brad would become a ward of the state. The boy would be sent to a foster home, or orphanage, and Lonnie would never see him again. Lonnie broke down, and walked to his kitchen and filled a glass with Scotch. He was just pouring the second glass when Alllison returned with Brad.

Brad saw the look in Lonnie's eyes, and the boy began to sob. He tried to tell Lonnie that he had never admitted to anything sexual, but Lonnie was beyond reasoning. Allison grabbed the glass of Scotch, and dumped it down the drain. Brad jumped into Lonnie's arms, and wrapped his legs around his man's waist, and began sobbing uncontrollably. Lonnie knew that this might be the last time he ever held his young lover in his arms, and sobbed along with Brad. Allison had heard the phone call between Lonnie, Vince, and John, and knew that things were not good. She tried to comfort them, but felt helpless.

Todd came into the house, and saw the situation and knew that things had gone bad. He tried to understand what had happened, but all he could do was hug Lonnie and Brad and cry along with them. Allison explained what had happened in the lawyer's office, and the allegations about sex. She tried to explain to Todd, that the things that Miss Jannson had said were illegal, but they could not prove that she had tried to trap both Brad and Lonnie. The court hearing was the next day, and Lonnie and Brad knew that this would be their last night together. Todd felt helpless, as he watched his two friends hugging and sobbing together. He wanted to go and kill the woman that would prevent the adoption.

Jerry came into the house with Abby. He saw the emotions pouring out of everyone, and begged to know what was going on. Allison tried to explain, but she was overcome with emotions too, not knowing how to prove that the social worker had tried to trap Lonnie and Brad, and had made accusations of criminal activities. Lonnie insisted on having a drink, and Allison finally relented and allowed Lonnie to pour another glass of Scotch. Brad demanded a drink of his own, and Lonnie agreed to make him a rum and Coke. Allison and Jerry never objected, as they realized that this would be the last night that the man and his lover would be together.

Lonnie and Brad finished their drinks, and headed toward their bedroom. They got in bed wearing their clothes, as any thoughts about sex had vanished. It had been their sex together that had got them in trouble, and tonight, they wanted to cuddle and sleep together for the last time. They proved to each other that their relationship was based on pure love, as they held each other close, and whispered words of love. They both knew that this would be their last night together, and they did not want it to be based on sex, as they cherished each other.

Neither one of them slept soundly, as they continually woke up with nightmares about what would happen the next day in court. They both knew that their love for each other was pure and true, and that they had to hold each other close and face life together.

Allison knocked on their door, and asked to come in. She was surprised to see both of them fully clothed from the night before. She had expected to see them nude, having the last sex that they would experience together, but then realized just how deep their love for each other was. She told both of them to get changed, and that they would face the bitch from Social Services together. "It's not over, until it's over!" she said.

Lonnie drove his truck to the courthouse, with Brad remaining silent during the entire ride. They had both refused the breakfast that Allison had made for them, and went through the metal detectors and up to the seventh floor to the courtroom of Judge Matthew Bass. Vince and John were waiting for them, and tried to assure both Lonnie and Brad that they would still present a strong case for the adoption.

Back in Fenton, Jerry, Allison and Todd were in Lonnie's kitchen, getting ready to go to the courtroom to hear the motion and Miss Jannson's report. It was Jerry who noticed that the answering machine was blinking, with a message waiting. He told Allison to hit the button and listen to the message. Allison hit the button, and was shocked when she heard the recorded message that included the conversation between Lonnie and Miss Jannson. It was proof of the woman's accusations, and would prove that she had overstepped her authority. Allison screamed for Todd to get his boom box and record the message. Todd flew to his bedroom, got his boom box, and recorded the message.

Allison grabbed the boom box with the incriminating tape and told Jerry to get her to the courthouse fast. Abby was with relatives, and Todd demanded that he go with his parents to the court.

"All rise!" the court recorder announced.

Judge Matthew Bass entered the courtroom, and began the legal proceedings that he believed would be a simple matter of granting permanent adoption of a minor boy by Lonnie Nichols. The normal introductions were made for the court record, and the judge stated "I have before me a motion for adoption of Bradley Allan Martin by Lonnie Alexander Nichols. I have read the case files, and I am ready to proceed, unless there are any objections to this motion."

"I object to this motion, your honor," Margaret Jannson stated. "I have made my investigation in this matter, and the court will acknowledge that I have over 30 years of experience in this type of case. There are things that I feel you should know before you allow this adoption to proceed. My investigation uncovered suspicions that there was sexual activity that was forced upon the minor child, and that criminal charges should be filed against Lonnie Alexander Nichols."

Margaret Jannson knew that she had the upper hand with the court system, and she was ready to expose her suspicions of child abuse in this case.

"I object, your honor" John Balcom said. "Miss Jannson has overstepped her authority by trying to accuse the minor boy and his future father of having a sexual relationship. She has made verbal charges and statements that she cannot prove. She has acted in a manner that is totally illegal in her capacity as a social worker, and I ask the court to take disciplinary and criminal actions against her."

The judge had never expected this to happen in his court, or in this case his friend, Judge Thomas Atkins of Gaylord, had referred that to him. He was ready to postpone the proceedings for two weeks, when Allison, Jerry, and Todd rushed into the courtroom. Allison quickly whispered to Vince about the tape recording that she had, and Vince asked for a ten-minute recess.

Margaret Jannson knew that she had won again, and she was smiling that she was going to send another child to foster care or to the orphanage that her spinster sister controlled. The little boy would be another source of income for her sister and her home of orphans.

The judge called a ten-minute recess, and Vince, John and Allison entered the judge's chambers. Margaret Jannson smiled smugly, as she walked into the chambers to take more revenge on all of the men in the world.

"I want you to listen to this telephone conversation," Allison said, as she hit the play button on the boom box.

In the courtroom, Lonnie was hugging Brad, and they were both crying. Todd and Jerry tried to comfort them telling them about the tape recording, but Lonnie and Brad could not hear their pleas over their own sobbing. It was several minutes later before the court recorder again announced, "All rise!"

Allison, Vince, and John had returned to the courtroom, and their faces showed relief and happiness. Lonnie and Brad could not see their faces, as their eyes were filled with tears.

Judge Matthew Bass began, "I am very upset that this case that I believed would be a formality of linking a man and a boy together would be tainted by accusations of forced sex. I have listened to a recording that proves that Miss Jannson made threats toward Mr. Lonnie Nichols. I have relieved Miss Margaret Jannson of all of her authority in Social Services, and will personally review each and every case where she has prevented adoption of minor children. It is a sad time when this court has to reject adoption motions when both parties have proved their acceptance. I apologize to all parties involved in this motion, and want the court record to show that Miss Jannson's accusations of forced sex are unproven and her conduct is totally unprofessional. I realize by my statements here, that legal recourse against Social Services and Miss Jannson are warranted. I will leave that issue to the attorneys present today in my court.

Lonnie heard the words of the judge, and tried to calm Brad down. The boy was still sobbing uncontrollably, and Lonnie was afraid that Brad would have another seizure.

Judge Matthew Bass continued. "By the power invested in me as a judge of Genesee County, I hereby rule that the adoption motion for Bradley Allan Martin by Lonnie Alexander Nichols, is approved. From this day forward, Bradley Allan Martin is now Bradley Allan Nichols, with all of the physical and legal rights as the legal son. This court is recessed, so the father and son can celebrate."

The courtroom erupted with joy, as Brad finally realized what the judge had said. His face went blank, until he realized that his dreams had come true. He could not believe that the judge had made Lonnie his new dad. He just stood there until Todd grabbed him and said, "You fucking jerk, go kiss your dad!"

Lonnie looked at the beautiful young boy who was now his son. Brad jumped into his arms, wrapped his legs around his new daddy, and screamed with joy. He smothered Lonnie with hugs and kisses, as the impact of what the judge had said finally registered in his brain. He was no longer an orphan, he had a daddy who loved him.

"You're my daddy!" he exclaimed. "I'm your son!"

The entire courtroom turned into a mass of tears of joy and hugs of happiness. The judge congratulated the new father and son, and presented them with copies of the adoption papers. Brad and Todd even hugged and kissed the judge, causing the judge to blush and then beam with joy.

Allison drove the McCallister's car with Brad and Lonnie sitting in the back seat hugging and kissing. Todd was riding in the front seat with his mother, and kept looking at the two lovers.

"You guys need to get a room!" Todd laughed.

"We need to go somewhere to celebrate" Lonnie said. "Son, where do you want to go?"

Brad whispered in Lonnie's ear "I want to go home and fuck! You promised me that we could do it in my butt after I was your son, and now you gotta do it!"

"Take us to Damon's" Lonnie said. He whispered to Brad that tonight they would make love all night, and do everything that Brad wanted to try. Brad wanted to fuck in the back seat of the car right now, but realized that he was hungry after not eating any breakfast. He reluctantly agreed to wait. He also wanted to get some advice from Todd about anal sex, and how to make it special for him and his new daddy.

Jerry saw the car take the exit, and followed to Damon's. Brad was thrilled when they were seated in the sports area of the fancy restaurant. He had never seen large screen televisions, and the three screens each had a different sports event. During the wait for their drinks and meals, Brad used Lonnie's cell phone to call Judge Atkins' home and Derek to give them the good news. He then whispered to Todd that he needed to talk to him as soon as they got home. Todd smiled as he figured out what his new neighbor wanted to talk about. Whenever two young boys whispered, there was a 90 percent probability that the discussion was about sex.

Brad hugged his new daddy and whispered in Lonnie's ear, "Daddy, can I still call you Lonnie when we are doing sex? I love calling you daddy, but it just seems right to call you Lonnie when we are in bed together."

Lonnie liked the idea, as he had been thinking the same thing himself. He whispered to Brad, "let's make a deal that we can call each other anything we want to when we are having sex, and we can use any words we want. I don't want you spanking my butt again in punishment, but I might like to be spanked once in a while just like you did that one night."

Brad giggled when he remembered how turned on Lonnie had been when Brad had spanked him. He loved the fact that Lonnie would let him do anything he wanted tonight, and he wanted this night to be their honeymoon together. He asked Lonnie to let him go with Allison and prepare for a special night together. They whispered their plans for the perfect setting for their first night of making love without any restrictions on their actions. It was finally agreed that Brad would be at the McCallisters' home until 7:00 p.m., and Lonnie would make a special dinner, chill some champagne and dinner wine,and have a fire going in the fireplace. Brad also wanted candles burning, and wanted to make love before they ate dinner.

Brad asked Allison to do something special. It would be a surprise for Lonnie, and Allison agreed even before she heard what Brad wanted her to do. Todd would be involved too, and Lonnie would leave the restaurant to get the groceries for their special dinner. Lonnie paid the bill and left with Jerry. Allison had a few surprises of her own for the new couple, but she would not tell Brad what her surprises were until the right time. Allison, Todd and Brad got in the car and left. Brad surprised her when he asked if she would take him to a barber shop to get his hair cut. It had been months since he had allowed anyone to touch his hair. He asked Allison and Todd to help him select a new hair style from his current long black hair that was past his shoulders.

Allison was thrilled, and decided to go to the beauty parlor where she got her own hair done, and have her stylist help the boy select a new hair style. Her stylist was Dimitri, and he was a flaming gay that flitted around his shop like he was a ballerina. Allison smiled as she couldn't wait to see the look on Dimitri's face when he saw the beautiful young boy and had a chance to touch Brad. Knowing what she did about Dimitri, he would have trouble not shooting in his tight leather pants just looking at Brad. Dimitri had constantly talked about his teenage lover, Adam, who was 15.

When Allison entered the beauty parlor, she begged Dimitri to squeeze them in for a special favor. He was booked solid, and was going to refuse until he saw Brad's face. When he first saw Brad, he thought he was looking at a beautiful young girl, until Allison introduced the girl as Brad. Dimitri's eyes sparkled when he drank in the beauty of the young boy, and immediately agreed he would fit them in with no problem. He quickly re-booked one of his regular customers to his partner, James, who was another extremely feminine stylist.

Dimitri quickly got Brad in a chair, and tilted the chair back to wash the long black hair. Allison was right, as a very large bulge formed in the front of Dimitri's tight leather pants. Todd giggled as he saw that Dimitri might be feminine acting, but he obviously had a very large cock. Allison, Todd and Brad looked at different hairstyles in a book, and tried to figure out what would look best on Brad. Dimitri wanted to spike the boy's hair, and bleach the tips of the spikes. Brad wanted a soft feel to his hair, so they finally settled on a style that would be parted in the middle, have bangs that would go over the boy's forehead, and layer the hair on the sides and back. It would be a stunning new style.

Dimitri took a long time washing the boy's hair, and finally had to leave for a few minutes after rinsing the conditioner out. When he returned, his dick was not as large, and there was an obvious wet spot down the left leg of his leather pants. Todd had been giggling that he was sure that Dimitri had cum in his pants just from touching Brad. Dimitri had spent over an hour fussing over the new style, and told Brad how to blow dry the hair after a shower to recreate the effects from his special treatment. Dimitri refused to take any money for his work, as he had been thoroughly intoxicated with the beauty of Brad's face, eyes, and hair.

When they got to the McCallisters' home, Allison offered to talk to Brad about what she suspected would be his first time in anal sex. Brad was embarrassed at first, but knew that he needed advice from Todd and Allison. Allison was a nurse, and she knew how she prepared herself for anal sex with Jerry, and explained about using the enema kit to make things more enjoyable. She also gave Brad a tube of Probe, an edible lubricant developed for making anal sex more enjoyable. She left Todd and Brad to talk privately, and headed over to Lonnie's house to give him some advice and a special present.

Todd was as excited as Brad was, as he told the boy how to flush out his butt and graphic details of how the first penetration would hurt. He also told Brad that anal sex was the ultimate act of bonding with another male, and it would feel incredible once the pain was gone. He explained how to relax and push out like you were taking a dump. Flushing out first would prevent any accidents, and would make his butt clean. The edible lubricant would be great if Lonnie decided to "felch" the boy by sucking out the cum from a fresh fucked butt hole.

Todd took Brad to his room, and helped select some very skimpy black nylon bikini briefs. He told Brad that the briefs would match his black hair, and would show every detail of his cock and balls to Lonnie. Todd wanted Brad to try on the briefs, but Brad giggled and knew that Todd really wanted to have sex with him.

"You are a pervert!" Brad giggled. "You just want to see my dick and suck it!"

Todd giggled too, and admitted that he was hard as a rock just talking about sex with Brad. He begged Brad to let him lick his butt hole and fuck it, but Brad refused, saying his hole was only for Lonnie. Todd begged Brad to some day let him do it, and Brad said he would think about it and talk to Lonnie before he ever agreed to have anal sex with Todd.

"I will lick your butt hole until it drops out!" Todd promised. "Then I will fuck you for hours, and eat all of the cum out of your ass!"

Brad was now totally erect, as he listened to the promises of his handsome friend. He knew that the one time that Lonnie had licked his butt hole had driven him wild, and he hoped that tonight it would happen again. He also wanted to lick Lonnie the same way, and hoped that Lonnie would let him fuck him in the ass too. He remembered gagging on hairs on Lonnie's balls and butt hole, and wished that he had reminded Lonnie to shave the offending hair before tonight.

Todd gave Brad a necklace of black beads to wear, again reminding Brad that the necklace would match his hair. Todd also loaned Brad a black silk robe that would just cover the boy's upper thighs.

"God, I can just imagine how awesome you are going to look tonight" Todd said. "You wearing only the black necklace and a smile will make Lonnie dump a wad in his pants!"

They both giggled, and agreed that their plans were ready. The two boys played video games, and then decided to take a nap together, so Brad would be able to "fuck all night". Todd wanted to suck, but Brad refused, wanting to save up a big wad of cum for his new father.

Allison had been busy too, helping Lonnie get dinner plans arranged. The dinner would consist of shrimp stir-fry, one of Brad's favorites, along with hot rolls and a tossed salad. Jerry had brought over his ice bucket to chill the champagne, and had a red wine selected for the special meal. Allison gave Lonnie a small wrapped package, and told him not to open it until 6:00 p.m.

"You may not think you need what is in this package, but if I know a certain 12 year old boy, you will need it," she said. She told Lonnie that Brad would flush himself out, and suggested that Lonnie do the same thing. Lonnie was embarrassed until Allison hugged him and kissed him on the cheek, saying, "tonight is the beginning of the rest of your life."

Lonnie logged onto his computer, and went to his special hotmail account. He had made contact with other men who were boylovers, and they had offered him a lot of advice about how to handle the first penetration of a young boy. He read all of the advice several times, and knew that he was as ready as he could be to claim his young lover. Everything was ready for the dinner, and it would only take about 20 minutes to heat up the wok and be ready to eat. Lonnie knew he would be eating something special before he ever went into the kitchen. He carefully planned how he would make love to Brad, and relax him before putting more than a finger inside the tight back door of his lover. He headed to the bathroom, and used his own enema kit and flushed himself out three times. He hoped that Brad would fuck him and dreamed of the boy being the first to ever take him anally. He was as virgin as Brad was, and wanted that virginity to end tonight.

Lonnie took special care during his shower to wash and cleanse every inch of his body. He shaved his balls and squatted over a small mirror to shave his butt hole clean of any hair. He rinsed off in the shower and repeated the shaving again to get what few hairs he had missed. He even trimmed his pubic bush, and again washed and rinsed. He used baby oil to coat his balls and freshly shaved butt hole, put on cologne and left the bathroom. He opened the package from Allison, and found a tube of Probe, and read the directions. He smiled when he also found a bottle of Viagra pills, and read that he should take two pills one hour before sex. Allison had thought of everything. He took two pills and put on a pair of silk boxers and his red silk robe that he had not worn in several years. It was almost 7:00 p.m., and Lonnie was very nervous as he waited for Brad to arrive. His dream of having a son and lover were coming true, and he wanted tonight to be the most special time of sharing emotional and physical love with his boy.

Todd had fussed over Brad for over an hour getting the boy ready for his special night with Lonnie. Todd had even helped flush the boy out, never complaining about the noise and smells of eliminating solid waste from the cute boy's body. Todd loved it that Brad allowed him to stay in the bathroom during the enema, and even take a shower together. Both boys were erect during the shower, and Brad got down on his knees and sucked Todd off to two orgasms, saying that it was good practice for being with Lonnie. Todd wanted to suck Brad too, but knew that the boy was saving up his limited supply of semen for Lonnie. Brad giggled when Todd suggested that he shave off the few pubic hairs above his throbbing dick, and Brad thought it would be a nice surprise for Lonnie. Todd carefully shaved away the only visible signs that the boy had started puberty. He dried Brad off, and coated him with baby oil, rubbing the oil in carefully, trying not to make the boy cum.

Brad put on the black necklace, briefs and silk robe, and asked Allison to dry his hair for him. Allison was thrilled to be part of preparing the boy for making love with Lonnie. She had tears of joy running down her face as she carefully dried and styled the beautiful boy's hair. The transformation from shoulder length hair to the new style took her breath away. This boy had to be the most strikingly beautiful person on earth. It was 7:00 p.m. when Allison and Todd walked next door leading Brad to his lover. The boy wore slippers that he took off in the laundry room, as Allison made sure that Lonnie was in the living room with the fire blazing. She and Todd kissed Brad, and told him how much they loved him before they left him.

Lonnie was using the poker to stir up the fire. He looked up and saw the most beautiful sight in his life. Brad was standing there wearing a black silk robe and black necklace, and Lonnie was so shocked by the new hair style and the incredible beauty of the boy, that he dropped the poker and stood there with his mouth wide open in disbelief.

"You look," Lonnie choked, "you look..." He could not find the words to express how beautiful the boy was.

Brad just smiled, with his dimples forming on his young face. Lonnie's reaction was even better than he had hoped. Brad slowly walked into the living room, and stopped about ten feet from Lonnie. The boy untied the sash of the robe and opened it, revealing the small pouch of the black briefs. The black pouch was stretched to the limit with the nearly six-inch erection and the scrotum of the aroused young boy. He dropped the robe on the carpet, and opened his arms to his lover.

Lonnie could not move. His entire body was aflame with emotions as he looked at the boy who was offering his body in love to him. He tried to speak and tell Brad how beautiful he looked, but all Lonnie could do was choke with emotion.

Brad walked up to Lonnie and untied the man's robe. He carefully removed the robe, and grabbed the waistband of the boxers and pulled them down, taking special care to pull out the front of the boxers over Lonnie's throbbing cock.

"Take me now!" Brad pleaded. "I need you inside me. Fuck me right here on the carpet. I beg you to do it."

Lonnie and Brad embraced and kissed. Their tongues probed deep inside each other's mouth, tasting the essence of love. Lonnie gently laid the boy down on the carpet, and began kissing all over Brad's body. His hands were shaking as he untied the thin strings that held the thin black briefs and removed them. Lust took over as Lonnie inhaled the aroma of the boy's virgin body. He could not stop himself from swallowing the entire length of the boy's erection, forcing back the tender foreskin with his lips and claiming the red crown deep inside his throat.

Brad shrieked with pleasure as his young body was consumed in orgasm. He writhed around on the carpet and fired his hot liquid deep in Lonnie's throat. Lonnie pulled back to taste the special fluid of his boy, and savored every drop of the precious liquid. When the last of the four spurts of boy cum hit his tongue, Lonnie continued sucking slowly and gently on the shaft of pleasure. His own body was in overload, as he gasped, "I'm going to cum!"

Brad quickly moved and swallowed all 6 1/2 inches of Lonnie's cock, and was rewarded with no less than six blasts of hot thick cum. Brad did not let a drop escape his mouth, as he swallowed each blast in preparation for the next. Lonnie was sobbing as his orgasm controlled every nerve in his entire body. Nothing in the world could describe how intense his orgasm was. His cock continued to throb, and Brad was making slurping sounds that drove Lonnie wild with lust and love. Lonnie moved to get Brad's cock in his own mouth, as they both licked and sucked each other to another crashing orgasm. It was several minutes before either of them could speak a single word, as they mouths continued to do their communicating by slurping and sucking.

Finally they let the cocks slip from their mouths, and they turned and French kissed each other, sharing the tastes of fresh cum. Their two tongues were like two erect cocks, fucking each other in the mouth as they caressed each other. Lonnie was the first to break the kiss, and he began licking all over Brad's body. He spent extra time on the erotic areas that he knew would pleasure the boy. He sucked each nipple and gently bit them. He continued licking down the hard developing six-pack of abdominal muscles, and tongued the boy's navel. He licked down to the boy's pubis, and for the first time realized that Brad had shaved the few pubic hairs away. Lonnie licked around the tender base of the boy's still hard cock, and swallowed the entire scrotum with the two developing eggs of life. He lifted Brad's legs and licked the perineum area. Brad was moaning his approval, as Lonnie circled the puckered pink ring of the boy's anus. He used both hands to spread the firm cheeks of the boy's bubble butt apart, forcing the anus to open. He gazed inside his young lover's hole and then buried his tongue inside. The taste was all boy. No words could describe how incredibly arousing it was to smell and taste the inside of Brad's body.

"FUCK ME!!!" Brad screamed. "FUCK ME NOW!!!"

Lonnie grabbed the tube of Probe, and squeezed a generous amount around Brad's hole. He used two fingers as she rubbed the lubricant both inside and outside of the virgin hole. He could not wait any longer, as he quickly coated his throbbing cock and aimed it at the target in front of him. He placed the head of his cock at the opening, as Brad grabbed Lonnie's hips and pulled him forward. The cock head entered the boy and was followed by at least two inches of shaft.

Brad screamed. His body was on fire, and he felt like he would explode. Lonnie tried to pull his cock out of the boy, but Brad's grip was too strong. The boy moaned and screamed at Lonnie.


The boy's cock was completely soft now, the foreskin covering the entire head. Brad's eyes were mere slits. Saliva seeped out of his mouth as his face contorted in a combination of pain and lust.

Lonnie did as Brad asked, and leaned forward until his pubes were mashed against the firm ass cheeks of his boy. Brad screamed again, as he knew that his body would explode. The pain was so intense, that tears flowed down his cheeks.

"Don't move!" Brad begged. "Just leave it there!"

Lonnie waited for the boy to accept his cock. He could see Brad grabbing hands full of carpet, and saw the boy's entire body filled with tension. He tried to comfort the boy as he leaned over and kissed the tears away. He felt Brad relax, and the tight sphincter muscle relaxed to allow the gripping anus to accept his cock. It was like a wave of relief flooding through the boy as he relaxed. The feelings of pain subsided, as Brad felt the ultimate pleasure of knowing that he and Lonnie were now joined. A smile went across the boy's face.

"Do it!" Brad commanded. "Fuck me!"

Lonnie began with short slow strokes of his throbbing dick. Brad wrapped his legs around Lonnie's back and encouraged him to go faster and harder. Very few words were spoken, as the strokes got longer and harder. Lonnie was now pulling back so that just the head of his cock remained in the tight grasp of the boy's anus, and then rammed his cock to the maximum inside the heat and tightness of Brad's rectum. The boy cock had returned to full erection, as all pain vanished, replaced with feelings of intense pleasure that wracked the young body.

Lonnie fucked the boy for over ten minutes. Brad was babbling incoherently, as he tried to tell Lonnie to fuck him faster and harder. The boy's body tensed up, and Lonnie looked down to where his cock was buried inside the boy and watched the boy cock spasm and ejaculate three small spurts of cum. The orgasm caused Brad's anus to clamp down hard on Lonnie's cock, and the man filled the inside of the boy with spurts of hot thick cum. Their orgasms lasted for several minutes, as Lonnie continued moving his cock in and out of the boy. Brad finally collapsed, and Lonnie knew that the boy had passed out.

Lonnie kept his penis inside the tight confines of his lover, and waited for Brad to regain consciousness. The boy's long eyelashes fluttered, and his eyes finally opened. Tears of joy flowed out of Brad's eyes, as he pulled Lonnie's mouth to his. Their kisses were tender, as they basked in the afterglow of the best sex in their entire lives.

Brad was the first to speak. "That was incredible! I never dreamed it would feel that good. I love you."

Lonnie left his softening dick inside the boy. He knew that he would have never been able to come two times so fast and remain hard without the Viagra, and he silently thanked Allison for giving him the pills. He finally slid his cock out of the confines of the tight anus, and moved on the carpet to cover the hole with his mouth. He tongued and licked at the distended hole, and applied suction to pull his own semen out of Brad.

"Don't eat it all" Brad gasped. "I want some too."

Lonnie complied, as he brought a mouthful of his juice up to Brad's mouth so they could share the essence of their love. They forced the cum back and forth from one mouth to another, before they both swallowed their share.

"Give me your cock to suck clean!" Brad gasped.

Lonnie brought his half-hard cock to the boy's mouth, and let Brad lick and suck it clean. The feeling of the boy sucking on his dick gave Lonnie a full erection. Brad was now relaxed, and started giggling when he sucked Lonnie's scrotum.

"You shaved for me!" Brad squealed with joy. "I can't believe you did that for me."

"I noticed that someone else shaved for me too" Lonnie laughed. "You didn't have much to shave, but I like seeing your smooth crotch."

"I will shave my pubes for the rest of my life" Brad promised.

"I want you to let them grow" Lonnie replied. "It might be hard for you to explain not having pubes when you are 21 and in college."

"Will you still love me when I have pubes like Todd does?" Brad asked seriously.

"I will love you for the rest of my life," Lonnie replied, "with or without pubes."

"Can we take a nap before we eat dinner?" Brad asked. "I want to cuddle with you nude in our bed."

Lonnie quickly agreed, but decided they should drink a toast of champagne before their nap. He popped the cork on the bottle and poured two glasses of the bubbly liquid.

"Here is to the most beautiful boy in the world, who is now my son," Lonnie began. "I pledge my love to you forever."

Brad held his glass away so Lonnie could not clink the glasses together, as he added his own toast. "Here is to Lonnie Nichols, who saved my life, and has now made love to me. I love you Lonnie, and I want us to be lovers forever."

Two glasses clinked together, and they drank to their lives together as father and son.

"Are you sore?" Lonnie asked.

"No" Brad lied.

"We promised not to lie to each other, so I will ask you again, are you sore?"

"Yes" Brad replied. "It really hurt. Did I bleed?"

"No," Lonnie answered. "I didn't want to go so fast, but I couldn't control myself. I'm sorry that I hurt you. I will never hurt you again."

"I like it," Brad said honestly. "I'm glad it hurt. I wanted it to hurt, so you would know how much I love you. After I relaxed, it was this incredible feeling of knowing that you were inside me, and I knew that you and I were finally lovers. I got off when you were inside me, so you know I liked it. Todd told me that it might be take many times before it felt good, but the way you did it with me was awesome!"

"Do you want to fuck me?" Lonnie asked.

"Yes," Brad replied, "but after we take a nap, and after dinner. I would love to fuck you!"

Lonnie took both unfinished glasses of champagne, and set them on the coffee table. He got up and quickly realized that Brad was too weak to even try to stand up. He bent over and picked up his little lover, and carried him to their bed. Lonnie's erection had never left, probably the result of the Viagra.

Brad giggled when he saw that Lonnie was still erect. He told Lonnie to get the lube and come back to bed. Lonnie tried to refuse, but knew that he could never say no to Brad.

"I want to feel you inside me when we sleep," Brad said. "I want you to fuck me again and then sleep with your dick inside me."

Brad lay on his side, and tried to lift his one leg to give Lonnie better access to his battered anus. Lonnie applied more of the lube to his cock and then to Brad's stretched hole. The boy moaned as the fingers coated his tender opening, but told Lonnie that he had to continue.

"Lube me and fuck me!" Brad commanded.

Lonnie complied, as he gently entered his boy for the second time. They both moaned as the man's cock buried inside. Lonnie began with gentle strokes, and soon increased the speed and length. He reached around and found an erect boy cock, and took time to apply lubricant to the tender cock head of the boy. Brad moaned his approval, and begged Lonnie to fuck him harder. They were both covered with sweat before they reached orgasm at the same time. Brad's orgasm was dry, as his young balls had already pumped out every drop of semen they contained. Lonnie pumped inside the boy, and Brad told him that he could feel the cum shoot inside him. They collapsed together, and drifted off to sleep, with Lonnie's dick still inside the boy.

Brad was the first to awaken, as he needed to pee. Lonnie's cock slipped out of the boy's anus, as he tried to get up off the bed. Lonnie woke up just as Brad tried to stand, seeing the boy's legs turn to jello. Brad hit the carpeted floor and moaned. Lonnie quickly picked him up and carried him to the bathroom, gently placing the boy on the toilet. Brad apologized as a series of wet farts escaped his rectum. It was very painful, and he winced as the gas and cum exited his body. Lonnie kissed away the tears from Brad's face, and told him he never had to apologize for releasing love juice and gas.

Lonnie filled the bathtub with warm water, and gently lifted Brad up and set him in the tub. Lonnie used the spray nozzle and bathed his young lover. The warm water really helped Brad relax, and another fart caused a series of bubbles to erupt in the tub.

"Now I am a dork!" Brad giggled.

"What is a dork?" Lonnie asked.

"It's a guy who farts in the bathtub," Brad giggled, "and then he bites the bubbles."

For the first time Lonnie saw another package on the counter next to the sink. He opened it and found a supply of finger cots and a prescription medication tube. There was a note telling him to use the finger cots to protect his finger, and to apply the salve to tender areas. The note told him that the salve would cause temporary numbness in anything it touched, so unless he wanted a numb finger, to use the protective latex sleeves. Brad giggled and told Lonnie that Todd could use the finger covers as condoms, as his dick was small. They both giggled when they thought about what Todd would say if he heard Brad say that about his dick. Todd was average sized for his age of 15, and Brad was way over average for 12.

Lonnie helped Brad out of the tub, and carefully dried the boy off. Brad was now able to stand on his wobbly legs, and leaned over and held onto the sink as Lonnie spread his butt cheeks apart. He saw a red and swollen anus, and knew it must be very painful. He put on the latex cover, and gently applied the local anesthetic both inside and outside of the boy's hole. Brad moaned and gritted his teeth as Lonnie continued applying more of the cream. It started working very fast, and soon Brad said he felt much better. Brad wondered if Lonnie was going to fuck him again, but his unasked question was answered when Lonnie said, "We are going to have to wait until you heal before we fuck again. The next time we fuck, it will be you fucking me. One of us still has a virgin bung hole, and it sure isn't you!"

Lonnie retrieved their silk robes, and helped Brad put the black one on. Lonnie then carried Brad to the kitchen and gently set him down on the chair. Brad winced again, as the cream could not reach all of the areas where his body had been stretched. Lonnie heated up the wok, popped the rolls in the toaster oven, and retrieved the large bowl of salad. Brad saw that they was way too much food for them to eat, and asked if Todd could come over and eat dinner with them.

"I don't want him to stay," Brad explained, "but I know he is dying to know how my first fuck was. Can I please invite him over for dinner, and I will make sure he knows he has to leave right after we eat. I have a date with your butt hole, and I am gonna fuck your brains out!"

Lonnie agreed, and Brad made the call. The phone never even finished the first ring before Todd answered. He was thrilled to be invited for dinner, and agreed he would leave as soon as dinner was finished. Allison never had a chance to even say "yes" before Todd was out the door and inside Lonnie's home. Todd ran up to Brad and kissed him, noticing that Lonnie and Brad were only wearing robes. Todd launched so many questions so fast that both Brad and Lonnie were laughing at him. Brad tried to answer each question about his first fuck.

"He fucked me two times so far," Brad said proudly. "And I shot a wad each time myself!"

Todd was amazed. He knew how painful a first fuck was, and had never cum when someone was fucking him in the ass. He watched as Brad very carefully got up off the chair to get the bottle of wine from the refrigerator. He saw the boy stagger, and knew he was still in pain.

"You better hope you asshole heals up before you go to school," Todd joked, "or the whole world will know you got fucked!"

"Lonnie's gonna be walking strange too," Brad joked. "As soon as you leave, the last virgin hole in this house will be reamed out!"

They all giggled together, as they ate the excellent dinner, and sipped their glasses of wine.

"I hope I get my turn fucking both of you soon" Todd exclaimed.

Brad looked at Lonnie for his approval. Lonnie said it would be fun to try a three-way with Todd, but they would have to wait until they were both healed. Todd was excited that he would be included, and tried to get a promise of when he would be included. Brad told his friend to wait a week until he had worn "the old man" out. Lonnie said as long as Allison supplied him with Viagra, he could fuck both boys' brains out.

"What is Viagra?" Brad asked.

Todd giggled, and told Brad that Viagra was for "old men" who can't "get it up."

Brad giggled and left the kitchen, again walking like he could not put his legs together. He returned to the kitchen with one of the latex finger cots, and gave it to Todd.

"This is about the right size for you to use on Stacey" Brad giggled as he handed the tiny condom to Todd.

"Very funny, asshole!" Todd said, as he looked at the tiny rolled condom.

Dinner was finished, and Brad told Todd it was time for him to leave. Todd kissed both of them and left, making Brad promise to call him in the morning with all of the details of the nighttime sex. Lonnie carried Brad to their bed, and handed his boy the tube of Probe. Brad was impatient, as he applied the lube to Lonnie's shaved hole and to his erect cock.

"Thanks for shaving your hole for me" Brad said. He used two fingers to apply the lube, and aimed his sizeable cock at Lonnie's virgin anus.

Lonnie was on his back with his legs in the air as Brad entered him for the first time. He gasped when he felt the initial shock of being fucked. Brad had about three inches of dick inside before he stopped and waited for Lonnie to relax. Now Lonnie knew what pressure and pain felt like, as he tried to relax and accept his young lover. He nodded his head, and Brad pushed all six inches of his young cock inside Lonnie before he paused and let the man relax.

"I can't believe you let me fuck you," Lonnie said. "I am an old man, and it still hurts me."

Brad offered to remove his throbbing cock, but Lonnie wrapped his legs around Brad's back preventing any withdrawal. He gripped the sheets, and tried to push out and relax. It took a couple minutes before he was finally able to get his body to relax. He then told Brad, "FUCK ME!"

Brad started humping against Lonnie's body. His strokes became longer and harder, as they both were sweating and moaning. It took Brad about five minutes before his cock throbbed and his balls tried to expel cum inside Lonnie. It was a dry orgasm for Brad, but not for Lonnie. Several ropes of thin cum shot out of Lonnie's cock, coating both of their bellies. Brad finally collapsed on top of Lonnie, and they kissed as their passion finally ebbed. It was the perfect ending to a day they would remember for the rest of their lives. They snuggled together, and drifted off to sleep with Lonnie whispering the words that Allison had said to him. "This is the beginning of the rest of our lives."

The End