Braedon's new life

This is a little story I wrote, I hope everyone enjoys it, but be warned, it contains graphic scenes of gay love between boys and men. The first few chapters do not contain any sex at all, and it is told as a tale of true love, so if all you are looking for is a quick jerk off story, afraid this might not be your story then. This story also heavily involves the use of diapers, if this does not turn your crank, then you may stop now. For those of you still with me, I hope you enjoy the story and I would love to hear from you. You may either email me at, or visit and post at my site,

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I can’t believe that it has been five years since my entire life was ripped from my grasp in a millisecond by a drunk driver, going way to fast, and on his fifth offense. That fateful night, as my wife and five year old son were coming home from the grandparents house, they never even saw it coming, came around the corner and there was a car careening at them. My only consolation is that they both were killed instantly and did not suffer, some consolation though.

The bastard who did this to them, oh no, he didn’t die, he walked away without a scratch. He was charged again with drunk driving, as well as involuntary man-slaughter, and got a whopping one year jail time, and I was awarded a five million dollar settlement. I was in court for three months, fighting for some type of retribution, and I got slapped in the face, I actually yelled at the judge on two occasions, once when he gave only one year, and the other when he insulted my family when he figured their lives at only five million. I asked him what he would ask if it were his entire life that had just disappeared. I was dragged from the courtroom screaming and crying, both times. My parents, and as many as my family that could be there, were there at all times for me, but they were of no help to me, especially at those times.

My name is Jacob, but you can call me Jay, because the only person allowed to call me Jacob is my mom. I am now thirty five years old. In decent shape for my age, medium dark hair, blue eyes, not very tall and kind of plain looking, at least in my eyes.

When I was twenty I had inherited a decent sized building from a late uncle, who left most of his possessions to me, go figure, I only met him once when I was like eight or nine or so, must have been some impression. Anyways, the building was in good shape, warehouse style, and about ten thousand square feet. So I borrowed some money from the bank, and with what my uncle gave to me, I was able to start up a good business with my very recent wife, we had been married only three months when we started our store. It was a hobby/electronics store, I had everything, you name it, I had it. We were the biggest toy store around, and it was a good thing I loved kids, since there was a near never ending flow of kids through my store.

It was nearly five years to the day after we got married that my wife finally became pregnant, and nine months later a beautiful baby boy was born. He had mostly his mothers looks, thankfully, and was just a wonderful little guy, rarely cried or fussed, and was a very content little guy.

By his fifth birthday I had him in the store with me most days after school, and he would help sell stuff to the kids, he loved his job, because he got to play all day.

It also seemed that when he was three, that he inherited a great flaw from me, bed wetting. So at five he was still in diapers at night, seeing as how the Goodnites did not hold enough for my little soaker. I will of course never know if he would ever have grown out of it, I still have not totally, and at high pressure times I still wet, well, at least until they were taken from me, now I just wet every night.

When I was a child my parents took the stance that if they said nothing, it would stop, yeah well it never really did. I asked them if they could get something for me to keep the bed dry at nights, but they said I was not a baby, and did not need diapers. I then, as I still do know, felt that I was not a baby, but had a problem, that even the doctors said I would not likely grow out of. I felt then, as I do now again, that the best way to deal with the problem was protection, but they did not.

I treated my son differently though, he got all of my attention for changing, he would never let mommy change him, and I would lovingly diaper him each night. I got to put him into a fresh diaper each night and clean up after his morning wet one. I loved him so much, and just those little things still make me cry. The sad thing is that as much as I loved my wife, it was my sons loss that completely devastated me. Nobody should ever have to bury their child, ever.

After my families deaths, I left the store in my assistant managers capable hands for nearly three months, before I was finally able to go back, I just needed the break. I sold our house, there were just too many memories there, everything went with it except our photo albums, of which we had twenty or so. The pain was so bad that I just moved into a motel for two months, because I could not handle looking for a new house right away.

My parents and siblings tried to help, but I was inconsolable, I just did not want anyone near at the time, they even sent a therapist to me. We all went to the funeral together in a large black limo, and my dad practically had to carry me in, and as soon as I saw the small coffin, I burst into tears and cried the entire time of the funeral and burial. My dad again almost carried me back out to the limo, and they took me to their house where I fell asleep crying.

The next day I went back to my motel and that is where I stayed for almost two months. I cried every day, the therapist though was some help, and he was able to get me out of the motel and talking more. He got me to realize that in fact, life does move on, and that I still have lots of family that cares, and miss them almost as much as I do.

Once I was able to kick myself out of the depression, I bought the first house I looked at. Fortunately I had a good Realtor, since he had found me exactly what I was looking for. I furnished it tastefully and decorated it with flair, I had always wanted a really nice house. After a month in my new house I went back to work, and I was very surprised at how well things had gone while I was gone. My assistant manager had done an excellent job with ordering and selling, so I gave him a big bonus, of which he tried to refuse, saying that it was the least he could do, but I would have none of it.

Right from the start of our business, everybody knew that we had a tough stance on shoplifting, and anybody over the age of fourteen was handed over to the police. Both my wife and I, and all of our staff, agreed that we would deal with the younger ones in store. Being the type of store we were, the theft rate was surprisingly quite low, as word does get around in small towns. With the younger ones, usually boys, since we rarely had girls in our store, we gave them the option of calling their parents and the police and let them deal with it, or we would deal with it in store. If they chose in store punishment it was always five or ten hard smacks to the tender backsides, five bare or ten clothed, it was always their choice, and we always had at least one witness. Most of the boys chose the five option to get it over with faster, and it was better for them, because I did take it easier on them, but they still walked away sore. The other part of the deal was that they had to work for me to pay off the item twice, and then I would give it to them, although I did not tell them that part until afterwards.

Interestingly enough, because I love kids so much, this was always very difficult on me, and I could often be seen crying almost as much as the boys, and after the spanking ended, I would give each of them a gentle hug and tell them that this will not happen again if they don’t steal. This tough love way of preventing shoplifting worked very well, and the few boys I had to use it on became great friends, and over the years most of them continued to work for me at one time or another. Amazingly no parents ever complained about it, but maybe the kids never told why they could not sit, or why they were working for me, however I did make sure the parents did agree to the working for product, because I was known to do that for the hard done by families from time to time.

Chapter 1

Today was the five year anniversary of my families deaths, and the grief had a hold of me, my little boy would have been ten, his birthday being only a month ago, that day is also always very hard on me. Today I spent most of the day sorting stock in the back room, because I would often just see a young boy who looked like my boy, and I would just start crying. About halfway through the day one of my employees came through the stockroom door, dragging a kicking and screaming boy of about nine years old.

“You, enough, go sit in that chair right now, and don't say a word.” I said sharply, because I immediately knew what was happening.

My tone must have meant serious business to him, because he just squeaked and sat down where I told him to and he did not move a muscle or say another word.

“So, what's up.” I asked my guy.

“Afraid I caught this young man trying to take off with that fifty dollar special airplane we have.”

I looked over at the boy and went over to him and knelt in front of him.

“What is your name please, and why were you trying to steal the plane, and please do not lie to me?” I asked softly.

“My name is Braedon, and I just wanted a toy, I don't have any and my dad is too poor to buy any.” Braedon answered in a very small voice.

“I am sorry, but that really is no excuse to steal something. Why didn't you just ask to work it off like so many other kids have, I would have let you do that?” I asked gently.

This seemed to have shocked him some and he started to stutter a bit.

“I-I-I-I never thought of that.”

“Well Braedon, I hate to tell you this, but in this store we have some pretty tough rules for people who try to steal from us. You will have one of two choices; the first is I call your father and the police, and you get formally charged as a shoplifter, sorry, but I charge to the full extent of the law. Now that choice I hate to use, but I will if I have to. The second choice though is our preferred method, and it is to submit yourself to either ten hard spanks to a clothed bottom, or five hard swats to a bared bottom, we will have at least one witness in here for that. If you choose that option then you will have to work in my store to pay off twice the value of the item you were trying to steal, and I will need your parents permission for you to work, however I will say nothing else. What would you like to choose?” I asked gently again.

“Please don't call my dad, he'll kill me. Can I take the five bare please?” Braedon asked, barely a whisper now.

“Sure thing, I will call in someone and we will get this taken care of right away.” I told the scared boy.

I called in my assistant manager to witness the event, so that everyone knows that nothing happens. I pulled down his worn and tattered track pants to find yellowed underpants, that looked as if he had been wearing and wetting them for some days now. I pulled those down as well and had him bend over my knee, he was very good at this part, so I assumed that he had had to assume this position before. Braedon never even tried to put his hands back to protect his sensitive hiney, as most boys do. I gave him his five good swats, and when I was finished, we were both equally crying, I gently pulled both his underpants and pants back up and guided him to sit on my lap so that I could hug him.

“I know you did not like that, and I know you probably won't believe me anyways, but I hated doing that more than you hated having it done.” I told Braedon quietly.

With only a nod and a weak smile he stood and left, saying he would be in the next day.

His dad came the next day, and basically threw the poor kid at me and told me that if he wanted to work for a toy, that I was to work him as a slave. I was blown away at how crass this guy was towards his own son, I started to believe that Braedon was not exactly wanted at home. I took Braedon into the back to get him started on his daily work, but first I gave him his work clothes. I went out last night and bought him a good work outfit, since I could not have someone dressed so poorly while working for me. I had even remembered how his underwear had looked, so I had grabbed him a couple new pair of those, and some socks and shoes.

“Okay, here are some good work clothes for you to wear, go on into the washroom right there and you can get cleaned up. Grab a shower as well if you like.” I told Braedon.

“You didn't have to buy me all this.” Braedon said in surprise.

“Yes I did. If you are going to work here, if even just for a few days, then you have to look the part.” I told him with a warm smile.

After spending about twenty minutes in the bathroom, he came out all clean and dressed, he even had a shower while in there, and he looked very nice. Braedon is about four feet tall, kind of short and small for his age, which I found out later was eleven. He has nice short cut brown hair and deep brown eyes, he almost looked good enough to eat, I shook my head at this thought, as I should not be thinking like that. The last time I played with a boy was when I was also one, and we were just comparing, otherwise I had never even thought that way.

“You look much better, so exactly how old are you anyways, I never thought to ask you yesterday, you look about nine or ten?” I asked.

“I just turned eleven a couple days ago, that was why I wanted the plane, I wanted something nice for my birthday for once, even if I had to steal it, it worked out real well.” Braedon said shyly.

“Okay Braedon, you are to clean and organize all the shelves in the back room today, if you need any help just ask, I will be at my desk most of the time, and you are free to ask for help at any time.”

“Okay, thanks, I will do my best.” Braedon said and got started working right away.

Braedon worked hard all day long, and other than asking a couple basic questions, he mostly just stayed quiet and worked, and because the stock room was so large, and the shelves were stocked right to the roof, this job took all day.

“Braedon, I must say you have done an excellent job here today, and if you keep this up you will only have to work for me for two more days at most.” I said once we were all done for the day, and he got a bit of a sad look on his face.

“Oh, okay.” Braedon said quietly.

“What's wrong, did I say something to upset you?” I asked gently.

“It's just that I kinda hoped I would have to stay longer and work more with you, you are so nice.” Braedon nearly whispered.

“You think I am nice, even after I spanked you?” I asked.

“Well yeah, you held me and hugged me afterwards, which really felt nice. My dad always uses a belt and just throws me in my bedroom naked and crying.” Braedon said simply.

I was shocked. If I had known how his dad had treated him, I would never have spanked him, I would have just had him work it off, but it was done now, and it probably worked out for the best. He gave me a quick hug, then blushed, and turned and left to go home, saying that he would be here in the morning.

When I got in at first light, I was surprised to see Braedon sitting there waiting for me, it was only like five thirty am, and I wondered why he was here so early.

“Hi there, what's up, how come you are here so early?” I asked as I hopped out of the car.

“I just wanted to get here early and get started on working is all.” Braedon answered.

I unlocked the doors to the store and turned off the alarm. “Come on in Braedon, have you had any breakfast yet?” I asked.

“No, I wanted to get out of the house before my dad came home.” Braedon answered.

I must have had a shocked look on my face as he told me, “My dad rarely gets home before six, and he is always drunk, and he hits me and yells at me a lot when he is like that.” I grabbed him into a hug and took him to the lunch room, that I always have a good stock of food in, since I hate eating out and love cooking.

I whipped us up a quick French toast breakfast, Braedon had ten slices and six pieces of bacon, more than even I can eat. After we cleaned up from breakfast I had Braedon out front dusting and vacuuming before opening, while I did the books from yesterday. It took me a long time to figure out the books at first, since that had always been my wife’s department, but I can now manage quite well.

Braedon came into the back all hot and sweaty a while later, since it is a rather large store to vacuum.

“Why don't you go grab yourself a quick shower and I can throw those dirty clothes in the washer/dryer combo that is out here, it only takes about twenty minutes total on the quick cycle, so you can have a nice long hot shower while your clothes get cleaned. Just toss them out when you get undressed, and I will leave them by the door and I will knock when they are ready. There should also be a new toothbrush in one of the drawers, so you can brush your teeth properly as well.” I told Braedon and he just smiled and nodded.

He tossed me his clothes out the door and went for his shower. I noticed that one of his brand new pairs of underwear I gave him yesterday were the ones he was still wearing, and that they were already yellowed from recently being peed in. I tossed everything into the washer and set it for the quick cycle. I had purchased this unit specifically because it was very fast, and I have found that having a washer at work was very handy at times. Just as the washer beeped, signaling it was done, I heard the shower turn off and Braedon rummaging through the cupboard for a towel. I retrieved Braedon’s clothing and folded and set them at the door, and knocked, notifying him that they were there for him as soon as he needed them. Soon after a very sparkling young man came out of the bathroom with a very large smile on his face.

“What's with the huge smile?” I asked curiously.

“I have never been allowed to have a hot shower before, and now I have had two in two days, and then climbing into warm clean clothes felt wonderful.” Braedon answered, still smiling.

“Why have you never had a hot shower before?” I asked, almost afraid of the answer.

“Because hot water costs lots of money and my dad won't let me, and because we do not have a washer or dryer, and he is too cheap to buy soap, I have to wash my clothes in the cold water with no soap and hang them to dry.” Braedon answered as if it were a normal thing for everyone.

I was disgusted, how could anybody ever do this to their child.

“What about your mother, doesn't she help you out?” I asked.

“She died giving birth to me, and I think that is why my dad hates me, I killed his wife.” Braedon answered.

I almost bust into tears at this and scooped him up and gave him a grand hug.

“Well, when you need a shower or clean clothes, you are to come here okay.” I told him.

“Even after I stop working for you?”

“Yes, even after you no longer work here, in fact I would be hurt if you didn't stop by every now and then at least.”

We still had a couple hours until opening, so we went and did stock, restocking the shelves and making sure all the product was neat and tidy. We finished up just as my employees all showed up for the start of their shifts. I decided that today I was going to leave the store in my assistant managers hands and go out for the day, since it had been over five years since I just went out.

“Come on Braedon, we are done for the day, we will leave the store in my employees' more than capable hands, we are going out.” I said.

My guys just smiled at me and told us to go have some fun, because they all knew that we both could use it. It was a good thing that it was summer time, and there is lots of stuff to do, we decided that mini golf would be fun. During our golf session we talked about lots of stuff, things that we liked, things we hated.

“So how come you do not have any children, you obviously love children?” Braedon asked as we reached the fourteenth hole.

“Come on over here and let's sit down.” I said and we sat down on the nearest bench and I told him my entire story. By the end we were both quietly sniffling, trying not to cry, it was difficult for me as I still just burst into tears some days, but sharing with him helped. And to think my family paid thousands of dollars on a therapist, and I feel far better after telling the whole story to Braedon, even the fact that I missed my son far more than my wife.

He never said one word, his face said everything for him, he felt what I was feeling, and no words were needed. This was something no one else was able to do, they all wanted to talk and try to make it better, but they did not understand like this little boy did. He just stood up after a minute of silence, came in front of me and gave me very big hug.

“Thank you.” I said, still with tears in my eyes.

“What for?” Braedon asked.

“Everything. You are the first person to ever just listen and not talk, and you gave me a hug when I needed it the most.” I answered.

“You did the same for me. These past couple days have been the best of my life. Stealing may be bad, but I think it might have been the best thing I ever did.” Braedon said, wiping a new round of tears from his eyes.

I decided that we should go for a big expensive lunch somewhere, something Braedon had likely never done before, and something I had not done since my wife and I were dating. We had a great lunch at the cities finest restaurant, and we stuffed ourselves silly, and then we had dessert to top it off. We rolled ourselves out to the car and headed for a movie. The movie was enjoyable, but the company was better, I cannot remember having a better time, ever.

“Well, I guess we should get you home huh!” I said to Braedon once our day of fun was ending, he stiffened right up at that.

“Can I stay with you tonight?” Braedon asked suddenly.

“I don't think that that is such a good idea. Everyone knows I have no children, and bringing home a strange child for the night could lead to nosy people thinking the wrong things.”

He surprisingly understood and never asked what I was talking about, he just nodded in understanding, leading me to believe that he may know a little more of what I was saying than he probably should. I dropped him off at his house, it was a dump of a small trailer, tucked deep into an even trashier trailer park, oh how I wished I could take him home with me, but I couldn't.

The next morning I arrived at work, at my customary five thirty am to start the day, to find Braedon waiting for me again. When I got out of my car, I could tell there was something wrong right away, the poor boy was bawling his eyes out and he had a split lip, and what looked like could turn into a very bad black eye.

Immediately I picked him up and cradled him in my arms. “What happened to you Braedon, you have to tell me please?”

“When you dropped me off last night my dad was home, and he saw you and then started accusing me that I was replacing him for you, and then he started hitting me. Even though I wished it, I never said it, but he finally just threw me out the door, telling me that if I wanted you as a father then go, because he did not want me anyways.” Braedon said, sobbing out most of it.

I quickly opened up the store and turned off the alarm, just barely remembering to close and lock the door behind me, as I swept him to the stock room to grab the first aid kit I kept back there.

“How long have you been sitting out there for then?” I asked as I started cleaning Braedon up. I was sick, he could have been kidnapped or anything, and his father just threw him out like yesterdays trash.

“Since about dark last night.” Braedon answered with a wince as I was working on him.

I got Braedon fixed up, put some salve on his eye, and the other various bruises that his bastard of a father gave to him last night. As soon as I was done, I called my lawyer to see what could be done. He was not at all pleased with being awoken at six in the morning, but with the amount he gets paid, he would never complain. I informed him what was happening and he told me that he was of no use in this situation, since he was a corporate lawyer, but that he had a friend in family law that owed him a favor or two, and gave me her number.

I called the lawyer at eight, as soon as her office opened, and she told me that my lawyer had already filled her in on the basics, and that she would be glad to help, and told us both to meet her at her office in an hour. I called my assistant manager and asked him to work for me today, telling him that I had an emergency that had come up, and he said he was on his way.

Braedon and I arrived ten minutes early for our appointment and the secretary showed us right in. I was impressed with her office, it was large and homey, and did not feel at all like a lawyers office. Right away she introduced herself to us both and had us sit down. First she started to ask us a whole bunch of questions that we both answered, as was necessary, and then she asked if she could take pictures of the injuries, and Braedon agreed.

She got out a very high tech digital camera and had Braedon show all of his injuries to her, so she could capture them. Next she took a full statement from us both and had her secretary witness it. She then asked for my story, my lawyer had told her some of it already, so I told her the whole thing. She told us that by the end of the day she would have me as temporary guardian and that tomorrow, with a police escort, we would go to the father and have him sign over all parental rights to me, or else the police would be taking him for a ride that would last at least ten years.

True to her word, by noon I already had the papers putting Braedon in my custody, and she had already drawn up the papers for Braedon’s father to sign. Braedon and I then headed to our new home together as father and son. When we arrived I took us into my sitting room, turned on the gas fireplace and sat us down in one of the comfy chairs and I just hugged and cuddled him. After about an hour I was starting to get sore, and hungry, since I had not yet eaten, and I know that Braedon would be starving by now, so we both got up went to the kitchen, without even saying a word. I just made us soup and sandwiches for lunch, but we enjoyed it together.

“Well Braedon, looks like you are going to be staying here for a while, let's say we go pick out a bedroom and then we will go do some shopping?” I asked once we were finished our lunch.

“Okay.” Braedon said, still a little quietly.

“Now Braedon, I want to ask you a personal question. I have noticed now on a couple occasions that your underwear are pee stained, do you wet the bed, and or do you have day accidents?” I asked Braedon once we were in the car, his head just dropped and he started sobbing.

I pulled over and pulled him over to me and pulled his face out of his perch and hugged him tightly.

“Hey there, no need to be so upset about such a trivial thing, I did for many years, and still do sometimes if under stress, but now most of the time. Even my son was the same, but sadly we will never know if he would have outgrown it.” I said.

“I only wet at night, but you are just trying to make me feel better, but thanks.” Braedon said, still sniffling a bit.

“When we get back home I will show you the diapers I wear to bed at nights, then you will know, why else would I have them.” I said softly.

We finally got to the department store and started looking at the furniture. Braedon would need a bed, a desk, a dresser, and a couple end tables to start with, and we found the perfect set, and I wrote it down. Next we went to the clothing dept. and bought him tons of new clothes and had the store arrange to have everything delivered and set all the furniture up later that day. Once we were finished there I decided that we would head over to the store and make sure it was still there, and tell the guys that I would be taking a few days off and to tell them what was happening, as well as to pick up a little surprise for my new boy.

“Hi guys, meet my new son. He had a few issues with his dad and he has been put under my care, hopefully permanently very soon. Braedon you stay here, I want to talk to Trevor for a few minutes in the back room!” I asked.

They just nodded and everyone was congratulating Braedon on his new dad, and he was all smiles.

“I am going to grab our top of the line computer system, can you just charge it to my personal account please?” I asked Trevor as we went in the back room.

“Sure thing boss, and if you do not mind my saying this, you both need each other, and it is good for you both.” Trevor said and then turned and walked out before I could say anything further.

I had covered the boxes so that Braedon would not see what I had grabbed, because I wanted to set it up after dinner as a surprise to him. We finally arrived at home and had just started making dinner when the delivery guys showed up to setup the new furniture. We showed them where everything was to be placed and left them to their jobs. Just as we were about to sit down to eat a simple dinner, the guys finished and had us both inspect their work and sign off on it, it was perfect, so I gave both guys a twenty dollar tip.

“Okay stinky, you go on up and get in the bath and when you are done you can either wear pajamas or underwear, whichever you are more comfortable in. I just go in my underwear though, and then get diapered right before bed.” I told Braedon after dinner was finished.

“I am not stinky.” Braedon protested, but gave me an odd look at my mentioning diapers though.

“I was not joking with you earlier, I do wear diapers to bed, I do still need them most nights now, since my wife and son were killed. I did buy a pack for you as well, and it will be your choice as to whether or not you wear them, because you are old enough to make those decisions on your own.” I told him simply.

He went for his bath with that and I went out to the car to grab the computer to set it up. Just after I finished setting the computer up in the den, in scampered Braedon in just his loony tunes under pants we had bought earlier today, he looked quite cute in them, even if he was a little old for them, but he liked them, so we got them. All of a sudden he saw what was behind me.

“Wow, is that for us to use?” Braedon asked.

“No, it is for you to use.” I answered. He jumped up and gave me a huge bear hug that took my breath away.

“You can play on it for half an hour and then it is time to get ready for bed okay.” I said as I set Braedon down.

“Cool, I love computers.” Braedon said excitedly and started playing.

Just before his half hour was up, Braedon shut off the computer and I patted the cushion next to me signaling for him to come sit. He came over and sat, but not on the spot I told him to, he jumped right onto my lap and cuddled up to me, I swear he started to purr.

“Okay son, you now have an adult decision to make.” I told Braedon.

“What's an adult decision?” Braedon asked.

“Well, you can either go to bed wearing only your underwear, wet the bed, wake up in a cold wet bed, have to wash the sheets and yourself. Or you can wear a diaper and wake up dry and warm. You see an adult decision is always hard, no matter what you do, sometimes the options just are not nice either way, but one is usually better than the other.” I answered.

“But I don't want to wear a diaper, I'm not a baby.” Braedon whined a little.

“You're not a baby, and besides, have you ever seen a baby diaper big enough to fit you. Lots of people have a need to wear diapers, not just babies, did you think all those rows and rows of youth and adult diapers were just for show. No, they are not, they would not be there if no one bought them. And for you I bought some good youth diapers.” I told him gently, even though I was pretty sure the size six baby diapers would actually fit him, but with this information he kind of got a defeated look on his face.

“I guess if stores carry diapers big enough for bigger kids, than they must need them too, I guess I can try one.” Braedon said quietly.

“Hey, don't be ashamed, you are not the only one remember, and at least you have the option of wearing something to help keep you dry and warm, and that will help you get a good nights sleep. My parents did not let me wear anything, even though I asked, we knew my problem was something I could not help, and would always have, yet they did not buy me diapers, I had to go buy them myself.” I told Braedon.

Because Braedon agreed to try it for tonight, and see how it went, we went up to his bedroom and I told him to take off his underpants, while I went and grabbed a diaper from my room, I also grabbed the powder. When I came back Braedon was laying down on the bed, naked as the day he was born, and waiting for me. I opened up the diaper and slid it underneath him and sprinkled a generous amount of powder onto him and rubbed it in. Little Braedon came right to attention at this point, it reminded me so much of my son that I almost started to cry. Braedon started to blush and went to cover himself up, but I just smacked his hands away.

“Don't worry about that, it is perfectly natural and we all have one, and all boys have this happen to them. My son got a boner every time I changed his diaper, right up until he died.” I said.

“I thought your son was five when he died?” Braedon asked.

“He was, he inherited the same problem I have remember, had he not died he probably still would have it, and had until he was an adult and older as I do, and maybe even you, you never know.” I answered, my voice wavering only slightly.

I pulled the diaper up and taped it up snugly to him and pulled his blankets up and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“Good night, you have a good sleep, but if you need anything at all during the night, I am right across the hall, okay.” I said, wishing him a good night.

“Goodnight.” Braedon said, a little tear in his eye.

I went to bed feeling better than I have in five years, I also slept better as well. The next morning I awoke to Braedon climbing in to my bed.

“Good morning, what's up doc?” I asked sleepily, repeating a phrase from my all time favorite Saturday morning cartoon.

“I woke up and wanted to come in and cuddle with you, is that all right?”

“Of course.” I said and pulled the covers back for him to climb in, and he slid in beside me and hugged me tight and fell back to sleep.

We both woke up an hour later to the phone ringing, so I answered it and found it was the lawyer taking care of my little guy. She told us that if we wanted to, we could ride along and serve the papers to Braedon’s father, but I declined, saying that it would be better if we did not. She said that that was fine as well, and that she would call us in a while to tell us the outcome.

I quickly told Braedon what was happening and then asked him “Are you wet?”

“I think so, but not too sure.” He answered.

I pulled back the covers and felt the front of his diaper and it was very wet, I guess he was really used to being cold and wet, since he could not feel it much.

“Yep, you're soaked.” I said.

“Wow, I couldn't even tell. Are you wet as well, your diaper looks a different color, and is bigger too?” He asked.

“See, tons better than waking up wet and cold huh, and yes, I am wet, I have waken up wet nearly every morning since my wife and son were killed.” I answered.

He then said the sweetest thing I think I have ever heard. “I know I can never replace your family, and you mine, but maybe together we can become a new family.”

I hugged him to me and said “I would like that very much.”

I took off my diaper and threw it into the special trash can and then took off Braedon’s and threw it out as well.

“There you go, go have a quick shower while I have one as well, then get dressed and meet me in the kitchen for breakfast.” I said.

I made it to the kitchen first and started a big omelet breakfast, complete with fried potatoes and toast. I made one omelet for the two of us, and it fit onto a large serving plate, barely, and made us each two slices of toast and a good helping of potatoes. As I was adding the ingredients to the omelet, Braedon came and hugged me from behind, so I turned around and hugged him back, buried my nose in his freshly shampooed hair, man I love strawberry scented shampoo.

We sat down to our breakfast and gorged ourselves on the feast before us. As we were cleaning up, the phone rang and I answered it, it was the lawyer, she said she had some news and would like to come right over and tell us, I told her to come on over.

Thirty seconds later the doorbell rang, I answered and there she was, grinning at us.

“Well, that was unexpected, come on in.” I grinned.

“Thanks.” She said and then came in.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” Braedon asked.

“No thanks, this will only take a minute or so anyways.” She answered. “So, I am sure you want to know how it went, well it went as well as can be expected. He signed everything to keep his ass from getting in trouble, and as expected he did not even read the whole document, not even the clause I put in there stating he had to move at least one hundred kilometers from town in two weeks or less. Once he signed it and I told him that, he did not seem all that upset, saying he had nothing here anyways, so he may as well move.” She told us, I thought that this would have hurt Braedon, but he seemed fine with it.

“That's right, he has nothing here at all, he never was my dad, and now I have a real dad.” Braedon said happily.

We both signed the papers and were told that the court hearing would be in one weeks time to finalize everything. With that she left and we hugged.

I had not even told my family at all what had been happening in my life as of late, and we decided that we would invite them all over for a nice dinner and party the night Braedon was to become my son. This would of course come as a complete surprise to everyone that I was inviting them to dinner to begin with, since I had not in so long that they probably forgot how great my dinner parties used to be. In the past five years they had tried in every way to include me in everything they did, but I rarely ever joined, because I was so depressed. It would probably come as no shock though that I would have adopted a child, since they all knew of my love of kids.

Court was to be Wednesday morning and would last a couple hours as the judge would want to go over everything and make sure that Braedon really wanted to live with me, of this I knew there was to be no problem. I called everyone and invited them, telling them to be here at six sharp for a nice dinner and a party, and a very big surprise. I could hear the surprise in everyones voices, but they never said anything.

Thursday and Friday both Braedon and I went to work and worked a good full day, and each night we went home and had a good meal and chatted or watched TV. Braedon had of course decided that the diapers were not so bad, and they felt a whole lot better than waking up wet and cold, so each night I diapered him lovingly, and each night he would get embarrassed at his rising problem, to which I told him not to be, but he always did.

Saturday I went out in the morning by myself, telling Braedon that I wanted to do a couple things, and that he could stay home by himself for a short while and watch cartoons, something he had never been able to do until now. I gave him a kiss good-bye, and told him I would be home inside of an hour. I went to the store and was going to pick up the plane he had attempted to steal, and then at last minute decided that he had worked hard enough to get a full sized trainer R.C. Plane instead, so I grabbed the best one I had in stock.

While I was out I also went grocery shopping, since I had found with my son the first time I took him, that it was a very bad idea to take kids grocery shopping, because they have a tendency to want every piece of junk food they can see. Now I am not a health food freak, but I do prefer to eat more healthy, and I found that if children did not see it, they would not ask for it.

After a little over an hour of being gone, I arrived at home and Braedon literally flew out the door and jumped at me squealing, “Finally you’re home, it’s been so long.”

It was a good thing I did not yet have my arms loaded full of groceries, because I had to catch him as he flew through the air at me. I gave him a big hug and patted his bottom

“I was only gone a little over an hour, you could not have missed me that bad.” I said happily.

One of my neighbors was outside and had seen everything and he came over to see what was going on. I did not mind, because he had been my neighbor for a long time now and knew everything about my life, since I had frequently talked to the older gentleman who had also lost his wife to a drunk driver. I told him everything that was going on and he was very happy for both of us, me for getting a son, and Braedon for getting a new dad.

“Son, you are one lucky young man, there is no better man than your new dad here to raise you up good and proper.” He told Braedon with a warm smile.

To this I blushed and Braedon hugged me tightly saying, “Yeah you're right.”

“Come on you, there are groceries in the back seat of the car and I need some help bringing them in. You have a good day Roland.” I said, and we got to work after setting my little scamp down.

We brought in all the groceries and put them all away.

“I would like for you to go wait in the den please, I need to go get something from the car, and I want it to be a surprise?” I asked.

“Okay.” Braedon said excitedly.

I went out to the car and grabbed the plane, and all its accessories I had grabbed for it, from the trunk of the car and went inside. I entered the den with the plane under my arm, and all the accessories in the bag in the same hand, and Braedon at first had no idea what it was.

“There was something that I never told you about when I was telling you about how I punished shoplifters, I always do this. Once the job is done you get to have the item that you were originally trying to steal, assuming I was pleased with the work of course.” I said.

He had a shocked look on his face, but then said “But that is not the same plane.”

“No, you are right, but then again you did far more work than that other plane was worth, so I took that into account. Now of course gifts are nice, but don't get used to it, because I am a firm believer in working for what you want. We don't want a spoiled rotten brat on our hands now do we?” I asked with a grin.

“Wow, you're the best! I never need another gift anyways, because you are the best gift I could ever get.” Braedon said with tears in his eyes.

I hugged him to me and said, “Let's open this up and get flying then.”

I grabbed a few batteries and put them on the quick chargers that I had grabbed, so that they would be ready to go in the twenty or so minutes it would take us to put the plane together. This had always been my favorite thing, to just put things together could keep me occupied for hours, so I was going to have fun with this, even though I had done it many times on this same model before.

It seems that Braedon also has my love for building things, because he was right in there with me, putting the various pieces together. We had the plane all together in about fifteen minutes, and ready to go, all we had to do was wait on the batteries to finish charging. While we waited I went over a few things with him about flying a model airplane, how to take off, land, maneuver and all sorts of things.

“Will you show me first how to do it, and then I can try it?” Braedon asked.

“Sure, it would probably be a lot easier that way. Once the batteries are all charged up, we can head out.” I answered.

Once the batteries were finished charging we went over to the large park down the road to play, on the way there I forgot the spare wings, so we had to turn around to grab them, for just such an emergency. We finally arrived at the park and there were a few people milling about, but nothing to worry about.

We got all set up and ready to take our maiden flight, when the few people that were around started to collect around us to watch. I had everyone move back and away a little so that I could take off. The plane took off with ease and I got it into the air and started to do some real flying, while telling Braedon everything that I was doing and why. After flying for about five minutes, I brought it down into a perfect landing and stopped just a couple feet from us. I handed over the controller to Braedon who nervously took it from me, I got him turned around and got him to taxiing it out, while picking up speed. Soon the plane was in the air and Braedon was ecstatic.

“I'm flying, I'm flying, this is so cool.” Braedon sang out.

He played for almost an hour until the battery warning started to beep, so I told him how to line it up and bring it in. He did everything with ease and landed just a little roughly on just one side and the front tire and hobbled back and forth between sides for a moment until it slowed down enough.

“That was an awesome landing!” I said.

“No it wasn't, it wasn't smooth or anything.” Braedon said, still with a smile on his face though.

“For your very first landing, it was nearly perfect, trust me. What do you think I bought an extra couple sets of wings for, because most people crash their first few times out, and the wings are always the first to go. And besides, have you never heard a pilot say that any landing you can walk away from is a great landing. Well every passenger on that plane would have walked away, some of them maybe with wet pants, but oh well.” I teased him.

“Cool, I never thought of it like that, and I guess you're right, but the only passengers on this plane would be ants. Can we try again?” Braedon asked all doe eyed, I just smiled and nodded.

We reloaded the battery with a fresh one and Braedon had the plane take off like he had done it a hundred times. As he got more at ease with the controls he started to get more daring with the stunts, and by the time the battery warning beeper came on he was doing barrel rolls and flips and all sorts of things. He brought the plane in again with relative ease with only a bit of a hop, but otherwise a great landing by any standards.

“Before you ask if you can fly some more, we should let this thing cool down a bit, the motor will be very hot and it will need to cool down, so let's go sit in the shade for a bit.” I said and grabbed the plane and we went and sat in the cool shade.

“Thank you for the awesome plane, it was the second best gift I ever got.” Braedon said once we were seated, cuddling right up into my side.

“This wasn't a gift, you bought it yourself with all the hard work you have done, so you earned it. Remember, I told you that you had to work off twice the value of the item, and I told you later that you would get to keep the item afterwards, well you did enough work at regular pay to pay for this and all its accessories, so this is the one I got you.” I told him.

“I didn't do that much work though, and this had to be expensive.” Braedon said.

“Yes you did, the plane is not that expensive and you got employee discounts on everything, so it was not as expensive as you think it was. And I will tell you a secret, more than a few of my employees started working for me the same way as you did, and they decided to stay on.”

“Wow, cool, thanks lots anyways! So who there has started working for you the same way I did?” Braedon asked curiously.

“Not going to tell you that, mostly because it is no ones business, and I have conveniently forgotten all about that information, since they have paid off their debts to me, and to this day only one of them has ever stolen another item from me. It hurt a lot, but I told him that he had broken our deal and that I had to call the police, and I did. I tell you, I cried more than he did, he was only sixteen, he has come back more than a few times and apologized. Well, are you ready to get flying again, it should be cooled enough for one more time?”

“That's very cool of you, and it was bad of that other boy, and awesome.” Braedon said all excited again and we got up off the cool grass and went to fly again.

“May I give it a go, I have not really flown in years, and I used to love flying” I asked.

“Sure, have fun.” Braedon said.

I quickly loaded it up with the last battery and took off. I really pushed that little plane to it’s limits, doing things that larger and heavier planes usually did.

“This plane is not really designed to do some of the tricks I am doing, since it is really too small and light, and if I were to push it too hard, it would probably just fall apart, so make sure to be careful when doing tricks.” I told Braedon after doing a few cool moves that had him oohing and awing.

Once the battery signal came on, and I had had my fun, I brought it down in a steep landing and pulled up at the last second to make a perfect landing.

“Now that was a trick landing that could get your plane crashed, if not done right, so I would not suggest you try it until you get lots better.” I told Braedon when he had a shocked look on his face.

“That was really cool, and don't worry, I don't want to crash my plane.” Braedon said.

We left after having a great couple hours together, playing like a father and son should, something we both missed greatly, but something that Braedon had never actually had.

We went home and decided that it was going to be an early dinner then a couple movies, that we would go rent after dinner. I made a nice spaghetti dinner with salad and garlic toast, it was a really good meal, and, as always, I made way to much then stuffed myself silly, it is after all my all time favorite meal. Braedon also did the same, and I swear I heard the buttons on his shirt starting to pop as he rolled away from the table.

We left to grab a couple movies at the local video store, where we grabbed a couple sci-fi action movies, the ones that are great on a good home theater system like I had, it had been my only sanity in the last five years. We sat and cuddled on the couch and watched the first movie the whole way through.

“let's go get ready for bed so we don't have to worry about it when the next movie is over, since it will be getting very late.” I told Braedon.

We both went into the bathroom and peed and brushed our teeth and washed our faces. I then took Braedon to his room and diapered him, and he followed me to my room, where I diapered myself, as always during powdering I got hard just like Braedon always does, as I am sure every boy does.

“Wow, your thing is way bigger 'n mine is!” Braedon said when he saw that.

“Well of course it is, I am a lot older than you are, and you will grow soon as well, and for eleven, you have nothing to worry about down there.” I told Braedon, who blushed cutely.

Once we were both ready, we went out and started the next movie, about half way through Braedon said “I need to go pee.”

“You're wearing a diaper right, just go so that you do not have to get up, it will hold until morning.”

“But I'm not asleep, I can't do that!” Braedon said nearly aghast.

“It'll be fine, like I said, it will hold just fine until morning, and I always wear a diaper while watching movies so that I don't have to get up, it is a lot easier that way I think.” I said normally and he just nodded slightly.

At first he had trouble going, but I told him to relax and watch the movie and it would happen. A couple minutes later I heard him sigh and saw the look of relief wash over his face, and I knew that it was done. By the end of the second movie my little angel had fallen asleep, so when the movie finished, I gently picked him up and carried him to his room and laid him down. I covered him up, kissed his forehead, saying good night and I love you, and in his sleep he mumbled, night you love. I smiled as I left the room, closing his door, and I went and made sure the house was locked up and also went to bed.

Sunday morning I awoke to my morning visitor, whom I knew wanted cuddles then a change. We got out of bed after half an hour of cuddling and we each took off our very wet diapers.

“Wow, I can't believe that that thing held that much, and for that long. I went lots during the movie.” Braedon said as it made a splat sound going into the pail.

“I buy these ones because they hold lots, and it would likely hold even more than that. I have never had one of these leak on me yet, and I wet lots during the movie last night as well. Go on, go have your shower while I have mine.” I told Braedon and he just smiled and turned and went to the other bathroom.

After cleaning and dressing for the day, we entered the kitchen, where I started to make a nice Sunday breakfast for us both. Braedon helped by cutting up some of the potatoes and onions and peppers for the fried potatoes, while I started getting the sausage prepared. I then got everything frying up while I had Braedon set the table. Once it was finished cooking, we sat down and had a great breakfast, if I do say so myself. My homemade sausage is the best, and red onion and red pepper fried potatoes are the only way to have them. I had over easy eggs, while Braedon took his scrambled, and we shared each others.

Once we were finished with breakfast, it was nearly noon, because we had slept in a little bit, and we decided that today would be a good day to go shopping for the things we needed. School would be starting up in only a little over a month, and Braedon needed more clothes. I also needed a few new clothes for work and we both wanted a few other things, so off we went. We went to the large mall in the next city, an hour away, since they had a much larger selection of stores to choose from.

“Oh my god, I have never been in a place so large before.” Braedon said as we entered the mall, sounding a little frightened.

“Ha, if you think this is a large mall, well then you need to get out more. This is actually only a small mall in comparison to some I have seen. This mall only has around a hundred or so stores, some of the bigger ones can have a few hundred. Now of course in comparison to our piddly little mall back home, this is huge.” I said with a bit of a laugh.

I had already decided that this once Braedon would need to get a little spoiled, since he had almost nothing, and he would need a few toys and things. We first got our clothes shopping done and we both walked out of the various men’s stores with a few bags. It has always annoyed me how a mall with so many woman’s clothing stores, could have only three men’s stores. We next hit a few of the toy stores and I let him pick a few things he would like to have, he decided on a couple small things that were not really all that expensive, but were good toys, since they also taught.

I also decided, when I saw it, that we were going to get a few large Lego sets. When I was a kid I could spend hours building, and I thought that Braedon and I could enjoy it together. At first he balked at the prices, since they were very large sets, and were quite expensive, but I told him that it was for us and they are really good toys, because they build creativity and character, as well as great cities. All told the Lego was about ten thousand pieces, even bigger than the set I had as a child. Next we went to a book store, since I love to read, and I also believe that children should read more than watch TV.

I remember as a kid, my mom giving me heck more than once for going to bed too late at night because of reading, and killing batteries, but because she could not stop it, in the end she just bought me rechargeable batteries for my flashlight.

We each picked out a few good titles, we both liked the sci-fi stories where kids are the heroes, and some of the good old books as well.

By now it was nearing five o’clock and we were starting to get hungry, and I knew that Braedon would shrink of hunger by the time we got home, so we went to a nearby restaurant and had a nice quiet meal. By the time we got home we were quite tired from our day, and just left our packages by the door. I did however pick out a book and we went to the den, I laid down and had Braedon lay on me, and we both read the book for a couple hours until we were both ready for bed.

“Do you think I can sleep with you tonight?” Braedon asked quietly.

“Okay, but it cannot be a regular occurrence though.”

“Thank you.”

I climbed in and pulled the covers back, and Braedon crawled in and cuddled up to my side, and lay his head on my shoulder. I leaned over and gave him a kiss on his forehead and said “Goodnight, I love you.”

He reached up and kissed my cheek and said, “Goodnight, I love you too.” He laid back down and went right to sleep, and I fell asleep shortly after and had probably the best sleep I had ever had.


Chapter 2

Monday morning four thirty am came too soon, because I had had a great sleep for the first time in a long time, so therefore really did not want to get up. I tried to wake my prince up, but he mumbled out something incomprehensible, so I shook him again.

“Too early, must sleep.” This time he mumbled a little more clearly.

“Come on, if you want to go to work with me today you need to get up.” I said with a kiss to his forehead.

He grumbled something inhuman and started to stir, I pulled the covers off him and started tickling his ribs, he started to thrash all over the bed laughing.

“Hey, no fair, you're gonna make me pee.” Braedon said, laughing uncontrollably.

“So, it is not going to get the bed wet, remember, you are wearing a diaper.” I teased.

I kept tickling him and he struggled with me and tickled me as well, I am also quite ticklish, so he was able to give as good as he got. We both ended up peeing just as we collapsed on the bed, giggling like a couple little school girls. I turned him over and gave him a swat on his diapered bum.

“Go get in the shower you little brat.” I said and he stuck his tongue out at me, and hopped out of bed and took off his soggy diaper, I did the same and we headed to our showers.

“Well kiddo, since you are working for me now, I am going to start paying you what I pay all the others. At least half of every paycheck will be put into a locked savings account for later though, and the rest you can keep and do with what you wish.” I told Braedon on our way to work.

“Um, how much do you pay?” Braedon asked shyly.

“Nine dollars an hour plus bonuses, and it goes up from there, but raises are rare, and just because you are my son does not mean that you will get more or better than the others either, when we are at work I am your boss, not your dad, okay.”

“Okay.” He answered, in shock at the amount I was paying.

We arrived at the store and we got the store ready for opening, I did the books as Braedon started to vacuum and clean. By the time I was finished, so was Braedon, so we both grabbed a quick bite to eat, then we started to restock the shelves and make sure everything was neat and tidy. It was nice having somebody to do this with, because we ended up with extra time before opening, where I was usually finishing just as we opened, not to mention it is nice to be able to have someone to talk to. We had a great day of sales, two of my employees, myself, and Braedon had about the best day I had had in quite a while, and Braedon did his fair share.

Seems the kids liked Braedon, since he was nearer their age, and he was able to sell things easily without pressure, as I liked. I had been planning on leaving early, but it ended up being too busy throughout the day, so we decided to stay right until closing.

When we finally got home that night, we were both very tired, as it was a very long day, five am to six pm makes for a long day, even for myself who does it quite often, but poor Braedon was almost asleep on his feet. I fed us a light dinner and I got Braedon ready for bed, the poor boy was so tired that he almost fell asleep during his diapering, and he didn't even get hard like he normally does.

I rolled him into position, covered him up, gave him his kiss and said goodnight, I love you, but by the time I said I love you, he was snoring softly, dead to the world. I just stood there for a while and watched him sleep, they look so peaceful and angelic as they sleep, but we all know that a boy can be a little devil when the time is right, and Braedon had the twinkle of devilishness in his eyes, as most boys do.

I got myself all ready for bed and also climbed in early, even for me, and fell asleep nearly right away.

I woke up just before my alarm clock was about to go off, so I shut it off and hopped out of bed and went over to wake Braedon up. He must have gotten hot during the night, because he had thrown all the covers on to the floor and was laying on his bed in spread eagle format, it was quite cute, and I wished I had a camera. I gently shook him awake and his eyes fluttered open, and when he awoke, he smiled brightly at me.

“Good morning.” Braedon said brightly at seeing me.

“Good morning handsome, did you have a good sleep?”

“Yeah, I did, but I don't even remember having dinner last night.” Braedon said, a little puzzled.

“Could that be because you were nearly falling asleep in your dinner plate. You were so tired last night I practically had to carry you to bed, and your little man down below did not even come to attention when I diapered you for the night.” I teased, he blushed, it was cute.

“Don't say that.” Braedon said all embarrassed.

“Why, all boys get hard, it's natural, and it is what it is there for after all!” I stated nonchalantly.

He was still blushing when he picked his pillow up and tossed it at my head. I caught the pillow and launched it back at him and got him and knocked him over onto his bed, I jumped on him and started tickling him so he started laughing and tickling me back. Finally I stopped him, picked him up and hugged him and carried him to my room where the diaper pail was, so that we could get ready for work.

We got to work, just as bright and early as I normally do, and got everything ready for the day. At about eight o’clock I called one of my other employees and asked if he would be able to come to work today since it was really busy yesterday, and that I needed to leave early today to do the shopping for tomorrow nights dinner. I also asked him to come in tomorrow, because I did not plan to work and I was not sure if three would be able to handle it if it was nearly as busy, he agreed and said he would be there in half an hour. My employees all showed up at their eight thirty start time and we finished preparing the store for our nine am opening time.

Just as I had hoped, it was another busy day, and Braedon and I regrettably left at noon to do our shopping. We both went to the store and got everything that we needed for tomorrow nights dinner, and not once did Braedon ever ask for one thing, I was impressed, but then I thought that his old dad probably never bought him anything, so he probably did not know about it at all.

We got home around two o’clock and started to prepare some of the things for the dinner party, and ate diner ourselves when the time came. After dinner we decided that we would read for the rest of the evening, so we assumed the same position as before, I found it would be Braedon’s favorite way of reading, until he became too heavy, then he would lay beside me. We were still reading the same book as we were before, and by the time we were ready for bed, we were half way through the book. We got ready for bed and said our good nights and I love yous and both slept through until morning.

I had set the alarm early so that we would have the time to get prepared for the day ahead. I went into Braedon’s room and woke him up by sitting lightly on the edge of his bed and shaking him lightly until he woke up.

“Good morning sweet prince, it is time to go make you my son.” I whispered into Braedon's ear. He woke up immediately with the largest smile possible.

“This is going to be the best day of my life.” Braedon said happily, no signs of sleepiness at all.

Court had been scheduled for nine am that morning, so we knew that we had lots of time, since it was only six am. We went into my room and got out of our wet diapers and each headed towards our showers to get washed up. Once finished, I went to collect the clothes that we would both wear today, because we would need to look good. I grabbed my suit from the closet and I grabbed a new pair of tan slacks and a mauve shirt for Braedon. He came into my room, still drying himself off

“What are you doing?” Braedon asked curiously.

“Just getting our clothes all set out so that we can get dressed.”

“Oh, okay.” Braedon said and started getting dressed.

We got dressed and polished our shoes and put them on and then went out for breakfast. After breakfast we went to the courthouse to meet with our lawyer, who had told us to arrive an hour early to talk.

She told us that this was for the most part just a formality, but the judge and the other lawyer would likely ask some very pointed questions of us both, and that Braedon would be taken to the judges chambers for the judge to talk to him. We both agreed that whatever they asked we would answer, since we had absolutely nothing to hide. Finally we were called in to the court room and told to take our seats, and then a moment later we were told to stand again for the judge.

She was a middle aged lady, quite pretty, and very over powering, she exuded her power, but thankfully it did not feel as if she abused it. My lawyer was to start first and she explained to the judge that I was seeking permanent adoption of Braedon, and said that the move was uncontested by the father who had signed over all parental rights to me. The judge took the copies that my lawyer gave to her and looked them over and said everything appeared to be in order. She then asked for Braedon to join her in her chambers.

“Don't worry, she just wants to ask you some questions and I promise, she won't bite.” I said reassuringly when he grasped my hand in a death grip.

Reluctantly he got up and followed the judge. She had him sit down in the large overstuffed chair across from her desk that she had just sat behind.

“Okay Braedon, I first have to know, do you want to be adopted by Jacob?” She asked.

“Oh yes, I really want Jay to be my dad, we love each other very much and he is so kind to me.” Braedon answered whole heartedly.

“I know that this next question may be uncomfortable to answer, but I have to do it, does Jacob touch you in any inappropriate ways, do things to you that you do not like, anything?” She asked gently.

“No, of course not! I think it would hurt him more than me to hurt me, and he could never do that.” Braedon answered, looking right into the judges eyes.

“Okay, how about bathing, does he bath you or do you do it by yourself?”

“No, I bath myself and the only time we see each other naked is when he diapers me at night, and then when we both take them off in the morning.” Braedon answered truthfully.

She was a little shocked at this, so Braedon told her both of our complete stories and she listened very carefully. As she listened though, she remembered something in my file that actually did cover that, because it was in there.

“We both know that we cannot ever replace what the other lost, but that we are there for each other, no matter what, no matter even what you say really, he is still my dad.” Braedon said bravely.

“Okay, thank you very much Braedon, I think I have all I need to know from you for now, so let's go back outside and you can go sit with your dad.” She said with a warm smile.

With that done, almost an hour later, they entered back into the courtroom. Braedon came and sat beside me and grabbed my hand and squeezed and I squeezed back. The judge then took me into her chambers and asked almost all the same questions that she had just asked Braedon. When she asked if I had ever, or would ever touch him in a way that would be inappropriate, she got the answer when I practically threw up at the suggestion.

“Oh god no, to hurt him would kill me.” I answered.

“I understand from Braedon that you both have bed wetting problems, how do you deal with it and what is the cause?” She asked.

“Well I have a bladder condition where my bladder is too weak to hold on at times, and under stress it fails, I also have to go to the bathroom very frequently. I also have a notarized document from my doctor stating as such and they were given to my lawyer for you and you should already have that information. As for how I deal with it, the only sensible way is to wear diapers at night and that is how we deal with Braedon's bed wetting as well. He much prefers it over how he used to have to deal with it, which was waking up in a cold and wet bed.” I answered.

“I do, and I did look them over, and I apologize for having to ask, but I am sure you understand the reasons why I have to know.” She said.

“I do your honor and I have nothing at all to hide, and I am not ashamed to answer any questions that you ask.” I said without a sign of embarrassment, looking right at her.

“When you diaper Braedon, do you touch him?”

“Of course I do, how did you diaper your children, assuming of course you have any, without touching them? I have to rub in the cream or powder, however I never touch him in any manner that is sexual.” I answered simply.

“Of course I touched them, they were my children.”

“And Braedon is my son.”

“And what happens when you touch Braedon while diapering him?” She then asked, this would have made Braedon blush profusely had he have been sitting there.

“He usually gets an erection, as my son did, and as does nearly every boy out there that has to be diapered, I just ignore it.”

“Yeah, I have three boys, and they were all the same.” She said with a grin.

“Why is it that you want to adopt Braedon?” She then asked.

I first told her our separate stories and how much we needed the other to fill the spaces left behind, and of course that we loved each other.

“Thank you very much for all the information you have given to me, we can now go out and join your son.”

Once I was finished, the lawyer for the local children’s ministry got up saying that it would be a bad idea, saying that I was a single male and that it was not right. Before our lawyer could say anything, Braedon spoke up.

“Yeah right, my real father beat me up, drank all the time, called me all sorts of horrible things, yet you people never did anything to help me at all. Now I find a dad, a real dad, one who does not do anything bad to me, loves me for being me, and you want to take him away from me, how dare you, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You have any idea how often I was beaten, and the neighbors even called you guys, and still, nothing was ever done.” Braedon spat out.

The lawyer was deflated after that and our lawyer just sat down and let him have his say.

“I should also add that you have my detailed story, so should know by now that my wife and son were killed five years ago, so I know what I am doing, thank you very much. To rip us apart now though, would very well be a crippling blow.” I said as well, just with not nearly so much bite as Braedon had, but very nearly crying.

The lawyer just sat down, saying he had nothing further.

The judge left to her chambers to think it over, and took everything into consideration. Not even five minutes later she came out with a paper for both of us to sign, saying that we were now officially father and son. We both signed it, both lawyers signed as witnesses, and the judge signed it to make it all official. We left a very happy pair and took our lawyer to lunch, we thanked her for all her help and that the check was already mailed. She accepted, but told us that we had won it in the courtroom ourselves, she never had to do anything. After lunch we got home and finished the preparations for the dinner that would start in a few hours.

Just before our guests were to start arriving, I had Braedon go upstairs and hide, so as to be a surprise. Everybody arrived just before six o’clock as planned, my parents, two sisters and my brother, as well as my grandma and an uncle and a few nieces and nephews. I pulled everybody into the den and offered them drinks, and most everybody took a drink of some sort, as well my mom asked what was going on.

“Well, I have a bit of a surprise for you all that I will bring out in a few moments.” I answered

Everybody who wanted drinks were served and sitting in the chairs we had arranged for everyone.

“You all wait right here while I go get the surprise.” I said excitedly.

I went upstairs to get Braedon and found him patiently waiting in his room, looking a little nervous as well.

“Come on, it's time. I told them that I had a surprise for them, I wonder if they are ready for a prince though?”

“Let's just get this over with.” Braedon said with a nervous giggle.

We walked downstairs together and entered the den, everyone had been talking, but as soon as we entered, the place went deathly silent.

“What, have you never seen a boy before?” I chuckled.

My mom, who always had something to say, could say nothing, finally my dad found his tongue.

“What's happening Jay?” He asked.

“Well, this is Braedon, and he officially became my son this morning, we adopted each other.”

Well everybody was quite speechless, and knowing my family was a very outspoken bunch, it kind of worried me. I explained to them most of the details, including why I decided to wait on telling them

“You see, we each fill a spot in the others lives we had both long since thought was dead. I had never felt that I would be able to enjoy life again, and with Braedon around, I find I can actually smile again.”

“All I ever wanted was a dad that loved me and did not beat me, and I now have both in one very special person.” Braedon smiled warmly.

Once the family was over the initial shock, they started to warm up and they all went and introduced themselves to Braedon. He especially loved my nieces and nephews, they were all very young, the oldest being just over four and cute as hell.

After visiting for a while I excused myself to get dinner on the table. Everything had already been prepared and was just warming now, and all I had to do was set it out in buffet style.

“Come on in everyone, dinner is ready.” I called out once everything was done.

They came in and sat down, I took one end and Braedon took the other, and everyone else sat around the large table wherever they wanted. I poured the wine for those who wished to have it, which was everyone except the kids. My brother then raised his glass and proposed a toast.

“To my brother, who lost more than any one man should ever lose in life, he has found new life while grasping the past, may the future bring only happiness.” He said.

Every person at the table said amen and we began to dish out our plates.

After an hour of eating and stuffing ourselves silly, we all went back to the den to chat and mill about. Everyone, at some point or another, came up to me and said how happy they were to see me full of life again, and thanked Braedon for bringing that life back to me. More than once throughout that I was told that they had often feared for my life as the depression seemed so strong. At this I told them all that that was the last thing I would ever do to them, depressed or not, I would never do that to my family. At around ten o’clock our guests started to leave, since the kids were starting to fall asleep. When my parents and grandma left, they all gave Braedon a big hug and welcomed him to the family.

We decided that it was too late to clean up and figured we would leave it for tomorrow and went up to bed. I got Braedon all diapered up and tucked into bed.

“I love you son, have a good sleep.” I whispered into Braedon's ear.

“I love you too daddy, have a good sleep as well.” He whispered back.

I got myself ready for bed and crawled in and fell asleep instantly.

The next morning I awoke to Braedon climbing into my bed, just before the alarm clock was about to go off.

“Morning handsome, what's up?” I asked as I lifted the covers for him.

“I woke up a few minutes ago and saw that it was almost time to get up anyways, so I wanted to come in and cuddle with my daddy for a few minutes before we had to get up.” Braedon answered, a nice warm smile on his cute face.

“Sounds very nice, come cuddle up then.” I said, he came and cuddled right into me and we stayed like that, just holding each other, until the alarm sounded, telling us to get up.

I crawled out of bed and pulled Braedon to the edge and took off his soggy diaper and threw it into the pail, he then reached over to me and unfastened my diaper and took it off, rolled it up and threw it into the pail for me.

“Fairs fair. You help me out each morning.” He said with a grin.

“Thanks, go get in the shower and get ready for the day.” I said with a swat to his now bared backside. He yelped and headed for his bathroom while I headed for mine.

We both finished getting ready and left for work, and we arrived right at five o’clock as normal. We both started doing our chores as normal, me with the books and Braedon with the vacuuming and tidying. It took me a little longer today, because I had two days to do, and Braedon finished with the vacuum and started dusting and organizing the store. Once I was finished I joined Braedon for a quick breakfast. We then started to stock the store and just as we were about to finish, the door opened up revealing my employees that were scheduled to work, they must have drove in together today.

We got set for the day and opened at nine sharp. Braedon and I only stayed until three, since that is what I mostly did, considering that I start so early, and it was not too busy for the guys to handle it, even though it had been a pleasantly busy day. When I did the books this morning it looked like yesterday had also been a good day, and if the days kept going as they were, the month was sure to be a success. I had to put in a rather large order to fill some of the orders and to restock some of the merchandise, but hey who is complaining, certainly not me.

“Well kiddo, since we are finished work for the day, we should probably see about getting you enrolled for school, seeing as how the beginning of the school year is creeping up quite rapidly, and we will also need to know what the uniforms are.”

“What do you mean by uniforms, none of the schools around here need uniforms?” Braedon asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“Well, since I have the money to send you to the best schools, that is where you will be going, and you see, there is this awesome boarding school back east I think will really do you good, they have excellent classes and are very strict.” I said with a perfectly straight face.

“You're not sending me to a boarding school, are you?” Braedon asked with a hurt look and a paled face.

“Of course not, I am just teasing you. I just got you after all, and I am not gonna let you go that easily. However you will be going to the local private school. This may be a small city, but it has one of the countries very best private schools. They have been ranked in the top five in academics the last ten years running. They are an all boys school, and from what I understand, they run things a little differently.”

“I don't know if I am smart enough to go to such a good school like that sounds though.” Braedon said a little quietly.

“Sure you are. You remember that one educational game I gave to you, well it has an I.Q. builder and tester. Well I printed out the results from the test that it has, and let's just say that you are apparently a lot smarter than you think you are. This school will be perfect for you, because they let you work at your own pace without pushing you, they don't hold you back, and they won't force you, unless you are not doing anything at all. They also mark very differently, they don't give grades and such, at least not in the normal sense.”

“I still don't know.”

We arrived at the school a short time later, which was fortunately only about ten minutes drive from the store, and went in to talk to the principal. During the morning I had called ahead and scheduled an appointment, so they knew that we were coming, and the secretary showed us right in.

I was pleased with the layout of the school and its furnishings, I had never actually been inside before, but this had been the school my son was going to go to, had he not died. Everything was very pleasant, but nothing was outrageous, it was tasteful but not tacky, and that is one thing I would have hated, and probably would have left had it have been too pompous.

We met with the principal for about an hour and during that time he asked a whole bunch of question of both of us, and had Braedon take a placement test to see where they would be best to start him. We were all pleased when it was marked and found that he was on par with students of some of the higher age groups, and as he told us, that is a very good thing indeed, as all his students, if measured at the same level as other schools, are a full grade level above most every other school. He gave us the pamphlet for the uniforms and told us that school started at eight am, the first Tuesday of September, and that Braedon's first class of the day would be held in the gym with the rest of the school for orientation.

We both left very happy and decided that we would go purchase his needed uniforms. We went to the shop that the school recommended as having the best overall quality, and picked out four complete uniforms, two pants sets and two shorts sets. They were to be tan pants or shorts, black polished shoes, white knee length socks, a choice of dark green or blue, or black for shirts, and in either short or long sleeves. We chose one of each shirt for a total of six and a dozen pairs of socks and two pairs of shoes. He would also need a gym set, consisting of short black nylon shorts, non marking running shoes, jock strap, tank top, and a mouth protector and cup for the vigorous games. It was funny when we were looking for the jock strap and cup, because I had pulled one off the shelf and held it up to him to see if it would fit, what he did not realize was that there was a mother and daughter just behind us.

“It's too small.” He said with a grin.

“You may be a good size for your age boy, but you're dreaming. This is designed to hold everything in place properly, so it has to stretch a little to do it.” I said with a matching grin.

All of a sudden he realized the ladies had been right behind us and blushed so much I thought he was going to burst into flames, he buried himself behind me until we left that aisle, I of course laughed. Once we finished getting everything that he needed for school, we went to the register to pay. Nearly five hundred dollars later we left for home. When we brought our packages in through the door, we all of a sudden realized that we would now have to clean the house, because it was still a mess from last night. We took the bags upstairs and set everything aside to launder or polish at a later time, then got changed into something more comfortable to clean house in.

“How should we go about doing this you figure, both cook dinner then eat, then clean, or should one of us cook while the other starts cleaning?” I asked.

“Let's just get dinner out of the way quickly, we can both do that, and then we can clean up.” Braedon opted for, so we got dinner ready real quick and ate.

It only took an hour for us to clean everything up, thank god I have an industrial style dishwasher that only takes ten minutes per load. Once we got everything back into order, we laid back and read until bedtime. We both got ready for bed and I tucked my prince into bed with a goodnight and I love you, and he said the same to me. I also went to bed and fell asleep quickly.


Chapter 3

This morning the alarm clock woke me up, and for the first time in ages I felt like throwing it out the window, I was enjoying my sleep so much. I decided that the beeping was just too annoying and got up and went to get Braedon up. He woke up right away and gave me a smile and a hug, jumped out of bed, and we went to my bedroom to get out of our wet diapers and have our showers. I enjoyed a very long hot shower, in fact it was so long that Braedon came and scared the crap out of me when he knocked on the glass door of the shower.

“What's taking you so long?”

“Holy shit, don't do that, you nearly scared the crap outta me.” I screamed and Braedon giggled.

“No, but I did scare the pee outta you, in fact, you're still peeing.” He said, still giggling, I looked down and sure enough, he did.

“Well, I had been just enjoying a nice long hot shower.” I said with a fake pout, but shut off the water and stepped out, grabbing my towel, and dried off.

We both got dressed and headed to work. As every second Friday is payday, I would be stuck in the back a good portion of the day, calculating what everybody was to earn, and write out their checks. We started the day as we normally do, I with the books and Braedon with cleaning the store, and then both of us stocking the shelves.

Once we opened I left the store in the others hands, while I did payroll. Finally just after noon I had all the checks written and signed, and ready to hand out. I quickly called the two employees who were not working today and informed them that their checks were ready, and then took the other three out to the boys on the floor and handed them theirs, whenever they were not with a customer.

Braedon was last to get his check and I took him into the back to give him his, since I figured that he might get a little excited when he saw it. He had probably never even seen so much money. It was only a few hundred dollars, but he was very happy to have earned it himself.

“Well rich man, once we get off work we will go to the bank and get you a couple accounts set up. How does that sound?”

“Awesome, but why a couple?”

“Remember I told you a few days ago, one was to be your own account to do with as you please, and the other was strictly for savings and would require both our signatures to get any money from it?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Braedon said and we got back to work for the rest of the day.

The day finished for us at three o’clock and we left to go to the bank and get Braedon his accounts set up. Braedon decided that being it was almost four hundred dollars, and he did not need even half of it, that he would put three hundred into the savings account and the rest into his personal account. I made sure that his savings account was one that had good growth, so that he could earn a little in interest to save for the future.

After we finished at the bank, Braedon wanted to treat me to dinner, of which I accepted, as I knew that it would mean a lot to him, so we went out to a nice family place and had a good meal. After dinner we headed home.

“Why don't we break out those boxes of Lego and have some fun building things?” I asked once we got home.

“Sure, sounds like fun, I have played with Lego at a friends house before, but not lots.”

We opened the big boxes and spread everything out around us and started to construct a large city, each building different pieces. After a few hours of construction, and quite a few buildings, and even a couple good sized bridges, we were yawning quite heavily, so I decided to call it a night and we would continue tomorrow, since we would have all day. I got us both diapered and ready for bed and we said our good nights and I love yous, and crawled into bed and slept right through to morning.

Saturday morning arrived with Braedon climbing into bed to cuddle up to me, I looked over at the alarm clock on my bed side table and saw that it was almost ten in the morning.

“Good morning baby, we both slept awful late this morning didn't we?” I asked.

“Yeah.” He said and cuddled up to me tighter.

“We should probably be getting up to get breakfast! I am afraid that with all the grumbling your stomach is making that it will just jump out and attack me.” I said with a straight face.

Braedon burst into laughter saying, “That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.” He then started growling himself and attacked me. We started tickling each other until I could not stand it any more and gave up.

I pulled Braedon to the edge of the bed so that I could remove his very soggy morning diaper. I thought to myself that the diaper was more wet in the morning than it was when he first came here.

“Do you think you have been wetting more at night since you have been here?”

“Not sure, why?”

“Just that you have been more wet in the mornings lately is all.”

“Probably just drank too much the last few nights I guess, I will try and cut down.”

“No, don't. That would actually be a bad thing. Your body needs water while you sleep, and to deprive it of water actually makes you sleep less. I always have a good sized glass of water before bed myself, and you don't have to worry, I was not upset or anything at all, I was just wondering. I do however want to take you to a doctor soon, you probably have not seen one in some time, so I want to make sure that you are good and healthy.”

“Oh, okay, and no I have not been to a doctor, ever that I know of.”

“Well then, we certainly need to get you to see a doctor then. You go ahead and grab your shower now.”

Braedon just nodded and we each went to our bathrooms, I after removing my soggy diaper.

I pulled myself out of my dreamy shower and dried off and decided today we would stay at home and it would be light lounge pants and an old comfy tee shirt day, so that was how I got dressed. Braedon came in as I finished pulling my shirt on, and he had on a pair of loose fitting shorts and a tee shirt as well.

“I see you felt like relaxing today too huh?”

“Yeah, it just seemed like that type of day.”

We both went to the kitchen and made a quick breakfast of French toast and syrup, we each had six or seven pieces, it was so good. We went to where we had started our city the day before, and continued construction, not really saying much to each other, just working together in companionable silence. Every now and then we would look at the other and just smile and say, 'that looks nice', or something like that. I was glad that we were so comfortable with each other that mere words did not need affect us, and that we could be comfortable in silence.

That had been something my wife and I had been good at as well, we could sit for hours and not say anything to the other, then both finally get up and get our coats on and both want to go to the same restaurant for dinner. Braedon and I had only known each other for such a short time, but it felt as if we had known each other for more than one lifetime.

Just as I was starting to get hungry again, and wanted a little lunch, Braedon also got up saying he was also a little hungry now and wouldn’t mind a little lunch either, and that was when I knew that we had completely bonded. I have found that people cannot bond by talking, it has to be feelings only, and today we fully bonded, I felt as if I knew everything that there was to know about him, and I felt he knew the same of me.

I went to the fridge and started grabbing things to make a salad and Braedon went to the cupboard to grab the bread and then to the fridge to grab the garlic and butter for a nice loaf of garlic bread, the perfect thing to go with a salad. Boy we were getting good, it had taken my wife and I five years together before we got this far. Finally, as we sat down, we had said our first real words of the day.

“Why is it I sometimes think I can feel what you are thinking?” Braedon asked.

“Well, I personally think it is a bond of some sort, we can just feel each others feelings a bit.”

“Kinda like telepathic?”

“No, not quite like that or anything, just that we can feel each other a little, my wife and I could do the same thing, it's kind of spooky at first.”

We chatted idly for a little while at the table, while slowly eating our lunch when we were startled by the ringing of the phone.

Braedon jumped off his chair first and grabbed the phone and said hello. It was my mom.

“Hello Braedon, how is my newest grandson today?”

“Good, and you grandma?”

“Good thanks, can I speak to your daddy please?”

“Good, but daddy is not here right now.” He said with a grin.

“Give me that phone you little imp.” I said as I jumped off the chair to grab the phone.

He took off giggling, still holding the phone, forgetting that he had grabbed the one attached to the wall. I have a long cord attached to that phone so that I can sit at the table and still use the phone, so he got about twenty five feet from the phone, then all I heard was a bit of a squeak as he hit the end of his line. It was possibly the funniest thing I ever saw in my life, and if it was not for my quick reflexes the phone surely would have shattered. I actually caught the phone in mid air as it was recoiling back towards the base. Braedon gave me a sheepish look and walked towards me blushing.

“Hi mom, sorry about that.” I said with a grin.

“What on earth was that all about?” She asked, sounding a bit puzzled, so I told her what had happened.

“The sound that he made when he hit the end of the line was so damned cute and funny, I shall carry that with me to the end of my days.” She said in a fit of laughter.

“Yeah, me too.” I said, trying not to cry I was still laughing so hard.

“Okay, so how are you guys and what are you doing today?” She asked after we both finally calmed down enough to talk.

“We are doing great thanks, and we are just lazing around the house, doing not a whole heck of a lot, other than playing with Lego and building a huge city.”

“Sounds like fun. Would you like me to bring over all of your old Lego from when you were a kid?”

“You still have them, I thought you would have gotten rid of them years ago?” I asked in surprise.

“No, I kept them, I knew that you would need them again some day, and I was going to give them back to you when, well you know, when he turned six. But I could now give them to Braedon instead.” She choked out.

“Yeah, I know, it is still hard for me too. I think we would both really like that. So what are you guys up to today?”

“More or less just relaxing as well. The reason I called though was that with tomorrow supposed to be being so nice, we felt that a bar-b-q was in order, bring nothing but yourselves and swim suits.”

“We will be there then, what time?”

“Come around noonish as usual.” She answered. We said our good byes and hung up.

I told Braedon what was happening and he also agreed that it sounded fun, I then dropped the bombshell on him that we would have to go some where, since we had never thought of getting him anything to swim in before.

“Well, now we need to go shopping to get you some swim shorts.”

“What do I need swim shorts for?”

“For swimming of course, what else! Your grandma and grandpa have a large pool, so we can go swimming tomorrow.”

“Oh, of course.” Braedon said with a mock slap to his forehead, but with a huge grin on his face.

We decided that hey, it’s a lazy day, we don’t care what other people think and left the house as is. We went to the local Wal-Mart and picked out a nice pair of swimming shorts for Braedon, they were short red nylon shorts with the netting inside to keep everything in place. I decided that I would also need a pair myself, so grabbed the exact same ones as Braedon’s only in green and my size. While there I also decided that we needed some sun screen, because it was going to get hot and we would not like to get burned to a crisp while enjoying ourselves.

We went back home and continued on our city until we both felt it was time for dinner, again we both just got up at the same time and went to the kitchen and started preparing dinner. After dinner I decided that a couple movies would be a great end to the day, so we ran over to the video store and grabbed a couple of the latest releases. When we got home I grabbed some juice and popped some corn and we sat down to our first movie of the night. It was really very good, a great story, lots of action and the effects were very good, so all in all a great movie.

We both got up and headed to the bathroom to relieve ourselves and then got ready for bed. I started to wash my face just as Braedon came in already done, so he grabbed both of our diapers and the powder and got everything prepared. I came in and laid him on his already spread out diaper and powdered him up like always, and as always he reacted. I noted that he was starting to grow a little more and that he just might end up being an early bloomer, unlike myself at the ripe old age of fourteen when I finally got my first hair down there. As soon as I had Braedon all diapered up I got myself done up and ready for the next movie.

Braedon climbed up onto my lap and cuddled in as the second movie of the night started. This one was a comedy this time and we both laughed ourselves silly, we laughed so hard in parts of the movie that we actually hurt. At the end of the movie I could tell that Braedon was getting very tired and he was drooping very quickly. I picked him up and carried him to his bedroom and laid him in to his bed, I pulled his covers up to his chin, kissed his nose, and said goodnight my little prince, I love you, sweet dreams. Braedon said goodnight daddy, I love you too.

Sunday morning I awoke to Braedon jumping on my bed right over top of me, he scared me so badly I yelped and wet myself, not a difficult feat when you have the bladder of the average five year old. He started laughing so I quickly jumped up and tackled him to the bed, I pinned him down by sitting on his legs and holding both his hands above his head with one of mine. Once I had him pinned, Braedon realized he was doomed, since he could barely move. I put a maniacal grin on my face and started towards his armpits, easily his most ticklish spot. He squealed with laughter.

“No fair, no, don’t do it, I promise I will never do it again.”

“Ha, you did the crime, now it is time to pay.” I laughed out and delved in with gusto.

“No, don't!” He squealed out as I started tickling him mercilessly.

“I'm not stopping until you pee yourself like you made me.” I said evilly.

I kept switching between pits, and going at different angles, making him squeal and scream in fits of laughter. If it had been any earlier I might have worried about him waking the neighbors, or maybe the dead, but who cares, it was just a father and son having fun. Finally I let up and let him catch his breath and laid myself gently on top of him.

“You better not ever pull that stunt again boy, or else the the next time the torture will be far worse.” I said with an evil grin.

Now anybody who knows anything about kids, especially boys, will know that this is just asking for trouble, but we both loved it so much, who would not want a repeat of that, that is what life is all about, hearing kids laugh.

We finally decided that we should get up and get ready for the day.

“Well, I am going to go lay back in a nice long hot bath, I like those every so often.” I said.

“Can I come have a bath with you please?”

“I don't see any reason why not, it is a large tub, so we should both fit nicely.”

It was a large jetted tub that was actually designed for two people. I started the water and poured in some bubble bath, and as soon as the water was high enough I started the jets and the bubbles started rising. I of course made sure not to add as many bubbles as I had the first time and nearly buried the bathroom in bubbles.

“Now, you saw how much bubble bath I put in right, don't ever put more than that in there, it makes a real mess. In my old house I gave my son a bubble bath for the first time in the jetted tub, and added way too much. The bubbles literally poured into the hall way, there were so many. My son thought it fabulous, my wife wondered how she was going to clean it, and I was dumbfounded as to how I could have been so stupid.”

Braedon cracked up laughing at the vision this caused, and he tried to say something a couple times, but failed to get it out.

“Yeah, I know, we all thought it very comical at the time too.” I said dryly.

“It had been easier to clean up than we thought though, we just picked the bubbles up and set them in the tub, they hardy stuck to anything, and the ones that stuck to the carpet we just left until later and steam cleaned it, it never looked cleaner.” I grinned.

We both climbed in and I grabbed the cloth and pulled Braedon over and had him kneel up so that I could give him a proper scrubbing. I gently cleaned his entire body, even the tender parts. When I got to his penis I tried to pull back his foreskin to clean his head as well, but when I tried to, he winced in pain.

“Why doesn't your foreskin slide back?”

“I never slide it back, why, and why were you trying to?”

“Well, to clean the head of your penis properly you need to slide the skin back, and it should slide much more smoothly than that, it is way too tight. If it is not cleaned properly you can get a very painful infection, and believe me when I say, you do not want that. I am going to try and pull it back now, I want you to stand very still, it might hurt, but you need to start doing this. As your penis gets larger, and you do not do this, your skin will be too tight and when you get an erection, as you often do, it would be quite painful, so do this every time you bath.” I told him gently


I gently pulled the skin back, going very slowly to let it stretch. Finally it pulled all the way back and I was able to clean him properly, probably for the first time in his life. When I first touched the cloth to his head he went instantly hard and he gasped, and I thought he was going to pass out.

I had forgotten that this was likely the first thing to ever really touch his very sensitive head, and that his reaction was very appropriate when I thought of it. At least he had long since stopped getting embarrassed at me seeing him hard, but the look on his face was something between pure bliss and wonder. He had never felt anything like this before, and now he wanted more. I finished him up and had him sit down facing away from me so that I could wash his hair as well. I had him close his eyes as I poured water over his head, I then gently massaged an apple scented shampoo into his hair and rinsed it off. I had him turn around so that he could relax in the warm soothing water while I washed myself.

Once Braedon realized that I was washing myself, he took the cloth from me and started to wash me all over, as I had done to him. When he had gotten to my penis he realized that we were a little different in this department other than size.

“Why does your penis look different than mine does, I have seen it, but never noticed before?” Braedon asked curiously.

“I had to have my foreskin taken off when I was five. My parents did not know what I just told you about your penis a few minutes ago, and I got that painful infection I just warned you about, and to prevent it from happening in the future, the doctor just cut it off. I have no idea why he didn't just teach me how to keep it clean instead of mutilating me, but that was just what they did in those days.”

The look on Braedon's face was priceless and I think he now knew to keep his dick good and clean.

“Did it hurt, I mean when they cut the extra skin off?”

“I was put to sleep for it and when I woke up it was sore, but it was actually less sore than before when it was all infected. I was on antibiotics for a while as well apparently, although I don't remember much about that. I just remember the pain I was in.”

Braedon just nodded and finished washing me off and had me sit down facing away from him so that he could wash my hair as well. I love having my hair played with, it can put me to sleep, so I was enjoying this very much. All too soon Braedon was finished and rinsed me off. We stayed in the bath a few minutes longer, until I felt as if my skin was as wrinkled as an eighty year old, and we got out.

I dried Braedon off and then he tried to dry me off, but I was too tall for him to really get my hair, so I did that. We got dressed in our shorts that we had purchased the day before, put on a couple tank tops and got ourselves a light breakfast, since I knew that there would be tons of food throughout the day at my parents place. After breakfast we put on sandals and left the house for the day.

We arrived at the house at around noon, the standard starting time of my parents outdoor parties. We had been the first to arrive and were able to sit and chat with them for a few minutes before the others started to show up. Everybody in the immediate family, who was close enough to come, ended up coming, and even a few friends of the family came. Many of them were very surprised to see me there, even though they had already found out everything that had happened. I guess they all thought that I would still stay away.

Lots of introductions had to be made to poor Braedon, but I do not think he even remembered one of their names by the end of the night. There were just too many people there, but hey, I could barely remember some of them, and some I had known my entire life. The day was a great success, all the kids had a blast between the large pool and the huge jungle gym and various yard toys that my parents had from when I was a kid, and there was lots for them to do. Braedon played with the kids as if he had known them his entire life, and all told there was close to twenty of them, and at times he was dragged from place to place by more than one happy little boy or girl.

I was laying out in the middle of the pool on an air mattress, when all of a sudden I felt incoming doom. I had just enough time to open my eyes and see Braedon coming flying at me at like mach two, as he had been launched from his equally evil uncle, of whom had added a great amount of height and strength to Braedon's little stunt.

I finally came up spluttering, and everybody was gathered around the pool laughing their asses off, Braedon had started swimming for the side, but was also laughing too hard, so I was able to catch up to him and drag him under with me, where I pulled his shorts off and started to swim for the middle of the pool.

I breached the water with my prize held high and Braedon quickly coming up behind me to try to regain his composure. Everybody around the pool was still laughing at us two having fun, but Braedon was trying to get his shorts from me without showing the world what he kept hidden.

“Well, it sure has been a long time since there was a naked little boy in our pool.” My mom said with a chuckle.

I hugged Braedon to me and gave him his shorts back and held him so he could put them on.

“You mess with the master boy, and it will doom you every time..” I whispered into Braedon's ear.

Once Braedon made himself presentable we climbed out of the pool and grabbed a couple loungers beside the pool to rest.

“How's it goin?” My brother asked, the one who had launched Braedon I might add.

“Dearest brother of mine, what makes you think I won't wrestle you to the ground, rip your shorts off and throw you in the pool too for that little stunt, just like I used to do to you?” I asked as smoothly as I could.

“You wouldn't dare!”

Braedon by now knew that that was a dangerous thing to say to me, and my brother realized it as well, and was smart enough to take off running. I gave chase and Braedon joined me, then all the kids did, eventually we tackled him to the ground and were able to drag him to the pool, I whispered that this time, since there were so many guests, he would get to keep his clothes on. He had been fully clothed when he made the dare, and fully clothed is how he landed in the water. His wife and son were among the loudest of the ones laughing at our good times. He came swimming up to the edge and I offered my hand to help him out, I pulled him out and told him the same thing I had told Braedon. He just nodded.

Soon after we finished our playing, dinner was set out, there was so much food that I wondered if we could ever finish it all. There were steaks and lobsters, chicken pieces, hamburgers and hot dogs, ribs and buffalo wings ( my moms specialty ), five different salads, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and other vegetables. There were cold cuts and cheeses, breads and pickles, you name it, it was probably there. They had huge pitchers of different juices, and large carafes of white and red wines. It was the best meal that I had ever seen in my life. And to top it all off, two people brought out the largest black forest cake I had ever seen and three large buckets of ice cream for dessert.

Everybody who had thought they were full made plenty of room for a good serving of cake and ice cream, and some even had seconds. The party went pretty late into the evening and by the time the thing wound down, it was nearing eleven o’clock.

Everybody started to drift off to their homes for the night, more than one child was found to be curled up asleep on or under a chair or a pool lounger, wherever they happened to pass out. We were the last to leave that night and we both thanked them for a wonderful day and we too headed home.

By the time we arrive home, Braedon was fast asleep in the passenger seat. Gently as I could I picked him up and carried him to his room and lay him on his bed. I stripped him out of his clothes, his underwear already with a wet spot showing, and grabbed a diaper and the powder and got him ready for bed. I tucked him in and kissed him good night and left for bed myself. I think I passed out right away, I am not sure I remember laying down, but at least I remembered to put on a diaper of my own.


Chapter 4

Monday morning came far too early today, not one of my favorite days to begin with, but I was still too tired after only falling into bed only a few hours ago. I stumbled out of bed and wondered why it felt as if I had been drinking the night before, since I never touched the stuff, especially after the accident. I made my way across to Braedon’s room to wake him up and he mumbled something at me, as I shook him, that was not even close to being English.

“Come on handsome, it is time to get up, we have to go to work. I am tired as well and don't really want to be up, but we have to.” I said, again giving him a bit of a shake. All he did again was mumble an incoherent string of something.

Finally I just picked the little stinker up out of bed and carried him to my room and lay him on my bed so that I could remove his soggy diaper, and then removed mine. As soon as I threw away our diapers, I again picked him up and carried him to the bathroom with me and started the shower. I chose a nice cool shower this morning, because we both needed it to wake up. I climbed in and the water hit us both, and it was cool enough to jolt us both awake. With Braedon still attached to my front and holding on by himself I grabbed the soap and loofah scrub and started by gently washing the backside of Braedon.

“Okay, time to get down, I need to get your front as well.” I said once I was finished washing all I could reach.

With reluctance he climbed down and leaned against the shower wall so that I could get his front side, as well as his legs. Once finished with his body I moved him under the spray of the shower so as to rinse the soap off and to soak his hair so that it could also be washed. I poured some shampoo into his mop of blond hair and gently massaged it in and then rinsed it out. After I had finished with him, Braedon grabbed the loofah from me and grabbed the soap and started on my front side. As soon as he was finished on that side he had me turn around so that the back could also get done. To anyone who has never had a child wash you before, it is possibly one of the most pleasant and relaxing things, and I recommend that you try it, because their hands are so soft. Next Braedon had me kneel down so that he could do my hair as well, he was so gentle I almost fell asleep again. We stood and soaked for a few minutes before I decided that it was time to get out and get ready for work, so we climbed out.

“Why can't we just call in sick, climb into bed and cuddle up all day?” Braedon asked as we were drying ourselves off.

“As wonderful of an idea as that sounds, we cannot afford to miss days of work just to lay around and cuddle all day, no matter how much we want to.”

I gave Braedon a swat at his bare behind and told him, “Get a move on and get dressed.” He skipped out of the room and across the hall to his to get dressed while I as well got dressed. We met at the door a few minutes later to head out to work.

We arrived at our normal time and we each got started on our required morning tasks. Monday was of course the worst, because I had Saturday and Sunday, as well as Friday, to do the books for, and it always took far longer to do them, and as good as my assistant manager was, I always felt better doing this myself, even if he had taken care of the entire store for three months while I was off after the accident. I started on the books as Braedon started on the cleaning and stocking. As soon as eight o’clock hit, I called the doctors and dentists offices to make appointments for both Braedon and myself, since I had also not been for quite a while, so a good check-up was probably due. I made the doctors first at quarter after three, and the dentist last at four o’clock, since it would like likely take the longest. At nine sharp we opened the doors and had a nice day of sales.

At three o’clock Braedon and I left for our appointments. We arrived at the doctors office and we were shown in right away and the doctor came in minutes later.

“So how are you guys today, and who might this young man be with you today Jay?” The doctor asked.

“We're fine.” We both said.

“And this is Braedon, he is my son, I just adopted him.” I finished.

“Good to meet you Braedon, I am Doctor Hoyle, and it is about time that somebody dragged his sorry butt back in here, it has been ages and I was wondering where he was.”

“Thanks Doc, but I made this appointment of my own free will, thank you very much, even if it was more for Braedon than myself.” I said, sounding as hurt as possible, but he only grinned.

He asked Braedon a bunch of questions about his medical history and then asked him to strip down to his briefs.

“Would you be more comfortable if Jay were to leave for this part of the exam?” Dr. Hoyle asked Braedon.

“I would prefer it if dad stayed, I have never been to a doctor before.” Braedon answered, and stripped down to the bikini briefs he had chosen, he blushed at this as I had not told him I was doing this today.

The doctor went over him with a fine tooth comb and checked every orifice of his body. Braedon was especially embarrassed as the doctor lowered his underwear to check the state of his penis, he next had him roll over on to his side and pull his top leg up a bit. The doctor squirted a small amount of lube onto to his pinkie finger.

“Now Braedon, this next part is a bit uncomfortable, but not painful, I want you to push out a little as I push in.”

As the doctor pushed his finger in, Braedon made a small grunt and then the doctor wiggled his finger a bit to find the prostate and checked it out. Braedon, I thought, was about to pass out, he let out a bit of a squeal and his penis jumped to full mast. Braedon tried to cover himself from the doctor.

“Hey, don't worry about that reaction, every male who comes in here has the same reaction when I give them their prostate exams, and to tell you quite honestly, I would have been more worried had that have not happened. You can go ahead and get dressed now.” The doctor said after giving Braedon a quick cleanup.

“Okay.” Braedon said, glad it was over.

“Would you like Braedon to leave for your exam?” Dr. Hoyle asked in fairness.

“No, he can stay, I don't mind, and besides, we see each other all the time when we change out of our diapers.”

“Fine by me, go ahead and strip down then. So Braedon, you wear diapers to bed as well, or do you have to wear at other times as well?”

“I only have to wear at night, but during the day I have to pay close attention or I could pee accidentally.”

I stripped down to my briefs as they had been talking and climbed onto the exam table. The doctor came over to me and started checking everything on me, every single spot. He also pulled down my briefs and checked my penis and rolled me over and did the customary prostate exam, with the expected results. After being cleaned up and getting dressed the doctor went to his office to do his notes and came back a few minutes later.

“Well, other than your bladders, you both seem to be very healthy. I would like to have you both tested, you again Jay, to make sure there is nothing causing it. Do both of you wet each night?”

“Yes.” We both said.

“I have for years now.” I added.

“I always have for as long as I can remember.” Braedon added.

“That's what I thought, and most children outgrow bed wetting by your age, so there could be an issue, who knows. Braedon, it also looks as if you are getting close to puberty, if you have not already started. Your penis is already starting to grow and your testicles have started to drop. Jay, the standard father son talk will be required very soon I think.”

My doctor was always good about such things, he believed that children needed to be told the proper facts from their parents, and preferably by the time they were eight years old.

“I was pleased to see that your foreskin and penis head was so clean, many boys are not so clean down there.” Dr. Hoyle said and Braedon just blushed. “What's the blush for?”

“Well, I had to recently teach him all about that, and what pain it could cause, it was the first time he had ever cleaned it properly, his father never taught him anything.” I answered for Braedon as he was still blushing.

“You're lucky you did not get a bad infection then. I remember the first time I met your dad, when I was fresh out of school and started this office, that was the very reason for him coming to see me. At the time all we did to deal with that was a circumcision, now a days we just teach kids to clean better. I still hate that I did that to kids, we just did not know better back then, it was just what was done. I can also tell you that because you have had your foreskin for so long, it would be very unpleasant to lose it now, and with bad enough infections a full, or sometimes, if you are lucky, a partial circumcision is still necessary. You would have a near constant erection for a week or two and it would not feel nice.” The doctor said.

“No kidding. It burned and itched for months afterwards and was always so painfully hard, even at five.” I said. Braedon just gulped.

“You are both free to leave, take these to the lab whenever you get a chance and they can do all these tests, if you can get it done today we can meet again hopefully in a few days, call in a few days to see if I have the results yet and we can make another appointment.”

“Okay, thanks Doctor Hoyle, we will go right away.”

As the lab was only around the corner, and we still had fifteen minutes before our dentists appointments, we went to get the tests done. Braedon had never had any kind of tests done to him before, so he was apprehensive and did not like the looks of the needles. First they had us both pee into the little cups and give them back, then they took us back to draw the required blood tests. The doctor had ordered the works from both of us, so as to be sure of everything, so they ended up taking quite a bit of blood from each of us. I decided that I would go first to show Braedon that there was nothing to worry about. The lab tech was good, so it did not hurt at all, and I watched the whole thing, even pointing out the best place to draw the blood from, since no other place ever cooperated. Once I was all finished, the lab tech had Braedon sit up in the chair and turned around and did something away from us. As she turned around we saw that she had installed one of the fake vampire teeth sets.

“Ah aren’t you a pretty thing, just let me suck a little blood” She turned and said in the most perfect bad acting Dracula voice she could.

He laughed and she took the blood without him even realizing that she had put the needle in. As soon as he did realize it, he looked to where the needle was sticking out of his arm and watched as the blood squirted into the little vials. When she had finished up, she put a great big smiley faced bandage on the needle hole and gave him a sucker saying that he did very good.

Thankfully the dentists office was right between the lab and the doctors office, because we did not have much time left to make it to our next appointment. We arrived right on time and we sat for just a couple minutes before we were called in. I was pleased that they were able to put us both into the same room with chairs next to each other, because I had figured that this would also be Braedon's first visit to a dentist, and I hated dentists, I could not imagine how an eleven year old who had never been would feel.

Two dentists came in at the same time talking, and said hello to us both, and said that they had heard that they had a first timer coming with his dad and they felt that this would be a far better way of doing this. They both started with an x-ray of our mouths and then started right on the cleaning. This had always been my most hated thing of going to a dentist, the scraping hurt my ears something fierce. Both dentist finished up within just a minute or so of each other and prepared us for the polish. Once finished, both dentists went to look at the x-rays to see if there was anything that they were unable to see while cleaning that showed up. They both came back saying that we both had great teeth and should be proud, since they were not even very dirty and there were no cavities at all, and even said that the x-rays proved that both sets of teeth were good and straight.

We left the dentist office and promptly went and ruined the good cleaning by getting some ice-cream. The person who thought of putting an ice-cream shop right in the middle of medical row was extremely smart, since it made for a great bribe for parents, or a treat, for well behaved kids. I decided on it as Braedon was very brave throughout the entire ordeal.

As soon as we finished our ice-cream we left for home.

“Can I ask you something, and tell you something?” Braedon asked as soon as we got home.

“Sure, let's go sit down and you can ask anything you like, and tell me anything you want.”

We went to the den and I sat down in my favorite chair and Braedon climbed into his, my lap.

“The first thing I want to know is, you love me right, even if what I am going to ask makes me a bad person?” Braedon asked, sounding very small again. I instantly gave him a big hug.

“There is nothing that you can say to me that would make me not love you, and what ever you want to tell me cannot possibly be so bad as to make you a bad person.” I said warmly.

All of a sudden in a rush he spilled what was bothering him. “I think I might be gay, today when the doctor put his finger in my bum, I really enjoyed that.” he said, sobbing.

“That is a very common reaction and it means nothing.” I said soothingly.

“But does every boy dream about kissing other boys and having sex with them?” He asked, still crying.

“It is much to early to really be sure if you are gay or not, and even if you are, it would not matter any to me, because I will love you no matter what.” I said as softly as I could, projecting as much love towards him as I could.

At my announcement he burst into tears and wrapped his arms around me so tight that I almost choked.

“But would it be wrong if I loved someone older than me?” He asked quite a few minutes later, after his crying ceased mostly.

“Well, that would of course depend on how much older the other person was, it would not be bad, but maybe not allowed. Who is it you think you are in love with?”

“It's you daddy, I love you like that.” He answered with a deep blush.

“As much as I love you Braedon, I am afraid that those particular feelings are not mutual, I do not have any desire to have sex with you. You see, I think of you as my son, you are my son, and as my son I could not have sex with you, even if I wanted to. I am flattered of course, and like I said, I do love you very much, but what you're experiencing is just a crush, and you should find someone closer to your age to love like that.” I said gently, not really all that surprised, but this caused Braedon to burst into a new round of tears.

“You don't love me.” He cried out, trying to push away.

“That is so far from the truth that even you yourself does not truly believe it. You know I love you, as I know you love me. My love for you is so deep, that were I to lose it now, it would be like driving a stake through my heart, it would not kill me though, but it would be torture.” I whispered into his ear as I hugged him even closer and tighter to me.

“But if you loved me you would want to have sex with me.” Braedon sobbed out, no longer trying to get away.

“That's where you're wrong, love and sex are completely different. Sex all by itself means nothing at all, and to make love to the one you are in love with is the most beautiful thing in the world. I love you, I am not in love with you, it is different. It is hard to understand now, but you will eventually.” I said softly.

“But why don't you love me like that?”

“Our love is probably even stronger than that, it is the love between a father and a son, a bond that cannot be broken. Again, because I love you so much I could never do to you what would cause you pain, and that would, maybe not now, but probably later. I should also mention it is very illegal and more than a little immoral for me to have sex with you.” I whispered again into his ear.

“But I would never tell another soul.”

“That does not matter, we would know, and I could never do that to or with you. It really would be the ultimate betrayal of your trust in me. Now I want to ask you a question, have you ever had these feelings for another boy or man before?” I asked, I had to know if it was because he genuinely was gay, or possibly, or if it was just good old fashioned hero worship.

“Yes, I think I have known for a long time that I was different than other boys, and all last year I had a really bad crush on a boy from my school, but I could never even talk to him. He was really into sports and all that, and I was not, so he had a whole bunch of friends with him all the time. Besides he probably would not have been caught dead with the likes of me. He moved at the end of school last year, and I went home and cried when I found out, I know I am gay.” Braedon said quietly.

“Well, I guess it is good you are going to an all boys school then huh, you don't have to worry about any girls getting in the way.” I said with a grin.

“Yeah.” he said with a grin of his own.

“Have you never had any close friends, it kinda sounds like you didn't?”

“No, I didn't, my father would never allow me to have friends come over or anything, and I was never allowed to go out either, so I never got to get any friends. I did a few times anyways, but after a few beatings, I stopped doing that. They all thought I was a geek anyways.” Braedon said, spitting out most of it.

“Well, there will be lots of new boys for you to make friends with at your new school, and I encourage you to bring them home with you and go to theirs as well. Since we are talking about all this anyways, and you need to know, are there any questions about sex that you would like to ask?” I asked and Braedon kind of blushed.

“Well, what's jerking off?”

“The proper term is masturbation, but it is called many things. It is when you play with and stroke your erect penis until you have an orgasm. Where did you hear that from?”

“Well, a bunch of older boys were talking about it one day, I knew it was something about sex, but not what. What's an orgasm?”

“An orgasm is when your body goes all kind of crazy from playing with your penis enough, it feels very good, and when it also happens, when your body is ready to do it of course, semen will come out, it is a white sticky fluid and is perfectly normal. When it starts though, it is usually pretty clear, and from what I and the doctor think, you will be starting to very soon, if you have not already and just do not know it.”

“How do you jerk off, I mean masturbate?”

“Well there are probably hundreds of ways to do it, but they are all pretty much the same. First you have to get your penis hard, petting and stroking it lightly are good ways to achieve that, then you just grab it and stroke up and down. Play around with it a bit, no pun intended of course, and see what feels best. Be careful to not rub your sensitive head though too much, it can get kind of raw, and that hurts. Some people like lube for this chore, others not. So you stroke away, keep going, the feelings start getting better and better until you think they cannot possibly get any better, then they do, and then if you are old enough to shoot, you will have a little geyser of cum, another word for sperm, shooting out.”

“Wow. I have heard the other boys saying cum before, but I had no idea what it was. What does it look like?”

“Well, like I said, it is kind of creamy white, but the color can vary, it smells and tastes a little salty and sometimes sweet.” I answered, he looked at me kind of shocked.

“You've tasted yours before?” He asked incredulously.

“Yes, nearly every boy has at one time or another, and it is not as bad as one might think it would be. Heck even straight boys are tempted to see what it tastes like, even from other boys sometimes. Playing around with a buddy is considered perfectly normal, just don't get caught by anyone, that is usually bad, even if the person who caught you is doing it with his best friend.” I said with a grin.

“Why does it feel so good to have something go inside my bum?”

“Well there are a few reasons for that. There are lots of nerve endings inside your bum that, if treated properly, can feel very good. The biggest reason though is that that is where your prostate is. It is connected to your penis and it feels super good to stroke that, especially during an orgasm. And before you can ask, yes I have stroked it before myself, many people do it, and some people have special toys to do just that, or their partner can do it for them as well. If in fact you are gay, you will find that that is how boys have sex together, one person sticks his erection in the others bum and strokes away, much like masturbation, but from what I have heard, hundreds of times better. However, anal sex as it is called, if done wrong can be very painful and can cause damage, so if ever you want to try it, come and talk to me and I will tell you all you need to know. Sex of course with a girl is much the same, except you insert into her vagina instead, well unless of course she likes it in the bum as well, the techniques are still the same though. If however you try this with anyone then the side effects can be nasty, from pregnancy to diseases, so be sure and wear protection at all times, I can show you all that at a later time, since I do not have condoms right now.”

“You said before that making love and sex are different, but they sound the same to me, what's the difference?” He asked, he was starting to loosen up considerably, well except his penis, which I could tell was hard as a nail again.

“The physical act is the same, no real differences there. However sex is only to make you feel good and is not truly gratifying, of course it feels good still, but it means nothing. Making love to someone though, now that is so much deeper, it is because you love them deeply that you want to make them feel as good as you can, and you get to share it. Sex lasts for minutes, love making can last for hours, and not even all of it is actually sex. Making love to someone means touching them and stroking them, making them feel very good, kissing is also a big part of it, there is just no love to sex.”

“I think I understand, I still love you though.”

“And I love you too, just not in a sexual way. Come on, let's go get dinner ready and we can talk more after dinner if you have any more questions.”

We went to the kitchen and made a light dinner and sat down to eat. It was very quiet during dinner, even though we could sit for hours and not say anything, I knew this was different, he was thinking over everything I had just told him.

“Was there anything else you wanted to know right now?” I asked once dinner was finished and cleaned up.

“No, not right now, but I would like to go and sit back down and cuddle for a while longer and watch TV please?”

“Sure, that sounds nice.” I said, so we went and watched a few good shows until bedtime.

After the last show of the night we both got ready for bed and said good night to each other, and I love you, and I tucked Braedon in and gave him a kiss on his forehead. I headed to bed myself and fell right asleep.

We woke up at the normal weekday time, as usual, and it was not as difficult for either of us today as it had been yesterday. I got us both up and out of our wet diapers, and we both climbed into our showers to prepare for the day. We went to work and did our normal daily routine and everything went as normal. The only thing about today was that around one o’clock the doctors office called. The doctor wanted to see us again, so we set the appointment at the same time as yesterday, to discuss our test results.

So right after we finished work at three we headed towards the doctors to see what fate may bring us. We of course arrived a few minutes early and sat in the waiting room reading until our turn came up. After about ten minutes of waiting we were called in and the doctor followed us in shortly after.

“How are you both today?” Dr. Hoyle asked.

“We're good thanks, and you.” We answered at the same time.

“I'm good as well thanks. Nothing major showed up from the results of the tests. Braedon, you could just be a bed wetter and it might or might not disappear with time, further tests could tell us more, but if I had to guess from my exam yesterday that your bladder is just not growing as fast as the rest of you. Jay, by the sounds of it your bladder is getting worse. I told you many years ago that this may eventually happen and that if it did you would wet for the rest of your life and it could become a daytime issue as well, we can do more testing to be sure, and of course as I told you the last time we talked about this, there are surgical options, but they do not always work.”

“Thank you doctor, my bladder issue is a genetic problem that seems to be passed down to mostly the boys of our family, a few girls have gotten it as well, but mostly us boys, but I have told you that already, so there is no point in trying to fix something we cannot really cure.”

“Yes, you did tell me that before, and you are right. But for you Braedon, the problem is that your bladder may not be growing properly, I noticed that it was small, but not abnormally, it does happen, and it is a major cause of bed wetting, but if you want we can run some more tests to be sure?”

“What if Braedon's bladder does not grow any more?”

“Basically it would be the same condition that you have, if it is the case, there will not be anything we can do until he is older though.”

“What kind of tests would have to be done?” Braedon asked curiously.

“Mostly painless scans, except one that is a bit uncomfortable, we would need to send a small probe into your bladder, but the worst part is, it goes in through your penis, not painful, but certainly uncomfortable at first.”

“I would do any tests you wanted me to do, except that one where they put something in my penis, I would rather live with it.” Braedon said simply.

“You are old enough to make that decision on your own of course, but I had it done when I was your age, and it is not that bad.”

We made appointments to have the scans done on Monday of the following week and we said good-bye.

“Exactly what condition do the boys in your family have?” Braedon asked.

“We do not all have it, my brother was lucky enough to not get it, same with my dad, but a I have some cousins and uncles and even my nephews might have it, but all it is is an abnormally small bladder. Similar to what yours sounds like, just maybe from something else, maybe yours is just slow to grow.”

“Wow, that must suck.”

“No, you get used to it, and having to wear diapers to bed is not all that bad, a heck of a lot better than waking in a cold wet bed. Hell, if I had to choose between cold and wet or diapered, I would choose the diapers every time.”

“You used to be dry at nights, how come you aren't now?”

“Well back then I was very relaxed and my bladder was slightly trained. I had to get up at nights though, sometimes three to four times a night, it was very annoying, and there were still wet nights though, even then. Sometimes that lasted for a few days, so there were always diapers handy for me.”

“Do you think I will ever have dry nights?”

“It is certainly possible that you will grow out of it, and hopefully you do, however if there is an actual problem with your bladder, then I would not be hoping on it.”

“Oh, okay. At least you're right, the diapers are not all that bad.” Braedon admitted.

We got home and got changed into something more comfortable and went right to the kitchen to get dinner ready. Tonight I made us fried chicken and mashed potatoes with fresh corn on the cob, a very great dinner, and we ate with gusto.

“Can I ask you some more questions dad?” Braedon asked once we were finished.

“Sure, come sit on my lap and you can ask anything you want.” I answered, and we went and sat down in my chair, Braedon cuddling right in, and starting right away.

“What does making love to another boy feel like?” Braedon asked, tonight with no hint of shyness.

“Well, that is a hard question for me to answer, seeing as how I have never made love to another boy. However I assume that it would be the same as with a girl and if done properly would feel absolutely wonderful.”

“Well you have had things inside your bottom haven’t you.”

“Yes, many boys try it, I have tried my fingers and even had a small dildo at one point that I used to pleasure myself with in late high school before my wife and I met. It feels very pleasurable when you rub your prostate with the tips of your fingers, or anything for that matter, just as you are about to have your orgasm.”

“What's a dildo?” Braedon asked curiously.

“A dildo is a sexual play toy that often looks like, and acts like a penis. For straight guys who just like the added pleasure though, they are usually smaller and do not look like penis's, but most are ribbed. They can be made of a variety of materials and both men and women can use them, they can be vibrating as well, which is very pleasing, that was what I had.”

“Wow, cool. When did you buy yours?”

“Oh when I was about sixteen I suppose, and like I said, I got rid of it after my wife and I started dating, since I did not really need it any more.”

“Cool, so what does it feel like to have an orgasm?”

“It is wonderful, that is all I can say, to really know, you have to try it for yourself, you should have tried after you went to bed last night, I figured you would. If ever you want to masturbate, just go to your room and close the door, because if any door is closed we always knock first in this house, but if a door is open then we both may enter any room at any time, this way you can have your privacy.”

“Like I need it, you already change my diapers, how is seeing me masturbate any different”

“Lots, masturbation is something that is private, until you find the right person to share it with, otherwise it should always be done in private.”

“I already found the right person, but he has hang ups.” He told me, turning and giving me an evil grin.

I bent him over my knee and playfully gave him a swat.

“I told you the reasons why I cannot, and you know it, besides I am not even gay, and you have the wrong equipment.” I said playfully.

He stuck out his tongue at that comment and cuddled back up.

“So is making love just sticking your penis up someones bum or is it more?”

“Actually making love to anyone, boy or girl, is far more than that. There is a thing called foreplay where you really just touch and kiss and play with your partner until they are so hot that the actual act of sex is just the end.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well to start with, each person has different spots on their bodies, that when touched, produce reactions that are very erotic, for some it is having their nipples sucked or pinched. For others it is having their necks licked and sucked, each person has different spots and it is most fun finding those places on your lover, or when you accidentally hit them for the first time, they often react with enthusiasm.”

“How can you tell when you are in love.”

“Well that is a hard question, you usually just know, I always had a hard time saying anything at first and I always felt nervous. Most people feel that, but there are other things as well. But don’t forget son, that if you are gay, you will have to be very cautious with who you approach, because it may not always be very well received, always come to me and ask if you have questions.”

“Thank you daddy that helps a lot.”

We sat and cuddled for a few minutes until I reached over and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV for the rest of the evening. After about half an hour of watching TV Braedon got up off my lap and went to the bathroom. It had been quite a few minutes that he was gone for and I was wondering what he was up to, so I went to the bathroom to see if he was still in there, but he was not, so I went to his room to see if he was there.

His door was mostly open, so I just went right in to see if he was in there, since you can’t see his bed from the hall until you enter the room. I found that Braedon was in fact in his room, he had his pants pulled down to his ankles and his shirt pulled up to his chin and was slowly stroking himself, it looked as if he was enjoying himself, so I left him to continue. He had had his eyes closed, enjoying himself, so he never even saw me. After about ten minutes after I left, he had come back and rejoined me in the chair.

“Gee buddy, why are you all red?”

“I don't know.” He answered, with a little blush.

“Was it that good, your first time and all?” I asked, teasing him.

“How did you know what I was doing?”

“Well you are a boy after all, but you left your door open, and when I went to find you, I saw you immensely enjoying yourself. How was it, how did it feel. Did you go all the way until you just collapsed?”

“Oh it felt so good, I don’t know why I haven't done it before. I went so far that I was shaking all over the bed, and guess what, a small drop of liquid came out just as I was finishing.” He answered proudly.

I was glad he felt comfortable talking to me about this, I had never told my dad any thing like this.

“That's great, you're becoming a little man now, and soon you will be able to get a girl pregnant if you were to have sex with one, so you have to be careful. Right now it is probably just precum, but soon it will be the real deal.” I said proudly.

“Cool, and I did what you said, what most boys try.”

“Oh, and what's that?”

“Tasted it.” He answered, not at all shy.

“And what did you think of it?”

“It was real sweet, nothing like what I thought it would be, I thought you said it would be salty too!”

“Right now it is mostly sweet, because it is mostly just sugar, but later, when you produce real cum, it will be saltier, but the pre-cum is still usually sweet.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Now that you have tried it though, you will likely have to do it at least once a day, because it is very addictive, but at least this habit has no side affects, and no, no kid has ever gone blind from masturbation, like every other parent seems to tell their child.”

We watched one more show then got ready for bed. We both got diapered up and I got Braedon tucked into bed and then I gave him a kiss good night and said I love you and went to bed myself.

That blasted alarm, too damn early in the morning. I don’t know why I make myself start so early in the morning, oh I remember, it was so everything would get done. I dragged my sorry ass out of bed and woke Braedon up and got us both out of our wet diapers and headed towards our showers. A cool shower really felt nice this morning, I don’t really know why I was so tired this morning, I slept really well, but oh well, off to work.

It was kind of a slow boring day, and Braedon and I left the store at shortly after two o’clock, since I felt we were not needed for the rest of the day. We went home and worked on our Lego city, I had grabbed all the Lego my mom had kept for me, when we were there last, and added quite a bit more detail to it, we had a great time just sitting there building and not really saying much at all. After we ate dinner we went back and continued building.

Shortly before we went to bed we completed what we figured was a great little project and we were both very pleased with how it turned out. We had lots of buildings and bridges and cars, everything a city needs, even a park. I grabbed the camera I had recently brought home, and took a couple pictures of how it turned out, then a few of Braedon playing Godzilla and destroying the entire city down to rubble. This had always been my favorite part as a child as well, I never kept one piece to show it off, I had a few pictures, but I built it mainly for myself anyways.

We both put all the Lego away in the bins I had also bought for it, and went up to get ready for bed. After we were ready, I gave Braedon a hug and kiss and said good night I love you and he said night night love you too. We both crawled into bed and slept until morning.

Nothing really happened over the next couple days, so here we are, Saturday morning, and I had just been waken up with a flying tackle that literally scared the piss out of me again, man I am going to have to get used to this. I promptly pinned the little hellion to the bed on his stomach and tickled his feet mercilessly until he was bursting, and I am referring to his diaper, as I tickled him enough to make him pee a couple times. I gave him a swat to his padded backside.

“Flip over you little brat so I can remove your diaper.”

I noticed he was getting a little diaper rash again, so I grabbed the cream and applied it to him.

“You're getting a little bit of a diaper rash, so just go naked for a while and get some air on it, and then have a shower after breakfast.”

I was also getting a little red, so applied some cream to myself and went and started making us breakfast while wondering what we should do for the day.

“What should we do today Braedon.” I asked as I was making our food.

“Doesn't matter to me, anything with you is great.”

“Thanks, that was helpful.” I grinned, and just turned and continued making breakfast.

I finished cooking breakfast and we sat down to eat, as we were eating I decided that we would go to the large fair grounds in Vancouver and stay there for the day, I decided not to tell Braedon, thinking it would be a nice surprise.

After breakfast I sent Braedon to take his shower while I had one as well, I told him not to get dressed right away, because I needed to put more cream on him. After we both got out of the shower, Braedon brought his clothes into my room so he could just get dressed as soon as I applied the cream. I had him lay on the bed and I applied it to him well and he got dressed. I also put more cream on and got dressed.

“We're gonna head into Vancouver for the day, go watch TV for a few minutes while I get a couple things ready please?” I asked and Braedon nodded, not even bothering to ask what we were going to do.

I grabbed a backpack and put a few diapers of each of ours in, and a change of clothes for Braedon. I did that because I was unsure as to whether or not he would be able to handle the rides without wetting. I also put one of the pads I kept for emergency in my underwear, as I was unsure of how I would handle it as well. I was mostly bringing diapers for me as well to make Braedon feel better if he needed them. It was a really nice day out today, so I knew we would have a great time.

We got onto the highway and made our way to the fair grounds in the city, Braedon watching everything out the window as he had never been this way before, we had gone to the smaller city in the other direction when we had went shopping. Finally after a few hours of driving we arrived at the grounds to the fair and it was not until we pulled into the parking lot that it dawned on Braedon where we were going.

“Wow, we're really going in there? I have never been to a fair before, never even seen a ride up close, I want to try every thing.” He said excitedly in rapid fire.

“Oh you will get your chance, many times over, this park closes at one am and we are staying as late as we want, though if we stay that late we will stay at the hotel across the street.” I said and I paid for the parking and we found a decent spot, I grabbed the bag and our hats and sunscreen and went to wait in line for the entrance.

I had timed it perfectly, the gates were just opening for their eleven o’clock open time. We went straight in after paying the ungodly rates to use the park for the whole day and went and found a picnic bench by where the lockers were kept. I put sunscreen on every exposed part of both myself and Braedon, I did not want either of us to get a burn, although it was also a tanning oil to help us darken up a bit. We put on our hats and locked the bag in the locker and headed straight for the bathroom to go before we went on the rides. Our first ride was the biggest coaster on the grounds, it was massive, and although I had been on it many times in the past with my wife, it had been well over five years since I had last seen it. Braedon had chosen it as it looked awesome.

“Do you think it is a good idea to choose the biggest ride in the park for your very first ride ever?”

“I have always wanted to try a roller coaster, they look so cool and so much fun, and I guess it is now or never.”

“Okay, let's go then.”

We waited in line until it was our turn, as luck would have it we got the very back seat, it had always been my favorite, but also the scariest. The train started to go up the hill, climbing very high in the air, then we watched as the front of the train went over the edge, and then we followed. What came next was two minutes of loops and turns, inside and outside rounds, hills and gullies, all in all one of my favorite coasters, and I have tried a few.

As the train was pulling into the unloading station, Braedon started to cry as he realized that he had wet himself on his very first ride. I pulled the jacket off that I had tied around my waist for when this happened, and had him stand up and tied it around his waist as soon as we were able to.

“Don't worry about it, it happens here all the time I am sure, and I came prepared for just such an emergency.” I said as we exited, he was sniffling a little still. Thankfully no one other than the ride operator saw, and he had probably seen it so often by then that he never even flinched.

“God, I am such a baby, I can't even go on a ride without pissing myself.” He said sadly as we walked to the lockers.

“You are not a baby, we have gone over this before, and even I myself wet a little from the pressure the ride caused., it was just too much for our little bladders to hold.” I said reassuringly.

“Well how come I can’t see it on you then?”

“I am wearing a special bladder guard, sort of like a half diaper that I just put inside my underwear. I knew this would happen to me, so I was prepared, and I suspected it might happen to you, so I came prepared for that as well, why do you think I had that jacket with me, we certainly don't need it today.”


I grabbed the bag and we went to one of the private family rooms that were kept likely for these cases. Inside they had a low table that was sturdy enough that even I could lay on it. First I had Braedon take off his wet pants and put them into the plastic bag I had brought for them. I then lay a large changing pad on the table and he crawled onto it and I put his diaper on him. At this point he realized that his diaper would show under his pants, so I threw him the pair of overalls we had bought.

“Here, before you say that your diaper will show, that is the reason I bought these for you, it will not show in these.” He just grinned at me and slipped into them.

My pants were big and baggy enough that my diaper would not show, so I was fine. I got into my diaper and threw the pad into the garbage, thinking it was lucky I did bring it after all. We then went on quite a few more rides and we had the time of our lives.

After about ten rides we took a break and played a few of the games they had, to try and win things. We both knew they are a complete rip off, but they are fun. Braedon did very well with a crossbow game and got the largest prize they had. I was very impressed, but the games keeper was not, since it only cost a couple bucks to play. We went and put our new toys in the locker and went and had some lunch.

“How is your diaper holding up buddy?” I asked quietly after we finished lunch.

“Getting a little soggy.”

“Mine too, let's go get changed.”

We grabbed the bag and headed towards the family rooms again, and as we were going in a mother and her son were coming out, he was about thirteen or so, and I could see he was also wearing a diaper, as his shirt was not pulled down all the way, so I tapped him on the shoulder and quietly whispered to him of this fact, he blushed so I said no prob kid, I have the same problem.

We went in and got changed and went back out to have fun. We went all over the park and played the games, rode the rides, and looked at all the exhibits that they had. I ended up buying quite a few neat things that we either needed or wanted, and we bought lots of food as well. We went back to our locker and put our purchases in and grabbed the bag out and went and got changed again and then had dinner.

By the time we finished dinner all the park lights were coming on, because it was just starting to get dark. I think that this is the best part of coming to a place like this, all the lights look awesome in the dark.

It was now closing in on ten o’clock and I asked Braedon “How are you holding up?”

“I'm doing great and want to go on more rides.” He answered happily.

We ended up staying right until closing time, riding at least every ride three times or more. On this night at the park they had a fire works display to end the night, so we stayed and watched it, once it was done we collected all of our belongings and headed out to the car.

I put everything into the trunk, except the bag that still held a diaper for each of us, got in and drove across the street to the hotel and went inside and got a room for the night. The night desk clerk said he was sorry, but he only had two rooms left, one was the honeymoon suite and the other was a single bed suite with a king size bed, but he might be able to scrounge up a cot for the young one. I told him that there was no need, and that obviously he didn’t have kids or else he would have known that more often than not kids ended up sleeping with their parents anyways, so what was one more night. We paid and headed up to our room and got ready for bed. We both had on very wet diapers, so I changed us both, making sure to put more cream on us both. We climbed into bed and Braedon cuddled right up to me and fell asleep before I could say goodnight. I did anyways and gave him a kiss on the forehead and fell asleep myself.

It was ten o’clock in the morning before we woke up and it felt nice to be able to lay there and just stretch for a few minutes before getting up. I prodded Braedon up to get in the shower then I would take mine. I pulled off his diaper and then took mine off and threw them both in the trash can with the ones from last night and Braedon headed off to the shower.

Braedon came out drying himself off and I went in and entered the shower that he had left going for me. After having a nice shower I hopped out and began drying myself off as I entered the bedroom. Braedon was still naked and he had the jar of cream sitting beside himself waiting for me to put it on him.

“You could have put that on yourself you know.”

“I know, I just prefer it when you do it, it makes me feel loved to be taken care of by my daddy.” He said lovingly.

I did not answer, I just took the cream and lovingly rubbed it into his entire crotch and bum, as soon as I was done he hopped up and started getting dressed while I got myself all creamed and changed.

I swear the only reason he liked it was because he got so hard during it, I however never went long enough to make it better. Once we were both dressed we went and checked out and went for breakfast at a nice little restaurant who had advertised the best Sunday brunch in the city, well who was I to pass up such an offer. After breakfast we headed home and the trip was uneventful, Braedon fell asleep about an hour into the drive home.

When we got home I gently pulled Braedon out of the car and took him up to his room and laid him on his bed, he never even twitched once, he was sleeping so deeply. About an hour later a sleepy eyed boy with a very large wet spot on his clothes came in the room.

“Looks like I should have put a diaper on you, I figured I should, but I didn't want to wake you up.”

“It has been so long since I wet the bed, I almost forgot how horrible it feels.” Braedon said with a yawn.

“Yeah, it is gross, go on up and get changed, I will come and grab your wet clothes and bedding and get it in the wash right away.”

We both went to Braedon’s room and he got undressed and just put on a pair of underwear, and threw his wet clothes on his wet bed, while I grabbed his bedding and wet clothes once they were ready for me.

“I am just going to go around in my underwear for the rest of the day, I just feel like being lazy.” Braedon said when I gave him a questioning look.

“Sounds like a good idea, I will do the same.”

I put Braedon’s wet bedding into the washer and turned it on so it would be ready for bedtime. I decided that tonight was just movies and popcorn, so I told Braedon I would be right back after I asked him what he wanted for movies. While I was gone I decided that pizza also sounded good, so I called ahead to the pizza place and ordered it then went to the video store and picked out a couple good movies. I left and went to the pizza place and waited the few minutes for our pizzas to finish, while I was waiting I grabbed a couple bottles of pop and paid for those as well. As soon as I got home Braedon smelled the pizza and came to see what I had brought home with me. I dropped the boxes and bags on the table.

“I am going to go get changed, can you go ahead and get the plates and everything while I am gone?”


I decided that since I was in here anyways, I would just put a diaper on so that I would not have to go to the washroom during the movies, I also grabbed one for Braedon so he could be real lazy as well.

“Take off your underwear, we are going to be super lazy tonight and just wear diapers.” I said, he just grinned and nodded and did as I asked.

Once he was diapered I put the first movie in and we sat down and watched the movie while eating pizza and drinking lots of pop. After the first movie ended, I put the popcorn in the microwave, as I felt really lazy tonight and went the easy route, and in just a couple minutes we started the second movie. By the time the second movie ended we were both getting very tired so we went to get ready for bed. I changed both of us, as we had used our diapers quite a bit, more than they could take until morning. I tucked Braedon in with a kiss to his nose and a goodnight and I love you.

“Goodnight, I love you too, thank you for the best weekend of my life.” Braedon yawned.


Chapter 5

After such a great weekend I found it extremely difficult to get myself out of bed, and I actually thought of calling in sick, I mean I am the boss, and I have earned it. But no, I can’t, I am not sick and we have things to do. I rolled out of bed and headed across the hall to wake Braedon up, and he had a tough time getting out of bed as well. Finally we both get to my room and I stripped us of our wet diapers and threw them away and we each headed to our showers.

We arrived five minutes early to the store and entered to do our daily activities. Clean the store, do the books, stock the shelves, you know, the boring stuff. After the relief staff showed up I mainly let them handle the floor while Braedon and I re-organized the stockroom to make room for a new shipment of products that were arriving this week. We finished the back room at about two o’clock and I decided that I had had enough for the day and left the store in the capable hands of my employees, and Braedon and I went for a late lunch, or early dinner, whatever you want to call it.

After we finished eating we left for the hospital to have Braedon’s tests done. We arrived a couple minutes before his appointment, but they called us right in. The first thing they wanted done was for Braedon to go to the washroom and empty as much urine into the cup as he could squeeze out. After fifteen minutes of waiting he came out sweating, and with a nearly full container. I remembered this well as I had had to do this one as well.

Next thing they had him do was drink as much of this vile looking liquid as he could take, and when he could not take any more, they had him take one more sip. We had to sit and wait for fifteen minutes for the liquid to go through his system and enter his bladder, it was a very fast acting stuff, and I remember I had to pee so bad by the time they did the tests on me it hurt, and by the time the fifteen minutes was up I could tell Braedon was in a lot of pain trying to hold it.

I am quite surprised he had not wet yet, as I remember a little leaked out of me during this test, but I ended up thinking this too soon as only moments later a small puddle started to form as we were walking to the test room. The nurse saw this happening and said not to worry, during this test this usually happens and they are prepared for it, but they wanted for Braedon to hold as much as he could, if he could.

When we arrived they had the machine ready, a cat scan was to be performed on his stomach and also an ultra sound. When the tests were complete they had him go back into the bathroom and squeeze as much of the liquid back out into another container. All told we were in the hospital having tests done for well over an hour, and Braedon was well drained, literally. We then went home and just relaxed for the rest of the night.

We had a later than usual dinner and went to bed quite early, as the excitement of the past couple days was still wearing us down. I diapered us both and sent Braedon off to bed.

“Can I sleep with you tonight please?”

“Sure, why not, we put you through a lot today, I guess you deserve to be cuddled all night long.”

“I wanted the tests done, so it was not your fault, but man, holding all that liquid in for so long was nearly killing me.”

“I knew what you were going through, I had much the same tests done when I was your age.”

We climbed into bed, cuddled up and said goodnight and I love you to each other and went right to sleep.

A couple days had gone by since the tests were done and I was waiting for the doctor to call with some answers, and finally on Thursday the office called and had us make an appointment for that afternoon. So right after work at three o’clock we went straight to the doctors office to see what he had to say. After waiting for a few minutes we were shown in and the doctor came in shortly after and we exchanged pleasantries.

“So how were the test results?” Braedon and I asked at the same time, almost in the exact same words.

“It did not look promising, it looks like there was damage done to the bladder, but it does not appear to be a genetic trait of any sort. I could call in a specialist in this area, but I have studied up on it lots, mostly because of you Jay. If I had to guess Braedon, I would say that you had a lot of bladder infections when you were younger, do you ever remember having a really hard time peeing?”

“Yes, I remember that a lot, still do sometimes.”

“Yes, that is what I suspected, your bladder was damaged due to untreated bladder infections, it has caused your bladder to not grow properly, and I hate to say this, but it may never, and will likely get worse. You now basically have the same condition as Jay does. In a way you should be happy, if you had any more untreated infections it could have meant total loss, so if there is ever any pain at all, you have to come in right away.”

“Does this mean that it could get worse in time because my bladder is not growing, I mean I am only a kid and I will grow more right?” Braedon asked, not upset, just wanting to know.

“It is too soon to tell what will happen in the future, for now all we can do is wait and see. However, I do have to warn you that the control you have now may be at best permanent, but like I said, could also just as easily get worse.” Dr. Hoyle said sadly.

“Okay, so how do I prevent infections in the future?”

“Easiest way is to drink lots of fluids, preferably water, and go to the bathroom as soon as you need to. For school I will be happy to write you a note explaining that fact so that there will be no troubles there.”

“Okay, thanks a lot doctor.” Braedon said.

“Yes, thank you doc, at least we know now right.” I said as the doctor passed the note over.

On the way Braedon was quite quiet and did not say much and I could not really tell what he was thinking.

“Hey there buddy, what's the matter?” I asked gently, already near to home.

“I am going to be a baby for the rest of my life aren’t I, I will always wear diapers and it could get worse?” He said and he started to cry while saying it.

I pulled into our driveway and got out quickly and went to his side and pulled him out and carried him into the house. I sat us on the chair in the den and held Braedon tight.

“It is not so bad, having to wear diapers, look at me, I do, and just because you have to, it is not your fault either, does not make you a baby, you understand me. You have a medical condition that is causing this little upset and there is nothing to worry about. Look at me, my wetting may or may not get worse with time, I won’t know until it happens, but we cannot live life guessing as to what might happen tomorrow, because you will miss what is happening today.” I said softly.

He gave me a squeeze to tell me he understood, but kept his head buried in my chest until the crying stopped.

“How do you feel now?”

“I feel much better, the news just was hard to take at first, but I guess you’re right.”

“Why don’t we go out to a movie tonight to take our minds off this, okay, pizza first though?”

“Oh okay, if you insist, I guess we can.” He said with a small grin spreading across his face.

“Would you like to wear a diaper like I will be, I can almost never make it through a whole movie and I hate getting up and missing parts?”

“Okay, it is easier I guess, and it is easier in the long run, plus they are quite comfortable.”

“Go grab your overalls and meet me in my room then.” I said, and Braedon ran off to do as I asked.

I was already half way done getting myself ready when Braedon came into the room, ready to be diapered, carrying his clothes in his arm, the only clothes he had at the time, because he had already gotten undressed. We got ready to go and went out for the night.

We went to a great pizza place, the best I have ever been to, and had an entire large pizza to ourselves. This restaurant was famous for it’s large pizzas, large enough to feed four they claimed. It was piled high with toppings and was very filling and we finished it, boy I was going to get fat at this rate. We rolled ourselves out to the car and as we climbed in I swear I heard the car groan, we then drove the five or six blocks to the movie theater.

We paid for and watched a new action sci-fi movie that was showing, it was nearly three hours long and very good, and we were both very glad we were wearing diapers, because we would have missed a whole bunch of the story if we had to leave even once. After the movie we went home and we decided that it was time for bed, so I got us both changed for bed and we said goodnight and I love you to each other. As I was going to sleep that night I decided that it was time for a father son vacation and I would take the next two weeks off and we would travel somewhere.

Friday went by really quickly with all my scheming behind Braedon’s back, I arranged for my assistant manager to cover everything, and I redid the schedule and handed a copy to each of the guys, without letting Braedon see. I also called to a local RV dealer and arranged to come over to look at a motor home. I left the store for a couple hours, telling the guys to behave while I was gone on some important business, they all stuck their tongues out at me, and said yes daddy.

I shook my head at them as I left and went straight to the RV lot. I met the manager there and I had him show me a few good units that were suitable. After an hour of looking I decided on a really nice forty foot AAA class, at nearly a hundred thousand dollars, it was very nice, but not the best, nor the most expensive one they had on the lot, I almost choked when he showed me one for three, saying no, I don’t want a motor home more expensive than my house, and I point blank refused to look at the million dollar ones. I told him that I wanted for him to deliver it to my house tonight since I had no way of getting it home now, and they were all good with that.

I paid for the unit and they had a guy come out and teach me how everything worked inside and out, and he even had me take it for a test drive with him so that I could get the feel of the very large house on wheels, before we started to travel. By the time we got back to the lot I was very comfortable driving the rather large rig. I found it was quite easy to back up and maneuver into various positions, he also trained me how to do this.

I called the store and told them that I was running really late and that I was still a couple hours out and asked how everything was going. They told me they were all doing fine and Braedon was doing great in sales. I told them that that was great to hear, tell him I will be back to get him as soon as I am done, but remember don’t say anything.

I went straight from the RV lot to get insurance for the big beast, boy that costs a lot, and then went grocery shopping. I loaded up on the groceries and grabbed lots of diapers for us both, and grabbed anything I thought two bachelors on the road would need. Finally I got back to the store and picked up Braedon and went home.

“Can you help me bring in the groceries from the car, but no snooping, just set them by the door?”

“Okay, I guess, whatever you say. Should I call a doctor or something, you’re acting weird?” He asked after giving me an odd look.

“Nah, just have a surprise that I think we will both enjoy, and unless I am mistaken, that is it pulling in now.”

As we were grabbing the last of the bags the motor home pulled up and a lot truck with another driver also came.

“What is that doing here for?”

“Surprise, I bought the motor home today and we are going on vacation before school starts.”

“I thought you said you were doing important business for the store today!”

“So sue me, I made a little white lie to surprise my son.” I said with a grin.

“Cool, you're forgiven for lying for that reason. When was the last time I told you that you are the best dad in the world?” He asked happily.

“It has been hours at least, but you're the greatest son too.”

“Thanks, can we go see inside now?”

“Sure go ahead, but take a couple bags with you?”

Just as Braedon took off to look at our newest toy, the guy who had shown me how to use the unit earlier came up and handed me the keys and said that it had a full tank and was cleaned inside and out, and that they had even filled the water holding tanks and propane tanks free of charge for us. He then told us to enjoy our trip. I said oh we will, don’t worry about that.

I strolled over to the RV and climbed inside to find Braedon looking around in awe.

“This thing is huge, it has everything our house has, just on wheels.” Braedon said in amazement.

“That's pretty much exactly what it is, our temporary home on wheels, but if you think it is large now, watch this.” I said, and I hit the switch for the two slide outs that made it even larger inside.

“Wow that is neat, I thought it was big before, but now it is huge.”

“Go on in the house and pack, bring everything you will need, we will be gone for two weeks.” I said and Braedon took off as if shot from a cannon.

I also went inside and packed up almost all my clothes. Two suitcases each, we loaded them into the moving house. We went through the house and collected whatever we thought we would need. I grabbed almost all the food and dishes from the kitchen, thinking I should get all new dishes and utensils sometime for the motor home so that we did not have to go through this every time we just wanted to go. Once we were sure we had everything packed and into the RV, we headed out. I got onto the road and passed Braedon a map.

“Here, take this, open it up, close your eyes and point, wherever you point to first, we go to, and make all sorts of stops on the way.”

Braedon did as I asked and closed his eyes and pointed, and the first try ended with us in the ocean.

“This is an RV, not a submarine, try again.” He giggled and re-pointed and ended with a small town out side of Texas.

“Okay, Texas it is, we have two weeks and we will go as far, and see as much as we can on our way to Texas.”

We both decided that the major highways were not for us and we kept to the smaller back highways. They are after all a lot more scenic and a lot less hectic.

We drove for a few hours, stopping every now and then to see the different sights we came across, learning different things. We stopped for the night at a small creek side campground that had full hookups for us. We ended up backing right up to the creek and it was very nice and peaceful. We cooked a nice dinner and ate outside and enjoyed the sound of the slow moving water. We stayed up until it was dark, just sitting around chatting and doing nothing. We both went inside and got ready for bed, I got us both diapered and put our clothes in the hamper so we could wash them. We went to bed and we had decided that it would be easier for us to share a bed for the trip rather than fold down the table every night, or pull out either of the couches and make them, so we crawled into bed and said goodnight.

The next morning we woke up and stretched and lazed around in bed for a few minutes until we both climbed out of bed. I decided to start breakfast while Braedon took his shower and then I would take mine after breakfast. He said that was fine, but he would cook tomorrow morning while I had my shower so I said that was fine. I got him out of his soggy diaper and he went in to have his shower. I started making pancakes and sausages and eggs and just as Braedon came out of the bathroom, drying off, I was setting the table.

“Took a long time this morning didn't you?”

“Yeah, the water felt great.” He said with a bit of a blush.

“Yeah, the water felt great. Are you sure it wasn't something else that felt great?” I teased.

“Yeah, that felt great too.” He said, still blushing a bit more.

“Hey, no need to blush, we all do it, and I know what you look like, even when you are doing it, so no need to be embarrassed. Besides, before too long it will be me in there enjoying the water.” I said warmly.

We sat down and had a nice filling breakfast. After breakfast I went for my shower and Braedon got dressed and then started cleaning up so that we could leave for the day.

We left the first campsite of our trip at around ten in the morning and continued our drive south. I had Braedon checking all the maps for interesting places that we could stop at, that were either on our way or not to far out, so that we could see lots. He found quite a few places to see and we had a great time.

Around the third day of our trip we came upon a massive theme park, larger than I had ever been to before, so we decided that this was where we would spend our day. It was nice that one of the places to park was actually a campground that joined onto the park, so that we would not have to find a place to park for the night as well. We found a spot that was only a few minutes walk to the nearest gate, and set up camp there for the night. We had pulled into the campground at about eleven o’clock and the park did not open until twelve, so we set everything up and had a bite to eat.

I got us both diapered up and we left to wait in line to enter the gates. After paying to get in, we had a great day of rides and games and exhibits. We ended up going back to the campground about five times during the day for changes and food, even though we ate a lot on the fair grounds. Finally at one o’clock in the morning, when the park closed, we went to the campground to sleep until morning. If it wasn’t for the fact we were both almost to capacity in the diaper department, I would have just left them, but I changed us both anyways. Braedon fell asleep half way through his diaper change, so I tucked him in and gave him a kiss on his forehead and said I love you and got myself ready and climbed in right behind him and passed out.

We ended up sleeping until after noon the next day, well after the regular check out time, meaning that we would have to pay for another full day. We decided that since we had to pay anyways, that we would tour the city today and just stay another night. Braedon thought it was a good idea as well, so we ate and prepared to leave for the day. I bought an all day transit pass for the two of us from the gate house of the park, they sold them for this very reason, I am sure they charge extra for it, but I didn't care.

We toured the city for the better part of the day and saw tons of great things. We ended up buying quite a few things from various shops and stores and we had plenty of bags by the time we made it back to the campground for the night. We made a nice dinner and rested until we were both ready to pass out, so I got us both ready and went to bed.

After having breakfast, and unhooking the RV, we were on our way for another day of traveling and sight seeing. We hit every major tourist trap we could possibly find, and met tons of great people. On our seventh day of our holiday we stayed at a great lakeside campsite that was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. We decided that we would spend two days here and head back home on a different highway.

We were still a ways out side of Texas, but we never intended to go there, just enjoy the trip. We set up camp and had a nice lunch of B.B.Q. hamburgers and salad. There was a really nice family right next to us, a father and three sons of about five, seven, and ten. They were all very nice and Braedon and the oldest boy, Thomas, got along really well. I invited them all to stay with us for dinner for the night and sit around our fire for tonight. They all agreed and we hung around with each other for the day. The father of the boys, Tom Sr., and I sat down and chatted for a while.

“So where are you guys from, and is it just the men out for a male bonding trip, or like us and no woman?” I asked.

“We are from Texas and my wife died a few years ago from cancer, we are just on a family holiday.”

I then told him our story and he was impressed with my story and saddened how I lost my wife and son.

“That had to have been so hard on you, losing them both in the blink of an eye like that. We had known for years that my wife had cancer and we lived every minute we could to our fullest, because we knew it was terminal and that sooner, rather than later she was going to die. When she became pregnant with our last son, it almost finished her. She had been able to hold on for nearly two years after, the doctors told us that she should never have gotten pregnant, that it could have prolonged her life, but she told them it was none of their business and with another child she lives on even more. It was far easier on me than it was the older kids, but it still hurt, lots.”

“It was hard losing my wife, but not so hard as losing my son, it felt as if I had died as well, no parent should ever have to bury their children.”

After both crying in our beers, mine root, we lightened the mood and talked about our kids.

“Sometimes having three boys is such a handful, but you know what, I wouldn't give it up for the world.”

“I had always wanted loads of kids, but my wife and I had such a hard time having our son, so we were not able to have more. Then when she was killed, that ended as I have no interest in ever dating again, no one can replace her. No one could replace my son either, but Braedon is another child.”

“I am the same way, it would feel like a betrayal to me somehow. I know it would not be wrong, but it would feel like it.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“So how long have you had Braedon for then?”

“It has only been a few weeks now, but I couldn't lose him now, not for the world.”

“Wow, you two act as if you have been together for years.”

Just then Braedon and Thomas came running up.

“Dad, can I sleep in Thomas' tent with him tonight, if his dad says it is okay?”

“It is fine with me if it is with Tom.” I answered and looked to Tom.

“It's fine with me.”

I then pulled Braedon over to me and whispered in his ear. “What about your little night time problem?”

His face went very bleak and said “I guess it would not be such a good idea to stay over in the tent.”

“It would be okay, but you would have to tell at least Thomas, and I could talk to his father first, if it would make you feel better.” I whispered back

“Okay, but if they have a problem with it, I will stay with you tonight.”

“You boys go on and continue playing like young boys are supposed to.” I said out loud.

“What was that all about?” Tom asked, referring to our whispered conversation.

“Oh Braedon had a small problem that he was worried about Thomas finding out about.”

“Oh, and what is that?”

“Well due to a medical condition, Braedon has an extremely small bladder and therefore cannot control his bladder at night and wears diapers to bed for it.”

“Oh, well I never thought of doing that before, I guess it would be easier.”

“Huh, what are you talking about?”

“Well Thomas wets at night as well, about three to four times a week, and the other two boys occasionally as well, for the most part we all just ignore it and deal with it in the mornings when we need to.”

“Have you taken Thomas to a doctor yet?”

“Yeah, and a couple now have said that it is simply that his bladder is not developing as quickly as the rest of him, pretty standard they all say.”

“How about anyone else in your family, is this maybe a family trait?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“I have a condition, that is hereditary, that causes the same type of problem, and it is passed mainly between the males of our family, some outgrow it, but most don’t.”

“You still have this problem yourself then, don't you?”

“Yes I do, and I wear the same thing to bed at night as Braedon does.”

“Oh really, I wonder if that is what my brother does, he wet his bed at least every other night until he moved from home, but again it was never really dealt with. He might still for all I know.” Tom said.

“Yeah I know how that feels, that is exactly how my family dealt with it until I moved out, I even told them many times that I should wear diapers at night to protect the bed, but they always said diapers are for babies. When I moved out, that was the first thing I bought for myself because I was sick of waking up every night cold and wet, it is after all very uncomfortable.”

“The two younger boys don’t really need them, since it is occasional enough, but maybe I should try them for Thomas.”

“I can lend you a couple of Braedon's for Thomas, if you would like, so that he can try them to see what he thinks, without you having to buy a whole case of them.”

“Well I just might take you up on that offer, if you don’t mind!”

“At first Braedon was very skeptical about wearing diapers, saying I am not a baby though, but now it is second nature, even after just a couple nights, and now he won't go to bed without them.”

“To wake up cold and wet, as compared to warm and dry, it is no wonder that he would prefer it.”

“Hey Braedon and Thomas, come over here for a minute please?” I called out.

“Yeah dad, what's up?” Braedon asked.

“Have a seat, we want to talk to you boys about a mutual problem you share. Thomas, you wet the bed at night right, what do you do about it?” I asked right away, not wanting to beat around the bush.

“Yes, nothing, I just change my sheets in the morning,” He answered, turning away from Braedon, and nearly whispering it.

“And what would you do to wake up warm and dry in the morning?” I asked gently.

By now Braedon knew what I was up to and was smiling, because now he knew he was not the only kid.

“Almost anything.” Thomas said, a little louder.

“That's what I thought. And Braedon, you wet the bed at night too right, before you came to live with me, what would you have done to stay warm and dry at night?”

“I would have done anything as well, I tried to stop on my own, wake up three or four times a night, but to no end, I always woke up wet.” Braedon answered me. “But now that I live with dad I have another option that is not as bad as it seems and really is comfortable, I wear a diaper to bed.” Braedon told Thomas.

Thomas looked kind of shocked at such a statement, but then changed to that of wonderment.

“Jay has offered to lend you a couple of Braedon's diapers so that you can try them out, to see how you like them. If you don't like them, then you can go back to the way we have always dealt with it, your choice, but at least give it an honest try.” Tom took it up from there.

“I guess I could try them, to see what they're like, but doesn't that make me a baby?”

“Do you think that I or Braedon are babies, do we look or act like babies?” I asked this time.

“Well no.”

“Well guess what, due to a genetic fault in my family, I have to wear diapers to bed as well, and from what I hear, an uncle of yours may also as well, if he is smart that is. Braedon also wears at night, as you just heard, and he is not a baby. You see you would actually have to be more adult to make this decision for yourself, you know you have a problem, and it is you that has to deal with it. Lots of people have day and or night bladder problems and have to resort to such tactics, and that does not make them babies. What makes them adults is that they chose to use a diaper to help deal with the problem. Would you rather wake up in a cold wet bed and have to do laundry every day, or would you rather get a nice nights sleep and wake up in a dry bed and only have to take off a diaper?”

“I guess I'd rather wake up dry, but since that doesn't seem to be happening on its own, any help would be kind of nice.” Thomas admitted softly.

I got up and went inside our RV and grabbed a couple diapers to give to Thomas, I very specifically did not give them to Tom, as it needed to be Thomas’ decision. He took them from me as if I was passing him molten lava, and they would burn him. At this time the two younger boys came up and asked what we were doing and saw that their older brother had what appeared to be diapers that would fit him.

“Why does Thomas have diapers?” They asked.

“Because I am going to try them to see if it is any better than waking up cold and wet.” Thomas said, a little shyly.

“Thomas is a baby.” They both started laughing and saying.

“I also know of two other little boys that wet as well sometimes and this could be the remedy I choose for them.” Tom said sharply, quickly putting an end to the teasing.

“Sorry Thomas.” They both said with heads down.

“Good. Now for dinner, I have some steaks that should do nicely for everyone, sound good to you guys?” Tom asked.

“Sounds great to me, a couple nice big pieces of cow and served liberally with baked potatoes and butter. My kind of meal.” I said with a grin, the boys all seemed to agree as well, the nodding of their heads telling us as much.

While we were grabbing everything for dinner, Thomas took his diapers over to their camper and set one out for tonight. Tom started the grill for me while I prepared the steak and potatoes for cooking. I also had some nice fresh picked corn that we could also cook up. I thought that nothing is better than fresh corn with steak, so Tom started peeling that and getting it ready. As the Potatoes were cooking I prepared some mushrooms and onions to fry up, and I got a salad and a loaf of garlic bread ready with Tom’s help.

Soon we had our mighty mans feast ready and waiting to be eaten and we all sat down and did just that. Six boys sure can take care of a large meal like that, but we were stuffed to the breaking point, and at a couple times I swore that I heard buttons popping off. Once dinner settled slightly, I set up to build a nice camp fire for which to sit around, since it would be getting dark soon.

Once built and roaring, we all sat around the fire telling each other our stories and everything about us. We sat around that fire until quite late that night just chatting and telling stories, and some of them were great campfire ghost stories. I pulled Braedon into the motor home so that I could get him changed for the night, and Tom took his boys so he could get them ready for bed as well.

Tom had Thomas grab one of the diapers I had given to them so that he could put it on for him. At first Thomas was very embarrassed with having his dad diaper him, being ten and all, he even popped the normal little boner of all boys as his dad rubbed powder into his skin. Tom had been lucky he had some powder with them at all, he had no idea why it would be there, but thought it probably was still there from when they all went camping and one or more of the boys were still in diapers.

Thomas had tried to cover himself when this happened, but his father just swatted his hands away

“I am used to that, it happened all the time when all you boys were babies, and no matter what you think, other than size, it has not changed one bit.”

The two little brothers stood watching this going on and ended up feeling a little jealous that their brother was getting as much attention as he was, since they always had it being the youngest. Once finished, Tom had Thomas just throw on a pair of pajama pants, since it was a warm night, so that no one could see that he was wearing the diaper. I did the same thing to Braedon once I finished putting him in a diaper, except we did not have pajama pants for him to wear, so he just wore sweatpants.

“Have a good night and behave, and try not to stay up all night long, okay.” I said, giving Braedon a hug and kiss goodnight, patting his padded posterior.

“Yes daddy, I'll behave, and I love you too.” He said with the biggest grin imaginable. I swatted his diapered behind again as he left the motor home.

“The door will be unlocked if you need inside for anything.” I said and Braedon just nodded as he was running off.

Braedon and Thomas met inside the large tent within moments of the other.

“So how does it feel to be diapered again?” Braedon asked as soon as they were both inside.

“Well it does not feel bad, but it still feels weird.”

“Yeah it felt that way for me at first too, but I got used to it within three or four nights, and now I would never dream of sleeping without one, and the doctor says that it is unlikely that I will ever get a chance to anyways.”

Both boys stripped down to their diapers and laid down on top of their blankets and started to talk.

“So, do you ever jack off at night?” Braedon asked, being a lot more brave than normal, but he was itching to get off.

“What's that?” Thomas asked shyly, not knowing what Braedon was referring to, but having heard the term before.

“Does it ever get hard, your penis, and when you touch it, it feels real good?”

“Well yeah sometimes, but why does it happen?”

Braedon told him everything that he could remember to explain what he would need to know, giving Thomas all the details I had given him not all that long ago.

“Is yours hard now?” Thomas asked.

“Yes, very.”

“How do you do it?”

“It is really easy, all you have to do is grab it and rub the skin up and down until it feels as if the world is shooting out the end of your penis. Here push the front of your diaper down and pull you penis out and try it at the same time as I do mine.” Braedon said, getting extremely horny.

They both pushed down the fronts of their diapers and started stroking on their small, but very hard penises.

“Wow this feels so good, I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before.” Sighed Thomas.

“Oh it gets better, just keep going and don’t stop until you start to go soft, or until you have felt it.” Braedon said, really getting into it.

Within five minutes both boys climaxed, and Thomas could barely contain his squeals of delight as he came, he had to push his face into his pillow to contain it all.

“See I told you it felt great.”

“Oh that didn't just feel great, there are no words to describe what that felt like.” Thomas said dreamily.

They both pulled their diapers back up and covered themselves only with a sheet and laid back and talked until they both fell asleep. Morning came and I got up and stretched the weariness out of my muscles, took off my diaper and hopped in the shower. Once I got myself dressed I went out to the tent to wake the boys and get Braedon out of his wet diaper and send him in for a shower. When I went inside both boys were laying on top of their covers and cuddled up to each other, it was so cute to see. I shook them both awake and they came to.

“Good morning sunshines, how did you boys sleep last night?”

“Great.” They both said, not even realizing that I had seen them all cuddled up.

“How's your diaper this morning Thomas?”

“It feels different than last night, but not bad, but I am all dry and warm.” Thomas said, I could also tell by the color and the extra bulge that it was very wet, as was Braedon's.

“Yeah, they feel quite a bit different when wet, but I bet it feels tons better than waking up feeling as if you are in a swimming pool?”

“Yeah, I guess it does, it still feels kind of strange though, but it is nice.” He admitted.

“Here let me get that diaper off you, so you can go inside and have a shower.” I said to Braedon and then I removed the soggy diaper and Braedon threw on his pants and went inside.

“Would you mind taking mine off as well so that I can go for a shower, but do you think I could shower in your camper, you have a larger bathroom and Braedon says it does not run out of hot water like ours always does half way through a shower.”

“No problem, as long as you don’t mind me seeing you naked?”

“Not like there is anything much more embarrassing than your seeing me in a wet diaper.” Thomas said with a grin.

“That is true, I never let anybody, other than Braedon, see me in mine.”

I got his wet diaper off him and was amazed at how much he peed in it during the night, even more than Braedon does, not by much, but more none the less.

“Do you sometimes have trouble holding your pee in during the day?” I asked when I saw this.

“Yeah, I have to go all the time, and there have been times I honestly thought I wasn't gonna make it, and I have had a couple small accidents, but no one ever saw that.”

“Oh okay, Braedon has the same problem sometimes, and is always having to go but then so am I.”

He put on his pants and we both went inside to wait for Braedon to finish up. Just as Braedon finished and Thomas was going in, we heard a knock on the door.

“Come on in Tom.” I said, knowing who it must be without looking, and sure enough, Tom opened the door.

“Is my little monster in here by chance?”

“No, but I have a little angel that just went in to take a shower.”

“Oh must not be mine then, mines the devil in disguise.”

“Hey, I heard that.” Thomas said as he came out.

“Well you are, with the amount of mischief that you and your brothers can get up to, I would swear that you’re my children.” Tom said with a warm smile towards his oldest son.

He giggled and turned around and went back into the bathroom for his shower.

“I hope he is not intruding?”

“Oh no, don’t worry about it, we have lots of hot water and he is welcome to use the shower.”

“Well I just came over to see where Thomas was, and to invite you guys to breakfast.”

“Well okay, if you insist.”

Tom went over to start preparing for our breakfast and Thomas came out of the bathroom drying off naked.

“You must feel awful comfortable around us to come out of the bathroom naked like that.” I said.

“It was more that I kept bashing my elbows on the walls, even though it is larger than our bathroom, it is still cramped.” Thomas answered, not embarrassed.

“That's for sure, try being twice your size.”

“I'd rather not thank you very mch, I plan to stay a kid forever.” Thomas said happily.

“Hey, life flows and you will grow in body, but don’t worry, no one ever said you had to grow up in mind. Look at me for instance, I am twelve years old, I just have almost twenty three years practice.”

Both boys laughed at that, saying I was funny. Thomas threw on his pants and we headed over to their campsite to have breakfast.

Breakfast was a very nice affair of pancakes, bacon, sausage, onion fried eggs, and biscuits and gravy. We all sat around and ate and talked as if we were old friends, not only having just met the day before. Today I decided that we would all rent a nice boat and tour the beautiful lake and swim out in the middle. I rented a really nice pontoon party boat that would hold twenty people, it had a fridge and a grill on board as well as plenty of seating and a couple tables. Both Tom and I grabbed things for lunch and dinner and plenty of drinks and sun tan lotion for the whole day. I grabbed both Braedon’s and my swim suits and we headed out to the boat to meet the other guys.

As it turned out, the lake was far larger than any of us had suspected, because it turned sharply near where we thought was the end and went for another mile or so. In this section of lake we found there were tons of great little inlet's and islands to be explored and with four active boys we must have hit every one of them. One of the islands had a sheer cliff right into the water and it had a nice path already worn up to the top. The cliff was only about twenty feet or so, but it went straight down into the water, which made it perfect for diving, so we spent about an hour there, climbing and diving. We stopped for lunch around noon and just had some hot dogs and chips to eat.

It was now nearing dinner though and the whole tribe was ravenous. I had brought all the trimmings for hamburgers and Tom brought the stuff for a large salad as well as more fresh corn. Grilled burgers and corn on the cob with salad is a great way to end a great day, so as soon as we finished eating we slowly made our way back to camp.

As we were pulling into camp the sun just finished setting behind our backs, so Tom decided that he would host the campfire tonight, so he built a nice fire for us to sit around. We chatted and told stories and then roasted marshmallows until we were all tired and wanted to go to bed.

“Can I sleep in Thomas' tent again dad?”

“I have no problem with it, I sleep better without you snoring right in my ear anyways.” I said with a grin.

Braedon made to swat me in the butt, but I was too fast for him and got away before he could. Tom and the boys giggled at our play.

“Come on inside boys so you can get changed?” Tom asked his boys.

“You too brat, inside.” I said.

I got us both changed and gave Braedon a kiss and a hug goodnight.

“You behave out there, and I love you.”

“Never, that's no fun, but I do love you too, good night daddy.” Braedon said and then skipped out of the motor home happily.

Braedon and Thomas met in the tent within a few seconds of each other. Thomas was again wearing a diaper.

“So do you prefer the diaper over the other way you used to deal with your bed wetting?” Braedon asked as soon as he saw that Thomas was again wearing a diaper.

“Yeah, my dad asked me the same question, and I told him it sure was better than waking up in the middle of the night all the time cold and wet, so yeah, I guess I like them.”

“Yeah me too, it is a lot easier too, not so much laundry all the time, and they really are comfortable, plus they come in real handy at other times too, like going to the theater, you never have to miss any of the movie.”

Both boys took off the pants that they had worn to get to the tent and laid down next to the other.

“Can we do what we did last night?” Thomas was the first to ask tonight.

“Sure thing, I was about to pull mine out anyways, since it is too difficult going too many days without it.”

Both boys pushed down the front of their diapers and they were both already hard and ready. Each grabbed their own special little toy and began the age old routine of self pleasuring.

“Do you think I could touch yours, I have never touched another boys peepee before?” Thomas asked very shyly.

Braedon just let go of his and let Thomas take over. A moment or so later Braedon reached over and took over for Thomas as we because it felt so good to him for Thomas to be doing him. They each pleasured the other until Braedon rushed over the orgasmic edge and stopped playing with Thomas. Thomas had been close, but with no action for a minute, he quickly pulled back from his release, but he was still hard as rock and more than ready, but he waited until Braedon could finish him off.

“Oh wow, that was awesome, thanks. I can finish yours now if you still want me to?”

Thomas could barely contain himself, nodding his head yes, “Oh god, it feels way better when you do it.” Thomas said breathily.

“Can I try something a little different, something I have wanted to try for a long time?” Braedon asked shyly this time, after only a few moments of stroking Thomas.

“Anything, as long as it does not hurt.”

Braedon crawled down a little ways and started licking Thomas’ belly button while rubbing the insides of his thighs and barely touching his balls every so often. With Braedon using many of the foreplay tips I gave to him, he had Thomas moaning with pleasure that he would not soon forget. Braedon finally started to lick Thomas’ very hard little three inches, and he was vibrating as Braedon took him inside his mouth. As Braedon was licking and sucking he was busily rubbing and poking at Thomas’ rear entrance and Thomas appeared to be enjoying this as well, as he was pushing himself on to Braedon’s finger. All of a sudden one of Braedon’s fingers entered inside Thomas and he just let out a squeal of intense pleasure and had to bury his face in a couple pillows so as not to awaken his father. Braedon began prodding at Thomas’ anus at the same agonizingly slow pace at which he was bobbing on his penis. Poor Thomas, after five minutes of erotic torture, from both front and back, had the strongest orgasm that he would probably ever have. As he crashed over the edge his whole body was shaking and his muscles were flexing, he had just experienced a full body orgasm and Braedon did it to him.

Finally after about five minutes Thomas came down from his high and just lay there panting as Braedon crawled up beside him and cuddled up to his side.

“Oh my god, I thought I was going to pass out there for a minute, it felt so wonderful, all those feelings rushing through my entire body at the same time. I want to try that on you, but you will have to give me a couple minutes more to rest.” Thomas said, while panting.

Braedon scooted down while Thomas was resting and fixed his diaper, because he had almost ripped it right off Thomas, and he did not want it to leak if he had an accident tonight. By the time Braedon came back up, Thomas was ready to repay the favor. Braedon decided that it would be better to remove his diaper completely, because it was tricky working around Thomas’, and he wanted Thomas to have fun.

Thomas surprised Braedon by laying right on top of him and reaching down and gently kissing Braedon on the lips and then went and started to kiss his neck. From there Thomas worked his way down, stopping at the nipples and making sure they were well sucked. His hands played everywhere below the belt line and only just breezed by Braedon's balls a couple times, barely touching them. As Thomas’ hot mouth sucked in Braedon’s very hard three and a half inches in, his hands started to work simultaneously on his balls and anus. Thomas decided that it would be easier if he wet his finger a little and pulled his hand out and stuck a finger in his mouth and got it wet without missing a beat on Braedon’s penis.

Putting his now slick saliva coated finger back to where it belonged, Thomas began a nice slow rhythm of rubbing and sucking. Finally Braedon relaxed enough and Thomas was able to slip his middle finger in, he began to move it in and out with the same movement of his mouth. Braedon was able to last about six or seven minutes before he hit the sky. He had to grab the pillow and hold it over his face as his body contorted all out of shape while vibrating as his massive eleven year old orgasm ripped through his small frame. As Braedon came down, Thomas re-applied his diaper and crawled up and cuddled up to Braedon and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you very much, I have never felt better in my life.” Thomas whispered into Braedon's ear.

Braedon rolled his head to the side and kissed Thomas full on the mouth and probed with his tongue for entrance. The boys kissed very sweetly for a few minutes and then cuddled together and fell asleep. And that was how I found them this morning again, cuddled up together with arms and legs tangled together.

I gently shook the boys awake and they groggily opened their eyes. “It can’t be morning yet, we just fell asleep.” Braedon mumbled out.

“Oh really, and what were you two up to all night?”

Well they both blushed furiously and I had my answer. I sat down and pulled both boys on to my lap.

“So what happened last night boys?” I asked gently, once they were situated and comfortable.

Braedon, knowing what I am like, was the first to say anything. Even then he spoke very quietly and told me the whole story with Thomas adding input every so often. I hugged both boys tighter to me as they finished telling me of their incredible love making.

“Thanks for telling me that, I know it was hard to do, but you have to know I am not mad at you. That is what boys do, experiment with each other to find out what feels good, but you should both know that going too far can hurt both parties involved and I am not talking about physically.” I said gently.

“What do you mean?” Braedon asked and Thomas nodded.

“Making love to a person is very special, and if done properly will create a bond that can be hard to break. You two look as if you are falling in love and you are both a little young to be doing something like that, and look at where you live, hundreds of miles from each other.”

“We knew that it was only for a short time, but I think it was what we both needed.” Braedon said after he and Thomas looked at each other for a minute.

“And I can respect that, you just have to be careful in the future, it hurts to leave. Thomas, do you think that you are gay or is this just playing?” I asked softly.

“I'm not really sure, I kind of want to try both later, but I think I'm gay too, but can’t tell my dad and brothers, I don’t think they could handle it.”

“Oh don’t be so sure of that, your dad loves all of you boys so much that I doubt that it would make any difference to him, but tell him when you are ready, but as soon as you are sure would be better.”

“Come on, both of you, throw your pants on and come on into the motor home and let's get you out of those soggy diapers and into the shower.”

Just as Thomas was about to climb in the shower, after Braedon had come out, I heard a knock on the door.

“Come on in Tom.”

Tom came in and saw that Braedon was naked and shyly turned away.

“Um sorry, Jay, could I talk to you for a minute outside please?”

“Sure, and don't worry about Braedon, he's not shy.” I said but nodded and followed him outside to the picnic table, and we sat down.

“Do you know if your son is gay?” Tom asked as soon as we were sitting down.

“I don’t know, why do you ask?” I asked Tom, playing ignorant.

“Well last night as I was going to sleep I heard something outside and when I went to investigate the noises, I came up to the tent and heard both boys moaning. I stayed for a few minutes to make sure, but I had heard enough when I heard some of the things they were saying to each other. I don’t know what to do, I live in the worst possible place to raise a gay son, my church has burned it into all of our heads that the gays will go straight to hell, and quite honestly, I don’t know what to think.” Tom said, almost crying.

“Well, for one thing, forget the church, they are supposed to teach love, not hate, for everyone, and if they don’t like it, leave. He is your son and I know you love him, so you will deal with it, as I do mine, and yes I know that Braedon is gay. Yours however does not know whether or not he is yet, and says he wants to try both sides of the fence before deciding, a very grown up choice the way I see it. He may like both or only one or the other, but right now it is to soon to tell. I talked to the boys this morning and they told me everything, and they both enjoyed it greatly, and to try and tell them it was wrong, would probably ruin their sex lives forever.”

“If he is gay or bi, I will still love him no matter what, but it does create a problem as to where to live, because I would not wish to make him live where he would be hated.”

“Right now you have nothing to worry about, as I said he does not know yet, and will not likely know for sure for at least a few more years until he starts puberty, but the one thing I suggest is to at least change church’s so that he does not grow to hate himself, you do not want that, because that is the leading cause of teen suicide.”

“How do I go about this with him, how do I talk to him, I have no idea what to say?”

“For now, do nothing, wait a year or two until he is more sure himself, then approach the subject with him, hold him tight to you, because he will need to feel the love, and he will probably try to bolt as soon as you ask him. He may tell you sooner himself, but whatever you do, make sure he knows that it does not matter to you at all.”

“I have to go for a little walk and sort this out, could I get you to get the other boys up and ready for me please and get them breakfast?”

“Not a problem, take as much time as you need, it is hard erasing years of teaching, even if it is wrong, and I understand.”

I went in and got the younger boys awake and they hopped out of the bed they share, washed up and got dressed. I then took them over to my campsite and started on breakfast.

“Okay boys, your dad had to go for a walk somewhere and he will be back in a while, so I will be getting breakfast this morning.” I said and I made us French toast and bacon and we all pigged out, I think I went through an entire bottle of syrup and each of us had to wash our very sticky hands and faces. A couple boys had to get new shirts on as well, because they dripped lots.

I decided to take all four boys on a hike up one of the nature trails to walk off some of our breakfast. The trail was about a mile long and ended up in the mountain above, at the lake that feeds the lake we were staying at. It was a long hike and I found that I would have to carry the two younger boys now and then, but it was worth the trip once we got up there, because the view was stunning. The water was clear as crystal and I swear you could see the bottom out near the center of the lake, plus you could see all the fish swimming.

None of us had brought suits with us, so I decided that we would be daring, so we hiked further up the lake to an inlet that there would likely to be no people come near.

“Well boys, I think it is time for a swim, now none of us brought anything to swim in, so I say we swim as nature intended us, naked.” I said once we reached the perfect spot.

At first Tom’s boys were apprehensive, but when both Braedon and I stripped off and ran into the water, they decided it would not be too bad, so they too stripped down and joined us. We swam and splashed and played for about an hour.

“Okay boys, I think that is enough, I am getting tired so let's get out now and get dried and dressed and get started back down.”

We laid in the hot sun and dried off the natural way and got dressed and headed away. It took far less time to get back down the mountain, since their was very little climbing, not to mention we had gravity on our backs, so we got back in record time.

When we got back Tom was sitting down and reading a book, sipping on coffee.

“So where did you guys all head off to?” Tom asked as we came into hearing range.

The boys enthusiastically told him of everything we did, including skinny dipping.

“Really, I'm very surprised at that, the boys never go around naked, and the only time they ever see each other naked at all, is when I am getting one of them changed for some reason and the others are around, and even then they are shy.”

“You're kidding right, a house full of guys, all with the same equipment between your legs, and you're all shy, why? We don't go out of our way to be naked, but we don't hide it either, it is perfectly natural.” I asked.

“I guess it has more to do with how I was raised, we always had to be covered, no one was ever allowed to see me naked, and I guess I accidentally passed that on to the boys, and really you're right, there is no need to be shy.”

“Be more free, live life while you have it to live.” I told them all.

They all nodded and then Tom and I made lunch while the kids went and played around the campsites.

“So how are you feeling now that you were able to think things over a bit, and what did you come up with?” I asked as we were cooking.

“Too much, and not enough, at the very least I am going to leave that church, find a new one that teaches love and understanding, that is what my boys really need to learn anyways. I will keep thinking about it and wait about a year before I bring it up to Thomas, if he has not already come to me, and we will talk it over as a whole family, since his brothers should know as well. If we were to decide to move to get away, I have no idea where we would go though.” Tom said, the last part with a sigh.

“Well my neck of the woods is pretty open, where we are from actually allows gay marriages now, so I know it is a little more civilized in that way than it is here.”

“Yeah, maybe Canada would not be such a bad place to be, I just wonder about finding work up there, or anywhere else for that matter. What I do is kind of limited to the area I am in, I am an oil field engineer, and there really are not all that many places that can afford me anywhere but here.”

“There are plenty of places around where you could make a very good living doing that, not just here, northern Canada has almost as much oil as here and it would cost a lot less to live. You will make a little less, but it would work out in the end anyways.”

“Hey I never thought of it that way, and besides it would be better for the boys.”

We served lunch and the boys herded around and dug in as if they had not eaten in a month, you would think climbing a large hill, swimming for an hour, and then running back down that same hill, made you hungry or something.

“I am going to go into town to look around for a while, everyone is welcome to come along if you'd like.” I said once lunch was all finished with.

Everybody decided to come, so we took a bus into town and had a nice day wandering around town. The boys all played for a while in an arcade and then we all went shopping for things we wanted. Tom decided that now was as good a time as any, so went in and grabbed a pack of diapers for Thomas that would last the rest of their trip. Tired of looking around town we headed back to the campsite for our final night at the campground, however Tom and his boys were staying for another two nights. We made dinner and had a great final meal with each other and sat around the camp fire and talked until all the boys were falling asleep from exhaustion. I took Braedon inside and got him into his diaper and gave him his goodnight kiss and told him I loved him and have a good sleep, while pushing him out the door.

Tom got his boys all ready and Thomas diapered and ready for bed, so when Thomas was ready he went to his tent and found Braedon waiting for him. They both crawled into bed after tugging off their pants. They cuddled up to each other and fell asleep right away, both feeling that tonight they did not have to do anything, as last night was all they would ever need.

At first light I got up and got Braedon and Thomas out of bed and got them out of their wet diapers and into the shower. I was sure that had it have been large enough, the boys would have shared a shower. Braedon came out and Thomas went in for his shower.

“How are you feeling this morning, knowing that with us leaving you may never see Thomas again?”

“I am sad that we may never get to see each other again, but I am happy that we met, because we each learned a lot, plus we both have computers and we have exchanged email addresses.”

“I am proud that you are acting so grown up about this.” I said warmly.

Thomas came out and dried off and threw his pants on and helped us pack up to move on back home. Tom and the other two boys came over just before we were finishing up and offered to help with the rest, then he was cooking breakfast before we left. Tom made a nice breakfast and we all sat down to eat in near silence. It seems we would all miss each other as we had all grown to like each other. Tom and I each gave the other our email addresses and told to keep in contact. As we were leaving I saw a silent tear streak down Braedon’s cheek, I gently reached over and wiped it from his face.

“I know it is tough, you were starting to fall in love with someone, but you knew we would have to leave, and that is the hardest part. But at least you can talk to each other still and maybe next year we can arrange to meet on vacation again, who knows.” I said quietly.

“Thanks dad, for everything, I love you.” He said with a warm smile to me.

It took us until Saturday to make it back home and after being gone so long, it felt good. On our way back home, we made plenty of stops, and visited numerous more places and learned many new things, as well as meeting many other great people. We both had a great time during our vacation and vowed that next year we would tour across Canada and invite Tom and his boys to come with us. The last day of our trip was rushed, because we were still quite a ways from home and we wanted to arrive Saturday night, so that we would have Sunday to rest, and then Monday to get Braedon ready for school the following day.


Chapter 6

It was late Saturday evening when we pulled up and parked the RV, and we both decided that we would wait until tomorrow morning to clean up and we both went inside to rest for the night.

“You know what, I think I am going to go have a nice long hot bath.” I said.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Fine with me.”

I started running the bath water and went to my bedroom to get undressed as Braedon was in his room doing the same. I entered the bathroom and found Braedon already in the water, waiting for me. I climbed in and he sat against me and cuddled up to me. I grabbed a cloth and soaped it up and lovingly started to wash my new son. I had him stand up so that I could get his lower half then I had him turn around so that I could get his back.

When he turned around to face me, so that he could give me a hug, he was hard as an iron shaft.

“What's up?” I asked with a giggle, giving the tip a quick flick.

“Can you please help me out with this, ever since we left Thomas, it has never felt the same?” Pleaded Braedon.

“You know I cannot, that would be a break of our trust with each other, I am your father, I cannot also be your lover, for that I am afraid that you will need to find someone else.” I told him gently.

“I know, you keep saying that, and I do love you.” Braedon said with a bit of a pout.

“I know, and I love you too kiddo, now sit back down and cuddle up to your daddy so that I can show you that I do love you more than you could ever imagine.” I said lovingly. He leaned over and gave me a kiss and a hug.

“I know how much you love me, but I still want you to make love to me, and I know I cannot have that, but I had to ask.” Braedon said, with a sad grin on his face and I hugged him back and he sat down facing me.

Shortly after Braedon took the cloth from me and soaped it up and starting washing me, he started with my legs, which he pulled up and rested on his shoulders, he then had me kneel so that he could get my back and front and midsection. He then had me sit back down and poured water over my head so that he could shampoo my hair. Once I was washed and rinsed, and he was satisfied with the Mohawk hairdo he had created in my hair, he let me go. I then turned Braedon around and also washed his hair for him, I gave him a spiky hairdo, to go with my Mohawk. Once we were rested enough, and as soon as the water cooled off, we climbed out and dried off.

“Would you like to lay back and cuddle up and watch a movie before bed?” I asked Braedon.

“I'd like that.” He smiled warmly at me.

I pulled him to my bedroom to get us both ready for bed. Once we were diapered we went to the den and picked out an older movie from my large selection. I went and made popcorn and brought out some juice for us. Braedon and I cuddled in my chair and ate and drank and watched the movie. About three quarters of the way through the movie, Braedon fell fast asleep. I finished watching the movie until the end and then picked up the still very light boy and carried him to his room, where I laid him on his bed and tucked him in. I whispered I love you, goodnight sweet prince, I will see you in the morning, and I left to go to bed myself.

Sunday morning I awoke to Braedon climbing into bed with me at six am, he cuddled up to me and fell right back to sleep. I stayed awake for a few minutes and just watched him sleep, and then went back to sleep myself. We both woke up close to lunch time and decided that we should stay in bed and cuddle for a few more minutes. When both of our stomachs started to protest, saying they needed food, we got up. I pulled Braedon’s nearly overflowing diaper off of him and threw it in the pail then pulled off my almost equally nearly overflowing diaper, and also tossed it into the pail. I then gave Braedon a swat to his bare backside.

“Go grab your shower while I get mine and we will meet in the kitchen to make breakfast in a few minutes.” I said, the first words of the morning

Good to my word I met Braedon in the kitchen, only a moment after he had himself walked in. We decided silently that today’s feast would include eggs Benedict and fried onion and pepper potatoes. Both us men cooked a great brunch and we enjoyed it tremendously. The hardest part was that every time we needed something we had to go out to the motor home to get it. By the time we had our meal ready, almost half the kitchen was unpacked. After we finished eating we unpacked the rest of the motor home and got everything put where it needed to be.

“You know what, I just realized that we forgot to buy something for you for school, so let's go shopping.” I said as we finished unpacking everything.

“What could we have possibly forgotten, we bought almost an entire stores worth of stuff I swear?”

“Well how do you plan to get to and from school smarty pants, a mile is a little too far to walk every day twice, and there is no bus that runs this close to the school, so I figured that you would need a bike.”

“Oh cool, I have never had a bike before, I don’t even know if I can ride one really, can you teach me?”

“Sure I will teach you, but let's go get you your new bike first.”

We went to a local bike shop and told the guy there what we were looking for, I wanted the best mountain/road cross bike they had with all the trimmings, and don’t forget the helmet and best lock you have. He showed us a few different bikes in Braedon’s size, and Braedon picked a very nice bike that was very light weight, but very strong. It had front and rear suspension, disc brakes, titanium rims, split v seat, and lots of other great features. Braedon chose his bike in a nice black and red enamel finish so the sales guy went into the back and put in the order to have it built. We picked out a nice helmet, and like I said the best lock they had, we also grabbed their deluxe light and reflector set, as well as speedometer. The sales man took the light and meter back to the technician in the back and had him install them at the same time. After paying for everything we were told that it would be about fifteen to twenty minutes before the bike was ready and that we should come back in a little while.

We went out and looked around at a few stores to see if there was anything else we may have forgotten as well, or just wanted to have. We found a couple things that we either needed or wanted and then went back to the store. They had the bike ready and waiting for us to pick it up when we arrived. The look on Braedon’s face made paying a thousand dollars on a bike worth every cent of the price. Even I wanted one of them, it looked so sharp, and in fact I decided right there that I wanted the exact same bike, but in my size so that I could get a little more exercise and ride with Braedon.

They had the same bike, but they had run out of the same color scheme, so I chose an electric blue color that had specks of black in it. Another thousand dollars spent and we waited in the shop looking at all the accessories that they had available. Fifteen minutes after we had paid, they had my bike ready for me as well. Once we went outside to load the bikes is when I realized the error that I had made. I only own a small practical car, and now had no way of getting both bikes home.

“Okay, so now what do we do?” I asked, Braedon and I both realizing the same thing at the same time.

“Well, I saw a pretty good selection of bike racks for cars in there, why don't we just go get one of those, so that way we can take our bikes with us places and go bike riding as well?”

“Great idea, I have no idea why I did not think of that sooner, I saw them in there as well, it just never clicked I guess.”

So back in the store we went and had the sales man come out and look at the car to see which rack would be the best. He looked the car over and said that because my car has a trailer hitch on it, that he had a great one that would be very easy to attach and remove whenever we needed. Another couple hundred dollars later we left the store with our bikes firmly attached to the rear of the car.

When we arrived back home we offloaded the bikes and I had Braedon put on his helmet as I put mine on. I had to show him how to put on the helmet and then I gave him instructions on the basics of operating a bike.

“Okay, riding a bike is really not all that hard, it is all about balance. At first we will set the gears to one of the easier positions to make it a little easier to peddle, but don't worry about them right now, just concentrate on staying upright. Get on and get comfortable, hold the handles and put at least one finger on the brakes, but remember one simple rule, this one here, it is the front brake, don't use it alone, bad things happen when you do that, trust me. I will hold you up straight and you start peddling and we will go from there.”

“Okay, don't let me fall.”

“Falling is gonna happen, don't be worried about that, but you'll be fine.”

In no time at all I had him riding all by himself, a little shaky still, but he was getting the hang of it. It turns out he was a natural on a bike, and he was getting better by the minute. A little while later I had Braedon stop for a few minutes while I showed him the basics of using the gears, and why and when to use them. I then taught him how to use the speedometer and light as well. I hopped on my bike and we went for a ride. We rode all around the block a few times and by the time we got home, Braedon had all but mastered the bike. I thought that if this young man can master everything like this, he may go places, and I hoped that he would, but I also had a feeling that he would.

“Well Braedon, I think that it's time to put our bikes away, I'm starting to get a little hungry and tired. You know what though, I don't really feel like cooking tonight, so let's go get washed up and go out for dinner.”

“Okay daddy.” Braedon said with a silly grin.

I climbed into my shower and washed the days fun off and got ready for dinner, and Braedon came into my room as I was coming out of my bathroom.

“What should I wear to dinner?” Braedon asked.

“Anything you wear will look good, but why not put on your tan slacks and that black silk shirt of yours, that should look nice.”

I decided to wear a pair of black dress pants and a nice wine colored silk shirt myself. When we were both ready we headed out to the towns classiest steak joint to tear into a couple prime ribs.

We arrived at the restaurant and waited nearly twenty minutes to be seated. Once seated one waitress took our drink orders, and we ordered a large pitcher of fresh fruit juice, whatever they had, and another waiter brought over a large basket of hot steaming fresh bread and set it upon our table.

“Would you gentlemen like to start the evening with our house salad?” He asked.

“Sure, that sounds great.” We answered at the same time.

As soon as he left, the waitress who took our drink orders came back and delivered a large pitcher of a fresh citrus blend. Once she left the waiter came back with a large bowl of fresh salad and started tossing it for us with a generous helping of the house dressing. He then dished us each a plate full.

“And have you gentlemen decided what you will be having this evening?”

“I think we would both like the prime rib, medium, baked potatoes with all the sides, and the daily vegetables should be fine.” I answered and Braedon nodded his approval of my choice.

“Excellent, enjoy the salad and bread then, and your dinner will be out to you soon.” He said and walked off.

After about fifteen minutes of slowly eating salad and bread our waiter brought out our plates. It looked so delicious that my mouth started watering immediately.

“Give me just a moment and I will be right back with all the condiments for you.” The waiter said after setting our plates in front of us.

Within a minute he came back with a large tray, carrying everything for our potatoes and steaks. I heavily added the garlic butter and onions and bacon to my potato, and grabbed one of the many dishes of horse radish. I encouraged Braedon to also grab a thing of the radish, since it was very good with prime rib, so he grabbed one to at least try. He also loaded his potato with a lot of the garlic butter and onions and bacon. Ah a boy after my own tastes, and this is one of my many favorite meals.

“Go ahead and try some horseradish on your prime rib, but be careful not to put too much on at first, it is a little hot and can be overpowering until you get used to it.”

He tried a piece of the rib with just a small amount of the radish and at first chewed slowly then really went at it.

“Good isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, it is delicious, the rib is good and the radish adds just a little spice to it to make it even better.”

“Are you sure you are not a food critic, you sounded just like one right there, but I agree totally.” I teased.

“Uh uh, just know good food when I taste it.”

We slowly sat and savored our delicious meal for a long time until every bit of food from our plates was gone, we even polished off all the salad and bread.

“How was everything, and can I bring you gentlemen any dessert this evening?” Our waiter asked.

“Oh please don't mention the 'D' word right now, just the thought of eating more could make me explode, it was so good though I couldn't stop.” I said with a pleading whine.

“Yeah, that is about the standard response around here, I will bring you your bill in just a few minutes then if you are ready?”

“Sure, that would be fine.” I said, leaning back to relax a bit, Braedon following my lead.

“Here you are gentlemen, I am glad you enjoyed your meal with us this evening, it was a pleasure serving you tonight and I would be happy to serve you anytime.” The waiter said a few minutes later when he brought us the bill.

“No worries there, I love this place and I always come back.” I said.

I left a generous tip on the table as well as the amount of the bill and we headed out. Since there was school in the morning for Braedon and work for me, we just relaxed in front of the TV until it was time for bed.

“So how should we work this in the mornings Braedon, do you want to stay at home until it is time to leave for school, or do you want to come to work with me in the mornings and then ride to school from there, that way you can earn a few extra dollars every day from working a couple hours?” I asked during one of the many commercial breaks.

“I think I will come with you and work in the mornings, and then I will ride home from there and meet you at home.” Braedon answered after a few minutes of thought.

“Good, I am glad that is what you chose, I would miss having you there in the mornings, and that should work out quite well.” I said warmly with a hug to Braedon.

Shortly after that we both got ready for bed and I tucked Braedon in and told him I loved him and to have a good sleep, because tomorrow was going to be a little tough on him. I went to bed myself and went right to sleep.

Morning came again, as it always does, and I awoke to my alarm clock buzzing away in my ear. After two weeks of waking whenever I felt like it, this morning was tough. I groggily got myself out of bed and stumbled my way across the hall to wake up Braedon. On my way to wake Braedon up, I seriously thought about having a coffee this morning, even if I could not stand the taste of the stuff.

“Good morning dad.” Braedon said happily, waking much easier this morning than I had.

“It ain't so good for me, man, I feel like I could have slept another ten hours or so.” I mumbled out.

He giggled and hopped out of bed, dragged me to my room and proceeded to remove my wet diaper, then his own, and then threw them both into the pail. He shooed me towards my bathroom so that I could shower, while he went to his bathroom to shower as well. I turned my shower to a cool setting, hoping to wake myself up a little bit, so that I could function throughout the day. I stood under the shower spray for a few minutes before even beginning to wash myself, but soon started to wash up. Once completed, I climbed out of the shower to find Braedon standing right there, holding a towel out for me. He nearly scared the crap out of me and he had the nerve to laugh, the little stinker. I swatted his behind just as he was trying to make a run for it, and he gave a yelp.

“Hey, what was that for?” He whined.

“Because revenge is sweet.” I taunted.

I dried and dressed and waited for Braedon to finish dressing. Man, how long can it take to get dressed when you have a uniform to wear, albeit there were a number of different color choices. Finally he met me by the door and we left to begin our days, and we arrived at the store at a couple minutes past five to start on our daily chores. At seven o’clock I gave Braedon a hug and kiss and told him to have a good day at school. He told me to have a fun day at work and he would see me at around three.

Braedon grabbed his bike off the back of the car and started, a little shakily at first towards school. I continued doing everything that needed to be done before opening. I spent most of my day at work today doing research into new products that I wanted to carry, and doing up orders. I headed home at about three to meet Braedon there.

Braedon arrived at school, with a half an hour to spare, to get ready for his first day. Today was to be mostly orientation and an hour of that in the gym listening to a bunch of speeches. Once done in the gym everyone was sent to their classes. This school was kind of unique in that it housed students from kindergarten age right up to grade twelve, and they all fit into an ancient building that held all five hundred or so students easily. The students at the school would also always have the same teacher throughout the year, and the only times they were to leave their classes were for breaks and physical education. Even with a great range of ages in the school, there was never any bullying to the younger students, because it was dealt with very swiftly and harshly, but the older students acted as mentors to the younger students, and that was actually part of their schooling.

When Braedon arrived to his assigned classroom he found that the setup was very unique as well. The room was only set to hold thirteen students, one boy from each approximate age level, occasionally it changed slightly, but that was how they liked to keep it. Braedon thought that this was odd because he had never been taught like this before, it turned out the teacher never really taught to the whole class, but between all the students, the teacher and one assistant, they all taught each other in a revolving buddy system. Each day you would be partnered with anywhere from one to three other boys of various ages and you would all learn from the assignments assigned to your class group. The teacher and assistant went over how it all worked and they both told all the new students that it was a very old system that had been devised, and still worked today, so they saw no need to replace it. In this way the younger students would learn from the older, and sometimes the other way around as well.

Braedon was enjoying his first day, he liked his teachers and all his classmates, but when they all went to the gym to get their assigned lockers, and put there stuff away and find out what they needed to know, Braedon found that it was one massive room with about twenty shower heads around the room and well over a hundred lockers, he then found a huge bonus. Each boy in the school was given a locker, but no lock.

“Um why don't we have locks?” One of the new students asked.

“We work on the honor system here, there is no reason to steal anything here and to do so has serious results. You are also not allowed to bring personal items into the school, so there again is no real reason to lock them.” The teacher said.

Everybody had of course already agreed and signed off on this stipulation before being entered, so that did not shock them.

“Okay, after every gym class you are to strip down, throw your dirty clothes into this bin and then go for your shower.” The teacher told them all while pointing to a large bin. “Your clothes will then be laundered during the evening and will be placed in your locker. I have some pens here to pass around, write your name and locker number on each article of clothing please?” He added.

“Who here does not know how to put one of these on?” The teacher asked while holding up a jock strap.

Braedon and three other new boys all raised their hands, and a couple others giggled. The teacher just glared at them.

“And what exactly do you find so funny about these young men not knowing how to put on a jock strap? I seem to remember having to show at least one of you how to put one on properly at one time, because after I asked, you were too scared to admit it and put it on wrong and then got hurt.” The teacher asked pointedly and one more student raised his hand to join the others, realizing his error. All the other boys, who laughed, bowed their heads at the verbal bashing they received from a teacher who did not even raise his voice.

“Remember that the policy of this school is there is to be no harassment, and that includes disparaging remarks, verbal abuse, physical abuse, or any of that, to do so will have you punished on the spot, in front of your classmates.”

“Sir, what is the punishment?” One of the new students asked after raising his hand and getting the go ahead nod.

“It would vary with the offense. Laughing at someone for not knowing something, for instance, would normally get you fifty push-ups and fifty sit-ups. You see, in this school, we will not hit you, we will not send you home, oh no, we will work you to exhaustion. The punishments, like I said, will vary with the crime, the most I have ever given was two hundred of each and the boy was not allowed to leave until he finished them, oh and by the way, in such cases where a punishment of one student causes me to stay late, the whole class stays until he is finished. In cases where I have no way of knowing who did a crime, the whole class will pay, and we do not tolerate tattle tales, but remember we also do not tolerate bullying, so inform the offender that he had better confess, because until I know who did it, the same punishment gets dealt out every day.” The teacher told everyone all this information as they marked and put away all their gym clothing.

“Why so harsh sir?” The same boy asked.

“It is harsh because it works. This school has never used hitting to discipline, and they have never seen a reason to change it, why change something that works so well. Will you misbehave knowing that?”

Everyone shook their heads no to this.

“Thought not. Now I will show everyone how to put on a jockstrap, pay close attention, ask questions if you need to, but it is not hard. If however you do not pay attention and you get hurt because it was improperly worn, you will be punished when you are better, I will not stand for that, understood.” He said sternly, but still as quietly as ever, and then showed those of the boys who did not know, the correct way of wearing a jock strap. Braedon thought he looked funny with it over his pants, but tried not to laugh, a few boys did any ways.

“What, you never seen a guy in a jockstrap before?” He asked in a shocked voice.

“It's supposed to go under your pants sir.” A few of the older boys called out.

“Oh so that is what I've been doing wrong all these years!” He said and smirked.

For the rest of the class the boys were all told what they would be doing throughout the year and what was expected of them, normal orientation day type of stuff.

At two thirty the school was let out and informed that tomorrow they would need to bring all their books, since it was the first day of actual classes, and they would not tolerate forgotten items, so be sure to remember everything.

Braedon made it home just a few minute before I got home myself and he let himself in and went to his room to get changed. When I came home Braedon was just bounding down the hall to meet me at the door.

“Hey champ, how was your first day at school?” I asked as he launched himself into my arms.

“It was really good, I like it there. Everything is way different than my old school, or any school I have ever heard of before. They are also very strict though, but to punish us, they exercise us until we drop, and they won't put up with any bullying of any sort.”

“That is a good thing! Look what is happening at other schools, you have to watch your back all the time, and half the time the offending person just gets sent home for a few days for a nice holiday, what a way to punish someone.”

We sat in the den and he told me everything about how the school worked and how they did things. I had already been impressed with the school before, but now I thought that it was great. They did everything opposite of how most schools did it, which is probably why it worked so well.

We sat down to a dinner of pasta in wine sauce with salad, and we continued chatting about how our days went. Over dinner I told Braedon of the new products I wanted to carry, but that I did not know if I had enough space to really carry them.

“I like the idea of all the new products, but I really don't think we have the space, because it is getting tight as it is, and it might be hard to fit it and make it look good.” Braedon said, but then got a thoughtful look on his face and I could tell he was thinking of something.

“Dad, just how much of the property that the store is on do you own?” Braedon asked after a couple minutes of thought.

“Well, we own the whole one acre lot, so both of the other buildings and the parking lot are all ours, why?”

“Well I was just thinking, and it would be so easy to add on to the store and make it any size you really wanted, and while you were at it could add a couple other store fronts to the same side, I was thinking the north side since it has far better exposure, and by adding other stores it would bring in more money.”

“And why haven’t you told me all this before young man?” I asked him with a smile.

“I never really thought about it until you asked me, but if you own the whole lot you could add whatever you wanted and still have tons of parking.”

“It sounds like a great idea and I don’t know why I never thought of it before either. I am going to make a few calls tomorrow to see what I can do.” I said in thought now.

After dinner and conversation was finished we curled up on the couch and watched TV until bedtime. I got Braedon diapered up and tucked him in and told him I loved him and good night. He said I love you too, good night. I got myself ready for bed as well and climbed in to go to sleep. Through the night, visions of how I would rebuild the store danced through my head, and by morning I had a clear vision in my head. I would do it in two stages, build the new section the same size as the existing one, to double my space, move everything over and then remodel the old section, close the store for a couple days and completely re-merchandise the entire store and have a huge grand re-opening sale.

I woke up brighter this morning than I have in ages and went and woke up Braedon.

“Wow, how come you look so cheery this morning, you normally don't smile until you have at least had your shower?” Braedon asked as he woke up.

“I am smiling because of your brilliant idea yesterday, throughout the night I envisioned exactly how I want it to look, and I now have a plan, all I have to do is get it on paper.” I said cheerily.

I got each of us out of our wet diapers and tossed them into the waiting pail and sent Braedon to have his shower while I had mine.

We arrived at work a couple minute before five today and I rushed through doing my books while Braedon rushed through his cleaning. As soon as we were both finished that, we sat around the table and drew out the plans for the new store. We bounced ideas back and forth and drew out what we wanted until Braedon had to leave for school. I gave Braedon a hug and kiss and told him to have a good day at school and he told me to have a good day at work and to have fun. He grabbed his bike from the car and took off. I went back inside and continued on the plans until my staff arrived.

I told them of the plans that were coming up and I told them that if at all possible I want everything done in two months time to have a great Christmas. They all told me that it was a great idea, since all the new products I was adding was starting to make it hard to move around, they also told me that only two months is not enough time. I told them not to worry, because I had lots of friends and we would try our hardest to have it finished by November first.

First thing I did when we opened was to call and book an appointment with an architect firm who specialized in commercial buildings, I just so happened to know the owner very well. I talked to him for a few minutes and he told me to come over at eleven and he himself, as well as his best building designer, would help me out. Next I called city hall to book the appropriate permits to start construction in one weeks time. I then called another friend who owned a large construction company, he just happened to owe me a few favors. He told me he would be right over, because he hated talking business over the phone.

Within fifteen minutes my construction friend, Michael, showed up and we went into the back and I offered him a vat of coffee, since I knew he practically breathed the stuff, he had to have been half caffeine fish. He of course accepted and we sat down.

“So do you have any preliminary plans yet and who are you getting to do the full designs?”

“Yes, I drew something up myself, and you know John right? I am pretty sure you have done a number of projects for him, well he is a friend as well and he is going to do the plans for me, in fact I have an appointment with him in a couple hours.”

“Wow, you don't fool around, do you?” He asked with a low whistle at what I had planned.

“There will also be at least three more stores built next door to make this a bit of a mall, and I will want them built as soon as the store is completed.”

“And you want all of this done in two months?” He asked, a little pale.

“I would like to, yes.”

“Well we are slow right now and I can probably have all my people on the project, if you can get the plans and permits done right away, we will get started as soon as possible. We will work on your store first to get it done, but I cannot promise I can get it done in exactly two months, it will be a hell of a job, but we will give it our best.”

“I already have the permits on the way and they should be in by Tuesday of next week, so plan to start that day.”

“I will arrange today for all the equipment that I do not already have to be delivered by then. If you'll excuse me I am all of a sudden very busy and need to get going, but once I have everything, I'll give you the approximate cost of all this.” Michael said with a huge smile, leaving with a noticeable bounce in his step and I was smiling as well. It's good having friends, I thought to myself.

At eleven o’clock I showed up at the office of my architect friend, John, and his secretary showed me into the board room. The two men were already waiting for me and stood up as I entered.

“Thanks, but I am not royalty, no need to be so formal with me.” I said with a grin.

“Well, we were just trying to be polite, but if you don't like polite, then sit down and shut up.” John said with a matching grin.

I smiled back and grabbed a chair and laid my rough sketches on the table in front of us. We all looked over my sketches and between the three of us we came up with even more good ideas. The designer came up with some really great ideas that I wanted to incorporate as well. By the time we had finished up it was almost three o’clock.

“We should be able to have you your rough drafts to you by Friday, if they are met with approval then we will do up the final plans and have them to you by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.” John said.

“That would be awesome, thanks.” I said and I left the office very exited, now I just had to go to the bank and make sure I still had all the money I thought I had.

I had figured that with construction and new shelving throughout the store it would cost about half a million dollars to do this, and I was not disappointed to see that I had plenty of money to cover that, and lots more if necessary. I knew I had more than enough money in my personal account though to cover anything if I needed to, but if I could keep it all in the business account, that would be even better. I arranged with the bank to give Michael an open account for materials and labor and told them just to make sure to send an email of every transaction to me. They had no problem with this and set it all up. I could not believe that this was going so well, and in two months, or possibly less, I would have twice the store that I already had, and it was already large. Not to mention that I was adding another three or four stores, depending on how big the prospective tenants wanted them to be.

I arrived at home at three thirty and Braedon was standing at the door, waiting for me when I came in.

“So how did it go today?” Braedon asked after giving me a huge hug.

I told him everything that had happened and how fast it was coming along already and only on the first day.

“So how was your first day in classes?”

“It was really neat. First we all did math and we paired up with someone and we each taught the other everything we knew about fractions, with the assistants help. Then we did the same after break for English, and after lunch we had gym. It was weird getting undressed and re-dressed in front of everybody like that, but most of the boys were already used to it, so they were just talking as if they were dressed, and by the end I felt better, as did the other new boys. After another break we did science and we all learned about different chemicals, some are really neat. It really was a good day.”

After that we made dinner together, sat down and ate, and then read for a while before getting ready for bed.

“Daddy, is it all right to kinda like an older boy?” Braedon asked while I was getting him ready for bed.

“Well, I guess that depends on how much older.”

“Well he is about fourteen, I think. I sat with him once today and he is really nice, and I think he is gay too.”

“He is a little older, but not too bad, only three years difference, so not such a big deal, do you think he likes you the same way?”

“I don't know yet, but I think he might. Whenever we were studying together he was always a lot closer than he had to be, not that I was complaining.” Braedon said with a giggle.

“Just be careful.” I said with a chuckle and he smiled back.

I got Braedon diapered up and tucked in and kissed him good night and went to get ready myself. I crawled into bed and fell a sleep right away.

This morning I awoke a few minute before my clock went off, so I crawled out of bed and went in to wake up Braedon. As I entered his room I could tell that he was dreaming, as he was moaning and tossing a little. Under his breath I could hear faint mumblings as he said incoherent things in his dreams. Then all of a sudden his body went completely rigid and then vibrated for a few seconds and I knew what was happening. I wondered if there would be an extra wetness in his diaper this morning. Once he was back to normal sleep I gently shook him to wake up. He dreamily opened his eyes and looked at me and had a silly grin on his face.

“Have a good dream, it sure looked intense from where I stood?”

“Dad.” Braedon said in a whiny voice as I teased him.

“Everybody has erotic dreams, it's normal, and besides, that's the only place we will ever get to meet some people. Who was this one about?”

“It was about the boy I told you about yesterday, the one I like.” Braedon answered, only a hint of a blush left.

“Oh, well, that is nice, I hope you enjoyed it, because it may be the only place you will ever do it is in your dreams, but you never know do you.” I told him, thinking that he would not tell me.

I took Braedon into my room and when I took off his diaper I looked to see if Braedon spilled any seed during his dream, and he had not yet. I got us both out of our wet diapers and threw them into the can. We each headed to our showers and washed up for the day.

We got to work at the normal time and we each started doing our regular morning chores until it was time for Braedon to go to school. We hugged and kissed and he grabbed his bike and headed to school for another day. I logged on to my computer and searched some of the sights I knew of for retail merchandising and found a new shelving system I liked that would look nice and work well as well. I calculated what I would need to order then ordered another ten percent extra, as well as a few other nice display racks. Some of the new cases I ordered were made of steel and glass while everything else was open and made of steel. I ordered everything in a light gray and some accent pieces in dark gray to go with the new flooring I wanted to get.

Next thing I did was that I called around to some of the trucking companies to rent a couple tractor trailers for a couple months, because I would need a lot of extra storage during construction as the new displays and products arrived. I also ordered a whole bunch of new things as well as extras on almost everything in the store for the grand re-opening. Again I spent most of the day working in the office, searching for new products and information, and at three I headed home to meet Braedon.

Today I was the first to arrive home and I waited fro Braedon to show up. Five minutes later he came skidding to a halt in the garage and set his bike next to mine and came inside, and I grabbed him as he walked through the door and gave him a hug and kiss.

“Hi there, how was your day?” I asked.

“Almost the exact same as yesterday was, except a couple subjects changed, and today someone made a rude comment about something near the end of the day and had to do fifty push-ups and fifty sit-ups and he ended up making everybody a little late getting out. He also ended up getting a little ribbed by everybody, saying that he had made them stay late, but it was all in fun anyways, and he told us all that our times were coming, boys cannot hold their tongues forever, eventually something just spills out.” Braedon told me in almost one breath.

“The kid was right, even you will likely be hurting one day from a stupid comment.” I said with a laugh, kids were famous for accidentally saying things without thinking first.

“Oh I know, and I will probably deserve it too.”

“So how did everything go at the store today?” Braedon asked, barely having enough time to breath from the last comment.

I told him everything I did and showed him some of the things I ordered on the computer. He was really impressed with the new display shelves and cases.

“Wow, those will look tons nicer than those old ones we have now.” Braedon said when he saw them.

“Those are all the original ones from when I built the store. I had very limited funds at the time and they have worked for a long time, even if they are as ugly as can be.” I grinned.

I then showed him some of the new products as well and he was also impressed with some of the new toys and electronics I was bringing in.

“And everything is still to my high standards of quality and learning.” I said as I was showing Braedon all the toys. As a rule I only carried toys and things that taught people things, nothing that a brain dead rat could use, and also the best quality things I could find.

After I showed Braedon everything that I could remember, we made and sat down to eat dinner. After dinner we sat and watched a TV movie that was playing and then went to bed early. I diapered Braedon then tucked him in and said good night I love you, see you in the morning. I also got diapered and crawled into bed and slept the night away.

It was now Friday morning and my alarm clock blared in my ear to get my sorry butt out of bed. I mumbled curse words at the clock under my breath and decided that it would not hear me, so figured I should get up. I rolled out of bed and went in to wake up Braedon for his last day of his first week of school. I went in and shook him gently and he rolled over and mumbled that he wanted to sleep longer.

“Come on handsome, time to get up.” I said while gently shaking him.

After repeating it a couple times I was able to get Braedon awake enough to get up. We went over to my room where I removed our wet diapers so that we could shower for the day. I stepped into my shower and turned it to almost cold so as to try and wake myself up a little more. I climbed out a few minutes later and started to dry off. Braedon came in the room as I was drying off and I took one look at him and laughed.

“Did you have a cold shower too?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Easy, the turtle has retreated to its shell.” I answered and he looked down to see what I was talking about, and then as soon as he saw that, with the exception of testicles, he looked like a girl as his penis had pulled in so far, and he giggled.

“I had to make it really cold so that I would wake up, I am very tired today.” Braedon said still giggling as he tried to pull his little man out of hiding.

“I had to do the same, and for the same reason.” Referring to what Braedon was currently doing.

We got dressed and ready for the day ahead and headed to the store. As soon as it was time for Braedon to leave, I gave him a kiss and told him to have fun today and that tomorrow we would be going in to the city to see about flooring and paint colors. Okay he said, I’ll see you this afternoon, I love you dad.

My day was great as John's office called at around eleven o’clock and told me he had some plans ready to look at. I told him I would be there in a heartbeat. I arrived at his office in a little over ten minutes to see what they had done for me. John and the designer were waiting for me when I arrived and we shook hands, we sat down.

“So let's see what you have for me?”

They laid out a large scroll of papers with at least ten pages and rolled it open. The first drawing was a rendering as to how the designer felt the final result should look like. I fell in love with it at first site, the way he laid everything out, the flow and the room for displays was great. Next they rolled out the working blueprints so that I could see how they planned to do the construction.

“So that is pretty much it, however we see no way of getting around this, but we think that you are going to have to close down for at least a week during the construction when they are about to do the connections in the room and redo all the support systems, it will not be safe to be there while they do that.” John told me.

“That really should not be a problem, all I really want is to get it all done. I love everything so far on the inside, it all looks perfect. So what have you got planned for the exterior then?” I asked, getting extremely excited.

The designer then rolled out the most impressive drawing yet, the exterior of the new completed building was impressive to say the least. He had it designed with a combination of glass and copper.

“Now of course at first all the copper accents will be very shiny, it will however turn a rich green over time. If you would rather it stay shiny, they can add a varnish type coating to keep it shiny, but I would let it go green for this design, because it will look excellent with the lightly smoked glass that you can see I designed it with.” The designer said.

“Everything looks just so awesome, I will take it just as is. The only thing I need to know is, are there enough electrical outlets on the back wall, because that is where I want to put a new large display of TV’s and stereo’s?”

Quickly they went over to a computer in the corner, brought up my designs and made the changes and sent them through to a blueprinter in the next room.

“There, that should take care of that, just make sure you have a good electrical contractor and you will be fine.” John said.

I told them I had Michael as my whole contractor and they were pleased to know that I had the best and that what they had drawn up is exactly how it would look.

“So how much do I owe you for all this?”

“Two thousand even will cover it.” John said.

“Yeah, right. What is the real total? I know a medium sized family home design would go for about that much, so this should be somewhere around ten thousand dollars shouldn't it?” I asked almost in shock.

“I am not charging you, just billing you for our designers work, and Dennis figured that was about all he needed to charge for that.” John said.

“Okay, whatever you say.” I said as I grabbed my check book, never one to argue over a great deal. I went over to the table and started to write out the check for five thousand dollars, since I felt it was worth it no matter what he said. I passed the check over and as John was about to protest when he saw the price, I stopped him.

“Don't bother, it is that or nothing, I don't want you to do it completely free of charge, although I do appreciate it, so I went half way. You know I always pay for top notch work.”

“Fine, you stubborn old mule.” John said and took the check from me.

Dennis went and grabbed the final blueprint from the printer for me and put everything into a tube for safe keeping. I went straight from the office over to Michael's office to see when he could get started. When I arrived I asked the secretary if the boss was too busy at the moment for me to take him to lunch.

“Like hell I would miss a free lunch, where you taking me.” I heard from behind me.

“We're going for steak so that I can butter you up a little to get everything started.” I answered as I turned around and shook Michael's hand.

“Well, I don’t know, that sounds like bribery to me, steak and all.”

“Hell yeah it’s bribery, you coming.”

“Right behind you.” He said and said good-bye to his secretary.

We got to the restaurant and I asked for the largest table they had for the two of us. We were shown to our seats and the waiter came and took our drink orders. I brought out the large tube and popped the cap off and pulled the papers out and set them on the table.

“So, when can you get started?” I asked as I passed them over.

“I was only waiting on these and the permits, so as soon as I get all that and get everything planned out, I can start. Figure on me starting about two days after the permits come in unless everything can be organized quicker.” Michael answered and I rolled out the blueprints.

“Well these are the final drawings and this will be stage one, stage two will be the other stores, and if possible I would like for stage one to be complete in just under two months, I would love for an early November grand re-opening sale to kick off the Christmas season.” I said, a great deal of hope evident in my voice.

“Well, it should not be too difficult a job, hardest part will be getting all the decorative steel and copper for the exterior, hopefully, if I order it now, it will be in in time for the exterior to be completed. If however the decorative stuff is not done right away, it should not be a huge deal I would think. Two months should be enough time though, I hope. Once the foundation is laid out and poured, everything else should go pretty quickly though, pretty standard. If I had to hazard a guess though, we are going to have to shut you down for at least a few days while we do the roof and redo the support beams where the new and the old section will meet, we cannot have people in the store at that time, plan on three days at least for that.” Micheal said slowly, after and while studying the drawings carefully.

By then our drinks came and the waiter took our order and left to have it prepared for us.

“Okay, so purchasing, will I need to do all that or will you be taking care of that?”

“We can share it, I have already given the bank permission to grant you access to the account for all transactions and I have asked them to email me receipts of each one, and I would ask that you give me all the receipts as well so that I can write everything off and keep track of it all. I will be heading out to Vancouver tomorrow to look at flooring options and I will see what else I can find.”

“That should work well enough, I won't be charging you for that anyways so it might make it easier, cost us both less in the long run. So how do you plan on storing everything during construction?”

“I have already arranged for a few of the large tractor trailer containers to be delivered so that at anytime we need to store something, it can go in there. All the new stock and all the shelving units will automatically go in there, until they are needed of course, no point in risking them getting damaged.”

“Perfect, those work great for temporary storage. So how do you plan on working it when we have to come into the old section to do the work in there?”

“I figured that when you get the new section completed that we would just move everything from the old section to the new section and make a temporary location and then when it is complete we will shut down for a couple days and totally redo everything and put all the new displays up at that time.”

“It might be difficult, it might take a little longer than that, but we could try for a week and just remove everything out completely and my crew would work around the clock the last week to finish, and then you could just move everything in at once and then open.

“I guess it sounds a little easier that way, really not much will be changed in the old section anyways, just the doorway and all the windows are the main things, then it is just flooring, slat wall paneling, and painting after that. Okay, let's do it that way then. It did sound a little daunting and a lot tiring for just a few days.” I said after thinking it over a few minutes.

I figured that with all that stuff going into storage for a week or so I better rent another trailer or two to be safe. With that our meals came and we became silent as we enjoyed our meal. After lunch I took Michael back to his office.

“Well I guess I will see you next week then when I get the permits, they should be in on Monday.”

“As soon as you get them call me and I will be over to get them and probably start the ground breaking that same day, I should be able to plan everything out this weekend. Otherwise, thanks for lunch and I will see you later.”

After I dropped him off I headed back to the store to finish off my day. At three o’clock I left for home to meet Braedon, and he had already been home for a few minutes when I got there.

“Hello there handsome, how was your day?”

“Awesome. Remember the boy I told you about, the one I think likes me and I like him, well he asked if I wanted to go to his house tomorrow. I told him that I had plans with my dad tomorrow, but Sunday would be all right. He said that was great as well, so can I go to his house on Sunday dad?” Braedon asked excitedly, it had been a long time since he went to a friends house.

“Not a problem at all, you could have went tomorrow if you had have wanted to, I could have gone by myself or we could have just went later.”

“No, I want to go with you tomorrow, so I will go to his house on Sunday instead.”

“So what did you do at school today?”

“Mostly just school work, but gym was fun, we were doing gymnastics, and I love Gymnastics.”

“Would you like to take an after school gymnastics class, if you like it that much?”

“Really, you'd let me go.”

“Of course I would, I would never stop you from doing whatever it is you wanted to try.”

He came up and gave me a hug and said “You’re the best dad a kid could have, but no thanks, that's okay, I don't need to.”

“Okay, if you change your mind though, just ask. So, do you have any homework yet, I never see you bringing any home to do?”

“No, the school believes that school work is for at school, not home, all they say is that we should read every night, of which I do almost every night anyways after you tuck me in.”

“Good, I am glad to hear it.” I then told him how my day went and told him about the plans for the store.

“Didn't you bring them home, I wanted to see them?”

“Sorry no.”

“Oh, I would have loved to have seen them.” Braedon said, a little disappointment in his voice.

“I know, but Michael, our contractor needed them just a little more than we did though, so you will have to wait and see.. But I have a feeling Michael will be there with the plans on Monday, so if he is there early enough you might get to see them before you head to school.”

“Oh okay, that sounds good then.”

“So what should we do until dinner time?”

“I don’t know, how about I whip your butt in a couple games on the computer, or we could play cards?”

“How about cards, I never was one for playing games on the computer. What games do you know how to play?” I asked, oddly enough we had never played a card game, even on our vacation.

“I know how to play poker, crib, and a couple others, but I forget the names.”

“How about crib then, that's my favorite?”

“Okay then, in the dining room then shall we!”

I grabbed the cards and the board and met him in the dining room at the table. We played a few hands and he was not bad, a little rusty as he had said it was quite a while since he had played.

“At least I am good enough in math that the counting of the hands is easy, but I keep forgetting things.” Braedon said about half way through our game.

“Actually you are doing very well.” I said. We continued playing and talking for a while longer until we decided that it was time to eat so we got up and made dinner.

After we ate we continued playing our game until it was time for bed. By the end of the night Braedon had gotten far better in the game, and was winning as many as I was. We both got up after our last game and went to my room so that we could get diapered up for bed. Once he was ready I tucked Braedon in and said goodnight I love you, and he said the same to me and I went to bed. Saturday morning I woke to Braedon climbing in beside me and cuddling up.

“Good morning sunshine, how did you sleep last night?” I asked.

“I slept like a log and now I want to cuddle with my favorite daddy.”

I was about to say you have more than one, when I realized that he in fact did, boy am I glad that I think before I speak. After snuggling for a half an hour, I pulled Braedon out of bed with me and pulled off our diapers and sent him for a shower, while I also had one. Once dressed I made a nice breakfast for the two of us, and when we finished eating we decided that we would head out to look for new flooring for the store. The two hour drive was nice, Braedon and I chatted the entire way about how school was going and how work was going. We chatted about everything and nothing, just enjoying our ride. When we got into Vancouver we headed straight to the first flooring store we saw. When we went in we were greeted by a nice salesman within a minute or so.

“Good morning, can I help you gentlemen find anything today?” The salesman asked.

“Yes please, we are renovating our store and we want a nice new stylish floor. However we don't want carpet, it already takes forever to vacuum, doubling the store size would take even longer, we want easy cleanup, low maintenance, and very high durability.”

“How busy is the store and what style were you looking for?”

“We are pretty busy most of the time and I am not sure of the style or color yet, show us what you have and we can decide from there.”

“Have you thought of an industrial porcelain tile, that would probably be your best bet?”

“No, go ahead and show us some.” I said and he took us over and showed us a nice selection, but I did not like any because of the grooves that they would leave would make it difficult to clean.

“Well the tiles would certainly be durable, but the grout lines would be difficult to keep clean wouldn't they!”

“Okay, how about a hard wearing vinyl tile then?”

“Sorry, those are absolutely out of the question, I hate those things, they look horrible in every place I have ever seen them used.” I said, he just grinned and nodded.

“Okay, I have an idea. We are now carrying a product that looks like hard wood flooring that might be perfect, follow me.” He said and then led us to the wood section.

“Well it looks really nice, but is it practical for a high volume store where a lot of people and heavy items are going to be scuffing it a lot?”

“It's not actually wood, but a composite wood and plastic material, and it has undergone exhaustive testing. I am told by the company that they guarantee it totally, and it was designed for high traffic stores. It also comes with a twenty five year warranty that says that it will not scratch or chip. This stuff is miserable to cut, it is so hard, you have to have special blades and a patient crew they said, but when installed it is for a lifetime.”

“Well that sounds perfect then.” I said happily.

We looked through the different styles and colors that they had and then through the catalog. Both Braedon and I kept going back to a really nice one that they had on display, it was a classic wood pattern in a nice white maple color.

“Okay, I think we both really like this one here, how much does it cost?” I asked once we had finally decided.

“It is not cheap, I will warn you right now, but because it is so good and with the warranty it carries, it is well worth it. It costs six dollars a square foot.” He answered.

I gave a low whistle as I calculated the cost out in my head. The new store was going to be around twenty thousand square feet, so I would be in around a hundred and twenty thousand dollar mark, just for flooring. It was certainly more than I had wanted to spend on the floor, but then I thought that it would be great with all the new fixtures and twenty five year warranty was certainly appealing.

“Well it was a lot more than I was wanting to spend, but it would look awesome and I like the sounds of the warranty on it, but we need to think it over.” I said.

“Okay, not a problem and I understand, no way I would spend that much money either without thinking it over first, at least a little. Take my card though and come back and see me. Now because it is a new product there is the possibility of a sale coming up, if you want to come back in a while I can check on it for you and see what the manufacturer is going to be offering.” He said and handed over his card.

“Okay, sounds like a plan, go ahead and find out what you can, we will go for lunch and then come back later.”

He looked a little down when I said this, as every salesman knows what that usually means, but I was not like that, and if we decided on that flooring, we would be back. We went for lunch at a fast food place and discussed what we had found.

“Well it was certainly the nicest stuff and it would look great, and yes it is expensive, but by the sounds of it it might outlast the store.” Braedon said, almost making up my mind for me.


“Plus it would be real easy to keep clean.” Braedon added.


We continued eating our meal and discussed what we thought of the different options we had seen.

“Should we even bother to look at other stores?” I asked.

“I don't think we need to, that salesman was nice and they have a huge selection, I have never seen a store so big in my life, chances are they have more than everyone else.”

“True, but how come you're so smart?” I asked with a grin.

“Because you're my daddy.”

“Aw shucks, now you're making me blush.” I said as I pulled him over to me and hugged him.

After lunch we went back to the store and looked for the guy we were dealing with earlier. He was busy with another customer at the time, so we just looked around at all the other options for a bit, but everything else seemed to pale in comparison. A couple times others came to see if we needed any help, but I kindly explained to them who we were waiting for, and once he was free we went over to him.

“So what were you able to come up with?” I asked.

“Well the sale was a dollar off per square foot, and the owner said he would give another fifty cents off for the quantity you wanted.”

I hummed and hawed for a minute, four dollars and fifty cents a square foot was still a bit higher than I had originally wanted, but maybe worth it.

“Well if you guys can go two dollars off, you have a deal!”

“I'm not so sure the boss will go for that, but I will go check.”

He went into the back and talked for quite a few minutes with the manager and came back out.

“Well, you are in luck, he said he would go for it. However, I did go in saying that you wanted three dollars off, knowing he would never go for that, and he bargained at the two.” He said with a grin.

“Ah, you are a crafty little bugger aren't you, I like that. Thanks. Let's get it all paid for before I realize what the hell I am doing and pass out.”

“You better believe it, but come on.” He grinned.

We went to the order desk and he arranged the order. I told him that we would need an extra ten percent over the total for just in case, and he said that that was a good idea and this way if you need more you won't have to wait and maybe end up with a slightly different color. After writing out the absurd amount on the check I passed it over and arranged for delivery to the store as soon as they got it in.

We left the store and decided that it was time to think about interior colors. The designer told me a few different options to look into so as to match, so I already knew what I needed, just had to decide on the exact color. Today we were just looking, since we would order this from a local store anyways.

When we were in the store we also looked at a whole bunch of other things that we might need or want, and we did find a couple things for the new lunchroom and bathroom as well as the public washroom we were adding. We looked at the different colors we had to choose from and we both found a couple we liked, but were really unsure as to which one to choose, from the three we narrowed the choices down to.

We decided that we would just take the three samples home with us and when the display units showed up we would check to see which color looked best with them. We decided that seeing as how we were in town, we may as well make a full day of it and went to the theater and we watched a new action movie that was playing. After the movie we had dinner at a really nice pasta place, and then we went to the arcade and spent a lot of money there, I did really like the pinball machines and Braedon had to have played every machine in the place at least once. Once we were tired we headed out for the two hour drive home.

Braedon fell asleep about half way home and it was quiet not having him to talk to. I got us home safe and sound and carried Braedon into my room and laid him on my bed, so that I could get him ready for bed. As I pulled off his pants I noticed that there was already a little wet spot, and I said to myself that he must have had a bit of an accident. I got Braedon undressed and put a diaper on him and rolled him over in the bed. I had decided to just let him sleep with me tonight, since I was getting too tired to carry him to his room. I got ready for bed myself and climbed in, and Braedon rolled over as soon as I climbed in and cuddled right up to me in his favorite position.

Sunday morning I awoke in the same position I remember falling asleep in, on my back, with Braedon draped over me, neither of us having moved all night. I reached down and gave Braedon a kiss on the forehead.

“Wake up little man, it’s time for a new day.”

He began to stir and when he woke up, still cuddled to my side, he sighed and smiled at me.

“Good morning, how did you sleep last night?”

“Oh great, I always do when I get to sleep with you.” Braedon sighed.

“Well just don’t go getting used to it. So how will you get to your friends house today?”

“His mom and he will be coming here at around eleven o’clock to pick me up and meet you.”

“Well then, I suppose we should get up and make breakfast then, since it is after nine already. Come on get up you.” I teased him.

We both got up and stripped off our soggy diapers and threw them into the pail. I headed towards my shower and swatted Braedon on his bare backside and told him to use his when he started heading towards mine. He gave me a grin that said that he had to try.

We met in the kitchen a few minutes later and made pancakes,bacon and eggs for breakfast. Just as we finished cleaning up after breakfast, the doorbell rang, so I went to the door to meet our guests. Braedon followed behind me and I answered the door. There was the notorious friend and his mother. We all introduced ourselves and I invited them both in. Braedon’s friend Joey and his mom, Laurie, came in and we sat in the den and talked for a few minutes.

I thought to myself that if Braedon was right about Joey being gay, he would be one heck of catch, because he was very smart and very good looking. I wondered if he got the looks from his dad, since Laurie, while not ugly by any means, was no where near as good looking as her son. We exchanged phone numbers with each other after a few minutes of idle chat and the boys left with Laurie for the day. I gave Braedon a hug and a kiss on the forehead on his way out the door and Joey looked kind of shocked, but I told them both to have fun anyways.

Whatever will I do all by myself for the rest of the day, I wondered. Ever since Braedon came home with me, we have spent every day together except when I am at work and he is at school, but then I am busy. I decided that it had been forever since I last baked anything, so I went to the kitchen and started with a batch of my favorite cookies and then I made a cake and then I made two different pies. I loved to bake, it always helped to relax me, but I had not done it for five years, since I had had no one to bake for, but now I do. Half way through my baking madness I called Joey’s house and asked Laurie if her husband and she, as well as Joey, would like to come for dinner. She said that that would be nice, but that she no longer had a husband, however they would both be pleased to come for dinner. I told her that I was planning dinner for around six and to come hungry.

After I finished the pies I ran down to the store to pick up some steaks for dinner. When I got home I got the steaks prepared in a special marinade and got the potatoes ready to go on the grill. At five thirty I started the grill and put the potatoes on it to start. I made up a nice big Cesar salad to go along with dinner and prepared a loaf of garlic bread. At just a few minutes to six, Braedon, Joey, and Laurie came in, just as I was about to put the steaks on.

“Can you boys go ahead and set the table please, Laurie, you can go ahead and have a seat while us men get everything finished up?”

“Okay.” Everyone said.

Table set and food prepared, we all sat down and ate our fill. Barely a word was said during the meal it was so good, even if I do say so myself. After the meal I went to the kitchen and grabbed the pies and a pail of vanilla ice cream. Each of us had a good sized helping of the pie a la mode, even though we were all already full. After we finished we sat around for a while and talked until Laurie said that it was time for them to be heading home. We showed them to the door and said good bye.

“So what did you boys do today?” I asked Braedon as we were cleaning up the kitchen.

“Oh not much really, we just hung out more than anything, we played computer games for a while and then went out side and swam in their pool and then we just laid around and talked until it was time to come for dinner. So do you like Joey’s mom?”

“Well she is nice, but if you are talking about a future missus, I don’t think so, I really have no interest in dating, maybe in a few more years, but not yet.”

“Oh, I think she really likes you, she was all excited when you invited them over for dinner.”

“Well, maybe she just thought it would be nice to get out of the house. When I asked them for dinner, I asked if her husband would be joining us, since I did not know he was not around anymore, and I kind of figured that she would realize that I still wear my wedding ring and what that means, she does not wear hers anymore.”

“How come you still wear it?”

“Couple reasons really. First, I am still very much in love with my wife and until my heart lets go of her, I will wear it on the proper finger. It is becoming less painful everyday, but it still hurts that they are gone, you have helped me a lot there. Even when I do decide to remove it though, it will only be to another finger. Second, is that it tells others that I am not interested in a relationship.”

“I understand, and I can feel that pain from you sometimes, so I know.”

“Well I just hope that Laurie does not get the wrong idea, I would not want to hurt her feelings or anything.”

We sat down and watched TV for a little while until it was time for bed. Braedon and I went to my room and I got us both diapered and ready for bed. I went across the hall and tucked Braedon in and said good night, I love you. He said good night I love you too dad. I crawled into my bed and barely remembered to set the alarm clock, I was so tired.

Monday morning rose with a bright morning sun that woke me a few minutes before the alarm did. I laid there for a minute and stretched my tired muscles. When the alarm went off I reached over and shut the fowl beast off and climbed out of bed, and crossed the hall to wake up Braedon. When I walked in his room he was laying there with his eyes open watching the door, apparently waiting for me.

“Good morning, how did you sleep last night?”

“I slept well and only just woke up a few minutes ago.”

“Yeah, I woke before my alarm today too.”

He climbed out of bed and crossed the hall with me to my room to get out of his wet diaper. He just stood by my bed and waited for me to remove his sodden diaper after I removed mine. I removed his and threw it into the pail with my freshly deposited one and told him to go have a shower. We each went to our own showers and got ready for the day ahead. We met in the foyer and headed off to work. We started our morning duties as we normally did, and at six we were interrupted by a knock on the door. I got up excitedly and went to the door to find Michael standing there, waiting for me, so I let him in.

“Good morning, how are you today?” I asked, almost giddy.

“Oh not too bad, I have everything ready to start this morning, some of the equipment is being delivered now as we speak. When is the permit going to be here?”

“It is supposed to be here in the mail this morning, it was supposed to come by mail, and that usually arrives at ten.”

“Great, that gives us time to set up and mark everything off, it was a good thing that the city had the original lot plans or this would have taken an extra couple days to do.”

“I bet. So do you have the blueprints handy, Braedon would love to see them?”

“Yep, sure do, they're in the truck, I'll go grab them right away.” Michael said and went to his truck and came back and we went into the back room to look at them on the table.

“Wow, these look awesome, I don't think I would change anything.” Braedon said after he went over the drawings a few times, really looking at every detail.

“I thought so as well, all I had added was more power at the back of the store.”

A few minutes later Braedon had to head to school, so I hugged and kissed him goodbye and he left. Michael went outside to supervise the ground marking and I went back to work and waited until my reinforcements arrived.

At just before ten o’clock the mail came and I dug through it to find the permit, and it was there, so I took it outside to show the construction crew.

“Perfect timing, we were just finishing up the marking and we were almost ready for the groundbreaking.” Michael said as I passed him the permit.

“Cool, I want to see this.” I said excitedly.

“If you want to, you can take the first scoop with the loader?” Michael asked me.

“That would be awesome, I have always wanted to try one of those things before.” I said, probably sounding like an excited five year old at that moment.

So he took me over to the large machine and told me how to start it and then he went over the instructions on how to move it and use the bucket. He pointed me at the center, where I could do no major damage, and told me that he wanted it about four feet deep. I moved into the center and took a few scoops out and piled them at the edge where I was told to put it, and then I parked it and the regular operator came over to take over. He told me that I had done quite well for my first time, so I said thanks.

I stayed outside most of the day and watched from a distance, so as not to get in the way, and talked with people as they came by to see what was happening. A few really good customers said that they were happy for me, they would also be happy to see a larger store, since it was getting a little tight as of late, and I told them all that that is the entire reason for this. They all asked how big it was going to be and I told them all that my section was going to double in size, but we were also adding a few other store fronts as well. I decided that it might not be such a bad idea to call a Realtor to put the word out of a brand new space or spaces that were opening up, hopefully very soon. I went inside and called the only Realtor office in town and told them of what was happening.

“I am glad to hear that. I have a couple clients myself that were looking for a good space, one wants to put in a clothing store and the other a café.” The Realtor, Bernie, said.

“If you would like you can bring them over any time and we can look over the plans and they can modify the interiors how they would like, before construction starts.” I offered.

“What will the lease rates be like?” Bernie asked.

“Rates will be negotiable depending upon the size.”

“Let me call a few people and let me get back to you on that okay.”

I went back outside to see how everything was going, everything looked to be going very well. A couple times throughout the day an employee would come out to see how things were going, and they were all happy with the looks of it. It could not have been more than an hour later when Bernie called back.

“I would like to bring a couple people over this afternoon if possible?”

“I have no problems with that, but please make it no later than two so that I can make it home for three to meet my son.”

“Not a problem, we will be there in an hour or two then.” Bernie said.

It was already noon so I decided that it was time to eat and went inside and grabbed a quick bite to eat and went back outside. By the time I came back outside they had the foundation hole dug, and they were now taking measurements.

“Well we are almost finished for the day and tomorrow we will be back, laying forms for the concrete, hopefully to be ready for the following day for the concrete.” Michael said as he came over to stand with me.

“That's great, it's going faster than I expected..” I said, but then he had to burst my bubble.

“I hate to tell you this, but this is the fast part, and it will be tough to meet your two month time frame, but we will see what we can do.” Michael said.

“Oh, well I have faith in you.” I said with a grin.

A few minutes to two a van pulled up and a few people climbed out, I knew who it was so I went over, and I was right. We all introduced ourselves and shook hands and went into my back room to discuss things and after nearly an hour we had agreed on what size each of them wanted and we all signed the standard lease contracts that Bernie just so happened to be carrying with him.

I made it home just after Braedon and I excitedly told him everything that had happened today and he told me all about his day at school, which was about the same as normal, except he talked to Joey.

“And guess what, Joey even asked me if I wanted to come sleep over next weekend. I told him that I could not sleep over there, but maybe he could sleep over here, he said that was okay, is it okay with you?” Braedon asked excitedly.

“It's fine with me as long as Laurie is okay with it as well, but this means you will have to tell him about about your bed wetting and how you deal with it.”

“Yeah, I know, that's why I wanted for him to stay here first a little easier, I just can't figure out how I'm gonna tell him though.”

“Well, I am sure you will figure it out.” I said and we sat back and talked for a while and then made dinner, and then played cards until bedtime.

It is now Friday morning and not much has really happened over the week except the trailers arrived and some of my new stock arrived as well. The construction crew was able to get the foundation poured and the floor is being poured this morning, since they got the forms off yesterday and back filled everything, man, on paper it did not look nearly as large, it’s going to be awesome. I had gotten both Braedon and myself up and ready for the day and we went to the store to get the day started.

“So, have you figured out how to tell Joey yet, and have you told him?” I asked Braedon on our way to work, I knew he knew what I was talking about.

“No, I haven't really thought about it much, I was kinda hoping you would help me tell Joey tonight when he comes over?” Braedon asked, almost pleadingly.

“Not a problem, I can help you with that. So is Joey coming right home with you after school or is his mom bringing him later?”

“His mom is going to pick us up after school and she will bring what he needs with her then. She has a truck so we can just put our bikes in the back.”

“Okay, that works as well.”

When we arrived at the store I was pleasantly surprised to find the concrete truck already there with the crew, so they were getting an early start. We went inside and got started on the opening preparation to get ready for the day. Just as Braedon and I went out to get his bike off the car, the truck that was bringing all the construction materials showed up. I gave Braedon a hug and told him to have a good day and went over to talk to Michael.

“So how's it going Michael, and my god is that truck ever full, I can't believe you will need all that?”

“That's only the first load, the rest will be delivered later as we need it.”

“Oh. No wonder this is costing me so much.” I said as I looked at the rather large load on the huge truck, and that was not even all of it.

I went back inside to finish up my daily chores to get ready to open. After I left work I headed straight home to meet the boys and today I got home first, but only by a few seconds. I was getting out of the car as they were pulling in. I helped the boy’s to pull their bikes out of the back of the truck.

“Well I have to get going, I am going to use my free night and go out on a date, something I haven't done in ages.” Laurie said with a smile.

“Well enjoy yourself then, have a good night, you deserve it, and we will see you later.”

“You have no idea.”

“Oh, I think I do, I have not been with anyone in five years, but I am not really ready for that yet.”

“Yeah, it has been nearly twice that for me, and I could tell you weren't ready for it yet, you still wear your ring.” She said warmly.

We all said good-bye and us boys headed in to the house.

“Joey, you may as well just pile your stuff in the spare room, since that will be where you are sleeping.” I said.

“No, just throw it in my room, I think we should just make beds on the living room floor and watch movies all night.” Braedon said.

“I have no problems with that, I might even stay up a little late and watch some with you as well, if you will allow it of course.”

“Okay, cool.” Joey said, both boys nodding their heads at me, and then Joey followed Braedon to his room to throw his things in there.

“Dad, can we go rent a few cool movies then?” Braedon asked once they came back out.

“Sure, why don't we just ride there, it is only a mile or so, and it is really nice out.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

We picked out a few really good movies, we ended up getting four, one really funny looking comedy, two great looking action, and one sleepover requisite cheesy horror. We hit the corner store on the way home and picked up a few bags of horrible junk food, but hey, what’s a sleepover without staying up all night and eating junk food. We then headed home and I decided that it was time Joey knew the horrible secret.

“Joey, we have something that we need to talk to you about, so come sit down please?” I asked. He gave us a puzzled look, but came into the den with us.

“Well Joey, it's like this, both Braedon and I have to wear diapers to bed every night, both for slightly different, but almost the exact same reasons. You see we both have very bad bladders and even during the day we have to pay close attention, but at night we both just wet.” I said straight out. He was a little shocked at first and did not say anything at first.

“I always wondered why Braedon had to get up so often to go to the washroom during class.”

“It doesn't bother you does it?” Braedon asked hopefully, looking into his friends eyes.

“No, it is not a big deal. It is a little strange knowing your friend and his dad have to wear diapers to bed, but that's okay.” Joey said, and Braedon could tell that Joey was telling the truth.

“And of course I would really rather you not discuss this topic anywhere else, I would rather that Braedon not get picked on at school.”

“Our little secret, no one needs to know.” Joey said with a smile.

“Great. So what should we have for dinner tonight guys?”

“Pizza!” Both boys said as one.

“I should have known, we will make our own though instead of ordering them, and then we can share each others creations.”

“Cool.” They both said and then went and played on the computer for a while, while I went and got everything ready for the pizza's, starting with the dough.

Once I had the dough rising I prepared all the different toppings that we would need. After rising for an hour, I prepared three large crusts and called the boys in to help with the next part. They came in and saw the sizes of the pizzas we were making and were in awe.

“Not even we can eat that much, and we're growing boys.” Joey gasped out.

“That's fine, but I love cold pizza for breakfast, so this will be fine.” I said with a grin.

I started on mine and they got the general idea and started on theirs. I put ham and pepperoni, onion, green pepper, mushrooms and tons of three cheese blend on mine. Braedon went mostly with just ham and pineapple, but also put onion on his and lots of cheese. Joey did almost the same as mine but without onion and even more cheese than I had, and I like lots of cheese. It is a good thing my kitchen has two convection ovens, or this would have taken forever to cook. We patiently, yeah right, waited for our meal to finish and finally after forty minutes of cooking they were ready.

“Braedon, why don't you go get the movie started and get the tray tables set out while Joey and I get these cut up and we will bring these and the drinks in?”

He nodded and took off. After three trips back and forth we finally had everything ready. We first watched one of the action movies while we ate, but don’t ask me what it was about, because I was too engrossed with my pizza. Home made pizza is, and always will be one of my favorites, they just can't do it the same at the restaurants.

Joey was wrong though, saying that not even we could eat all that pizza, because by the time the first movie was over, we had devoured all but three slices, it was so good. Granted I had to pop the button and lower the zipper on my jeans, and I noticed that both boys had to do likewise. After bathroom trips we all settled down on the couch to watch the second movie, we chose the comedy this time. I sat at the end while Braedon cuddled up to me, and Joey chose the other end of the couch and wrapped himself in the blanket that was there. The movie was very good and by the end all of our sides hurt from laughing so much.

“Okay boys, time to go get ready for bed. Joey, you can either use the spare room or the bathroom, whichever you prefer.” I said and he used the bathroom, since it was easier anyways.

“You should probably wear at least a pair of boxers over your diaper or it might be a bit awkward. I am going to wear boxers and my robe.” I said as I was getting Braedon diapered up.

“I will just wear boxers.”

We met Joey back in the den and he was wearing just boxers as well, they were really nice green silk boxers.

“I like your boxers.” I said.

“Thanks, they are comfy. I normally don't sleep with anything on, but silk is the next best thing.” Joey said with a shy grin and a little blush.

“I agree, and that is why I have silk sheets.”

“That would be awesome, I have always wanted silk sheets, but they are so damned expensive.”

“Tell me about it. I bought mine on sale for almost half price and they were still over three hundred dollars.” I said and Joey's mouth dropped.

We sat back on the couch in the same positions we were in before, and put in the second action.

“Sorry, but it will have to be the action movie, because I have no interest in the horror movie, can't stand them any more, but when I was your age I think I saw every one of them.”

“Cool. Are you both wearing your diapers already?” Joey asked, puzzled because he could not tell.

“Yes, why?” Braedon asked curiously.

“Just because you cannot even tell, and had you not told me I probably would not have even noticed.”

“Oh, okay.” Braedon said.

We all enjoyed the movie, the visual effects were astonishing, to say the least, and the sound was incredible, plus the story was good, so over all it was great.

“Well boys, I am heading to bed, you can stay up as late as you want, but try not to make any noise please!”

I went over and gave Braedon a kiss on his forehead and told him to have a good night. I went to bed and passed out, because it was at least three hours later than normal for me to be going to bed. The boys both stayed up very late and watched the movie and talked into the wee hours of the morning, both enjoying themselves immensely, but eventually they both passed out.

Saturday morning I missed having Braedon come in and snuggle up to me as I woke up. I laid there for about twenty minutes and stretched and then finally got up to start breakfast. I went into the den to see if the boys were still sleeping and I noticed that they had decided to make one large bed and were cuddled up next to each other, it was very cute. Joey's front was pressed into Braedon’s back, and Joey was hugging Braedon around the chest. I could see all of this because the blanket was pulled down to about mid stomach. I went into the kitchen and pulled out a pack of bacon and one of sausage. I started making Belgian waffles, and as that was rising, I got some strawberries ready. Once the batter had sat for the required time, I tossed the bacon and sausage into the pans and put the first waffle in to cook. The smell of frying bacon woke both boys almost immediately and soon after I had two bleary eyed young boys wandering into the kitchen.

Well if Joey could not see last night that Braedon was in fact wearing a diaper, he would sure be able to tell now, if he looked, because Braedon was bulging quite a bit from wetting so much.

“You both may as well go grab your showers, Braedon you can use mine this morning, while I make breakfast.”

They both headed off and by the time both boys made it back to the kitchen, I was just finishing whipping the cream for the waffles and strawberries.

“Can you boys set the table please while I finish breakfast up?”

“Okay.” They both said.

We all sat down a short time later and ate a very satisfying, and very filling, breakfast.

“So what should we do today guys, we do not have to take you home until after dinner Joey, so let's go do something fun?” I asked while we were eating breakfast.

“Can we go to the wave pool?” Braedon asked after they deliberated back and forth together for a few minutes.

“That's fine with me. Joey, did you bring any shorts with you?”

“No, I didn't.”

“That's okay, you are not that much larger than Braedon, so his shorts will probably fit you as well.”

I was quite shocked when he did try on a pair and they fit, I knew that he looked the same size, even though he was nearly six inches taller. We decided to ride the two miles to the pool, so I loaded all our stuff into a back pack I had, and we took off. Arriving at the pool just as they opened for the day, I wondered if there would be enough room in the pool for as many people as were waiting. I had never been here before, since it only opened a couple years ago and I never had a need or desire before to go.

When we finally got inside and paid we went into the change room and I was surprised at how large the room was. It had to have nearly two hundred lockers throughout, and laid out in a semi open cubicle design. We chose a cubicle that only had about ten other people in it and started to get changed. I knew that Braedon would not be shy getting changed in front of everybody like this, however I was surprised that Joey did, but then I remembered that he had gone to the school since kindergarten, so was more used to it than Braedon was. He just stepped out of his clothes and stood there talking to us as if he was still clothed.

A couple of the other boys, who were around the same age as him, did it while covering themselves with their towels. When I really looked at Joey though, I realized though that he had absolutely no reason at all to be shy, as he was very good looking all over and had a soft penis that was nearly the same size as mine, although nearly hairless, that shocked me somewhat. We all got dressed and showered off and went to the pool. As we walked out onto the pool deck I was dumbfounded at the sheer size of the place. I knew it looked large on the outside, but it was massive on the inside. There was one large pool for swimming, but today being Saturday, they had a couple large floating toys in the middle, one was a large mountain that you could climb and dive off of, and the other was a castle. There were two other pools in there as well, one I assumed was for waves, but at the moment was calm, and the other, a much smaller one, had four different slides running into it. There were also two different hot tubs, one for adults, and one for kids that was not quite as hot. There was a large sauna and a huge steam room as well, and off to the side and up stairs as well they had a huge gym with every type of workout equipment you could imagine. Both Braedon and I just stood there and looked around with our mouths open taking the whole place in for a minute. Joey had to pull us both aside so that we would not block the entrance.

“Yeah, that was my reaction the first time I saw this place too, it is so huge.” Joey said.

“At first I thought eight dollars a piece to use this place was a little steep, now I think it is a good deal, and we can use anything we want all day.”

I decided to get this day started, so I picked up Braedon and jumped into the water with him, Joey followed only a step behind us. I challenged the boys to a game of king of the mountain, since that thing was huge and looked hard to climb. They agreed and we all tried climbing to the top, but every time you thought you had it, you either slipped or somebody knocked you off. Finally Braedon made it to the top and I followed and pushed him off the other side and then Joey came up behind me and pushed me off and as he pushed me he slipped and slid down the side he had come up. We had a blast there for a while and then decided to try the slides. Joey told us both that the one on the right was the largest one they had and it was his favorite, so we went up to that one.

We climbed the stairs up to the top of the building and queued up for the chosen slide. When it was our turns we each went down, and it was a good thing I was already wet, because that slide made me wet more, it was so intense. Over half of it was in the complete dark, so you had no idea what was coming, not to mention there were multiple hairpin turns, and one sheer drop just after the beginning that increased your speed to like mach two, no wonder there was a warning at the beginning of this slide. It was so awesome that we all went again.

“Did you pee yourself on the way down as well?” I whispered into Braedon's ear on the way back up the stairs.

“I did twice.” Braedon admitted with a giggle.

“What are you guys laughing about?” Joey asked curiously.

“I just asked Braedon if he peed as well on that slide, neither one of us can hold it under pressure.”

“Hell, you don't need a bladder problem to piss yourself coming down that slide, I did the first three or four times myself, that's why I like it so much.”

“No kidding, that is why I am going back, it is almost as good as a roller coaster.” I said.

We spent most of the rest of the day going down the four slides. The other three were also good, but not nearly as intense as the first one was. After we got our fill of the slides we headed over to the café to have a bit of lunch. All the playing was making us all hungry, even after the rather large breakfast we had.

After lunch we decided it was time to try the wave pool. We each grabbed a boogie board and swam out to the center where the waves were the best. Braedon tried to stand on his board, but with the waves being as large as they were, it was difficult, and each time he almost got up, he was knocked back off. I tried swimming through the waves a couple times, but each time only came up spluttering with a mouth full of water. After playing in the waves for over an hour I decided to try out the steam room and hot tub and both boys thought it was a good idea as well. After relaxing for a while the boys headed back towards the pool and the large castle, so I followed them. I boosted both boys up and in and hoisted myself up into the castle. A moment later, just as I was climbing inside, I heard a muffled scream come from Braedon.

“What happened, where's Braedon?” I asked puzzled, I saw him only a second before.

“Oh he fell through the trap door in the floor. I forgot to warn him about that, I'm such a bad friend.” Joey said with an evil grin.

“Oh you are evil, I knew I liked you.” I grinned right back.

Joey was near the middle and I found where Braedon had fallen through, I thought it was hilarious, there were things hanging from the ceiling of the castle that you had to try to force your way through, so most people did not watch where their feet were, and they put the trap door right in the middle of one of these obstacles. A minute later Braedon rejoined us inside.

“Watch your step, this castle seems to have booby traps in it.” Braedon said with a laugh, he had enjoyed it as much as Joey apparently had.

“I heard.” I said, laughing with him.

We played in the castle for a while, hitting the obstacles sticking out of the floor and ceiling, and we laughed every time that we heard another kid, and even the odd adult fall through the trap door in the floor. At around six o’clock we decided that it was time to head home, since we were all getting pooped from the long night before and the long day we had. We went in to the change room and showered off and got dried and re-dressed.

“Well boys, after the long day we have had, I have absolutely no desire in cooking, so let's go out for dinner.”

We rode our bikes to a small family restaurant down the road, that I had heard good things about, and we went in. We had a very nice meal together and headed home.

“Well Joey, I think it is time you went and grabbed all your things, I am sure your mom was expecting you home by now.” I said once we got back to the house.

He went inside and packed all his things up while I put his bike on the rack on the back of the car. Within five minutes the boys both came back out and hopped in the back seat and I drove Joey home.

“Dad, can we do this next weekend as well, but this time can Joey stay until Sunday?” Braedon asked as we were driving Joey home.

“I have no problem with that. Joey, you can ask your mom when you get home and then call Braedon later.”

“I'm not so sure my mom would know what to do with all the spare time.” Joey said with a grin.

“I'm sure she can figure something out.” I said with a laugh. When we arrived at Joey’s house, Laurie came out and greeted us.

“So, did you boys have fun?”

The boys gave her a very animated and fast version of everything they did, and in the same fast breath, asked if they could make it all weekend end next week.

“I had as much fun as they did, except I didn't stay up quite as late as they did, I am after all just a big kid.” I said and shrugged when she looked to me for an answer.

“I figured you to be a big kid. When Joey told me which store you owned, I figured it would be an overgrown child to own and run it.”

“You would be surprised at how little I actually get to play with all my toys, I am too damned busy most of the time. Well Braedon, we should get going I guess.”

“Yeah, I guess, every time I have been in there it was rather busy, and I might have even seen you there before, just never paid attention. Well you guys have a good day.”

“Thank you so much for the great weekend.” Joey said and came up and gave me a huge hug, that I thought was going to snap a rib.

“No problem, we enjoyed having you with us, and you are welcome to stay any time at all. Bye now.” I said and Braedon and I headed back home for the night.

“So what did you guys do after I went to bed?” I asked curiously.

“We watched the other movie and then then we got our bed ready and then told jokes for probably an hour until we passed out.”

That night we just cuddled up and watched TV until we were ready for bed, which was early. Braedon asked if he could sleep with me tonight and I told him it was fine. I got us both ready for bed and we climbed in. Braedon fell asleep as soon as he lay his head against my chest, and I was not much further behind.

Sunday morning I woke quite late from being completely worn out the previous day. When I woke up I found that Braedon was not still laying there beside me. I stretched for a few minutes then decided to get up and see what my boy was up to. I found him in the kitchen getting breakfast started for us.

“Good morning handsome, need any help in here?” I asked as I came in the kitchen.

“I think I have everything under control thanks. It should be ready in about twenty minutes. You can go ahead and get your shower, I have already had one, so as soon as you are finished we should be able to eat.”

I agreed and went and got ready for the day. As I was walking back in to the kitchen, after getting cleaned and dressed, Braedon was just laying the last of our meal on the table to eat, so I sat down.

“Mmm, everything smells great.”

He had made spicy Italian breakfast sausage, fried potatoes with onion and peppers, and eggs, all in all it was very impressive, it was also very tasty. Because both of us were still very tired from the fun filled day yesterday, we decided that today would just be a nice restful quiet day, so we spent it sitting around watching TV and playing cards.

Most of the next week just flew by with so many things happening at once and by Friday I was glad to be getting off work. The store addition, as well as the other stores being added, started to take shape, and by the end of the week and you could actually start to see the shell take form, especially on my store where the most work was being done. More and more new products and display units and building supplies showed up every day, and I was starting to wonder if I was going to have enough storage space. Braedon said that everything in school was going very well, he enjoyed the challenges that he now had to face there, where as at his old school he was always done before everyone else and bored. He told me around the middle of the week that they really try and push you to do the best that you can do, but really help a lot when you ask for it, however, if you don’t ask and you fail, they punished for that. I thought that this was a great way of doing things, because it kept the kids learning. Friday afternoon I was not able to make it home until nearly five o’clock, because I had to meet with Michael and his team for some extended details they wanted confirmed.

So when I finally made it home I found that Joey had come home with Braedon and already had all his stuff with him, and they had just started making dinner for us minutes before I walked in the door.

“Hi boys, sorry for being so late, I trust the school gave you your message saying that I was going to be late, or you probably would have called the store. So what are you guys whipping up for dinner, my weary old body is getting hungry?”

“Mind your own business, and weary old body my butt. Go in and get changed and watch TV, we will call you when it is ready.” Braedon said, cutely waving a wooden spoon at me.

“Well fine, I think I will.” I pouted at them, and they both grinned at me.

I got changed and headed into the den and turned on the tube and watched a few good shows that were on. I was called to the table at just after six and I went to see what they burned up for dinner. The table was set nicely and there was a large Cesar salad in the middle, as well as a large loaf of garlic toast, and a large pot of what could only be spaghetti from the smell. We ate the large meal and they both did a great job, it was very good.

“Thanks boys, that was very good. So what should we do tonight?”

“Can we rent movies again?” Both boys asked at the same time.

“Sure, not a problem, let's just get this cleaned up real quick then, but we will drive tonight though.”

So after we cleaned up the dishes we went to the video store to see what they had in stock. We found three really good movies that we would all watch and headed home, but on the way stopped at the store to get the required treats. After the final movie of the night, of which I actually stayed up to watch, it was after two in the morning, and I was dead on my feet. It has been more years than I care to admit how long it has been since I stayed up that late. Both boys were also almost asleep and I thought that it was a good thing that I got both Braedon and myself ready for bed after that first movie, or I would never have done it at all. The boys both just slept in Braedon's bed this time, because they were too tired to get the bed on the floor made up.

I woke up very late for me the next morning, and could tell that there was one heck of a storm raging outside, the rain was pounding, the wind was blowing, and I could hear and see the occasional clap of thunder and lightning. After laying in bed for quite a few minutes listening to the storm, I decided that I should probably get up, so I did and went to get the boys up and get us all some breakfast. When I went in to get Braedon and Joey up, they were again cuddled up together and I still thought it looked adorable.

“Good morning boys, come on and get up. Braedon let's get you out of that nearly leaking diaper, and you boys can go grab a shower.” I said to the groggy boys.

“Okay.” They both said. I quickly removed Braedon's boxers and then his overly saturated diaper and left the room, probably before Joey even realized what had happened. I heard them both hop into the showers as I was in the kitchen, after having gone to my room, and removing my diaper and throwing them both in the pail first.

“Well you look a little more awake now, are you even awake yet though?”

“Nope.” Both boys said, each with a tired grins.

“Thought not, so what should we do today, it's pretty nasty outside?”

“Why don't we just stay in today, play games, build a city, whatever.” Braedon said.

“Sounds good to me, how about you Joey?”


“Should we start with a game of Monopoly?” Braedon asked once we were finished our breakfast.

“Okay.” Both Joey and I said, and we had to have played for over three hours after breakfast, a good way of killing a day, that's for sure.

“I am going to go play on the computer for a while, you boys can go ahead and do whatever you would like.”

“Want to go build with all our Lego?”

“Okay, I love Lego.”

The boys decided to go and build a Lego space city for a while. At around Four o’clock I decided to make dinner, so I left to the kitchen. I decided that tonight it would be a simple chicken salad and fresh focacia bread. When dinner was ready I called the boys to the table. When they got there I noticed that Joey’s eyes were a little red and puffy.

“Joey, what's wrong, it looks as if you have been crying?”

“Oh nothing, it really does not matter.” He tried to tell me.

“Joey just had something to tell me is all, and it was difficult.” Braedon said when I looked to him to see what was happening. By the look on Braedon’s face I had a pretty good idea of what it was.

“Joey, please tell me what's bothering you, you can tell me anything at all, and it will not bother me, even if you want to tell me that you are gay?” I asked gently. Well that set off another round of tears.

“I am and I don't know what to do, everybody will hate me, mom will disown me, everything is gone.” He sobbed out.

“Hey there, nobody in this house hates you, and if your mom loves you as much as I think she does, she will not have a problem with it at all.” I said softly and went over and hugged the scared boy.

“See, I told you it would be okay, dad knows I am gay as well, and I already told you that, so there is no need to cry.” Braedon said soothingly to his soon to be boyfriend. Joey hugged me back and his crying eventually slowed down and stopped.

“Why don't we go ahead and eat now and we can talk more about this after dinner okay.”

We ate and Braedon and I tried to keep Joey talking, but he did not really say too much, so after dinner I sent the boys into the den while I cleaned up. When I finished I went to the den and I found the boys sitting on the couch, one on either end. I sat right in between them and pulled both boys into me so that they could cuddle up.

“So how did you come to tell Braedon that you were gay Joey?”

“I had to tell someone, someone I could talk to, but would not tell. I know Braedon wouldn't, since he has a pretty big secret himself with having to wear diapers.” Joey pretty much whispered into my side.

“That makes sense, and I am glad you trusted Braedon enough to tell him that, it must have been hard. So how much of a surprise was it when Braedon told you he was gay as well?”

“At first I thought he was just saying that to be nice to me, that was when I started to cry, thinking he was making fun of me.” He answered, only slightly louder this time.

“No one in this house will ever make fun of you.” I told him and hugged him closer as well as pulling Braedon in a little closer as well.

“So do you have any questions that you would like any answers to, things you would be uncomfortable asking your mom?”

So almost exactly like the talk I had with Braedon only a short couple months before, he asked every question about sex and growing up and being gay that he could think of. Braedon answered some of them and asked a few new ones as well. By the end of our discussion we all knew everything there was to know about sex, both gay and straight, I had had to do a lot of reading to find most of the info.

“Thanks for all the information, it really helped.” Joey said, giving me a kiss on the cheek and a hug that nearly strangled me.

By that time it was nearly time for bed, so I got both Braedon and I ready, while Joey changed in the bathroom. Braedon decided that tonight he would not wear anything other than his diaper, and I told him that it was fine. We all sat down in the den for a little while longer, and watched TV until we were ready for bed. I went first, saying good night to the boys, and I gave Braedon a kiss and hug goodnight, and started to head for the door, when Joey hopped up and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and a hug goodnight as well. I told the boys not to stay up too late and to try and keep a little quiet. I went to bed and passed right out.

“So Joey, have you ever had sex before?” Braedon asked inquisitively.

“No.” Joey answered a little shyly. “Do you jack off at all?”

“Almost every night, how about you?”

“Mostly the same, but sometimes two or three times a day.” Joey answered with a little more blush, but getting really turned on.

“Have you ever done it with another boy?”

“Yes, me and another boy, while we were on vacation this summer, jacked each other off and I even sucked him, but that was it.” Braedon admitted freely.

“Wow, how does it feel, it must feel great?” Joey asked, getting a little excited.

“The best feeling ever.” Braedon answered truthfully.

Braedon looked down into Joey’s lap to see what was stirring, and sure enough the tell tale signs were showing through his boxers. Braedon reached down and touched him gently where no one has ever touched since his mother diapered him. Joey took in a large gasp of air and jerked.

“Oh that felt wicked.” Joey gasped out.

“Would you like to go back to my bedroom and try a little more?” Braedon asked sensually.

Joey just nodded and they both stood and went towards the bedroom. The boys got to the room and closed the door and looked at each other and blushed. Both boys were obviously aroused, even Braedon showed through his diaper, and willing, but they did not know where to start. Braedon made the first move and stepped closer to Joey and kissed him lightly on the lips. When Joey did not pull back after a moment, Braedon wrapped his arms around Joey's neck and pulled him in closer. Once Joey got more into it, Braedon started to lick Joey’s lips, begging entry, and Joey allowed with a moan. Battling tongues for a few minutes, Joey started working his hands up and down Braedon’s side and back and started to grab Braedon’s bum through the diaper he was wearing.

Braedon also started to caress Joey in much the same fashion, but with the skimpy boxers on, it was much easier to feel Joey's cute ass. Braedon pulled off Joey’s lips and started kissing and licking his neck and went lower into his armpits and then to his chest, where he spent more than a few moments working the now fully hard nipples.

Caressing his hands lower as he licked lower, Braedon finally made it to the band of the obtrusive underwear. Rubbing his way to the back, Braedon grabbed Joey’s ass and fondled it and then started pulling Joey's boxers off. Working his way slowly back to front and back again he pulled down the boxers until Joey’s very stiff young rod caught in the fabric, and Braedon had to pull the elastic past and then the boxers fell to the floor. Joey just kicked them off, leaving him naked, and hard, for the first time in front of his lover.

Braedon took full advantage of the situation and started licking the puckered tip of the leaking penis. Joey was moaning very lowly with appreciation at the licking he was receiving. Braedon moved Joey over to the bed and had him lay down so that he could enjoy it fully. Braedon crawled in between Joey’s wide spread legs and continued licking every where he could reach. Then he sucked Joey’s entire sac into his mouth and began humming, while licking and sucking. Joey was vibrating with the sensations, it felt so incredible. All of a sudden Braedon let go and went to Joey's rock hard shaft and sucked the entire morsel into his mouth and began bobbing up and down with enough suction to pull Joey’s fillings out. His tongue was very active and Joey was bouncing on the bed now and he was getting dangerously close to having the best orgasm of his young life. He tried to warn Braedon, but Braedon would not listen and just kept on sucking and sucking until Joey could no longer hold it, and he blasted at least five times.

Braedon continued sucking and licking until he drained Joey completely, and nearly passed out. He lay there panting and staring at the ceiling, still trying to get his fingers to relax enough so that he could release the death grip he had on the sheets. Braedon crawled up and kissed Joey, passing off a little of the cream that he had saved for his boyfriend. Braedon lay there cuddled up to Joey for a few minutes, just kissing and rubbing Joey's chest, until he came down from his sexual high.

“Wow, that was the best feeling I have ever felt in my entire life, I can't wait to try that on you next.” Joey said once he was able to speak.

Joey then rolled over on top of Braedon and straddled him and started kissing Braedon back just as passionately as the first kiss they shared and moved on down and tried all the same spots on Braedon, finding that his armpits were extremely sensitive, and made him moan and groan in pleasure. When Joey got to the edge of Braedon’s diaper he gently untaped it, to make sure that it could go back on, and pulled it down and out of the way. He started by licking Braedon’s thighs and nuzzling his balls with his nose. Gently he started licking Braedon’s balls and shaft and playing with the tip. He went back down and took Braedon’s whole sac into his mouth and tried the same thing on Braedon as had been done to himself. While sucking and licking on Braedon's balls, Joey was rubbing the insides of Braedon’s thighs and he moved one hand in closer to Braedon’s tight virgin hole and rubbed the entire area with one finger. He let go of Braedon’s balls and moved up and sucked in the whole shaft and started sucking and licking and bouncing up and down. All of a sudden on one of the passes with his finger on the hole he was rubbing and playing with, his finger slipped inside, and Braedon moaned even louder with the sensation. Joey continued sucking on the meat in his mouth, but also started moving his finger inside the tight, hot hole.

The feelings that Braedon were having with the dual sensations were driving him wild and he found himself rocking himself trying to get pleasure from both sides at the same time. Realizing that Braedon was in fact enjoying the ass play very much, Joey inserted another finger inside the relaxed hole. Braedon bucked with the increased pressure and started bucking even faster and before he was even able to warn Joey, he blasted a couple shots of warm watery cum into Joey's eagerly sucking mouth. Joey was at first surprised at the salty sweet cream entering his mouth, figuring that Braedon was too young yet to cum, but enjoyed the treat none the less. He kept sucking until Braedon was dry and limp, and then crawled up and kissed Braedon with some of the saved sperm to share.

“Wow, that was absolutely blissful, the best ever. Would you put your dick into me and make love to me?” Braedon asked quietly.

“I would love to, but I am afraid it would hurt too much.” Joey whispered.

“You already had two fingers in there right, well your dick is not that much larger than those right, so all you have to do is lube me up and prepare me a little more.” Braedon said, getting very hot again to have something in his ass.

“Do you have any lube then?”

“There's some Vaseline in the bathroom I could get.” Braedon said and quickly hopped up and went to the bathroom to get the tub of lube.

Obviously both boys were anticipating a great time, because they were again both hard as stone. Braedon lay back on the bed and pulled his legs open and back to expose his hole to his lover. Joey took a healthy scoop of the gel and applied it to the waiting orifice and started pushing two fingers in and out twisting and prodding. Once the hole was loose enough, he added a third finger, and Braedon barely noticed the difference it was feeling so good.

“Oh god, that feels so good, I need you inside me now please?” Braedon begged.

Wiping a little of the excess goo onto his straining penis, Joey leaned forward and inserted just the tip of his penis inside the searing hot tight hole. Braedon and Joey both moaned from the extreme pleasure of the entrance. Joey continued to push in slowly until he was buried deep inside.

“Oh god, how does it feel for you?” Joey asked in a deep moan.

“Other than feeling a little full, it feels awesome, how about you.” Braedon asked in a matching moan.

“Oh god, so good, never thought anything could feel so good.” Joey moaned out.

Joey started with a slow gentle loving rhythm, and after about five minutes of going dreadfully slow, Joey started to pick up the pace a little and really started moving as the feelings took over. Soon both boys were rutting at a pace that would have made rabbits proud, and they were both moaning and sweating fiercely. Not able to take it any longer, Joey made one more thrust and grunted as his orgasm slammed into him and then into Braedon, blasting no less than seven times, but by the seventh shot he was dry. Joey collapsed on top of Braedon and they kissed and cuddled until Braedon’s ass expelled Joey’s wilting penis.

“How did it feel?” Joey asked, giving Braedon a tender loving kiss.

“Even better than all my previous orgasms all together.” Braedon answered, returning the deep passionate kiss.

“I would like for you to do that to me now please?” Joey asked huskily.

“I would love to.” Braedon said.

Pulling his legs up the same way as Braedon had, Joey got into position. Braedon crawled down the bed until he was positioned in between Joey's legs, and taking a large dollop of Vaseline on his finger, Braedon started with spreading it over Joey’s sphincter. Gently he started to push one finger inside the hole and started moving it in and out, slowly working the hole. After a minute or so he added a second finger and Joey moaned.

“Oh god, this feels so incredibly good.” Joey moaned out again.

Twisting and prodding with two fingers, Braedon worked until Joey was ready for a third finger, and then slipped that in and continued until he thought Joey was ready for the best part. Braedon spread a little of the lube onto his penis and lined up and entered slowly, and both boys moaned. Once inside, Braedon started the same agonizingly slow rhythm that Joey had started with. Joey was thinking no wonder he enjoyed this, it feels so good. After a long while, Braedon picked up the pace and started pounding into his lover, and kept it up until he drained himself inside Joey.

After nearly passing out on top of Joey, Braedon rolled off and they kissed for a few minutes. With a little luck, Braedon remembered that he still needed to put his diaper back on, so he asked Joey if he would mind re-fastening it for him. With a great deal of love, Joey diapered his boyfriend. Pulling the sheet up over the two of them, Joey cuddled right up to Braedon and said I love you, goodnight. Braedon said I love you too, goodnight and they both passed out from all the incredible sex.


Chapter 7

Sunday morning I woke at about ten and got up to get ready for the day. I pulled off my diaper and stepped into the shower and cleaned up. When I was finished I snuck across the hall and peeked inside Braedon’s room to see the boys tangled together with the sheet thrown off, and Joey was naked. I had already known what they were up to the night before, since I had heard much of their first night together. I was happy for them both, they both needed the other and they looked so cute together. I quietly closed the door and went into the kitchen and started to make up a big breakfast, since I knew the boys would be famished after the previous nights workout, after all they kept me awake for nearly an hour. Once the omelet’s were almost finished and the fried potatoes were ready I went to wake the boys up.

“Wake up sleepy heads, breakfast is almost finished.?” I called out after opening the door. Joey awoke with a start when he realized that he was still naked and was cuddled up to my son.

“Um um.” Joey stuttered out, trying his best to think up an excuse as to why he was naked.

“Nothing to worry about Joey.” I said with a warm smile as I started removing Braedon's wet diaper, once done I left him as naked as Joey was and then left the room.

“Good morning.” They both said with a little blush in their cheeks.

“Good morning boys, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, I was a teenager once too, and I do still remember what sex was like.” I said gently, they went even redder yet, and here I thought that was impossible.

“How did you know, Joey being naked means nothing, that is how he sleeps at home and maybe I just told him to sleep how he was comfortable?”

“Because I am only right across the hall and I always keep my door open.” I said simply.

“Yyyooouuu heard us?” Joey stuttered out.

“I heard most of it, yes, and it sounded as if you both enjoyed yourselves a great deal.” I answered and dished us all up large plates and we sat down.

“So how do you boys feel this morning?” I asked because I had known that they tried anal sex.

“I feel a little tender, but otherwise I feel great.” Braedon answered honestly.

“Me too.” Joey also answered.

“So how did you like it?” I asked and both boys blushed a little again.

“It felt better than I ever imagined it would.” Braedon answered and Joey nodded his agreement.

“Good, anal stimulation, when done correctly, can feel very good, but you have to be careful.”

“It kinda sounds as if you have tried it before, have you ever tried it?” Joey asked.

“No, not with another person, but I used to have toys to play with.” I answered, ah, what a breakfast conversation. We all cleaned up and I took both boys into the den so that I could talk with them further.

“Now I know that I told you a lot about sex and everything, but the one thing that I want to stress is that sex without love is a bad thing.”

“I know, and to me it does not matter, because I am in love with Joey, I just hope he feels the same thing for me.”

“I am, I love you too, I have since the first time we met I think.” Joey said with a tear in his eye.

“Well then, I hope you will be happy and love each other for many years to come.” I said while hugging both boys to me.

“Joey, when do you plan to tell your mom, and would you like us to be there with you when you do, and you have to soon, because you cannot hide this from her?” I asked softly.

“I think I am going to try and tell her tonight, and I think I should do it by myself.” Joey said stoically.

At just after two o’clock we drove Joey home to spend the evening with his mom and hopefully tell her, and Braedon and I went home and spent a quiet night reading while cuddled on the couch. At about eight o’clock the phone rang and I answered it and it was Joey. It sounded as if he had been crying.

“How are you doing Joey.” I asked gently.

“I told my mom, we both cried lots and she told me that she's okay with me being gay, and that she really has known for a while.”

“I am proud of you for being man enough to go through with it, but I bet it feels so much better to get it off your chest, doesn't it?”

“Yeah, and thank you, can I talk to Braedon please?”

“Sure, just a minute. Braedon, phone, it's your boyfriend.” I called out.

He blushed and brightened as I said that, but jumped up and grabbed the phone from me. I went back to the couch and continued reading while they chatted on the phone. At the end of the conversation Braedon said that he loved him and good-bye and hung up.

“So how do you feel, knowing that Laurie knows about you guys?”

“I was a little scared at first, but I guess it's better, this way we can be more relaxed in front of her.”

“Good.” I said.

Shortly after that I got us both ready for bed and Braedon asked if he could sleep with me tonight to which I said sure, why not, and we crawled in and slept the night away.

Monday came and went with nothing much different, to me it felt as if construction had stopped, although I knew they had not, and Braedon told me that his day more or less sailed by with not so much as a minor glitch.

Tuesday arrived, but today half way through the morning the glass showed up for the store fronts. I guess calling my stuff glass is a little inappropriate, since it was actually triple pane Lexan that was to be riveted in place. I had decided to go with this because the guy at the store told me it would take a truck doing at least twenty kilometers an hour to get through it, it was about as strong as you could get. I wanted this for the added security, but also I would be able to lose the ugly bars. The other two stores I only had regular glass put in, since it is far less expensive and they did not need the extra security. My glass was also lightly smoked to reduce glare, as were the others. The crew had told me that it arrived right on time, because they were hoping to have the windows and doors installed by the next day before they started on the interior work. By the end of the day they had the exterior sheathing up and I noted that it was starting to look like a rather impressive building.

That night Braedon asked if Joey could spend the weekend again, I told him that I had no problems as long as it was okay with Laurie as well. Braedon told me that they had already checked with her and it was good with her as well.

Wednesday was a good day, business was good, and the crew was able to get all the windows installed and the electrical crew came in to start their work. I was told that this and the plumbing would take the longest of all the things and the plumber was starting the next day and they would be working side by side, and then tying the two structures together would be the next longest. At the same time the roofers were in and tying the two roofs together and doing the new section and re-doing the old section. It boggled my mind how so many people could be doing so many things at the same time in a confined space, but I guessed that they were used to it.

Thursday morning came upon us wet, and I don’t mean outside. Braedon, I had noticed over the past week was starting to grow out of the size six Pampers I had been getting him, and today he very nearly exploded, so I decided that it was time for the youth sizes again. I had not bought them since that first pack, since they were a bit big on him then, but shouldn't be now, and I told him that I would get some new larger ones today for my growing boy. At work I left early after inspecting the interiors of all three stores, as the two people wanted all the available space. I went to the store that I usually go to for my supplies and picked up more diapers for myself, as well as getting the same brand in a youth size for Braedon. I got home a few minutes before my monster showed up and handed him his gift.

“Here's a gift for you.” I grinned.

“Gee, thanks dad, just what I always wanted.” Braedon replied with as much glee as he could manage.

He grabbed my pack too and took both to my bedroom and went and got changed. We both made dinner together and had a quiet night of reading and watching TV.

Friday morning I found it hard to wake up, but managed to get both Braedon and myself up and ready, and I was pleased to see that his new diapers were holding up well. Today the crew started on the stucco and copper work for the outside of the building. I was told that this would be completed next week, because the color coat would have to go on after the first coat was well dry, hence waiting for Friday to start it. The copper trim that they applied sure looked nice and with the glass and steel overhangs, it would look very sharp. At just before three I headed home and I made it home just after the boys arrived, in fact they were still putting their bikes away.

“So lover boys, what should we do this weekend?” I asked and they blushed, but said nothing about the comment.

“Movies again tonight please, but I have no idea for tomorrow.” Braedon said.

“Same here.” Joey said.

“I will see if I can think of something fun, let's go get changed and we can ride to the video store and pick out a few good movies.”

We all went to our rooms, Joey now just sharing Braedon's, and got changed and then met in the entry way. We rode to the store, picked out only two movies this time, and then went to the store to pick out a few goodies.

“So boys, what do you say to Chinese food for dinner tonight?” I asked as we were riding home.

“Awesome, I love Chinese food.” Joey said.

“Sounds good to me as well.”

As soon as we got home I called in the order to the restaurant I liked and had them deliver it for us. Once I ordered dinner the three of us just sat back and talked for a while, nothing important, mostly just about our days and how the renovations were coming along. Almost an hour later the food arrived, and between the boys and I, the food didn't stand a chance. The brochure in the phone book says five to six people, yeah right, we polished it off with no problems at all, granted the boys did out eat me nearly two to one. We had of course started one of the movies as we ate, and to be honest, I don't think any of us could actually tell you what happened during the first half an hour of it, but the rest was good.

At the end of the first movie we all hit the bathrooms and got ready for bed. Both Braedon and I came out wearing just our diapers, and Joey came out in just his boxers and we all settled in to watch the next movie, all cuddled up on the couch. I gave both boys a kiss on the forehead and told them goodnight at the end of the second movie, needing to go to bed.

“Oh and boys, please make sure and keep the noise down, I am sure the neighbors would like to get some sleep tonight.” I teased them, having the unbearable need to embarrass them, and boy did they go red, it was priceless.

I headed to bed and crawled in, and the boys went to their bedroom and they kissed each other tenderly after closing the door. They stood on the inside of the room leaning against the newly closed door for nearly ten minutes kissing, before they started to move towards the bed. They fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs while still kissing still more passionately. They started to rub their lover wherever their hands could reach, touching every sensitive place. Each boy was moaning and groaning into the others mouth, until Braedon pulled himself off and started kissing and licking his way down Joey’s quivering body.

Skipping past his mid section, Braedon continued down Joey’s legs and started to suck on his toes. Joey had never dreamed that this would feel so good and it was, if possible, turning him on more than before. After a good licking, Braedon started working his way up and his hands reached for the waist band of the interfering boxers and began to pull them down. Pulling the offending underwear down and off, Braedon had free access to any part of his boyfriends body, and he took full advantage of it. Lifting Joey’s knees and pushing them back, he raised Joey's bottom off the bed and began to lick and suck the loose dangling sack. Joey was moaning from the feel of what his boyfriend was doing to him, but he was not prepared for what was to come next.

Licking down further, Braedon headed straight for forbidden territory, and began licking the entrance to his lovers hole. Joey bucked and vibrated with the feeling of Braedon’s tongue licking around his muscle and then forcing entry. Jabbing his tongue in and out and really working the hole, Braedon added a finger from each of his hands and continued pleasuring for all his worth. Taking one of his hands away, but adding another two fingers from the remaining hand to increase the pleasure, he reached down and removed his diaper, that was obviously in the way. Once removed, Braedon brought his hand up to his mouth and spit into his hand and then coated his throbbing young rod in spit and then removed his hand altogether, to Joey’s dismay, and then slid up and started kissing Joey as he lined up for entrance.

Joey, not wanting to wait any longer, needing Braedon inside him, and now, pushed back with all his might as soon as he felt that Braedon was lined up, and sunk himself onto Braedon's dick. Both boys moaned at the incredible sensations this act brought on. After holding still for a minute, so that Joey could get used to it, Braedon started a slow even motion, in and out, while still kissing Joey. Braedon kept the very slow pace the entire time that he was able to last, and he held on for as long as possible, but he lost concentration after a minute of holding off his orgasm and stopped kissing, but kept the slow even thrusting and held off the explosion for another five minutes until he could no longer hold it.

The explosion that Joey felt inside him surprised him enough to trigger his very own orgasm, even though not once during the night had his penis even been touched. Braedon rode out his orgasm and kept the slow even pace until he was ready to go again. As soon as he was ready, he began pumping again, but this time with a faster, more enthusiastic pace and was truly fucking his lover, and they were both grunting with the effort. Joey was more than a little surprised that Braedon just kept going without really stopping, but was more than happy to keep going, because he could do this all night, it felt so good. After the second orgasm of the night swept through both boys, Braedon collapsed on top of Joey, breathing rather heavily. They continued kissing each other once they gained their breath back, and Joey broke off.

“Wow, that was amazing, where did you learn to do that?” Joey gasped out.

“The internet is my friend, it is amazing what you can learn there. I looked at a bunch of gay sites that explained exactly what to do and what feels real good.” Braedon said proudly.

“Wow, it felt way better than good.” Was all Joey could think to say.

After a few minutes of kissing Joey rolled Braedon onto his back and did exactly the same thing to his boyfriend as what was just done to him, except he held on for a third time, and by the time they had each had an orgasm for the fifth time, dry I might add, they were completely exhausted. Joey put Braedon’s diaper back on and they cuddled up and went to sleep.

I found both boys, Saturday morning, all cuddled up to each other, and because it is still abnormally warm for this time of the year, the sheets had been tossed off and Joey was naked again, as I had expected he would be, and Joey was hard. I was just thankful that after the two hours that I heard them last night, before I finally fell asleep, that they were not too tired to put Braedon’s diaper back on. I shook the boys both awake and this time Joey did not scramble to cover up, but he did still blush.

“Good morning boys, come on, get your lazy butts out of bed, breakfast is ready and it is almost eleven o'clock already.” I teased.

They met me at the table a few minutes later, Joey had pulled on his boxers and Braedon was still in his wet diaper. I had a heaping pile of Belgium waffles with a large bowl of strawberries as well as an equally large bowl of whipped cream. I had also a large plate of sausages and bacon and an egg each.

“So have you guys thought of anything we can do today?” I asked after we finished stuffing ourselves stupid.

“What about going to Vancouver and hitting that huge play place they are always advertising, you know the one with all the arcade games and activities and stuff?” Braedon asked.

“Sure, sounds good to me. Joey, you need to call your mom and make sure it is okay with her if you go, if it is, then we can get ready and go.” I answered.

“Cool.” Both boys said and Joey ran and grabbed the phone. He talked to his mom for a few minutes and she must have asked to speak to me, because Joey brought me the phone and passed it to me.

“Hello Laurie, I trust Joey asked you if it was all right to go to Vancouver today?” I asked in greeting.

“Yes, are you sure it is okay that he goes with you?”

“If he doesn't go with us then we would not go either, we are going to that huge arcade out there, I just wanted to be sure that you were okay with me taking Joey out of town is all.”

“Okay then, you boys have a fun day.”

“Thanks, we will.”

Once I hung up and gave the thumbs up, we all went and got ready to go and headed out.

“So how do you boys feel after last night, I know you made love to each other for a while?” I asked, trying to get the boys to open up a bit more about their relationship.

“I feel wonderful.” They both said.

“I am happy that you guys love each other and love to make each other feel good, but you should try and take it a little slower, take your time. You are both still young and you have lots of time, not to mention your bodies still need time to adjust, it can be dangerous to push too hard, too fast. Do either of you hurt at all this morning?”

“No, no pain at all.” They both said while shaking their heads no.

“That's good. Do you boys kiss at all?” I asked next, wanting to find out if it was really love or if it was just sex.

“Yes, lots.” They both said shyly, going deeply red.

“By lots, what do you mean?”

“That was how we started last night, by just kissing and cuddling each other for almost twenty minutes before we did anything else, and the entire rest of the time the only time we were not kissing was when we could not reach, but we kissed lots of other places.” Braedon answered quietly, but with a cute grin from remembering, and was probably more than a little hard.

“And why wouldn't your lips reach?” I asked with a grin.

“Because sometimes we were not at that end.” Joey answered.

“I was only teasing you. Thanks for answering so honestly though boys, I know it is difficult to talk about this, but you have to know that you can tell me anything. And just so you know, the reason I wanted to know was so that I could find out if it was love or if it was just sex, I am happy to hear that it is in fact love.” I said warmly.

“I am just surprised at how open I can be with you, I would never say anything like this around my mom, I would just die.”

“That's probably because of how open I was with you guys right from the beginning, plus you feel comfortable around me, which I am pleased with.”

We chatted idly for the rest of the drive and we made into the city in a decent time, considering how busy the roads were. We arrived at the game emporium and parked and went inside. Neither boy had ever been to this place before, whereas I had taken my wife there once when it first opened, many years ago now. The place was still as massive as I remembered it being, it was three stories of no less than fifty thousand square feet each, each floor crammed full of every game imaginable. On the main floor were mainly the ticket winning games, upstairs the pool tables, air hockey tables and arcade games and downstairs were two massive indoor mini golf courses. I put a twenty into the first token machine I came by, got the tokens, and divided them up and we all set off.

I followed the boys upstairs and we all hit the pinball machines first. The boys played air hockey for a while, and then I played each of them. We headed over to an open pool table and had a game of three way, them against me. Even while out numbered, I was able to win, but by only one ball. After teaching Braedon how to play, he did very well. After playing the various games for nearly two hours, and replenishing our stock of tokens at least three times, we were starting to get hungry.

“Well boys, what do you say to some lunch?”

“Good, I'm starving.” They both said at the same time.

We walked across the road to the McDonalds that was there and I ordered all of us enough food to feed a small army, seeing as how that is how we ate, and after gorging ourselves on the horrible food, we headed back.

“Would you guys like to go play a game or two of mini golf?”

“Okay.” They both said.

I went and paid for the games, got our clubs, balls, and score card, and went downstairs to one of the courses. It was made to look as if it were the ocean floor and it was quite cool, both boys loved it. Braedon was surprisingly good, considering the fact that this was only the second time he had ever touched a golf club, and by the end we were all within two points of each other, and because I did not care I threw the score card away and have no idea what the scores were now.

Next we headed back outside to hit the go cart track, and after nearly an hour on the go carts, and a whole hell of a lot of money spent, we headed towards the hover bumper cars, these though were new since I had last been here, and they were awesome. They were mini hovercraft type vehicles, but they still had wheels, and you could maneuver them with ease and we bounced around for quite a while with a bunch of other people.

We hit the shooting range next and went through about a thousand pellets between the three of us, and again even though Braedon had never even seen a gun in real life, he did pretty good. We all went back inside and decided to see what we could all win on the ticket machines. Only god knows how much money and time we spent on those things, but by the time we were finished, we had nearly four thousand tickets between us.

“You guys go ahead and split those up and go get what you can with them.” I encouraged.

As the boys took off to go see what they could get, I happened to look at a clock, and I nearly choked when it said that it was five minutes past twelve, as in midnight. I did not look forward to driving back tonight, and wondered if the boys and Joey’s mom would mind us spending the night in the city.

“Hi Laurie, I hope I didn't wake you up, but we are still in Vancouver, we have been having so much fun that I was not paying attention to the time and was wondering if you would mind if we stayed the night out here?” I asked when I decided I better call.

“No, I was just about to head to bed, I am glad you guys have had so much fun and I have no problems with it at all.” Laurie answered.

“Great, thanks, you have a good night and we will see you tomorrow after dinner.”

“Okay, have a good night too.” She said and disconnected.

The boys came back with all their prizes and I ran it by them, and they were perfectly okay with that, even the part about staying the day, seeing as how there was little point in going home first thing in the morning. First thing we did, after we left, was to find an all night pharmacy to get a pack of diapers for both myself and Braedon, and then we went to the nearest hotel. I got us a room for the night with two queen size beds and we went up. When we got upstairs and found our room, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a nice, very large room, and tastefully decorated.

“Well you boys go ahead and get ready for bed then.”

Braedon went into the bathroom first and when he came out, Joey went in. While Joey was in there, I put Braedon into his diaper and he climbed into bed. Joey came out a couple minutes later, wearing just his briefs, since he had not planned on staying here the night, so all he had was a pair of skimpy bikini briefs to wear. I grabbed one of my diapers and went into the bathroom and got myself ready for bed as well. When I came out I found that both boys were locked in a very gentle embrace, kissing each other deeply. I coughed gently to alert them of my presence in the room and they broke apart and looked at me blushing.

“Don't be embarrassed, it looked very sweet.” I told them softly.

I turned out the lights and said goodnight, I love you boys. They both said I love you too, goodnight. I heard the boys kiss each other again and whisper I love you to each other and we all fell asleep.

When we woke in the morning I went downstairs to the lobby and bought a tooth brush, for each of us, and a tube of toothpaste so that we could start the day fresh and clean. When I got back to the room neither boy was in the room, but I could hear the shower running. I opened the door a bit and peeked in and saw that both boys were in the shower, and it looked as if they were each relieving the others pressure buildup.

I quietly closed the door and went back into the room and turned on the TV for a bit until the boys were finished. They boys came out of the room and were both naked, drying themselves off. Joey noticed me sitting there first, he made a bit of a squeaking sound that was both cute and comical, and stopped, and Braedon bumped into him.

“I thought you went to buy some toothbrushes and toothpaste, we did not expect you back for a while.” Braedon said.

“Obviously, but the main desk has that kind of thing and all I had to do was go down stairs. Did you guys figure you would just save time or SOMETHING else, and share your shower?” I emphasized. They both blushed deeply.

“Relax, I remember being your age as well, and sometimes the pressure just gets to be too much, and you have to release it or you will explode.” I teased.

“You're not kidding about that!” Joey chuckled out, still with a little blush. Braedon elbowed him lightly with that comment.

“Next time we have to get a hotel room I promise I will get you two your own room for some extra privacy, so that you can hep each other out, like friends are supposed to do.”

“No, it was fine.” Braedon said, but they both were still blushing cutely.

“Man, you guys really should learn not to blush so much, even though it is cute, and very funny.” I teased them.

“Well if you would quit saying embarrassing things it would help.” Braedon deadpanned.

After I was sure the boys were embarrassed enough, we went out for breakfast at an all you can eat brunch buffet.

“Well I think I would like to go to that huge mall down the road and look around today, what do you guys think of that?” I asked after breakfast.

“Okay.” They both said, and we paid the nearly crying manager and headed out.

After spending quite a few hours and dollars at the mall, we headed towards the car with a couple bags apiece. We had found a few really good deals on some new clothes for all of us, as well as a few things for the house as well as the camper. It was a fairly quiet and relaxed ride home, we went to our house first and got Joey’s things together and then we drove him home. On our way to Joey's house, the boys snuck a kiss in the back seat, only I was able to see it as the windows are tinted enough that it is almost impossible to see inside, unless you are looking straight in. We dropped Joey off and said goodbye and headed back home. After a very light dinner of salad we sat around and watched TV until it was time for bed. Braedon wanted to sleep with me tonight, so after getting us both diapered we crawled into bed and he cuddled up to me and we fell asleep immediately.

It is now a couple weeks later and already a couple weeks into October and things are still going great for us, the store is coming along well, and Braedon and Joey seem to be growing closer together. They both have become even more open with me as of late, will ask me anything, and no longer blush quite as much as they had. I don’t mind the questions at all, since I would rather them ask me and get the proper information, than to go elsewhere and be led astray.

This weekend it had been just Braedon and myself because Joey and Laurie had had to go out of town, so we just sat around playing games, talking, watching T.V., and reading, it had been quite relaxing.

We woke up that Monday morning to find it was quite dreary, something I found, when we arrived to work that morning, that the construction crew was happy about. They had been working in dreadful heat for so long that the cool temperatures felt wonderful to them.

The outside was now almost completely finished, and it looked great, they only had a little work to do on the roof when the old and new sections were fully connected together, something that would be happening soon by the sounds of it, and the old section was refinished to match. I could not wait until the old section was finished off to look the same, which was to start next Monday if all went well. I went inside to see how it had come throughout the past few days, since I had been too busy to see it, and I was astounded with how it all looked.

“So do you think that you will be ready to move everything out of the old section this weekend, we are ahead of schedule and are almost ready to start on the old section.” Michal came up to me and asked.

“We have already been preparing. All new stock is being kept boxed unless someone asks for it, all excess stock is being boxed up, all old and discontinued items are being flogged off at next to nothing prices, because I want no old broken down stock in the new store. So I think we are about as ready as we will ever be, but moving it this weekend is going to be tough no matter what.” I answered.

“Are you still planning to move everything over to the new section and continue selling while we do the old section?”

“Yes, that is still the basic plan, we need to stay open as much as possible, even if we are not looking forward to it, it will be a lot of work.” I answered.

“I still think it would be smarter to close for a week and do a full grand re-opening when everything is completed. I mean it will only take us a week and you can start working in the new section, getting what you want in there done while we work on the old section. Besides, I doubt it will hurt business any, all your customers know what is happening anyways right, and they will all flock in for the the grand re-opening”

“Can you guarantee that if we get everything out of the way this weekend that you will be ready by next Friday so that we can move everything back in over the weekend?” I asked after thinking it over for a few minutes.

“Even if we have to work late every night, we will have it done for you. We might have a few last minute touch-ups to do, but we will get it done.” Michael answered, and I knew he meant it.

“You know what, I think I will just close down for the entire five days, give my guys an extra five days of paid time off, I think they deserve it, and we will just stay right out of your hair.”

“Probably would be safer. Well, we better get to work then, I have to go tell the guys the new plan.” Michael said and then rushed off and I went to tell my guys.

Every one of my employees said they would be happy with the arrangement, especially when I told them that this would be above and beyond their accumulated vacation, we would call this their early Christmas bonus. They all knew that the two weekends would be very busy and they would be well worked, but they were still happy with it. I figured that I should get a few extra hands to help with all the moving. I knew that Braedon and Joey would be happy to help, but I wondered if they would be able to get extra help from their classmates, and vowed to ask Braedon to ask around his class tomorrow. I decided to leave the store in the capable hands of my staff and go to the local sign shop, who had designed and made my brand new store sign, and have them print out a couple new fabric signs, explaining what was to happen and when.

The owner of the shop took me into his office, where he took notes of everything I wanted done and how large they were to be. I ordered three fairly large signs advertising that we would be closed during the last week of October and to expect a brand new store opening on November first. I also ordered two massive signs advertising the grand re-opening sale. I also ordered for him print out a few thousand fliers with specials throughout the store. I figured that since he was also the local print shop, I may as well get everything done, and since it was costing a few thousand dollars already, why not a few more to drum up even more business during the re-opening sale week. He drafted up a few ideas for me while I sat and waited, and he got my ideas for colors and font types. Finally we both decided on the style for all the signs and the fliers and I wrote out the check and we shook hands.

“Okay, even though this is a large order, I should have the signs ready for you for tomorrow and the fliers I will have ready to go out with the weekend newspapers.” He told me.

“Excellent, do they pick up from you or should I deliver the fliers to them?”

“Don't worry about that, I have a guy that does all my deliveries for me and he always takes the fliers over to the paper office. I always include that in the cost so that the customers don't have to worry about it. I will also have him drop your banners off tomorrow for you.”

“Awesome, thanks so much.”

By the time that I made it back to the store it was more or less time to go home, so I told the guys to have a good night. I headed home to meet Braedon and he showed up at home only five minutes after I arrived.

“Hey there, how was your day today?”

“Great, some of the math I am doing right now is kinda tough, really challenging, but I like it.” Braedon answered with a grin.

“Math is my favorite subject as well, I love pulling apart a tough problem and solving them.”

“Yeah, me too.” Braedon said with a smile.

“So do you think you have any classmates that would like to help during the next two weekends in the store, and make a small fortune, because we are going to need all the help we can get?” I asked Braedon after telling him what was going to be happening over that time.

“Most of the kids over eight would probably be happy to help.” He answered.

“And I assume yours and Joey's help is a given?”

“Yep, and Joey said he would be happy to help as well, and has even cleared it with his mom.”

“Did you tell Joey how much I pay?”

“No, never came up, he would probably help for free, but I am sure you will pay him anyways.” Braedon said with a smile.

“Yep, and here are a bunch of business cards, give them to the boys who want to help and have their parents call me so that I can get their permission as well. Tell the boys that I will go over work and payment details at that time.” I said, handing Braedon a small stack of the cards.

“Okay, cool.”

“And make sure to tell them that it will be long, hard, sweaty work, and exactly what we will be doing. Also tell them that if they have brothers who want to help as well, they are welcome to come, but keep it only to your classmates, because we will not need too many.”

“Okay, I bet they will be all excited to help.” Braedon said excitedly.

After dinner and an evening of relaxing we went to bed. I got us both ready as normal and had to apply more diaper rash cream to Braedon, because he was a little red again. Thankfully this only happened every few weeks. After tucking my young son in to his bed, I crawled into mine and slept like a log.

Tuesday really flew by and I was excited when the signs came at around two o’clock. I unrolled all the signs and showed them to my employees, and asked for a volunteer to help put the appropriate one up outside. Trevor ended up helping me put up the sign stating that we would be closed the following week. It took over an hour to tie them in place so they were visible, but out of the way with what the construction guys would be doing with the old section. I ended up arriving home almost an hour late, and told Braedon why.

“Just make sure to call next time!” He was grinning the whole time saying this while tapping his toe trying to scold me like a mother would. I just laughed and scooped him up and tickled him until he gave up mocking me.

“So who all took cards home with them to ask their parents?” I asked curiously.

“All of them, except the youngest boy and one other who wears a back brace due to a back problem, he said he would probably just get in the way more than be able to help.”

“Well you can tell him that there will be lots to do that will not involve lifting and he is more than welcome to join in and make some extra money.” I said, almost feeling sorry for the boy. I knew what back problems were like, I had some of my own.

“Okay, I will tell him tomorrow then.”

“Just make sure and not push him into it, if he really does not want to, then he certainly does not have to help.”

“Probably won't be a problem, he sounded almost sad when he had to turn me down, I almost told him the same thing already, but thought I should hold off and ask you. Turns out I didn't need to.” Braedon commented with a grin.

Wednesday was really busy, because instead of calling, most of the parents just showed up throughout the day to talk about what was to be done and how much the boys would be paid. Ten times over I had to repeat the same set of instructions to the parents who came. The boys would be working both Saturday and Sunday from about six am, until we dropped, and Sunday the same, or until we finished, and then the same next weekend. I was going to pay the boys ten dollars an hour for the first eight hours they worked, and fifteen after that, and that if they really showed promise, I would think of hiring them on for the busy Christmas season.

More than a few parents muttered that their kids would make more than they did, but most of these were moms who only worked a few days here and there, since their husbands made good money. More than a few of them asked how hard I would be working the kids, and I told them they would not be doing anything too strenuous like lifting heavy things, unless they were able to, and that most of them would be helping with putting together displays and merchandising them. I also told them that a few of the more electronics savvy ones could also help put together computers and stereos and TV’s and the likes.

Most of the parents grinned and said that their kids would love this. All of the ten parents who came agreed that if their children still wanted to, after they told them the nasty details, that they would allow it. The parents who also had multiple kids said that they would make the same offer their other kids as well. By the time the day ended I had recruited most of the kids from Braedon’s class, and their siblings. This move and setting up was going to cost a small fortune, but it was going to be worth it. With all the extra help, it would not burn all the employees and myself out right before the busiest season of the year hit.

When the last of the visitors left, I told all my guys what that was all about and how much help I was able to get for us. I told them that the same pay schedule would apply to them for this time as well, and then after this it was back to their normal pay. They all said that it was good for them. When I got home Braedon was just skidding into the driveway as well.

“How was your day kiddo?”

“Really great, all the guys in the class, who took cards yesterday, said they asked their parents and they all said that their parents were going to go see you instead of calling, what did they all say?” He asked in one long excited breath.

“They all gave the go ahead and the kids who have siblings will also be bringing them if they wish to come as well. We should now have lots of help.” I answered.

“Well that is good, it should help to make things go faster.” Braedon said.

“So what about the boy you told me about that first said no, did you talk to him today?”

“Oh yeah, he was like all excited by that and took a card and said he would definitely be there. He said he would have his dad stop by tomorrow. He did say though that with his ruined back he might not be able to help out lots.”

I then told Braedon about all the parents and what they all asked and everything and how much they would get paid and I also told him his pay would also be the same for this time.

“Yeah, pay doesn't matter to me.” Braedon shrugged.

“I know, but you deserve it too, go put your bike away and let's get an early dinner, I was so busy today I haven't even had a bite to eat since that little breakfast we had.”

We went inside after that and made dinner and ate it and then just sat back and relaxed for the evening until bedtime, which was early, even by our standards.

Thursday morning came early as usual, and I got both myself and Braedon up and ready for the day. I was at work most of the morning without any major interruptions, that is until all the parents called to confirm times and how many children each of them were going to be dropping off. I also got a call from the father of the boy who has back problems, and he got right into it.

“So if I agree to let my son come and help, what will be involved, he cannot do a lot of bending and next to no lifting at all.” He asked and I gave him the same speech as I did to all the other parents.

“I still have concerns though, I know you mean well and all, but are you certain he will not be pushed too hard?” He asked.

“There are going to be quite a few young boys there helping as well, and they too will not be able to help like the older and bigger guys will be able to, but I will have hundreds of little things that they can all do to help. For instance they will probably be a huge help in the cleaning and setting up of products, and of course testing things for functionality.”

“Well he will certainly love the building part, he loves putting things together.”

“Have you ever been to my store before?” I asked curiously.

“No, I have not, we are pretty new to the area, and because we do not exactly have a lot of money, I tend to stay away from stores like yours, kind of like they say, out of sight, out of mind. No point torturing ourselves. What little money I do earn I put into my sons education so that he can get the best, he is very smart and this school is good for him, just very expensive.” He answered.

“I can understand wanting to give your child the best possible education, that is why Braedon goes there as well, and I agree, it is very expensive, and education is far more important than toys after all. My store is the largest toy store around and he will certainly have a blast putting everything together.” I said and then told him the times and the pay.

“Okay, I will have him there for you and he will help however he can then, but please, remember his back, it is very bad and if he says he hurts, please let him stop.” He said.

“I have no interest in hurting the kids at all, if any of them need to take a break, then they will be allowed.”

“Thanks. I should get going.”

“Me too, I have tons of work left to do and not nearly enough time in which to do it.” I said wryly and he laughed as we hung up.

So including Braedon and Joey I would have twenty six hyper children to help us out, plus all my employees. Let's see twenty six kids at about forty eight hours apiece, ten dollars for the first eight and fifteen for everything after, this was going to cost me about fifteen thousand in extra labor alone. Oh well, it's all a tax write off anyways, and it would help me tremendously. I looked around my store and noticed that some of the shelves were getting very bare, but there were still a few things that I wanted gone because they were old.

“You know what guys, on all the old and discontinued stuff, make me a decent offer and you can take it.” I told them all as they were all in anyways, I had been running nearly full staff all week to get everything ready.

Each employee ended up taking at least one item that they needed and by the end of the day all the old junk was gone, and the shelves were getting even more barren. I went home at my normal time and told the guys I would see them in the morning. I got home only a few minutes after Braedon did and we talked about our days, and Braedon told me about Tim, the boy with the bad back.

“Today Tim was positively glowing, he is so happy to be able to come and help. Tim said that his dad lectured him so much not to over do it that he finally had to politely tell his dad to shut up, that he already knows all that. I thought it was kinda funny, 'cause I can't see Tim telling his dad to shut up, he practically thinks the man walks on water the way he talks about his dad.” Braedon said with a grin.

“Yeah, it was pretty hard for me to convince Tim's dad as well, he is very protective of his little boy, almost too much, but I guess there is a good reason for that, kids are known to do stupid things at times without thinking.”

Friday was going to be another busy day, as we needed to move as much as possible away from the connecting wall between the old section and the new section as the crew was staying late tonight to knock out the wall and put the support beams in. Thankfully many of the shelves were already empty, so all we had to do was dismantle them. As all the old shelves came down they were thrown into the dumpster, since they were not being reused anyways. By the time I was ready to go, the whole wall was cleared away, and ready for tonight, to get ready for us tomorrow.

I was very tired by the time I had gotten home that afternoon and Braedon offered to make dinner and I let him. I wondered if after today I was going to make it through the following two weekends. I knew that I would, but I would be running on pure adrenaline, and I would be so happy next weekend putting everything together that I would work all day if necessary. After a nice light meal of chicken salad and garlic toast, we rested on the couch and cuddled up to a good movie from our private collection. Getting ready for bed, Braedon asked if he could sleep with me, because we would be so tired over the next few days that we would likely fall into any bed we found. I kind of agreed with him and said yes.


Chapter 8

Saturday morning we did not vary our schedule any, and made off to the store for five as normal. I had purposely not allowed Braedon to see the new section, I wanted for it to be a bit of a surprise to him, and when we went inside and he could see for the first time what the store was going to look like, he stood there in awe.

“When I saw the plans, I never imagined it would look like this, this is incredible.”

“And it is all because of you, it was your idea and with the help of some professionals, we made it perfect.” I said, throwing an arm over Braedon's shoulder and giving him a sideways hug.

“I only made the recommendation, I didn't tell you to do it and I cannot be blamed for this.” Braedon said with a cute blush, trying to deny it.

“I'll blame you if I want to.” I said with a tighter squeeze, also giving him a kiss to the top of his head.

At just a few minutes before six everybody started to show up. Once everybody was there, I had everyone gather around so we could get a cursory introduction and to tell them what was to happen this weekend and next. They all knew what needed to be done, but had no idea just how much.

“Well, as you can see, much of the old product is already gone, so this weekend will hopefully go faster and smoother than next weekend, I am afraid that that is going to be the largest amount of work. So now we have to pack everything and pile it on the far side of the new section so that it will be out of the way.” I told everyone, then gathered the youngest boys and Tim around me, while the others went to work.

“Okay, you guys, you are to do cleanup and bringing the others empty boxes and new tape whenever they need it, remember, do not overdo it, let's get to work.” I said and they all agreed and went to it.

I spent most of the day dismantling shelving units, because most of the store was carpeted plywood and lumber. It was all built by myself, back when the store was first made, to be durable and it was a pain to remove, because it was so durable. Around eleven o’clock I called to the closest pizza place and ordered thirty large pizzas in every imaginable combination, as well as sixty, two liter bottles of pop. I swear I heard money chimes going off in the guys head as he was ringing it all in. I gave my credit card number and he gave me the total and told me that this large an order would take at least an hour, I also made sure to have them include plenty of paper plates and cups. He was about to say they don’t supply those items, but thankfully thought better of it, and said yes sir.

At nearly twelve thirty I heard a knock on the door. I went to answer it to find two pizza delivery guys holding large armfuls of pizza boxes. I pointed them towards the three large tables I had set in the middle of the room. After what had to be twelve or more trips the two guys had everything inside.

“Thanks a lot guys, hope to see you here for the grand re-opening.” I said while giving them each a twenty dollar tip.

“Oh, we will be for sure.” They both said and headed out.

“Okay guys, come on over and get some food, there is lots here and I want no leftovers.” I called out.

They all dug in, and by the looks of all those hungry teen and pre-teen boys, or rather hungry piranhas , attack the food and drink, I wondered if I would get any at all. Every last piece of pizza was polished off in just over thirty minutes and half the pop seemed to have disappeared, but everyone was satisfied. We all went back to doing what needed to be done, and a few times I had to direct people on to new things when their assigned task was finished. We were making good time in the front of the store, and by the time that I ordered dinner at five, it was now almost empty.

“Excellent work everyone, I am going to go order dinner, is everyone okay with Chinese food?” I called out so everyone would hear me.

They all cheered, saying it sounded wicked, so I called in the large order to my favorite place and had them deliver a small mountain of food. An hour later they arrived with the food and again two people set all the ordered food on the tables and I gave each driver a tip of twenty again. I gathered everybody around and we dug into the mountain of food and by the time the hungry group was finished, there were not even any crumbs for the mice. After dinner we tackled the back room and got everything moved over, and we finished at just a few minutes past ten.

“Well everyone, I cannot thank you enough for all the help you gave today. We will drive you all home and then you are to be here same time tomorrow morning so that we can start unloading the trailers to make it easier on us next weekend.” I called out.

Between myself and all my employees, we were able to get all the kids to their homes in only two trips, and by the time that Braedon and I stumbled into our house, we were dead on our feet. We barely got our diapers on and we both fell onto my bed and slept until the alarm clock woke us up.

Sunday morning was actually the first time I had ever used the snooze button on my alarm clock, and I actually hit it three times before I decided that we really needed to get up. Braedon would only mumble when I tried to wake him up, so I just took off his diaper, as well as mine, and then picked him up and carried him to my shower with me. The cool water I selected was sufficient enough to finally wake us both up, although barely. After our shower we grabbed a quick cereal breakfast and headed to the store to make it there only a few minutes before everyone else was to show up.

As I had planned the night before, I wanted to start offloading the trailers of everything so that it would be easier come next weekend. We started on the trailer containing all the heavy stuff first, since we were all still somewhat fresh. Most of this stuff was the new shelving and display units, and boy were they huge and heavy, thank god for the large heavy duty dollies and pallet jacks I had. At just after twelve o’clock when we were nearing finished, I grabbed the phone and called the same pizza place as yesterday and placed the same order. Boy was the guy who answered ever happy to hear me ask for that same order again. Just as we were unloading the last few boxes the same two guys from yesterday came to deliver our mountainous meal. One and a half hours later we were all fed up and ready to roll, no pun considering how much I just ate, and could probably literally roll.

I decided during our meal that instead of offloading the stock, as I had originally planned, that we would open all the boxes and stack the shelves and put together all the new fixtures. I grabbed the youngest boys and Tim and had them start constructing some of the smaller displays. About five boys together sat in a half circle and put together all the cases I brought to them and not one of them looked to be put together wrong in any way. The rest of us worked feverishly, tearing apart large boxes and putting together all the big display units. Dinner time came and we were no where near half done.

I ordered Chinese again, since it was such a big hit the night before, and it is filling. I called the restaurant and asked them to give us the same as last night, I hoped they would remember what I got, because I sure didn’t. Of course they remembered, an order that large they probably memorized it, hoping for the same again, I didn't disappoint them either. After stuffing ourselves silly, yet again, we continued with our quest, and by Eleven o’clock about three quarters of the display units were ready to be moved to their new homes and filled up. We got all the boys home in the same two trips as we did last night and Braedon and I finally crashed into bed just before twelve, only just barely remembering to get ourselves protected first.

Monday morning I found it almost as difficult to drag my sorry butt out of bed as I did the day before, and poor Braedon was nearly comatose. I pulled both our sodden diapers off and carried Braedon into my shower again and woke us up with a cool shower. Today, as I was not planning to go into the store until later, we were able to sleep in, so I drove Braedon to school to start at eight.

“When you get off school today just walk to the store please, and bring Joey as well, if Laurie says it is alright?”

“Okay dad, love you.” Braedon said with a yawn and gave me a hug and a kiss, even though there were a number of others around.

After dropping Braedon off at the school, I drove to the store so that I could putter around, as I was just not used to sitting around anymore. I continued with the construction of displays and stacking of shelves most of the day, only stopping for lunch. I took my time and went pretty slow, not really working hard. I was watching the crew in the old section have at it, tearing everything apart, it was quite an awesome sight, but I stayed well out of the way, they were the professionals. Part of the crew was outside starting the extensive exterior work as well, and I could hear them working steadily. Just after three o’clock Braedon and Joey showed up to help a little before we went home. Together the three of us put together a few more of the stands, and at five decided to call it a day.

We took Joey home to his mom and then Braedon and I decided that it was a restaurant for dinner tonight, since we were both a little too tired to even think of cooking. We ate a nice quiet meal at a nice little diner down the road and then headed home. We were both bagged and mainly collapsed on the couch and watched TV until we were both nodding off at seven o’clock. I got us both ready for bed and I shooed Braedon towards his room and tucked him in, and said goodnight I love you. He mumbled the same back to me and was out like a light before I shut his off. Going to bed myself I am sure I did not even pull the sheets up, I fell asleep so fast.

Tuesday and Wednesday flew past in a blur of the exact same as Monday did, and by the end of Wednesday all the display units were built and all the shelves ready to be put into place. The piece de resistance was the massive TV display unit I had purchased, and boy was it expensive, it was about nine feet high and about twenty feet long. The unit was built in four foot sections so that the unit could hold up to a forty two inch TV without problem. I had figured that I would be able to display about twenty or thirty TV’s and still fit all the other A/V equipment as well. The sections beside the massive display would also be dedicated to audio video equipment as well, but mainly the larger TV's would go there

The construction crew was making great time, and if they kept it up they would be finished early Friday as planned. The exterior was now finished, save for the last color coat, and the interior still needed the flooring put in, but they did this last, as well as the wall board, which was a slat board style, with shelving standards every four feet to accept any style of display or shelf I wanted. I really liked the open ceiling design we had decided to go with as the store felt so much larger and open this way. With all the roofing and supports and wires and everything painted the charcoal color that was chosen for them, it looked very sharp, and with all the warm colors we decided to go with, it just set it off. Myself and the interior designer both agreed that even though this is an active store, we needed to make it feel warm and inviting to everybody, so the loud colors were out. We did add a few sharp colors everywhere to add to the visual appeal though.

Thursday the external crew finished up and came inside to help finish the rest quickly. I had arrived again just after dropping Braedon off to school and I worked most of the day and finished putting together the large central customer service center. The unit itself was now built, and all I had to do was put it in place close to the front of the store in front of the new main entrance. Once in place I began running all the jungle of wires for the POS system and networking it into the back for the mainframe. I of course bought all new cash terminals, so that everything was new and matched. I had chosen to go with four, because it started getting a little hectic with only two before, and we were more than doubling everything else anyways. Everything had of course been built to accept up to two more terminals in the future, should the need ever arise.

By the time that Braedon and Joey showed up that after noon, I had all the wires run, the main computer in my new office in place and wired, and I had all the boxes of new computers ready to go. For the next couple hours all three of us, among the noise, put together the POS system and tested it. By the time we left that night the guys were finished with the walls and all the light fixtures were now in place and the only thing left to do was the flooring, and I was told that with only half the crew coming tomorrow should only take them a little over four hours, and then they would clean everything up and take down all the outdoor barriers.

I was getting very close to giddy, and the boys could tell, but in all fairness, so were they. I took Joey to dinner with us tonight as well, since his mom was working late tonight as he told us earlier, and we hit the pasta bar. After dropping Joey off at home, Braedon and I headed home and rested until bedtime at just a few minutes after seven o’clock again.

Friday the crew was finished at one o’clock, as they said they should be, and were ready to head out. Michael brought out a large bottle of champagne and said that he felt that after all the hard work, they all deserved a drink. After pouring the glasses out he raised his glass to me and said good luck in the new store, and that as good as it looks he had no visions of it failing. We all toasted to that. I raised my glass to the crew and thanked them all for all their hard work in making a little dream come alive with such flare. We all drank to that.

Once everybody was gone I just walked around the store and looked at the finished product. When all was said and done this rebuild would cost just over a million and a half, with the two other stores, as well as mine to build. I considered the finished product well worth all the blood, sweat, and money. I strolled into the brand new massive back room, my new office, and the new staff room, I looked around and touched everything and I am sure more than a few tears were shed. When Braedon and Joey showed up after school, they were equally awed by the store being finished. They looked around for a few minutes and then we got to work moving all the displays into my pre thought out locations. We only made a couple minor adjustments after placing everything. We also started moving all the shelves and the required brackets into the sections they would belong. We ended up staying at the store installing shelves until nearly ten o’clock when I decided to call it quits for the night.

As we had worked straight through dinner, we stopped at the local McDonalds and ate at least seven or eight meals worth of food. We had already arranged for Joey to spend the night and come straight to work with us in the morning, so we went right home and we all crashed on my bed, not even covered up, but at least diapered.

Five o’clock Saturday morning came too soon. I was thoroughly enjoying being cuddled up on both sides by a hugging boy, but we needed to get up and get to the store before the others showed up. I hopped into my shower and sent the boys into the other bathroom to share a shower.

“We don't have much time, so be quick.” I said innocently.

“We could be quick, but we're too tired for that anyways.” Braedon said with an evil smirk. For once I think I blushed and the boys laughed.

After a nearly freezing, self imposed shower, I climbed out and nearly felt human again, I got dressed and waited for the boys. I did not have long to wait as they strolled into the living room only a minute after me, looking more alive than they had ten minutes ago. We hit a drive thru on our way to work for a quick bite to eat and ate in the car on the way. Once all the others showed up, they too were all in awe of what was accomplished, and I think it was best said by Trevor.

“HOLY SHIT, would you look at this place.”

They all looked around for a few minutes until I gathered everyone around and handed out jobs. All that were able to, were to start unloading the two rather fully stuffed tractor trailers worth of product, while the smaller ones started putting everything away. About fifteen kids made good work out of emptying the trailers, using the various pallet jacks and dollies I had. The rest of us were putting things together and putting things away. Breaking only for an hour again for pizza, we gorged until there was not a speck of food left.

After lunch we continued with the large chore of organizing everything, and by dinner all the product was out of the trailers and in the store. We broke for dinner around six and had Chinese again, because everybody still wanted it. With all the boxes we were breaking down the compactor was almost full, and we would shortly have to stack them beside it, since we still had tons more to add to it. I made a quick call to the company who deals with my recycling, to try and arrange an emergency pickup, but they would not, they said they had no truck until at least Tuesday. They said they would if they could, but if they couldn't they would send a few extra people on Tuesday to cart away all the extra. I said that was fine with me and I told the guys to stack it as neatly as possible beside the cardboard compactor.

I was starting to get a little worried that we would not have enough time to finish off, because it was nearing eleven o’clock and there was no end in site. Some of the kids were drooping from exhaustion, and I asked if everybody wanted to go home. About half said they were still good for about another hour, while the other half was ready to go. I told them that they could call for rides anytime they were ready, and most did while a few decided to push to the end. Soon after twelve I called it a night, saying it was getting too late for us to think properly, and to meet back next morning at six again. Tonight with as many as had already been picked up, we only needed to make one trip to drop kids off at their homes, so after dropping off as many as we had, Braedon, Joey and I headed home. Joey had called his mom and told her he would come home with us tonight, since we were going to be so late, and she said it was fine. Again after just barely getting us ready for bed, the three of us collapsed on my bed.

Ring, ring,slap, slap, get up, cold shower to wake up, I feel as if I just did this yesterday, oh wait I did. I gently woke up both boys and herded them towards the main bath to catch a quick shower, while I also had one. Arriving at the store only moments before the others arrived, I noticed that everybody looked as tired as I felt. We all got to work right away though, and by the time we stopped for our lunch, a huge dent was starting to form in the work that was left. I was starting to think that maybe, just maybe we would be finished in time, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, it was small granted, but it was there.

After pigging out again, we all worked feverishly until dinner and we ate yet again until stuffed. I noticed that there were only a few boxes of product left that now needed to be opened and put away, and I was starting to get happy. At shortly after eight o’clock the whole front was finished and looked incredible. Now all we had to do was make some semblance of order to the back room. With all of us working hard we finished putting the back room in order, by eleven, and I thanked each and every one of the boys personally, and informed them that if they came in after school on Friday, I would have a check ready for them. We drove each of the boys home in the two required trips and dropped Joey off at his home as well, and then Braedon and I headed home to sleep.

Monday morning came too early as usual, but I awoke immediately and was in the shower with a mildly struggling Braedon before he even realized it. I was fired up and ready for the first day in our new store, and I wanted to get there soon. When we arrived all my employees were there waiting for me. I had asked that they come in at six again so that we could go over a few things, and make sure everything was perfect. We worked very hard over the following couple hours, making sure that everything was in perfect working order, and that every product was on display.

Braedon of course had to leave before opening to go to school, but when I opened the door to let him out, I noticed that there were a few people already waiting outside to get in. I informed them that we opened today at the same time as always, and that we were putting the final touches on for them. They all seemed excited and I could not wait until we pulled the paper off the windows and let them all in. I had actually expected that it would be somewhat quiet early in the day, and then get very busy once school let out, but this changed things, so I considered it a good thing that I had planned to stay the whole day.

As we pulled the paper down I noticed that the group of people had grown ten fold in the past hour, and there were nearly fifty people waiting. We opened the doors and they all came in and browsed around, many of them complementing us on the new store and how great it looked. The morning was really busy for a Monday morning, but the afternoon was as close to insane as I have ever seen it. I swear that by the time we closed I had paid for the renovations. I went next door to both shops that had also managed to open today, as the construction on those was also done early, and they said that they had done quite well as well.

“Well guys, you all have a good night, tomorrow I am going to be on my regular shift, and even though it will be busy tomorrow, I have still given a couple of you a day off, we will rotate it so that you can all get at least one day off this week, I know you are all as tired as I am.” I told them all as I came back to say goodbye to them.

“Okay.” They all said.

“Once it dies down a little, then we will get back into the normal swing of things.” I said on our way out, locking the door. Braedon and I went home and had dinner and watched TV for a while and went to bed early again.

Tuesday morning I woke up without too much trouble, and Braedon was not terribly difficult to wake either, so we were starting to get back to normal. I got us both out of our diapers and we each hopped into our separate showers and got ready for work and school. Both Braedon and I, once we arrived at the store, started our regular morning chores. I got the books done just as the rest of my morning shift came in and then we all helped Braedon finish off the last of the stocking and cleaning, just before he left for school. Once the store was opened I went back into my office to start figuring out how much I owed all that helped with the store, let's see, a total of twenty six kids plus my six employees equals thirty two. All of the kids worked sixteen hours a day for a total of four days, plus both Braedon and Joey worked three hours each day during the week. I was starting to wonder how I was going to work all this out, but I would and it was worth it. I started writing out checks while calculating for the taxes for those who had to pay it. The grand total for wages was sixty seven hundred, not too bad considering how much work we were able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

Once I was finished with that nasty business I took the checks out to the guys who were on the floor and handed them out and told all of them that they earned every penny and I was happy they all survived. I helped customers for the rest of the day and took many compliments on the new store and that made me even happier. At three o’clock I headed home to meet Braedon. I took his check with me so that we could hit the bank and deposit it into his two accounts, and I got home at almost the exact same time as Braedon did.

“Put your bike in the garage and hop in the car, we have to go to the bank.”

“Okay.” Braedon said and did that and hopped in the car, as he did I handed him his check and he opened it.

“Here you go, we need to go deposit this.”

“Holy crap, is that number correct?” He asked in awe.

“If anything it might be a little low, I had averaged everybody to sixteen hours per day whereas on the one day it was probably nearer to seventeen, and also you had hours during the week after school, but it was what you earned.” I explained. He just sat there dumbfounded for a minute.

“I have never seen this much money before.” He said, still in shock.

“Yes, it will make a nice addition to your accounts. How are you going to split it between your accounts?”

“I think I will just put all but two hundred of it into my savings account, I don't need all this.” Braedon answered.

I knew that his personal account already had at least four hundred dollars in it, so he would have lots of money to spend if he needed it, and with a new boyfriend and Christmas coming, he would use a bit of it. We got to the bank and deposited the money into his two accounts and I asked for a print out to show us how much was in each account and we were handed the slip and we left. I looked at the totals and between both accounts, Braedon had just over two thousand dollars and only just under six hundred of that in his personal account. He was surprised that he had that much money as he never looks at the balance, because unless you ask for it, the bank does not give a printout, to save paper.

“Come on, let's go for dinner, my treat.” Braedon said happily.

“Sure, where would you like to go?”

“Definitely the best steak house around.”

A few minutes later we pulled into both our favorite steak house, and an enjoyable meal was had by both as we ate what felt like half a cow between the two of us, plus about two pounds of bread and the same in salad. I had to release the button on my slacks, before it popped off and possibly killed anybody within the vicinity.

“You can tell all the kids to stop by anytime to pick up their checks, since I have them all ready now.” I told Braedon once we were finished.

“I will spread the word, and I am sure that by tomorrow or the next day they will all be there.”

“Great, and don't tell them how much they are getting either, let it be a bit of a surprise.” I said with a grin.

I had figured that most of the kids, being so smart, had already figured out about how much they were going to get paid, but I still wanted the check to be a surprise. We went home and flopped on the couch in the den and watched TV until it was bed time, and I got us both diapered and ready. I tucked Braedon into bed and gave him a kiss goodnight and went to bed myself. Considering how tired I felt, I could not wait for the weekend to come so that I could rest.

Wednesday rolled by quite quickly and we were still quite busy with sales, and three times I had to make orders for products that I had noticed were getting drastically low already. At just about three thirty what appeared to be the entire twenty six students, who had helped over the two weekends, showed up at once with their parents. I invited everybody into the back room, so that I could hand out the checks and thank everybody without getting in the way of sales. Almost sixty people crowded into the back room as I handed out the checks and thanked each and every one of them personally, and we all stood around and chatted for a while. More than once I heard what sounded a lot like holy shit, as one by one, when they thought no one was looking, they peeked into the envelopes to see how much the checks were for.

“Attention everyone, before you all leave, as I know a few of you are getting ready to do so, I wanted to let you all know that from now until next week my standard employee discount will apply to you as well, so if there is something that you would like to buy, you can buy it at a reduced rate, and this does include sale items as well.” I called out.

Quite a few mutterings could be heard as I knew that many of them, over the time they spent working with everything, found more than a few products they wished they could get.

“Once again boys, I cannot thank you enough for all the help that you were able to give us, we could not have accomplished it without you.” I said.

“Thanks.” Everyone said.

As everybody was filing out to leave, I held Tim and his dad back, as well as Laurie.

“I was very impressed with the knowledge that Tim had of all the merchandise and I would like to offer him a temporary part time position for the Christmas season if he wants it. It could be extended if he does very well, but I wanted your permission first.” I said to Tim's dad, and Tim was wide eyed and obviously happy.

“You don't have to worry about me not having time to do my homework, our school does not give it, can I?” Tim asked, nearly pleadingly.

While they were deliberating quietly, I asked Laurie the same.

“I have no problems with it as long as...” Laurie started to say.

“I'd love to.” Joey said, not even letting his mom finish her sentence.

“Then I guess that is a yes.” She said with a grin.

“I will allow it, as Tim clearly wants to do it, but I would rather it only be for the Christmas season.” He said as I turned to Tim's father for his answer.

“That is fine with me.” I said, handing them a schedule.

“Cool, thanks.” Tim said.

“Your job will be mostly what Braedon's is, stocking, cleaning, and setting things up. I would like for you to work on Thursday and Friday mornings before school, and most of the day on the weekends as you can see.” I said.

“That's awesome, I don't know how comfortable I would be doing sales anyways.” Tim said with a smile.

“I figured as much, that's why you are going to be doing that.” I said.

“Thanks.” Tim said.

Joey, Laurie, Tim and his dad all left at the same time a few minutes later and Braedon and I left a few minutes after that, but I first explained what was going to happen to the guys. They were all pleased to have a little more help during the coming busy season, especially in the cleaning and stocking areas as they would not have time for that. We went home and made a quick dinner and sat and read our books until we were tired enough to go to bed.

Thursday and Friday thankfully went by fairly quick, and before I knew it, I was getting home for the long awaited weekend. Moments after I pulled in, both boys came skidding to a halt, throwing dirt all over me. I looked down at the mess they created on my once clean pants, and tried to paste a mad look on my face, and then jumped before Braedon even realized it and tackled him right off his bike and wrestled him on the front lawn. Joey, having been in shock at how fast I tore his boyfriend off his bike, pinned him down and started tickling him, just stood there for a moment before dropping his bike and yelling at me.

“Hey, pick on someone your own size!” He said, giggling as he thought it quite funny, but trying to pull me off..

Between the two of them against me, it was nearly a fair fight, but I was able to win when I was able to pin one boy right on top of the other and tickled both of them until they yelled uncle. A few of our neighbors looked to see what all the racket was all about, and they just grinned and went about their business. I finally let the boys up after about five minutes.

“Next time you boys pull a stunt like that I will tickle you both until you pee your pants, then I will run in the house and lock the doors and leave you outside.” I threatened with an evil grin.

“It's a date next weekend then.” Braedon said with a matching grin, knowing full well I would not leave them outside, but that I would just as likely make them pee their pants, but he did not care about that.

We brushed ourselves off and put the bikes away and went inside to get changed and grab a snack. I knew that it was useless to ask but I did anyways.

“So, what should we do tonight?”

“Why, the same thing we do every Friday night.” Braedon said in his best Brain imitation.

“Go get our bikes ready, we will leave in a few minutes.” I said while ruffling his hair lovingly.

We got to the video store and we picked out two movies that none of us had yet seen, one action and one good looking drama. We paid and headed home, taking the long way around to get some exercise. When we got home I decided that it was homemade pizza night again, so I started with the dough and then got all the toppings ready. Once ready to roll out the dough, I called the boys in to make their pizzas. We all made the exact same as we had the previous time, and then put them in to bake. The smell of the cooking pizzas was making us all very hungry, and when they were finally ready, we got them all cut up and took them into the den that had already been set up, and we started the first movie, the action of course.

At the end of the first movie we all went to get ready for bed. I went to my bathroom while the boys went to Braedon’s. Once I got myself diapered, both boys came in so that Braedon could get his on. As I was diapering Braedon, I happened to look at Joey who was looking at Braedon with a look of confused feelings on his face.

“What's the matter Joey?” I asked gently, starting to think I knew what the problem was.

“Nothing.” He stuttered out. I stopped what I was doing and turned to face Joey fully.

“Come on, you can tell me, it looks as if you were wanting something very badly?” I asked as gently.

“I-I-I-I kinda would like to wear a diaper, they look comfortable?” He whispered, but we heard him, and he was again blushing deeply.

“Hey, there is nothing to be ashamed about. There are tons of people out there that just like to wear diapers, and if you would like to try one, then you can, you know that Braedon and I will never make fun of you.”

I turned and finished taping up Braedon’s diaper and then turned around and pulled Joey over to the bed and laid him down. I pulled Joey's underwear down and off while Braedon grabbed another diaper for me. Joey was so hard during the powdering that he could not stop blushing.

“Hey, don't be so embarrassed about being so hard, didn't you see Braedon, he's always like that.” I said soothingly as I finished up.

Within a few minutes all three of us were diapered and ready for the next movie. We sat on the couch and I sat in the middle with a boy on either side of me cuddled up against me. The movie was very sad, but so good that we were all in tears at times. Once the movie was over we all rose off the couch and headed towards bed. I dropped the boys off at their room and said goodnight I love you two. They said likewise and I went and crawled into my bed.

In the other room, as soon as the door was closed, Joey locked Braedon into a very passionate kiss that very nearly caused both of them to collapse from lack of oxygen. As they kissed, their hands moved up and down the others backs and diapered bums, and they were both moaning continuously.

“Wow, I know why you don't mind wearing diapers now, they sure are soft, comfortable, and warm, but I sure can't wait to get it off. I want to make love to you, it has been so long and I have not even jacked off at all lately.” Joey said passionately.

“Yeah, and I can't wait to get you out of it either, you do like quite hot in it though.” Braedon said deeply.

Gently kissing while moving towards the bed, Joey gently released the tapes holding Braedon’s diaper on, while Braedon did the same to Joey’s. The diapers both fell to the floor just as the boys fell into bed, still caressing and kissing each other.

“Oh god, I need you in me so bad it hurts, please make love to me.” Joey moaned out and rolled onto his back.

Taking the hint, Braedon reached over and grabbed the lube that was already on his night stand, ready and waiting for just such an emergency, and began to tease his partner by slowly circling around the puckered entrance to his love tunnel.

“Oh god, please get on with it, I need you in me so bad.” Joey moaned out.

Braedon, having no desire about going fast at all, just kept up the slow steady foreplay. He may have missed this dearly, for nearly three weeks in fact, but he wanted it to last and to make it feel even better than ever. Using his other hand Braedon started to stroke and touch Joey’s slightly hairy, low hanging sac, but ignoring his penis completely, Braedon kept playing and finally he inserted his pinkie finger into the hole that was pulsing and waiting for the wanted intruder.

After a few minutes of one small finger he removed that one and stuck his middle finger in and continued the agonizingly slow movements. Joey was vibrating on the bed, pleading that Braedon ram it in there, he needed it so bad it hurt. Braedon had no problem doing that, eventually, he would get there, but his boyfriend needed winding up just a little more first. Inserting a second finger he began to tickle the tip of Joey’s penis lightly with his tongue every time he stroked Joey's prostate with his fingers. Just as Joey was about blast off from planet earth, Braedon removed both his hands and mouth to let Joey cool off. Joey’s hand flew to his penis to try and take over the missing pleasure inducers, but his hand was deftly swatted away.

As soon as Braedon felt that Joey had come down sufficiently, he coated his penis in a healthy coating of slippery goo and took aim. Slowly inserting the entire length of his dick, both boys moaned with the intense pleasure. Letting Joey get used to the full feeling for a moment, Braedon waited until he was given the okay to go ahead. Once Joey nodded and kissed his boyfriend, Braedon started an even slower pace than he had been using with his hands and it was driving Joey mad. Every time that Joey would get close, Braedon would back off, stop, and wait until Joey fell off the precipice. After holding his orgasm back for nearly twenty minutes, Joey knew that the next time, whether Braedon stopped or continued, he was going to blow anyways, and Braedon had also read the same thing, so picked up the pace and drove it home.

Both boys had a massive orgasm at the same time, and had it not been for Braedon receiving Joey’s full assault to the stomach and chest, I am sure we would have had to clean that mess off the ceiling. Collapsing together as one pile of heavily breathing bodies, they both came down from their highs together. After ten minutes of rest, Joey rolled Braedon over and began licking him all over his body.

Beginning at Braedon's neck, he kissed and licked and sucked down all the way to Braedon's toes, skipping entirely past the good bits. Joey licked his way back up and pushing Braedon’s legs back and up, and left what had to be at least three hickies on Braedon's inner thighs. Next Joey began licking around the entrance to the paradise he sought entry to. Slowly circling around and around until he was right on the hole, he began jabbing his tongue inside, and Braedon moaned even louder and pulled his legs even further back in an effort to increase the pleasure he was feeling. Not wishing to waste any time he reached over to the tube of lube and put some on his fingers and moved his mouth onto his other prize, while he began preparing for the grand finale.

Once well prepared, Joey slathered a fair coating of the gel onto his very hard young penis and lined up and pushed the entire length inside Braedon until he bottomed out. He waited until Braedon gave him the go ahead and then started a nice steady rhythm of making love to his boyfriend. He kept the same pace up for as long as he could hold it, and then sped up at the end to finish it off. With a loud groan from both boys, they finished off with a very healthy explosion of teen cum. Joey collapsed upon his lover where they stayed until they could breathe and see properly again, and then he rolled off. They laid like that for another few minutes and then Braedon got off the bed and grabbed both of their diapers and proceeded to diaper his boyfriend for the night. Once finished, Joey got up and did the same for Braedon, and then they both settled down and cuddled together until they fell asleep, kissing each other a few times until then.

Saturday morning I awoke to the heavenly smells of bacon cooking, so I dragged my sorry butt out of bed and went to see what the boys were up to. I found both of them there, still just in their diapers, making what appeared to be enough breakfast for at least five.

“Good morning boys, it sure smells good in here. How come you are both still wearing your diapers?”

“They're fine for now and we will just get out of them after breakfast.” Braedon answered.

“Then I will as well. So Joey, how does it feel to be wearing what appears to be a very soaked diaper.”

“Amazingly enough, it feels awesome, so soft and warm, kinda cozy.” Joey said with a far away look on his face.

“Yeah, well it won't feel too great if you leave it on too terribly long while wet, you could get a diaper rash, and that is unpleasant to say the least.” I said and Braedon nodded.

“Ouch, I bet not.”

“So what's on the menu for this morning?”

“Our version of the McDonalds bacon and egg McMuffins.” Joey answered.

They also had a large skillet full of diced potatoes with onions and green peppers. I decided that I would set the table while they finished cooking, and once it was finished they set it all out and we dug in. After enjoying breakfast immensely, we all went into my room where I removed all of our soggy, sodden, diapers, and I shooed the boys towards my shower, because I wanted a bath this morning. After running a very hot bath, I climbed in and turned on the jets and relaxed like I had not, in what felt like months. After an hour long bath I climbed out and headed towards my bedroom, where I found both boys curled up together on my bed, asleep and still naked from their shower.

“Come on boys, if you want to sleep longer, I have no problems with it, but one of you needs just a little more protection on before you sleep on my bed.” I said after shaking both boys awake.

“We hadn't intended to go to sleep, we just laid down for a few minutes to cuddle, but the nap did feel good.” Braedon admitted.

“Well go ahead and go get dressed, but Braedon, you and I at least need to put a diaper on, because where I am planning on going it will be a pain to go if we need to as often as we need to.”

“Where are we going, and if you two are wearing a diaper, can I as well?”

“I have no problems with that Joey, but I am not telling, you will have to wait patiently.” I said and passed them each a diaper for their boyfriend, I knew they would diaper each other.

Giving an indignant huff, they left the room to get dressed. We all met in the hall and got our shoes on and left the house. I drove us to the large theater complex on the other side of town for the Saturday matinée. We all chose to see the newest big box office action movie that was playing, so I bought the tickets and we went inside. Once inside we all got a large tub of popcorn and a large drink.

“So have either of you figured out what the extra protection was for yet?” I asked with a grin.

“Well duh, for the movies of course.” Braedon said snidely.

“Why would you need protection while watching a movie?” Joey asked curiously.

“Neither of us have large enough bladders to hold all this pop for any length of time, and this way it is easier than missing half the movie.” I answered simply.

“I never thought of it that way, and this is only one of the practical reasons I can think of for wearing a diaper.” He said quietly.

“Yeah, and that is why there are more than a few professionals who use them as well; like race car drivers, astronauts, and even some performers, they find that they come in very handy.”

After the movie ended we all decided that we would go home, get changed, and go for a nice nature bike ride. We headed back towards the house to change into more comfortable clothes for riding, as well as grab a backpack with drinks and snacks for along the way. We all got ready and headed straight out. As our home is nestled in a nice valley with a large river flowing through it, and having a dike on both sides to contain flood water, it was a nice long scenic trail, and it was dedicated strictly to biking and walking or running. They had purposely redone the top of the dikes many years back for just this type of recreation, and it was perfect. During our ride we stopped many times to look at neat things along the way, and to stop at the various restrooms along the way.

At one of our many stops we locked up our bikes and went down to the river to have a bite to eat and grab a drink and rest for a while. It was a large island that would normally be inaccessible, but for the lack of rain this year, the river was quite low so we were able to get to the nice sandy island without even getting wet. After taking a bit of a rest we headed back out and continued on our ride. By the time we decided to turn back, we had gone over ten kilometers. The ride back was starting to get tiring and we all found ourselves stopping with greater frequency. After three hours of riding, we made it back home, well not quite three of riding, considering how often we stopped, and put the bikes in the garage and we went inside.

“You boys go ahead and find something to do while I get dinner done.”

They decided to just sit and play cards at the table while I cooked, that way we could all talk. I made a nice fattening lasagna for dinner, with all the best trimmings; Cesar salad and fresh garlic toast. In just two hours dinner was ready and eaten, an entire pan of lasagna, a pan that should have fed at least five had disappeared, and a whole loaf of garlic toast, gone.

“Man, you boys will need to go for another bike ride to wear off all that food that you just ate.” I joked.

“You ate just as much as we did.” Braedon tried.

“Ha, all I had was one helping of the lasagna and a few pieces of the toast and a bit of salad, you guys ate the rest. Even if one of my pieces of the lasagna was a quarter of the pan, you two still ate the other three quarters yourselves, plus you finished off the rest of the toast and salad as well.”

“But we're growing boys and we need to eat lots.” Braedon said straight faced.

“And if you keep eating like that, I am going to be broke inside of a year.” I jibed back at him.

He pouted at me, but could not help breaking out in a smile when I burst out laughing. Joey stood on the sidelines just shaking his head. I just looked over at him and dragged him into it as well.

“And just what are you laughing at, you eat just as much as your boyfriend here does.”

He did not have a comeback to this, but stuck out his tongue at me anyways. I just laughed at him.

“Don't offer that to me when your boyfriend is standing right here, jeesh.” I teased.

He spluttered and tried to say something, but even if he did say something, I would not have heard him, because both Braedon and I burst into laughter at the look on his face. I grabbed him to me at the same time as I grabbed Braedon and hugged both boys.

“It's times like this that make me so happy, thanks boys.” I said and gave them both a kiss to the tops of their heads.

“Me too.” They both said and hugged me tighter.

That night we lay on the couch watching TV movies until we were all ready for bed. I went to my room to get myself diapered up and ready for bed and just grabbed a couple diapers and the powder for the boys and took it to their room, while they were in the bathroom getting ready. When they came to my room to have me diaper them I just shook my head no at them.

“The supplies are already in your room, no point in me putting them on if you are just going to take them off in five minutes.”

“Okay, but only every once in a while, because I like you putting me in my diapers.” Braedon said warmly.

“No problem, Joey does not stay each night, and you guys may as well take care of that after you take care of other needs.” I teased.

“Yeah.” They both said.

I swatted both their behinds and sent them to bed saying goodnight, I love you. They both said goodnight, I love you too. I climbed into bed and lay there for only a few minutes until sleep claimed me.

Tonight, just as the door closed, Joey grabbed Braedon and starting kissing him with a tenderness only true lovers can acquire. Pulling away after only a few minutes Joey began undressing Braedon. Starting with his shirt first Joey pulled it over Braedon's head, and while trailing his fingers down Braedon’s upraised arms, gently stroked Braedon’s soft and tender under arms. Joey began kissing Braedon's neck and licking it and sucking all over, moving continuously around and down the body he was worshiping. By the time Joey made it to the top of Braedon’s pants, he was behind Braedon and reached around front and undid the pants that Braedon was wearing.

Gently lowering them to the ground, Braedon kicked them off for Joey. Joey lowered the back of Braedon’s bikini briefs he was wearing, and began to lick and kiss Braedon's hot ass, while playing with the still cloth covered front. Braedon was moaning a lot at this point, and then Joey pulled the under pants completely down and spread Braedon's cheeks wide and began tonguing the hole, which made Braedon start moaning even more.

Once he was sure that Braedon was all hot and bothered, he stopped completely and led Braedon to the bed and had him lay down. Joey then began a slow exotic strip tease to further turn on his boyfriend, and once he was down to wearing nothing but a wide smile, he crawled onto the bed. At first Braedon wondered what he was doing, as he was facing the wrong way, he soon got the point when Joey climbed over top of him and started licking and sucking his balls. With such an offer staring him straight in the face, Braedon took hold of the shaft and brought it closer to his mouth and began to suck on it as if the sweetest of nectars was to come out if he sucked hard enough, how right he was though.

With Joey’s legs spread as they were, Braedon also had a very clear view of the no longer virgin hole that seemed to be winking at him. Not able to pass up such an offer either, he reached over with his free hand, the one not fondling balls, and grabbed the lube off the night stand. Taking a generous helping he smeared it all over his lovers back side and began rubbing the hole and inserted a finger inside and began a slow steady rhythm, in and out, while sucking Joey's dick at the same rate. Joey was starting to go insane from the dual assault his body was getting, Braedon was making sure that every time his finger went in and touched the magic button, his tongue was assaulting the most tender part of Joey’s dick. With the type of intense pleasure that Braedon was giving to Joey, he was not at all surprised when Joey could not hold it any longer and started cumming, when Joey started, Braedon also let go, and filled his lovers mouth up as well. Both boys had to swallow, or else chance letting some of the fresh love juice to leak, and neither boy wanted to lose any at all.

Worn out, Joey lowered himself gently onto Braedon, and they stayed that way for a few minutes until both were ready to move. Joey got up and turned around and started kissing Braedon with such lust that they both found it difficult to breath, not that either of them would actually stop to complain though. Joey was also grinding his crotch into Braedon’s during the kiss and it only took a few seconds for both to get stone hard again. Moving up slightly Joey reached back and grabbed the mast he wished to sit on, and pointed it at the ready and willing hole. Getting the head inside was the hardest, since neither were able to see where they were going, and it slipped a couple times until it finally popped in, and with a groan, Joey lowered himself until he was as far down as he could go.

After resting for a moment to get used to the intrusion, Joey started bouncing on Braedon as if Braedon were his own personal trampoline. At times Joey would slow down and take it slow and easy, but then he would really start at it again and he kept it up until Braedon couldn't hold it any longer. As soon as Joey felt the cream coating his insides, his leaking penis shot out as well, and much of it landed on Braedon’s face and chest. Bending down a little, Joey licked the mess off Braedon’s face and offered a kiss that Braedon was only too glad to accept, and tasted Joey from his mouth.

After resting for a few minutes, Braedon got up on his hands and knees and settled at the edge of the bed.

“Let's try it this way.”

Joey stood up and grabbed the lube and went in between the spread open legs and prepared his boyfriend. He noted that with Braedon in this position he would be able to jack Braedon off at the same time. While thinking this he began to slowly sink his engorged penis into the waiting orifice. They each experimented with a few ways of doing this and found that they both liked it more when Braedon laid his head right onto the bed. After no more than ten minutes of gentle thrusting, and Joey jacking Braedon's hard cock, both boys exploded in their third and final orgasm of the night.

“That was nice, but I think I prefer to see your face when we make love.” Braedon sighed.

“Yeah, same here. Roll over and I will get you diapered baby, then you can do me.”

Slipping the fresh diaper under Braedon, Joey applied a generous amount of powder and rubbed it in, more than was really necessary, but both enjoyed it none the less, and then got Braedon nice and snugly diapered. Braedon had Joey lay on the bed and he diapered him in the same way, taking more time than he really needed to. Once both boys were ready they climbed into bed and cuddled up and went to sleep after giving each other a kiss goodnight and saying I love you.

Sunday morning I woke up and looked at the clock and found it was only eight, so I decided to lay there for a bit before getting up. In the boys’ room Braedon woke up first and decided to be a little kinky and reached in behind himself and poked a hole in the back of his soggy diaper, large enough to fit Joey’s penis through. He lubed himself up and got himself all ready, then poked a hole in the front of Joey’s still dry diaper, and reached in and grabbed his still soft penis. After stroking it for only a minute Joey was ready, and he did not even know it, even if he had a silly grin on his still sleeping face. Lowering himself onto Joey's stiff penis, and inserting it into his hole after only two tries, Braedon began a slow gentle motion.

A look of intense concentration came on Joey’s face and you could tell that in his dreams he was definitely enjoying himself. Braedon was able to keep it up for quite a few minutes before Joey woke up to realize that it was not only a great dream, but an even better reality, and he began getting into it even more.

I decided that I would get up, and as I always do in the morning, I checked on the boys to see if they were awake yet, so I opened the door and found that I had caught them in the middle of something. Because of the way the bed was positioned neither boy saw me standing there for a second or so until I excused myself, and closed the door silently. From what I saw both boys were more than enjoying themselves and they were both still wearing their diapers. I remembered doing that at least once with my wife as well, although she was not diapered, only I was. I figured since the boys were busy building up an appetite, that I should get a good hearty breakfast started.

After only a few minutes of him waking up, Joey could no longer hold it in and blasted his morning juice inside Braedon, and then followed with a little piss that he could not hold. Braedon felt what had happened and had also blasted off at the same time and then peed himself even more with the odd sensation. Even with the diaper on it still made a mess when they disengaged from each other, because of the hole in the bottom of Braedon's diaper. The diaper at least contained most of the mess, so it only made a little mess on the sheets.

“Oh god, I'm so sorry, I couldn't help it.” Joey said with embarrassment.

“Hey, don't worry, it wasn't your fault, and it felt kinda neat and I kinda liked the extra feelings.” Braedon said, brushing it off.

“Well, I'm still sorry, but what a wicked way to wake up, I owe you one, I love you.” Joey grinned.

“You don't owe me anything, but I love you too. We should probably get out of these ruined diapers and get the sheets in the wash, plus I smell breakfast and I'm hungry.” Braedon said, his stomach grumbling to show it agreed.

They each threw on a pair of underwear and rolled up their diapers and grabbed the sheets from the bed and emerged from the bedroom. Joey took the dirty diapers to my room to toss in the pail, while Braedon took the sheets to the washer to wash them.

“How come neither one of you are wearing a diaper right now, I figured you would just get changed after breakfast like normal?” I asked, of course knowing full well the reason.

Braedon was about to say something when I continued saying, “I guess that taking them off was probably for the best, since having holes in such places would be a dead giveaway as to what you were doing.” They both looked at me in stunned silence.

“What, did you think that you two were the first people to think of making love in a diaper?”

“Well, kinda yes, but how did you know?” Braedon asked, getting his voice back.

“Because I accidentally walked in on you, I was coming to check on you as I always do, but I caught you in the middle of something more important than talking to the old man, and I didn't have the heart to interrupt you while you were having such a good time, so I left. But next time close the door fully and I won't just walk in.” I said simply.

“You saw us, and you don't mind?” Joey asked, clearly surprised and blushing.

“Of course I don't mind, I know you love each other, and I know that you make love to each other. Honestly, if it bothered me would I let you stay the weekend, knowing what you two are doing behind supposedly closed doors.” I said while giving both boys a gentle hug.

“Oh, I never thought of it that way.” Joey said.

“You should have, you knew I knew about you boys. But question, why is the washer running?” I asked curiously.

“Well right after I um, um, came, I kinda peed, and when I pulled out some of it leaked back out of the hole in the back of Braedon's diaper.” Joey said, obviously embarrassed.

“Well, that's what you get for having sex on a full bladder, don't you know that when the erection is gone there is nothing to hold the pee in.” I teased. Joey kind of sighed, glad that I was not mad.

“You boys go set the table, the sausages and potatoes are almost done?” I asked and they nodded and did as I asked.

After breakfast was finished, and all the dishes done, we went to the den to watch TV for a bit until we took Joey home. Braedon and I spent the rest of the day mostly just laying around and reading until bed time.

Monday morning brought a heavy rain fall with it and it felt quite dreary out. Of course on days like today I drove Braedon to school, or he would have been soaked right through by the time he got to school, something neither of us wanted. This morning of course was the first morning I was to pick Joey up, so that Braedon could start training him in his daily duties. We got there at a few minutes before five and he was ready and waiting at the door for us. He ran out to the car, but still managed to get quite wet, and hopped in, and then we headed to the store and got to our morning duties. As I was doing the books I noticed that our sales were a considerable amount higher than they were the previous year, and even way higher than my projected sales. If business kept up the way it had been going, it would definitely be the best year we have ever had, by a large margin. I guess more than doubling the size of the store and increasing the product lineup really helped.

Out front, Braedon started by showing Joey the cleanup first. Every morning everything needed to be dusted off and cleaned if it needed it, and then sweep and mop the floor. They then started on stocking the shelves and hooks of depleted stock, and in the two hours that they had before I had to run them to school, they were able to get all the work done so that the sales crew could do what they were meant to do, sell. The day went well over all, and was busier than the average Monday, but not terribly so, and by the time I left at just before three to pick up the boys from school, we had already made the sales goal, and I hoped that the afternoon would really pick up as it usually does.

Instead of dying out throughout the day as it normally does, the rain had only gotten worse, and both boys were sopping wet as they climbed in the car.

“So how was your day boys?”

“Great, yours?” Braedon asked.

“Really good, I calculated the sales done over the weekend and it looks like this renovation might actually get paid off by the end of Christmas if these sales keep up.” I said happily.

“Cool, lots of our class were almost glowing because of how much they got paid and they all said that almost half of their checks were spent in the store, taking advantage of the discount you gave them, and the ones who haven't yet, will be.” Braedon said.

“That's good for them, they all earned it, as you both did as well, and they should be able to get themselves something nice.”

“Yeah.” Joey said.

“So what are you doing with the money you earned Joey, and will earn?” I asked.

“I put almost all of it, and will continue to do so, into a high yield bank account that my mom started for me when I was a baby. I am saving up for school and to buy a house later, when the time comes.”

“Don't you mean either or?” I asked curiously as I thought that was what he meant.

“Oh no, I meant both. I have enough to buy a small house almost anywhere and all I need is about fifty thousand more to become a pediatrician, I think that is what I would like to be.”

“Wow, impressive.” I whistled out, amazed at his ability to save money.

“Well I never really buy anything, I don't need lots of anything, and mom and I are not fancy stuff kinda people, she's really good at saving money too. So I save almost all of my money for the future, when it will do the most good.”

I knew that Laurie had a good job, and I figured she must have been more than just good with money, but did not care to ask, so just left it there as it really was none of our business. We got Joey home and dropped him off, saying we would see him in the morning. He whispered goodnight I love you to Braedon as he crawled past him, and Braedon whispered it back to him.

When we got home I was never more happy to have a garage that I was able to fit my car in, not like some garages I have seen where they are so packed with junk you can barely move in, let alone fit a car. When we went inside, the first thing Braedon did was start taking off his very wet clothes as he stood in the mudroom. Seeing how this is also where the laundry room is, it made sense anyways. He ran to his room and just threw on a pair of underwear for the evening, since neither of us planned on doing anything more than relaxing and making dinner. After dinner was made and ate, we relaxed a while longer until it was time for bed. I got us both diapered and ready and Braedon went to his room and I followed to tuck him in and kiss him goodnight. As I left his room I said goodnight, I love you, and he said the same back.

At about three in the morning, I awoke to Braedon entering my room, and he was crying.

“What's the matter Braedon?”

“I woke up and my stomach really hurts, but before I was able to make it to the bathroom, I pooped.” He cried out.

“Ah, I'm sorry you feel bad, but don't worry about the accident, it happens. Just be thankful you already have a need to wear diapers or it could have been really nasty.” I said while giving him a gentle hug.

He tried to giggle at my logic, but it hurt him too badly and I could tell that his stomach was really sore. I felt his forehead to see if he had a fever, and it felt as if he was burning up.

“Other than your stomach, how do you feel, are you cold, does your head hurt or anything else?”

“I'm freezing and my head hurts a bit too.”

“It sounds like you might have gotten yourself the flu. We will get you all cleaned up and get some medicine into you, and I will call us in as sick tomorrow.” I said while caressing Braedon's sweaty forehead softly.

I grabbed a large towel from my bathroom and lay it on the bed and had Braedon lay down on the towel, to help protect my sheets a little better. I untaped his diaper, and the mess that had presented itself to me damn near made me pass out, it was possibly the most revolting thing I had ever seen. Changing a babies very dirty diaper was nothing like this, but I tried to hold my emotions in check so as to make Braedon feel more comfortable, but he could tell that it bothered me.

“Well it can't be worse than changing a baby.” Braedon tried to joke.

“It is basically the same yes, but I have never had to contend with this much or this smelly before, and it is just surprising that your diaper held this much mess.” I got him as cleaned off as I could.

“I want you to go have a cool shower, you need to get yourself a little better cleaned up.”

“I would prefer a warm shower, I'm freezing.” He said, shivering to show what he meant.

“I know baby, problem is that you are not actually freezing, you are actually very hot. Your body is just sending all sorts of strange messages right now, but if we don't bring your temperature down you could actually land in the hospital.” I explained gently.

“Oh okay, but I feel real weak too, can you help me please?” He asked pitifully.

“Okay baby.” I said softly.

I pulled off my wet diaper and led Braedon into the bathroom and ran a cool shower for us both. I held Braedon mostly while he washed himself off, and we were out of the shower in only a few minutes. I got Braedon dried off and then dried myself off, and then put another diaper on Braedon and went to the kitchen to grab the things I would need in order to help Braedon get well faster. I only had regular strength Tylenol, but I figured two of those would help reduce the fever. I also grabbed a large glass of orange juice, spiked with extra vitamins, as well as the thermometer. I got back to my room and Braedon was almost asleep, and as much as he needed to sleep, and as much as I hated doing it, I had to wake him up to get the medication into him and get him to drink something.

Braedon's temperature, when I took it, was a hundred and two degrees, not too bad anymore and I am sure the cool shower had helped to bring it down some. Braedon was able to drink most of the juice and take the pills, so I had him lay down and I covered him up and let him fall asleep shivering. I put on a fresh diaper and crawled into bed beside him, but I tried not to touch him, because he did not need my extra body heat as well, but instinctively Braedon rolled over in his sleep and cuddled up to me. I let him stay like that since he obviously needed to feel close to me while he was sick.

I woke up with the alarm right away and turned it off so as not to wake Braedon up, and I slipped out of bed to make a couple calls.

“Good morning Joey, no work this morning, there will be no one to let you in. Braedon got really sick throughout the night and he won't be going to school and I am going to stay home to stay with him.”

“Oh no, is he okay, I am going to skip school and come and help you take care of him.” Joey said with obvious concern.

“No Joey, you go to school, you need to and you don't want to catch what Braedon has, you don't need that. Just go to school and concentrate on that as best you can and I will take care of your baby for you.”

“Oh okay, if you insist.” Joey said dejectedly.

“I do, and if I had to, I would lock all the doors and bar your entry.” I teased.

“Wouldn't be enough, but I am going to come by after school.”

“I don't doubt it, you are a stubborn one, you go and have a good day at school and we will see you later.”

“There's nothing wrong with being stubborn, but I will see you later.” And with that Joey hung up.

Next I called Trevor and told him what was happening and he told me not to worry, he would take care of everything. Next I went to the kitchen and took some chicken out of the freezer and started some chicken noodle soup so that Braedon could eat something light, but had all the nutrients he would need to get better. Once the soup was ready I put it in the crock pot and set it to the lowest setting and climbed back into bed with Braedon to sleep a couple more hours, and it was still not even seven o’clock yet.

I slept for a little over an hour when I felt Braedon start to stir in his sleep, waking up. Just as he woke up I heard the unmistakable sounds of another bout of diarrhea hit Braedon, and he sat bolt upright and tried to make a run for it to the bathroom, but I held him down.

“Don't worry about it, it's too late now anyways, I will take care of the mess in a few minutes, plus I doubt you have the energy to make the run for it.” I whispered and he laid back down and started to cry again so I hugged him to me.

“Hey there, no need to cry, you're sick, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you couldn't help it, and besides it will be only us to know.” I whispered, cradling poor Braedon, trying to calm him down, because acting like that would not help him get better any time soon, and finally he stopped crying after a couple minutes.

I wanted to take Braedon's temperature again, so I grabbed the thermometer off the night stand and put the end in his ear and it came up a few seconds later saying a hundred and three degrees. It had gone up a bit from last night so I decided that we would take another cool shower and then check again.

“Your fever has gone back up a bit again, I want to take you for another cool shower, I know you didn't like it last night, but it did help. As soon as we finish I promise to get you dried, diapered, and back in bed with some nice soup, and some more medicine, to help make you feel better, okay?” I whispered, and Braedon just nodded.

I got Braedon out of his messy diaper, and this time being at least a little more prepared, it did not nearly kill me. I got as much of the mess removed as I could and tried to coax Braedon to stand, but it seemed he had even less strength this morning than he did during the night. I decided to just carry him, so I picked Braedon up and carried him into my shower with me and sat him on the shower seat and turned on the water as cool as he could stand it, even though he was trying his hardest to get out of the spray. I picked him up again and started washing his body off, paying close attention to his still dirty backside. What a parent won't do for their children, most people would find this revolting, to say the least, but I never even thought of it, I just did it as it needed to be done. Staying in the shower a while longer, trying to bring down the fever a bit more, was hard on Braedon and he wanted out, but as he had no strength, and I was holding him, he had no choice but to stay. After the shower I gently laid him on the bed and dried him off and then applied a fresh diaper, and I made sure to put on extra diaper rash cream and lots of powder to protect his already red skin from the extra irritation.

I decided that Braedon might like to watch TV, so I carried him out to the den and laid him on the couch and turned on the TV for him so that he could watch for a bit. I went into the kitchen and called the school, telling them why Braedon was not there, and told them not to expect him at least tomorrow either, telling them that it was pretty bad. I also asked to send any important work home with Joey since he would be stopping by anyways. They said that would not be necessary and that for Braedon just to get better. I spooned a small amount of soup into a bowl and threw a few ice cubes into it to cool it down, and made a few pieces of toast, two for me and one for Braedon.

”How you feeling?” I asked while the soup was cooling, but by looking at him I could tell he did not feel any better than he had during the night.

“I still don't feel too good.” He answered pitifully.

“I know you don't like it at all, but if you have to go to the bathroom, just go in your diaper, you don't have the strength to make it, so you would just have an accident anyways, so no point” I told Braedon gently. He was about to say something, but decided that I was right and just nodded his head.

I grabbed one of the tray tables and set it up and went back to the kitchen just as the toast popped up. I prepared mine how I wanted it, but left the other slice dry for Braedon. I took that all to the den with a couple glasses of juice and went back to the kitchen to grab the soup and more Tylenol. I made Braedon take the pills first, and then I coaxed him into at least eating a little of the soup, saying he needed it to regain his strength. He ate almost half the soup I had brought and most of the slice of toast, and after he ate that he flaked out on the couch and slept for about another hour. I just sat and watched the TV quietly while Braedon slept, but I would look over every so often to make sure he still looked fine.

“Hey there handsome, how are you feeling, you still look pretty bad?” I asked gently when he woke up.

“I still feel really bad, and I have to go to the bathroom.” He said, still sounding absolutely drained.

“You just go whenever you need to and I will clean you up afterwards.” I said soothingly.

After he finished I went to the bedroom and grabbed all the supplies I needed, making sure to bring a few cloths and the diaper pail, as well as a towel. I laid everything on the floor and picked Braedon up and laid him on it and set to changing the third dirty diaper of the day. I noticed, with a small amount of pleasure, that it was at least a little more solid, but still diarrhea and still messy. After cleaning Braedon up as well as I could, I re-diapered him with lots of cream and powder and then laid him back on the sofa.

“I would like you to stay awake, and I want you to eat a little more please?”

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a little more soup and put more ice in it and made another slice of dry toast for him. By the time that I made it back to the den Braedon had already fallen asleep, so I woke him up.

“Come on baby, you need to eat something.” I gently shook Braedon.

“Not hungry, wanna sleep.” Braedon whined out.

“I know baby, but I want you to eat, just a little bit okay, it will help make you better.” I coaxed.

I was able to get Braedon to eat half of what I brought for him and then he went back to sleep within moments. Before Joey showed up, at just after three o’clock, I had changed four more dirty diapers and fed Braedon three more times. At least the diapers were getting a little less nasty with each change, and at this rate it would only be about twenty more diaper changes before Braedon was back to normal, god I hoped not.

Joey came in, but Braedon was still asleep, so I chatted with him for a bit. When Joey had first come in the house, he noted that it really stank in here.

“Wow, it kinda stinks in here, how come?”

“Promise not to make fun of Braedon if I tell you?” I asked, knowing full well that Joey would never do that.

“Of course not!”

“Well with the flu that Braedon seems to have, he has had some pretty nasty diarrhea, so he has had a few accidents. He could not make it to the bathroom, finally I just told him there was no point in trying, and just to go in his diapers instead and I would clean it up.” Joey got a really grossed out, but funny from my perspective, look on his face when I described it.

“Oh that can't have been nice to deal with, that's nasty.”

“At first it was very gross, but it is getting easier, and that is just what you do for those you care about.” I said simply.

“I would do it if I had to as well, but I would not have to like it.”

“And believe me, I don't like it, I actually thought I was going to throw up the first time early this morning.” I said with a chuckle at the look on Joey's face.

“Glad to hear that, because I probably would have.”

“Do you think you could do me a favor though, I have not wanted to leave Braedon, so all I have had for him is some Tylenol, do you think you could ride to the pharmacy for me and get him some good flu medication?”

“Of course.”

I gave Joey my bank card and the number, and told him to just get whatever the pharmacist recommended. He took off like a shot and was back inside of fifteen minutes with a large bag full of stuff.

“Good grief boy, what all did you buy?” I asked, looking at the large overfilled bag.

“The best flu medicine the pharmacy had and some Pedialyte hydrating formula for older kids. The pharmacist said that we would have to make sure that Braedon stayed well hydrated and this was what he recommended.”

“Good thinking then, glad he recommended it. While you were gone I called the store to tell them we would not be in tomorrow either, with Braedon being so sick, hope you don't mind.”

“No, not at all, I just want my baby boy to get better.” Joey said lovingly.

“I already feel better, having you here with me.” Braedon croaked out and Joey went over and kissed him on the cheek softly.

“How do you feel though?”

“I still feel like I was run over by a bus or two.” Braedon said quietly.

“Yeah, you look like it too, but you smell worse I am afraid to say. It's really a good thing I love you so, or I might get sick too.” Joey teased lightly.

“Yeah, sorry about that, daddy, can you change me please?”

“Of course, Joey would you go grab a few warm cloths please?”

“Sure, be right back.” He stated and ran off and was back inside two minutes.

“I thought you said it would be just the two of us to know?” Braedon asked, giving me a bit of a look.

“I know, but I could not very well tell Joey he was not allowed to come over, and he kinda smelled it and probably suspected, so I told him. But we both know that he will not say anything.” I answered gently.

“I guess it was okay anyways, there really was no way I would have made it to the bathroom, so it was not my fault and I know Joey would never say anything bad.”

Joey came in with the cloths and I laid Braedon on the floor and we changed him. Joey made a couple dry heave noises, at the first smell, but got over that quickly and helped me finish off and then we sat down and watched TV for a bit.

“Well Joey, I think it is probably time for you to head home, Braedon looks as if he is going to pass out again soon and I want to get some more food into him before he does.”

Joey agreed and gave Braedon another kiss on the cheek and told him to get better soon and he would come after school tomorrow again. I showed Joey out on my way to the kitchen and got Braedon a little more soup and some of the special juice and the new medicine. I took his temperature again and was happy that it was starting to come down a bit, it was now only a hundred degrees, and I gave him the new pills and some of the juice.

“Eww, that stuff is gross.” Braedon choked out at first taste of the juice.

“It is called Pedialyte, it is a special juice to make sure you stay hydrated, so you need to drink it up okay, even if it is gross, it will also help to make you feel better a little faster.”

“Okay, I'm gonna go to sleep now, I'm really tired.” Braedon said, after he finished the liquid and some soup.

It felt strange eating dinner by myself, even if I knew that Braedon was sleeping in the next room, I had just become accustomed to our eating together. Braedon was starting to feel a little bit better, not so lethargic and sore, yet another four times I had to change dirty diapers before we went to bed that night. Before I got us ready for bed though, I gave Braedon a bath in slightly warm water to clean him properly. After drying him off and putting a fresh diaper on him, I set Braedon in my bed and he curled right up and fell asleep. I got myself ready for bed as well and crawled into bed with Braedon, and he automatically rolled over and cuddled up to me and I fell asleep straight away. Braedon woke me only once during the night saying that he had messed his diaper again and that he needed changing. I got all the stuff I needed and changed him and we went back to sleep until morning.

During the day I had to change Braedon less than the previous day, and they were still progressively becoming more solid, and he also seemed to have more strength, plus was able to eat more as well. During the times that he was awake, Braedon and I talked a bit. He thanked me so many times for taking such good care of him.

“My old dad would never have done anything near to this, and if I was lucky I would have escaped the belt for not making it to the toilet.”

“That is what loved ones do for each other, and I am sure I could expect the same treatment if the tables were turned.”

“I would take care of you as well, but I am still happy that you are here for me.” Braedon said weakly.

By the time that Joey showed up after school, Braedon was able to make it to the bathroom to take care of the messy business himself, but I told him not to worry about the wetting, that he could just do that in his diapers to save strength. When Joey came in he promptly gave Braedon a kiss on the cheek.

“How are you feeling today baby?” Joey asked, very concerned.

“I feel lots better, still really weak, but at least I can go to the bathroom now to poop on the toilet like normal humans.” Braedon attempted to joke.

“Well, that is at least progress, it should only be another day or two and you will be all better. A couple of the boys in our class are sick as well, but it seems you got the worst of it.”

“Yeah, and that was why I called the school and the store today and told them we would not be in tomorrow either.” I added.

“I will be fine by tomorrow, I want to go.” Braedon said.

“Out of the question young man, you are still quite sick and have a lot of strength to regain before you can even think of going back, maybe the day after, but certainly not tomorrow. You can still just barely make it to the bathroom, do you want that to happen while at school, I would think not, but you are getting better, so you should be able to go on Friday.” I said gently.

“Yeah, I guess you're right.” Braedon admitted, because he knew I was right.

Joey only stayed for a little while after that and we just sat around and talked and then he left with a kiss to Braedon’s cheek and saying he loved him and would see him tomorrow afternoon. This evening Braedon joined me at the table and ate his soup and two pieces of lightly buttered toast, he was back to regular juice now, since we ran out of the other stuff, but I figured that was fine now anyways. We laid on the couch and cuddled all evening until it was time for bed and I got us both ready for bed.

“Braedon, if you have to go to the bathroom tonight, just go and we will deal with it later, you might not wake up fast enough.”

“I will if I have to, but if I wake up in time and have the strength to do so, I think I will try and go to the toilet.” Braedon said with finality.

And he almost made it before his body just let go at almost four o’clock, so he woke me up and asked me to change him, and I did. After that we slept right through until later that morning.

Thursday morning Braedon said he almost felt back to normal, but was glad that he did not have to go to school, because he still felt a bit weak and tired. We had a light breakfast of fruit and toast, I was trying to get Braedon back on to regular foods again, and he seemed to handle it well. He told me that he felt better after eating better food now, but I gave him more medicine after breakfast and we spent the morning playing cards. At lunch I made a chicken salad and garlic toast, since Braedon felt that he could handle it now, and he said it was great and his stomach did not hurt after, so he was almost back to normal. He was able to make it to the bathroom for all the dirty business, but I told him just to keep using the diapers for wetting, because it was easier on him anyways. We had a good normal dinner and watched movies all evening with Joey, who said he had permission to stay for the evening with us. After Joey went home we had a bath and got ready for bed and hit the hay. Tomorrow would be back to normal for us both so we needed to go to bed.

Friday morning I woke at the first sound of the alarm and reached over, turned it off, and then gently shook Braedon awake, telling him it was time to get up.

“Too early, must sleep longer.” Braedon mumbled out and I giggled.

“Come on handsome, we have lots of work to do today and you have to go to school, we really have to get up.” I whispered.

“Oh all right.” He grumbled.

I got up and removed my diaper and went to the other side of the bed and removed his as well and told him to go have a shower. As I was having my very hot shower, after a few days of cold, I realized that it felt great, I had missed it, and I also thought that it would be nice not to have to change dirty diapers any more. I also thought to myself that I hoped that would be the last time, but also knew I would do it again if I had to. I was just climbing out of the shower when Braedon came in all dressed and told me we were going to be late if we did not hurry up. I quickly dressed and we headed to pick up Joey and then to the store.

This morning, since I knew they would need help to get finished in time, I helped the boys with their duties before I would go do all the books. The guys are usually pretty good at keeping things neat and tidy, but they really did not have time during the day to do stock and to clean all that much. We were nearly finished when it was time for Braedon and Joey to leave.

“Braedon I want you to take it easy, and tell your gym teacher that you are to take it easy as well. Joey, will you be staying the weekend again?”

“Of course.” He answered, giving me a look that said I was out of my mind for even bothering to ask.

“So sorry, just wanted to know. But make sure to clear it with your mom and tell her it will just be a quiet weekend because Braedon is still quite weak.”

“No problem, she already said it was fine.”

“Well, you boys have a good day at school today then.”

“We will, and you have a good day here too.” Braedon said..

I did finish off the last few chores that the boys were unable to finish, and then I got started on my books from the previous few days while my staff took care of the customers filing in and out throughout the day. It was nearly noon before I made it out of the office, for the first time since I entered that morning, and went next door for lunch. At three o’clock I headed for home and told the guys to have a good evening.

I made it home only a few minutes after Braedon and Joey got there and went to get changed, while they did the same thing. I met them in the foyer to go grab some movies, as I figured it was an automatic thing by now, and they never even asked why I was waiting there for them, just put on their shoes and we left. We walked the few blocks to the video store and picked out three good new titles that had just come out. We then paid for our selections and headed home, not bothering to stop for goodies this time.

“What would you guys like for dinner?” I asked once we made it home.

“Don't know, doesn't matter to me.” Braedon said.

“Me neither.” Joey said.

“Well I had no idea what to make, hence the reason I was asking you guys, a whole hell of a lot of help you two turned out to be. Fine, pork chops in mushroom gravy sound okay to you both?” I asked, exasperated at their answers, but only teasing them and they knew it.

“Sounds good to me.” They both said.

It was a nice quick, and simple, but delicious meal, and we all enjoyed it, even Braedon probably ate too much, but he was hungry after hardly eating anything over the past few days.

“You guys go put in whichever movie you want to watch first and I will be right there with some drinks.”

I met them in the den a few moments later and we sat back and watched their first choice, it was a very funny comedy and there was little time where we were not laughing our asses off. By the end of the movie, all of our sides hurt from laughing so hard, but we loved the movie.

“Okay, let's get the next movie ready to go and then we can all go get ready for bed.” I said and they went to their bathroom and got ready and then came to get diapered.

I got the boys all ready and then got myself done as well and then we went to the kitchen, I made a large bowl of popcorn while the boys grabbed glasses and a large pitcher of juice, and then into the den to watch the next movie. It was another funny movie, but not quite so as the first was, but it was still good though. The third movie of the night, that would put us nearly to midnight, was a really good action and by the end of the movie we were all yawning.

“Do either of you need a change before bed, because I sure do. I drank too much?”

“I do, but we will take the supplies to our room.” Braedon said with a grin.

“Okay then, but don't do anything I wouldn't!” I teased with a grin of my own.

“Well then, that's no fun.” Braedon said with a pout.

“Boy, you have no idea. But you guys have a good night, I love you, and take it easy, you are still weak remember.” I said while giving them both kisses to the tops of their heads and hugs.

“Yes daddy, we love you too.” They both said in as cute and innocent voice as they could manage, and scampered off to my room to get what they wanted while I locked up and shut down the house.

“I may be still a little weak, but I need to make love to you and you to make love to me, I need it so bad it hurts. I haven't even been able to jack off or anything since Sunday and I am busting here.” Braedon said no sooner than the door had closed.

“Oh you are so getting royally paid back for all those times you made me hold off and wait so long to cum, I am going to make you beg for it, then I am going to deny it.” Joey said with an evil grin while lightly petting Braedon's crotch.

“Oh god, I'm already begging.” Braedon said as Joey coaxed him onto the bed on his back and climbed on.

Joey crawled over him and began to kiss Braedon while grinding their wet diapered fronts against each other, and then suddenly he began to move down Braedon’s body kissing, licking and sucking everywhere his mouth went, while his hands were equally busy, rubbing the bulge that had grown in the front of Braedon’s diaper. As Joey got near to the diaper, he began untaping it, and slid it out from underneath Braedon. Joey then took hold of Braedon's legs and pushed them back and began licking and sucking his balls and hole. Replacing his tongue with a couple fingers in Braedon’s gaping hole, Joey went full out on the mast standing in front of him. He took it very slowly, and kept both mouth and hand work at the same very slow speed, four times he brought Braedon right to the edge, and then stopped, four times before he completely pulled off and tore off his own sodden diaper and spit in his hand and rubbed it into his shaft.

Lining up, Joey impaled Braedon with his very hard penis, in one swift movement, and they both let out an intense moan of pleasure while it went in, and when Joey bottomed out, he stopped and held it there for a few minutes. After waiting for what seemed an eternity to Braedon, Joey began a pace so slow that Braedon barely felt the movements. Slowly, little by little, Joey picked up the pace until he was going very fast making the whole bed moan under the strain, and then all of a sudden, both boys stiffened even more and fired at the same moment. Joey had collapsed on top of Braedon, and stayed there a few minutes, and then he was ready to go again and did just that. Going with a moderate pace to begin with, and having just had a massive orgasm only minutes before, he was able to hold on for quite some time, and this time he fired by himself.

After resting for another couple minutes Joey started again, and Braedon was floored by this, but was not complaining in the least as he loved the feel of his lover so deep inside him making sweet passionate love to him. This time lasting nearly fifteen minutes before Joey shot again, it was the single longest session they had ever had, both boys enjoying it, if their moans, groans, and grunts said anything.

“I want to make love to you now?” Braedon asked sweetly.

“I'm game, I may not be able to go another three in a row though.”

“I doubt I have another three orgasms in me anyways, but that doesn't mean we can't shoot for it.” Braedon said, not realizing just what he said.

“Oh ha ha, very funny, now make love to me baby.”

“What, oh, I get it!” Braedon said, all of a sudden getting it, but pushing it aside and rolled Joey over and started kissing him.

Braedon slowly crawled down Joey's sweaty body, kissing all along the way, and when he reached Joey's legs, Braedon pushed Joey's legs back and dove in to the waiting hole. After only a minute of preparation, Joey was ready for the finale, so Braedon lined up and sank in to the root. As Braedon desperately needed to blow off some steam, or cum in this case, he took the first one at a good speed and within a few minutes did just that and shot so forcefully that Joey felt it hit. After resting for a few minutes, Braedon began again, but this time though he took a much more gentle pace and made sweet love to his lover for over ten minutes, until he could no longer hold it. Braedon had wanted to try for a third time, but he was drained, and his little head decided to go to sleep and made a popping sound as Joey’s bum expelled the intruder. They kissed for a few minutes and Braedon got up and grabbed the diapers and lovingly diapered Joey and then Joey repaid the favor to Braedon. They both lay down and kissed for a few minutes until both boys fell into a deep tangled sleep.


Chapter 9

This morning Joey was the first to wake up and decided that he would repay Braedon for last week and have him wake up the same way. So poking a hole in the bottom of his diaper, he prepared himself with the lube on the nightstand, and then poked a hole in the front of Braedon’s soaked diaper and fished out his still soft penis and worked it for only a minute before it was raring to go. After applying a generous coating of lube on it, Joey sat himself onto it. Braedon woke up after only a few minutes of the dream that he felt was too real, and when he woke he smiled brightly.

“Good morning, god, the dream was good, but this is fantastic.” Braedon moaned out.

“Oh god yeah, payback sure can be great.” Joey moaned out as well.

“Oh yeah.” Braedon groaned this time as Joey changed positions a little to make it even better for them both.

They continued with the slow gentle rocking they had going, until Braedon could no longer hold it and shot his pre-teen sperm inside Joey. Joey was a little disappointed that Braedon did not pee inside him, as he kind of wanted to know what it felt like, the look must have shown though.

“What's the matter, you almost look disappointed with something?” Braedon asked quietly.

“Well, I was kinda wondering what it felt like to have you pee inside me, I was hoping you would accidentally as well when you came, like I did last week.” Joey said with a little blush.

“Well, I do have to go, but it will be messy like it was the last time, want to go into the bathroom and try it?” Braedon asked with a grin.

“Okay.” Joey said a bit excited.

They went to the bathroom and decided the tub would be best, so climbed in. Joey bent down and Braedon re-inserted himself inside Joey and concentrated for a minute until he was able to let it flow. Braedon ended up having to go more than he thought he did, and Joey ended up having a full piss enema. Some of the liquid that Joey was unable to hold came back out, and because of his angle Joey was at, it filled the front of his diaper.

“I'm gonna pull out now, that sure felt weird.” Braedon said.

“Wow, you're telling me, not so sure I like it though, can you take this diaper off me, I think I need to sit on the toilet?” Joey asked suddenly.

Joey clinched his butt cheeks together as Braedon pulled out and then Braedon untaped Joey’s diaper and Joey immediately sat on the can and spilled out everything he had in him.

“Well, the first part was kinda neat, don't think I would let you do it again, but accidents happen right, but the second part sure felt horrible. It all came out so fast I thought my insides were gonna come with it.” Joey said, unashamed.

“Now you know how I felt all this week, I shoulda made you do it in your diaper though, but we may as well have our shower now.” Braedon said with an evil smirk.

I woke up at about the same time as I heard the shower start, and knew that the boys were up, so decided I may as well get up and grab a quick shower as well. After my shower I just threw on a pair of underwear and went out to see if the boys were ready yet, and I met them coming out of their bathroom, carrying the rolled up wet diapers they were taking to my room.

“Good morning my babies, what would you like for breakfast?” I teased.

“One of your awesome omelets would be wicked this morning.” Braedon grinned.

“One awesome omelet coming up. What do you like in your omelets Joey?”

“Everything please.” He answered.

“Perfect, just like ours then.”

“Can we help with anything?” Braedon asked, as they came to the kitchen, after throwing away the diapers and putting underwear on as well.

“Well I am cutting the potatoes already so if you guys want to get started on the onions, peppers, mushrooms, and ham, and whatever else you can think of, that would be great.”

I started cooking the potatoes and got the pan ready for the omelets, I also grabbed another fry pan for the fillings and started that cooking, then I got the eggs ready while the boys each grated one kind of cheese. Within half an hour we were eating a large breakfast, and we all enjoyed it immensely.

“Well boys, what should we do today?”

“It's quite icky looking outside, and I am not so sure I really want to go out, so why don't we just stay in and play games all day?” Braedon suggested.

“Yeah, it is starting to actually look like the time of year that it actually is, but that sounds good to me, how about you Joey?”

“Sure.” He answered happily, and we all agreed on a couple games and we played well into the afternoon.

“What would you guys like for dinner tonight, we kinda skipped lunch and I am getting hungry?” I asked, not having any clue as to what to make.

“No clue.” They both answered.

“Figures, well I am not so sure I really want to cook anyways, so hows about we go out for dinner tonight?”

“Okay.” They both said again.

“We should probably go get dressed then, seeing as we were all very lazy today and didn't even bother doing that, I doubt any restaurant would let three men in in only their underwear.” I teased.

“At least we didn't go super lazy and are wearing diapers, not so sure they would like that too much either.” Braedon said with a laugh.

“No kidding.” Joey and I both said at the same time this time.

We went to our bedrooms and got ready to go and then headed out into the cold miserable rain. And what restaurant did we choose, of course the steak house. I decided on the New York strip, while Joey took the prime rib, and Braedon took the fillet mignon, and after enjoying all the steak, bread, and salad we could stand, we left for home. On the way we dropped off the movies, I had remembered to grab them on our way out, and we went inside to grab a couple new ones. We went home and were about to sit down to watch the first movie, but someone had a better idea.

“Why don't we go get ready for bed now?” Joey asked, a bit too excited.

“Okay, I have no problem with it.” I said.

“Me neither.” Braedon added.

So we went and got ready and diapered and went back in to start the first movie. The first movie turned out to be a dud, it was not really all that bad, just not to our tastes, the second movie, however, made up for the first one, it was a really good thriller movie that kept all three of us on the edges of our seats until the end, and as soon as it did end we all decided it was bed time. The boys came into my room and grabbed a couple diapers for themselves and we kissed goodnight and I told them to have a good sleep. After getting myself re-diapered, as I had already wet it enough to warrant changing, I went right to bed and fell asleep right away, not even falling asleep to the sounds of the boys playing this time.

After the previous night, and this morning, neither of the boys was up to a lot, and decided that some tender loving was in order. After peeling off their wet diapers the boys climbed into bed and began kissing and fondling each other. As Braedon was on top tonight, he decided that a nice sixty nine would be a great way to end off a perfect day. After changing positions each boy took the offered erection that was in front of his face, and they both began the same slow tender movements. They matched each others rhythm and technique perfectly, and kept it up for a surprisingly long time, backing off often enough to give the most pleasure. Once both boys could no longer hold it any more, they spewed forth their offerings at the same time, neither boy losing one drop of the sweet nectar. Braedon turned back around and they kissed with mouths full of the others cum, swapping the liquid back and forth between each other, until they swallowed, but continued kissing. Braedon got up and grabbed the diapers and diapered Joey and then Joey did Braedon, and then climbed back into bed and cuddled for a few minutes until they passed into sweet dreams.

Sunday I was the first to wake up as the phone was ringing in my ear.

“Good morning.” I answered a little groggily as I was still half asleep.

“Oh sorry if I woke you, it's Laurie. I hate to bother you this early and all, but I have a huge favor to ask of you, but my dad had a heart attack last night and I have to go out of town.” She said in a rush.

“Don't worry about it, I will go get Joey up right away and get him packed and ready for you to pick him up.” I said, waking up fully.

“Oh no, that's not the favor I want to ask, I would like to know if you would watch Joey for me while I am gone, I don't want for him to miss any school, but I need to be there.” She said.

“Oh, that's not a problem, how is he?”

“He's not doing so good, but this isn't his first heart attack either. I will probably be a week or so, or until he passes away, in which case I would like for you to put Joey on a plane to here so that he can attend the funeral.”

“Okay, it would be a good idea then to drop off a few of Joey's things and sign a emergency care form in case I need to take Joey to the hospital and or get him on a plane if needed.”

“Good idea, on both, I will be right there.”

I quickly dug through all the papers that Braedon’s case worker had given me, remembering that there had been an extra copy of custody forms in there for some reason, and I found it just as I heard Laurie knock on the door. I went and answered it, just barely remembering to grab a robe, and showed Laurie inside and we talked for a minute.

“This was my dad's third heart attack now and the doctor told us, after the last one, that one more would very likely kill him, but then again he shouldn't have survived that last one either, so we were ready for this, but it will still be hard.” She said with a few tears in her eyes.

“You go, go be with your parents where you are needed right now, stay as long as you are needed, Joey is in good hands and I will look after everything.” I said gently and gave her a friendly hug, as she looked as if she could really use it at the moment.

“Can I go give Joey a kiss goodbye?” She asked.

“Of course, follow me.”

“Awe, they look so adorable all cuddled up like that.” Laurie said with a little smile and went and gave Joey a kiss, fortunately they were both covered up this morning, since I did not care to have to explain the diaper her son was wearing.

Joey woke up slightly, just enough for his mom to explain what was happening and then kissed him goodbye again.

“I've got to go baby, you be good. I will show myself out okay.” She said to Joey and I, and she left.

“How do you feel about all this Joey.” I asked gently while giving him a hug.

“Well, I know that grandpa has been sick for a long time, and he was not even supposed to have lived this long, so it will be better for him. I hardly even knew my grandparents though, they live on the east coast, and with grandpa so sick they have not been here for a long time, and although I will be sad, it will mostly be for mom, because she loves them.” Joey said sadly.

“But you will miss him too, I know that, and we are here for you if you need us, just come and sit on my lap and cry it out if you need to, or just talk too.” I said, hugging him even tighter.

“Thank you, you really are the best, and I love you very much, you know that right.” Joey said, squeezing me very tightly.

“I know, and I hope you know I love you too. Now go on, curl back up to your boyfriend and go back to sleep.” I said with a final kiss to his forehead.

He instantly cuddled back up to Braedon and went back to sleep and I also went back to bed for another hour or so, because the phone call had waken me up at shortly after six, and I was still tired after staying up late watching movies the night before. When I woke back up at nine, I found that I had a guest in my bed. Joey had come in and climbed into bed with me and currently was holding me tightly.

“Hey there, how come you're in here, not that I mind?” I asked softly.

“I just needed to be held, and Braedon was not who I needed right now, I needed you because you are like a father to me.” He whispered with tears in his eyes.

“Just let it all out baby.” I said softly, soothingly.

He cried for nearly half an hour, telling me everything about his life, not having a dad, losing his grand father now, all the men in his life would soon be gone, I just gently rubbed his back while I listened to him pour his heart and soul out to me.

“You'll have me for as long as you need me, okay.” I whispered once he finished, but was still crying.

At this time Braedon came in and saw that Joey was crying and cuddled up to me, I mouthed to him to just come cuddle and not to ask yet. He understood what I was saying and came and laid down behind Joey and wrapped his arms around him and just held him. After a while of us rubbing and holding him, Joey fell asleep again and we both got up and tucked him in.

I beckoned Braedon from the room and told him what was happening. He was sad for Joey of course, but was happy that he would be staying with us for a while. Braedon and I just sat around for a while in our wet diapers, waiting for Joey to wake up, and when he did he looked a little happier. He came to the couch and sat down on the opposite side as Braedon and leaned into me.

“I'm really happy that you were there for me, thanks.” Joey whispered to me.

“Like I told you this morning, I will be here for you as long as you need me. I think that with this mornings little emotional turmoil that I am going to take you boys out to have some fun. Where would you guys like to go?”

“Wave pool.” Joey said.

“That awesome arcade.” Braedon said.

“Okay, I think wave pool is the better choice for today, I don't really want to drive all the way out to Vancouver on a Sunday, that's more a Saturday trip.”

“That's cool.” Braedon said just as happily as he had a moment ago.

The pool did not open until eleven o’clock so we had plenty of time to stop somewhere for breakfast, so we went and got ready to go and headed out. We found a place that advertised a great all you can eat Sunday brunch, and headed there. After a large breakfast, I thought endangered me to drowning, we headed to the wave pool and queued up in the long line up of people waiting to gain entrance. After only a few minutes wait we entered and got changed. Same as last time, the change rooms were busy, but no where near full, and all three of us unashamedly got dressed into our shorts and headed towards the showers. It always made me wonder why in a change room full of boys, everybody was so shy about getting undressed. Oh well, let them be embarrassed about their bodies for their entire life, I sure was not and neither were Braedon or Joey.

We had a great day of swimming and playing, it really took Joey’s mind off his families worries, which was a good thing. We stopped for lunch and ate and then went back and continued playing until they closed at six. We went out for dinner, since I now had absolutely no energy to do anything, let alone cooking. After a good meal we went home and relaxed while watching TV for the night. Once we were ready for bed, I got the boys diapered and they both wanted to sleep with me tonight, and considering how Joey felt right now, I let them. Joey took center position tonight and Braedon and myself hugged him from both sides until he went to sleep.

Monday morning I woke the boys up and got us ready to go to the store. Joey looked a bit better today and with work and school to help keep his mind off of it, I knew he would be fine. The boys went to school at their regular time and I worked until three and headed home to meet the boys.

“Hi boys, how was your day at school?”

“Pretty good, how was work today?” Braedon asked and Joey nodded.

“Pretty good too. Joey, would you like to phone your mom to see how everything is going?”

“Yes please.” He answered.

He went and grabbed the phone and dialed the number I gave to him and within a couple minutes he was talking to his mom. After a half hour long tearful call, he hung up and told us what was happening.

“Well, mom says that grandpa is hanging in there, but no one really knows for how much longer he can hold on for, he is getting worse.” Joey said with tears flowing down his cheeks.

“I know it sounds cruel, but with how bad your grandpa is it would almost be better if he just let go, quickly and peacefully. The rest of you may not want it, but it would be better for him, that way he would not suffer quite so much.” I said softly.

“I know, and I think the same thing, I don't want him to suffer more than he already has, but I feel bad thinking it.” Joey said, hugging me tightly.

“No, don't feel bad, it is far kinder to wish for someone you know is dying, that they die quickly and painlessly. No one wants to die slowly and painfully, like all too many people in my family who have died of cancer. Believe me, it is far less cruel to wish someone to just pass, rather than let them linger in certain pain.” I told him reassuringly, they both needed to know anyways.

“I know you're right, that really is how I felt about it as well, and thanks. Mom also said that she is going to call me tomorrow after school to tell me what is happening.”

“Then we will make sure that we are home for the call.” I said and gave Joey a hug and Braedon joined in as well.

We had a quiet dinner and watched TV for the evening until it was nearly bedtime. Just before I was to herd the boys towards bed I had a quick talk with them.

“Now boys, I would like to ask you not to play around during the week, you need your rest for school, you may of course play as much as you want during the weekend, it is your free time after all, but no sex during the week okay. You can of course still sleep together and if of course you need some relief, feel free to give each other a hand, but nothing full blown.” I tried not to laugh at the pun, but failed miserably when both boys nearly choked.

“That's okay dad, we already agreed on that anyways, playing around takes lots of energy and we don't want to be tired at school, so don't worry.” Braedon said calmly.

“Great, glad to hear you boys at least are thinking with the right heads. Well, should we get my babies all diapered up for the night?” I teased.

“Dad, we're not babies.” Braedon said with a shake of his head.

“I know, but you are my babies, besides, I like teasing you.”

We went to my room and I got all three of us diapered and then the boys headed to their room after a kiss and hug goodnight, and within minutes we were all fast asleep.

Tuesday flew past with nothing happening, with the exception that Laurie called and she and Joey talked for a bit and found that his grandpa was still holding on. Wednesday also flew past and when Joey’s mom called to talk to Joey, they again talked for a while and then the phone had been passed to Joey’s grandpa and they talked for a few minutes. Joey was crying silently as he was talking to his grandpa, trying not to let him hear that he was crying. After he hung up he came and told us what his grandpa had said to him.

“My grandpa told me that he has little time left and that he wanted to talk to me to say goodbye, and that he had to fight with everyone to do so, but he said he had to, I deserved it. Grandpa also said that he was sorry that he did not get to see me too much and get to know me better, and he even said he does not want me to come to the funeral, he says he wants me to remember him alive and not just some dead man. He says he asked the whole family that, he does not want a funeral at all, just a simple burial service that the minister was told no one was allowed to be there for. Mom told me that she is going to stay until the end and help grandma out for a few days afterwards to make sure she is okay.” Joey said, openly crying now, so Braedon and I went and hugged him as he was telling us this.

“I'm glad that he fought to talk to you, to say goodbye to you, he sounds like a brave man.” I said softly.

“Yeah, he is, he used to be so full of life and energy, it is hard to think how he must be now. And grandpa even told me that as much as he wants to see me, he doesn't want me to see him, so weak and old looking, and that is why only mom and grandma are allowed there, no one else is allowed to see grandpa like this. Grandpa was a rancher his entire life, he was born on the same property he lives on now, and has worked it his entire life, that is until his first heart attack and he had to let the ranch hands do everything.”

“How many children do your grandparents have” I asked curiously as Joey had said the ranch hands were caring for the farm.

“Only mom's left, her sister was killed quite a few years ago in a farming accident and her brother committed suicide when he was a teenager. And now once grandpa dies the only family I have left is grandma and mom.” Joey said, still crying with all this.

Once I was able to relax Joey a bit, and stop his crying, I got up to start dinner while Braedon continued soothing his boyfriend. After a light meal we sat down and read until the phone startled all three of us. I got up and answered and it was Laurie, she wished to speak to Joey for a few minutes and I could tell she had been crying and I knew that it finally happened.

“Joey, phone.” I called over, trying not to let him see what it was all about from my face.

“Hi Joey, your grandpa passed away quietly about an hour after talking to you earlier, he said that now that he said his goodbyes he was free to leave, and he died peacefully with a smile on his face..” Laurie told Joey, crying the whole time.

After comforting each other for a few minutes on the phone Laurie asked to put me back on the phone, so I grabbed the phone while Joey went and sat on the couch and cried into Braedon.

“Hi Laurie, I'm sorry for your loss, is there anything I can do for you?” I asked softly.

“I'm sure that Joey told you earlier, but my dad did not want a funeral or for Joey to come and see him like this. I would like for you to watch Joey for about another week, I think I need to stay with my mom, she is taking it a lot harder than I expected she would?” She asked, her tears now fading.

“Yes, he told us, and it is not a problem, you stay there with your mom, I will take care of Joey for you.” I said soothingly.

“Joey needs some closure now though, would it be too much to ask that you do up a small memorial for him?” She asked hopefully.

“Of course Laurie, I would be happy to do that for him, you know I think of him as a son as well, and I want him to have the closure he needs as well.” I said sincerely.

“Thanks Jay, I know, and he thinks of you as a dad as well and he loves you a great deal. In some ways I think he loves you more than me, he knows he can tell you anything, whereas he is very reserved around me.” Laurie gave a light chuckle.

“Yes, I know he loves me, but you know that is not true, he loves you lots more, but you are in fact a girl, not so sure you noticed that little fact or not, but boys can't talk to girls about boy problems now can they.” I teased.

“No, that can't be it, I'm not a girl am I! Thanks, I needed that, you have no idea how much that reminded me of dad, he used to be able to do that, take me from crying to laughing so easily. But I know, he won't talk to me, especially about his body, for some strange reason he thinks I won't understand, when I probably understand more than he does, but that's kids for you.” She said with a good laugh.

“You're welcome, I felt you needed a good laugh to release the tension. I can tell that as sad as you are, that you are also relieved that he is gone from the pain, and that is good too. I had to tell Joey earlier that wishing his grandpa would just die so that he didn't have to suffer any longer was not a bad thing, that it is very selfless to think of someone else like that and not about how much you wanted that person to stay around.” I said.

“You are so right! You know, we think so much alike when it comes to that type of thing, and thanks again for helping Joey with this. I should get going though, so I will talk to you later.”

“Your welcome and anytime, try to have a good night.”

I had went to the dining room to talk, so as soon as I hung up I went back to the den and went straight to the couch where both boys were cuddled up crying lightly together. I gently picked up Joey and hugged him tightly to me and rubbed his back, telling him that we were here for him. Braedon came up and hugged us both together and we stayed like that for many minutes. We settled back onto the couch where Joey told us everything else he knew about his grandparents. By the time we were ready for bed, Joey had managed to cry himself out. We found out that his grandparents had well over a thousand acres of ranch land back east, that now really had nobody to run it, grandpa was still able to manage everything until he died, so now no one could. He wondered what would happen to it as his grandma had no idea how to operate a ranch, even though she worked it lots.

“Well your grandpa knew for a while that in all likelihood he would not survive the next heart attack right, so he probably made some sort of provisions for that.” I said gently.

“I just hope he didn't go and leave it to me or something silly like that, I don't even like animals, well except Braedon, but he's almost house broken.” Joey said with a grin.

“Hey, I'm not a pet, but I can be an animal if you want me to.” Braedon grinned.

“That's funny boys. Well if you did inherit the ranch, and it is a possibility, there is lots you could do with it and you could do with it what you please.” I said.

“I know, but it would be a shame to do anything other than ranching on it, it is really nice land, from what I'm told anyways.”

“Well, no point in worrying about that now when we don't know anything yet. Let's go get my little boys in their diapers and into bed.” I said gently.

I got both boys diapered and before Joey could even ask, I could see the question in his eyes as he looked at me, so I just nodded and pulled the covers back and both boys climbed in. I got myself ready and climbed in as well, Joey was again in the middle and both Braedon and I cuddled up to him and held him tightly, all night long.

The next morning when I woke the boys up, I could tell that Joey still did not feel well, he had large dark circles under his eyes.

“Good morning, how do you feel this morning Joey?” I asked gently.

“I just feel so empty now that he's really gone.” Joey said sadly.

“Come on, let's go have a hot shower, it will help you to relax.” I said, removing both boys' diapers. I gave each boy a swat to their naked cute little bums as they walked past at a sedate pace, holding each others hands, heading for the bathroom.

I also went and had a nice hot soothing shower, thinking of what kind of memorial I should do for Joey so that he could get closure on his grandpas passing. I continued thinking of it as I collected the boys to go to work. They worked hard and then headed to school. I had thought of keeping Joey home today, but knew that that would be harder on him right now, and that he needed something normal to help him. Just before we opened the store I told the guys what had happened and that I needed to go out and find something for a memorial service.

“You go ahead and get what you need for Joey, we'll be fine here, you don't even have to come back if you don't want to.” Trevor told me and the others all agreed.

“Thanks a lot guys, it will mean a lot to Joey.”

I thought of something fitting for Joey, but had to find out some information, I went back into my office for a minute and called Laurie quickly.

“Hi Laurie, how old was your dad?” I asked as soon as Laurie and I had the pleasantries out of the way.

“He just turned sixty four a little over a month ago, why do you ask?”

“I just wanted to know so that I could arrange a fitting memorial for a man that Joey is missing a great deal.” I answered.

“I am happy that you are there for him, he needs someone to act as a father in this, and you are that person, but of course you already know this.” Laurie said with a chuckle on the last part.

“No problem, I do think of him as a son as well, but of course you already knew that, the little brat does kinda grow on you, doesn't he.” I said with a chuckle as well.

“Yeah, that he does, well, I should go, we are trying to get things all figured out out here.”

“Well, I would say have a good day, but I know that stuff is never any fun, so I will let you go.” I said gently.

“Thanks, bye.” She said simply and hung up.

I quickly left the store and went down the road to a store that carried candles.

“Hi there, I was wondering, do you carry two inch pillar candles in both pure black and pure white?” I asked the first sales lady I saw.

“Yes, we do.” She answered.

“Great, I need sixty three white and one black please?” I asked.

“I think I will have that many, it might take me a few moments though, feel free to look around.” She said in a little shock.

She came back after about fifteen minutes, huffing and pushing a dolly with quite a few boxes on it.

“I managed to get them all, nearly wiped out my entire stock mind you, but no big deal. If I may ask, what do you need so many of those specific candles for, it is an unusual order?” She asked curiously.

“My sons best friend, Joey, had his grandfather pass away last night, and I am arranging a memorial for Joey because his grandpa did not want anybody to come to him and see him as he was before he died, he wanted everybody to remember him as he was when he was strong and healthy.” I said

She had a tear in her eye as I finished telling her that and what I had planned for the candles. I had almost forgotten about things to put the candles on when she asked.

“How do you plan to display the candles then?”

“Oh, thanks, I almost forgot about that, I will need suitable holders to protect my furniture.”

“Although we will not have all the exact same, I should be able to find enough that are close enough together to work. She went into her stock room again and after about ten minutes came back carrying two large boxes, and she set everything on the counter.

“Okay, I think that will be everything, unless you have a good candle lighter.”

“Sure, always have a selection of those next to the counter, go pick out what you like while I get this rung in.”

I grabbed the one I liked while she rang everything up, when she had the final number, she told me the total, it came to nearly three hundred dollars and I paid without even thinking that it should have been more than that as each candle should have been at least three dollars each.

“Would you mind terribly if I borrowed your cart for a moment to take this all out to my car?”

“Certainly, I can help you out with it so that you don't have to come back in as well.” She offered.

“That would be nice, thanks.”

We loaded everything into the car then the sales lady went to take the cart back inside and I grabbed the receipt that she printed out for me. I looked at the total and noticed she had given me a large discount.

“Not that I mind any, but why the large discount?” I asked curiously as she was just about to head back inside.

“A young boy in need needs this more than I do, I only charged you a small markup to cover costs, I hope the young man likes what you are doing for him.” She said warmly.

“I'm certain he will, thank you very much.”

I next went to the liquor store and grabbed a small bottle of champagne and then went to the grocery store and grabbed something for dinner. Finally I went home and spent the next hour setting up the candles in the den and then went to the kitchen and prepared our dinner, I had chosen more of a snack dinner of cheese and crackers and vegetables and dip and that sort of thing. I had wished that I had had pictures of his grandpa to put out and thought that maybe Laurie had some suitable ones in her house and decided to call and ask.

“Hi Laurie, I have another question for you. I thought it would be nice to have some photos of your dad for Joey here today, do you have any suitable ones at home that I could borrow.” I asked as soon as we said our hello's.

“I have lots of photos throughout the house, you are more than welcome to grab whatever you like. There is a large photo of both my parents above the sofa, and there are a couple on the mantle, plus our photo album is in the bottom of the china cabinet. That should give you lots to choose from.” Laurie answered.

“Thanks a lot, I will let you go then.”

“Thanks again, bye.” She said and hung up.

I left and went to their house right away, and using the spare key Laurie had given to me, I went inside. I looked for a few minutes and found three good ones and took them home to display for Joey. About half an hour before the boys were to arrive home, I began the lengthy chore of lighting all the candles and putting out the food. I finished just as the boys walked in and I stopped them from looking in the den.

“I want you boys to go get changed and then meet me in the den please?”

With nods each they took off, not even bothering to ask why. A few minutes later they arrived and Joey burst into tears at what I had done for him and his grandpa. Before I even realized it was happening, Joey rushed at me and hugged me so tightly that I almost could not breath. After about ten minutes of hugging me, of which Braedon came and joined as well, Joey let go and stopped crying.

“This is possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, I don't know how to thank you.” Joey said, looking at me with more love and caring in his eyes than I had ever seen.

“It was the least I could do for you.” I said and gave Joey a gentle hug.

We sat around and chatted and munched on the snack foods while Joey continued telling us stories about his grandpa and the ranch. And as it neared time that his grandfather had passed away last night I started on the second part of the evening.

I went to the kitchen and brought out the champagne and three tall crystal champagne flutes. I poured each of us a small amount of the champagne and passed them out.

“A toast. To a good man who contributed to the fine young man before us, I don't know what comes after death, but I hope you find only pure bliss.” I said, holding up my glass and we all clinked them together and drank to that.

“And to my grandpa and a life well lived, even if it were cut too short.” Joey said, raising his glass in a toast.

We all drank to that and then I had Joey go around the room and find all the numbered candles and blow them out in sequence. He spent a number of minutes doing this until he reached the lone black candle with the number sixty four on it, solemnly Joey picked it up and blew it out, with more tears rolling down his cheeks. After setting down the final candle he came back to me and hugged me again and Braedon came and joined us again and we all hugged and cried together.

“I would like to relight all the candles except the black one, to signify grandpa's life?” Joey asked.

“That would be nice.” I said.

He took the black candle and put it in his bag, in Braedon’s room, and then came out and re lit the remaining candles and then we sat around and talked the night away until it was time for bed. After blowing out all the candles and getting us ready for bed, we all climbed into my bed again and fell asleep quickly. It was not until many years later that I found that Joey kept that solitary black candle as a remembrance of his grandfather, and lit it once each year on the anniversary of his death.

Friday morning when I woke the boys up I could tell that the previous days service had helped Joey a lot, he did not look as if he was a zombie or something, and he even tried to make a wise crack at me when I prodded the boys into getting ready for work and school. It was a busy day at work and it was almost four o’clock when I made it out of the store, so the boys were already at home and making dinner when I got there.

“Hi guys, whatcha burnin up for dinner?” I teased as I came in the door.

“None of your business, and with comments like that, who says your gettin fed.” Braedon said as they both shot me evil glares.

I Just laughed at them and left to get changed, and by the time I came out again they had the table set and we sat down to dinner.

“That was good boys, thanks. Go and pack up an overnight bag, we're going to head to Vancouver for the weekend, so pack what clothes you want, I will take care of night wear.” I said and the boys just grinned and nodded and took off.

“Joey, go call your mom and tell her what we are doing, and make sure she still has my cell phone number.” I told Joey as soon as we all came back out and packed.

He called her and they talked for nearly forty minutes, telling each other about the services that they held, and once Joey was finished I was passed the phone. I talked with Laurie for a few minutes and she thanked me repeatedly for the very special thing I did for Joey, and that he would never forget it. I told her that it was my pleasure and would do it for anyone. She told us all to have fun and to be careful, pretty standard worried mother stuff.

We left right after I hung up with Laurie and drove into the city. After the nearly two hour drive in, we went to the same hotel we stayed at the last time and checked in for the weekend. I got the boys their own room that connected to mine, so that they could have some privacy, since I knew for a fact that neither one had had any relief all week, because they had slept with me, and except for at school, they had barely left my sight.

We spent the evening relaxing in the hotels large pool and hot tub, as well as their sauna, it was very nice and relaxing, plus it was not busy at all, throughout the whole time we were there, only three other people came in. Once we were ready to go, we went back upstairs to my room. The boys excused themselves after only about half an hour and took two diapers and the extra container of powder I had thought to bring along. I wished them a goodnight and told them I loved them. After the boys went to their room I relaxed and watched TV for a bit and then went to bed.

As soon as the connecting door to our rooms was closed, the boys were all over each other, embraced in a kiss with so much power behind it that it would have made most vacuums jealous. They played tonsil hockey for at least ten minutes before they moved over to the bed. Ripping off Joey’s clothes with so much enthusiasm, Braedon actually ripped Joey's shirt a bit, but neither boy really cared at the moment. Joey fell to the bed, when Braedon gave him a push, and then he jumped right on top and began grinding their crotches together. Still fully clothed, Braedon began moving down Joey’s body and began giving Joey the best licking he ever had. Moaning like crazy, Joey was almost mad when Braedon stopped giving him pleasure, he had been almost over the edge.

“Stop pouting baby, I will get you there, soon enough.” Braedon said with a sexy grin.

Braedon then stood up and pulled off his clothes in a seductive fashion for Joey, and when he was naked, climbed back on top and again started grinding their stiff dicks together. While rubbing each other in this fashion, Braedon had one of his hands behind himself, preparing his bum for what he wanted Joey to do to it. Once he felt he was ready, Braedon moved himself into position and impaled himself in one quick thrust onto Joey’s engorged meat. Not stopping to get adjusted, Braedon started a fast movement that was sure to bring both boys off very quickly. And in only five minutes both boys had a simultaneous orgasm that shook the room. Not bothering to get off the shaft he was impaled on, Braedon waited for a few minutes until both were ready to go again and this time took it very slow and easy.

After fifteen minutes of blissful torture, both boys blasted off again, no less powerful than the first. Braedon pulled himself off of Joey, with an audible pop, and moved down to lick him clean of the mess he had sprayed all over Joey's tummy and chest, and then raised Joey's legs and began eating out his butt hole, making sure to deposit copious amounts of natural lube. Once Joey was ready, Braedon moved into position and swiftly sank inside. Moving very slowly, once he was sure Joey was ready, Braedon gently made love to Joey for twenty minutes until both could no longer hold it in and blasted off. After resting for a few minutes, spent kissing, the boys separated and got up and went to get ready for bed. After washing up, they both went to the bed and diapered each other lovingly and crawled into bed. They slept very soundly cuddled up together until morning when I came in to get them up, at just a few minutes to ten.

“Good morning boys, how did you sleep last night?”

“Like logs.” They both said with warm smiles to me, and I could tell they were well relieved.

“No wonder, with all the noise you two made last night, you tired me out just listening to it.” I was just teasing them of course, because the walls were soundproof, but they did not know this and they blushed fiercely.

“Um, we'll keep it down next time.” Braedon stuttered out.

“I was just teasing you, the walls are soundproofed, I did not hear a thing, but I bet you did make lots of noise, you both look much more calm this morning.” I said, and before I knew it I had four pillows thrown at me in quick succession. I managed to catch the last one and launched it back at them though and caught Joey square in the face with an oof.

“Enough, go get your shower you brats and then we are going to go for breakfast.”

I went back to my room, stripped off my diaper and hit the shower. The boys also got naked quickly and grabbed a shower, although they probably did not get all that clean, considering they kissed the entire time. When I was finished I went over to their side and they were still in the shower.

“Hey guys, save some hot water for the rest of the hotel. If you don't hurry up I am going to leave without you.” I teased.

“We'll be right out.” Joey called out.

I waited for them in my room and then we left for breakfast as soon as they came in all clean and dressed for the day. We had a nice breakfast in the adjoining restaurant and then went to the large arcade for a day of fun. We ate lunch at the arcade and then played until we were hungry again and cashed in our tickets and went to a restaurant for dinner. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and soaked in the pool and hot tub again. As I was sitting there relaxing, I wondered why I did not have a pool, because I did enjoy swimming a great deal, and thought that maybe that would be this years Christmas present. I smiled to myself at this, and said yes, that is what I am going to do. We went back upstairs to my room and ordered a movie off the pay per view channel and watched it, and I sent the boys to bed as soon as it was over. They grabbed a couple diapers and said goodnight I love you, and I told them the same. I got myself ready for bed and crawled in and fell asleep right away.

The boys were both quite tired tonight, but still managed a lot of kissing and groping of each other just as the door to their room closed. They fell into the bed and moved themselves into a nice sixty nine position and slowly sucked each other off, three times, and then collapsed. After getting themselves ready for bed, they crawled in and cuddled up and slept until morning.

I woke the boys again just after ten o’clock Sunday morning and went to a nearby restaurant for their Sunday all you can eat brunch buffet. We pigged out as usual while at a buffet, and I swear I saw the owner give me a dirty look as we left, saying that we ate over three times what we paid for, and I just smiled at him, waved and left.

We decided today to hit the large mall and look around at all the goodies. Even though none of us needed anything at all, we still managed to walk out of the mall, some four hours later, carrying at least two bags each, some of them carrying multiple stores purchases though. From the mall we headed home to relax the night away so that we could get some rest for work and school tomorrow.

Nothing much happened over the next week, so we ended up at Friday again, and Laurie was scheduled to be arriving today some time. We had been in contact everyday since she had been gone, but not even she knew exactly when she would be getting home. So when she showed up after school and I invited her to stay for dinner she told us a lot more.

“So Joey, grandpa left the ranch to me and all his money to you, but I am going to sell the ranch and grandma is going to come stay with us as soon as it does sell. It took us a long tome to figure all this out, that's why I stayed for a few extra days.” Laurie told us during dinner and Joey nearly spit out his food at the news.

“When is this going to happen?” Joey asked, choking back the food he nearly spat out.

“We already have two very serious buyers, and if all goes as well as planned, then she should be here in a couple weeks.”

“Wow, cool.”

“Yeah, and what is really cool is the ranch is selling for about five million dollars and the money that grandpa has given to you equals nearly two million dollars.” Laurie added.

Joey did choke at this and I had to hop up and give his back a good slap to dislodge it.

“Thanks. What will grandma live on then if grandpa is giving me all his money?” Joey asked, still a little shocked.

“Your grandma has her own money, almost as much as grandpa had, so she will be fine. However, with her coming to live with us she will not have any real need for the money.”

“Oh, cool!”

Joey was very pleased that his grandma would be coming to live with them, and it showed. He may have lost his grandpa who lived all the way across the country, but he was getting his grandma moving in with them.

“Mom, did grandpa know you were going to be selling the ranch, and if so, what did he think of that?” Joey asked with concern.

“Yes he did, we talked it over a lot before he died. He knew that neither of us were ranchers, so it was his idea to sell it to a family who could appreciate the ranch. My sister was the rancher and the ranch would have passed to her, because she loved that life, but she was killed, doing what she loves I might add, so now there is no one from our family left to run it.”

“Yeah, that sounds just like grandpa, he loved to farm and it would have broken his heart to know it wasn't being used like it should, and loved like he did.” Joey nodded.

“Yes, that was exactly how he felt about it as well.”

It was a very nice dinner and soon after Joey and Laurie left for home, so that they could spend the weekend together. It was just Braedon and I for the weekend and we planned to be lazy and watch movies and play games all weekend, so that is what we did.

The beginning of December crept upon us in all too fast a manner, and before I knew it I was working everyday until closing, except the late nights that we stayed open until nine. I made sure that Braedon and Joey went straight home each afternoon after school, since they were not needed all that much in the store, but every afternoon after school Tim came by and sold toys to all the kids who came in, he was doing very well from what I saw, even if it was not originally what his job was, or what he wanted to do, but he was having fun.

Each night I went home at six and dropped into a chair and Braedon fed me and then a while later would crash into bed. At least I still kept our weekends together, something I had not done in many years. Every other year you would have found me at the store every waking hour it was open. This year however I needed to spend time with my boy.

During one of the days at work, during the first week of December, I had called a local pool installer and told him what I was looking for. He took all the details I could give him about the size and style of the lot, size of the pool and hot tub I wanted, and also the fact that because I was allergic to chlorine, we had to use something else. The pool installer guy came by the next day to talk it over with me and I took him next door to the new restaurant and we talked over the basic plans.

“Well everything sounds good, but I will need to look over your yard before I can do up any absolute plans of course. So you want sixty by twenty foot with a twelve foot deep end, hot tub, and all to be dual heated, geothermal and gas.” The pool guy said.

My house was already heated and cooled by geothermal energy, something I had invested in many years ago, and it has paid itself off many times over, so we would use that, and use gas for backup and for the extra heat for the hot tub that it would need.

“So how do you plan to keep the water clean, I am allergic to chlorine remember?”

“I have two options for you. One is to use bromine, which is similar to chlorine, but less allergenic. The second option is to use ozonation to purify the water and chlorine to shock the water every time you get out. The great thing with this system is that all the chlorine is gone from the water by the next time you get in.”

“And how much does the ozonation system cost?” I asked curiously.

“Although the initial cost is somewhat higher for the equipment, the overall operational expenses are lower as you use a one months supply of chlorine in about two years, and you have the benefit of nearly pure water and no nasty chemicals, it also makes it easier to keep the water balanced.”

“And what would the approximate total be for this?”

“Here is the estimate, but remember this number may vary depending on what we have to work with.” He said, passing me a rough quote.

“Okay, this looks good, when would you like to come out and take a look at everything?” I asked, liking the looks of the quote.

“Actually, I have about an hour before I have anything else booked, so if you have the time now, we could do it right now.”

“Sure, let me just run back over to the store and tell them I will be back in a while, if at all.” I said and he gave me a nod so I went and did just that.

We headed over to my house, with him following in his truck, and when we got there we went straight to the back yard so that he could look around.

“Do you know where the geothermal lines run?” He asked after looking around for a few moments.

“Yes, from the corner of the house there, they go straight out to the side about twenty feet and then fifty feet straight down.”

“Perfect, as long as there is nothing else in the yard, we should be able to go right off your existing deck, that way we might be able to get away with little to no modifications. Do you happen to know the soil composition so that we might know what to expect during digging?”

“When we dug for the geothermal wells, we found top soil for a few feet and then mainly clay and sandy rock. We also hit bedrock at about fifteen feet if I remember correctly.”

“Perfect, should make for an easy dig then. With the slight slope in the yard we may have to build up the opposite side a little, so you may want to landscape it, but the good news is, the soil we take out can just be used for that, so you'll not have to bring anything in.” He said with a smile.

“Oh, yeah, do you guys do the landscaping?” I asked, suddenly remembering that when he said it.

“No, we don't, but we have worked a lot with a local company who does excellent work, I would be happy to give you their card.”

“Thanks, I will give them a call later then, probably after winter.”

“Okay then, last thing I want to know is, when can I come by to do up the drawings and the final plans?”

“Pretty much any day before three, I want this to be a surprise to my son, it will be his Christmas present.”

“And how exactly do you plan to keep this hidden from him? It will take us roughly a week, and we kinda can't hide it.” He asked curiously.

“Well, when you get the plans all done up and the final cost done up and if I agree then we set the time. Then when that week comes up the house will all of a sudden have an infestation or some other reason for us to have to stay at my parents for a few days, unless of course we can do it for the week before Christmas, in which case we would be going there anyways.” I said with a grin.

“Perfect, and if all goes as planned, which I see no reason why it wouldn't, we should be able to do the job the week before Christmas for you.”

“Yes, that would be perfect.”

“All we have to hope for is that it does not decide to really rain or snow that week, but considering how mild it has been this year, we should not have any major problems.”

“No kidding, let's hope. Well I should get going and I am sure you do too, so I will see you when you drop off the final numbers.” I said and we shook hands.

The first week of December was now over and done with, and I was home Friday evening at five to spend the weekend with the boys. This was to be Braedon’s and Joey’s first weekend together in two weeks, and I could tell it killed them not to already be in their bedroom together.

“So how was your day today, and have you heard anything about your grandma yet Joey?”

“Great.” They both answered.

“Yes, the ranch sold and grandma should be out here in a few weeks or so, I can't wait.” Joey added excitedly.

“So have you guys figured out how to do your Christmas shopping yet?” I asked them and all of a sudden their faces looked panicked, I guess not.

“I guess you have been so busy lately that shopping never crossed your minds huh?”

“No.” They both said.

“Want to head into Vancouver tomorrow and see what we can find out there?”

“Sure.” They both said.

After we ate dinner we went to the video store and picked two movies out and went back home. We sat and enjoyed both movies back to back, and as the boys were overly excited about their evening plans, we did not get diapered up as we normally would, and when the movie was over, Braedon ran to my room quickly and then came out carrying his supplies and they both kissed me on the cheeks and wished me a goodnight. I told them I loved them and try not to stay up too late, as I wanted to head out early tomorrow so that we could make it back at a decent hour. I sauntered to my room and got ready for bed and then climbed in and went to sleep.

In Braedon’s room, as soon as the door closed, all there was to hear was the sounds of two young men kissing each other. The sounds that they made however may have made a seasoned porn star blush, they were being so verbal with their kissing. As the kissing progressed, so did their hands, and they were feeling every inch that their hands could reach. By the time they made it to the bed, each boy had at least two fingers buried inside their lovers hot, wet, and wanting asses. Breaking apart the savage kiss, Joey pushed Braedon onto his back on the bed and crawled in between his legs and began tonguing anything he could reach. Still with fingers buried inside Braedon, Joey came down to the hole and added his tongue to the mixture and was really working the love tunnel he so wanted to enter. Joey pulled Braedon closer to the edge of the bed and raised his legs so that they rested on his shoulders and entered inside Braedon while standing. Joey was not at all into taking this first time easy, because they both needed a release so badly. Neither had jacked off in over a week, waiting for this day. Really pounding it in and out, Joey lasted all of maybe three minutes, and Braedon was only seconds behind him.

All sweaty now, Joey sank down on top of Braedon and they ground their bodies together on their sheen of sweat and Braedon's cum. Once they were ready to go again, Joey made Braedon crawl back onto the bed and lay down on his back and Joey lowered himself onto Braedon’s joystick. Riding Braedon slowly this time, so that they could both enjoy a slow orgasm, they managed to save it this time for about ten minutes. After resting for a few minutes again, Joey had Braedon get himself on all fours and he set himself right behind. Inserting himself slowly, Joey teased Braedon the whole way in. After finally getting all the way in, after nearly ten minutes of teasing, Joey began an even slower pace and was able to last a further fifteen minutes before both boys sprayed at the same time. After falling down from near exhaustion they panted together until their breath came back.

Deciding that that was enough of that for now, they both mutually decided on the good old sixty nine, and licked and sucked each other, as well as fingered the hole near them. After already being nearly drained, they both lasted a good twenty minutes this time, and once finished, they nearly fell asleep without adding the protection that Braedon desperately needed, and Joey just wanted. After diapering each other, they cuddled up together and fell asleep.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, but it had a nasty chill to it, and if I did not know any better, I would swear we were going to get some snow, something I hated to think about. I woke the boys up and they got themselves out of bed and came to my room to have their diapers removed. After the boys were naked, I swatted each cute behind and told them to head for a shower, while I did the same, and then we would head out and grab breakfast on the way. Normal two hour drive, yeah right, today because of normally heavy traffic, and an accident ahead, it took nearly three, and by the time we made it there, we were all starving and hit the first restaurant that looked promising. After wolfing down large portions, we paid the bill and left to the mall.

“Okay, we're here, finally. Do you both have your bank cards?”

“Yep.” They both answered.

“Okay, here's the plan then, we will all separate and go our own ways and we will meet in the food fair at one o'clock, that gives us nearly two hours.”

“Cool.” They both said and took off.

I went to the clothing stores first and bought each boy one good set of dress clothes and one nice set of everyday clothes, as well as shoes. Next I snuck into the adult store to buy the boys a little gag gift each. I looked around and grabbed a bottle of sensuous massage oil, a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, and a pair of vibrating dildos. I knew they would like these gifts, but also knew that I would embarrass them a lot, and I also knew that this gift would most certainly have to be given out of sight of others. I had also planned to grab a couple small things from the store for each boy, so I was done with my shopping for the boys, and now just had my parents and siblings and their kids. I wandered the various shops throughout the mall and picked out nice gifts for each and every one of my family and all the nieces and nephews.

By the time I was finished, I had a full shopping cart of gifts. I made it to the food fair first, at five minutes past one, and then Joey came in about five minutes later and Braedon trailed him only a minute after.

“So did you boys find everything you wanted to get?”

“Yes, other than a couple small things I want to get at home.” Braedon said.

“Same here.” Joey added.

“Either of you up for lunch?”

“Of course.” They both said.

So we ate a quick, unhealthy lunch in the mall food fair and then went out the car and stored our purchases in the trunk. We all decided that it was time to go home so we left.

“Are you boys sure you don't want to hit the arcade first before we head home?” I asked a final time before we hit the freeway.

“No, not today thanks.” Joey said and Braedon nodded his agreement.

“So what did you boys get for your families?” I asked on the way home, so far it had been a much more pleasant drive.

“For grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles I got some nice art pieces for their houses. For all the cousins I got them each a gift card for the same music store we have at home.” Braedon said.

“Sounds nice, I'm sure they will all like that.”

“And I got my mom a really nice mixer I know she has had her eye on for like forever, she loves to bake. For grandma I got a really nice autographed painting of a ranch.” Joey answered.

“They will really like that, especially your grandma, expect tears. So what did you guys get your dads?” I asked, trying to trick them into telling me what they had got for me.

They both started to say something, and then gave me a look that clearly said that that is none of your business when they realized it. Joey did smile at the comment though, as he was thinking that I was the closest thing that he had to a dad. We made it home in good time and we took our purchases into the house and stowed them away. My stuff naturally went to my room, Braedon took his into his room and put it in his closet, and Joey left his by the door.

“So what should we have for dinner tonight my little garbage disposals?” I teased.

“Hey, you eat as much as we do, but pizza sounds great to me.” Braedon tried.

“Yeah, what he said.” Joey added.

“Yeah right. Pizza it is then, delivery or home made?” I asked and they both looked at me as if I had suddenly grown two heads.

“Like duh, stupid question.” They both said at the same time and started giggling.

“Home made it is then, I was just teasing you anyways, however I have to hit a store since we are getting low on groceries, so it will take a while. I have been putting it off because I have been so busy at work lately, would you guys like to come and help?”

“Sure.” They both said.

If you have never gone shopping with two teen boys before, I recommend that you do not try it, although it was a comical experience. They wanted nearly everything in the store, and I had to say no quite a few times, and even burst out laughing a couple times at the pouts on their faces. After loading the cart to nearly over flowing, we went to the nearest checkout that did not have a hundred people or so waiting, and queued up to wait our turn. I still have no idea how groceries can cost so much, four hundred dollars worth, and it was only a little over a week ago when I had been last. Oh well I did stock up on a few things we used a lot of and grabbed everything we would need for at least two weeks. When we got home we all carried in the groceries, and the boys put them away, while I started on the pizza dough. Once all the groceries were put away the boys took a lot of it back out and began slicing the various meats and veggies we would need for dinner.

When the pizzas were finally ready, we ate with gusto, and together we polished off all but about a quarter of it. We went to the den and chose a movie from my private collection and sat back and enjoyed it. We were all ready for bed shortly after the movie ended and both boys came to my room to get diapered and I gave them an appraising look.

“What, tonight's just kissing and cuddling, but we both really want you to diaper us.” Joey answered.

I obliged and got both boys diapered up snugly and gave each a kiss goodnight and sent them to bed. I got myself diapered and crawled into my own bed and dozed off right away. The boys, true to their word, lay down on the bed and only kissed and cuddled until they passed out in a deep sleep.

Sunday morning arrived and Braedon woke up early, before Joey, and decided that not playing last night made him a little horny this morning, so gently untaped Joey’s diaper and folded the front down, trying not to wake Joey. Braedon noticed that Joey was wet this morning, and wondered if it was an accident, or if it was on purpose. He laid his head down into Joey’s crotch and smelled the sweet pungent smell of Joey’s morning urine and began to lick all around his crotch.

Only moments later, Joey’s boyhood began to stir, and within only a minute more he was fully hard. Licking it much like one would a Popsicle, Braedon went to work on his favorite flavor. Taking both of Joey’s balls inside his mouth he began to hum while his tongue worked its magic. His hands were also very busy, one was gently stroking Joey’s penis with a feather light touch, while the other hand currently had two fingers buried in as far as they could go inside Joey's back passage. Joey’s body was nearly vibrating from all the intense pleasure it was receiving, and Braedon could tell that Joey was having the grand daddy of dreams, because he was being very verbal. Just before Joey would have blown the load Braedon so wanted to take while his boyfriend was asleep, Joey woke up. Not being able to hold it any easier now that he was awake, Joey shot off such a powerful blast of cum that it actually painted the wall behind him and panting as if he had just run a marathon.

“Wow, that was possibly the best cum ever, look at the wall though!” Joey stated and they both started laughing.

Braedon got up and grabbed a shirt out of the hamper and wiped the mess off the wall that was slowly oozing its way down. When the mess was all clean, Braedon bent down and began kissing Joey. After only a minute of kissing, Joey pushed Braedon off and had him lay on his back so that he could try and repay the favor. First Joey untaped the diaper and folded the front down and began licking and sucking the entire crotch area he loved. Doing the same thing that Braedon had been doing to him during his sleep, Joey inserted two fingers inside his lovers anus with one hand, and manually stimulating Braedon's swollen cock with his other, while his mouth and tongue were working on Braedon’s balls. Joey also began humming quite a bit, and Braedon was also vibrating from this feeling, never before had they tried this, and it was no wonder why Joey obviously liked it. Braedon was unable to hold off the impending orgasm for very long, and also ended up painting the wall, albeit with a little less and a little thinner, but still almost half of it made it that far. The rest was splattered on his chest and stomach and Joey licked his way up, collecting the sweet boy cream he so loved. Grabbing the same shirt, that minutes before had been used for the same purpose, Joey wiped the wall clean and came back down and kissed Braedon, and that was how I found them this morning after I woke up and went to check on them.

I opened the door and they were naked, and still very hard, and Braedon’s diaper still under his bottom, and Joey’s laying to the side.

“Oh, excuse me, didn't think you boys would be awake yet.” I said and exited, none of us at all embarrassed this time.

I left the boys to their kissing and they came out after a few minutes and met me in the kitchen. Before they came out though they kissed for a few minutes and then threw on a pair of underwear each.

“I noticed this morning that your diaper was wet, was it an accident, or was it on purpose?” Braedon asked curiously as they were pulling their underwear up.

“I had to go during the night, so I just wet it instead of getting up. But it should not have been that wet, so I might have accidentally added more, not too sure.” Joey shrugged, not like he cared, nor did Braedon for that matter.

They kissed again quickly and left the room and met me in the kitchen. After breakfast we spent the morning and afternoon, until we took Joey home, just playing card games. The rest of the evening Braedon and I spent it just relaxing together on the couch reading.

Before we knew it the week before Christmas was almost upon us, and I still had not told Braedon that we would be staying with the grandparents for a week. The pool guy had come back with the final plans and costs and I had approved everything and it was set to start Monday. I got home a little earlier than normal on Fridays, at least lately, and met Braedon at home.

“Hi there handsome, I want you to go pack a bag to last a week please, we are going to go stay at my parents place for a week. And before you ask, Joey is being invited to the Christmas eve get together we always have, as well as he can come for the weekend still.” I said.

“Why are we going to stay for a week?” Braedon asked curiously.

“It is just how it is done and don't bother asking questions.” I said. He knew I was hiding something, but could not figure out what.

I knew that he knew, because he gave me the look that says he knows I am up to something, but I just turned and walked away before he could interrogate me further. After calling Joey, as he had to go home this afternoon to do something for his mom, to tell him what was happening, we began getting all our stuff together to head out. We picked Joey up about an hour later, and as he was just finishing up we went in and helped him with the last few things he needed, and went to my parents.

“Okay now boys, you will have to keep a low profile when it comes to diapers and sex while at my parents place. And keep the moaning down, I don't want them to know that I let you two boys share a special relationship. They do not know about the diapers, at all, not even me, I never saw a point in telling them.” I said on the drive over.

“We will try and behave, but I wouldn't expect too much from perpetually horny teenagers.” Joey grinned.

“I remember well those days, and I even envy you for all the stamina you must have.” I grinned back.

We got to the house and all took all our things in the house. My mom greeted us at the door and gave all of us a hug, even Braedon, who she really only met a couple times.

“You can have your old room, and the boys can either share the room next to it or they can split up into two.” Mom told us.

“I'm sure they wouldn't mind sharing for a couple nights, there will be more people coming I'm sure, so I think we can save the other room for someone else, you don't mind do you boys?” I asked, giving them a wink my mom would not see.

“No, I think we'll manage fine dad.” Braedon said, hiding his excitement well.

“Great, all set then, go get your things unpacked then.” Mom said.

After getting all of our gear stowed we went to the kitchen, since that is where everybody meets in my parents place, to see what was happening.

“Where's dad, I haven't seen him yet?” I asked curiously.

“He went to get the tree and should be back shortly, we will decorate it tonight with all your help.”

I knew that my dad would be out finding the largest blue spruce tree he could find, and he would not give a damn about price, as always. He loved the blue spruce, always saying it was possibly the most beautiful tree around, and I of course agreed with him. When he finally got home, all three of us extra boys went out and helped him to bring it in. Joey and Braedon looked at the tree in amazement.

“Wow, that is the hugest tree I have ever actually seen in person.” Joey stated in awe.

“Me too.” Braedon said.

“That's about the norm for this house, the living room ceiling is almost sixteen feet high in the center, so they can fit a nice big tree.”

Twelve foot high and nearly six feet across, it was a very large tree, but it did not come close to making the very large living room feel crowded. We let the tree rest and spread out, after setting it in its stand, and went to the kitchen to help with dinner that mom had already started to prepare. All us boys were relegated to setting the table and in a few minutes, between us four, we had it set nicely. Mom called us back to start bringing out dishes of food and we went to see what she had for us. She had a large honey glazed ham and at least ten pounds worth of mashed potatoes, as well as three different veggies. We all enjoyed our dinner thoroughly and talked all throughout the meal. I knew that there was no way that even with my two eating machines that we could finish all this food, which was a good thing, since this would be made into breakfast in the morning.

Once dinner was finished, and all the dishes attended to, dad grabbed all the boxes of decorations he had already brought out from storage, while mom went to the stereo and cranked up some Christmas carols. It took nearly two hours to decorate the tree, and at least that again to decorate the house with all the decorations my parents had. There were an awful lot of memories buried in all those boxes. Many of the decorations were still there from my childhood, many of them were various school art projects from us kids throughout school. I even started to cry again when I found one that my son had made for his grandma and grandpa with a picture of himself on it.

I sat down on the couch while Braedon and Joey came up and cuddled up with me until the emotions passed. Even with the emotional outpour it was a beautiful evening, full of laughing and remembering.

After all the decorations had been put out, we all sat around for a few more minutes before retiring for the night.

“You know something, this is going to be my first real Christmas, and I can't say I have ever enjoyed anything more.” Braedon said as we were still cuddling up on the couch.

“Yeah, I know. And this will be my first real Christmas since my wife and son died as well.” I said as well, giving Braedon an extra cuddle.

Shortly we all got up to go to bed, with good nights all around we headed to our rooms. I got myself ready for bed and then went over to the boys room to get them ready as well, or give them the supplies, whatever they wanted.

“Would you like me to change you tonight or just leave the supplies?” I asked after I was told to enter.

“Change us please, I think we are both too tired tonight to play anyways.” Joey asked.

I got both boys diapered up and I gave each a kiss on the forehead and wished them a good nights sleep. They each said I love you dad as I closed the door. I went to my room, which was right next door, and crashed into bed and I don’t think I moved at all. Next door the boys kissed a bit and rubbed each other to a very nice passionate, but quiet orgasm and cuddled up and went to sleep.

The next morning, upon waking up, I got up and removed my diaper and threw on my robe and then promptly realized my one flaw with my plan. I had not thought of any way to dispose of the diapers. I realized that I would have to come clean with my parents, because there would be no way to really hide it from them, other than sneaking around. I went to get the boys up, but they were already awake and talking and kissing lightly.

“Good morning boys, how did you sleep last night?”

“Great thanks, and you?” Braedon asked and Joey nodded.

“Great as well. Guess what I never thought of in my plan to not tell my parents about our diapers?”

“What?” They both asked.

“How to dispose of them.”

“Oh, well I guess we just all tell them we need them and there should be no problems.” Joey said.

I got the boys out of their wet diapers and rolled them up and put them in the bag with mine, and then they got dressed in their robes and we went to the kitchen. Mom was already in there making her famous potato pancakes and fried ham. I quickly threw the soggy diapers in the garbage.

“Need any help with breakfast mom?”

“No thanks, other than setting the table if you don't mind. What on earth did you throw away that sounded so heavy though?” Mom asked curiously.

“They were our diapers. I still have the problem, you remember which one I am sure, and this is how I deal with it now though. The boys also suffer from bed wetting, Joey only occasionally though.” I responded and then added to mom's shocked look.

“I had wondered if you had ever grown out of that, guess not.”

“For a while I had, but after the accident, and during times of pressure before that, I needed them.” I answered truthfully.

“And why do you boys need them, or is there a reason?” Mom asked curiously again.

“I have an over active and too small bladder caused from multiple bladder infections. The doctor says I may never grow out of it, and it may in fact get worse as I grow.” Braedon said.

“And I just wet sometimes for no known reason. Hopefully I will grow out of it soon, but I don't care, 'cause now I have a friend just like me.” Joey added.

“I'm proud of you boys for choosing an adult way of dealing with a situation that is out of your control. I wish I had have done that for Jacob when he was growing up.” Mom said with a smile to me.

“Gee thanks mom, after all these years and you only just say this now, I could have used them a long time ago, and I seem to remember even suggesting it a couple times.” I grinned at her to let her know I was teasing her.

“And that is what growing up is for. I learned too late that it really would have been the better choice for you, and that it would not have in fact make you a baby.”

“No harm done, you live, you learn right. Come on boys, let's go get the table set.” I said and mom nodded.

Dad came in a few minutes before we were about to eat, all dressed and ready for the day.

“Come on boys, let's go get cleaned and dressed, pajamas are never worn during meals in my parents house.” I said with a smile.

We all went and got dressed quickly and washed up for breakfast. We sat down and dug into the excellent breakfast. I loved moms potato pancakes, they were so good, but I for some reason could never get the amounts quite right to make them taste the same, so I rarely ever tried. Nearly all the food was gone and we got up and cleaned up the dishes. We went to the living room to rest for a few minutes before we went out to put up the outdoor Christmas lights, and when we walked in, the boys' jaws nearly hit the floor. Dad had been busy putting all of our gifts under the tree after we went to bed last night, and it was full already. Without even having all the other gifts my brother and sisters would be bringing with them, the pile covered the bottom two feet of the tree and circled it nearly five feet around it. The gifts that we had brought were already under the tree, but not the inappropriate gifts, or the personal gifts each of the boys had bought each other, those were planned for the day after.

After letting breakfast settle for a few minutes, we all got up and went out to put up all the outdoor decorations. My parents had probably about a mile of lights and a ton of various yard ornaments. The boys were asked to put the large yard decorations out and get their lights all wired up, while dad and I started on stringing the lights around the house. At just after noon my brother and his family showed up, and then one of my sisters and her family. With my brother and sister, and their spouses helping, we managed to get the entire mile of lighting installed before we were called in for dinner.

With all the kids working hard, they got all the work they were to do done, so after dinner we would all go out for the lighting of the lights. Mom made a large roast beef dinner for us all and we all enjoyed it a lot, I managed at least three helpings of gravy filled Yorkshire pudding, and I swear a half a cows worth of roast, at least that is what it felt like. After the dinner was all cleaned up we all went outside and stood out by the road and dad hit the remote that he had to activate all the lights. As usual the house looked beautiful all decked out in its lights, it looked so majestic with all the sparkling lights. Many of the neighbors had come out to see it as well, as they all appreciated the lights every year as well. I thought that the kids had done a great job of placing all the ornaments on the lawn, and told them all so. Now all we needed was some snow to make it look perfect.

Mom went back inside, after quickly looking and giving it her approval, and started a large pot of hot chocolate for all. I knew that she would have spiked it with a little crème de menthe, so told the boys that they were to only have two mugs since the liqueur is quite strong. I grabbed myself a mug of the delicious cocoa and sipped it slowly, as all the people did. Even though it was spiked, all the kids would get at least one mug, and then could have regular hot chocolate or switch to eggnog. I had two mugs of the hot chocolate and then switched to eggnog with rum in it. This was by far my favorite drink of the season, and had missed it dearly as I had not had it since the last time I had celebrated Christmas.

We all stayed up quite late, talking and laughing, and telling stories, and it was nearly midnight before we all went to our rooms. I went to the boys' room to get them diapered, if they wanted, and I could tell just by looking at them that they would need me to change them. I got them all diapered up and kissed them goodnight and told them I loved them and went to bed. Again I crashed until morning while the boys kissed and soothed each other with their hands quickly before cuddling up and going to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and laid there and stretched for at least ten minutes before I decided to get up and make breakfast for everyone. Just as I was coming out of my room I saw that one of my nephews was coming out of my boys' room.

“Good morning Austin, what are you up to this morning?” I asked curiously.

“I went to see if Braedon and Joey were awake yet, but they're not. Did you know they wear diapers to bed?” Austin asked innocently enough.

“Of course I did, come on in for a minute please?”

I woke the boys up and they were surprised to see Austin with me and promptly tried to cover up.

“Don't bother, Austin here came in a few minutes ago and saw both of you anyways, that's why we're here, I wanted to tell Austin with you two present. Now Austin, both boys have problems holding their pee at night and wear diapers to bed for it, but it is private, and we would appreciate it if you did not tell anyone, okay.”

“Okay uncle Jay, I won't tell no one.” Austin said, giving us the cross the heart sign.

“Thanks Austin, you can go on out, I need to talk to the boys for a moment please, and then they will come out and play with you.”

“Okay.” Austin said and left the room.

“Well that was enjoyable.” Joey said with a grin.

“Yeah, but you will be fine, he won't tell anyone.” I assured them both.

“Not a big deal, even if he did.” Braedon said confidently.

I got the boys out of their wet diapers, and pulled mine off as well, and then tossed them all into a bag I brought with me.

“Go on and get dressed and meet me in the kitchen, you boys can help me make breakfast for everyone, we will get Austin to help as well.”

I went to my room and got dressed and met the boys in the kitchen. I got my ingredients I would need to make my awesome Belgium waffles ready, and instructed the boys to get the strawberries started, and then once they were ready, to find enough sausage and bacon for this little army we were feeding. I let the waffle batter rise for the required hour while the boys got the rest of it ready. Once they found enough meat in the freezer, we defrosted the bacon and started up four frying pans. I also got my moms two waffle irons out of the pantry and plugged them in. By the time everyone was filtering into the kitchen, after only just waking up, I had nearly half the waffles ready and in the oven keeping warm, and the boys were taking care of the bacon and sausages. I grabbed the large griddle out of the pantry and started it heating it up for the eggs, and while I was waiting for it, the next batch of waffles finished. I asked one of the boys to take a sheet of paper and a pen and go around and ask everyone for their egg orders. As the last of the waffles came off the irons, I started on the eggs. I called everybody into the kitchen with their plates, so that as the eggs were finished off they could get them right away. As I was cooking all the eggs Joey, Braedon, and Austin set the table with all the rest of the food and by the time they were finished, so were our eggs, and we went and joined everybody in the dining room, staring at the large pile of waffles, sausage, and bacon, as well as the huge bowl of strawberries and the even larger bowl of whipped cream.

I swear I heard muscles stretch as each hand shot out and grabbed the nearest thing to them. I think somebody even got stabbed from a flying fork that was supposed to be meant for a sausage or two, but no harm was done. I had figured that there would be waffles left over, but not one of the twenty four I made was left, and only a spoon full each of strawberries and whipped cream was left. There was only one lonely piece of bacon left in the bottom of the bowl so I offered it to dad and he took it.

“Oh I guess so, if you insist.” Dad said with a grin.

“Yeah right, I had to twist your rubber arm, didn't I?” I grinned.

“No, not really.” Dad laughed.

We all sat around the table for at least another ten minutes, trying to let the meal digest and trying to will the dishes to do themselves, but they just would not do themselves. Once we could all move, we got up and carried all the dishes into the kitchen and between us all, we managed to get the mess cleaned up quickly, thank god for such a large house with this massive kitchen or we would never have all fit.

That afternoon the rest of the family arrived to stay for the week as well, and after dinner I excused us and left to take Joey home to have a nice Christmas with his mom.

“Joey, I would like you to invite your mom to the Christmas eve party at my parents place, tell her that it will be a nice get together and there will be lots of people?” I asked on the way to Joey's house.

“I will ask her and call you.” Joey answered with a smile.

Braedon and Joey snuck a quick kiss, saying I love you and merry Christmas to each other, as we pulled in Joey's driveway, and then Braedon and I headed back. When we got back to the house everybody was sitting in the large media room my dad had, just about to watch a movie, a Christmas favorite, national lampoons Christmas vacation. After that one we put in the newest Grinch movie and enjoyed that and then hit the hay.

A few of the kids had to be carried to bed, because they were sleeping, but Braedon followed me and I got him changed and he asked if he could sleep with me tonight, and I said of course. After getting myself diapered, I climbed into bed and cuddled up to Braedon and we fell asleep.

Christmas eve was Friday this year and it came quickly, and I had received a call this morning from my pool contractor, telling me that everything was finished. He also told me that they had taken the liberty of filling it and getting the heating systems running. I thanked him very much and told him I could not wait to see it. He told me that it may take about three days in the current cold weather to heat the pool, but should be ready to swim in on boxing day. I thanked him again and hung up.

Joey and Laurie showed up at five, as I had told Joey they should, and Laurie was suitably impressed with my parents house, it was very nice. Throughout the day many preparations were being done, and as there is no real meal the night before Christmas, just party foods, we had to cut up a lot of vegetables and make different dips and cut up lots of meats and cheeses, as well as fruits, and make dips for them as well. We had two large bowls of punch, one that was for adults only, and one for the kids. There was also a large pot of moms special hot chocolate, which the kids were told the maximum was two mugs, and then there was eggnog. We partied until around ten o’clock when Joey and Laurie left, and we all quickly cleaned up and went to bed. Mom and dad stayed up a while after everybody went to bed and put out stockings for everybody in the house, adding the things I got for Braedon.

At five am one of my excitable nieces came crashing into the room yelling that it was Christmas morning and that everybody was to get up. I yawned and stretched at the same time as Braedon was and told her that we would be out in just a few minutes and to go get everybody else up as well. And she did, with joyful exuberance only a four year old can muster. The whole family gathered around the tree on the assorted couches and chairs, and some of the kids took the floor, since there was just not enough seats for everyone.

After having all the gifts added to the base of the tree, and then adding stockings around that, you could not see the bottom three feet of the tree, and about seven feet around it. With over a dozen people sitting in the room there looked to be about ten gifts apiece. We were each passed our stockings first and told to open them, they were from Santa, for the kids, but we all got one. Stockings in our house had always contained things that were needed; I for instance got a new pack of socks, a stocking must, deodorant, cologne, and a few other things. Braedon got almost the exact same things in his as well as a few other things. Once everybody was finished their stockings, my dad took up position to pass out the massive pile of gifts, stopping every so often to open one labeled for himself.

With all the gifts, and all the people, the gift opening took almost three hours and everybody thanked each other for all the great gifts. I loved the gift that Braedon had given me, and Braedon loved all his gifts from everyone. The pile of gifts for us was just too large to really list, so I won't, but we came out of it with a lot, as did everyone. It was widely accepted that Christmas morning there would be no breakfast made, and that if you were hungry, there was cereal and toast, and then wait for the massive turkey dinner.

“Mom, would you like me to get the stuffing ready and stuff the turkey?” I asked once all the gifts were out of the way.

“That would be great, thanks! You know I always preferred your stuffing anyways, and to tell you quite honestly, I think I missed it more than you on Christmas day.” My mom teased.

“Well, don't I just feel loved.”

“You are, well your stuffing anyways.” She grinned back.

Nods around the room attested to the fact that my stuffing was good. Getting the meal prepared was an all day affair, with nearly everybody helping at one time or another, and at times the kitchen was a mad house at best, but everyone had a good time. At five o’clock we all sat down to eat. Christmas was about the only time my family still said grace anymore, since we never went to church, so dad took the honors and said a nice grace thanking everybody for everything, and then we all dug in. Being far too stuffed after eating such a large meal, we decided to clean up quickly, and then have the dessert in an hour or so when everybody had a chance to either settle or explode. Nobody exploded this year, thankfully, because I really did not care to clean that mess again, but it was nearly two hours before we ate dessert. I ended up having one piece of each dessert there, and there were a few pumpkin pies, an apple pie, a strawberry cheese cake and a mint jelly pie. After all those sweets and the huge dinner I felt as if I could explode, and I had to undo my pants to prevent the possibility of my button popping off and killing someone again, it was how great uncle Jed died.

I rolled into the media room where everybody had gathered once everything was eaten and cleaned up. Another holiday must was, A Christmas Carol, the original version, we watched it every Christmas night. Everybody again thanked each other after the movie and moved off to bed for the night. Braedon again wanted to sleep with me, so after getting us diapered and ready, we climbed in and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and stretched for a few minutes and then gently tickled Braedon’s exposed armpit, as he had his arms raised above his head. After a few seconds of tickling he came awake with a soft laugh.

“Stop that, I was having a good sleep.” Braedon said giggling.

“It's time to get up, it is after ten already and I want to get home soon.” I said and gave Braedon a nice hug and then Braedon gave a mighty stretch for such a little man.

“It's gonna take a while to load the car, so I suppose we should get ready and get started soon then huh?”

“That is correct.” I said and gave him another quick tickle.

With a quick fit of giggles from Braedon, I pulled the covers off and then removed his diaper and then removed my own, and then Braedon threw on his robe and went to his room and got dressed. We went into the kitchen and I helped mom to make breakfast for everybody before they went home.

“I will miss not having you all here once you all leave, same as every year I suppose.” Mom said as we were cooking.

“We all live close by, and it's not like we don't come to visit, well mind you Braedon and I have been so busy we haven't I guess, but the others do.” I said, almost feeling a little guilty.

“I know, but it's not the same, and don't feel bad, I know why, even if you yourself don't quite understand.” Mom said in that annoying all knowing mom way.

After breakfast we all started loading our gifts into our separate cars and said thanks again to everybody and hugged and kissed our parents and grand parents and said good-bye. Braedon wanted to pick Joey up right away, so we stopped in there and we went inside for a few minutes and chatted with Joey and Laurie for a few minutes.

“So how's the sale of the ranch going?” I asked.

“It was officially sold the day before yesterday, all the paperwork signed and the money should go through in a few days, and mom should be here the beginning of next month.”

“That's great, but where exactly is she going to stay, this is only a two bedroom house?” I asked curiously.

“With the full unfinished basement, with rear walk out, I am going to have that built for mom, but in the meantime she said she will sleep in the living room on the hide-a-bed, it is really comfortable.”

“Oh, that's good. Then I recommend the company who did our store for us, the owner is a friend of mine and I am certain he will give you a fair price, I will give Joey one of his cards and he can give it to you later.” I offered.

“I appreciate that, I know nothing of construction, so I am one of those people that would end up being taken for a ride or some stupid thing like that.” Laurie said with a smile.

“Michael would not do that to you at all, have no fears there. His company has been around for many years and he has hundreds of projects, including many of the stores in town, under his belt.” I said reassuringly.

We left a few minutes later and headed towards home. We packed in all the gifts and set them in the den where we could sort and open everything properly, and then put it away.

“Well, now that that is done, I have a couple other gifts for you guys that I did not feel appropriate to open in front of others.” I said with smile on my face.

“Us too.” They both said at the same time.

“Would you like to do those in private?” I asked, just in case.

“No.” They both said simply.

They each passed the other the gift and opened them. Joey got Braedon a very nice pinkie ring of eighteen caret white and yellow gold with a nice design and a beautiful inscription. Braedon got for Joey a very nice chain, of also eighteen caret gold, as well as a matching bracelet with a nice inscription. They hugged each other and gave each other a quick kiss. I then gave the boys the gift I had for them.

“This is for both of you, enjoy.” I said.

They opened it up and saw what was inside it, and both boys blushed and could barely look at me.

“Told you that you would enjoy this gift.” I teased.

“Um thanks.” They both said to me, still too embarrassed to talk much or look right at me.

“I still have one more gift for you guys, and stop acting so embarrassed.” I said.

“I hope it's not another gift like this, even if it does look like fun.” Braedon said, the blush receding slowly.

“Oh no, this next gift will not embarrass you at all, but to see it you have to come out back.” I told them mysteriously.

Braedon looked puzzled and Joey just shrugged his shoulders, but they followed me out back, and Braedon ended up saying it best.

“Holy shit you put in a pool, oh sorry dad, I did not mean that.” Braedon nearly shouted out.

“You meant every word of it, and I forgive you for the slip, shit happens, and yes, it is in fact a pool.” I teased.

“Wow, that's awesome.” Joey said.

“It should be ready for swimming, even though it is quite chilly outside, but the hot tub should feel great.”

That was one good thing about the area I lived in, it was usually quite mild during winter, and rarely did it ever get so cold that with a well heated pool you could not swim in it year round. I had made sure to have an automatic thermal blanket installed to save energy, so I pushed the button to roll it in and the water looked great, so I started to strip down.

“Last one in the pool has to clean it.” I called out, just about to pull off my underwear.

Once naked I jumped in, and the boys were both still standing there looking at me as if I had gone mad, stripping outside.

“What, it's not as if we have never seen each other naked before!” I stated, looking at them with a funny look on my face for them.

“It's not that.” They both said, looking around, and I followed their gazes.

“Look close at the neighbors houses boys, what do you see?” I asked and they looked closer and then realized it.

“Just the roofs.” They both answered.

“Exactly, no one is going to see us, we have eight foot privacy fences all around and none of the neighbors houses are two stories either, so no one will see us at all.”

Quickly they stripped down and jumped in to join me. The water was still a bit on the cool side, but not too bad, and after a few minutes of swimming I climbed into the hot tub and relaxed against a few of the jets. A few minutes later the boys both joined me in the hot water and also relaxed and Braedon sighed.

“Man, this is the best, you're the best dad.” Braedon said, sounding very relaxed.

“Thanks, and so are you boys. When I thought of this I had wondered why I had not done it before. The yard practically screams for a pool and I love swimming, but it's done now, so now we can all enjoy it.” I said and both boys nodded and then we just laid back and relaxed.

The back yard still needed to be finished, as the pool guys said, but they did a good job with the tractor shaping and smoothing the excess soil out, so all I had to do really was throw down some grass seed and it would be perfectly fine, but that could wait. Turns out it never did get done, but oh well.

After we soaked long enough, we all got out of the water and shivered madly, and made a quick dash to the house. After getting changed I took the boys outside to show them how to care for the pool and hot tub. A half an hour later they had learned everything that they needed to know for each time they climbed out of the pool. We went back inside and made dinner and sat down and ate. After dinner was polished off and cleaned up, we went into the den to wade through all the gifts and really open them up and see how everything worked.

We all were getting ready for bed so the boys came to my room to grab the required accessories.

“The oil I bought you guys is awesome, but it feels even better if heated a little first.” I said, simply stating the truth.

“Thanks for the information, we'll try that.” Braedon said with a warm smile and they scampered off to their room with their stuff.

After getting myself ready for bed I laid in bed and wondered how the store did for the last week without me and the boys there, I have never left it to them at all during Christmas. During my pondering I passed out and slept through to morning.

The boys however hardly slept at all last night. Falling into an embrace as they entered the bedroom, they passionately kissed as only lovers can. After a few minutes of trying to suck the others tonsils out, they broke apart breathless, and Braedon decided to take me at my word and said that he would be right back. Going into the kitchen he grabbed a pitcher and turned the tap onto hot and waited for a moment until the water was its hottest and filled the pitcher about half full. He quickly went back to his room and put the bottle of oil into the hot water, and nearly attacked Joey in a lip crushing kiss of such intensity that it made him stagger. Breaking apart again, Joey began to slowly undress Braedon, one piece of clothing at a time, very erotically stopping after each piece was removed to lick, suck and kiss each body part that was newly shown.

Braedon nearly passed out when Joey came to his feet and pulled off his socks and repeated all the same moves on his toes and the soles of his feet, it felt amazing and Braedon never thought it would. Moving up slowly to the last piece of clothing left, and they were hiding very little, since Braedon was wearing a very skimpy pair of bikini briefs, Joey slowly began to remove these with his teeth. Every now and then, as the underwear were slowly being drawn down, Joey would give a tiny nip with his teeth that would make Braedon arch and moan with both the pain and pleasure of the act. As soon as the underwear were completely removed, Joey stood up, leaving Braedon very hard and waiting, laying on the floor where Joey had him lay only minutes before.

Standing over top of Braedon, Joey began a slow sensual strip tease for Braedon, and as each piece of clothing was removed, he would rub himself all over the exposed area of skin. Braedon was panting from the impulses he was feeling, he had to control the urge so badly inside him to jump up and finish the rest off, but knew that Joey was doing this for him. As Joey came down to only his matching pair of very brief briefs, Braedon could tell that this was an immense turn on to him as well, because he was obscenely protruding as well, so much so that it had to be painful.

“No, let me take those off please?” Braedon whispered as Joey went to remove his underwear and Joey took his hands away and nodded.

Getting up on his hands and knees, Braedon also removed Joey’s underwear with his teeth, also making sure to give him a nip or two in sweet revenge, revenge that Joey very much appreciated, as he began leaking even more with each little bite. As the underwear fell to the ground, Braedon stood up and their penises met each other before their lips met, this time in a slow sensual kiss. Joey had Braedon lay back down on the carpeted floor of the bedroom on his stomach and went and retrieved the exotic massage oil I had bought them.

Kneeling down, his bum resting on Braedon’s bum, Joey poured a small amount of the oil on Braedon’s back and began a slow massage of the muscles in his upper back and shoulders. Also working gently on his neck, Braedon was getting very relaxed from the feelings. It was not until Joey scooted down a little further and started working on Braedon's lower back and bum that it started to get a little sexy. Joey spent a lot more time on Braedon’s very firm, yet oh so very soft backside than he really needed to, but he was enjoying this as much, if not more than Braedon was. Joey was also sure to make sure to well massage the insides of Braedon’s crack and thighs, again taking more time than necessary. He then worked his way down Braedon’s legs, slowly making sure to massage each and every muscle in them, and by the time that Joey reached his feet, Braedon was almost asleep from the relaxing feelings.

One thing that the oil does, that I did not tell the boys, was that after about fifteen minutes of the oil soaking into the skin, it would make the skin quite sensitive to touch and would soon start causing Braedon’s skin to almost tingle as if there was a slight breeze, but touch that area with the oil, and wow. Braedon started to feel the sensitivity in his upper back just as Joey was massaging each of his toes individually and was starting to moan from all the combined sensations now coursing through his body. Joey had Braedon roll over so that he could massage Braedon's front side now.

“I think that this oil is special in some way, it is making my skin very sensitive, and if you are going to do what I think you are going to do, you might want to put some on our dicks and your bum first and then continue.” Braedon whispered sexily.

Taking Braedon's advice, Joey rubbed a small amount of the oil into Braedon's hard shaft and then his own and then his asshole, and then went to work on Braedon’s chest. Joey spent a long time as well on Braedon’s already hard, dime sized nipples, rubbing them and massaging them. As Joey moved down to Braedon's stomach, he rubbed the oil well into it as well and then headed straight for Braedon’s groin. Although Joey wished to spend a great period of time in this area of worship, he wanted to save that for later, so just applied another good coating of the oil to Braedon’s pulsing member, and then his sack, just for good measure.

Moving down the front side of Braedon’s legs now, Joey gently massaged them as well until he got to Braedon's feet, that he did over again, but this time the oil had already started to work its magic and it was doubly pleasurable for Braedon, and he nearly shot from the feelings.

Pushing Braedon’s legs up and back, Joey crawled into position and applied a little more oil to both his already tingling penis, and Braedon’s quivering hole. Lining up, Joey thrust himself in, in just one swift movement that both boys nearly screamed from, for the extreme pleasure of it. As the oil had heightened the senses considerably, neither could comprehend the feelings that this caused, since without it was almost to much for words. With the oil though, it gave the boys an almost animal intensity to their love making.

Taking a quick, but gentle, yet still highly erotic pace, Joey thrust inside his lover over and over and over again. Both quickly went into an orgasm, that they won't soon forget, and nearly screamed from the pulses shooting through them. Yet with such an orgasm, neither of them lost any hardness nor rhythm, and Joey continued pumping himself in and out of Braedon. Three more powerful orgasms later, without one single rest in between, Joey collapsed on top of Braedon and they could hardly move, let alone kiss, yet they managed to anyway.

They were both completely exhausted from the intensive workout they had just went through, and as Joey pulled himself up and off, out of Braedon, he realized that his knees were really sore, so looked down and noticed that he had a serious case of rug burn on both knees, he kind of laughed and cringed at the same time as it was quite painful. As Braedon moved, he too felt the burning feeling of intense rug burn on both shoulder blades. He also kind of laughed at the comedy of it, but realized that it did hurt quite a lot. Joey looked at Braedon’s shoulder blades to check the damage, because Braedon could not see it, only feel it.

“Oh wow, that looks way worse than my knees do, that has to hurt.” Joey said in sympathy.

“Yeah, it really does now that we are finished, but man was that incredible.” Braedon said breathlessly.

Both got up on wobbly weak knees, and then stood up, shaking from the powerful lovemaking they had just had.

“I think there is some healing ointment in the bathroom, I will go grab it.” Braedon said.

He came back into the room, unscrewing the lid and took out a generous helping of it and began applying it to Joey’s sore and red knees. Once he was finished, Joey took the ointment and applied some of it to Braedon’s shoulder blades.

“Well now, I guess making love on carpets again is out of the question huh?” Joey cracked and they both started laughing.

“What should we try next, sandpaper?” Braedon said, causing them to laugh more.

After diapering each other and kissing and cuddling for a bit, they both fell asleep in each others arms. Only a couple hours later, Braedon woke up with such an intense dream that he was about to explode, and as he fully came to, he realized that it in fact was not a dream and he was in fact about to explode. It seems that Joey had untaped one of the sides of Braedon's diaper and was in the middle of giving Braedon excellent dreams.

Getting into the action now that he was awake, Braedon turned himself around a bit rolled the edge of Joey’s diaper down enough to allow his rock hard penis to escape, and then took it into his mouth and began sucking. Braedon had already been quite close when he woke up, and he was able to hold it off a little better once he was awake, but he was not able to hold out for too long, and before Joey was half way, Braedon was blasting off inside Joey’s mouth. Joey slurped away at the offering, while enjoying the feelings that were now coursing through his groin, and only moments later he too exploded inside Braedon’s mouth.

“Wow, what was that all about?” Braedon asked once he was recovered enough.

“I woke up having to pee, so I went pee, and then I saw your boner tenting your diaper and it looked too tempting, so I decided to have a little fun.” He grinned.

“Wow, you can wake me any time like that.” Braedon grinned even wider yet.

They kissed another few minutes and fell back to sleep in each others arms. Another two hours or so later, it was Braedon that woke up and decided that a certain favor needed to be repaid, and he again rolled down the top of Joey’s diaper and fished out his soft penis and began to lick it all over. Braedon thought to himself that Joey must have just peed, because he could taste him quite strongly, but before he could think about the sweet tangy flavor any longer, his shrine began to rise. He took a very slow pace on Joey, hoping that he could get him all the way through, causing him to explode before he even woke up. It almost worked too, and Joey was almost ready to blast, but then woke up only moments before he blasted off, he was however to far gone to hold it off and only managed a few grunts before Braedon greedily siphoned off as much of Joey’s sweet cream as he could get.

“So how did you like the taste of your own medicine.” Braedon asked with a sly smile.

“It tastes excellent, I would however prefer the taste of yours.”

Not wishing to be cruel, Braedon crawled up and pulled aside his diaper and offered Joey the thing he wanted most. Kneeling over Joey, placing his hands against the wall, Braedon was able to piston himself in and out of Joey’s mouth, and all you could hear was the gentle moaning of both boys and the silent whoomp of Braedon’s diaper patting Joey’s face. Five minutes later, after holding on as long as possible, Braedon exploded inside Joey’s warm moist mouth. Joey enjoyed the taste so much that he applied so much suction, trying to get more of the nectar he loved, that Braedon, in quick order, orgasmed again. After righting their diapers, for the second time that night, they cuddled back up together and fell asleep until morning.

Joey was the first to wake up this morning and decided that because he was not able to have his back passage filled the way he enjoyed last night, that he wanted it this morning. He could see that Braedon was already with morning wood, so all he needed to do was prepare himself. Joey reached in behind himself and poked a hole where it counted in his diaper, and then began fingering his hole. He grabbed the oil, to add extra lubrication as well as the intensifying properties, and gave himself a good lube job. Once Joey felt that he was as ready as he needed, he tore a small hole in the front of Braedon’s Diaper and popped his already hard member out the hole. Pointing up already, all Joey had to do was hold it still and then sit down on to it. And so he did, lowering himself slowly, Joey sank all the way down, enjoying the feelings he craved.

Braedon was having a vivid dream, and Joey could tell, but in the dream his entire body was feeling so good that he thought for certain he was in heaven, and only minutes into the dream he awoke to find it was real, and he was in heaven, and that his boyfriend was sitting on him bouncing up and down. Once Braedon got his urges back under control, he also started into the rhythm, making it even more pleasurable for the both of them. Neither boy could hold out for much longer, and only after about five minutes of the intense love making, they both reached their orgasms at the same time.

Keeping himself impaled on Braedon’s penis, Joey leaned down and kissed Braedon good morning. They kissed for quite a few minutes and then Joey, while still kissing Braedon, and with Braedon's penis still hard and lodged firmly inside his welcoming bum, started a faster rhythm.

“Oh, god, I want you awake this time so we can both enjoy the entire thing together.” Joey moaned out.

“Sounds good to me baby.” Braedon grunted out.

Since they had only just released moments before, they were able to last a bit longer this time, but still within minutes they were both rocketing off to another world, a world of bliss. After a few moments more, they peeled themselves apart and slowly moved themselves off the bed. They each pulled off their wet diapers and walked over to the bathroom to grab a quick hot shower, to help work out the kinks in their sore muscles from all the exercise they had gotten throughout the night. They each washed the other, but as they were truly worn from their entire night and morning of love making, all they did was wash each other. They got out and dried off and Joey looked at Braedon’s shoulders.

“Hmm, it looks a little less red this morning, but it still looks pretty bad though, so we should put more ointment on it.” Joey said lovingly.

Joey looked at his knees and decided he also needed a little more, so they walked to the bedroom and each applied it for the other and threw on some boxers and went to the kitchen to start breakfast.

I woke up this morning still feeling a little tired, because the boys had to have kept me awake for at least an hour to an hour and a half last night with their loud moans and near screams. I went to the kitchen, after pulling off my diaper and tossing on my robe, to see what it was that I smelled, and when I got to the kitchen, I found the boys kissing in front of the stove, each holding a kitchen utensil in one hand. It looked as if they were both about to do something at the stove, but got caught up in the middle of something more important, it looked very cute and sweet. I made my way to the fridge and opened it to grab the juice and they pulled apart as they heard the noise and turned and looked at me blushing.

“Oh don’t quit on my account, although you may wish to pay more attention to whatever is starting to burn on the stove.” I teased them.

They both turned quickly to see what was burning, only to find I was teasing them again. As they turned around I noticed the rather prominent red marks on Braedon’s shoulders.

“How did you get those red marks on your shoulders Braedon?”

As they both turned around I could see that they were both blushing fiercely again and I also noticed similar marks on Joey’s knees, and when they saw me look at his knees, they both blushed even more. That was all the confirmation I needed.

“I guess I should have told you guys about rug burn before, but I figured nobody told me, so why should I ruin your finding out the hard way, because as I remember it, both my wife and I were more than happy to find out the hard way, but the marks stayed for well over a week.” I said, remembering the one time we found that out.

“How come you know that it is rug burn and not something else?” Braedon asked curiously.

“Like I said, I have had those marks before, and the only way for both of you to have seeming burns on those particular areas, was if you Braedon was on your back on the floor, and Joey was on his knees while you guys were having a little fun, need I embarrass you further?” I grinned.

“No, that's how it happened.” Braedon admitted.

“There should be some ointment in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom that should help that to at least feel better, why don’t you go grab it and put some on.”

“Already have, Braedon said he saw it there before, and last night grabbed it and we put it on last night, and this morning too.”

“Oh okay, continue with breakfast then, it smells great and I don't want it to burn for real, what are we having?” I asked.

“Crepes, sausages, and poached eggs.” Braedon answered.

After breakfast was polished off and dishes done, I excused myself to go have a bath. After my bath I got out and dried off, and as I was getting dressed I happened to look out the window and saw that it was snowing gently. I got dressed quickly and went and found the boys.

“Did either of you notice that it is snowing?”

They jumped up and looked out the window, and sure enough there was a light dusting of snow on the ground, and a very light snow falling. There was so little of the snow that by noon the snow had all disappeared. We had decided that after all the excitement of the past week, that we would sit around today and do nothing, so that was exactly what we did, until we took Joey home at any rate.

“I wish you didn't have to go baby” Braedon said sadly.

“I know, me neither.”

“But Joey, you have a mom and I am sure that she wants to see you as well once in a while, and you can always come over to visit.” I said gently.

“I know.” Joey said.

“Plus don't forget you are still on your Christmas holidays, so while your mom is at work you can come here as well, and we have to go to work tomorrow to check out the damage and get everything cleaned up.” I added.

“Oh yeah.” Both boys said, somewhere around excited, but also not looking forward to the daunting task they knew they were in for.

Sunday night Braedon and I just lazed about in the house and went to bed early, since we were both tired from the lack of sleep the night before.


Chapter 10

Monday morning we got up at our normal time as planned and got ready for work, headed out, and on our way to the store we picked Joey up so that we could do our morning routines. I took one look at Joey and saw that he was almost as bleary eyed as we were this morning.

“So how are you this morning?” I asked.

“Other than a little tired, not too bad.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean, I nearly had to resort to ice water to get this one out of bed this morning, and I am not all that awake myself.”

The rest of the few minute drive was in total silence and when we got to the store we found that it was in good condition. I really did not look forward to having over a weeks worth of books to catch up on, but that was my responsibility, so I got straight to work while the boys started on the cleaning. They had a lot more than normal to do, even though the guys were good about keeping things tidy, as I insisted, they would have been far too busy to worry too much about dusting or mopping, other than when necessary. I had only gotten my way through almost half the books when we opened the store and I noticed the boys come into the back room to put away their cleaning supplies and grab something to eat at the same time.

“So how was it out there guys?” I asked once they were busy stuffing their faces.

“Mostly just dust build up and the floors needing a good scrubbing, otherwise it was pretty clean.” Braedon said.

“It could use a good wax job now though, after all that traffic.” Joey informed me.

“Thanks, it is on the mental list of things to do.” I said with a smile, and both boys continued eating and Trevor came in. He had of course come in to say hi earlier, as they all had, but I knew this was now business.

“I have a couple things to tell you boss.”

“What's up Trev?”

“During the Christmas rush we lost a few items and caught two shoplifters.” He answered.

“What all was taken that you know of?” I asked.

“Nothing all that big or expensive that I have noticed, just a few sets of headphones and a few models, and the two we caught were handed over to the police, one has tried here before, and was early twenties, and the other was about sixteen, he fought us a bit and Jess had a nice shiner for Christmas, but again nothing major.” Trevor said.

“Great job, will the store be ready for inventory at the beginning of the month?” I asked.

“Oh it will be, all we need to do is get that pile of returned merchandise looked after.” He said, pointing behind me.

I turned to look at the pile he pointed to and shuddered. Every year was the same, all we did boxing day was just exchange it, no questions, since it was really too busy to do anything else, and look at it later. As it usually turned out the user had just put the batteries in wrong, broke it themselves, or just did not want it and just brought it back. Oh well, the joys of retail.

“Thanks, we will look into that today and get it all fixed up.” I told him.

“As soon as you two are finished raiding the fridge, would you please start doing the overstock while I finish doing the books?”

“Sure.” They both said, turning with hands and mouths full.

“Good, as soon as we are all finished with that then we get started on that!” I said, pointing to the large pile of supposedly faulty merchandise.

Two hours later I finished all the books and did my sales charts up and nearly peed myself when I saw that the sales and profits were nearly twice what they were last year, and that had been a great year, nearly a quarter of the renovation had just been paid off in one month, and it was not over yet. I was on cloud nine when I went out to see how the boys were doing and ended up helping them for almost an hour to finish up restocking all the shelves. It was near lunch time already, so we decided that lunch was in order. We went to the restaurant next door and ate and then headed back to the store for the rest of the day.

I decided that the large table in the lunch room would be the best place to do our work, so we each grabbed a box of supposedly defective merchandise, and a box of batteries, and went about testing everything. Every now and then there would be a genuine issue with a toy or something, and then I would take it apart and fix it, or set it aside to go back to the manufacturer, depending on the warranty that that particular item came with, if any. I bought lots of stuff with no warranty, since it usually cost me considerably less in the long run, because I could fix most of it myself. As each item was fixed and or finished with, a note was placed on it to explain anything about it, including marks or issues that could not be fixed.

It took over three hours to get through the pile, and it was about time that I normally headed home, but I wanted to get this all finished first, so we pushed on. We piled any of the truly defective products into a pile to go back to their manufacturers for credit, and the rest we labeled with tags clearly stating that they were refurbished and final sale and at greatly reduced prices. We took those back up front and displayed them all neatly and then cleaned up what little mess we had and headed home, dropping Joey off on the way. Just as we were about to drop Joey off at his house, Laurie came out the door and came up to my window.

“I was wondering if you could do me another favor and keep my brat for the night?” Laurie asked.

“Sure, what's up?” I asked.

“Mom's plane lands at eleven tonight and I have to go pick her up. I would leave him home during the day with no problems, but I don't feel comfortable doing it at night.” She answered.

“It would be our pleasure, and it is not even a favor.” I said warmly.

“Great thanks, you're a lifesaver.”

“No worries. Joey, why don't you run on inside and get changed and grab a change of clothes for tomorrow.”

Joey jumped out of the car and dashed inside so fast I am quite sure I heard the sound barrier being broken, and Laurie and I both grinned.

“I didn't think he'd mind, he adores you, and I think he loves Braedon.” She said, whispering the last part into my ear so that only I would hear.

“The feelings are mutual.” I nodded and let her think that one over a bit, without truly confirming her suspicions about the boys.

Joey hopped back in the car within only about one minute, and then jumped straight back out and went around to the other side of the car ,where his mom was still standing talking to me, and kissed her good-bye and good night.

“Bye mom, love you, drive safe on the highway tonight” Joey said.

“Love you too and behave with your boyfriend.” She whispered to him, giving him a kiss on his forehead.

Joey blushed at least ten shades of red and tried to look away, but his mom turned his head back to her.

“I already figured it out, and I knew you were gay already anyways, so what's the big deal, I think it's sweet.” Laurie said softly.

Joey was still blushing and when I looked back at Braedon, I could see he was blushing as well. Laurie gave Joey one more quick kiss and swatted his backside, pretty much telling him to get going. He ran around to his side again and jumped in.

“Good bye, have a safe drive, and we will drop the monster off tomorrow after work.” I said with a grin.

“Hey, what was that for?” Joey attested.

Both myself and Laurie laughed and stuck our tongues out at him. We all waved as we pulled out of the drive and we were gone.

“Well boys, where should we go for dinner, I'm too pooped to cook dinner tonight?” I asked on the way home.

“Pizza” Braedon said.

“Chinese.” Joey added.

“I was thinking steak.” I added.

We all deliberated over it for a minute as we drove towards restaurant row. We all ended up deciding that the Chinese all you could eat sounded about the best, and headed there to try and bankrupt them again. I still don’t quite know how this guy manages to stay in business, because every time I come in, he nearly pleads with his eyes for us to leave, but I guess he was just a good manager and was able to recoup the costs elsewhere. After no less than three plates each, and two desserts, we paid the small amount of the bill, as compared to the amount we ate, and headed towards home.

Nearly collapsing on the couch, the three of us cuddled on the couch for a little while, not really paying attention to the TV, but using it as an excuse to sit. Come bedtime the boys followed me into my room to be diapered. I diapered both boys and sent them off with a kiss to the forehead each, and a goodnight as well as a padded smack to the diapered behind as they left for bed. I got myself all ready and climbed in and almost forgot to set the alarm clock before falling asleep. The boys went straight to their room and climbed into bed and only kissed and cuddled before falling fast asleep, wrapped up in each others comforting arms.

Tuesday was decidedly easier to get up, and I padded over to the boys room and woke them up quietly. They quickly rose, once they were awake, and came to my room and had me remove their diapers and then walked back to their bathroom hand in hand to have their shower. I threw my own soggy diaper into the pail and climbed into my own steamy shower and then got myself ready for work. The boys met me in the foyer and we left to work. I promptly went to my book work, while the boys started their morning cleanup. We all ended up finishing up our chores at about the same time, just as the morning crew came in.

“Let's get all this faulty stuff boxed up next, and ready to ship to their proper manufacturers for credit.”

We had to be really careful doing this, making sure to put detailed notes on each and every product, and then make sure everything went where it was supposed to go. We ended up with about ten boxes, some very full, some not, and then we got the boxes all labeled and set aside for the shipping company. Once that was finished, we decided our work here today was done and went to Joey’s house to drop him off.

“Would you guys like to come in and meet my grandma?” Joey asked as we parked.

“Sure, we'd love to.” I answered.

We all went into the house and Laurie came out first and saw that Braedon and I were there as well .

“Hello.” I said to her.

“And hello to you too.” Laurie said.

“Where is grandma, I want her to meet Jay and Braedon?” Joey asked.

“She is in my room, just unpacking some of her things in there for now.” Laurie answered.

“So have you talked to Michal about the basement yet?” I asked.

“Oh yes, he said he can start on Monday morning, and has already come in to do measurements and gave us a quick plan of how it should look according to my requests.” Laurie answered happily.

“Oh that is great, how long did he say it would take?” I asked.

“He said that it should only take one to one and a half weeks at most, as long as they don’t run into any messy details that need to be sorted out first, I just hope he was able to get the permit, he said he should be able to pick it up this morning.”

“That's really good, and I bet that unless he does run into anything major, it will probably only be a week.” I said.

While Laurie and I were talking, Joey had went to his mom’s room to bring his grandma out to meet us. When she came out I could easily see where Joey had gotten his looks from, and even if she was getting a little on the old side, she was still a very pretty lady who did not look anywhere near as old as I was told she was.

“Grandma, this is Braedon and his dad Jay, Jay is basically my dad, I am at his house so much, and Braedon is my boyfriend. I hope that does not bother you too much, but everybody else here knows, and I didn't want to hide it from you.” He was blushing madly as he said this, but I thought he was very brave in doing so.

She came over and shook both of our hands, mine first and then Braedon's.

“Pleased to meet you. Now let me look at my grandson's boyfriend, hmmm, he sure knows how to pick em, you're a right cutie, aren't you.” She said softly to Braedon.

Well Braedon blushed even more than I have ever seen him before, so I hugged him to me.

“Well don’t be so surprised that it does not bother me so much, I am about as liberal as they come, I was the original flower child in the sixties after all.” She said to the boys.

“I just did not think you would be so understanding about it is all.” Joey said thankfully.

“Well, to tell you quite honestly, years ago it would have bothered me, and it did once, but something bad that happened changed our minds forever about people being gay.” She said to the room in general. And then looking at Joey she smiled sadly and continued.

“Something that your mom does not even know, since she was too young when it happened, is that was the reason her brother committed suicide when he was a teenager. He did not want to disappoint us, and when we found out, both his father and I were quite upset about it, and that night is when we found him. We never forgot that horrible lesson, and I would never have it happen again. I only hope that him and his father have now met again and ironed it out, and I hope it has been explained that even though we were upset at the time, we never stopped loving him.” Grandma said

Joey’s mom had started crying with her mothers confession, and as the story was finished, went and hugged her mom and Joey went and joined. Braedon and I just stayed off to the side and let them let out their feelings. Once the tears were finished, Joey’s grandma came over and grabbed me in a hug, that not only startled me, but nearly broke a couple ribs.

“What was that for?” I spluttered as she let up.

“I heard of the absolutely beautiful memorial service you held for my husband, for Joey here, and I had to thank you for it, it brought tears to my eyes thinking that he had somebody that loved him enough to do that for him.” She said.

“I just did what he needed!”

“Well I am just glad that somebody knows what he needs, other than his mom of course.”

We all sat down on the couches and chairs and chatted for a couple hours or so, until I decided it really was time for Braedon and I to be heading home.

“I would like to invite the three of you to dinner tonight, we will stop by at about six thirty and you can follow us to the restaurant, and no arguments Laurie?” I asked, and added as I noticed her about to object.

“That would be lovely, we will be ready by then.” Grandma piped in and said.

“The restaurant is semi formal, so dress nice, and bring an appetite.” I grinned.

“Oh I have lived on and worked a ranch for over thirty years, believe me, bringing an appetite is something I can do.” Grandma said

We all chuckled and then Braedon and I headed home. We went home and I decided that a nice soak in the hot tub, and then a cool shower before getting ready for dinner, was definitely called for.

“I am going to sit and relax in the hot tub for a while and then jump in a cool shower, care to join me?”

“Sure.” Was his simple response.

I grabbed a couple towels and tossed my clothes on my bed on my way and Braedon met me out at the hot tub only moments later, wearing the same thing he was born with. I hit the button to roll in the top, and we climbed in to the hot steamy water. I hit the buttons for the jets and sat back and relaxed. I tried each of the different seats today, to try each of their different massage features, but my favorite was the lounger with the twenty five jets pulsing over every muscle. Braedon had also been switching seats, trying everything as well, but ended up deciding to come cuddle up on me. It was a bit awkward at first, because for him to be completely covered in the hot water, I had to turn a bit so that he could squeeze in beside me, and we relaxed like that for a while.

“Come on, we need to get out and go have a shower and get ready for dinner.” I said, almost regrettably.

Drying off as we entered the house, just to climb into the shower kind of baffled me, but I did not want any water left on the floors, and just dried off anyways and then hopped into the shower. I turned the water as cool as I could stand it, because it was supposed to be good for your skin after climbing out of the hot water, all I know is that it was a bloody cold shower. I scrubbed down and washed my hair and then got out and dried off again and went to get ready.

“What should I wear?” Braedon came into my room asking, holding a couple different things up.

“I think you should go with the tan pants and the green silk shirt.” I answered.

“Okay.” He bubbled and skipped back to his room.

I grabbed a pair of my good black pants, they were a Dockers style, and went with a majestic blue shirt I had, it was also silk. I got dressed and put on my good boots and waited for Braedon. He came into the room a moment later and showed me how he looked. He looked very nice in the tan Dockers and light green silk shirt and matching boots. I grabbed my cologne and applied some, handed the bottle over to Braedon, and he also splashed a little on.

We arrived at Joey’s houses a few minutes before five and we went to the door and knocked.

“Perfect, we just finished getting ready to go.” Joey said as he answered the door.

“Good, you guys can follow us then.” I said.

The three of them got into their car and followed me, and we went to the steak house, since it was easily the towns best restaurant, and had the best food bar none. I think I saw grandmas mouth watering as we went in to get seated.

“I hope you all like good steaks!” I said.

“I sure do, after all, I did live on a ranch for a little while.” Grandma nodded.

It was a good thing I had called ahead and made reservations, since it seemed a bit busy for a weeknight. We were seated at a very nice table, and our waiter for the evening gave us our menus and took our drink orders. I ordered a bottle of wine as well as we each made a different drink order. We all perused the menu for a few minutes and decided what we wanted, and when our waiter came back, he took all our orders.

We sat around chatting amiably, munching on the bread, and then the soup and salads came we ate those amongst our chatter. Once however the main course arrived, all that could be heard from our table were the sounds of five people thoroughly enjoying their steaks. I was very surprised when grandma was able to eat every thing on her plate, because she had ordered the same as I had, and it was the very large portion of prime rib.

“Well that was almost filling.” Grandma said.

“You just ate what the boys and I usually eat, and we are stuffed, and you say that was almost filling!” I asked in wonder.

“I was just kidding, but that was about what I would normally eat after a busy day on the ranch. I must also say that it was almost as good as our beef that is fresh cut first thing in the morning and cooked for dinner, they must use prime beef here.” She mused.

The waiter had just silently glided to the table as she said this and said, “We only use the best here my lady. Would any of you like dessert this evening?” He asked and we all shook our heads no.

“I don't know about the others, but I couldn't eat another bite.” I said and everyone else nodded.

“Excellent, here is your bill for this evening then, have a good night.” He said to us.

I grabbed the bill, before either of the ladies could, I happened to be a little faster, but only just a little, as I narrowly beat grandma.

“I have this ladies, it is my treat.” I said with a grin.

I laid a twenty on the table for a tip, and then we all headed to the front where I paid the bill and we headed out to the cars.

“So, did you enjoy the meal?” I asked.

“It was great.” Both Laurie and grandma said at once.

“I don't normally eat out, but I would certainly come back here.” Laurie added.

“Well we need to be heading home, we have to work in the morning, and that includes you Joey, and I'm afraid it will be another busy day.” I said and we all said our goodbyes.

We all headed towards our homes and when Braedon and I got home we sat around and watched TV until bedtime. I got us ready and sent Braedon off to bed and I climbed in myself and drifted off to sleep immediately.

The next week came and went far to quickly to actually be good for you, and I'm still not quite sure where it went. Most of the week Joey spent the nights with us, and on a couple of the nights, Laurie and grandma also stayed, as the construction was going to be interfering with those parts of the house. In only five days the basement was finished, and grandma was very pleased with her new large bedroom and accompanying en suite. When asked how they could have gotten all that work done in such a short time, by Laurie, I just told her they were good. Business, after the mad season, had tapered off, like it always had, but we still managed to do quite well, just not nearly as busy. The boys also started school again today, a Tuesday, and they said it was good to be back with all their friends.

Once everybody was back into their regular routines, it was kind of nice, every weekend Joey would spend both nights, and quite often we were invited to his house or they were invited to our house for dinner. Grandma seemed to think that Laurie and myself would make a nice couple, but I just kindly replied that that would not be in the cards, and that Laurie deserved someone who could love her the way she deserves.

When asked why the cryptic reason, she was told not to pester by her daughter a few times. I just explained that I could never love anyone like that again after my wife died. She apologized and I told her it was not a big deal.

It was during the third week of January that Braedon’s bladder started to get a little worse for wear, during school he had a bit of an accident, it was not much, but did embarrass him a bit, because everybody noticed. Of course nobody made fun of him and he was sent to the school nurse who called me, so I came and got him.

“What happened Braedon?” I asked gently.

“I was just sitting there reading when all of a sudden I could feel that I was peeing, I did not even notice I had to go. I was able to stop it before it made a huge mess, but it was still very noticeable on my pants.” Braedon said, clearly upset over this.

I called the doctor right away and asked if they had any openings for this afternoon, and the nurse told me that if we could be there in ten minutes, she could squeeze us in. We made it just in time too. Doc did a few tests in shop, drew a little blood, felt around, prostate check, the works and ordered a few other tests to be done at the hospital, he told us that what we feared could happen is likely starting to happen.

Braedon was not at all pleased with this, but knew there was nothing that could really be done, and that there really was no reason to worry about it. The doctor was able to get us an appointment at the hospital right away so we sat in the hospital’s waiting room for nearly two hours, waiting to be called, and when we finally were they did all sorts of scans and tests and things, same as the last time.

Poor Braedon was probably starting to feel like a pin cushion after all the shots he had for the various tests. After the hospital visit, I treated us both to dinner and ice-cream and then headed home. Braedon called Joey as soon as we walked in the door and told him everything, they talked for nearly an hour, jeesh, you would think they were in love or something. Once off the phone I pulled him onto the couch with me and we had a long talk.

“If this is going to continue to happen, how do you want to deal with it, it has to be your decision above all else?” I asked gently while hugging Braedon.

We went over all the options and talked for a long time, and in the end we decided that we would try some training pant type underwear, that had a rubber pant built in, during the day for just such an emergency. He liked this idea, because they were quite discreet, and unless you really looked at them, you would think they were just regular underwear.

“Good choice on those, I will go and buy you some tomorrow.”

“What about tomorrow though, I still have to go to school, it's Friday, and I don't really want to have another accident at school?” Braedon asked. He was not worried about being made fun of, being teased, or bullied, he just did not want to have another accident.

“The choice is of course yours. You can stay home in the morning and go as soon as I am able to buy some for you. Or you can go to school and I will bring them to you as soon as I can and you can hope you don't have another accident. Or you can just wear one of your night time diapers to school and I will write a note to excuse you from gym class.” I offered.

We both decided that the last option was not really an option, since his diapers were too thick to be comfortably worn under the already skin tight school pants. He decided to just go and hope for the best and get the new underwear when I came. After that we cuddled up and watched TV until bed.

Friday morning came, and we got up and going at the crack of dawn. After getting ready, we headed to the store for the morning chores. After Braedon said goodbye, and the crew came in, I told them I had some errands to run and headed out to do some shopping. I went to the local medical shop to get nearly everything needed. I grabbed two dozen of the chosen pants in varying colors, a couple packs each of our night diapers, and a couple packs of some lighter daytime disposable diapers, for Braedon for when we were out and about. I also grabbed a few of the other supplies we were running low on while I was there. I then paid for everything and left to grab a few groceries and such that we also needed. I dropped everything off at home, except a few of the new underwear for Braedon, and headed to the school. I had timed everything perfectly and got there just in time for their first break, and went and found Braedon and gave him his package.

“How is everything going?” I asked softly.

“I almost had an accident right before break, but I was able to pinch it off and get to the bathroom in time, I just hope these are going to help.” Braedon said.

Quite painful I am sure, by the expression on his face. He took one of the new underwear out of the pack and handed me the rest and ducked into a nearby bathroom and came out moments later, handing me the underwear he had been wearing.

“Gee thanks!” I stated and handed him the other pack.

“Now keep these in your locker, and if you need to change, just take one, and one of the bags I have included, and change and bring the wet one home with you. I would recommend you do not forget them though, because they will get a little ripe, especially if you leave it for a weekend.” I said with a grin.

“No kidding.” Braedon said with a scrunched up nose. I gave him a kiss on the forehead and a swat to the rear and said I will see you this afternoon, have fun. No one else was around, except Joey who had hardly said anything, just looked a little longingly at the underwear, Braedon had told him of course.

As always after school on Friday afternoon, I had both boys to contend with, and they were both very happy to be home.

“So how did the new underwear work?” I asked.

“They worked quite well, enough absorbency in case of emergency and comfortable enough to wear, but not quite as good as real diapers though.” Braedon said.

“That's good.”

“These are the first casualties.” Braedon said, handing me two bags.

“Two of them, is it already getting that bad?” I asked as I took the bags.

“Yeah, I think so. The second time it just started flooding out and I did not notice until I felt the underwear starting to get wet.” Braedon nodded.

“Are you still able to stop it if it starts?” I asked.

“Yes, but only barely now, I am starting to lose control completely I think.” Braedon said, not really happy, not really upset, just accepting it.

“Oh well, we knew it was probably going to happen sooner or later. We all thought that it would be a few more years granted, but at least it is easily managed, and there is really not much we can do about it.” I said.

Both boys nodded at that and went to their room. As I was just about to start preparing dinner the phone rang, so I went and picked it up. It was the doctors office just calling to tell us the results were back and that they were not good. As we feared, Braedon's bladder has lost almost all muscle tone and it is all but irreparable. He told me that surgery may be an option in the future, but the odds were slim to none that it would help on such a severe case. I thanked him and told him that we would discuss it and talk to him at the next check up, but would likely not bother looking at surgery as an option. I called the boys out and in a few moments they came out.

“Braedon, that was the doctors office calling with the reports of the tests. He has confirmed it, your bladder has gotten worse and from what he can see, your bladder now has nearly no muscle control. He feels that although there may be surgical options, that the chances of them working are slim to none, as we were told before.” I said, giving Braedon everything up front.

“Yeah, I figured that would be the case.” He calmly stated and kind of hung his head. I wrapped my arms around both boys and gave them a good hug.

“You know though, it's not the end of the world, and it could be far worse. We just have to be thankful for all that we have that is good. So what if you have no bladder control, I still wet the bed, and I will until I die, but I don't mind, it really is not that big a deal.” I whispered softly into both boys' ears.

“Yeah, I know it could be worse, and this really is not that bad, just a bit depressing, but at least for you it is only at night.” Braedon said.

“True, but at least you have a loving father who knows exactly what you are going through, and it might not be long before it is me in your shoes.” I said, knowing it was true as I was already starting to notice changes, and I was right, because I also lost control within a year or so.

“Too true.” He stated and gave me another hug.

“I love you both, now go play a while whilst I get dinner ready.” I quickly swatted both boys backsides as they went past, and noticed by the feel of Joey's backside that he had already tried on a pair of Braedon's new underwear.

Dinner was nice and simple and we talked while we ate.

“So Joey, I noticed earlier when I smacked your ass that you have already tried on a pair of the new underwear, what do you think of them?” I asked between mouthfuls.

“Actually they are quite comfortable for underwear, I still prefer the diapers, but they are better than regular underwear for sure.” Joey said without shame at all and with a smile.

“I thought as much, that is why I bought so much, I figured that being the diaper lover you are, you might like a couple pairs as well. Just bring them here if they need washing.” I said.

“Thank you very much.” Was all he said as he jumped up and hugged me.

Braedon just sat there grinning the entire time. After dinner I went and had I nice long soak in the hot tub with the boys, and a couple nice refreshing laps in a cool pool, and headed to bed not long after.

“Boys, try and keep the noise down a little, to at least a dull roar, I would like to get some sleep tonight.” I teased.

“Awe, you're no fun.” They both whined as I left the room. They did keep the noise down and I slept like a baby the entire night, nothing about how I was dressed.

After my going to bed, the boys stayed on the couch and watched more TV and made out, and quietly made love in the light of the TV. One thing that neither boy noticed at the time though, was that during their love making, Braedon had peed all over the couch. Once they were finished, and they both noticed, they actually panicked, thinking I was going to be mad, and only just barely stopped themselves from coming and waking me up. Joey noticed that the cushion covers came off so they removed them and put them in the washer. Luckily with the type of backing I had ordered the fabric with, it was for the most part water proof, so it did not damage the cushion. I had specifically ordered it with this type of fabric because while watching movies and drinking a two liter pop, will make any diaper leak, and I had washed these covers a number of times from my own accidents. Thankfully they did pay attention to the washing instructions and set the washer correctly and went to their room, diapered each other and went to bed.

Next morning I woke up feeling nice and refreshed, I get up, jumped in the shower and washed off quickly and got dressed for the day. I checked on the boys and they were sleeping peacefully all wrapped up sweetly, and then headed into the TV room to check the weather station to see what kind of day it was shaping up to be, and noticed the covers missing and figured what had happened.

I went to the washer and found the covers washed already, so I took them out and put them back on the cushions wet, because believe me, they don’t dry well at all. I ruined a couch once like that, boy was my wife mad. I had just thought, oh well, I hated the stupid ugly hand me down anyways, and we went and bought our first brand new piece of furniture.

Anyways, I sat down for a bit and watched the morning news and then got up to make breakfast. The smell of bacon and eggs is enough to bring any sleepy young teens to the table, and they did so, in what they wore to bed, just their diapers and looking as if they wet a gallon a piece in them.

“Hungry?” I asked as both boys plopped down in their seats, both barely awake enough to nod.

As I finished up I set our plates down and that was when they really woke up.

“Man, you two really worked up an appetite last night didn’t you, I mean, doing all that laundry and all?” I teased and they both kind of blushed.

“It's not a big deal, I was only teasing. It's not the first time those covers have ever had to be washed because they were peed on, and there is a reason why I bought that fabric, because it can take a pee soaking and wash right up.” I said.

“Oh, we almost thought you'd be mad.” Braedon admitted.

“Nah, not for that, hell I have done it enough during a night of watching movies. Come on, let's go get those soggy diapers off you two before you get a rash.” I said warmly after they both finished eating.

I led them to my room and one after the other I removed a five pound diaper each and sent them to the Jacuzzi tub to share a bath. For the most part we stayed home and just enjoyed the rest of the weekend together.

By the end of the first week of February I was starting to drag tail, being busier than normal, and almost half my crew out sick, two with pneumonia, I was pushing myself too hard and it was starting to show. By the time that Friday came I was glad that all of the guys were back and feeling somewhat decent, except one of the two who still had a bit of pneumonia to deal with, because I was feeling dead. Both my boys were great during this time as well, they both came in in the morning to help clean up and stock, and then after school went home and got the cleaning taken care of and had dinner ready when I got home at around seven o’clock.

When I was finally able to drag my sorry behind in the door on Friday evening, a simple dinner of grilled chicken over Caesar salad, a tall drink of special iced tea, and the hot tub lid already open. I was very pleased to say the least, and I enjoyed the dinner immensely.

“Just how exactly do you boys know how to make a perfect Long Island Iced Tea?” I asked curiously.

“Let's just say that the internet is a very useful tool to find recipes for almost anything you want to make.” Joey said with a smile.

“Would you like another while you relax in the hot tub?” Braedon asked.

“Keep em coming.” I said, throwing caution to the wind. Normally I don't drink, but this was my favorite, and how the boys knew this I have no idea.

Braedon made a small pitcher and brought it out to me, and minutes later both boys joined me in the hot tub wearing the same thing I was, which was of course nothing.

“Mind if we join you?” Braedon asked.

“Absolutely not, a man must have his privacy.” I huffed, and we all broke out laughing as I reached over and grabbed Joey by the ankle, and pulled him enough to cause him to fall into the nice hot water.

Braedon took the easy way in and stepped in and came and cuddled up with me, and took a sip of my drink.

“So, how did your day go?” Braedon asked.

“Not too bad at all, it was pretty busy, but boy was I glad that almost everybody was there today, and I sure hope that was all you had to drink today mister.” I commented as I poked him in the ribs.

“Of course not, do you want me to dehydrate, I drank lots of water and some juice today.” He huffed.

I dug my fingers into his side causing a fair amount of laughter.

“You know exactly what I meant.”

“I know and you need not worry about that, I don’t like to drink, I was just checking to make sure it tasted good, since that is the only one I know what it is supposed to taste like.” Braedon admitted

“You have no idea how glad that makes me, to hear you say you don’t like to drink, drinking can cause so much bad if you don’t know how to act responsibly, not that you would, and besides, you really are too young anyways.”

Braedon cuddled up to me for a while longer and then went and cuddled next to Joey, who looked as if he was going to fall asleep, he looked so relaxed. After about thirty minutes of relaxing, we all crawled out and I closed the lid. I looked at the boys and started laughing.

“What?” They both asked at the same time.

“You two look hilarious, you look like a couple dried out old prunes.” I laughed.

“Well you look about a hundred and fifty years old yourself there buster.” Braedon shot at me. I grabbed him in a hug and squeezed.

“Who you calling old there buster?”

“Oh, only the oldest single person in this yard.” He giggled.

“Oh dry off already you little prune.” I said as I tossed him a towel, grabbed one for myself and Joey as well and we all dried off.

“Follow me!” I said.

Like little puppies they did as they were told. I led them to my room and had them lay down on the bed. I went to their room and grabbed their diapers and came back, grabbed a couple other things and went over to the bed.

“I noticed earlier that you two were starting to get a bit of a rash, so I thought that I would give you a little treatment..” I told the boys what was happening.

First I grabbed the lotion and applied it to both boys lightly. I then grabbed the diaper ointment and gave a heavy application of that, both boys reacted to this, since it does involve a fair amount of rubbing. I gave Braedon a quick flick, and he yelped, and his, not so little any more problem deflated quite quickly. Joey was sensible enough to cover up before I could get him. Next came a good serving of baby powder, the nice smelling stuff. I taped up a nice fresh diaper on each boy, and as they were standing I gave them each a smack on their thickly padded, and cute bums.

“Sex is out of the question tonight guys, your rashes need to heal first, and anything oral would likely taste very gross right now.” I said.

Both boys at first tried to protest, but got a sick look on their faces as I mentioned that last part, and I just grinned at them.

“Go pick out a movie and I'll be right there.” I said.

I got myself diapered in the same fashion, even though I had no rash, but I both like to treat myself occasionally, and it was good preventative medicine. The boys had decided on a very good movie in my opinion, The Cure, with Brad Renfrew and Joseph Mazzello, makes me cry every time. I made some popcorn and grabbed some drinks and we sat down and watched, we laughed, we cried, we cuddled, and we wet. After the movie I took the boys back to my room and changed them and treated them to the same thing again, myself included, they helped this time.

“Okay boys, I'm going to bed now, because I am wiped.”

“Can we sleep with you tonight dad?” Braedon asked.

“Why not.” I said.

They went to their room and grabbed their pillows and came back in, shutting the light off on their way in. I was in the middle, a boy on either side, cuddled into my armpits against my chest, with an arm resting on their bare backs. I tickled both boys backs as they each tickled my chest, we fell asleep like that and I slept like I had not since my wife and son had died, they used to do the same thing to me, and I cried a little as well as I fell asleep.

We three boys woke in the morning in the same position as we started in, it was so comfy that we had to have lain there for at least half an hour, awake and tickling each other gently, it was very loving and relaxing. We not once said a word during the time, no words needed to be said, and it was not until I heard seeming twin stomachs growl that I decided that we might need to get up. I did value my life after all, and as any parent of teens can tell you, they could eat anything if they get that hungry, and I was a very close and very easy target, they already had me pinned down.

“Up and at em boys. I want you two to go have a quick shower, clean off real well, come back in here, and we are going to diaper up and have an inside day and relax. With that wind and rain outside, we really don’t want to go out any ways, do we boys?”

I got a unanimous vote on that and we all headed to our showers. I diapered them, and they diapered me, and we were all creamed and powdered as the night before, the boys already looking less red. All three of us went to the kitchen and made breakfast, I was of course in charge of the omelet’s, while the boys both cut the potatoes and bread for the hash browns and toast. We sat down and had a very delicious and fattening breakfast and belched.

“So what should we do today guys”

“I don't know.” They both said.

“We could play games, or we could bring out the Lego’s and build, or we could watch movies all day.” I offered

They hummed and hawed for a few minutes, and then decided building sounded great to them. We went and grabbed the couple tons of Lego we had, and had a blast all day, just having fun building. We missed lunch completely, we were having so much fun, and it was after five when we all realized that we were hungry. I decided that today was a good day for pizza, so went and got the dough started while the boys got all the trimmings ready. In an hour we were ready to each make our own pizza and loaded them with every thing we each liked most. I think we went through a full three pound bag of assorted cheeses, and there might be a little constipation, but damn they were good. After cleaning up the kitchen we went back to our building and had fun until nearly ten.

“Can we sleep with you again tonight daddy?” This time from Joey as I was getting them all creamed and diapered.

“Of course you can, any time you want.” I said warmly.

We cuddled up the same as the night before and we slept like babies. Well considering that the only attire worn to bed in this house, that would be an astute observation.

Sunday we actually all slept in until almost ten in the morning, something I had not done in ages, and we laid there all still snuggled together, I rubbing the boys’ backs, and they my chest again, this time for almost an hour before we all got up.

“You guys go ahead and grab your shower and get dried off. When you are dried don't bother putting anything on, just stay naked so that your skin can air out a bit to help it heal.” I told the boys once we were up and we removed our diapers.

I did the same and met the boys in the kitchen, this morning would be only toast and cereal, so we all chose what we wanted and ate up.

“Come over here please, I want to check your diaper rashes and make sure they are going away nicely?” I asked and was pleased to see that neither boy had one now.

Seeing as how we were already naked, I challenged the boys to a race to the pool. I of course being bigger and stronger than they, grabbed each boy and flung them behind me and made a dash for it to the door. I made it into the pool, only a hair before they did. Both boys swam up to me, and between the two of them, they dunked me under water.

“That wasn't very fair.” Braedon said as I came back up.

“Life isn't fair, and besides, how else could I beat two strapping young lads such as yourselves. You are at least twice as fast as me, how else could I have won?” I asked innocently.

“Well, I guess being old and out of shape as you are, we should have given you a full ten second head start then shouldn’t we huh?” This from Joey.

“Why you little, get back here so I can drown you.”

I chased after both boys and we dunked and splashed for the better part of an hour. Completely exhausted, I dragged my sorry ass out of the pool and slithered into the hot tub. Only seconds later being joined by both boys. We again were aged, dried prunes by the time we got out of the hot tub, but it felt so nice to relax. By the time we got inside it was time for Joey to go home. The boys kissed for quite a few minutes and then said goodbye, and then Joey came up and gave me a huge hug.

“Thank you for the last two nights. I don’t know the last time I slept so well, sleeping against you all night. It was the nicest feeling in the world, just feeling like it must when you have a dad.” Joey said lovingly.

“Any time you feel like you need a daddy, I will be here for you baby.” I hugged him back and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Braedon and I just relaxed the rest of night away and went to bed, Braedon sleeping with me again.

The rest of February was much the same as always is, Joey at home with us during the weekend and at his mom’s during the week. It was almost like joint custody, and during dinner one night, we all joked about it. Grandma was laughing so hard at some points during our usually loud and funny dinner conversations, that I thought I might have to offer her a diaper. Anyways it was the first week of March, and spring break for the school was fast approaching at the end of the month. I was kind of wondering what we should do for the whole ten days, when I happened to look outside and noticed a very lonely looking motor home that had not been used in a while, and thought a road trip was in order.

The first thing I did was call Laurie to clear it with her and she said it was okay with her, I told her to keep it a secret and that I would come by for a bag of clothes a night or two before we left. I decided that it had been ages since I just drove my own country, and decided that we would tour the beautiful scenery of British Columbia. We would go north and stop when and where we wanted. During work one day I skipped out and went to the local tourist shop and bought every tourist map of B.C. that I could find, as well as the tourist attraction pamphlets they had, in all I had over twenty brochures. I knew we would never see everything, but we at least had some choices, or we could just drive and find things ourselves.

I decided to keep everything a complete secret from the boys and when asked what we were doing for spring break, I said we were staying home and probably working in the store. I could see by the looks in their eyes that this was not what they wanted to hear. Believe me, it was very difficult keeping a straight face for nearly three weeks, and getting everything prepared while they were at school, but I did. On the Saturday a week before we were to leave, I told the boys that I had a couple errands to run and to behave themselves, if possible, while I was gone, that of course earned me a pair of matching tongues stuck out at me.

I went over to Joey’s place and grabbed his clothes and told Laurie what we were doing.

“You just make sure and be careful with my baby.” She said in that motherly tone that nearly all males know better than to mess with.

“Of course, he is mine after all as well.” I said back and we both laughed at that.

The next week seemed to drag by so slowly, and the boys kept asking are you sure we are not going anywhere.

I told the boys that on Friday Joey had to go home after school, as we had a doctors appointment, and that we would pick him up on our way home. So that was all set. I picked Braedon up after school and went straight home.

“How come we're not going to the doctor like you said we were?” Braedon asked curiously.

“I decided that since you boys seemed so crushed that we were not going anywhere, I decided at the last minute to go somewhere. Go get changed and hop in the motor home, it is all ready.” I said with a smile.

“Yippee.” He yelled and got changed in record speed, even with a diaper change.

When we pulled up outside and honked the horn at Joey’s house, he all but flew out of the house and ran straight for us.

“What's going on?” Joey asked quickly.

“Get in you silly twit, we have a lot of driving to do to see as much of B.C. as we can.” I told him with a smile.

“You tricked us again, does my mom know already?”

“Of course, how do you think I already have your clothes, now go give grandma and mom a kiss goodbye and let's get this show on the road.”

He flew back to the house and back so fast I was sure his mom and grandma now had whiplash. They were both smiling and laughing while waving as we pulled away.

“So where are we going?” I heard in stereo only seconds later.

I reached into the pocket of my seat and grabbed all the pamphlets and handed them to the boys.

“You tell me. We are staying inside this province and we have ten days, we will not stay more than one night in any one place, and we want to have fun and see as much as we can. I am going to hit the northern highway and from there you tell me where to turn, the trip is in your hands, and if you see a pit stop somewhere, tell me if you want to see it.”

“Cool, a chauffeur to take us where we want to go, wicked.” Joey said and they both started laughing and I laughed with them.

“Well Joey, you may as well get diapered if you want to.” I said.

Well duh, he had one on so fast it actually surprised me. By the end of driving the first day we had seen three different roadside tourist attractions, and stopped at a very nice quiet campground by a creek. We cooked dinner and sat around and played cards until bed.

“Okay boys, bed time, try to keep the noise down, and try not to rock the motor home too much, I want to get some sleep.” I teased.

They did that at least, as I did not hear them other than a couple quiet moans, and I fell asleep. After breakfast we headed out and began our first full day of traveling and sight seeing. During the entire trip we stopped at at least one hundred different tourist attractions, two different amusement parks, nine different campgrounds, one nudist beach, a very cold lake by the way, and so many other things I don’t even remember. I used three one gig memory cards for my digital camera, and two DVD's for the video camera. We had a blast the entire time, but were all thankful to get back home. Getting back home late Sunday evening, we dropped Joey off at home and went home ourselves. We left everything in the motor home, saying it could wait, and crashed. We barely remembered to change our wet diapers after dinner, before we both went to bed. It really is amazing how a ten day road trip can tire you out so much, but I was beat.

Come Monday morning when the alarm rang, I seriously thought about just turning it off, and going back to bed, but decided against that. After hitting the snooze button three times I decided I better crawl my lazy backside out of bed and get ready, or I never would. I stumbled over to Braedon’s room and called out his name, no response, I called again, same thing. I called louder a few more times and then decided on a more drastic measure. I stumbled to the bed and pulled his covers completely off him and told him that if I had to be up so did he.

He was really cute laying there, face mashed into his pillow, knees tucked under himself and his diaper clad backside just waiting to be swatted. I gave him a few playful swats, and coaxed him out of bed. As he was standing up to start walking, he wavered and fell backwards, back onto his bed.

“I know how you feel, I didn't want to get up either. Stay there for a moment.”

He stayed put, I removed his soggy diaper for him and I offered my hand so that he could stand up. As soon as Braedon was standing on his own I swatted his freshly bared backside.

“Go get into a cold shower, I think we both need it this morning.”

I went and had my shower, cold as I could stand it, and feeling a little more refreshed, almost human, then I got dressed. I met Braedon in the foyer and we left to start another dull and dreary Monday. Nothing much really happened throughout the day for me, the business was decent, and it went by quickly enough, and then I went home to meet Braedon.

“How was your day today?” I asked as soon as I came in.

“It went well, even though everybody in my class now knows about my special underwear.”

“How did that happen?”

“While we were in gym class and changing, someone happened to see them and realized they were not normal underwear, so as curious as he was, he is one of the younger boys, he asked and of course everyone looked. I just told them all that due to a bladder problem, I have no control over peeing any longer and that I had had the problem for as long as I can remember, and that you may remember that I always have to go to the bathroom, well it pretty much just quit working. The doctor said it would happen eventually, but even he thought it would at least be a few more years.” Braedon said, pretty much saying exactly what he told all the boys in his gym class.

“So what did they all say?”

“Not much really, a few of them asked if it was painful, and a few asked if I wore diapers and things like that. I just told them during the day I wore these training type pants, because they can hold a small amount, but at night and while at home or on the road, I wear full fledged diapers. Some of them even asked if I liked them, and if they were comfortable, so I told them yes. I told them that they take some getting used to, but they are comfortable, and how many people do you know get to sit through an entire movie and drink a vat of pop and not have to get up to go to the bathroom, quite a few of them laughed, and agreed that that could be of benefit.” Braedon said with a smile.

“Good for you son, how does it feel to know your entire class now knows you wear diapers?”

“Good actually, now I don’t have to feel as if I am hiding it anymore, and no one seemed to care.”

“Did Joey say anything during all this?”

“Not really, he just nodded a few times, but he did add that there are some people who just like wearing diapers.”

“He did, I wonder why he said that in front of all his classmates, I mean I know he is one of them, but, well they might figure it out?” I asked, a little shocked.

“Actually a couple did, and asked if he was one, and seeing as how we are like brothers and spend so much time together, that he would be able to use mine. He just told them that that was quite personal and that he would neither confirm nor deny it.”

“Well they know now, that’s for sure, but it is not a bad thing really, and they won't make fun of you anyways.”

“I think most of the older guys in our class may suspect that we are boyfriends as well, but no one has ever said anything to us, and they all still hang out with us, so I guess it does not bother them.”

“I guess they don’t see either thing as being bad. Why don’t we go get changed and go out for dinner, because we have something to celebrate, and quite frankly I do not feel like cooking tonight?” I asked.

“I could go for that.” Braedon said.

We went to the local sit down pizza place and gorged ourselves until bursting point with pizza and salad. After dinner we went home and sat back and relaxed until bedtime. At bedtime I got us both ready and we went to sleep, a full hour earlier than was normal, even for us, but we were very tired still.

The rest of the week went by with no outstanding things happening. Friday afternoon I had both boys, as I always do, but I would have Joey for all week as well because his mom and grandma were heading back east to visit, and help his great aunt who was in the hospital after having hip surgery. She was to be released from the hospital Monday morning, and would need some help for a few days, so they decided to go and help, and I was more than happy to take Joey for the week, and oddly enough Braedon was ecstatic about the idea.

“Now remember boys, during the week there is to be no playing around. You cannot afford to stay up all night playing as you often do, and besides, you really don't need sex every night, some of us haven't in years.” I told the boys the first chance I could after we found out.

“Yes daddy, we know. Besides it is just nice to cuddle, and we don't play every night, and almost never all night.” Braedon said.

“So what should we do this weekend boys?” I asked.

“Well the weather is supposed to be nice and warm this weekend, so why don't we dust off our bikes and go for a ride somewhere, either tomorrow or Sunday?” Joey asked.

“That is not such a bad idea, we should make it Sunday so that we can tune our bikes up tomorrow, and since you don’t have school Monday anyways, we don’t need to worry about being tired.”

“Agreed.” They both said at the same time.

“So what should we do tonight then guys, movies and pizza sounds good to me.?”

“Movies sound good, but let's have tacos and burritos tonight instead, we have not had those before.” Braedon said.

“Hmmm, good idea, I have not had either in years myself. Let's go check the internet and get some recipes, I have no idea how burritos are even made, and then we can go to the store.”

I had no idea there were that many types of burritos, so we printed out three different ones, and headed to the stores to get the needed supplies. We grabbed everything needed for dinner, and two movies, while we were out, and got home quickly. The three of us all made dinner together, as we almost always do, and put everything in to dishes to stay warm and went to the media room and started the first movie. The first movie was a really good action movie that made the entire room vibrate from the explosions and other various sound effects. The problem was that some of the vibrations I was feeling on the couch were not in sync with the movie and I knew that the beans in the burritos were having the natural effect on my two gas tankers.

“Do either of you have dirty diapers that need to be changed.” I teased.

“Dad, we know how to control that end.” They both huffed.

“Well I just figured with the amount you two were farting, and by the smell, I thought you two were dirty.” I laughed at their faces and they chimed in laughing as well.

“Come on you two, let's get our wet pants off and get dry again, and start the other movie.”

We all came back to the TV room wearing only our diapers and put in the other movie, a very funny comedy. It was so funny that we all pissed ourselves laughing more than once, literally. Once the movie was over, we cleaned up quickly and I said goodnight to the boys and told them not to stay up to late. Goodnight dad, we love you, they both said. After getting changed I went to bed and fell right to sleep.

The boys went to their bedroom and took off their diapers and instead of putting new ones on, they laid down on the bed and started kissing and caressing lovingly. After about fifteen minutes of kissing, Joey broke away.

“Would you shave me please, I am getting too much hair?” Joey asked.

Braedon agreed and went and grabbed the electric razor and started shaving his boyfriend down. Braedon passed the razor to Joey once he was finished and said now do me. Once both boys were smooth again, they laid back down and continued where they left off. Very shortly though, Braedon's very erect penis made its way inside the love tunnel it belonged in, and they made slow passionate love. Very few sounds escaped either boy, except the occasional purring sound, until both boys exploded at the same time, and they both made very obvious grunts of immense pleasure. After resting for a few minutes, they traded places and went even slower yet, and this time lasted thirty some minutes before their love spilled on and in their lover. After cleaning each other lovingly, with their tongues, they diapered each other and cuddled up and went to sleep.

Saturday morning we all slept in until almost nine when I got up. As I was walking past the boys’ room I could hear them talking so I knocked and entered.

“Good morning boys, how long have you been awake for?”

“Good morning dad, only a few minutes, when did you get up?” Braedon asked.

“I just woke up myself, I was just on my way to the kitchen to grab some tea, do you guys want any?”

“Sure, we will be right there.” Braedon said.

So all three of us sat around the table, still with our soggy night diapers on, talking about what needed to be done today. After a couple mugs of tea, and some cereal each, we all headed to our rooms to shower and change for the day. Once we were all dressed we headed to the bike shop to get the needed supplies to do the tune ups on our bikes, we did have to stop by Joey’s to grab his bike on the way back though. Once home we all got changed into fresh diapers and some old clothes for working, and went out to the garage.

I put my bike first onto the hooks that were suspended from the ceiling, for just this purpose, and started dismantling the whole thing. The boys helped and within thirty minutes we had every part of my bike on the bench ready to be cleaned and greased. First thing I did was show the boys how to clean each part so they took the cleaner degreaser and started on that, while I started taking the ball bearings from the rims and cleaning them. Once cleaned, I re greased them and reinstalled them and tested them for friction and balance. One of the wheels felt a little off balance, so I put it into my balancer, and it was off slightly, so I re-balanced it, I tested the other one, just to be sure, but it did not need it.

The boys were finished with the cleaning of all the parts by then, so we all put my bike back together, newly greased. Once it was all back together I showed them how to properly adjust the brakes and gears. Once my bike was done, we grabbed Joey’s bike next, which happened to be closer, and started on it. We dismantled it completely, the same as we did mine, and I took care of the rims again, while they took the cleaning. Both rims on Joey's bike needed balancing, the one was so bad I am not sure how he could even ride it, and I said so.

“Oh it did have a bit of a wobble, but it really wasn't that bad.”

“Well it should be much better now, just tune it up each year and it will never get that bad again.”

“Well now that I know how, I will be able to.”

“That's good, if you take care of your bike, it will last for years.”

I had the boys adjust the brakes and gears on this one this time by themselves, to see how well they did, and I only had to help them once. Next came Braedon’s bike. A total of five hours later we were finished. Not bad for three bikes, and two people that had never worked on bikes before. We went in and had a quick lunch after getting changed and cleaned up, and went and tested the bikes out.

“Wow, I don’t think this bike has ever worked this nice before, thanks.” Joey said.

“Well you guys did most of the nasty work, I just showed you what needed to be done.”

“Yeah, but the wheels don’t vibrate any more, it's so smooth”

“No problem, it needed to be done.” I smiled

After riding around for about ten minutes, testing everything, we went back home. I had noticed that none of has had decent saddlebags for carrying things, and neither boy had water bottles, and mine was probably in need of replacing, so we headed back to the bike shop. We picked out a few new things and looked around and I happened to notice the helmets.

“How are your helmets fitting guys?”

“Mine fits good dad.” Braedon said.

“Mines getting a bit tight, but then it's almost three years old.” Joey said.

“Okay, go pick out a new one.”

“I don’t need one, really, mine is fine.” Joey protested.

“Did I ask, I said pick one out, go, and don’t give me that look.” I told him when he tried to give me the look.

He huffed over to the rack and picked the cheapest one he could find. I went in behind him, grabbed it, and put it back.

“Now, try picking a good one, and one that fits. That one there was probably smaller than your old one and was a cheap one that would protect less. Why not this one?” I asked, pointing to a nice black and red one.

“But that one is like sixty dollars.” He said.

“So what, mine is over three times that, but this one will protect you and it should fit quite well, why not try it on, ask the guy at the counter to help.”

I grabbed each of us a new water bottle, tool kit, pump, saddle bags, and spare tubes, as well as new high end lights and speedometers. I did not even look at the total on the till, just handed over my bank card and entered the pin, Joey noticed though.

“You just spent almost a thousand dollars, what on earth did you buy?”

“Well your helmet was a little expensive!” I teased.

His poor jaw nearly hit the floor. Both Braedon and myself, as well as the owner, all started laughing.

“Don’t worry about it. Let's go home and get all this stuff put on our bikes.” I said and we left.

When we got home we went back to the shop and installed all the new goodies on our bikes. We had to take a couple things off our bikes first, like both Braedon and myself already had a lot of this already, and Joey had a light, but the stuff I bought today was superior, and my stuff was getting old. Another two hours later our bikes looked like touring bikes that were ready for anything.

We all went inside, cleaned up again, had dinner, and watched TV for the night. I said good night and the boys gave me a hug and kiss and said goodnight as well. I went to my room and got myself changed and just laid down to sleep when a couple freshly changed boys snuck into my room and crawled in bed, one on either side of me and cuddled up and we all slept well until morning.

Sunday morning I awoke at around eight o’clock, and the boys were still cuddled up to me, snoring gently. I just laid there, gently rubbing their backs for quite some time until they both woke up. Once we were all ready to get up I removed the boys’ diapers and sent them to the shower, while I did the same. We all met in the kitchen and had a light breakfast and then got everything ready for our day. Once all the supplies were packed up, we headed out. There are a lot of really good biking and hiking trails in our area, and we only had to ride a short distance to get to the nearest one. This one was a three mile stretch that was, for the most part, quite even, while it followed a bending river. At the end of the first leg we stopped for a quick break, snack, and drink.

From there the trail goes up the side of a nice little mountain. Because the trail was designed for bikes and easy hikers, this was actually considered an easy trail, it sloped gently for the first mile or so, but was all up hill. Further up the trails separate and become more difficult depending on what trail you choose, and each trail had a marker telling everybody what to expect. We kept mainly to the easy trails all day, except one difficult trail that led to a nice lake. We tried to stop every hour or so to have a break, that always included a drink and a snack. Once we finished the difficult trail that was only one mile, but felt like five, we arrived at the lake and decided that here was an excellent place to stop for lunch and have a good break.

We pulled out the sandwiches and juice that we had prepared, and sat back and enjoyed. All told, before we stopped for lunch, we had ridden about ten miles, a lot of it gently up hill and a bit of it really nasty. The rest of the trip would be easier because it was mostly downhill, but we still had to make it to the top which was still a little over a mile away. Even though the downhill would be easier, we were actually coming down a different way then we went up, and were taking some of the moderate trails, and one more difficult. Yes it was downhill, but there would be more obstacles. After we finished our lunch and had a long rest we began again.

Because the last mile was a little more steep, this leg was one of our longest, and we were really sweating buckets when we reached the top. It really was a good thing that the temperature was still quite cool, or we never could have done this. The view from the top though was really nice and made all the work quite worth it. We stayed at the top for quite a while and just looked around, and even though this was still considered really only a hill, from the top it felt really high.

Once rested again, we started our trek, back down the backside of the mountain this time. As promised it was quite a bit more difficult than the trails up, but at least it was downhill, or we never could have done it, because at times we would come around a corner and meet a gully or a larger rock stand that you had to circumnavigate. There still was a fair bit of uphill riding as well, and those times were the hardest of the day, and after several rests and quite a few hours, we hit the bottom of the hill. Here we stopped for a bit and ate and drank some more before we began our three hour journey around from the back to the front where we started.

That really is not accurate as we were at best only a hundred degrees from where we started, but the rest of the ride would be easy, all flat. After nearly ten hours of being out riding, we finally made it home, we parked our bikes in the garage and barely remembered to close it before heading inside. We dropped our clothes as we were walking towards the hot tub and three equally soggy diapers were the last off before we climbed in and hit the jets. I had grabbed the cordless phone on the way out and called a pizza place and ordered three large pizzas for us, because if you think I was going to cook after that, no way, not a chance.

Just as we were getting out of the hot tub the doorbell rang, so I grabbed my robe and went to the door and paid for and grabbed the pizzas. I met the boys in the kitchen and they each grabbed a box and set them in their places and then grabbed the glasses and drinks and napkins and we all sat down to eat, all still naked, as I had removed my robe. I ate ¾ of mine and both boys ate all but one slice out of their pizzas, and we were stuffed. As we were cleaning up, Braedon realized that he had actually peed while eating and went to clean it up.

“Don't worry about it Braedon, I will clean it up, Joey you go and get you both diapered.” I said warmly as Braedon seemed a little upset about it.

Once I was finished cleaning up I went in and got myself freshly diapered and we sat down on the couch and watched TV for about half an hour before we all decided that we were too tired too stay awake any longer. Both boys were already wet, so I changed them quickly and we crawled into bed, and tonight I was by myself when I went to bed, but sometime during the night they both came in and cuddled up to me.

When I woke up in the morning I was actually kind of surprised that the boys were with me, because I had no idea when they came in, having not waken up in the least. The boys both woke up only minutes after I did and we just laid there for a few minutes just cuddling and gently tickling each other.

“So how come you guys came in here last night” I asked during our cuddling.

“My diaper leaked last night, so we decided to come in here after we both got changed. We just left the bedding until this morning though.” Joey told me.

“Oh okay, I don’t mind, I just did not even feel you guys crawl in I was so tired last night, so I was surprised. So boys, what should we do today?”

“Nothing that involves moving my legs, because I can't feel them for the pain.” Braedon said.

“Well I do kind of agree, but we are not laying here all day, so let's get up and we can make a good breakfast and then go soak our weary bones in the hot tub.”

We made a huge breakfast and ate every last crumb and then hit the jetted wonder, and soaked for nearly an hour.

“Okay boys, let's get out of here and go for a quick swim.” I said wearily.

“I don’t want to move my legs.” Both boys said at the same time.

“Come on you two, if you do not use them, they will really be sore, and the cool water will help, plus it will feel great. Plus, after swimming I will massage your backs and legs.” I offered.

They both followed me to the pool and we all jumped in. Neither boy had ever gone straight from the hot tub to the pool before, and were not expecting the shock to their bodies, it was hilarious, they nearly jumped back out as fast as they went in, and they would have landed on their feet too.

“Christ that is cold after the hot tub.” Braedon said in shock.

“Of course it is Braedon, what did you expect. Did the turtle go inside the shell, do you look like a girl now?” I teased.

At first he had a confused look on his face and then grinned and looked down to check.

“Yep, I guess I do, can barely feel it.”

“Me neither.” Joey laughed.

I couldn't help it and laughed at both of them.

“You guys are too funny, why would you not know about the cold water trick?” I asked and they both shrugged.

We swam around for a bit and when we crawled out of the water the boys both looked a little more alive and refreshed.

“That does feel a little better now.” Braedon admitted.

“Yeah, it does.” Joey said.

“Told you it would, come on, it's time for a couple massages.”

I grabbed a couple quilts to lay down on the table and grabbed some good liniment oil for our massages. I had Joey climb up first and I started at one foot, and had Braedon start at the other, and follow what I did. Slowly we worked up his legs and finally to his pert little backside and then to his lower back. By the time we were finished I actually had to wake Joey up, we had relaxed him so much. Braedon was next and he got the same treatment, but he managed to stay awake, just barely.

“Okay boys, I'm next, use what you just learned on me please?” I asked and they gave me an awesome massage, and I too almost fell asleep.

“Now boys, let's go jump in the pool again and swim for a few minutes.” I said, trying to hide the evil grin.

We all jumped in and as the boys surfaced they screamed.

“What’s the matter boys? Oh I am so sorry, I forgot to tell you that when cold water hits liniment oil, it kind of burns a bit.” I said in mock shock.

I laughed at their looks as the burning sensation faded away into a nice warm feeling. I always loved doing this, because after a good massage a cool shower or pool just makes it feel even better.

“That was really mean you know dad, that really burned for a few minutes.” Braedon pouted.

“Yes I know, but it is good for you, and just be thankful that I warned you guys not to get any of that on your sensitive areas, or you would never have sex again, huh?”

“No kidding!” They both yelped at the same time.

“Let's get out of here and dry off, I think I have tortured you two enough for one day.” I smiled warmly.

“Yes you have.” Joey said with a grimace.

We dried off and then got diapered and watched TV for the rest of the day, just cuddled on the couch, three guys wearing only diapers, a sight to be seen I am sure. The only time we ever really got off the couch all day was to get drinks or go to the bathroom and to get snacks, and of course get changed. Around dinner time I dragged the boys into the kitchen and had them help me get dinner ready. Alfredo chicken on pasta with garlic bread and salad, easy to make and very tasty, we all agreed.

After dinner was all cleaned up we went back to watching TV until bedtime. I ended up carrying Braedon to bed as he had fallen asleep. I gently changed Braedon's diaper and laid him down on his side of the bed and then changed Joey and he crawled in beside his lover. I kissed both boys on their foreheads and whispered goodnight and left their room, turning off the light and closing the door. I got myself changed as well and climbed into bed and was asleep before I even hit the pillow, thankfully I remembered to set the alarm clock before I climbed in to bed.

Tuesday morning you could not even measure how much I wanted to be at work with a micrometer it was so minimal. Such are the joys of owning the place, because after doing the books for the past few days, which took only two hours, I decided that I was not needed.

I took off and just walked around town for a while, trying to decide what to do. I never really figured out what to do, but I had gone into quite a few stores just looking around, and bought a few things that we needed. I stopped at a café down the road a ways from the store and grabbed lunch to think it over. I had a nice lunch while I was thinking. I was getting tired of running the store, I did not want to be there much any more. I had figured that with the large renovation that it would help some, but it really only made it worse. The truth is, this was my wife’s business too, and it was getting too painful to stay any longer now that I was really happy with life. The way I figured it, both Braedon and Joey would be finished school in two years or less and would go to university, they both wanted to go to the one in Vancouver, since it offered both courses they were looking at. Also another truth, even two hours away was going to be too far away. So what should I do. Well let's see, in two years or less, sell off my entire life here and move to the city. Sounds kind of exciting really.

I started drawing up plans in my mind. Business could sell for an easy three million, house five hundred thousand no problem, plus all the stock in the store, almost forgot that, man, how much is in there now, easily over a million I suppose. Well there is four and a half million, nice little nest egg to retire on, but where do we live, all the houses are way to close together. Oh I know, I loved my first apartment, it was an old converted factory and was large. I wonder what old factories are going for these days, I asked myself. I paid for lunch, grabbed my bags and headed out. I got back to the store, grabbed the car and left for home, feeling pretty good.

First thing I did when I walked in the house was grab my phone book and called my real estate agent.

“Hey Bernie, how’s it going?”

“Good, and you?”

“Good thanks. Hey listen I am looking at selling everything in town and moving to Vancouver.”

“Oh, right away?” He asked surprised.

“Oh no, looking in about two years or so, maybe less, who knows. Here is what I am looking for today though, any old abandoned small factory buildings in the city, has to be spacious, don’t care how many floors, only need two suites, but more would keep the money rolling in and it needs to be as close to the university as possible.”

“Let me look into everything I can find and get back to you then.”

“Okay that sounds good. Just one request, don’t call after three, I don’t want Braedon knowing yet.”

“Not a problem, probably be a day or two then, I will also do up the sales papers for the house and the businesses, we should be able to get you a fair amount with the additions to the store, making it a mall now, with even more additional space being able to be added in the future.”

“Okay thanks, talk to you later.” I said and we hung up.

I had completely forgotten about the extra mall that I had added, that would add a considerable amount to my retirement fund. I should also know in a few days what's happening, property wise, and figure out what we want to do. Now all I had to do was figure out how to tell Laurie and Grandma, and the boys too for that matter. The boys would probably be excited, but I was not so sure about Laurie. Hell if the place we found was large enough the ladies could move with us, although I doubt they would, they seem to like it here.

“Good afternoon boys, how was your day today?” I asked as they came in from school.

“It was really good dad, how about you.” Braedon asked.

“Oh not to bad, decided to skip work today, had a lot on my mind.”

“Why, what is going on dad?” They both asked.

“Oh nothing bad, no worries there. I am just getting tired and thinking of retiring soon, you know travel a bit.”

“Oh good, for a minute there we thought something was wrong.” Joey said.

“Like I said, no worries, just a mid life crisis already, and at only thirty five. So what made today so good for you guys today?”

“Well they gave us our mid term test results today, and it looks like we are both about half way through the eleventh grade, by normal standards, and they said we both would graduate with honors during the Christmas season next year, if all went as it has been.” Braedon said proudly.

“HOLY SHIT, you guys are going to graduate in less than a year, both, that is the best news I have heard since the adoption papers were signed! I am so proud of both of you. Are you two going to apply to university soon then?” I almost screamed, so proud I was beaming.

“Yes, they gave us and a couple others our applications today, the others chose other schools, but we want the university in Vancouver.

“Still going for child therapist Braedon, and Pediatrician Joey?”

“Oh yeah, nothings changed yet, but I doubt I will, that is what I want to do.” Braedon said, Joey just nodded his head.

“Well this definitely calls for a celebration, let's all get dressed up and hit the town. Too bad your mom and grandma aren’t here to help celebrate, but you should call and tell them right away, your mom might be crushed that I found out first.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, she will just be happy, and will be even happier when I tell her that I won scholarship, half tuition for up to ten years. Tell him Braedon.” Joey said brightly

Braedon just shrugged when I looked over at him.

“So what is it, did you get one too?”

He nodded.

“So what is it?”

“Full tuition for up to eight years.” He grinned

I grabbed him up and hugged him so tight he gasped. While Braedon was still gasping, Joey had gotten a hold of his mom and was telling her the good news. When he was finished I heard her scream, she was so happy. Then he told her about the scholarships and she was even more happy. For both boys, scholarships like this meant a lot more of their savings could be spent for themselves, not that either cared much. We all got dressed as fancy as possible and headed out. We hit the best restaurant in town and put our names on the list. It was only a thirty minute wait, but they plied us with drinks and bread while we waited on very comfortable chairs, with other patrons waiting to be served. When our name was called we were led to a nice table in the corner by the window and three waiters pulled out our chairs and seated us. I ordered the best bottle of champagne and a couple glasses of ginger ale. The bottle was delivered with a flourish and three glasses were poured on my request.

The waiter left us to our champagne and menus and said he would be back shortly with more bread, and to take our orders if we were ready. I raised my glass to the boys and toasted them on their brilliance and their love for each other. We slowly sipped our champagne and a fresh basket of bread was delivered. We all placed our orders, and the waiter asked if there was anything else he could bring us in the meantime. We declined and he said to call him if we needed anything before he made it back to check again. We finished off our glasses of champagne and I poured myself another one and poured some into each of the boys’ glasses of ginger ale. Obviously the waiter knew why I asked for the ginger ale and only filled the glasses half full, so it was perfect for the boys.

A few minutes later steaming bowls of soup were delivered to our table for us to eat. We all chose the French onion soup, theirs is the best around. Once we were finished the soup, we were just chatting when after about twenty minutes the salads were delivered. We all ordered the house salad, and it had more vegetables on it than the average produce market carries. Once the salads had set, after about another thirty minutes, our main course was delivered. It actually looked too good to eat, but the smell just drew you in, saying, eat me. So we did, and it was excellent. We were almost too full to order dessert, but said hey why not, it is a celebration after all. The waiter happened to be standing there right then.

“Oh really, and what might we be celebrating this evening?” He asked happily.

“Well both boys just learned today that they will be graduating in less than a year, and both with excellent scholarships no less.” I piped up right away, very proudly.

“Wow, you guys are what, fourteen and fifteen?” He asked, looking back and forth between the boys.

“No, not quite, Braedon's not even a teen yet, and Joey is almost fourteen.” I answered.

“Well that certainly calls for a celebration, tell you what, give me about thirty minutes and I will bring you the best dessert on the house.” He smiled.

As promised thirty minutes later a cart was pushed up to our table with five waiters surrounding it. We did not see what they had until a large blue flame erupted from the center of them, and they stepped back let us gaze at our cherries jubilee. Damn was this going to be good. They served them to us still flaming and began applauding my young geniuses. They both blushed a lot, but said thanks. Damn, did I ever enjoy that dessert, it had been more years than I can remember having it. If you have never seen this in a restaurant it is because it is very expensive and a pain to make, but well worth it, and this restaurant charged fifteen dollars per plate for it. It had been a lot of years as well that I had spent more than two hundred dollars on a dinner for so few people, but believe me, sometimes you have to. We left a very good tip for our waiters and left.

As we were driving home I noticed that the local theater company had a play going on, and the nights show was just about to open. I swung in there and parked. We went to the ticket window and I asked for three tickets.

“Boy are you guys lucky tonight, there are only four seats left, better hurry, they will be starting in about ten minutes.” The lady at the window said.

We went in and found our seats and sat down. I don’t even know the name of the play that was playing that night, but it was very good, very funny too. When we got home it was nearly midnight, so I got the boys changed and herded them into bed. I crawled in only minutes later and fell asleep a very happy parent.


Chapter 11

Morning came too quickly if you ask me, and I had to double check the time to make sure that it was in fact correct. When I did, and saw that it was in fact correct, I decided I should get up. I stumbled across to the boys’ room and shook them awake. They both mumbled at me in some language, but I paid no heed, and tore their blankets off and told them to get in the shower. I pulled off two very soggy diapers and they left for their bathroom with such a trudge I actually laughed. I also hit the shower and got myself ready for the day.

Today I went only in casual clothes, since I did not plan on staying long again.

“How come you're not dressed for work dad?” Braedon asked and Joey nodded at the question.

“I have things to do today that do not require me being up front today, so why bother putting on the good clothes.”

They shrugged, we left. I got the books all done and called a staff meeting before the store opened, but after the boys headed to school. Not everybody was here this morning, but the important ones were.

“Guys, I have some news for you, and I do not want this told to Braedon and Joey yet. Soon I plan on selling everything here and heading to Vancouver to start a new life. I thought that with the renovation it would help the feelings of loss I feel here, but it didn't. You see, ever since Braedon came into my life, I have been so happy, and the store, it just has too many old memories in it, well it has been almost depressing me.” I said, and to say they were in shock would have been an understatement of incredible proportions.

“What will happen to us?”

“When will this be happening?”

“Who is taking over?”

These were just a few questions they all asked.

“I don't know yet, it will probably be about a year until anything happens, and the business has not even been advertised yet, and only the new owners could say what would happen. I will try and write into the sale that all employees are to stay employed, but that will be no guarantee, but you should not worry about it too much, since it is about a year away and no one would fire all the staff when you do such a good job, and I have the books to show it too. I might not be around that much for the next week or so though, I am going to be doing a lot of work.” I told them.

“I know your reasons, and we all understand, and even if it is a year, you have to know that we will all miss you when you do leave.” Trevor said for everyone.

“I know, and I will miss you all as well, hell some of you grew up in this store. Again, don't worry too much, it will be an uncertain time for a while, and I would be truly sad if the new owners were to fire all of you, but I doubt they would, you are all excellent employees, and at worst you would get glowing recommendations from me, hell you will anyways.”

“Thanks.” They all said.

Once I was finished dropping the bad news on the guys I gave Bernie a call.

“Hi Bernie, you free for breakfast, I would like to go over some things?”

“I am with a client at the moment, but we should be finished up pretty quick, if you want to meet me at the IHOP in about half an hour I should be there.” Bernie answered.

“Okay, great, meet you there then.”

I decided to walk there, since it would take about twenty minutes to walk, and it would kill the time and let me think. I ended up relaxing and not thinking at all during the walk and ended up standing at the door to the restaurant, not realizing I was there yet. I grabbed a table and ordered some tea to drink while waiting. Fifteen minutes later Bernie walked in and I waved him in and he came and sat down.

“So how is it going today?” He asked.

“Not too bad at all, the reason for me calling like this is some things have changed. Let's order breakfast and I will tell you everything then.”

We both ordered our breakfasts and I started telling him what was happening.

“Hmm, okay, so you say your son and his boyfriend are going to graduate in under one year and you want to have this done by then, could be tight to sell everything off, the house no problem, but businesses that big, not usually so easy.”

“It might not be so difficult. I can supply every book that has been kept since the store opened, and with the exception of a couple bad years, it has been a hand over fist money making business, and I would be willing to pay to have up to as many as three independent accountants go over everything.” I interrupted.

Dollar signs flashed in his eyes, this would take all the pressure off selling it and he knew it. At this point the food was delivered and we ate in near silence. After I finished eating I ordered more tea and more coffee for Bernie.

“So have you found anything for me yet?” I asked.

“Not too much yet, but there was one hopeful you might be interested in, it is a little larger than I think you were looking for, but it is quite a steal.” He said skeptically and opened his brief case and pulled out a folder.

“Here, I had the selling Realtor fax this over last night, I was going to call you this morning with this anyways, but you beat me to it.”

I opened it up and saw the first picture and nearly closed it right away saying sold. It was lovely, an old 1940’s red brick building with large windows on three sides that I could see.

“Like I said, it is a bit large, it was an old factory and over the years has done quite a few things, mostly medical, but there were others. The foot print is about ten thousand square feet, a total of five floors with twelve foot ceilings, and each floor only takes up half the building going up one side. So each floor is about five thousand square feet, it has three large bay doors off a private alley way, it is about two miles from the university, and the best part is the price. It is currently in the beginning processes of a bankruptcy, so it will go for very cheap. The problem is that you could be outbid and the price could go quite high, the property on the open market would go for around two million, there is a little over three hundred thousand owing on it, so that is the least the bank will take.”

“So what kind of shape is it in, structurally speaking?”

“According to some older documents, that are also included in here, the foundation is sound, some windows are broken, was seismically refit twenty years ago and all the floors are good, except the main factory floor that I was told should be replaced.”

“Well I don’t see that as too much of a problem. So how do we go about placing an offer on this, I want it yesterday?” I asked happily.

“Are you sure, I have not shown you everything else yet?”

“Don’t worry about it, this is the one, I can feel it.”

“I will get started on the proceedings right away, what should I say the offer is?”

“Go four for now and go up to one million if you have to.”

“Good choice, all around, I will get back to you as soon as I have anything.” Bernie said happily.

We both stood and shook hands, and I grabbed the bill before Bernie could, and I paid as I left. I walked back to the store with a happy stride and picked up the car. I went home and poured myself a small drink and sat down at my desk and opened up the folder I was given. There were everything from pictures to blueprints and everything in the package. I looked over everything and started making plans. The front side of the building was where all the floors were situated, leaving the back half around sixty feet high. On the left side of the building was the alley way and the three bay doors, so I would make a garage there. The open floor I was thinking recreation area with pool and hot tub and the works, but I would have to see if the pool could be done first. Let's see, separate each floor into two suites at twenty five hundred square feet each, good size. Hmm elevator, does it have one? Does have an old lift, would have to check it out, but it probably is still good, it still looks good in the pictures. So four floors with two studio apartments on each floor, hmm, eight apartments, two for us and six to rent. Work that one out later I guess. Looks like it only needs a little brick work on the outside, that should be easy, clean it up a bit and it will look awesome.

As I was working things out in my mind I was drawing things out to see what it would look like. Well this looks like crap, wonder what a good architect and designer could do with it, definitely don’t change the exterior though. I called John, my architect friend who did the store.

“Hey John, do you have an opening for tomorrow?” I really should have waited for the sale first, but like I said before I had a good feeling about this.

“Sure, what's up, not wanting to add more to the store already are you?” He teased.

“Nah, something else I would like you guys to do up for me, I don't even have the property yet, but I want this done early so that when I do get it, I can get started right away. What time should I come?”

“About ten, but what if you don't end up getting it?”

“Then oh well, but I don't think it will happen. I will see you tomorrow morning then, thanks.”

“No problem, see you tomorrow as well.” He said and we disconnected.

I closed everything and stuffed it into the desk drawer and left the office. It was almost two o’clock already and the boys would be home in an hour, so I decided to go for a swim. I peeled off my clothes as I sauntered out to the pool and jumped in. I swam and soaked in the hot tub until the boys came in and found me so they joined me.

“So how was your day today guys?”

“Not quite as exciting as yesterday was, but good.” Joey said and Braedon nodded.

“So what did you do today?” Braedon asked.

“Not too much, got a bunch of stuff for the store done, that’s about all.” I lied, so sue me, and we sat in silence for a bit.

“Dad, what is really up, you have not been yourself for a couple days now?” Braedon all of a sudden asked, almost startling me.

“I can't fool you, can I! Okay, I will tell you guys since this is for you guys too.”

“Huh!” They both said.

“Well, as I said yesterday, I am getting tired of running the store, but that is not quite all. That store was our business, my wife’s and mine, and it still hurts. I thought that after doing all the work to the store that it would help, make it new, but it made it worse really. I am going to sell it next year, or sooner, when you guys graduate. And what’s more, I am going to sell everything and move to the city so that we can be closer.” I admitted.

Their jaws were touching the water, they were both in shock and didn't know what to say.

“I have done a lot of thinking about this guys, and there really will be nothing here for me here once you guys go away to school, all my family lives closer to there than they do here, so it would be better too, well except mom and dad, but they want to start traveling anyways. Why don’t we climb out and I will show you guys what I am working on?”

We climbed out and dried off, went to my bedroom, and I got us all diapered up.

“Meet me in the dining room boys, I will be right there.” I said.

I went to the office and grabbed the file and headed to the dining room where the boys were patiently waiting, and I tossed everything on the table.

“Here, look at this.”

They opened the folder and saw the first picture in the stack.

“So what do you guys think, that is the one I am trying to buy?” I asked with a wide smile.

“It is an office building!” Joey said.

“Correction, it is an old factory.”

“What do you want to buy an old factory for?” Braedon asked curiously.

“To make studio apartments of course, what else would I do.”

They both still looked stumped, so I went over the rough sketches I did, and they began to understand and see the big picture.

“So what now?” Braedon asked.

“Now you guys do the best you can through the next year, and graduate probably the youngest pair of boys in town, and then we high tail it out of this town and hit the city.”

“Sounds good to me, I really have nothing here except you two anyways, how about you Joey?” Braedon asked.

“Only mom and grandma are here for me too, and it is after all only two hours away, and what do you want to bet they drive up almost every weekend just to get out of town, while we are at school anyways. I will have to tell them that we do have studying to do of course, but you know how mothers are, well sort of, you know how mine is?” Joey stumbled.

“So what do you guys want for dinner?” I asked.

“I could go for burgers and fries, how about you Joey?” Braedon asked.

“Sounds great to me too.”

“Consider it done, now get in the kitchen and make it for me boys!” I teased.

How dare they, they stuck their tongues out at me and turned and ran. I chased after them, pretty much all throughout the house, and caught them in the kitchen and gave them both a hug.

“Come on brats, let's go get dinner ready shall we.” I said and gave them both a kiss on the top of their heads.

I got the meat and grill ready while the boys got the fryer and potatoes ready. We made a huge fattening dinner and then we pigged out as we normally do, and then cleaned up quickly and waddled into the den for some TV before bed. After only an hour of watching TV, we were all ready for bed, although I had a sneaking suspicion that bed was not on the boys’ minds.

“Well goodnight you two, but don’t stay up too late, just make it a quickie, you have school tomorrow. Don’t give me that look you two, I can read you both like a book, and I know you did not get a chance this weekend, because you slept with me, and I also know that you are probably about ready to explode. Now go and enjoy and then go to bed, oh, and I love you two, goodnight.” I said, as they tried to give me the who me look.

“Yes daddy, love you too.” They both said with warm smiles on their faces.

I went and got myself all ready for bed, remembered to set the alarm, barely, and climbed into bed and fell right to sleep.

The boys, as promised, did make it only a quickie, as they too were tired, but like I said, both were about ready to explode. They decided that a nice quick sixty nine and a finger insertion would do nicely for the night, and that was how they satisfied each other tonight. After getting each other diapered, they cuddled up and kissed for a while before falling asleep.

We all awoke in the morning feeling more refreshed and ready to go. We all went to the store as normal and they cleaned while I did the books and after the boys left and the guys showed up, I too left. When it was time I went for my appointment at the architects office and met John.

“How’s it going, doing good business lately?” I asked.

“Oh it's always good, you?”

“Business has been excellent and I am making more money than I can keep track of, so I want you to help me spend some of it.” I smiled

“Okay, well let's see what we can do about that.” He grinned while rubbing his greedy little hands together, we both laughed.

“So what can I do for you now anyways?” He asked curiously.

I grabbed the folder out of my briefcase and passed it to him.

“Here, take a gander at this.”

“Wow, this is really nice building, you bought it?” He asked after giving a low whistle of appreciation.

“No, unfortunately not yet, but the paper work is started and hopefully, if all goes well, it will be ours soon. All I am looking for today is some good preliminary sketches, the outside of course does not change, but the inside is another story. If you look at my basic sketches, you should have pretty good idea as to what I am looking for, please excuse the fact that they look like shit.” I grinned, and he rifled through the papers to find mine.

“Well what do you need me for, this looks not too bad?” He asked genuinely.

“Well I want you to do it professionally, and I need for you to take care of the structural business, as well as I want your opinion about putting a pool in the ground floor.”

“Well of course I will not have a really good idea until I look at the building, but normally there is no problem for the pool, and as soon as it is purchased, I will take a full look at the building to tell you what needs to be done. I have an engineer or two kicking around, so a structure assessment should be no problem at all.”

“Excellent, when can you have the drawings done by?” I asked excitedly.

“Give me two to three days, because we are kind of busy right now, but this should not take me long. When will you know about the sale?”

“I wish I knew, my Realtor found that it was a bankruptcy sale, and those can sometimes take a while, but I have a really good feeling about this, as I told you yesterday.”

“Okay, I will call you as soon as I have something for you, call me as soon as you hear anything as well.”

“Will do, thanks, I will leave all this with you, and I'll talk to you later.”

I headed out and quickly gave Bernie a call to ask if he found anything yet, I knew that he would not yet, but just had to know.

“Nothing yet, sorry man, this could take months to go through, and even then, there is no guarantee, but I can tell you that this property has been sitting for sometime now, and they are probably itching to sell. I did get all the necessary paperwork filled out and sent to the banks and other various offices though, so now we wait.” He answered, knowing full well I was being as patient as I could.

“Okay, I knew you would have nothing yet, but just wanted to know, thanks a lot again.”

“Don’t worry about it, I know what you are going through, and have no fear, the second I hear something I will call you right away.”

The next two days both seemed to drag and fly by in the same breath, and it was now Friday afternoon. Nothing really happened the past couple days, so when I got home on Friday to meet the boys, I was glad to see a package on my doorstep. I checked the label and it was from John. I rushed in the house, forgetting to close the door, and the boys found me, only a minute or two later, going over the drawings that he did up. The boys both looked over my shoulders to see what was happening, and we were all impressed.

He added a few large skylights to the main area and about ten smaller ones for the two top floor living areas. He adjusted some things for the garage to give us more parking and work space. He added a large water feature into the corner that would spill into the pool, which was to be shaped like a lagoon. He notated that sun lights would be added to make the indoors look like out, and changed the walkway leading from the lift and adjusted the entrance a bit.

I gave the office a call, and told John that if the sale went through, that these drawings would be perfect, except I wanted my plumbing and electrical changed slightly for sure, and maybe the boys’ as well if they wanted. I was told this would not be any problem.

We more or less just stayed at home and laid back watching TV for the whole weekend. Sunday afternoon Laurie and grandma made it home, safe and sound, and we all went out for dinner. We of course went to the steak house and stuffed our selves silly and were so loud in our talking that I am sure more than a few people were upset, ah who cares you big babies.

It was now May, and the time just seemed to be going at a speed that was incomprehensible. The boys were both really busy at school, because their courses were getting more stressful, trying to keep their grades up to where they wanted them. They also pushed themselves so hard that I had to tell them to relax a bit, more than once. I also told them on numerous occasions that they did not have to work so hard, and that if they finished at the end of next year it would be no big deal. They just said they wanted to do this and get it out of the way. I neither forced them to do this, nor stopped them, I was letting them make the decision, as it was theirs, and theirs only to make.

All I did was that on the weekends I was certain to make sure they got out and did something fun and relaxing, so that they would not burn themselves out. It was at this time, the first week of May that we finally got the word on the building, I had called and talked to Bernie numerous times, and he said things were happening, but not nearly fast enough if you ask me. It was a go, they finally accepted the offer of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and we now owned thirty thousand square feet of factory and office floor space, to do with as we pleased.

We yelled, we hollered, we screamed, we celebrated. We made plans to head out to Vancouver Friday, right after the boys got out of school, and pick up the keys and get a really good look at what we just got ourselves into. It was only Monday when we found out, and we had to wait all the way until Friday to go, man those few days sure took an awful long time to come. I had of course called John and told him the good news, and to draw up the final plans.

“Well I have to look at it first and have the engineers inspect it and see what needs to be done, but as soon as that is out of the way, it is a go.”

“Well we are heading out there Friday night and will be there until Sunday night, so if you can make it then, we will be there, I will pay the overtime for your guys and hotel and meals are of course on me.”

“Well who can refuse such an offer, consider us there.”

Of course, as soon as we knew we had it, I had told Bernie to list it all and sell the businesses as quickly as possible, and the house would have to give us at least six months, and he said it was already started. As I mentioned before, the rest of the week dragged something fierce and going to work was even more difficult than normal. I did tell the guys at the store that everything was now on the market and that I would do everything I could for them.

“I would like to talk to you for a few minutes, in private, if I could please?” Trevor asked me when I told them this.

“Sure, we can go to my office and we can talk.”

“How much are you selling the stores for?” He asked right away.

“I am not sure of the entire selling price, but the strip mall, property and the business, with all stock, is likely to sell on the market of about ten million, why do you ask?” I asked curiously.

“Oh I was just wondering, because I am thinking of buying it.” He answered calmly

“You have that kind of money, I didn’t know you were rich?” I asked, looking at him as if he was pulling my leg or something.

“Well I technically am not, but I do have a lot of money saved, and own everything I have outright, including my house. My grandparents on the other hand are very rich, and they said they would give me a couple million and back a loan, but the problem is the bank will not give me anything over five million, unless they have some kind of proof that they will not lose their shirts.” Trevor answered calmly.

“Like I said, that was just a rough figure, and my Realtor knows the selling price for everything, excluding stock, so give me a second to call him and let me ask him.” I said and called Bernie right away.

“Hi Bernie, what have you got all the businesses listed for?” I asked.

“We have it on the market for eight and a half million for the whole lot.” He answered.

“Okay, thanks a lot, I will talk to you later then.”

“Okay, talk to you later too.” he said, sounding a little puzzled, and we hung up.

“Eight and a half million, excluding stock.” I said.

“I will have to look it over and see what I can come up with.” Trevor said after a moment of thought.

“One of the things I told my Realtor was that I would give all the books from date of opening to up to three accountants of your choice, and pay for them to go over everything. That will satisfy any bank around. For everyone else, the stock in the store is not included in that price don’t forget, however, for you it is. If you can make it work, and if I can help in any way, consider it done.” I offered.

He gave me a hug so hard I think a rib was lost. He knew that if he could swing it, I would be basically giving him over a million dollars. I considered it payback for over ten years of loyal service, and I could think of no one that I would want to see the store go to more, and I told him so.

Well Friday afternoon did finally come, and the boys were almost as hyped to go as I was. I called John and asked when they would be there.

“We will be there first thing tomorrow morning for breakfast.”

“Excellent, call me as soon as you make it into town and we will meet for breakfast somewhere.”

We made it to the city in really good time and went straight to our new apartment building, where the selling Realtor was asked to meet us. The lady was standing there when we pulled up. We parked on the street and got out and met her, and we introduced ourselves.

“Sorry, hope you haven't been here long?” I asked once the introductions were over with.

“Not a problem, I have only been here about ten minutes.”

“That’s good, I did not want to keep you waiting too long.”

“Well, I guess you want the keys to your new building. I just have to see your ID of course and get you to sign a couple things and then I will leave you guys to it.”

I showed her my ID to prove that I was who was supposed to get the keys, and she had me sign the couple papers and she left, congratulating us on our purchase. I don’t think I mentioned it before, but the building sat on a street corner, one street was a four lane street that kept pretty busy most of the time. This was the front of the building, it housed the main entrance to the building, and it had the largest windows, it was also the side that the apartments are on. The intersecting street is only a two lane street and is almost dead, this side also had huge windows. The back side had the personal alley way leading off the dead street and housed the three large bay doors. There were fewer windows on this side and they were much smaller. The other side of the building butted up almost against another smaller building, and although this side had the same amount of windows as the other side, the bottom two stories would be all but blocked, but the other ones had a nice view.

We walked all around our new building, probably three times, just taking it all in. Finally we went to the front doors and tried a few keys before we found the one that worked. We entered and closed and locked the door behind us and just looked at the huge wide open space before us. It was wide open, nothing but support pillars in the way, well except a few years worth of dust and debris. It was amazing how much light was in the place from all the windows, it promised an even better view in nicer light, and of course once the windows were cleaned and huge skylights added. We found the lift and the stairs going up to the four floors above us. The lift of course was not working, considering there was still no power yet, but it would be hooked up either some time tonight or early tomorrow. We took the stairs up and noted that they were somewhat wobbly and a few steps were loose, so we all hung on tightly and walked up carefully. The catwalk that led from the stairs to the lift and to the single door on each floor also swayed a little, but seemed secure and possibly by design, from the looks of it. I found it odd that it was a non attached catwalk, held by a series of cables, a lot like a bridge would be. We looked in on the first floor first and toured each floor up slowly. On each of the upper floors there was a lot of garbage that needed cleaning up. There were lots of boxes and dust, a few old filing cabinets, various pieces of business furniture and accessories, and did I mention dust. It was apparent that there was going to be a lot of cleanup, but no real sense in cleaning before building, other than getting the garbage taken care of.

Once we were finished looking around we left, and the first thing we did when we left was to find a hotel that would take us, and then the guys for tomorrow night. As luck would have it there was one only two blocks away, and they had plenty of space open. I grabbed us a room for the night with two queen size beds and two more of the same style rooms for tomorrow. We went up to our room and got cleaned up, because it was really dirty there, and we wanted to go out for dinner. We asked at the front desk if there was a good restaurant within walking distance and she pointed us to three different ones.

We chose the all you can eat Chinese buffet just a couple blocks over, since we were told it was popular and good. We were not lied to either, we enjoyed the food a lot. After dinner we grabbed the car and went to pick up a few things that we would need. We grabbed a few large garbage bins and a box of garbage bags and gloves and stuff like that. We got back to the hotel and settled down for the night. I got the boys and I ready for bed early, so that we could get a good sleep, because tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Saturday morning came, a lot earlier than even I expected. Being so excited about everything, we all awoke at our regular wake up time of five am. I knew that we were not meeting the guys for breakfast until about eight, so we had tons of time.

“Well boys, breakfast won't be until at least eight, so we may as well just lay back and wait patiently.” I said, as we were all kind of raring to go.

“But dad, why don’t we just go over there for a bit and start clearing out and meet them for breakfast?” Braedon asked.

“Well, because I for one do not wish to be all dirty for breakfast.” I countered.

“I am sure no one would care.” This from Joey.

“No boys, we can wait a while, it won't kill us, don’t forget I am as anxious as you guys are. Let's try and go back to sleep for a while, come on over and hop into bed with me.” I said convincingly.

They both jumped out of their bed and took their usual positions. We did not end up falling asleep, but it was very relaxing laying there for over an hour just tickling their backs gently, while they did likewise to my chest. We all talked quietly about what all we wanted to get done this weekend, while we lay there resting, and we decided that all the garbage would be taken care of first. Get all the broken bits of the building torn down or repaired if we could. I wanted to get all the locks changed as well, there was no telling how many keys could be floating around out there, not to mention the locks looked quite old. We needed to either fix the fence in the alley, just tear it down, or more likely replace it, we decided to mend it for now and replace it later. One of the large doors was in bad need of work, because it was off its track in at least three places, and the right side was not touching the ground. We had a fair bit of work to get taken care of, but we had lots of time. Finally at about six thirty we climbed out of bed, and we all removed our soggy diapers and I sent the boys to the shower first. Man did those two ever take advantage of the unlimited hot water. And make no mistake, there was very little washing taking place, they are horny teens after all, well except Braedon who is of course technically still a preteen, but horny none the less.

Once in the shower the boys got wet and started to wash each other, but the soap was slippery and teen boys are always horny. Braedon bent over slightly in front of Joey, and without being prompted, Joey entered his favorite tunnel and slowly made love to his boyfriend. As Joey was pumping away on Braedon’s behind, he had his hands in front of Braedon, pumping away there too. Among all the steam there was a lot of moaning from each boy as they passionately made love, and not all the steam was from the hot water either. Joey was able to hold it for a long time, considering just how much steam he had built up, and he made sure that his hand movements would do the same for Braedon. So when Joey knew that he was close, he sped up on both efforts and they both collapsed on the tiled floor of the shower with a crashing orgasm.

They laid sprawled on the shower floor for some time just kissing, letting the water cascade down their glorious bodies. Once rested enough they stood and Braedon returned the favor, only this time they were able to hold off even longer than before.

Once they were rested again, they quickly washed off and shut off the water and climbed out. They both came out of the bathroom, still drying off, and looking well ravished.

“Enjoy yourselves?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Braedon replied with a sly grin.

“Like hell you don't.” I replied with my own grin.

“What?” Braedon asked innocently.

“The people three floors down called to complain, I had to tell them I was killing someone instead of, oh, my young boy is having sex.” I teased.

We all laughed and they threw their wet towels at me.

“You're just jealous.” Braedon teased back.

I stuck my tongue out at them and hit the shower myself. I too took advantage of the extra hot water and just soaked under the spray for quite some time. I came out of the bathroom drying off, and the boys had a diaper laid out for me, and told me to lay down, that they would get me ready for the day. They lovingly applied lotion and then powder to my entire diaper area, and then taped one on nice and snug. I grabbed the boys and gave them a hug.

“Thanks boys, it is nice to know that I am loved, and I love you too. Because you two spent so much time in the shower it is almost time to go, so let's get dressed.”

We had all brought work clothes with us, so as not to ruin good clothes, so we were all decked out in ratty old sweat pants and torn up tee shirts. Believe me, when on the right boy, this look is kind of sexy, and these two were those boys. “Come on you two, let's get going and meet the guys for some breakfast.”

I had told John, when he called while the boys were in the shower, that there was a great breakfast buffet and how to get there, so we drove there to meet them. The poor manager recognized us from the last time we were here, and I could have sworn I heard him praying. I saw that the guys were already here, so we went and sat down as well, joining them.

“So guys, how was the trip in this morning, traffic wasn’t too bad was it?” I asked.

“Actually it was a good drive out, most people are not out this early yet on a Saturday morning, so it was pretty smooth sailing.” John said.

“Good, glad to hear it. Well I hope you guys have an appetite, because this place has the best breakfast buffet I have ever been to, so no business, let's eat.”

We all flew from the table and hit the food tables. Each of us came back to the table with two plates full, and more than one of us went back for more, not to mention the omelets that we ordered that were also delivered. Once we were all stuffed, well past maximum, I paid for the meal and we all left. The guys followed me and we parked in the alley way. I gave the keys to Braedon so that he could open it up, and I walked with the guys while they admired the outside.

I don’t know if you have ever seen a building like this before, but it is a 1940’s red brick building. There were white brick accents at many points and the large curve topped windows were also accented with the white bricks. The windows were huge, they basically went from floor to ceiling, and they were each about eight feet wide. There were eight windows total on the front, per floor, and six on both sides, per floor. The door was also the same style, curve topped with accent bricks, and it was a double door of about eight feet wide as well. Each of them loved the building, all making statements as such at more than a few points.

We went inside to see what kind of trouble the boys were getting into, and I found that they had brought the stuff in from the car and were just getting a bunch of the junk cleaned up that was on the main floor.

“Guys, no point starting down here, start at the top and we will work our way down, and we can just toss the stuff down and then clean up one large mess down here later.” I said.

“Just make sure and tell us when you are throwing things down so that we know. We will be doing a lot of work down here and I don't want to have no desks landing on my head.” John said dryly.

“Well now you're taking away all our fun. Fine, we will warn you guys.” I teased.

“Yeah, that's me, ole no fun John.” He smiled.

Thankfully the power had been turned on some time last night, or this morning, so now we were able to check out the lift, so we hit the breakers for it and gave it a try. It was one of the very old style that you had to open and close yourself and push either the up or down button to go where you wanted. I tested it by myself first to make sure it was safe, and it tested out well. I noted that it squealed a bit, so some grease would be needed, I would also get an elevator repairman to come in and check it thoroughly, to make sure it was in good condition, but I felt it safe enough to use. It took some getting used to though, because if you did not let go of the button at the right time, you would end up having to step up or down. John started looking around while the engineers started checking the structure to see where it needed work. They called me down about an hour later.

“Well, other than one spot in the floor, in the far corner, that appears to have sunk a little, the foundation looks in excellent condition, especially for a building of this age.” I was told by the head engineer.

“Should I be worried about it and get it fixed?” I asked, concerned a little.

“No, just a little settling that is a normal occurrence, but yes, you should get it fixed. Nearly any good contractor will have a crew competent enough to repair that in just a few hours, it's not even a hard fix.”

“The entire floor will also have to be replaced, as you can see it is in pretty rough shape, not all that surprising considering this was a factory for a number of years though.” Another one of them said this time.

“And what about a pool, am I going to be able to do it?” I asked hopefully, both boys nodding as well.

“From what we can tell of the building, it will be absolutely no problems. All we have to do is a quick soil test to make sure it is strong enough, but I know that this area has no normal issues with that, so I foresee no issues there either.” The head engineer said again.

“Excellent, well I will let you get to your work then, just call if you need anything.”

They continued on their work and we went back to the top floor. We had of course started at the top, and it had taken a long time to get it straightened out, but by the time I was called down we had a huge pile by the door. It was really two piles, garbage and salvageable. There were just a couple desks and filing cabinets and one really old phone that would probably be an antique, not that I cared though. We checked to make sure the guys were well away and started throwing the garbage down. John had come up to help us after looking around and doing up more sketches, he said he wanted to make a couple changes because of light and shadow, or something like that. I just shrugged and said that is what I pay you the big bucks for, the main design is in your hands. Even though I told him repeatedly that he did not have to help with this, he continued helping us clean up. He did say that he wanted to keep the phone for his office though. Who was I to argue, I was just going to throw it away, I thought it was probably just junk anyways.

After the top floor was cleaned up I called in an order to a pizza place for pop and pizza, and told them to bring cups and plates. We started on the next floor and did not get much done before the pizza arrived, so we called a lunch break. We all ate a lot of pizza, especially considering the amount we had at breakfast. We sat around and just talked for a bit to let the food settle.

“Your stairs, well they are scary at best, but seem sturdy enough, but we do suggest you replace them.” One of the engineers said.

“Yeah, we kinda figured that too.” I agreed.

“As for the catwalks, they seem to be in good condition, and an interesting design, so I would keep that, but I would probably change them to a newer stronger material and change out the cables, but I think the design goes well with the building.” Another said.

“Yeah, I already put into my design notes to change all that.” John said.

“If we change that at all I would like to see it changed to all stainless steel with a nice spiral staircase.” I suggested.

“Oh, I like that, it would look so nice in here, and it will last for forever too.” John said and the others agreed, so he put it in his notes.

We all got back to work shortly after that and by the time the guys finished all their inspections, we finished up the fourth floor, and it was also time for dinner. We brushed ourselves off, to be at least somewhat presentable, and headed to a restaurant for dinner. We all had a nice dinner and we talked. The engineers told us that other than a few things that needed done, it passed inspection no problem, and they gave me the list. There were only ten items on the list of what needed to be done. It all looked quite basic. I thanked all three of them for their help and told them that they could all go stay the night in the hotel on us and I would pay them all in the morning and that we were going back to work some more. We parted ways and they went to spend the evening by the pool or something, and we went back to get started on the third floor.

As with the other two floors it took a lot longer than I had expected, but the piles were far smaller. After tossing the garbage down we decided that we had a couple hours left in us so we tackled the second floor. This one was the least messy of all, so we were able to get it cleared out far faster than the other three. When we went back down to leave for the night we really took a look at the growing mound of garbage.

“I think we're gonna need more garbage bags!” I said in shock at the huge pile of junk we had.

“I don't think that's all we need. Why don't we just call a truck and get someone to come in and take it all away for us.” Joey said, shaking his head.

“You know, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea, but I doubt there will be anyone that will come out on a Sunday with no notice. Oh well, I can call around and see if anyone wants to, if not then there is always next weekend right.” I smiled.

“Yep.” Both boys said.

“Come on, let's go to the hotel and get some rest, well after cleaning up a bit.” I said.

We got to the hotel, grabbed a quick shower, me alone, and the boys together of course, and then we fell into bed and slept like logs.

Next morning we awoke feeling refreshed and ready for another days hard work. We met up with John and his guys for breakfast before they left, and we went back to the same restaurant as the day before and ate to our hearts content. When we were finished I grabbed the check and paid the bill. While I had my wallet out I took the cash I had for the engineers, and paid them, hey, who doesn’t like cash under the table. Well they not once complained at having an extra five hundred dollars free and clear. I thanked them all for all their help and wished them a safe drive home.

We three left as well and headed back to our soon to be new home, and got to work right away on the last floor, the first that is. This one was only slightly worse than the second floor was, other than the large pile from the upper floors, so in less than two hours we had it cleaned up and added to the large pile.

Before we had started I had made a few calls to see about junk removal and found that there was a local firm that did construction site cleanup for reasonable costs. I was told that cost depended upon weight and bulk, but would be able to give a rough estimate upon arrival. I asked if they were available for pickup today, as we were only here on weekends. I was told that they can do it, but it does cost extra, but not much, mostly just a service call, which was an extra forty dollars. I asked them how soon they could be here, and was told to give them a couple hours at least, possibly three.

After we tossed the last of the garbage down I called for a couple pizzas and then we started on the broken door. Once we had the door lifted into its normal position, we had to remove quite a few of the rollers that keep it on track and replace them back into the track and bend the track back into place so it would not come off again, it was not really hard, just a pain in the back. Just as we were pulling the door up for a test, both the pizza guy and the cleanup crew arrived. I opened the door full ways and told them to just back right up to the mess and give me the damage after it was done and it would be paid, while I grabbed my wallet to pay for the pizza. While the guys were cleaning the pile of junk we watched and ate pizza, and you know what, I didn't feel at all guilty either, and we all finished at the same time. They gave me the price, two hundred dollars, plus service call, not too bad at all, I paid and they left. I gave the door a few more tests and then we called it a day and locked the building up tight and headed for home.

We arrived home just about two hours later, we were all dirty and stinky and in desperate need of cleaning, so I told the boys to go shower while I did the same. Once we were all clean and dressed, Joey kissed Braedon goodbye and went home. Braedon and I just sat around and chatted for the evening while watching TV and then turned in.

Monday morning, as it always seems, came too early, and I begrudgingly pulled my butt out of bed and woke Braedon up. We both took off our soggy diapers and grabbed a quick shower and headed out. When we got to the store I was surprised to see Trevor, hopefully my buyer, sitting on the hood of his car waiting for me.

“Hey, how are you this morning?” I asked, sounding surprised to see him, because I was.

“Good, and you guys?”

“Awake is about all I can say.” I joked and Braedon nodded.

We walked into the store and went to the office to sit down.

“So, what's on your mind?” I asked curiously.

“Well on Saturday I went to the bank and talked it over with them and they told me that if you gave me those books and they checked them themselves, and they were able to prove that we would not lose our shirts, that we could consider it a deal.” Trevor smiled.

“Congratulations.” Both Braedon and I said.

I shook his hand before I turned to the large fire proof safe I kept the books in. I grabbed every last one of them and handed them over.

“I do need all this back in excellent condition, so please be careful with them, my accountant would have my nuts if I lost something.” I joked.

“You got it.” He said, all smiles.

“So when is your next appointment, today I hope?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is at eight when they open, so that's why I am here now, because I wanted to go through it myself quickly.”

“No problem, although I can tell you that each and every penny is accounted for, and they can call me and verify my business account if they would like as well.”

“I will tell them that, but I am sure it won't be necessary, considering how accurate I know these books are.”

I helped him carry the rather large stack of books to his car.

“Good luck, I will see you tomorrow for your shift. Oh by the way, did they say how long they would need to look over the books?”

“They said that they would probably need at least a week, but could take longer.”

“Just tell them that I want every last one of those back?”

He nodded and took off. Braedon had to leave for school now as well and we said goodbye and he left. Today was mostly uneventful, but I spent the whole day there until Braedon was off school, then left, and both Braedon and I arrived at almost the exact same time.

“So how was your day today Braedon?” I asked as we were walking in the house together.

“Not too bad, we were doing calculus twelve today, so that was a little tricky, but once you understand the basics, it is really quite easy.”

“Most people would probably not agree, but being a number person myself, I understand, I actually liked calculus, not sure I could still do it without looking at the ways to do it again, but it's not too bad. So what else did you do today?”

“We told everybody about the place we bought and what we were doing with it. Everyone, including the teacher, was very impressed, and a couple of the guys said you two are getting an apartment to yourselves, so you are a couple then aren’t you. We just nodded and just continued on with telling them all about it and nothing more was said. I love the people in that school, everybody is so understanding.” He said in practically one breath.

“I am proud how you handled that, and I bet you feel better knowing that now you have nothing to hide at school, huh?” I asked, giving Braedon a nice gentle hug.

“Yeah, but at first I was a little scared when he asked, and I almost panicked, but I told myself to just play it cool, as if it were no big deal, and it worked, because it is not a big deal.” Braedon said, all smiles.

“That is the best way, if someone feels that you are uncomfortable or scared, they will exploit it every time, and never be ashamed of who you truly are. What I am saying is that of course you should not flaunt either your diapers or your boyfriend, because there are so many people who are too small minded to understand, but never, and I mean never be ashamed of that.”

“Thanks.” Braedon said, giving me a long, tight hug.

We talked a while longer and then made dinner and ate. After dinner we swam for a bit and then watched TV before we went to bed for the night.

It was Friday before anything really happened and it seemed to happen all at once. I answered the phone and it was the bank saying that they had all my books ready to pick up and that they wanted to see Trevor in an hour if I could spare him. I said heck you can hive him if you want, I will tell him and he will be there.

“Trevor, you have an appointment at the bank in an hour, oh and bring my books back with you when you come back please?” I called out.

He was so excited he was vibrating, and could barely contain his nervousness, I almost thought of offering him one of my diapers, he might even have accepted the way he looked. Just as he was about to leave, John's office called and said that John wanted to see me.

“When should I be there?” I asked John's secretary.

“Right now would be fine.”

“Bye everyone, I have an appointment right now, Trevor, good luck at yours as well.” I said as I was walking out of the store.

I got to John's building and entered his outer office and his secretary waved me in, saying he was waiting. As I entered the office I could see a large board on the end of the room with a few large drawings on it, they appeared to be mine. We made our greeting and then John got right to business.

“I have all the final drawings and blueprints done and I just wanted your opinion.” John said.

“Okay, let's see them.”

We walked over to the board and he showed me the first one, and I fell in love with it instantly. It showed the main level with the pool and a large cascading water feature in the shape of a rock wall cliff spilling water into the pool. There was an attached hot tub as well off to the side, next to the waterfall. There was a bar and seating area set up, a little ways away from the pool, but still close enough. He also added an area for a pool table or other type things, and lots of area for lounge chairs. I also noted that there were two washrooms with showers, and a sauna. He redesigned the garage a bit as well and should easily hold twenty cars, as well as there was now a bay available for washing or working. He redesigned the catwalk and stair system and gave all the specs on how to build it. He also changed the walls a bit, adding large windows to mirror the ones on the outside wall. He notated that a few of the windows on the mostly blank wall would need to be changed, so that they could open for ventilation. He was now onto the fourth sheet, showing me the skylights and where they were to go. He also had a large remote controlled ventilation fan added into the drawings as well as the sun lights. John also told me that because all the floors in the building were concrete that we would want to build a sub floor to route all the heating, plumbing and wiring, and said that he had drawn up a plan for that as well. I thanked him for that. The building had a huge boiler on site that we would utilize for the purpose of water and heat, but I would not use radiators for heat, I would get newer forced air units. He rolled up the drawings and put them into a tube for me and then grabbed the blueprints, and did the same to them.

“Now just give these to the construction crew that is going to be doing the bulk of the work, and they will have no problems at all, I recommend that the first thing done is the ceiling and then the pool, since those are going to take the longest and will be the hardest.” John said.

“Thanks a ton for all the work, it looks awesome and I can't wait until it's finished.” I said happily and then wrote him a check for twice what he told me the price was.

“What is it with you and always paying me more than you are supposed to?” He argued.

“Because I always pay for quality work, and I probably still raped you paying you twice what you said.” I countered.

“True, a job like that would normally cost about five times that, but that is what friends are for, and didn’t you practically give me that last entertainment system?”


“All this cost was a bit of time on my part, that system you sold me, I know was way below cost.” He tried again.

“Yeah, so. Well, anyways, thanks a ton.” I said happily.

“Bye, dumb ass.” He grinned and I turned and left with a wave.

As I had walked in the first place, I started walking back, and as I walked I decided to call Michael, my contractor friend.

“Hey Michael, how's it goin?”

“Pretty good, and you, how's the store doing?”

“Excellent, the sale should go through any day now, which brings me to the reason I'm calling you.”

“Huh, what, what sale, you're not selling the business are you, and what are you talking about?” He asked, more than a little confused, and I laughed.

“Yes, I have decided to sell the business. You know it was my wifes as well, and although I thought the renovation would make it all new, and make it all better, it didn't. It's just bringing me down too much now that I am happy, so I am selling it. Trevor is buying it and all the rest of the property. What I'm doing is moving to Vancouver, I have already bought an abandoned factory and the plans are already done, now all I need is for someone to come do the work we cannot do ourselves. So do you have any good contacts in the city?”

“Wow, that's a lot to take in, but I know how you feel. As you know, this used to be my dads business, and when he died it was a little rough at first, but it wasn't quite the same, he was quite old and died of natural causes, the way a person should go. As for contacts, I am sure I know a few out there, my old partner in fact went out there, and I think you knew him, so I can give you his card and a couple more. So what are you doing with it then?”

“Oh not much, just turning it into a large eight unit complex with pool and all the goodies, and my boys and I will be moving in less than a year.”

“Boys, I thought you only had one?”

“Yeah, but his boyfriend is as much a son now as the other, so it is easier calling him my son.”

“Good reason, and excellent about the building. If I wasn’t so busy myself and I did not have to drive two hours each way, I would say I would do, it but I can't, so let me get you the cards.”

He went and grabbed the cards and gave me the numbers, and I copied them down on my palm pilot, and we chatted for a few minutes longer before we hung up.

When I got back to the store I was going to go sit down and call the construction guy in Vancouver, but Trevor walked in instead. By the look on his face, I knew I had a buyer. I waved him into my office and he came in right away.

“I can tell by the look on your face that all plans are go, so what did they say?” I asked, happy all around.

“They said that if I can keep the business running like it has been, that they would love to have me. They practically wrote me a check right there, but said the money would be deposited to my account as soon as all necessary paperwork from all lawyers and real estate agents was done.” He said with a grin so huge it was almost impossible.

“Congratulations, so have you told the guys yet?”

“No, not yet.”

“No, so can I have a little fun then?” He nodded and grinned, he knew how I loved practical jokes. There was nobody in the store at the moment, so I called everybody over.

“Okay guys, a buyer has come forth and it looks like he will be taking over in about a month.”

“Oh really, who is it?” One of the guys asked.

“I don’t know the guys name, but he sounded like a pompous prick, and said that he was not going to sign a deal about employees, and that everybody was going to be replaced.” I answered sadly.

The look on their faces were crestfallen at best, and Trevor and I could not hold our straight faces any longer and broke out laughing.

“What are you laughing about, this is not funny?” One of them asked.

“Actually it is hilarious, as one of the two people standing in front of you now, is that pompous prick, and I think your jobs are relatively safe, since he knows how well you all work.” I said happily. They looked at their new boss and then to me and I nodded.

“Only the paper work needs to be signed now and Trevor is going to own the entire lot with the buildings on it and all the stock in the store.” I said proudly, Trevor smiling hugely.

Everyone shook hands and congratulated their new boss. We both went to the other stores in the complex and told them the news. They were not all that worried, since they had leases that not even a new owner could break, or raise rent on, but were happy for Trevor. We went out for lunch to celebrate and then we headed back to the store. I called my lawyer and Bernie and said we had an official buyer, while Trevor did the same. We arranged for them to meet on Monday to iron everything out and get this done as quickly as possible.

Once that was done I called the construction guy, his name was Shawn, and had a long chat with him. In the end he agreed to come by tomorrow and see what he was about to get himself into. I liked the sound of the guy and I knew that if Michael personally referred him, he was good. I knew him, slightly, but only just, and it was through Michael, so I had to take his word for it. Once I got home I got some clothes and stuff packed up for the boys and myself and waited for them to get home.

The boys walked in minutes after I finished packing, and I told them to get changed and that we were heading out right away. They were back in less than three minutes, they were done so fast. We left and made it into the city in about normal time for this time of day. We went to the hotel first to get a room all set up. After we left the hotel we hit the nearest home depot store and placed an order for a whole bunch of two by fours and two by sixes, plywood and other building materials to be delivered on their next run, which was thankfully in an hour. We then went to the tool department and spent what must have been a couple thousand on tools, seeing as how I did not have good enough tools for doing this at home. We bought three tool belts, all decked out with hammers, tapes, knives and other small hand tools that are needed. We grabbed a table saw, a chop saw, two reciprocating saws, two circular saws and quite a few other things. I had almost forgotten, but we were going to be working with a lot of concrete nailing, so I grabbed me one of those awesome twenty two caliber powered nailer's, I always wanted one. We packed everything into the car, barely, and drove to the building.

I had Braedon go and open the door and open up one of the bay doors so that we could just drive right in, and I drove in and we unloaded everything. Once we unpacked everything out of the car, we got it all unpacked and tested. We set up the table saw and chop saw on the tables we bought for them, and tested those too. Right then we heard the delivery truck drive up so I went out and waved them to the back so that they could unload it right inside. I decide that we would use the next level as our work area, so as to keep out of the way of the construction crews when they came in, so I had the guys put all the lumber up there. I am sure they were not pleased, but I could have cared less, I paid a lot to have it delivered to exactly where I wanted it put. I was thankful that I had a fair amount of experience in carpentry work, I did do it in college for a while, in fact the same place John started at, his dad's.

While the guys got all the wood unloaded, we took all the tools upstairs, since that was where we were going to start. I gave the guys a tip when they left, since they did do a good job. Once they left we headed out for the night, since it was getting late already, and we were all very hungry. We grabbed a bite to eat at a local diner and then went back to our hotel to clean up and sleep, and sleep we did.

Saturday morning we all woke up bright and early to get the day started. We went and ate a good breakfast, to give us the energy we would need, and then headed to the building. When we arrived, Shawn was sitting there waiting for us. We all introduced ourselves and we showed him around some. We got to talking about what needed to be done and I gave him all the drawings and he looked them over. He then went and walked around for a bit, just looking at different things and talked to himself quite a bit, and only once asked us anything, and that was who was doing the work to the apartments, and I told him that it was us. He continued walking around and mumbling to himself.

“Although a few of the things will be a bit difficult and time consuming, I would be happy to take it on.”

“Great, when do you think you will be able to start?”

“I should have a crew free to start in about two weeks.”

“Okay, sounds good to me.”

We talked about the work and the money for a bit and then shook hands and he left. We were very pleased with what he was able to tell us and that he was going to take it. He told us that he could do all the work, including the pool and hot tub, because he already had a small crew for doing just that. We were told that the roof work would be done first, and that no people without proper construction insurance would be allowed inside the building at that time, for safety reasons, and I said that it would not be a problem, since they would be working during the week, whereas we could only come during the weekends, and we would meet him here each Friday afternoon for a briefing. He said that was excellent, and I gave him a key to the building, he kept the drawings so he could do up a plan and order materials and I wrote him a deposit check. And he gave me a receipt and a pamphlet about all his credentials and everything I would ever need to know.

We then got onto our more than busy day. We went up to the top floor and drew up our basic plan for the day. We decided that the divider wall could be done first. Then we decided that the door wall could be done next. If we had time today we would also get started on the sub floor. We measured everything out and then went down and grabbed some lumber to start. We took a little over an hour to assemble the divider wall on the floor and then we would need to lift it into place. This would of course prove to be a little tricky. The room was fifty foot by one hundred foot, to give us the five thousand square feet, so we ended up making two square rooms.

The problem was that the wall was in a sense fifty feet long by twelve and a half feet high. It took over an hour for us just to move it into position, another half an hour to make sure it was level and plumb, and then nail it into place. After doing all that hammering, I realized that this was harder than I remembered, and vowed to get a compressor and a couple nail guns after lunch. Speaking of lunch, we were all famished, so I ordered Chinese take out and had them deliver, they had it to us inside half an hour. We ate every last bit of the food that we were told was the normal four person large meal, and we still could have all eaten more.

Once we were all fed up, we headed back to the home depot store to grab a few more supplies, as well as the compressor and nailer's. Once we got back we began the somewhat difficult chore of knocking out the sections of the wall that would have windows and reconfiguring it for the rough openings of the windows. All told we spent about four hours on this project, but we made excellent headway. We had also, at the same time, enlarged the door frames to take standard doors, curve topped of course to match everything else.

We decided to go out for dinner for a quick bite to eat and then back to do more work until we dropped. The sub floor was actually pretty fast work, but very tedious as we had to leave certain allowances for heating and plumbing, but that had been mapped out already for the most part. But the other floors would have to be more generic and each individual would have to create these themselves, all we would be doing is what we already did to ours, as well as finishing the walls. We started on the boys’ side first and we were finished in two hours. We decided that we would start on my side and get as far as we could tonight and then finish in the morning. We only got about half the floor done before we called it a night. We locked up for the night and headed to the hotel for a very well deserved rest. We did not even shower before going to bed, who really cared, except for maybe the house cleaning, but they wouldn't say anything.

Sunday morning we all slept in quite late for us, and it was ten before any of us even woke up, and that was Joey first. He woke Braedon and I up and we went and had our showers and got ready to go. We went for breakfast and ate like a school of hungry piranhas. We got back to the factory and continued where we had left off the previous night. At least this only took an hour, and once we were done we cleaned up all the mess we had made, since we figured that there was little point in starting on anything else, so we decided to leave for the day.

“So, seeing as how we are not going to stay and work any longer, and we don't have to head home yet, why don't we go do some appliance and floor shopping, and see what we can find for a our new homes?”

“Sure, sounds like a plan to me.” Braedon said.

“Me too.”

I knew of a couple good warehouse style places that carried the kind of stuff we were looking for, so we went to them, and we would probably hit the same flooring store we bought the flooring for the store at. I knew I was looking for all high end kitchen and bath appliances, and the boys agreed with me. I found the kitchen of my dreams in a book they had, it was round, no upper cabinets, center island that housed a cook top, there were only two tall towers in the kitchen that both marked the entrance and housed the double wall ovens and a nice pantry and fridge combo. The counter was then surrounded by a slightly taller counter that served as bar style seating, negating the need for a dining table, perfect. The cook top I looked at was an industrial design with six gas burners and a large flame grill that could be swapped out with a griddle. Perfect, I notated that on the sheet I was carrying. I found a really nice double wide stainless steel fridge, it had all the bells and whistles, I notated that one. The boys also chose the same fridge, but had, between themselves, chosen intense black. We both chose the same wall ovens and dishwashers, again mine in stainless, and theirs in intense black. The boys had decided to go with an electric cook top for their kitchen, but they both chose the biggest and fanciest induction one that they could find. We found a great downdraft vent system for the cook tops to reduce smoke and steam, and we wrote those down as well.

For the boys' kitchen design they chose one a little different than mine. They chose and octagonal shape instead, and wanted upper cabinets that seemed to float, they would be held in place by steel cable, attached at the ceiling and on the counter. It was really a neat design, and I thought I too would do something of that nature for a couple other things, namely a hanging pot holder and a wine glass holder. We decided to look at all the cabinet options as well and maybe order that today as well. I chose a deep mahogany wood and solid ¾ inch ply build on all my cabinets, while the boys chose a gorgeous white maple with the same construction as on mine. I chose a really nice marble that complimented the color of the cabinets, while the boys chose an almost black granite. All told each of our kitchens that we just ordered would cost well over fifty thousand a piece, but worth every penny. Next we hit the bathroom department, and in here I chose only the finest white porcelain pedestal sink and matching toilet. For the hardware for it I chose to go extravagant and chose a very bold and beautiful platinum set. The boys chose a slightly different model sink and toilet and chose a very nice brushed nickel set for hardware. I fell in love with an old style claw foot bath tub that they had. It had been fitted out with brass piping to make it a modern Jacuzzi tub. I immediately put this on my list, they had a few models, so I had to choose from a few, in the end I chose one six feet long, double wide, sixteen jets, touch screen controls nicely hidden, and in the same finish as the sink and toilet. The boys decided on the same tub in their choice of finish. Next was the shower, but because these needed to be custom fit, we could not order them here, a glass worker would have to be called, which reminded me that I needed to call one. We did get all the hardware for the showers in our respective choices, I ordered two shower heads and steam option, the boys thought this sounded nice, so took the same. We went and ordered and paid for everything, as we were done in this store, just the flooring was next, and even I nearly fainted at the totals, but oh well, we were not going to be hurting for money anyways.

We hit the flooring store with gusto and searched for just what we wanted. I demanded that the flooring had to be nothing less than hard wood and nothing laminate, it had to be the real stuff. The boys chose a maple flooring while I went with a mahogany floor that would be done half the shade as my cabinets. I had also chosen a really nice granite tile for my bathroom, there were three different shades and sizes to get the desired effect in the bathroom. One solid color on the floors, and accents in the others in the rest, as well as for the whole shower. The boys chose much the same approach as I had, but chose an Italian marble. We went to the checkouts with our lists of stock numbers and quantities and got the bad news. After what we just spent in the other place, this total almost didn't faze us, and the amount we had spent the last time we were in this store, this was nothing, but we were all happy. All we knew was that we were going to have some very expensive studio apartments, but I did not care less, this was going to be home for a long time.

We were told that we could have this delivered as early as Thursday, so we had it scheduled for Saturday next weekend, same as what we had the other stuff scheduled for, at least what they could anyways, the cabinets would take a while to build. I knew that the new items would not be installed for at least a few weeks, since the construction guys were going to be doing work for quite some time on the roof, but I felt like getting it right away. After we finished our shopping, we headed home for another slow week. We dropped Joey off at home and went home ourselves, where we just vegetated in front of the TV for an hour or so before we stumbled into bed.

As promised, the week dragged by at an agonizingly slow rate. The week was filled with meetings with lawyers and real estate agents, all wanting signatures and blood samples and urine samples, and rights to your first born, man I hated this part, but oh well, it had to be done. In between meetings, I was making phone calls to Vancouver, arranging to have a few other people meet me at our new home. I called a glass fitter as we wanted the showers custom built, but we also wanted a few windows added and a few modified. I wanted half the windows to have the lower half to be able to open, as well as adding nice screens to them. The glass man would also have to custom build all the new windows, because nothing in stock was likely to be like the old ones. I called four different guys before I found one I liked the sound of, and he agreed to meet us Saturday morning. Next were plumbers and electricians, as well as a heating guy, since I told Shawn I would take care of all the upper floors, so this was my responsibility. They too had agreed to meet on Saturday morning, once I found the ones I liked. The boys seemed to be wearing a little thin by the end of the week, as they had been pushing so hard all week, between school and our new homes, so I planned on just taking the weekend off work totally.

I knew that we needed to go to Vancouver to meet with a few people and wait for the deliveries, so I thought we could just stay in the city and do no work, just go out and play. I decided not to tell the boys right away, since they might say they were fine, but I could clearly see they were not. During the week Trevor, the new store owner, was practically bouncing around he was so happy. I had to remind him a couple times that he did not own it yet, he grinned and said yeah, but I almost do. I agreed with him and knew why he was so happy, and I was very happy for him. By Friday afternoon when we all dragged ourselves into the house after the long week, I ordered us to sit back and relax for an hour before we left.

So after changing clothes and diapers we sat back for an hour and just talked. We got up and packed our bags quickly and then locked up and left for the two hour drive. When we arrived at the hotel I surprised the boys by getting two rooms with queen size beds.

“How come you got two rooms dad, we normally just share?” Braedon asked.

“Couple reasons, first is we are all very tired, and don't even try and tell my you're not, so this weekend is just for rest, no work. We do have a few meetings, but that's it, the rest of the time we are going to relax and have fun. Next is that I know you two have had next to no private time together. A quickie in the shower does not constitute loving, so that was why I got the extra room.” I said warmly.

“But dad, we have a lot of work to do still.” Braedon said.

“I thought I said no arguments young man, am I going to have to turn you over my knee and give my little boy a spanking?” I asked with an evil grin.

“Um, no.” Braedon grinned.

“I know we have a lot to do still, but don’t forget we have about seven months left to get it done, if you do finish in December, so don’t worry, we have tons of time.” I said, and I heard a couple other minor protests.

“You guys are tired, I can see that, so don’t tell me you're not. If you guys continue to push yourselves so hard you will only end up moving backwards, the body needs rest, and that is what we will do every other weekend, and no arguments. I don't want either of you burning yourselves out, or myself for that matter. In our excitement we have already pushed ourselves a lot harder than we should have.” I said with finality.

“Yeah, I admit I am tired, and I guess we do have lots of time left, and some private time does sound appealing.” Braedon said, giving a grin at the end statement.

“Yeah.” Joey grinned, and I was certain I knew what part of Braedon's comments her was referring to.

We got to our rooms, which were next door to each other, and unpacked what little stuff we brought. The boys joined me in my room and they stayed until bedtime, just watching TV and talking with me, and eventually we all decided to go to bed.

“Now boys, I don't expect to see you until at least ten, and not one second before, go get some loving and rest, I love you both, have a good night.” I said warmly, giving them each a hug and a kiss goodnight.

I laid down and fell asleep only moments later, thankfully I had already gotten ready a while ago or house keeping would have had a wet bed to deal with. The boys went to their room and started to have a nice snuggle, but only ended up using their hands to help finish each other off, as they were even more tired than they wanted to admit. After getting themselves diapered for the night, they passed right out and slept until I woke them the next morning at ten.

“Good morning boys, you must have been tired, it took me nearly ten minutes to wake you up. We need to go for some breakfast and meet some people at our soon to be new home.” I said gently, both boys still looked tired.

“Good morning dad, we were tired, lots more than we thought. We didn't even play last night, just gave each other a helping hand, and then we passed right out.” Braedon admitted.

“Well at least you gave each other a hand to relieve some of the pressure buildup. I only just woke up a few minutes ago myself, we are all tired. Hence the reason for no work this weekend.”

“Yeah, we know that now, I guess we were all just too excited.” Joey said.

“Okay, go hop into the shower, don't be afraid to use lots and lots of hot water, and when your dressed, meet me in my room and we will go for breakfast.”

“Okay.” Both boys grinned and hopped out of bed and threw their soggy diapers in the trash.

Once we were all up and freshly showered and dressed for the day, we went for breakfast at our nice little breakfast buffet. Poor manager, he looked as if he was going to cry again, and after eating twice what the average army consumes, we paid and left.

When we got to the building, there were three people already there and waiting for us, the electrician, the plumber and the glass guy. The heating guy showed up just as I was unlocking the door. We all went inside and we each pulled up a pile to sit on. We all talked for about thirty minutes or so as to what was going to be happening and what their respective jobs would be. Once everybody was clear on what they were to do, I took them on a tour of the place and then I let them wander about, getting a feel for the place while making notes of what they needed.

The glass guy said he would have to bring all the glass here and one by one remove the old windows and modify the ones we wanted to open, build all the new windows, but he said that those, the new ones that is, could be done in his shop. He also said that once we had the bathrooms done that he would come and custom fit the glass and install it probably the same day.

Next was the electrician. I told him that on all the floors, except ours, that he was just to put a box in and route for outlets on all the walls according to bylaws and leave lots of room to add the rest later. I then told him for our apartments we already had our layouts done and we wanted them wired right away, so they were to be done first. I also told him that he would also need to change the main panel for the whole building, and that I wanted to have separate meters for each apartment, and the whole lower level on one as well.

Next was the plumber, and I gave him almost the exact same speech as I did the electrician. His job was going to be a little tough though, as he needed to get new pipes up from the lower level and down from the roof for breathing, but he said that everything would be done no problem.

Next was the heating guy. He got much the same speech again except do all rooms placing heating ducts all around the perimeter and to choose a corner to put the units. I also requested for him to figure out a way for air conditioning to tie into the each apartments heating system without placing anything on the outside of the building, because it was not allowed. He had to think for a few minutes on this, but said he could tie all the units condenser coils to one main one that he could probably put on the roof. I told him that would work for me.

With all the guys’ jobs being done for the day, we all said goodbye. I was told by all of them when they could start the work, and I said that was fine, but that they had to work around the construction crews, because they had a large job on the roof and the ground floor.

After we all left we decided to hit the town and go shopping for our new houses. I had long since decided that everything in my house would be sold, except for a few mementos and other assorted items that I wanted to keep, so therefore we would all need new stuff. Of course as we would have no where to put much for a while, we would only look around. We looked at all sorts of home decor and furniture stores throughout the city and found lots that we would like to have. We got back to the hotel after having had a nice dinner, we got changed and went down to the pool for a bit. We relaxed in and around the pool for a good hour or so before going up to my room for a bit. We watched TV for only a short while before I kicked the boys out so that I could sleep.

The boys however did not go straight to bed, in fact straight was the furthest thing from their minds at the time.

As soon as they entered the room, Joey grabbed Braedon and dove in for a deep and sensual kiss, Braedon nearly melted from the absolute intensity of it. Both boys had their hands going full force, touching and petting every area of each others bodies as they could reach, but keeping it over their clothes, under would be the next step.

Braedon pulled away first and slowly started to remove Joey's clothes, one piece at a time, petting, stroking, kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling, and loving every area that he could get at on Joey's body. Nearly twenty minutes later, Joey was fully naked, and fully hard, and Braedon stood up and continued the passionate kiss, as if they had never stopped.

After another few minutes of tender kissing, Joey pulled away this time and stripped and loved Braedon's body in nearly the same fashion that Braedon had just done to his, and it took him even longer to do so, almost twenty five minutes. Joey then stood up and continued the deep kiss again, and Braedon started moving them towards the bed.

They fell onto the bed a few moments later, not even breaking the loving kiss they were sharing, until Braedon pulled away to get to the good stuff. Kissing his way down Joey's quivering body, Braedon started licking and kissing Joey's vibrating meat, just loving it tenderly. Braedon slowly moved his way down, sucking in Joey's full sac, and humming and tonguing it gently. Braedon knew that if he kept this up that he could cause Joey to explode just from this, but he did not want that yet, he wanted Joey's first load deep inside him. Braedon moved back up and started licking and sucking Joey again, but this time one hand was behind himself, using the lube they now brought everywhere with them, preparing his wanting hole for what he had in mind.

Joey was getting close to eruption, and Braedon did not want that yet, so he stopped all movements and let Joey cool down a little. As soon as Joey had stepped back from his orgasm sufficiently, Braedon got back into his loving, but this time, working his way up Joey's body, again with more licking, kissing, sucking, and nibbling. Braedon gave Joey a passionate kiss and then got himself positioned, and with their tongues still dancing, Braedon was sinking down on his beloveds erection, and they both moaned deeply into each others mouth.

Taking on a slow and gentle motion, Braedon rode Joey for nearly ten minutes before Joey could stand it no longer and just exploded. The feelings that this of course caused in Braedon, caused him to explode as well, painting Joey's stomach and chest with his load. But Braedon did not stop, he paused for a brief few seconds, but as soon as he was able to, he continued on the same slow motion, bending down again to continue their kiss.

Braedon rode Joey through three more orgasms, each as strong as the first was, and they were both gasping and panting. Braedon though now wanted to give Joey a good couple loads, so dismounted and dove into Joey's crack and gave him a good licking. While Braedon's tongue was busy, so were his hands, busy getting his still hard dick nice and lubed. As soon as he knew they were both ready, Braedon crawled back up Joey's body, and just as they started kissing even more, Braedon was sinking inside his boyfriend.

Again keeping a slow sensual motion, Braedon made love to Joey, slowly in, slowly out, they made love, and Braedon continued through a further three more orgasms each, their last being dry and nearly painful.

After going non stop for the entire time, the boys fell back utterly exhausted, both sexually and physically, and they both fell asleep even before they were diapered for the night.

They woke a few hours later to a wet bed. Joey woke up first and then shook Braedon awake.

“Oh nuts, I wet the bed, we were so tired we forgot to get diapered last night.” Braedon said.

“No worries, let's just get diapered and go sleep with dad.” Joey, ever the loving partner said.

He got out the diapers and they diapered each other, and once cleaned up, they left their room and came to mine and crawled in beside me. I did not even wake up.

Sunday morning I woke up with my boys curled up against my side and I loved the feeling, as usual, so cozy and relaxing. I laid there awake just stroking their smooth skin while they slept, it was very loving and satisfying. After a while the boys woke up and basked in my rubbing their backs.

“Good morning boys, how did you end up in here last night, not that I'm complaining of course” I whispered.

“Oh nothing really, we were so tired last night that I did not get diapered and I wet the bed.” Braedon said unashamedly.

“Oh okay, so what caused you two to be so tired huh, a little playtime I think?” I teased.

Both boys just nodded their heads at me happily. I decided to just call room service and have them bring us some breakfast this morning, because I did not really feel like getting dressed at all this morning, even if it was nearing noon already. They delivered us a large spread and we enjoyed it, and after eating we cleaned up and packed up and headed home. We made it home in good time, dropped Joey off at home and went home ourselves.

“So do you feel better after the rest you got?” I asked Braedon once we were home and relaxing for the rest of the day.

“Yeah, I did not realize how tired I really was, but I do feel a lot better now.” He smiled warmly.

“Well that is all that is important, just try not to push yourself so hard and you won't get so exhausted like that.” I said and he nodded.

Monday morning we got up and went to work, as we always do, and at the usual time, and everything went as it always does. I stayed at work and put in a full day while Braedon went to school and packed his brain with even more knowledge. We met at home after school and we just talked for a bit before we made dinner. Just as we were going to start dinner the phone rang. I picked it up and it was Laurie. She sounded in very rough condition.

“What's the matter Laurie?” I asked with concern.

“We have to get to the hospital right away, Joey's been in an accident.” She sobbed out.

“We'll be right there.” I said and hung up.

“Get ready to go, we have to go the hospital right away, Joey was in an accident.” I said quickly.

Immediately Braedon burst into tears and started shaking his head no, saying, this can't be. We rushed to the hospital as fast as we could and met Laurie and grandma in the emergency ward, and the doctors were still working on Joey when we arrived.

“What happened, how is he?” I asked as soon as I saw them.

“Just a block from home, as he was walking home from school, a car blew the stop sign and ran him over. He was hit hard and thrown quite a ways.” Laurie sobbed out.

“Have the doctors said anything yet?” I asked, stunned, Braedon clinging to me and sobbing.

“We were told that he was in critical, but stable condition for now, but unless they could get the bleeding in his head under control, that could change. He also had a collapsed lung, multiple broken ribs, his right arm was broken in two places and left leg and hip were also pretty bad.” Grandma said.

I was crying along with all there and we just stood around hugging and hoping. Finally after about two horribly long hours, the doctors came out and greeted us.

“Well you guys have an awfully resilient young man in there. It was touch and go for a while, and there was a lot of damage, but it will all heal, he is going to be just fine. He will however be immobilized for at least three months. I understand that one of you is his boyfriend. He asked to see you first, but I must inform you all that he looks very rough, and you can only visit him for just a minute, and one at a time please. We will be moving him to the ICU shortly, where he needs at least one full days rest, no visitors.” The doctor told us, and as one a huge sigh was released and the doctor smiled warmly at us.

Braedon went through the curtains, holding his emotions in check as best he could, trying to be strong. He had been told to be prepared, but it had not been enough. There were bandages and casts and wires and tubes all over, there was not a single area that Braedon could see that was not covered in either these or ugly purple bruises. He managed to calm his outburst though and only let the tears fall.

“How are you feeling baby, I thought I was going to lose you, you have no idea how scared I was, we all were?” Braedon asked emotionally.

“I hurt, but I am fine, and with my boyfriend by my side now, I am even better.” Joey answered, sounding very hoarse.

“I have to go Joey, everyone wants to see you and we were told we could only to stay just a minute to say hi. I want to kiss you, but I won't, just know I love you more than life itself, so you make sure to get better.” Braedon said with as much love pouring from him as possible.

“I love you too, visit as often as possible please?”

“Nothing could stop me.” Braedon said with a weak smile.

Braedon left with a blown kiss. Next was grandma, then mom and then dad, all saying their hellos and how scared they were and to get better. It was a good thing that I had put on a diaper when I got home, because when that call came, I was so scared I peed almost non stop the entire time of not knowing, and by the time we got home late that night, we were both leaking. I felt worse with this accident, not knowing what was going to happen, rather than with my wife and son, where they were killed instantly. I got us both changed and we just lay on my bed holding each other crying, letting out all our emotions. We fell asleep like that, no covers, no dinner, we were emotionally exhausted, and slept.

We woke up late the next morning, absolutely starving and soaked. It is amazing how much an emotional purge can make you pee. We got up, got showered and changed and then headed out to eat, because I sure as hell was not cooking this morning. As it was already almost ten in the morning when we woke up, I called both the store and the school and told them what had happened and that we would both be taking a couple days off. I made arrangements with the school to grab the boys’ books so that they could keep busy though. After breakfast we went over to Joey’s house to visit.

“Good morning, how are you two doing?” I asked once we were inside.

“We're not too bad this morning, we both came home and cried ourselves to sleep.” Grandma said.

“We both did the same, not even eating before falling fast asleep until ten this morning.” I said, and grandma said they had done much the same.

We talked for quite a while about what should be done, as the doctor said it would be at least a month before Joey would be well enough to start looking after himself again. We decided that since my house was larger, and easier for a wheelchair to be used in, that Joey could stay there and they could visit as often as they wanted. We had all agreed that that would have to do, given that in their house, all the bedrooms are upstairs and there was no room downstairs anywhere to put a bed.

“Well at least with the sale of the store almost finalized, I will soon find myself out of a job and will need something to do during the days, so taking care of my other boy should fit the bill.” I said warmly.

“And I will be there as often as possible as well.” Grandma said.

Laurie still worked, said she didn't want to quit, so she would need to be there as well, even if she could have taken the time off. We ended up sitting around and chatting for quite some time, so much in fact that we stayed for dinner and were there when the hospital called to say someone wanted visitors, and that we would be allowed to come now.

We all left like a pack of raging rhinos and got to the hospital in only a few minutes. We asked where Joey was and they told us he was in the pediatrics ward on floor three, room 303. Before we went up we stopped and each bought Joey something from the gift shop. I got him a nice card, some flowers, a couple books to read and a crossword puzzle book. Braedon got him a nice card, as well as a stuffed animal that spoke get well sweetheart, and a few other things. His mom and grandma each got him a card and flowers as well as a couple other things there. When we got to his room we knocked and we were told to just wait a moment by a nurse.

She came out and said that we could go in now, she only had to help with a little problem. We all went in and Joey greeted us with as best a smile as he could manage. He still looked horrible, very bruised and still had the bandages and casts, but almost all the hoses and wires were gone now, except one intravenous to his wrist, which was to help keep him hydrated and medicated.

“How are you guys all doing?” Joey asked as if we were all the ones injured.

“We were all very scared about you, and we all cried ourselves to sleep last night.” I answered and everyone nodded.

“Hey, don’t blame me, blame the guy who hit me, by the way, do they know who it was yet?”

We all shook our heads no, as it was a hit and run, and the police had not contacted us yet.

“How do you feel today baby?” Braedon asked the question we all wanted to ask.

“Other than feeling as if I was the target of a nuclear bomb, and my throat feeling as if I swallowed a cactus, not too bad.” He tried to joke with us, but when he started to laugh, he reeled in pain.

“Take it easy, your body was just put through a lot, no laughing or joking.” Laurie said gently.

“Yeah, I know that now.” Joey said wryly, and we all agreed.

We all gave Joey his gifts and sat around for a bit just talking. After almost an hour a police officer arrived at the door, he knocked and we waved him in.

“Well hello young man, you look a little better than you did last night when I practically scraped you off the pavement, with the paramedics help of course. How are you feeling, pretty rough I can well imagine?” He asked and Joey just nodded.

“So have you found out anything yet?” I asked before the others could.

“All I can tell you is that we caught up with the man, we was very drunk, well over twice the legal limit, almost three. He is in jail now and being that this is his third drunk driving charge, and this will be considered an attempted homicide, that is where he will stay.” He answered as much as he could.

“Does the guy even know he did this to Joey?” Grandma asked.

“No, I am afraid not. The guy was in his cell this morning swearing up a blue streak, saying that he was not even driving last night, and did not hit any stupid kid, sorry, those were his words.” He said to Joey, and Joey just shrugged as best he could.

“Anyways he has a mean hangover this morning and is apparently not a nice person. We have more than enough ammo to get his sorry ass thrown in jail for at least ten years though.”

We thanked the officer for his help and information and wished him a better shift than last night. Not long after he left, the doctor from last night came in. He said hello and grabbed the charts, and he looked everything over for a few moments.

“Okay, I need everyone to leave for a few moments please while I examine Joey here?”

“I'd like for Braedon to stay please?”

“It would be best if he didn't, I am going to be checking everything.”

“Oh don’t worry about that doctor, he has seen everything.” I said with a grin.

He just nodded and the rest of us left. The doctor pulled down the blankets and sheet to reveal the rest of Joey’s body, that no one had really seen yet. All the bruises carried on over everything there as well. Last night we had seen his lower legs, but not his mid section, and Braedon could see right away that Joey's diaper needed to be changed. The doctor grabbed a cart and removed the diaper so that he could see everything. Even Joey’s balls were a little swollen and bruised. The doctor poked and prodded gently everywhere, and made notes, while Joey held Braedon’s hand. Once he was finished his examination, the doctor called a nurse in to get Joey ready for bed. The nurse came in and grabbed the necessary stuff and diapered Joey very quickly and gently, so as not to hurt him, and once the nurse was finished, the doctor called the rest of us back in.

“Well Joey, you seem to be healing nicely so far, but I am afraid you will still have to stay here for about another week, possibly more. There is still a little swelling and bruising in your abdomen, so we need to watch out for that. We were able to get the swelling in your head down, but you would have a wicked headache if we were to take you off all those pain medications we have you on right now, not to mention everything else. The leg cast will be on for eight weeks, the arm for six, and even after that it will be months before you are allowed to do any strenuous exercises of any sort. And if all goes as planned, you will be as good as new in about three to six months, you will probably need a little physical therapy once the casts come off, but that will only be to get your muscles back in working order again. Again, I cannot say how very lucky you are to be with us now Joey, because when you came in, I thought we would lose you, but apparently neither one of us backs down from a tough fight huh!” The doctor said warmly and Joey smiled to him as best he could.

We all thanked the doctor for all his help and he left. We were also asked to leave by the nurse, since it was getting late and the patient needed his rest. We all gave Joey a gentle kiss to his cheek before we left, each saying how much we loved him and that we would see him tomorrow.

Wednesday morning Braedon and I stopped by the school to pick up the boys’ books so that they could at least try to get some work done. I told the teacher that Braedon would be back on Monday, while Joey might be another couple weeks yet.

“So how is he doing, we all want to know?” She asked, so I told her everything that I knew.

“And do you think Joey would mind if the whole class stopped by after school?”

“I'm sure Joey would like that very much.”

“Great, thanks a lot.” She nodded and then returned to the class to tell them everything I had said to her.

We went to the hospital and met with grandma and we all stayed for the day. After school Joey’s class arrived to visit, and his teacher came in first and handed us a very large card that everyone had made. She talked to Joey for only a minute and then left. She had told the kids that they could only stay for a minute each and to go in in pairs. Because casts are so bloody hot, Joey had his leg uncovered, as well as his arm, so when each of the kids came in, they could see them and they insisted on signing them. They all wished him the best and speedy recovery, all the standard stuff. It was nice that they came, but it was nicer after they all left, because it was a lot, but I knew it was good for Joey. And shortly after they all left, Joey's food tray was delivered.

“Oh man, do I really have to eat this crap, it has no flavor at all?” Joey asked, looking at the bland looking meal.

“Yes you do honey.” Laurie said as she walked in the door, just getting in after work.

“But it's gross, there's no flavor at all, and the texture is kind of like snot.” Joey retorted and I almost choked, trying to hold in my laughter, as did everyone else in the room.

“I know well the taste of the food, but it is nutritious and you need to eat. I will check with the nurse to see if we are allowed to sneak real food in here for you later, but for now eat.” Laurie said, and he started eating.

He ate it all, much against his better judgment, but he had been very hungry and now he was not. We sat around visiting for a while longer until I figured it was time to go.

“Well, we need to get going, it's getting pretty late and we still haven't eaten all day.” I said.

“Okay, thanks for being here with me all day.” Joey said warmly.

We both gave Joey a kiss and said goodnight and went to a restaurant down the street to have some much needed dinner.

Thursday and Friday were much the same, except all the kids from school did not stop by, all at once at least, a couple did show up each day, just to say hi. I had both Joey and Braedon try to get some work done from their books, but Joey found it a little difficult since he was right handed, and his right arm currently had a cast on. We made do though, I wrote stuff for him and grandma helped to hold the books. Each night Braedon and I said goodnight shortly after his mom arrived after work, and headed home. The nurse had said that it was all right if we brought in one meal a day for Joey, but he still needed to eat all the other meals. Each night Laurie brought him something good for dinner, and we left once he was finished.

The doctor stopped by each evening at the start of his shift and looked over the progress and each day he said how much more he was amazed. Friday evening he said that, other than a little bruising of the bladder that wasn't going down, everything else was doing good and he would release Joey on Sunday morning. He told us that with the bruising of the bladder that control would not be easy until it was fully healed, so he wanted Joey to come for tests twice per week to check on it. He recommended that until Joey was mobile again, that we may wish to use the same method of bathroom needs as the hospital chooses. I said that we would think about it and decide later. Joey was very pleased that he would be able to go home the day after tomorrow. We still had not told him where he was going to stay until he was healed.

Saturday we were all there all day, except when in pairs we went for meals, and as a special treat, I brought Joey a good breakfast, as well Laurie brought him a good lunch. When we left Saturday night, Joey was starting to look a lot better, the bruises and bandages were still there, but you could see in his eyes that he was not in as much pain any longer, and his medications were now down to minimal levels.

Sunday morning we were all there bright and early, waiting for the doctor to give the final okay. He kicked everybody out, except Braedon again, and did a head to toe analysis. When he was finished we were all called back in.

“Okay, everything is healing nicely, so Joey you are free to go, but remember, I want you here twice a week, for at least three weeks, for further testing and checkups to make sure you are on track. Now take him away, he's starting to bother me.” The doctor said with a warm smile.

I wheeled Joey out to the cars, and we put him in the front seat of my car, since it was a little larger. I found it difficult trying to maneuver him in without hurting him, but I did manage. Braedon climbed in the back seat and we headed home, and Laurie and grandma followed us to our house. I grabbed him out of the car and carried him inside, and I laid him on the bed I had put in the TV room.

“How come I'm here, and how come there's a bed in here?” Joey asked, clearly puzzled, but had just gone with the flow until then.

“Can you imagine your mom trying to carry you up and down stairs, and how else could you get TV as well.” I said.

“We decided that it would be easier here for you, and Jay can take the time to really be with you, as he has no more job in another week anyways.” Laurie added.

“Oh, okay, that makes sense.” Joey admitted.

“Grandma will also come over lots to help out, and I will visit almost every night.”

“Works for me.” Joey grinned.

I made us all lunch and we ate in the room with Joey, all talking and eating, and having a good time.

“I would kinda prefer it if you would diaper me dad, it would be embarrassing to have mom or grandma do it?” Joey asked with a bit of a blush.

“It's fine with me.” I said.

“We've both seen it all before honey, but if that's what you'd prefer, that's fine with us as well.” Laurie said for both her and grandma, but grandma did nod, and I had to kick them out every so often for a change, just like the nurses all did.

Sunday dinner was nice as well, I had put a ham in and did up potatoes and salad to go with it, and shortly after dinner, Laurie and grandma left for home.

“Is it okay if I sleep with Joey?” Braedon asked hopefully.

“Afraid not, if you were to move around at night any, you could still really hurt Joey, so not yet, okay.” I said gently and Braedon pouted a bit, I just smiled warmly at him.

“Okay, I know, and I don't want to hurt you Joey, so I guess we will both have to suffer a bit.” Braedon said sadly.

We stayed up watching TV for a little while longer before we all turned in for the night. Braedon had changed the evening diapers, and he did a very gentle and loving job.

Monday morning I got up, later than normal as I was not going to work, and grabbed a shower. I went to wake Braedon up, but found that he was not in his room. I went to the den and found Joey asleep in his bed and Braedon asleep in the chair that he had pulled close to the bed, and they were holding hands, it was very sweet. I gently shook Braedon to wake him up. He mumbled a bit and then woke up.

“Wake up little one, you have to get up and get ready for school.”

“But dad, I want to stay home and help Joey.” Braedon whined.

“I'm sorry, but you still need to go to school. We agreed that you would from today, don’t worry about Joey, he will be here with me all day, we will be fine.”

“You need to go baby, we'll be fine.” Joey said, having waken up at the same time as Braedon.

Braedon pouted a bit, but got up and headed for the shower. Braedon gave us both a kiss goodbye before he left, and we told him to have a good day.

“So Joey, how are you this morning?”

“Not too bad, the pain is always there, but it is not throbbing right now.”

“That's good, I will get your medications in a minute, but first let me take care of that diaper.”

I got him all cleaned up quickly and went to the kitchen to get us some breakfast and his pills. I gave Joey his small mound of pills and a glass of juice, and set his food on the tray.

“Here, take these first.” I said, handing Joey the pills and juice.

He swallowed the pills, one by one until they were all gone, and then grabbed the plate and started eating, and we ate in silence for a bit.

“So what should we do today, skiing, boarding, blading, what?” I teased.

“Just watch TV today I think, I'm still a little worn from doing all that yesterday.” He laughed.

“I don’t doubt that”

I grabbed the remote for the TV for Joey, grabbed his dishes, and went to the kitchen. I got the stuff cleaned up in only a couple minutes and then I grabbed the bandage stuff the hospital gave me and went to get Joey’s dressings all changed. I gave him a quick sponge bath after I had the bandages changed, so that he would feel at least a bit more clean. Around nine his grandma showed up, and we sat around for the day and just talked and watched TV, it was kind of boring to tell you the truth, but Joey needed us there.

When school finally let out, Braedon raced home as quick as he could and came crashing through the door.

“Well hello there, sounds like you are happy to be home.” I quipped, and he went right to Joey and gave him a nice kiss, not even saying hi to us yet.

“Did you treat my baby okay today?” He asked suspiciously, and Joey just chuckled and shook his head, and I gave him a light smack to the back of the head.

“I'm fine, we're all a bit bored, but nothing much we can do about it, but my daddy and grandma took good care of me.”

Grandma and I left the room to leave the boys alone for a bit, and Laurie came before dinner for a bit to visit as well, and to see how all was going, and then they left. I made dinner and we ate, not much to tell really. This was pretty much the routine for the whole week, and I was going crazy being in the house all the time, I could not imagine how Joey felt, so on Friday I called the doctor.

“Hi Doc, I was wondering if it would be all right to get Joey a wheelchair so that we can get out of the house and get some fresh air?”

“I am so sorry, I forgot to tell you that after three to four days, to do just that, and I want to see him today at two if I could?” He apologized.

“Thanks, and no problem, we will see you then and I will get Joey a wheelchair at the same time then.”

We left the house in plenty of time to go see the doctor, and when we got there he waved us in. He gave Joey a thorough going over and prescribed more pain killers, anti inflammatory pills, and antibiotics to help him heal.

“Thanks doctor. Do you think it would be okay to go for an overnight trip to Vancouver?” I asked hopefully, Joey also looking very hopeful.

“No, there is no reason you guys can't go anywhere and do whatever you please, you just have to be careful is all, Joey's poor body won't take much yet.”

“That won't be a problem, I just mostly wanted to get us out of the house and go check on our new home and see how it's coming along.”

He asked me all about our new home and I told him all about it. He was very interested and said that he might have a pair of students at the university that might be interested, and to give him a call when we were finished. We shook hands and I thanked him again and we left. We got home only minutes before Braedon did and I left Joey in his wheel chair. For now this was a push style, because the store had no electric ones to rent until next week, so I put our name on one so that Joey could get around on his own and not feel so helpless.

“How come you're out of bed?” Braedon asked when he saw Joey in the wheelchair.

“We just came from my checkup and the doctor agrees with us that I need some fresh air, and we are going to Vancouver tonight to check how things are progressing.” Joey said happily, he was so glad to not be laying around like a slug anymore.

“Oh okay, cool, I should go pack our things then huh?” Braedon said, equally happy.

“Too late.” I said as I walked in the room and threw a small duffel bag at him. It knocked him back step and he just said oomph.

Braedon went and got changed real quick and then we got the car ready and I called Laurie at work to tell her what we were doing and said we would be home tomorrow afternoon. She of course told me to be careful with her baby, and I said of course I will. She talked to him for a minute or two and then he hung up, and we left the house. We made decent time today and finally arrived.

Almost everybody was still there just cleaning up from the days work. All the main guys came up and the first thing they all asked in unison is what on earth happened to Joey, so the three of us explained everything.

“Well glad to hear that you're getting all better than the picture you painted for us, but to tell you quite honestly, you still look like road kill.” The heating guy commented.

“Thanks, for a bit there I thought I was, and so did the doctor.” Joey said and we all nodded.

“So what have you guys been doing all week?” I asked.

They all took us around to show us what all had been done. There were already six of the twelve large skylights installed, and two of the old catwalks, the two topmost ones, had already been changed, and the new stairs were also in. All the structural shoring had been taken care of. Half the wiring was complete, all the plumbing was done for now, all heating ducts were placed and the air conditioning lines were in the process of being done. Half the windows that were to be done were complete and were told the shop already had half the new windows done. We looked around and approved of all the work done and I thanked everyone and asked their ETA on finishing. Construction guys said one and a half to two weeks more, electrician said three to four days. Plumber said that he only needed to be called now if we wanted help installing fixtures. Heating said two days max. I gave everyone their checks for the work completed, and thanked them all again and we left.

We were all very pleased with the work done. We drove over to the hotel and got a room for the night and then went for dinner. Both the lady at the hotel and the waiter at the restaurant, that we had been frequenting, asked what had happened, as they had only saw Joey a couple weekends ago, so we had to explain. After dinner we went back to the hotel and rested for the evening.

Saturday morning when we woke up I got the boys’ diapers changed and gave Joey a quick sponge bath. After that chore was done we headed down to the restaurant to have some breakfast. At the restaurant we ate a good portion of the buffet table and left. I decided that since it was such a nice day that we go to the park, It was only a few blocks from the restaurant, so I decided the walk would do us good. Braedon and I took turns pushing Joey in his wheelchair and we made it to the park in good time. We went to the large pond in the middle of the park and sat and watched the birds for a while.

After a while we went over by the playing fields where a group of kids of all ages were playing a game of baseball. The kids were all having a good time and they were fun to watch, but after a while we moved on again. There was a nice network of trails in the park that were nicely paved, so we walked on those for a while. When we got hungry we went to a nearby café and had some lunch. It was a very cozy little place, only seated about twelve, and had very good food. After lunch we walked back to where the car was parked and headed to the hotel to get our stuff. When we got home I had Joey call his mom so that she knew we were home, and I told him to invite her and grandma over for dinner, they accepted.

I grabbed a roast out of the freezer and defrosted it enough in the microwave, that way I could put the spit rod through it so that I could throw it on the barbecue. I got the grill all fired up and put the rotisserie in place. I put the roast on and seasoned it as it spun, set the temperature to the lowest setting, and closed the lid and left it for a few hours.

The ladies showed up at six as I asked, Braedon and I had already had all the trimmings to go with the roast prepared, and ready to cook, so all I had to do was get them started. Once all the stuff was cooked I went out and grabbed the roast. We prepared the table with all the food and called Joey and the ladies in to eat. Joey’s grandma pushed him up to the table and sat him next to his mom so that she could help cut his meat, if he wanted help. Everybody enjoyed the meal and the talk. We just talked about this and that, but mostly about the place we were renovating. We told them everything and I had to promise that as soon as it was finished that they would get the grand tour. After dinner was finished we went back to the den and sat around for a bit, just talking. Once mom and grandma left, we pretty much all just went to bed as we were pretty tired. Braedon and Joey kissed for a few minutes and Braedon changed Joey and let him go to bed and then headed to his as well.

Sunday was a little less exciting, since we did not feel like going outside, because a nasty storm moved in during the night, and seemed it felt like staying. We sat around most of the day just playing card and board games. Laurie and grandma did come over for a bit as well and they joined us for games. The only other thing we did was watch TV for a while before bed.

The week did go by somewhat faster, since we were able to keep ourselves a little busier, now that Joey was a bit more mobile. Thursday the health shop called saying they just had a return of a nice motorized wheel chair and that we could come in and pick it up, if we still wanted it. We went there right away and paid for it and they adjusted it for Joey.

During the week I also left the house a couple times during the day by myself, to see how the store was doing. Everybody was doing really good and the soon to be new owner was both excited and nervous, understandably so. Braedon came home every day with a new load of work for Joey to do, and they spent some time going over it so that Joey could do it the next day. During the days we spent a lot of time just walking outside, just to get Joey out of the house.

We had all decided that we would head into the city for the weekend and get some work done, Joey would have to be our foreman, but he said we should go and get some work done, so we agreed. By the time that Braedon arrived home on Friday afternoon, Joey and I had all our stuff packed and were waiting. When he did finally make it home, I shooed him inside to change and then we were off. The drive was normal as usual and we made it in time to see who was left of the workers packing up, and only the construction crew was left, so I went and met Shawn.

“So how are things going?” I asked excitedly.

“Come and look.” He said with a smile, instead of telling me.

He took us inside and we were all amazed at the transformation. The roof was completed, and the amount of light it let in was awesome. The lights were all hung. The garage was built and we looked at it, and he told us that there was enough room for up to twenty cars, plus a small work shop. The pool and hot tub were dug and were in the process of having all the plumbing fitted. The lagoon water fall was in already and looked wicked, and would look even better spilling hundreds of gallons of water out into the pool. The bar area had been built, and only needed its final touches, but we were going to take care of that. The other two doors, that were no longer going to be used, had been covered and the extra track removed.

“I also thought of a great idea that I think you guys will really like.” Shawn told us with a grin.

“Oh really, well spill it?” I asked.

“Well because we had to close the garage in completely, for safety reasons, and the roof of it just happens to be a step off the first level catwalk, plus it will have wonderful light, and it is unused, why not make yourself an almost roof top garden. Do a nice paved walkway with a few nice trees and lots of flowers, it would only take half an hour or so to put a step, and another two to build a railing once I get the metal, I will match the metal from the catwalk and it will look awesome.” He told us.

“Now that is a cool idea, consider it done, you get the building done and we will take care of landscaping it. Now how much longer do you figure you need?” I asked.

“The pool is all that needs done now, except the roof top garden. Well all the plumbing to the pump room is done, all that needs done now is the plumbing for all the outlets and then to spray the concrete and then tile it all. As you can see all the drains have already been put in the floor so we only need until Friday and we will be done.” He said with a smile.

“Excellent, thank you so much for all the great work, and the awesome idea.” We all said. More or less.

We let Shawn continue his cleanup while we went to inspect the rest. As promised all the work had been completed, and it looked great as well, so I called everybody and told them to come by tomorrow for their money. Now with all that work done we needed to order a few more supplies, so we got back in the car, and headed out to Home Depot.

Lots of plywood was now needed for flooring, dry wall, joint compound, insulation, and accessories for the walls, and lots of paint. We ordered all the necessary items and got them to deliver them. We had unfortunately missed the last night run for deliveries, but got the next mornings first run, so that was okay. While we were there, I also got there best paint sprayer and lots of extra hose. From the store we went to dinner and then back to the project.

We worked for a couple hours just doing the last bit of carpentry work we had to do on our floor. Joey was a little upset that he could not do much to help, but did not say it. We tried to keep him busy, but there is only so much you can do in a wheel chair sitting outside a door, because there was not a sub floor in place yet. I told him tomorrow we would find him a chore that he could do, although I had no idea what yet. We headed to the hotel for a good nights rest.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early, since we wanted to have some breakfast before we met the Home Depot delivery guys. We ate a large breakfast and got to the new place at least an hour before the delivery guys were going to show up. We went to the top floor to see if there was any other work that needed to be done. The wall was up, all the electrical, plumbing and ducts were done. We would do the bed and bathroom walls, once the sub floor was in, so it appeared that everything was done. But lo and behold, as I turned to leave, one major thing I had forgotten needed to be done.

Where we had torn holes in the walls for the windows had revealed that there was no insulation in those walls and I had forgotten all about it. Heat was not something I was not worried about, since the whole place would be heated, but I did not care to hear everything that happened either.

“Guess what we all forgot guys?”

“What?” They both asked.

“We never thought of insulation for the interior, well sort of exterior walls, and I don't want to hear every little thing that happens outside.”

“No kidding, I guess more insulation for a sound barrier is warranted then.” Joey said.

Braedon and I began tearing off the rest of the wood paneling that covered the wall, and unfortunately Joey still could not even come in the room and would be of no help here.

“Well since I am of no help here, I'm gonna go find a project or something I can do guys.” Joey said.

“Okay, but make sure you be careful and don’t over do it.” Braedon said.

“Yes dear!” Joey quipped.

I giggled and continued tearing the wall covering off. We decided that once the one side was finished we may as well do the other side as well, since we would have to do a lot of patching anyways, and this was old wood paneling that would be near impossible to match. We had only got through about half the inside wall when the delivery guys showed up.

“You guys go ahead and keep working, I can take care of this.” Joey called up to us.

“Okay.” I called down, letting Joey do something, and continued our tear down.

Downstairs Joey opened the only available door and said that they could pull in again to offload. Joey took the order sheet and confirmed everything as it came off the truck, and they again were asked to put it on the second floor. By the time they left, Braedon and I were onto the outside of the wall.

“Everything is here and accounted for.” Joey said, coming up to tell us.

“Excellent, did you give them a tip?” I asked.

“Yeah, I gave them each a twenty because they didn't complain about taking it all up to the second floor.”


Braedon and I started up again and Joey even helped a little. It was really thin, old wood paneling, and did not require much force to remove, so it was easy enough for him to help with his one arm. So we took care of the upper parts and Joey took the lower. By the time we were all ready to go, the whole wall had been removed of its covering. We decided to clean up the last bit of wood before we left, and it only took a few minutes as we had thrown most of it down already. We decided to just walk to a restaurant down the road.

“So Joey, what were you doing before the delivery guys showed up?” I asked him.

“Oh not much really, I did however draw up a quick sketch as to what the roof top garden should look like.” He answered and pulled a paper from underneath his leg and opened it up so that we could see it.

He had drawn it in an almost tropical paradise, with plenty of mature palms and lots of small flowering plants and bushes. He had stone paver's for walkways, nice stone benches placed throughout and a nice pond with a small creek flowing into it with an arched bridge over it. He actually did a pretty damn good job of the drawing of it considering he was right handed and still could not really use that hand so much.

“This looks very nice, what do you think Braedon?” I asked.

“I think it looks way cool, it has my vote.”

“Has mine as well. You get the honors of getting all the stuff and having it delivered. Hey why not do that after lunch, we will walk you there, and I can tell the manager that you have my permission to use my bank card for as much as you need. There is a garden supply place, what about three blocks away, so you are close enough and you have your phone and we have ours, just in case your chair battery dies.”

“Cool, that sounds awesome, finally something I can really help with.” Joey said excitedly.

We had ourselves a very nice lunch and walked over to the garden place. I talked to the manager and told him what was happening, that Joey was to be cooperated with fully, and that all the stuff needed to be delivered either today or next Saturday. He nodded his understanding and we told Joey to have fun and to call if he needed anything.

Braedon and I headed back to continue our work, enjoying the walk, talking the entire way. We were going to start doing the sub floor and then drywall, and as much as I hated doing drywall work, I felt that we could do it instead of hiring someone else to do it, although I may have one of the guys come in and do the mudding and taping, and even the sanding, because I truly despised that.

When we left Joey at the garden center he was as happy as a pig in shit, and his grin showed it. The manager of course asked if he needed any help and Joey said that all he needed right now was a clip board, paper, and a pen, so that he could write everything down that he wanted delivered. He came back moments later with the requested items and Joey began his tour of the place. He spent over three hours just looking at everything and thinking. On his final lap of the place he finally had a plan for everything and began writing the stock numbers of everything he wanted.

He started with all the stuff for the creek and pond, he got a liner that could be custom fit and glued, nice stone, lots of that, a large pump for the creek and a smaller one with lights for the fountain feature. He also found the perfect small arched bridge and noted that. Next he chose the benches he wanted, they were nice simple granite benches, no back, but had a nice carvings on the legs and seat. He then chose the stone paver's he wanted, and got plenty of those. Next were the trees, he chose six nice mature palm trees, luckily this place had them, and lots of small ground cover bushes and plants, most of which flowered. He next chose a good automatic irrigation system, so that we would not have to worry about the watering. He also wrote down a healthy order of good dirt, enough to cover the entire roof with six inches, and to build up for the creek. He had also seen a really neat wrought iron bird cage and thought that would be cool, just larger, so he called the manager over.

“Do you carry this, but larger?” Joey asked hopefully.

“We do, but they are special order, let me grab the catalog for you.” He said, and a couple minutes later he brought the catalog out.

“Here you are, it's not really a catalog, but it shows most of what this guys does. He's a local iron worker and does these up and these are some of the drawings and pictures of what he can do.”

Joey looked through the book and chose a really nice style one, it was a couple thousand dollars, but would hold up to four full size parrots or almost anything else.

“Here is the list of everything I want to order.” Joey said as he handed the list to the manager and he looked over the list for a minute.

“Everything, except the cage of course, is in stock, so I should be able to deliver it today sometime.” He said.

“That would be great, how long for the cage you figure?”

“Oh that will likely be two weeks, but it depends entirely on how busy he is.”

“Go ahead and order it then, I can't wait until I put all this together.”

“You, and just how do you plan to do all this?” He asked curiously.

“Well I will just supervise and tell them where everything goes, and how to do it.”

He nodded and then went to the till. It took a good fifteen minutes to ring everything in and then gave Joey the total. Six thousand and change is what it all came to, but that was without the cage, since that was going to be paid for upon receipt.

“Thanks a lot for all your help, I can't wait for it to all show up. You might want to tell your delivery people to be ready to work though, because this is all going up to a second story, so they might not have fun.”

“No worries, they're used to it and will bring all the necessary equipment to make their lives easier.”

“Great, have a good day.” Joey said happily.

“And you too.” he said and Joey left.

By this time I was starting to wonder just what Joey was up to, and was itching to call him, but just when I couldn't stand it any longer, and was about to call, my phone rang.

“Hello, oh hi Joey, I was wondering where you were.”

“I'm just leaving the store now, just thought I'd call to tell you because it took me so long.”

“Thanks, so how did it go?”

“Really good, I can't wait to see it all finished.”

“Me neither, so how much did you spend?”

“A little over six thousand.”

“Oh, well that's not so bad.”

“There will be another two thousand though in two weeks or so, but that's a surprise.”

“Well just remember who changes most of your dirty and wet diapers, and feeds you huh, now what is it you had to order.”

“You can't bribe me, I'll just get Braedon to do it then, and you know he won't complain.” Joey gloatingly said.

“Well fine, be that way. So you will be here in a few minutes?”

“Yep, on my way now, love you, and tell Braedon the same.”

“Okay, love you too, and see you in a few.” I said and we hung up.

“Joey said hello to you and he loves you.” I told Braedon.

He just smiled and went back to nailing the last board on the sub floor. It had taken quite a while to lay the sub floor, because we had to do a fair bit of cutting for the heating registers, but it was finally all done. By the time that Joey got back, Braedon and I were about half way through bringing up the drywall, so that we could start hanging that. Although tedious, this part was quite easy. I had bought the twelve foot length boards to make the job easier, and boy did it ever, the hardest part of course was getting it up against the wall, but we just set it there and then set the ladder against it and then squared it up and Braedon screwed in the lower half while I went up the ladder and did the top. Joey was happier that he could now freely move around on our floor. Inside of a couple hours we had my whole side dry walled and decided that it really felt like dinner time.

“What do you guys think that we should do to the exterior of the interior walls, I don't want wood paneling or drywall, I want something different, just not sure what yet?”

We talked it over for a while and came to the conclusion that either a copper or steel corrugated roofing would look neat and keep the feel of an old factory. So after dinner it was back to the Home Depot for us.

We arrived at the Home Depot and went straight to the roofing section to see what options they had. We found shortly that the only way for copper was in tile form and we all felt that that would take forever, so we decided against that stuff. We found a really good round pleated eighteen gauge steel in twelve foot lengths. We talked it over and decided that this would work well. I ordered enough for our job and then went to buy a couple special blades that would fit on our saws to cut it, as well as a bunch of screws to secure it. We took the blades and screws right away and arranged delivery for next weekend and then left.

When we got back we put insulation in the divider wall and then put the drywall on it. This only took us a little over an hour to complete, and as we were finishing this job, the garden center showed up with our order. I was amazed at the size of the order, not only did they have a flat deck truck with what looked like half the centers plants on it, but they also had a huge trailer stuffed to the rim with dirt.

First thing they did was off load a conveyor belt and set it up to lift the dirt and heavy objects up. They started by bringing in wheel barrows full of dirt and letting it pile up where it fell. They of course had to move the belt a couple times, but had all the dirt up top in only a short while. They then moved on to the trees and then the plants. Then came the rest of it, the benches, stones, pond stuff, and last the bridge. I looked at all the stuff that was piled up there and wondered how it would all fit, but knew that Joey had a master plan, and he would do it.

“So Joey, how do you plan to get all that work done up there?” I asked curiously as we were watching the guys do their work.

“Oh I think I will get me a couple grunts to do it.”

“Oh goody, I guess that means Braedon and me huh?”

“Actually no, I was thinking that over the next couple weekends, while you guys are up doing your thing, I would hire a couple local kids to come in and help.” Joey suggested.

“Whew, I could go for that, how do you plan to hire the people though, we know no one around here?”

“I don’t really know, but I will figure it out, even if I have to go out on the street and ask kids as they walk past.”

“I just thought of something Joey, what are we going to do about water, both how do we get it here and how do we prevent it from rotting the wood below it.” I asked.

“I already have the second part covered, literally. There is a rubber roofing membrane that we will glue in place, but as for the water for the plants, we could just add a tap from the garage and pipe it up, maybe we should call the plumber again, I did get an automatic irrigation system, just never thought about where to get the water from.”

“Will do boss, how many outlets you want?” I nodded.

“Hmm, never thought of that, two at least, maybe one in each corner, no two should be fine.”

“I'll get it done, no worries.” I nodded and made a mental note to call the plumber back.

“I don’t know about you two, but I am getting a bit tired.” Braedon said.

“Yeah me too, shopping really wears you out.” Joey said with a grin.

“Yeah, I think I'm ready as well.” I said with a shake of my head at Joey.

Sunday morning, after we all got up and went for breakfast, we went to the building and started tearing off all of the old wood paneling that covered the outside wall. With the three of us working hard we were able to get the remaining three floors done by lunch. After lunch we started cutting and framing for the windows that still needed to be installed on these floors. We ended up only getting about half way through this chore before it was time for dinner and going home.

We had a nice dinner at a family type restaurant and then headed home. When we got home Joey called his mom and they talked for a bit. He had to have said he was feeling fine three or more times. He told her all about his shopping trip all by himself and everything he bought. When he told her how much he had spent in a few hours, even I heard her gasp, and I was ten feet away.

“Oh that is nothing mom, we spent more than that on each of our bathrooms, I can't wait until you see our place, you will be so jealous.” He said nonchalantly and they talked for a little while longer and then hung up.

“So how is your mom and grandma doing?” I asked.

“They are good, they missed me though and I had to tell mom, what, about four times that I did not work too hard and that I was fine. Mothers, always with the worrying huh!” Joey grinned and I nodded.

“Wouldn't know.” Braedon said with no emotion.

“You may not know, but they are all the same.” I said as I gave him a hug. The boys did a bit of school work for a while before we all went to bed.

The week went by very quickly as I had to leave the house quite a few times to sign even more papers, signing everything over to the new owner, as this was my last week, and we made Friday the last official day. Trevor was smiling so brightly that I think he out shone the sun for at least an hour. As my last official act as owner, I gave each of the employees a check for a thousand dollars as a thanks for all their hard work and loyalty for all their years.

They had also got me a few going away gifts. First was a very nice twenty four carat gold writing set, a very expensive looking watch and a card that said a little from each of them. I was very touched and we all had tears in our eyes. I shook everyone’s hands and said that I would check up on them from time to time to make sure they were all good, as well as I would go nowhere else for my electronics, even if it was a two hour drive. I did make good on this too, even after many years. With more tears in my eyes, I left the store for my last time as owner, closing a very long and somewhat difficult chapter in my life, on to new and hopefully better things.


Chapter 12

Joey had been making plans behind my back while I was gone, and when I got home Friday I found a good portion of my family there to greet me. Braedon and he had set up a nice farewell party for me to help say goodbye and the family helped a lot. We all sat around talking for quite a while and a few of the ladies did the dinner and we all enjoyed it greatly. We talked until nearly ten when everyone said they had to be going and said they hoped I found something new, to keep me sane, soon. I said for a while the new apartment should help and I was thinking of doing some type of troubled youth hangout type thing once we were all set up. They thought it sounded good and so did the boys. We all said our goodbyes and they left.

“So just how long have you had this all planned?” I asked.

“It was mostly Joey’s idea, but I helped, but he had thought of it on Monday.” Braedon said.

“Thanks. You know I am amazed at how hard today really was, I just left the one thing in the world that saved me after losing my family. I poured my entire heart and soul into that place, and as much as it hurt staying there, it hurts almost as much leaving it.” I said and the boys both hugged me.

“Now that it is done though, you can work on helping other people like you obviously want to.” Joey said.

“So, you do realize we have deliveries coming in the morning right? I had planned on leaving this afternoon, so this means that we will have to be sure to leave first thing in the morning.”

“Or leave right now, it is not that late, I already have our stuff packed.” Braedon said.

“We could, but it is already after ten, and it is a two hour drive, so I think we should just go in the morning.”

“Okay.” They both said at the same time.

I got both boys’ diapers changed quickly and they crawled into bed and I said good night. That was also another thing that kept us busy. We had gone to the doctor as we were supposed to, and he changed both Joey’s leg and arm casts for smaller and lighter ones, so that he could start getting more mobile. This now meant he had full use of his hand and could move his arm quite well, just not the elbow. His leg cast was still not a walking cast, because that would still be too much stress on his leg, but it was now shorter at both hip and ankle, so this now meant that Braedon could sleep next to Joey. Most of the bandages had been removed permanently as well, which was much nicer. The head bandages were the worst to change, so I was glad they were gone. All the stitches had been removed and he said that everything was healing nicely, but was still a bit concerned about the bladder.

We had had to take Joey straight to a hair dresser, because the doctors had only shaved where necessary, so he had hair on one side, but not the other, so we had them just shave it all off to make it look a bit better. The scar on his head was quite visible, but Joey's hair would eventually cover it. The only other scar Joey would carry that anyone would notice when he was clothed, was one on his cheek, and it really was not that large. We had already made appointments with the plastic surgeon to fix all the scars once Joey was all mended, that way it was done all at once, and the appointment was for in October. Well anyways off to bed for a quick rest.

Saturday morning we were up with the birds as usual, just not on a Saturday. We all got changed and then dressed and headed out. We got to the city in very good time today, since there was absolutely no traffic at all. We hit our favorite breakfast place and ate our fill. The manager still gave me an icy stare, but I didn’t care. When we got to the building we found that everything was completed now, including the pool, it all looked perfect. We started working right away on getting the window openings framed out, and an hour or so after we started, the delivery guys came to deliver the steel roofing that we were going to use as siding. We had them put it on the second floor, as we had always done, and I gave them a good tip, and they left. We continued working on the window openings for another hour until we were done. We decided that we may as well go for lunch a little early and then get to our next project after we ate. We had a very nice lunch and went back with full strength renewed and tackled the steel.

“Well since I will be of absolutely no use with this, and will just get in the way, I am going to go see about recruiting some help.” Joey said happily, he didn't mind at all.

“Okay, call if you need anything, be safe, and love you.” Braedon said and I nodded.

“Will do, love you too.” Joey said and headed out.

Fortunately the steel sheets were not all that heavy, they were however very awkward to maneuver. Between Braedon and I, we were able to easily get a sheet into place, and while I held it in place, Braedon put a couple screws in it to hold it in place, and then we both put the rest of the screws in. We got the top floor done in about three hours, but realized about half way through that it would be easier to put the sheets up first, and cut later for the openings. We left the next door uncovered and would put a piece above the door later. Once they were all hung we each grabbed a saw and started cutting the window openings.

Joey had wheeled around for a bit and then found a local park that had a few boys around his age just playing. There were three boys off on their own and they looked friendly, so Joey went up to them to talk.

“Hi guys, how's it goin?” Joey wheeled up and asked.

“Pretty good, and you?” The oldest looking of the three asked.

“Getting better by the day, thanks. Hey listen, are you guys doing anything important today, and would you like to come and do some work and make some money?”

“Always interested in making money.” The same boy said.

“Cool, I have a job that I need to do, but considering my current condition, I can't do it, and the other two I am with are busy with construction, so I need your help, you guys up for a bit of good hard labor, the pay is good?”

“What kind of work we lookin at, and what you consider good pay?” One of the others asked.

“Well the work is a rooftop garden, and the pay is fifteen dollars an hour.” Joey answered.

“For each of us?” The other boy asked this time.

“Yep, but you guys will have to get a little dirty and work hard.”

“I don’t mind a little grunt work for fifteen an hour.” He said.

“So, I think introductions are probably in order, I'm Joey, and I'm almost fourteen.”

“I'm Brent, I'm Fourteen.”

“I'm Elijah, I'm thirteen.”

“And I'm Kayden, also thirteen.”

“Cool, nice to meet you all. Well you guys should probably go and get changed and get permission to come, I will stay here and you guys can meet me here and we will all go over.”

“Okay.” All three said.

Joey had to wait about an hour for all three boys to come back, but he did not mind, because while they were gone a local midgets baseball team came in to practice, and it was hilarious watching the youngsters try to play baseball.

“Hey man, we thought maybe you would be gone by the time we came back! So where are we heading?” Brent asked.

“Nah, I really do need your help, and we are headed to the old abandoned factory a few blocks away.” Joey answered.

“Oh I know that place, it is just down the street from me.” He said and the others nodded that they too knew it, as it was nearby.

“I had seen a bunch of people in there working one day, but never really paid too much attention. So your dad bought the place and is fixing it up, huh?” Brent asked.

“Well not really, he is not my dad, but he is close enough.” Joey said

“He is not your lover is he?” Kayden grinned.

“Oh no, nothing like that, he is the father of my lover.” Joey grinned back.

“Okay” They all said.

They chatted while they walked and soon came to the building, and when the four boys entered, Braedon and I went down to meet them all.

“Guys, this is Jay, and Braedon. Guys, this is Brent, Elijah, and Kayden.” Joey introduced everyone.

“Nice to meet you guys. So you boys ready for some good old fashioned hard work?” I asked.

“Yes, good to meet you as well.” They all more or less said at the same time.

Braedon had gone and stood behind Joey and put his hand on his shoulder.

“Oh yes, and Joey here tells us that it is fifteen an hour, is he shitting us?”

“Oh no, not at all, and I will pay you at the end of each day that you choose to work, since there will be a few at least I am sure.” I answered.

“Cool.” All three boys said at the same time.

Joey took them up the lift to the rooftop garden to show them what was to happen.

“So is Braedon down there your lover then? You said that Jay was the father of your lover, and I don’t see any girls around, add to that the way he was practically petting you.” Brent asked with a grin.

“Yes he is, he is my boyfriend, and I hope that there are no problems with it, and you are free to leave if it bothers you, but I guarantee that we won't bother you.”

“Oh nothing like that, you won't have to worry about us, we kind of notice that kind of thing, we gay boys need to stick together, if you know what I mean.” Brent grinned.

“Cool, so are you three like lovers then?”

“Yeah, we are a three way gay love triangle, but no one knows yet, except you. So Braedon’s dad knows and he is cool with it, that must be wicked?” Kayden asked.

“And my mom and grandma, and our whole class, no one cares that we are gay, we are who we are and you can either like us or not, we don’t really care one way or the other. We of course don’t go out of our way to show our relationship in front of others, but if they figure it out, we are not going to hide it. Why live a lie, it only leads to hatred in the end.” Joey said and the boys all nodded at Joey’s little speech.

“Makes sense, but none of us are ready to tell our families yet, maybe never will.” Brent said.

“That is fine, it really is none of their business either what you do behind closed doors, but eventually they will know something is up, and you cannot hide forever, also I recommend that you tell them before they find out the embarrassing way.” Joey grinned.

“Hey man, how come you talk like my shrink does?” Kayden asked.

“Because I listen to Braedon talk like that a lot, and I know it is true.”

“Why does he talk like that?” Kayden asked.

“Because that is what he will be doing, child therapy actually, when we go to university next year, and he is really smart that way.”

“You're both going to university next year, but you're only fourteen, that's impossible?” Brent asked.

“No it isn't, I am almost fourteen and Braedon almost twelve, and we study very hard to get where we want to go, and we have lots of help, and we have an awesome school, plus it probably doesn’t hurt that we both have well above normal IQ’s, but that is besides the point.” Joey said simply.

“Wow.” Was all the response he got.

“Okay, let's get to work you guys, I am not paying you to talk.” Joey got into his business man mode, but ruined it by starting to laugh.

“Yes boss.” They all snapped to attention with laughs.

“Okay, the first thing we need to do is get the water barrier in place.” Joey said.

This required a lot of work, because when they finished one section they had to move everything over onto that section. They got the second section laid out and glued to the first piece and that was the first job done, and it took quite a while. When the boys had gone upstairs, I had called in a large order of pizza and pop to be delivered to feed everybody, and when it came we all stopped our work and ate. After lunch we all got back to work, Braedon and I back to our steel work, and the other four boys to the garden. Once back to work the boys were asked by Joey to get the trees into position, he told them where each tree was to be placed and it was a group effort to move the heavy trees into place.

At this time we had finished placing all the metal up and now had to cut the holes. The boys’ next chore was to get the pond and stream all laid out. T