All Disclaimers apply. This story involves sex between an adult and a teenager. If you do not approve of this type of story, or you are not supposed to read this story by law of the state in which you reside, PLEASE DISCONTINUE TO READ. While I do not agree in sex between an adult and a minor without consent of the minor, it does happen.

This is part-true and part-fiction. And this is my first attempt at a story.

Brandon’s Story

Brandon was struggeling with his studies. He enjoyed simple things. He liked music, loved colorguard (marching band) and enjoyed history. But the whole math thing, it was totally not his idea of a fun subject. Brandon’s parents had made an important appointment with a tutor at a local Junior College.

As 3:15 approached Brandon was in P.E. class and was enjoying the views he was receiving, when David came up from behind, grabbed him in a lock and swung him back toward the mat. “Ouch, stop it, please.” “Ouch, stop it...” what a faggot you are Brandon” David said. Brandon was totally not liking this experience, for nearly three years he was ridiculed and scorned for being something he really had no thoughts about. “Faggot.” “Hmph.” “I don’t even know what it would be like to be one of those, David.” (sarcasim). “Yeah, right.”

The bell rung, and Brandon was glad for it. He had hoped David didn’t see the buldge that was building in his pants before he got away. He walked slowly toward the other door so he could get to his car.

Brandon made it to the college, ran to the front desk, asked about his appointment and location and hoofed across the 12 building campus to the Sculley - Scranton building. He knocked three times. The door opened slowly...”come in, come in.” “You must be Brandon?” “Uh, yes sir.” “And you are Professor Kelly?”

Professor Kelly sat Brendon down, they talked about a lot of things, and then he proceeded to instruct him in general mathematics. After about 20 or 30 minutes, they took a break. Once again, Professor began asking about Brandon’s life...what does he do for fun, does he have a girl, does he have plans for college after high school, things like that.

They were both very talkative to one another. Brandon began having strong feelings for his new tutor. Professor Kelly was a younger professor of Science and Mathematics. He was 29, tall, about 6’ 2’’ and about 200 lbs. Deep tan, dark black hair, piercing blue eyes and a smile that knocks your breath away. Brandon, stood 5’ 8’’ 178 lbs, olive complection, brown eyes, brown straight hair that was long. He was pretty nice looking as well.

He noticed that the professor was adjusting himself, and he could see for a brief moment the makings of an incredible bulge in his pants. Brandon’s eyes were fixed on it for quite sometime. “Uh, Brandon, earth to Brandon...” “Oh, shit, I’m so sorry.” I don’t know where my mind was sir.” Brandon was definitely read in the face, as the professor just gazed at him and winked, “that’s quite okay.” “I’m a little surprised and intrigued by your gaze.” “Sir, I’m really sorry.” “I don’t know why I did that.” “I’ve been having these feelings for a long time now.” “Every since I was 12.” “Have you done anything about them, Brandon?” “No sir, I haven’t.”

Brandon and Professor Kelly talked for another 20 mintues or so, and Professor Kelly suggested that Brandon might want to experiment with his feelings and find out whether there is anything there to them.

“Sir, I am scared.” “I’ve never so much as touched another kid my own age, girl or guy, but a man, like yourself sir?” “I’m not sure that I could.” “What would I do?” “Brandon, Brandon, don’t worry about it...” “You’ll catch on rather quickly and you’ll either love it or hate it.”

“I really need to let my parents know what’s going on, where I’m at and all.” “Fine, call them from here, tell them we are going to study for about another hour or so and you’ll head home from there.”

Five minutes later, Brandon was unzipping his zipper and John came in closer and swooped him up in his arms and started to kiss him. Brandon was overwhelmed by what he was feeling, and the kiss was almost enough to send him into orgasm right there on the spot. Brandon found himself taking in Mr. Kelly’s manhood and gagging and sucking and gagging and sucking...almost like a kid with a new lollipop that was too good to let go of.

Brandon felt a finger penetrate his anal opening and he squeeled, then it felt sooo good. Brandon felt another finger pop in, then another...pretty soon, his legs were hoisted up in the air, and professor Kelly told him to bite down on a t-shirt. Brandon put the t-shirt in his mouth and John put his 9 inch cock right at the opening and pushed forward. Slowly he pushed in until his scrotum was slapping at Brandon’s asscheeks. Brandon was in tears, and sweat was pouring off his head. His screams were muffled, his cries were only audible to John, who did not stop, the pounding was going on, and John knew that the only way to break this gorgeous ass in was to keep it going heavy. Then John stopped all of the sudden. He relaxed a bit. About 30 seconds had passed, John was moving very, very, very slowly. Brandon was no longer crying he was pushing against John. John pulled the cloth out of his mouth. He apologized for being so forceful and so rough. Brandon cursed him, and the professor accepted it, as it was due him.

Brandon told the professor to keep pushing, not to stop now. John starting pushing, and the rocking back & forth had Brandon practically pushing himself into John’s cock. Then with a force he had never experienced John erupted copious amounts of man-juice into Brandon’s oriface.

Brandon, exhausted from the endeavor, rolled over and began to pump his own cock. Within seconds he was shooting and Professor was right up licking and swallowing every last drop.

John finished and told Brandon to make sure to come in every week. Brandon smiled. “Professor, I don’t know what to say.” “I’m so filled right now, I can’t explain what am feeling inside of me, (laughing) well, that too.” He winked at John. “Brandon, I am totally sorry I took your virginity so fast.” “I just pushed and it was hot, and velvety, and it was so incredible, I couldn’t stop, I had to have you, all of you and fast.” “Professor, it...”John”...”John,” “it’s really quite okay.” “I’m not regretting any of this.” “In fact, I now know who I am and what I am.”

Brandon and John kissed for another 10 mintues and then cleaned up and left. Brandon got home and as he pulled into his driveway, he looked across the field and saw David with some other kids wrestling around.

Brandon felt a stirring inside of his loins. As he looked at Davide, white, long blond curly and frizzy hair, hairy legs...he could just imagine his cock slipping inside his recently lost cherry hole. The next morning, Brandon was in his car and on his way backing down the drive way, when he saw David standing right there. “Brand, hey, give me a lift to school.” “Uh, I don’t believe I heard a request just now.” “Brandon, please give me a ride.” “Brandon smiled at that remark, because up until last night, he’d have absolutely no ideas what that phrase meant.

David hopped into Brandon’s 1987 BMW convertible. It was still hard to imagine that even here, Brandon’s house was easily worth $250,000 and the house to their right was barely worth $50,000...and across the road was shameville.

David starting talking to Brandon, asking questions, and then noticed the bulge in his pants. David’s hand reached over and begin touching Brandon. “David, shit what are you doing?” “I can’t help it.” “I know I tease you an awful lot, but sweet mother, you have a great build, and I can’t help wondering what it’d be like singing my fat cock in your manwhole.

Brandon suggested going back to his house, where they could, explore each other a bit more. David, picked Brandon up and laid him down on the bed, taking his clothes off. Brandon handed him a condom, he lubed up, suited up and within just a few minutes was thrusting in and out with teenage abandon. Brandon was screaming, and moaning, and David picked him up walked him over toward the dresser. where he had him nailed against the wall banging away. Then back to the bed, David was just moments away, his scrotum sack drew in tight, and he started panting heavily, and Brandon held him as his whole body shook violently, and he did three or four short deep penetrating pushes to the hilt.

Brandon just smiled, and they kissed. David smiled, and withdrew slowly. “You know, for a faggot, you sure do have a nice manpussy.” “Well, I didn’t know your cock wold fulfill me so well.” Brandon said. David smiled. “Brandon, I want to have your bum whenever I desire.” “What do you say to that?” “David, you can have my bum and whatever else you want, whenever you want, as long as you want, and as much as you want.” David smiled.

“We better get back to school dude, or we’ll be fucking each other in our dreams in detention hall.” This was only the beginning for Brandon. Brandon would later get caught by David’s father Travis later that week, and would get taken in the middle of the night by a huge 10 1/2 inch man cock. Stay tuned for future chapters.

(Portions of this story are true, the first experience with the professor was real, but took three sessions before it finally happened. The portion with David was true, but that as well took more than just one session...but the relationship grew and lasted for almost three years.)

Let me know if you enjoyed this first chapter. If so, I will add to it, if you have comments (possitive / negative - constructive criticism please don’t hesitate to write me and let me know)