Brandon’s Story Chapter II

Stay the Night?

All usual disclaimers. This is a continuation of a story that is part true and part false. (the truth only would take too many chapters and too many boring parts...speeding it up and making it happen faster is part of the ‘erotic’ part of this story) If you are not 18 GET OUT NOW. If you do not enjoy stories involving minors and adults in a sexual manor, GET OUT NOW. Otherwise...grab a box of kleenex, a glass of wine, a slice of cheese cake, some old wrags, and some hand lotion. :)

Brandon’s Story
Chapter Two: Stay the Night

A few days later, David was running through the hallway and hollered at Brandon...
“yo fag boy”
“Mr. Diesel, I know you are not talking to me are you?”
“Of course I’m talking to you.” “Who else would I say that to? The principal?”

“David, what do you want?”
“A ride, home, pleaaaassseeee?!”

Brandon was thinking to himself that he’d like that comment to be the other way around. He was trying to figure out what night he would be going to meet with Professor Kelly, and going over a few other appointments and rehearsal schedules. Winterguard practice was after school and now David was wanting a ride home, did he have any idea how close to impossible he was being.

“Look, David...I can give you a ride home, but I have guard practice until 5:00 p.m.” “My parents also wanted me home for dinner at 6:00 p.m. tonight, sooo....”

“Hey, that’s great, I can watch you and Tanya twitch your booties on the court.” (smirking)

“Ha, ha, ha.” “I’m sure you think you’re being very funny!”

7th period is almost over, the gymn experience is almost unbearable again, but at least, after Tuesday’s event, Brandon is not as uptight about P.E. class. David and Robert and Jason were all over in the corner of the room snickering and then Brandon approached. Brandon knew the guys were talking about him, then Jason made some stupid comments to him.
“Hey fagboy!” “What’s ya doing in those cute pink shorts?” Jason was being very sarcastic and very, very rude and indignant toward Brandon, and Brandon knew it, he looked David straight in the eyes, and the moment of truth, was Brandon just a piece of ass, or was all of the secret love pats and recent fuck just something to make this roughneck teen satisfied and nothing more?

“Hey guys, let him don’t know that he is gay!” “Whew, are you a homo-sympathzier dude?” Robert asked whittingly.

“No, I’m not.” “I am a a normal guy, who believes that we don’t have to always be cruel to someone because they are different and they are involved in different things.” “Jason, you sit around drawing all over your notes in class all day long don’t you?” “Robert, you do geeky shit like working with DosBasic C writing applications for Computer science class, don’t you?” “Yes, (simultaneously) Yes!”
“Well, Jason, should we make fun of you for being a dork or a a dweeb?”
“No, absolutely not, I plan to be a very important graphic artist after school!”
“Well, then, so Brandon is into cologuard and marching band!” “His sexual orientation should have no bearing on his choice of activity for fun and career!”

“Geez David!” (Robert) “Are you ever getting softhearted!” “What are you to fucking around or something?”

With a sudden and very deliberate vicious glance, the conversation ended, and Brandon stood there with tears in his eyes. A long, silent and awkward moment arose, as Robert looked at brandon, smilied and said, “well, I suppose it really doesn’t matter where you get sex, as long as you are getting it.” “Just don’t go making any requests for my bum man.” Brandon smiled, and shook Robert’s hand, then Jason’s, and then David, David reached out for a hug...and everyone in the entire gymn paused and silence fell. All of the sudden David realized what had just done. He hugged the young man, whom everyone knew was gay...but not out of the closet. David smiled, and turned to everyone and said, “what the fuck are you all looking at?” “People do this shit all the time in church.” “It’s an act of friendship or respect!”

“Yeah, I know what it is, my father’s a preacher remember?” “I’m more than aware of that old custom, but honestly, doing it with someone like Brandon, ‘ offense dude?’ is a little on the uh, well, y’know, queer side!”

“Well, get over it, you’ve had your show for the day, and let’s going with the sports, okie, dokie!”

Later on at guard practice, (NorthShore) David sat and did some studies while Brandon and the team worked on their show for upcoming competition at parkway south high school. David was completely had he missed this, this sport...this act of grace and beauty, requiring athleticism, musicianship, and an ability to move in time with music and motion? How had he missed opportunities to hang out with guys who obviously could master movement and music in a dance-like fashion that was so poetic?

On the way home, Brandon asked David if he wanted to eat over at his home. Then, afterward, they could go to his house and stay for the night. David said sure, and so they stopped off, left a note, and jogged back over to Brandon’s home.

“Dinner was really good ma’am.” “And sir, I really enjoyed talking with you about legal stuff.” David was clearly welcome in Brandon’s home. His parents totally enjoyed him. They bolted out the door a half-hour later, and were anxiously waiting their time together at David’s home. Brandon was about to encounter more than just sex with his new friend, and secret love. He was going to get taken by David’s Dad.

Two hours later, David was thrusting, in and out, in, out, in slowly, out. Brandon was squeezing with each, deep, penetrating thrust, David was slowing down, the thrusts were becoming deliberate. David had been with at leat three or four girls, but had never had a sexual experience like he was having now. His big dick, thick, arched at the top, thick, was making a new canal for he and Brandon.

Neither of them had any idea that standing just at the entrance of the room, peering through the door crack was Travis. David’s dad. A loan officer for Bank of America, Travis was tall, 6’ 3’’ and weighing in at around 200 lbs. He was rubbing his cock through the fabric of his Piere Cardin suit. His wife, was on a three night call at the emergency she would not even be home for two more evenings. Travis decided that later that night, he was going to slip in and make his entry debut into Brandon’s life. Since it was obvious that his son was definitely trading sides, trading spaces, changing lanes, he too, was going to experience this young 17 year old kids manpussy.

David and Brandon finsihed up and took a shower, and then ran upstairs, grabbed some ice-cream and ran back downstairs. Then Brandon heard a door slam. “David, I’m home!” “Brandon, my dad.” “Come on man, come and visit.”

Travis made it appear as though he was just getting home. Eventhough he’d been home for about an hour already. “Dad, you’re late!” “Yeah, I know, I worked a little later at the office.” “Well, anyhow, supper is in the made it before she went in tonight.” “I ate at Brandon’s home...his parents are great!”

“Thanks Brandon, for allowing David to eat with you all.” “Uh, it was nothing sir. Dave’s, uh, he’s great to be writh.” Travis smiled, looked Brandon over from top to bottom, and smiled again. He thought to himself, later, boy, I’m going to break you in for my son, really nice.

David and Brandon kissed for what seemed like at least 20 or 30 mintues, and did some screwing around again, then David left for his room. Brandon laid there for another 20 minutes then finally fell off.

Sometime around 2:30 a.m. in the morning, Travis walked downstairs, slowly opened the door to Brandon’s room. Locked it behind him, and moved to the bed. Brandon woke up to a most delightful feeling. In the absolute dark, he couldn’t see anything, but the kiss was powerful, and the thrusts were the same, at least, he thought they were? Then, it started, he moved and realized that this body was smooth, not hairy. He realized that the hair was short, and not long, as he was slowly coming to, he realized, David’s father was about ready to take him.

“Sir, stop it please!”
“Boy, I’m going to get some of you, just like my son did.”
“Sir, no, you are too, sir, I can feel, you are too big for me sir.”
“Nonsense son, you’ll take it all, and you’re going to love it.”
“Please, then it started.”
Brandon’s arms were flailing in the wind, he was trying to push away, then he was pinned down. He kept pushing away, and then he felt it. Penetration was definite. He was crying, he tried to scream, but Travis had such a deep kiss on him...the pain was searing through his body. It felt like he was on fire, sharp felt like at any moment his entire insides were going to be ripped out.

Then the scrotum sack hit his ass. “Ahh. That’s so, soooo, awesome.” “You are so tight!”
“Fuck you sir, fuck you...” “You fuckin’ aren’t supposed to be doing this, sir.”

After a few moments of waiting, Travis began pumping...Brandon felt something he’d never felt before. He was still in a great deal of pain. After it was over he would know why. He felt this sense of extreme pleasure even between the pain. With each slow thrust, it was more intense..then Brandon started bucking...pushing....fucking back. Before long, Travis roled over and Brandon was on top, and started to move up and down.

Pain was intense, but he was enjoying it nonetheless. Then Travis turned him over, and started pushing deep...hitting as ddep as possible. Slowly, and more deliberate. Brandon felt the cock within in him get bigger as it pushed forward, and then he felt it, hot, gushing. Travis had not only gotten the best fuck he’s had in at least a year, but he filled Brandon with his manseed. Brandon laid there, as teh cock slowly pulled out. Travis kissed Brandon, and Brandon opened up and began to deep kiss Travis. Travis got out of the bed...walked over to the sink, and cleaned himself up a bit. He came back over to the bed and laid for about 30 minutes with Brandon.

Travis told him that he hadn’t had sex that great in months. “Travis, I’m in love with your son, but I am IN LOVE with your cock.” “Brandon, you and David can have each other if you want, but I have a wife.” “I’d be happy to give you my cock whenever it is appropriate and whenever we can do so privately and discreetly.” “Sir, when?” “WHen can I have you again.”

“Brandon, (kiss) I’ll call you sometime.” “You could apply for a job over the summer before college with my bank you know.” Smiling, Brandon said, “That’d be really great sir.”

With that, Travis left the room. Brandon caught a few more hours sleep before David came running in and jumping on him and thy kissed and started making love. As soon as David pushed into Brandon, he could feel that Brandon had played around...and he knew with whom. He smiled. “So, uh, were you hoping to keep this a secret?” “No, I knew that I’d have to tell you, but it just happened, and then I wanted it more and more.”

David, do you think that cute Italian fuckstud of a dad of yours would take me on a ride through legal haven?” “I, I, don’t know about that.” “I don’t think I’ve ever seen my dad without clothes.”

“So, maybe, we can try and trick him...set him up.” “I deserve to get nailed by your old man’s only fair, you got to be with my Dad.” “Well, maybe you will get to be with your dad as well.” “Dude, that would be too much!”

(some parts of this story are true, others are fictional. While I am attempting to build both a great short novel of the life of a boy name Brandon, it is entirely possible that this kind of thing does happen. While I can’t attest to my first sexual experience to a man until I was about 17, I did have two encounters one with my cousing (15) and another with a high school senior from Union High School just down the road a bit from my high school. The boy played tuba in the Wildcat Marching Band - and was whoa...awesome!) I hope you enjoy, please send requests, ideas, possitive-negative criticism to