The B.T.W. Saga

By: Max the Cat & Hermes


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Part:2- Deflowering in Orlando!

In Wesley's room he and the highest bidder prepared to be the Pleasure Boi's first fuck. The man was more than excited. Wesley had led him to his to his room by the erect cock, he went willingly. The lavender sheets were already pulled down and the ready boi lay there propped on a hand.

The Patron walked out after the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist. Wesley slid off the bed and on to his knees in front of the winner. Wesley unwrapped the towel and let it fall on the floor, took the cock in his small hand and examined it. his red tongue snaked out and trekked over the corona. Around and around the boi's tongue top circled the purple mushroom then his mouth opened wide and sucked the cock in half way.

His red lips clamped down tight on the fat meat and his lips moved up and down his tongue licked as his mouth applied the sucking pressure of a superb blow job. Saliva ran down Wesley's chin, the penis being sucked down to the root. Wesley nose was being tickled by the curly pubes, he had to suppress a sneeze.

Wesley let the slick tube slide from his mouth and stood up. "Let's do what I've wanted for a long time, please fuck me." He didn't have to be asked twice. He climbed on the bed and lay back splaying his thin white legs wide, his butt propped up on a pillow. He was in direct line with the rampant cock.

The Patron held his lubed member tightly in his fist and placed it at the tight virgin orifice. "I'm ready when you are." Wesley said, almost begging to be skewered and quickly. The man pushed hard and the tight anal ring held him back. Sweating in anticipation, which now had been going on for nearly half an hour. Wesley relaxed again as the patron pushed in harder. Grunting, breathing hard, and swearing, he pushed again even harder. The ring began to open wider and the purple mushroom broke in slowly, opening Wesley's boi-pussy a bit.

Wesley felt his tight chute being stretched to accommodate the fat, hard, fleshy tube. He slowly pushed in and Wesley moaned out loud. "Gee, it's bigger than I thought. I...I... On my God! It's really big!" The entire length had hit bottom, his hairless privates were covered by black curly pubic hair. Wesley's legs locked behind the man as the first fuck began.

"Ready?" His defiler asked, then began the hard pumping of his hard cock. Back and forth he drove his cock into Wesley's tight hole. Wesley held his breath for as long and he could. He finally let it out with a "woosh." He was stretched wide and being fucked hard for the first time in his eleven years.

Wesley's lips made sucking sounds on the man's chest, the pot bellied man's hair was rubbing his boi-cock and making him throb and tingle. He was getting used to the rubbing inside his boi-hole and was responding to the hard fucking. His mind told him he could do the more, a lot more, and he was going to cum himself, the belly was stimulating his own erection so well.

The cock inside of him began to fuck him faster, his cock throbbed harder and swelled. "Oooohhhh Sir! Oooohhhh, your making me cum! I can't believe it, I'm, I-I-I'm cu-m-m-m... I came!" His boi-cock was spitting hot boi-honey on his own as well as his fucker's belly. The man's cock also had run it's course and exploded deep inside of Wesley. One, two, three, and a forth hot of bolt cum was deposited deep in Wesley's previously virgin colon.

The Patron's cock kept spewing cum into the boi. He had saved it for quite a while hoping to win this opportunity. The Patron then fell to the side, his cock pulled out and the cum flood followed and made a creamy pool on the lavender sheets. For a full ten minutes Wesley's thin white legs were splayed wide, he couldn't move, yet he was wondering who would be next, actually, he couldn't wait,

Richard wandered out to the pool where a multitude of Patrons were lounging and lusting at all the naked bois, trying to make a choice. A tall blond man, with muscles that rippled on his well toned body took one look at Richard and made his decision. Richard slowly walked by, twitching his cute butt from side to side. The Patron took his left hand and stopped him in his tracks. "Are you engaged?" Richard gave him a big red lipped smile, "I'm available, Sir, would you like me for a while?"

"I'm Donald and your name is?" Richard started to say 'Rich...' and stopped thinking 'Richard is so formal, I need something new and cute', "I'm Ritchie, Sir." The Patron led him away from the group to a setting in back with "new" Palm Trees. He brought a B.T.W. logo blanked with them and spread it out. "Lay down, Ritchie, and we'll get acquainted." The big strong Patron said.

He and Donald stretched out. Ritchie laid across Donald's middle and proceeded to bathe the man's penis with his mouth and saliva. Holding the cock to his lips, his red tongue licked the precum clean. Opening wide he sucked in two thirds of the hot flesh, soaking it with his slick spittle. Donald laid back pleased that he had picked such a sexually aggressive boi.

The cock slid into Ritchie's throat, his eyes watering as he looked at the crinkly ball sac attached to the hot flesh he was deep throating with gusto. His lips pulled back and plunged forward, then repeated the act a few more times, before letting the glossy stalk slide out and his tongue snaked on and around the wrinkled sack holding the man's testicles.

"Oooohhhh Ritchie! I love what you do, so fucking good, I feel my cum boiling inside of my body." Ritchie looked back "Keep it in for awhile, I'm not finished licking and sucking, OK?" Donald smiled weakly as Ritchie sucked one then the other and transferred his attention to the nether area between the sack and asshole. Donald bounced up and down as Ritchie sucked the sensitive flesh.

Donald heard the sucking and some giggling of the hot boi-slut. Donald got the surprise of his life when Ritchie passed his attention to his anus and licked the very sensitive area. The preteen was having the time of his life and sunk his red tongue tip into the hole and licked and dug in then wiggled it.

Donald was moaning and humping with each dig. Ritchie meant to prolong this as long as possible. He worked his way back up in reverse and quickly found the base of the man's rampant penis. Ritchie grabbed hold of the stalk and began to nibble his way up the underside. Donald's cock tingled and pumped blood into the head and Ritchie could feel the heat and thumping. His blue eyes looked up over the tip and grinned as he said, "Should I stop, or do you want more of my mouth?"

Donald had a hard time thinking, Ritchie was again licking the purple tip and digging into the slit were the cum would explode from. 'If I don't make a decision my body will do it for me.' He thought. "You better hop on it, I don't know how long I can last." Ritchie gave the cock head a wet kiss and climbed on the tip and rubbed it across the ready pre-lubed hole, Donald moaned again and clamped his teeth together tightly.

Ritchie looked into Donald's face, ran his tongue over his plump red lips and holding the hard male appendage in his grasp, Ritchie slowly sank down and enveloped the purple capped penis into his tight orifice until his butt was nestled in the dark hairy nest. "Ooohhh my God! You're so fucking tight, and are you milking me!" Ritchie giggled and clamped down tight.

Ritchie did all the work, His muscles sucked the hard tube as he bounced up and down and his fingers played with the man's brown rubbery nipples. Donald was doing all he could to not cum and Ritchie was doing all he could to make him.

Ritchie won. Donald tightened his muscles and Ritchie clamped down harder making Donald think he was getting a blow job also. His cock swelled, he tried to hold off, but to no avail as his creamy sperm bolted from the piss slit and filled Ritchie with four hot creamy blasts of his hot goo. The boi grinned as he felt blast after blast, he was in charge!

In his room, Parker Swinton waited for the big African to finish his shower. He had been sucking cock for two years now and now he was about to feel the first of many penetrations to come. Obobo walked out, his middle covered by a powder blue towel. Parker's alabaster skin and red hair stood out and would make a good contrast with the skin of the dark black African.

The powder blue towel fell aside and Parker's sapphire blue eyes got bigger than they had ever been. The black cock looked more like a big black log. Parker swallowed hard. He pointed and said, "That's not going to fit, really it won't!" The big black man laughed out loud, "Don't worry, I'll make it fit!" Parker seriously thought of running.

Before Parker could make a dash for the door, Obobo took his hand and the two laid on the bed. Parker kept staring at the big black cock and shaking his head. Obobo looked at he boi and said, "Suck me before we fuck." Parker thought that with some luck he could suck him off and save his small boi-pussy from being stretched out of proportion.

Holding the biggest cock in the smallest of both hands, Parker began to lick the black crown, he tried to wrap his red lips around the head and barley got it in. His lips hurt from being stretched to the limit. He sucked as best he could and licked feverishly. Alas, even a copious amount of his slippery saliva didn't help much.

He worked at stuffing in as much as he could, but only had half in his mouth. The words he never wanted to hear was moaned out, "OKAY! Lets fuck now!" Parker let the cock slide from his mouth and looked at the man with pleading eyes. The big black African sat Parker right behind the big black weapon and drizzled lube over the now glossy black mamba, Parker swallowed very hard as he was picked up and placed on Obobo's rampant penis.

Parker felt the cock push up and his tight ring refused to budge. Obobo placed his two black meaty hands on Parker's shoulders and smiled and pushed him down. His anal ring at first held, but the man's cock pushed up as Parker was pushed down and the head broke into Parker who tried to scream, but nothing came from within.

The big black penis was driven into Parker until the boy felt the bristly black pubes tickle his butt cheeks. The two stayed that way for a few minutes, Parker was getting used to being stretched to the limit. The man pulled him up and pushed back down. This went on for quite a while and Parker was getting use to this and actually was pushing back down on his own.

Obobo began to fuck the boi in earnest and Parker couldn't believe it, he was erect, the rubbing of a certain place inside was working on him. Obobo was also succumbing to the extreme tightness and cum was rumbling in his insides. He had Parker by the waist and was pummeling him on the big black spike, Obobo was almost there, just a little more and he'd blow the white boi to the ceiling, he chuckled to himself.

His cock exploded and actually picked Parker up an inch. Hot sperm flowed and filled the boi's colon with its creamy essence. More and more sperm jumped from his cock. "Gee your cumming so much!" The youngster moaned to his deflowerer. Obobo was sweating profusely and thinking that this was money well spent, he had defiled another young white boi, but the ones at home were kidnapped and money free, here it was legal, he laughed out loud.

Wesley cleaned up and walked down the stairs and walked past the office and looked at the notes on the board. He saw something that caught his attention and roster of names and his was on it, BE IN THE MAIN PARTY ROOM AT 5:00 PM, YOU ARE SELECTED FOR THE "KING OF THE ROUND TABLE GAME, BE PROMPT." Wesley thought, 'Damn, I now know who's next.' Wesley grinned and continued his thought, '...and there are six of them!'

Eddie and Dudley had picked up two older Pleasure bois from ARGOS. Boris a Russian, and Gustav from Latvia. Both had been plucked from the streets of their native countries where they had been plying their trade just to have something to eat. Boris had been nine when he had been used by his mother and her pimp, The boy was effeminate by appearance and seemed to be a good choice to bring in money. Gustav never knew his parents and ran away from the orphanage. He used his body so he wouldn't starve, plus he liked the feel of male hands on his body.

The Lear landed in Riga and they were driven to the Royal Hotel. They had four rooms booked. Installed in their rooms, they received a phone call from Valdis Jonsons, their Latvian contact. Eddie talked to him. "Yes Valdis, good to hear from you, I sure hope you can helps us." (a pause) "Very good Valdis, very good, you have 100 already? I can't believe... 25 over 10 and 75 under... good, very good... did you say tonight 4 will visit us? Wonderful, just wonderful... yes, B.T.W. will amply reward your efforts... tonight, we'll be ready after dinner, until then, good day."

They ate in the hotel dining room then went back to their rooms. Eddie entered his and stopped dead in his tracks. On his bed sat a naked boy around 11, brown hair, brown eyes and very white skin. "Hello!" Eddie said. "I am Karlis, I an almost eleven and I want to go to B.T.W. Please, please, the way I am the people don't want me. I was caught and my family cast me out, please take me!" The kid was pleading to go.

Eddie smiled, "Karlis, consider yourself in the Popsicle Navy. Welcome aboard." Karlis got the biggest smile on his face, rambled off the bed and knelt in front of Eddie, unzipped his pants and withdrew his penis and began to suck it. "Gee Karlis, you don't have to, but if you wish." He quit talking and relished the warm wet mouth as it took his cock in deep enough to let Karlis' tongue wag right and left on his ball sac. His trousers and underpants were around his ankles.

The boi pulled the cock out and smiled up at Eddie, "You can fuck me, I love a man's cock in me. That's why my family didn't want me." Eddie picked the boi up and laid him on his back and stripped as naked as Karlis was. The boi rolled up and spread his legs wide, he was lubed and ready and Eddie wanted to fuck him more than anything in the world right now.

Kneeling between the thin splayed legs, Eddie placed his cock head at the ready anus and pushed. "Crap Karlis, you're tight!" The little boi smiled and said with his heavy accent, "I haven't been fucked that much. Please fuck me, but not too hard at first." Eddie plunged in, hard, Karlis would have to get used to a hard fuck anyway. He reamed the little boi as hard and as deep as he could, Karlis would remember this fuck forever.

The two bodies joined and Eddie plunged in as hard as he had ever fuck a boi before. Karlis held on the Eddie's hips the cock found new places in his tight young body. Karlis practiced something with his muscles that Eddie moaned over, his cum boiled inside and he could feel it begin to travel through his body, he was almost there, his teeth gritted tight, then the head of his cock swelled and belched out hot semen into the young boi's warm, wet insides, "Damn! This feels so good!" Eddie declared.

He and Karlis showered. Soon after he looked and the boi was on the right side of the bed sound to sleep. Eddie dialed Dudley to tell him, but Dudley beat him to it. "Eddie you wouldn't believe it. I'm propped against the pillow and I have a pudgy 10 year old sucking me off right now. He was begging to go with me. Oh fuck, I gonna cum, Ooohhh! I'm cumming and he's drinking it all! WOW!" Eddie chuckled and hoped the rest of the trip would be as good.

Dudley, Eddie, Boris, and Gustav sat at a table, the four Latvian bois ranging from 10 to 12 sat at their own table eating like they had never eaten before. Valdis walked in and pulled up a chair. "Eddie, a pleasure to meet you." He shook Eddie's hand then the hand of Dudley. "I hope you are pleased. I have those 4 and 96 more ready, I will need 100,000 Euros for the transaction and of course the transportation for the bois to Paris."

Eddie couldn't believe how easy this had been. "We have the cash, Valdis, we would like to see the bois first and I will have the 747 land at Riga International tomorrow morning. I hope the boi's have been fed." Valdis assured him the Boi's had been fed, B.T.W. had already provided the money for that." Again Eddie shook his head. B.T.W. was amazing!

They were driven to a warehouse where inside on mats laid 96 more extremely beautiful bois. He and Dudley walked up and down slowly while Boris and Gustav asked questions of the boi's, "Have you been fed, are your forced into this," and so on. Then Boris told Eddie that they were all volunteers, all outcasts because of their sexual orientation and tired of scrapping just to live. "Good Boris. Valdik, I'm satisfied." He got on his cell and called for the first 747 to arrive at 10:30 am at Riga international airport.

Dudley counted out 100,000 Euros to Valdik, who thanked him. "Not all this is mine you know, I have to pay a man for the papers to get the 100 away from here, but with the way they are, the country was glad to get rid of them. I have also contacted Demetri Korovoshenko in Moscow, he will meet your Lear in Moscow. He says to date he has rounded up 415 Russian bois. 300 of them 10 and under and 115 of them 10 to 12. Not bad, Russia has so many orphans and so many of this orientation they don't want around, this is a blessing for these boi's. I am sure you know how many are found beaten to death."

Eddie put up a hand, "I don't want to hear any more, it happens all over the world, and we can use the ones that want to pleasure men and want to be taken care of. B.T.W does not force anyone into anything. If the boi isn't of the right ilk he isn't for us." Valdik nodded, "That's why I work for B.T.W."

In the morning Eddie, Dudley, Boris, Gustav, and Valdik escorted the 100 Lithuanian boi's onto the 747 and waved goodbye as the jet took the boi's to Orly, in Paris, where René and Marcel would take the 100 to La Harve and place them on the B.T.W. Boi Bait to be transported to ARGOS for their orientation. It would have been easier to go by jet, but B.T.W wanted the bois used to sea travel. Another B.T.W boat would take the 400 or so Russian bois. The B.T.S Tiny Tot was scheduled so it could be in the right place to be christened for it's maiden voyage with Patron's aboard.

That afternoon they were in the Lear and on their way to Moscow's Domotedvo airport, where Demetri was be waiting. The four slept and were awakened upon landing. The four walked down the ramp were a smiling Demetri Korovoshenko waited. "My friends, welcome to mother Russia. Welcome home, Boris." He said to the Russian born Pleasure boi. Boris nodded, but kept quiet.

The car drove them to the Cosmos Hotel. Eddie gave out with a whistle when he saw the hotel. "Dudley, B.T.W. should buy this beauty and make it a facility!" Dudley was tired. "I'll ask Anders when we get back, right now I need some sleep. Demetri laughed "What should I do with your present?" Dudley smiled, he knew what Demetri was talking about.

Eddie walked into his room, the bell hop carrying the bags. He tipped the young man and opened the door to his bedroom, On his bed sat another very cute naked young Russian boi, not handsome, but actually beautiful. "I am Taras Petrov. Eddie couldn't hide his erection, this was the hottest boi he had ever seen. Well, almost, Tristan Morning was in a class of his own, but Taras was a very close second.

The boi got off the bed and turned round and round. "Fuck! He as a heart shaped ass! Damn, I have to fuck him! This kid will be very popular on the boats or where ever he lands. "First, Taras, I'm hungry, how about you?" The boi appraised Eddie then looked at he floor as he said, "If you wish, Sir, I will eat with you, but I can go to corner and wait if you wish." Eddie took the boi's hand and lifted the boi's head with a finger to his chin. "Never let yourself be pushed away Taras, you have a gift." The boi looked at him very funny, "I have a gift Sir?"

Eddie walked the naked boi to a mirror, "See that boi?" Taras nodded, "It is me, Sir." Eddie continued, "See your face and body? That's your gift and men will crawl on hands and knees to have some of that."Eddie pointed at Taras. Eddie felt a hand grasp his cock through the grey pants and squeeze. "You have a big one, I wish to suck you." Eddie smiled, "I want to eat first, what would you like to eat Taras? "If not your cock I will have a hamburger, fries and a coke, Please." Taras said, quite formally.

Eddie order a steak, medium, salad and a hamburger, fries and a coke for Taras. He ate as he talked on the cell to Demetri about the bois he had promised."Do not fret my friend, they are ready for your inspection, how so you like yours?" Eddie told him he loved the boi's beauty. Demetri giggled, "I have many just as lovely, just wait and see." Eddie asked, "How much?" There was a pause, then Demetri said, "500,000 Euros." He waited for Eddie to grumble, but Eddie said, "Demetri, we can do business, but I have to see the bois first."

Demetri said he would have Eddie, Dudley and the two boi's picked up in the morning, they would be driven to the place where they were staying. Eddie said, "Ok, we will see you in the morning." He opened the door and the food was set on a table and the waiter left. Taras entered, naked as the day he was born. Eddie couldn't keep his eyes off him.

They ate quietly. The boy was eating very daintily, Eddie loved watching him eat, He then followed him into the bathroom and Taras put toothpaste on his finger and started to rub his teeth. Eddie took his hand away and looked into his kit and pulled out an extra toothbrush and gave it to Taras. The boi looked at it like he had just received a million dollars. He brushed his teeth for what seemed like an eternity. Eddie just watched him.

Eddie thought to himself, "If he fucks and sucks as well as he brushed his teeth, I'm gonna take him to Hawaii, He and Tristan together will bring the Patron's in by the bushel. The boi took Eddie by the hand and walked him to the bed. Slowly the boi stripped Eddie of his clothing. He hung up the pants and shirt on hangers, took off each shoe and sock. he slid them under the bed.

Taras grinned an impish grin and pulled up the wife beater and then off with the boxers. On his knees, he took hold of Eddie's half hard cock and examined it. Taras looked up and smiled and then the dark blond head looked down and kissed the purple crown. His red tongue rolled around and around the head and the engulfed the man's now hard cock. He sunk the total length into his throat without any difficulty whatsoever. His lips buried in the mass of black pubic hair surrounding Eddie's dick.

The dark blond head moved up and down as he sucked and bathed Eddie's cock in wet saliva. Eddie could only stare as Taras sucked and licked his manhood, He could see the head push out against the side of the boi's neck Eddie wondered if he could hold back his orgasm long enough to fuck Taras.

Eddie laid back and enjoyed the way the boi did him. He took hold of Eddie's slick penis and made sucking noised as he worked his way down the sensitive underside of his cock. This kid put his heart and soul into making love with his mouth and lips. His lips now came in contact with Eddie's balls and bathed the two in his saliva filled mouth.

Eddie watched as Taras moved to allow his tongue access to Eddie's hole. He felt his asshole being licked and the tongue tip digging inside his anus. "Good lord! He's coming to Hawaii if I have to buy his ticket myself!" Eddie promised himself that night. Taras slowly moved back up with a wet tongue until he found another precum bubble at the cock tip and licked it clean. Eddie was at his wits end and sat up and gabbed the back of Taras's head and exploded deep in the boi's sucking and swallowing mouth.

Taras swallowed and drank Eddie's spewing man nectar without missing s cumy blast. Finally the Russin boi had drained Eddie's spout of all the present sperm. He looked down and the smiling face and sparkling green eyes, He hadn't notice the eyes before and took it for granted that they were blue, he couldn't take his eyes off the angelic face. "Taras, have you ever thought of going to Hawaii?" The boi looked at him with a puzzled look. "Hawaii?" Eddie grinned, "Never mind, You're going to love it there."

Demetri took the men and boi's to the place where the 411 other waited to be taken away from the miserable life they had been leading to date. Eddie, Dudley, Boris, and Gustav walked in. The boi's smiled anticipating some type of liberation from the mess they were in now. Boris stood in front of them and told the bois in Russian that they did not have to go if they didn't want to, this was a life for boi's who wanted to please men in a sexual way, they would be fed, educated and have money when they aged out. B.T.W did not force them into this nor would they tolerate them being abused in any way."

A few raised their hands and asked just when they were leaving, they wanted to go and as soon as they could, They were gay or bi and they wanted to leave just as soon as they could. Boris translated everything to Eddie and Dudley. Eddie said they would leave that afternoon at 5 by 747, the paperwork was done and the 500,OO0 Euros had been paid. Boris smiled and asked if there was enough food. Eddie had the nearest Mc Donald's truck in Happy Meals for all 415. Boris asked if there was some for him and Gustav, Dudley nodded, "Yes, I got double half pounders, fries and shakes for you guys" Boris and Gustav grinned ear to ear.

Eddie, Dudley, Boris, and Gustav left with the 415 Russian bois and still had 400,000 Euros left. Eddie hoped Ander's would be happy. They landed at Orly and turned 414 over to René and Marcel They took them to La Havre and placed them on the Tiny Tots and sailed to ARGOS for orientation, shots and medical and dental checkups. Boris and Gustav flew back to Argos.

Eddie, Dudley, and Taras flew to Brussels. Eddie hoped Anders wouldn't be pissed with him taking Taras to Hawaii with him, Anders wasn't. The older man smiled and looked in the bag. I am very pleased with what you two have accomplished. Please, you two split the 400,000, and please Eddie, take the boi to Hawaii with you, he should make a nice addition to the Hawaii facility.

The first of the two cruise liners dropped anchor at ARGOS. Daniel, Joe and Timmy stood waiting for the launch to bring in the first 25 of the Latvian bois. Timmy wanted to see what they looked like, since most were of his age for the Tiny Tots group for the B.T.S. Tiny Tots liner. Boris and Gustav who had proved invaluable to B.T.W. as interpreters. They were also valuable as role models. Daniel decided to send off a message to Anders asking for a special deposit to be made in Boris and Gustav's account for their efforts.

On the liner the medical and dental staff had worked overtime to get these boi's in shape to become the new Pleasure Bois. Showers and haircuts made them very presentable, now to educate them in the way's of man/boi pleasures. The under tens were to be on the new B.T.W. world tour group and the organization wanted that on the water as soon as possible.

The first group were on dry land and Timmy led the way with Daniel, while Joe awaited the next group. "I wish we had another launch." Joe said out loud. Gustav who was boarding the launch for the second time said, "What would we do with it when we didn't have all of these bois to process?" Joe just gave him a funny look and lit a cigarette.

Inside the first group were given their necklaces and anklets with numbers to be used on the Tiny Tot or the Boi Toi, depending on the age group. Timmy was giving instructions and Boris was translating them. Daniel had to grin, he thought to himself "Maybe we should call him Sergeant Timmy of the Boi Toi's Brigade!" He decided against it, Timmy might take it to heart and they had enough leaders on ARGOS already.

By four they had processed all 100 Latvian's Boi Toi's. Timmy led them down to the dining room each time a new group was processed. He made sure they were fed, then showered. He led each to his room in a makeshift dorm.

Two days later the Russian contingent arrived and Sergeant Timmy was waiting on the dock. Rene had been in-charge of the Latvian's and Marcel had the Russian's in tow. He had brought along two Russian's from Brussels. He needed them as he only spoke French and English. Most of the Russian Boi's were under 10. In fact, only two were 10 and the rest were between 7 and 8.

The ARGOS group processed these and reloaded the B.T.S. Tiny Tots with close to five hundred 10 and unders. The crew and the Cruise leader Rick Smalls. Timmy had begged Daniel and Rick to let him go on the maiden voyage of the Tiny Tots. Rick said, "Why not let him, we can always have him flown back if it doesn't work out or you need him." Daniel relented and told Timmy he could be part of the Pleasure Boi group.

Timmy quickly packed his tooth brush and hair brush with the B.T.W. uniform, just in case he need clothing. He and Rich Smalls boarded the ship. Boris went along as his assistant, Rich wasn't fluent in Russian or Latvian. The remainder of the over 10's boarded the Boi Toi and ARGOS was finished with the chore and things went back to normal.


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