The B.T.W. Saga

By: Max the Cat & Hermes


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Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is total fiction. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. The story deals with multiple situations of sexuality including Male/Male and Male/Canine sex. This may take place between individuals of the same ages, inter-generational relationships, or inter-species relationships. If you are under age to read this type of material, or if it is in any way illegal for you to do so, please do not read any further. If you are offended by this kind of material, also, please read no further.

B.T.W. Saga

Chapter 2

The Recruiter

Harry Peters was looking at his computer screen. He was watching the previews of the newest videos on Channel 6969. He happened to see an advertisement that came on between videos that told him of the future plans for B.T.W. One of these plans talked about the expansion they were currently undergoing. It seems they were in the process of, not only expanding the number of resorts they have scattered around the world, but, they were also increasing the size of their ocean going fleet. They were also going to be offering cruises around the world.

As he was contemplating this his telephone rang. He answered it and found it to be an old friend. However, Harry began to feel a little reticent since on his computer screen now there was the image of a very young boi bouncing up and down on a very large and very hard penis. He muted the sound on the computer and began talking to his friend. You see, normally Harry wouldn't mind the background noise of a very vocal young boi being plowed by a dick, however, the friend on the other side of the line happened to be the Chief of Police of his town.

Harry and Spike. Spike being Spike Cooper, chief of the Chicago Police Department had been friends since boyhood. They'd grown up on the mean streets of Chicago and had fared well. Harry had become a marketing genius, and Spike, having had so many close calls with the cops growing up, decided to become 'one of the enemy' as he's said on numerous occasions. What Spike didn't tell anyone was, he really enjoyed being a cop.

Over the years their friendship grew. They maintained touch through the years and about once a month they'd meet for lunch or dinner and just shoot the shit. They'd talk about their jobs, their ambitions, prospects for the future, how crappy the White Sox or the Bears were doing. Just being friends, in general. Spike had called to arrange for the pair to go to lunch. Spike was having a particularly difficult day and needed to commiserate with his longtime friend.

They met in the corner of a quiet diner. Unusual for Chicago's downtown section during the lunch hour, but not totally unheard of. The moment Harry saw his friend's face he knew there was a problem. He sat down across from his friend and said, "Hey Bud, what's up? I've missed you!"

"Harry, I had to do something today that really bothered me. We've been investigating a child prostitution ring here in town and today we arrested the ring leaders." Spike said, rather quietly.

"Why is that a problem? Getting scum that forces kids into sex off the streets should be a reason to celebrate." Harry asked, puzzled.

"Normally, I'd agree with you, however, the ringleaders of this happened to be 13 and 14 year olds. They weren't forcing the others, it was all agreed upon by all of the participants. It's still illegal, but now, I have 20 boys between 10 and 15 in lock-up. I would hate to have to send them all to jail for prostitution, especially considering the new law that made being with an adult man legal for these boys. The problem comes with the fact that the boys were charging money for their sex which is still in violation of the law and is specifically prohibited in the new federal laws."

Harry watched the pain in his friend's face as he told his story. See, Harry and Spike shared another slight secret. Both liked the company of young flesh. Spike, due to his position, had curtailed his efforts except for their jaunts to one of the B.T.W. facilities. Spike had only gone twice before, and whereas he loved the experience, and the sex, he had difficulties resolving this with the fact that he's a police chief.

Harry looked contemplative for a moment before he spoke. "Can you delay any action or charges being filed for a couple days? I have an idea."

"Legally, we can wait up to 72 hours before we have to charge them with something." Spike said.

"Okay, wait the 72 hours then charge them with something that wouldn't be a big deal. That gives us a couple more days, right?" Harry stated.

"I guess, but I don't see where you're going with this." Spike said with a quizzical look on his face.

"Remember last year when we went on that vacation to Las Vegas?" Harry asked.

Spike got a faraway look in his face. He remembered all to well the 8 days of non-stop fucking he'd had. He had sex with no less than 30 different bois, ranging in age from 11 to 16. However, he didn't see how this would help in his current situation. "Yes, I remember, but what's that got to do with this?"

"I've been invited to attend a grand opening of another of their facilities. Since it's a grand opening, I assume some of the higher-ups in the group with be there. What would you say if I were able to take these 20, and any others you guys arrest and get them off the streets, for good."

Spike thought about this proposal and realized it may be the perfect solution to his problem. He could actually use this to his benefit. He'd be responsible for removing from the streets one of the largest perceived problems in the city. He anxiously told Harry to proceed. They finished their lunch, both in much better moods.

Harry went back to his apartment and packed the few items he'd need for his trip to Orlando and was soon on his way. He arrived early the next morning after driving nearly all night. He entered the facility and was quite impressed with what he'd seen. Looking at his watch he realized he had some time until the festivities were to commence so he decided to take advantage of the lusciously beautiful bois running around. He approached one very cute young lad. The boy looked to be about 11 years old, closely cropped blonde hair, and the most amazingly blue eyes he'd ever seen. The boi looked at him and said, "Are you looking for a boi to fuck, Sir?"

"I am, what's your name?" Harry said.

"I'm Sven, Sir. I'm 11 years old." Sven said with a cheeky grin. Sven took Harry by the hand and led him to a cushion that had been set up on the floor a short distance away. Harry sat and Sven straddled his lap, grabbed onto Harry's neck and they kissed, deep and passionately. Once they'd broken the kiss, Sven took one of his hands and grabbed hold of Harry's now very engorged dick, holding it aloft. He lowered his own hips until the head of the leaking cock touched his lubed ring. Slowly he lowered himself, impaling himself onto Harry. The young lad was expertly using his inner muscles to milk the hard cock deep inside him as he was lowering until his hairless butt was nestled onto Harry's pubic bush. Sven let out a moan and said, "Oh, I love the feeling of a hard one deep inside me. Back in Sweden I would get whipped if I got caught doing this, here I can be who I really want to be!" Sven then started raising and lowering himself onto Harry's prong, using his inner muscles to maximize the pleasure for the Patron. He was expertly trained. Or was it just natural for the boi?

Harry was fondling the boi's own little penis and his marble sized testicles. Sven kept up a dialog about how much he was enjoying it, and how good Harry was making his dick feel. Sven visibly tensed for a moment as he was wracked with a very intense dry orgasm. This didn't stop the boi from continuing his ministrations on Harry though. He kept pumping himself up and down onto Harry as Harry continued jacking the boi's never wilting little tool.

Sven tightened up and screamed, "I'm cumming again, you made me cum twice so fast! I love it when I cum, don't you?" Harry smiled, but the feelings created and the boi's talk had their desired effect and he shot one of the largest loads he'd ever shot deep into Sven. Sven was saying, "You are shooting your lava into me! Burn my insides with your hot cream! I feel like I'm going to ignite on fire you make me so hot!"

Finally, Harry's orgasm subsided. Sven extracted himself from Harry's now wilting cock, dropped down and licked it clean. He sucked on the softened penis until it came back to life. He then began probably the most expert blow job Harry had ever had. In minutes, Harry was filling the boi's mouth with his second ejaculation in 10 minutes, a new record for Harry. Once Sven had gotten all Harry could give, he sat up, wiped his mouth with the back of his arm and said, "That was better than the best dessert I've ever eaten. I hope we can see each other again, Sir. Thank you!" With that, Sven got up and walked away to clean himself out and be ready for his next Patron. Sven knew this was going to be a wonderful and busy day.

Harry remained on the cushion giving himself time to recover from the workout Sven had given him when another boi approached. This boi had Asian features and also appeared to be about 11 or 12 years old. His uncut 3 inches bobbing up and down as he walked. He saw Harry laying there and said in what Harry thought the voice of an angel, "May I lay down with you, Sir?"

"Sure. I'd like that." Harry responded as the boi laid next to him, placing his head on Harry's chest. He looked into Harry's eyes and reached his head up and gave Harry a kiss. Once the kiss had broken, the boi said, "My name is Choi. I just turned 12."

The boi began to fondle Harry's penis as they talked. Choi was nuzzling Harry's neck as Harry began his own exploration of the preteen's body. Choi's 3 inches grew and became nearly 5 of hard boi-cock. He had a little bit of hair surrounding his shaft and his balls seemed a little large for a boi his age. Harry couldn't keep his hands off the boi, it was almost as if he had a spell on Harry. Harry grabbed the boi and lifted him to sit on Harry's chest. He then took the boi's dick into his mouth and began sucking on him. Choi was moaning telling Harry how good he was making him feel. "Oh, Sir! I can't remember when someone did this to me and made me feel this good. I think I'm about to cum already!" That being said, the boi's cock began to swell and Harry felt the boi's testicles pull up out of his fondling hand and closer to the boi's body. Moments later, Harry was given the gift of the boi's nectar. It was a little watery, but it was oh so sweet. Choi was moaning, "I am cumming! You're making me cum!"

Harry drank down the boi's nectar, savoring each shot. As the boi's penis began to wilt, he pulled out and shifted his body down slightly. He ended up between Harry's legs and returned the favor. He was energetic in his sucking, actually being kind of aggressive. Harry didn't last long under the boi's power. Soon, he was giving the boi his cream, Choi was relishing in it. When Harry finished, Choi moved quickly up and kissed Harry, passing some of Harry's own ejaculate back to the Patron off the boi's tongue. He then laid his head back on Harry's chest and softly said, "Thank you, Sir. May I stay here a little bit? I like to cuddle for a bit, then I want you inside me, if it is your desire."

Harry pulled Choi closer and hugged him. No words were necessary. After about 5 minutes, Choi rolled off Harry onto the cushions and pulled his legs back to his shoulders saying, "Please, Sir. Fuck me now." Harry moved onto his knees at the boi's entrance, he lifted the boi and placed a pillow under his hips to facilitate the best angle and slowly entered the boi's hot channel. Choi was voicing his pleasure as Harry entered him and continued until he was fully ensconced into the boi's velvet tunnel.

Very gently, and slowly, Harry made love to the boi. Choi noticed the difference between this Patron and many of the others. Most would fuck him hard and without any feeling, he truly loved the attention this man was giving him. Harry gradually increased his pace and after 10 minutes slammed his rock hard nail into the boi as far as it would go and filled the boi with his juices. Choi was moaning as he felt Harry filling his insides and let loose a blast of his own, painting his own tummy with his watery discharge. As Harry was removing himself, Choi looked deeply into the man's eyes and said, "I'm not supposed to say this, Sir, but I could easily fall in love with you. I truly hope we can see each other again." Harry kissed the boi and smiled.

Harry left Choi laying there. It was time for him to see if he could meet with one of the 'top-dogs' here. There was a speech going on by a former pleasure boi and he asked someone who the guy in charge was. He was directed to see Uncle Lou. They talked and Lou told him he should find Allen Jeffries, he was the guy in charge of the American portion of B.T.W.

Harry found Allen and they talked a bit. Harry told him he would like to work for B.T.W. Recruiting bois from various places. He noticed Allen was a little reticent so he told him he'd do it for a trial period on a commission only basis. He'd even cover his own expenses. Allen told him he needed to discuss this with his superiors and that he'd contact him in a day or two. Harry enjoyed the rest of the Grand Opening. He did hook up again with both Sven and Choi during the festivities. He was growing excited over the possibilities that were unfolding before him.

The next morning when Harry arrived home, he saw a message on his machine. The message was from Allen Jeffries asking him to call. He dialed the number he was left and Allen answered.

"Allen Jeffries. How can I help you." Allen said, not recognizing the caller-id.

"Mr. Jeffries, it's Harry Peters. I am returning your call." Harry responded.

"Ah, Harry, I'm glad you got back to me. I've spoken to my superiors and they are interested in your proposal. How many bois could you provide in the next few days?" Allen inquired, not expecting the response he heard next.

"It looks like I have 20 already, do you need more?" Harry said.

"20? You already have 20? That's amazing. You sure don't waste time, do you. We will pay $1000 commission for each boi you are able to recruit. You must realize though that the boi must freely choose to do this. BTW does not ever want a boi to feel pressured or coerced."

"None of the boi's will feel that way, Sir. All of the boi's I will recruit will already have been questioned as to their preferences. Any that do now freely choose this kind of life will be left as and where they are. Will that suffice?" Harry responded.

"That will be fine. You will deal with me directly, you already have my cell number. I expect to hear from you on a weekly basis at least. We can arrange transportation for the bois as needed to get them to Argos or one of the other training facilities. When and where shall we pick up the first 20?" Allen told Harry.

I will confirm with you in a few hours with the names of the bois. Have them picked up at Chicago's O'Hare airport day after tomorrow. I am excited about us working together, Sir. Thank you for the opportunity, you will not be disappointed." Harry said honestly and proudly. Harry gave Allen his cellular phone number and they ended the call. Harry was excited and dialed Spike's private line setting up an appointment for an hour later. He then rushed out to get to Spike's office.

Spike stood as Harry was led into the office. "Hey Harry, why they urgency?" Spike asked.

Harry then sat and explained the deal he'd made with B.T.W. Spike was amazed and could see how this would benefit him, both politically and in the eyes of the citizens of the city. He also saw how it would benefit the bois. "Let's go talk to the bois, Harry. I am curious if they will go along with this."

Spike stood and led Harry into the detention portion of the facility. He told the jailer to bring the 20 to a conference room. At first the Jailer balked, saying he didn't have a secure conference room, but the Chief looked at him and said, "I will take responsibility to make sure they don't escape, Sargent. Just arrange for it. The Jailer nodded and picked up the telephone telling them to bring the following prisoners to him. He then gave the booking numbers of the 20 juveniles.

Harry and Spike waited in the conference room as the 20 bois, all handcuffed and with shackles on their legs were led into the room. Spike ordered the guards to remove the boi's restraints and to wait outside the door, then he told the bois to take seats. After they were all seated, Spike said, "This man's name is Harry Peters, and I want you all to listen to him, he may have something you all will be very interested in hearing and a possible solution to all of your legal problems."

The bois all perked up and were paying particular attention as Harry started speaking. "I represent an organization that you may or may not have heard of. We offer young men, such as yourselves, the opportunity to live and work doing what you seem to like to do anyway. You will be given full room and board, in addition, you will be given the opportunity to earn enough money that when you become 17 or 18 you can go to college and make something of your lives."

One boi, obviously the ring-leader, a 14 year old said, "Yeah, what do we have to do?"

Harry looked directly at this boi and said, "You guys were arrested for providing pornography, so I assume you are all sexually active. What our organization does is provides is young people like you who like to have sex with men. You will be transported to one of our facilities around the world, or possibly on one of our cruise ships. Your job will be simple, make our Patrons happy. You do that by doing what you like to do so much. Suck and fuck. It's that simple."

The ringleader was showing a bit of attitude when he said, "Okay, how much can we expect to make in a year and what's in it for us right now?"

Harry started telling the bois that the average boi makes somewhere around $50,000 a year into their account. Sometimes more, sometimes less. He was about to answer the second part when Spike, who was getting a little upset over this boi's attitude interrupted. He nearly yelled at the boi, "Ok, smart ass, here's the deal. You guys were arrested for multiple counts each of prostitution. At minimum, you guys are looking at being locked up in juvenile until you're 21. At this point, no charges have been formally filed on any of you. If you agree to Mr. Peter's proposal, you guys walk out of here with him and the arrest record disappears. Pure and simple. If you don't agree, I'll file charges immediately."

Harry tried to calm Spike down then he spoke to the bois again. "The deal is simple. You guys agree and do this voluntarily. You stick with it at least a year and if you don't like the life, you can walk. Any money you earn between now and then, you can take with you."

"So, we agree to go with you, fuck and suck for a year and we can walk? And we get to keep the money we earn if we walk?" The leader asked.

"That's the deal, but you have to agree to go voluntarily." Harry said.

The boi looked at the other 19 and saw each of them nodding their head. "Mister, you got yourself a deal." The boi said.

Spike opened the door and told the guard to process release for each of the 20 into the custody of B.T.W. He closed the door and said to everyone, "There's only one other catch. If you guys leave after the year, you cannot come back to Chicago." This was met with agreement from all.

Harry made a phone call to Allen Jeffries telling him he had 20 bois ready to go. Allen said, "I'll call and have the plane at O'Hare this afternoon instead of tomorrow then, that way we won't have to put them up for the night." Harry then read off the names of the 20 to Allen who jotted them down. He told Harry that he should get on the plane as well and he should spend a few days at Argos discussing things with Daniel Jefferson. Allen told Harry he'd call Daniel and tell him to expect 20 new bois for orientation.

Harry then called and chartered a bus to take the bois to O'Hare. As they were waiting for the bois releases to be processed Harry said to Spike, "You just made $10,000. $500 for each boi you refer. Whenever you get more, let me know, we'll pay you $500 for each and every one who will willingly join us."

Spike was thrilled. He told Harry that they usually picked up 5 or 6 bois a week on the weekends and he would give them all the same option. He then asked Harry, "I have some friends in other departments, does the same deal go for them?"

"Yep. Pass the word, B.T.W. will take all they can provide." Harry said. Spike smiled.

At that point the bois returned dressed in their street clothes. Harry took a look at them and thought to himself, 'Damn, these guys are fucking cute. I'd like to keep one or two for myself!' Harry got a call that the bus was waiting outside so he led them outside flanked by 3 guards. Until they were on the bus, he had to worry about them running. A few minutes later, Harry was on the bus with his 20 new pleasure bois. He turned to them and said, "We're on our way to O'Hare where you will board a jet. You will be taken to an island we own called Argos. You will go through your orientation and you will be given a choice of several facilities to work at. Other than when you are traveling, you will not have need of any clothing. All of our Pleasure bois are nude unless it's a special event like a Jammie party or Carnival in Rio, or the like." All of the bois loved the idea of running around nude all the time. They were also looking forward to being able to make the kind of money they were told.

They arrived at the airport and the 20 bois were loaded onto the B.T.W. 747 jet. They would be flown from there to Orly in France then transfer to a B.T.W. ship to be brought to Argos. Harry was well on his way to becoming B.T.W.'s #1 recruiter.

Author's Note: Keep looking for more of the BTW-SAGA. Also watch for The Wild Times of Timothy Church by Gary Pinto and Speedo Boys by Hermes.