The B.T.W. Saga

By: Max the Cat & Hermes


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Part 3: Off the Rio Streets!

Dave was laying in his bed, the white blond Austrian boi, Fritz was sucking his cock deeply and very wetly. Fritz was an out of this world cocksucker, besides being a great lay. Dave's hands ran through the eleven-year-old's hair as Dave really enjoyed the boi's tongue running down the underside of his eight inches. "Herr Dave, would you like to fuck me now? I love your cock in me." Dave just nodded as he said, "Fritz, I'll just make it your call."

Fritz held the hard penis straight up and made a zig zag pattern down the underside of Dave's tingling cock. "Oooohhhh dear lord Fritz, you are very good at this! Ooohhh fuck that feels so good." Fritz made a giggling noise and made circles on Dave's ball sac. Dave thought to himself 'I could lie here until the world ends, Fritz has a magic mouth.' Dave's face scrunched up when Fritz sucked in a ball and then another.

Dave thought as he relished the boi's warm, wet mouth that Richard used to do the same for him (now he is Ritchie the Pleasure Boi at Orlando) his nephew had become very popular at the facility and actually loved the variety of paying patrons who had fun with his nubile preteen body. Dave felt the rumble in his body, it had started and he was getting that lovely feeling. He would soon cum and Fritz would gobble up every drop he his manly nectar. 'Fuck! What a life!' he thought.

Fritz felt the cock double in girth, he prepared to gobble up Dave's copious amount of sperm. Dave always shot out more than most. The Pleasure Boi's red cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk storing nuts, he quickly ingested the sperm as his cheeks again puffed out. He would let the man know that he sure came a lot, just as soon as he quit cumming. He was swallowing hot load three and again Fritz's mouth filled with hot gooey spunk.

The boi finished by licking the cock clean of its creamy spew, looked up with an impish grin and said, "Gee Dav,e you sure cum a lot. Not that I'm complaining, but no one cums like you do. It really tasted good, do you take something?" Dave chuckled, "No Fritz, I was just born that way, you better clean up, we have our full amount of Patrons today and you should be wandering the beach." The boi got up and used Dave's shower and then scampered to the north beach where a Patron escorted the boi to a beach towel to get some sexual relief.

Dave prepared to go to Rio proper for a meeting with Chief of Police Ernesto Piva. Too many local bois were being eliminated because of their sexual preference and trying to eke out a living doing what his boi's did for fun and their care. He had constructed a flier he wanted to have distributed to the boi's informaing them that they could join the ever growing group of well taken care of B.T.W. bois. The Popsicle Navy had expanded by leaps and bounds and B.T.W.'s needs were ever growing.

Dave dressed casual and rode the launch to Rio where the meeting would take place. Rio had been a financial boon to the corporation. The private clubs were always employing boi's to entertain the group members and the money was flowing in, then Carnival. B.T.W. had live feeds of the action. This year groups of Pleasure boi's from every facility had been invited to participate in the President's Cup Dance competition.

Dave introduced himself to Chief Piva and laid out the plan that B.T.W. had authorized. Dave let it be known that for each boi that became a pleasure boi there would be a finder's fee paid to the Chief. The idea of making money on the side was the proper incentive for the Chief. Dave handed him a copy of the flyer. Chief Piva sat back in his chair and read: "Os rapazes da rua. Por que o risco de ser prejuudicado por fazer aquido que voce ama. Junte-se BTW e ser amado para fazer o que voce ama." (Young boys of the streets. Why risk being harmed for doing what you love. Join BTW and be loved for doing what you love.)

Chief Piva nodded and turned to Dave, "Sir, how much do I get?" Dave smiled now. 'Down to the nitty gritty,' he thought. "Sir, you will be rewarded with $500.00 US for each, in cash." The chief smiled, stood up and took Dave's hand, "Sir. it will be nice to do business with you, yes, very nice." The overweight Chief put his hands in his pockets, "Sir, you know the government has the problem of so many children on the streets, this will help. I will disseminate the information and tell my officers they can make... let's see..." he paused and gave Dave a toothy grin, "$100.00 US for each boi the fits your standards." He gave out with a slight chuckle.

Dave took the launch back and arrived in time for the five in the afternoon 'MUSICAL BOI'S GAME', yes this was the life. In his mind he mused, 'Maybe I'll have the new boi, Austin Branch, visit me this evening, he's from the West Coast I've heard.' Dave took a Corona from his personal fridge and took a sliced lime to squeeze into it, "Yes, what a fucking great life."

In the Orlando facility, Wesley and Ritchie were out by the pool. The two active Pleasure bois were side by side riding the rampant cocks of two patrons and holding hands as the rode up and down on the hard cocks. The two Patron's lying on their backs and letting the two Pleasure Boi's do all the work, played with the boi's nipples. One thought to himself "just how in the fuck did we ever do without these places, glad I voted for it in congress, yes a great vote.

Ritchie felt a hand in the middle of his back and was pushed forward. "What are you doing?" Was all Ritchie could say as he felt a second cock pushing over the one already buried deep inside of him. "Gee I don't...ooohhhh he pushing another inside of me, damn they both fit." He moaned as two Patrons were fucking him. Wesley looked over "man that looks like fun?" Ritchie gave him a half hearted grin.

Wesley worked the cock from side to side and clamped on tightly with his inner muscles," the Patron let the boi have his own way with his fleshy tube. "Fuck me, use that hard cock, fuck me harder, give me all that gooey cum." Wesley was trying to urge the Patron he was riding to give it all. Meanwhile Ritchie was impaled by two cocks and was packed so tight he was just trying to get through the hard fucking he was getting.

Ritchie was sweating, the two Patrons were packed so tightly in the preteen they were boiling in side and could both feel cum speeding to find an exit and flood the Pleasure boi's insides with their cream sperm. Ritchie could only hope it was soon, he gritted his teeth and tightened his inner muscles. The top cock erupted and shot forth hope semen in gobs. The other was just behind and he followed with an eruption of his own.

Wesley bent forward and began to bite a nipple, using his tongue tip and tightened all his muscles as tight as he could and the man let go with his hot cum, Wesley smiled and kept biting and working his hole on the hard stalk as he drained the Patron of all he had to shoot. he left the Patron exhausted, but with a smile on his lops.

The two pumping Ritchie were also drained, the top fell off and Ritchie pulled off and felt what felt like gallons of the hot goo roll out and down his legs. He stood trying to regain his balance, two creamy puddles formed at the base of his feet. Wesley grabbed him. "I think you need some help Ritchie you really got reamed." Ritchie gave him a small smile "could have been a Shetland pony. They got into the hot tub and let the water bubbles soothe their stretched muscles.

Ritchie laid his head on Wesley's shoulder "you're lucky that didn't happen to you, you gotta do that video the day after tomorrow." Wesley chuckled "yea, how could I be the Bathroom Boi Slut, reamed to the max?" The both laughed and let the water rejuvenate their tender young bodies.'

Two days later the camera crew had set up at a local park. The company had rented and had closed it off. Wesley dressed in hot lavender pegged pants, a white shirt with flower print cut to

the navel. A black belt and gold belt buckle and leather ankle boots. His pompadour was without a hair out of place and he had a gold necklace which read for sale! Wesley was propped up against the white tile wall. Written next to him was "BLOW JOB $10.OO/ALL OUT FUCK $50.00/ the cameras got close ups of Wesley and the ad, then pulled away to show just the 6 black cocks and not the owners!

The director yelled "ACTION" and Wesley said "well boys who's first?" Six very hunky blacks, totally naked, closed in on Wesley "gee all at once, how can I turn any of you down?" Big black hands peeled the clothing from his slim white body and left the clothing in a pile. Wesley was pushed to his kneed as the cameras zoomed in to see the sexy white boi holding a black cock in each hand and one in his mouth. A big, very coal black man knelt behind Wesley and rubbed his coal black cock up and down the boi's ass crack.

Wesley took the cock heads from his lips and tossed his head to the side "I guess you're first, please be as gentle as you c-c-a-a-a-a-nnnnnnnnnnnnnn. The big black cock pierced his boi-pussy and was rammed to the kinky patch at the base of the black actors giant cock Wesley could be heard moaning and begging for mor, then a black cock filled his mouth and all that could be heard was "mumph, mumph."

Wesley's blond pompadour was messed up, black fingers held his head and fucked his red battered lips. He bounced up and down on the big black cock and he wanked two others. On the sidelines two other blacks massaged their black weapons being ready to replace the first two cummers. "The white bitch boi is so fucking tight, I'm cuming in his" said the one Wesley bounced on. One of the one's he was wanking let go with a creamy geyser that splashed on the side of his flushed white face.

A yellow black replaced the one who fucked him and his hand tightened on a hard and a cock fully full of cum. The camera crew caught each and every movement of the video. A camera zoomed in on Wesley's face, it was flushed and his cheeks puffed out, the cock was spewing sperm in hot creamy bolts. Wesley took all the hard pounding the six blacks could dish out. each shot him either full or covered him with hot creamy sperm. Cum covered his thin white legs, his face and hair had strings and dripped with sperm. The six walked away while Wesley waved and said "see you all next week."

The cameras zoomed in to see his slim cum drenched body then the director said "CUT." Wesley was wiped off and washed> he was driven back to the facility where Ritchie waited for him. "Well how was it?" Wesley grinned "now that was a fucking to remember, I hope the video was a good one. Lou walked in and slapped Wesley on the back "now that was a great video Wesley, I bet you make a mint from this one, I know B.T.W. will!?'

Dave got a call from the Rio de Janeiro Chief of Police. "Mr. Miller I have three for you, they are about 10 or 11 work as shoeshine boys and then offer their bodies to the tourists, I have explained that they are to please men and they seem to be very enthuastic about it, how would you say suck cock and ride one also, not what i would call fun, but then live and let live I say, anyway I have them in lock up?".

Dave thanked Chief Piva. "Chief I will be there in a couple hours, don't let them go or have anything happen to them. He took Teddy Ohlms with him. Teddy a former Pleasure boi and now at 22 was working his way up the B.T.W. chain. Teddy had gone through N.Y.U in three years. He and Teddy took the launch to the dock, then drove with a police cruiser to Rio and the police Station. Chief Piva walked with them to the cell where the three boi sat on a mat on the floor.

The Chief opened the cell door and call the three out. They went into a room where the bois stood against the wall. Chief Piva took out a folder and pointed to the first "this is Gabriel Santos, he's 10: #2 is Luiz Feliciano; and #3 is Matheues Haldermann, he's of German extraction and a Portuguese mother "right Matheues?" The boi with blond hair and blue eyes smiled "yes, but I never knew him, mama say's he quickly went back to Germany."

Dave asked the boi's of their sexual preference? The Chief butted in "one of my officers had Matheues and said the boy was the aggressor and swallows it all.' Dave smiled "let me ask, please. he interviewed all three and decided that they were the real deal, handed the 1500 hundred to the Chief.

Dave and teddy were driven back to the launch with the three bois. Dave was on his cell to get the medical staff up and ready, he wanted them gone over with a fine tooth comb. Luiz and Matheues were 9 and would fit into the Popsicle Navy if needed. The thing that got Dave was that they were so skinny, they would have to get some meat on their bones. Teddy got them fed and then showered. then off to see the doctor, which meant shots, Dave could hear the crying in his office.

All three quickly went to sleep in their rooms. Dave was quickly on the phone to Brussels telling them of the acquisition. The three would not be happy when Dave was instructed to contact the Hospital in Rio for Dental work-ups. "Thank the gods it's not me, I hate the dentist." he mumbled to himself. Dave stripped and walked down to the ocean and waded in and swam around, the water was still warm. He floated and got the shock of his life one of the Pleasure bois Austin Branch floated alongside "sup boss man?"

"Just what in the hell are you doing out this late Austin?" The twelve year old laughed "I could ask you the same thing, but you might get pissed, I like alone time and this is the only place to get it. I see you've come up with some local talent?" Dave got his bearings "aren't you suppose to be getting some rest, it was a busy day?" "I just wanted to be alone and swimming gives that to me." Dave let it go and the two swam, besides these kids seemed to be too quick for him, he's try to match them on the PS3 and they'd whip his ass every time.

"Austin we'd better get back now?" The two swam up to the shore and walked out dripping wet. Austin sat on one of the beach towels and took another and dried off, he then started to dry Dave's legs, Austin got as far as Dave's dick and grabbed hold of the flaccid penis and brought himself to his knees and sucked in the rising flesh. Dave planted his feet in the sand and let the Pleasure boi suck him, the boi was one of the best and more popular at Sorococo Island.

Austin looked at him with his blue eyes, the moon made the two blue orbs sparkle. His cock disappeared into Austin's throat, the gold hoops in his ears let the moonlight flicker. Dave just let Austin take over and sunk along side of the boi who seemed so willing to Pleasure his body. Dave lay on his back and Austin straddled him and his purple headed cock. Dave started to say something, but Austin said "hush!" Holding the pulsing spike in his slim fingered hand, Austin slowly sank onto the man's hard love weapon and let it slowly slip into his preteen body until the slim boy was nestled in his pubic nest.

Austin slowly moved up and down, it was as though he was keeping time to the water lapping on the beaches edge. "Damn Austin your are one of the best at your craft I've ever had." "Shush Dave and just fuck me, I love the feeling of a hot and very hard cock in me, I was born for this, I love my job!" Dave let his mind go with the flow, the Pleasure boi was doing what he did best, give pleasure.

Dave slid his hand to Austin's cock and found it straight and hard, as Austin rode up and down, Dave pulled the boi's hat appendage back and forth, the two giving each other the hot pleasure of the sex act. Austin began to pant and breathe hard, the wank was bring the young boi to the brink and Dave added his thumb the that flared and sensitive head.

"Dave please don't stop, I'm going to cum, really I'm almost there!" Dave jacked the boi faster and grabbed the four inched harder, his thumb rubbed harder too. "Oooohhhh here i cum Dave , I'm cuming. Austin began to hump the man's cock harder and tighten his muscles making his boi-pussy milk Dave's cock. Dave tightened up and as Austin's boi-cock coated Dave's hand with creamy boi-honey, Dave was shooting at the same time.

Austin fell forward and slid in his own sperm, he was also leaking Dave's out of his pulsing anus. Austin moaned in Dave's ear "Dave you can really fuck, I usually don't cum with my men, but WOW that was the best I've ever had, we got to do this again sometime. The two laid there for awhile in the Atlantic moonlight!