The B.T.W. Saga

By: Max the Cat & Hermes


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Part 4: Want to play a game?

Wesley heard his name called on the intercom and went down stairs. He took the hand of the Patron who had picked him out on the computer picture roster and led the man upstairs. He opened his door and led the man in. He helped the man strip, he was already in Pleasure boi garb, total nudity.

Wesley then took the man into the shower and scrubbed him clean, the man did likewise with Wesley. After toweling he helped the man lie down on the bed. "Sir, you know all this has made me hungry, I think I need a snack." Wesley opened the bottom drawer of his nightstand and pulled out a jar of peanut butter.

The man looked at the boi wide eyed. Wesley stuck a finger into the jar and smeared the peanut butter on each nipple, a streak between the man's boobs to his belly button and a dab in his belly button. Wesley looked up smiling, another smear on the head of the man's penis and dabs on each ball. He put down the jar and put the peanut butter coated finger in his mouth. He mumbled "yummy!"

Wesley grinned and sucked in the left nipple and cleaned off the food, he ran around and sucked the right clean. Licking down the middle to be belly button he licked the skin clean. Holding the cock straight up he licked each ball clean, then sucked in one and then the other "I got it all and it was good!" he licked his lips very slowly, the cock in his hand got bone hard.

He looked at the hard cock, licked his lips some more "Now for this peanut better coated cock, it deserves my attention, don't you thing?" The man smiling and breathing hard he nodded his approval. Wesley's red tongue slowly trekked in circles over the throbbing organ, his red lips encompassing the entire object of his desire.

The man was wishing and hoping the boi would suck him and stop eying the fleshy tube, but Wesley loved to tease and took it to the max. he slowly pulled his mouth up and off the hard throbbing cock, held it, wanked it a bit and licked off the creamy bead, then eyes it some more. "For Christ sake do something, just don't look at it." Wesley looked and smiled "I just love to gaze at them, the mushroom heads are so different , but if you exist." The cock quickly disappeared in to the boi's throat, Wesley move from side to side to show the head at each side.

Teasing more he pulled the cock back and out "Should we fuck or should I suck, you decide?" The man propped himself up on his elbows "please do something i just want to cum, pleaseeeeee?" Wesley grinned, hopped up on the bed and holding the penis at his pucker, slowly sat down and let the man watch the slick organ disappear into his hot young body. Up and down he rode the throbbing cock.

The man's head rolled from side to side, he could feel his cum boil inside of his body, he pushed up to meet the Pleasure boi's downward bouncing. "Yippie hi ho!" the boi moaned, he bounced up and down hard, he clamped down and milked the throbbing organ, the man was moving fast to cum, he could feel it about to erupt.

"Kid here I cum!" The man announced, his sperm leaping out of his cock head in deep into Wesley's tight body. Wesley took hold of his own and wanked hard, he quickly brought himself to a cum also. Sperm shot forth and hit the man in the mouth with the first shot, the next landed on his right nipple and belly respectively. "Now wasn't that just yummy?" Wesley laughed as he said it.

Wesley walked down stairs and ran into Ritchie. "You smell like peanut butter." Ritchie said. "Yea, I gave a Patron a peanut butter bow job, sup?" Ritchie showed him a paper he was looking over. "Look how much I've made and put into savings from that vid I made?" "Wesley looked it over "wow, I guess I screwed up not doing one when René was here, just might the next time he comes by."

Ritchie then asked about the session with Garza?" "Gee Ritchie I just don't know what got into him, he asked me to do a dance for him and I did, using a towel behind me and I sang a few lines from that song "Cocaine" and he went out of his mind and ran out of this place?" Ritchie shrugged "come one let's get some brunch, I'm hungry, how does Eggs Benedict sound?"

Eddie Driscoll and Taras laid in the bed in reverse positions, sucking each other. Eddie was glad to be back in Hawaii, yesterday it was Tristan in his bed, "fuck life is great" he thought to himself and he felt slim fingers massage his ready pucker. he had two fingers deep inside of Taras as he readied the boi for a very deep probing, "maybe after their hot fuck he's swim a few laps, he loved Hawaii.

Eddie pushed the boi onto his stomach and followed up behind holding his cock in his hand he pushed at the tight rosebud and pushed in and plunged deep into Taras. "Oooohhhh so big Eddie, so big in me, fuck me hard Eddie I love your cock, ooohhh fuck!" Eddie was humping nonstop, he plunged his fleshy tube with the help of his sturdy hips, the boi was getting a well deserved fuck.

"Fuck Taras your so tight and you milk cock well, very nicely, you're pulsing is out of this world. He was breathing hard as he relished the feeling building up inside. Eddie's ass pushed in and out as he drove to the climax he wanted and needed. He was surprised when Taras pulled away and pushed Eddie on his back. He grasped the slick throbbing cock and ran the tip of his tongue around the crown and winked.

Eddie propped himself on his elbows, he was breathing very hard and his eyes got wide when Taras opened his mouth wide and sunk his head down in to the bristly pubes and pushed the head to the side of his neck to show Eddie he had eaten the entire length of his cock. "Oooohhhh my god that is so fucking hot!" Eddie moaned as he exploded in the boi's throat.

Taras slowly let the cock slide up and clamped behind the head. The cock continued to spew and the boi tongue rolling in the mass of sperm before he swallowed it all only to find his mouth refilled and he had to swallow once again, and again. Finally Taras licked and cleaned the cock of sperm while Eddie moaned "I can't take it anymore, please Taras no more!"

Garza sat in the overstuffed chair, wearing only his boxers and downing another beer. "How come that fucking kid sang that song, how come all the references to cocaine and where in the fuck is that two pounds of pure stuff, where in the hell did that fuck hide it before he died?" He downed the beer and staggered to the frig and got another. "Fucking little fuck!"

As he sipped the beer Garza set out two lines of the thing he sold and with a straw he snorted the drug into his nose, sat back and let the drug take over his body. He felt the high hit him and thought just how in the hell did he get hooked, he had always called the ones he saw snorting the drug goats, now he was a goat. He also heard a voice, he knew it, he just couldn't place it, he fell asleep.

Rio de Janiero Chief of Police Piva was another who was becoming addicted. He was now lusting for the preteen and sub-teen boi's. He would show up on Sorococo Island with new recruits for B.T.W. When the boi's were needed for parties or filming, he would be there to guard the boi's personally, but he would actually there to watch the going ons.

Galen and Mark were taken to the home of Gustavo Heilmann, a have German, half Portuguese. René had arrived with six of his dogs and Galen and Mark had agreed to do another film. The two would be naked and collared, then led out to be face-fucked by black actors, while they were sucking the men, a dog would mount them and fuck them, this wasn't the first for the bois.

René and Marcel had acquired three Rottweiler's and trained them with bois from ARGOS and now they were ready for starring roles in the "Dog's and their Slave Boi's series. Galen and Mark agreed because of the amount of money they had made from the one's in France on Rene's Grape Vineyard, both boi's had hard cums in the movies and the expected more of the same.

Gustavo had met René on a trip to France, he had also purchased some Vids on line, and had told René if he was ever in Rio he could have the run of his estate, he could film non-disturbed. Gustavo liked the "Dog and his Boi" series, and by the time rene came to Rio he had collected the entire group og videos.

The boi's were brought in, dressed in school clothes and handed school books. "You will be kidnapped from the street and brought here and collared, led into the courtyard and the mounting will take place. Galen and Mark nodded that they understood. The boi's were showered and prepped, then dressed in white shirts and Lederhosen, long socks and penny loafers.

The two boi's walked slowly up the street talking and laughing while they were filmed. A black van slowly drove by and the side door opened and four masked men dressed in black jumped out, grabbed the boi's and placed handkerchiefs over their nose and mouths. Galen and Mark went slack and were carried into the van.

As the van sped away the cameraman zoomed in on the stacks of school books wrapped in belts. The cameraman filmed the two boi's being carried off over a big masked man's shoulder. They were laid on the grass and stripped naked, and collared with black and silver spiked collars, also a heavy black leash was snapped onto the ring, the boi's slowly came to and were pulled onto their hands and knees, Mark could be heard crying and begging to be let go.

The two were led into the center of the patio by a very muscular black midget. Galen pulled back and was slapped very hard on the cheek which immediately got his attention. The midgets had the boi's lined up facing each other with three feet between them. Each midget faced their respective boi and said suck my cock. Galen immediately sucked in the cock. Mark seemed to balk and felt a hard slap.

The two midgets were rocking back and forth as the fucked the two boi's mouths. Before the filming had started the boi's had been amply sprayed with "Bitch in Heat" just to make sure the canines were properly excited. The two Rottweiler's were detached from their leashes and slowly moved onto the boi they had been pointed toward.

Mark was the first to feel the wet tongue lap from the tip of his boi-cock up the underside, over his tight ball sack and into his sprayed hole. "No, please don't let him hurt me, I'm afraid of dogs. His face was slapped and he quickly began to again suck the hard black cock, tears ran down his rosy cheeks.

Piva stood out of the way, he and Gustavo watched and did show erections. Galen's blue eyes were wide and his asshole was licked over and over. The dog ran his tongue up and over the head of the boi's penis. The cameramen caught the big red erections on the dogs, "Bitch in Heat" was having the desired effect on the two Rottweiler's.

Galen was sucking the hard cock and felt the big canine hop up on his back, clamp his forepaws around the preteen's slim waist and jam his rear legs and hips forward, the ten inches of hard canine cock found it's ready target and was rammed forward into Galen's slim body. The black cock slipped from his mouth and Galen groaned "good god it's so fucking big, I can feel his cock in my chest." His mouth was refilled with the midgets cock.

Mark's wiggled his butt, he tried to shake off the dog, but found his butt nipped. He froze in place and the black and tan canine laid on his back, wrapped his forepaws around Mark's slim waist and jammed his cock deep into the boi. Mark still had tears running down his cheeks. he could feel a continues shooting of slick liquid inside of him, but he got a shock when the dog jammed forward again and sealed him with his knot.

René smiled as the filming progressed. The two boi's were taking their fucking well, the dogs were longer and had more girth that his labs, but he felt more secure with the labs, they aimed to please while these were more deliberate and fucked more aggressively. The inside of the boi's legs were slick and shinny as fluid leaked out of the boi's holes.

Each time the boi's attention seemed to wander they received a slap and came back to the fucking and sucking. Each canine continued to shoot lubricant and fucked the bois with vigor. The camera men zoomed to the boi's cocks, they were hard and bouncing. Precum made the coronas slick as the heads swelled and throbbed from the reaming the two were receiving.

Mark's black erupted in his mouth, his chin became coated with semen, Galen quickly followed Mark, hot cum trickled out the corners of his mouth. the two swallowed quickly while the dogs continued to pound their boi-pussy's, the dogs growled and the two boi's sensed that they would soon find their insides coated with canine cum.

Galen's cock erupted and shot hot cum up and onto his left nipple. A long creamy string hung then pooled on the patio stone below. Mark quickly followed and he too came and a pool formed below his belly. the dogs were about to finish and flood the boi's with what would seem like gallons of canine semen.

Mark felt the dog swell and begin to shoot cum into his body, his colon filled quickly and gravity took control and backed out and ran down the inside his legs, then made pools at the base of his bony knees. Galen's head snapped back as his dog started his shooting of hot creamy cum bolts into his body, the dog seemed to cum for a lifetime. The boi didn't remember the lab shooting as much as this one was doing.

Both boi's heads lay on the ground, they were tired, and the cameramen kept shooting to catch the sperm make white rings around the base of the two big red canine cocks. the excess leaked down the inside of the boi's legs. Finally the word "CUT" was shouted out. the two dogs were grabbed and held in place, they had turned and were pointed to the opposite direction of the bois.

A stoned Garza rang the bell of the bell of the Orlando facility. Thru the peep hole Uncle Lou noticed a gun in his belt and immediately called the police."Where in the fuck is that bastard, bring the little fuck out here, I got a whole clip for him, and I want the two pounds back, fuck it's mine!" Garza was screaming. Five cars pulled up and Garza pulled out his 9mm and got off one round before the cops riddled his body with their bullets, his body was slumped against the door.

No one could understand what happened to the man, some said he was being haunted, but then who believed in ghosts? Piva heard of the action in Orlando and could not believe what happened, but when he read to Tox report, he couldn't believe how much coke was in the man's system, he shook his head and decided to forget he ever knew Garza, it was safer that way.

Part 5: "The Sex Olympics!"

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