Buggering The Burglar Boys


Chapter Two


I had given Sean a key to the shop to pursue his enterprise after school, teasing him that he didn't have to break a window to get access any longer. I trusted him with the machinery, he respected the dangers and employed a keen sense for safety. Sean became a fixture around the house, as well, enjoying many meals with me, my wife Dianne and my ten year old daughter Katelyn, who was infatuated with him. Like father, like daughter!


I felt a sense of guilt each and every time he was near my family. My wife was made aware of Sean's criminal indiscretion upon us and often praised what she saw as my active role in changing his direction in life. Sean but that guilt was soon put aside when we went out to the garage and up into the loft, but only if he was so inclined at the time. Sex became my begging for it, him humoring me by allowing me to give him a rim job,  blowjob, and perhaps, if he was so inclined, to fuck me, with maybe a token hand job reciprocated for my efforts.


Sean's twelve year old friend Zack often materialized in the shop, put to work by Sean to lacquer or shellac his handicrafts. An employee, no doubt! Zack's presence inhibited many horny moments, a ploy that I came to believe was intentional on Sean's part to eliminate the potential of a 'lofty' interlude! Sex was becoming less frequent, maybe once or twice a week when he felt obligated to "pay the rent!"


Zack was short for his age, appearing younger by a year or so. He wore his straight, dirty blond hair half way down past his shoulders and tucked behind his ears. It seemed his bangs were the only hairs that his mother deemed fit to trim. Eyes a bright green and a pug nose to match his smallish, tightly formed mouth that perpetually formed an 'O' when he concentrated at a task at hand. He was quite cute, but most certainly, dim witted! You just pick up on those things after a while, if you know what I mean!


Well, I won't leave you in suspense any longer, you've probably already guessed it! Zack suddenly became the object of my desires when Sean's interests waned. I loved him dearly, but sad to say, he was outgrowing his sex appeal and usefulness.The problem at hand was how to go about seducing Zack. Sean was easy, he fell into my hands. I manipulated him like a puppet when he was too vulnerable to resist my very forward advances, and then afterward, sold himself to me. I thought about recruiting Sean's help, break the ice for me and one evening while receiving my after sex handjob, I tested the waters.


Blunt and to the point, I asked, "Have you ever fooled around with Zack?"


"No!" he exclaimed sharply. "I keep telling ya, --I'm not a queer."


"Oh come on, Sean!" I pressed. "Most boys your age jerk off together... it's normal."


"Well, like... it wasn't really jerking off together. I told him about it, though. He asked me to show him, but I wouldn't.  He did it under the covers and showed me for a minute, asking me if he was doing it right."


"And was he?" my interest perked, a shot in the dark question paid off handsomely.


"DAH!, --I mean, it isn't that difficult." he answered.


"Did he cum?" I was about to, thinking about Zack beating his dick as I watched on, teaching him the first boyhood discovery of masturbation.


"He couldn't cum yet, he just turned twelve. That's why he wanted to see me do it, ya know... see the sperm squirt and what it looked like."


Doing the simple math real quick, it was obvious that that episode happened only four months ago. Zack was exactly 12 years and four months old, so he specifically advised  when I asked his age days before. I wondered if he had yet reached utopia, that very important moment that every boy looked forward to, the rite of passage into manhood!


"Do you know if he can shoot now?" my load was building  as Sean pumped away frantically to get it over with.


"How the fuck should I know?" he spat, "Why are ya so interested in Zack all of a sudden? --You plan on doing him or something?"


"What would you say if I did?"


"Go for it, no big deal to me!"


That response had be boiling over Sean's hand. I hated the mess and missed his sensuous mouth and the odor that lingered on his breath afterward when we would cuddle close before moving onto other things. His own hefty load that slithered down my throat, but as of late, it was only felt oozing from my hole. Where did I go wrong and allow myself to be hijacked sexually. Zack would become my new boy-toy, that I was determined to make happen more than ever.


"Find out if he can cum yet for me." I tasked Sean. Not that the end result would be of any significance in my pursuit to bed Zack, only spark my flame and satisfy the fantasy of taking a boy into his first orgasm.


"Sure!" Sean replied with a nonchalant shrug. It dawned on me then that he would probably assist in any way possible in the exploitation of his young friend. Not for my benefit, of course, but his own ulterior motives of being let off the hook sexually. A win-win for both of us!


Christmas was approaching and the wife and I decided prior on a six person hot tub to be installed on the deck, a present that we could mutually enjoy. I built a prefab cedar gazebo to house it, easily slapped together upon final installation of the tub. The following Saturday after Sean and I had our talk, I was putting the final touches on its assembly. The wife and I had christened the new addition the night before and the need for privacy from neighbors placed a high priority on my list of Saturday projects!


Sean and Zack were in the shop working on a Christmas backlog of name plaques since early morning. I ordered a pizza for our lunch and as we sat in my kitchen devouring it, Sean commented on the hot tub and asked if they could try it out, looking at me like the cat that caught the bird. The conniving little shit had presented me an opportunity!


"But I don't have a bathing suit!" queried Zack.


Sean looked at him, "Dah! --We're all boys here, Zack."


I didn't allow Zack the option of further debate, "Sounds like a great idea! I'll get us some towels." I advised. There was no pre-game plan, I had no idea how things would proceed, only knowing that I would see Zack naked. My cock twitched in anticipation.


Zack was all eyes, ogling first Sean who wasted no time stripping, then me as I adjusted my exposed manhood for greater visual effect while he slowly pulled off his own clothes. He hesitated nervously, standing only in his underwear, thumbs inside the waistband. Sean nor I gave him any lenience, we stood there staring at the red faced boy with a dumb grin on his face. He finally gave into the silent pressure and shucked the barrier of modesty.


My heart skipped several beats. He was hairless and semi erect, larger than I expected considering his short stature, well on his way in the process of genital development. Cut, and in his present condition, which I knew to be simply an innocent reaction to the erotica of his surroundings, it jutted and arched as long and chubby as my thick bent thumb. I guessed his optimum erectness would equate to almost four inches. His balls hung high, yet plump, perhaps still making their transition lower, or that nature opted to keep them snug in anatomical design like many males of all ages. Zack still bore baby fat on his body, unlike Sean who was lean.


All that information registered in the split second before he shielded himself with both hands in shyness. He exhibited a definite boyhood curiosity of same sex nudity and the diversity of maturity displayed before him. I understood his apparent awkward sense of ineptness in his comparisons.


"Hey, dude! Don't be shy, okay?" I reassured him, "You have nothing to be ashamed of down there. --Actually, I don't think I've ever seen a boy your age with such a big one!" I lied, he grinned with pride.


Sean added, "Ya, fuck head! --When did you grow such big gonads? Ya told me the other day that ya couldn't make the white stuff yet! You shitting me again?" Sean laughed, embarrassing Zack.


That comment was meant for my ears, Sean had just affirmed what I wanted to know. What he did next blew me away.


Forcing Zack's hands to his sides before he could react, Sean held and fondled the boy's cock, "Ya must not be doing it right, dude!" He moved behind Zack and said, "Let me show ya." and vigorously masturbated the stunned kid whose eyes were wide a saucers.


My estimation of his length was right on. About four inches expanded in reaction to Sean's stimulation. So did my own cock, springing to attention in a second. The scene was so fucking hot and unbelievable that I was paralyzed until Sean moved aside waving  his hard cock at me.


"Suck me off, man!" he demanded, his aggression somewhat unsettling.


On my knees in a flash, Zack's jaw hung open at full capacity watching. He had been a boy of few words since the day I met him and he was at a loss  for them then, no different than I. My mouth was full of beautiful boy cock as I took in the erotic scene to my left, Sean pumping Zack! I reached over and massaged the boy's tender balls a little too rough and he flinched in pain. I paused sucking Sean, and said, "Sorry!"


In record time, Sean was trembling in excitement. As bad as I craved his treat, the moment the first blast was felt in my mouth I removed his cock and jerked him off over my face.I coerced the remains from his shaft and then used his softening cock to scoop and savor his deposit from my face. Zack had finally witnessed his first ever scene of ejaculation and semen.


"Suck Zack's cock for him now!" Sean demanded, but really didn't have to suggest it.


One more young cock to feast upon, I moved onto Zack. I could smell pizza, Sean's unwashed hand left its traces on the boy's wiener like dick. It was bony, not much meat encased it but the crown flared  and formed perfectly with a rather wide pee slit with a sensitivity that the tip of my tongue discovered spreading it wide with my thumb and index finger. Zack quivered and giggled nervously, his apprehension to the whole turn of events from the prospect of skinny dipping in the hot tub to exposure to raw sex acts performed by a grown man on Sean and himself surely was overwhelming and scary for him. Even though his plump testicles suggested that he would be capable, I wasn't foolish enough to think that there was chance in hell I would bring him to his first orgasm under the present conditions. I would have to lay him in a prone position, reassure and nurture him into relaxation and acceptance, then suck and jerk until the cows came home. I looked forward to the challenge and reap the rewards!


Sean tried to encourage him, "It feels good,... trust me Zack. --Just let him show ya, relax and enjoy it." he soothed as he crawled into the steamy, churning tub and sat to observe his buddy being serviced.


Fifteen minutes later, my knees ached and a cramp in my thigh forced me to postpone matters.Taking Zack's hand and helping him into the tub, he sat beside Sean and watched me standing, trying to work out the cramp. His eyes were glued to my hard on, noticing that, Sean reached out, took my cock and pulled me closer to him.


I was shocked once again when he took me in his mouth, but not near as flabbergasted as Zack. Not for one moment did I think Sean would ever give me another blowjob, especially one witnessed by another boy! God, how I longed for his talented mouth, how desperately I wanted things back the way they were. Sean was only leading Zack on, setting an example for his protege who would assume his previous role, that was a given. He was a manipulator, a con artist, a thief, self centered and who knew what else? I still didn't know much about his life, nor where he lived or who he lived with. Even Dianne couldn't get much information from him. But fuck, did I love him, regardless!


As expected, Zack was queued to suck my cock. With Sean's hand to the back of his head, and my cock being pointed in his direction, Zack hesitated a few seconds and submitted to Sean's unspoken expectations and opened his mouth. Leaning forward to allow him full access, my hand replaced the hold on Zack's head, his hair so soft that I couldn't resist running my fingers through it.


Sean, pleased with himself and smiling, proceeded to tutor Zack on the fine art of cock sucking, just the way I taught him so many months ago. He put his heart and soul into it, randomly taking over the chore in providing graphic demonstrations. Two kids, two mouths, four hands, each manipulating my genitalia was more than any like minded man could wish for, knees buckled and I screamed for Sean to finish me off since he was on the receiving end at the time. Instead, he made Zack do the honors of taking over to bear his first mouth load of man cum.


"That's it, Zack! --Suck hard as you can and swallow it at the same time... that way it doesn't taste so bad." Sean gave his final instruction.


Exhausted, I flopped down between the two boys with each embraced by an arm and held close to my chest. The timer had long since expired and the water was calm. "That was fucking awesome, guys!" I complimented, looked at Zack and asked, "You okay, little man?"


He shrugged his shoulders, "Okay, I guess. It sure is big... I almost choked!"


That was the most the kid had ever uttered at one time. I detected a minor speech impediment and a possible mental deficiency. Not retarded, only the slow wittiness that I suspected all along finally confirmed. He was an unlikely choice of friend by Sean, I thought. Sean was sharp, calculated. Zack was easily manipulated, could be talked into doing anything by the likes of Sean. Burglaries included! How stupid I had been in not recognizing the short frame and the long hair from that night in July when I caught Sean and let his accomplice flee! I never got a good look at him then, it was dark and everything happened so fast.


Zack was part of an even bigger master plan, suddenly coming around the shop after months of hiatus. Sean was fully cognizant that I would be attracted to the boy, any boy for that matter, but Zack was a logical choice for the scheme that I was unwittingly lured into. I had to laugh at his resourcefulness, I wasn't at all upset, on the contrary, how could I be. The kid was dense enough to be sexually abused by any man and then keep his mouth shut about it, more so when encouraged by his mentor Sean to do so!


It was evident through the clear water that both boys were erect. Sean had always been quick to recharge, teenage testicles were actually Ever Ready batteries, that tidbit I remembered from my own youth! It reinforced my suspicion that Sean's self denial was only surface deep, he got off on the erotica of it all but had put up sudden limitations imposed on himself, the sexuality issue.  And as for Zack,?I guessed he was still caught up in the moment of sexual limbo,  awareness versus unawareness. right versus wrong, adult superiority versus disobedience, and of course, peer pressure.


The opportunity to play with both sets of genitals couldn't be more prevalent. Yes! I was a very lucky man, blessed by the Patron Saint of Boy-Lovers Himself!  Don't know his name, but judging by all those Catholic Priests getting lucky, there had to be one 'Up-There' somewhere!


I fondled Sean and masturbated Zack slowly in the the hopes that it would ebb his inhibitions and fears of me touching him sexually. Sean, thankfully, was doing everything in his power to orchestrate and promote a positive environment, however I felt it was paramount that Zack feel comfortable and learn to trust me on his own volition. If I was going about it the right way or not? How the fuck would I know!


There was no conversation, just quiet time. Sean amazed me by resting his head on my shoulder and a hand on my thigh with a soft caress. Not part of any scheme to seduce Zack, solely a personal, intimate gesture, I was sure. At the time, that innocent regard of emotion meant more to me than any sexual act he could ever perform in making me more happy. I virtually shed silent tears when he looked up and into my eyes and smiled warmly, before sinking his head to tenderly suck my left nipple, an act never before asked of him, or treated to me in the past.


"You wanna go to the loft, Sean?" I asked. He never wavered from my chest and gave two affirmative nods, the words didn't have to be spoken, he wanted to fuck me and I wanted him to do so like never before.


We climbed out of the tub, Zack obliviously followed like a puppy dog. Drying off  together and all sporting variable states of erection. A wet towel flicking fight ensued just before the gazebo door opened, Dianne entered smiling.


"Hi honey! the gazebo looks..."  her smile faded and she halted. Covered her eyes and apologized to the squirming boys who were stunned, scrambling to cover themselves much too late before she made a hasty retreat.


I was fucked! Trembling in total fear, I told the boys to hurry and dress and go back to work in the shop. I had to do some quick thinking before facing the inquisition that was sure to follow. I was careless again. Once hadn't bad enough, however the situation then was successfully explained away. This time, she had to have seen beyond the nudity, all of us in a very unnatural, unexplainable predicament to be in!


She was sitting at her vanity in the bedroom applying makeup when it dawned on me as to why she was home early, she was going to Toronto to attend a company function. No sooner had I walked into the room did she start on me.


"What in God's Name is going on?" she spat.


"What the hell are you talking about, Dianne?" I countered, knowing exactly what she meant.


"Grown men don't prance around naked with little boys,... that's what!"


"We were just... The boys wanted to check out the hot tub." I ad libbed, "What, --was I suppose to send them home for their bathing suits?"


"Dianne glared at me, "Don't give me that "we're all boys" horse shit again. I can maybe understand that, although I still think it's inappropriate, but those two boys had erections... and you certainly looked no worse for the wear!" she scathed, confirming my worst fears.


"We were just,... just horsing around, hon." I meekly replied.


"Are you daft or what?  --Firstly, it's not normal for men to "horse around" naked with little boys, and secondly, worse yet, with his... in that condition! -- And men don't spring erections without being aroused, either! --There... I said it!"


"What the fuck are you insinuating, Dianne? It just happens to guys sometimes and..."


"And when it does, they would try to at least hide it!"


There was no chance for defence. She was exactly right and no excuse in the world would convince her, or anyone else otherwise. I decided to change course.


"You're right, I guess It was wrong. But it was innocent fun, Dianne. The boys spotted it and... well, I couldn't deny it, so I decided to have fun with it. I'm not a pervert!" I lied through my teeth.


"Well, use some common sense from now on. No more romping around in the nude with little boys!"


"I promise!" I lied again, kissing her forehead.



to be continued . . .


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