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Author's Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


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Chapter 45 – SURPRISE!


Tom's new alarm rang bright and early, and I thoroughly enjoyed rolling over and ignoring it as I felt the bed move when he got up to roust our sons. I knew I was only going to get another five or ten minutes of sleep, but I was going to enjoy it for as long as it lasted. It seemed I'd just closed my eyes again when I was suddenly mauled by five wild beasts, all threatening bodily harm if I didn't get out of bed right now.


"Hey!" I yelled while prying my eyes open, "What's the big idea? I'm supposed to be able to snooze a bit longer."


"Dad," Alex said, "You always wake us up, not pops."


"Yeah, he doesn't know what the heck he's doing," Joey added.


"It looks like he did just fine to me, seeing as you're all here, awake and rarin' to go."


"Maybe so, but you give us little tickle or shake of the shoulder to wake us up, dad," T.J. started.


"Then you always say good morning or something," Andy continued.


"Yeah, all pops did was stick his head in our door, yell `Ten-Hut!' and left. That ain't right," Mike added.


I laughed and asked "Are the three of you learning the twins' trick? You just sounded a lot like they do."


"Maybe we are. That'd be cool," T.J. grinned.


"We'll see about that," I commented. "You guys go get ready for school and I'll give Tom instructions on the proper way to wake you up, okay?"


"I hope so, dad, cause that `Ten-Hut' crap's gotta' stop," Joey responded.


As they disappeared from view, I climbed out of bed and visited the bathroom before heading to the kitchen. I found Tom leaning against the counter and sipping from a cup of freshly brewed coffee, evil grin slashing across his face.


"Morning, babe, how're you this bright and beautiful day?" he asked smugly.


"Just freakin' peachy, smart-ass. What's the big idea sending those heathens in with orders to attack?" I asked while waving my hand in the direction of the boys' rooms.


"Hey, you said I had early duty this week so I'm just following orders and gettin' the boys up. While you may be over the hill, you're still a boy, technically, although a bit saggier and flabbier then the rest of us."


"I'll tell you right now, mister, you start blastin' reveille through this house at six in the freakin' morning and I'm gonna' kick your ass."


"Yeah, right," he snorted, "You and what army?"


"Oh, don't you worry `bout it, I've got an army. They might be five of smallest fighting forces in the world, but they'll beat you senseless and melt your heart, all at the same time."


"Oh, no, not that," he whimpered while cowering in mock fear.


"Exactly that, big guy. I've not turned my forces of evil against you just yet. And you'll never know it's gonna' happen until it's too late, but when it does, you'll pay dearly," I laughed as wickedly as I could.


"Yes, sir, Captain, sir!" he hollered while tossing me a snappy salute. I con honestly say I'd ever seen a nude dude holding a cup of hot coffee offer up a salute before, but I'm willing to pay almost any price to see it happen again.


"Good, now that we understand each other, what's for breakfast?"


"Oh, no you don't, buster. Early duty only requires the waking of the boys and I've done that. Breakfast is someone else's department." As I opened my mouth to respond with a witty retort, Tom raised a hand in surrender, then began laughing hysterically as he came over and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. "I'm just shittin' ya', babe."


"Whoa, pops, if you're gonna' do that, use the bathroom and not the kitchen, please," Joey yelled as he entered the kitchen, followed by the others.


"Yeah, there's a time and place for everything and this definitely ain't the time or place for that," Alex added.


"They got a point, there, big guy."


"Yeah, yeah, whatever." He turned to the boys and asked, "Pop-tarts good this morning, boys?"


"Sounds great, pops," Andy answered.


We got busy setting them up and soon, each had a tart and glass of milk in front of them with round two in the toaster. As we cleaned up after the boys had finished eating and returned to their rooms to get their backpacks and coats, I asked, "So who's taking them out to meet the bus?"


"Um, that would be you," Tom replied. "I'm done for the morning."


"Fine, but you still have to get dressed. John's gonna' be here shortly."


"I know. God, I'll be glad when people quit dropping by. I really hate having to wear clothes."


"Join the club, big guy. Come on, let's get it over with." We retreated to our room and once presentable to the general population, returned to find the fantastic five patiently waiting for their ride to the end of the drive. I grabbed my coat and after waiting for Tom to get his goodbye hugs, led the parade to the garage. While driving out, I mentioned, "Joey, Alex, I'm going to try to get in touch with those three parents I missed the other day about your party."


"Great, dad, we'd really like to have all our friends there," they answered together.


I spotted the bus coming up the road and we got out of the car. I stood between the boys and the bus to make sure I got my hugs before they scooted away, then tossed a wave to them as the bus pulled away. Just as I was about to get back in the car, John arrived in his truck, pulling a fully loaded trailer. I quickly moved the car out of the way so he could pull into the drive and park right next to the slab for the new bus shelter.


As we got out of our vehicles, I yelled, "Morning, John, you're earlier than I thought you would be."


"Yeah," he responded, "The guys wanted to an early jump on it today. Was that your boys just leaving?"


"Sure was. Your timing is absolutely perfect."


"Well, I saw the bus sitting here as we came up the road, so I waited until it pulled away, hoping they'd be on it. Nice to know I was right, for once."


"I'll make sure I tell your wife that," I joked.


"Don't bother. You'd just be wastin' your breath `cause she'd never believe you. But thanks for thinkin' `bout it, though."


"No problem, John. You need me for anything?"


"Not really. We got the trailer loaded in order so as we pull things off, it can go straight on the slab. All we have to is drill the holes in the bottom plates for the anchor bolts and we're ready to roll."


"Well, I'll get out of your way and see you at the house when you're done out here."


"Sounds, good, Max, see you soon."


I returned to the house and found Tom sitting by the fireplace with his book. "You look awfully comfy there," I commented as I walked past him to grab the twins' guest list.


"Thanks, it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta' do it."


"Really?" I asked. "How much do you get paid to hold down furniture?"


"Room, board and all the dick I could possibly want," he laughed.


"You're right, that does sound like a tough gig. I sure hope you're up to it," I joked back.


"In more ways than one, babe," he replied, wiggling his eyebrows, causing me to crack up.


"You don't mind if I make these calls here, do you?"


"Whatever boats your float, man. I'll tune you out."


"Gee, thanks, love you, too," I replied sarcastically before making the first call. Three attempts later and I had three more guests joining the party. The only boys missing at the moment were the four who were maybes the other day. I decided I needed to give Brad, the lifeguard, fair warning as to the number of guests in case he needed to draft some help for the afternoon, so I called the Y.


"West Iles Y, this is Brad, how can I help you?"


"Just the person I'm looking for. This is Max Sanders."


"Hey, how ya' doing, Mr. Sanders? You still needing a lifeguard this coming Saturday?"


"More than ever. They boys' guest list ended up at sixteen kids, plus our five, so we'll possibly have a total of twenty-one kids. Four of those are a maybe at this moment, but I'd rather plan for more and not less. What do you think?"


"When you're dealing with a pool party, you're always better off safe than sorry."


"That's kinda' my thinking, too. You think you can deal with that many by yourself or will you want some help?"


"I could probably handle it, but I'd rather have two of us there, especially if you and your wife will be busy with other things."


"I'm not married yet, but, yes, we'll be pretty busy that day. Do you know another lifeguard who'd be willing to give up a Saturday afternoon to help corral a bunch of wild critters?"


"I know just the guy, Mr. Sanders. He thrives on chaos and insanity and this will be right up his alley."


"Sounds perfect. We'll look forward to seeing you both on Saturday about 12:30 or 1:00 in the afternoon."


"We'll be there, Mr. Sanders. Thanks for calling with the heads up." I ended the call and leaned back in my chair to close my eyes for a moment. I'd only had them closed for a couple of minutes when the phone rang. After checking the caller ID, I saw it was the hospital and I was hoping for good news. "This is Max," I answered after punching the speaker button and getting Tom's attention.


"Good morning, Mr. Sanders, this is Dr. Nichols."


"Good morning to you, too. How's my dad doing today?"


"Quite well, actually. We've taken him off all the monitors and medicines and he's in good spirits. I just got off the phone with Dr. Newell, the psychiatrist, and she should be in this morning about 10:00 to talk to him. If that goes well, then he should be able to get out of here this afternoon."


"Thanks, Dr. Nichols. I really appreciate everything you've done for him."


"No worries, Mr. Sanders. I'll call you back after Dr. Newell has been in to see him."


I disconnected the call and commented, "That sounds promising."


"Sure does. What are thinking about doing for supper tonight?"


"Why don't we just go over to Shepp's and eat there. Be a whole lot easier than trying to do it here."


"What the hell is that? First you send me to Capone's and now we're going to Shepp's? Is this town run by gangsters?"


"Nah, Shepp's is just the bar in New Berlin and they have pretty good food. Better than Subway by a long shot."


"Okay, I'll give `em a shot. Now, can I get back to my book?"


"Oh, sure, excu-u-u-use me for interrupting your reading," I replied sarcastically.


Tom looked back at me, guilt spreading across his face and said, "Oh, Max, I'm so sorry. I'm just really into this book and finally about to find out whodunit."


"Wait," I said, shaking my head in disbelief, "you were a cop for what, over five years, you've got only three or four chapters to go and you still haven't figured it out yourself?"


"Hey, this guy writes a great story, with more twists and turns than a drive through the Smokey Mountains. It could be any one of three people."


"Let me see which book it is." Tom lifted it up so I could see the cover and with a sadistic smirk, I continued, "Oh, yeah, that one, the culprit is..."


"Don't you dare! Ruin this for me and I'll sic my minions on you, again."


"Ha! Promises, promises," I laughed.


"Next time, ice will be involved."


"Damn, you don't screw around, do you?"


"Only on special occasions, babe."


"That's good to know. Oh, shit, I forgot I needed to call Steve about the workshop." I picked up the phone and dialed the school. After Gloria answered, I asked for Steve and a minute later he was on the line with me.


"Mornin', Steve. Max Sanders here, how ya' doing?"


"Oh, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Max. What's up?"


"I need to find out what time you want us there Wednesday. I saw my sister yesterday and when she asked me about the time, I realized I didn't have the answer."


"I plan to start about 9:30 in the morning, so why don't you get here about quarter after?"


"That'll be perfect. Lee, and her communications guy, Shawn will be coming here first and then we'll all come over at the same time. Should we just come to the office when we get there?"


"We'll hold the workshop in the library, but, yeah, why don't you swing by the office and I'll lead the way from there."


"Sounds good, Steve. We'll see you then."


"Wait a sec', Max, I wanted to ask how Alex and Joey are getting along with the math text we loaned them."


"You sittin' down? Because you won't believe me."


"Go ahead, surprise me."


"I can sure do that. They worked on it about an hour and a half Friday night and about the same Saturday. In that amount of time, they were getting ready to start chapter twelve. And the work I checked was right on the money."


"Holy crap, man. That's a full quarter's worth of work in what, three to four hours?"


"Yep, sounds about right to me. Their original thought was they'd be done with the book before the end of the month, but if they keep working at the same pace they've been going, they'll probably be done with it by the end of this week."


"And I just bet they're going to want the fifth-grade book next, aren't they?"


"I'd be surprised if they didn't, Steve."


"I've never run into kids like this in all my time involved with the school. I'll tell you what I'll do, Max. If, no, not if, when they finish the one they have, I'll not only give them the fifth-grade book, they'll get the sixth-grade one at the same time. Let's see how they like them apples?"


"They'll chew `em up and spit `em back out at ya'. You ready for that?"


"You bet, I love kids who love to learn. I wish they were all like that. Well, I'll let you go and we'll see you guys Wednesday morning."


"Thanks, Steve. I'll call Lee and let her know about the time. Talk to you later." I ended that call and started another to my sister's office. Lee was in a meeting, so I asked to talk to Shawn. "Mornin', Shawn, Max Sanders, how are you today?"


"It's Monday, Max, how do you think I'm doin'?"


"Sounds like a typical day with Lee, to me."


"You said it, man. She's on the warpath today and I'm hiding in my office, trying to stay out of the line of fire. So, what's up?"


"You're coming to the workshop with Lee on Wednesday, right?"


"Sure am, great thing Steve's doing out there. I wish we could get more schools involved with something like this."


"I'm hoping it will be a positive thing and if word spreads, you may end up doing more of these things in other school districts. The reason I called was to tell you what time to be here since I didn't know yesterday when Lee asked. Steve said we should be at the school about 9:15 Wednesday morning. Hope that's not too early for you guys."


"Nope, that'll be perfect. Lee's going to pick me up at home about 8:30 and then we'll head to your place, she said."


"That'll work out just right. Look forward to seeing you Wednesday morning. Talk to you then, Shawn."


As I hung up the phone, Tom closed the book he'd been reading and set it on the table, seemingly pissed off.


"What?" I asked.


"That sneaky bastard," he answered. "He just took one more twist, right off the damn cliff. That was the last person I expected."


"Is it time to rethink your new business, Sherlock?"


"Nah, I'm good with that. What I'll be dealing with won't be nearly as convoluted as that was."


"Well, let's hope not."


"Hey, I hit a home run finding Malcom, didn't I?"


"Yes, you certainly did. But batting .500 won't be good in the long run," I laughed.


"I'm gonna' grab the next book by this dude. Hope it's as good as this one." He picked up the one he'd just finished and disappeared down the hall to the study to make the swap. Just as I picked up my book, the doorbell rang. I set the book back down and answered the door.


"Hey, John, long time, no see. Bus shelter all done?"


"Piece o' cake, Max. Went together as if I planned it that way. Oh, wait, I did plan it that way, didn't I? Now that one, you can tell the wife about," he added with a big grin. "She was convinced I'd screw somethin' up. It'll be nice to have someone else tell her I didn't."


"I'll be sure to let her know, John. Which room do you want to start work in?"


"Thought we'd hit both this morning, if that's all right with you, Max? I got Troy here to start painting in the boy's room and I brought Ralph to help me tear out the flooring in Tom's office."


"However you want to do it's fine with me. Why don't I open the garage and get a car out of the way, then you can bring your tools or whatever through there?"


"Sounds like a plan to me. We'll go back out to our truck and meet you on the drive."


John and I quickly swapped places with our vehicles and I returned to sit by the fireplace and read while John and his guys got to work on the two rooms. Tom returned shortly with a new book and took his chair next to me, cracking open his new book as he did. Between the noise of John's air compressor, the hammering from down the hall and thinking about how dad would deal with the psychiatrist, I had a hard time concentrating on my book. I finally gave up as I wasn't making any real progress. Tom, however, seemed to be able to tune out all the noise. I tapped him on the knee and when he looked up, I told him was going to the study to make a few phone calls, receiving a nod of understanding.


After closing the door to block out the noise, I sat at my desk and placed my first call to Herb, the Ford dealer to check the status of the new Flex I had ordered. Herb let me know the car had been built and was getting loaded on a train to bring it our direction. Oddly enough, the train would pass right through Springfield on its way to St. Louis, where the Flex would be reloaded onto a semi and brought back up to the dealership. Herb was hoping he would have it on the lot on Friday and gave me my total so I could arrange with my bank to get the cashier's check I would need.


That settled, I moved on to my next call, the bakery making the twins' birthday cakes. Both cakes were still on their schedule and I was promised both would ready to pick up when requested, one Thursday afternoon and the other Saturday morning. That curiosity satisfied, Party Creations was my next call. Wesley was happy to let me know his crew was scheduled to arrive at 10:00 Saturday morning to deal with the decorations and other items for the party that afternoon. My last call this morning was to the caterers for Saturday to ensure we were still on schedule with them also. Just as I was about to pick up the phone, it rang and from the number on the caller ID, it was the hospital.


"Max Sanders," I answered.


"Mr. Sanders, Dr. Nichols, again."


"What's the good word doc?"


"Dr. Newell has talked to your dad and she just told me that we can release him. The doctor doesn't feel Jim is in any danger of another attempt."


"That's music to my ears. My mom will be ecstatic when she hears the news, also."


"I tried to call her to let her know what's going on, but she didn't answer the number I have for her. Do you know where she is? It would be good for her to be here when Jim is picked up."


"She's on the way to my house from Grafton right now, doctor. She was spending some time with my fiancé's parents when dad tried to hurt himself. Knowing the area they're driving through, cell coverage is probably pretty spotty."


"Okay, that makes sense. You said she's coming to your house first?"


"Yeah, and once she's here, I'll bring her with me to pick up dad."


"That sounds great, Mr. Sanders. We'll see you in a little bit, then."


"You bet. Thanks for calling." I hung up and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I was afraid the old man would screw it up with the psychiatrist and end having to stay in the hospital for a few more days. I was still hedging my bets as to whether his sudden and drastic change of attitude was real or not, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. For now, anyway. I went ahead and called the catering company and verified they were ready for Saturday, which they were. They're going to cook everything here, but since the menu was just hamburgers, hot dogs and brats, it wouldn't take too long and everything would be fresh off the grill. With my calls completed, I returned to the living room and took my seat next to Tom.


I tapped Tom on the knee again to get his attention and asked, "How the hell can read with all that noise comin' from the hallway?"


"I don't know, I just do. I guess I got used to it bein' around the radios, computers, guns and all the other noise you deal with bein' a cop. I could read in the car and listen to the radios at the same time, picking up anything on the radio I needed to know about without missing a word of what I was readin'."


"Must be nice, I like it quiet so I can concentrate."


"Tuning out is something you just have to learn, babe."


The phone rang again, and not recognizing the name or number, I answered with a cautious, "Hello?"


"Hi, is this Mr. Sanders?" the caller asked.


"It is, who's calling, please?"


"Good morning, Mr. Sanders, this is Rick Grant, one of the EMTs who was at your house the other night."


"Oh, hi, Rick. What can I do for you?"


"Well, first, I wanted to check and see how your son is doing. We rarely hear anything after we deliver a patient to the hospital and I just wanted to make sure he's okay."


"He's doing just fine, Rick. He's got a small rib fracture and a bad bruise, but he's doing pretty well as long as he doesn't push it."


"Glad to hear it Mr. Sanders. I hate it when a kid gets hurt for any reason and I just like follow up sometimes."


"No problem, I appreciate your concern and thanks for checking in. Talk to you later."


"Wait, Mr. Sanders. I had something else I wanted to ask, if you have time."


"Oh, sorry, what's that?"


"I'm having a little problem with my sons and, well, since you have five, I was hoping you might be able to help me out."


"If I can, I'd be happy to. What's the problem?"


"I don't really think this is something I can talk about over the phone and, if I'm not imposing too much, would it be okay if I came out so we can discuss it, face to face?"


"Well, yeah, I suppose. We've got a pretty busy day today, but I guess I could make some time."


"That's great, Mr. Sanders. I really appreciate it. Would five minutes be okay?"


"Um, yeah, okay. You must be close."


"Oh, yeah, we live in New Berlin"


"Well, come on over, then. Think you find us in the daylight?"


"No sweat. Thanks again and I'll be there soon."


I hung up the phone and looked to Tom who was looking back at me with a puzzled look on his face.


"What the heck was that about?" Tom asked.


"One of the EMTs who was here the other night to help T.J. wants to come over and talk to us about a problem he's having with his two sons. He thinks since we have five, we might be able to help him out."


"Well, that's just bizarre."


"Tell me about it."


"Any idea what the problem is?"


"Not a clue, Tom. But, we'll find out shortly, he said he be here in about five minutes."


"Good thing we're dressed for the occasion. For once."


There was a sudden lull in the noise level from down the hallway and John called out, "Hey, Max, got a minute!?"


"On the way, John." I headed down the hall and turned into Tom's office. "What's up?"


"We have most of the flooring ripped up and it looks like we need to replace 3 sheets of the subfloor before we can put the new flooring in."


"Not a problem, John. Mark, the plumber, thought there might also be an issue with a floor joist or two due to the water spray. Any idea on that, yet?"


"Not `til we get this warped subfloor out of the way. We'll finish tearing up the rest of the flooring before we rip out any of the subfloor. Then I can finally get eyes on the joists and see if we need to do anything there."


"Sounds good, John. I've got a guy coming over to talk to me about something soon, and we'll be in the dining room, just to cut the noise level a bit. If you need me for anything, come on in."


"Thanks, Max, just want to keep you informed."


I stuck my head in the twins' room to see how the painting was going and found the floor covered with plastic, all the trim and windows on the exterior wall were taped off and the wall half painted already. There was also a large sheet of plastic hanging over the TV still mounted on the wall to protect it from overspray. Troy was taking a short break from spraying to tape off more trim on the other walls to be painted before he resumed painting. I gave him a thumb's up signal as I turned to rejoin Tom. As I rounded the corner of the hallway, the drive sensor dinged, so, I turned towards the front door to meet Rick. I couldn't imagine what he wanted to talk about that we could help with, but I was more than willing to help if we could.


I opened the door as he got out of his car and headed up the sidewalk. When he reached the porch, he had a slightly confused look on his face. "Mornin', Rick, good to see you again," I greeted, extending my hand. "Come on in."


"Mornin' to you, too, Mr. Sanders," he replied while grasping my hand and giving me a quick shake. "How did you know I was here when I hadn't rung the doorbell, yet?"


"There's a sensor at the end of the drive that dings here in the house to let us know when we have visitors."


"Ah, that's a good thing to have living out here."


"Well, follow me, Rick. We're gonna' sit in the dining room to talk. I've got some work going on at the other end of the house and it's a bit noisy in the living room at the moment. You want something to drink?"


"I wouldn't say no to a soda, if you got some. Thanks."


"Leaded or unleaded?"


"Either's fine with me, Mr. Sanders."


"Go ahead and have a seat in there," I said, pointing in the direction to the dining room. "I'll get Tom and our drinks and we'll be right there." I detoured towards the living room to corral Tom, headed back to the kitchen to grab a soda for all of us, then met the other two in the dining room. After taking a chair next to Tom and across from Rick, I started our conversation with, "Before we get started, Rick, please call me Max. And this is my fiancé, Tom. I know we met briefly Thursday night, but we didn't' really have a chance to properly introduce ourselves. I also want to say thanks for taking such good care of T.J. last Thursday. Your calm reaction seemed to really put T.J. at ease."


"Thanks, Max. Tom, nice to meet ya'. I really appreciate you lettin' me come over. As far as takin' care of your boy, I was happy to do it. I'm glad he's okay."


"So, what do you think we can help you with that you didn't want to talk about over the phone."


"Well, I couldn't help but notice when we was here that nobody was wearing nothin'. I hate to ask, but is that normal for you guys?" Rick asked sheepishly.


"Um, yeah, pretty much. It's obviously not something we advertise, but none of us thought about pulling something on after calling 9-1-1. We were too worried about T.J. to even think about it. It didn't bother you, did it?"


"Not a bit, being an EMT, you get used to seeing people's bodies. Of course, most of them are bloody, broken or both. Oops, I'm sorry, that was TMI, wasn't it?"


"No, I understand. Go on."


"This is gonna' sound off the wall to ya', but I'm a single dad with two sons. My ex-wife ran off with some loser about six years ago and it's been just me and the boys since then. And I been pretty relaxed `bout what we wear around the house. I mean, I'm usually wearing my boxers, at a minimum, but I've never hidden myself from the boys, either. When you got only one bathroom, you can't really lock the door when you're in there, takin' a bath or shower in case somebody else needs to use it, right? And the boys were almost always wearin' nothin' unless someone came over. It was harder than hell to get `em to cover up when the old lady was around and once she took a hike, well, you could just forget it." Tom and I both chuckled and nodded our heads in understanding.


"I mean, they're were little kids, who cares what they wear, right. But, in the past six or eight months, they've gone from lettin' it all hang out to insistin' on wearin' the baggiest shorts they can find. Hell, I can't even go in the bathroom now, if they're in there, takin' a shower or somethin'."


"How old are your boys, Rick?"


"Eleven and thirteen."


"Sounds to me like they've started growing up and become self-conscious about the changes happening to their bodies."


"That's my guess, too, but they won't talk to me about it. They used to be so happy and carefree, but now they're moody and sullen and I don't know what to do. I hate seein' `em like that, but nothin' I've tried has had any effect on them."


"So, what do you think we can do to help?"


"This is a weird request, and if I'm out of line, just say so, but I thought, maybe, if I could bring my boys over for a swim or something, maybe they'd see that being naked and being seen that way isn't so weird or wrong. I've tried everything else I can think of and nothin's worked."


"I think we could work something out, but it won't be this week or weekend. First, the doctor said we should keep T.J. out of the pool for at least a week so he doesn't put too much stress on his rib. Second, our twins' birthday is Thursday. We're having a family party that night and a separate party with their friends from school on Saturday. What do you think, Tom?"


"Why not? But I gotta' ask, Rick, does it bother you that we're gay?"


"Hell no, why should it?"


"Well, some people out there don't think too much about folks like us and we don't want there to be any problems or misunderstandings later."


"No problems, guys. In fact, it might help that you are."


"Oh, why's that?" I asked.


"I think my younger boy, Josh, might be headed that direction. God knows I'm not prepared to help him figure things out if he is."


"Rick, you must know that a person doesn't `head that direction' of their own free will, either he is or he isn't. Nothing you say or do will change that."


"Of course, I know that."


"Good. Now, what makes you think Josh might be gay?" Tom asked.


"Well, he's always huggin' me and his brother, Eric, really touchy-feely, wantin' to sit in my lap an' stuff. And he watches Eric like a hawk. He tries to be sneaky about it and I don't think Eric knows it's happening, but I see it `cause Josh's lookin' at his brother and not me. And whenever Eric is just layin' around, Josh's always workin' for an angle to see up his shorts."


"And you don't think it's just a young boy's curiosity? You remember doin' that, don't you?"


"Well, sure I do, we all did that shit, but this is way more extreme that a sneaky peek at a neighbor in a bathroom, ya' know? And I've also noticed several times lately that his shorts, as baggy as they are, are, um, stickin' out a bit when he stands up, mostly after he's been eyein' his brother or seen me comin' outta' the shower."


"Rick, I have to ask a question and I want a straight answer to it."


"Shoot. Can't be any worse than anything else we said so far, can it?"


"I hope not. Will you or Eric have a problem if Josh is gay?"


"I won't, not one bit, but I can't speak for Eric. I hope to hell he won't, `cause then I really won't know what to do."


"Listen, Rick," I started, "it's not easy being gay, especially for young boys and men just trying to figure things out. Besides the normal raging hormones and body changes we all deal with, when you're gay, you're also dealing with knowing that you're different from all your friends. And you're afraid to say anything to anybody because of the stigma that goes with it."


"We've both been through that," Tom continued. "Some of us deal with it easier and earlier than others," he smiled while looking at me. "Having your unconditional love, acceptance and support is the most important thing. As long as your boys have that, gay or straight, then everything else will fall into place."


"I sure as hell hope so, `cause like I said, I'm lost. I hate pullin' you into my family business, but you're the only people I could think of who might be able to help me out."


"And we will, Rick," I answered. "At least, we'll try, but we can't make any promises. That said, there's something else you should know before we go any further. Tom and I aren't the only gay people living here."


"Huh, what do you mean?"


"Four of our five sons are gay also. That may help with your concerns about Josh, but probably not too much with Eric."


"Wow! How'd that all happen?"


"Well, long story short, I finally decided earlier this year that I wanted to adopt since I finally accepted getting married was out of the question. When I met with the group helping me with the adoptions, all four were in foster care for one reason or another. Since the boys' caseworker learned of their sexuality, she'd been looking for a good candidate for permanent homes for them. My intention when I first went in was to adopt only one kid, but I ended up being able to get all four."


"Well, how do you deal with that and all of ya' bein' naked all the time?"


"We just laid down some basic ground rules and everybody had to agree to them."


"What kind of ground rules?"


"First, if anybody but us is here, we have to wear at least shorts or underwear out in this part of the house. The list of people we'll be nude with has grown slightly to include a few other people we trust, but it's still a damn short list. Second, they can ask any question at any time and we'll give them an honest answer. We want to keep the lines of communication open so they won't feel awkward or ashamed when they start asking the bigger questions later. Third, any intimate contact happens only in their bedrooms, the door is supposed to be closed and those involved have to agree to it. We may know they're doing things, but we don't need to see it. That's pretty much it."


"Now, wait just a dang minute. You're okay with them doin' that? At their ages?"


"Rick," Tom answered, "It's gonna' happen whether we want it to or not. You tryin' to tell us you never played around with another boy or joined a circle jerk with your friends?" Rick looked away and blushed severely, face and ears turning a deep shade of crimson. "Yeah, that's what I thought. Would anything your parents have said kept it from happening?"


"Hell no. We were all too horny to listen to them `bout anything."


"Our point, exactly. We did it, too, and we know the boys are going to do it, also. Why waste time trying to fight a losing battle? We've just set some reasonable limits for them."


"Well, what if they, um, ya' know, get hard? Hell, I remember bein' that age, I'd pop wood if I just thought about a naked chick, let alone seein' one. Don't that happen around here?"


"Sure, it does, not all the time, but it does happen. Look, Rick, it's not a big deal to any of us if someone gets an erection. We've all been seen with one. It's the body's natural response to almost anything. You, of all people, with your medical training, should know it's not something that can really be controlled. We just don't make a big deal of it when it does happen."


"Well, you're right about not bein' able to control it. I can't tell you how many guys we've transported that were hard, for no reason at all. Course, we'd usually have cut off their clothes already so we could deal with whatever injuries they might have, so that might explain some of it."


"Again, it happens to all of us, so there's no point in fighting it. If you ignore it, it goes away."


"Okay, I get that. So, do ya' think we might be able to set something up one evening next week?"


I looked to Tom and received a nod in agreement, then returned my focus to Rick. "Why don't we plan on getting together Wednesday night after supper? Say around 6:30 or 7:00?"


"Yeah, that'd work. I'll make sure to ask for that night off."


"Good, we'll look forward to it."


"Do I need to bring anything? Snacks, drinks or anything?"


"Just whatever you'll feel comfortable swimming in."


"Wait, I figured we'd all be naked."


"Only if you want to be. We never force that on anyone. Tom and I will be wearing shorts when you get here, but I can guarantee you the boys won't be and when we go swimming, we'll be joining them. If you want to wear shorts or a swimsuit, that's fine with us."


"Okay, we'll see. What should I tell my boys? You think I should warn them y'all will be naked?"


"That's entirely up to you, Rick," Tom answered. "It might be easier to get them to come with you if you keep that to yourself, but whatever you decide is best for you and them."


"All right, sounds like a plan to me, guys. I want you to know I really appreciate what you're doing. I just hope it goes well."


"We do, too. Well, I guess we'll see you next Wednesday, then," I said as I stood up, followed by Tom and Rick. We followed Rick to the door, said our goodbyes and returned to the living room as he pulled away.


"You really think this is a good idea, babe?" Tom asked after we'd sat down.


"To be honest, I don't know. I feel like we kinda owe the guy something after takin' care of T.J. the other night. Besides, since he already knows about our lack of a dress code, I don't see what it can hurt."


"There is that, I guess." With that, Tom picked up his book to continue reading while I headed down the hall to check on John. As I walked into Tom's new office space, I was stunned to find a giant hole in the floor and the temperature had dropped about twenty degrees since the room was now open to the crawlspace.


"Oh, hey, Max," John greeted me as he suddenly stood up between the floor joists, "I was just about to yell for you again. Think Tom'll like this. Great air conditioning," he laughed.


"Oh, yeah, John, he'll just love it, I'm sure. Can you put a screen over that to keep out the bugs?"


"Sure, we can, but you probably wouldn't want to put a desk on it." He was really laughing now.


"What about the floor joists? Any problems there?"


"Yep, Mark was right on the money, as usual, one on each side of the leak has been damaged and weakened pretty badly."


"Can you fix them or do they have to be replaced?"


"I can reinforce them with a four-foot piece of subfloor material nailed to each side. They'll actually be stronger than they were before. We'll get that taken care of and then we can get the subfloor put back down and get this hole closed up."


"Sounds like a plan to me. Make it so."


"What, where the hell did that come from."


"Sorry, we've been watching `Star Trek: The Next Generation' with the boys and that's what Picard always says."


"Oh, yeah, I used to watch that, too. Great show."


"The boys are loving it, so far. Well, I'll get out of your way. Do you mind if I close the door and keep some of the cold in here?"


"No problems, Max."


I turned and left the room, closing the door behind me as I passed through. When I got back to the living room, I started a fire and flipped on the fan to help offset the chill I was still feeling.


"So, how they doin' in there," Tom asked.


"Making progress. They've got the floor all ripped out and John's getting ready to repair the joists that need it. Then they can put the subfloor back down and fill the giant hole in the floor. They should be ready to put the new finish floor down tomorrow."


"Great, I'm anxious to get back to work. It's kinda nice to just relax once in a while, but I'm starting to get bored."


"I could relieve your boredom if John and his guys weren't here," I hinted.


"Later, babe. Talk about horny boys, geez," Tom commented while rolling his eyes. "Get a grip, would ya'?"


I sat on the arm of his chair, slid my hand inside the waistband of his sweatpants and gently squeezed his soft cock, receiving the reaction I was looking for. "You mean like this?" I asked.


"Not exactly what I was thinkin' `bout, but ... oh god, that feels good." DING!


"Whoops, gotta' go, lover," I giggled as I removed my hand from his now hard cock and headed towards the door. "Company's coming."


"Great, what the hell am I supposed to do now?"


"I'll sit on your lap when I come back, how's that?"


"I like that idea, but I don't think it'd help the situation."


"Ya' never know until ya' try," I laughed. I opened the door to find mom, Bill and Estelle standing there. "Get in here, you three, it's cold out there," I greeted the traveling trio. After closing the door, I gave them all a hug, hung their coats in the closet and then led the way to the living room to sit with Tom, who now had an open magazine covering his lap. "Hey, big guy, look who I found loitering on the front porch."


"Hi, mom, dad, Rose. Safe trip this morning?"


"Perfect trip, son, now stand up here and give your mama a hug." I snorted in laughter, then turned and coughed a couple times to try and cover it up.


"Uh, I can't do that right now, ma, I got a, um, a bad leg cramp, yeah, that's it, a really bad leg cramp." I couldn't help but to start laughing out loud.


"You don't look or sound like you're in pain so it can't be that bad. Now get up here."


"Rose," Bill interrupted with a wide grin of understanding, "if he says he shouldn't get up, just take his word for it, would ya'. It won't hurt you to lean over a bit." Rose looked to her husband, then back to her son and finally gave in, leaning over to wrap an arm around his shoulder and plant a kiss on his forehead. Tom gave Bill and I a thumb's up signal behind his mom's back, which caused both of us to laugh out loud.


"What in tarnation has gotten into y'all and what is so funny? Did I miss a joke or something?"


In an effort to change the subject, I turned to mom and asked, "You ready to go get the old man?"


"Only if he's ready to come home and become a decent human being. Do you think he can do that?"


"He seemed sincere when we saw him yesterday and the psychiatrist who talked to him this morning says he's ready to go, also. The only way to find out for sure is to check him out of the hospital and see what happens."


"I guess you're right. Can I use a powder room before we go, though? That second cup of coffee from this morning is about to burst my bladder."


"Sure, mom. Why don't you use ours? John and his guys are working down the hall on Tom's office and the twins' bedroom."


"Thank you, son, I'll be right back." As she headed to our bedroom, Tom's eyes got really wide and he looked at me in horror.


"What?" I mouthed.


"Toy," he mouthed back.


Oh, shit! I jumped out of my chair and took off after my mom, hoping I could reach the bedroom before her. Unfortunately, her need was apparently desperate as she was closing the bathroom door just I flew through the bedroom door. Damn! I walked slowly back to the living room, head hung low in defeat. As I rejoined the others, Bill and Estelle looked confused and Tom gazed at me with hope in his eyes. I hated to do it, but I had to dash those hopes by shaking my head and mumbling, "Too late."


"Too late for what?" Bill asked.


"Major embarrassment, dad," Tom answered morosely.


We chatted idly for a few minutes, waiting for mom to return, Tom and I hoping for the best. Of course, the best was just not in the cards today. Mom finally came back from the bathroom, proudly carrying the device in her right hand and commented, "I must get myself one of these handy little massagers. It's the perfect length and curved shape to reach that problem spot between my shoulder blades. Wherever did you find such a delightful tool?"


When Bill saw and realized what mom was talking about, I thought he was going to fall out of his chair due to his conniptions of laughter. Estelle just buried her face in her hands, shaking her head in embarrassment and disbelief. While trying to hide his face from view, Tom was studiously perusing the magazine he'd previously held in his lap, not caring that he was holding it upside down. That left me to explain the mysterious device in my mom's grasp.


While trying my hardest to maintain a straight face, I answered, "Uh, mom, trust me, you don't shop there. But, if you'd like one for yourself, I'll be happy to order it for you."


"Oh, nonsense, just tell me where it came from and I can order it myself."


"Okay, you asked for it. We found it on a website called `Adam and Eve.com'."


"Well, that's a weird name for a business. What else do they sell there?"


"They sell toys, mom."


"This isn't a toy, son, it's a massager."


"Um, no, it's a toy, all right. Adam and Eve sells adult toys."


"What? Do you mean ... oh my god!" she squealed in horror as she jumped backward and flipped her hand as if bitten by a rattlesnake, letting the toy fly through the air. Surprisingly, it flew right into Tom's lap and when it landed, it turned itself on, much to his chagrin and his dad's delight, considering the loud whoop of laughter Bill let go. I thought Tom was going to seriously injure himself trying to grab it and turn it back off. Once it was silenced, he stuffed it between his thigh and the arm of the chair in a weak attempt to hide it.


"Really, boys," Estelle began, "you should be more careful where you leave things. Didn't we teach you to pick up your toys when you were done playing with them?" When she realized the different interpretation her normal parental comment carried in this moment, she looked at the floor and muttered, "Oh, shit. I can't believe I just said that." And another round of uproarious laughter filtered through the house.


At that moment, John stuck his head around the corner and asked, "Hey, y'all want hold it down in here? I can't hear myself hammer."


"Hey, John, come on in and meet some parents." I waited a moment until he was closer and continued, "The lovely lady to your left is my mom, Rose, this laughing gentleman is Tom's dad, Bill, and the wonderful woman hiding her face in abject embarrassment is Tom's mom, Estelle. Moms, dad, this is John, the guy who does all my building."


Bill stood and shook hands with John while saying, "Nice to meet you, John. My wife and will be wanting to talk to you soon about having a new house built."


"Excellent, Bill, where at?"


"Right out there," Bill answered, waving his hand towards the west, "in the middle of those trees."


"I'd be happy to. You just let me know when."


"I'll be sure to do that."


John turned to me and said, "Sorry to interrupt your fun ..."


"No problem, John, this was an interruption we needed."


"... but we're gonna' go grab a sandwich at the Subway and then we'll be back. I've closed the office door to keep the cold in there."


"Thanks for letting me know. We'll see you when you get back." I turned my attention to mom and asked, "You ready to go get dad, now?"


"Yes, please, and when we get back, I do hope Tom has picked up and put away all your toys. We really don't want your dad to find such things, now do we?"


"No, we sure don't." I grabbed our coats from the closet, helped mom slip into hers and before heading out to the car, turned and said, "Be back as soon as we can, folks. We plan to go to Shepp's for supper later, but if you want a munchie, Tom can help you find something." I grabbed my mom's hand and added, "Shall we go, milady."


"Lead the way, kind sir." With that, we were out the door, into the car and on our way to Springfield.


Our trip to the hospital was pretty quiet, both of us lost in our own thoughts about which version of Jim we'd find when we got there, the nasty and hateful homophobe or the newly improved and enlightened version.



"So, Tom, I guess I don't have to ask how your sex life is, do I," Bill laughed.


"William Wright, how could you even think of asking some like that?" Estelle squawked.


"Estelle, honey, it's been almost ten years since he's been with another guy, and, strange as this may sound, I'm interested to see if it's still as good as he remembers it."


"Wait, you knew and still gave me hell when I came out?"


"Of course, we knew, Tom. Like many other parents of gay children, we were hoping it was just a phase and you'd change as you got older. But that was long before I did any of my own research and realized you couldn't change any more than I could. Besides, there was no way to hide all those crusty socks and the smell of sex emanating from your room after you and your friends would leave the house. Why do you think I was doing your laundry the last six years you lived at home? Your mom sure as hell didn't want to deal with that."


"Oh, god, I had no idea. I'm sorry, you guys. I never realized."


"We know that, son, but we're all good now." Bill's grin returned and he asked again, "So, fess up, boy, is it as good as you remember?"


Tom thought for a few moments before answering, "Better than I ever dreamed possible."


"Ya' know, I think I need a little girl's room right now. I do hope, by the time I get back, we can move on to another subject." On that note, Estelle stood and left the living room in search of a bathroom.


Bill moved closer to Tom and quietly said, "I'm happy for you, son. I know how difficult it's been for you, what with the way we treated you and all, but, I'm glad you've finally found such a wonderful man to share your life with."


"Thanks, dad, that really means a lot to me" Tom replied, wrapping his dad in a loving hug.


"To us, too, son."


"Can I ask you something? Something personal?"


"You can ask, don't mean I'm gonna' answer."


"Fair enough, dad. When you were a kid, did you ever, well, you know..."


"Does a bear shit in the woods??" Bill laughed.


"As far as I know, it does. So, you did?"


"Sure, even though I knew, even then, that I was as straight as the Autobahn, when you're that age, it don't matter who those lips or hands belong to, as long they're tightly wrapped around your prong, you don't give a fuck. As the old sailors used to say, any port in a storm."


"Please don't think I'm asking for anything, but do you ever think about doing it again?"


Now it was Bill's turn to think quietly for a moment before answering with, "I can't say I've really thought about it much in all these years, but now that I have, I believe I wouldn't be totally repelled should the opportunity, say, arise." He then gave his son a sly wink.


"Oh, my," Tom whispered.



Mom and I arrived at the hospital just about one and, after finding a parking spot, headed inside to spring the old man. I had mom wait in the hall while I stepped into his room. I found him sitting on the bed, dressed and waiting patiently, serene smile on his face.


"Hey, dad, you ready to blow this pop stand?"


"More than ready, son. Just waitin' for the nurse to bring my discharge papers."


"Good, while we wait, I brought someone who wanted to be here with you."


I leaned out the door and tapped mom on her shoulder, and after a moment's delay, she took my hand and allowed me to lead her into the room. She promptly zipped to the bed, wrapped dad in a humongous hug and gave him a kiss, which he eagerly returned. When the hug finally broke up two minutes later, I was shocked at what happened next.


"James Emory Sanders!" she yelled as she started hitting him on the arms, "What the hell were you thinking? You damn selfish bastard, I should kill you for what you did." Surprisingly, dad just stood there and took the abuse, head bowed in surrender.


After mom finally wound down a minute later, dad gently grabbed her shoulders, looked deeply into her eyes and simply said, "I'm sorry." With that, mom broke down into tears and fell into my father's chest, forcing him to hold her up.


When she finally collected herself, she stood erect, put her nose to his and whispered, "You ever pull a stunt like that again, and one way or the other, you will be pushing up daisies, got it, buster?"


"Got it, dear. I love you, you know," he whispered back.


"I love you, too, you miserable old coot."


"But, I'm your miserable old coot, aren't I?"


"Yes, you are, and don't you ever forget it."


The nurse magically appeared at the doorway, knocked lightly and asked, "Is this a good time? I heard some ruckus from this direction and if I'm interrupting, I'll come back."


"Don't you dare, missy," dad said. "Bring me those papers and let me be on my way."


"Here you go, sir. These have your follow-up instructions and we've already made your first appointment with Dr. Newell for you, this Friday at 2:00 in the afternoon."


"Thank you dear. Please let everyone know that I truly appreciate all their help the past few days. You won't be seeing me again. Shall we go dear?" he asked as he held out his elbow to mom. Mom slipped her hand onto his offered arm and allowed him to lead her out of the room and down the hallway to the elevator, me tagging along like a lost little puppy. As we stepped out of the hospital, dad deeply inhaled the fresh air, looked up at the cloudless sky and smiled. I heard him whisper to himself, "Thank you, God, for another day." Then he looked at me and asked, "Where to, son?"


"Well, Bill and Estelle are at our house, so I thought maybe we'd go out there so I could take everybody to supper tonight. Does that sound okay to you?"


"That sounds absolutely perfect. Lead the way."